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Understanding Basic ElectroPneumatics


1.5 Day Seminar

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Electro-Pneumatics are primarily used in factories with fixed installations for automation purposes.
The follow-up course to Basic Pneumatics, Electro-Pneumatics, is dedicated to the electrical control of pneumatic actuators. We begin with a brief refresher of Ohms law and electric power law and continue with discussions on solenoid valves, relays and switches such as inductive, capacitive, laser, infrared, and radioactive sensing. During the three day course, the student will build and troubleshoot over 30 real world hands-on lab-exercises. Several hands-on lab exercises require the students to troubleshoot real world system problems. Every application which is being discussed wil be totally dissected in an animated program. This animation program allows the instructor to recalibrate: pressure, flow, torque, load and even upsize and downsize of components. This course is a pre-requisite for the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) course.

Each student receives:

Published textbook
Understanding Basic Electro-Pneumatics

Course Certificate Fluid Power Symbol

Reference Poster

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O U T L I N E :
1.5 Day Seminar

Understanding Basic Electro-Pneumatics

Electro Pneumatics
History of the Ladder Diagram Understanding Electrical Diagrams

Lab Exercise 2 Lab Exercise 3 Pilot Control

5-way directional control valve, solenoid controlled pilot operated Control Relays Ladder Diagrams using relays Different types of relays Line numbers used with coils

Radioactive ( Nuclear ) sensing devices Application for various sensing devices

Lab Exercise 15 Electric Timers

Types of time delay relays On delay and OFF delay relays Time delay relay symbols

Ladder Diagram

Lab Exercise 6

The rungs and Lines Arrangement of control elements Load arrangements Short circuit protection Tracing signals through rungs Wire and line numbers States of control elements in ladder diagrams

Latching Electrical Signals

Memory control with a latching circuit Dominant ON and dominant OFF circuits.

Lab Exercise 16 Counters

Design features and application of counters. Programming of a counter

Lab Exercise 4

Memory Control

Lab Exercise 7 Lab Exercise 8 Lab Exercise 9 Lab Exercise 10

Lab Exercise 1

Memory control and pilot control Double solenoid controlled pilot operated 5-way directional control valve. ISO symbols for double solenoid valves

Lab Exercise 17

Emergency Stop Conditions

Electrical Components
Control transformers Functions of different voltages in control panels Different types of control elements Industrial electrical symbols Function of different switches and their symbols Types of actuation of switches

Logic Combination

Fill in a truth table with multiple outputs Design a ladder diagram with more than one rung of logic Use a truth table to design the ladder logic diagram Design a pneumatic circuit and ladder diagram for logic combinations

Four basic emergency stop conditions Stop conditions integrated into a ladder diagram

Lab Exercise 5

Summary and Review

Automatic Return

Limit switches and their ISO symbols Cylinder position sensors, Reed switch. Cylinder position sensors, Magnetic field sensor. Inductive proximity sensors, PNP current sourcing Inductive proximity sensors, NPN current sinking Capacitive proximity sensors Optical sensors Ultrasonic sensors

Solenoid Valves

Lab Exercise 11

Direct or pilot operated solenoid valves Cycle rates, coils, force and voltage

Lab Exercise 12 Lab Exercise 13 Lab Exercise 14 Colliding Signals Stepper Control

Troubleshooting Solenoid Valves

Reasons for a solenoid valve failure in AC and DC valves

Design method of the stepper control method.

For registration or more information call 303.838.7396 or email

design engineering leadership training analysis

delta Paradigm, Inc. | P.O. Box 648 | Pine, CO 80470 Business/Fax 303.838.7396 | Cell 303.570.4895