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Sectra Edge (SME PED)

SIPRNET Access, Anywhere, Anytime

The Sectra Edge converges secure wireless voice and data by combining the functionality of a wireless phone and PDA all in one easy-to-use handheld device. Developed for the National Security Agencys Secure Mobile Environment Portable Electronic Device (SME PED) program, the Sectra Edge is certified to protect wireless voice communications classified Top Secret and below as well as access e-mail and websites classified Secret and below.

Secure Wireless Phone and PDA

Not only can you use the Sectra Edge to make secure phone calls, you also have secure access to classified networks, your e-mail and web browsing via high speed, GSM or CDMA cellular networks and Wi-Fi access points worldwide. From the palm of your hand, the Sectra Edge allows you to stay connected with attachment viewers and a personal organizer that includes contacts, calendar, tasks, alarms and notes, with desktop synchronization. Implementing both Type 1 and Non-Type 1 encryption, including Suite B algorithms, the Sectra Edge provides maximum flexibility in secure communications.

Compact and lightweight, the Sectera Edge is MIL-STD-810F ruggedized to accommodate wear and tear from both office users securing day-to-day communications to warfighters completing a tactical mission.

Secure, Versatile, Rugged

One-touch switching between classified and unclassified PDA functions First ever on-the-move wireless access to the SIPRNET Intuitive, user-friendly interface NSA certified, DISA approved In use and available today Easy, fast deployment with Configuration Tool

Secure Interoperability
The Sectra Edge is interoperable with:
Secure Communications Interoperability Pro-

tocol (SCIP)-compliant devices

High Assurance IP Encryptor Interoperability

Specification (HAIPE IS) compliant encryptors including the widely deployed TACLANE family of encryptors.

The Sectra Edge is NSA-certified and shipping.

Sectra Edge (SME PED)

Size and Weight Dimensions 1.3D x 3.2W x 4.9L Weight 12 oz. Displays TFT QVGA Color Trusted Display 2.8 in., 64k colors LCD Flash RAM Classified Flash RAM microSD expansion slot up to 2GB Memory Unclassified 128MB 64MB 64MB 64MB Software Applications Phone Secure/non-secure phone calls Wireless E-mail Secure/non-secure e-mail with attachments Personal Organizer Secure/non-secure calendar, contacts, tasks, alarms and notes Wireless Desktop Synchronization Keep your e-mail and personal organizer up-to-date Internet Explorer Web Browser Access to commercial Internet, classified and unclassified web pages Windows Viewers View classified/unclassified images and Word, Excel, Powerpoint, PDF documents WordPad Editor Type & edit classified/unclassified notes Windows Messenger Secure/non-secure instant messaging SMS Non-secure text messaging Windows Media Player Full multimedia capability Calculator

Power Removeable/Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery Standby Time Approx. 60 hours Talk Time Approx. 5 hours Secure Talk Time Approx. 3 hours Extended Batteries available AC Power AC Input 100240 VAC, 50/60 Hz International Adaptors Environmental MIL-STD-810F Operating Temp. Storage Temp.

Interfaces Unclassified USB Classified USB, Serial Headset 2.5 mm stereo/phone jack Integrated CAC Reader DoD PKI Enabled Interchangeable Wireless Communications Modules GSM (850/900/1800/1900) EDGE, (850/1900/2100) UMTS, HSDPA or CDMA (800/1900) 1xRTT, (800/1900) EV-DO Rev. A or Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g Interoperability Type 1 and non-Type 1 Suite A and Suite B U.S., NATO, CCEB, Coalition, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, U.K. SCIP HAIPE (including TACLANE family)

23C to 60C (9F to 140F) 55C to 75C (67 to 167F)

Secure Speech Processing G.729D 6.4 kbps MELP 2400 bps


Secure and non-secure wireless phone, e-mail and web browsing Withstands rigors of both tactical and everyday environments (MILSTD-810F)

Global roaming over GSM, CDMA or Wi-Fi wireless networks Software upgradeable to VoIP Exchange secure e-mail with government personnel, including S/MIME
BlackBerry users compliant IPv6

Familiar Microsoft Windows Platform Wireless desktop synchronization Separation of Classified and Unclassified applications One-touch switching between classified and unclassified PDA functions
Advanced Security Features

Configuration Workstation Tool

The Configuration Workstation Tool is a software tool that enables Administrators to configure and update software on up to 16 Sectra Edge (SME PED) devices simultaneously. Using this tool to automate the configuration and software update process not only saves time and can prevent potential errors that may occur from manual configuration, it also minimizes the risk of overlooking necessary configuration parameters. The Configuration Workstation Tool simplifies the process of deploying Sectra Edge devices to your critical users and significantly saves labor costs.

Secure wireless access to the SIPRNET and NIPRNET PKI enabled Common Access Card (CAC) support DoD Supports DoD 8100.2 requirements 1 encrypted storage of classified data Type be used inside closed areas with SCIF-Friendly feature Can

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