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“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. ” Matthew 7:7 NIV
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An Opened Door and New Beginnings
When we answered the Lord’s calling to join the work of Bible translation we were certain of what our exact role would be. God had instilled in both Marty and Sara a passion to serve teenagers, and in our hearts it seemed that it was a given that God would place us in the role of hostel parents. However, our initial interest in this role was discouraged by Wycliffe. It seemed our family was quite large (in numbers *smile*) and because there was a desperate need for workers in the auto shop we were redirected and asked to serve there instead. Just as the Lord instilled a passion in us both for serving teens, even more so, has He in us a direct desire and need to serve Him in supporting the work of Bible translation. So we pressed on and knew that just as God had seemingly closed this door towards serving as hostel parents, He would open future doors allowing us to mentor and work with teens while Marty would also fill a need as an automotive technician. “I make known the end from the beginning, from ancient times, what is still to come. I say, ‘My purpose will stand, and I will do all that I please.’ “ Isaiah 46:10 NIV As it would happen, we were in Ukarumpa for just a matter of days when we were asked about our willingness to fill a dire need as hostel parents. Just a matter of days! Could it be that God would open this door? That He would allow us to work full time loving, mentoring, and providing a home away from home for missionary kids? That He would combine our passion for teens and Bible translation? Give us both?! Our entire family is excited to let you know that Wycliffe has approved our transfer of departments. At the beginning of the next school year (July of 2013), following the completion of our in country cultural and language training (Pacific Orientation Course), we will be hostel parents. (Please read the attached note from the PNG Children’s Home Department manager, Geoff Russell, about the importance of this role and what our new position will entail. We invite you to contact us with any questions as well!) We are in complete awe of God’s hand on our lives, and how His timing is so perfect. God has given us an entire year as a family to adapt to our new life here in PNG before placing us into this demanding role. He has allowed the time to build relationships with nationals and fellow missionaries. He has given us amazing discipleship opportunities that will carry on into our future. He has provided us with incredible mentors and friends (that have or are currently serving as hostel parents) to come beside us and help us transition into this new role as well. God is so gracious and good! We are excited and anxious about what adventures lie ahead, and trust Him completely for each step He guides us through. Thank you so much for being a vital part of this journey. Anticipating great things with you,

Marty, Sara, Taylor, Tia, Miriam and Jade

We are stoked to give you glimpses of the incredible people God is blessing our lives with. Please consider yourselves formally introduced to: Carl and Pat Whiteside—translators for the Menya language group since November of 1975. We will be serving them as their support family by keeping in regular contact with them and praying specifically for their health, daily struggles and translation work. What a privilege God has given us to be involved in their lives as they work to complete the New Testament in the Menya langague. Corina Paun and Mara Enciu—mother and daughter team. Mara is in grade eleven with Taylor and Corina is a translator. We are excited to watch God using their lives to open doors for the Kewo -Meba people in the village of Gaimahou. Corina just finished the first official allocation commissioning and is continuing to build relationships that will allow her to form a translation team and begin translating for the Kewo-Meba people! Bavo—a young national employee that Marty works with in the auto shop. Bavo has been an incredible language helper to Marty and they are building a strong friendship. God is gracious to give Marty incredible opportunities to share his faith with Bavo. Please pray for Bavo’s salvation. Karen—our “haus meri” and Sara’s language helper. It is culturally appropriate for us to employee Papua New Guineans in our home, and so once a week Karen comes and helps Sara with our never-ending laundry. Even more importantly, she helps Sara with her cultural and language learning. Karen is a fantastic worker and friend, and comes from an amazing family. Her father was a Ukarumpa village preacher for 46 years! How to partner with us in the work of Bible translation:
Giving Online Follow this link: http://www.wycliffe.org/partnership.aspx? mid=6db362 By Mail If you prefer to send a check in the mail, please make your check payable to Wycliffe Bible Translators and send to: Wycliffe Bible Translators P.O. Box 628200 Orlando, FL 32862-8200 Make sure to include a separate note saying it is for the ministry of Marty and Sara Driggers (account # 270928).

Please join our praise to God for what He has accomplished and provided in our lives:

Amazing encouragers. This month we broke the Ukarumpian record for the number of letters and packages received in one day!

 

The completion of term one for our girls’ 20122013 school year. Way to go, girls! Discipleship opportunities for Marty in the auto shop.

Please continue to lift up these needs to our Heavenly Father:

Relationships. Pray that God will continue to strengthen our relationships within our family, missionary community and national community.

Finances. Our support has been less than pledged since leaving the States, and our expenses have been higher. Please pray that God will provide the money needed to meet our unexpected shipping costs as well as an approximate 10% increase to our current monthly budget.

Health. Marty and Tia have recently been very sick with bacterial dysentery and are having a very slow recovery. Please pray that they will both reach 100% and our family will remain healthy.

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