• You probably experienced polution, it’s the smog and other contaminantes that flote in the air we breath

• In some cities around the world such as Los Angeles, Mexico City and the latest news from China, you can hear radio or TV alerts like the following... – Alert, today the levels of polution in the air are high. – Children and the elderly should not go outside, – Those who practice an outdoor sport should not do so, – People with asthma should carry their inhalers at all times, – The rest should avoid going out, or wear a mask when doing so.

• To solve this situation, a solution was created some 10 years ago.

• In 1996, the first electric cars were produce, it was the EV1 (Electric Vehicle 1), these were made in the USA by General Motors and started to ride the roads of California.

• These were fast cars, reaching 0 to 65mph in less than 9 seconds!

• They were silent!

• They did not produce any type of polution, they didn’t even had a tail pipe.

• They could easily recharge at home from your 110v or at the mall, you even had preferred parking if you had one of these.

• Ten years later these cars from the future disappeared. • ¿How was this possible? Why did it happen? • In the first place you could not buy these cars you could only lease them and when the lease was finnished you did not have the option to buy them. • General Motors took back all the EV1, in spite of the oposition of its users. On the T shirt you can read: Save the EV1, and later…



• In 1997, Nissan presented the electric model Hypermini in a Tokyo show. • The city of Pasadena (California USA ) • purchased these vehicles for some of their city employees. It was well accepted for its easy parking ability and moved well around the city.

• In the year 2006, the lease expired and the city of Pasadena needed to return the cars to Nissan. • The city tried to purchase the cars from Nissan, but Nissan refused the offer. • Nissan recovered all the cars to later...


• In 2003, Toyota decided to halt the production of the RAV4-EV. (EV – Eléctric Vehicle) • This electric 4x4 was a high quality vehicle and was well accepted by its users. • In 2005, all the lease contracts expired.

• Toyota inmediatly recovered all the leased vehicles to later...


• But then some US citizens got organized: • They created the “DontCrush” association to try to save the RAV4‑EV. • This association presured Toyota during 3 months. • Finally VICTORY! Toyota authorized those who has leased the RAV4-EV vehicles to buy them. .

• While electric vehicles are destroyed, those of gasoline are well protected as we can see in the following: • In June of 2001, Jeffrey Luers, 23 years old, an american activist for the defense of nature, had a sad experience. • He was arrested and put in jail with a sentence of 22 years and 8 months for destroying 3 Hummer’s (american cars that consume a lot of gasoline). • He wanted to espress himself this way to make people realize the danger that these monsters represent to our planet.

The lobbiest of the oil companies don’t want our electric vehicles to survive...
...they want to keep up the oil rage in the middle east, all to protect the oil companies and will continue to kill and destroy anything that get in their way, including us with their poluting vehicles killing all the people in our planet!!!

• Do you know the snow ball effect? • Send this to 10 of your friends and have them send it to ten of theirs, that way you will help spread the news around the world. • Accion - 1: If you find this information helpful, then forward it to someone you know! • Accion - 2: The next vehicle you purchase make it an electric or at least a hybride, demand the dealer for it. • From now on there will be millions of people who will ask the question: Why are these electric cars made and then destroyed ? • Do you want to breath fresh air? Then do your part and forward the accion! The Lobbeiest are not almighty as they seam to be.

SPREAD THE WORD !!! LET YOUR FRIENDS KNOW!!! MAKE OTHERS AWARE !!! • Together we can fight for our rights to breath clean air!.


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