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Dealer name: RO Name: CC Code : Address: Dear Sir/Madam

Subject : Revamped PFS Programme


This is further to our discussion we had with you on your being a member of revamped PFS programme. In this regard , you may please note the following .The revamped PFS programme consists of following four distinct parameters


Q&Q Assurance Excellent House Keeping standards Consistently Superior Customer Service Leveraging Automation The Basic Requirement for qualifying and retaining the retail outlet in the revamped PFS programme shall be as under:

A. Non negotiable Parameters Non adherence of which leads to decertification B. Competitive Parameters which is a score based evaluation with a minimum qualifying percentage of 70 . .
A. Non Negotiable Parameters : The certification checks will be based on the

following Quality:


Ensuring sale of on spec petroleum products and not to adulterate the petroleum products supplied by the Company.

Ensuring Lubricant sales only in packed condition or thru BPC approved integrated 2T dispensers stamped by W&M authorities

Quantity :

Ensuring Full and proper measure is delivered from the Pumps installed by the Company. Consistently Superior Customer service Availability of adequate manpower as per manning norms Availability of manned and operational digital air gauge throughout the working hours of the RO Maintaining adequate stock of all products at all times Adherence to agreed minimum working hours

Non adherence to any of the above non negotiable parameters leads to decertification of PFS programme..
B. Competitive parameters including the parameters listed in the check list

attached herewith. Q & Q Parameters Availability of calibration certificate for density measuring instruments Availability of product sample test reports Compliance with T/L sample sealing and retention standards Maintain updated and error free stock and density register

Cleanliness and environment Clutter free and clean driveway Availability of clean drinking water Clean toilet with running water at all times available to customers. All lights in working condition Customer service Standards Availability of active forecourt supervisor Availability and adherence to approved traffic plan Observance of ten step service protocol by the staffs Availability of only BPC approved bank credit card readers

Automation related parameters ( Only for automated ROs) Adherence to NANO Sales and stock variation to be within permissible limit You will ensure adherence to all the above at the retail outlet. You will be evaluated on the above parameters based on a scoring system where the minimum marks to qualify is 70% to retain the PFS status. These parameters are over and above qualifying in the non negotiable parameters. We will extend our support to the dealership in execution of the revamped PFS programand some of such supports are listed below : Logistics & operational support. a) b) c) d) e) f) g) The product will be supplied in tank lorries fitted with tamper proof padlocks. Assured facility management within 48 hours of complaint log thru BROMA Provide distinct branding including distinct livery standards Provide the outlet with premium fuels dispensing facility Provide non- fuel proposition, like `IN & OUT`/ V- CARE/HMCW etc based on the catchments / potential Providing loyalty card reader in the RO Certify the outlet by a reputed external agency appointed by the Company and issue a certificate to be displayed in the retail outlet intimating the customer that you are ensuring the requisite standards. Carry out campaigns (with your participation) from time to time using multi media and develop schemes targeted at the retail customer to leverage the benefits of the program that will create greater confidence in the mind of the customers. This, we believe, will attract more and more customers to PFS retail outlets, which will ultimately result in increase in the volume of sale.



4. To derive the benefits of the program, you have to work towards improving the present volume of sale in the retail outlet of ___ Kl of Motor spirit, ___ Kl of High Speed Diesel, ___ Liters of Lubricating Oils, by at least ____% by ____(date) and/or as per instruction given by the Company from time to time.. 5. We will expect you to carry out continuous improvement in the services rendered to the customers and to adhere to amongst other things, the following: -


To keep adequate stock of all the products in the retail outlet, correctly assess the demand of the various products and place indents as per PDP. It will be your responsibility to ensure that the RO does not go dry of any product at any time. To provide adequate manpower on the forecourt and based on the present sale as mentioned herein above and the expected growth of sale as is achievable, the minimum manpower strength should be as under: i) ii) iii) iv) v) Two DSMs per MPD Cashiers : ____nos Fore Court supervisor:---------- nos Air attendant: ____nos One team leader for minimum 10 hour ( if applicable)


If there is any shortfall as on date, such shortfall will be made good within a period of one week from the date of receipt of this letter. c) You would be under obligation to provide efficient and trouble free service to the customers under the non fuel offerings of the corporation i.e PETRO CARD, SMART FLEET, and IN& OUT etc. To train the driveway salesmen and/or other employees who attend the retail outlet on the forecourt service standards to make them capable of doing their best to achieve the customers satisfaction and enhance the same continuously. This will be done with the help of the sales officers or any other staff of the BPCL and/or any other person nominated by the BPCL and to continue such training on a regular basis to enhance the customer satisfaction regularly. To ensure the cleanliness of the driveway salesman and other staff attending to the customers in the retail outlet, in their appearance and overall presentation and to wear company approved uniform. To educate them in an appropriate manner so that the staff of the retail outlet makes continuous efforts to improve their appearance and personality. To take necessary steps against the non-performers amongst the RO staff, either by further training or by taking any other action as may be decided in consultation with the sales officers. To ensure the sale of lubricating oil, either in the packed form or through dispensing units and not by any other methods.





6. Please note that the PFS parameters, certification/de-certification criteria, and incentives may change from time to time at the discretion of the company and the same would be binding on you. A detailed checklist of PFS RO standards is attached for reference and guidance in ensuring compliance with certification norms. 7. In case the RO gets decertified from PFS programme arising out of audit, the following shall apply. a. At least three months will elapse before the RO can be considered for fresh certification. b. You will lose all PFS privileges for succeeding six months from the date of decertification, even though the RO may get re-certified after a gap of three months. c. On decertification , the PFS logo will be removed from the RO . The cost of such removal /re installation of PFS logo shall be recovered from you. d. Loyalty Card reader will be removed /deactivated from the RO e. Premium fuel sales will be stopped from the RO f. Special subsidy or compensation schemes extended if any shall stand withdrawn from date of de certification . g. BPCL will be at liberty to communicate to the customers about the loss of PFS status of the RO 8. This letter is issued for the purpose of above said revamped PFS programme only. All the terms and conditions of last Dispensing Pump & Selling Licence Agreement of Dealership remain unchanged. Please sign this letter and send back the copy that is enclosed as a token of your acceptance to the terms and conditions of the revamped PFS programme. Yours faithfully, For BHARAT PETROLEUM CORPN LTD. Territory Manager (Retail) Enclosed : Above said Check List. Received this letter in token of acceptance of its contents in toto and we hereby assure the Company of our co-operation in our compliance and/or ensuring the success of this above said PFS programme.

Signature of Dealer with Stamp.

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