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Zeta Psi Iota Alpha Newsletter

Fall 2012, Vol. 1

Alpha Sigma Report

Ben Sherman
We hope youve noticed that weve stepped up our efforts to involve you in the active chapter. Our first poker night of the semester (pictured above) was a lot of fun we had two tables going, including one donated to the house that day by alumnus Mike Kline. All enjoyed tasty brews, porch time, and playing pool on our recently re-felted table. Both the actives and pledges really valued the opportunity to meet and hang out with our alumni. Were looking forward to even better alumni attendance next time. I worked with our new Elder Phi Jay Maguire to put together a ten-question alumni survey to help us make our database as strong as possible so that we can effectively reach out to you. Having good information will allow you to stay involved and hear from us about events and achievements. Weve gotten some great responses from Iota Alpha Zetes all across the country and the world. However, we do need more responses, so please fill it out if you havent already. As always, please contact me at or (917) 653-8098 with any advice, contact information, etc. Were all really looking forward to the Iota Alpha Re-Flagging Ceremony, Elder Zete BBQ and Tailgate on Saturday, October 20th. Please come and show support for the chapter, meet the actives, see what were doing around the house, and enjoy some BBQ. Well also hear then from Jay about his plans for further alumni involvement. The stakes are very high this year for Iota Alpha. We are very happy with the brotherhood weve built over the last five years, and that makes it essential that we keep moving forward and change what needs to be changed. As you surely remember, fraternities can take drastic turns for better or for worse within the course of one semester. A little less than half of current brothers are seniors, and we need to leave behind a strong legacy and model for success. For the longevity of our chapter, we need you. We really do. In Tau Kappa Phi, Ben Sherman

Alpha Sigma

Phi Report
Devon Diggs

To start, congratulations to Iota Alphas most recent graduates, Charles Martin, Gavin Whitlock, and Bryan Herrera. We wish them all the best in beginning their careers and future endeavors. This year looks to be one to remember for the Iota Alpha Chapter of Zeta Psi. The active brothers have come back to begin the academic year with a vigor and drive that are sure to produce major results. The brothers can sense that change is on the horizon and we have embraced it wholeheartedly as a positive force. Our Elder Phi, Jay Maguire, has spearheaded this change by setting out to rebuild the bond between the elder and active chapters. This has in all honesty taken some getting used to by the active brothers but we all know that it is for the betterment of the chapter and have come to embrace it fully. Though it is early in the semester the Iota Alpha chapter has been hard at work and has already started to see the fruits of its labor. Most notably, the chapter has passed a new Constitution and Bylaws. This new Constitution was adapted and derived from our preexisting Constitution and that of the Phi Lambda chapter at the University of Washington. I worked hard with the officers and Supreme Council, deliberating on many issues and we feel we have come up with a comprehensive document that will strengthen our chapter by providing more structure and clearer guidelines for chapter operations. If you are interested in viewing them, the New Constitution and Bylaws are available by request.

As you all know from your days as an active, rush makes the world go round. This semester we came in with the mindset of hit em hard, hit em fast. We concentrated rush into 3 weeks, preventing the loss of some quality guys to other fraternities. As a result of our efforts, we are proud to boast a great group of 11 passionate pledges that have started having pledge meetings with their pledge trainer, Brandon Taylor.
With Most Worthy Andy Nuez assuming the role of Phi Alpha, the Iota Alpha chapter now has elders in both of the most esteemed positions of our great fraternity. Congratulations to Andy on this accomplishment and thanks to Dave Hunter for his hard work and dedication to our fraternity on a National and Local scale.

With such representation in the National Chapter inspiring us, Jay Maguire and the active Officers are pushing the chapter to reach new heights. We have installed Kanish Mehta as our newly created Ritual Education Chair, who is responsible for holding meetings to teach brothers the Ritual and preparing them for the Gold Escutcheon test. We have also revamped our academics by setting an overall and semesterly minimum, strengthening the Academic Chair, creating an academic probation system, and creating an Academic Council that will enforce academic regulations. Finally, we have expanded our Philanthropy branch and kicked off our philanthropic efforts for the semester by registering people to vote. Our ultimate goal is to win a multitude of awards at the upcoming National Convention in Washington D.C. and we are making great headway in achieving this.
With Jay stepping into the Elder Phi role, the house is set to undergo a multitude of changes. Ben Sherman has set out to better our alumni outreach network in order to get our elders more involved. There are many elder events coming up and I am anticipating the chance to meet many of you. The Iota Alpha chapter is without a doubt on the rise. If I were to choose one word to describe the current state of the chapter, I would have to choose fortification. All of the efforts by the Active chapter and Jay Maguire are contributing to a common goal: the strengthening of our fraternity. The three aspects that create the Iota Alpha Chapters identity include our determined group of actives, our extensive network of elders, and most importantly the spirit that resounds through the chapter as a whole. Fortification of our chapter involves the unification of these three aspects through the goals and improvements that we have for the fall semester. In TKPhi, Devon Diggs, Phi 573-433-1730

Elder Phi Report

Jay Maguire

The 2011-12 school year has gotten off to a great, with a strong group of men in the Chapter and a respectable pledge class of eight. When I was asked to take on the role of Elder Phi, I promised that Id take immediate action to foster the success of the chapter, reverse the decline of our property and take steps to ensure that we leave 2806 Nueces in better shape than we found it. Twenty years of hard use has left the old place a bit dented and bruised, but still in solid enough condition that we can see a return to its former glory. To that end, Ive been working with contractors and a landscape architecture firm to develop a three-year plan to renovate and restore the building and grounds. While the details will be released on October 20 at our official kick-off of the capital campaign to raise the necessary funds, we plan to install a sport court and a paved seating area in the south side yard, which up till now has largely been disused (but taxed) piece of the property. The sport court will help the active Chapter attract new members necessary to produce enough revenue to maintain the property; the paved seating area will offer a better alternative for parties and hanging outreducing wear and tear on the common areas and porch. Interior renovations have included replacing damaged doors, light fixtures, etc. Bathrooms and kitchens are due for an overhaul, and the interior needs a thorough cleaning and painting. Our building is almost hopelessly energy-inefficient, having been built to breathe in the days before AC. Well schedule an energy audit soon to find out how we can properly insulate the place and take other steps to reduce utility costs. Much more to do than I have time to write, needless to say that Ill pass along further information in a few weeks, when Palo Verde Designs will give us their rendering for their ideas for the property. In addition to the amenities described above, Palo Verde will address long-standing drainage problems that threaten to undermine the piers under the house and put in cost-effective irrigation to keep the lawn and plantings alive. Were not going for luxury heremerely the standard of responsible stewardship that we once upheld. Our property value is estimated at between $800-900k, and it will not lose any further value on my watch. It is an asset, it is our brand, and it is the home of Texas Zeta Psiand shall be as long as we all take care of it. For Active brothers, this means adopting a new attitude towards responsibility for our home; for Elders, Im asking you to consider how your fraternity experience helped establish your careers and to contribute to our capital campaign when called upon later this Fall to help the next generation forward by funding much needed work.

Its been a huge honor to be given this responsibility, and great fun as well. Im looking forward to reconnecting with all of you from my days in the Chapter, and meeting those of you whom I dont know yet! Please feel free to call me at (202) 255-0593 or friend me on Facebook to discuss our project.
In Tau Kappa Phi, Jay Maguire Elder Phi

A Note from the Fall Pledge Class President

David Lara III

So far we've really enjoyed the fraternity. All of the brothers especially our big brothers have made a really good effort in making us feel welcomed to the group. We were sad because we lost a few pledges to financial issues but were confident that they will be back next semester. The pledge meetings have been going very well. Learning the Greek alphabet and the history of Zeta Psi is by far our favorite part. All in all, this pledge class is going to be a great one and we're going to become outstanding brothers once pledge ship is over. Pledges: Tanner Beuke Chet Kumar Stephen Pino Adam Marino Leo Vela Beau Roland David Lara III Pratham MohaPatra