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Basic Islam Q1- Who are you? A) I am a Muslim Q) Who is a Muslim?

A) A Muslim is one who believes in one Allah and believes that Muhammad (pbuh) is our Prophet and that there will be no Prophet after him and that Allah revealed Quran, the last Holy book, to Muhammad (pbuh) Q) What is the name of your religion? A) Islam Q) What is the message of Islam? A) The message of Islam is the first kalmia (kalmia tayyabah)

There is none worthy of worship except Allah and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah

Q) What are five pillars of Islam? A) The five pillars of Islam are the five fundamental rituals which a Muslim observes: 1) Tawheed and Shahada (to believe that Allah is the one and the only one Lord and Muhammad is HIS messenger) 2) Namaz or Salat (pray namaz) 3) Roza or Saum (Fasting during the month of Ramadan) 4) Zakat (to give charity to poor Muslims) 5) Hajj (the pilgrimage to Holly Mecca and Madina) Q) Who is Allah? A) Allah is our lord; HE is the one and the only one. HE is the creator of everything, the universe, skies, planets, stars, people, angels, heaven and hell and all. HE is the Judge on the Judgment day.

Q) What do you call someone who does not believe in Allah or associate someone equal or partner with Allah? A) We call them Mushrik (to associate partners) and Kafir (infidel, worshipping other objects) Q) Will Kafirs and Mushriks go to heaven? A) Never, they will remain in hell for eternity

Q) Do we believe in Prophets sent by Allah before Muhammad (pbuh)? A) Allah sent hundreds of thousands of messengers like Moses and Jesus prior to Muhammad (pbuh), we respect and recognize all of them but as Muslims, only follow teachings of our Prophet who is the last messenger of Allah

Q) Will there be any Prophet or messenger after Muhammad (pbuh)? A) No, Muhammad (pbuh) is the last and the dearest to Allah. Allah has stated in the 33rd Surat of Quran,

Muhammad is not the father of (any) one of your men, but (he is) the Messenger of Allah and the last of the prophets

Q) What if someone refuses to accept Muhammad (pbuh) as the last Messenger/Prophet? A) That person is not a Muslim, he or she may act like a Muslim but in fact they are not. Holy Quran clearly declares Muhammad (pbuh) as the last Prophet (read the above Surat)

Q) What is the Holy Quran? A) The Holy Quran is the last book of Allah revealed to our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) so that mankind is shown the right path

Q) How do we know that the Holy Quran is from Allah? A) The knowledge and wisdom it has could never be imagined by any human being. If the Holy Quran had been written by a human being then it would have been easy to create another book like it, the fact that there is none like it is the proof itself

Q) Was the Holy Quran revealed all at once or in parts? A) It was revealed bit by bit according to the need of the people. The entire Quran was revelaed in 23 years

Q) How was the Holy Quran revealed? A) Allah revealed Holy Quran to Muhammad (pbuh) through Angel Jibraeel (Gabriel) Alaiyhissallaam, who is the leader of all Angels. As per Allahs orders, Jibraeel Alaiyhissallaam recited the Surats and our Prophet (pbuh) memorized them. Later the Prophet (pbuh) taught these Surats to other Muslims who wrote them down and also memorized them

Q) What is preached in Holy Quran? A) Allah described the complete way of life, provide guidance and the true path for the mankind

Q) Why are humans created? A) Humans are created to worship Allah.

Q) How do Muslims worship Allah? A) By observing the five fundamental rituals (pillars of Islam)