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DGCA Rotory Wing (AHC) June 2012 Sample

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Q.21) the application of collective while hovering causes a disturbing force, the effect of which is, a. Is counteracted by tail rotor b. Is instantaneously felt in the helicopter and will cause the tilt in the rotor disc c. Is precession, causing the disturbing forces to be displaced by 90 0 in the direction of the rotation d. Will incline the tip path plane in the direction opposite to that of the collective control movement Q.22) the most common type of the elastomeric bearings are a. b. c. d. Taper, roller and double ball bearing Cylindrical, spherical, radial and conical Plain bearing and ball bearing Roller and ball bearing

Q.23) dragging of the rotor blade is a. Movement of the blade perpendicular in the direction of the rotation b. Angular oscillation in the plain of rotation c. Angular oscillation about the axis of rotation Q.24) Doubler or grip plate used on helicopter a. b. c. d. Dynamic balance Static balance Spread the attachment stress to wide area All

Q.25) purpose of cross feed valve in fuel system is to a. b. c. d. Feed engine from one tank Equalize the fuel in the tank Feed left engine in case of booster pump failure from the right tank All operation of both engines

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