Subject: Rumors re your campaign for District 14 in 2013 From: "Avi S. Adelman / 5715 Belmont Avenue" <Avi@MelissaKingston.

com> Date: 9/8/2012 2:04 PM To: 'Philip Kingston' <>,
Philip I am writing this email in regards to a story I am working on for the BD blog. I have been hearing rumors that you are considering a run for the D14 seat in next May's election. I have confirmed you registered your domain name - - over the Labor Day weekend (see text below signature). Questions Are you in fact running for the seat, or is this still an idea in the research phase? When will you make a formal announcement? Who will be your campaign treasurer? Will Angela Hunt be endorsing you to take the seat? In one paragraph, can you explain why you think you are qualified for this position? Who(m) do you think your opponents will be?? How much do you think this campaign will cost?

Regards, Avi

Registrant: Philip Kingston 5901 Palo Pinto Dallas, Texas 75206 United States Registered through:, LLC ( Domain Name: PHILIPKINGSTON.COM Created on: 02-Sep-12 Expires on: 02-Sep-14 Last Updated on: 02-Sep-12

---------------------------------------------Avi S. Adelman

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10/7/2012 4:02 PM

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