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Each year we try to better the festival experience for you with newer innovations and conveniences to facilitate a smoother and more successful film festival. We thank you in advance for your cooperation and support in making this festival a grand success. This document aims at helping you understand better the registration and delegate pass process. This year to avoid the long queues and help you plan your attendance for the festival, we have introduced an ENTRY PASS for each festival screening. Things you may need to know: Delegate Card: This is the unique ID card issued to each of the delegates attending the festival. Entry Pass: This is the pass that allows you to have an assured seating for the screening you intend to see. It is mandatory that all delegates with a valid ID to hold an entry pass for the screenings they intend to attend. Right of Entry: The Festival management has the right to reserve entry to anyone should they deem it necessary. Late entrants, miscreants, Attendees with no valid Delegate Pass and/or Entry Pass will not be allowed to enter screenings. Alcohol consumption and carrying any recording devices into the screenings is strictly prohibited. We are committed to creating a world class film festival and request your cooperation in ensuring that your festival is respected. In case of any inconvenience, please bring it to our notice and we will try our best to remedy the situation.

Srinivasan Narayanan Director, Mumbai Film Festival

Participants who have registered before the 14th of October 2012 and have completed the registration process including the payment of their fee online/or at the office / registration counters may pick up their delegate Cards from NCPA. The Delegate Cards including Press Delegates may be picked up from the counter close to the NCPA Experimental theatre. Those who would like to collect their delegate cards at Cinemax, Versova counter may please send us a mail ( with the registration number, name and mobile numbers to make this possible. Participants who have registered either at the venues (NCPA, INOX, Liberty or Cinemax Versova) before the 16th of October 2012 may exercise their option to collect their delegate cards either at NCPA Registration Counter or at Cinemax, Versova Registration counters. Spot registrations will be open from 16th October across the NCPA and Cinemax Versova venues, where the delegate cards will also be issued the same day. Registrations at the other venues will have to pick up their delegate passes from either of the two venues, whichever is closest to where the registration took place (If registration at Liberty or Inox NCPA is where your Delegate Passes will have to be picked up and if Cinemax sion, then it would be Cinemax Versova)


The Entry pass allows you to have an assured seating for the particular screenings you may choose Every delegate may reserve seats for a maximum of five films a day, as long as the screening times do not clash i.e. a delegate who has reserved a seat for the 10.00 AM screening will not be able to reserve a seat for 10.30 AM screening in any screen for that day. Once you have your delegate Card, you will need to go online to the festival website to book your entry pass for the film screenings you intend to see You may choose to book at one go entry passes for all the films you would like to watch subject to a maximum of five films a day, planning ahead for the entire festival duration. The Entry pass is only valid with a valid delegate Card. This primarily means that neither your delegate card nor your entry pass is transferable to anyone. The entry pass booking platform allows you to filter the movies you intend to see by screen, timings and dates, providing you the flexibility to filter what you want to see when you want to see it and where you may want to watch the film. The system automatically intimates you if you have booked conflicting screenings, allowing you to modify your bookings The entry passes may not be sold and is only valid with a valid delegate pass Once booked, head to a Pass kiosk at NCPA or Cinemax, Versova where you may be able to collect the entry passes by presenting just your delegate card. Kindly note that patrons who hold a valid entry pass need to be seated at the screenings 10 minutes prior to the show. All seats, which are vacant after this time, revert to the Management and may be allotted to those delegates waiting to watch the film.

1) What is this entry pass? The festival entry pass is a pre-booked entry pass for you to attend the screening of your choice. For any screening you intend to attend, it is obligatory to hold a valid entry pass for that particular screening. 2) Do I really need to do this? The Festival constantly aims to improve its services offered to you. With over 200 films, master classes, open forum discussions, we want all our patrons to maximise their time at the Mumbai Film Festival. We urge all our participants to book their entry pass prior to the film they intend to see. This allows a delegate an assured seating for the film, rather than waiting in long queues and turn back without securing a seat for the film and having missed another film you may have intended to watch. You may choose to reserve your seats from the comforts of your home, prior to the start of the festival. 3) Where do I get this? You may pre-book your entry passes online on the festival website. If you have access to Internet, you may do so from the comforts of your home or office. If you do not have access to internet, please visit our kiosks in NCPA and Cinemax for reserving your seat, subject of course to availability. Once you have booked your pass, you may pick it up at festival pass kiosks. Subsequently should you not have the time to do it online, walk to any of our pass kiosks and get an entry pass for the screening you intend to see (You may want to plan well ahead in time, considering the screenings you may want to see, may fill fast). The counters will be open from 9 Am to 6:30 PM. 4) Can someone else collect my delegate card on my behalf? No. Since a valid ID is required to issue a delegate card, the same cannot be permitted. In the event that a delegate is unable to collect his/her card in person, an authorization letter along with a valid ID copy (with signature) needs to be provided.

5) Is there free seating once issued an entry pass? Yes indeed. Once issued an entry pass for the screening you intend to attend, you may be seated in any of the free seating areas marked inside the screens. This would be on a first come first serve basis. Should you require any assistance, our ushers would be happy to assist you. 6) What if I am late despite having an entry pass? We take our films seriously and hope you do too. Respecting the filmmakers work of art, the festival does not permit any late entrants. The screen doors will be shut at the start of the screening and any patrons arriving later than the commencement of the screening will not be permitted in, despite holding a valid entry pass. 7) How much time prior to a screening do I need to get there? All pass holders must be inside the screen at least 10 minutes prior to the screening. All vacant seat five minutes prior to the start of the screening revert to the management. Entries beyond this time will be up to the discretion of the Management and patrons who have queued with the intention of watching the film may be permitted to film your seat. 8) Is this going to be a fair procedure for all? Yes indeed. The procedure of the entry pass is to be followed by everyone alike. The Management along with the title sponsors do hold a limited number of seats for the Board of Trustees of MAMI, senior industry professionals and sponsor guests. The seating of which is pre-allocated in sections of the screens. The rule applied here too; seats that have not been occupied 10 minutes prior to the screening will be made available to all general patrons. 9) How many passes can I have in a day? A maximum of 5 passes may be issued to each delegate during the course of a day. That is an estimated 11 hours or more of pure cinema. Not to forget, the discussions and master classes that also you may want to attend. 10) What if I lose my entry pass and/or delegate card? Delegates who have lost the delegate card will have to re-register for a delegate card for security reasons. Lost entry passes will not be replaced. Any misuse or sharing of delegate cards is strictly prohibited and the management holds the right of admission for such patrons.

11) There may be chances I miss the film because entry passes were not available. Yes. However the festival is taking this into concern and tries to facilitate 2-3 screening of each film. Kindly refer to your schedule book to see an alternative screening date and book in advance. Also, you may want to arrive a good time before the screening to check with the usher if there are empty seats available or with the pass kiosk if there have been cancellations. 12) How much prior will I be able to book my entry passes? You may book your entry passes much in advance. The day the bookings open, you may choose to start then. However note, plan ahead, they may get filled soon. Also, in instances you may want to check for sudden availabilities due to cancellations by other patrons or a no-show by them. 13) What do I do if the screenings I want to watch have no entry passes available? You may want to check for an alternative show for the same film. 14) If there is a problem who can I contact? You can contact a festival staff member or management member to assist you with your query. Subsequently you can contact with any grievances you may have. 15) If I have a delegate pass but no entry pass can I be allowed to stand or sit on the screen aisles? No. Unfortunately for security and safety reasons no patron will be allowed to stand in the screens or sit on the aisles for any screening. 16) What if due to some reasons, the film for which I have an entry pass gets cancelled / rescheduled. Am I allowed to use the same pass for the rescheduled time slot? Although the festival aims at ensuring that such instances do not occur, in such a case you will be required to attain a new entry pass. The same as each entry pass bears details unique to each specific screening and the pass holder. 17) Where can I get all the information about cancelled film screenings? Announcements will be made regularly in the event of any cancellations/rescheduling. Any such information will be made available at the entry pass Kiosk and Daily bulletins. Also, please follow our Twitter handle @mumbaifilmfest to be abreast of the same.

18) Can I watch the Opening and Closing films with my Entry / Delegate pass? While the main event at the NCPA JBT theatre is by invite only, screenings of the opening and closing film are also shown. Kindly refer to your screening schedule for details. 19) Does NCPA / other venues allow me to carry a laptop / Camera / iPad? You may choose to carry such photo capturing and recording devices to the venue, however please note that no such devices will be permitted inside the screenings. Any wrongful acts or recording of any screenings is liable for strict action by the festival management team and is a criminal and punishable offence.