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Bantayan Island's Beautiful Beaches (Cebu Beaches, Philippine Beaches)

All Content is PJAMES All Rights Reserved. No Usage Without My Expressed Permission & Licensing. All Photography: Olympus E3 & E1 Digital DSLR's & Olympus Zuiko Digital Lenses. "Darling bless you for being so kind to all us clueless travellers. I wish there was Paul James website for every island that dishes out sensible advice and information!" Louise via email at

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*New Bantayan Island Beach Photography added throughout 2010/2011. The Beautiful Beaches in Santa Fe, Bantayan Island are the gorgeous white sand beaches with crystal clear turquoise water that I was never able to find while living on Cebus mainland.

Peace & Quiet on the Beaches of Bantayan Island, Cebu Philippines

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Travelers visiting bantayan Island onboard a Yamaha SX230 boat, off Kota Beach in Santa Fe. Post your Business Here!

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Enjoying the calm, clear waters between Kota Beach & Budyong Beach Resorts in Santa Fe, Bantayan Island.

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The Beautiful White Sand Beaches & Tropical Turquoise Waters of Santa Fe, Bantayan Island Cebu Philippines.

Bantayan Island Philippines has some of the best natural white beaches in all the Visayas.

All of the hotels & resorts in Santa Fe either have a beach or are very close to one, and theyre not crowded at all (save for Holy Week in April & Sinulog in January) so you can enjoy the sun & fun without bumping into lots of other people.

The biggest & best beaches are located in Santa Fe in the south near all the hotels and resorts, and are fantastic for swimming, cooling off and sunrise/sunset strolls; waves are light to moderate and manageable due to being in the Tanon Straight which separates Bantayan Island and Cebu, and the surf on the south side near the Pier can come up a bit in windy weather - but the beaches on the south west side of Santa Fe are almost wave free all year long, and most often times the water is smooth as glass.

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Bantayan Island's Beaches are some of the Best in all of Philippines

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Above: the long, wide stretch of Sugar Beach in Santa Fe.

Cooling off in the cool, clear turquoise waters off Bantayan Island's Beaches, Cebu Philippines

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These are the days we pray for all year long; Blue Skies, Warm Sunshine & Cool Water.

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Simply put, most people have our uncrowded beaches nearly all to themselves during the year.

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No matter how hard Im working on my photography here (shooting, editing, writing, etc.) I always break around 12 noon and head down to the Beaches; the cool water and the warm sun have always relaxed me, and I use that time to think clearly and focus on planning the rest of my day & week, etc. The Beaches and warm sunshine here have always relaxed and invigorated me, and hold a special place in my life.
See you on the Beach! PJAMES
All Content is PJAMES All Rights Reserved. No Usage Without My Expressed Permission & Licensing.

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