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The Mighty Fall
By Usman Balarabe Aliyu

Drama Collection 04 Usana Complex Minna 2012


The Scriptwriter: Usman Aliyu was born of Aliyu Mu’azu, Sarkin Yakin Minna, and a fairly quiet lady, Amina Usa, on Wednesday June 17, 1953 in Minna, Nigeria. His Academic quest ran thus: Elementary Education, Minna and Sokoto: 1960-66 Secondary Education, Birnin Kebbi: 1967-71 Higher School Certificate (HSC) in 1973, Sokoto. Bachelor’s Degree (BA), (ABU) Kano: 1974-77 Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) in 1982, London. His other engagements were: Co-operatives, Abuja until June 1972. National Youth Service (NYSC) 1977-78, Lagos. Television Production at (NTA) 1978-84, Minna. Film Production, Usana Complex Minna 1984-96. Bricks Manufacture, 1997-2006, Minna and Funtua. Other Plays by the same Playwright: Retailing Power The Children of the Republic Yan’ Tsakin Daula The Mighty Fall

Usman Aliyu was a family man with children.


The author’s epitaph: Allow me cry God for those who can’t cry Make me be heard for those who can’t be Let me die free, Let me not live in chains, I thank you God for allowing me be All that I had wanted to be

Dedicated to: Malka, Baiwa & Kabo

So Pondered: Let us all yearn that the tyrants will be gone for good!


Basis for this Screenplay: The Mighty Fall Man has always sought power and he has always misused it. This screenplay is a historical trace on such abuse in the kingdoms of the Sahel region of the present day Nigeria. The play is also meant to show how other men, with guts and determination, have always struggled against powerful tyrants, at times with success, but most times with disastrous consequences. Usman Aliyu 2012 List of Main Characters: Maikarfi Waziri Turaki Gadanga Baiwa Maizafi Ta’alla Meena Dantsiro Labbo Dogarai Subjects Chief Wives & Maid Main Locations: The Royal Court Stream Town Square Fulani Settlement Hilly landscape Usman Aliyu 2012


ACT ONE INTERIOR: CHIEF’S COURT MAIKARFI, strongly built, in his late forties, is the chief of Aina, a town located in the heart of subtropical Hausa Land. The Chief, dressed in a big overflowing gown, topped over with silken overalls (alkibba) and embroidered slippers, sits almost steep on his throne (karaga), while the court is in session in his palace. Two subjects, in work-outfits, squat on the floor with their legs drawn in, and their tummies almost flat on the ground. The court sentinels (dogarai), hefty men dressed in red gowns tied at the waist, formed half ring round the attendees of the court. Waziri, the Prime Minister, Turaki and the other councillors, all in heavy gowns with thick embroidery, wait on the chief’s pleasure, in silence. MAIKARFI [MAIKARFI, with a sweep of hand] You want to glue yourselves to land? Land is ours to dispose at will. Now, we take what we gave in trust... THE SUBJECTS But, your highness… DOGARAI Out with you, base His majesty has ruled out. THE SUBJECT Our parents made it malleable With their sweat MAIKARFI (After a pause) Neither you nor your parents Had given us cause for tolerance THE SUBJECT


Our lord, we wish no harm, We cause no trouble MAIKARFI Your presence is trouble enough. Turaki, (Addressing the fat man to his right) Be pleased with our favour TURAKI May your reign be long, (bowing) COURTIERS Sarki mai duniya MAIKARFI We shall certainly straighten What our fathers had left croaked THE SUBJECTS Ranka ya dade, this is unjust DOGARAI Away you base, away from his Majesty's sight. MAIKARFI Waziri, see to our wishes. The court chorus the Chief with great salutation as the disgruntled subjects are roughly dragged out. Waziri looks at the scene with unease, while he scribes on the court scroll. SHIFT TO OPEN GROUND: MOMENTS LATER The subjects are dumped on the path. They struggle up to their feet and sob their way into the town. They soon meet GADANGA, a young man in his late twenties. As the two men approach, he halts his cutlass sharpening and stands up to greet them. GADANGA Good afternoon, fathers. [Notices their ruffled condition] What happened to you? SUBJECT I The chief has stung us again,


Our land is taken away. [With lingering bitterness] GADANGA What! SUBJECT I Say no more, my child. His ears are long and many With them he has caused many to woe GADANGA Our anguish have been many But, there is a wage for everything. SUBJECT II Our constant prayer is for delivery GADANGA That may not be long, we hope. SUBJECT II May our Lord grant us such endurance! SHIFT TO STREAM- MORNING: FEW DAYS LATER A collection of teenage girls are filling their pots at a stream, by a curve overlooking a mountain. MEENA, a sixteen year old beauty, walks up stream to fill her brass pot. Suddenly, there is a roar. MEENA screams, letting the pot slip. The other girls stir incomprehensively. DANTSIRO, a strongly built lad in his late twenties, busts out laughing as he pops out of the woods. The girls relax and join in the hoax. MEENA So, it is you, Dantsiro? DANTSIRO Who did you think it was, Gadanga? [MEENA coils shyly] You are a pretty girl. MEENA [Smiling] Stop teasing me. DANTSIRO You are our wife. I can say what I please.


MEENA Not yet, you grabby hand! DANTSIRO Do I tell Gadanga that? [MEENA picks up her pot as DANTSIRO walks up stream.] MEENA No! The other girls hurriedly pick up their pots and scramble up the river bank, as a DOGARI (one of the chief’s sentinels, dressed in large red gown) drags a horse to the river. MEENA casts a quick glance at him and lowers her head. DOGARI Are you not taught to salute your elders? MEENA Good morning. DOGARI [Recognizing the maid] Ah! You are Maizafi's young maid. How times pass. You have grown bloom. A real breed for the palace you are made. [MEENA continues to fill her pot, feeling unease.] DOGARI How will you like to be the Chief's wife? MEENA I hate him! DOGARI What! [MEENA is coy, while the man treads away vanishing from her sight. After awhile, MEENA is just lifting the pot to her head when Gadanga walks in.] GADANGA Salam! [MEENA glances at him] Would you like me to walk you home? MEENA (Shyly)


Alright, lead the way. [GADANGA relieves MEENA of the pot while she takes over his hoe and a little basket. They walk back to his farm where helps him do some little work. They decide to leave. Along the grassy path, MEENA runs a little ahead, kicking the grass with her bare feet. GADANGA watches her delightfully.] GADANGA [Throwing a short stick] Here, catch it. MEENA [Missing and GADANGA laughs] It was too fast. GADANGA No, you were just too slow. MEENA Alright, try again. GADANGA Now [He throws and MEENA catches] MEENA I got it. [They laugh and proceed] GADANGA Dantsiro! [He calls out] DANTSIRO [Shouting back from the other farm] I am coming. MEENA [Collecting back her pot] I will tell you what happened at the stream. GADANGA I have been told. (While laughing) MEENA How? By whom? [With surprise] GADANGA By Dantsiro, of course, [To DANTSIRO as the latter joins them]


Have you finished? DANTSIRO Yes. How are you Meena? MEENA I know you do not keep secrets! [DANTSIRO laughs.] Anyway, it is not that. DANTSIRO What is it? MEENA It is what happened after you have left. [They face her, expectantly] GADANGA & DANTSIRO What happened? MEENA Maikarfi's Dogari came. [Imitating the Dogari] ‘How would like being the chief's wife?’ [She laughs] GADANGA Let them try, I will kill them. [They move home bound] DANTSIRO You know what; this is not a laughing matter. [With some concern] GADANGA Why not? You don't mean... [GAGANGA faces him] DANTSIRO Exactly, all the chief's wives had been got that way. GADANGA It is because their parents allowed that. DANTSIRO Not all. MEENA I don't think I like this.


[She is beginning to be apprehensive] DANTSIRO The last one was against the mother's wish. They stole her away. MEENA Please, stop it. GADANGA [Concluding] Anyway, I am sure the man was just joking. SHIFT TO THE CHIEF'S STABLE - NOON The Dogari has just finished tying the horse at the stable. MAIKARFI is nodding his head in deep thought. MAIKARFI [Turning to the Dogari] You said she had a brass pot? DOGARI Yes, my lord MAIKARFI What day is it today? DOGARI Thursday, my lord MAIKARFI You also noticed the wide birthmark on her? DOGARI Yes, your majesty MAIKARFI Then, that is it. She is the most desirable? DOGARI A perfect girl, she is, my Lord MAIKARFI Those with hidden knowledge had said so; By such a mark shall be the bearer of our name; If your tongue proves your eyes, You will certainly draw closer to us.


Sermon Waziri to us DOGARI Right away, my Lord [MAIKARFI walks away into the main quarters.] SHIFT TO THE CHIEF'S COURT - AFTERNOON [MAIKARFI sits on his throne having a meeting with WAZIRI.] MAIKARFI We are seriously in this, Waziri Touched we are by a rising desire; It is not the shape, but what it shall bear A maid so marked is one to bear us fruits WAZIRI [Very concerned] I am aware of that foretelling, my Lord But, this one is already betrothed MAIKARFI Betrothed, even so, to whom? WAZIRI To a relative, Gadanga, son of Baiwa MAIKARFI Neither he nor any of his is our relation Settlers are no relatives They just enjoy our past weakness WAZIRI My Lord, they had ruled once, They are clocked by that respect. MAIKARFI Yes, they ruled, by deceit. Planted as they were by our enemy Now, we are the rightful owners We can give rein to our wishes. WAZIRI Another problem, my Lord MAIKARFI


Yes? Of late you are a register of them. WAZIRI It is the father; he is a winding. MAIKARFI Madness is no obstacle. We shall pet him sufficient to tame him. WAZIRI My Lord, this matter needs no rush. MAIKARFI We have heard your voice; Our wishes do not rhyme with it. [With a wave of hand] You be gone. WAZIRI Yes, my Lord. [Taking leave with a bow as Turaki walks in] TURAKI Salutations to your Majesty MAIKARFI Turaki, we have an ache in this heart. TURAKI We are a strong nation, your Majesty. Your stir is enough horror to any enemy. What tribe would be source of trouble? Your majesty! MAIKARFI Ah, Turaki, I wished it was that. No drum beating, nor flowing blood, No the smog of burning huts Give ache to our heart. TURAKI Then, your majesty should be free from worry MAIKARFI Yet, we are trapped by something gentler, We have taken a fancy on someone


Upon whom our future may rest. TURAKI That, your majesty, is a relief. No maid in this domain is but yours to take, Name her; your majesty shall have her MAIKARFI Then, be it. A maid of MAIZAFI she is, Foretold to be the key to our lineage; Attend to us to harvest your dreams. SHIFT TO EXTERIOR: MAIZAFI'S COMPOUND: LATE AFTERNOON [MAIZAFI, Meena's father, is a skinny man of average height. He sits on the ground, leaning by the wall of his round hut, as GADANGA, DANTSIRO and MEENA walk in.] MEENA Father, I have something for you. MAIZAFI What is it? [Extending his hand] MEENA [Handing out] Your favourite MAIZAFI Yes, that is good. Mango is always good for the body. [GADANGA and DANTSIRO bend in greeting] How is your farm? [Addressing GADANGA] GADANGA It is coming up fine. MEENA is also helping. MAIZAFI Do you? [MEENA nods. He smiles, reflectively] MEENA I really work hard, don't I? [To GADANGA] GADANGA Yes, you do. MAIZAFI That is what I am laughing at. MEENA


But, I do not spoil anything. MAIZAFI Those days, girls never helped at the farms! MEENA What is wrong with it? MAIZAFI Well, may be nothing. May be they were just lazy. [DANTSIRO and GADANGA giggle] MEENA That is not fair; mother helped you. MAIZAFI To cause commotion, yes. [He laughs] MEENA I will ask her. MAIZAFI No... She may end up breaking the house! [GADANGA and DANTSIRO take their leave] DANTSIRO See you later, Meena. MEENA Is there any dance tonight? GADANGA Yes. MEENA I will come if mother allows me. [She goes inside leaving her father with a glee] SHIFT TO TOWN SQUARE: SAME DAY: NIGHT Young girls dance in a circle. GADANGA and DANTSIRO stand at the rim of the open space cleared for dancing. MEENA walks to the head of the drummers, whispers to him. A different tune is played. She walks to GADANGA and pulls him in to the centre. There is applause. The pair dance briefly alone; soon, they are joined by other pairs. After a while, GADANGA and


MEENA inch their way out of the arena to a long log of wood on which they sit eyeing each other, shyly. MEENA My mother wants to know… GADANGA What? MEENA Our wedding, you have not said anything. GADANGA I am waiting for the end of the season. Will that be alright? MEENA [Smiling] I guess so. GADANGA [Looking up at the full moon] I think we should go home now. MEENA Don’t you want another dance? GADANGA No. One is enough for today. I have a lot of work to do at the farm tomorrow. [They walk away, while the drums continue piercing the moony night] SHIFT TO EXTERIOR: STREET: THE NEXT DAY: MORNING TURAKI and two DOGARAI are briskly walking along the street; they take a bend and come across WAZIRI on the way. WAZIRI [After casual greetings] Turaki, where to in such a haste? TURAKI To execute his Majesty's pleasure. WAZIRI Of what nature, may I ask? TURAKI


Of all people, his majesty's Prime Minister Should be the most knowledgeable. WAZIRI [Sensing the sarcasms] Well, not in this. TURAKI Not in this, the chief being married? No, Waziri no WAZIRI I know of his intent, But, not to this extent TURAKI Well then, even the madman of the town, Soon to be his in-Law seems more informed. WAZIRI [Taken aback] Did you not tell inform his Majesty The girl is betrothed to Baiwa's son? TURAKI You expect me to dwell on such details? I should know where his fancies go, And there my own will go. WAZIRI But, you know what the custom is. TURAKI Yes, I know, but custom feeds no one, Those who guide the custom do the feeding, If they change, we change without challenge. What they give as new we take. WAZIRI There may be conflict on this, Turaki Think it over without a rush. TURAKI There is conflict, always. Going against the chief is a conflict,


Going against your own wish is a conflict, My wish goes after his wish to avoid conflict. WAZIRI I can see you have already taken sides. TURAKI In this matter, one thing I know for sure, His majesty is swept, you cannot hold him back. WAZIRI I hope to see him again, before any harm is done. When trouble is asleep, it should be left to sleep. [They walk away on their separate ways] SHIFT TO EXTERIOR: MAIZAFI'S FRONTAGE: MOMENTS LATER TURAKI calls on MAIZAFI. He informs him of the chief's intent. MAIZAFI, without hesitation, rejects the proposal. Turaki warns him of the consequence of his rejection.] SHIFT TO INTERIOR: THE LOCAL MOSQUE NEAR MAIZAFI'S HOUSE: NIHGT MAIZAFI addresses the congregation, after the prayers, on the Chief’s machinations. Others also complain of some abuses. They resolve to make a deputation to Waziri. SHIFT TO INTERIOR: TURAKI'S HOUSE NIGHT TURAKI tells the Dogarai COMMANDANT on the Chief's intent and the need to be vigilant. The man observes that his forces are becoming unpopular. TURAKI advices, ‘People are subdued by force not by words.’ SHIFT TO INTERIOR: THE NEXT DAY: WAZIRI'S HOUSE: MORNING WAZIRI receives the delegation on Maizafi's case and on other unpleasant matters. He promises to take it up with the chief. SHIFT TO INTERIOR: THE INNER QUARTERS OF MAIKARFI: MORNING


MAIKARFI's most senior wife wants to verify the rumour of the chief’s upcoming marriage. ‘No’, Maikarfi says ‘the girl coming is a slave.’ The married women, therefore, should not worry. SHIFT TO INTERIOR: THE COURT ROOM: MORNING: LATER The courtiers are seated. MAIKARFI enters at the blow of a horn. People come forward to greet him, in turns. Someone stands to complain on the Fulani incursions into their farms. SARKIN NOMA is asked to see to it. Another person brings sacks of goods, saying he has heard of the wedding ceremony. There is applause. SARKIN FADA is asked to collect the gift. TURAKI stands to say that MAIZAFI has willing given his daughter to the chief to wed. WAZIRI tries to raise objection but is stopped. He is asked to record this memorable event. SHIFT TO INTERIOR: MAIZAFI'S ZAURE: NOON TURAKI leads a delegation of elders to MAIZAFI. They present gifts which MAIZAFI rejects, vehemently. Turaki feels insulted. SHIFT TO EXTERIOR: GADANGA'S FARM: NEXT DAY: MORNING GADANGA and DANTSIRO discuss what transferred at MAIZAFI's compound the day before. They express disgust and alarm at the issuing disorder. SHIFT TO EXTERIOR: WITHIN MAIZAFI'S COMPOUND: NOON MEENA is blowing the fire inside the compound. Her mother, TA'ALLA is in her room. TURAKI and some DOGARAI burst into the compound. TURAKI There she is, get her. [Two men lifted MEENA up to the shoulders] MEENA Mother, help me. Put me down. TA'ALLA [Attracted by the commotion]


Turaki, leave my daughter alone. TURAKI [Restraining Ta'alla] Get off, woman. TA'ALLA You cannot take my only child. TURAKI The chief wants her. [TURAKI pushes the woman down as they go with MEENA] SHIFT TO EXTERIOR: INSIDE BAIWA'S COMPOUND: SAME TIME MAIZAFI is rounding up his conversation with Baiwa on the chief's intention and his fears of what might happen. MAIZAFI I will be going. BAIWA Alright, greet Ta'alla for me, please. [MAIZAFI walks out taking a turn to his compound.] SHIFT TO EXTERIOR: WITHIN MAIZAFI'S COMPOUND: MOMENTS LATER TA'ALLA is still crying as MAIZAFI comes in. TA'ALLA MEENA is gone. MAIZAFI Where? TA'ALLA They came and took her away. MAIZAFI [Lifting his wife up] What happened? TA'ALLA They took Meena away. MAIZAFI Who took her away? TA’ALLA Turaki and his men!


MAIZAFI Impossible! [He let Ta'alla drop as he dashes into his room for a cutlass] SHIFT TO PATH TO THE CHIEF'S PALACE: MOMENTS LATER MAIZAFI, a weapon in hand, hurries along the path. GADANGA and DANTSIRO, coming back from the farm, meet him. They greet him. He passes them without responding. SHIFT TO SAME PATH GADANGA and DANTSIRO stand by the path pondering on what the matter is. They decide to trail him. SHIFT TO GATE OF THE PALACE MAIZAFI brandishes his cutlass, trying to force his way in against the wall of Dogarai. They haul away. He stands and charges on. They throw him away as GADANGA and DANTSIRO gets to the scene. They knell to help him up, entreating. MAIZAFI My daughter will not go, I swear. [The two youths exchanged apprehensive glances] SHIFT TO INTERIOR: COURT ROOM MAIKARFI and WAZIRI are having quite a thorny chat. WAZIRI Your Highness, this undertaking is prone, Impregnated with risks MAIKARFI Talk to us of risks? We, the chaser of hundred warriors, You speak to us of risks? WAZIRI Women, your highness are snares, We have fists against warriors, No claws against the nets of women.


MAIKARFI The maid by age is a woman, By build she is of our taste By her marking she holds our destiny. WAZIRI My lord, the maid is already betrothed. MAIKARFI We are decided on this matter, Waziri, Be by our side and prosper, Or let your opinion be your lonely company. SHIFT TO INTERIOR: MAIZAFI'S ROOM NIGHT [MAIZAFI is lying in bed, eyes fixed up, while Ta'alla sobs.] TA'ALLA My only daughter, Oh God. [She cries] MAIZAFI [Sitting up and raising his arms up] God, give me the strength to fight this monster TA'ALLA Amen SHIFT TO EXTERIOR: OPEN AIR: NIGHT GADANGA and DANTSIRO sit by a fire. DANTSIRO goes for twigs while GADANGA sits silently. They feed the fire. DANTSIRO I cannot understand this... Yet these people are the keepers of our values? [GADANGA just eyes the rising flames] DANTSIRO Anyway, we should wait and see. He is bound to give her up... [He feeds the fire] GADANGA I don't think I can wait. I wish I had taken your flash thought seriously.


DANTSIRO What could you have done? Nothing, now, all we can do is to wait. No haste, just time to think it over. GADANGA I wish I can… [Spitting into the fire] No, I cannot take it… [He stands up] You will excuse me, I am going in. DANTSIRO Good night, try to get some sleep, though. SHIFT TO EXTERIOR: THE TOWN PANORAMA - DAWN Gradually, the sun envelops the town in golden rays. MEENA is being attended to by elder women. She sobs heavily. MAIKARFI walks in. The women salute him and vanish. He walks to her, trying to touch her head. She withdraws in disdain. MAIKARFI You are a lucky one and I am a tolerant man, With you, I will be more than that, Though my desires rage like fire. MEENA Then let me go home [MEENA attempts to move as he bars her] MAIKARFI No, my dear, Nothing goes out of my trap. Your home is here now MEENA [Spits out] MAIKARFI They always react that way. You will change after the ceremony, I assure you [MEENA eyes him hatefully]


SHIFT TO THE CHIEF'S COURTROOM The court is full as the Chief strides in. Waziri is conspicuously absent. The Dogarai make a semi circle round the chief. MAIKARFI Where is our Waziri? [Waving at the vacant space] TURAKI [Bowing lowly] Not here, your majesty MAIKARFI Why not? TURAKI No one can say, your majesty, A lose dog has many wondering spots MAIKARFI Send for him, quick. We would like this event celebrated in style. TURAKI Hakika, I will pass the word around, Especially to the Ruggan Fulani SHIFT TO EXTERIOR: WITHIN MAIZAFI'S COMPOUND Some women are helping to do Ta'alla's house chores. WOMAN I It is a pity [She pours out water into a pot] WOMAN II There is nothing to say, Subjects obey, hoping for their mercy. WOMAN I To think he is twice her age. WOMAN II That is what men prefer The juicy part of a woman's life,


When that is finished they throw the shell away. WOMAN I If only Ta'alla can overcome it, She looks awful these days. WOMAN II I doubt that, I wish she will eat though [She walks into Ta'alla's hut with a pot of porridge] Ta'alla is sitting on the mat, leaning against the bed. She looks very haggard. In front of her is her food untouched. WOMAN II Ta'alla, [no response] Please eat something. Here is your porridge. It tastes good. [No response, Ta'alla stirs vacantly, the woman leaves the plate on the mat and goes out, disappointed] SHIFT TO EXTERIOR: WITHIN BAIWA'S HOUSE - MORNING GADANGA No, mother, we must fight him. BAIWA Not now my dear, we fear is a defeat. Everything has its own appointed time. GADANGA We have to resolve to fight, mother, Perchance it will be in accordance with his decree, BAIWA We need time to consult, time to prepare. There is always a day of reckoning. SHIFT TO EXTERIOR: FULANI SETTLEMENT - DUSK Dogarai, on horseback, troop into the Fulani camp, the commandant blows the trumpet as the Fulani start to gather. COMMANDANT The chief, Maikarfi, the son of Maiyaki, Orders you to give,


As gift, a cow each per family, For the occasion of his wedding [There is a general rambling of discontent as the Fulani start to withdraw. The elder among them comes forward] ELDER We will like to confer with ourselves, If the chief's warriors would allow DOGARAI What for? COMMMANDANT Alright, shrewd man, hurry up, We come in peace, yet that is changeable, If you choose to disobey ELDER Meyatti, warrior [Dogarai pose, eyeing the young ladies around] SHIFT TO UNDER A TREE- A MOMENT LATER The elders of the camp are having a heated debate on their response to the chief's demands. ELDER Is it your mind? The stand of all of us is not to yield? THE ASEMBLY [In unison] Yes. We are tired. We are resolute. And we are ready. SHIFT TO EXTERIOR: BY THE HUTS - SAME TIME Some of the dogarai have disembarked and are trying to giggle with some of the teenage girls against the latter's wish. COMMANDANT I hate to burn this place down, But the shrewd Fulani, I suspect,


Want to play some tricks The elder Fulani followed by his people troop in. One young lad tries to push his sister away from the dogari. The dogari pushes him down. Others move in. ELDER [Intervening] Gently, young blood, no need for hot breath now COMMANDANT Yes, where are the cows? ELDER Negge wala! DOGARAI What? ELDER No cows, so we resolved [The dogari slashes with his weep at the elder. A young Fulani charges at him, trying to pull him down from the horseback] THE COMMANDANT This is what you want? We will burn this place down, Boys torch it to ashes, Take what is of use SHIFT TO FULANI SETTLEMENT DUSK The dogarai charge in with lit torches; they throw them on the huts. There is yelling and commotion all round. The Fulani try, in vain, to halt the assault. A dogari bursts into one of the huts, smashing pots and calabashes, while the inhabitants plead. One dogari is pulling down the structure of the grain store. An old woman is struggling to get out of her smoky hut. Another dogari is dragging out some sheep and goats. A dogari is wrestling with a maid. He drags her. A Fulani youth goes to rescue her; he strikes the Dogari with a club, the man falls. The commandant calls out to his men by the trumpet. THE COMMANDANT


Alright, let us go. [The Dogarai withdraw with their loot, leaving the settlement in flames. People run helter-skelter, screaming and yelling] SHIFT TO INTERIOR: NEXT DAY: MEENA'S ROOM: PALACE - MORNING Tears flow down on MEENA's cheeks, as she lies stirring at the rafter. An elderly woman enters the room. WOMAN Is there anything you want, your royalty? [No response. The woman goes out of the room with a shrug.] SHIFT TO WITHIN THE PALACE: A MOMENT LATER KULUWA, the senior consort of the Chief waits as the woman comes out. KULUWA How is she? WOMAN Stony! His majesty has made a choice! KULUWA We have been here, happy at last, I do not know why he wants her WOMAN I learnt she was foretold KULUWA [Sarcastically] So they said of us! [With an air of offence, she walks away.] SHIFT TO EXTERIOR: WITHIN MAIZAFI'S COMPOUND MAIZAFI sharpens his sword at the grinding stone. Beside him is a collection of others weapons. MAIZAFI [To himself] I have fought before I fought the Fulani


I beat off the Zamfarawa What is a small fight to me again? [He runs the blade carefully through his fingers to test its sharpness] MAIZAFI Just wait MEENA Just await my coming [He stands, collects his weapons and walks into the hut.] MAIZAFI puts on his war dress. Ta'alla looks on. MAIZAFI It is a war. If I succeed, you see me, If I die, God bless us, Till we meet in the garden. TA'ALLA But, mai gida, you are alone MAIZAFI No, I am not alone; God is always with me, As we rise against oppression. TA'ALLA I am afraid, malam MAIZAFI Don’t be afraid, This man will stop at nothing; [He picks up his sword] He is bent at killing us, anyway. [He places his right hand on her head] Be at home, We shall meet here again on in heavens. [He casts a surveying glance at the room] [Ta'alla breaks down crying as MAIZAFI walks out.] SHIFT TO INTERIOR: THE CHIEF'S COURT: AFTERNOON MAIKARFI is seated while WAZIRI squats by him WAZIRI


Your highness, The domain is tense MAIKARFI That is for our wedding! WAZIRI I am afraid, your highness, The land is crying not laughing MAIKARFI And why does it cry? WAZIRI Out of discontent, your highness MAIKARFI At other times, your words, As they seek to hurt, Would have drawn our anger; Learn to choose better words, If you are against us, Tarry away from our venom WAZIRI I am loyal, your highness But, the towns are complaining MAIKARFI To station our feelings on such aches Will ruin our crown WAZIRI The Fulani had been overran MAIKARFI Disobedience has its price; We will do it twice over if they try again WAZIRI We have broken a truce between us MAIKARFI Truce is sought by the weak, We are not weak. Treaties are drawn


To give you time to prepare, And we are ready. We are strong, we don’t need truce, We can break treaties as we please. WAZIRI But, your highness MAIKARFI We are being bored by you, Waziri WAZIRI Your highness, I fear revolt MAIKARFI Then, do not cause it, By your stand, you have given much away, Of your intent we are informed, You talk of revolt? Let it come, Waziri Our resolve, we will show them. [With a wave of hand, he signifies his displeasure at Waziri] You show no interest in our happiness You shall be away from our presence If we perceive change in you You shall draw near SANKIRA [In a loud voice] You stand displaced old man! [After a brief, MAIKARFI addresses the gathering] MAIKARFI That we did, for our domain. We are determined to punish, No, to cut away the rotten ones, Before they infest the rest Let it be known, this long, Our patience was our wish, Not fear. Turaki [Turning to the man, Turaki bows forward]


We now confer on you An addition, the conduct of our wedding [There is a general applause] [Turaki stands and moves to the throne, bowing lowly] TURAKI [Bowing forward] I shall do that, your majesty, With utmost pleasure [The sound of Kakaki and Algaita fills the air] SHIFT TO GATE OF THE PALACE – MOMENTS LATER Waziri comes out of the palace gate. Suddenly, MAIZAFI charges in, the dogari bars him. MAIZAFI slashes his sword in complete rage. Waziri is taken aback. Other sentinels charge in. MAIZAFI is pierced. One of the men raises his sword high to cut through the old man, Waziri shouts out, the man does not hesitate, and in goes the blade; blood gushes out. WAZIRI Allahu-Akbar People soon gather, murmuring; the dogarai try to contain them. There is a lot of commotion as reinforcement comes in. The people are hurriedly dispersed. Turaki instructs that the Chief is not to be disturbed with new of such minor incidence. SHIFT TO EXTERIOR: OPEN GROUND: CONCURRENTLY People gather, discussing the happenings in the town, and the rumour of the gathering of Fulani at the surrounding villages. SHIFT TO MAIZAFI’S COMPOUND: MOMENTS LATER MAIZAFI’S corpse is prepared for burial. Ta'alla is in sorrow. GADANGA, DANTSIRO and other people sit, in tears. SHIFT TO MAIZAFI'S BODY IS IN WHITE SHROUD The people lift it. In the background, the call to Zuhr prayers SHIFT TO


TA'ALLA'S ROOM The woman is transfixed, quite oblivious of her surrounding as other women gave vent to their grief. SHIFT TO AT THE LOCAL MOSQUE CLOSE TO MAIZAFI'S COMPOUND MAIZAFI's corpse is in front of some rows of people at the concluding part of the funeral prayers. GADANGA and DANTSIRO help carry the bier. SHIFT TO GRAVEYARD - AFTERNOON MAIZAFI's body is lowered inside the grave. Sand is poured in. People knell for a short prayer. Then, the people disperse. GADANGA and DANTSIRO remain by the grave. DANTSIRO Will there be any work today? GADANGA No. Not today or any day. DANTSIRO Meaning? GADANGA We are in the midst of destruction, Why construct? DANTSIRO What we can't change, we tolerate, mate GADANGA What we cannot bear, we change, my friend DANTSIRO That is equally true GADANGA Then, let us change it DANTSIRO How? GADANGA Fight. Fight it to remove it That is the way to change it.


[Addresses the grave] Be rest assured, father, Your death shall be avenged. .FAGE OUT


ACT TWO FADE IN EXTERIOR: HIGH ANGLE OF THE TOWN -ZOOM TO THE PALACE INTERIOR: CHIEF'S SECOND ROOM -MORNING MAIKARFI sits on the imperial bed. His senior wife walks in. KULUWA I am here, mai-gida MAIKARFI The ceremony is up tomorrow KULUWA Yes, mai-gida MAIKARFI All the arrangements depend on you KULUWA Alright mai-gida, but MAIKARFI What is it again? KULUWA It is nothing MAIKARFI Say what is in your mind KULUWA Since you said so, What is her position? MAIKARFI What do you mean? KULUWA Well what is she? Is she a wife like us or what? MAIKARFI Ah. I see Does that bother you? Well, she is like the last one. Are you happy with that?


KULUWA The last one started like the one before her She ended up like the one before, like us, Sharing bed, sharing you MAIKARFI Have I proved inadequate in any way? Or have your favours fallen short? KULUWA But, age leaves a mark on me, Much more than it does on you MAIKARFI I still plough the field, don’t I? KULUWA Yes, you do; but, you know, With every new comer That has become rare MAIKARFI That is because of work, However, at my age and position, Being without a copy haunts me. You will understand. She is promised to give me an heir KULUWA [She is terrible hurt by this] I know I am childless So are all the women in this house! MAIKARFI You have no blame But, understand why I do what I do. I am searching, so I spread my seeds Hoping for a dump to hold them to sprout [He pulls her to himself] We have come a long way together, Kuluwa! KULUWA I am afraid


MAIKARFI I know. But, I am in need, Whatever it takes I will do Whatever it wants I will give. KULUWA How long will that be? MAIKARFI Be patient; the end is here. SHIFT TO EXTERIOR: WITH THE HAREM: LATER KULUWA is with two other women. They are curious to know the outcome of KULUWA's chat with the chief KULUWA Let us go in, you know his ears are long SHIFT TO INTERIOR: KULUWA'S ROOM The women follow KULUWA into her room KULUWA He said it is a big affair, and I sense it LAMI Does that mean he loves her? BINTA She is a new impression that is all, If you ask me, it will wane off KULUWA I don’t think so BINTA / LAMI [In unison] Why? KULUWA He had a dream, a vision or something Or someone telling him she will bear an heir BINTA That is not new; They said the same thing about me


LAMI So it was on me, They all lied to get close to him KULUWA I don’t think we should wait to see Whether the fortune-tellers lie or tell the truth, We can stop this affair BINTA / LAMI How? KULUWA Easy; just leave that to me If we are agreed BINTA Yes, but will it work? KULUWA Sure, Meena has a young man outside LAMI Well? KULUWA We will use him to break this up. SHIFT TO EXTERIOR: IN FRONT OF TURAKI'S HOUSE The COMMANDANT detests the orders TURAKI is giving him. He hates ordering the people to do force labour. SHIFT TO A PATH IN THE TOWN The dogarai are busy forcing people to do some clearing. Each is holding a long whip which occasional they lash on someone. DOGARI Clean it, you base! SHIFT TO EXTERIOR: BAIWA'S HOUSE - AFTERNOON GADANGA is tying some pieces of wood in front of the house. An elderly woman comes in. She introduces herself as the JAKADIYA, from the Chief's palace.


JAKADIYA I am looking for a youth named Gadanga GADANGA I am Gadanga JAKADIYA Then, I have a message for you GADANGA What message and from whom? We welcome no message from the chief JAKADIYA My boy, be not rude to me My message is from whom you most desire, If you don’t want to hear it, I will go GADANGA Please overlook my haste I am one badly bruised JAKADIYA It is from Meena; may I go? GADANGA From Meena, please wait What is it? JAKADIYA She wants you to come for her Next week after the celebrations Go over the southern wall She will be waiting, If you cherish her GADANGA Thank you very much I certainly do, tell her I shall be there JAKADIYA You will keep this secret, won't you? GADANGA Certainly, I am the one most in need of it. SHIFT TO


INTERIOR: MEENA'S ROOM IN THE PALACE MEENA is sitting on her bed. A maid is busy tidying up. MAID Is there anything you want me to do, your royalty? MEENA [After a pause] Nothing MAID You look tired MEENA I feel sick! MAID Try to look forward MEENA How can I? [A pause] I wish I can see Gadanga again MAID Your royalty put him behind you, please MEENA Forget him? How can I ever forget him? [She is agitated] MAID I am sorry But his majesty will be sad MEENA I don’t mind and I don’t care Why should I? I hate him for ruining me I loathe him for killing my parent MAID It was an accident, they said MEENA It was plain murder And till I die I will hold him for that [She breaks into tears and heavy sobs]


MAID Please MEENA Let me be [She hides her head under the pillow] SHIFT TO INTERIOR: KULUWA'S ROOM - A MOMENT LATER KULUWA, LAMI and BINTA are cheerful. Jakadiya has just told them about her encounter with Gadanga. KULUWA You are sure he understood? JAKADIYA Yes. He will come, in the night I see in that youth a brand of fire Easily kindled by love and honour KULUWA These qualities are more to our benefit. Make the Dogarai rise to the occasion BINTA I hope it works KULUWA Sure, it will work, I will warn Ranka-ya-dade of the impending event He will be mad to know of the girl's Continued affair with her former suitor LAMI He will certainly send her packing KULUWA Three of us are sisters already, We don’t want any addition Thank you, Jakadiya, You will certainly draw benefit by this. SHIFT TO INTERIOR: DANTSIRO'S ROOM - AFTERNOON GADANGA seems restless; he stands with DANTSIRO.


DANTSIRO You think that is true? GADANGA I am positive, she sent their Jakadiya. I will go DANTSIRO But, the wall is high GADANGA [Thoughtfully] I nearly forgot that. Well, I will have to find a way to jump it DANTSIRO Suppose you are caught? GADANGA I will fight my way out then. I must build some skills by practice. SHIFT TO EXTERIOR: THE TOWN ROAD - AFTERNOON The roads have been lined up with stones and the trees decorated with the Chief's insignia SHIFT TO EXTERIOR: THE CITY GATE - AFTERNOON Dogarai clear the way for some camels and donkeys laden with gifts for the Chief. Three Fulani youth come to pass. DOGARI I [Stopping them] And you, where do you think you are going? YOUTH I Into the city DAGARI I Well, where are your parents? YOUTH I They are at home, why? DOGARI I No youth comes from your place without an escort


YOUTH I We are not here for the celebrations DOGARI I Then, what are you here for? YOUTH I We are here to see Waziri. DOGARI I Then go back, Waziri sits not in palace YOUTH I We will visit him still DOGARI I Oh no, you don’t [He bars them with his spear. His superior walks in] DOGARI II Let them be, officer. We don’t want any trouble today [The Fulani youths walk in through the gate] SHIFT TO ALONG THE STREET - LATE AFTERNOON The three Fulani youth are walking to Waziri's house SHIFT TO WAZIRI'S ZAURE - MOMENTS LATER The Fulani youths informs Waziri that all the Fulani camps have decided on what to do to dethrone MAIKARFI. SHIFT TO EXTERIOR: WITHIN BAIWA'S COOMPOUNG - LATE AFTERNOON GADANGA is having an archery exercise. Baiwa calls out on him to come for his meals. GADANGA No, not now, mother BAIWA What are you shooting? GADANGA Nothing, I am just doing some practice. SHIFT TO


EXTERIOR: MOMENT LATER GADANGA is having a rope climbing exercise up the tall tree in the compound. SHIFT TO INTERIOR: GADANGA'S ROOM - AT NIGHT GADANGA is having some boxing exercise. Baiwa walks in. He pauses to greet her. BAIWA Something is happening to you. You do not eat, you do not sleep, What is wrong? GADANGA I am just trying to keep fit, mother. BAIWA You don’t think of war, I hope. GADANGA To avoid war, we must prepare for one. BAIWA Alright, it is enough for today. Have your meals and go to sleep. . SHIFT TO EXTERIOR: THE TOWN AT NIGHT The town is asleep. Occasionally, dog backings pierce the air. Virtually, nothing moves. Baiwa's compound is no exception. SHIFT TO INTERIOR: GADANGA'S ROOM NIGHT GADANGA is fast asleep, having a dream. ECHO Avenge, avenge, and stand to fight [He wakes up with a start. He rubs his eyes. Everything is quiet. He walks to the door and peeps outside] SHIFT TO EXTERIOR: BAIWA'S COMPOUND NIGHT Darkness and silence envelops everywhere. SHIFT TO


GADANGA'S ROOM NIGHT GADANGA goes back to bed. SHIFT TO INTERIOR: THE CHIEF'S ROOM NIGHT MAIKARFI is shifting on the bed, MEENA sleeps on the other bed. He gets up and walks to her side, casting a lustful glance at her. He sits on the edge of the bed extending his hand to touch her. MEENA withdraws sharply with a scream. SHIFT TO OUTSIDE CHIEF'S ROOM NIGHT Dogarai are alert. They almost rush to the door. One of them halts them, shaking his head, signifying to let go. SHIFT TO INTERIOR: CHIEF'S ROOM MAIKARFI curses and goes back to his bed disappointed SHIFT TO BAIWA'S COMPOUND - DAWN GADANGA is having a weight lifting exercise. Baiwa comes out to remind him that it is time for prayers. The whole town echoes with the call to prayers. GADANGA I have prayed already, mother. [He walks into his room] SHIFT TO INTERIOR: WAZIRI'S COMPOUND AT ZAURE - DAWN WAZIRI leads the people of his household, including the three Fulani youths, in the morning prayers. They conclude the prayer and shake hands. FULANI YOUTH I Well, I think we will depart before light sets in. WAZIRI Tell him to get prepared But you should be low at the moment YOUTH I His plan is to strike today


WAZIRI It is too early, it will be dangerous, Our man is at the height of his power YOUTH II But we have our weapons ready WAZIRI That is not enough. You need sympathy from the people If you mount today, the town will counter; There will be blood bath, Maikarfi will go free And that is not what we want. YOUTH I Hakika [They move to the door] WAZIRI Greet your father for me He will soon hear from me [The youths depart while Waziri turns in] SHIFT TO EXTERIOR: THE SUN RISES ON AINA [The town is drown by the sound of drums and trumpets] SHIFT TO INTERIOR: TURAKI'S ROOM - EARLY MORNING [Turaki is dressing up. His wife looks on from the bed.] TURAKI Our time has come, Maimuna Upstart, that is what they call me. I will show them our scheme in the family [He is putting the gown which covers his face] My parents were nothing in this town But, my children will be something [He looks at her] They will be something to reckon with [He goes to a basket to collect his hat] Waziri is finished


He has been the learned ass blocking me Now, no more! [He walks to her taking her hand] From now on nothing stops my being What I want to be To be ahead, you hear that, To be on the lead [Punching her as she smiles] You will be proud [He walks out] SHIFT TO TURAKI'S COMPOUND - MORNING Turaki, feeling great, he surveys his horse being saddled. The servants greet him. He goes and pats the horse on the flank. They lead the horde outside. SHIFT TO TOWN SQUARE - MORNING The town is coming to life. Sounds of trumpet mixed with the humming of birds. People have started trooping to the palace. SHIFT TO EXTERIOR CHIEF'S PALACE Musicians and dance groups of various kinds are gathering. SHIFT TO WITHIN THE CHIEF'S PALACE Dogarai are slaughtering animals. Music at the background SHIFT TO INTERIOR: HERAM - MORNING Women dress up their children for the celebrations. SHIFT TO MEENA'S ROOM MEENA is being dressed up. She remains moody and passive. Tears are dropping down her cheeks. SHIFT TO INTERIOR: MAIZAFI'S COMPOUND - TA'ALLA'S ROOM Ta'alla is crying while a woman sits by her side.


TA'ALLA I curse the world for this cruelty WOMAN Try to rest, Ta'alla VOICE OVER Sallama dai, masu gida WOMAN Come in SHIFT TO MAIZAFI'S COUMPOUND A group of women walk in carrying boxes and bundles as gifts from the chief. They troop into the hut. WOMAN Good morning, Jakadiya TA'ALLA [In rage] Get out. Get out all of you [She breaks down crying and yelling] JAKADIYA We are sent by the chief TA'ALLA Go away, I curse all of you! [She starts throwing things at them] JAKADIYA You are taking you to the palace TA'ALLA Get out! [She gets up and dashes out of the room] SHIFT TO MAIZAFI'S COMPOUND Ta'alla runs out, making for the graveyard, followed by the women. She is screaming and cursing. She has gone mad. SHIFT TO MAIZAFI'S GRAVE Ta'alla gets to Maizafi’s grave. She screams, tearing her head tie. She picks a stick attempting to nurse it as a baby.


TA'ALLA My dear child Don’t cry my dear child [The women look on pathetically as Ta'alla runs into the bush] SHIFT TO INTERIOR: BAIWA'S ROOM- AFTERNOON GADANGA dashes into his mother's room. GADANGA Mother, Mama Ta'alla has gone mad BAIWA When? GADANGA This morning BAIWA Allahu-Akbar GADANGA It is time, mother to crush this man BAIWA Not now, Gadanga GADANGA But, mother... BAIWA The time will surely come [FADE OUT] ACT THREE FADE IN EXTERIOR: CHIEF'S COURTYARD - MORNING MAIKARFI is heating up at Waziri who holds a scroll MAIKARFI We allowed you in for your plea; We will not be bothered by triviality. WAZIRI It is important, your highness


MAIKARFI You must vouchsafe a good reason For this interruption [Music is being heard at the background] WAZIRI This, my lord is enough a serious matter MAIKARFI And what is it? WAZIRI It is a petition, my lord MAIKARFI Is that all? WAZIRI Yes, but... [Waziri consults his documents] The Fulani have a strong representation MAIKARFI We suspect so Your loyalty is suspect WAZIRI My lord, I am as loyal as anyone can be, But these people are asking for a redress MAIKARFI Say no more Twice you have sought to cross us WAZIRI But my lord, I am trained... MAIKARFI You are trained to document What pleases us, not to disobey us If your documents gouge you, burn them WAZIRI But I cannot, my lord MAIKARFI Then, we will do it for you, at your peril


[MAIKARFI reaches for the scroll snatching them from Waziri. He walks to the fire pot] MAIKARFI See, it is done easily [MAIKARFI torches the scroll] MAIKARFI Commandant! [A dogari walks to them] MAIKARFI Waziri has fallen out with us Confine him till we please If his age matters to you treat him gently [The dogari gets hold of Waziri roughly and drags him out] WAZIRI You have erred, my lord SHIFT TO EXTERIOR: INFRONT OF THE PALACE -MORNING Turaki gives orders to the Dogarai who hurry up clearing and arranging people as they gather. SHIFT TO EXTERIOR: CELL - MOMENT LATER The dogarai have put Waziri behind bars and one of them is locking up the room DOGARI It is too bad for you old man! SHIFT TO EXTERIOR: INFRONT OF THE PALACE - NOON MAIKARFI is at the venue of the celebrations. Dancing has started. Next to MAIKARFI on the right is MEENA; on the left are KULUWA, LAMI and BINTA. Turaki sits away and Waziri's seat is vacant. MAIKARFI signals TURAKI to Waziri's chair. Turaki sits on it very cautiously. There is great applause. [MAIKARFI makes a public pronouncement] MAIKARFI We here by allocate half of our domain to our new queen


[A general, thunderous applause] MEENA I don’t like any thing [MEENA dashes off. The maids lead her back to her seat] MAIKARFI Treat her lightly! MEENA I hate you SHIFT TO EXTERIOR: FULANI SETTLEMENT -AFTERNOON The Fulani are busy repairing their burnt settlement. A pipe sound is blown. All the workers abandon their tools and stations and make to the centre of the settlement SHIFT TO EXTERIOR: SETTLEMENT CENTER – A MOMENT LATER A gathering has formed. The women form a separate group waiting. The eldest man stands in the middle. ELDER I have no words from Aina, brothers FULANI I We strike FULANI II No, let us wait FULANI I For how long ELDER To make contact with those inside SHIFT TO EXTERIOR: FARM- AFTERNOON GADANGA and DANTSIRO are practicing duel DANTSIRO Waziri is jailed GADANGA Yes, I heard that And Mama Ta'alla is deranged


DANTSIRO Yes, what a pity! GADANGA Baba Maizafi is killed DANTSIRO That was a cold blooded act DANTSIRO Well, what is the next move? [They move to the shade to have some drinks] GADANGA More practice, more campaign and then assault DANTSIRO Right! SHIFT TO GADANGA'S ROOM NIGHT GADANGA and DANTSIRO are in the room eating. There is a tap on the door. The two look at each other. GADANGA picks up his sword and goes to the door. GADANGA Who is it? VOICE It's a friend GADANGA Where from? VOICE Rugga [GADANGA opens the door slightly and a Fulani youth walks in. GADANGA shuts the door. The Fulani youth in panting] FULANI We need your help Our cattle and our lives are not safe GADANGA Why? FULANI The marauding of the chief


DANTSIRO We are equally afflicted FULANI Then help us GADANGA We will help one another [The three join hands in unity] SHIFT TO EXTERIOR: FARM: FEW DAYS AFTER THE WEDDING – DUSK GADANGA and DANTSIRO are roasting a bird. GADANGA I shall see Meena tomorrow DANTSIRO If Allah wishes GADANGA Yes, insha-Allah [The meat is ready. They salt it and start munching] GADANGA My plan is to drop over the wall DANTSIRO What about me? GADANGA You wait outside, If I succeed, you help us out. If I fail... DANTSIRO I follow GADANGA No. You run DANTSIRO Run? What do you mean? GADANGA Someone has to continue DANTSIRO But, I cannot leave you in there


GADANGA You have to, she will be waiting And I have learnt a lot of tricks to get out SHIFT TO INTERIOR: NEXT DAY: WAZIRI'S CELL Dogari opens the cell. The floor is rough and in a mess. Waziri, weak and sick, sits leaning against the wall. Bowls of food still untouched are by his feet. The Dogari curses as he gets the sick man to his feet. He chains him and leads him out. SHIFT TO INTERIOR: CHIEF'S COURT - MORNING MAIKARFI is seated on the imperial chair MAIKARFI Stay there [Waziri is brought in. He is finding it difficult to stand] MAIKARFI We are not troubled by your hunger strike In fact we can maximize your agony If we so wish [Waziri is about to fall] MAIKARFI Teach him how to bow before us [The dogari raises Waziri’s hands up suspending him] MAIKARFI We want your entire documents WAZIRI No MAIKARFI Yes, or we annihilate your lineage WAZIRI I swear I will not give them to you MAIKARFI You are a fool! Take him away; And bring all his records here SHIFT TO


INTERIOR: WAZIRI'S ROOM IN HIS HOUSE - AFTERNOON The Dogarai are in Waziri's room, in his house. They gather rolls of documents and books which they take them away SHIFT TO EXTERIOR: CHIEF'S COURT YARD MAIKARFI and TURAKI are throwing the document into the fire while Waziri is brought out of his cell and forced to watch. WAZIRI There will be a reckoning for this You will be watched burning MAIKARFI Take care, Waziri Take the insolent away from us [Waziri is dragged off] SHIFT TO EXTERIOR: WITHIN THE CHIEF'S COURT YARD - DUSK KULUWA calls out for her Dogari. KULUWA Today is the day! Raise alarm the moment the man is in the compound DOGARI Yes, Uwar gida KULUWA I want no mistakes DOGARI There will be none KULUWA Right, move on! SHIFT TO INTERIOR: GADANGA'S ROOM – AT NIGHTFALL GADANGA and DANTSIRO are busy packing ropes, small daggers and some weapons. Baiwa calls out from her room. The young men look at each other. They reassure themselves. GADANGA goes out to her. SHIFT TO


BAIWA'S ROOM - A MOMENT LATER Baiwa is in bed. She is coughing. GADANGA walks in. GADANGA What is wrong, mother? BAIWA I am sick and I looked for you this afternoon You didn’t come back home early [GADANGA is dreading what is coming] BAIWA I want you to be around to nurse me GADANGA Yes, mother, but... BAIWA But what, I guess you have nothing else to do? GADANGA Alright BAIWA Good, get me a calabash [GADANGA glances at the door] SHIFT TO GADANGA'S ROOM DANTSIRO has packed all the items neatly. GADANGA dashes in DANTSIRO What is wrong? GADANGA My mother is sick DANTSIRO We won't go then? GADANGA We will go DANTSIRO And leave her alone? GADANGA This is my only chance Beside, this is the only instance


DANTSIRO To disobey her? GADANGA Yes, she will forgive me when I tell her later DANTSIRO Tell her now GADANGA No, she will surely detain me, let us go SHIFT TO EXTERIOR: COURT YARD - NIGHT A senior dogari places dogarai on night watch. He indicates where each one of them is to hide SHIFT TO EXTERIOR: BY THE WALL OF THE PALACE -NIGHT GADANGA and DANTSIRO walk stealthily. They stop as they hear something move inside DANTSIRO Let us retreat GADANGA No, not now, please, I must go on [They unload, bringing out the rope. They tie the hook and throw it over the wall. It slides back SHIFT TO EXTERIOR: INNER SIDE OF THE WALL Dogari wait anxiously and patiently SHIFT TO EXTERIOR: BY THE WALL GADANGA is getting ready to throw the rope once again DANTSIRO We can abandon this scheme, really GADANGA Meena is waiting [GADANGA throws the hook, it catches. He shakes it. He shakes DANTSIRO's hand and starts climbing] SHIFT TO


EXTERIOR: INNER SIDE OF THE WALL Dogari waits as GADANGA's hand emerges. GADANGA is now on top of the wall, he glances down SHIFT TO EXTERIOR: BY THE WALL DANTSIRO raises his hand up wishing him good luck SHIFT TO EXTERIOR: INNER SIDE OF THE WALL Dogari gets tense. GADANGA drops in. he looks round and starts moving. The trumpet blows. Dogarai rush on him. SHIFT TO EXTERIOR: BY THE WALL DANTSIRO hears the sound and is dismayed. He leaves the wall quickly and waits DANTSIRO Oh my God, strengthen him. SHIFT TO EXTERIOR: INNER SIDE OF THE WALL There is a fight GADANGA is over powered. SHIFT TO INTERIOR: CHIEF'S ROOM NIGHT The chief stirs. MEENA sleeps. Sound of commotion makes MAIKARFI go to the door with his sword in hand. SHIFT TO EXTERIOR: COURT YARD - NIGHT GADANGA is held. The chief walks in. Dogarai brief him. It is MEENA's boy friend. He orders them to take him away. MAIKARFI I will skin you alive [GADANGA spits on him. A dogari slaps GADANGA] MAIKARFI Take the rat away We shall end him in the morrow [GADANGA is led away] [FADE OUT]


ACT FOUR FADE IN INTERIOR: WAZIRI'S CELL -NIGHT Waziri drags himself to the bundle thrown just in; his cotenant is GADANGA. He taps him lightly. GADANGA faces Waziri. His face is covered with blood. WAZIRI Who are you, fellow? GADANGA Gadanga, son of Baiwa WAZIRI Yes, what brought you in here? GADANGA Meena, the daughter of Maizafi She is my intended Who are you, sir? WAZIRI I am the former Waziri GADANGA Why former? WAZIRI Well, I am now here And shall most likely die here [WAZIRI leans back, coughing. GADANGA recalls his mother] GADANGA Oh my God, my mother! SHIFT TO INTERIOR: BAIWA'S ROOM – NIGHT Baiwa coughs. She calls out for GADANGA- silence - she coughs - she struggles out of her room. SHIFT TO EXTERIOR: BAIWA'S HOUSE- A MOMENT LATER She goes to GADANGA's room - silence. She opens the room. SHIFT TO


INTERIOR: GADANGA'S ROOM NIGHT The room is empty. The lantern burns in the centre. Baiwa sees a forgotten dagger. She walks to it, picks it and prays; BAIWA God, you alone creates the heart of men And they are inpatient God guide my only son against evil. SHIFT TO INTERIOR: CELL -MORNING Waziri has just drunk the water GADANGA has handed to him WAZIRI Yes, your father was a royal blood GADANGA My mother never told me that. WAZIRI That was the better for you till now Maikarfi killed your father to get to the throne GADANGA He killed my father? [Waziri starts coughing badly, GADANGA goes to him. He tries to cuddle him but the sickly man is drained. His eyes bulged] GADANGA God, strengthen my heart [There is a heavy knock on the door. The dogarai open the cell, find Waziri's body. They push GADANGA out] SHIFT TO INTERIOR: COURT ROOM - MORNING MAIKARFI stands while Turaki briefs him on the ceremonies. TURAKI Your subjects are very happy, your majesty. MAIKARFI So it shall be [MAIKARFI is troubled by one thing, his new queen, MEENA] TURAKI It is easy your highness


MAIKARFI What is the solution? TURAKI Torture that lover of hers; Women are like mares, submissive when broken MAIKARFI See it done SHIFT TO EXTERIOR: OPEN FIELD - MORNING A dogari blows the trumpet inviting people to the town square SHIFT TO INTERIOR: BAIWA'S ROOM -MORNING Baiwa is leaning against the wall, coughing and praying BAIWA God, I have trust in you, Keep my son alive SHIFT TO EXTERIOR: FARM - MORNING And old farmer with his son are hoeing while the sound of the trumpet is at the background OLD MAN That is the gathering call SON What is it for? OLD MAN I don’t know, but we must go SHIFT TO 97 INTERIOR: HUT - MORNING A woman is placing down her pot from the fire; the sound of trumpet is heard WOMAN I wonder what the call is for. SHIFT TO EXTERIOR: TOWN STREET - MORNING People of varying ages and gender are moving to the square. SHIFT TO


OPEN FIELD MORNING Seats are arranged for the royal family and the dignitaries. There is a sizable number of spectators SHIFT TO INTERIOR: MEENA'S ROOM MORNING MEENA is on the floor leaning against the wall crying. The maids are trying to dress her for the occasion. MAIKARFI comes to the doorway. The maids salute him and withdraw. MAIKARFI Shall we go, queen? [One of the maids whispers into her ears. The maids help MEENA to her feet] SHIFT TO KULUWA'S ROOM -MORNING LAMI and BINTA are waiting for KULUWA LAMI Our scheme is working BINTA Yes [KULUWA comes out and they move out together] SHIFT TO EXTERIOR: OPEN SQUARE: MORNING The square is packed with people. Dogarai battle to control the crowd. KULUWA, LAMI and BINTA walk in to their seats. MEENA is half carried to her seat. Great applause as MAIKARFI, Turaki and other court officials walk in. MAIKARFI sits. TURAKI signals to a dogari. Everyone is waiting. The trumpet blows and a horse mounted by a dogari races in with GADANGA being dragged. The horse stops in the centre. Great murmur fills the air. Some people are horrified. MEENA screams. GADANGA is raised and tied to a stake. Turaki remembers something. TURAKI Where is Baiwa? [Everyone starts looking around] SHIFT TO


INTERIOR: BAIWA'S ROOM MORNING Baiwa is leaning against the wall, praying. BAIWA Oh God, be the strength in my son. [DANTSIRO walks into the room with a bowl of porridge] DANTSIRO Here, try to eat something, mother BAIWA No, Dantsiro, I have no need for food DANTSIRO But you are not well BAIWA The pain being suffered by him Is enough curative, Dantsiro [There is a heavy pounding on the outside door. As DANTSIRO makes for the door, dogarai burst in.] DOGARI She is here. Get her DANTSIRO Away with you, you base of all matter [DANTSIRO hits the dogari] BAIWA Let them come [The dogari falls down. Another charges, with a sword, DANTSIRO dodges. He picks the sword of the fallen dogari. A duel ensures as the others lift up Baiwa with ease] SHIFT TO EXTERIOR: BAIWA'S HUT - A MOMENT LATER DANTSIRO is cornered him. Baiwa is carried away. BAIWA Don’t fight them now! [Baiwa is moved out. DANTSIRO makes a desperate thrush and is caught unawares by one of the men with a slash. DANTSIRO falls down. The dogarai leave him struggling to get up] SHIFT TO


EXTERIOR: OPEN GROUND - MORNING GADANGA's back and chest are covered with whip marks. Everyone looks on as Baiwa is brought in. Some people are crying. MEENA has almost fainted. Baiwa is placed in the front. She looks hardened, no tears, nothing but bitterness. TURAKI Silence, every one That man is a thief and adulterer BAIWA Listen to me, you folk What this man speaks is not true TURAKI Shut up, mother of bad eggs BAIWA That boy is fighting injustice! TURAKI I say shut up BAIWA That boy is a royal blood, whose father... MAIKARFI Take the woman away...exiled till her death BAIWA You cannot kill the son as you did the father! [Dogarai rush on her, carrying her roughly. There is a general murmur and the people start to disperse] TURAKI Wait you folk, come back [The people move away, some in tears. MAIKARFI gets to his feet. GADANGA is left tied with dogarai on guard. KULUWA, Lami and Binta walked away dejected] BINTA I guess we have to accept her LAMI I suppose so SHIFT TO


EXTERIOR: BAIWA'S HUT -AFTERNOON DANTSIRO is tying his bleeding arm with some rug. He struggles to his feet. He staggers to the door. SHIFT TO BAIWA'S HOUSE- A MOMENT LATER DANTSIRO looks down the street. An old man is coming towards his direction. He asks the man a question. The man points at the direction of bush at the outskirt of the town. SHIFT TO BUSH -DUSK DANTSIRO staggers along the path. He stumbles and falls, rolling down the little slope. He is halted by a stump. He hears a groan at a little distance. He looks round and sees Baiwa lying. DANTSIRO cries out. BAIWA God is all powerful SHIFT TO EXTERIOR: PATH TO FULANI SETTLEMENT DANTSIRO and Baiwa are struggling along the path towards the Fulani settlement, which is not far from them. DANTSIRO We will raise a force and fight them SHIFT TO EXTERIOR: FULANI SETTLEMENT NIGHT DANTSIRO and Baiwa reach the settlement. A voice calls out VOICE Stop or I shot [They halt] VOICE Who are you? DANTSIRO We are friends VOICE Move forward and stop [They move]


DANTSIRO Take us to the Modibbo VOICE Alright, stay where you are [A Fulani youth climbs down from a tree. He walks to them with the bow drawn taunt. He recognizes DANTSIRO] LABBO Ah, Malam DANTSIRO Welcome Inna, come let's go [He leads them to a hut] LABBO Salamu-alaikum SHIFT TO HUT -FULANI SETTLEMENT - NIGHT The elder is reading from the Qur'an. He raises his head up and with his hand invites them in. DANTSIRO and Baiwa and the youth walk in. LABBO These are our friends from the town ELDER Welcome to you, friends in peace. Labbo, go to your post LABBO [As he opens the curtains to go he asks] LABBO Where is Gadanga? [DANTSIRO looks at Baiwa] BAIWA He was captured and being tortured LABBO I hope he is still alive SHIFT TO EXTERIOR: CELL - NIGHT A heavy ring of Dogarai circle GADANGA’s cell. SHIFT TO


CELL - NIGHT GADANGA massages his arms. He goes to the barred window. The murmurs of the dogarai can be heard. SHIFT TO THE PALACE –STABLE: MORNING Two Dogarai are dusting off a horse while they hum a tune. DOGARI I Something is going wrong DOGARI II What is it? DOGARI I I cannot say but it's... DOGARI II Watch your tongue [They glance at the Commandant coming towards them] COMMANDANT Come here DOGARI I Turaki ordered us to do this COMMANDANT I say come here. Who is Turaki in our force? DOGARI II Don’t take offence, sir He is new to this regiment COMMANDANT Get me my horse [Dogari II goes for the horse] COMMANDANT I smell laxity Turaki has no business over the armed forces COMMANDANT [The horse is brought] Ride along with me We have an assignment at the Fulani settlement SHIFT TO


THE PALACE -COURT YARD - A MOMENT LATER Turaki comes to the stable and discovers the horse is gone. TURAKI These dogarai are riding on wings SHIFT TO EXTERIOR: BEFORE THE FULANI SETTLEMENT -AFTERNOON Commandant and the Tax collector gallop into the Fulani camp. The Fulani warriors and DANTSIRO appear suddenly. LABBO What do you want? COMMANDANT Get us your leaders, young man. LABBO Unless you disclose your mission you cannot pass us COMMANDANT Tell your elders to deliver the chief's rights. LABBO You need not tarry, the answer is here No tax for you, no tributes So clear off from our land [The dogari notices DANTSIRO] DOGARI Dantsiro DANTSIRO Yes DOGARI I Why here? DANTSIRO To stand against oppression COMMANDANT Alright men, let's go [The Fulani warriors burst out laughing. The team ride off] DANTSIRO I should have asked him of Gadanga SHIFT TO


INTERIOR: COURT ROOM - DUSK MAIKARFI is fuming with anger. Turaki is by his side. MAIKARFI What do they mean by refusing taxes? TURAKI Your highness is kind MAIKARFI Advise us, Turaki We are of late clouded by an unattainable affection TURAKI The Fulani must be forced to pay Like all other tribes on your land The Gwari had paid The Nupe had paid The Fulani must be forced pay That is a deterrent against others MAIKARFI Get us the commandant [Turaki moves out. MAIKARFI moves up and down. Turaki comes in followed by the commandant] MAIKARFI We are raising a campaign COMMANDANT But, my lord... TURAKI What objections have you? COMMANDANT I am addressing my lord TURAKI No subject can resist an order If the forces are alert COMMANDANT With such knowledge why don’t you join us? MAIKARFI Silence


COMMANDANT My lord MAIKARFI Ccommandant, what is it? COMMANDANT We lack the weapons to wage a campaign Seeing how we faired in the last one, my lord TURAKI That is no problem, your highness The town smiths are eager to be engaged The town men are eager to take arms MAIKARFI Right, fight we must to be obeyed SHIFT TO INTERIOR: THE PALACE -CELL - AFTERNOON GADANGA is busy digging one side of the floor with a bowl in the cell. He is humming a tune. He hears footsteps. He stops digging and quickly covers the mould with his gown. As the dogari peeps through the window, GADANGA shouts at him. The man laughs and moves off. GADANGA resumes digging. GADANGA Oh mom, the boy is coming home SHIFT TO EXTERIOR: BY THE CELL - NIGHT The Dogarai are on guard. One of them asks the other for goro DOGARI I Let us share it [They sit near the cell. Humming is coming up from the cell] DOGARI II Pretty bad to be in his shoes DOGARI I Who? DOGARI II The young man in that cell SHIFT TO


CELL- NIGHT GADANGA is in the hole. It gets to his knees. He digs on. SHIFT TO OUTSIDE CELL -NIGHT The two Dogarai are having a time of relaxation. DOGARI I The order to arms is unnerving DOGARI II I suppose so, but we are trained to fight DOGARI I The commandant didn’t like it They said it is Turaki's machination DOGARI II Rather it is the Fulani; They refused to pay the taxes DOGARI I Remember that burning incidence? You think they will ever forgive us? DOGARI II I suppose not Up you go. Someone is coming NEAR THE CELL - NIGHT The two Dogarai get up and wait. A hurdled figure walks stealthily to the cell window, looks inside and withdraws. SHIFT TO THE CELL The two dogarai argue. DOGARI I It is the new queen DOGARI II Silly, that is no woman SHIFT TO EXTERIOR: MEENA'S ROOM - NIGHT The hurdled figure moves into the room very stealthily. SHIFT TO


MEENA'S ROOM - NIGHT MEENA stands on edge. The hurdled maid comes in. MAID He is alive, your royalty MEENA Thanks be to God, the Lord of the worlds MAID Continue to fake your feelings Your royalty, the chief won't know MEENA Alright, thank you MAID Let us go to bed, your royalty SHIFT TO INTERIOR: COURT ROOM - MORNING MAIKARFI is barking at the commandant. MAIKARFI No excuse. Turaki... TURAKI Your highness MAIKARFI Put levy on every one and on everything! TURAKI Right away, your highness MAIKARFI And you commandant COMMANDANT Yes, my lordMAIKARFI Force every workshop to arms And every youth to war SHIFT TO EXTERIOR: MARKET - AFTERNOON Dogarai go along the stalls forcing people to pay levies. SHIFT TO


MARKET - AFTERNOON Dogarai chase people, while traders park up their wares. SHIFT TO HUT- AFTERNOON Dogari is dragging up a youth of twelve. SHIFT TO FARM - AFTERNOON Dogarai are snatching youths from the clutch of their parents. SHIFT TO STREAM - AFTERNOON Dogarai are rounding up half-naked youths from the stream. SHIFT TO COURT YARD- DUSK The Dogarai make a ring round the enlisted youths as they are being groomed. SHIFT TO COURT ROOM - DUSK Turaki inspects a heap of confiscated money and materials. TURAKI We are sure of victory [MAIKARFI walks in] TURAKI These are the donations from the people, your highness MAIKARFI What about the army? SHIFT TO COURT YARD - DUSK The Dogarai are having trouble controlling the young men. They seem to fall out of line quite easily. MAIKARFI walks in and is so dissatisfied. He warns the commandant. COMMANDANT These are very raw, my lord MAIKARFI Smite them to tame them SHIFT TO


EXTERIOR: FULANI SETTLEMENT - MORNING A group of young Fulani are on rigorous training. Labbo is commanding them. They run, jump and do archery. DANTSIRO comes along dressed in a long captain. DANTSIRO I will have to leave you now I must go to the surrounding villages to raise support LABBO Are you set? DANTSIRO Yes, but I will see our mother first LABBO Alright [DANTSIRO walks back to the settlement] SHIFT TO EXTERIOR: BAIWA'S HUT -A MOMENT LATER Baiwa is pouring porridge out from a pot. DANTSIRO walks in. DANTSIRO Mother, I am set to go BAIWA Sit down, my son DANTSIRO sits. She pours him some porridge. He gulps a little and puts the calabash down. BAIWA You are the only friend my son has As you go to this campaign May God be your guide and protector DANTSIRO Amen BAIWA If Gadanga is still alive [Baiwa pauses. Tears are rolling down her cheeks] DANTSIRO Stop crying, mother Gadanga is still alive


BAIWA Let us hope so Tell him that I always pray for him But, do no acts similar to those of your enemy May God grant you victory Go now, go DANTSIRO Amen [DANTSIRO stands up and moves out. Baiwa bursts out crying] BAIWA God, bring my child back to me SHIFT TO EXTERIOR: CELL- AFTERNOON There is only one dogari guarding the cell and he is dosing by the door of the cell. SHIFT TO CELL -AFTERNOON At one corner of the cell there is a heap of freshly dug mount of mud. GADANGA lifts a gourd to his mouth and gulps some water. He goes to the door and peeps through the keyhole. SHIFT TO COURT YARD AFTERNOON No one is around. SHIFT TO CELL- AFTERNOON GADANGA withdraws from the keyhole. He shifts a mat and a man hole appears. He lowers himself into it and disappears. SHIFT TO CELL - MANHOLE GADANGA is crawling throw the hole to the end of the hole. He starts digging again. GADANGA By the grace of God I should be through tonight SHIFT TO


EXTERIOR: FARM -DUSK DANTSIRO is with half a dozen youths. He is lecturing them. DANTSIRO We must rise to fight injustice Our chief is a very cruel man SHIFT TO STREAM - MORNING DANTSIRO is with a group of people. He talks to them. DANTSIRO The chief has taken away our land Our cattle are not free from his grip We must unite to protect ourselves SHIFT TO MARKET PLACE -AFTERNOON DANTSIRO is with a huge crowd. He is lecturing them. DANTSIRO The chief does not respect us Neither our women nor our girls are safe with him Our land is corrupted beyond mention We must fight to purify this land SUBJECTS Yes, it is true DANTSIRO We must take to arms against a murderer SUBJECTS Yes, let's fight SHIFT TO INTERIOR: COURT ROOM - AFTERNOON MAIKARFI is dines with other officials. A messenger comes in. MESSENGER My lord, the villagers are grumbling MAIKARFI About what? MESSENGER Their land and property, my lord


TURAKI Silly man, get away you disloyal servant Your highness should not give ears to gossips SHIFT TO COURT ROOM - DUSK Drummers and dancers are entertaining the court officials. The commandant walks in. COMMANDANT My lord, the villagers are withholding their children From the service of the state MAIKARFI Why? TURAKI The command is weak, your highness COMMANDANT My lord, there is a young man called Dantsiro He is stirring up an uprising TURAKI Catch him, then COMMANDANT That is easier said than done TURAKI Get someone who can to do it MAIKARFI We will show you how it is done Turaki, get us a commandant One willing and able to carry our command As to this, do with him what we do to all rebels [Turaki calls some dogarai who drag the commandant out] TURAKI Meanwhile, your highness I suggest Kambu to be in charge MAIKARFI So be it SHIFT TO


COURT YARD - NIGHT Three dogarai are sitting on guard DOGARI I It is all nonsense I won't fight any one DOGARI II It is not the commandant I mean the former one you serve You are protecting your land DOGARI I Still, I am not dying for nothing While that man relinquishes in jail DOGARI III Stay clear of politics You can't help what is happening Just obey orders and be safe SHIFT TO CELL -NIGHT GADANGA gathers his clothes and goes into the manhole. GADANGA Alhamdu-lillah SHIFT TO COURT ROOM - NIGHT The dinner finished, Turaki bids MAIKARFI good night and goes outside. A dogari appears. DOGARI The commandant, I mean the former commandant is locked up TURAKI That is good, where? DOGARI He is in the western cell That is more decent TURAKI That is not the one intended for him Take him to the one last occupied by Waziri


DOGARI That young man, Gadanga is in it TURAKI Gadanga-ah, we almost forgot about him Make the commandant his companion [The Dogari leaves] TURAKI Power is now mine To break or to build whom I want SHIFT TO COURT YARD - NIGHT The COMMANDANT is led to GADANGA's cell. They open it. SHIFT TO CELL - NIGHT The cell is empty but for the heap of sand. DOGARI What? The mouse has dug his way out Blow the trumpet [The trumpet sounds. Dogarai run helter-skelter] DOGARI Where is he? SHIFT TO EXTERIOR: BUSH - NIGHT GADANGA runs into the bush and halts. He glances back. The town is far off. The trumpets can be heard; he runs off again. SHIFT TO CLEARING - NIGHT GADANGA is running, panting along without break SHIFT TO BUSH BY A HILL - NIGHT GADANGA runs into the bush. He halts. He is very exhausted. He gets a place, lies down covering himself with weeds. GADANGA Thanks to God SHIFT TO


BUSH BY A HILL - DAWN GADANGA wakes up. He goes for water. He cites a figure down the streamlet. He moves to it. As he gets closer, a woman jumps up. It is Ta'alla. Her rugs are by her side. GADANGA Mother Ta'alla, is that you? TA'ALLA My only child is gone My man, my husband My girl my daughter [She starts moving aimlessly] GADANGA It is me, mother, it is me [Ta'alla halts] It is me, mother [Ta'alla turns back walking towards GADANGA] It is me TA'ALLA My daughter, it is my daughter [Ta'alla comes to GADANGA and she looks at him in the face] It is me, mother TA'ALLA Are you my daughter? [GADANGA nods] Welcome my daughter Here is your food my daughter [Ta'alla breaks down crying and is about to collapse. GADANGA swiftly holds her] SHIFT TO UNDER A TREE -AFTERNOON GADANGA is handing Ta'alla a piece of meat. TA'ALLA My daughter, you know her? GADANGA Yes, she is alive and she wants you


TA'ALLA Hear that, my daughter wants me [Ta'alla laughs. From the distance comes faint footsteps. GADANGA looks at the direction. He asks Ta'alla to remain where she is. He walks to the hill top and looks. The people walk along. He moves nearer. Ta'alla shouts. TA'ALLA Are they my daughter? [GADANGA signals her to be quiet. He moves closer. He spots DANTSIRO among the group] SHIFT TO OPEN FIELD - AFTERNOON DANTSIRO is among the large crowd of people. Someone says he heard a call. They listen. The call is repeated. They look up and see a figure. The call is repeated. DANTSIRO That is Gadanga SHIFT TO TOWARD THE FIELD GADANGA is helping Ta'alla and they move toward the group. Two people along with DANTSIRO run to them. DANTSIRO Thanks be to God Gadanga, I am sure our cause is just [The people join them with 'DOWN WITH MAIKARFI'] SHIFT TO OPEN FIELD [CAMP] - NIGHT GADANGA addresses his men. GADANGA The morrow is our day By the grace of God We will strike upon Aina Let us fight with a belief The belief that we are right If we see beyond tomorrow


Days to come will be without sorrow If we die, and die we will some day We would have righted a wrong Torture no villager Destroy no livestock Spoil no farms And do not wrong your souls May God give us strength to fight The wisdom to build afterwards A society where there is justice ALL Amen, God is great Down with MAIKARFI SHIFT TO OPEN FIELD -MORNING The whole lot is divided into bands and they match SHIFT TO TOWN SQUARE - MORNING Some people discuss the coming of the confederate forces SUBJECT I Gadanga's army is coming SUBJECT II I will join them SHIFT TO EXTERIOR: PALACE - MORNING A dogari is blowing the trumpet of war. Dogarai start to gather; some have no caps, others are without shoes or weapons. Drummers start beating the dance of war. DOGARI I We will all die today! DOGARI II That is a bad thing to say DOGARI I Well, with what are we to defend ourselves? SHIFT TO


COURT ROOM - MORNING MAIKARFI is vividly disturbed. MAIKARFI Post every man to his position We must beat them [The commandant leaves] MAIKARFI Turaki, make sure we win TURAKI We will win your highness MAIKARFI Is all this because of that girl? SHIFT TO MEENA'S ROOM - MORNING MEENA is in high spirit. MAID The confederate will soon be here MEENA Let us pray to God for their protection MAID I wonder how he managed to escape, He is a real man SHIFT TO EXTERIOR: NEARING THE TOWN - AFTERNOON GADANGA's army is ready. The men are in high spirit. SHIFT TO EXTERIOR: TOWN -AFTERNOON The Dogarai are posed at the palace gate. As GADANGA's army, swelled by the subjects who run to embrace their brothers, come to the gate. They shout 'down with Maikarfi' SHIFT TO COURT ROOM MAIKARFI is confused. The shouts can be heard outside MAIKARFI What do we do now, Turaki?


TURAKI Hold on to see, your highness MAIKARFI Is that wise? SHIFT TO GATE GADANGA's army is over powering the chief’s dogarai who are easily deserting, quickly removing their gowns and joining the confederate armies. SHIFT TO COURT ROOM A dogari burst on MAIKARFI and TURAKI saying his people are losing ground. MAIKARFI Advise me Turaki, What do we do now? TURAKI Run, your highness MAIKARFI I think that is very wise [Turaki runs out] SHIFT TO GATE The gate is broken and the dogarai are overpowered. GADANGA, DANTSIRO and LABBO are in the front. There is a shout. 'God save our chief Gadanga' fill the air. There is drumming. MEENA followed by the maid and other women come forward. GADANGA dismounts and gets to MEENA. GADANGA Great is God who joins us again, MEENA DANTSIRO [To some fighters] Bring our mothers along [Ta'alla and Baiwa are led forward. There is a great applause. Ta'alla holds MEENA, while Baiwa holds GADANGA] SHIFT TO


COURT ROOM - MORNING The court room is packed full. GADANGA, LABBO and DANTSIRO are seated. An elder stands and comes forward. ELDER My lords, we the citizens of Aina Accept the leadership of Gadanga It is his rightful place [Great applause] ALL God save our chief [LABBO and DANTSIRO escort GADANGA to the imperial seat] [LABBO addresses the gathering] LABBO I now declare my people's allegiance To you Gadanga, the lion-hearted [Great applause] [CURTAINS FALL] THE END Usman Aliyu 20 January 1980 Revisited Oct 2, 2012


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