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Chapter 1 The alarm clock rings, and rings, and won't stop ringing.

It's 6:00am, and like always I get up, and go on to get ready to go to school. Just another week, nothing new, nothing special, nothing out of the ordinary. Same fucking shit every day, same fucked up people, same fucked up everything. As I go on to get up from the bed, this immense sense of exhaustion is laid on my shoulders. Man, this fucking sucks said I to myself as I made my way off my bed. Fuck, did I do my homework last night? Fuck fuck fuck. I got up, put on my pants and stood in front of my closet to decide which band shirt I'd wear for the day. Uh, okay maybe I'll wear a Metallica shirt today? No, I wore a Metallica shirt last week. Fuck it, I'll just wear a Lamb of God shirt. I thought to myself, and got ready to head out to school. James! Breakfast is served! Come downstairs! As I heard my mother's voice, I ran downstairs, I was hungry, so hungry. Heya momma! Did you do all your homework? How'd you sleep? asked my mother restlessly, Yes mom, and yes I slept okay. Good! Mark is coming over tonight, so I want you to be home early okay? Mark is my mom's new boyfriend. Although she's very in love with him I dunno man, I don't like the guy. There's something sketchy about him. Ahw, why the hell is he coming over? And why do I have to be here? I really don't like Mark. You watch your mouth before I knock off all your teeth! I invited him over for dinner tonight, and I would like you to be here so you guys can familiarize a little! Now stop being such a baby, finish up or you're going to be late! my mom nagged at me a lot about Mark. I mean, I get that she doesn't want to be alone, but why the hell does it have to be Mark? He's such an ass-wipe! So whatever, I grabbed some cash from my mom's wallet, about 5 bucks really and I made my way to school. It's about 7:36am and school starts at 8. School sucks so much, I hate everyone there. Well, not really but some people can be really annoying. Moore, James Moore? called Ms. Ambers, my hot ass English teacher. She's 26, but dude she's so freaking hot, her breasts are like about a 32C, which is like fucking perfect, and she's got like a really nice butt, I mean sometimes I wonder how the hell she got into education with such a perfect body like hers. Not here, said I. Very funny Mr. Moore, are you going to joke about your F on yesterday's paper too? Only if that F stands fo... nope not joking about the paper at all Ms. Oh, yeah I should probably tell you, my name's James Moore, I've just started my senior year of high school, and well yeah I like heavy metal. Well, yeah that's a pretty basic description of me, I think. James, are you listening to me? James! I overhear Ms. Amber yelling at me See me after school today! Or you will have detention! Okay Ms. Amber, I'm sorry! Stop being such a clown, clowning around won't help you pass my class! Sorry Ms. Amber, I'm only trying to make some new friends, it's a new fucking year holy shit. Well yeah, my schedule sucks this year. I have English 4 first period, then second I've got Intro to Computers, then I've got Calculus, and then fourth period I've got History, fifth Chemistry and then lastly, sixth I've got music. There was something different about the air today though, it smelled dirty and rotten everywhere. But there was nothing around the school or the streets. It was really weird, and I don't think I was the only one that noticed. Around 11:43am the school alarm came on, and our principal announced that we were going on lock down, that there was some sort of major emergency and the school had to be locked down. I didn't really pay much attention to what he said over the speakers, since it was just a casual lock down like any other time. Nevertheless, everyone started panicking, girls kept screaming and it was really fucking annoying, I just went around and sat down in class and started listening to music. At that moment I was in my Chemistry class, with my Asian teacher Mr. Hatsutaya. He's a cool guy; he comes from Japan, and is a huge Slayer fan, so we got along good right away. While Hatsutaya spoke with other teachers on the phone, everyone else kept whimpering and whining about being stuck in school. I just wanted to know what the hell was going on.

So, I wondered around the windows to see if I could spot anything around the streets. Our school was pretty big, four floors, half a block, the other half was a parking lot. It was a pretty old building but it had been restored a few times. Actually, the fourth floor had been fully restored over the summer, the classrooms looked twice as modern, they looked like they were from the future or some shit. And, the walls smelled new, and the floors were clean, the tables looked like you could punch right through them, but you couldn't they were actually not flimsy at all. I opened the window, and the cool breeze hugged my face, softly blew my hair around, and carried this putrid, dreadful smell. It smelled horrible, I gagged almost immediately, and so did everyone else in class. I think Pacey Simmers even threw up; she's this really sassy annoying cheerleader everyone hates, but pretends to like, because everyone wants to get sexually involved with her. Mr. Hatsutaya quickly ran over to the window and shut it, and asked everyone to stay in class. Everyone, stay in class See? Told you so I'm going out to see what's going on, whatever happens, do not go out! He seemed serious, and the mood of the room changed. Everyone finally started seeing the gravity of the situation, that it wasn't a drill, or a fire, or an intruder. Yet, we were all so clueless, no one knew what was going on, or why it smelled so horrible outside. Our classroom's windows viewed right over to the main entrance, so after Mr. Hatsutaya had left the class, I opened the window again to watch outside. Our principal, coach and two other teachers I couldn't recognize were at the school front gate, three men stood outside the gate. I couldn't hear very well what they were saying, but I just heard What are you doing here? We're on a national emergency, get to your house, and go to your families! Then the next thing I see is our coach pushing one of the men, and then suddenly one of the men standing outside was digging his mouth halfway our coach's arm. There was a lot of blood, more blood than I have ever seen all 17 years of my life. He screamed so loud that you could feel his pain in your bones. That sound, it still rings in my head. The agony, I never thought I could see anyone in so much pain. Our principal quickly attacked the men on the other side of the fence and punched him twice or thrice, but he only left himself vulnerable to the other two men, who did not hesitate to attack and dig their teeth on his skin. The other two remaining teachers didn't even try to help the just ran away back into the school. What the fuck is going on down there? Did, did those men just bite...? Sanders kept asking, Sanders, shut the hell up! said Pacey, This is real fucked up, those guys down there just fucking bit our principal and coach, what the fuck!? cried George, he was the class' nerdiest looking dude ever. He was chubby, and wore glasses and just looked like a creep. We never really spoke much, but only to exchange a couple of jokes in lunch. Mr. Hatsutaya came back running into the classroom and did a headcount to see if we were all in class. 19, 20, 23, 24, okay everyones in class, right? he asked as he finished counting. What the hell is going on out there Mr. H? asked Jonathan Thompson, the biggest, most douchbag jock you'd ever meet. I don't know, watch your mouth, there might be an emergency but you're still in school! What are we supposed to do? this other girl asked, I had never seen her before. We'll stay locked in and wait for instructions. as Mr. Hatsutaya answered her, everyone suddenly expressed their disapproval of Hatsutaya's decision but no one had asked yet what was really going on. I didn't hear very well, but I heard the principal say that we were in a national emergency. What did he mean by that? as I asked the class fell sharply silent. So silent you could hear a needle drop, or you could hear a fly flapping its wings. That class had never been as silent as it was, there was some sort of tension building up, and everyone had the same question in their minds now. It came over everyone, curiosity, for a second it was like a disease, spreading over everyone. I don't exactly know, but it's bad. So bad that the whole country is on alert. Whatever it is, it's serious. As Mr. Hatsutaya finished his sentence, as the last breath, of the last word's syllable left his mouth, a dreadful feeling came up over all of us. My stomach sank in; it felt as if I had just lost a part of myself. I was scared.

The clock kept going, and the hours passed, and kept passing by. It was 1:48 pm, and there had been no other announcement from our principal. I looked out the window, and there weren't three men anymore, now there were about 15 to 20 of them. I notified Hatsutaya, and he told me to just close the window. The smell had gotten worse, it was a lot stronger, and it smelled nearer. Whatever was the source of it, it was getting closer. I couldn't stay in that room anymore I had to get out, I just had to. I don't care I'm leaving, I can't stay here anymore I said as I walked over to the door, and just as I was about to open the door, I could hear people screaming outside. I heard another scream coming from the window. It was the school's janitor, who had just jumped off from the roof of the school. Quickly, everyone ran over to the windows to see what the hell had happened. Following the janitor, 2 more bodies flew down, but something was different about these guys, they smelled of rotten meat, the smell that had been in the air for the past couple of hours. Just as they had fallen, the got up to their feet, and started feeding on our janitor's body. His head had slammed open right on the ground, and they were eating whatever was left of his brain. Oh man, what the fuck. Those guys are eating him! What the fuck! said George, while the other girls cried and panicked. Some girl was even screaming, and Mr. H had to calm her down. Man this is some crazy shit, fuck you Mr. H I'm getting the fuck out of here said Thompson as he ran over to the door, with intentions of leaving. But, just as he stepped out, one of them attacked him, and chewed off a huge part of his face. It was crazy, blood was spattering everywhere. I've never seen so much fucking blood in one day. More came in through the door and everyone started panicking. Luckily, the classroom had two doors, so I screamed at George, Pacey and Mr. Hatsutaya to follow me, everyone else went either in the direction of the attacker, or tried to hide under the desks. We can't just leave them there! said Mr. Hatsutaya, We have to do something Hell yes we can leave them there, I'm not going back into that classroom. Did you see how she bit off Thompson's face? Have you lost your mind? said George, Shut up! Shut up, shut up, shut up! cried Pacey, I have to do something! Everyone, shut the fuck up I yelled, There's nothing we can do, whatever this is, it's bad! We have to get out of here, or we'll end up food to these fucking lunatics! Everyone grew silent. Now follow me, we have to get out of here now! Just as expected, the elevators weren't working. Fuck, fuck, fuck! there was no other way I could express my frustration more properly, We're going to have to take the fucking stairs. So, Mr. Hatsutaya took lead, and I followed him, Pacey came after me and George followed her, whimpering, drying tears off his face. Ahw man, I think I'm gonna need a new pair of pants said George, and I couldn't help but laugh at him. I felt bad though, since he was serious, but I felt like I needed that laugh. Alright, we're at the stairs, I'll go in first said Mr. Hatsutaya, Don't follow me in until I've given you an all clear, so we waited right outside the doors, looking out for any of those crazed people. What are we going to call them? said George What the hell are you talking about? asked Pacey, What the fuck do you mean, what are we going to call them you fat dumbass? Hey, don't be such a bitch Pacey, and shut the fuck up. You have no right to talk to him like that so shut the fuck up. She made me so angry in less than a second. I mean, those people, those cannibals. They ate our janitor. It's like they're zombies or something dude explained George. No fucking way, those can't be zombies. Zombies aren't real. Dude, they behave like zombies. They have to be zombies George, shut the fuck up, you dumb shit. said Pacey I dunno man, I'm just saying he took a break to sniff, and clean his runny nose. I guess, let's just call them Walkers for now. I thought that was a good name, or maybe I've been watching too much TV lately. Okay said Mr. Hatsutaya, Stairs are clear, lets go! Pacey, without double hesitation, ran uncontrollably towards the stairs, while George and me, carefully walked backwards towards it, watching out for any incoming walkers. Man, for the first time in my life, am I glad to see these stairs George joked around; we all laughed for a bit as we went down the stairs. We were down a floor, and

things had seemed to have calmed down much more. Could it all have been over already? Things were quiet and calm, but just as it came to us, it left us. We heard steps coming from the floor above us. There was only one person, you could hear, whoever it was; he or she, were running down those stairs like their life depended on it. At that moment, I wouldnt have been surprised if it did. Ahhh screamed Pacey. Shut up! Shhh! said Mr. Hatsutaya trying to calm her down. The steps grew closer, and closer, faster and faster. We were all so curious as to who it was, we all just stood there, ignoring the danger that it could have been just another walker, but we wanted to believe, it was one of us. Luckily, it was. It was Ms. Ambers; somehow she had made it to the stairs, without a single scratch, except all the blood that covered her. Ms. Ambers! whispered Hatsutaya, are you okay? Yes, Im fine she responded, is everyone alright? Yeah said George and I. We have to get out of here and I agreed with every single word that Hatsutaya spoke at that moment. There has to be a way out of here I thought to myself Maybe if I thought out loud. Maybe if what? asked Ms. Ambers, Well, I was thinking, if we can make it to the first floor, and go to the gyms sports locker room, we might be able to grab something to defend ourselves with, maybe a bat or something. I responded Good thinking, James! remarked Mr. Hatsutaya, Lets give it a try. So, we all moved down the stairs. We were on the 2nd floor at the moment, so it wasnt much of a trip, but I had just enough time to ask Ms. Ambers why she was on the fourth floor, and why she was running so fast, or what she was running from. What happened to you, and your class? I asked, I was on break, it was my lunch break, so I came up to the teachers lounge on the fourth floor, because that creepy gym teacher is always flirting with me, and I dont know how many times Ive told him to lea After a while, I kind of lost interest on what she was saying, but I did with good reason! There was something, actually, it was her fault; she distracted me, with her boobies. Its not my fault man, Im a dude; its what dudes do. Until she said and thats when shit went fucking crazy excuse me, what? Did I just hear my English teacher cuss? One second, I need about a minute; Ive got an emergency I need to fix in my pants. I was just eating my food, and then I just see one of the freshmen covered in blood, tackling another student, and biting half his face off! she kept on so I grabbed a knife from the drawer in the lounge, and tried to protect myself. I thought my best option was to go down the stairs, and find out what the hell was going on. You did well, fill her in Pacey, George, James, come here I need your help. said Mr. Hatsutaya. While Pacey told Ms. Ambers everything, George, Mr. Hatsutaya and me talked about how to get to the gym. The stairs was just a few classrooms ahead of the stairs, to the left. Those were the main doors. Ill take a look at things outside, and well see how we get there I said, so I walked up to the door, and I wished I hadnt. Two of the schools football team were eating up this tiny freshman kid. I kind of felt bad for the kid; I guess bullying applies to everyone, even when youre a zombie jock. Okay, weve got two seniors from the football team, three sophomores eating our security guard, and a whole bunch of other people running everywhere, so were pretty fucked at the moment. I informed the rest.

Fuck! said Mr. Hatsutaya, wow, even Mr. H? Fuckin awesome! I thought to myself. We have to do something; we cant just let them attack everyone. Okay, I know you have the best of intentions, and I know that as a teacher youre supposed to be our role model and all, but you and I know thats a really dumb idea. I said to Mr. H. Well, what do you think we should do? Huh? he asked, and man, was he pissed. I dont know, but I do know that if we go out there, were going to end up their lunch! I screamed. Which, I still regret today. Apparently, just like us, walkers can hear, smell and see. Well, it depends on how rotten and decayed they are. This doesnt really diminish the threat level; they are all dangerous, rotten or not. So, sooner than we knew, at least 6 of them were trying to knock down the door to the stairs, which was pretty stupid of them, because the door only opened inward. So, all they had to do, was simply put their dead little arm on the knob and turn it down, they would have had the best all you can eat buffet ever. So we ran back up, as fast as we all could. We reached the fourth floor, and we kept running until we reached the roof of the school. Oh no, no, no no, no!! George panicked Fuck man, no! Were trapped. Were going to die, were gonna die. Were not going to die, someone shut him up now! said Mr. Hatsutaya. Ms. Ambers went over to him, and tenderly held him in his arms, and she whispered something to him, I couldnt make out much of what she said, but its okay once or twice. Man, I wished I would have panicked, she would have hugged me, and I would have felt the tender embrace of her breasts on my face. Ah, yes. We cant stay up here said Mr. Hatsutaya Nah, ya think? I responded Wheres Pacey? asked George Pacey? I yelled Im here she shyly replied Are you okay? I asked, Dont be afraid, well be alright, okay? Everything will be okay, Mr. Hatsutaya and I will get us out of here okay? I tried to calm her down. But all she did was burst into tears, and she wouldnt stop crying no matter what Id say. Soon we all got really worried of her, and why she was acting like that. As tears kept running down her face, she ducked her head, and slowly extended out her arm, and her hand as to show us something she was holding. The farther out she extended her arm, the louder and harder she cried. Her wrist, it bled; hell, blood came out of her wrist like it was being pumped out of her. Everyone stepped back in fear and awe. She cried so much. Ive never seen someone wallow in so much sadness and fear. At this moment, I felt bad for screaming at her before. I, wanted to do something, I didnt want her to die. I didnt want her to turn into one of those things. Tears dropped down from my chin, and she sparkled in beauty. Pacey Simmers was actually, really attractive, she was so beautiful. I still wish I could have done something differently; maybe shed still be alive today. Night was beginning to fall, and it was starting to get cold. It was the 3rd week of September, 2012, and we were stuck in a roof and surrounded by flesh eating, crazed sons obitches. It had only

been about three hours, maybe four, and there was no sign of anyone, who wasnt trying to eat us. God dammit, how the fuck did all of this happen? None of us understood. We didnt know, all we knew was that we were stuck on a roof, with a teenage girl with a fever, almost about to die, freezing in the night. We all huddled up together, except for Pacey. Who, we had tied up to one of the roofs pipes with Hatsutayas jacket. So, we did the only thing we could have done at the moment. We slept. I couldnt stop thinking about what had happened to Pacey, I couldnt; no I didnt want to believe, what was happening was real. It wasnt a dream it was real, this is really happening. We awoke to the sound of helicopters flying over us, there were two of them. They didnt seem to have intentions of looking for survivors, and when we looked at the streets, they were overrun by walkers. They were everywhere. We saw some students trying to make a run for it, from the left exit of the school, but the walkers ran, they fuckin ran! I thought zombies were slow-starved-empty-headed-assholes. None of us expected running walkers, so we called them Runners. Overnight, the streets had filled up with the infected, and we had no idea how the hell we were going to get out of that roof. To make things worse, Pacey was quiet, too quiet. So, I walked up to her, and threw a few stones at her, and she attacked, she was one of them already. But, she moved like us, she had no difficulty moving her legs, or her arms, or her jaw for that matter. Thump, thump. The door said Mr. Hatsutaya, what was that? It came from the door George, find a chain, we have to barricade that door somehow! I screamed. I have no idea, where he got the chain, but 2 seconds after, he was holding a chain and a lock on his hands, so we locked the door, with a chain, and as we stepped back, the door kept being bashed by the incoming walkers. So the race against time began, time of course, selfishly having the advantage.