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Consciousness Shifting process from 3D to 5D

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What does 3D, 4D, and 5D really mean? How do we get from 3D to 5D? What happened to 4D, did we just jump it entirely or what? Ive heard many people ask this question about the current dimensional, vibrational, and consciousness shifting process from 3D to 5D and wondering what in the world happened to 4D. Im going to share what I know from personal experience about this transition and about 4D and Lightworking and also transmuting. (Remember, we call them dimensions and 3D, 4D, 5D etc., just so we can more easily discuss these different layers of frequency, realities, and states of being.) Think of the dimensions as different energy or frequency levels. Think of them like slower and denser, and others as faster and increasingly less dense. Think of them like different frequencies, different rates of vibrating energies, like radio signals where some come in more clearly than others and thats due to many things. Current point of perception via ones personal vibration being the biggest. 3D is the dimension of physicality in linear time and it became a highly polarized too. It was the dimension where souls incarnated into physicality to forget where they came from, why theyre here, and just about everything else and believe that physical Earth reality is the only game in town! They came to believe that you live, you die, that theres heaven and hell and thats pretty much all there is, except for God out there somewhere. Talk about limited and highly polarized awareness! 4D is the Astral plane. The Collective Dumping Zone as I call it. A huge multi-layered dimension where lots of unpleasant stuff, creatures, thoughts and archetypes existmuch like many peoples dark and messy garages, basements and subconscious! Its the dimension (frequency) just above physicality where all of the planetary archetypes, the collective belief systems, all the projected junk n nasty dark feelings and energies that humanity doesnt want to have to deal with in itself exist. Its also where much (but not all) of the human dead population hangs out while not wanting to progress or move on for whatever their reasons; usually guilt, fear, and limited religious beliefs. The planetary Collective Dumping Zone like I said. Why in the world anyone would want to go experiment or travel

in the lower astral is beyond me, but there are many people who believe doing so to be of supreme importance. If theres a hell, much of it exists within the lower to mid-range layers of the fourth dimension (4D) Astral plane. The rest of it has existed quite nicely right on physical 3D Earth as many of you reading this are well familiar with. 5D is an entirely different vibrational level or dimension that exists beyond polarized physicality and consciousness and beyond the archetypes that reside in the 4D Astral. The deal is that since 1999 many Lightworkers have repeatedly transmuted much of the unresolved lower vibrating junk and monsters and stuck energetic negativity thats long existed in 4D. That was one huge and miserable aspect of being a Lightworker; cleaning out and literally transmuting much of the past ugly negativity and stuck lower stuff/ emotions/entities/energies within 4D. Because so much of this particular work has already been finished, the nasty lower frequency junk in the Astral is no more, which was just another aspect of the overall Ascension Process. It had to be dealt with and transmuted before we, and everyone else, could move beyond all of it (4D Astral plane) to be able to even vibrationally reach the vastly higher frequency fifth dimension (5D) beyond it. Think of old lower 3D physical Earth as the place where souls could put on meat suits as Ive heard others call our physical bodies. Once wed done that we forgot that we were actually great spiritual beings, momentarily experiencing what its like being in physical human meat suit bodies on a physical planet in a physical dimension. This forgetting was simply part of being in that lower frequency 3D world and dimension. If we didnt completely forget that we were divine spiritual beingswhat good would it do us to incarnate into 3D anyway? Not much, so we deliberately chose to forget who we really are so that life on Earth would have far more impact on us. 5D is where unified consciousness and High Heart is god, not polarized (left-brain) ego intellect as in old 3D. 5D is NON-polarized because of the tremendous polarity work or transmuting completed in 4D and 3D. If one doesnt journey through that aspect within themselves and face ones own demonsand a few others that other people have created over the Ages then one isnt vibrationally capable of raising beyond 3D or 4D and reaching 5D or beyond. 5D is a place where we begin to re-learn to re-connect with others, BUT, at the same time not energetically, psychically, or in any other way invade their sacred individual space/thoughts/feelings etc. 5D is where we begin to come together more and more because weve been through hell and transmuted the majority of our lower ego selves into something vastly

greater, and weve learned to respect each individuals privacy energetically and psychically. So 5D is a state where everyone is separate, and yet, also much more connected with everyone else in this great new higher and very respectful and equal way. 5D is about high creativity and the sheer joy one has doing what one is talented at and knowledgeable about. It is everyone freely sharing what theyre the best at so all the others benefit and vice versa. Do you see the high positive new age Leo/Aquarius energies at play within 5D and 5D vibrating beings? Humwhat a wonderful thing it is. There is no money, no governments, no police, no wars, no polarity, no ego, none of the old 3D reality polarized insanity because weve evolved beyond them and the need for them. And, 5D is where we become consciously aware of and interact with many of the different Starbeings/ETs that have always existed but were vibrationally beyond our lower polarized 3D consciousness, fears, hate, warring natures, consciousness and horrible lack of Heart. 5D is where humanity begins to reenter Universal Society with many of the higher vibrating ET beings because weve run the lower polarity gauntlet in 3D, faced and transmuted our fears and darkness in 4D and our emotional bodies. Now in 5D were vibrating with enough Light to be able to reenter the larger cosmic flow of life with the many Others out there. Finally, were going Home again after our long journey and creative learnings within what became dark and polarized 3D Earth physicality. And that is why we seemingly skip or jump 4D from 3D and go straight to 5D. We didnt jump it at all but worked, struggled, dreamed and transmuted our ways right through it. Denise Le Fay

The Transition of All Transitions


Earlier this year I wrote about how Id been clairvoyantly Seeing changes within 2D every time Id do the part in Lisa Renees 12 D Shieldtechnique where you visualize going down to the Earths core (1D) to connect with it. Every day since

January 2012 Ive been clairvoyantly watching this amazing Ascension related event, and the repeated counter measures from the Negatives, happening in the second dimension. 2D is the extremely dense layer and frequency range that exists between Earths 3D surface and Earths 1D core. The second dimension (2D) is the dimension of the Elements and Elemental beings and intelligences. Underground chemicals, minerals, crystals, radioactive intelligences etc. of the 2D telluric realm and the different Elemental beings. Also, many Negative/Team Dark beings have long worked down there to distort and use 2D energies and beings for different negative agendas in that dimension and others as well. Its really been educational for me watching this fully physical and multidimensional energetic Sandblasting of Earth unfold over the past nine months of 2012. When Im able to see other-dimensional beings, happenings and major transitional events such as this one, I much more easily understand many of the other Ascension related things happening across multiple dimensions including those going to soon happen and why. Starting in January 2012, what I saw every time I tried to connect with the 1D Earth core was a thick, dense crust of dull dark red-black colors or complete blackness blocking it from view from within the second dimension. For the first couple of months this year I couldnt clairvoyantlysee the Earths core at all due to this extensive layer of negative distortions and energetic structures the Negatives/ Team Dark had built down there by stealing and using the original energies and systems. The Negatives/Team Dark have excelled at stealing Gods cable TV and dismantling parts of it to use for themselves as pirated food, fuel, building materials etc. to continue building more energy stealing systems; trap and use whatever humans including certain Elemental beings; create and maintain their 2D energetic prisons and energy food/fuel factories and so on. Some very dark, negative stuff in other words down in the second dimension thanks to the actions of some Team Dark members! Not all of this negativity has been contained only within in the 4D Astral, and you need to remember that old pre-ascended 3D Earth was sandwiched between Elemental 2D and Astral 4D and Team Dark/the Negatives have used both dimensions to manipulate 3D humanity and control, feed, and maintain themselves for eons. This battle has always been a multidimensional one because humans are multidimensional beings. However, every few days since January 2012 Ive been seeing 2D changing in appearance. Its gone from being totally black or that dark red-black color and density barrier, to increasing amounts of brilliant white and yellow-white Light from the 1D Earths core showing through within 2D. Every day when Id go into the second dimension it looked different, which I found wonderfully amazing to witness in this way. One week it would look like the Light radiating from the 1D Earths core was replacing the Negatives dark crust and other structures and barriers down there. Other days and weeks the darkness would fight back, trying to quickly repair the damage done to their dark 2D prisons by the Higher Light and Light Beings and Lightworkers doing this particular energy work in 2012. Other days the Earths core would look somewhat like a giant Yin Yang ball with half of it covered in Darkness and the other half of it showing its natural Light. All year Ive been watching this

frantic battle by Team Dark trying repeatedly to push back the waves of Light literally breaking up and removing their old dank crusty barriers and other vile 2D distorted structures. Nothing can withstand the force of Source cleaning up hell! Happy, happy times indeed, despite how very physically painful this phase has been and still is for many sensitive people. Then on September 7, 2012 while doing Lisa Renees 12 D Shield, as I entered 2D to pass through it to connect with the 1D Earths core I clairvoyantly saw that there was zero darkness down there! I saw only brilliant Light radiating out from the 1D Earths core which looked much like the Sun, and now easily illuminated all of 2D in a way that it probably hasnt been able to for eons. The Negatives and their barriers and other structures and distortions theyd built in 2D long ago were gone! What this tells me, as best as Im now able to see and perceive, is that all of these longstanding Team Dark second dimension distortions and systems, hell-like prisons and locations of misery containing trapped humans and other beings, elemental beings, hungry demonic beings etc., have finally been excavated to the degree that they and their structures are no longer down there sucking the life-force out of whoever and whatever they can! Do you know what this means? What it indicates? Its profound and profoundly positive in its implications and is comparable to having transmuted and removed the majority of the multidimensional human Collective Hells and Underworlds. Just sit with that thought for a moment and reallyFEEL it. Is it any wonder why the summer of 2012 nearly broke some of us Starseeds/Lightworkers/Wayshowers? Your next thought should be about what is energetically coming in to replace whats been removed! More about that in a moment. One physical side-effect of this latest event is some more earthquakes due to Earth and 1D, 2D, and 3D all needing to energetically readjust to the energetic Sandblasting exorcism of the Negatives and all theyd created and done in those dimensions. These physical Earth realm earthquakes are and will be as disaster-free as they can be yet some minor damages and loss of life will happen. All is in Divine order however, even the deaths of those people who wish to exit now in this way with 3D Earth and 2D exorcism-like transformations. I also suspect some volcanic activity may be activated due to this profound Ascension related 2D change, but again, they will happen in as out-of-the-way locations as they can to prevent further destruction and trauma to humans and animals. All things considered, it has been truly amazing to what degree these planetary Earth Changes have happened because they were going to be SO very much worse had we not transmuted as much density and duality as we already have. Another side-effect of this 2D clearing is that the sensitives and ultra-sensitive people have been feeling and/or will be feeling these major 2D energy changes right in their physical and energetic bodies rather severely. Why? Because we 3D humans have all 2D Elements in our physical bodies. We also have had many deliberately kidnapped 2D Elemental beings that Team Dark intentionally trapped in our 3D bodies to use for their own agendas and all of this multidimensional mess needs to be corrected and balanced now too.

The Negatives/Team Dark have used many 2D Elemental beings to affect 3D humanity and humanities physical bodies and consciousness. The 2D Elemental beings have been as ready for their kidnapping from 2D into 3D human bodies to end as much as we humans want these multidimensional atrocities to end. Its not only been a situation of many dead humans across time being trapped and held in different 2D prison camps created by Team Dark/the Negatives, its also happened with some 2D Elemental beings having been kidnapped from their Home dimension and unwillingly trapped and held in many 3D human bodies too. Plus theres all of the 2D underground Elements that certain humans have forced to the surface of 3D over the decades to make money, create weapons, to use as fuel sources, through the bomb blasts of wars around the world that rip holes in the surface of Earth exposing all sorts of things to both 2D and 3D, to control reality and so on. Plenty of inter-dimensional readjustments and corrections have suddenly been happening during the summer months of 2012 and will continue to as needed both internally and externally.

Here Comes the 2012 Summer Solstice!



The first couple days of June 2012 I suddenly had the NEED to only play, rest, do nothing, self-care and self-nurture to a degree Ive never before felt. During one of those do no-thing afternoons last week I had an important insight and reminder. It was that Im at, youre at, were all at the halfway pointJune Summer Solstice 2012and I need to be really PRESENT in this monumental time plus make some adjustments so I can better do that. Many of us need to do this now. In that moment I remembered reading something in 1995 that talked about 2012 and thinking how very far away 2012 was and how badly I wanted it to be 2012 back in 1995. Evidently some aspect of me knew that the energetic inner work required between 1995 and 2012 wasnt going to be easy, safe, fun or pleasant so I wanted to jump forward in time to THIS current point within the Ascension Process. Remembering this last week helped me look at now in a slightly different way, which I needed evidently. For me its been grueling, unrelenting Ascension-related work and pain for the past thirteen years, plus, during that time I also HAD to write (one of my Soul Missions) as much and as fast as I could which Ive done. Since 2011 however this unrelenting Soul Mission to write has been easing up and giving me some time to shift some needed focus on to myself and my body. With the start of June 2012, this issue suddenly became an absolute NEED for me to be much more in the Now and do less physically, do less thinking, and be in the quantum Now more

often, so thats exactly what Ive been doing because I have to at this point. Things like my spine and head feel as it they might shatter if I dont so this now! A few days ago I read Inelia Benzs article Call to Action ITS TIME! I thought it funny when she said shes been sensing, hearing the words ITS TIME in June 2012. (This next bit will show you the degree of warped humor that many of the higher messages I receive often have.) Many of us have been so deeply and intensely involved for so long with the difficult and painful prep work of the Ascension Process that some of us have recently needed to make some more inner and outer changes because the results of our efforts are finally arriving in this physical dimension. For me the past thirteen years have been intensely and hurriedly pushing, working, and plowing (masculine Doing) my way through the internal/external lower frequencies to transmute and shift them etc. But at this potent halfway transition point in 2012, many of us who are embodying the new energies, blueprints and consciousness first are NEEDING to shift into much more Being in the Now Moment (which is very right-brain or more accurately now whole brained, Goddess, Empowered Feminine etc.) and stop pushing so hard in the ways weve been doing for years or decades past. This phase is very receptive and creative but in another way; a way of embodying and BEING in the Now from another level of ourselves to Consciously Create, which I find is primarily coming from my entire chest or High Heart area. This area feels to me, so far, like a portal where more of Source is and its very quiet and very vast in there. The blissful but powerful calm after the great, difficult and lengthy storm.

Some Current Symptoms

Some of the symptoms Ive been having for the past three years have increased dramatically the past two months to where Im now HAVING to rest, recuperate, nap/sleep/pass-out for much of the afternoon for days on end. If I go out to do grocery shopping or other must-do errands out in the world, when I return home Im utterly wiped-out exhausted and in tremendous physical pain and literally HAVE to take a nap and get out-of-body for however long I need. Falling asleep and getting out-of-body during the day like this is the equivalent of rebooting my body/bodies which adjusts the energies within me. After Ive gotten out-of-body and slept for a while like this I feel much better physically when I wake up. Taking naps isnt something I necessarily want to do but its something Im HAVING to do now to cope with and adjust to these massive and potent 2012 energies and changes so Im in less physical pain. On top of this increased physical pain from going out in the world to run errands and passing out when I get home, those Ascension headaches or head pains and pressures have returned again. They cause the tops of my eyes to feel sore and bruised and I sense some major positive changes are happening inside our heads (pineal, pituitary glands) and the chakras (Crown and Brow) in our heads. These headaches or head pains typically are at the top of my head and Crown chakra and radiate downward and affect, pressure my forehead and Brow chakra, eyes, jaw and sinuses. It will also jump around to one side of my head and then the other and feel like some invisible energy ball just slammed into my headwhich is

probably closer to the truth than wed like to admit! I usually get diarrhea when Im transmuting and purging energies so that lovely symptom has returned this month as well. And the body aches and pains, sudden muscle weakness, joint pains, stiff spine, hot feet and hands, Hot Flashes with their sudden sweating and feeling like youre having a Near Death Experience, digestion difficulties, upper belly bloat, and the old exhaustion have all returnedagain. Happy June 2012 huh?! Having shared all those unpleasant Ascension-related symptoms, I want to include some new and very pleasant symptoms Ive been experiencing recently. Many of us have worked long and hard to finally begin experiencing some positive symptoms of the changes were going through and obviously its time because some of them are starting in June 2012. In the past Ive written about how Id often feel and hear that inner body vibration and literal roaring of Light Energies inside me when I was asleep during my afternoon pass-out naps. It felt and sounded like I was standing beside Niagara Falls because the flowing, moving energies were that powerful inside my body from that perspective. Now in June 2012 however, this seems to have changed or Ive adapted to the great increase of Light Energies constantly flowing through my body because Im not feeling and hearing anything. What I now feel and perceive inside my body is a deep peace, quiet, calm, vastness and connection and it is reallywonderful. The great inner body vibrating, shaking and roaring of spinning Light Energies has become the new normal and its finally a quiet haven with a direct line to Home. Said another way, the times Ive recently felt this new symptom its felt like a bliss state of inner unity and it feels perfect and perfectly normal. I also sense that this is just one of many truly wonderful new Ascension-related symptoms that more of us are going to be having in 2012 and beyond. Bliss moments sprinkled about sound like exactly whats needed after years or decades of brutal battles and negative attacks while endless transmuting and transforming! I just checked and theres another supposedly minor M-1 class solar flare/CME thats spewing and spewing towards Earth. The reason I checked was because I feel those old familiar ascension flu symptoms todaybody aches, chills, super exhaustion etc. I suspect multiple energies will be increasing throughout the rest of June 2012, building towards the summer Solstice on June 20th. Rest and/or sleep or nap as much and as often as you need to now and do NOT feel guilty over doing no-thing. Turn your mind off for a couple of hours each day and enter the Now moment so you can sit quietly in your Rising High Heart center and start getting used to feeling and hearing the perfect silence of bliss and any messages coming from Home. Denise