Length Diameter Surface area over length (cm2) Surface area over length (m2) The above surface area

neglects the end closures of the cylinder.Why? Room Temperature Ecat Surface Temperature Stefan-Boltzmann T(°K)4

33 8.6 891.583995 0.0891584

cm cm cm2 m2

Formulae & Symbols l d π (d)(l) A

25 °C 1050 °C

Tr Te


(Te-Tr+273.15)4 ℇ Assuming the surface is an ideal radiator. A better figure might be something between 0.7 and 0.9? Rossi does not state explicitly what the emissivity of his special paint is at 1050°C.

Surface emissivity of ecat Stefan-Boltzmann constant Radiation energy from ecat Radiation energy from ecat Stabilized Running time Total Actual Radiated Energy Radiated Energy Reduced by 30% Actual COP Reduced COP

1 5.67E-08 W/m2°K4 14,356.376 W 14.3563763 328 4,708.8914 3,296.224 kW h kWh kWh


16.9141215 11.8398851