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Ravi Prakash Malani

08CS1012| Email Id: Contact Number: +91-9472730271 EDUCATION

YEAR DEGREE 2008-Present B.Tech Computer Science 2007 XII (CBSE) 2005 X (CBSE) SCHOLASTIC ACHIEVEMENTS: INSTITUTE IIT Kharagpur Central Academy, Kota MB DAV School, Lohardaga PERFORMANCE 6.73 77.6% 85.8%

IIT Joint Entrance Exam All India Rank 292. Founder Envizions
For-Profit Social Enterprise February 2010-present Envizions is a Social Enterprise focused on improving the existing educational system at the grass root level by effective use of technology and information dissemination among the student and teacher communities. Developed a Case-study Parivartan on comparison of various schools in India and suggesting reforms for improving them. Case Study was developed under Mentorship of Professor S C Mahapatra and with the assistance of principals from 5 Schools. Developed Prototype of The Independent Journal, students guidance Newspaper. Newsletter will be one stop for all the important News/Date/information concerning student. Will contain a column on career guidance form a professor and a professional form a particular Stream. Structured software for maintaining complete school record. This will develop to ERP tool in future.


ORGANIZATION: Finalytics Consultancy May-July,2011 Mentor : Mr Prem Kumar Choudhary ( CEO: Finalytics Consultancy) Developed a Model and Visual Studio App for Cal of Cash Flow in Commercial Mortgage Backed Security. Studied and Improved the Pre-existing model of Collateral Cash Flow in Ms Excel and VBA used in Finalytics to include the Pre-Payment, Recovery calculation in Visual Studio using C#. Integrated MS Excel to Microsoft SQL using Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Integration services (SSIS) by configuring the excel book as linked server in SQL. Developed the Model For calculation of Bond Cash Flow using Cash Flow Waterfall in the Bond Rating System.

POSITION OF RESPONISIBILIY Audited the Budget of HJB Hall of residence for the Present Student Auditor,
Homi Jehangir Bhabha Hall of Residence Academic Session

2011 Present 2010- 11

General Secretary Technology,

Homi Jehangir Bhabha Hall of Residence

Chemical Innovation(2010-11) Ad Design(2010-12) Product design(2010-11) Case Study(2010-11)

Conducted Design and Case Study work Shop for 70 freshmen. Organized Intra hall of all Technology Events for fresher. Hall won its 1st Gold medal in Technology General Championship and improved position in 6/9 events. Completely reorganized the team for chemical innovation and led the team to Gold win for previous years last position. Managed 10 day long and 30 member team of Ad design Team and led it to silver win. Improved ranks in both Case Study and Product design. Assisted the General Secretary and the Captain of Various events in organizing the Intra & Inter Hall Technology events. Took an initiative and made the Google Group for the Hall adding the entire Alumnis along with the existing Student. Part of organizing team of National Student Space Challenge 2011 which saw the participation of over 400 Students. Organized Events Lift off and Moon Lab in NSSC-2011 Part of Moon Walk team the Students bi-monthly Newsletter Published by SPATS.


Innovation Event Secretary, Homi Jehangir Bhabha Hall of Residence Space Technology Student Society



SELECTED Course Projects July 2011-Present GUIDE: Prof. Rajib Mal Language: XML B.Tech Project Aesthetic re-presentation of UML Diagram in Web Browser. Extract the XMI file from a tool used for UML modeling. Convert the XMI (XML) representation of the UML diagram to SVG/HTML format for the representation on the Web Browser. Represent the UML diagram aesthetically on the Web Browser by application of Graph Algorithms. Feb 2011 April 2011 GUIDE: Prof. Pabitra Mitra Language: SQL, HTML and PHP Airline Business Intelligence System Developed a Database Model for a small Air Line Company for maintaining the Flight and the booking record. Also developed a simple website for Automating the Airline Booking and reservation process. Movie Data Base Developed a Database Model of movies, to keep the record of the movies and the information related to it in a Database. Also developed a website similar to IMDB to facilitate the use of Database.

Guide: Prof. Rajeev Kumar Language: Java

Hotel Management System Java Based Software for room booking procedure in a hotel. Maintain the Booking Record and Vacancy to Automate the Booking Procedure.

Aug 2007 Jan 2008


C, C#,SQL, Java NetBeans, Microsoft Visual Studio, Magic Draw, Solid Works, Adobe Photoshop CS4 WINDOWS, LINUX Number Theory Mathematic 1&2 Computer Networks

RELEVANT COURSES UNDERTAKEN Probability and statistics Algorithm 1&2 Artificial Intelligence Discrete Structures Information Retrieval Database Management Software Engineering Image Processing Operating system

EXTRA-ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES Captain of Silver Winning Ad Design Team 2011-2012. Captain of Inter Hall Gold Winning Chemical Innovation Team 2010-2011 Captain of Hall Product Design, Case Study and Ad Design Team 2010-2011. Part of Inter Hall Product Design, Ad-design, Case Study, Chemical Innovation Team (2009-10: 2010-11) Part of Inter Hall Hindi, English Dramatic and Athletics Team 2008-09 Organized a summer Math Camp in DAV Public School Gumla for 50 students under the guidance of Principal Mr D. K. Mahato for enthusiastic students of the school for NTSE preparation. Qualified B -Certificate Examination under the authority of ministry of defense, Government of India.