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Easy pendulum implants removal and entities clearing manual

Special Thanks to KA and members at

Everything started from here: Yes or No?

Pendulum, when you hold it in your hand, asking the simplest question of all: Dear pendulum, I am now asking about this question: ______________, so what is your answer? Yes or No?

Try it and see it swings, then you are now the master of pendulum! The only reason that it won't swing in your hand is because you believed so. Wake up and learn, this is not about voodoo nor magic, this is factual science! Meaning that even you are highly logical minded but you will able to do it like everyone did, have fun!

If you had problem knowing your yes/no, simply make the request instead of asking question: Dear pendulum, please show me yes/no. See what can you get there.

About pendulum swing and spin:

Various people would have different responces on their pendulum about Yes/No, back and forth, side to side, spinning left or spinning right, 45 degree... There should be no problem at all along these process even at first it is all choas getting inaccurate or fancy results, for example, you can get neither yes/no and both yes/no, which is trying is hijack your mind, everything learning and learn everything.

According to Dave Cowan, there is a reason program yes and no as vertical and horizontal swing respecively, and the spin of the pendulum is about the energy field on our earth:

- Left/ Conterclockwise - energy removing

- Right/ Cloackwise - energy adding

(I add something here, when it is about energy replacing, transformation and balancing, I would try to put my intention at my pendulum to swing mode, but sometimes I will just set it in free mode)

Although I had not yet discover what Dave Cowan means about Active Dowsing and Passive Dowsing, but it seems to have credits. However I am still sticking to my old pattern not following his, because pendulum swing/spin responce is re-programmable by our intention on pendulum, I keep myself open minded, and I like to be "a bit different rather than being standard".

There is another I would like to add is 45 degree swing, that to me can be neither yes or no, or in between yes and no or half-half. I am left-handed so my pendulum tend to swing skewed to right from vertical for that, my left hand is blocking my eye-sight at left when pendulum swing (actually it is not, but subconsciously recognizing that). Also about the swing skewed to left and to right, according to our math that to the left is negative and to the right is positive.

materialisation and black hole . I personally like to have the pendulum move for itself. make sure your pendulum is clear of beings that is not of love and light. we do it with our understandable human language. we need to make sure it is oporating in the mode of love and light.Although above is some describtion of how the swing and spin representing the energy system. but we can abserve it by its effects and results. like. How pendulum works: Before you start a session. for the black hole that shows to emit Hawkin Radiation is irrelevent to the darkness that blocking the true love and true light. we have the languae as hardware. we are using human language to create what we can understand as "energy system". depending on what my feeling over the situation is. We are not talking about densification of light which related to gravitation. But still we don't have to be psychic to function this pendulum. for the darkness is the root cause of all problems that needed to be return to the light. because we are too stuck and busy about survival and selfishes due to our separated self consciousness. we speak the words everyday and the words are influencing and shaping our world. you will always find out the it don't really follow the pattern strictly. now we just had to put software onto the hardware and make it does useful works. in fact we used to had but lost this gift for thousand years and now gaining bit by bit of it now. Understanding that everything has consciousness including our languages. . They both carry the information of our consciousness. Same goes to pendulum. for the light is information itself it also holds the intelect f the universe and for the love is to make sure the inteligent is not biased by false light and caused degradation of light and become darkness. howev er we are mostly unaware and not careful with all the energy system we had created. we talk everyday. We as human had the limitation of mind for undersranding the light. this is science. we exchange or light with each others. We are talking about the consciousness that utilizing the light that carries and information and inteligent through pendulum technique and manifest. We actually creating and using the energy program everyday some big and small event. however my you go along with that. though we cannot physically see language radiating the light. science. When we pendulum. we experince the effects and result of it.

you can try ask and do this: Dear pendulum am I connected to my higher and highest self? . hypnotheraphy needs second person for initiate the energy system. I would say this technique had something very similar to that infamous hypnotheraphy. your gift. the most amazing gift of everyone we now have. because this is about tapping our potential of our consciouness or our mind. and for the greater and greatest benifit on everything. Understanding that. tapping in knowlegde that is beyond the contrain of time and space. Hynotheraphist goes beyond and healing the past life traumas.Pendulum is one of the method to bring our focus of our consciousness and producing highly effective energy system. we need to expend our understanding of new and newer concepts by playing around with the WORDs. we know our history of our development about hypnotheraphy: At first it was just very shallow use for healing the phycology and emotion of a person. The difference with hypnotheraphy and pendulum is that. but then started to bloosom like finding various new subatomic particles when two hadron colides together. the consciousness! Let's put thing is this way. we are developing a lot with our languages in order to expend our consciousness. The second however only requires you and your fellow pendulum. you need to make sure you are cleared and being connected to your higher and highest self (save for the explanation of the words. and performing miraculus healing over various illnesses. very powerful and energy changing. But they had the same common working condition: You need to tap in the whatever-it-was-called. your insticnt will start and keep florishing you when you are getting more and more adopted with this technique. which is one of the fun with pendulum. When we use this pendulum techinique. We need to understand that through out our human evoltion from the dark age. You can see miracles because it had to do with very fundamental ingredient of our universe: everything has consciousness and therefore you are just utilizing this gift. we just had to read and get expend with our vacabulary and anatomy when doing healing).

the rest goes on. as long as it works for the greater and greatest good and even it do stressed for starters. If it is caused by external influence or effecting the internal .. There is no strict rule on how yor energy system going to be as long as you are testing your instinct and keep working with various wordings.. 0A) Pendulum clearing . There are those who are very good in questioning and energy works will surely get a lot of quality informations and energy systems but then everyone is unique with their own souls. No>0A2) . what you need to check is: pendulum clearing and entities clearing at your house and youself. this is solely your own pendulum journal.(If you get a no for that) Please clear any that is not of love and light that blocking me unable to connect with my higher and higher self. (Spin counter-clockwise until stop) Dear pendulum am I connected with my higher and highest self now? . You are not going to master hypnotheraphy in one day do you? Same goes to pendulum.... that is still a unique experience for each and everybody. your judgement and what you used for pendulum as your minion might not happy with you and protest on you.The beginning before you start any.. To have inteference by beings or beingness not of love and light and causing inaacurasy of pendulum is very common. Simply. it can be internal factor. Patient is the key. 0A1) Dear pendulum are you clear? (Yes>. If you are not good at asking quality question and gift energy commands than it is fine to have simple system. what are you still lacking at and need to learn? Google is a handy information center. then you need to try to improving yourself.

especially you encountered problem and needed assistance on special and important event) 0A3a) Is there any further clearing needed/required for this pendulum? (Yes>0A2 or 0A4 if you want to try something else. plants. as myself I tried that but I don't feel any difference. (Spinning anticlockwise until stop) 0A4b) Please clear this pendulum from being or beingness of distortions. 0A4-) Sometimes I found out that my pendulum not willing to swing. No>proceed) 0A4a) Please clear this pendulum from energies. but I also heard that such beings do help you. (Spinning anticlockwise until stop) 0A2b) Please clear this pendulum from any being not of love and light and replace with beings or beingness of love and light. (Swinging until stop) (Beside from intelligent from universe.0A2a) Please clear this pendulum from any being not of love and light. (Spinning anticlockwise until stop) 0A4c) I now command that this crystal to restore to its devine blueprint on every particles of atomic and subatomic level. the consciousness. 50/50. parasitics. for me I think it . guardians. beings and kingdoms of elementals. the light. thank you. angels for assistances but I believe they will just come in naturally you unawared of. No>proceed) 0A3b) Dear pendulum are you satisfied with the clearing? (Yes>0A2 or 0A4 if you want to try something else. negativities. false light. (Spinning anticlockwise until stop) 0A4b) Please clear/protect this pendulum from attaching. disincarnates and not of love and light. you can intentionally call in the spirits. it is just you and your pendulum. every substances of cellular and molecular level. alien astral snake influences. encountering and spying from that are of the demonic influences. forms and frequencies that are of the inhibitors. archonic influences. animals. minerals. guides.

and try to imagine the pendulum be still and you open your eye you to see a stilled pendulum as you can. be peace and quiet in mind. I see the pendulum is shaking. 0A4-) Charge your crystal pendulum with sunlight. moonlight (not sure about the nature of moon energy. your hand is shaking. we are not the identity but to express with that role. I think having a clean hand before start is important like eating sacred food. I found out that this is a very effective for me get out from the stuck mind. which is something that make me to think. they want more control. it happens so many time when they don't want to know the real answer. breathing and relaxing. 0A4-) Wash your hand or put your hand in the water to discharge your static or you take a bath before journeying with your pendulum. please go to 01A. I found out that sometimes when I had a vivid imagination over a stilled pendulum and when I opened my eyes. I don't think we have to. For second case. 0A4-) Sometimes I found out that my pendulum is shaking very much. clearing them also means to set them free and not violating but respecting the freewill and loves light again. This is not about having anger or distress about them. you can try closed your eyes and hold the pendulum. the pendulum is not worked with you. which is about love. it could be my uncleared mind or the inteference by negative beings. the easiest way is try to zero out yourself. This might be an indication of being not of love and light present. we can understnad that we are really true creator gods that creating that role but we experience as human always easily get stuck there. they don't what to cooperate. when we left the role and see as different angle. or maybe showing that our brain can lie to us but our heart can't do that as the heart always try to tell the truth. understanding that we are spirits that having human experience and our identities now is just as a tool to learn. I don't mean to remember past lifes or something like that. unconcerntrated. 0A4-) If your state of mind is having judgement or thoughform. then you know what to related to my tireness or my pendulum is not happy and needed something extra. 0A4-) If you are feeling nerved. there are used to have benevolent alien bases there . I think the understandable part is really more than enough to operate and not getting stuck in our brain and forget who we are. we do not own that role we are not that role we are just add-ins and try to perfecting that role.

I am just throwing opinions here according to gossips and rumors. 0A5a) Dear pendulum do you feel protected? (No>0A6.. and so on.. sea salts. heavy rain water (not the smelly and dirty acidic rain). clean river water. tapping into zero point ifinite field. Pendulum protection . (Spinning clockwise until stop) . (Spinning clockwise until stop) 0A6b) Please protect this pendulum from beings or beingness that not of love and light.. there should be numerous way to do it look online for yourself. no one is saying that the imagination is limited by perceptions on 3D.. sea water (not all crystal is suitable with salt as it oxidates some metal component). grounding.something extra after clearing Usually I did this after the implants removal and entities clearing at the end. 0A4-) If you are familiar with energy works or familiar with pedulum. No>Wow you must be strong and tought! . crystal pieces or other larger crytals (I heard that crystals' spirits can fight among themself. core fear/love matrix replacement eyc. reiki. programming the crystal. you can try with your own such as violet flame. Proceed) 0A6a) I am now requesting for a full and perfect spectrum of the protection for this pendulum.). orgonite. Yes>0A5b) 0A5b) Dear pendulum do you need any/further/extra protection? (Yes>0A6.bombarding bad frequencies towards earth). You can clear your crystal with natural way by distilled water... cosmic flush. understanding the science behind is the key. singing bowl or playing it through speaker (not sure which frequency to use).

crystal do can depleted of energy if you abused them.0A6c) Please protect this pendulum from energies. for instant. (This can be used for various purposes) 0A-) Dear pendulum please call in ___ to assist me for ___. Some more examples on programing with pendulum 0A-) Dear pedulum are you dedicated with love and light? / Please dedicate this pendulum with love and light. I do believe. (Spinning clockwise until stop) 0A6d) Please give this pendulum protection from attachments. negativities. you need to take care of them anyway. (Spinning clockwise until stop) Yes you can add protection onto you and your house by pendulum however it is not concerned for here. Sacred Geometries and Christ Consciousness Grids. forms and frequencies that are of the inhibitors.. false light. archonic influences. parasitics and disincarnates. (Spinning clockwise until stop) 0A6e) I affirm that this pendulum is under the protection of Universal Laws. and spies that are of the demonic influences. alien astral snake influences. (This can be used for various purposes) .. encounters. 0A-) Please connect this pendulum with/to ___. 0A-) I am now programming this pendulum the back-and-forth/side-to-side/spining clockwise/spinning anticlockwise/45 to left/45 to right as my yes/no/energy adding/energy removing/half-half/etc. 50/50. distortions.

will be another revolutionary of our electric apparatus. This is about the unique structure of group four element. which one can say it is more balance in full range spectrums and practically useful and effective for healing. I am not sure how to determine which crystal works for best for pendulum. we had to connect that part first and it is reasonable that even without using crystal pendulum and the energy system still can be worked. same with silicone. purification. this had to do with the science about condutivity and electricity and light of the silicone based crystal. There is no conincidence about that. our earth crust consist mostly of silicone too. so might be the best choice for implants removal and entities clearing. But knowing that the another important factor of using pendulum is about utilizing your consciousness as previously mentioned. Understanding that crystal is more powerful of light facilitator and there are various crystals with wide spectrum of light for different functions. with that one can sense the energy flow for programing the crystal instead. so this might suitable for those who can't feel like me.. having a crystal pendulum surely give better result than any other materials. Crystal as amplification of energy system with pendulum technique The crystaline structure of silicone based crystal give unique natural energy system such as healing. but I do can tell that there is different of the energy I had felt.. However one of the advantage of crystal is the ability to amplify our mind manifestation. protection ans so on. and amonngst crystals the clear quartz crystal refracts all range of color spectrums. The lastest discovery of graphene which scientists had confirmed that.There are energy workers who can feel energy flow sensitively. I can't tell which works the best compared to my quartz crystal pendulum. which is element of group four. we human body and other physical life forms on earth are carbon based. Our well known circuit board are based on silicone. Clear quartz crystal seems to be the best for healing. Just don't bought a fake crystal! . I personally had a black obsidian pendulum and I tried. I hardly feel any energy flow. I believe that the ability of sensing energy will greatly help for mastering pendulum. Think about this.

simple stating (me). you can use their real names.And about the shape of the pendulum. but once you get familiar you only need less then ten or twenty minutes and there will only by a few implants which make removal easier then your first time a lot. (Let it swing and stop. let's getting started Do this on yourself before you work with others. perhaps the pointy end of crystal does counts the amplification effect. Using this manual on you or work onto others If you are doing for yourself. All clear. so all you have to do is keep be more positive and just check and clear whenever you feel not right. Upon the removal of implants below. proceed 0B2) . if you are doing to other people. Mean while if you feel the mind clearence had faded away. it is common to have them to come back. At first it maybe seems to be a complicated job to do and you can find more than 30 or more implants which make you tired and your body had to take more time to heal completely for doing massive psychic surgery. the biggest difference is the mind clearence. To me. perhaps twice per day! This is the what our earth situation now on 4D. then just go check yourself again. that is why this manual had came out. that is the major target for those beings in 4D try to take over. to make sure I am working with the right person. having a one or double pointy end looks ok. this is how I did: 0B1a) Please trace and locate (name/username/ID) on/at (website/place). You can have the "risk" if you do not do entities clearing where they put psychic attacks on you. especially the entities clearing on you and your house. or internet ID and ID numbers. sharping our mind power and projecting the energy like a laser. think about energy emitting tip. it can be days. we need to clear with things in 4D.

will do modification when I have time. you can use chart and also counting. that look at the clearing part (0A4). of some net or group or such) / at (website/place) was located? (Yes>Proceed. you need to understand that for every removal and clearing you need to ask for permission first and after you had done immidiately you need to check it if it was confirmed done. This might be get frustrated and you need to start all over again. . When you are counting one by one. In fact you can have high chances to get the permission even without verbally stated. proceed 0B2) . So if you get "no" while people had allowed for you to do so. So far I do not have problem of not having permission if other people had agreed to me for doing this.Some ID No. before you proceed to the next. of some net or group or such) which is (username/ID). usually the answer comes as it reacts as you spell to the right number.0B1b) Please trace and locate the owner of (ID No. counting one by one however can train your skill overtime. is now the (name/username/ID) owner of(ID No. About the counting numbers. 15 or so and do the counting. You can force the pendulum to move to get answer actively going yes or no instead of waiting the pendulum to respond. I should have put entities clearing first but I will left my old manual like this first. As for why this had been allowed to do so. 0B2) Dear pendulum. it is because the dark forces had been violating the freewill so much and it is the job of lightworkers to clear the mess. you can also ask diverged question like is it less/more then 5. However it is common that you found confusion about why your pendulum is not moving at all or it shake non-stop. (Let it swing and stop. 10. patient is your master. as simply as accordingly to the freewill of human and mother earth gaia. No>0B1) Now before starting which the session. please check and clear your pendulum. can be too long so you might use the name instead. using chart in counting is fast.

The reason for that is if we do implants removal before entities clearing. it is done. Also if you do implants removal without entities clearing on others.) *** . will do modification when I have time. 1) Removing ehteric inhibitor crystal and indigo lock (this had to be removed one by one to ensure the total removal because this implant can only be implanted before born and once being removed it wouldn'y be able to put back by other beings) 1Aa) Is there any Etheric Inhibitor Crystal on (___)? (Yes>1Ab. you can missed some implants there because the entities are blocking your way. (Spin counterclockwise until stop) 1Bb) I am now requesting for the removal of another Etheric Inhibitor crystal for (___). No>1D) 1Ab) Do I had the permission to do Etheric Inhibitor Crystal removal for (___)? (No>0A1. thank you.PART I: Implants removal I should have put entities clearing first but I will left my old manual like this first. Yes>It is done. Yes>1Ba) 1Ba) I am now requesting for the removal of Etheric Inhibitor crystal for (___). No>1D) 1D) Were all etheric inhibitor crystals being remove from (___)? (No>1Bb. those dark beings whom incharge over them will come and put psychic attack on you. (Spin counterclockwise until stop) 1Ca) Is there any etheric inhibitor crsytal left on (___)? (Yes>1Bb. it is done.

Yes>1F) . (Count: 1. (Using pendulum chart) 2D) Is there totally __ of negative negative implants on (___)? (No>2C or perhaps 2A.1E) Is ther any indogo lock on (___)? (No>1G. (Spin .3. (Proceed>1H) 1G) Is removal of indigo lock is needed for (___)? (Yes>1F.No>1F) 2) Removing negative implants 2A) Is there any negative implant on (___)? (Yes>2B.Having indogo lock means you are an indigo 1F) Please remove indigo lock for (___)... No>Perhaps you can check again saying is (___) all clear with negative before proceed to the next) 2B) Do I have the permission to remove all negative implants for (___)? (No>0A1. sometimes it is better to make double check if it is really cleared passing through "yes" and "no" along the way) 1H) Is indigo lock were being completely removed for (___)? (Yes>Proceed. Yes>2C) 2Ca) I am now counting the numbers of negative implant can be found on (___). Yes>2E) 2E) I am now requesting for the removal of all __ negative implants on (___).2. / More than?/Less then?) 2Cb) How many negative implants that can be found on (___).

is there any nests & eggs on (___) from past-present-future? (Yes>5B. when then were put.2. No>Perhaps you can check again saying is (___) all clear with nests & eggs before proceed to the next) 5B) Do I have the permission to clear all nests & eggs on (___) from past-presentfuture? (No>0A1. (Count: 1.. Yes>5C) 5Ca) Let's count the number of nests & eggs that can befound on (___). where they come from whom. / More than?/Less then?) .. what do they did. were all __ negative implants been removed from (___)? (No>2E. it is done. Yes>It is done. you might get something that your instinct might already know the answer. thank you. just change the item there) 5) Removing nests & eggs 5A) Dear pendulum.countercloackwise until stop) 2F) Dear pendulum. just change the item there) 4) Removing false light implants (same with step 2.) You can diverge the question from (2A) and questioning about those negative implant to know where they located in your body/aura/field. 3) Removing 50/50 implants (same with step 2. it is done.3.

(Count: 1. is there any fragmented soul that stucked/trapped on (___)? (Yes>6B. thank you) 6) Fragmented souls that stucked on a person (this is very rare case) 6A) Dear pendulum. it is done. Yes>5E) 5E) Please clear all __ nests & eggs on (___) from past-present-future. Yes>It is done. Yes>6C) 6C) Let's count the number of fragmented soul stucked on (___). It would be really questionable if one can get big number for fragmented souls in one body.2. I would rather check my pendulum) 6D) Dear pendulum.5Cb) How many nests & eggs can be found on (___) from past-present-future? (Using pendulum chart) 5D) Dear pendulum. are there totally __ fragmented soul stucked on (___)? (No>6C or perhaps 6A.. No>Perhaps you can check again saying is (___) all clear with stucked fragmented soul before proceed to the next) 6B) Do I have the permission to clear all fragmented soul stucked on (___) and sent them back to their owner? (No>0A1. it is done.. (Spin countercloackwise until stop) 5F) Were all __ nests & eggs being cleared of (___) from past-present-future? (No>5E. Yes>5E) . are there totally __ nests & eggs on (___) from past-presentfuture? (No>5C or perhaps 5A.

thank you) I wondered if the soul fragments that sent back to their owner need to do the aligning with them. Yes>It is done.6E) Please clear all __ fragmented soul stucked on (___) and sent them back to their owner. because there are things that not included here.) . Yes>It is done. thank you. And then you clear all the traces about all removed inhibitors. You might want to check if there is any further healing that is required about them. then you are on your own for greater and deeper discovery of this technique. this is your own unique personal pendulum journal. because healing of gathering fragmented soul back on one person requires realignment so that it would be healed properly. and remove them. it is done. 0C0) If there any other things that had to be removed on (___)? (No>You can end the session. it is done. Yes>Ok this is the part where I left over.Were all traces. it is done. Later make another request for heal and seal all the cuts and holes on his/her body upon this psychic surgery. And then you clear your pendulum and also asking if your pendulum want protection or not. locate them.check. 0C) Finishing the removals After you removed all these implants you need to clear all the signatures and traces on the person you work upon the psychic surgery. imprint and memory on (___) had removed? (No>Repeat. implants and nests&eggs upon this psychic surgery. the only way to work more about that is to learn more. this is the starting point for anyone who is new.) 0C1) Please clear all of the traces. imprint and memory on (___) upon this psychic surgery. (Spin countercloackwise until stop) 6F) Were all __ fragmented soul cleared on (___)? (No>6E. But this manual had covered much of the issues that had been causing problems among starseeds and lightworkers. find them. (Spin anticlockwise until stopped) . it is done.

encountering and spying on (___)? (Yes>7B.go to (0A1) for pendulum clearing part PART II: Entities and Discarnates Clearing 7) Clearing: (Energy) Distorted Beings. thank you.Were all cuts and holes on (___) had healed and sealed? (No>Repeat. imprints and memory upon this psychic surgery had been cleared? (No>Repeat 0C3. negs. imprint and memory of removed implants (inhibitors. it is done.Were all traces. just go through all four of them one by one. Yes>It is done. 50/50 and false light nests&eggs if you found the presence) back to the energy that is for higher and highest good for the universe.0C2) Please heal and seal all cut and hole on (___) upon this psychic surgery.) 0C4) . it is done thank you. Yes>It is done. Yes>7C) . is there any [Entity] that is attaching. thank you.) 0C3b) Please clear. it is done. 7A) Dear pendulum. dismantle and sent all the removed implants (inhibitors.Were all the removed implant cleared? (No>Repeat 0C3.) 0C3a) Please clear all of the traces. it is done. No>Perhaps you can check again saying is (___) cleared with [entities] before proceed to the next) 7Ba) Do I have the permission to clear all [entities] on (___)? (No>0A1 or 7Bb. Negative Beings and Not Love and Light Beings .Because all these catagories are of the similar steps. (Spin counterclockwise until stopped) check . (Swing until stopped) . Yes>It is done.check . (Spin counterclockwise until stopped) . it is done. 50/50 and false light plus nests&eggs if you found the presence) upon this psychic surgery. (Energy) Parasitic Beings. negs.check . it is done.

2. (Count: 1. Yes>7E) 7E) I am now requesting all __ [entities] to be cleared/healed from (___) and free them from [energy distortion/ energy parasitic/ negative/ Not of Love and Light] beingness. (b). / More than?/Less then?) 7Cb) How many [entities] that attaching. Yes>7G0) *** 7G0) Dear pendulum.3. althought I am not sure it sopposed to be like that or something is unessesary/missing.7Bb) Do I have the permission to heal all [entities] on (___)? (No>0A1. (d). encountering and spying on (___). Tthere it goes: the things that needed to be cleared after (7F) on these cleared entities: (please go through (a). is there any further clearing that is required for the __ beings? This part is still an experiment. Yes>7C) . I skipped..It is strange in the sense that sometimes I cannot clear them but to heal them.. (c). are all __ [entities] were now being cleared from (___) and freed from [energy distortion/ energy parasitic/ negative/ Not of Love and Light] beingness? (No>7E. (Spin countercloackwise until stop) 7F) Dear pendulum. encountering and spying (___)? (Using pendulum chart) 7D) Are there totally __ of [entities] are there? (No>7C or 7A. (e) one by one) . I had a few times trying to gasp about this but found no answer. 7Ca) Counting the number of [entity] that attaching.

7G1) Dear pendulum. (d) lower vibrational mentality and thought-forms. are there tangled soul fragments among the __ beings? (Yes>7G6. (c) astral snake influences. Yes>7G5 after (a). (d) lower vibrational mentality and thoughtforms. (c). (Spin countercloackwise until stop) . (d) lower vibrational mentality and thought-forms. (e) one by one above) *** 7G5) Dear pendulum. (b) archonic influences. No>0A1) 7G7) Please clear/heal all tangled soul fragments on these __ beings. (e) lower vibrational emotion and sensual-forms]? (Yes>7G2. (d). (e) lower vibrational emotion and sensual-forms]? (No>7G3. (b) archonic influences. (d) lower vibrational mentality and thought-forms. (c) astral snake influences. are the __ beings are under [(a) demonic influences. (e) lower vibrational emotion and sensual-forms]. (b) archonic influences. (c) astral snake influences. Yes>7G3) 7G3) Please clear all __ beings from [(a) demonic influences. (e) lower vibrational emotion and sensual-forms]? (No>0A1. No>7H) 7G6a) Do I have the permission to clear all tangled soul fragments on these __ beings? (Yes>7G7. (c) astral snake influences. (b) archonic influences. No>0A1 or 7G6bI try use 'heal' instead or 'clear') 7G6b) Do I have the permission to heal all tangled soul fragments on these __ beings? (Yes>7G7. No>7G5) 7G2) Do I have the permission to clear [(a) demonic influences. (Spin countercloackwise until stop) 7G4) Were all __ beings cleared from [(a) demonic influences. (b).

it is done.7G8) Were all __ being cleared/healed from tangled soul fragments? (No>7G7. it is done. (Spin countercloackwise until stop) 7M) Dear pendulum were all __ beings had gone back to the light? (No>7L. . Yes>7H) *** 7H) Dear pendulum are all __ beings needed to be sent back to their own light? (Yes>7I. (Spinning clockwise until stop) 7K) Dear pendulum were all Master Guides for there __ being had arrived? (No>7J. Yes>7Lb) 7La) I am now requesting for sending back all __ beings back to their own light.) *I never get calling guides for entities is needed unless it is for disincarnates. thank you. No>7G0) 7I) Is there any need to call upon Master Guides for all __ beings? (Yes>7J. (Spin countercloackwise until stop) 7Lb) I am now requesting for sending back all __ beings back to the light along with their Master Guides. No>7La) 7J) I am now calling all Master Guides for these __ being come forth for guiding back to their own light. Yes>It is done.

3. Yes>8C>8E>8F>8Ga) 8Bb) Do I have the permission to heal all disincarnate? (No>0A1.2. but I think healing will just work fine. is there any disincanate attaching. (Swing until stopped) 8F) Dear pendulum. (Count: 1. Yes>8E) 8E) Please heal all __ discarnates that can be found there.8) Clearing disincarnates 8A) Dear pendulum. encountering and following (___)? (Yes>8B. are all __ discarnates were healed? (No>8E. No>Perhaps you can check again saying is (___) all clear with disincaranted beings before proceed to the next) 8Ba) Do I have the permission to clear all disincarnate beings that attaching. No> Simply ask if guide is not needed here. encountering and following (___) and sent them back to the light now? (No> 8Bb or 0A1. / More than?/Less then?) 8Cb) Show me the numbers of discarnated beings that attaching and following (___)? (Using pendulum chart) 8D) Are there totally __ of discarnates there? (No>8C. I don't think dealing with disincarnate need to be complicated. Yes>8G) 8Ga) Do I have the permission call all Master Guide for the __ disincarnates? (Yes>8Gb.. if still getting a no then check again or go to 0A1) .. 8Ca) I am now counting the number of discarnate beings that attaching and following (___). Yes>8C then 8E) Note: Maybe there are chords. karma and contracts that need to be cleared.

it is done. were all Master Guides now presented for the __ discanates? (No>8Gb. . please repeat all (7) and (8) by changing subject of (___) to the house of (___) something like that. Yes>8I) 8I) I am now requesting for sending all __ discarnates back to the light along with theri Master Guides now.8Gb) I am now calling all Master Guides for the __ disincarnate for guiding them back to the light. (Spinning counterclockwise) 8H) Dear pendulum. thank you) *** *** *** For house clearing. is there any negative portals that can be found at (___)? 9B) Do I have the permission to clear and seal all portal at (___)? 9C) Count the number of portal in (___). Yes>It is done. it is done. (Spin countercloackwise until stop) 8J) Dear pendulum. 9) Clearing and sealing negative portal 9A) Dear pendulum. were all discarnates back to the light? (No>8I.

imprints and memory upon the entities clearings. I never feel like want to ask that. 9F) Dear pendulum were all __ portals cleared and sealed at (___)? It is done. Yes>It is done. go (0A1).. it is done. imprint and memory cleared from the pendulum? (No>Repeat. (Spinning counterclockwise until stopped) Were all traces.. it is done. I am not sure if portals can be existed in human body. . Yes>It is done.9D) Are there __ portals at (___)? 9E) I am now requesting for the clearing and sealing of all __ portals at (___). Not love and light beings. imprints and memory upon the entities clearing (of distorted beings. disincarnate . parasitic beings. 0D0) Finishing the clearing You need to clear all the traces after the clearing is done. it is done. it is done. 0D1) Please clear all the traces. thank you) ask if any further clearing is needed for pendulum. thank you. thank you) 0D2) Please clear this pendulum of all the traces. (Spinning counterclockwise until stopped) Were all the traces. it is done. it is done. negative can add specific information if the clearing is unable to complete). imprints and memory of this enetities clearing all cleared? (No>Repeat.

powerful (if my pendulum need no protection).Misc. clean and clear (if my pendulum need no clearings at all)". "hmm. "wow. "alright". tough. you might wondering if you are being lovely to it and if it will be better in considering their evolution like that way. I used a lot of gasture like "ok". "nice". blessing is good anyway. . you are talking to a stone. I personally believe every word you say is putting the concsiousness of your words into another. For me. Your crystal has comsciousness. it will be kinda boring if using all the same commands for each and every steps. strong. "great".