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"Some countries spend their money on the arts.

This is justified by some people, but others believe that money needs to support health and education. Discuss

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The distribution of national budget for different key industries evenly is far from easy. Some people think that governments money should be allocated more for the development of health and education while others claim that arts should be addressed for their greater contributions such as the promotion of cultural image. Both sides of this issue should be discussed in my essay. The idea of investing in arts has positive effects on national growth in the long term. As peoples living standards become higher, they pay more attention to the entertainment life by spending more money on their exhibition visits and moviewatching. According to recent surveys in America, annually, above one billion dollars are poured into artistic field while entertain industry generates billions in return, enriching its national budget. However, as for countries in infant economic stage, it is out of question when they are still suffering epidemics. It is the investment in health that nations can save lives of people. Africa, for instance, has witnessed thousands of people dying of dangerous diseases every year, which

costs its governments up to billions of dollars in human resources. And history has shown how painful several European countries were, when their key labor was crippled because of the experience of black-death, and it was the discovery of penicillin that peoples lives were improved significantly. Another reason in support of the greater attention to arts is its wide-spread image promotion of nations and undeniable spiritual value. Nowhere is the image of nation more well-known than in the appearance of artistic events such as festivals. In addition, no sooner have people buried themselves in the world of music and colorful pictures than they find themselves at ease away from mundane worries of daily life and see their minds stimulated with more imaginative ideas. Arts, including the masterpieces, are proven to arouse in us the deepest feelings and call us to lead a healthy life. Nevertheless, it is irrefutable that education is of equal importance. Equipped with knowledge and skills, people can stay away from diseases and enlighten themselves with new ideas about arts as well. Japan is a stark example of a nation prioritizing education over other industries and being labeled as one of the worlds top economic position. By dint of being well-educated with discipline and perseverance, Japanese turn their cooking of Sushi into an art and learn to sanitize their food to the fullest extent to achieve the safety in health.

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