You are required to do an interview session with one person only. You will be given a set of questions.

Having the interviews, provide a report that explains the elements below:

1) The element / factor that is highly attracted in using media technology.

Develop Teaching and learning

Our education today more focus on to keep pace with the rapid science and technology. Birth of information technology (ICT) through the new era of computing as a platform to enhance the efforts of globalization has been the dissemination of knowledge to a new generation and the public all over the world. Through the proliferation and development of the computing environment, the current academic trends also widen access gates through the speed of scientific technology. Especially in education, the use of computing technology in the teaching really is an implication of a new, more effective in teaching and learning process (T & L) contributes to the smoothness and dynamism in the field of education. Explosion of computer technology in education cannot be denied is part of the factors that contribute to the progress and performance of teachers and students.

Economic Development

Communication Penggunaan teknologi media yang serba canggih. Media industry that contributes to the infinite value of human civilization is not left behind in the advancement of technology and new media.The development of information and communication technology (ICT). Marketing activities and dissemination of intellectual products is now across geographical boundaries and can be done at any time with the help of new media. Sebelum telefon bimbit dan internet diperkenalkan. ledakan perkembangan teknologi yang mendadak. see their competition in all matters. Companies or organizations that take advantage of all the smart technology that exists and seize the opportunities that come will be able to remain competitive and strengthen their position in the competitive economic environment in the era of digital economy. As the use of the Internet has become a necessity of society until the advent of globalization of cyber culture. the use of new media has become a necessity or a trend in many organizations and industries. pelbagai cara manusia dapat menghubungi antara satu sama lain walaupun berada jauh beribu batu. Namun. including in matters of trade and commerce. kebanyakkan masyarakat pada zaman itu berkomunikasi melalui secara bersua muka (terus) dan tulisan (surat). including media publications. give big impact especially with the Internet as a catalyst. Komunikasi yang pantas . perubahan cara manusia berkomunikasi antara satu sama lain juga berubah.

telephone and telecommunications technology and other information. Providing information and messages is important because an idea. story or information cannot be served if we do not have the media to communicate. while the mass media is most important is a tool or instrument used to convey information. Do the media practitioners understand the issues relating to the environment? Their understanding of environmental issues allows them to convey messages more good. Thus. build the perception and perception. Media environment is the most important intermediaries in the delivery of certain information or messages. In what language is used by the media to convey environmental messages? Media should use simple language and be understood by the public. professionals. newspapers. The audience is like policy makers. the message that we want may not be accessible. public areas. Common form of mass media is print media such as letters. Foreign scientific terms may be more accurate. the media must understand who the intended audience of the environmental message. Mass media or media to convey information can be in various forms. mass media also serve to change and shape attitudes toward the reader to act proactively. television. and form community attitudes about the information presented. Environment is the main issue of press coverage today. magazines or books.2) Perceptions towards the use of the media (new) in solving environmental issues. . But the media can also affect the reader in building a true perception of these environmental issues. university students and others. computer. and electronic media including radio. but if people do not understand it. public village. A part from reporting what happens to the environment. school children.

but more than that because the media plays in shaping the thought patterns of the community. because it can ensure the delivery of cultural and national tastes can be developed. The importance of not just stop there media to transmit information. The mass media is instrumental in enlightening the community about the importance of environmental conservation. .The media has proven to be an important intermediary in the equipment or the information and specific messages. But the narrator of this environmental message should be implemented in a language understood by the society.