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Candy plant equipments and specificationS


Submitted Towards Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Course of


MS. PRIYA GUPTA B.Tech. Food Technology Batch 2009, Semester VII





Plant Description 1 Description of Machinery

High Capacity Cooker and Mixer

Specification Dimension: L 1300 * W 1300 * H 1910 mm Power Usage: 220V / 380V Horse Power: 2HP Precision Gear Motor: 1/15 Pneumatic Pressure Usage: 4 kg / cm3 Steam Pressure: 7 kg / cm2 Performance Can dissolve sugar and maltose rapidly, and by adding uniform agitation, can reach full uniform effects of dissolution No sediments & over-burned. With steam to dissolve sugar, rapid, economic and convenient.


Specification Machine Weight: 50 kgs Dimension: 1 inch Horse Power: 1/2 HP Capacity: 800 kgs / hour Performance Delivering fluid to every working station.

Continued Vacuum Condenser

Specification Machine Weight: 2700 kgs Dimension: L2000 * W850 * H3200 mm Capacity: 3000 kgs / 8 hours Water Usage: 400 liter / minute 220V / 380V 1HP motor 220V/ 380V 7.5HP motor Steam Pressure: 7 kg / cm2 Performance

Its main function is to reduce the water content under the condition of low pressure and temperature; nevertheless, the syrup quality is strictly maintained. After passing through stainless steel heating tube, the syrup is drawn into vacuum with short time and evenness. Within a short span of operation, the machine is able to produce excellent products in color and taste. It is a most updated Vacuum Condenser, automatically controls the concentration in vacuum and makes the production reasonable.

Cooling Table
Machine Weight: 350 kgs Dimension: L1820 * W900 * H720 mm Cold water usage: 250 liter / minute Warm water usage: 250 liter / minute To ensure that the temperature can be reduced very quickly.



Kneading Machine

Specification Machine Weight: 1300 kgs Dimension: L1940 * W1500 * H1800 mm Capacity: 3000 kgs / 8 hours Horse Power: 2 HP Performance After the candy is drawn from the Continuous Vacuum Condenser, various additions and spices are mixed to give unique flavor from each manufacture. This mixing required full kneading, which is given efficiently and in a short time by this machine.

Batch Roller
Power: 220V / 380V Horse Power: 5 HP Machine Weight: 1000 kgs Dimension: L2500 * W800 * H1600 mm The rope is formed by conical stainless-steel rollers, which



rotate in the same direction and are reversed by a gear. The feature is most beneficial when a soft or striped batch is used. It is also possible to regulate the pause of the rollers before reversing in the opposite direction. The top rollers are easily opened by a hand lever. To produce a filled product, a tube can be attached at the back end of the batch roller and inserted into

the center of the sugar mass.

7 Rope Sizer
Specification Power: 220V / 380V Horse Power: 2 HP Machine Weight: 900 kgs Dimension: L1720 * W800 * H930 mm To ensure that the products are not piled up, whenever the

Performance pressing plate at the end machine is raised up to the uppermost position, the motor stops automatically. The sizing stainless steel wheels are adjustable and their speed can be varied, no operators are The machine will deliver a predetermined size of sugar rope to the forming machine at a variable rate This electrically operated delay tray will reduce the speed of the sizing wheels when the sugar rope is When the excessive sugar rope has been eliminated, the sizing wheels will resume their normal speed. required at the front of the machine, its a completely automatic operation system. of speed to assure uniformity of the finished products. excessive, thus permitting the forming machine to consume the sugar rope.

8 Mould Forming Automatic Machine

Specification Capacity: 1200 pcs / minute Horse Power: 1 HP Power Usage: 380 V Power Frequency: 50 HZ Machine Weight: 800 kgs Dimension: L1500 * W750 * H1400 mm It will form adjustably sized round, with and without center fillings such as gum and toffee, as it insets This machine offers value in space efficiency, trouble-free design and ease of operation. Candy forming mould, at high-speed rotation, does not easily product transform or mould sticking.

Performance the stick.

Cooling Conveyor
Horse Power: 1 HP Power: 220 / 380 V Machine Weight: 1200 kgs Dimension: L7600 * W1100 * H1400 mm Designed for cooling of all types of hard candy having


Performance solid or soft centers, produced on all types of forming and wrapping machines. Adjustable cooling time from 6 to 15 minutes. Incline elevator equipped with oscillating distributor for spreading the warm product gently across the

entire width of the conveyor belt for greater cooling

10 Fully Automatic Compact Triple Sealing Packing Machine

Specification Product Size: 1. Thickness 4 25 mm 2. Length: 15 30 mm 3. Width: 10 30 mm Output: 600 800 pcs / minute Horse Power: 2 HP Machine Weight: 2000 kgs Dimension: L2300 * W1550 * H1700 mm Wrapping Material: All commercially available hot or cold seal materials can be used including

polypropylene, cellophane, polythene-coated paper, and aluminum laminates. Performance It incorporates an automatic disc feeder and it used for the wrapping of confectionery or similar Compact efficient equipment and operator friendly. The machine is easy to clean with all components readily accessible. Automatic feed unit for confectionery and similar products comprising two independently driven feed The feed unit is manufactured to the mast advanced mechanical standards to ensure high speed and In phase machine stop. products individually.

discs running at different speeds to ensure maximum feed plate efficiency. maximum output.

Testing Machinery
Buyer must has the following equipments 1 Utility 2 Cabling for motor of machinery 3 Water Treatment System 4 Raw materials for commission: Sugar Glucose Water Pigment / Flavor

Manpower Requirement
Position Plant Manager Production Technician Skilled Operator High Capacity Cooker and Mixer Pump Continued Vacuum Condenser Cooling Table Kneading Machine Batch Roller Rope Sizer Mould Forming Automatic Machine Cooling Conveyor Fully Automatic Compact Triple Sealing Packing Machine General Worker Persons 1 2 10 2 0 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2

Measurement of Finished Products

The finished products are compared with customers desire such as dimension, color, taste and shape.

Raw Material
Sugar Glucose Water Pigment / Flavor Water contents in sugar Solid ----------- 100% Water ------------- 0% Water contents in glucose Solid ------------- 85% Water -------------15%

Power Consumption and the Related Facilities

Power ------------------ 30 HP Steam ------------------ 400 Liter / Hour Fuel -------------------- 20 Liter / Hour Water ------------------ 560 Liter / Hour

Analysis on Product Cost & Profit

A. Raw Materials Cost (based on 2500 kgs / 8 hours) 1. Maltose 2. Sugar 3. Pigment / Flavor TOTAL: A B. Other Cost (based on 2500 kegs / 8 hours) 1. Water / Power 2. Fuel 3. Labor 4. Packing 5. Others TOTAL: B C. Daily Production: 2500000 g / 4 g per one = 625,000 pieces D. The cost per piece is (A + B) / 625,000 = D E. Investment Return 1. 100 pieces per bag 2. 625,000 pieces / 100 pieces = 6,250 bags 3. Profit Per Bag = Wholesale Price Cost per bag= E/Bag 4. Daily Profit = E 6,250 bags = F 5. Equipment Cost = G 6. Investment Return = G / F(days)