South Canton Scholars Charter Academy

Superb 7th Grade Sharks

Weekly Newsletter for October 1st-5th
Arrival to School
As a reminder students are not to be in the building until 7:45am. There will be no supervision before 7:45am and your student will have to wait outside. Please make sure you don’t drop them off too early in the morning. Thank you.

Upcoming Events!

Dismissal Procedure
We appreciate all of your hard work and attentiveness with dismissal. We are all working together to make this as smooth and possible and we thank you for your cooperation in this manner. Please make sure that you have your sign for students so we know when you are pulling around the corner 

Spirit Day- Friday Oct. 5th MEAP- Begins Oct. 8th-26th Spirit Shirt Money Due- Friday Oct. 12

The, the, the… the MEAP!!!
MEAP testing begins on October 9th for our 7th grade students. Below is the schedule and subject of when students will be testing. We strongly encourage that all students get a good amount of sleep, eat a good breakfast and come to school on-time. Students are allowed to bring gum ONLY WHILE THEY TEST. No mints or candies will be allowed. If your student is late on a MEAP testing day they will not be able to enter the classroom. Check below for the dates of testing.      October 9th- Reading October 10th- Reading October 11th- Writing October 16th- Math October 17th- Writing

Math with Mr. Vantiem
This past week we have been working on going deeper into equations in course 2 of Holt Mathematics. In course 3 we have been focusing on solving two step equations. In both math classes we have been going over different ways to help us solve word problems. For this upcoming week, the homework should be light since we have MEAP testing beginning. Please make sure your student brings something to read when they finish with their MEAP test each day.

No School for Students- Friday Oct. 26th

7th Grade spirit shirts
The 7th grade shirt vote is in! Attached to this newsletter is the design of the 7th grade spirit shirt. The shirt will be black and the writing will be in neon green. This was voted on by the 7th grade class. We are hoping that shirts will be here in time for our next spirit day  T-shirts are $10.00 and money is due Oct. 12th!!! Please remember that this spirit shirt is NOT mandatory but gives the students a chance to have their own grade level shirt.

Annual Middle School Mixer!!!

Language Arts with Ms. Textor
This past week students have been working in their reading groups when reading short stories from their literature book and answering questions from the text. They have continued their grammar review from chapter one and continued working on vocabulary lesson two. Students also had the chance review for their quiz in class with a fun vocabulary game! Starting Monday the students will begin Media Monday. Please see the class syllabus for more information. I am excited to begin Media Monday with the class and hope they are too  Due to the MEAP test beginning next week, students will not do as much reading in class. Homework will be limited and there will not be any grammar or vocabulary homework to complete for next week. Students will be focusing on their writing project due November 1st, narrative fiction. They will also be focusing on their media objectives with Media Monday and the weekly media assignments.

Our second annual mixer will be held on December 14 from 5:00-7:00pm. If you are interested in chaperoning or planning this mixer please contact Ms. Textor.

Planner Problems
It has been brought to the teachers attention that student planners have been falling apart very easily this year. Unfortuantely the plastic is not as strong and it is causing the planners to break. Thanks to Mrs. Morgan we found a much cheaper solution! Rather than purchase a brand new planner students can purcahse a new meatal ring binder to hold their planner together. The cost is $1.00 and students can still keep their original planner but it will be much stronger!!!

October: Respect
This month we are moving from wisdom, and are focusing on Respect for this month’s moral focus. We have talked to the students about what respect means to them and asked them real life situational questions that make them use critical thinking skills to solve moral dilemmas. All while finding a respectful way to problem solve. We encourage talking to your students about the importance of respect and how they can use in in their lives daily.

Science/Social Studies with Ms. Walkuski
Science: In science this week, students conducted
their "Swing Time Lab" and completed a companion analysis packet, which covered safety procedures, data gathering, measuring and representation. Next week students will have light homework due to MEAP testing.

Wisdom Respect Gratitude Self-Control Perseverance Courage Encouragement Compassion Integrity

Moral Focus

Social Studies: In Social Studies this week,

students studied the European Colonization of Canada, and the long term impact on culture, language, economy, and government. Next week students will have light homework due to MEAP testing.