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KD Blansko Engineering, a.s.

KD Blansko Engineering, a.s.

KD Blansko Engineering, a.s. is an engineering supply company whose main area of activities consists in complete supplies of mechanical equipment and technology of hydro power plants and pump stations hydraulic turbines of all types and sizes, pump turbines and pumps.

Company profile

KD Blansko Engineering, a.s. was established as an independent company in July 1996

member of Litostroj Power group from 2006

138 employees member of IAHR, IHA, Euro-Pump, IEC/TC4 and Czech Calibration Association

Diagram of organizational structure






KD Blansko Engineering is certificated and respects the requirements of standards: ISO 9001 - quality ISO 14001 environment OHSAS 18001 - safety Welding quality (WG) requirements as per ISO 3834-2 Large certificate of qualification for design and fabrication of welded steel structures as per SN 73 2601, SN EN 1090, DIN 18800, and DIN 19704

Offered services
Supplies of technological equipment for hydro power plants and pump stations Rehabilitation and uprating of existing hydro power plants equipment and hydraulic structures Uprating of hydraulic machines: efficiency output cabitation resistance reliability lifetime Reduction of negative effect on environment

Offered services
Research and development of hydro machines Tests on physical models of hydraulic machines and pumps in own hydraulic laboratory Project design Supplies of the equipment for hydro power plant and pump stations Assembly works and site assembly supervision Production supervision Commissioning of equipment Guaranted performances, diagnostic, and documentation measurements of hydraulic machines and hydrotechnical equipment

Technical section layout and design of equipment

Project management Expert studies, expert opinions, and technical advice Layout documentation of mechanical and technological parts Design of hydro turbines, pumps, and other hydraulic equipment Detail design production documentation Computations and transient analysis of hydro power plants hydraulic systems Mathematical modelling of regulation circuits of hydro power plants

Research and development

Hydraulic design of all types of hydraulic machines; guarantees of hydraulic parameters are provided on basic of model testing in hydraulic laboratory or CFD analyses only Design and optimization of hydraulic machine geometry of water passages to ensure good hydraulic parameters of new upgraded hydraulic machines Physical model design of hydraulic machines Model tests in own Hydraulic laboratory Technical presentation of BE on international conferences - IAHR, Hydroturbo, Hydrovision, Hydro, and Waterpower

High Technology
CAD/FEM applications (simulation in 3D- Unigraphics, Ansys, Pro/Enginner) CFD applications (simulation in 3D - Fluent, CFX, in-house software) Flow visualization

Butterfly valve disc

Francis runner

Kaplan runner

CFD - analyses

Design and computation of the turbine runner models

Francis turbine model

Pelton turbines model

Kaplan turbine model

FEM application

Francis revers runner mode shape

Pelton runner natural mode shape

FEM application

Pump shaft - natural mode shape

CFD application

Pump turbine static pressure in pump mode

Pelton runner

CFD application

Francis runner CAD model and grid

Pump turbine runner and draft tube

Flow visualization

Francis runner - draft tube vortex

Draft tube cone and elbow

Hydraulic laboratory

Hydraulic laboratory supports development of hydraulic machines, carry out tests of physical models of hydraulic turbines, pump-turbines and pumps in accordance with the IEC 60193, as well as provide flowmeter calibration.

Hydraulic laboratory
Parameters of universal testing rig Maximum Head Maximum Discharge Max. output of the model Max. rotation speed of the model H = 120 m Q = 1,2 m3 s-1 Pmax = 300 kW Nmax = 2000 rpm 50 m3

Useful capacity of the calibration tank

Hydraulic laboratory
Tests of physical models are an essential part of research and development of large-sized and medium-sized hydraulic machines; A computer system of data acquisition and processing is apllied Model tests provide the following data: Performance characteristics (discharge, head, speed, torque and efficiency) Cavitation characteristics Pressure fluctuation Velocity and pressure distribution Hydraulic load

Selected references
PSPP Dlouh Strn - Czech Republic
2x Pump-turbine Adjustments of the runner TG1 Diameter: D = 4 540 mm Unit output: P = 325 000 kW

Selected references
PSPP Daleice - Czech Republic
4x Pump-turbine Overhaul of units TG1, TG3, and TG4 Diameter: D = 6 000 mm Unit output: P = 112 500 kW

Selected references
PSPP Goldisthal - Germany
4x Pump - turbine Delivery and assembly of the turbine components Diameter: D = 4 610 mm Unit output: P = 265 000 kW

Selected references
PSPP arnowiec - Poland
4x Pump-turbine Modernization and overhaul of units HZ3, and HZ4 Diameter: D = 6000 mm Unit output: P = 181 500 kW

Selected references
HPP Les Krlovstv - Czech Republic
2x Francis turbine Complete reconstruction of hydro power plant turnkey supply Diameter: D = 1 040 mm Unit output: P = 1 180 kW

Selected references
HPP Lubilanji II - Kongo
6x straight flow Kaplan PIT turbine Hydraulic design, layout drawings, supply, assembly, commissioning Diameter: D = 1 500 mm Unit output: P = 1 750 kW

Selected references
HPP Burrendong - Australia
2x Francis turbine Supply of 2 new runners of Francis turbine Diameter: D = 1 660 mm Unit output: P = 5 640 kW

Selected references
HPP Vydra - Czech Republic
2x Francis turbine New hydraulic design of new runner, supply, assembly, and commissioning Diameter: D = 900 mm Unit output: P = 3 600 kW

Selected references
HPP Vranov Czech Republic
3x Francis turbine Overhaul of units TG1, TG2, and TG3 Diameter: D = 2 000 mm Unit output: P = 6 300 kW

Selected references
HPP Prov Czech Republic
1x Francis turbine Upgrading and overhaul of hydro power plant Diameter: D = 1 300 mm Unit output: P = 10 200 kW

Selected references
HPP Vran Czech Republic
2x Kaplan turbine Overhaul of units TG1, and TG2 Diameter: D = 3 600 mm Unit output: P = 8 000 kW

Selected references
HPP Kamk Czech Republic
4x Kaplan turbine Overhaul of units TG3 Diameter: D = 3 800 mm Unit output: P = 12 100 kW

Selected references
HPP Stekov - Czech Republic
3x Kaplan turbine Modernization and overhaul of unit TG1 Diameter: D = 4 300 mm Unit output: P = 6 000 kW

Selected references
HPP ur - Poland
2x Kaplan turbine Modernization and overhaul of hydro power plant Diameter: D = 2 410 mm Unit output: P = 4 735 kW

Selected references
SHPP Krom - Czech Republic
3x Kaplan turbine Modernization and overhaul of SHPP Diameter: D = 2 200 mm Unit output: P = 832 kW

Selected references
PSPP Daleice - Czech Republic
1x Butterfly valve disc for unit TG2 New hydraulic design of the butterfly valve, assembly Diameter: D = 5 400 mm Weight: m = 60 400 kg

Selected references
Chokka Rao India
Pump Stations: - Gangaram - Dharmasagar - Bhimghanapur - Salivagu

8 x Pump Hydraulic design of pumps, design and manufacturing documentation, model tests, supervision of fabrication, supervision of erection, tests and commissioning supervision, supply Diameter: D = 1 940 1 980 mm Unit output: P = 9 850 11 350 kW

KD Blansko Engineering, a.s.

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KD Blansko Engineering, a.s.