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Cyril & Methodius Parish

608 Sobieski Street, Lemont, Illinois 60439

Parish Staff
Rev. Lawrence Lisowski

Pastoral Ministry
Rev. Marcin Szczypula Associate Pastor Deacon Michael Ciciura Deacon Norbert Lesnieski

Mrs. Shirley Tkachuk Parish School Principal Mrs. Trish Nickleski Sacramental Prep
Religious Education Coordinator

October 14, 2012 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Kim Zajec Religious Education Secretary

Liturgy Coordinator
Marietta Vargo

Music Ministry
Miroslawa Sojka-Topor Music Director

Youth Ministry
Michael Lundberg

Denise Duda Business Manager Lynn Bailey Assistant Business Manager Alicja Szczepanik Unity Coordinator Monika Bochenek Beth Rachwalski Peggy Sniegowski Ann Zajec Parish Secretaries Cheryle Long Debbie Grand Evening Receptionists Dennis Sepessy Facility Manager Kay Manning Bulletin Editor

Our Parish Mission Statement

We are a family of faith, entrusted with the gospel message of Jesus Christ. Rooted in a rich tradition of worship, service and prayer, we foster the unity and faith of this community. Enlivened by the Spirit, we share our gifts, talents and resources to bring about the Kingdom of God.

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SS. Cyril & Methodius Parish United in Faith

October 14, 2012

All of Us - #569 by Fr. Larry When I was an Associate Pastor, I was blessed to have lived and worked with a number of talented pastors who taught me some very valuable lessons about parish life and what it meant to serve God's people as a priest. I gained plenty of pastoral wisdom from being with people every day rather than burying my head in some obscure book on theology. My first pastor was Fr. Don Duffy at St. Mary parish in Buffalo Grove. He was ordained in 1943 and was a loud Irish extrovert with all the personality and looks of Harry Caray. Fr. Duffy loved people, especially the quirky parishioners. I quickly learned that there is plenty of diversity when it comes to the family of God. In an affectionate way, he gently teased people, showing that we cannot take ourselves, or life, too seriously. Fr. Duffy also embraced the various changes that came with the Second Vatican Council. The church that he was ordained in, in the 1940's, was very different from the church he was buried from, at the age of 93. What gave him life, meaning and energy were the "people of God" that he had come to know and love more than an institution. There is a saying about how to approach life, "If you don't bend, you are going to break." Fr. Duffy knew that a parish community is one that is constantly evolving through the years. He was a priest who reverenced the past but was not stuck in it. He was able to move on and knew that some things needed to change or eventually would die. He was always raising the question to his staff, "What does it mean for us 'to be church' today?" Fr. Bill Flaherty, ordained in the class of 1952, was my pastor when I was assigned at Infant Jesus of Prague parish in Flossmoor. He was a gifted and brilliant writer who crafted ingenious articles every week for the parish bulletin. People enjoyed the wit and wisdom offered in his creative writings. His bulletin column was entitled, One Hand Clapping," which is a poetic image taken from the famous spiritual writer, Thomas Merton. Fr. Flaherty chose this image for the title of his bulletin column because it was a constant reminder to parishioners how he wanted to shepherd the parish. The subtle message was, that trying to run a parish all by yourself as a pastor, without relying on the help of others, is like trying to clap

with one hand. It is just impossible. The truth is that we need one another to carry on the mission and ministry of the Lord. As a pastor, you have to trust and rely on the gifts and talents of people for the overall life and wellbeing of the community. The more this happens, the more vital the parish becomes. This Sunday we acknowledge, bless and commission the members of our Pastoral Staff and Parish Council. Our Pastoral Staff consists of myself as pastor; Fr. Marcin Szczypula, our Associate Pastor; Deacon Mike Ciciura, permanent Deacon, (Deacon Norb Lesnieski is our retired Senior Deacon); Mrs. Shirley Tkachuck, Principal of our Parish School; Mrs. Trish Nickleski, Director of our Religious Education Program; Mrs. Denise Duda, Parish Business Manager; Mr. Mike Lundberg, Tri-Parish Youth Ministry; Mrs. Mira SojkaTopor, Director of Music, and Marietta Vargo, our Liturgy Coordinator. The parishioners who are currently serving on our Parish Council are Melissa Krawczyk, (President); Steve Troc, (Vice President); Rosemary Niemiec, (Secretary); David Ehle, David Walters, Annie Kinsley, Mark Czerwinski, Diane Paloian and Michelle Bonanno. The Parish Council also includes John Cisek, representative for the Parish Life Commission; Andrew Sowa, representative for the Human Concerns Commission and Linda Harbison, representative for the Religious Education Commission. I am grateful for their dedication and concern for the well-being of the parish. They are a valuable resource and source of support for me. May God bless us in all that we do to make St. Cyril's a vibrant and faith-filled parish community. A Special Presentation At our English Masses this weekend, we are able to show a special video presentation that was created by the Archdiocese of Chicago to highlight the Year of the Sunday Mass. The video is well done; its message is a good one. I hope it stirs within us our own thoughts and deepens our appreciation of what the Eucharist means for us today as believers. Our ability to come together and prayerfully feast at the Table of the Lord is a special and sacred gift. Welcome Back! We welcome back to St. Cyril's this week, Friar Johnpaul Cafiero, who is an excellent speaker. You may remember him from last year. Before Lent, he preached at our Masses and offered an Evening of Reflection. He was

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SS. Cyril & Methodius Parish United in Faith

October 14, 2012

so well received that we wanted to invite him back as part of the Year of the Sunday Mass celebration. I hope you can make it to church this Thursday night, October 18th, at 7:00 PM to hear Friar Johnpaul. He will be giving a reflection on the Eucharist. I am sure that you will find it to be very spiritually rewarding and helpful to your prayer life when we gather on Sunday. Seeing our Kids In a few weeks I will be visiting our young adults who are attending the University of Illinois in Champaign -Urbana. We have a lot of kids from the parish currently going to school at the university. I enjoy spending time with them and seeing how they are doing away from home. My visit is a simple way of keeping them connected to the church. We will attend Mass together at 5:00 PM at the Newman Center on campus and then head out for pizza. If you would like me to deliver a care package to your student, just make sure it is delivered to the rectory well in advance. I have to admit, every year it is harder for me to resist not tasting a few of the chocolate chip cookies on the ride down. Please remember our college students in your prayers. Church Work Workers this past week went on the church roof to take a closer look and inspect the areas above the altar that have been problematic. The result is that a new roof will be put on this section within the next few weeks to seal everything up before winter hits. It is amazing how the weather up here on the hill takes a tremendous toll on our buildings. After the wedding season dies down in November, the painters will be back to repair the spot above the altar, just in time for the holidays. God Never Stops Loving Us I look forward to meeting with the parents of our children in 2nd grade this Sunday afternoon. We will spend some time looking at the Sacrament of Reconciliation that our children will experience for the first time in December. We remember the good news that Jesus preached, the simple fact that God never gives up on us. There is nothing we can do to ever have God stop loving us.

Welcome to SS. Cyril & Methodius Parish

The Parish Staff of St. Cyrils welcomes all to our historic parish that has carried on the mission of Jesus since 1884.

Parish Information
608 Sobieski Street, Lemont, IL Denise Duda, Business Manager (630) 257-2776; (630) 257-9372 Fax email: website: 607 Sobieski Street, Lemont, IL Shirley Tkachuk, Principal (630) 257-6488; Trish Nickleski D.R.E. (630) 257-9314;


Religious Education:

Mass Schedule:
Saturday: Sunday: 7:00 AM & 5:30 PM 7:00, 8:30 (Polish), 10:30 AM, 12:00 PM, 1:30 PM (Polish) 5:00 PM (St. Patricks - English)

Special Masses:
Weekdays: Tuesday PM: First Friday: 7:00 AM 8:00 PM Polish 7:00, 9:00 AM (Fall) & 7:00 PM (Polish)

Sacrament of Reconciliation:
Saturday: 4:30 - 5:00 PM First Fridays: 5:00 - 6:30 PM Also available by appointment.

Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick:

Following the Monday morning 7:00 AM Mass.

Rectory Office Hours: Each weekday the Rectory

will be closed between the hours of 12 PM-1 PM. Monday through Wednesday Thursday and Friday Saturday Sunday 8:30 AM to 8:00 PM 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM Closed

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SS. Cyril & Methodius Parish United in Faith Religious Education News By Trish Nickleski, D.R.E. Dear Parents,

October 14, 2012

Reminder: There is a Parent Meeting for First Reconciliation for all parents who have a child in the second grade at our parish school or religious education program, TODAY, October 14th at 3:30 PM in the church. We are asking that at least one parent be in attendance at this very important meeting. This meeting is for parents only. We are currently involved in our first service project of the year, the Baby Bottle project in honor of Respect Life Month. Each of our students have been given a baby bottle to fill with loose change. This service project will provide necessary support for less fortunate women and their babies in addition to helping other needy families with their ongoing needs. This project is through the Womens Center which has offices in Des Plaines, Evergreen Park and Chicago. Baby Bottles are due back to your childs teacher the week of October 21st. Fill those bottles and help those in need! Our parish welcomes all with a developmental or intellectual challenge, down syndrome, autism spectrum disorders or learning problems. SPRED is a wonderful small faith sharing program which children, teens, young adults and adults can benefit from, and have, since 1967 in 156 parishes. All interested people and parents are invited to a SPRED Informational Gathering on Monday, October 15th at 7:00 PM in our schools teachers lounge. Please consider this ministry! We need three more adult volunteers to join Guadalupe, Richard, Marianna, Carolyn and Anita who have said Yes! We also want to know the parents who have a son/daughter with special needs no matter their age or abilities. Please feel free to contact Anita Koch SPRED Chairperson with questions: (630) 243-8970 or

This year we have started each week by gathering in the gym for Morning Prayer. The month of October has made this time even more special, as a group of our teachers worked together and planned this time of prayer to honor our Blessed Mother. You are most welcome to join us in prayer and also hear whats going on in school for the week at 8:30 AM. This week our older students will participate in our annual High School Fair. Representatives from several different Catholic High Schools will visit to talk about their respective schools and share the opportunities which they have to offer. Information did go home to students in our Thursday red envelopes. Parents are most welcome to attend. Please call the office if you have any other questions. We are happy to announce that we will be starting Tutor Buddies in our school. Under the guidance of Mrs. Coules, Mr. Smith and Mr. Brady, interested 7th and 8th graders will help a younger student by listening to them read and also by practicing math facts. The students involved will gather at 7:40 AM on Tuesday mornings. Remember to mark your calendars for Friday, November 9th. Thats the date for our Mothers Club annual fall fundraiser. This years theme Double Down for Dreams promises to be a great evening with all proceeds going to benefit our school. Once again we need to ask for your assistance with our dismissal procedures. We must block the streets at about 2:55 PM allowing our students to safely exit the building. Do not try to drive on Sobieski once the street is closed. We are also asking you not to park along the side streets. Children are walking between parked cars and this is dangerous. Please help all of us by following the directions given and working with our staff. The dismissal process does move quickly and we are usually finished by about 3:15 PM. Mrs. S. Tkachuk, Principal

Providence Academic Fair team

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SS. Cyril & Methodius Parish United in Faith

October 14, 2012

Thank You to the 721 families who have supported our campaign with their pledge.
Those choosing to be acknowledged will be listed in our bulletin.

Our Faith, Our Gift, Our Home Capital Campaign Goal $1,000,000 Pledged $ 811,600
All School Mass, September 11, 2012

Our Faith, Our Gift, Our Home Capital Campaign Parish Pledge Confirmation
I/We wish to pledge a gift of: Total Amount of Gift or Pledge Amount enclosed Balance by May 2013
Method of Payment: Public Acknowledgment:

$ __________________ $ __________________ $ __________________

Frequency of Payments:

Single payment Installment payments


Electronic Fund Transfer

I/We wish to be acknowledged

I/We wish to remain anonymous

Name(s) __________________________________________________

Parishioner Envelope #: _________________

Address _______________________________________________ City ______________________________________ State _________ Zip _______________

EFT Authorization: Name of Bank _______________________________ (9) Digit Routing Number: Name(s) on Account: ________________________________ Account Number: ____________________________________ ____________________________________ Type: Checking Savings

Phone _____________________

Email ____________________________

Signature _______________________________________________________________________________________________

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SS. Cyril & Methodius Parish United in Faith

October 14, 2012



Erin Cloherty & Robert Zubek Married October 6, 2012

Samantha Tejkowski & Justin Orr Married October 6, 2012 Evening of Reflection
On Thursday, October 18th, we will have our annual evening of reflection which consists of a prayer service and a guest speaker. We welcome back Friar Johnpaul Cafiero, OFM, who will be the speaker for the evening. Friar Johnpaul gave our Pre-Lenten mission in February. This year the Archdiocese of Chicago is celebrating the Year of the Sunday Mass. In keeping with this theme, Friar will give a reflection on the Eucharist: They recognized him in the breaking of the bread. Where do you recognize him? Friar Johnpaul is the oldest of an Italian/Polish family and was born and raised in the New York area. Friar holds numerous degrees and has lectured and preached internationally. In addition to his preaching ministry, Friar is also a pastoral associate at Holy Family Parish in Inverness and is a chaplain for the Illinois State Police. Thursday, October 18, 2012, 7 PM in Church All are welcome!

Double Down for Dreams!

St. Cyrils
S.S. Cyril & Methodius School Fall Fundraiser

Friday November 9th, 2012 Lithuanian World Center 14911 E. 127th Street, Lemont 7 PM-11 PM $50 per ticket includes, open bar, appetizers and funny money to gamble with (amount TBD). Tickets will NOT be sold at the door To purchase tickets or make a donation please contact Heather Tomala at (630) 309-2467 or Or refer to the school website

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SS. Cyril & Methodius Parish United in Faith

October 14, 2012

SS. Cyril & Methodius Pet Blessing, Saturday morning, October 6th, 2012, Church Steps

Helping Hands Needs Your Help

Helping Hands collects food to distribute to members of the Lemont community. Grocery bags are available in the back of church to remind you to consider picking up items on your next grocery visit. Monetary donations are also greatly appreciated. We are always in need of non-perishable foods like canned soups and vegetables, pasta, sauces, chili, tuna, cereal and baking and pancake mixes; also non-food items such as paper towels, napkins, soaps (hand, dish and laundry), shampoo, mouthwash and toothpaste. Thank you for your support and generosity!

The Holy Name Society Men's Club will be sponsoring a clothing drive to benefit the St. Vincent DePaul Society. The collection will be held on October 27th and 28th following each Mass at St Cyril's. We hope you can begin collecting your clothing for this worthwhile society. Donations will need to be boxed in order to be accepted.

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SS. Cyril & Methodius Parish United in Faith

October 14, 2012

Fr. Larrys hitting the road and traveling south to the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana.
Hed like to get together with all the U of I students from SS. Cyril & Methodius Parish Sunday, October 28th, 2012 Meet at the Illini Union in the main lobby at 4:30 PM. Join Fr. Larry for Mass at 5 PM at the Newman Center and pizza at 6 PM. Make sure to pass the word... Free Pizza! Please R.S.V.P. to Peggy before Friday, October 26th at Lemont Youth Ministry iHeart Radio Night October 21st, 2012 6:008:30 PM St. Patricks Parish Center Some of todays music is good, some is bad. We will explore the spiritual meaning of music on the charts today. Is God speaking to the youth of today through music? All High School Teens Welcome Optional: Bring your own iPod with your favorite song that has a spiritual meaning to you. Facilitators: Brittany Hunter, David Ehle, Matt Doherty and Mike Lundberg. Special musical guest Connor Matthews. Enter a chance to win an iTUNES gift card. Public Action to Deliver Shelter It is a new PADS year already! And because we are starting a new year we need some supplies for the women and children at the PADS shelter in Palos where we volunteer. If you have the time and the money, would you please bring some cold cereal, cans of soup, womens underwear (plain) in all sizes. Also feminine products; and of course socks, socks, socks; there can never be enough socks! At the St. Lukes site we dont need the small, sample sizes of things. It will really be a big help to get us started. Thanks so much and if you have any questions please feel free to call. Doreen (630) 257-2414.

The Year of Faith by Marietta Vargo, Liturgy and Adult Faith Formation Director A Year of Faith, proclaimed by Pope Benedict XVI, officially began last Thursday, October 11th. That day was also the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Second Vatican Council begun by Blessed Pope John XXIII and the 20th anniversary of the publication of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. This past week was also the opening of the Synod of Bishops in Rome. To coincide with the Year of Faith, the bishops, coming from all over the world, will discuss, the new evangelization for the transformation of the Christian faith. At times throughout history, popes have proclaimed a year of faith so that the faithful could reflect upon and strengthen a particular aspect of faith. In his apostolic letter, Porta Fidei (Door of Faith), Pope Benedict said this year of faith is a summons to an authentic and renewed conversion to the Lord, the One Savior of the World. It is like opening a door of faith (Acts14:27) always open for us, ushering us into the life of communion with God and offering entry into his church. The Pope continues by saying, it is possible to cross that threshold when the word of God is proclaimed and the heart allows itself to be shaped by transforming grace. To enter through that door is to set out on a journey that lasts a lifetime. It begins with baptism, through which we can address God as Father, and it ends with the passage through death to eternal life. The Year of Faith will continue until the feast of Christ the King on Nov. 24, 2013. Throughout the coming year, we will have special opportunities/activities for prayer and reflection as we celebrate and renew our faith.

The Archdiocese of Chicago is requiring all volunteers who work with children in our parish attend the Protecting Gods Children workshop. The last workshop in our area is: Our Lady of the Woods, Orland Park 10/20/12 at 9:00 AM If you have any questions please call Trish Nickleski at 630-257-9314.

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SS. Cyril & Methodius Parish United in Faith

October 14, 2012

Eucharistic Sunday Looking back to when I was a child, I always liked going to church and participate in Mass, especially on Sunday. Thanks to Sunday Mass, my favorite one was at 11 am, I had a feeling that on this special day while being in church, I am also closer to Lord. From time perspective, I value, that as a growing up child I was going to church with my family, which definitely strengthened my relationship with my parents and my younger sister. I will never forget the first time I received Jesus Christ into my heart during Sunday Mass at Holy Cross Parish in Siemianowice l skie, Poland. In our group preparing for the First Communion there was 11 children, nine girls and two boys. Thanks to this, Sister Ryszarda not only knew each one of us by name, but also she knew how fervently we waited for this special day. Whats interesting, when I was receiving First Communion, I was barely 6 years old and deep down inside, I believe that it was one of the most beautiful moments of my childhood. Another turning point in experiencing Mass was the event of Ordination to the Priesthood which I received on May 17, 2008, from the hands of Cardinal Francis George at St. Juliana Parish in Chicago. In our preparation group, once again there were 11 of us, but this time seminarians coming from different countries. Our goal was to be closer to God. The most beautiful moment for me during the priestly ordination was when we all lay down on the floor in church, during Litany of the Saints and then hearing the words Saint Martin, pray for us. Today, as a priest, I have the honor to celebrate Mass and be on the other side of the altar. Sunday Mass is still something special for me. Just as it united my family years ago, now it unites families of our parish. Fr. Marcin Szczypula

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SS. Cyril & Methodius Parish United in Faith

Marie Kasl Margaret Frass Margie Dorothy Wesolowski Kathy Moran Margaret Finnegan Anna Van Orden Anna Zoltek Lebrenda Case Clara Povalish Frank Polli Florence Kazich Sandi Merlo Joseph Perry Delores Bromberek Eleanor Povalish Genevieve Barbagallo Delores Beltrami -Lucchini Marion Galante Nick Hernandez Stella Troc Rose Miller Jozef Kopinski Regina Madeja Victor Splitt Jim Bailey Marianne Danko Art Danko Pat Salerno Mrs. Hindo John LaSota Alexandria Stojanov Gerry Pytlewski Mari Cleary Maria Bobowski Micaela Martinez Susan Baley Joel Falco Jim Christmann Don Barcza Edmund Povalish Patrick Nickols Joanne Novak Louie Novak John E. Rutkowski Dan Mulligan Linda Palmer Rose Kureja Dennis Lucheon James Lapansky Vivian Hinson William Stenz Bob Smith Samuel Tavolino Valentine Slachetka Dr. Edward Matuga Sr. Joan-Marie Kryszak Carol Krajewski Michael Bromberek Lloyd Hoster, Jr. Janina TylkaSuleja Irene Zaremba Pam Brickey Olivia Buciak

October 14, 2012

Czym yje nasza parafia...

Lucille Handorf Stanley Chrzanowsky Angie Knopinski Nathan S. McKenna Lottie Bylina James McNamara James Hanley Lillian Kuzak Kim Bromberek Lynn Porter Janet LaSota Eleanor Twardowski Betty Bolino Milda Praninskas Lucy Lejeaunesse Anne Orlowski Stephanie Langheld Sam Caruso Cheryl Povalish Dale Chappell Dolores Langheld Virginia Kozlowski Allen Govic Nancy Hoinacki Richard Cieski Deana Gozder Katherine Boyle

34 rocznica wybrania Karola Wojtyy na papie a Data 16 pa dziernika 1978 roku, zostanie na zawsze w naszej pami ci, i to tego dnia konklawe wybrao arcybiskupa krakowskiego kardynaa Karola Wojty na papie a . Biay dym, zwiastuj cy wybr papie a, pojawi si nad Kaplic Syksty sk okoo godziny 18. Wkrtce potem nowy papie , Jan Pawe II, wyszed na balkon Bazyliki wi tego Piotra i wygosi pierwsze przemwienie do wiwatuj cych tumw. Powiedzia wtedy: "Jeszcze prze ywamy wielki smutek z powodu mierci naszego ukochanego papie a Jana Pawa I, a oto najdostojniejsi kardynaowie ju powoali nowego biskupa Rzymu. Powoali go z dalekiego kraju, z dalekiego, lecz zawsze tak bliskiego przez czno w wierze i tradycji chrze cija skiej". 26 rocznica mierci ks. Jerzego Popieuszki Ks. Popieuszko by kapanem w Warszawie. Odprawiane przez niego Msze za Ojczyzn , tak e w okresie stanu wojennego, gromadziy tysi ce ludzi. Ksi dz Jerzy publicznie krytykowa nadu ycia komunistycznej wadzy, mwi o prawach czowieka i obronie ideaw Solidarno ci, a tak e sprzeciwianiu si przemocy i nienawi ci. 19 pa dziernika 1984 roku, ks. Jerzy Popieuszko zosta porwany i zamordowany przez funkcjonariuszy SB. Wkrtce po mierci ks. Popieuszko zosta powszechnie uznany za m czennika okresu komunizmu. Beatyfikacja ks. Jerzego Popieuszki odbya si 6 czerwca 2010 roku. Alicja Szczepanik

To add a name or have someone visit you in the hospital or in your home, please call us at (630) 257-2776.

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SS. Cyril & Methodius Parish United in Faith

October 14, 2012

Wtorek, 16 Pa dziernik
Wieczr modlitw do Matki Bo ej Cz stochowskiej..7:00pm

Niedziela, 21 Pa dziernik
Msza w..8:30am.1:30 pm

Niedzielna Eucharystia Patrz c wstecz, jako dziecko zawsze lubiem chodzi do ko cioa i uczestniczy we Mszy wi tej, a szczeglnie w niedziel . Dzi ki niedzielnej Mszy wi tej, moj ulubion bya godzina 11 rano, miaem uczucie, e w ten wyj tkowy dzie b d c w ko ciele jestem rwnie bli ej Pana Boga. Z perspektywy czasu doceniam, e jako dorastaj ce dziecko, do ko cioa udawali my si ca rodzin , co z pewno ci bardzo umocnio moje relacje z rodzicami i modsz siostr . Nigdy nie zapomn kiedy po raz pierwszy przyj em Pana Jezusa do swego serca podczas niedzielnej Mszy wi tej w Parafii wi tego Krzy a w Siemianowicach l skich w Polsce. W naszej przygotowuj cej si grupie byo 11 dzieci, dziewi cioro dziewcz t i dwch chopcw. Dzi ki temu siostra zakonna Ryszarda, nie tylko znaa nas po imieniu ale rwnie wiedziaa jak arliwie ka dy z nas czeka na ten bardzo wa ny dla nas moment. Co ciekawe, kiedy przyjmowaem Pierwsz Komuni wi t , miaem zaledwie 6 lat i g boko wierz , e by to jeden z najpi kniejszych momentw mojego dzieci stwa. Kolejnym zwrotnym momentem w prze ywaniu Mszy wi tej byo wydarzenie wi ce Kapa skich, ktre przyj em 17 maja 2008 roku z r k Kardynaa Francis George w Parafii wi tej Julianny w Chicago. W grupie przygotowuj cej byo nas ponownie 11, lecz tym razem klerykw pochodz cych z r nych krajw, ktrych celem byo by jak najbli ej Boga. Najpi kniejsz dla mnie chwil podczas przyjmowanych wi ce bya Litania do Wszystkich wi tych podczas ktrej le eli my na posadzce Ko cioa, a nast pnie usyszane sowa Litanii wi ty Marcinie, mdl si za Nami. Dzisiaj jako kapan, mam ten zaszczyt sam celebrowa Msz wi t i by po drugiej stronie otarza. Niedzielna Msza wi ta jest dalej dla mnie czym wyj tkowym. Tak jak kiedy jednoczya ona moj rodzin , tak teraz widz jak czy rodziny naszej parafii. 14- Magorzata Maria Alacoque, dziewica. Gdy miaa osiem lat, stracia ojca i od tego czasu wiele cierpiaa od opiekuj cej si ni rodziny.Wst pia do zakonu wizytek. Zgromadzenien to w sposb szczeglny piel gnowao nabo e stwo do Naj wi tszego Sakramentu przez wieczy ste adoracje.Bg wybra Magorzat na swoj powiernic . Miaa kilka objawie , w ktrych Chrystus ukaza jej swoje gorej ce mio ci serce. Powierzy jej rwnie zadanie szerzenia nabo e stwa pierwszych pi tkw miesi ca i udzieli specialnej obietnicy aski dobrej mierc dla wszystkich, ktrzy chocia jeden raz odprawi nowen ne pierwszych pi tkw miesi ca. 15-Teresa od Jezusa z Avili, dziewica i doktor Ko cioa Od wczesnego dzieci stwa objawiaa skonno ci do ycia religijnego.Od modo ci pasjonowaa j lektura pism w.Hieronima, pod ktrych wpywem powzi a postanowienie wst pienia do zakonu.G bokie ycie wewn trzne wkrtce doprowadzio j do wy yn dozna mistycznych. Prze ya straszn wizj pieka, po ktrej zo ya lub wybierania w yciu tego, co doskonalsze.Narodzia si w niej my l zreformowania ycia zakonnego.Zao ya nowy klasztor wedug pierwotnej, surowej reguy. W tym czasie pisaa dziea ascetyczne;Sprawozdania duchowe, Drog doskonao ci, Podniety mio ci Bo ej.Nale y podziwia gorliwo i energi , z jak umiaa przeciwstawia si napotykanym trudno ciom, a jednocze nie g bok wiar w pomoc Opatrzno ci Bo ej. 16- Jadwiga l ska, ksi na.W dzieci stwie otrzymaa bardzo gruntowne wyksztacenie. Dwr ksi cy wyr nia si dobrymi obyczajami i religijno ci .Jadwiga zasyn a jako opiekunka ludzi ubogich i chorych.Razem z m em troszczya si o budowanie wi ty i klasztorw, a istniej ce hojnie uposa aa.Przy swoim dworze zao ya pracowni szat liturgicznych, z ktrych wyszo wiele znakomitych dzie sztuki sakralnej.Przy fundowanych klasztorach lub ko cioach zawsze zakladaa domy opieki dla podr nych i bezdomnych.Kanonizowa j papie Klemens IV. W dzie wspomnienia Jadwigi l skiej zosta wybrany na papie a pierwszy Polak-ksi dz kardyna Karol Wojtya, Jan Pawe II ( 16 X 1978 ) W pierwsz rocznic wyboru ofiarowa on do bazyliki w Trzebnicy kielich mszalny i wiec paschaln .

Ks. Marcin D. Szczypula

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SS. Cyril & Methodius Parish United in Faith

October 14, 2012

Mass Intentions
Monday October 15th 7:00 AM LITTLE FLOWER SOCIETY = PEARL A. POVALISH by St. Patrick Friendship Club Tuesday October 16th 7:00 AM LITTLE FLOWER SOCIETY = FRANCES MANKOWSKI (Anniv.) by Lloyd & Adeline Bahnick 9:00 AM SCHOOL MASS 8:00 PM (Polish) = JOANNA MODOWSKA by The Wontorczyk Family = STANISAW & MARIA GRZANKA by Family Wednesday October 17th 7:00 AM LLOYD BAHNICK by Bill & Paula Ahlgnen = DAN GALLAGHER (Anniv.) by His Son & Wife 9:00 AM SCHOOL MASS 6:30 PM (Polish) = JAN & ANTONINA WIATOWSKI by Family = ANTONI ZAGRANCZNY by Family Thursday October 18th 7:00 AM GODS BLESSINGS FOR CHRISTINE GUZIOR by The Guzior Family = MARV GONSIOROWSKI by Family Friday October 19th 7:00 AM = FRANCES R. CIESLAK by Bertha Rudis BLESSINGS FOR KRYSTYNA & STEPHEN RADKE by Teresa Walkosz

Saturday October 20th 7:00 AM PURGATORIAL SOCIETY GODS BLESSINGS FOR FAMILY by Teresa 1:00 PM WEDDING: Grace Saleh & Dino Pastore 5:30 PM = ANN M. SNIEWGOWSKI by Earl & Cindi Hegge = THERESA BARRY & BARBARA VEENSTRA by George Barry Sunday October 21st 7:00 AM = ALBERT & SOPHIE MAZIARKA by Daughter = MARGUERITE BLOOM by John & Sophie Grele 8:30 AM (Polish) = JAN BUDZ & JEGO RODZICE by Ludwina = JANINA GORYL by F. Kowalczyk Family 10:30 AM = EDDIE BLAZONCZYK by Tish Blazonczyk = ZOFIA & STANLEY GAJOS by Their Family 12:00 PM = ANTHONY SALERNO by His Wife & Family GODS BLESSINGS FOR MICHAEL A. SRACA (Birthday) by His Parents 1:30 PM (Polish) = RODZINY KWIATKOWSKICH & KSELW by Stephania Ksel = JZEFA BODUCH by Robert & Teresa Madej

Beat the Lotto Parish Raffle Tickets $100 each

Representatives will be in back of Church this weekend distributing tickets for our only parish-wide fundraiser. Get your paid tickets in before Friday, December 8th for our Early Bird Drawings with prizes totaling $5,000. Your ticket goes back into the drum for the BIG Drawing on February 10, 2013. Only 1500 Tickets sold. Winner need not be present.


The following is the attendance, envelope count and contribution totals for October 6th & 7th:
Mass time Count Envelopes Contribution

5:30 PM 7:00 AM 8:30 AM 10:30 AM 12:00 PM 1:30 PM Totals

344 181 328 575 370 250 2,048

131 123 139 179 119 67 758

$2,659 2,908 1,871 4,042 2,028 913 $14,421

Adult attendance envelope count for the first week of October reflects 30% of parishioners use their weekly envelopes; attendance includes adults and children.

Front Cover:
Christ and the Rich Young Ruler Heinrich Hofmann Oil on panel, 1889 John D. Rockefeller collection, Riverside Church, New York

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SS. Cyril & Methodius Parish United in Faith

October 14, 2012

Upcoming Events:
Sunday, October 14th: First Reconciliation Parent Mtg., 3:30 PM, Church Monday, October 15th: SPRED Mtg., 7 PM, Faculty Lounge Wednesday, October 17th: Parish Council Mtg., 7 PM, RMR Thursday, October 18th: Evening of Reflection 7 PM, Church

Tuesday, October 16th: Weekly devotions at 7 PM which consist of the Rosary, Chaplet of the Divine Mercy, Pro Life Prayers, Benediction and Sacrament of Reconciliation. After devotions, a Mass in Polish will be celebrated at 8 PM. Wednesday, October 17th: Polish Mass at 6:30 PM followed by Rosary at 7:30 PM.

May Perpetual Light Shine Upon Them

In your prayers please remember the souls of Walter Faron and Ralph E. Johnson. May their souls and the souls of all our faithful departed family and friends rest in everlasting Peace.

Calling all Men of our Parish!! Holy Name Society Mens Club is hosting a "Monday Night Bears Game" on October 22, 2012 at 7:30 PM in Fr. Sivore Hall. Enjoy a night of "Bears Football" conversation, food and refreshments!

Please pray for

We ask you to please keep in your prayers the following parishioners who are on active duty in the military:

Joanna Kowalczyk & Krystian Marek Violetta Malacha & Tomasz Bendyk Elizabeth Dabrowski & Davide Risiglioni Jessica Finocchio & Nick McDonough
Parish Contributions October 6th & 7th, 2012
Envelopes Childrens envelopes Electronic Fund (weekly) Electronic Fund (monthly) Total 758 21 65 115 $ 14,421 128 1,163 7,296 23,008

Bogumila Bielanska, Sgt.; LCPL Matthew Gill; Josh McManus, USMC; Stephan Staniulis, USMC, Gunnery Sergeant; LCPL Robert Stasiak; Don Tabron, CWO 5, US Army; George T. Burke, Staff Sergeant, USMC, Iraq; LCPL Cassie Leja, USMC, Iraq; Matthew Waugh, USMC, LCPL, Afghanistan; Capt. Catherine R. Chappell, Pilot HC130, U.S. Air Force; Frank Romanowski, Army Combat Medic; Mark Zajac, U. S. Navy; Keith Zajac, U.S. Navy; LCPL David Ehle, USMC; Jason Hoster, Sergeant National Guard, Kuwait.

758 envelopes plus monthly and weekly EFT donations represent 38% of our parishioners. Your donations help meet our immediate needs, repairs and improvements. We sincerely appreciate your generosity.
Currently, Electronic Fund Transfers are being used by 64 families on a weekly basis and 115 families on a monthly basis. For October 2012, monthly electronic donations amounted to $7,296

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SS. Cyril & Methodius Parish United in Faith

October 14, 2012

Liturgical Ministers Weekend Schedule

October 20th & 21st 5:30 PM English Mass 7:00 AM English Mass 8:30 AM Polish Mass 10:30 AM English Mass 12:00 Noon English Mass 1:30 PM Polish Mass 5:00 PM St. Patrick Celebrant
Fr. Lisowski

J. Kowalewski C. Kowalewski

Eucharistic Ministers Host Cup

P. DiBartelo M. Zajac E. Bentley R. Platon M. Rudis P. Gozder S. Kadelak T. Kadelak T. Karpiesiuk L. Dastych M. Krupa R. Niemiec F. Romanowski C. Kickles K. Batistich M. Dapkus K. Hejna K. Wolniakowski S. Stoffels J. Doyle C. Ptacek P. Rusnak K. Lewandowski Deacon Lesnieski Deacon Lesnieski J. Koziol H. Nowak Y. Sullivan L. Harbison K & M. ODonnell J. Bronner S. Nosal G. Galassi S. Galassi N. Batistich K. Hejna B. Rajca

Altar Servers
Claudia S. Grace C. Ryan L. Keegan J. Caroline A. Joe P. Peter S. Michael S. Paul S. Sydney B. McKenna H. Michael B.. Luke D. Frank G. Nick G. Jacob K. Michal C. Piotr C.

Fr. Szczypula

K. Shannon K. Purvin M. Bogun K. Zagraniczny

Fr. Szczypula

Fr. Lucas

K. Juarez B. Perisin

Fr. Lucas

M. Szaflarski M. DeBiase

Fr. Szczypula

M. Sniezko M. Predki

Fr. Lisowski