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October 2012 Matters


Maungaturoto Matters
Circulated to 850 homes and businesses in the Maungaturoto area
MAUNGATUROTO An appealing place to live, work and visit, which has heart, purpose and prosperity

work in town: p.3

Editors note

Residents Association Update

The last report for Mum

Arty Farties

Christmas Parade 2012

Scouts need help

RSA Presidents report



Rotary Presidents Scholarship

Linking Ha nds


NorthAble launches new service


Otamatea Hig h School


South Zone final of Rotary speech contest


Maungaturoto Gardening Club


Books of the month


Pioneering life with the kauri tree


Down to earth by Rae Roadley


Maungaturoto Country Club


Farmers urged to join the challenge




Paparoa tennis


Squash news


Comment is free




Whats on


Opening of Aviation
Academy: p.13

Calf-rearing scheme
calls for support: p.21

153 Hurndall St Maungaturoto

Phone (09) 4318059
fax (09) 4318359

2012 Bus Trips to Whangarei

Tuesday 16th October Tuesday 20th November Tuesday 18th December
Leave 9.00am and return approx. 3.30 4.00pm as required
Contact us for enquiries

Maungaturoto Matters

Page 2

Maungaturoto Matters.
Issue 129, October 2012

Editors Note

Maungaturoto Matters is a free monthly publication,

produced for the community b y the Maungaturoto Residents Association.
Editor: David Briggs;
Editorial Assistant: Gail Barnett
Editorial Board: Daniel Alcock; Terri Donaldson; Alison
Printed by Paparoa Press, High Street, Paparoa
Contributions and feedback from members of the Community are actively encouraged.
Note : the Editor reserves full right to abridge or
amend copy for editorial purposes.
Read the Maungaturoto Matters online at:
Enquiries ; Email:
Phone 09 431 8401
Contributions & Advertising: By email to:; or drop in the RED
BOX at the Lotto Shop at 147, Hurndall Street, Maungaturoto
Charges for advertising: There is no charge for announcements for charities, community groups or community events. Commercial rates are listed below.
Classified adverts are charged at 5c/letter or character.
Invoices and statements for adverts will be issued
Payments: By cheque to: Maungaturoto Residents
Association, P.O. Bo x 113, Maungaturoto
By credit transfer to: Maungaturoto Matters; a/c no 06
0365 0008021 00, National Bank, Whangarei
Please include your business name; for annual payments, state clearly ANNUAL in the details.
For queries about payments, contact Guy Smith: 09 431

Commercial advertising rates ($ per month)



Prepaid Annual

Full page
















(including amendments to ads)

15th October 2012




Please send all copy to Th e Editor at

Hopefully even the less observant of readers will

have noticed that something has changed again
with the Matters this month.
Weve abandoned our old duplicator and moved
into the 21st centur y. Weve been able to do so
because Progressive Paparoa, which clearly lives
up to its name, has taken the decision to lease a
digital press. As well as using it to produce their
own mo nthly newsletter, they are planning to
take on outside wor k. As a community organisation, theyve offered us favourable terms, and by
joining with them like this weve been able to
ensure that they can offer a viable service. With
luck it will also cement closer co-operation between the two communities. In return we not
only get our printing done for us (thus saving
the poor editor a day every month in front of the
duplicating machine), but also get a far superior
quality of print. This will allow us to make the
Matters much more visual (youll see the improvement especially in the photographs), and
to offer a better service to advertisers.
As I write this, of course, I havent seen the final
product. Inevitably, no t everything will be perfect first-time round. We have to get all the settings on the press just right, and I have to experiment with different fonts and layouts to get the
best possible result. So bear with us as we make
the adjustments, and feel free to make suggestions if there are things that yo u dont like.
One thing you will notice is that the edition is
slimmer 28 pages instead of 36 or 40 as in the
past. This is largely to keep the costs down. But
its also because the better print quality allows us
to make everything a bit more compact. To
achieve this size, thoug h, Ive had to sacrifice one
or two things, including the Community Directory that used to be on the back page. But dont
worry: well print an update ever y few mo nths
when it comes, remember to keep it and stick it
on the fridge or by the phone!
Because of the size limit, I have to be even more
rigorous in selecting wha t we publish, and in
editing out any hint of excess in the contrib utions we get. This month, therefore, one or two
pieces got either binned or heavily trimmed. My
apologies to the contributors. The schedule for
printing is also no longer quite so discretionary.
So all advertisers and contributors take note: if
you want to be included, make sure that you
submit ma terials by the stated deadlines.

Cheers, David

Maungaturoto Matters

Page 3

Working Bee Saturday 6th October, Hurndall Street (outside St John).

Come and join us and make your contribution to the beautification project.

Residents Association Update

The huge effort at the working bee on 15th

and 16th September brought the beautifica tion project right into the centre of town, with work started
on replanting the areas in front of Dreams and the
butchers, and around St John. Thanks to those who
helped, and a massive thanks to those businesses
who have supported us by providing free food and
great coffee. Another working bee is planned for 6th
October. Dont forget tha t the aim of project is not
just to ma ke the place look good for the 150th Celebrations but to improve the town for all of us and
to attract more people to stop in Maungaturoto
and spend more money in our local businesses.

or deposit money directly into our account 06

0365 0008021 00 (put Beautifica tion and yo ur
name as a reference).

ow you can help.,

.. and you certainly can, because we still

need all the assistance we can get and
wed like to see everybody involved in some
way. There are jobs for people of all ages and abilities as the picture to the right shows! And if digging and heaving and planting arent your thing,
remember that we can always make use of plants
and offers to loan equipment. Give Richard a call
on 4318 383 or 027 431 8382 to volunteer or find
out more.
In additio n, of course, we need money to buy the
things we cant do ourselves, or obtain from local
donations. To donate, either:

project (and stating if you need a receipt);

eautification is happening in town!

send a cheque to Maungaturoto Residents

Association, PO Box 113, Maungaturoto, including a note saying its for the Beautificatio n

Maungaturoto Primary School PTA

n the agenda...

The Beautifica tion project isnt the

Residents Associations only scheme or
concern. Amo ngst other things on the agenda at
present are the Xmas Parade (see page 5), the 150th
Celebrations and future plans for the Centennial
Hall (see news on page 27). Our meetings are open
to everyone in Maungaturoto, and we need yo ur
input and feedback to help us serve the community
effectively. So do come along.
The next meeting is on Wednesday 3rd October at
7.30 pm at Maungaturoto Centennial Hall. For further informa tion, contact the Associatio n Secretary
Nyree Alcock on 09 431 8462.

Frances Wikitoria
Manukau Tahitahi


Saturday 10th November 2012

W.H.A.O.P.H Manbgai, Ae

Start / Finish line Country Club

Manukau, Tahitahi and Christal

Mark this date in your calendar and support

the school.
Watch out for more information in the next
Matters and the School

would like to thank all the family and friends

who helped, assisted and donated towards a
great farewell for my mother, Frances Wikitoria
Manukau Tahitahi.
No words can express how thankful I am to you
all for making it run so smoothly with all your
love and support.
My cousins, aunts, uncle, fianc and I will be
forever grateful.

Maungaturoto Matters

Page 4


Maungaturoto Mangawhai
Meeting the needs of the community

Maungaturoto Primary School

In collaboration with:

Alexander Scrap Metals

2 Blakey Road, (Corner State Highway 12)

Scrap metal wanted to help fund

the Year 5 and 6 School Camp in
Rotorua 2013
Linking Hands

To contribute,
contribute, simply
simply collect
collect any
unused scrap
scrap metal
metal that
that you
you have
on your property, and deliver itit to
Alexander Scrap Metals.

Maungaturoto Phone/fax 09 4318969

Mangawhai 09 4314121
Ruakaka 09 4328985

Call 09 431 9049 for information

Head office:

MONDAY TO FRIDAY, 10am to 4pm
Closed public holidays

Maungaturoto Playcentre

Otamatea Christian School PTA


Mondays and Fridays 9.15am 12.15pm

Term cost is $20 for 1 child over 2 yrs or
$25 for 2 or more children over 2 yrs under 2s are free.

Chicken Manure For Sale

Your first three visits are free!

$5/bag, $35/trailer (+$10 delivery)

Mark 431 8487


Phone: 09 431 8517

Hurndall Street, Maungaturoto


2 Nova Scotia Drive Waipu
Phone: 09 432 1190


Improve your own health and

the health of those around

Protect yourself, your family and your community

30g per week = $1664 per year
50g per week = $2756 per year
Tailor made
10 per day = $2639 per year
20 per day = $5278 per year
Inexpensive options available to
assist you with smoking cessation.
Make an appointment today.

Vaccines are free to;

- those aged 65 years or over
- those with long term health conditions
- pregnant women
Call today and make your appointment.


More than 5 yrs since your last smear = FREE
Over 30 yrs and never had a smear = FREE
High risk Ethnicity groups = FREE
Dont delay book with our nurses today.

Maungaturoto Matters

Page 5

Arty Farties Inc

Community Connexions
North Tech Horticulture - Agric ulture Community Gardens - Food Bank Fundraiser

wo students from North Tech Sustainable Rural Development (the youngest and the oldest)
put their heads together and came up with a project
for a roadside stall. Not just any roadside stall, but a
Foodbank Fundraiser Stall. And, (with the help of
our Dad and husband) we started the ball rolling.
The mo ney raised buys in-season spray-free fr uit
and vegetables for our Food Banks in Maungaturoto
and Paparoa, servicing the Kaipara. Eggs are donated on a regular basis, and now, thanks to the
Horticulture people, we are starting to see some
fresh vegetables and the garden is still growing.
To our supporters (you know who yo u are) thanks
from Arty Farties Inc, The Food Banks, The Ha tcher y,
The Orchards and our friends.
Cheers from the Team! ~ Anne Shanks


hristmas Parade is only a few months away

and fast approaching, so organising for the
big day is underway.
As previously stated, we are moving the Christmas
parade back to the Primary School after a long absence. We are hoping to create a fun and family
friendly atmosphere with heaps of games and activities for all.
The parade will be the beginning of our Christmas
build up in Maungaturoto. Moving the parade date
closer to Christmas gives all groups and businesses
the cha nce to jump on the Christmas float, so to
speak, and make Maungaturoto special with shop
decorations, a Santas grotto, the Xmas tree display
and shop specials.
To make this happen we need the support of everyone!!!!!! (Yes, that includes you!) If you ca n give a
bit of time, you ca n make a huge difference. We
need floats, stall holders, marshals, organisers, entertainment and general helpers. If you can help in
any way at all, please give me a call and register
your interest.
There will be a more detailed report on all activities
in the November issue of the Matters.

Come and hear about:

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

a faith that teaches unity of religions

Terri Donalds on

equality of men and women, science

and religion
To join us, or find out more, contact:

09 431 8599 or

Ginny 09 431 8488 or Jayne 09 9469 866

Help our communitys youth grow into

thriving young adults..
Wanted: Scout Leader! Do you


Have patience


Some free time

A good sense of humour


Enjoy working with young people


Have a lively attitude

Enjoy the outdoors

Like learning new things



Followed by morning tea
Contact Elaine 09 431 8317
Or Ruth 09 4318491

supported by
Maungaturoto Congregational Church
($2 donation per family please)

We are Maungaturoto Scouts aged between 10 and

15 years old and we need a new Scout Leader to help
us explore the outdoors, go camping and do various
badges. In the past year we have enjoyed camping,
cooking outside on fires, air-rifle shooting, archery and
visiting the fire station. We organise lots of our own
activities but need a sensible adult to make sure we
stay alive! Can you help us improve our outdoor, social and leadership skills?
No experience is needed and free training is given.
Phone Eileen on 09 431 8055 or Alison on 09 431
8860 if you want to know more.

Maungaturoto Matters

Page 6

For any further enquiries, contact Shaun on:
Cell: 021 222 0272
Home: 09 4318339

Registered Drainlayers

Maungaturoto Matters

Page 7


reetings everyone

First, a big thank yo u to Noel Smith. Noel has

been secretary of the RSA for two years, and over
that time has worked tirelessly on behalf of the RSA.
By the time you read this, the new committee will
have been decided at the AGM on the 30th September, so good luck to the new committee over the
course of the next year.
We continue to improve the presentation of the
club building and rooms. The RNZN Museum has
donated an 1894 gun and, after some minor repair
work and protective painting, an appropriate place
for displaying the gun will be found. Along with the
gun, the RNZN also donated other rare and special
items, and these will be on display in a cabinet for
all to see.
If you ha vent popped in for a while, wed love to
see you.
Regards, Terry McCook, President

Opening hours

10 am - 1 pm
10 am - 3 pm
11 am - 3 pm

Donations of good quality items for

resale are always welcome.
Thank you for your support
Retirement Units
For Sale and Rent
The Community Trust advises that vacancies
occur from time to time in the 2BR OYO
units and 1BR rentals, in Riverview Place,
If you, or anyone in your family, are interested in
this retirement option, please contact:

Rest Home Manager Ph. 431 8696.

A name on our waiting list will ensure you are
advised of vacancies.

Recent events/activities

e are nearing the end of another term which

has been filled with a wide range of things.
On Fathers Day there were activities and we made
gifts which we hoped all the fathers loved. We
played sandpit volcanoes, had bike day, tried making maori fried bread very nice indeed. We also
had an ice day which was heaps of fun for it involved smashing up large blocks of paint and toyfilled ice on the co ncrete who wo uldnt love that!

Coming Soon
Car and Bike Show

We would like to wis h happy 5th birthday to Brooke

we wish you well for school.

Got a car, bike or truck that is considered collectable, unique or just plain interesting?

We would love to ha ve new children and parents

join in the fun, so do come and see what Playcentre
is all about.

Bring it along and share it with like-minded

(Entry free for vehicle and driver.)

Upcoming events
Saturday 13th October: Our Old Fashioned Sweet
Stall will be there again on the Settlers Day, at the
Matakohe Kauri Musuem.
Friday 26th October: Well be running a Coffee and
Cupcake stall at Maungaturoto Primary Schools Pet
Remember also that we appreciate any empty
printer toner cartridges for recycling. You can drop
them off at Playcentre during our session times, or
at 100% Fergus Appliances.

Just interested in motor vehicles?

Come along and check out your local motor

Otamatea Christian School grounds
For further information and to register your
vehicle, go to
or contact Allan (09) 431-8858

Maungaturoto Matters

Page 8

New Showroom at 32 Hurndall Street Maungaturoto

Commercial and Domestic
Mobile service available by appointment
Free measure and quote service
Colour consultation available in showroom
Owner operators: Christine Barrott and Howard Lee
Tel: 09 946 9886 or 021 515 415

09 431 8711
Phone orders welcome

Tuesday-Thursday: 11.00am - 8.00pm

Friday & Saturday: 11.00am - 8.30pm
Sunday: 11.00am - 7.30pm

Also open Labour Weekend Monday

On Saturday 6th October
well be running a fundraiser for Mangawhai Army
Cadet Unit, to help with the rebuild of their new
home at the old Hakaru Bowling Club.
From 11am 2pm (or as long as stocks last) well be
selling Soft-serve ice creams for a gold coin donation.
Drop in and get one and help what is currently New
Zealands top-rated cadet unit.


If its concrete, we do it
Full preparation and pour by
experienced local team
Subfloors Sheds Driveways
Patios Cowpads
Also retainer walls and fences

1.6 Ton Digger Available &

Light Truck

Phil Keen Contractors

027 659 2376
Allan Swindlehurst
Your Local
Livestock Agent

Mobile: 027 493 2844

After hours: 09 431 7081
Phone: 0800 777 197
Email: ajswindlehu
211 Market Street South
PO Box 721, Hastings 4156

Maungaturoto Matters

Page 9





would like to take this opportunity to thank all

the people who made our Charity Fashion Show
on 27th September possible. First and foremost,
Carol Hunter of Uniquely You whose idea it was,
and then for inspiring the rest of us; next the tea m
from Polwarth Design it was lovely to see your
beautiful garments on display.
The generosity of this community never fails to
amaze me and it did so once again, with the many
articles donated for the silent auction. We thank
all those who came along and got involved with
the auction: yo u helped make it a great evening.
Then there were the Lions, who provided the cat
walk: what a big job it was to set it up. Witho ut it
the show would have really lost something. Thank
you guys - we think yo ure just great.
An abundance of food was donated, and thanks
are owed to those who provided it and to all
whose hard work both before and after the show
made it the success it was. It was a case of many
hands make light work.
Finally, heartfelt thanks to every contributor, from
the Board and Staff of Homebuilders.
Denise Meiklejohn


he Maungaturoto and Districts Rotary Club is

again offering a $1000 Scholarship. President,
Keith Shadbolt said that one of the purposes of Rotary is actively to encourage youth and that this was
another way that Rotary could help young people in
the area.
Current students living within the area served by The
Maungaturoto and District Rotary Club (Mangawhai,
Kaiwaka, Maungaturoto and Paparoa) have the opportunity to apply for a $1000, known as the
Presidents Schol arship. This will assist students to
further their education and will cover the usual providers of tertiary educati on i.e. university, polytechnic, as well as any recognized course of education.
The areas of consideration when awarding the Presidents Schol arshi p Award coul d be involvement in
community work, sport, arts or academic achievement. Applications are available at School Offices or
The Maungaturoto Districts Rotary Club, P O Box 65,

provides a 24 hour

021 886 434

A free counsellor is available 5 days a
If you need help please don't
hes itate to call 09 431 9080

Warkworth / Wellsford
Budget Advisory Services
Phone 09 423 7123
Free help and advice
for all areas of personal finance
Linking Hands Health Shuttle
Drivers Wanted
We are looking for more volunteer drivers.
For further information please phone
09 431 8969

Quiz Night
Fundraiser for OHS Japan trip 2013
Friday 9 November, 7.30pm
at the Country Club

$10 per person

Teams of up to 6 people
Raffles, games, prizes, lots of fun for everyone

Donations also welcome

Make up a team and come along and support the students
Something for everyone
Wear a Kimono if you have one
Kitchen & bar open from 5.30pm
Register your team with Heather Troost 431 8679

Maungaturoto Matters

Page 10


Whatever your needs!

Servicing Kaiwaka,
Paparoa and

Call Tony on 09 431 6555

09 431 6595
09 431 6595

Competitive rates




Graham Slatter



Phone/Fax: 094312888

Certifying Plumber
Certifying Drainlayer

1.5 ton digger

Quality Custom Made Kitchens

Personal and Prompt Service
All Workmanship Guaranteed
Over 20 yrs in the Trade

P.O. Box 6
Phone: 027 244 5430
After hours: 09 431 8451
Fax: 09 431 8561


Main Road Paparoa

Open Wednesday to Sunday, Five til late

Inside and outside seating
Friendly Service and affordable meals
Fully licensed - Available for private functions
Phone 09 431 6918
Sample Menu

Maungaturoto Matters

Page 11

Linking Hands

eople still pop in and tell us that they havent

heard about us before. This amazes me, even
after 10 years of Linking Hands operating in the
community, 5 years with the Health Shuttle!
So once again I am happy to tell you that LINKING
HANDS INC is primarily a Health Shuttle Service
which is open for everyone to use if you need to get
to any health related appointments. We go up as far
a Whangarei and down as far as Warkworth, and
everywhere in between. We have a branch over in
Mangawhai that looks after tha t area, and another in
Ruakaka covering the areas down to Waipu Township. It is best to ring and book in (09 431 8969),
giving us a days warning if you can.
Tuesdays Shuttle Run is at a set time. It leaves at
9.30am from in front of the office, and returns from
Whangarei no later tha t 2-15p m. You need to book!
This is a free service, run on public donations and
funding from ASB, Lotteries, COGS and Catholic
Caring. Our local Rotary branches and the Opportunity Shop have also always been strong supporters.
We run an internet service, which you can use for
the small charge of $2 per half hour. Fax facilities,
photocopying and lamina ting are also available.
The Book Nook, our second hand bookshop, is a
good place to visit. All proceeds go into the funds.
We still have a pair of brand new ladys running
shoes, size American 9 (NZ 8). We won these in a
Road Safety Promotion but they are really no use to
us. Theyre worth $250 and I am sure someone out
there would like to give us half tha t ($125) as a donation and give them a good home. Phone the office on 431 8969 if yo u are interested.
Were always interested to hear from anyone who
may like to be a volunteer driver for us. Remember
this Service belongs to the Co mmunity and it is here
for YOU!

Rok Solid Energised Full Spectrum Fertiliser
a BioGro-certified naturally balanced blend of
all the essential minerals and trace elements
necessary for sustained plant growth. The
PTA are selling 5kg bags of this very popular
$25 PER BAG; $40 FOR 2 BAGS; $50 FOR 3 BAGS

Contact Nyree 09 431 8462

NorthAble launches new service

orthAble is launching a new Mobile Service to

take disability support, inform ation and equipment to the Mid North, Far North, Whangarei and
Kaipara Districts.
The service aims to visit each rural centre in Northland
at least once every three weeks, from Maungaturoto
to Dargaville, from Kaikohe to Kaeo, from Kaitaia to
Pukenui - and beyond.
NorthAble General Manager Noel Matthews says, In
an are a where transport is an issue and a barrier to
accessing support, the mobile service will take the
service to the people.
The NorthAble signed, long-wheel base Transit van
will be blessed and the Mobile Information and Equipment Service launched at 10am on Friday 14th September at Library Square, Kaikohe.
The van will house wheelchairs, walkers and other mobility equipment, bathroom and continence products,
furniture and daily living aids. The service will also
offer information and presentations on what supports
may be available, possible funding options, recreation
and education opportunities.
Noel Matthews says the new way of delivering services
will benefit communities. Our mobile service will improve accessi bility for people through the provision of
better, sooner and more convenient services.
NorthAble will close its Kaikohe office building from
21st September. There will be no noticeable change
for clients and providers it will be business as usual.
Noel Matthews says the organisations Needs Assessment Service Co-ordination (NASC) staff will be based
elsewhere in the Kaikohe and Kaitaia areas, where
their work is most needed. They could also work from
time to time from the mobile service.
For inform ation on the mobile service schedule,
freephone 0508 637 200 or see

ANSW ERS to WORDPLAY (page 23)

Stepwise: Worm Worn Corn Coin Coil
Piggy in the middle: 1. Play. 2. Stage. 3. Wing 4.
Anagrams: 1. Stephen Hawking; 2. Charles Darwin;
3. Albert Einstein.
Beat the editor: Ace; Ache; Age; Ale; All, Angle; Cage;
Call; Can; Change; Clan; Clang; Clean; Eel; Eagle; Ell;
Gale; Gall; Gen; Glean; Glen; Hale; Hall; Hang; Heal;
Heel; Hen; Henge; Lace; Lag; Lane; Leach; Leech;
Leg; Lean

Page 12

Maungaturoto Matters

Maungaturoto Matters

Page 13

What A Great Occasion!

Ph 09 431 8230
Ph/Fax 09 431 8229
0800 682 628

The opening of the Aviation Academy on Monday 10 th September took place with a powhiri for the
guest speaker, Doctor The Right Honourable Lockwood Smith and a welcome for our parents and
Board members. A large number of other visitors to the school also assembled and, along with our
students, really filled the hall. The powhiri, organised by Whaea Thomaseena and performed by our
Kapa Haka group, was outstanding and a real credit to our students. After welcome speeches by Te
Whakakotahitanga Jenkins, Mr Ross Millar, Board Chairman, and Mr Haydn Hutching, Principal, Doctor Smith spoke to the parents, guests and students. He emphasised the leadership demonstrated in
getting the academy up and running and urged students to make good use of their own leadership
skills, concluding with throughout life you never stop learning. He praised the school for being innovative and for widening the educational base for our students.
After the powhiri in the hall, the guests, Aviation Academy students, prefects and the Kapa Haka
group were welcomed into the Academy building, which was blessed by Mr Rau Morgan. Following
the cutting of the ribbon by Dr Smith, a number of other people spoke including Jo Smith (the director of the Tai Tokerau Academy which funds part of the course) on behalf of Mr Peter Garelja, Principal of Tikipunga High School and Chairman of the Tai Tokerau Academy. A donation of $1000 towards the Aviation Academy was made by Pip and Tony Payne, which was accepted on the schools
behalf by Mr Ross Millar. All speakers noted the vision that Mr Morrison, the Aviation Academy director, the Board of Trustees and school management showed in supporting the course, and they
stated that it was, and would continue to be, of huge benefit to our students.
Mrs Hira Gage, Manager of the Ministry of Education, Whangarei Branch, said that they hope to have
more places available for students in 2013 for the whole of Northland (Te Tai Tokerau). This could be
of benefit to our school as we can now look at starting further academies in the future. These will
complement the ones we already have, including Primary Industries.
One of the highlights of the day was the landing of a Navy Helicopter on our asphalt courts. We were
fortunate to have them drop in and it generated a huge amount of interest. The take off was spectacular too! All in all a great day. Thank you to Doctor Smith, guests, students and supporters but
especially to Mr Paul Morrison who organised the opening.
Finally, special mention must be made of the quality (and quantity) of morning tea. This was organised by Mrs Glenys Morrison and the Year 13 Hospitality class. They used this as an assessment opportunity and spent Sunday getting it ready. It was superb.

Maungaturoto Matters

Page 14


General Cleaning, Window Cleaning,
Builders Cleaning and Office Cleaning
Registered for ACC
Other services we offer include looking after your
home, pets and plants while you are away

Phone Jenny 09 431 2826 or


Tidy professional job
Tel: Mark 021 457 247
or 09 432 1816



Thinking concrete but dont know where to start?

Think Atlas Concrete

We quarry the aggregate
We manufacture the concrete
We site visit to advise the best options
We give the best choice of mix and colours
We give a choice of local placers for you to
We manufacture concrete to your
We stand by our product, you stand on it

Atlas Concrete
Your first call for
Phone: 0800 888303
or 09 432 5030


Member of the NZ Master Placers Association
Paling fences - Subfloors - Home floors
Boxing of driveways - Shed floors Profiles for homes and sheds - Laser
Kerbing blocks - Concrete pads
Pathways - Driveways - Retaining walls
Excavation works

Residential Industrial Commercial

Decorative tile cutting to Coloured
Demolition and removal of concrete
Diamond core cutting to any size
Road and tarseal cutting

Free quotes Reliable service Quality workmanship No call-out fee!

Rossana and Mark Royals
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Maungaturoto Matters

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that the speeches were of an extremely high standard and that all finalists were to be congratulated.

Bryce will no w go forward to compete with northern finalists.

The Rotary Club of Wha ngarei started this speech

competition in 1961, when the late Hugh Rishworth,
a past president of the Whangarei Rotary Club, donated a cup as a prize for the winner of the speech
contest. Subsequently, an anonymous donor invested $5000 to fund a visit to Sydneys Crows Nest
Club for the winner. The annual contest has become a prestigious event and a challenge for senior
students througho ut Northland. The specific aim of
the contest is to promote the art of public speaking
amongst young people and encourage all Northland secondary schools to do likewise.

our finalists from four secondary schools gave

710 minute speeches at the Maungaturoto
and Districts Rotary Club tea meeting on Tuesday
28th Augus t. Bryce Robertson, from Rodney College, with his speech The pen is mightier than the
sword was the winner; Lara Ware of Otamatea,
who gave a speech on What Makes A New Zealander a Kiwi was runner-up. The other finalists
were Michael-Lydia Winiana of Mahurangi College
with a speech entitled Wha nau, and Laura Andrews of Bream Bay who spoke on

Contesta nts were also judged on a 1 to 2minute

impromptu speech.
Adjudica tors Anne Henry and Annette Dark said

The contest is made possible by the generous

sponsorship of Urlich McNab Kilpatrick, Barristers
and Solicitors, who have been involved since 2005.

Maungaturoto Gardening Club

Monthly Meeting
Every Saturday: 7pm - 10pm
At The Garage
(next to the Congregational Church)

For more info check out
or phone Rochelle Sunley on 094318170

n Thursday 20th September, members met at

the Centennial Hall and, after the meeting, a
lively round of garden hints of many kinds were
offered by members.
Next month meet at the Amb ulance Station on
Thursday, 18th October at 9am, with your lunch.
We will be visiting three gardens in the Matakana
and Warkworth areas one of which is a large garden called the Protea Patch.

Garden Notes for October

e are well into spring weather, with all its

variations rain and wind and gorgeous
full flo wering of bulbs, fruit trees and shrubs.


Plunket Rooms, Hurndall St, Maungaturoto
Infant, Child & Booster Seats Long or short
term hire.
We also have for purchase child harnesses,
Locking Clips and Ext. Straps
For rental details Ph Karlene Storey
(09) 431 8890

First Thursday of the month, 10am to Midday
All welcome to our friendly coffee mornings.
For further info contact our Jodie 09 4319 090

It is a good idea this month to prepare the vegetable garden with fertiliser ready to plant out your
new plants. Most vegetables e.g. tomatoes,
parsnips, carrots, beans, cucumbers can be sown
as the soils warm up. Look out for snails and lay
snail pellets and watch for fungus on young seedlings.
Spray apple and pear trees at petal fall or set
pheromone traps. Plant passion-fruit and mulch
around strawberry plants as fruit appears. New
seasons growth will be well advanced on grapes
and flowering will be commencing.
Early roses will appear and a constant watch for
pests needs to be kept, spraying if necessary. Also
mulch and water yo ur roses if weather is dry.

Maungaturoto Matters

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CALL KEN ON 09-4318705 OR 021-1612344


Phone: 09 431 8767

Mobile: 021 840 085


NEW!! Sumitomo Long Reach Digger with 14 m Boom NEW!!
240 Hitachi Zaxis Digger 15 and 12.5 tonne Diggers
17 tonne Bulldozer with 6-way Blade
8 tonne Vibrating Roller and Sheep Foot Roller
Transporter 6x4 Tippers
Fertiliser and General Cartage
3 145 hp Tractors with Large Tip Trailers
Power Harrow, Chisel Plough, Mulcher
10,000 litre Slurry and Stirrer
Square Hay Baler and Rotary Slasher

Car Transport Trailer for Hire


For all your Race, Drainage & Site Work and More:
Call: Barry and Deanna Underwood, RD2, Maungaturoto
Mobile 0274 987 745
Phone/Fax 09 431 8078

Maungaturoto Matters

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nne OBrien: The Kings Concubine

The author has chosen a historical subject

based on fact of a fascinating 13th century
woman called Alice Perrers, who becomes the mistress of King Edward III. Driven by a wish to provide
for her children and her future financial security, she
amasses ownership of 56 manors and a wealth of
jewels, many throug h her own achievements and
canny business acumen. She sho wed a remarkable
ability to acquire land and administer it and, if she
had been a man in those days, would have been
hugely admired. Instead she became an object of
Frank Coates: Echoes from a Distant Land
The author writes of Kenya in the first half of the
20th century and tells of Kenyas fight for independence from the British Empire. The descriptions of a
nation in turmoil and the people involved ma ke for
an enthralling read.
Other new books by popular authors include:
David Baldacci: The Innocent
Jeffry Archer: XO
Chris Ryan: Agent 21 Reloaded
Santa Montefiore: The Summer House
R J Ellory: The Anniversary Man


nnabel Langbein: Free Range in the City

A beautifully illustrated book which includes
recipes for:

Pioneering Life with

the Kauri Tree

he Kauri Museum marks its 50th anniversary,

and the 150th
anniversary of the
arrival of the pioneers (Albertlanders)
in Northla nd, with
the publication of an
exclusive new book.
Pioneering Life and
the Kauri Tree is a
colourful 150 page
history, perpetual
calendar and recipe
book compiled by
Sarah Charles.
Featuring contemporary and archive photographs
charting the his tory of the Museum's local area, it
covers all kinds of subjects from the Kauri tree to
family, farming, child hood, Anzac day, fishing, butter
making, the church, mo toring and much, much
It is a fascinating record and a book that can be
used as a memorable diary, for timeless record
keeping. Divided into 12 chapters, marked by weeks
with dates but without days or years, it can be used
year after year.
Lavish colour photographs and over 200 black and
white archive pho tographs from the Museum's very
special collection, ma ny unpublished before, are
complemented by over 50 recipes from the descendants of the early pioneers. They together with
the Museum's staff, made priceless contributions to
the book. This is a unique publicatio n and a perfect
gift and memento of the M useum itself. It will be
launched on Settlers Day October 13th.

Gluten free a listing for the gluten intolerant

Impromptu quick recipes
Make-ahead dishes prepared in advance
Vegetarian recipes for you to try
Freezable fill your freezer with ready to thaw food
and reheat
Wira Gardiner: Haka A Living Tradition
This book sets out the his tory of the haka from its
origins to today. A well researched and interesting
Also, check out the Large Print book exchange in
the middle of October.
Reviews by Sheryl Logan

Join us at the old Ministry of Works building

on Hurndall Street (next to the Congregational Church)
Fridays 9am - 1pm.
Bring your own art supplies and projects
$2 each per week.

For info, text Julie 0211 464 657 or Joy

0210 264 7801.

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Maungaturoto Matters

Maungaturoto Matters

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The extract below and to the right is from The Daily
Souther n Cross of 5th April 1867 (Volume XXIII, issue
3024). It has been taken from the collection of digitised historical documents available from Papers
Past an archive which contains some 2 million
pages from New Zealand newspapers and periodicals, covering the period 1835 to 1945. The full archive is at
Note: This article replaces copyrighted material in the
original Maungaturoto Matters, written by Rae Roadley.

Members of the RSA

From 5pm

Otamatea High School

PTCA Fundraiser

$7.50 per bag

Fine food at the right price
Snooker & pool
Function room available
Your favourite bottled beers
Quality wines
Meals served from 6pm, Fri & Sat
PH: 09-431 8313

New members welcome

(Packed into 20kg tied calf-meal bags)

Pre-order now.
Deliveries made to school 15-19th October
Please indicate a preference for pick-up day

For orders phone Tina 09 431 8180 or


Maungaturoto Matters

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Affordable Accounting Limited

Interior and exterior painting and roofs
Mould spraying and water blasting

Many local references available

No job too small

For a quality job at a reasonable price
Phone Dave on 09 431 6623 or 027 490 3522

New roofs / Re-roofs
Longrun Colorsteel and
Competitive fixed prices


021 506 260

09 431 9143

for all your small business accounting needs

Brett Strong
Tax agent
12 Willow Lane, PO Box 17, Maungaturoto 0547

Phone : 09 431 9140

Landcare Services
Trenching, Hole boring,
boring, Cleaning calf sheds
Section clearing, Landscaping,
Driveways, Post peel and chip
Land levelling, Baseful work for new houses
Lifestyle block mowing etc, Rotary hoeing
Vibrating roller for compacting work
For reliable and friendly service, phone

Dave Hyndman: 09 431 2302 or 021 431238

Tree & Shelter Belt Removal
Pruning & Thinning
Deadwood Removal
Storm Damage
Stump Grinding small to
large scale
Residential, Commercial &
Insured & Qualified Arborist
Free Written Quotes

Maungaturoto Matters

Maungaturoto Country Club

PO Box 81 Bickerstaffe Rd Maungaturoto
0547 T 09 431 8326 F 09 431 8324

*** Quiz Night at the Club ***

Fundraiser for OHS students to visit Japan

Friday, November 9 - 7.00pm

Sushi will be served - dress up if you like
$10 a ticket - Kitchen open from 5.30pm
Maungaturoto Primary School Fun Run Walk
Saturday, November 3 rd

This year the run/walk will be entirely on the

Country Club Walkway.
See advertisement on page 3

Maungaturoto Country Club Trail

Sunday, 25 November - Golden
Tracks: Open: 8.30am. Close: 3.00pm Cross
10 farms, Travel through pine forest and native bush 80 kilometres - two 40km tracks
Tracks suit all levels of riders - quad friendly.
Adults: $30 Children (under 16): $20 Mini track for
kids - $5
Food available all day. Managed by JMB to revamp 2nd field.
For information phone: Brett 09 431 8720


Wednesday, 3rd October 2012 at 7.30pm
At Maungaturoto Country Club
Agenda: Amend constitution to address issue
of conflicting contracts; address proposal relating to natural disaster insurance.

Page 21



rganisers of a calf and lamb rearing scheme

are hoping that a bit of competition will
bring the best out of farmers in the Maungaturoto
Farmers are being urged to raise a calf or lamb in a
bid to help raise funds for the Maungaturoto Primary School's senior camp next year. Fundraising
coordinator, May Seager, said that so far only seven
people had offered to raise animals to help the
school but she was hopeful that more farmers
would pitch in.
"We've just had the Olympics, she said, Surely
some of our farmers would like to join in the spirit
of the competitio n and see who can raise the most
profitable calf and lamb. And if there are losers, at
least the kids will win out because profits from the
sale of the animals will go to the children's camp." .
Maungaturoto is a strong farming community and
is also the base for one of New Zealand's largest
dairy processing companies, Fonterra, which makes
the calf and lamb rearing scheme a good fit for the
About $20,000 is needed to help send the large
group of senior students, parent helpers and teachers to the camp. This trip is seen as the highlig ht of
the year, particularly for those children w ho will
soon be going on to high school.
In order to make the competition interesting and
lively there is a range of sponsored prizes on offer,
including a 15-teat calf feeder from Stallion Plastics, clothing from Kaiwaka Clothing, and various
other prizes from sponsors that include RD1,
Maungauroto Vet Club and Carters. All calf rearers
who participate will go in the draw to win these
great prizes.
Any far mers who want to help this good cause can
register to participate by telephoning Kim Allen on
09 431 8445 or emailing


Op en a ll the year around
Offering a ffordable golf th rough sub a nd
green fees.

Club day 10.00 every Sunday

Rae Roadley (Secretary) 09 431 8266

Located off Go lden Stairs Road (accessed

from Paparoa-Oakleigh or Maungaturoto Gorge roads)

(This appeared in the D& D News on 19th Sept as

per constitution)

Telephone: 09 431 8585 o r 09 431 8597

Maungaturoto Matters

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123 Hurndall Street, Maungaturoto

Phone: (09) 431 8733

Fax: (09) 431 8736

Garage Sale!
WHEN: Saturday 6th October from 10:00am
WHERE: 2 Bickerstaffe Road, Maungaturoto

Lots of great household goods
Clothes / Shoes / Bags galore
Toys / Books & Magazines
Dishwashers / Microwave
Office Desk / Typewriters
Bench tops / Kitchenware
Loads of nick-nacks
Linen, fabrics
Wooden blinds / Pictures etc
Pushchairs / Highchairs / Cot Mattress
Pots & Pans



PHONE: 09 431 8382

Frans Jansen


Quiet and Reliable

Phone 09 431 8592
Mobile 026 227 1776

Ross Latto

Trevor Dempsey

House construction, Alterations,

Renovations or General Repairs

Phone 09 431 7442

Mobile 021 772 766

Phone/Fax (09) 431-8888

Mobile (027) 283-8039


Comp etitive, fixed priced housing contracts
We will take you through the building process from plans to carpet
Call us to discuss your building project

Maungaturoto Matters

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I spent last weekend turning over the compost
heap. The earthworms were all a t work, turning the piles of grass cuttings and weeds into
new soil. So now its your turn:
W O R M into S O I L
You must c hange one letter a t a ti me, to c rea te
a new intermediate word. (Target 5 moves or
Piggy in the middle
Find the word tha t fi ts the spaces below to
make two new words - one to lef t and one to
the right (Hint: they are all to do with the
thea tre)
Who are they?
The letters in the three phrases below can be
re-a rranged into the na mes of three fa mous
scientists. Who are they?






Tennis season is upon us.

Childrens sessions will start Saturday 13th October

from 9.30 am. We will ha ve an Open Day on Saturday 13 October, from 9.30 am until 12 midday. This
gives everyone adults and children the cha nce to
come and have a hit on the same day. It will be
followed by a complementary sausage sizzle lunch
and the AGM.
The first specialised coaching session will be Saturday 27th October. The first session, starting at 9.30
am is suitable for all children and beginners; the
session for adults and more experienced players
follows, from 10.45 am to 12 midday.
There will be no morning sessions on Saturday 20th
October (Labour Weekend) due to the 150th Celebrations. However, there will be an old-fashioned
sports afternoon (including tennis) at the co nclusio n
of the Grand Parade which starts at 2pm and
finishes at the Showgrounds. For any enquiries
contact Sue Skelton on 09 431 6224


Beat the editor!

I want to set you a real challenge this month in
Bea t the Edi tor. So tha ts the word.
How many other words can you make out of it?
Word s should use eac h letter only once, must
have a t lea st 3 letters, must not be real names
(e.g. of people, places) and should not be rude!
Editors target: 36 words (though there may be

Answers Page 11

Kaipara Sports Awards

he Silver Fer n Farms Kaipara Sports Awards

are being held on Friday 2nd November at The
Lighthouse Function Centre, Dargaville. Tickets are
available from Noel Radd Motors or the Sport
Northland office.
If you want to nomina te anyone for an award, you
can do so online at, or
you can obtain a pack from the editor of the Matters.
Nominations mus t be in by October 10th.

dults sessions will be on Tuesday evenings

from 6 pm, and start on 2nd October.

he squash season is moving along at a great

pace. Weve now seen some great masters in
action. Amo ngst the men, Pete Cave is the player of
the moment, as he took away the title of masters
champ this year, while Denise Guy battled in the
final and came away our womens masters champ.
Congratula tions to Pete and Denise. And a big
thanks to Mel and Tina for organising the draw.
Club cha mps ha ve been underway for the past four
weeks. There have been some really good games to
watch, and Im looking forward to the finals. For
further enq uiries contact Mel Coates Ph. 09 431
8720 Meanwhile, tour naments are taking place in
Northland and its always good to hear that our club
is being represented. We have a mens inter-club
team entered for this round.
Juniors are also currently playing their club champs.
Watch this space and Ill post the winners. Please
contact Tina Holst (09 431 8180) for enquiries. We
also run a ladies morning on Tuesdays from 9.30am:
its great fun and helps your fitness. So feel free to
come along. Beginners are welcome. Emma Iha ka
(09 431 8988) can give yo u more informatio n.

Maungaturoto Matters

Page 24


Local representative

Christmas Demo and Sale Day

Friday 2nd November 2012: 9.00am - 4.30pm
Gateway North Cafe & Motel Conference Room
State Highway 1 Kaiwaka

For all your Christmas Gift Ideas

Gale Matheson 094314827 0274149576

Fair pricing
Professional approach!
Women s cuts




Men s cuts


Teens cuts

$15$15- 20

Kids cuts




Also offering:

Pensioners: women $20


Crazy colours
Permanent waving
Blow waves

Open Mon-Fri, 9am to 5pm (8pm Tuesdays)

Call in or phone Katrina on 09 431 9120
Next to Well Kneaded Massage

141 Hurndall Street,

Tel 09 431 8987


Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Grown on the Kaipara
Available from:
Sunshine Organics
Paparoa Farmers Market
(next dates October 6th and 20th)

or from 46B Merril Rd, Paparoa

Phone 09 431 7572

takeaway bar, including yummy

Natural Instincts special

Buy a 500 mls product
and get a second 500 ml
product free, (or any other
product of lesser value)

Maungaturoto Matters

Page 25

Comment is Free!
What in the World is happening to
our World?

nce we felt safe in our homes. Now, we hear

reported reports of theft, burglary, home invasions with violence.
Violenc e: Once, an occasional punch up from excessive alcohol, dealt with quickly by mates. No w, violence appears rampant whether in sport, work, or
family-type relationships.
Children: The ter m ABUSE springs to mind too
quickly, and I was for many years a social worker and
saw more of this than the average person. Each
case touches many more people than just the victim
(s). The future scars of this abuse result in unwanted
influences of both drugs (of all types) and excessive
alcohol, and their creeping dominance within o ur
lifestyles. The cycle continues to the next generatio n.
Im curious - wha t has changed over the decades?
Fewer people attending Church or describing themselves as having a faith of a ny type (Cens us returns) is a known concer n.
My questio n are these. Is the change in societys
moral values and acceptable behaviours proportional to the decline in Church attendance? A few
decades ago we would NOT have accepted many
behaviours we accept now. What has changed our
values and expectatio ns?
Society used to live by the standards set by the Ten
Command ments. Hono ur your father and yo ur
mother. You shall not murder. You s hall not commit
adultery. Yo u shall not steal. Yo u shall not lie or be a
false witness. You shall not take things which dont
belong to you. Yo u shall no t use the name of Jesus
as a swear word. Dont worship false gods and keep
a day a week apart from work to rest and reenergise.
Ive realised that all Ten Comma ndments that I lived
by are now disregarded. Did attending Church help
us maintain a higher standard of living? What do
you think?

Richard Binns, Co-Priest Anglican Church

Working Bee
Saturday October 6th from 09.00
Hurndall Streetoutside St
Come along and make your mark!

Lunchtime Music and More at the

Old Library, Whangarei

ost Wednesday lunchtimes, there is a concert

or other event at the Old Library in Whangarei.
The music varies, from jazz to folk to classical to well,
just about anything. There are also poetry sessions,
readings and other performances. Entry is by gold
coin donation so if you find yourself with a free hour
while you are in town, do come along.
Not every week is yet booked, so we are on the lookout for people to fill up spaces for the rest of the year.
Theres room for a wide diversity of contributions from
music, theatre, writers and poetry groups. If you cant
fill a full hour, then offer a part-hourand well try and
match you up with something appropriate.
If you would like to book a slot on one of the free
Wednesdays, please phone me on 09 435 6383 or
email me at chtoomer@gm
I'll assist you with promoting your event in other ways,
to ensure that we get a good size audience. You are
welcome to use the Grand Piano though there is a
small hire fee of $5, which goes towards its upkeep.
There is a sound system, but singers may want to bring
their own special microphones, stands etc and do
bring your own music stand, or your special chai r if you
are a sol o singer, or book/poetry re ader.
I look forward to hearing from you very soon.

Colin Toomer

Saturday 20th October

Marohemo Hall
Doors Open at 7.30pm
First Race Begins at 8.00pm
$15 Door Entry
includes Funny Money
Or Buy a Horse for $30
includes Door Entry and Funny Money
There will be a Blind Auction with Great
To Purchase your ticket contact
Jenny Reid 431 9098 or Karina Allen 431 8344
or Pick them up from Fergus 100% Electrical

Maungaturoto Matters

Page 26

Septic and Water Tanks Registered Drainlayers
Housesites/Footings Driveways/Roading
Drilling (up to 8 m deep) Retaining walls
Farmwork Races/Dams
Competitive Prices
MOBILE : 027 223 3185


New Housing
Farm Buildings
Concrete work
Mobile 021 566 076

1.8 Digger (3 Buckets)
Hole Boring Kit: 200, 400, 600mm
Tractor for Rotary Hoeing & Mulching


09 431 8562 or 027 431 8564

Phone: 09
09 431
Mobile: 021 167 1843

Road works, water carts

and all general cartage
7 Ton Grader, 8 Ton digger

Phone 027 4784 838

Coates Contracting


D41 Bulldozer with 6 way blade

GARAGE SALE: Saturday20th October, 8am

onwards. 5 Regent Street, Whakapirau.
Household bargains, brica-brac: a bargain
for everyone!

bush rigged with winch, for all tree work,

general bulldozing and stick racking

120hp Tractor
for ground cultivation, tip trailer work

All enquiries: phone Brett Coates 09 431 8720 or

2004 TOYOTA WISH: 7-seater, very economical and reliable. $8,500. Phone 09 431

Maungaturoto Matters

Page 27

Break In Leaves Primary Industries
Class Distraught

Otamatea Christian School

excel at Convention

he students from the OHS Primary Industries

class were most upset to arrive for their class
one week in September only to find that some low life
people had broken into the shed and stolen our hotbed. The wire had been cut at the front. This is the
second time we have had things stolen. Earlier in the
year someone stole our lemon tree which we had
been gifted.

ifteen students from Otamatea Christia n

School (OCS), ranging in age from 13 to 18
years old, have spent a week in Auckland competing with other Christian Schools and Home schooling students from around New Zealand.

This is very upsetting for the students, who have

worked hard to m ake beautiful gardens and complete
assignments towards their NCEA. The gardens were
being built and develope d for the good of the community, so that those less fortunate could have access
to fresh vegetables for a small donation. The hotbed
had a large numbe r of seed trays on it, with tomato,
capsicum, chili and many other things, carefully
planted ready to germinate. That has all been ruined.

All the OCS students who competed gained places.

Overall, 20 1st placings, 27 2nd placings, 28 3rd placings, 18 4th placings, 9 5ths and 9 6th placings were
achieved from this small, but determined group of
young people.

Spoiling young pe ople's hard work when they are trying to help others is not the sort of thin we want to
see happening in our comm unity. So if anyone has
information or knows where we can get our equipment back, please let the school know by phoning 09
431 8230, or pass the informati on to the local police.
Meanwhile, work goes on. We are there most Thursdays and have silver-beet and cauliflower almost
ready to pick. So if you want to call in and see us,
please do so

Success for Local Virgin Oil


aparoa-based olive oil produc er, Chapel Oil,

came out with a clutch of medals at a recent
Extra Virgin Olive Oil competition. Entering three
oils, they won one gold and t wo silver awards. You
can see their advert on page 24.


Paparoa Community Church
Sunday 21st October 2012
Service starts at 10.00am
The first Paparoa church was built in 1867, the
second in 1877, and there were major alterations in 1928, 1967 and 2006. That the church
is still here today must speak of something and
we invite you to Come and See.

A total of 160 students from around the country

took part in a range of disciplines, including academics, art, athletics, craft, music and photography.

Students have to achieve over 70% to obtain a ribbon for a position in the top three placings in each
All competed in twelve to fifteen events, and have
worked towards the event all year.
OCS Principal Lynnette Bell said, Conventio n encourages the students no t to settle for mediocrity,
but to strive to develop their talents, to try new
things and always to give their best effort.

What Future for the Centennial Hall?

he AGM of the Centennial Hall Committee

on 19th September attracted an attendance
of about 40 people, who listened to the difficulties facing the hall, in the light of the unreasonably high annual rates and large insurance fees.
Discussion afterwards focused on how to reduce
the costs or to increase income or both.
While it was repeatedly argued that the hall is a
valuable asset, which needs to be kept, the general lack of community interest in using it makes
it difficult to see how to run it profitably. The one
serious proposal put forward to address the
problem was for ORT to base themselves there.
With many of the old committee resigning en
masse, an interim committee was elected to start
negotiations with ORT, and if appropriate with
the Council. Ashley Cullen remains as the chair
and Debbie Holt as the treasurer, while David
Briggs was elected as secretary. There will be
more news, including names of all committee
members, in the next edition.

Maungaturoto Matters

Page 28

Whats On Locally.

Paparoa 150th Celebrations

Mon 1st Sat 6th: St John Trash and Treasure.

Centennial Hall (see announcement below).

Present the world premiere season of


Wed 3rd: Home-builders seniors lunch. St John

Churc h Hall, 10.30.

Based on and inspired by Jane Manders novel Allen Adair

written 1925

Wed 3rd: Country Club Special Gerneral Meeting, 19.30 (see page 21)
Wed 3rd: Maunga turoto Residents Associa tion
meeting. Centennial Hall, 19.30.
Sat 6th: Maunga turoto beautification projec t
working bee. Hurndall Street (outside St
John), 09.00 (see page 3).

Photo Matakoh e Kauri Mu seum

Fictional history, based on life in Northland around

Sat 13th: Settl ers Day. Ma takohe Museum

comes to life with a wide range of events.
Churc h service a t 09.30; demonstra tions start
at 10.00.

Paparoa and Districts circa 1880 1901

Written by George Skelton

Directed by Peter Flower

On stage at

Otamatea Repertory Theatre

Thu 18th: Maungaturoto Country Club: meet

outside St John, 09.00 (see page 15).

October 18th 19th 20th 21st 2012

Tickets on sale now Skeltons Paparoa Drapery Tonys
Maungaturoto- i tickets

Thu 18thSun 21st: ORT presents Allen Adair

(see advert to lef t).
Sat 20th: Night races with the Hemo hounds,
Mara hemo Hall, 19.30 (see advert page 25).
Sun 25th: 150th Celebra tion Church Service,
Paparoa Churc h, 10.00 (see page 27)
Thu 25th: Olla Podriga at the Ota ma tea High
School, 19.30 (see advert to lef t).
Fri 26th: Maunga turoto Pri mary Sc hool Pet Day.

. and further afield

Every Wednesday: Music a t the Old Library,
Whangarei, 12.00. Jazz, folk, classical. (see
letter, page 25).

St John Trash and Treasure

1st 6th October 2012
Clean, tidy goods, furniture, bricbric- a- brac, toys, books etc welcome
No broken items, dirty clothes or rubbish
TV sets should be in working order it costs us money to dispose of those that don
don t work.
If you have goods ready now, we can arrange pick-up and storage.
We set a record for the amount we raised last year lets see if we can beat it!
All proceeds go to supporting the volunteers and cadets of the Otamatea Area Committee with
equipment etc
Eftpos will be available

Call Albie: 09 431 8148 or 027 494 9448