Jeni Eunice Ramos 1E He Was a Stranger I have never thought about faith and love in the same page

. I have trust issues ever since high school. The thing is, I’ve only thought that faith could be applied to religion because people have faith in God for even though they cannot see Him, feel Him nor hear Him, but still, they believe. During the lecture, I found out that I, indeed, experienced giving faith to someone, more so, to a stranger. Giving faith to a friend for me is a real tough task. For someone who has been betrayed over and over again, I felt that I can never look at someone and feel the innocence as much as to have faith in them. It was then I asked, “Saan po ba dito ang Nicanor Street?” “Ay nako hija malayo yun. Halika isakay kita.”

Without any hesitations, without any questions, I went with him. I didn’t know what came over me and I had faith in this man the moment I saw him. Looking back, it was indeed questionable because we passed through the back side of a building, and it was full of men and was very dark. Inside the building, there were no people for the building was still closed. I just stared I still remember it like it was yesterday. I at his back while following him. He never touched was on my way to my French class in Alliance me, he never looked me in the eye, and all he did Francaise Du Manille in Makati. It was my first day was smile and gave me that warm feeling. and I can’t figure out how to go there, so I basically trusted my directionally-impaired senses. I rode a “Pasensya na dinaan kita doon. Shortcut jeepney going to Buendia MRT. I knew it will pass kasi, kanina ka pa naglalakad. Sakay ka na sa kahit through the street where I needed to go, I just anong jeep na dadaan pa bel-air. Baba ka ng don’t know when. So I reached MRT and then and Mapua, Nicanor na yon.” He said while scratching there, I knew I was lost. This, unfortunately, his bald head. happens to me a lot. Whenever I get lost, I meet a lot of interesting people, actually. I said thank you and he bid me farewell. He was really nice. His presence felt so comforting I went for a walk trying to look for clues as that when I was beginning to lose hope, I found to my whereabouts. I walked along Jupiter Street someone who cared. I was overwhelmed by his filled with strangers who could do me harm, kindness, he didn’t even ask anything in return, wearing a very cute outfit, with no umbrella under even though I consumed his time. the scorching heat. I was feeling hopeless but I kept my straight face on, as if nothing is wrong as I I felt he was a savior. At that moment, I was walking down the street. There were no cannot explain why it felt so comfortable to be policemen as much as security guards. I was feeling with that man even though I don’t know him. I very panicky. didn’t even get his name. He was a father-like figure and I usually don’t talk to strangers. It was at Then I came across this old man. He was that moment when I realized that I had faith in about 50 years old or so. He was also walking the him. There were no words that could describe it, same direction and when I kind of passed him, he no words to explain it. It was just felt from the called me. heart. I came to class late, but I did manage to go there safely. It was as if someone was guiding me. “Hija, san lakad mo?” And my directionally-impaired senses improved that time.

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