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Practice Test 15-Mathematical Aptitude

Domain: Total Questions: Section Details: Class X 15 Test Code: Total Time: TST2007AT20456644 90 min. Course: Admission Test 2013 Maximum Marks: 55.0

Section 1
Subjects: Topics: Total Questions: Class X Maths General Topic, Quadratic Equations, Linear Equation in Two variables, Linear Equation in One variable, Mensuration, Geometry, Circle 10

Section 2
Subjects: Topics: Total Questions: Class X Maths Mensuration, General Topic 5

General Instructions: 1. This Test contains 15 questions spread across 2 Section(s). 2. There are No Sectional Cut-Offs but the Student is expected to display his/her performance across all the sections. 3. Section Wise time indicates the Ideal Time which should be given to a particular section. You are free to give more or less time than what is mentioned for a Section, but the Test should be Finished within the Specified time. 4. The Test is to be given in One Single Attempt. Once the Test is Started, it can't be Paused for any Breaks. 5. If the Test is Not completed before the Test Time, then as soon as the Time for the Test is completed, the Test would Automatically End and its Answer file would be generated. 6. Use of Calculators and Log Tables is Not Permitted. 7. Use of Unfair means during the Test is Strictly Prohibited. 8. For fair Result and Performance evaluation, Please Do Not discuss the Test with your peers.

Section 1
Section Title: Total No. of Questions: Section 1 10

Subjects:Class X Maths 1.
If is a factor of 4 -4 , then 0 6 ?

(A). (C).

(B). (D).

Correct Answer

is a factor of P(a) But


(a - 3) is a factor of P(a) (a + 1) is is also factor P(a) Solving (i) and (ii), we get : p = -8 and q = 12

3p + q = -12 -p + q = 20

. . . . . . (i) . . . . . .(ii) 12/22/2010

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. (Marks: 3.0, Negative Marks : 0.0).


Amit has goods of a certain value with him. He sells goods worth Rs. 7000 with 35% profit. Then, he sells goods worth RS. 25000 with 45% profit and goods worth Rs. 10000 with 10% profit. The remaining goods he sells for 20% loss. If the overall profit is 22%, then the goods that he sold for 20% loss were worth of :

(A). (C).

Rs. 13000 Rs. 55000

(B). (D).

Rs. 20000 None of these

Correct Answer

Let Amit have goods worth Rs.x

x = Rs.55000 Value of goods he sold for 20% loss = = Rs.13000/(Marks: 3.0, Negative Marks : 0.0).


Ram owns a garden. In the garden, the number of mango trees is equal to number of mangoes per tree and the cost price per mango is the same as the number of mango trees in the garden. The maintenance cost is Rs. 935 per tree. If Ram sells one mango at Rs. 61, the overall loss in the business is Rs. 875. The number of mangoes were there in the garden, if no mangoes were wasted and the number of trees was more than 30 were :

(A). (C).

625 900

(B). (D).

1225 None of these

Correct Answer

Let there be

x number of mango trees in the garden x and the cost price per mango is Rs.x x2 and total cost price = Rs.x3

Number of mangoes per tree =

Total number of mangoes in the garden =


Total maintenance cost = Rs.935x Total selling price Rs.61x2 and loss in the business = Rs.875

We get 12/22/2010

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x > 30 x = 35.
Total numbers of mangos are

= (Marks: 3.0, Negative Marks : 0.0).


In a circle with centre O and radius 'r ', another smaller circle is inscribed with centre D and radius half that of the bigger circle as shown in the figure. Tangents to the smaller circle from a point on the bigger circle meet at E and F and meet its diameter when produced at B and C. Then, is :

(A). (C).

(B). (D).

Correct Answer

(by A-A symmetry)

BD = 3BE Let BE = x BD = 3x 12/22/2010

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, (DE)2 + (BE)2 = (BD)2



. (Marks: 3.0, Negative Marks : 0.0).


is a regular hexagon of side I unit. Then, the ratio of the product of lengths and to the perimeter of the hexagon is :

(A). (C).

(B). (D).
None of these

Correct Answer

A0A1 = 1 ; ; 12/22/2010

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Product of these lengths = perimeter of the hexagon = 6 Required ratio = 1 : 1.

= 6 and

(Marks: 3.0, Negative Marks : 0.0).


Four horses are grazing within a circular field. In the diagram given, AB and CD are the perpendicular diameter of the field with centre O. Horses are tied at P,Q, R and S such that they can graze only in their respective circles. The approximate percentage of area of the circle that can be grazed by the four horses is :

(A). (C).

80 72

(B). (D).

75 64

Correct Answer

Let 2r be the radius of the circular field. Then r is the radius of the circles with centres P and R. Let x be the radius of the circles with centres S and Q. In right angled 12/22/2010

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Required percentage = (approximately) (Marks: 3.0, Negative Marks : 0.0).


The side BC of

touches the circle at P and the extended sides AB and AC of the same triangle touch is equal to :

the same circle at Q and R. Then, length of AQ,

(A). (C).

Perimeter of


(Perimeter of Data insufficient

(Perimeter of


Correct Answer

Two tangents from one point hence lengths equal. . . . . . . From (iii)

As 12/22/2010

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[Perimeter of

]. (Marks: 3.0, Negative Marks : 0.0).


a, b and c are the sides of a right-angled triangle in which c is the hypotenuse measuring

meters. If

a is increased by

and side b is increased by

then their total becomes 14 meter. The

values of

a and b, if a and b are integers.

4, 6 meters 6, 8 meters

(A). (C).

(B). (D).

3, 6 meters Data insufficient

Correct Answer

B a, b and c are sides of right angled triangle

As per information gives



i.e., i.e., 14a + 7b = 84 2a + b = 12 or

Explanation i.e.,

Substituting this value in the equation,

i.e., i.e.,



a = 3, taking the valid value, we get a = 3m and b = 6m.

(Marks: 3.0, Negative Marks : 0.0).


A 10% sugar solution implies 10 gm sugar is dissolved in 100 gm water. Water evaporates on heating the solution. On heating, 1 kg of the 10% solution is reduced to 0.5 kg. The concentration now is : 20% 18.2 % 12/22/2010

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(A). (C).

22.2 %

(B). (D).

21.18 %

Correct Answer

In a 10% solution, i.e., in 110 gm of solution ; there is 10 gm sugar.

1 kg of the solution has

of sugar.

Explanation After heating, the amount of solution = 0.5 kg

Amount of water =

Solution percentage is

= 22.2%. (Marks: 3.0, Negative Marks : 0.0).

10. A circus trope was performing in a village. One evening all the 120 villagers went to the circus and Rs. 120 were
collected in all. The charges were Rs. 5 per male, Rs. 2 per female and 10 paise, per child. The no. of many ladies in the village were :

(A). (C).

13 30

(B). (D).

17 19

Correct Answer

Let the number of men, women and children be 'm', 'w' and 'c' respectively, 5m + 2w + 0.1c = 120 m + w + c = 120 m, w, c are integers 0.1c should be an integer which is possible only if c is a multiple of 10 ---------(1) ------------(2)


So 'c' could be any of 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 110 or 120 Consider c = 10 5m + 2w = 119 and m + w = 110. These equations give m which is not possible Similarly c = 20, 30,.... 60 gives m negative. For c = 70, 5m + 2w = 113 and m + w = 50 which gives non integral value of m and w. Similarly, m is a non integer value for c = 80, 100, 110 and 120. m is an integer only for c = 90 12/22/2010

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Substitute for c = 90 in (1) and (2) 5m + 2w + 0.1 (90) = 120 m + w + 90 = 120 5m + 2w = 111 m + w = 30 solve to get w = 13 (Marks: 3.0, Negative Marks : 0.0).

Section 2
Section Title: Total No. of Questions: Section 2 5

Subjects:Class X Maths 11. There is a piece of cheese in the shape of a square. A rat smells the cheese and starts eating it. Rat eats the
portion ADFE before sighting a cat and leaves the place. The approximate ratio AC : EC is :

(A). (C).

1.66 1.82

(B). (D).

1.73 1.91

Correct Answer

As AD is the diagonal of square ABDC, similarly EF will be the diagonal of square . Let O be the point of intersection of diagonals of square ABCD. Now AO = CO and hence . 12/22/2010

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Given, BD = 10 cm and hence

which gives us

And hence

Another simpler and direct solution for the same question....


AC = 10 cm, AE =


EC =

cm.... and solve....

(Marks: 5.0, Negative Marks : 0.0).

12. 8 sphere of radius 10 cm each are placed on a table with their centres vertically above the vertices of a regular
octagon drawn on the table and each sphere touching its two neighbors. A sphere of radius r is placed in the centre so that it touches the table and each of the 8 spheres, then r is ?


(B). (D).

cm cm


Correct Answer 12/22/2010

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Let radius of the central sphere be 'r' and 'd' be the distance between the centres of the neighboring sphere and itself.

. . . . .(i)

By cosine rule,

From (i) 12/22/2010

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(Marks: 5.0, Negative Marks : 0.0).

13. A and B are efficient workers and can complete a job in 12 days together. They work for 4 days after which the
project gets stopped for 15 days. After 15 days, th of the remaining work is added. Thereafter, A works thrice as fast and finishes the work in 6 days. If B had worked alone and at thrice his speed in the latter part, no. of days (approximately) in which B finished the entire work alone would be :

(A). (C).

15 days 13 days

(B). (D).

22 days 17 days

Correct Answer

For According to Question, . . . . .(i)

In 4 days, they do

rd of the work

Work left = 2/3 After 15 days, work left =

. . . . .(ii)

11/9 of the work is completed by A working at thrice the speed in 6 days. Thus, he completes 11/9 work working at normal speed in 18 days. He can complete the entire work in


B completes the work working at normal speed in

days. 12/22/2010

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Working at thrice his speed, he completes it in

days. (Marks: 5.0, Negative Marks : 0.0).

There are four outlet pipes of the same capacity fixed one above the other to a water tank. The first pipe is at the bottom level and the fourth pipe is at three-fourths of the height of the tank. The third pipe is equidistant from the second pipe and the fourth pipe, the second pipe is equidistant from the first and the third. The capacity of each pipe is such that it can empty a full tank in four hours, whereas one inlet pipe can fill the empty tank in one hour. The pipe is opened to fill the empty tank and after one hour it is closed, then all the outlet pipes are opened

14. Time (in minutes) in which the tank will be empty is : (A). (C).
125 minutes 100 minutes

(B). (D).

90 minutes 60 minutes

Correct Answer

Let the volume of the tank be 100 litres. Each outlet empties 25 litre in 1 hour. Now, outlet 4 works only till upper 1/4th part of the tank is emptied i.e., for 15 minutes. Now, three outlets work. They can empty 75 litres from the tank in 60 minutes They can empty 25 litres from the tank in 20 minutes

Now, two outlets work They can empty 50 litres in 60 minutes. They can empty 25 litres in 30 minutes Now, only the first pipe works till the tank is emptied i.e., till 25 litres are emptied i.e., for 60 minutes Total time required = 15 + 20 + 30 + 60 = 125 minutes. (Marks: 5.0, Negative Marks : 0.0).

15. When the tank is full, all the four pipes are opened together and shut after one hour. If the inlet pipe is opened
now, the time in which the tank will be full is :

(A). (C).

60 minutes 17.5 minutes

(B). (D).

42.5 minutes 10 minutes 12/22/2010

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Correct Answer

In 15 minutes, 25 litres from the tank are emptied. In the next 20 minutes, 25 litres are emptied In the next 30 minutes, 25 litres are emptied For minutes, i.e., for the last 25 minutes, two pipes are open

Explanation In that time,

In an hour,

litres are emptied

litres are emptied

The inlet pipe fills the entire tank in 1 hour. It fills 70.83 litres in (Marks: 5.0, Negative Marks : 0.0). 12/22/2010