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Kimball David Kimball Dr. Martha A.

Diede MLA Research Writing October 21, 2011 Windows Phone: How a Revolutionary OS Will Transform the Mobile Market Mobile phones evolved significantly in the last twenty years. The cell phone, a device that was once used exclusively to send and receive calls, is now able to tell time,

take pictures, and surf the web. Smartphones are a product of this new dynamic. After the release of the IBM Simon in 1992 (Daniel 5), smartphones began implementing more advanced features and soon buttons and simple on-screen menus gave way to touchscreen controls and user interfaces, which make up what is now known as the mobile Operating System1 (Adams 2). Apples iPhone was the first to fully utilize these revolutionary features in 2007 (Amit 1). This day, one year ago, Microsofts Windows Phone 7 took on the smartphone market (Nguyen 1). Despite iPhone's popularity, which has grown to massive proportions in the last few years, the revolutionary features of Windows Phone will carry it above and beyond expectation. Metro UI is Windows Phones revolutionary design language. Microsoft describes it as []modern and clean. It is fast and in motion. Its about content and typography. And its
Windows Phone Start Screen, featuring the Metro interface

entirely authentic (Cameron 49). This user interface boasts a start

screen with dynamic live tiles that constantly update, One quick glance tells you

Also called mobile OS.

Kimball what's going on, what's happening next and what you've missed (Microsoft 1). In contrast to iPhones spreadsheet layouts, Metro is more content-focused, and features

larger hubs rather than many smaller buttons. iPhone has a more generic, polished display that coincides with the interface of Apples Macintosh. Mango, Windows Phones newest update (also called Windows Phone 7.5), brings over five hundred new features to the operating system (Kolakowski 14). One new feature revealed in the people hub combines your contacts list on your phone with a whats new section that displays your contacts updates from their social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

The 'people hub' on Windows Phone (panoramic view)

Users can create live tiles of their favorite contacts by pinning them to the phones start screen. When a pinned contact posts a new Facebook status, sends a tweet, or uploads photos, the tile will flip over with the update. Also new in Windows Phone 7.5 is the upgraded Internet Explorer 9 internet browser (IE9), which loads webpages faster than before and features support for HTML52. At around 20 frames per second on a 3G

HTML 5 is the new hypertext markup language standard for the World Wide Web.

Kimball network and 44 frames per second with a Wi-Fi connection, IE9 on Windows Phone

renders HTML5 more quickly than iPhones 2 frames per second (Warren 2). However, since iPhones newest update, iOS 5, iPhones Safari browser has reached 31 frames per second (Warren 2). Messaging on Windows Phone 7.5 is organized in threads, so texting conversations are displayed as a comprehensive conversation and are fully integrated with Facebook chat. One can simultaneously carry on a conversation online on Facebook with one friend and a texting conversation with another friend using the same view. If a friend goes offline, the user can continue the conversation from where they left off by sending the message to their phone. Opting out of chat is accomplished by switching the users online status to offline. iPhones iMessage feature on iOS 5 allows users to chat with others online, but is limited to communicating exclusively with iDevice-owning friends who have the newest update (Gilbert 3, 6). A mandatory business tool (U.S. General Services Administration 2), Windows Phone is the only smartphone available with the office hub, which features mobile versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote.3 These applications can keep track of a project, an idea, or a future meeting by [putting] the information where [users] can better manage it (U.S. General Services Administration 2). Documents can be composed and saved locally on your phone, as well on Microsofts online storage system, SkyDrive, which offers
The 'office hub' on Windows Phone

Mobile versions of Microsofts popular Microsoft Office software for Macintosh and Windows computers.

Kimball 25GB of free space. Photos, videos, and other files can be stored as well as documents.

iPhones iCloud service offers a similar online storage system, but users are only allowed 5GB of space free (Chan 2). Smartphones arent only used for business; they are a source of entertainment. Windows Phone nails mobile gaming with the games hub, which organizes all gamerelated content in one place (rather than simply adding each installed game to the sprawling list of applications, as seen on iPhone). Mobile gamers are allowed to compete on a new level by earning achievements in certain games. Achievements are a system utilized by Microsofts popular online multiplayer gaming and digital media delivery service, Xbox Live, which requires members to accomplish various feats in games in order to obtain virtual
Angry Birds for Windows Phone, notably an Xbox Live title game

trophies and increase their Gamerscore (George 1).

Angry Birds (originally released on iPhone), which has been widely successful on mobile platforms with over 300 million downloads total (BBC 7), is one such game. In the Windows Phone version, players are able to earn achievements based on the type of birds unlocked, worlds completed, and blocks smashed (George 1). Xbox Live members can compare their game progress with their friends at a new, competitive level. Microsofts entertainment platform, Zune, is also integrated in Windows Phone. It serves as the media player in the music+videos hub, and is compatible with the music subscription service, Zune Pass. For a monthly fee of $15, the Zune Pass allows unlimited music streaming and downloading to PCs, Xbox 360 gaming consoles, Windows Phones and other Zune devices (Barker 2, 5). Songs can be streamed and

Kimball downloaded on Windows Phone using Wi-Fi or 3G networks. Wes Moss, a Certified Financial Planner from Philadelphia, notes that filling an Apple iPod 120GB with music

would cost around $30,000,4 and sees the Zune Pass as the better choice. He regards it as the better deal, but clarifies by saying, Of course, it's not exactly $15 versus $30,000. The $15 is a monthly fee, so you're likely going to be paying more if you plan on playing music for more than a month. That said, it would take you 166 years and 8 months to shell out $30,000 for the Zune Pass; many of us won't be living that long (Elmer-DeWitt 7). As of October 3rd, 2011, the Zune Pass has dropped its price to $10 a month (Miller 1). Windows 8, the next version of Microsofts operating system for PC (scheduled for 2012), features Metro, the design scheme seen in Windows Phone 7 (Anderson 5). It has a start screen and a series of tiles similar to Windows Phone. Microsoft is going for an immersive user experience, as web pages take up the entire screen, and controls such as browser navigation and address bar can be hidden (Anderson 12). The Guardian News weblog calls Windows 8 an OS with a dual personality: for tablets, and for desktops (Anderson 1). Even Apple plans to merge features of iPhones operating system (iOS) with their Macintosh computers OS (Amit 6). Since Mac OS X version 10.6.6, Apple has introduced an appstore for Macintosh, which is similar to the Appstore of iPhones.
Early screenshot of the Windows 8 Start Screen, featuring Metro UI

Estimated at about 4MB per song.

Kimball People love Windows Phones. According to Gartner, over 1.6 million Windows Phone units were sold during its first quarter5 (Pettey 1), as opposed to 1.7 iPhone units sold in its first year6 (1). There is a growing demand for developers to create applications for the Windows Phone Marketplace, which has over 25,000 applications

(Reisinger 1). These numbers, however, do not compare to Apples 500,000 applications in their Appstore (Dowling 1). The limited amount of applications available seems to be the central complaint of Windows Phone critics (Gralla 36). However, Windows Phone Marketplace is growing at a rate beyond its competitors, with the first 10,000 applications available in just over four months (P. 3).7 Vice president of business and marketing at Microsoft, Achim Ber, understands who hes up against, and remains confident in Windows Phone. He notes, Our numbers are similar to the performance of other firstgeneration mobile platforms[]It takes time to educate partners and consumers on what youre delivering, and drive awareness and interest in your new offering. Were comfortable with where we are, and we are here for the long run (Oiaga 5, 10)., a weekly computing business magazine, shares Bers enthusiasm, estimating that Windows Phone 7 will overtake the iPhone at a projected 20.9% of the market share by 2015 (Channel Insider
Windows Phone and Nokia logos and slogans (People seems to be an overriding theme)

5). Early on in Windows Phones initial release, cell phone manufacturing giant Nokia announced partnership with Microsoft, making Windows Phone 7 Nokias primary

From October 2010 to December 2010. From January 2007 to January 2008. 7 Compared to 5 months for 10,000 applications in Apples Appstore.
5 6

Kimball mobile operating system (Microsoft 2). This strategic partnership allows the

development of more advanced hardware designs for second generation Windows Phone handsets, as well as cross implementations of both Nokia and Microsoft services (Microsoft 3). Windows Phone 7 has proven a noteworthy competitor to the iPhone. With over five hundred new features from the Mango update, the implementation of Windows Phone features in Windows 8 and the strategic partnership with Nokia, Microsofts mobile operating system is a force to be reckoned with. Not only does Windows Phone utilize a reliable, clean user interface, it captures the interest of a far-reaching range of consumers by offering what the user wants quickly, easily, and beautifully. Windows Phone 7 is the device of this generation: a truly revolutionary smartphone. The future looks bright for Windows Phone 7: as consumers continue to discover what this OS has to offer, more Windows Phone handsets will be purchased. By 2015, a dramatic shift will occur in the market: the popularity of Microsofts mobile operating system will rise significantly, and Windows Phone 7 will continue to flourish beyond expectation.

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