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Aesthetic Philosophy started around the 18 century. It became the study of beauty and taste.

So we must ask ourselves why is Aesthetics Important. Art can be expressed in many forms. Through music, dance, literature, plays, poetry, paintings. What is the purpose of Art?  Art is a way of recording history. Look at ancients for example they used Art in different forms to record history, heirglyphics in Egypt. Greco and roman art architecture all these tell stories of myths and legends.  Art is to inform us and make us understand life. Art can give us truth. It makes us think, gives us a reflection of life and come up with a conclusion. Pablo Picasso famous artist.  Aristotle was an ancient greek philosopher who lived from 384bc-322 bc. He was the student of plato and the teacher of alexander the great. He stated that Art is a form of catharsis for both the creator and the preciever. We purge our emotions once we experience them through witnessing dramtic tradgies  Art is a way of communication between the Artist and his audience, through his art. The relationship between all three is called the Aesthetic Triad. The emotion the artist has is projected into his art/ the object. The perceiver than studies this piece of art, and reflects on it thourgh his own emotion. Music for eample we see when someone is angry or sad they listen to this song, and their feelings are let go, they form a relationship to this song. The individual than relates to the artist, they like the singer and their taste and all the work they do similar to what the artist has done with his object.  Art is used as a social means. It brings people together. Nuit blanche for example…  Some say it has no intristic value, but instrumental value, that its only art if it is useful. Useful for entertainment or wealth wise  Art is art only if it follows a form. If it follows certain rules and if it corresponds to all those rules than it is art.  Self expression and that a truly expressive artist had no conern but artistc expression itself. Unknown outcome until its complete.  It can be used to manipulate us, the way we think. Because we grow up in society surrounded by ads and certain type of body image and we get sucked in that we don’t even questin our choices because they come second nature to us. Art can be used to influence us to make the choices the creator, ads want us to make.  Human form . as art in the presentation of the body. The body shape posture its ideal beauty human figure. Kant said.  Because aesthetics is one of those things like taste, it varies per person. Its like arguing about art. Good to one is not necessarily good to all.