I have created these numerology pages to help people learn a little bit about modern numerology.

I've recently become interested in numerology myself, and I've been spending time reading about it and learning how to interpret some of the important number "vibrations". I am certainly not the most knowledgeable source of information around, but I can help to explain some of what each of the different numerical vibrations represent, and I can show you how to derive some of the more important numbers that give you some information about yourself. What's in a Number? Numerology itself can be called an esoteric science. The word esoteric is defined as private or secret; something that was hidden for only a select few initiates. Throughout history, certain ideas or beliefs were kept secret from the general public for selected people who were deemed ready to learn them by the "guardians" of the knowledge. These ideas were protected not only to preserve the knowledge itself, but also to preserve those who were familiar with them. Even in today's modern and relatively accepting society, the so called esoteric beliefs or sciences are often scoffed at or considered "occultism" or "witchcraft". Esoteric knowledge inludes ancient belief systems or sciences such as alchemy, the kabbalah, numerology, astrology, and the tarot, among others. Today, many people are returning to these original sciences for guidance and understanding of the different pathways leading to God or their true inner selves. Unfortunately, since these sciences were so well guarded, it is not always easy, even today, to find the true essence of them. Numerology history can in part be traced back to ancient Greece, and Pythagoras has often been called the father of numerology. I personally believe the science is much older than Pythagoras' time. However, Pythagoras and his followers not only felt that each number has a quantitative value, but they also felt that each number has a distinct qualitative vibration. Each number's quality is represented by the number itself. For example, the number one represents creative force, leadership, the male principle, singularity, independence, linearity, and rebirth or resurrection among other ideas. This representation is implicit to the number one itself, as from zero or nothing, comes one or something; thus creation.

The general idea behind creating a numerological chart is that you can learn something about yourself or your friends by looking at the numbers that correspond to their name and their birth date. This may seem rather foolish but under the postulation that the universe is all connected, then in the pursuit of knowledge, it may help us to take a look at representations of our day of birth. Numbers themselves are truly only representations of ideas, they have no physical form. Have you ever seen a number? Numerology then, is viewed by myself as a simplification of the logical path of ideas our mind could follow even without the number itself. Traditionally, numerologists look at your birth name and your birth date primarily. Of course you can take numerology as far as you would like by looking at your street address, your last birthday, today's date, and so on. All of these numbers have some informative value. Some might argue, as I have in the past, that numerology can not make sense because dates themselves are only relevant to the passing of Christ (which date itself has been in dispute), and different countries and cultures use different calendars. I currently believe that due to the cyclic nature of the practice of numerology, these concerns are not founded. So, let's get started and I'll demonstrate what the basic numerical vibrations represent and how to make up a simple chart. This way you can judge for yourself just how applicable this old "science" can be.

Basics / Math
In basic numerology, there are nine numbers or vibrations that you want to reduce any greater number down into. These nine numbers are the digits 1 through 9. In some numerology application, there is a special consideration for the digit 0, but for simplicity we will not be concerned with that here. There is also special treatment of the numbers 11 and 22; these are referred to as "master numbers". Some forms of numerology treat other numbers as master numbers as well, but we will stick to 11 and 22 for our purposes. The numbers 1 through 9 represent the stages through which an idea or thought must progress prior to becoming manifest. They also represent the stages through all natural evolutionary cycles universally. The master numbers can be reduced down to a single digit as well, but they represent higher vibrations of the idea that they can be reduced down into.

Basically, to reduce any number down to its single-digit vibration, you simply add each of the digits of the number. For example, lets reduce the year 1998: 1998 = 1 + 9 + 9 + 8 = 27 Because 27 is still not a basic number (1 through 9), nor is it a master number (11 or 22), we must reduce it further: 27 = 2 + 7 = 9 You would continue reducing any number that is greater than one digit unless you come to a master number. For this example, the result of reducing 1998 is 9. Let's try another one. Lets reduce the number 74. 74 = 7 + 4 = 11 Because 11 is a master number, we don't reduce further. If you were to reduce an 11 however, you would add the 1 + 1 to get a 2. This indicates that the master number 11 is a "higher vibration" of the number 2. When we discuss the meanings of each number vibration, you will want to keep in mind that the 11 vibration is related to a 2 vibration. You will also want to remember that a 22 vibration is related to a 4 vibration for this same reason. Besides looking at dates, in numerology we often want to look at words or names. In order to represent a word as a number, you must have a method to convert the word into a number. Throughout numerology history, different mappings have been developed for different languages. Here is the mapping of the letters of the English alphabet to their numerical equivalents:

To create this mapping, you simply count the letters of the alphabet starting with "A", and reduce the number when you get above 9. As you progress

through your numerology study, you will probably want to memorize the table above, or create a quick reference table for yourself. (Maybe print this page and cut out the table above). Let's look at reducing a few words. Here's the word "WORK": WORK = 5 + 6 + 9 + 2 = 22 22 is a master number and so you would not reduce it any further. Here are a few more: PLAY = 7 + 3 + 1 + 7 = 18 , and so reducing further, 1 + 8 = 9 COOPERATE = 3 + 6 + 6 + 7 + 5 + 9 + 1 + 2 + 5 = 44 = 8 MIND = 4 + 9 + 5 + 4 = 22 BODY = 2 + 6 + 4 + 7 = 19 = 10 = 1 (1 + 0 = 1) SPIRIT = 1 + 7 + 9 + 9 + 9 + 2 = 37 = 10 = 1 Once you understand basic numerology math, lets take a look at the esoteric meanings of each numerical vibration.

Number Vibrations
As I mentioned earlier, in numerology each number represents a particular quality. Again, the different digits from 1 through 9 represent the various steps any idea must progress through prior to becoming manifest. On a universal scale, life processes can be associated with cycles that can be broken down into these nine major vibrations. A person’s progression through time itself is also assumed to go through cycles of nine. You may find that if you look back nine years prior to now, you may have had some similar events occur during that year, or you may find that your outlook on life was similar to how things appear now. Each numerical vibration can be interpreted in general terms, but as you learn what the different numbers associated with your birth date and birth name represent, you can get a more applicable interpretation of those numbers. In the table below, I have listed some general keywords for each numerical vibration. Then on the following pages of this study I will show you how to apply these meanings to some specific birth related numbers. The keywords listed below are from other sources as well as my own interpretations.

1 principal, leader, originality, conscious mind, beginnings

Creation, resurrection, manifestation, independence, singularity, masculine

, tactful, 2 Mediation, receptivity, feminine principal, followermind, form gentle, changeable, adaptable, compromise, subconscious

Unity, trinity, romance, art, beauty, abundance, life, growth, expressive,

3 harmony, communication, enthusiasm, super-conscious mind, 4 discipline, preparation, foundation
seed Structure, order, work, law, formation, system, construction,

travel, activity, adventure, promotion, 5 Freedom,involvement, transcendence, change speculation, decision,

6 Affectionate, stability, conservative, equilibrium, healing, counseling, love, marriage, family, social responsibility 7 Spiritual, quiet, introspective, philosophical, secretive, analytical, mystical, physical completion, wisdom 8 Regeneration, infinity, power, responsibility, judgment, finance, ambition, success, karma, ethics 9 Attainment, experience, universality, tolerance, emotional, service, compassion, humanitarian, endings
And here are the primary meanings of the two master numbers that I have mentioned: Bringer of light: foresight, acute perception


, visionary,

intuitive, powerful Master builder: large enterprise, power 22 to achieve, money comes easy

Don't forget that the two master numbers can also be reduced down to 2 and 4 respectively to get a further understanding of their meanings. With just the information that we have covered so far, you can start to analyze certain names and words by reducing them down to their primary number and interpreting the meaning based on the keywords above. Next, lets look at the numbers that make up the numerological chart, and how to derive meaning from them.

The Life Lesson Number
The first and most significant number derived in the basic numerological chart is the Life Lesson number. The Life Lesson is the number derived from your birth date. First I will demonstrate how to correctly reduce the birthdate to derive the Life Lesson number. To begin, you reduce the year of birth down to a two-digit number (this step is important in retaining the proper master numbers). Next, you add that twodigit year number to the month and day of birth to get another number. Finally, you reduce that number down to one of the 9 primary vibrations or a master number (11 or 22). I'll use my birth date as an example: I was born on April 28, 1967. So, first reduce 1967 down to a two-digit number: 1 + 9 + 6 + 7 = 23. Next, we add the month and day to that 23, so we get 4 + 28 + 23 = 55. Finally, we reduce the 55 down to one of the primary numbers or master numbers: 5 + 5 = 10, 1 + 0 = 1. This means that my Life Lesson number is a 1. The Life Lesson number represents what we are heading for in this lifetime. Many numerologists believe that we enter each life to learn some sort of evolutionary lesson, thus "life lesson". It is my belief that we are not fated by karma to learn anything in particular. However, I believe that at the time of entering into this life parameters are provided for us that facilitate accomplishment of certain things we might like to achieve (on a soul level). It is thus my opinion that the Life Lesson number gives us guidance on what we may want to look at throughout this life. This is not a mandatory lesson, but is probably a logical step in our path towards our inner self.

Refer back at the table on the Number Vibrations page and try to apply the generalized keywords yourself for your own Life Lesson number. For this first and most significant number on the numerological chart, I have given some of my own interpretations as a guide. As you progress through your study of numerology, you will find your own interpretations of each number vibration that may or may not coincide exactly with these general ideas, but use your own intuition and judgment; they are your best tools.
You should peruse leadership, creativity, originality, and independence throughout your life. The fact is, you probably cannot avoid it. At work you are probably drawn towards management and you would make a great entrepreneur. If your work itself doesn't allow for much creativity, you should find other outlets where you can express yourself creatively. You are a leader and don't like to follow the crowd; go with it, let the two's follow. You may find that you enjoy starting things much more than you enjoy seeing them through. Create, create! You are a very tactful person. You would much rather let others lead or at least think that they are leading while you passively follow the proper path. Because of your negotiation skill you might make a great ambassador or liaison, or you may find yourself involved with compromise often. You are not afraid to make decisions because you know how to find balance between seemingly opposite choices.

1 2 3 4 5

Self expression is the key to this vibration. You tend to be flamboyant and like to be in the limelight. You are a playful person and a romantic. You might make a good comedian. You also enjoy beauty and you may be interested in art or you might enjoy the outdoors, for all of its beauty. You also need to find accord in this life. You may feel out of balance at times, and you should seek harmony.
You are an organizer and a structured personality. You may be very logical or you are very good at tedious work because you enjoy it. You must have things planned out prior to doing things, and you may also make a good lawyer or judge. Life may seem out of sorts at times if you cannot maintain discipline. You might enjoy martial arts or other disciplined studies. You are adventuresome and you seek freedom in this life. You are one who doesn't mind change much, and you don't feel quite right when you are stuck in a routine. At work you might enjoy a job where you could travel a lot. You are probably a good communicator and you don't mind making decisions. You may not be very tolerant of others who have a tough time making choices.


You are family oriented and probably have your best times at home around the fireplace with loved ones and a good book. You have a sense of duty to your family members and you may even extend this into a sense of duty to society. You are a healer and you make others feel comfortable easily. You need to be the figurehead of your family as they look to you for stability and comfort. You are somewhat indrawn or introverted; others may perceive you as a loner which may also lead to a similar concept of self. You may be drawn

towards metaphysical or esoteric studies, and you are probably wise for your years. You may be good at sports, but mind is a central component of your philosophy. You are analytical and can solve problems easily and probably like to read. You have conquered the physical, and are more interested in the metaphysical or spiritual side of the universe.

8 9

You are drawn towards physical completion, law and order. You learn through your life that things have a way of working themselves out. There seems to be a natural law that affects life, and you are included as a part of that law. You have an inner strength that is found through your attention to order and understanding and allowing of the powers of the universe to guide you through.

You feel the need throughout your life to help others. There is a large compassionate component of your psyche that requires fulfillment. You will feel happiest in life when you are doing work to assist other people. You realize that in order to help others, you must first allow yourself to receive, but you will learn that you receive largely through the act of giving. You are a humanitarian.
The eleven vibrations Life Lesson is often called "The Bringer of Light" vibration. It is obviously closely related to the two vibrations and if you do not live up to the higher vibration that an eleven symbolizes, then you will revert to a number two Life Lesson. The eleven is also closely related to the one vibration in that it represents a one acting through a one in order to obtain the higher vibration. You have a natural ability to bring creation and manifestation to the ordinary. You can become a very valued teacher of wisdom if you allow yourself to channel freely the power that you recieve from the universe. Twenty two is the "Master Builder" vibration. It is closely related to a four vibration and a two vibration. It symbolizes the ability in life to build an empire with ease. You may find that it is your destiny to become the director of a large operation or the like. You will fill this role without force and it will come easily to you because you enjoy work and structure.



Path of Destiny, Soul Urge, and Expression Number
The Path of Destiny number is somewhat related to the Life Lesson number. Your Path of Destiny represents your approach or method of pursuit towards your Life Lesson. Your Soul Urge number gives a reflection of your inner personality or psyche, and the Expression Number is an indicator of your externalized personality, or a reflection of how others perceive you.

In order to derive these numbers, you must look at the vibration of each letter in your birth name. Once again, I will use myself as an example on how to derive these important numbers as part of the Numerological Chart. My birth name is James Gerald Rowley In order to derive my Path of Destiny, we look at the vibration of each letter of my full name. We want to total up the vibrations of the vowels and the consonants separately, because the two totals represent your Soul Urge number and your Expression Number respectively. Here is how the three numbers are derived, and how they relate to each other. First, lets look at the vowels in the name, this vibration is called the Soul Urge. Vowels sometimes include the letter "y". For our purposes, treat "y" as a vowel when it is the only letter in its syllable that has a vowel sound, for example the y in Mary or Lynn. Also, treat "y" as a vowel when it has the sound of "ee" like in the word key, or in my last name, Rowley. If in doubt about how to treat a "y", then try treating it both ways, and pick the interpretation that you intuit fits the best. Add up the basic vibrations for each vowel in the full birth name. (In my case this is the vibration for A + E + E + A + O + E + Y. Look up the letters from our reference table on the Basics/Math Page This reduces down like so: 1 + 5 + 5 + 1 + 6 + 5 + 7 = 30. Reducing further: 3 + 0 = 3. So my Soul Urge number is a 3. Next, you add up the vibrations for the consonants in your birth name. This is called your Expression Number. For me we add up the corresponding numbers for the letters: J + M + S + G + R + L + D + R + + l, which in numerical form looks like this: 1 + 4 + 1 + 7 + 9 + 3 + 4 + 9 + 5 + 3 = 46 Reducing further: 4 + 6 = 10, 1 + 0 = 1, So my Expression Number is 1. Finally, add your Soul Urge number and your Expression number together and reduce the total in order to come up with your Path of Destiny. For me this means that my Path of Destiny is a 4 ( 3 + 1 = 4) Remember that for any one of these three numbers, stop reducing if you hit a master number of 11 or 22. Once you have derived your Soul Urge, your Expression number, and your Path of Destiny numbers, you can use them to help learn a little more about yourself

or the person whom you are casting the numerical chart for. See the top of this page once again for the idea behind each of these three numbers. Apply the basic guidelines for these numerical vibrations from my Number Vibrations Table to get some insight on your approach to life, your inner workings, and how others perceive you.

Personal and Universal Years
Another important concept in numerology is the concept of universal and personal year influences on everyday life. The universal year influence is representative of earth's current vibration which effects all of her inhabitants. It is derived by reducing the current calendar year. For example, in the year 1998, we were all being influenced by a universal vibration of compassion, endings, and human consciousness as expressed by the 9 vibration: 1 + 9 + 9 + 8 = 27, 2 + 7 = 9. Each of us as individuals are also effected by our own vibration, and its relative harmony to that of the rest of the universe. In order to determine your current personal year vibration, look at the numerology for your last birthday. At the point of this writing, my last birthday was April 28, 1998. In order to reduce dates, remember we first reduce the year down to a two digit number, and then we add that number to the month and day of the date before we reduce fully down to a basic or master number vibration. Using this technique, you will see that during the year following my 4/28/98 birthday I was being influenced by change, travel, communication, and activity as indicated by my personal year of a 5: (04 / 28 / 1998) 1 + 9 + 9 + 8 = 27 4 + 28 + 27 = 59 5 + 9 = 14 1+4=5 I have found that Personal Years and Universal Years give us a good basis for interpretation of some influences in our day-to-day lives.

The Numerological Chart
Below I have included an example of a fairly simple but somewhat comprehensive picture of myself based on the numerology of my Birth Date, Birth Name, and my personal and universal yearly influence at the time of writing this. Please use this as an example only. BIRTH BIRTH NAME: James DATE: Gerald Rowley 04/28/1967

LIFE LESSON: 1 A life lesson of 1 denotes a very creative individual. You should strive to forge your own path throughout life. You are probably very good at starting new things, and maybe so much so, that you don't complete everything you begin. Because of your individual needs, you may find that your life leaves you alone at times in order to manifest your own true destiny; don't live in opposition to this nature, as it is through knowing yourself that you will succeed. PATH OF DESTINY: 4 You strive towards individuality and creativity through work and struggle. Be careful not to become overly involved with work, nor wrapped up in the struggle of life, but use these areas of your life in order to find your true nature. You also must structure your life in such a way as to be comfortable with yourself, and to give you the a feeling of stability as you forge new ground into the unknown. SOUL URGE: 3 Your true inner desires revolve around a playfulness and harmonious attitude towards existence. Listen to these urges and use them towards your goal of independence and leadership. You may desire to have lots of friends and romance in your life, and you may have an inner need to be the center of attention. Pursuit of friendship, love, art, and beauty will help lead you to inner happiness. EXPRESSION NUMBER: 1 Others see you as a creative individual. They look up to you as a leader and know that you are a person who can find the correct path to follow in life. They may see your method of dress or appearance as unique, and they probably can see in you, the need for individualism and independence.

UNIVERSAL YEAR: 9 This year we are universally effected by a year of endings. There could be a shifted perception in the world for the better where we will all learn to think a little more globally. There may be events where people will somehow leave our lives right now. People will find compassion in our hearts this year and will perceive that together we can assist each other to usher in a period of new beginnings next year. PERSONAL YEAR: 5 A personal year under the five influence is one of travel, excitement, communication, and change. Life will step up its pace but you will, more likely than at other times, be able to accept that change in pace. Many life changing events occur within five years, so be perceptive, and receptive of those changes. Don't resist change, but meet it with respect, anticipation and excitement, as it is through change that we evolve towards higher existence.