STUDY CENTRE TET PAPER - II Foe;ij Nkk;ghL kw;Wk; fw;gpj;jy; gFjp I

1. Foe;ijfis Cf;Ftpg;gjw;fhf Mrphpah; xt;nthU nray;ghl;bd; KbtpYk; ,dpg;Gfs; toq;FtJ a. Kjdpiy tYT+l;lk; b. ,uz;lhk; epiy tYT+l;lk; c. %d;whk; epiy tYT+l;lk; d. ,tw;Ws; vJTkpy;iy In order to motivate children, a teacher offers some sweets for the completion of each problem. This is a a. Primary reinforcer b. Secondary reinforce c. Tertiary reinforcer d. none of these. 2. ntw;wpf; fspg;gpy; ,Uf;Fk; Foe;ij vt;tpjj; Njitia vjph;Nehf;FfpwJ? a. mutizg;G b. mDkjp vjph;ghh;jjy; ; c. milt d. ghJfhg;G czh;T A child who is more delighted with success, is possessing the need for a. affection b. approval c. achievement d. security 3. Mrphpah; jdJ fw;gpj;jypy; tpisahl;L Kiwia cw;rhfg;gLj;JtJ a. Gwta Cf;Ftpj;jy; b. mfta Cf;Ftpj;jy; c. milt Cf;Ftpj;jy; d. ,tw;Ws; vJTkpy;iy A teacher who encourages the playway method in his teaching explores a. Extrinsic motivation b. Intrinsic motivation c. Achievement motivation d. none of these 4. Mrphpah; jdJ ghl elj;Jjypd; jpl;lk; jahhpj;jypy; gpd;tUtdtw;Ws; vk;Kiw nghUj;jkhdjhf fUjg;gLfpwJ? a. r%f tiutpay; Kiw b. MSik Kiw c. Mf;fj;jpwd; Kiw d. Ez;zwpT Kiw What type of tests are most suitable for the teacher in planning his teaching strategies? a. Sociometric tests b. Personality tests c. Creativity tests d. Intelligence tests 5. xU jdpeghpd; kpfg; nghUj;jg;ghl;L elj;ijia ntspf;fhl;Lk; Fzeyd; a. ed;F Nkk;gLj;jg;gl;l Nkdpiy kdk;

b. ed;F epiyg;glj;jg;gl;l jd;Dzh;T kdk; c. jho;epiy kdJ Nkdpiy kdij Mjpf;fk; nra;jy; d. jho;epiy kdk;> jd;Dzh;T kdk; kw;Wk; Nkdpiy kdk; vy;yhKk; xUq;Nf gyKld; ,Uf;Fk; epiy An individual showing well adjusted personality is characterised by a. well developed superego b. well balanced ego c. domination of id over superego d. id, ego and superego are equally powerful. 6. fbdkhd ghlg;gFjpia fw;gpf;f Mrphpah; ‘tpUg;gkhd J}z;LnghUis’ gad;gLj;Jfpwhh;. mJ ,r;nray;ghl;bid kPzLk; kPzLk; nra;tjhy; khzth;fs; ; ; ghlj;jpid tpUk;Gfpwhh;fs;. ,J a. Kad;W jtwpf; fw;wy; b. Mf;f epiyapWj;jy; c. Gyd;fhl;rpf; fw;wy; d. fUtprhh; Mf;f epiyapWj;jk; A teacher tries to teach a complex idea with the help of some pleasant stimulus and after repeated use of the situations, the students liked the subject. The theory underlying this method is b. Classical conditioning a. Trial and Error learning c. Perceptual learning d. Operant conditioning 7. J}z;ly; - Jyq;fy; tiff;fw;wy; ve;jf; Nfhl;ghl;bdpy; epiyapUj;jg;gLfpwJ? a. Mf;f epiyapUj;jk; b. n[];lhy;l; fw;wy; c. Kad;W jtwpf; fw;wy; d. fUtprhh; Mf;f epiyapWj;jk; Stimulus-Reponse bond is established in a. Classical conditioning b. Gestalt learning c. Trial and Error learning d. Operant conditioning 8. tPlLg;ghlj;ij ntWf;Fk; Foe;ijapid Neh;kiwahf jpUj;j Kay;tJ ; a. NtWgLj;Jjy; Kiw b. fUtprhh; Mf;f epiyapWj;j Kiw c. ,Uj;jy; -fl;Lg;ghl;L Kiw d. kPzLk; fw;wy; Kiw ; A child who shows an aversion towards homework is to be corrected positively. Which technique would you suggest? a. Discrimination method b. Instrumental conditioning c. Deconditioning method d. Relearning method 9. fpy;Nghh;bd; fl;likg;G khjphpapd; tpisTf; fhuzpfs; vd;d? a. rpe;jpj;jy;> mwpTrhh; nray; kw;Wk; fhuzkwpjy; (fhuzk; tpdTjy;) b. nghUs;> nray;ghLfs; kw;Wk; tpisT c. nray;epiyfs;> nray;ghLfs; kw;Wk; jpl;lKiwfs;

d. nray;ghLfs;> nray;epiyfs; kw;Wk; nray;tpisT What are the determinants of Guilford’s model of intellect? a. Thinking, cognition and reasoning b. Content, operation and product c. Operation, process and systems d. Process, operation and product 10. tpisahl;L rhh;ej tp~aq;fspy; jdpj;jpwikNahL tpsq;Fk; Foe;ijaplk; ; mjpfkhf ,Ug;gJ a. fUj;jpay; (,lk; rhh;ej) Ez;zwpT ; b. njhlh; (gbepiy) fzpj Ez;zwpT c. cly; - njhL czh; Ez;zwpT d. gpwkdpj Ez;zwpT A child who performs better in sports and games is dominant with a. Spatial intelligence b. Logical Mathematical intelligence c. Bodily Kinesthetic intelligence d. Interpersonal intelligence 11. kdntOr;rp ‘fhjhh;]p];’ vd;gJ a. kdntOr;rp ntspaPL b. kdntOr;rpapd; nghUs;epiy c. kw;wth;fspd; kdntOr;rpia Ghpe;Jnfhs;sy; d. kdntOr;rpia ePzlfhyk; cs;spUj;jp itj;jy; ; Emotional catharsis means a. free release of emotional energy b. spontaneous expression of emotions c. sharing of other’s emotions d. storing the emotions for a long time 12. ‘vhpf;rd;’ mth;fspd; Nfhl;ghL ntspg;gLj;Jk; fUj;J a. csg;gFg;gha;T Nfhl;ghL b. kdpjtpay; Nfhl;ghL c. mwpTtsh;rrprhh; Nfhl;ghL d. csr; - r%f Nfhl;ghL ; Erickson’s theory explains the concept of a. Psychoanalytic theory b. Humanistic theory c. Cognitive development theory d. Psycho-social development theory 13. mwpTrhh; tsh;rrpf; Nfhl;ghL Foe;ijapd; ve;j gz;Gfis ; Kf;fpaj;Jtg;gLj;JfpwJ? a. Kjph;rrp ; b. xd;Wjy;

c. xOf;fk; d. rKjha xUikg;ghL (r%fr; rhh;Gik) Cognitive development theory emphasizes the characteristics of child’s a. Maturation b. Identity c. Morality d. Sociability 14. khzth;fspd; KOikahd (epiwthd) ftdj;ijg; ngw gpd;tUtdtw;Ws; vk;Kiw nghUe;Jk;? I. J}z;LnghUspd; mlh;jjp kw;Wk; cUtmsit mjpfhpj;jy; ; II. kPsnray; kw;Wk; GJik nray;ghl;bid typAWj;Jjy; ; a. $w;W (I) kl;Lk; rhpahdJ b. $w;Wfs; (I) kw;Wk; (II) rhpahdjy;y c. $w;Wfs; (I) kw;Wk; (II) rhpahdit d. $w;W (II) rhpahdJ For capturing maximum attention of students, which of the following is correct? I. Intensity and size of the stimulus must be increased II. Repetition and novelty should be emphasized a. Only statement (I) is correct b. Statements (I) and (II) are not correct c. Both the statements (I) and (II) are correct d. Statement (II) is correct 15. gpd;tUtw;Ws; vJ ftd tifia rhuhjJ? a. gof;ff; ftdk; b. ,aw;ifahd ftdk; (nraypd;wp ftdpj;jy;) c. nraw;ifahd ftdk; (nraNyhL ftdpj;jy;) d. gq;Nfw;G ftdk; Which of the following is not a type of attention? a. Habitual attention b. Involuntary attention c. Volitional attention d. Participatory attention 16. gpd;tUtdtw;Ws; vJ Gwj;Njw;W Kiwapd; fPo; tuhJ? a. kpdNrhl;lh gy;epiy MSikj; Njh;T b. Nuhh;]rhf; ikjlr; Nrhjid ; c. thf;fpak; epiwT nra;jy; d. nghUswpNthL ,izj;jw; Nrhjid Which of the following is not a projective test? a. Minnesota Multiphasic Personality inventory b. Rorschach Ink blot test c. Sentence completion test

d. Thematic Apperception test 17. khzh;th;fspd; tUifia mse;jwpa Mrphpah; gpd;tUtdtw;Ws; ,k;Kiwia ifahsyhk;? a. juTNfhy; b. KOepiw gjpNtL c. njhpTNfhy; d. tpdhg;gbt Kiw To assess the absenteeism of students regularly, a teacher can use a. rating scales b. cumulative record c. check list d. questionnaire 18. fzpjj;jpy; gytPdkhd khzth; nkhopg; ghlj;jpy; rpwe;J tpsq;FtJ vt;tpj elj;ijia rhUk;? a. xd;wpg;Nghjy; (xd;Wjy;) b. <Lnra;jy; c. fhuzk; fw;gpj;jy; d. Gw;Njw;Wjy; (Gwj;njwpjy;) A child who is weak in mathematics, tries to excel in language is using the mechanism of b. Compensation a. Identification c. Retionalisation d. Projection 19. khzth; jdJ nrhe;jg; gpur;ridAld; cq;fis mZfpdhy; cq;fspd; mbg;gil nray;ghL vJthf ,Uf;Fk;? a. gpur;ridapd; fhuzq;fis gFj;jha;jy; b. mwpTiu gfh;gtiu mZfr; nrhy;Yjy; c. gpur;rid (rpf;fy;)-I jhdhf Kbf;Fk; tiu fhj;jpUf;fr; nra;jy; d. topfhl;Ljy; toq;Fjy; When a student approaches you with a personal problem, what initial strategy will you provide? a. Analyse the causes of the problem b. Ask to consult a counselor c. wait so that the problem can be solved by himself d. Provide guidance 20. gpd;tUk; ngah;fspy; vth; mZFgth; ika mwpTiug; gfh;jiy Kd;dpWj;jpath; a. rpf;kz;l; g;uha;L b. Mg;u`hk; kh];Nyh c. tpy;ypak;rd; d. fhh;y; Nuhfh;]; Who put forward the client centred counseling? a. Sigmund Freud b. Abraham Maslow c. Williamson d. Carl Rogers 21. fy;tp milit Nkk;gLj;Jk; nray;ghl;bid gpd;tUtdtw;Ws; ve;j Kiwapd; fPo; tifg;gLj;jyhk;?

a. mfNehf;F Kiw b. jdpahs; gFg;gha;T Kiw c. Nrhjid Kiw d. cw;WNehf;fy; Kiw Which of the following methods will you use to study the effectiveness of activity method in imporving academic performance? a. Introspection method b. Case study method c. Experimental method d. Observation method 22. ‘fy;tpapy; cstpay;’ elj;ijia mwptpay; G+h;tkhf tpsf;FtJ a. midtiug; gw;wpAk; b. fw;gpg;Nghh; kw;Wk; fw;Nghh; c. kdpj kw;Wk; kpUf d. fw;Nghh; kl;Lk; Educational psychology explains the scientific study of the behaviour of a. all individuals b. teacher and learners c. both human and animals d. learners only 23. jdpahs; kdpj cwTKiwfs; gw;wpa cstpay; gphpT a. mwpTrhh; cstpay; b. njhopy;rhh; cstpay; c. kUj;Jt cstpay; d. r%f cstpay; The branch of psychology that deals with interrelationships among individuals is known as a. Cognitive psychology b. Industrial psychology d. Social psychology c. Clinical psychology 24. njhFj;jwpjy; Kiwapd; mbg;gil tsh;rrpf; Nfhl;ghL ; a. cs; xl;LwT tpjp b. nghUj;j tpjp c. RUs; tpjp d. nghJthditapypUe;J rpwg;ghdit tpjp What is the basic principle of development applied in the inductive approach? a. Principle of interrelation b. Principle of proximo-distal c. Principle of spirality d. Principle of general to specific 25. mwpTrhh; tsh;rrpg; gbepiyfspy; FwpaPlL rkd;ghLfis Ghpe;J nfhs;Sk; epiy ; ; a. Gydpaf;f epiy b. nray;epiy (GydPlhd nray; epiy) c. Kw;nray; epiy d. KOr;nray; epiy Which stage of cognitive development is suitable to teach the symbolic representation of equations in science? a. Sensori-motor stage b. Concrete – operational stage c. Pre-operational stage d. Formal-operational stage 26. ghh;it topf; fw;Fk; khztiu ePtph; re;jpf;f Neh;ejhy;> gpd;tUtdtw;Ws; ; vf;fw;wy; Kiwia mth;fSf;F njhpT nra;th? P ; a. kPsnrhy; Kiw (kPlnrhy; Kiw) ; ; b. fUj;J tiuglq;fs;

c. njhlh;GKiw EZf;fk; d. tpisahl;L EZf;fk; When you are confronted with a visual learner, which learning method would you suggest? a. Recitation method b. Concept mapping c. Association technique d. Gaming technique 27. ,U Foe;ijfs; jq;fsJ ngw;Nwhiu gw;wpa FiwghLfis gw;wp Ngrpf;nfhs;Sjy; vt;tifia rhh;ejJ? ; I. ngw;Nwhh; Gwk;js;Sjy; II. kpff;Fiwe;j FLk;g MjuT III. jdpikg;gl;l ngw;Nwhh; IV. ngw;Nwhhpd; mjpfg; ghJfhg;G ,tw;Ws;: a. midj;Jk; rhpahdit b. (I), (III) kw;Wk; (IV) rhpahdit c. (I), (II) kw;Wk; (III) rhpahdit d. vitAk; rhpahditay;y In one of the informal discussions in the classroom, two children are identified who are complaining about their parental conflicts. The problem associated with the children is I. Parental rejection II. Poor family support III. Isolated Parents IV. Parental overprotection Among these statements a. All are correct b. (I), (III) and (IV) are correct c. (I), (II) and (III) are correct d. None of them is correct 28. kdntOr;rp Ez;zwpTld; njhlh;Gs;s Kf;fpa ngah; a. G.W. My;Nghh;l; b. Nldpay; Nfhy;nkd; c. n`thh;L fhh;ldh; ; d. J.P. fpy;Nghh;L The chief exponent of emotional intelligence is a. G.W. Allport b. Daniel Goleman c. Howard Gardner d. J.P. Guilford 29. NtWghLfs; mjpfKs;s tFg;giwapdpy; Mrphpah; a. xNu Kiwahd fw;gpj;jiy Nkw;nfhs;sNtz;Lk; b. Foe;ijfs; mth;fspd; tpUg;gg;gb fw;f mDkjpf;fg;gl Ntz;Lk; . c. rhjhuzf; Foe;ijfspd; Njitfis Kf;fpag;gLj;jp> ruhrhpahNdhUf;F fw;gpj;jy; d. jdpahs; fw;gpj;jy; Kiwfis gad;gLj;Jjy; In a diversified classroom, the teacher should

a. use a single mode of teaching b. permit the students to learn according to their willingness c. highlight the needs of normal children and teach at the average level d. use individualized learning strategies 30. fw;wy; tisNfhL ,jid ntspf;fhl;LfpwJ a. fw;wy; nray;ghLfspd; tpyf;fj;ijf; Fwpf;fpd;wJ b. fw;wy; Kiwapid Fwpf;fpwJ c. fw;Nghhpd; tsh;epiyiaf; Fwpf;fpwJ . d. FwpaPlL glf;fw;wy; fhuzpia Fwpf;fpwJ ; Learning curve depicts a. Curve showing the deviations of learning process b. Diagram representing the mode of learning of a group c. Graph representing the learner’s progression with time d. Symbolic map of factors of learning

gFjp – II jkpo;
31. rhpahdtw;iwj; Njh;T nra;f: a. fhd; - fub cOit - rpq;fk; klq;fy; - Gyp vz;F - fhL b. fhd; - fhL cOit - Gyp klq;fy; - rpq;fk; vz;F - fub c. fhd; - fhL cOit - rpq;fk; klq;fy; - fub vz;F - Gyp d. fhd; - fhL cOit - Gyp klq;fy; - fub vz;F - rpq;fk; 32. ‘,e;jpah’ vd;Dk; ,jo; a. jpdrhp ,jo; c. jpq;fs; ,UKiw b. thu ,jo; d. jpq;fs; ,jo;

33. ‘Nfhl;Lfph; FUis’ vd;wiof;fg;gLtJ

a. rpq;ff;Fl;b c. fubf;Fl;b

b. Gypf;Fl;b d. Fuq;Ff;Fl;b

34. fspw;wpahid epiuapYs;s ghly; vz;zpf;if a. 100 b. 110 c. 120 d. 180 35. rhpahd itg;G Kiwiaj; Njh;T nra;f: a. . FwpQ;rp - 2> 8 Ky;iy - 4> 14 kUjk; - 6> 16 nea;jy; - 10> 20 b. FwpQ;rp - 10> 20 Ky;iy - 6> 16 kUjk; - 4> 14 nea;jy; - 2> 8 c. FwpQ;rp - 2> 8 Ky;iy - 6> 16 kUjk; - 10> 20 nea;jy; - 4> 14 d. FwpQ;rp - 2> 8 Ky;iy - 10> 20 kUjk; - 4> 14 nea;jy; - 6> 16 36. ‘kDKiw fz;l thrfk;’ vd;w E}ypd; Mrphpah; a. FkuFUguh; b. kzpthrfh; c. rptQhd Kdpth; d. ts;syhh; 37. 2010-I jpUts;Stuhz;L ______ vd;W $WNthk;. a. 2011 b. 2021 c. 2041 d. 2033 38. ‘Nuhrh;]; ,uhkhD[d;’ vd;w E}iy ntspapl;lth; a. `hh;b b. ypl;by;Tl; c. <.vr;. netpy; . 39. MW vd;gjd; jopnoz; a. b. c. d. d. c.Nt.rh d. ,uhrpfs;

d. [hNfhgp

40. ‘#lhkzp epfz;L’ ,jd; Mrphpah; a. jpthfuh; b. kz;lyGUlh; c. tPukhKdpth; yGUlh; 41. ‘fpz;zu kpJdq;fs;’ vd miof;fg;gLgit a. goq;fs; b. tpyq;Ffs; c. gwitfs; 42. ‘Ntjtpj;J’ vd;wiof;fg;gLtJ

a. jpUthrfk jpUthrfk;

b. Njthuk;

c. jpUkiw

d. jpUg;ghit

43. ‘Jrq;fl;Ljy;’ vd;Dk; nrhy; a. jFjp tof;F b. tl;lhu tof;F . c. kq;fy tof;F d. F*cf; Fwp 44. rhpahd tpiliaj; Njh;T nra;f: a. re;jpuhjpj;jk; - Kj;Jf;Fil rfyhghrdk; - kzpf;Fil epj;jtpNehjk; - nghw;Fil b. re;jpuhjpj;jk; - kzpf;Fil rfyhghrdk; - Kj;Jf;Fil epj;jtpNehjk; - nghw;Fil c. re;jpuhjpj;jk; - nghw;Fil rfyhghrdk; - kzpf;Fil epj;jtpNehjk; - Kj;Jf;Fil d. re;jpuhjpj;jk; - Kj;Jf;Fil rfyhghrdk; - nghw;Fil epj;jtpNehjk; - kzpf;Fil 45. ‘fl;fNej;hp’ vd;gjd; jdpj;jkpo;r; nrhy;iy vOJf: a. mq;faw;fz;zp b. ths;neLq;fz;zp c. ePsneLq;fz;zp ; d. gq;faf; fz;zp 46. fPoffJtha; Nkhid gapd;W tUk; rPhfs; ; ; ; a. 2> 3> 4 b. 1> 3> 4 c. 1> 2> 4 47. rhpahd tpiliaj; njhpT nra;f: a. . kJiu fhz;lk; - 18 $ly; fhz;lk; - 30 jpUthytha;ffhz;lk; - 16 ; b. kJiu fhz;lk; - 16 $ly; fhz;lk; - 30 jpUthytha;ffhz;lk; - 18 ; c. kJiu fhz;lk; - 30 $ly; fhz;lk; - 16 jpUthytha;ffhz;lk; - 18 ; d. kJiu fhz;lk; - 29 $ly; fhz;lk; - 16 jpUthytha;ffhz;lk; - 18 ; glyk; glyk; glyk; glyk; glyk; glyk; glyk; glyk; glyk; glyk; glyk; glyk; d. 2> 4

48. ‘,Uif Ailf;fsp wd;dtd;’ - ,jpy; gapd;W tUk; mzp a. epuy; epiuazp b. ,y;nghUs; ctikazp

c. gpwpJnkhopjyzp

d. Ntw;Wikazp

49. ‘xUikj; Njhw;wj;J INtW tdg;gpd; ,yq;F fjph; tp^ck; eyq;nfO kzpfSk; ….” njhlh;Gilaj; Jiw a. kz;zpay pay; b. nghwpapay; c. fdpktpay; d. mZtpay; . 50. ‘cyfj; jkpo;g; gz;ghl;L ,af;fk;’ Njhd;wf; fhuzkhdth; a. lhf;lh; K.t b. m.r. Qhdrk;ge;jd; c. lhf;lh; nj.ngh.kP d. rhiy ,se;jpiuad piuad; . 51. clk;gLnka; vd;gd a. y;> s;> b. l;> z; 52. rhpahd tpiliaj; a. . FwpQ;rp Ky;iy kUjk; ghiy b. FwpQ;rp Ky;iy kUjk; ghiy c. FwpQ;rp Ky;iy kUjk; ghiy d. FwpQ;rp Ky;iy kUjk; ghiy Njh;T nra;f: rpWFb Nrhp Ng&h; FWk;G Nrhp Ng&h; rpWFb FWk;G Ng&h; FWk;G Nrhp rpWFb FWk;G rpWFb Ng&h; Nrhp c. a;> t; . d. g;> w;

53. ‘nfyd; nfy;yh;’ gbj;j gs;spapd; ngah; a. `hg;fpd;]; gs;sp b. ];lhg;fpd;]; gs;sp c. ngh;fpd;]; gs;sp d. ];^th;l]; gs;sp ; 54. fe;jUtk;> fe;Jfk;> Nfhzk;> Fe;jk; - ,it ,e;j tpyq;ifr; Rl;Lk; a. ahid b. Fjpiu c. khL d. khd; 55. ‘KLF’ vd;Dk; xir eak; nfhz;L ghly; ,aw;w ty;yth; a. ghujpahh; b. ghgehrk; rptd; c. Rj;jhde;j ghujp d. ghujpjhrd; 56. ikf;Nfy; VQ;rNyh vd;gth; rpwe;j

a. ftpQh;

b. ghlfh;

c. rpw;gp .

d. ebfh;

57. nka;fz;lhd; Gj;jfr; rhiy ,tUld; njhlh;GilaJ a. fhkuhrh fhkuhrh; b. rj;jp%h;jjp ; c. t.c.rp d. ff;fd; 58. _______ vd;Dkplj;jpy; eilngw;w mwg;Nghhpy; jpy;iyahb ts;spak;ik ifjhdhh; b. thy;f]u];l; a. N[hfd;]gh;f; ; ; ; c. Glhng];l; d. vbd; ghh;f; 59. epd;w rPhpd; <w;wirAk;> tUk; rPhpd; KjyirAk; ________ vdg;gLk; a. vJif b. ,iaG c. Nkhid d. jis . 60. ‘ck;guhh; gjp’ vd miof;fg;gLgth; a. ,e;jpud; pud; b. re;jpud; c. #hpad; . PART – III ENGLISH
61. The aim of teaching poetry is

d. ehujh;

a. to help pupils to write poems b. to help pupils to enjoy reading the poems c. to help pupils only to learn poems by heart d. to write the poems in their notebooks
62. The teacher of English uses ‘pair – work’ in the classroom to

a. improve pupils knowledge b. improve the teacher’s teaching c. improve pupils communication skills d. improve the teacher’s English
63. Which is not a quality of ‘good handwriting’?

a. Legibility c. Spacing

b. Distinctiveness d. Absence of uniformity in the size of the letters

64. Reading a passage from the Supplementary Reader for enjoyment and expansion

of information is called a. Silent Reading c. Extensive Reading

b. Intensive Reading d. Self Reading

65. Identify the correct characteristic:

If a test measures what it intends to measure, then it is one of the characteristics of a good test a. Practicability b. Reliability c. Scorability d. Validity
66. Remedial teaching involves

a. teaching and testing c. teaching, testing and reteaching

b. testing continuously d. teaching, difficult topics

67. Identify the correct Passive voice for the given sentence

People believe he has cheated the government a. He has cheated the government is believed by people b. He has cheated the government is believed c. It is believed that he has cheated the government d. It is believed that he has cheated the government
68. Identify the adjective form of the word ‘honour’

a. honourable c. honesty

b. honest d. honorarium

69. Arrange the following sentence jumbled words in the right order to from a

meaningful sentence That / remember / always / become / can / you / thinking / by / big / big a. Remember always that by thinking you can become big b. By thinking big you become big that can remember always c. Always remember that you can become big by thinking big d. Always become big by thinking big that you can remember
70. Identify the correct comparative form of the given sentence

Chennai is one of the largest cities in India a. Chennai is large than most other cities in India b. Chennai is larger than most other cities in India c. Chennai is not larger than most other cities in India d. Chennai is as large as most other cities in India
71. Identify the correct compound word that contains ‘Verb + Noun’

a. popcorn

b. overthrow

c. safeguard

d. lifelong

72. The figure of speech that attributes life to inanimate objects or abstract qualities

is a. Metaphor c. smile

b. Personification d. alliteration

73. Choose the correct sentence pattern of the given sentence

Reading made him a complete man a. S + V + O + C c. S + V + A

b. S + V + IO + DO d. S + V + O

74. Identify the simple sentence for the given compound sentence

I broke my ankle in a football match and had to go to hospital a. I had to go to hospital, because I broke my ankle in a football match b. I broke my ankle in a football match, so I had to go to hospital c. I had to go to hospital, so I broke my ankle in a football match d. Having broken my ankle in a football match, I had to go to hospital
75. Identify the correct ‘anagram’

a. meet – meat c. melon – lemon

b. knew – no d. pun – fun

76. Identify the correct alphabetical order of the words in the box

Recession, receipt, recipient, recital, recapture a. receipt, recital, recession, recapture, recipient b. recipient, recession, recital, recapture, receipt c. recital, recapture, recession, receipt d. recapture, receipt, recession, recital (Q. Nos. 77 to 80) Read the passage with blanks numbered. For each numbered four options are given after the passage. Identify the word to fill in each blank. The young and the upwardly mobile generation of today has ( 77 ) aspirations ( 78 ) little patience. If the youngsters want a smartphone or an ipad, they usually don’t think much before spending (79) such gadgets. Sometimes such spending involves taking a personal loan or using the credit card and repaying (80) debt over the next few months or even a year

77. a. low 78. a. and 79. a. of 80. a. the

b. one b. but b. in b. an

c. high c. or c. at c. a

d. no d. of d. on d. some

81. How many sentences can be combined correctly without changing the meaning?

Raman has to complete his homework. He can’t go out The correct combination of sentence is a. If Raman has to complete his homework, he can’t go out b. Raman has completed his homework until after he can’t go out c. Until after Raman has completed his homework, he can’t go out d. Until Raman has completed his homework after, he can’t go out
82. Identify the correct word to fill in the given blank

If I ___________ rich, I would help the poor a. am b. were c. is d. was
83. Identify the reported form of the given sentence

My friend said, “You must accept this gift” a. my friend asked that I must accept that gift b. My friend said that you must accept that gift c. My friend requested that I must accept this gift d. My friend insisted that I must accept that gift
84. A personal letter could contain

a. three paragraph only c. any number of paragraphs

b. two paragraphs only d. one paragraph only

85. Identify the sentence that is grammatically correct

a. He invited us to spend a few days with him b. He invited us to stay a few days with him c. He invited us a few days to stay with him d. He invited us a few days to spend with him
86. Choose the correct a word to fill in the given blank

Either Nila or Mala ________ present today

a. is

b. are

c. were

d. was

87. Identify the correct phonemic transcription for ‘germinate’

a. /’dzemInIet / c. / ‘germIneIt /

b. / ‘dze:mIneIt / d. / ‘jermIneIt /

88. The words ‘need’, ‘dare’ and ‘use to’ are

a. auxiliaries c. marginal modals

b. models d. modal auxiliaries

89. What does the following sentence mean?

Gandhiji loved to be up with the lark a. Gandhiji woke up early in the morning b. Gandhiji was punctual c. Gandhiji went to bed early at night d. Gandhiji did not wake up early in the morning
90. Choose the right question tag

We put some money in the blank last week _____________ ? c. didn’t we d. do we a. aren’t we b. don’t we iv. a. MATHS AND SCIENCE
91. The chemical messenger secreted by less number of cells in endocrine part of

pancreas is a. Insulin b. Glucose c. Glucagon fizaj;jpd;> ehskpy;yh gFjpapd;> Fiwthd nry;fspypUe;J Ruf;fg;gLk; Ntjp J}Jthpd; ngah; a. ,d;Rypd; b. FSf;Nfh]; c. FSf;ffhd;
92. ‘Mule’ is an example of

d. Glycogen vz;zpf;ifapy; d. fpisf;Nfh[d;


a. mechanical isolation b. gametic isolation c. ecological isolation d. post-zygotic isolation NfhNtW fOij (Mule) fPoffz;ltw;Ws; vjw;F vLj;Jf;fhl;lhFk;? ; ; a. ve;jpuj;jdkhd jdpikg;gLj;Jjy; b. ,dr;nry; jdpikg;gLj;Jjy; c. #opay; jdpikg;gLj;Jjy; d. fUKl;il cUthf;fj;jpw;F gpd; jdpikg;gLj;Jjy;
93. The BMI of a person with a height of 6 feet is 21.6. His body weight in kilogram

a. 70 b. 90 6 mb cauKs;s xU vilia fpNyhfpuhkpy; a. 70 b. 90

c. 60 d. 100 kdpjdpd; clw;gUkf; FwpaPL (BMI) 21.6 vdpy;> mthpd; fz;Lgpb c. 60 d. 100

94. The invention of Dr. Ananda Mohan Chakraborty is associated with

a. Bio-magnification c. Bio-sonar Dr. Mde;j; Nkhfd; rf;ugh;jjpapd; ; a. caph;k ngUf;fkiljy; c. caph;k xyp

b. Bio-remediation d. Bio-control fz;Lgpbg;G ,jNdhL njhlh;GilaJ b. caph;k kWrPuhf;fk; d. caph;k fl;Lg;ghL

95. During mitotic phase of meiosis, the number of cells formed from each daughter

cell is a. 2 b. 4 c. 3 d. 6 kpahrp]; nry; gphpjypd; ikl;lhrp]; epiyapy;> xt;nthU Nra; nry;ypypUe;J cUthf;Fk; nry;fspd; vz;zpf;if a. 2 b. 4 c. 3 d. 6
96. Identify the correct form of food chain:

a. Grass → insects ↔ frog ↔ snake b. Insects → frog → snake → eagle c. Grass → snake → rat d. Plants → rat → owl rhpahd czT rq;fpypia Fwpg;gpLf: a. Gy; → g+r;rpfs; ↔ jtis ↔ ghk;G b. G+r;rpfs; → jtis → ghk;G → gUe;J c. Gy; → ghk;G → vyp d. jhtuq;fs; → vyp → Me;ij
97. The parts of plant best suited for maintaining heterosis through generations are

a. flowers, fruits, roots b. roots, leaves, stems c. stems, fruits, roots d. roots, stems, flowers jhtuj;jpd; ve;j gFjpapd; %yk; kpfr;rpwe;j Kiwapy; n`l;buhrp]; jiyKiw jiyKiwahf epiy epWj;jg;gLfpwJ? a. kyh;fs;> goq;fs;> Nth;fs; b. Nth;fs;> ,iyfs;> jz;L c. jz;L> goq;fs;> Nth;fs; d. Nth;fs;> jz;L> kyh;fs;
98. BOD is not the result of

a. death of terrestrial animals

b. algal bloom

c. increase in organic matter in water bodies d. eutrophication BOD vDk; epfo;Tld; njhlh;G mw;wJ e. epyj;jpy; cs;s tpyq;Ffs; ,wg;G f. My;fhfspd; mlh;ej mikg;G (My;fhf;fs; g;@k;) ; g. ePh; epiyfspy; jior;rj;J mjpfhpj;jy; h. ePh; epiyfspy; Mf;rp[d; Fiwjy; (eutrophication)
99. Chemical alarm signals released by an injured tissue are

a. Thymulins b. Ampicillins c. Prostaglandins d. Norepinephrines fhak;gl;l jpRf;fspypUe;J ntspNaWk; Ntjp vr;rhpf;if nghUs; a. ijKypd; b. Mk;gprpypd; c. GNuh];lhfpshd;bd; d. ehh;vgpneg;hpd;

Plants grow like bushes, when gardeners cut the shoot tips. This is due to a. removal of gibberellins present both in apical and lateral root tips b. removal of auxins present in apical buds c. removal of cytokinins present in apical shoots d. removal of auxins present in lateral buds jhtuj;jz;bd; Edpg;gFjpia ePfFk;nghOJ mj;jhtuk; fpisj;J tsUfpd;wd. ; mjw;fhd fhuzk; a. Nthpd; Edpg;gFjp kw;Wk; gf;fNthpd; Edpapy; cs;s [pg;uypd;fs; ePffg;gLjy; ; b. Edp nkhl;by; cs;s Mf;]pd;fs; ePffg;gLtjhy; ; c. jz;bd; Edpapy; irl;Nlhifdpd; ePffg;gLtjhy; ; d. gf;f nkhl;Lfspy; cs;s Mf;]pd;fs; ePffg;gLtjhy; ;


The number of moles of solute per kg of solvent is called a. Molariy b. Normality c. Mole fraction d. Molality xU fpNyhfpuhk; fiug;ghdpy; fiue;Js;s fiunghUspd; Nkhy;fspd; vz;zpf;if a. Nkhyhhpl;b b. ehh;khypl;b c. Nkhy; gpd;dk; d. Nkhyhypl;b Which among the following has the lowest first ionization energy? d. Na a. Mg b. O c. F ,itfspy; kpff;Fiwe;j Kjyhk; madpahf;Fk; Mw;wiy ngw;Ws;s jdpkk; vJ? a. Mg b. O c. F d. Na An alloy used in manufacturing Aircraft parts is a. Solder b. Brass c. Duralumin d. Bronze tpkhdq;fspd; cjphpghfq;fs; jahhpf;f gad;gLk; cNyhf fyit vJ? a. rhy;lh; b. gpj;jis c. ba+uhmYkpd; d. ntz;fyk;




According to Fajan’s rule polarization is high with a. Small cation and small anion b. small cation and large anion c. large cation and large anion d. large cation and small anion /Ng[hdpd; tpjpg;gb gpd;tUtdtw;wpy; vJ mjpf KidTWj;Jk; ngw;wpUf;Fk;? e. rpwpa Neh; madp kw;Wk; rpwpa vjph; madp f. rpwpa Neh; madp kw;Wk; nghpa vjph; madp g. nghpa Neh; kw;Wk; nghpa vjph; madp h. nghpa Neh; kw;Wk; rpwpa vjph; madp



The IUPAC name of CH 3 − CH 2 − CH 2 − C (CH 3 ) 2 − OH is a. 1, 1 dimethyl-1-butanol b. dimethyl butyl alcohol c. 2-methyl-2-pentanol d. 2-hydroxy-2-metyl pentane CH 3 − CH 2 − CH 2 − C (CH 3 ) 2 − OH vd;w %yf;$wpd; IUPAC ngah; a. 1> 1 ilnkj;jpy;-1-gpa+l;ldhy; b. ilnkj;jpy; gpa+l;ily; My;f`hy; c. 2-nkj;jpy;-2-ngd;ldhy; d. 2-i`l;uhf;rp-2-nkj;jpy; ngd;Nld; A light year is the unit of a. acceleration b. distance xsp Mz;L vd;gJ vjd; myF a. KLf;fk; b. njhiyT


c. speed c. Ntfk;

d. time d. fhyk;


The heart is pumping blood at x kg per unit time wit constant velocity. The force needed is a. xv b.
x dv dt


vdx dt

d. zero Neuj;jpy;> x fp.fp. ,uj;jj;ij

khwhj jpirNtfj;jpy;> ,jak; xU myF ntspNaw;WfpwJ vdpy;> Njitg;gLk; tpir a. xv


x dv dt


vdx dt

d. Rop

Which of the following bodies have the largest kinetic energy? a. Mass 4 m and speed v b. Mass 3 m and speed 2v c. Mass 2 m and speed 3v d. Mass m and speed 4v gpd;tUk; nghUl;fspy; vjd; ,af;f Mw;wy; mjpfk;? a. 4 m epiwAk;> v NtfKk; nfhz;l nghUs; b. 3 m epiwAk;> 2 v NtfKk; nfhz;l nghUs; c. 2 m epiwAk;> 3 v NtfKk; nfhz;l nghUs; d. m epiwAk;> 4 v NtfKk; nfhz;l nghUs;


Pressure at a point inside the liquid does not depend upon a. the depth of the point below the surface of the liquid b. the nature of the liquid c. the acceleration due to gravity at that point d. the shape of the container jputj;jpDs; xU Gs;spapy; mOj;jk; gpd;tUtdtw;ws; vjidr; rhh;ejpuhJ? ; a. mg;Gs;spapypUe;J jputj;jpd; Mok; b. jputj;jpd; jd;ik c. mg;Gs;spapy; GtpaPhgG KLf;fk; ; ; d. fydpd; tbtk; Find the odd one out: a. Silver b. Cotton nghUe;jhjtw;iwj; Njh;enjL: ; a. nts;sp b. gUj;jp


c. Salt water c. cg;Gf;fiury;

d. Human body d. kdpj cly;


(67.542)2 − (32.458)2 The value of is 75.458 − 40.374

a. 1
2 2

b. 10

c. 100

d. 1000

(67.542) − (32.458) d; kjpg;G 75.458 − 40.374

a. 1

b. 10 If

c. 100

d. 1000

(13)3 + (7)3 = 20 then x is (13) 2 + (7) 2 − x

a. 6

b. 20

c. 91

d. 31

(13) + (7) = 20 vdpy; x-d; kjpg;G (13) 2 + (7) 2 − x

a. 6

b. 20

c. 91

d. 31

The product of two numbers is 45 and the sum of their squares is 106. The numbers are a. 3 and 5 b. 5 and 9 c. 5 and 19 d. 45 and 1 ,uz;L vz;fspd; ngUf;fw;gyd; 45 kw;Wk; mitfspd; th;ffq;fspd; $Ljy; 106. ; me;j vz;fs; a. 3 kw;Wk; 5 b. 5 kw;Wk; 9 c. 5 kw;Wk; 19 d. 45 kw;Wk; 1 If x = 5 + 2 6, then b. 2 2
x −1 is x


a. 2

c. 3

d. 2 3

x = 5 + 2 6, vdpy;

a. 2 c. 3 Question Wrong; correct question is If x = 5 + 2 6, then Ans: 2 2 Explanation:
x − 1 = 4 + 2 6 = 2(2 + 6) = 2 2 ( 2 + 3) x = 5 + 2 6, x = 3+ 2+ 2 6 = ( 3) 2 + ( 2) 2 + 2 3 2 = ( 3 + 2) 2 ∴ ( x − 1) 2 2 ( 2 + 3) = =2 2 x ( 3 + 2)
x −1 is x

x −1 d; kjpg;G x b. 2 2

d. 2 3


A scored 30% marks and failed by 15 marks. B scored 40% marks and obtained 35 marks more than that required to pass. The pass percentage is a. 45% b. 40% c. 35% d. 33% A vd;gth; 30% kjpg;ngz;fs; ngw;W 15 kjpg;ngz;fs; Fiwtpdhy; Njhy;tpAw;whh;. B vd;gth; 40% kjpg;ngz;fs; ngw;W mth;fs; Njh;rrp ngw ; Ntz;ba kjpg;ngz;iztpl 35 kjpg;ngz;fs; mjpfkhf ngw;whh;. vdpy; mth;fspd; Njh;rrp tpOf;fhL ; a. 45% b. 40% c. 35% d. 33%


The unit’s digit in (264)102 + (264)103 is a. 0 b. 2 c. 4 102 103 (264) + (264) ,d; xd;whtJ ,yf;f vz; a. 0 b. 2 c. 4

d. 6 d. 6


Two-third of a consignment was sold at a profit of 5% and the remaining at a loss of 2%. If the total profit was Rs.400, then the value of the consignment was a. Rs.10,000 b. Rs.12,000 c. Rs.15,000 d. Rs.20,000
2 3

gq;F rhkhd;fs; 5% ,yhgj;jpYk;>

kPjp 2% el;lj;jpYk; tpw;fg;gLfpd;wd.

nkhj;j ,yhgk; &.400 vdpy;> nkhj;j rhkhd;fspd; kjpg;G a. &.10>000 b. &.12>000 c. &.15>000 d &.20>000


The ratio of three numbers is 3 : 4 : 5 and the sum of their squares is 1250. The sum of the three numbers is a. 30 b. 50 c. 60 d. 90 %d;W vz;fs; 3 : 4 : 5 vd;w tpfpjj;jpy; cs;sd. mitfspd; th;ffq;fspd; ; $Ljy; 1250 vdpy;> me;j %d;W vz;fspd; $Ljy; a. 30 b. 50 c. 60 d. 90 In how many years will a sum of money treble itself at 5% CI payable annually? a. 22 b. 22
1 2


c. 23

d. 23

1 2

xU mry; 5% $l;L tl;b tpfpjj;jpy; tplg;gl;lhy;> mJ vt;tsT fhyj;jpy; %d;W klq;fhFk;? a. 22

b. 22

1 2

c. 23

d. 23

1 2

The perimeter of a circle is equal to the perimeter of a square. Then, their areas are in the ratio a. 4 : 1 b. 11 : 7 c. 14 : 11 d. 22 : 7 xU tl;lj;jpd; Rw;wsT> xU rJuj;jpd; Rw;wstpw;F rkk; vdpy; mjd; gug;Gfspd; tpfpjk; a. 4 : 1 b. 11 : 7 c. 14 : 11 d. 22 : 7


In peripheral nervous system, the majority nerves are of _______ type. a. motor b. sensory c. mixed d. afferent Gw euk;Gj; njhFg;gpy;> ngUk;ghyhd euk;Gfs; ,e;j tifiar; rhh;ejJ ; a. ,af;F b. czh; c. fyg;G d. cl;nry;Yk; A man in the habit of consuming antibiotics indiscriminately is likely to suffer from the deficiency of a. Vitamin E and D b. Vitamin K c. Carbohydrates d. Fats fz;%bj;jzkhf vjph; caphpia vLj;Jf;nfhs;Sk; gof;Fks;s xU kdpjDf;F> ve;j itl;lkpd; Fiwghl;bdhy; ghjpg;G Vw;gLk;? a. itl;lkpd; E kw;Wk; D b. itl;lkpd; K c. fhh;Nghi`l;Nul;Lfs; d. nfhOg;G Identify the right path of blood flow among the chambers of human heart, when blood comes from various parts of the body. I. Left auricle II. Right auricle III. Right ventricle IV. Left ventricle.



Of these: a. I, II, III, IV b. I, III, II, IV c. II, IV, III, I d. II, III, I, IV clypypUe;J ngwg;gLk; ,uj;jj;jpd; ,ja miwfSf;Fr; nry;Yk; ghijia fz;lwp: I. ,lJ Mhpf;fps; II. tyJ Mhpf;fps; III. tyJ ntz;lhpf;fps; ; IV. ,lJ ntz;lhpf;fps; ; a. I, II, III, IV b. I, III, II, IV c. II, IV, III, I d. II, III, I, Iv


Curriculum is a tool in the hands of the artist to mould his material according to his ideal in his studio. “ This is the definition of a. Kearney and Cook b. Alexander and Seylor d. Cunningham c. K.G. Sayidan ‘fiyj;jpl;lk; vd;gJ xU fiyQdpd; ifapy; cs;s xU fUtpg; Nghd;wJ> mij itj;J mtd; epidj;jij epidj;jg;gb tbtikf;f KbAk;.’ ,e;j tiuaiwia tFj;jth; a. Nfhpd; kw;Wk; Ff; b. mnyf;rhz;lh; kw;wk; nra;yh; c. K.G. irld; d. fd;dpq;`hk; A good example for projected teaching aid is a. Realia b. Posters c. OHP d. Peg board glf;fhl;rp fw;wy; fw;gpj;jy; fUtpf;F vLj;Jf;fhl;L a. ep[g;nghUs; b. Rtnuhl;b c. jiyNky; gltPojjp ; ; d. Fj;J}rp gyif Which is not a feature of ‘Cell Doctrine’? a. All organisms are made up of cells b. New cells are formed from old cells c. All the cells are basically of the same shape and size d. Hereditary information is passed from cell to cell, during cell division. vJ nry;Nfhl;ghl;bd; mk;rk; my;y? a. midj;J caph;fSk; nry;fshy; Msit b. Vw;fdNt cs;s nry;fspypUe;J Gjpa nry;fs; Njhd;Wfpd;wd c. midj;J nry;fSk; mbg;gilapy; mikg;gpyk;> mstpYk; xj;jit d. nry;gFg;gpd; nghOJ xU nry;ypypUe;J kw;nwhU nry;ypw;F kuGg; gz;Gfs; flj;jg;gLfpd;wd.




On the label of a soft drink bottle, it is written that the liquid content is ‘isotonic’. It means a. the concentration of the liquid content is equal to that of fluids in our cells

b. the liquid enters into our cells c. the liquid does harm to our cells d. the liquid absorbs water from our cells Fsph;ghd ghl;bypd; xl;Lr;rlby; (Label) ‘INrhNlhdpf;’ vd Fwpf;fg;gl;Ls;sJ. P ; ,jd; nghUs; a. Fsph;ghdj;jpd; jput mlh;jjpAk;> ekJ clypy; cs;s nry;fspd; ; jputj;jpd; xg;glh;jjpAk; rkepiyapy; cs;sJ. ; b. Fsph;ghd jputk; ekJ nry;fspy; cl;GFk; c. Fsph;ghd jputk; clYf;F CW tpistpf;Fk; d. Fsph;ghd jputk; ekJ clypYs;s nry;fspy; jputj;jpid cwpQ;Rk;

Determination of age of a tree by counting the annual ring is a. Gerontology b. Phytogeronotology c. Dendrochronology d. Pathology xU kuj;jpd; taij mjd; Mz;L tisaq;fspd; vz;zpf;ifia fz;lwptJ a. n[ud;lhy[p b. /igl;Nlhn[ud;lhy[p c. nld;lNuhFNuhdhy[p ; d. Ngj;jhy[p



A student of class XI has observed the venation, phyllotaxy and inflorescence in plants at microlevel and enjoyed a lot with the beauty and diversity in them. The value developed in the student is a. moral b. aesthetic c. cultural d. creative XI k; tFg;G khztd;> jhtuj;jpd; euk;gikT> ,iyaikT> kw;Wk; kQ;rhpapd; tiffspd; mofpidAk;> NtWghl;bidAk; fz;lwpe;jjpd; tpisT> mtDila kdjpy; Njhd;wpaJ a. ePjp Nghjid b. urid c. ew;gz;G d. Mf;Fj;jpwd;


On classifying the tools and techniques of evaluation, a good self-reporting technique is a. interview b. observation c. aptitude test d. check list jd; kjpg;glbw;fhd rpwe;j fUtp kw;Wk; Kiw P ; a. Neh;fhzy; b. cw;WNehf;fy; c. jpwdwpjy; d. rhpghh;gG gl;bay; ; Which of the following is optically active? a. Succinic acid b. Lactic acid c. Propionic acid d. Chloroacetic acid gpd;tUtdtw;ws; xsp Row;Wk; jd;ik ngw;wJ vJ? a. rf;rpdpf; mkpyk; b. yhf;bf; mkpyk;


c. GNuhg;gpNahdpf; mkpyk;

d. FNshNuh mrpl;bf; mkpyk;

Homolytic fission of C – C bond leads to a. free radicals b. carbocation c. carbanions d. hydrocarbons C – C gpizg;ig rPuhf gpsj;jyhy; cUthtJ vJ? a. jdp cWg;Gfs; b. fhh;gd; Neh; madp c. fhh;gd; vjpuadp d. i`l;Nuhfhh;gd;fs; In an adiabatic process a. the system exchanges heat with surroundings b. pressure is maintained constant c. there is perfect heat insulation d. volume is maintained constant xU ntg;gkhwhr; nray;Kiwapy; a. mikg;gpw;Fk; Rw;Wg;Gwj;jpw;FkpilNa ntg;gghpkhw;wk; epfOk; b. mOj;jk; khwhjpUf;Fk; c. ntg;gk; flj;jg;gLtjpy;iy d. fdmsT khwhjpUf;Fk; second by a current of one d. mhos nrYj;jg;gLk; NghJ Vw;gLk; d. Nkh



Quantity of electricity transported in one ampere is a. volt b. energy c. coulomb xU Mk;gpah; kpd;Ndhl;lk; xU tpdhb Neuj;jpy; kpd;Ndhl;lj;jpd; msT a. Nthy;l; b. Mw;wy; c. $Yk;


The pH of 0.01 N HCl is nearly equal to d. 2.0 a. 0.01 b. 10 c. 1.0 0.01 N HCl d; pH kjpg;G a. 0.01 b. 10 c. 1.0 d. 2.0 All magnetic materials lose their magnetic properties when a. dipped in water b. dipped in oil c. brought near a piece of iron d. strongly heated fhe;jg; nghUl;fs;> fhe;jg; gz;ig vg;nghOJ ,of;Fk;? e. jz;zhpy; %o;f itf;Fk; NghJ P f. vz;nzapy; %o;f itf;Fk; NghJ g. ,Uk;Gg; nghUspd; mUfpy; nfhz;L nry;Yk; NghJ h. Mjpfkhf ntg;gg;gLj;Jk; NghJ



A frequency of a source is 10 kHz. The frequency of sound wave produced by it in water and in gas will be a. 10 kHz b. < 10 kHz c. > 10 kHz d. depending on velocity xU xyp %yj;jpd; mjph;ntz; 10 kHz. ePhpYk;> thAtpYk; mJ cUthf;Fk; xyp miyapd; mjph;ntz; a. 10 kHz b. < 10 kHz c. > 10 kHz d. jpirNtfj;ijr; rhh;eJ khWk; ; A ray is incident at an angle 52° on a mirror. The angle between normal and reflected ray is a. 90° b. 52° c. 38° d. 76° gLfjph; xU fz;zhbapd; kPJ 52° Nfhzj;jpy; tpOfpwJ. vjpnuhspg;Gf; fjpUf;Fk;> nrq;Fj;Jf;Fk; ,ilg;gl;l Nfhzk; a. 90° b. 52° c. 38° d. 76° Metal pipes used to carry water sometimes burst in the winter because a. metal contracts more than water b. water expands when it freezes c. outside of the pipe expands more than inside d. inside of the pipe contracts more than outside ePh; ghAk; cNyhff; Foha; Fsph;fhyj;jpy; rpy rkak; ntbg;gjd; fhuzk; a. ePiu tpl cNyhfk; RUq;Ftjhy; b. ePh; ciwAk; NghJ tphptiltjhy; c. ntspg;Gw cNyhfg; gFjp> cl;Gwg; gFjpia tpl mjpfkhf tphptiltjhy; d. cl;Gw cNyhfg; gFjp> ntspg;Gw gFjpia tpl mjpfkhf RUq;Ftjhy;




If a body is charged by rubbing it, its weight a. may slightly increase or slightly decrease b. increases slightly c. decreases slightly d. remains constant xU nghUshdJ Nja;ggjd; %yk; kpd;D}l;lg;gLfpwJ. mjd; vil ; a. rpwpjsT mjpfhpf;fNth my;yJ rpwpjsT FiwaNth nra;Ak; b. rpwpjsT mjpfhpf;Fk; c. rpwpjsT FiwAk; d. khwhJ A man invests a certain sum of money at 6% p.a. S.I. and another sum at 7% p.a. S.I. His income from interest after 2 years was Rs.354. One-fourth of the first sum is equal to one-fifth of the second sum. The total sum invested was


a. Rs.2,700 b. Rs.2,800 c. Rs.2,900 d. Rs.3,000 xUth; xU Fwpg;gpl;lj; njhifia Mz;Lf;F 6% jdptl;b tPjj;jpYk;> kw;nwhU njhifia Mz;Lf;F 7% jdptl;b tPjj;jpYk; KjyPL nra;fpwhh;. ,uz;L Mz;LfSf;Fg; gpwF> mtUf;F tl;b %ykhf &.354 tUkhdk; fpilf;fpwJ. Kjy; KjyPlby; ¼ klq;F> ,uz;lhtJ KjyPlby; ; ; KjyPL nra;j nkhj;j njhif a. &.2>700 b. &.2>800
1 klq;fpw;F rkk;> vdpy; mth; 5

c. &.2>900

d. 3>000

A sum of money placed at C.I. doubles itself in 5 years. It will amount to eight times itself at the same rate of interest in ______ years a. 5 b. 10 c. 15 d. 20 xU njhifia $l;L tl;bapy; KjyPL nra;jhy; 5 Mz;Lfspy; ,U klq;fhfpwJ. mJ vj;jid Mz;Lfspy;> mNj tl;b tPjj;jpy; vl;L klq;fhFk;? a. 5 b. 10 c. 15 d. 20 The percentage increase in the area of a rectangle, if each of its sides is increased by 20% is a. 40% b. 42% c. 44% d. 46% xU nrt;tfj;jpd; gf;fq;fs; 20% mjpfhpf;fg;gl;lhy;> mjd; gug;G vj;jid tpOf;fhL mjpfhpf;Fk;? a. 40% b. 42% c. 44% d. 46%



A sum of Rs.312 was divided among 100 boys and girls in such a way that each boy gets Rs.3.60 and each girl gets Rs.2.40. The number of girls is a. 35 b. 40 c. 60 d. 65 &.312 I 100 khzt> khztpfspilNa xU khztDf;F &.3.60k; xU khztpf;F &.2.40k; fpilf;Fk;gb gq;fplg;gLfpwJ. vdpy; khztpfspd; vz;zpf;if a. 35 b. 40 c. 60 d. 65


1 1 1 1 1 − + − + = is equal to 9− 8 8− 7 7− 6 6− 5 5− 4 1 a. 0 b. c. 1 d. 5 3 1 1 1 1 1 − + − + = 9− 8 8− 7 7− 6 6− 5 5− 4 1 a. 0 b. c. 1 d. 5 3



1 ( 9 + 8) 1 ( 8 + 7) 1 ( 7 + 6) 1 ( 6 + 5) 1 ( 5 + 4) × − × + × − × + × ( 9 − 8) ( 9 + 8) ( 8 − 7) ( 8 + 7) ( 7 − 6) ( 7 + 6) ( 6 − 5) ( 6 + 5) ( 5 − 4) ( 5 + 4)


( 9 + 8) ( 8 + 7 ) ( 7 + 6) ( 6 + 5) ( 5 + 4) − + − + (9 − 8) (8 − 7) (7 − 6) (6 − 5) (5 − 4)

= ( 9 + 8) − ( 8 + 7) + ( 7 + 6) − ( 6 + 5) + ( 5 + 4) = ( 9 + 4) = 3 + 2 = 5

If the perimeter of an isosceles right triangle is (6 + 3 2) m, then the area of the triangle is a. 4.5m2 b. 5.4m2 c. 9 m2 d. 81 m2 xU ,U rkgf;f nrq;Nfhz Kf;Nfhzj;jpd; Rw;wsT (6 + 3 2) kP. vdpy; mjd; gug;gsT a. 4.5 kP2 b. 5.4 kP2 c. 9 kP2 d. 81 kP2 The greatest number that will divide 43, 91 and 183 so as to leave the same remainder in each case is a. 4 b. 7 c. 9 d. 13 43> 91 kw;Wk; vd;w 183 vz;fis tFf;Fk;NghJ fpilf;Fk; kPj rkkhf ,Ug;gpd; ,itfis tFf;Ff; $ba kpfg;nghpa vz; a. 4 b. 7 c. 9 d. 13 If a + b + c = 13, a 2 + b2 + c 2 = 69 , then ab + bc + ca is a. – 50 b. 50 c. 69 d. 75 2 2 2 a + b + c = 13, a + b + c = 69 vdpy; ab + bc + ca a. – 50 b. 50 c. 69 d. 75
461 + 462 + 463 + 464 is divisible by
61 62 63 64




b. 10 c. 11 d. 12 4 + 4 + 4 + 4 I tFf;ff;$ba vz; a. 9 b. 10 c. 11 d. 12 61 62 63 64 61 2 Explanation: 4 + 4 + 4 + 4 = 4 (1 + 4 + 4 + 43 ) = 461 × 85 = 460 × 340 , which is clearly divisible by 10. a. 9

If x is positive and different from 1, then x + b. 2 b. 2 c. > 2 c. > 2 d. < 2

1 is x 1 d; kjpg;G x

a. 1 a. 1

x xU kpif vz;zhfTk;> xd;wpw;F NtWgl;Lk; ,Ug;gpd; x + d. < 2

91. The floating micro-organisms are normally known as

a. Benthos b. Coral reefs c. Plankton d. Nekton fly; kpjf;ff;$ba kpf Ez;zpa caphpdq;fis ______ vd;fpNwhk;. a. nge;jh]; b. KUiffs; c. gpshq;ld; d. nef;lhd;
92. The city developed with temple as its centre is

a. Chennai b. Thanjavur c. Vellore d. Madurai Nfhapiy ikakhf nfhz;L tsh;rrpaile;j efuk; ; a. nrd;id b. jQ;rhT+h; c. NtY}h; d. kJiu
93. The most important need for every industry is

a. fuel b. transport c. capital njhopyfq;fis ,af;Fk; caph;ehb vdg;gLtJ a. vhprf;jp b. Nghf;Ftuj;J c. %yjdk;

d. labour d. gzpahl;fs;

94. Which type of structure describes Weber theory of industrial location?

a. circle b. square c. triangle d. rectangle ntghpd; njhopyf miktpl Nfhl;ghL ve;j mikg;ig mbg;gilahff; nfhz;L tpsf;fg;gl;Ls;sJ? a. tl;lk; b. rJuk; c. Kf;Nfhzk; d. nrt;tfk;
95. The trade occurs within the limits of a country is called

a. internal trade b. rural trade c. international trade d. local trade xU ehl;bd; vy;iyf;Fs; epfo;fpd;w tzpfk; a. cs;ehl;L tzpfk; b. Cuf tzpfk; c. gd;dhl;L tzpfk; d. jy tzpfk;
96. The pioneer to form Indian National flag was

a. Gandhiji b. Jawaharlal Nehru c. Thillaiaadi Valliammai d. Dr. Muthulakshmi Reddy ,e;jpa Njrpaf; nfhbia cUthf;Ftjw;F Kd;Ndhbahfj; jpfo;ejth; ; a. fhe;jpabfs; b. [t`h;yhy; NeU c. jpy;iyahb ts;spak;ik d. Dr. Kj;Jnyl;Rkp nul;b

97. The great social reformer from Kerala is

a. Sree Narayana Guru b. Vivekananda c. Dayanand Saraswati d. Ramalinga Adigal Nfusj;jpy; Gfo;ngw;w r%f rPhjpUj;jthjp ; a. =ehuhaz FU b. tpNtfhde;jh; c. jahde;j ru];tjp d. ,uhkypq;f mbfs;
98. Lotus symbolizes

a. smell b. beauty c. unity d. colour jhkiu vij cUtfg;gLj;JfpwJ? a. kzj;ij b. moif c. xw;Wik d. epwj;ij
99. A permanent standing army was organized by

a. Nasiruddin Khusrao Sha b. Jalaluddin Khilji d. Alauddin Khilji c. Jalaluddin Firoz Khilji epue;jukhd xU ngUk; gilia cUthf;fpath; a. e]ph;-cj;jpd;-F];U~h b. [yhYjPd; fpy;[p c. [yhYjPd-ngNuh]; fpy;[p ; d. myhTjPd; fpy;[p
100. A 1500 year old unrusted iron pillar is located in

a. Mehrauli b. Assam c. Kalinga d. Nepal 1500 Mz;Lfsha; JUg;gpbf;fhky; ,Uf;Fk; ,Uk;Gj;J}z; cs;s ,lk; a. nkfuyp b. m];]hk; c. fypq;fk; d. Neghsk;
101. Ellora was occupied by (during A. D. 742)

a. Dhruva b. Badami c. Dantidurga d. Kirtivarman – II vy;Nyhuhitf; ifg;gw;wpath; ( 742y;) a. JUtd; b. gjhkp c. je;jpJh;fh d. ,uz;lhk; fPhjjpth;kd; ; ;
102. The greatest Telugu poet was

a. Kalidasa b. Ramabhadra c. Bhaskara d. Alurikuppanna rpwe;j njYq;F ftpQuhf tpsq;fpath; a. fhspjhrh; b. uhkgj;uh; c. gh];fuh; a. Karnataka b. Bengal c. Hyderabad d. Pondicherry mypth;jpfhd; rje;jpug; Nguurhf cUthf;fpaJ

d. m@hpf;Fg;gdh

103. The empire developed into an independent kingdom under Alivardi Khan was

a. fh;ehlfk;

b. tq;fhsk;

c. i`juhghj;

d. ghz;br;Nrhp d. Sikhism

104. The religion which reached the zenith after the 6th Century is

a. Jainism b. Buddhism c. Hinduism fp.K. 6Mk; E}w;whz;bf;Fg; gpd; nry;thf;F ngw;w kjk; a. rkz kjk; b. Gj;j kjk; c. Ntj itjpf tUzhrpuk kjk; d. rPffpa kjk; ;
105. Ashoka’s messages inscribed on the rocks are written in

a. Kharoshthi b. Prakrit c. Greek d. Sanskrit mNrhfh; mwpTiu nghwpf;fg;gl;l ngUk;ghyhd fy;ntl;Lfspy; vOjg;gl;l nkhop a. fNuh];jp b. gpuhfpUjk; c. fpNuf;fk; d. rk];fpUjk;
106. ASEAN was established in

a. 1947 b. 1957 c. 1967 d. 1977 njd;fpof;fhrpa $l;likg;G Njhw;Wtpf;fg;gl;l Mz;L a. 1947 b. 1957 c. 1967 d. 1977
107. The world communication revolution is considered as the

a. first wave b. second wave c. third wave d. fourth wave njhlh;G Gul;rpahdJ cyfpy; epfo;ej Gul;rpfspy; ,t;thwhf miof;fg;gLfpwJ? ; a. Kjy; miy b. ,uz;lhk; miy c. %d;whk; miy d. ehd;fhk; miy .
108. The world’s first satellite was launched in

a. 1947 b. 1937 c. 1957 d. 1967 cyfpd; Kjy; nraw;if Nfhs; ________ y; Vtg;gl;lJ a. 1947 b. 1937 c. 1957 d. 1967
109. The source of energy to the world is

a. sun b. land cyfpd; Mw;wy; tsk; a. #hpad; b. epyk;
110. Air Survey Company located in

c. water c. ePh;

d. wind d. fhw;W d. Hyderabad d. i`juhghj;

a. Delhi b. Kolkata c. Chennai thdha;T rq;fk; mike;Js;s gFjp a. nly;yp b. nfhy;fj;jh . c. nrd;id

111. The scholars adorned the court of Krishnadevaraya were

a. Ashtadiggajas b. Navaratnas c. Paramarthas d. Alwars fpU~;z Njtuhah; mitapy; ,Ue;j mwpQh;fs; a. m~;ljpf;f[q;fs; b. etuj;jpdq;fs; c. gukhh;jjh;fs; ; d. Mo;thh;fs;
112. The sailor who came up to the southern most tip of Africa was

a. Vasco da Gama b. Henry the Navigator c. Columbus d. Bartholomeu Diaz Kjd;Kjypy; Mg;hpf;fhtpy; njd;Nfhb Kidia te;jile;jth;? a. th];Nfhlfkhfh b. khYkp n`d;wp c. nfhyk;g]; d. ghh;jjNyhkpNahla]; ;
113. The Kailasanatha temple built by Krishna I was at

a. Ajanta b. Bombay c. Gujarat d. Ellora Kjyhk; fpU~;zd; ifyhr ehjh; Nfhapiy fl;b ,lk; a. m[e;jh b. gk;gha; c. F[uhj; d. vy;Nyhuh
114. The ‘Zabti’ system was introduced by

a. Akbar b. Sher Shah c. Aurangzeb ‘[g;jp’ Kiwia mwpKfg;gLj;jpath; a. mf;gh; b. n~h;~h c. xsuq;frPg;
115. The sites of old stone age in India are

d. Vasir d. trPh;

a. Sivaleri b. Attirampakkam c. Humpi d. Vaisali gioa fw;fhy kf;fs; ,e;jpahtpy; tho;ej ,lq;fspy; xd;W ; a. rptNyhp b. mj;jpuk;ghf;fk; c. `k;gp d. itrhyp
116. The last Governor General and the first Viceroy of India was

a. Lord Ripon b. Lord Canning c. Lord Curzon d. Lord Lytton ,e;jpahtpd; filrp MSeh; kw;Wk; Kjy; itrpuha; a. hpg;gd; gpuG b. fhdpq;gpuG c. fh;rd; gpuG a. Cholas b. Cheras gujehl;bak; Njhd;wpa fhyk; a. Nrhoh; b. Nruh;
118. The mother of Vardhamana was

d. ypl;ld; gpuG

117. Bharatanatyam came to be developed during the period of

c. Pandiyas c. ghz;bah; c. Meera

d. Pallavas d. gy;yth; d. Trisala

a. Yashoda

b. Yashodhara

th;jjkhdhpd; jhahh; ; a. aNrhjh b. aNrhjiu

c. kPuh

d. jphpriy

119. The diamond throne was given of Lord Ranganatha at Sri Rangam by

a. Achutappa Nayak b. Vijaya Kumara Nayak c. Thimmappa Nayak d. Sevappa Nayak =uq;f uq;fehj Rthkpf;F iturpk;khrdk; toq;fpath; a. mr;Rjg;g ehaf;fh; b. tp[aFkhu ehaf;fh; c. jpk;kg;g ehaf;fh; d. Nrtg;g ehaf;fh;
120. Virapandiya Kattabomman became a poligar in

a. 1761 A.D. b. 1790 A.D. c. 1795 A.D. d. 1767 A.D. tPughz;ba fl;lnghk;kd; ghisaf;fhuh; Md Mz;L a. 1761 b. 1790 c. 1795 d. 1767
121. The Constitution of India came into force on

a.26th January, 1950 b. 15th August, 1947 c. 26th January, 1947 d. 15th August, 1945 ,e;jpa murpayikg;G eilKiwf;F te;j Mz;L a. 26 [dthp> 1950 b. 15 Mf];L> 1947 c. 26 [dthp> 1947 d. 15 Mf];L> 1945
122. The term of the Legislative Assembly of Jammu and Kashmir is

a. 6 years b. 5 years c. 7 years d. 4 years [k;K kw;Wk; fh~;kh; khepyj;jpd; rl;lg;Nguitapd; gjtpf;fhyk; P a. 6 Mz;Lfs; b. 5 Mz;Lfs; c. 7 Mz;Lfs; d. 4 Mz;Lfs;
123. Local self Government was introduced by

a. Lord Ripon b. Gandhiji c. Indira Gandhi d. Rajiv Gandhi ,e;jpahtpy; ,f;fhyj;jpy; nraw;gLk; cs;shl;rp mikg;ig Kjd; Kjypy; eilKiwg;gLj;jpath; a. hpg;gd; gpuG b. fhe;jpabfs; c. ,e;jpuhfhe;jp d. uh[Ptfhe;jp ;
124. In which year did the Government announce the National Population Policy?

a. February 2000 b. January 2001 c. August 1999 d. October 2002 Njrpa kf;fs; njhif nfhs;ifia ,e;jpa murhq;fk; mwptpj;j Mz;L a. gpg;uthp> 2000 b. [dthp> 2001 c. Mf];L> 1999 d. mf;Nlhgh;> 2002
125. Centrally administered areas are

a. Cantonment Boards

b. Town Area Committees

c. Notified Area Committees d. Townships ika murpd; eph;thfj;jpw;Fl;gl;l gFjpfs; a. ,uhZtf; $l thhpaq;fs; b. efu vy;iyg;gFjp c. Fwpg;gpl;l vy;iyg;gFjp FOf;fs; d. efhpak;
126. Which year is taken as the base year in India to estimate the National Income at

constant prices? a. 1993 – 94 b. 1980 – 81 c. 1970 – 71 d. 1960 – 61 ve;j Mz;il mbg;gil Mz;lhff; nfhz;L ,e;jpahtpy; epiyahd tpiyapy; ehl;L tUkhdk; fzf;fplg;gLfpwJ? a. 1993 – 94 b. 1980 – 81 c. 1970 – 71 d. 1960 – 61
127. ‘Money is that which does’ This is defined by

a. Crowther b. Irving Fisher c. Walker d. Shapiro ‘gzk; vijnay;yhk; nra;a ty;yNjh mJNt gzk;’ tiuaWj;jth; a. fpnusj;jh; b. ,h;tpq; /gp~h; c. thf;fh; d. rhg;gpNuh
128. In which year was the National Policy on Education (NPE) formulated?

a. 1981 b. 1986 c. 1985 Njrpa fy;tpf; nfhs;if cUthf;fg;gl;l Mz;L a. 1981 b. 1986 c. 1985

d. 1984 d. 1984

129. The concept ‘Division Of Labour’ was introduced by

a. Adam Smith b. Alfred Marshall c. J. M. Keynes d. Samuelson ‘NtiygFg;G Kiw’ vd;w fUj;ij mwpKfg;gLj;jpath; a. Mlk;]kpj; ; b. My;/gpul; khh;~y; c. J.M. fPd]; ;
130. The duration of 11th Five Year Plan is

d. rhKNty;rd;

a. 2007 – 2012 c. 2012 – 2017 gjpNdhuhk; Ie;jhz;Lj; a. 2007 – 2012 c. 2012 – 2017

b. 2002 – 2007 d. 1997 – 2002 jpl;lf; fhyk; b. 2002 – 2007 d. 1997 – 2002

131. The river basins are ________ per cent of the total geographical area in the world

a. 40 b. 50 c. 60 d. 70 cyfpd; nkhj;j epyg;gug;gpy; ______ tpOf;fhL Mw;W tbepyq;fshf cs;sd. a. 40 b. 50 c. 60 d. 70
132. Waterborne disease is

a. Cholera b. Leprosy ePh; Rke;J tUk; Neha; a. fhyuh b. njhONeha;
133. The largest continent in the world is

c. Yellow fever c. kQ;rs; Ruk; c. North America c. tl mnkhpf;fh

d. Malaria d. kNyhpah d. Europe d. INuhg;gh

a. Africa b. Asia cyfpd; kpfg;nghpa fz;lk; a. Mg;gphpf;fh b. Mrpah

134. Which planet is called a snowball?

a. Earth b. Saturn c. Mars gdpg;ge;J vd miof;fg;gLk; Nfhs; a. G+kp b. rdp c. nrt;tha;
135. Molten Rock in underground is called

d. Pluto d. G@l;Nlh

a. Magma b. Lava c. Igneous rock d. Sedimentary rock Gtp xl;bw;F fPNo ,Uf;Fk; ghiwf; Fok;G a. khf;kh b. yhth c. jPgghiw ; d. gbTg;ghiw
136. The 44th Amendment Act, 1978 abolished

a. Right to property b. Right to equality c. Right to freedom d. Right to freedom of religion 1978 Mk; Mz;L 44-tJ murpayikg;Gr; rl;lj;jpUj;jj;jpd;gb ePffg;gl;l chpik ; a. nrhj;Jhpik b. rkj;Jt chpik c. Rje;jpuj;jpw;fhd chpik d. rkar; Rje;jpuj;jpw;fhd chpik
137. Permanent number of members in the Security Council of the UNO is

a. 4 b. 5 c. 10 d. 15 ghJfhg;G Nguitapy; epue;ju cWg;gpdh;fspd; vz;zpf;if a. 4 b. 5 c. 10 d. 15
138. Human Rights day is observed on

a. December 10 b. December 14 c. December 20 d. December 24 kdpj chpikfs; jpdk; filg;gpbf;fg;gLk; ehs; a. brk;gh; 10 b. brk;gh; 14 c. brk;gh; 20 a. Indira Gandhi c. Manmohan Singh b. L. K. Advani d. Abdul Kalam

d. brk;gh; 24

139. India 2020 – A Vision for New Millennium (1988) was Written by

‘,e;jpah-2020 Gjpa E}w;whz;bw;fhd xU ghh;it (1998)’ vd;w Gj;jfj;ij vOjpath; a. ,e;jpuhfhe;jp b. L.K. mj;thdp c. kd;Nkhfd;rpq; d. mg;Jy; fyhk;
140. Republic Day is observed on

a. 26th December b. 26th February c. 26th November d. 26th January FbauR jpdk; mDrhpf;fg;gLk; ehs; a. 26 brk;gh; b. 26 gpg;uthp c. 26 etk;gh;
141. Currency with the public is known as

d. 26 [dthp

a. M1 b. M2 c. M3 d. M4 nghJ kf;fsplk; cs;s Gof;fg; gzk; vd;gJ a. M1 b. M2 c. M3 d. M4
142. There exists a direct relationship between

a. Price and Demand b. Price and Supply c. Price and Income d. Price and Tax ,tw;wpw;fpilNa Neub cwT fhzg;gLfpwJ? a. tpiy kw;Wk; Njit b. tpiy kw;Wk; mspg;G c. tpiy kw;Wk; tUkhdk; d. tpiy kw;Wk; thp
143. Equilibrium price equalizes

a. Demand and supply b. Demand and Income c. Supply and Production d. Demand and utility rkepiy tpiy fPo;ffz;ltw;Ws; vjid rkd;gLj;JfpwJ? ; a. Njit kw;Wk; mspg;G b. Njit kw;Wk; tUkhdk; c. mspg;G kw;Wk; cw;gj;jp d. Njit kw;Wk; gad;ghL
144. The changing agent of the society is

a. Consumer b. Entrepreneur c. Labourer d. Distributor rKjhak; khw;wk; fhZk; Kfth; a. Efh;Nthh; b. njhopy; KidNthh; c. ciog;ghsh; d. tpdpNahf];jh;
145. Red tapism and corruption lead to

a. inefficiency of production b. inequality of income and wealth c. absence of technology d. efficient use of resources nkJthd NtiyAk;> ifA+l;Lk; fPoffz;ltw;Ws; vjw;F fhuzkhf tpsq;FfpwJ? ; ;

a. b. c. d.

cw;gj;jpapd; jpwikf; FiwT tUkhdk; kw;Wk; nry;tj;jpy; Vw;wj; jho;T njhopy; El;gkpd;ik tsq;fisj; jpwikahf gad;gLj;Jjy;

146. Which is the simplest of all cycles?

a. Nitrogen cycle b. Carbon cycle c. Phosphorus cycle d. Water cycle Row;rp ,af;fq;fspNyNa vspikahdJ a. iel;u[d; Row;rp b. fhh;gd; Row;rp c. gh];gu]; Row;rp d. ePh; Row;rp
147. How many layers does the atmosphere consist?

a. 5 b. 7 c. 6 d. 9 tspkz;lyj;jpy; cs;s mLf;Ffspd; vz;zpf;if a. 5 b. 7 c. 6 d. 9
148. A typical gyre displays _______ types of currents

a. three b. four xU #oypy; cs;s ePNuhl;lq;fs; a. %d;W b. ehd;F

c. six c. MW

d. five d. Ie;J

149. The broadcasting earth ecosystem is

a. hydrosphere b. lithosphere c. biosphere d. atmosphere Gtpapd; kpfg;gue;j #o;njhFjp a. ePhfNfhsk; ; ; b. ghiwf;Nfhsk; c. caph;fNfhsk; ; d. thAf;Nfhsk;
150. The highest plateau of the world is

a. Deccan b. Colorado cyfpNyNa kpf caukhd gPlG+kp a. jf;fhzk; b. nfhyuhNlh Remaining Keys Will be updated soon.

c. Tibet c. jpngj;

d. Malwa d. khstk;

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