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1st scene First day in UTP!!!

Raju met Farhan Raju : (normal)Father, here is the University that accepted me. Nice is it!!! I know its your favorite University. Rajus dad: (Happy) Haha!! Great job sons!! You will become an engineer in the future!!! You should be proud of yourself!!! Luckily, I forced you to study overnight during SPM!!! Raju : Engineer? I dont have interest in it!!! I dont feel how nice is this University!!! Rajus dad : (a little bit angry) What? What are you talking about son? Its your dream to become an engineer!!!!! Raju : Its yours father!! Rajus dad : No, its yours! You see how nice this University is!! Look at the Chancellor Complex ha.look that library its so gorgeous! Raju : Whatever! Farhan : (exciting) Awesome!!! At last I can enter UTP!!!!!!! The famous engineering University!!! Rajus dad : (pulling Raju)You see Raju!!! You see others is so happy and exciting getting in to UTP! Why are you no feelings at all? Raju: (didnt bother about his father, look at farhan) Hi, nice to meet you! I am Raju taking E&E! Farhan : Nice to meet you too, Farhan! I am taking E&E too!! Rajus dad: (Look at Raju) You see Raju!! You can make a lot more new friends here! Raju: (point his dad to farhan) This is my father! Farhan : Nice to meet you uncle! Raju : Lets move on to V6, our hostel for registration! What do you think if we share the room together? Farhan : Thats a good idea! Lets go!

2nd Scene At the registrations counter... Raju : Hi, I would like to have my room with this guy,Farhan! Hostel management: Ok, but every room must fit 3 guys! Do you have any friends to be staying together? Farhan : No just 2 of us! Hostel management: Never mind then both of you have to wait for a lucky one! Heres the key! Raju : Alright! Father, I have my room now! Lets shift my stuff there! Farhan : Omg, so damn far! How could I carry my things there! Hostel management: No worry! Hey , Millimeter!!! Millimeter: Room number? (take up farhan luggage) Farhan : Propana 01-06! Millimeter : Thats the way! My name is Man Mohan, MM! Everyone engineers called me Millimeter! For any foods, laundry, copying assignments just find me! Fixed rates! No bargaining! Raju : Wow, cool man!! Nice jobs!! Millimeter: OK, quite nice for non-schooling teenage like me! Farhan : (curious)Why are you not going to school? Millimeter: No one pay the fees! Ok, RM 2 ringgit please! Farhan : Ok, here you go!!! (Millimeter goes of) Rajus dad : Ok, son! I think is time for me to leave! Study hard and become an engineer that we proud of!! Raju : Alright! Goodbye dad! Farhan : Hey, Raju! What do you think our last roommate like? Raju : No idea! (Suddenly someone open their door) Raju and Farhan : (curious) Who is that?

Rancho: Hi, I am Rancho! Taking E&E! Raju : Wow, both of us taking E&E too! I am Raju! Farhan : I am Farhan nice too meet! Rancho : Nice too meet you both!

3rd scene On the next morning, every new students wake up Millimeter: (shout) Virus on the way!!! Everyone wake up, come out quickly!! (All people gather together.) Virus: Although all of you can get into UTP ,but dont forget ,UTP gets eight thousand application every semester, and only 800 are selected you !My son have tried getting into UTP but rejected .Remember ,life is a race .If you dont run fast ,youll get trampled. Let me introduce you a interesting story.(take out a pen, asking student question)This is an astronaut pen .Fountain pen and ballpoint pen dont work in outer space .So ,scientists had spent million in inventing this pen so it can write at extreme condition.One day,the Director of our in/stitute called me,he call me to come here .I am very scared .After that ,he said this is a symbol of excellence.I now give it to you .When you come across an extraordinary student like yourself,hand it to him.For 32 years, Ive been waiting for that student.(move horizontally the head)No luck.Anyone,wholl stivr to win this pen? (Silencer was the first to raise his hand.Other people also raise thier hands.) Virus:Good.Put your hands down.(all people put their hands down,but Rancho raises his hands up at the same time)Shall I post it on the notice board.hands down. Rancho:Can I ask you a question,sir.If others pens didnt work in the outer space,why didnt the astronauts use a pencil which could save millions?(All students smile loudly.) (Virus feel uncomfortable because is challenged by a new intake student.) Lecturer:silence please. Virus:I will answer you on the future.(walk away from the scene with much hatred). Fahran:(walking with Raju)He fingers the Virus.We best avoid him. (Unintentionlly,two friend found Rancho) Rancho:(now walking millimeter)I now give you some money.Pick a school,buy the uniform and Slip into calss.If u get caught,buy a new uniform of a new school,I pay for it.(Raju smiles as he realizes Rancho is a kind person) Fahran:(talking with Raju)Wow,he is different from others.He challenged conventions at every stage.

4th scene First day lecture Lecturer: What is machine?(ask the whole class) (Rancho keep smiling during lecture) Lecturer : why are you keep smiling? Rancho: Study engineering is my childhood dream, I am very happy to be here finally. Lecturer :No need to be so happy .Answer my question. Rancho: A machine is anything that reduces human effort. Lecturer: Elaborate please. Rancho: Anything that simplifies work, or saves time ,is a machine.(Silencer feel that Rancho answer is too simple)Its a warm day, press a button ,get a blast of air .The fan is a machine. Compute millions of seconds ,the calculator-machine. From a pens nib to a pants zip-all machines .Up and down in a second. Up, down ,up ,down, Lecturer:(throwing a chalk to Rancho)You write this in your exam. This is a machine-up, down, up, down,.(whole class laugh) Lecturer: Idiot! Anybody else? Silencer: Me!(stand up)Sir ,machines are any combination of bodies so connected that their relative motions are constrained and by which means, force and motion may be transmitted and modified as a screw and its nut ,or a level arranged. Lecturer: Wonderful. Please sit down. Silencer:(looking around the friends)Thank you. Rancho: But sir ,I said the same thing, in simple language. Lecturer :If you prefer simple language ,join baking or art academic. Rancho: what is the point when we just memorizing the book .No point ,sir. Lecturer :You think you are smarter than author ?Get lost. Rancho: why? Lecturer: In simple language ,go out.(Rancho go to the door)Idiot! Ok, class. What is a definition of a book?Can someone answer me please?

(Rancho walked back to the class ) Lecturer: why are you walking back? Rancho: I tell u the definition. A book is a set of written, printed, illustrated, or blank sheets, made of ink, paper, parchment, or other materials, usually fastened together to hinge at one side. A single sheet within a book is called a leaf, and each side of a leaf is called a page. A book produced in electronic format is known as an electronic book (e-book).Books may also refer to works of literature, or a main division of such a work. In library and information science, a book is called a monograph, to distinguish it from serial periodicals such as magazines, journals or newspapers. The body of all written works including books is literature. In novels and sometimes other types of books (for example, biographies), a book may be divided into several large sections, also called books . A lover of books is usually referred to as a bibliophile or, more informally, a bookworm an avid reader of books.(whole class feel shock include lecturer) Lecturer:what?(amazed)

5th scene (Virus and Joy quarreling for Joys project n dont let Joy graduate then Joy sucided) Joy:Excuse me,sir.Can I know the convocation dates?(Virus in silence)My dad wants to make train reservation. Virus:In that case,call your dad now.i borrow u the handphone.hold it,dont waste my time. (Joy is calling his father) Joy dad:dad,the Director wants to speak with u. Virus:(get back the the phone)Mr .Lobo,your son wont graduate this year because he has violated all deadlines like doing unrealistic can now save the money as you dont need to buy any tickets.Sorry.(end the call) Joy:I will finish the project as fast as I could do.I got reason,sir.I couldnt focus for two months because my dad is stroke. Virus:Did you stop eating? Joey:no. Virus:then,why you stop studying?conclusion, you havent finished it yet,right?It is ok,just need to study in ICE for one more year only.I can give you sympathy ,but not extension. (Joy throw his gadget to rubbish bin,Rancho pick it up) (after a week ,the gadget finally works.) Rancho:(with Raju and Fahran)Let give Joy a surprise. (when they open the door,they find that Joy commit suicide) Rancho: Surprise.(mind feel blank when he saw Joy) Rancho:Why u so stupid? Raju and Fahran:we are best friend,why u leave us ?Why?Are you ours dearest friend? (Rancho,Raju and Fahran cry)

6th scene (Rancho blaming Virus and virus call him to teach) Rancho:Good news,sir.The police and Joys father have no clue.Everyone think this is suicide.All think the pressure on the jungular killed him.Actually,the mental pressure inside him for the last for years is the root cause.Engineers are very clever,but they havent invent a tools to check their minds are under pressure or not?This is not suicide,this ismurder. (On the next day) Virus:how dare you blame me for Joys suicide.everyone also have pressure in their mind includes me.If one cannot handle the pressure,then is it my fault? Rancho:sir,please stay cool.i am not blaming you.I blame the system.The education cause our country rank1 in suicide.90 minutes ,only 90 minutes one student die. Virus:I the past,UTP were rank 28,now the first. Rancho:what is the point, sir.Here they dont discuss new ideas but ways to get good grades. Virus:then, our universitys teaching method got problem ,right?who u think u are?are u a graduates?no.Are u the education minister?Definately no.A student stading in front of me want to show off his teaching skill lah.Good.Now,you grab the chance of teaching teaching skill. (they go to a classroom) Virus:(talking to lecturer)go to take a student in UTP thinks that today teaching skill is lousy and want to teach all of us about teaching ?lets welcome this self-proclaimed lecturer. Virus:(talking to Rancho)we dont have all day. Rancho:(write a word in balckboard)Ok,I give 30 seconds to everyone to find the definition of this word in any book you like.Lets see who comes first,who comes last.Your time start(see the clock)Now. After that Rancho:now remind your life by a minute.When I asked this question,were you excited?curious?Thrilled that youd learn something new?how about you sir?Whats the use of such methods,even if you come first.Will your knowledge increase?No,just the pressure.This is college ,not a pressure cooker. Virus:hello!Just explain those two words,stop talking philosophy. Rancho:sir,these words dont exist.These are my friends names,not a word.

Virus:Nonsense!Is this how youll teach engineering? Rancho:I am not teaching you how to teach.You are the expert in that.but I am teaching you How TO TEACH.Bye sir.(quickly run away from class)

7th scene Although after what Rancho did, he still cant change UTP system! As student life goes on, they entered the last year! The day before the last final exam. Farhan : Oh no tomorrow is ours final exam but I still not so clear about the subject! What should I do? Raju : Ya me too!!! We sure cant graduate this semester! Farhan : We need the degree! No degree meant no plum job, no pretty wife, no credit card, no social status. Rancho : Both of you scare easily, bro! Take your hand, put it over your heart, and say, All is well! (rancho taking farhan hand n put on his heart) All is well, all is well(rancho put his hand over his heart) Raju : All is well? This is the Words of wisdom from the holiness Mr. Rancho? Rancho : you know why I say All is well?? Because I know ours heart scares easily so you have to trick it! (demo to raju and farhan) Whenever there is a big problem, tell your heart, All is well! Farhan : That resolves ours problem? Rancho : No. But you gain courage to face it! Raju : (laughing) So now what? Saying All is well whole night then tomorrow go exam? Rancho : Never mind I will teach you both! Farhan : Come on, faster! We have no more time! Raju : Ya! Rancho : All is well. (after teaching raju n farhan) Farhan : Oh no is 5am now! We should go for a short nap now! Raju : Ya, you are right! Rancho : Night! ZZZZ

8th scene The exam started but they are late because study until midnight. Raju,Fahran and Rancho rush into the class Rancho:Sorry,we are late. Fahran and Raju:It was an emergency. (three of them grab test paper and quickly sit on any empty chair.) Lecturer:settle down first. (After two hours) Silencer:(hand the test paper over )sir,they didnt even stop writing.Time up,sir. (smilling) Lecturer:hello.Time Up.(continue arranging the answer sheets) Rancho:Please ,5 minutes. (After they finished doing their test) Rancho:haya..finally finish .(run to lecturer desk).Done,sir.(Fahran and Raju alo hand in paper) Lecturer:sorry,You are late.I cant accept these. Rancho,Fahran and Rancho:Do you know who am i? Lecturer:Prime Minister son?Even thenI will not accept your paper. Rancho:Do you know our names and roll number? Lecturer:no Rancho:who are you?(three guys mix their paper with others) (they quickly ran away from the classroom)

9th scene Result out.Raju and farhan went to check their result.. Raju : check from bottom farhan! Farhan : Raju, you are the last! Raju : And you? Farhan : (disappointed) Second last Raju : Rancho? Farhan : Not there Raju : (sad) Oh no, our friend teaching us whole night but he is the one who cant make it! Silencer : (arguing and shouting) Theres a mistakeIts impossibleIts injustice Raju : What silencer howling about? Farhan : He got the second rank Raju : Who got the first? Farhan : Rancho! Raju : Rancho? (rush to check the result list) Farhan : You feel sad when your friend failed, But you will feel even sad if your friend is top rank.

10th scene Rancho advice Raju to speak to his father about being a photographer Rancho : Raju you should speak to your father! About your ambition! Raju : No, he will not let me to be a photographer! Rancho : You have no interest in engineering, look at your result on engineering, you should not be here! Just try to convince your father to let you become a photographer! If not you will regret for your whole life! Raju : You are right! I should convince my father! (Raju back to his home) Rajus dad : (taking a new laptop) Son, this is the new laptop for you for your future engineering career! Raju : (fear) I dont want to be an engineer, father! I want to be a photographer Rancho is right he said make your passion your profession. Then work will become play! Rajus dad : (angry) What will you earn in that jungle? Raju : A small stipend, but I will earn a lot! Rajus dad : 5 years from now you will regret when you see all yours friends are buying bungalow and cars! Raju : Life as an engineer will bring only frustration. Then I will curse you! I rather curse myself father! Rajus dad : The world will laugh! You will be the loser quitting on final year! Raju : (crying) Father, I will never attempt suicide. I promise. The Rancho you detest put our family picture in my wallet. He told me to see it if a suicidal thought crossed my mind and imagine what would happen to your smiles when you see my dead body. (Grabbing his father hand) Father, what will happen if I become a photographer? I will earn less. I will have a smaller house, a smaller car but I will be happy! I will be very happy! I will listen to you forever father! For once, listen to me! Rajus dad : I will return the laptop to change a camera!

11th scene EndingRaju became a photographer.Farhan became a Successful engineer and Rancho became a Scientist and a teacher

Farhan : At last, its graduation day!!!! Raju : Although I cant graduate but I will be happy to be a photographer and proud of you both guys!!! Rancho : Actually graduated from UTP is nothing, it is important only on the knowledge we learn! Farhan : Whatever at least we got our degree, we will be able to find a job!!!