Healing, Belief Systems, Cultures and Religions of South and Southeast Asia CULTRAL RELIGIOUS IN MAYBRAT IMIAN SAWIAT


By: Hamah Sagrim
Secretary of the Institute of Intellectual Papua and Head of the National Youth Committee for Strategic Studies of Maybrat District, West Papua – Indonesia
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5th SSEASR Conference, Manila, Philippines May 16-19, 2013 A Regional Conference of the IAHR, member CIPSH under the auspices of the UNESCO organised by South and Southeast Asian Association for the Study of Culture and Religion (SSEASR) hosted and organised by National Museum of the Philippines Natio

By: Hamah Sagrim

A. Trans Faith of Traditional Beliefs in Maybrat Imian Sawiat Tribes (wiyon/wofle) of West Papua Southeast Asia. The trans faith of the traditional beliefs in Maybrat, Imian, Sawiat, tribes called wiyon/wofle is a change of culture and faith of a darknes. This paper arises from a reflection on the death of tribal religions of West Papua in southeast Asia. Especially in tribal of Maybrat, Imian, Sawiat, which the tribal religions, called wiyon / wofle. A reflection that emerged amid the turmoil context of community and religious, when there is a clash of civilizations and the intersection of psychological-ethnic, and the rise of paradigm shift in the world think of trust, paradigms and beliefs which are imperative for change immanent faith believes itself. A criticism raised by local residents (Nixon Sagrim, 2007), that tribe of Maybrat, Imian, Sawiat, them feel lost something valuable since 1958, when the Christianity gospel is preached to the Maybrat, Imian, Sawiat and Tehit region. In 1958, there was revolted and forced evictions to the traditional belief that the activities carried out regularly in the education pattern of initiation wiyon / wofle to focus on faith. It seems the behavior of the evangelist in the Evangelical movement time was really trying to silence and eliminate the traditional belief systems of Maybrat, Imian, Sawiat, tribes. When we try to go further to find out why the activity of traditional beliefs Maybrat, Imian, Sawiat, wiyon / wofle has died and we found that the Christians have been trying to turn it off even actors initiation education silenced mugged with a gun to them head. Christians have been knitting his trinity of imperialism, and that made the tribe of Maybrat, Imian, Sawiat, being poor dignity of their culture. It was found that there has been a starting back between Christian dogma and the wiyon / wofle dogmatica, and it seems that the tension caused by the respective claims of immanent. Two poles in the time period so long, impressed "disagree and do not get along". There are actually seen as an immanent relationship of love

but hate relationship, which denies the existence of traditional Christian dogma as an idol, and reject traditional Christian beliefs as a sect. Whereas in the lessons, many of the missionaries in other areas who are trying to learn tribal religious activity that gets a lot of picture of God's love in every tribe, and also gained a lot of description about a community ethnography. As the work of Wilhelm Van Rubruk, Bernardino de Sahagun, of the fransiskian ordo (1215-1270) which provides a valuable insight into the nations in the interior of Asia. Actually the missionaries from the beginning to seem too fulgar and assisted by the Dutch army for the demolition and the defiance of ritual activity wiyon / wofle inland of Maybrat , Imian, Sawiat, tribes. In 1958, under the command of Bustir Achmat Auturai, Dutch troops ordered to burn down the sacred building k'wiyon / mbol wofle - The church, which was established as a center for spirituality and religious actors ra wiyon / na wofle was shot dead , tortured and silenced the guns hold up, they were told to read the gospels and worship on Sunday. The impression most radical about it that missionaries manipulated by the invaders, this is justified by the Protestant and Catholic missionaries should take part in colonial congresses in Germany. Therefore, it seems manipulated by colonial missionaries to serve the business's mission work, whether consciously or not. It may happen because of missionaries and colonists came from the same cultural background and have the same confidence that Western culture is superior to other ethnic cultures in the world. Colonizers and missionaries have the same fission, which together spread their culture to places they colonize. Therefore, we can give a conclusion in view of this that modern religions are boat pedestal invaders, even the rest of religions can also be referred to as an expanded colonial elements to areas colonized by the name of God as entertainment lull tribes the colonized. We conclude that the actions of the missionaries that the existence of a spirit of ideology "cultural change". We see that the missionaries who came not as an "agent of change is good" but rather as an introduction to other nations. They consider traditional indigenous culture and beliefs as tabula rasa (the board) as far as religion. It seems that the missionaries changed and disturbing and deadly tribal religions of Maybrat, Imian, Sawiat, even tribal cultural resource center Maybrat, Imian, Sawiat, destroyed.

Questions to the missionaries, whether they have the right to change and turn off the cultural activities of other nations?, In fact the missionaries have no right to interfere with a particular culture of the other nations. We see that the missionaries have the ignorance about religion tribal Maybrat, Imian, Sawiat, so they arbitrarily to defiant. scientifically, in our view across cultures, that any attempt inculturated shown in distinguishing Christianity from clothing culture and customs through tribal religions, it is not easy but it equalizes a critique of the gospel, but in inculturated approach. The existence of cultural criticism that is actually in the light of the gospel, intended for all human liberation and promotion of a true humanity. B. Concept of God According to Tribal Religions wiyon / wofle VS Christian Concept In the beginning, God created a man who is the first cause of all things and the ruler of heaven and earth. He was not represented by any description and have no temples or priests who serve Him. By tradition, all human beings have beliefs about the almighty according to their respective fersi. Societies tribes Maybrat, Imian, Sawiat, of West Papua in Southeast Asia, also have a similar conception of trust with other human beings in the world are entrenched. There has been a primitive monotheism in the Maybrat, Imian, Sawiat, West Papua, before they move from education to the initiation of the Christian biblical doctrine that seeks power and deadly religious knit wiyon / wofle. At first, ethnic Maybrat, Imian, Sawiat, admits there is one God who called wiyon / wofle) holy, bcause He is associated as rays of glory. They expressed their desire to God through prayer, they believe that God wiyon / wofle was watching them and punish them every time they commit a sin, however strangely, God is present in every human mortal (ra in / na in) but they believe that God wiyon / wofle present in a special cult in the church k'wiyon / mbol wofle. Traditional beliefs Maybrat, Imian, Sawiat, peoples which flourished in West Papua province in Southeast Asia, states that God wiyon / wofle can not be expressed and can not be polluted by the world of mortal men (in). According to the man wiyon / wofle, we might call them the evangelist, which always said that "God never leaves man" He is not far from us. We assume that God is so very close, yet so noble, so he can not be replaced by any lower spirits and can not be replaced by other gods.

Broadly speaking, it has been found that people Maybrat, Imian, Sawiat, West Papua, in Southeast Asia, is a man who has created for their religion and beliefs. People of Maybrat, Imian, Sawiat, worship to God through the terms of trust through wiyon / wofle soon as they realize themselves as human beings, as any other human universal. Apparently this is not just because they want to conquer the forces of nature, but rather the beginning of faith is expressed astonishment and mystery that has always been an important element of the human experience of the world that thrilling, but so beautiful. As art, tribal Maybrat, Imian, Sawiat, assume that their religion is part of an effort to find meaning and value of life amid the suffering that befell and their naked form. As more people in the hemisphere, the Maybrat, Imian, Sawiat, perform a religious activity that they profess in their region as a whole. Ethical ideals of secular people Maybrat, Imian, Sawiat, a discipline their minds and hearts and provide for them a noble vessel to find confidence in the ultimate meaning of their lives such as those provided by their religion wiyon / wofle. Empirically, showed that ethnic Maybrat, Imian, Sawiat, and humanity has perceived God as the ultimate reality since each era until today. A notion of ethnic Maybrat, Imian, Sawiat, about God wiyon / wofle formed by them at the time of their generation, but it is considered not mean anything for the foreigners as Christian generation. Even statements than Maybrat, Imian, Sawiat, that says "I believe in God" in the tradition of wiyon / wofle, does not have the meaning that appeal to the monotheistic (Christian), even considered as an idol. Are wiyon / wofle (God) that is blocked by the Christian is the God of the Sufis or the 18th-century deist?. All of this deity has been venerated as God's Bible and the Quran by Jews, Christians and even ra islam wiyon / na wofle. Regardless of the nature of the non-secular, religious, tribal people Maybrat, Imian, Sawiat, wiyon / wofle is actually pragmatic. We will see that the idea of God does not have to be konseptuil or raw, there is an important and acceptable, because when the idea is no longer effective, it will be replaced again, and sometimes with other ideas which radically different. Because religion is a broad subject and perceptions Maybrat, Imian, Sawiat, about their Lord wiyon / wofle has kemiriban like God worshiped by Jews, Christians, Muslims. This is not a

concept of thinking in the usual sense, because the idea of God does not grow from a single point and then develop linearly towards a final conception. Scientific theories might have such a system work, but religion wiyon / wofle espoused Maybrat, Imian, Sawiat, not the case, but he has a working system that is so great and holy. It seems that the idea of God in the teachings of the religions that developed independently still have a lot of similarities. Whatever conclusions are reached about the Lord, has a strong faliditas the story of God that can enhance a critical mind and confidence in the core aspirations and expectations. People have been trying Maybrat, Imian, Sawiat, devoted ourselves in a cult that mentradisi in wiyon / wofle the embodiment of faith to believe them. Amid their secular trend throughout life, the idea of God wiyon / wofle has affected millions of people and blend with the conception of God which naturaliti their view in wiyon / wofle. As the conception of God in the eyes of the tribal religions Maybrat, Imian, Sawiat, who seems to have similarities with the view of the Jewish God, Christianity, and Islam, that God is in some sense a word (spoken). His words are very crucial in the special messages espoused within each religion. The Word of God has formed us human cultural history, including the Maybrat, Imian, Sawiat, also felt that the word of God in their fad called, bo tgif / vito, and mon, I was taught as doctrine is immanent in the church / k'wiyon / mbol wofle , about God, wiyon / wofl), so powerful, eternal, and it has the power to save artificially and glory of the Lord of hosts. People of Maybrat, Imian, Sawiat, tribes has agreed that their tribal religions, wiyon / wofle, that have the meaning of spirituality for those ranging from ensuring the safety of life until last when he died. People of Maybrat, Imian, Sawiat, tribes, comprehend and understand very well about the personal God who is supreme over their tribal religions, wiyon / wofle. They also rejected the concept of Christian dogma reject their faith through, wiyon / wofle. From the description Maybrat, Imian, Sawiat, conception that try paralleled with the conception of thinking of other religions on earth, it was found that in fact religion is a means, but all humans have worshiped God that one of the ultimate reality, as we have discovered in the review of this paper that Judaism, Christianity, Islam and wiyon / wofle equally worship to God can only to reach the sacred as immanent condition of meeting with God.

There seems to be a deep resentment in the development of the Maybrat, Imian, Sawiat, West Papua Province in Southeast Asia, which seems to be ignored by Christians who came as a butcher of sacred tradition. One reason why there is a deep resentment by people Maybrat, Imian, Sawiat, because they have learned that God is preached by Christianity, Judaism, and Islam is the God who has reported quite a tradition in the initiation wiyon / wofle.


Hamah Sagrim _______ History of God In Tribals Religions – Kisah Tuhan Dalam Agama Suku Theologi tradisional suku Maybrat, Imian, Sawiat, Papua diparalelkan dengan alkitab – CV. MAJAV, Press, 2009.

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