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District 3 (North Raleigh) Kevin L. Hill, Chair District 4 (East Raleigh) Keith Sutton, Vice Chair District 1 (Northeast Wake) Chris Malone

October 10, 2012

Mr. Paul Coble, Chair Wake County Board of Commissioners P.O. Box 550 Suite 1100 Raleigh, North Carolina 27602 Dear Chair Coble: In response to your letter of September 28, 2012, I would like to reassure you that any agreements made between the Wake County Board of Commissioners and the Wake County Public School System will be honored. In particular, the Board of Education is committed to long-term support for both the Young Mens and Young Womens Leadership Academies. We currently support utilizing the AA Thompson building for the Young Mens Academy. In addition, we have heard from many YMA parents supporting housing the school in the Thompson building. We are also commited to supporting the CTE High Schools proposed site at the old Coca-Cola Bottling Company on South Wilmington Street. I believe the Board supports both programs in the long-term, which would be at least seven years. Board action on these items is scheduled for our October 16, 2012 meeting. One consideration to keep in mind is our intention to growing the Leadership Academy programs and the limited space at the AA Thompson building. Based on program specifications, we can only accommodate approximately 250 students at that site. That does not lessen our commitment to the program, but may require supplementing that space. At our October 4 work session, we had unanimous support to slow down a new assignment process. The Board agreed 8-0 to direct staff to implement assignment for the 2013-2014 year using the address based assignment process from 2011-2012 in order to support stability for our families. We would also honor stay put for the 5% of families who participated in the choice assignment process, should they choose to remain at their current school.

District 2 (Southeast Wake) John Tedesco District 5 (South Central Raleigh) Jim Martin District 6 (Central Raleigh) Christine Kushner District 7(West Raleigh/Morrisville) Deborah Prickett District 8 (Southern Wake) Susan P. Evans District 9 (Western Wake) Debra Goldman

Chairman Paul Coble October 10, 2012 Page Two

Since 95% of our families did not participate in the choice process, we feel this will provide a bridge until staff can work out details for 2014-2015 assignment. I recommend that in the coming months, members of the Board of Commissioners and the Board of Education spend more time jointly discussing a future capital program for the school system. Already, staff members from both Boards have invested a tremendous amount of time working through the planning assumptions for such a capital program. The long standing, positive working relationship between the staff of both Boards continues and should serve as an example of collaborative planning. I believe it is important that both Boards establish a similar working relationship. Knowing the vast amount of work that has already taken place for a capital program, combined with the certain capacity deficits the school system will encounter beginning in 2015, we need to schedule meetings between the two Boards. These meetings will help all of our County Commissioners better understand the urgency felt by the school system to accommodate growth and continue to stand as a beacon, attracting business and families to Wake County. Respectfully,

Kevin L. Hill, Chair Wake County Board of Education cc: Wake County Board of Education Wake County Board of Commissioners Acting Superintendent Stephen Gainey County Manager David Cooke


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