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Mathematical Olympiads are the competitions conducted by different organizations to identify, encourage, promote and nurture the talent in Mathematics at Regional, National an International levels. d

We have completed one and a half decade of quality educational services in Pakistan since 1995. PAKTURK International Schools and College s started conducting Inter Schools Mathematical Olympiad (ISMO) for students studying in Private as well as Government Schools across Pakistan in 2005. This competition is conducted at different centers located in different parts of the country including Federal and Provincial capitals and a couple of cities from interior Sind and Punjab . Attractive Cash Prizes in addition to Shields and Certificates are awarded to the qualifying candidates. Winner Schools and their principals are also awarded commemorative shields and Me rit Certificate.


The role of Mathematics cannot be denied in the age of rapid technological advancements and innovations. The broad objectives of conducting mathematical Olympiad include: Promoting interest and excellence in Mathematics Encourage Mathematics talent Providing an opportunity Mathematical problems. Encouraging talented students to pursue careers in the fields related to Mathematics. for young and talented students to solve challenging


PAKTURK will appoint invigilators as per ISMO examination norms. After exams, the particulars of the position holder students will be verified. Prizes will be distributed to the students after the verification of their data. Decision of the ISMO Organizing board will be final and will not be challengeable in any court of law.

7th PAKTURK Mathematics Olympiad 2012 will be held on Sunday, 29th January 2012 at all the branches of PAKTURK Schools Islamabad simultaneously. The examination will be conducted in two sessions starting at 10.00 a.m. and at 12:30 p.m. Reporting time will be 60 minutes before the start of test. The duration of the examination will be 75 minutes.

The registration slip will contain the information about time and venue. The seating plan can be checked through our website on 28th January 2012. The question papers will be set by a panel of experienced Mathematics teachers. The question booklets will be handed back to the invigilators after the allotted time. The question booklets will be made available on PAKTURK Islamabad Website along with answer key on 30th January at 7.00 p.m. Prize distribution ceremony will be conducted at 02:30 PM on 18 February 2012.

The modes of registration are following; 1. You can submit the registration form by hand or by post alo ng with the participation fee in cash / postal order / bank draft or on line transfer. 2. You can fill the registration form online while sending the participation fee through postal order or bank draft/ bank draft or on line transfer. 3. You can also fill the r egistration form online after depositing the participation fee in the bank and you may fill the particulars in the form. You will be issued the registration number on the PAKTURK website. In this case you dont need to send anything by hand or through post. 4. You may also bring photographs and the participation fee to any branch of PAKTURK International Schools and Colleges.

6. For on line Registration please visit

a) b) c) d) e) You can get the account number by visiting our web site You can deposit Rs: 300/- per candidate in the account number. Again you can visit the website, open the Registration Form. Fill the Form, enter the bank Chalan Number and send. You will receive a reply mail with your Registration Slip.

The question paper for class 8 will be in English whereas the question paper for class 5, class 6 and class 7 will be available both in English and Urdu. The candidates may choose any of the two mediums.


All the questions will be Multiple Choice Questions. There will be 50 questions in all and 75 minutes will be the maximum time limit. The areas of Mathematics as syllabus for this competition are: For Class 5: Natural Numbers, Common Fractions, Unitary Method, Average, Geometry, Information Handling For Class 6: Fractions, ratio and proportion, geometry, information handling integers, percentage, average, algebra,

For Class 7: Sets, operations on directed numbers, rational numbers, square roots, percentage, ratio and proportion, algebra, geometry, information handling For Class 8: Sets, rational Numbers, Number System with Base2 and 5, Pro portion, Square Roots, Percentage, Algebra, Geometry, Information Handling. The question paper will also consist of few questions of non-routine nature.


Any student studyin g in class 5, class 6, class 7 or class 8 can participate in the competition. Separate papers will be set for all categories i.e. for Class 5 to class 8. Following is the upper age limits for different classes. Class 5 6 7 8 Upper Age Limit 12 13 14 15

PAKTURK International School and Colleges Islamabad is offering attractive prizes for the position holders as well as for the runner-ups. The details of the cash prizes are as follows;

Class 5 1st Prize 2nd Prize 3rd Prize 7 Prizes 10 Prizes

30,000 20,000 10,000 2,000 1,000

Class 6
30,000 20,000 10,000 2,000 1,000

30,000 20,000 10,000 2,000 1,000

Class 8
30,000 20,000 10,000 2,000 1,000


Participating institutions will be highly appreciated for encouraging their students to chip in the Olympiad without short listing. This Olympiad is meant to promote problem solving skills among students and to provide them an opportunity to compete at an internation al standard competition. All particulars in the registration form and students registration sheet must be filled as illustrated below. Any contradiction can result into delay in registration or prone to be rejected. Please fill all the columns with Black/Blue permanent ink in CAPITAL letters only. Photographs of students participating in the Olympiad should be a ffixed on the form with glue and the size of the photograph should be 1 x 1. The name and class of each student should be mentioned on the back side of the photographs. A separate Registration Form may be used for each class. Use separate sheets for different Classes. Photocopy of the form is also acceptable. There is no maximum limit of the number of participants; Schools may register as many students as they want. After initial registration, the institutions cannot request any change in registration such as addition / replacement or cancellation of the students. The last date of receiving registrations is January 21st, 2012 and the Olympiad will b e held on January 29 th, 2012. The participation fee is Rs.300 per participant, which can be paid through Postal orders, Bank draft / Pay order drawn in favor of ISMO, ISLAMABAD. Registration fee paid in the form of Cross cheque and cash etc. will also be accepted.

Registration fee can also be paid online. The registration fee once paid is non refundable and non transferable. The Head of Institution will forward the names of students to the organizers. The information about the candidates including name, fa thers name, date of birth, school address, classes should be sent to the organizers along with the fee before the last date. The Registration Form should have complete information about the students. The Registration Form should also carry the latest pho tograph of the candidate duly attested by the Principal. Title Bank Account No Inter School Mathematics Olympiad Askari Commercial Bank 00750101009939

The registration forms duly completed may be sent at following postal address:

PAKTURK Internatio nal schools and Colleges Boys Branch Plot # 3, Park Road Chak Shahzad, Islamabad Tel. 051 -2615781-2, Fax. 051-2615783, Cell. 0321-2615781 PAKTURK International Schools and Colleges Girls Branch 625, Sawan Road G-10/2 Islamabad. Tel. 051-2298671, Fax. 051-2298672 PAKTURK International Junior Section 605 St # 29 G -10/2 Islamabad Tel 051-2293256, Fax. 051-2104621


Class wise detail of the registered students: CLASS NO. OF STUDENTS (in Figures) BOYS 05 06 07 08 FIVE SIX SEVEN EIGHT GIRLS TOTAL