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TLE Annual Report


OUTREACH Excellence in Literacy






The Learning Exchange

Board of Directors 2011/2012
President: Mona Arsenault Vice-President: Lazar Jevromivic Secretary: Christiane Dabbagh Treasurer: Valerie Sauriol Director: Enza Ciampanelli

Executive Director: Darlene Brown Administrative Assistant/Library: Karen Mockler Financial Officer: Diane Richard

Communication Consultant: Margo Legault

Web Master
Errol Pinto

Tutor Trainer
Darlene Brown

Funding Sources PACTE

Programme daction communautaire sur le terrain de l'ducation PACTE is a provincial grant administered by the Direction de la formation gnrale des adultes (DFGA). The grant is designed to cover recurring operation expenses.

Other Funding Sources

TLE seeks other sources of funding through project proposals, partnerships, private and corporate donors and sponsors.

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The Learning Exchange

The Learning Exchange strives for excellence in literacy by promoting and fostering a commitment to life-long learning through outreach, prevention, and training.

The Learning Exchange (TLE)/Centre Lire-crire is a volunteer not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing: Adult Literacy and Tutoring: One-on-one and small group instruction to adults in need Volunteer/Tutor Training Public Awareness and Sensitization Volunteer/Student Recruitment Community Resource and Learning Centre


Volunteer/Student Outreach and Retention The Learning Exchange (TLE)/Centre Lire-crire is a volunteer not-for-profit organization Prevention and Intervention dedicated to addressing the needs of the Laval & Northshore English speaking community. TLE serves, recruits, trains, and supports members of the community through reading, writing, numeracy, and life-skills programs.

Mona Arsenault

Id like to mention a few highlights of the past year, which took place: The last AGM was held Wednesday, October 26th, 2011 at 5:30 p.m. and many members attended including students interested in the workings of an Executive Board of Directors.

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Once again we were privileged to have volunteer students from the McGill Pro Bono Law Student Placement program. Justin and Aaron were our new students from this service. Many meetings were held for training purposes both within TLE and throughout our own organization. A Canadian Heritage Proposal was submitted and accepted called Hello Canada! for 2012-2013! The Fundscrip gift cards fundraising idea was started by ordering in bulk and selling cards to members, family and friends. On March 19, 2012, Laval Volunteer Appreciation Gala was held. The evening consisted of a welcoming buffet, networking opportunities and presentations where an MC invited the partners to mention their nominees. Jacques Blanchards brief introduction was wonderful! We, the Laurier School Board would like to pay homage to Madame Mona Arsenault, President of The Learning Exchange. We are working for more than thirty years now in close relationship with this organization who have had a goal to implement and deliver programs to help improve reading, writing, numeracy and life skills within the Anglophone community. In a year where ICA (who ultimately is the organization behind the evening) has a clear objective to celebrate families who acquires basic life skills, this Gala is a golden opportunity for us to publicly recognize all the efforts of the team of employees and volunteers who devote themselves to make that goal a reality. Congratulations to all! After the Gala I sent the following thank you message to Jacques Blanchard, TLE-Office, CDC PontViau and ICA: On behalf of myself and The Learning Exchange, I would like to thank everyone involved in recognizing our efforts toward Adult Learners. As a result of this Gala I was given $100.00 as a gift. I have decided to use this money towards the purchase of an iPad Computer to use with my special needs learners and in the classes to upgrade their skills. Once again, thank you all, Mona Arsenault Tutor, President, The Learning Exchange In April we had a Volunteer Appreciation party, it was well attended and everyone received a small token of our appreciation. During Volunteer Appreciation Week an award for New Tutor of the year 2011-12 was presented to Kosal Chhith: In recognition of outstanding contributions to the academic achievement and personal growth of learners. In closing, its been another wonderful year for me here at The Learning Exchange as I hope it has been for you as well! Thank you,

Mona Arsenault
TLE President

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Darlene Brown


Id like to welcome all of our guests, students, volunteers, Board of Directors and staff to the 2011/2012 Annual General Meeting (AGM). Once more, weve experienced another productive year here at The Learning Exchange in spite of the obstacles put in our way. Ive personally had the opportunity to reflect upon my time here and the hundreds of volunteers, staff and students Ive had the good fortune to cross paths with over the years. The accomplishments of this past year, as outlined in the following Report of Activities, would not be possible without the hard work, support and dedication of my amazing family of staff, consultants and Board of At TLE we value: Directors. I find myself feeling, in so many ways, truly more than grateful to be here with you all today!! Creativity The fiscal year 2011/2012 marked the start of our new Strategic Plan, of which we have three exciting strategic directions: Commitment Life-long

1. Sustainability/Strengthening TLE

learning Goals: Leadership Raise awareness and understanding of literacy services Expand partnerships and strengthen connections Integrity Develop and maintain solid infrastructure Teamwork Increase overall membership 2. Excellence / Provision of Services Goals: Develop and improve services & programs Improve access and intake procedures Provide quality training and professional development Be responsive to the membership and community: Implement new services and programs based on needs 3. Effectiveness/ Member outreach, support and recognition Goals: Provide members with networking opportunities Provide students with the necessary tools and skills to function successfully in everyday life Ensure members are engaged and have a positive experience In the coming years, we will continue to provide learning opportunities to engage our members to improve the vitality and overall growth of our community while working through our new strategic priorities while observing our core values. I am, more than ever, sincerely proud to be the Executive Director of The Learning Exchange and count myself as fortunate to be part of an organization with such an inspirational group of people as we have here at TLE. Thank you for your continued support!

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Darlene Brown
TLE Executive Director

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Priorities at a glance:

TLEs Strategic Plan 2011 to 2014

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July 2011 to June 2012

TLE Report of Activities

TUTORING > individual and small group > reached 320+ students Tutor training

Training sessions cancelled for Sept./Oct. due to lack of potential volunteers Session: Jan. 20/12 Trained 10 volunteers for Money Matters Mar. 20/12 Individual training sessions ongoing Basic training handbook and Power Point presentations reviewed and updated Converting training to Prezi

Jewellery Making Social Networking (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Apps) Learning Links iPads: Intro to iPad and App Exploration Reading with your Child

INFORMATION AND REFERRALS > reached 38,000+ TLE Websites, social networks, Learning Links and Scribd Community information Student intake, assessment and referrals conducted Manned phone and internet inquiries Visited classes in Vimont Center to promote TLEs services (giving pamphlets, newsletters, demonstrations, tours, etc.) Promotional materials displayed and distributed Orientation Manual updated with new bylaws, action plan, strategic direction, etc. Completed Family Literacy survey for ABC Life Literacy Joined Literacy Volunteers of Quebec project committee to examine new methods for training (i.e. Distance/online training)

Individual, group and class tutoring English: Literacy, pre-secondary, secondary I to V Math: Basic, secondary I to V, Money Matters Computers/Internet: (All levels) Intro. to computers, Learning Links, PowerPoint, MS Word, Publisher, Facebook, Skype, e-mail, etc. iPads: Intro. to iPad/Apps and basics Working with teachers and consultants to coordinate tutorials, offer class assistance, refer students, etc. Providing class students with tutors for individual help as needed Tutors trained at an academic level to work with students Tutoring services offered and promoted to classes Training manuals and training adapted to students needs WORKSHOPS/TRAINING > reached 315+ people

RESOURCE ROOM > reached TLE members, CDC-Vimont/SWLSB population, local community + Equipment use 3 computers with Internet access, 2 printers / 1 copier Headphones, tape recorders, CD players, TV/VCR Speakers and iPod player Whiteboard/flip chart and supplies Book binder and laminator Projector/screen Projector, computer and netbook purchased Printers repaired/need new ones
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Money Matters Volunteer training Money Matters workshops Tutor Training Literacy Awareness Free the Children Using Computers

Library Resources Materials purchased based on TLE members needs Use and loan of materials: Reference books, fiction, nonfiction, math, language arts, grammar, spelling, games, learning disabilities, audio books, etc. Online library search updated Working with SWL re: maintaining lending library in TLE Promoting book donations for library and give-aways Collections created on Scribd for private and public docs Art supplies Jewellery beads and findings Paper and cards Assorted art materials and resources Materials and Additional Services for CDC-Vimont students Free: WestCoast Reader distributed to students Free: Materials and workbooks at discretion of TLE staff based on students needs Free: Printing for literacy and basic English students class work Discounted school supplies available (i.e. binder, journal) Free: QLWG Skills for Life manuals printed and distributed Book orders at discounted rate Free art and jewellery supplies for crafts and SWL ECAs RESOURCE ROOM contd Resource Room use Office space Drop-in / Study area / Exam space Computer use Tutorials, workshops and meetings Equipment loan and use Printing, photocopying Library / Audio Center / Movie viewings SUPPORT, OUTREACH & RECOGNITION > reached 750+ people Meetings, interventions, recommendations and progress reviews conducted Submitted names of TLE members for awards and recognition

Students achievements recognized in News & Views newsletter, online and at events Ongoing monthly: Gave away hundreds of books to volunteers and students Adult Learners Week: Gave away hundreds of books to CDC Vimont staff and students as well as visitors Volunteer Appreciation: Gifts created and distributed to volunteers Montreal National library visits with Mona Phone interviews for referrals and letters of recommendation for 2 tutors Regular events held in honour of our members Certificates and recognition awards given to tutors and students TLE sponsoring crafts for adult ed students West Coast Reader subscription renewed and distributed regularly > Karen continues working with TLE volunteer Danielle in BC Volunteer Voice and student support

EVENTS > reached 1500+ people (includes Family Literacy) Remembrance Day month Nov. /11: Poppies distributed to school population Student-created movie distributed to classes Remembrance Day information resources/materials made available to school Holiday party organized & held Dec. 21/11 Craft lunches and events sponsored by TLE Adult Learners Week: Book Give-Away Money Matters workshops iPad Basics workshops Craft lunches Graffiti Wall: TLE craft supplies loaned to SWL classes Volunteer Appreciation and Celebration April 2012 Volunteer cake and coffee afternoon Volunteer Voice Celebration 2012: End of year event held in June 2012 FAMILY LITERACY > reached 1500+ families Family Literacy Misc:
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Created/completed action plan for 2011/2012 Request for book donations granted by Orca and Scholastic Parent info. sessions held Funding requests/proposals to Merck Frosst and Canada Post unsuccessful

INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGIES > reaching general population/adult ed centers in QC Learning Links Adding new links to address identified needs/requests of students and teachers Creating links to partners web sites Promoting Learning Links at meetings and school events PUPLIC AWARENESS AND SENSITIZATION > reaching general population of Laval Public Notices TLE notices of training and volunteers needed: Craigslist, Laval News, McGill University, local newspapers, Montreal Gazette via Volunteer Bureau of Montreal Sent notices to all SWL schools for International Family Literacy Day Family Literacy events registered on ABC Life Literacy website Promoted Montreal National library visits Newsletters News & Views (2 editions) posted online for general public, printed and distributed to TLE members/SWLSB members/staff Articles written/promoted in News and Views Articles for partners newsletters and papers TLE website (13, 232 visits to-date) /TLE Scribd website (442,149 total views to-date)

Family Literacy meetings FL Committee planning meetings held as needed Principal meeting April International Family Literacy Day (FLD) Distributed/organized family literacy materials from QELA Distributed promotional materials and information to SWL Elementary and High Schools Posted notices for International Family Literacy Day on TLE web site, Facebook and Twitter, ABC Canada School Reading Visits Hundreds of books purchased & collected Prepared/printed/distributed 700 Parents handbook Book bags prepared/distributed to families Twin Oaks Feb. 15/12 Crestview Feb. 22/12 Storytime Festival School Visit Bought, prepared and sorted materials Received used books for Adopt-a book Souvenir Elementary: April 18/12 TD Canada Trust: TD Canadian Childrens Book Week Visiting author Kathleen McDonnell May 10/12 Promoted Authors visit on: TLE web site, Facebook, Twitter, public notice flyers and via Networking Partnership Initiative (NPI) 77 local partners Worked with Babar Book Store to bring authors books to event Article for CDC Vimont News Give-Aways Approx. 1000 books/family information packages given away CDC Vimont parents received free childrens books and FLD resources

TLE documents/Scribd: 36, 279 July 1/11 to June 30/12 visits (99 avg. visits per day) TLE website: 2987 visits (July-June) Student and tutor/teacher resources posted on site for download via Scribd Posted information and articles re: events (i.e. Family Literacy Day, International Literacy Day, registration, services, etc.) Created staff calendar/action plan Scribd documents: Collections posted online

TLE Connections

Updated temporary website on Google (need funding for web site) Funding request made to local MNAs (unsuccessful)
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Promotion Documents revised and posted online Google profile updated Facebook updates, event postings and announcements Twitter for TLE continued Presentations made at NPI meetings about TLE services and potential partnerships Received donations via our posting on Canada Helps! McGill Fair Recruited potential volunteers: Jan. 25/12 Strategic Planning Strategic Plan reviewed and added to documents Detailed Action Plan for 2012/2013 created and sent to MELS MEETINGS AND PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT TLE meetings: Staff meetings: ongoing/as needed Financial Officer meetings: ongoing/as needed Consultant Margo: September 16/10 ongoing/as needed BOD meetings: Sept. 13/11 Dec. 2/11 Feb. 27/12 May 10/12 AGM: Held Oct. 26/11 Annual Report completed and distributed By-Law changes accepted at 2011 AGM Conferences/Workshops PROCEDE conference: Oct. 19-21/11 QPAT conference: Nov. 25/11 LVQ LVQ meeting/retreat Sept. 28 & 29/11 LVQ Training Committee: Survey completed Consulted re: Training modules/program Participant in the iPad project Participating in LVQ Caravan project Networking Partner Initiative (NPI)

Meeting with Luigi: Sept. 21/11 Meeting: Sept. 29/11, Dec. 15/11, Feb. 16/12, April 19/12 Made presentation at meetings re: TLE Services and needs Requested help recruiting tutors and free space for training

Sir Wilfrid Laurier Governing Board TLE appointed Mona as community representative for SWL Governing Board Mona appointed as chairperson at GB meeting Meetings: Feb. 7/12 and March 13/12 English Community Speaker Forum November 19: ED represented TLE at Education theme table and attended by volunteer Warren President attended Health theme table President was a part of CTV News Story November 26: President represented TLE at Education theme table SWL Adult Education Portrait November 30: ED represented TLE Also attended by literacy students MEETINGS AND PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT contd Mature Workers Employment Portrait Public report/study results: Dec. 9/11 PROJECTS/PROPOSALS Canadian Heritage proposal Researched/prepared Hello Canada! proposal for $49, 550 Gathered letters of support Established partnerships LVQ iPad project: Signed papers for iPad Received iPad + $50 towards Apps Prepared presentation and materials for workshop Made Prezi for iPads and uploaded for public view Workshop: Feb. /12

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Developed/Held workshops: March 27 & 29 /12 Final report completed

McGill Pro Bono Students Proposal application accepted for two law students to do a year stage with us (approx. 3-5 hours per week) Meetings Reviewed new by-laws and comments/recommendations from MELS review Meeting with McGill ProBono supervisor CURE Request proposal for university students to work and/or do research for 2011/12 FundScrip Initiated Fundscrip gift card orders MNA proposals Received donation for Adult Learner Week to give workshop Money Matters Proposal accepted for Money Matters workshops via ABC Life Literacy Canada Received/reviewed materials and shared with SWL Math and literacy teachers and pedagogical consultants Membership Renewed membership to Literacy Foundation and received Cascades paper donation

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This report covers the fiscal year July 1, 2011 to June 30, 2012.

The Bank Balance as of June 30, 2012 was $1, 844.

The Total Revenue received for the fiscal period was $93, 814.

The Total Expenses for the fiscal period were $88, 990.

A Net Surplus of ($495) remained at the year-end.

The difference between the Bank/Investment Balances and the Net Surplus is offset by payables, and receivables

Appointment of Accountant I would like to recommend that we appoint Patricia McGovern, C.A. as our accountant for the year 2012-2013.

Valerie Sauriol
TLE Treasurer

Prepared by Diane Richard

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TLE Financial Officer

TLE 2011/2012

Supporters, Memberships and Affiliations

Memberships and Affiliations
TLE is a member of or affiliated with the following:

ABC Canada The Centre for Literacy Girls Action Day Literacy Volunteers of Quebec The Literacy Foundation National Adult Literacy Database Quebec Association for Adult Learning Quebec English Literacy Alliance Sir Wilfrid Laurier Competency Development Center Vimont Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board Volunteer Bureau of Montreal

Dominoes Pizza Indigo Books Librarie Raffin Martin Abran/Translations Orca Publishers Scholastic Books TLE Members

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