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EmployeeID 1424 0525 0662 0221

FirstName Terry Barry Regina Katrina

MiddleInitial E O

LastName Johns Floyd Miller Langley


Manager Elvis Presley

Department Human Resources Information Services Customer Care Data Entry

Title Director Manager Representative Clerk

Office Kansas Florida Florida Georgia

Telephone Number 555-666-1212 555-666-1213 555-666-1215

Home Telephone Number


Fax 222-111-9999


333-222-1111 666-555-4321

COMMAND LINE dsquery user -samid tjohns | dsmod user -disabled "No" -acctexpires "Never" -mustchpwd "No" -canchpwd "Yes" -empid "1424 dsquery user -samid bfloyd | dsmod user -disabled "No" -acctexpires "Never" -mustchpwd "No" -canchpwd "Yes" -empid "0525 dsquery user -samid rmiller | dsmod user -disabled "Yes" -empid "0662" -fn "Regina" -mi "O" -ln "Miller" -dept "Customer Care" dsquery user -samid klangley | dsmod user -acctexpires "0" -mustchpwd "No" -canchpwd "No" -empid "0221" -fn "Katrina" -ln "L

hpwd "Yes" -empid "1424" -fn "Terry" -mi "E" -ln "Johns" -dept "Human Resources" -title "Director" -office "Kansas" -desc "Human Resources hpwd "Yes" -empid "0525" -fn "Barry" -ln "Floyd" -mgr "Elvis Presley" -dept "Information Services" -title "Manager" -office "Florida" -desc "Info r" -dept "Customer Care" -title "Representative" -office "Florida" -desc "Customer Care Representative in Florida" -display "Regina O Miller" "0221" -fn "Katrina" -ln "Langley" -dept "Data Entry" -title "Clerk" -office "Georgia" -desc "Data Entry Clerk in Georgia" -display "Katrina Lang

ice "Kansas" -desc "Human Resources Director in Kansas" -display "Terry E Johns" -tel "555-666-1212" "Manager" -office "Florida" -desc "Information Services Manager in Florida" -display "Barry Floyd" -tel "555-666-1213" -fax "222-111-9999" e in Florida" -display "Regina O Miller" -mobile "333-222-1111" Clerk in Georgia" -display "Katrina Langley" -tel "555-666-1215" -hometel "444-222-1111" -mobile "666-555-4321"

"555-666-1213" -fax "222-111-9999"