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October 13, 2012 ADVISOR NAME Company Name Address City, ST, Zip Dear ADVISOR FIRST NAME:

Thank you for accepting a seat on the COMPANY. Board of Advisors. We have actively recruited the highest quality of accomplished entrepreneurial talent for our Advisory Board--people we admire and respect. These minimum commonalties will ensure that we are surrounding our team with intelligent, experienced, expert and diverse input for the myriad of challenges ahead of us. We understand that your personal time bandwidth is limited, so we appreciate that you do not take lightly the decision to participate at this level. It is important that our advisory board be active and engaged. Your acceptance of the Board Seat is a contract to your commitment. In other words, your contributions must be in time and brain cycles and not just in name. We will do everything in our power to limit the overhead of our interactions while maximizing the leverage of your involvement with our team. We have put together a compensatory package in consideration of your service, with the following terms: Expectations: Email availability within 48 hours; at least an hour of availability per month, scheduled plan review & input 3-4 times a year; comments on monthly updates; facilitate contact with VCs, Angels, Strategic Partners, potential hires, other parties. Advisor Shares: You are hereby granted XX options to purchase shares in COMPANY at $XX.XX per share, vesting monthly over a one year period. (Another advisor contract reads: XXXXXXX Share/Options per year at rate of last funding or average price of stock for previous 30 days when public, awarded at the beginning of each year term.) First grant will be made upon execution of the attached Board of Advisors Agreement. Thank you once again for your commitment. We look forward to working with you. Regards, Executive Title