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One very interesting and useful social insect is the honey bee. Bees are considered social insects because they live and work together. They cooperate and communicate in order to survive. The bee lives in a beehive with other workers and drones, and with the queen, who can lay thousands of eggs a day. The worker bees make wax used to create new cells within the honeycomb inside the hive. Humans use this valuable beeswax in candles, cosmetics, expensive furniture polish, and other products. Worker bees also make honey from nectar collected as they go from flower to flower. During these flights, bees carry pollen that fertilizes plants so that they will reproduce. Thus bees help to keep plants growing. They also produce honey, a valuable food for humans (as well as for bees). Another fascinating social insect is the ant. Many types of ants live in colonies underground. There thousands of them build and maintain their "city." They keep it clean and free of enemies. They also cooperate to provide food, sometimes in a manner that looks human. For example, some ants actually raise their own food. One type of ant "farmer" keeps and cares for aphids. Aphids are tiny insects that suck sweet sap from plants. Ant farmers milk their aphids for this sap, just like actual farmers milk cows. The sap is then given as food to young ants and to the queen, whose main duty is to lay eggs.

Another type of ant that produces its own food does so by gardening, rather than by raising "livestock." These farmer ants take pieces of leaves into the colony and chew them up. The soft, chewed up leaves then sprout a fungus that the worker ants use to feed the queen and young ants. There are many other ways that ants cooperate to maintain and protect their colonies.
Direction : Decide whether the following statements are TRUE or FALSE. 1. The worker bee and the queen can lay thousands of eggs a day. 2. This article is to show that some insect are social insects. 3. The beeswax is also used as considerable food for humans. 4. Some of the ants make food by themselves. 5. Bees have a slight role in the process of plants growth. Vocabulary Match the word with its meaning on the right. 1. fascinating a. to pollinate 2. drone b. to draw liquid or air into the mouth using the lip muscle 3. beehive c. a wax structure of cells made by bees for holding their honey and eggs 4. aphid d. a sweet liquid produced by flowers 5. suck e. a soft sticky yellow substance produced by bee 6. fertilize f. container made for bees to settle 7. sprout g. having great attraction or charm 8. nectar h. to produce new leaves 9. beeswax i. male bee 10. honeycomb j. a group of very small insects No 1 2 3 4 2 5 TRUE FALSE

No 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10


Read the following paragraph. Then choose the best concluding sentence for each one from the list. 1. Humans have known that earthworms have been vital to enriching Earth's rich soil all throughout history. Egyptian Queen Cleopatra called earthworms sacred. The Greek philosopher Aristotle said earthworms were the intestines" of the soil. In 1881 Charles Darwin stated, "It may be doubted whether there are many other creatures which have played so important a part in the history of the world." a. Could Earth support mankind without the earthworm? b. People throughout history have understood that earthworms are extremely important. c. Charles Darwin was a scientist. 2. Have you ever bitten into a nice juicy apple only to find that a worm had already been there? The apple worm is really the caterpillar of the codling moth. The young hatch from eggs the size of pin heads and feast on apples for about a month. When the caterpillar is about a half-inch long it leaves the apple and spins a cocoon. After a month the adult moth emerges. a. Apples are an extremely healthy food to eat. b. Moths and butterflies are different in several ways. c. Sometimes three generations of the codling moths may live in the orchard in just a year.

Read each paragraph below and then write an appropriate concluding sentence on the line. 3. The construction of a comfortable campsite involves some important steps. First, select a level place that is relatively free of underbrush so a fire can be safely started. Next, make sure there is fresh water nearby before pitching the tent. Finally, collect rocks to enclose the fire and sticks to start the fire for supper. So you can camping with comfortable and enjoy your camp. 4. The letters WWW do not stand for the "Wide World of Wrestling" as hooked wrestling fans may guess. Nor do they stand for something, such as widow, related to a world war. The letters WWW refer to the World Wide Web, more commonly referred to simply as the Web. As millions of people worldwide access the Web on a regular basis, the letter W in triplicate is typed millions of times on a daily basis. Many web site addresses begin with the letters WWW, which basically indicate to the user that he or she will enter the World Wide Web in order to locate the web address. _____________________________________________________________________________________. Arrange the sentences below into good paragraph, and then write the number of topic sentence, supporting sentences and concluding sentence in the box. a. By the end of the overtime, the Tigers clearly emerged as the superior team, winning the game by four points. b. One of the most exciting games of the season took place last night. c. When the halftime buzzer sounded, the Tigers led the Blue Jays by ten points. d. But the Blue Jays, full of fire, returned from the locker room and quickly closed the gap. e. During the first half, the Tigers controlled the ball and the boards. f. No one expected the game to end in a tie, so the fans went wild when the final buzzer sounded. 1.Topic sentence : 4.Supporting sentence 3 : 2.Supporting sentence 1 : 5.Supporting sentence 4 : 3.Supporting sentence 2 : 6. Concluding sentence : Choose the right answer! 1. Mitzi didnt lose any time in applying for the teaching position in math, but Sharon _____. a. did b. didnt c. so d. too 2. She has been studying English for two years, and Gary __________. a. does too b. do too c. has too d. have too 3. You cant play tennis today, and he ____________. a. cant neither b. cant either c. can too d. cant too 4. He will be in New Mexico in August, and __________. a. so will they b. they will so c. neither will they d. they wont either 5. The children shouldnt take that medicine, and_______________. a. we should too b. neither should we c. so should we d. we should either Change the questions to noun clauses! 1 How did they find the treasure? I wonder . 2. Should we say things that might make someone upset? I wonder . 3. What are nitrates used for? Do you know .. 4. Why did the ancient Egyptians mummify the deceased? I wonder .. 5. Do most people know gelatin as the substance used to make a jellylike or dessert? Do you know whether .. 6. How will they get from the airport to the apartment? I wonder .. 7. Were they keyed up during their English placement test? I wonder 8. Who was playing the piano before the class started? I dont know .. 9. Does Anna prefer to study in silence or with the TV on? Do you know . 10. Did you phone your family to let them know you arrived safe and sound? I dont know .. Change the quoted speech to reported speech! 11. Sam said, I wont lose any sleep over it. Sam said . 12. Carol said, I didnt have a choice to go over the material we studied yesterday. Carol said .. 13. Mandy said, I have less time now than I had before. Mandy said .. 14. The teacher said, The students arrived late because of the traffic jam. The teacher . 15. Mr. Jensen said, The fire has caused considerable damage. Mr. Jensen said A 1 2 3 4 5 B C D

16. Robert said, The company was developing a new procedure before the bankruptcy hearings began. Robert said 17. Bella said,I have ever sat next to a passenger who ran off at the mouth. Bella said .. 18. George said, She has a mind like a steel trap. George said . 19. Peter said, Andre and Jose have to stop talking to each other. Peter said that .. 20. Her mother said, You must finish your homework. Her mother said ..