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Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Bible. N.T. Greek. 2005. The New Testament in the original Greek : Byzantine textform / compiled and arranged by Maurice A. Robinson and William G. Pierpont. p. cm. Includes bibliographical references. ISBN 0-7598-0077-4 (alk. paper) I. Robinson, Maurice A. II. Pierpont, William G. III. Title. BS1965 2005 225.48 dc22 2005053781

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EPISTOLAI KAYOLIKAI IAKVBOU . . . . . . . . . . PETRO U A . . . . . . . . . PETRO U B . . . . . . . . . IVANNO U A . . . . . . . . IVANNO U B . . . . . . . . IVANNO U G . . . . . . . . IO UDA . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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EPISTOLAI PAULOU PRO S RVMAIOUS . . . . . . . . PRO S KO RINYIO US A . . . . PRO S KO RINYIO US B . . . . PRO S GALATAS . . . . . . . . . PRO S EFESIO US . . . . . . . . PRO S FILIPPHSIO US . . . PRO S KO LASSAEIS . . . . . PRO S YESSALO NIKEIS A PRO S YESSALO NIKEIS B PRO S EBRAIOUS . . . . . . . . PRO S TIMO YEO N A . . . . . PRO S TIMO YEO N B . . . . . PRO S TITO N . . . . . . . . . . . . PRO S FILHMO NA . . . . . . . APO KALUCIS IVANNO U

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Appendix: The Case for Byzantine Priority

In Memoriam

William Grover Pierpont

26 January 1915 - 20 February 2003

be that just as it is the place of a to look to in prayer for his blessing in all Let it neverGodforgotten,especially guidanceasand laboursChristianhis undertakings, so may he do this to connected with the text of Scripture. The object sought in such prayer is not that the critic may be rendered infallible, or that he may discriminate genuine readings by miracle, but that he may be guided rightly and wisely to act on the evidence which the providence of God has preserved, and that he may ever bear in mind what Scripture is, even the testimony of the Holy Ghost to the grace of God in the gift of Christ, and that thus he may be kept from rashness and temerity in giving forth its text. As God in his providence has preserved Holy Scripture to us, so can He vouchsafe the needed wisdom to judge of its text simply on grounds of evidence. . . . One thing I do claim, to labour in the work of that substructure on which alone the building of Gods truth can rest unshaken; and this claim, by the help of God, I will vindicate for the true setting forth of his word as He wills it for the instruction of his Church.

Samuel Prideaux Tregelles, An Account of the Printed Text of the Greek New Testament; with Remarks on its Revision upon Critical Principles.
(London: Samuel Bagster and Sons, 1854), 186, 272.

The text of the Greek New Testament has been transmitted, preserved, and maintained by the faithful labor of scribes from the time of the autographs to the present day. While the bulk of the text found in all manuscripts reflects a high degree of textual uniformity, that uniformity increases significantly when a consensus text is established from manuscripts that span the entire period of manual transmission. This consensus text reflects a unified dominance that permeates the vast majority of manuscripts. The editors have designated this dominant line of transmission the Byzantine Textform.1 Although a general scribal care and concern for accuracy prevailed during the copying process, no single manuscript or intermediate exemplar can be claimed with certainty to reflect the precise autograph. Various human failings naturally occurred during the era of manual copying of documents; these failings appear among the manuscripts in varying degree, taking either the form of scribal error or intentional alteration. The manuscript tradition must be considered in its entirety, giving due regard to the transmissional factors that permitted the rise of such variation. The dominant text of this scribal tradition is considered by the editors to reflect most closely that which was originally revealed by God through the human authors of the New Testament. The present edition therefore displays that dominant consensus text as it appears throughout the Greek New Testament. This Byzantine Textform volume is offered as an accurate representation of the New Testament canonical text, the written word of God according to the original Greek. This labor of love and devotion has been performed with the utmost care and respect for Gods revealed word of truth, and is now presented in a format designed to satisfy the needs of students, clergy, and scholars alike.
1 Early printed Textus Receptus (or Received Text) editions closely resemble the Byzantine Textform but often diverge from it in significant readings. Such editions primarily derive from the limited selection of a small number of late manuscripts, as utilized by Erasmus, Ximenes, or their immediate historical successors. The overall text of these early printed editions differs from the Byzantine Textform in over 1800 instances, generally due to the inclusion of weakly supported non-Byzantine readings. Since the Receptus form of text does not provide an accurate reproduction of the common Greek manuscript tradition, the present edition strives to rectify that situation by presenting the readings of the Byzantine Textform in a more precise manner.


Those who have labored in the preparation of this volume trust that it will encourage many to broaden their knowledge of the New Testament through the exegesis and interpretation of its Koine Greek archetype, all to the glory of God. Our prayer and fervent hope is that the Lord Jesus Christ will prosper the work of our hands and use our labors for the benefit of his kingdom. THE TEXT OF THIS EDITION The newly edited Byzantine Greek text presented in this edition differs slightly from previous versions. All readings were carefully reexamined, with certain alterations being made to the main text after fresh reevaluation. Various typographical errors have been corrected, and the orthography has been standardized throughout. The underlying theory has been revised in light of new knowledge based upon extensive collation research.2 Diacritical marks, punctuation, and capitalization now are included to assist the reader. Critical notes alert the reader to closely divided Byzantine readings as well as to differences between the Byzantine Textform and the predominantly Alexandrian text displayed in modern eclectic critical editions. This edition with its marginal readings offers an accurate reflection of the true state of the Byzantine text of the Greek New Testament. While further minor adjustments yet may occur in view of additional information or the reassessment of existing data, the editors anticipate no future major alteration to the basic text here presented. TEXTTYPES AND TEXTFORM The New Testament autographs were composed in Greek during the first century AD. Copies of these sacred canonical documents rapidly circulated among the churches of the Roman Empire according to the ecclesiastical needs of the spreading early Christian communities. Conscientious scribes carefully prepared copies of the New Testament documents, either as separate canonical books or in collected groupings. This scribal labor was performed with a respectable degree of accuracy, and the manuscript copies thus prepared were able to establish and maintain the general form of the
2 Robinson has collated the Pericope Adulterae (John 7:53-8:11) in all available Greek manuscripts and lectionaries that include the narrative of this incident. When these data are compared with full collation records of various uncial and minuscule manuscripts in all portions of the New Testament, a more comprehensive understanding of historical manuscript transmission results. The Pericope Adulterae data suggest an increased presumption of relative independence within the various lines of Byzantine manuscript descent. This provides a weighty premise by which to interpret transmissional history. The editors previous assumption regarding the effect of scribal cross-comparison and correction using multiple exemplars is now seen to be a lesser factor in the overall transmissional process.



canonical New Testament text. Yet deviations from the original form of the text appeared within a fairly short time. Most deviations resulted from simple copying errors caused by the eye, ear, or hand. These would include cases of itacism, misspelling, dittography, transposition or substitution of words, and omission of letters, words, or phrases by haplography, homoioteleuton or other causes. Some variations resulted from certain types of intentional alteration. These include conjectural attempts to restore damaged exemplars; the adjustment of readings considered problematic due to perceived difficulties in content, syntax, or style; and various theological alterations made by orthodox, heterodox, or heretics. Some transmissional lines of the New Testament text, therefore, created and perpetuated certain readings and patterns of reading that differed from the autographs: these developed into the various known families and texttypes found among our extant manuscripts. While a family group usually can be traced to a more recent common ancestor, the origin of the larger texttype units remains problematic. Four divergent major texttypes predominate within the New Testament, although the existence and coherence of the Western and Caesarean have been called into question. The Byzantine and Alexandrian remain primary, and basically it is the preference for one of these two texts that characterizes the various printed Greek New Testament editions. The Byzantine-priority theory considers the Byzantine Textform to reflect the text that most closely reflects the canonical autographs, and thus to reflect the archetype from which all remaining texttypes have derived. The Western Text The earliest deviations from the autographs appear in the socalled Western, or uncontrolled popular text, of the second century. That text is characterized by free expansion, paraphrase, and alteration of previously existing words. Western witnesses are few and generally diverse, with a textual individuality that hampers the reconstruction of a common archetype. Even so, the bulk of its readings shares a commonalty with the text of the presumed autograph. The Alexandrian Text The Alexandrian texttype appears to originate in an early localized recensional attempt to purge and purify the alterations and accretions found among the Western manuscripts. The principles underlying this recensional activity seem to have been reductionist and


stylistic.3 The manuscript(s) selected as the recensional exemplars likely were mixed in textual quality as well as scribally defective; this would parallel what is found in most early Egyptian or Palestinian papyri of the second and third centuries. The Alexandrian recension seems often to have overreacted and overextended itself, removing not only early Western expansions but many longer original readings in the process. Yet the same recension failed to correct many Western substitutions and transpositions, even while retaining many shorter sensible readings caused by accidental scribal omission in the intermediate archetype.4 The Alexandrian texttype is primarily represented throughout most of the New Testament by the agreement of Codex Vaticanus (B/03) and Codex Sinaiticus (/01), with the support of other related manuscripts, such as 75 and L/019. Critical editions such as the NA27 and UBS4 reflect a predominantly Alexandrian textbase,5 with readings established on a variant-by-variant basis by means of subjectively applied internal criteria coupled with selectively determined external principles (the reasoned method of modern eclecticism). This modern eclectic process of subjective textual determination on a pervariant basis results in a textual patchwork that within numerous verses finds no support among any extant document, even over relatively short segments of scripture.6 This problematic situation does not occur among the manuscript consensus that forms the basis of the Byzantine Textform. The Caesarean Text The Caesarean text appears to be an amalgam of readings from the Alexandrian and Byzantine traditions. Although the Caesarean manuscripts do appear to possess a distinctive pattern of readings, this texttype does not appear to have existed prior to either the Byzantine
3 J. C. ONeill, The Rules followed by the Editors of the Text found in the Codex Vaticanus, NTS 35 (1989) 218-228. ONeill suggests that specific editorial activity, accidental error, and attempted reconstruction characterized the recension that produced the original Alexandrian archetype reflected in its later 75/B descendants. 4 This suggestion is developed further in Maurice A. Robinson, In Search of the Alexandrian Archetype: Observations from a Byzantine-Priority Perspective, in Christian-B. Amphoux and J. Keith Elliott, eds., The New Testament Text in Early Christianity: Proceedings of the Lille Colloquium, July 2000, Histoire du Texte Biblique 6 (Lausanne: ditions du Zbre, 2003), 45-67. 5 Barbara Aland et al., eds., Novum Testamentum Graece, 27th ed. (Stuttgart: Deutsche Bibelgesellschaft, 1993); idem, The Greek New Testament, 4th rev. ed. (Stuttgart: Deutsche Bibelgesellschaft, 1994). The base text of both editions remains identical. 6 Examples are provided in the Appendix to this volume, notes 16-18; see also Maurice A. Robinson, Investigating Text-Critical Dichotomy: A Critique of Modern Eclectic Praxis from a Byzantine-Priority Perspective, Faith and Mission 16 (1999), 16-31, particularly 17-19; idem, Rule 9, Isolated Variants, and the Test-Tube Nature of the NA27 Text, in Stanley E. Porter and Mark Boda, eds., Translating the New Testament: Text, Translation, Theology (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, forthcoming).



or Alexandrian texts. It is generally dismissed from any serious consideration regarding autograph originality. The Byzantine Textform The Byzantine Textform preserves with a general consistency the type of New Testament text that dominated the Greek-speaking world. This dominance existed from at least the fourth century until the invention of printing in the sixteenth century. Under the present theory, this text also is presumed in centuries prior to the fourth to have dominated the primary Greek-speaking region of the Roman Empire (southern Italy, Greece, and Asia Minor) a large and diverse region within which manuscript, versional, and patristic evidence is lacking during the pre-fourth century era, yet the primary region of Byzantine Textform dominance in subsequent centuries. From a transmissional standpoint, a single Textform would be expected to predominate among the vast majority of manuscripts in the absence of radical and well-documented upheavals in the manuscript tradition. This normal state of transmission presumes that the aggregate consentient testimony of the extant manuscript base is more likely to reflect its archetypal source (in this case the canonical autographs) than any single manuscript, small group of manuscripts, or isolated versional or patristic readings that failed to achieve widespread diversity or transmissional continuity. In support of this presumption is the fact that a consensus text even when established from manuscripts representing non-dominant transmissional lines tends to move toward rather than away from the more dominant tradition. The Byzantine-priority hypothesis thus appears to offer the most plausible scenario for canonical autograph transmission. This hypothesis is far more probable than the speculative originality claimed for modern eclectic patchworks, constructed from scattered fragments, with continually shifting levels of support from existing manuscripts.7 An historical theory that assumes a generally normal mode of transmission more readily accounts for the expansion and dominance of a single Textform that can be presumed closely to reflect

7 Jenny Read-Heimerdinger, The Bezan Text of Acts: A Contribution of Discourse Analysis to Textual Criticism, JSNTSS 236 (Sheffield: Academic Press, 2002), states, The current editions of the Greek New Testament . . . [present] a hypothetical text that has been reconstructed by selecting variant readings from different MSS . . . . There is no evidence whatsoever that the current text ever existed in the form in which it is edited (51); thus, researchers and search programs rely for their text on a printed edition whose text does not exist in any extant manuscript and which is reconstituted by textual critics (64n7).


the original autographs. The Byzantine-priority theory presents far fewer difficulties than are found in the alternative solutions proffered by modern eclectic proponents. While any explanation of early transmissional history remains a matter of theory, it is a fact that almost all readings found within the Byzantine Textform exist as component portions of either the Western or Alexandrian texts. Yet the Western and Alexandrian texttypes differ far more among themselves than does either when compared to the Byzantine Textform. This strongly suggests the separate derivation of each of these regional texts from a common source that would closely resemble the more dominant tradition. In addition, the individual Byzantine Textform readings are clearly defensible on reasonable internal, transcriptional, and transmissional grounds, and demonstrate far fewer weaknesses than exist with readings typical of non-Byzantine texttypes. The simplicity of the Byzantine-priority hypothesis stands in stark contrast to the transmissional history demanded by the modern eclectic models (reasoned or thoroughgoing). Those models see the original text scattered to the four winds at a very early period, with a later development of disparate texttypes, none of which can claim to represent the lost autographs. Under those systems, the Byzantine text is considered to have arisen from an officially promulgated formal recension, or from an unguided process that involved a relatively unsystematic selection and conflation of readings taken from the (supposedly earlier) disparate Western and Alexandrian texttypes. In either case, this uncritical selection of readings then was coupled with various stylistic and harmonizing improvements that supposedly typified the later scribal mindset. The problem lies in explaining how such a haphazard procedure ever could result in the extensively disseminated but relatively unified Byzantine Textform. These suppositions (which lack historical confirmation) are seen to be unwarranted once the full theoretical and practical conspectus of the Byzantine-priority position has been examined in light of the existing evidence. THE BYZANTINE-PRIORITY THEORY The establishment of the most accurate form of the canonical Greek text of the New Testament is prerequisite to exegesis and to a proper hermeneutic. Many theories and extreme solutions have been proposed regarding the most appropriate method for determining the optimal form of the New Testament autograph text. Some researchers even have jettisoned the concept of autograph recoverability, while


others have abandoned entirely the concept of an original autograph.8 The current trend seems merely to favor a critical inquiry into the various forms (or states) of the text presented in the existing manuscripts, and to investigate their individual theological significance according to their position within church history, with little or no regard given to the concept of autograph originality.9 In contrast, the present editors support a theory favoring the priority and canonical autograph authenticity of the Byzantine Textform. Byzantine-priority functions within the framework of a predominantly transmissional approach, and stands as a legitimate alternative to the methods and results currently espoused by modern eclecticism. Rather than creating a preferred text on a variant-byvariant basis, Byzantine-priority seeks first the establishment of a viable history of textual transmission. Transcriptional and transmissional probabilities are then applied to the external data, which then is supplemented by various internal criteria. The resultant text reflects a defined level of agreement supported by a general transmissional continuity throughout all portions of the Greek New Testament. Byzantine-priority differs from other theories and methods within New Testament textual criticism: the object is not the reconstruction of an original text that lacks demonstrable continuity or widespread existence among the extant manuscript base; nor is the object the restoration or recovery of an original text long presumed to have been lost. Neither should the concept of an archetypal autograph be abandoned as hopeless. Rather, Byzantine-priority presents as canonical the Greek New Testament text as it has been attested, preserved, and maintained by scribes throughout the centuries. This transmissional basis characterizes the Byzantinepriority theory. Byzantine-priority functions within accepted text-critical guidelines, utilizing all pertinent transmissional, transcriptional, external, and internal considerations when evaluating variant readings. Internal and external criteria function in a balanced manner, consistent
8 See, for example, Eldon Jay Epp, The Multivalence of the Term Original Text in New Testament Textual Criticism, HTR 92 (1999) 245-281. 9 Such is the emphasis of David C. Parker, The Living Text of the Gospels (Cambridge: University Press, 1997). Parker further amplifies his position in his Through a Screen Darkly: Digital Texts and the New Testament. JSNT 25 (2003) 395-411: Textual critics, under the guise of reconstructing original texts, are really creating new ones . . . . The biblical text, rather than being corrupted and needing to be restored . . . , is constantly under development . . . . In this light, the quest for the original text may be seen as a complete misunderstanding of what editors were really doing (401); I do not mean that the texts we are creating are necessarily superior to earlier creations. It is more significant that they are the texts that we need to create (402, emphasis added).



with sound methodology. Texttype relationships and proclivities are recognized, and a reasoned method of textual evaluation is practiced. Extraneous theological factors are not invoked or imposed when establishing the most plausible original form of the New Testament text. Byzantine-priority theory does not operate on an eclectic variant-by-variant basis. Rather, it continually investigates the position of all variant units within the history of transmission. Probabilities are evaluated in light of the extant manuscript and historical data, as well as the known habits of scribes. The emphasis of Byzantine-priority is upon a reasoned transmissionalism, particularly in regard to the connected sequence of variant units as they appear in the text and as they relate to the external support provided by the manuscripts themselves. Modern eclectic theory fails precisely at this point: it produces a sequence of favored readings that at times even over short segments of text has no demonstrated existence in any known manuscript, version, or father.10 Byzantine-priority considers such a method and its results to be illegitimate, since it neglects the pertinent historical factors regarding manuscript transmission. Modern eclectic praxis is not a legitimate alternative to the acceptance of the text preserved among the consensus of the manuscripts. A viable praxis of textual criticism requires a transmissional history that does not contradict the general harmony found among the extant witnesses. The text produced by modern eclecticism lacks a viable theory of transmission; the text presented under Byzantine-priority is based upon a theory of transmission that offers consistent conclusions. This in itself suggests the validity of the Byzantine-priority hypothesis. Byzantine-priority provides a compelling and logical perspective that stands on its own merits when establishing the optimal form of the New Testament text. It has a methodological consistency not demonstrated among the various eclectic alternatives. Modern eclectic claims to have established a quasi-authoritative form of the New Testament text consistently fall short, since the underlying theory lacks a transmissionally oriented base. The Byzantine-priority theory may appear simple, but it certainly is not simplistic: there are compelling reasons for recognizing a text that demonstrates
10 Maurice A. Robinson, The Recensional Nature of the Alexandrian Text-Type: A Response to Selected Criticisms of the Byzantine-Priority Theory, Faith and Mission 11 (1993) 46-74, especially 48, 68: The text found in the current critical editions, taken as a whole, is not one found in any extant manuscript, version, or Father, nor ever will be . . . . Modern eclectics have created an artificial entity with no ancestral lineage from any single historical MS or group of MSS. Examples of the short-segment sequential reading problem can be found in the sources cited in footnote 6 above.



transmissional continuity and dominance for more than a thousand years as the most likely representation of the sacred autographs. The appendix to this volume discusses The Case for Byzantine-Priority in more detail. THE BYZANTINE CONSENSUS TEXT The Byzantine Textform reflects a dominant consensus pattern of readings that is maintained throughout most of the New Testament. In nearly all instances the consensus readings are readily established and confirmed by data published in various critical apparatuses, specialized studies, and collation records. The primary source for establishing the readings of the Byzantine Textform remains the massive apparatus of Hermann Freiherr von Soden,11 supplemented in the Apocalypse by the relatively complete collation data of Herman C. Hoskier.12 Additional confirmatory material appears in various sources, including the UBS4, NA27, the IGNTP volumes,13 the Editio Critica Maior,14 and specific manuscript collations published within the Studies and Documents series and elsewhere. The Text und Textwert volumes15 are particularly useful in this regard: this series presents complete collation data regarding selected variant units throughout the New Testament. Within each variant unit, Text und Textwert cites all available Greek manuscripts in relation to their support of specific readings. These data provide primary confirmation regarding the status of Byzantine readings that previously had been established from earlier published sources. In particular, these full collation results tend to confirm the Byzantine group evidence presented in von Sodens early twentieth-century apparatus. In a similar manner, the Claremont Profile Method also tends to confirm von Sodens general reliability in regard to the
11 Hermann Freiherr von Soden, Die Schriften des Neuen Testaments in ihrer ltesten erreichbaren Textgestalt, 2 vols. in 4 parts (Gttingen: Vandenhoeck und Ruprecht, 1911). 12 Herman C. Hoskier, Concerning the Text of the Apocalypse, 2 vols. (London: Bernard Quaritch, 1929). 13 S. C. E. Legg, ed., Nouum Testamentum Graece secundum Textum WestcottoHortianum: Euangelium secundum Marcum (Oxford, Clarendon, 1935); idem, Nouum Testamentum Graece secundum Textum Westcotto-Hortianum: Euangelium secundum Matthaeum (Oxford, Clarendon, 1940); The American and British Committees of the International Greek New Testament Project, The New Testament in Greek: The Gospel according to Luke, 2 vols. (Oxford: Clarendon, 1984, 1987); W J. Elliott and D. C. Parker, . eds., The New Testament in Greek, IV: The Gospel according to St. John. 1. The Papyri (Leiden: Brill, 1995). 14 Barbara Aland et al., eds., Novum Testamentum Graecum: Editio Critica Maior, IV, Die Katholischen Briefe: 1, Der Jakobusbrief; 2, Die Petrusbriefe; 3, Der Erste Johannesbrief (Stuttgart: Deutsche Bibelgesellschaft, 1997-2003). 15 Kurt Aland et al., eds., Text und Textwert der griechischen Handschriften des Neuen Testaments; I, Die Katholischen Briefe; II, Die Paulinischen Briefe; III, Die Apostelgeschichte; IV Die Synoptischen Evangelien: 1, Das Markusevangelium; 2, Das , Matthusevangelium; 3, Das Lukasevangelium (Berlin: Walter DeGruyter, 1987-1999).



identification of groups.16 Although von Soden cannot be relied upon when dealing with specific readings of individual manuscripts,17 his overall general reliability in regard to the larger groupings of texttypes and sub-types remains stable in view of the evidence provided by these outside sources. ESTABLISHING THE TEXT OF THIS EDITION The primary readings of the Byzantine Textform are established in a straightforward manner: subject to additional confirmation, when a reading in von Sodens apparatus is identified by a bold K, that reading becomes the main text in the present edition (K = Koinh = the Byzantine Textform). Where von Soden makes no statement regarding bold K, his main text represents the Byzantine reading, and x is reproduced without change. Where his bold K is divided, the K x subgroup is followed (K represents the dominant component within x bold K). Where K is divided, the readings of lesser K subgroups are x included in the evaluation. When K and the various K subgroups are closely divided, alternate readings are displayed in the side margin in proximity to the portion of text affected. At all times, pertinent transmissional, transcriptional, external, and internal factors are considered as component elements of weight. In the relatively few instances where von Sodens main text or apparatus has been confirmed to be in error, other pertinent sources have been used for correction. In regard to the Pericope Adulterae (John 7:53-8:11) and the book of the Revelation a different evaluative procedure is required. In those portions of scripture, the generally unified Byzantine Textform divides into various equally supported transmissional streams. Where these streams unite, the text represents the Byzantine consensus; where they divide, other methodological approaches are required. These are now discussed separately.

16 See Frederik Wisse, The Profile Method for Classifying and Evaluating Manuscript Evidence, SD 44 (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1982). 17 Beyond the valid criticism dealing with error in regard to individual manuscript citation (often typographical), Von Soden also has been criticized because his apparatus does not permit the accurate reconstruction of the complete text of any given manuscript. Yet this criticism applies to any edition containing a limited critical apparatus. One cannot reconstruct from the text and apparatus of NA27 the continuous text of any single manuscript, even from among its consistently cited witnesses. Von Sodens data are recognized as having a particular and demonstrated value when presenting the evidence of groups of manuscripts; it is primarily from these data that the text of the present edition is established.


The Pericope Adulterae The narrative regarding the woman accused of adultery is clearly a canonical component within the Byzantine Textform. Yet this particular twelve-verse passage reflects a complex transmissional history, perhaps caused by its exclusion from standard lectionary use within the Greek church in relation to the portion of text selected for reading at the feast of Pentecost.18 Von Soden identified seven distinct lines of transmission within this short section of text. Robinsons complete collation of all available manuscripts containing this pericope suggests that von Soden may have underestimated the complexity of its transmissional lines. Nevertheless, Von Sodens three primary lines of transmission remain valid, and encompass the bulk of the manuscript tradition. Each of these three lines termed by von Soden m5, m6, and m7 retains a near-equal level of support.19 The m7 group exists primarily among manuscripts of the 12th and subsequent centuries. This group is recognized by von Soden and other researchers as possessing a late recensional text that corresponds r to the K group found in other portions of the New Testament. The m5 and m6 transmissional lines dominate the remaining portion of the Byzantine manuscript tradition, and reflect earlier forms that were diverse and widespread within that tradition. The autograph form of the Pericope Adulterae is more likely to have been one of these two transmissional lines, as opposed to that found in the recensional m7 = r K tradition. Previously, the editors displayed the text of the Pericope Adulterae as a tentative hybrid, combining elements of m5 and m6, with some readings bracketed. In this edition, the primary text is m5, with its marginal alternates in their proper location. The m6 text is displayed separately as an italicized footnote, along with its own alternate marginal readings. For this pericope the m5 and m6 texts no longer are dependent on von Sodens reconstructions, but each text is published as a group-based consensus derived from the collated manuscripts that date through the eleventh century. Although final decisions require the detailed analysis of the full collation data (a task yet future), the editors consider the m5 group more likely to reflect the autograph form of this pericope. The m6 text appears to be secondary, possessing transmissional and internal
18 See Maurice A. Robinson, Preliminary Observations Regarding the Pericope Adulterae based upon Fresh Collations of nearly all Continuous-Text Manuscripts and all Lectionary Manuscripts containing the Passage. Filologa Neotestamentaria 13 (2000) 35-59. 19 The m as used by von Soden indicates the Greek chapter heading tw moixaldow = of the adulteress.



characteristics suggestive of later recensional activity. While further analysis of the collation data may lead to minor adjustments regarding the precise form of the m5 and m6 texts, no major changes to either group are anticipated. The Text of the Apocalypse The establishment of the Byzantine text of the Apocalypse is a task far more complex than that which exists in the greater part of the New Testament. The dominant Apocalypse text appears in two related but distinct transmissional lines within the Byzantine tradition. These forms are generally known as An and Q, each supported by an approximately equal number of manuscripts. The An readings predominate in manuscripts that contain or derive from the fourthcentury commentary of Andreas of Caesarea (Cappadocia). The Q readings predominate in manuscripts related to the uncial 046. Where An and Q agree, that reading reflects the Byzantine Textform. The union of An and Q prevails throughout most of the Apocalypse. Nevertheless, An and Q frequently differ, with their respective readings possessing near-equal levels of support among the extant manuscript base. Adjudication between these competing readings requires a precise application of transmissional and internal principles. In previous editions, the equally divided An and Q textual differences were partially indicated by the enclosure of some words in square brackets; these signified only cases of inclusion or omission. The remaining instances of equally divided An and Q division cases of substitution and transposition were not indicated, despite their frequency of occurrence. The present edition displays all closely divided alternate Byzantine readings in the margin, with more of these divided readings appearing in the Apocalypse than elsewhere in the New Testament.20 In the Apocalypse, the main text is considered to be the strongest transmissional representation of the Byzantine archetype; generally this is the text of the Q group. Although the Andreas text has an ancient origin, it appears to reflect recensional adjustment, both prior to the time of Andreas, and possibly also during Andreas preparation of his commentary.21 In contrast, the Q text is based upon a consensus of disparate manuscripts that represent many copying
20 Many bracketed An readings of earlier editions are now relocated to the margin. The main Apocalypse text of this edition thus moves slightly more toward Q than previously. 21 Josef Schmid, Studien zur Geschichte des griechischen Apokalypse-textes. 1. Teil. Der Apokalypse-Kommentar des Andreas von Kaisareia: Einleitung. Mnchen: Karl Zink, 1955, 125-129.



locations and eras.22 Despite the transmissional diversity found among the Q manuscripts, the consensus Q text generally remains stable. The unplanned coincidental agreement among the diverse Q manuscripts argues strongly for their transmissional independence and autograph originality; this stands in contrast to the Andreas manuscripts with their apparent recensional origin. Nevertheless, for the greater portion of the Apocalypse, the An and Q texts share a common base. The Q manuscripts are not slavishly followed, however. At times, a significant number of Q manuscripts abandon their group consensus and align with the An reading. This situation does not appear to be coincidental, nor is it due to intrusion from the Andreas stream, given the general independence of the manuscripts within the Q tradition. Manuscripts of the An tradition rarely support Q readings; this suggests that, when Q manuscripts offer their support in some quantity to the An readings, a particular weight should be attached to the phenomenon. Where the An reading is supported by a pt significant number of Q manuscripts, it is presumed that the Q + An reading preserves the autograph text (readings common to undivided Q + An already are considered of autograph originality). The approach remains transmissional: readings jointly supported by An and Q represent the Byzantine archetype. When An and Q are divided, the Q reading generally is preferred due to its transmissional diversity and relative independence. Only when a significant number of Q manuscripts supports the An reading will that reading appear as the main text. Equally divided readings appear in the margin, as is the case elsewhere in the New Testament. Exceptions to these transmissional parameters occur when compelling transcriptional, contextual, or internal considerations strongly favor an alternative reading. This method has been applied judiciously by the editors. The autograph authenticity of the Apocalypse text is supported with a high degree of accuracy, based upon the combination of transmissional, transcriptional, and internal factors. The main text should be regarded as superior to the marginal alternatives as well as to the text presented in non-Byzantine printed editions.

22 Schmid, Einleitung, 126, states, Der K-Text [Q] ist auerordentlich geschlossen berliefert. Das Gros seiner Hss weist keine fremden Einflsse auf, und der Text des Archetyps K selbst ist hchstens an ein paar Stellen fraglich. Fr die An-berlieferung dagegen ist die grte Zersplitterung bezeichnend. Die Rekonstruktion des Archetyps ist infolgedessen schwierig und nicht in allen Fllen mit Sicherheit mglich.



General Considerations For most of the New Testament the Byzantine Textform is supported by nearly the whole of the manuscript tradition; in almost every case the Byzantine reading reflects the concurrence of at least 70% and usually more than 80% of the extant manuscripts. Yet the primary basis of textual determination remains non-quantitative: the transmissional and transcriptional factors that have characterized the manuscripts over the centuries are of greater significance than the mere quantity of evidence. As these non-numerical factors are applied to the evaluation of individual variant units, the sequential resultant text becomes more securely established and reflects a basic transmissional consensus. Although the far greater numerical quantity of Byzantine manuscripts (approaching 80%) exists among the documents of the twelfth and later centuries, the readings of the Byzantine Textform almost always are fully established from the earlier Byzantine lines of transmission that extend through the eleventh century. The documents of the twelfth and later centuries generally are irrelevant to the establishment of primary Byzantine readings, and at best serve only a confirmatory purpose. The quantity of witnesses does play a role when evaluating transmissional and transcriptional probabilities, but number by itself cannot become the sole or even the primary factor in the evaluation process. Quantity alone cannot be determinative when evaluating variant units: all pertinent considerations regarding external, internal, transcriptional, and transmissional evidence must be examined and evaluated before final decisions upon readings can be made. The number factor particularly plays a passive role when the manuscripts comprising the Byzantine Textform are seriously divided. Where the marginal apparatus of this edition displays divided Byzantine readings, the main text necessarily has been established on non-numerical grounds. This method of reasoned transmissionalism is based primarily upon external and documentary evidence; yet all pertinent transmissional and transcriptional factors constantly are evaluated in relation to the various aspects of external and internal criteria before any final decisions are made regarding the text to be established. Final judgment on readings requires the application of internal principles following the initial evaluation of the external data. No reading can be established in isolation from its neighboring variant units; nor can the transmissional and transcriptional habits of scribes


be ignored when examining the development and dissemination of competing readings.23 In general, scribes tended to preserve the text that lay before them in their exemplars; this despite the various accidental corruptions or intentional alterations that occurred during the transmissional process. Extensive alteration was not frequent or widespread: the vast bulk of the text found in all manuscripts regardless of texttype remains a common possession. Existing family and texttype groupings are directly related to the transmissional development of the text in various eras and locales. Manuscripts and readings must be evaluated in regard to their antiquity, diversity, and continuity within transmissional history. Individual scribes must be characterized in regard to their degree of care when copying from their exemplars. A proper implementation of each of these factors results in a well-established representation of the traditionally disseminated Byzantine Textform. This Textform dominated textual transmission in the primary Greek-speaking regions for more than a thousand years, and it is this Textform that holds the strongest transmissional claim to represent the canonical autographs. The Byzantine Textform is well-established within the canonical books of the Greek New Testament. The maximum degree of significant Byzantine textual variation is displayed in the relatively few readings of the marginal apparatus. Readings that lack a Byzantine consensus or are not part of the closely divided Byzantine tradition do not appear in either the main text or marginal readings. Research concerning the divided Byzantine readings must continue, particularly in regard to the Pericope Adulterae and the book of the Revelation. Significant progress has been made in these areas, and exploration continues regarding closely divided Byzantine readings and the various minority lines of transmission that occur within the Byzantine Textform. The main text and marginal apparatus represent the primary locus within which Byzantine-priority theory functions. From this base future Byzantine Textform research must proceed.
See Ernest C. Colwell, Method in Evaluating Scribal Habits: A Study of 45, 66, in his Studies in Methodology in Textual Criticism of the New Testament, NTTS 9 (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1968), 106-124; Maurice A. Robinson, Scribal Habits among Manuscripts of the Apocalypse (PhD Diss., Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, 1982); James R. Royse, Scribal Habits in the Transmission of New Testament Texts, in Wendy D. OFlaherty, ed., The Critical Study of Sacred Texts (Berkeley: Graduate Theological Union, 1979), 139-161; idem, Scribal Habits in Early Greek New Testament Papyri, ThD Diss., Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, 1981; idem, Scribal Tendencies in the Transmission of the Text of the New Testament, in Bart D. Ehrman and Michael W Holmes, eds., The Text of the New Testament in Contemporary Research: Essays . on the Status Quaestionis, SD 46 (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1995), 239-252.



THE FORMAT OF THE PRESENT EDITION The Title of this Volume With good reason, the present title deliberately parallels that of Westcott and Hort (The New Testament in the Original Greek). The Byzantine Textform stands as the opposing point on a continuum that extends from the well-established and influential Alexandrian text presented by Westcott and Hort in 1881. As Westcott and Hort had claimed to reproduce with near-certainty the original form of the New Testament documents in the original Greek, the present edition likewise sets forth a text that within the framework of its underlying theory is considered to reflect the canonical autographs in a highly accurate manner. All other Greek New Testament editions fall within the continuum bounded by the Byzantine and Alexandrian traditions. The editors names appear on the title page in order to indicate task-based responsibility. The Greek New Testament text remains the written word of God, produced by holy men of old who wrote under Gods immediate inspiration and superintendence. The presentation of that word of God according to its clearest transmissional integrity requires only a minor level of editorial involvement and labor. The editors merely recognize and present the text that has been maintained by the scribes of past generations, constructing a textual consensus from the material available in previously published collation and apparatus resources. Our duty was to be faithful to this task, and it is to that end that we have labored. Individual Book Titles The New Testament book titles are not part of the inspired canonical text. Their wording varies dramatically among the different manuscripts and editions of the Greek New Testament. The book titles that appear in this edition represent a minimal consensus as found within the canonical tradition. The Order of the Canonical Books Individual manuscripts present the New Testament books in various arrangements; nevertheless, a particular Greek canonical order seems to have been popular during early transmissional history. This order is partially evidenced within various early papyri and manuscripts,24 and occurs in the fourth-century Festal Letter of Athanasius (AD 367) and the list of canonical books attributed to the
24 See David Trobisch, The First Edition of the New Testament (Oxford: University Press, 2000), 21-38. On page 28, Trobisch presents evidence from several early manuscripts that demonstrate the sequence of the canonical edition.



Laodicean Council (AD 360/363).25 The present edition reproduces that early canonical order for the Greek New Testament books. According to the canonical order, the New Testament books are grouped as follows: Gospels, Acts and General Epistles, Pauline Epistles, and Revelation. The individual books within each category follow the familiar order, except that in the Pauline Epistles, Hebrews stands between Second Thessalonians and First Timothy, intentionally separating Pauls local church epistles from those written to individuals.26 Accents, Breathings, Capitalization, and Punctuation Early manuscripts were written in capital letter format (termed uncial or majuscule). They lacked word division, and possessed few (if any) diacritical marks, paragraph breaks, or marks of punctuation. These distinctions appear systematically only after the commencement of the minuscule era during the ninth century. While specialists are familiar with the plainer form of the Greek text, the modern reader expects readability features as a matter of course. For a reader s edition, clarity is the basic aim. Since this edition is designed for the non-specialist, word separation, paragraph division, punctuation, and diacritical markings have been added throughout.27 These editorial insertions are not considered definitive for the interpretation of the text. Although alternative accentuation, aspiration, or punctuation could alter the interpretation of many passages and affect exegetical comprehension, the editors have followed the general usage found in standard printed editions. No
25 Daniel J. Theron, Evidence of Tradition (Grand Rapids: Baker, 1958), 118-119 (Athanasius), 124-125 (Laodicea). See also 116-117 (the general grouping of NT books by Cyril of Jerusalem). Compare Brooke Foss Westcott, A General Survey of the History of the Canon of the New Testament, 6th ed. (Cambridge and London: Macmillan and Co., 1889), Appendix D, 539-579; in particular, 540-541 (Laodicea), 545-546 (John of Damascus), 549-550 (Cyril of Jerusalem), 552-553 (the index of Codex Alexandrinus), 554-555 (Athanasius), 559-560 (Leontius); but see 431-439 in regard to the possible inauthenticity of the Laodicean list. 26 William H. P Hatch, The Position of Hebrews in the Canon of the New Testament, . HTR 29 (1936) 133-151. The canonical order Second Thessalonians-Hebrews-First Timothy is discussed on 136-143. Hatch shows that this order is found among early and geographically diverse Greek manuscripts, fathers, and versions, and was retained among some manuscripts over many centuries. Hatch termed this order Alexandrian, due to his views regarding textual development. The secondary Western (or early Latin) order (which is more familiar to the modern reader) was termed Byzantine by Hatch (143, 149-150), due to its presence in later Byzantine manuscripts that had adopted the Western usage. The editors suggest, on the contrary, that Hatchs data support the early Greek canonical order as original and authentically Byzantine. Clearly, the earliest Greek canonical order differed from the early Western tradition; only much later did Byzantine Greek manuscripts adopt the Western order. 27 The added marks of accentuation, aspiration, punctuation, and capitalization have been extensively proofread for this edition, but perfection is not claimed. The reader is encouraged to offer pertinent correction where necessary.



diacritical insertions should affect the traditional understanding of the Byzantine Greek New Testament text. Readability, therefore, is improved without the imposition of unwarranted interpretation. The text always must be received according to its original inspired intent, without unwarranted editorial alteration. The text appears in paragraph format, with breaks inserted at appropriate points. Capitalization appears at the beginning of sentences, and at the commencement of direct quotation within a sentence (modern quotation marks are not used). Proper names are capitalized throughout, but not descriptive titles.28 The various nomina sacra abbreviations that commonly appear in manuscripts for members of the Godhead, significant persons, or particular locations are not abbreviated in this edition, but are written in full form, even though the abbreviated forms normally dominate the manuscript tradition.29 The Marginal Apparatus The main text displays the Byzantine Textform, according to its strongest transmissional, transcriptional, external, and internal testimony. Where the Byzantine manuscripts are strongly united, the main text stands without marginal comment. Where the manuscripts comprising the Byzantine Textform are significantly divided, superior angle brackets mark the affected word or words in the main text. The alternate Byzantine readings are displayed in the side margin, in proximity to the marked portion of the main text.30 Minority subvariants within the Byzantine tradition are not cited in this edition. Numerals are written as complete words throughout the main text. Some marginal variants particularly in the Apocalypse indicate Greek numerical forms (alphabet letters marked by the numerical superscript bar, e. g., IB, RMD, AX ). In these rare instances, the majority of Greek manuscripts display the marginal numeric form; however, just as with the otherwise uncited nomina sacra abbreviations (which also tend to appear in the majority of all manuscripts), these
28 Descriptive titles particularly applied to members of the Godhead include the various inflected forms of yew, pat}r, uw, xristw, kriow, giow, and pnema. 29 Trobisch, First Edition, 66-68, 104-105, correctly suggests that a canonical edition should at least utilize the nomina sacra abbreviations representing the descriptive titles kriow, yew, and xristw, as well as the abbreviation representing the proper name &Ihsow. Since the modern reader generally is unfamiliar with the nomina sacra abbreviations, Trobischs suggestion has not been implemented in this edition. 30 Exceptions to this policy involve the m6 text of the Pericope Adulterae (discussed above) and the lengthy Byzantine alternate reading encompassing Acts 24:6b-8a (see in context). In these two instances, the Byzantine alternative reading and its marginal variants appear separately, between the main text and the NA27 apparatus.



marginal numeric forms are not printed as the main text of this edition. Some marginal entries reflect more than one alternative Byzantine subvariant. When word substitution or transposition is involved among the subvariants, the alternate readings are displayed, separated by an equals sign (=). When the subvariants concern a long and short reading, characterized solely by the addition or omission of a word or phrase, the removable words are surrounded by square brackets [ ]. The main text reading is not affected by the various divided marginal alternatives. The Lower Apparatus Variants from the main Byzantine text that occur in the base text of the NA27 and UBS4 modern critical editions appear in the lower apparatus. These variants are not marked within the main Byzantine text. In the lower apparatus, the reading of the Byzantine main text appears on the left, and is separated from the reading of NA27/UBS4 by a diamond (). The NA27/UBS4 variant appears to the right of the diamond. Some NA27/UBS4 readings may coincide with marginal Byzantine readings, but not with the main Byzantine text. Neither the UBS4 nor the more extensive NA27 apparatus cites all differences between their common text and the Byzantine Textform; many noncited differences are text-critically and translationally significant, and are here clearly displayed in their totality for the first time. Where the NA27/UBS4 main text includes bracketed words or portions of words, the brackets also appear to the right of the diamond. Some words that occur within NA27/UBS4 brackets may agree with the Byzantine main text (which has no brackets) or with the Byzantine marginal text. The brackets in modern critical editions are used to indicate various degrees of textual uncertainty as perceived by those editors. Double brackets in NA27/UBS4 indicate what those editors consider to be later and non-original interpolations.31 The status of the Byzantine main or marginal readings is not affected by any modern critical text readings or brackets that appear in the lower apparatus.
31 Double brackets in NA27/UBS4 that relate to the Byzantine main text appear at Mark 16:9-20; Luke 22:43-44; Luke 23:34; and John 7:53-8:11. The only NA27 double-bracketed portion not related to the Byzantine Textform is the so-called shorter ending of Mark, which NA27 inserts between Mark 16:8 and 9, preceding its double-bracketed longer ending (Mark 16:9-20). The NA27 shorter ending reads as follows: Pnta d t parhggelmna tow per tn Ptron suntmvw \j}ggeilan. Met d tata ka a[tw ` &Ihsow p natolw ka xri dsevw \japsteilen di' a[tn t ern ka fyarton k}rugma tw avnou svthraw. &Am}n.



The Apparatuses in General In the marginal and lower apparatuses, instances of substitution, transposition, or addition are cited in full. When a word or phrase is omitted in relation to the main text, a dash () indicates the omission. Where a word affected by variation appears more than once in a given verse, the apparatuses provide sufficient context for clarity. Minor orthographic variants encompassing movable final letters, alternative punctuation, accentuation, and capitalization are not recorded in either apparatus. Orthography The orthography has been standardized throughout. Manuscript irregularities, inconsistencies, and itacistic peculiarities are not reproduced. Movable Nu (-n) is always present; movable % Sigma (-w) is retained for outvw but is omitted from mxri and xri. Elision of final vowels (di', p', f', etc.) follows the regular pattern; so too consonantal alterations preceding rough or smooth breathings (\j, o[k, o[x, etc.). Compound forms reflect phonetic assimilation (\n- becomes \g-; sun- becomes sum-, sug-, or sul-; -lhmp- and -lhmc- become -lhp- and -lhc-). The generally abbreviated name of David ( DAD ) is written in full as Daud, avoiding the itacistic form Daued found in the early Egyptian manuscripts. Other variant spellings of proper names are retained (Mvsw/Mvsw, ^Ierosluma/^Ierousal|m, etc.), as well as the spelling of specific words that may reflect authorial preference. Iota subscript appears as such, even in initial capital letters; iota adscript is not used. Chapter and Verse Numbers A generally recognized chapter and verse numbering system is followed, although the positioning of verse numbers does not always correspond to that found in other Greek New Testament editions or translations. Verse references in the lower apparatus are keyed to the present edition; on a few occasions, the NA27 and UBS4 variant text may appear under a different verse number, differing by a single digit. Some early printed editions (usually Textus Receptus) and English translations include words or phrases that are not part of the Byzantine Textform (e. g., portions of Acts 9:5-6, 1 John 2:23, 1 John 5:7). The verse numbering is not affected by their absence. In two passages the verse numbering has been adjusted for clarity. In some printed editions and translations, Matthew 23:13-14 appears in an order opposite that of the Byzantine Textform; the present edition maintains a consecutive numerical sequence within its own order of material. Also, the doxology generally published


as Romans 16:25-27 appears in the Byzantine Textform following Romans 14:23; in this location, the doxology is renumbered as Romans 14:24-26 (the epistle concludes at Romans 16:24 in the Byzantine Textform). In four instances (Luke 17:36, Acts 8:37, Acts 15:34, Acts 24:7) a verse number appears alone in the main text, immediately followed by the next sequential verse number. These indicate lengthy portions of text that were included in some early Textus Receptus printed editions but which have never been part of the primary Byzantine Textform. The verse number is retained solely for reference, in order to preserve the traditional numbering of the remaining verses within the affected chapters. Elsewhere, the verse numbering is not affected. CONCLUDING OBSERVATIONS The New Testament is Gods revelation to his chosen people who comprise Christs church. The Christian believer receives these scriptures as canonical and normative: the inspired and authoritative written word of God that serves as the infallible rule of faith and practice for Gods people. The content of these scriptures is truth without mixture of error in all that they affirm. A corollary to these doctrinal beliefs is the confessional declaration that this revelation has been kept pure in all ages by the singular care and providence of God. The Greek text of the New Testament therefore must be established and certified in a manner appropriate to its historical and theological significance. The task set before Gods people is to identify and receive the best-attested form of that Greek biblical text as preserved among the extant evidence. Although no divine instruction exists regarding the establishment of the most precise form of the original autographs, such instruction is not required: autograph textual preservation can be recognized and established by a careful and judicious examination of the existing evidence. Scribal fidelity in manuscript transmission over the centuries remains the primary locus of autograph preservation. God did not decree that identical copies of the autographs would be maintained during the era of manual transmission; indeed, no two manuscripts agree precisely. Yet the original Greek New Testament text has been preserved by ordinary means with a remarkable degree of accuracy in almost all manuscripts, through the unregulated dissemination and transmission of the New Testament documents. The basic integrity of this original text is confirmed by the apparently mundane labor carried out by generations of reasonably accurate scribes; the security and authority of the autograph text thus has been


preserved amid the complement of the total evidence presented within transmissional history. God has permitted the preservation of his inspired word in its best-attested form by means of the transmissional process: the extant Greek witnesses reflect a mutual consensus text that establishes and maintains the integrity and authority of the original revelation. This consensus text is the focal point of transmissional history. The divinely preserved autograph text exists and functions within the framework of all existing Greek source documents (manuscripts, lectionaries, patristic quotations). This text also is substantially reflected in the various ancient versions and nonGreek patristic quotations. Since the divine method of autograph preservation resides in the totality of the extant Greek evidence, the strongest claimant for autograph originality remains the general consensus text preserved among that material. The New Testament text thus can be established securely and presented accurately by a proper use of the existing data. The Christian need only apply sound principles of evidence transmissional, transcriptional, external, and internal and frame these within a properly nuanced theory and praxis of textual criticism that avoids the hazards of subjective speculation. By these means the autograph text preserved among the extant witnesses readily can be recognized and established. While diligent labor, careful research, and a systematic methodology is required for optimal results, the establishment of the basic consensus text remains a clear and simple task. A consensus-based text derived from the entire body of extant Greek witnesses is fully compatible with the concept of a benevolent overarching providence that has maintained the autographs in their basic integrity by means of normal transmission. No additional visible means of propagation was necessary to guarantee the integrity of the sacred originals. The testimony of the autographs has been preserved by means of independent transmission, scattered over a wide geographical area, amid a multitude of witnesses that span many centuries. The consensus Byzantine Textform thus is established by cooperation without collusion, requiring no imposition of external ecclesiastical authority. Special pleading is not demanded in order to maintain this perspective: everything corresponds to the extant preserved evidence. The recognition of autograph originality amid the preserved Greek transmissional consensus found in the Byzantine Textform is far more reasonable than a multitude of conflicting speculations derived from various forms of eclectic methodology. The consensusbased approach does not appeal to favored individual manuscripts, local texts, or minority regional texttypes, nor to subjective internal


criteria that adopt an amalgam of individual readings with everchanging degrees of minority support. The appeal is to the combined evidence that has been preserved among the extant Greek witnesses. The Christian scholar need not speculate widely regarding the original form of the Greek New Testament text. That text can be recognized and established in its basic integrity by the application of proper and sound critical principles that take into consideration the consensus of the preserved evidence. The Byzantine Textform presented in this edition fulfills that goal: the Byzantine Textform is that which was transmitted and maintained as the dominant stream of manual Greek transmission within Christian history. Now, at the culmination of twenty-seven years of intense collaboration (1976-2003), the editors here present the newly edited Byzantine Textform as the strongest representative of the canonical autographs of the Greek New Testament text. It has been toward the fulfillment of this most noble and sacred goal that the editors have labored and now present the completion of their task. On behalf of those who produced this edition, we would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to the various volunteers too numerous to name individually who gave of their time in proofreading and making corrections regarding the text and format of the present edition. Their efforts for the glory of God and the Lord Jesus Christ have greatly assisted the completion of this project. May God be praised for his magnificent word! All honor and glory to the Lord Jesus Christ! WILLIAM G. PIERPONT MAURICE A. ROBINSON





blow gensevw &Ihso xristo, uo Daud, uo &Abram.


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1.8 &As &Asf 1.10 &AmQn &AmWn &AmQw &AmWw 1.13 &Eliakem &Eliakem &Eliakm &Eliakm 1.14 &Axem &Axem &Axm &Axm

1.17 - 2.4

&Ivs|f tn ndra Maraw, \j w \genn}yh &Ihsow, ` legmenow xristw. Psai o{n a genea p &Abram vw Daud genea dekatssarew: ka p Daud vw tw metoikesaw Babulnow, genea dekatssarew: ka p tw metoikesaw Babulnow vw to xristo, genea dekatssarew. % To d &Ihso xristo = gnnhsiw o u tvw n. Mnhsteuyeshw gr tw mhtrw a[to Maraw t! &Ivs}f, prn ( sunelyen a[tow, eryh \n gastr xousa \k pnematow h ^ * agou. 19 &Ivs|f d ` n|r a[tw, dkaiow vn, ka m| ylvn a[t|n paradeigmatsai, \boul}yh lyra polsai a[t}n. 20 Tata d a[to \nyumhyntow, do, ggelow kurou kat' nar \fnh a[t!, lgvn, &Ivs}f, uw Daud, m| fobhy_w paral a b e n Marim t|n gunak sou: t gr \n a[t_ ^ gennhyn \k pnematw \stin a gou. 21 Tjetai d un, ka kalseiw t noma a[to &Ihson: a[tw gr sQsei tn lan ^ a[to p tn amartin a[tn. 22 Toto d lon ggonen, na plhrvy_ t ]hyn p to kurou di to prof}tou, lgontow, 23 &Ido, = parynow \n gastr jei ka tjetai un, ka kalsousin t noma a[to &Emmanou}l, \stin meyermhneumenon, Mey' =mn ` yew. 24 Diegeryew d ` &Ivs|f p to % pnou, \pohsen qw prostajen a[t! ` ggelow u kurou: ka parlaben t|n gunaka a[to, 25 ka o[k \g n v s k en a[t|n vw o teken tn un a[tw tn prvttokon: ka \klesen t noma a[to &Ihson.
18 17

To d &Ihso gennhyntow \n Bhylem tw &Ioudaaw, \n =mraiw ^Hrdou to basilvw, do, mgoi p natoln paregnonto ew ^Ierosluma, 2 lgontew, Po \stin ` texyew basilew tn &Ioudavn; Edomen gr a[to tn stra \n t_ natol_, ka lyomen proskunsai a[t!. 3 &A k o s a w d ^Hrdhw ` basilew \tarxyh , ka psa ^I er o s l u m a met' a[to: 4 ka sunagagWn pntaw tow rxierew ka grammatew to lao, \punyneto par' a[tn
gnnhsiw gnesiw gr paradeigmatsai deigmatsai Marim Maran to kurou kurou 1.24 Diegeryew &Egeryew 1.25 tn un a[tw tn prvttokon un 2.3 ^Hrdhw ` basilew ` basilew ^Hrdhw

1.18 1.18 1.19 1.20 1.22

po ` xristw genntai. 5 O d epon a[t!, &En Bhylem tw &Ioudaaw: o% tvw gr ggraptai di to prof}tou, 6 Ka s u Bhylem, g &Ioda, o[damw \laxsth e \n tow =gemsin &Ioda: \k so gr \jelesetai =gomenow, stiw poimane tn lan mou tn &Isra}l. 7 Tte ^Hrdhw, lyra kalsaw tow mgouw, krbvsen par' a[tn tn xrnon to fainomnou strow. 8 Ka pmcaw a[tow ew Bhylem epen, Poreuyntew kribw \jetsate per to paidou: \pn d e % rhte, u paggelat moi, pvw kgW \lyWn proskun}sv a[t!. 9 O d kosantew to basilvw \poreyhsan: ka do, ` st}r, $ n o edon \n t_ natol_, progen a[tow, vw \lyWn sth \pnv o n t paidon. 10 &Idntew d tn stra, \xrhsan xarn meglhn sfdra. 11 ka \lyntew ew t|n okan, edon t paidon met Maraw tw mhtrw a[to, ka pesntew proseknhsan a[t!, ka nojantew tow yhsaurow a[tn pros}negkan a[t! dra, xrusn ka lbanon ka smrnan. 12 Ka xrhmatisyntew kat' nar m| nakmcai prw ^Hrdhn, di' llhw `do nexQrhsan ew t|n xQran a[tn. &A n a x v r h s n t v n d a[tn, do, ggelow kurou fanetai kat' nar t! &Ivs}f, lgvn, &Egeryew parlabe t paidon ka t|n mhtra a[to, ka fege ew Agupton, ka syi \ke vw n epv so: mllei gr ^Hrdhw zhten t paidon, to polsai a[t. 14 ^O d \geryew parlaben t paidon ka t|n mhtra a[to nuktw, ka nexQrhsen ew Agupton, 15 ka n \ke vw tw teleutw ^Hrdou: na plhrvy_ t ]hyn p to kurou di to prof}tou, lgontow, &Ej Agptou \klesa tn un mou. 16 Tte ^Hrdhw, dWn ti \nepaxyh p tn mgvn, \yumQyh lan, ka postelaw nelen pntaw tow padaw tow \n Bhylem ka \n psin tow `roiw a[tw, p dietow ka katvtrv, kat tn xrnon $ n krbvsen par o 17 tn mgvn. Tte \plhrQyh t ]hyn p &Ieremou to prof}tou, lgontow, 18 Fvn| \n ^Ram kosyh, yrnow ka klauymw ka durmw polw, ^Rax|l klaousa t tkna a[ t w, ka o[k yel en paraklhynai, ti o[k esn.
2.5 2.8 2.9 epon epan kribw \jetsate \jetsate kribw sth \styh 2.15 to kurou kurou 2.17 p di 2.18 yrnow ka

2.5 - 2.18

2.19 - 3.11

Teleut}santow d to ^Hrdou, do, ggelow kurou kat' nar fanetai t! &Ivs|f \n Agpt~, 20 lgvn, &Egeryew parlabe t paidon ka t|n mhtra a[to, ka poreou ew gn &Isra}l: teyn}kasin gr o zhtontew t|n cux|n to paidou. 21 ^O d \geryew parlaben t paidon ka t|n mhtra a[to, ka lyen ew gn &Isra}l. 22 &Akosaw d ti &Arxlaow basileei \p tw &Ioudaaw nt ^Hrdou to patrw a[to, \fob}yh \ke pelyen: xrhmatisyew d kat' nar, nexQrhsen ew t mrh tw Galilaaw, 23 ka \lyWn katkhsen ew plin legomnhn Nazart: pvw plhrvy_ t ]hyn di tn profhtn, ti Nazvraow klhy}setai.

&En d taw =mraiw \kenaiw paragnetai &Ivnnhw ` baptist}w, khrssvn \n t_ \r}m~ tw &Ioudaaw, 2 ka lgvn, Metanoete: ggiken gr = basilea tn o[rann. 3 O tow gr \stin ` ]hye w p &Hsaou to prof}tou, lgontow, Fvn| bontow \n t_ \r}m~, ^Etoimsate t|n `dn kurou: e[yeaw poiete tw trbouw a[to. 4 A[tw d ` &Ivnnhw exen t nduma a[to p trixn kam}lou, ka zQnhn dermatnhn per t|n sfn a[to: = d trof| a[to n krdew ka mli grion. 5 Tte \jeporeeto prw a[tn ^Ierosluma ka psa = &Ioudaa ka psa = perxvrow to &Iordnou: 6 ka \baptzonto \n t! &Iordn+ p' a[to, ^ \jomologomenoi tw amartaw a[tn. 7 &IdWn d pollow tn Farisavn ka Saddoukavn \rxomnouw \p t bptisma a[to, epen a[tow, Genn}mata \xidnn, tw pdeijen mn fugen p tw melloshw rgw; 8 Poi}sate o{n karpn jion ^ tw metanoaw: 9 ka m| djhte lgein \n e autow, Patra xomen tn &Abram: lgv gr mn, ti dnatai ` yew \k tn lyvn totvn \gerai tkna t! &Abram. 10 *Hdh d ka = jnh prw t|n ]zan tn dndrvn ketai: pn o{n dndron m| poion karpn kaln \kkptetai ka ew pr blletai. 11 &EgW mn baptzv mw \n % dati ew metnoian: ` d psv u mou \rxmenow sxurterw mou \stn, o o[k em kanw t
3.2 ka ka 3.3 p di 3.4 a[to n n a[to 3.6 p' potam! p' 3.10 ka = = 3.11 baptzv mw mw baptzv

kat' nar fanetai fanetai kat' nar 2.21 lyen eslyen 2.22 \p 2.22 ^Hrdou to patrw a[to to patrw a[to ^HrQdou


^ pod}mata bastsai: a[tw mw baptsei \n pnemati ag~. 12 O t pton \n t_ xeir a[to, ka diakayarie t|n lvna a[to, ka sunjei tn ston a[to ew t|n poy}khn, t d xuron katakasei pur sbst~. Tte paragnetai ` &Ihsow p tw Galilaaw \p tn &Iordnhn prw tn &Ivnnhn, to baptisynai p' a[to. 14 ^O d &Ivnnhw diekQluen a[tn, lgvn, &EgW xrean xv p so baptisynai, ka s rx+ prw me; 15 &Apokriyew d ` &Ihsow epen prw a[tn, *Afew rti: o% tvw gr prpon \stn u =mn plhrsai psan dikaiosnhn. Tte fhsin a[tn. 16 Ka baptisyew ` &Ihsow nbh e[yw p to % datow: ka u do, nexyhsan a[t! o o[rano, ka eden t pnema to yeo katabanon qse peristern ka \rxmenon \p' a[tn. 17 Ka do, fvn| \k tn o[rann, lgousa, Otw \stin ` uw mou ` gaphtw, \n > e[dkhsa.

3.12 - 4.9

Tte ` &Ihsow n}xyh ew t|n rhmon p to pnematow, peirasynai p to diablou. 2 Ka nhstesaw =mraw tessarkonta ka nktaw tessarkonta, % steron \penasen. u 3 Ka proselyWn a[t! ` peirzvn epen, E uw e to yeo, ep na o lyoi otoi rtoi gnvntai. 4 ^O d pokriyew epen, Ggraptai, O[k \p' rt~ mn~ z}setai nyrvpow, ll' \p pant ]}mati \kporeuomn~ di stmatow yeo. 5 Tte ^ paralambnei a[tn ` dibolow ew t|n a gan plin, ka 6 sthsin a[tn \p t ptergion to ero, ka lgei a[t!, E uw e to yeo, ble seautn ktv: ggraptai gr ti Tow ggloiw a[to \nteletai per so, ka \p xeirn rosn se, m}pote proskc+w prw lyon tn pda so. 7 *Efh a[t! ` &Ihsow, Plin ggraptai, O[k \kpeirseiw krion tn yen sou. 8 Plin paralambnei a[tn ` dibolow ew row chln lan, ka deknusin a[t! psaw tw basileaw to ksmou ka t|n djan a[tn, 9 ka lgei a[t!, Tata pnta soi dQsv,
tessarkonta tesserkonta ka nktaw tesserkonta a[t! ` peirzvn epen ` peirzvn epen a[t! nyrvpow ` nyrvpow sthsin sthsen lgei epen pnta soi soi pnta

^ ^ 3.11 ag~ ag~ ka pur 3.16 Ka baptisyew Baptisyew d 3.16 nbh e[yw e[yw nbh 3.16 nexyhsan a[t! nexyhsan a[t! 3.16 t pnema to t pnema to 3.16 ka \rxmenon ka \rxmenon 4.2 tessarkonta ka nktaw

4.3 4.4 4.5 4.9 4.9

4.10 - 4.24

\n pesWn proskun}s+w moi. 10 Tte lgei a[t! ` &Ihsow, %Upage psv mou, Satan: ggraptai gr, Krion tn yen sou proskun}seiw, ka a[t! mn~ latreseiw. 11 Tte fhsin a[tn ` dibolow: ka do, ggeloi proslyon ka dihknoun a[t!. &A k o s a w d ` &Ihsow ti &Ivnnhw paredyh, nexQ r h s en e w t|n Galilaan: 13 ka katalipWn t|n Nazart, \lyWn katkhsen ew Kapernaom t|n parayalassan, \n `roiw ZaboulWn ka Nefyalem: 14 na plhrvy_ t ]hyn di &Hsaou to prof}tou, lgontow, 15 G ZaboulWn ka g Nefyalem, `dn yalsshw, pran to &Iordnou, Galilaa tn \ynn, 16 ` law ` kay}menow \n sktei eden fw mga, ka tow kayhmnoiw \n xQr ka ski yantou, fw nteilen a[tow. &A p tte rjato ` &Ihsow khrssein ka lgein, Metanoete: ggiken gr = basilea tn o[rann. Peripatn d par t|n ylassan tw Galilaaw eden do delfow, Smvna tn legmenon Ptron, ka &Andran tn delfn a[to, bllontaw mfblhstron ew t|n ylassan: ^ san gr a liew. 19 Ka lgei a[tow, Dete psv mou, ka ^ poi}sv mw a liew nyrQpvn. 20 O d e[yvw fntew t dktua koloyhsan a[t!. 21 Ka probw \keyen, eden llouw do delfow, &Ikvbon tn to Zebedaou ka &Ivnnhn tn delfn a[to, \n t! plo~ met Zebedaou to patrw a[tn, katartzontaw t dktua a[tn: ka \klesen a[tow. 22 O d e[yvw fntew t ploon ka tn patra a[tn koloyhsan a[t!. Ka perigen lhn t|n Galilaan ` &Ihsow, didskvn \n taw sunagvgaw a[tn, ka khrssvn t e[agglion tw basileaw, ka yerapevn psan nson ka psan malakan \n t! la!. 24 Ka plyen = ko| a[to ew lhn t|n Suran: ka pros}negkan a[t! pntaw tow kakw xontaw, poiklaiw
4.10 psv mou 4.12 ` &Ihsow 4.13 Nazart Nazar 4.13 Kapernaom Kafarnaom 4.13 Nefyalem Nefyalm 4.15 Nefyalem Nefyalm 4.16 eden fw fw eden 4.23 lhn t|n Galilaan ` &Ihsow \n l+ t_ Galila
23 18 17 12

nsoiw ka basnoiw sunexomnouw, ka daimonizomnouw, ka selhniazomnouw, ka paralutikow: ka \yerpeusen a[tow. 25 Ka koloyhsan a[t! xloi pollo p tw Galilaaw ka Dekaplevw ka ^Ierosolmvn ka &Ioudaaw ka pran to &Iordnou.

4.25 - 5.15

&IdWn d tow xlouw, nbh ew t row: ka kaysantow a[to, proslyon a[t! o mayhta a[to: 2 ka nojaw t stma a[to, \ddasken a[tow, lgvn,
Makrioi o ptvxo t! pnemati: ti a[tn \stin = basilea tn o[rann.
4 5 6 3

Makrioi o penyontew: ti a[to paraklhy}sontai. Makrioi o prew: ti a[to klhronom}sousin t|n gn.

Makrioi o peinntew ka dicntew t|n dikaiosnhn: ti a[to xortasy}sontai.

7 8

Makrioi o \le}monew: ti a[to \lehy}sontai.

Makrioi o kayaro t_ kard: ti a[to tn yen contai. Makrioi o e r h n o p o i o : ti a[to uo yeo klhy}sontai. Makrioi o dedivgmnoi neken dikaiosnhw: ti a[tn \stin = basilea tn o[rann. Makrio \ste, tan neidsvsin mw ka diQjvsin, ka epvsin pn ponhrn ]ma kay' mn ceudmenoi, neken \mo. 12 Xarete ka gallisye, ti ` misyw mn polw \n tow o[ranow: o% tvw gr \dvjan tow prof}taw tow pr u mn. ^Umew \ste t law tw gw: \n d t law mvrany_, \n ^ tni alisy}setai; Ew o[dn sxei ti, e m| blhynai jv ka katapatesyai p tn nyrQpvn. 14 ^Umew \ste t fw to ksmou: o[ dnatai pliw krubnai \pnv rouw keimnh: 15 o[d kaousin lxnon ka tiyasin a[tn p tn mdion, ll' \p t|n luxnan, ka lmpei psin tow \n t_ ok.
4.24 5.1 ka daimonizomnouw ka daimonizomnouw proslyon proslyan 5.11 ]ma 5.11 ceudmenoi ceudmenoi 5.13 blhynai jv ka blhyn jv
13 11 10 9

5.16 - 5.30

O % tvw lamctv t fw mn mprosyen tn nyrQpvn, u pvw dvsin mn t kal rga, ka dojsvsin tn patra mn tn \n tow o[ranow. M| nomshte ti lyon katalsai tn nmon ( tow h prof}taw: o[k lyon katalsai ll plhrsai. 18 &Am|n gr lgv mn, vw n parly+ ` o[ranw ka = g, ta n ( ma h keraa o[ m| parly+ p to nmou, vw n pnta gnhtai. 19 $O w \n o{n ls+ man tn \ntoln totvn tn \laxstvn, ka didj+ o% tvw tow nyrQpouw, \lxistow klhy}setai \n u t_ basile tn o[rann: $ w d' n poi}s+ ka didj+, otow o mgaw klhy}setai \n t_ basile tn o[rann. 20 Lgv gr mn ti \n m| perisses+ = dikaiosnh mn pleon tn gra m m a t v n ka Farisavn, o[ m| eslyhte ew t|n basilean tn o[rann. &Hkosate ti \rryh tow rxaoiw, O[ foneseiw: $ w d' o 22 n fones+, noxow stai t_ krsei: \gW d lgv mn ti pw ` rgizmenow t! delf! a[to ek noxow stai t_ krsei: $ w o d' n ep+ t! delf! a[to, ^Rak, noxow stai t! sunedr~: $ w d' n ep+, Mvr, noxow stai ew t|n gennan to purw. o 23 &En o{n prosfr+w t drn sou \p t yusiast}rion, ka \ke mnhsy_w ti ` delfw sou xei ti kat so, 24 few \ke t drn sou mprosyen to yusiasthrou, ka % page, prton u diallghyi t! delf! sou, ka tte \lyWn prsfere t drn sou. 25 *Isyi e[non t! ntidk~ sou tax, vw tou e \n t_ `d! met' a[to, m}pot se parad! ` ntdikow t! krit_, ka ` krit}w se parad! t! phrt+, ka ew fulak|n blhy}s+. 26 &Am|n lgv soi, o[ m| \jly+w \keyen, vw n pod!w tn sxaton kodrnthn. &Hkosate ti \rryh, O[ moixeseiw: 28 \gW d lgv mn, ti pw ` blpvn gunaka prw t \piyumsai a[t|n dh \moxeusen a[t|n \n t_ kard a[to. 29 E d ` fyalmw sou ` dejiw skandalzei se, jele a[tn ka ble p so: sumfrei gr soi na plhtai n tn meln sou, ka m| lon t sm sou blhy_ ew gennan. 30 Ka e = deji sou xer
5.20 5.22 5.23 = dikaiosnh mn mn = dikaiosnh ek ka \ke kke 5.25 5.25 \n t_ `d! met' a[to met' a[to \n t_ `d! se parad! t! t!
27 21 17

skandalzei se, kkocon a[t|n ka ble p so: sumfrei gr soi na plhtai n tn meln sou, ka m| lon t sm sou blhy_ ew gennan. 31 &Erryh d ti $Ow n pols+ t|n gunaka a[to, dtv a[t_ postsion: 32 \gW d lgv mn, ti $ w n pols+ t|n gunaka a[to, parektw lgou o porneaw, poie a[t|n moixsyai: ka $ w \n polelumnhn o gam}s+ moixtai. Plin kosate ti \rryh tow rxaoiw, O [k \piork}seiw, podQseiw d t! kur~ tow rkouw sou: 34 \gW d lgv mn m| msai lvw: m}te \n t! o[ran!, ti yrnow \stn to yeo: 35 m}te \n t_ g_, ti popdin \stin tn podn a[to: m}te ew ^Ierosluma, ti pliw \stn to meglou basilvw: 36 m}te \n t_ kefal_ sou ms+w, ti o[ dnasai man trxa leuk|n ( mlainan poisai. 37 *Estv d ` lgow h mn, na na, o o: t d perissn totvn \k to ponhro \stin. &Hkosate ti \rryh, &O fyalmn nt fyalmo, ka dnta nt dntow: 39 \gW d lgv mn m| ntistnai t! ponhr!: ll' stiw se ]apsei \p t|n dejin siagna, strcon a[t! ka t|n llhn: 40 ka t! ylont soi kriynai ka tn xitn sou laben, few a[t! ka t mtion: 41 ka stiw se ggaresei mlion n, % page met' a[to do. 42 T! u atont se ddou: ka tn ylonta p so danesasyai m| postraf_w. &Hkosate ti \rryh, &Agap}seiw tn plhson sou, ka mis}seiw tn \xyrn sou: 44 \gW d lgv mn, &Agapte tow \xyrow mn, e[logete tow katarvmnouw mw, kalw poi e t e tow misosin mw, ka prosexes ye pr tn \phreazntvn mw, ka divkntvn mw: 45 pvw gnhsye uo % to patrw mn to \n tow o[ranow, ti tn hlion a[to natllei \p ponhrow ka gayow, ka brxei \p dikaouw
blhy_ ew gennan ew gennan ply+ 5.31 ti 5.32 $ w n pols+ pw ` polvn o 5.32 moixsyai moixeuynai ( mlainan poisai poisai ( 5.36 h h mlainan 5.39 ]apsei \p ]apzei ew 5.30 5.39 strcon sou strcon 5.42 ddou dw 5.42 danesasyai dansasyai 5.44 e[logete tow katarvmnouw mw kalw poiete tow misosin mw 5.44 \phreazntvn mw ka 5.45 tow
43 38 33

5.31 - 5.45

sou siagna

5.46 - 6.12

ka dkouw. 46 &En gr gap}shte tow gapntaw mw, tna misyn xete; O[x ka o telnai t a[t poiosin; 47 Ka \n spshsye tow flouw mn mnon, t perissn poiete; O[x ka o telnai o% tvw poiosin; 48 *Esesye o{n u % mew tleioi, vsper ` pat|r mn ` \n tow o[ranow tleiw \stin.

Prosxete t|n \lehmosnhn mn m| poien mprosyen tn nyrQpvn, prw t yeaynai a[tow: e d m}ge, misyn o[k xete par t! patr mn t! \n tow o[ranow.
%O tan o{n poi_w \lehmosnhn, m| salps+w mprosyn % sou, vsper o pokrita poiosin \n taw sunagvgaw ka \n taw ]maiw, pvw dojasysin p tn nyrQpvn: m|n lgv mn, pxo u s i n tn misyn a[tn. 3 So d poiontow \lehmosnhn, m| gnQtv = rister sou t poie = deji sou, 4 pvw sou = \lehmosnh \n t! krupt!: ka ` pat}r sou ` blpvn \n t! krupt! atw podQsei soi \n t! faner!. % Ka tan prosex+, o[k s+ vsper o pokrita, ti filosin \n taw sunagvgaw ka \n taw gvnaiw tn platein ^ e sttew prosexesyai, pvw n fansin tow nyrQpoiw: m|n lgv mn ti pxousin tn misyn a[tn. 6 S d, tan prosex+, eselye ew t tamien sou, ka klesaw t|n yran sou, prseujai t! patr sou t! \n t! krupt!: ka ` pat}r sou ` blpvn \n t! krupt! podQsei soi \n t! faner!. 7 % Proseuxmenoi d m| battolog}shte, vsper o \yniko: dokosin gr ti \n t_ polulog a[tn esakousy}sontai. 8 M| o{n `moivyte a[tow: oden gr ` pat|r mn @n xrean u xete, pr to mw atsai a[tn. 9 O % tvw o{n prosexesye ^ mew: Pter =mn ` \n tow o[ranow, a giasy}tv t nom 10 sou: \lytv = basilea sou: genhy}tv t ylhm sou, qw \n o[ran!, ka \p tw gw: 11 tn rton =mn tn \piosion dw =mn s}meron: 12 ka few =mn t feil}mata =mn, qw ka
5 2

5.47 flouw delfow 5.47 telnai o% tvw \yniko t a[t u % 5.48 vsper qw 5.48 \n tow o[ranow o[rniow 6.1 t|n \lehmosnhn d t|n dikaiosnhn 6.1 m}ge m} ge 6.4 atw 6.4 \n t! faner!

6.5 6.5 6.5 6.6 6.6 6.7 6.10

% prosex+ o[k s+ vsper prosexhsye o[k sesye qw n ti pxousin pxousin tamien tamen \n t! faner! battolog}shte battalog}shte tw


=mew femen tow feiltaiw =mn: 13 ka m| esengk+w =mw ew peirasmn, ll ]sai =mw p to ponhro. %Oti so \stin = basilea ka = dnamiw ka = dja ew tow anaw. &Am}n. 14 &En gr fte tow nyrQpoiw t paraptQmata a[tn, f}sei ka mn ` pat|r mn ` o[rniow: 15 \n d m| fte tow nyrQpoiw t paraptQmata a[tn, o[d ` pat|r mn f}sei t paraptQmata mn. % %O tan d nhstehte, m| gnesye vsper o pokrita skuyrvp o : fanzousin gr t prsvpa a[tn, pvw fansin tow nyrQpoiw nhsteontew: m|n lgv mn ti pxousin tn misyn a[tn. 17 S d nhstevn leica sou t|n kefal}n, ka t prsvpn sou ncai, 18 pvw m| fan_w tow nyrQpoiw nhstevn, ll t! patr sou t! \n t! krupt!: ka ` pat}r sou ` blpvn \n t! krupt! podQsei soi. M| yhsaurzete mn yhsaurow \p tw gw, pou s|w ka brsiw fanzei, ka pou klptai diorssousin ka klptousin: 20 yhsaurzete d mn yhsaurow \n o[ran!, pou ote s|w ote brsiw fanzei, ka pou klptai o[ diorssousin o[d klptousin. 21 %O pou gr \stin ` yhsaurw mn, \ke stai ka = karda mn. 22 ^O lxnow to sQmatw \stin ` fyalmw: \n o{n ` fyalmw sou ^ a plow , lon t sm sou fvteinn stai: 23 \n d ` fyalmw sou ponhrw , lon t sm sou skoteinn stai. E o{n t fw t \n so sktow \stn, t sktow pson; 24 O[dew dnatai dusn kuroiw douleein: ( gr tn na h mis}sei, ka tn teron gap}sei: ( enw nyjetai, ka to h^ ^ etrou katafron}sei. O[ dnasye ye! douleein ka mamvn. 25 Di toto lgv mn, m| merimnte t_ cux_ mn, t fghte ka t phte: mhd t! sQmati mn, t \ndshsye. O[x = cux| plen \stin tw trofw, ka t sma to \ndmatow; 26 &Emblcate ew t petein to o[rano, ti o[ sperousin, o[d yerzousin, o[d sungousin ew poy}kaw, ka ` pat|r
6.12 femen f}kamen 6.13 %Oti so \stin = basilea ka = dnamiw ka = dja ew tow anaw &Am}n 6.15 t paraptQmata a[tn % 6.16 vsper qw 6.16 ti 6.18 krupt! ka krufa~ ka 6.18 6.21 6.21 6.22 6.22 6.25 krupt! podQsei krufa~ podQsei mn \ke sou \ke karda mn karda sou o{n ` o{n ` ka t phte ( t phte h
19 16

6.13 - 6.26


6.27 - 7.9

mn ` o[rniow trfei a[t: o[x mew mllon diafrete a[tn; 27 Tw d \j mn merimnn dnatai prosyenai \p t|n =likan a[to pxun na; 28 Ka per \ndmatow t merimnte; Katamyete t krna to gro, pw a[jnei: o[ kopi, o[d n}yei: 29 lgv d mn ti o[d SolomWn \n ps+ t_ dj+ a[to periebleto qw n totvn. 30 E d tn xrton to gro, s}meron nta, ka arion ew klbanon ballmenon, ` yew o% tvw mfinnusin, o[ poll! mllon mw, ligpistoi; u 31 M| o{n merimn}shte, lgontew, T fgvmen, t pvmen, t peribalQmeya; 32 Pnta gr tata t ynh \pizhte: oden ^ gr ` pat|r mn ` o[rniow ti xrzete totvn a pntvn. 33 Zhtete d prton t|n basilean to yeo ka t|n dikaiosnhn a[to, ka tata pnta prostey}setai mn. 34 M| o{n merimn}shte ew t|n arion: = gr arion ^ merimn}sei t eautw. &Arketn t_ =mr = kaka a[tw.

M| krnete, na m| kriyte: 2 \n > gr krmati krnete, kriy}sesye: ka \n > mtr~ metrete, metrhy}setai mn. 3 T d blpeiw t krfow t \n t! fyalm! to delfo sou, t|n d \n t! s! fyalm! dokn o[ katanoew; 4 (H pw \rew t! delf! sou, *Afew \kblv t krfow p to fyalmo sou: ka do, = dokw \n t! fyalm! sou; 5 ^Upokrit, kbale prton t|n dokn \k to fyalmo sou, ka tte diablceiw \kbalen t krfow \k to fyalmo to delfo sou.
M| dte t gion tow kusn: mhd blhte tow margartaw mn m p r o s yen tn xorvn, m}pote katapat}svsin a[tow \n tow posn a[tn, ka strafntew ]}jvsin mw. Atete, ka doy}setai mn: zhtete, ka er}sete: kroete, ka noig}setai mn. 8 Pw gr ` atn lambnei, ka ` zhtn erskei, ka t! kroonti noig}setai. 9 (H tw \stin \j mn nyrvpow, $ n \n at}s+ ` uw a[to rton, m| o
7 6


a[jnei o[ kopi o[d n}yei a[jnousin o[ kopisin o[d n}yousin 6.32 \pizhte \pizhtosin 6.33 to yeo to yeo 6.34 t

7.4 7.5 7.6 7.9

p \k t|n dokn \k to fyalmo sou \k to fyalmo sou t|n dokn katapat}svsin katapat}sousin \n at}s+ at}sei


lyon \pidQsei a[t!; 10 Ka \n xy n at}s+, m| fin \pidQsei a[t!; 11 E o{n mew, ponhro ntew, odate dmata gay didnai tow tknoiw mn, ps~ mllon ` pat|r mn ` \n tow o[ranow dQsei gay tow atosin a[tn; 12 Pnta o{n sa n ylhte na poisin mn o nyrvpoi, o% tvw ka u mew poiete a[tow: otow gr \stin ` nmow ka o proftai. Eslyete di tw stenw plhw: ti platea = plh, ka e[rxvrow = `dw = pgousa ew t|n pQleian, ka pollo e s i n o eserxmenoi di' a[tw: 14 t sten| = plh, ka teylimmnh = `dw = pgousa ew t|n zv}n, ka lgoi esn o erskontew a[t}n. Prosxete d p tn ceudoprofhtn, otinew rxontai prw mw \n \ndmasin probtvn, svyen d esin lkoi rpagew. 16 &Ap tn karpn a[tn \pignQsesye a[tow: m}ti sullgousin p kanyn staful}n, ( p triblvn ska; h 17 % O utvw pn dndron gayn karpow kalow poie: t d saprn dndron karpow ponhrow poie. 18 O[ dnatai dndron gayn karpow ponhrow poien, o[d dndron saprn karpow kalow poien. 19 Pn dndron m| poion karpn kaln \kkptetai ka ew pr blletai. 20 *Ara ge p tn karpn a[tn \pignQsesye a[tow. 21 O[ pw ` lgvn moi, Krie, krie, eselesetai ew t|n basilean tn o[rann: ll' ` poin t ylhma to patrw mou to \n o[ranow. 22 Pollo \rosn moi \n \ken+ t_ =mr, Krie, krie, o[ t! s! nmati proefhtesamen, ka t! s! nmati daimnia \jeblomen, ka t! s! nmati dunmeiw pollw \poi}samen; 23 Ka tte `molog}sv a[tow ti O[dpote gnvn mw: poxvrete p' \mo o \rgazmenoi t|n noman. 24 Pw o{n stiw koei mou tow lgouw totouw ka poie a[tow, `moiQsv a[tn ndr fronm~, stiw kodmhsen t|n okan a[to \p t|n ptran: 25 ka katbh = brox| ka lyon o potamo ka pneusan o nemoi, ka prospeson t_ ok
7.10 7.12 7.13 7.15 7.16 7.21 Ka \n xyn at}s+ (H ka xyn at}sei n \n Eslyete Eslyate d p p staful}n stafulw o[ranow tow o[ranow proefhtesamen \profhtesamen 7.24 `moiQsv a[tn `moivy}setai 7.24 t|n okan a[to a[to t|n okan 7.25 prospeson prospesan 7.22
15 13

7.10 - 7.25


7.26 - 8.11

\ken+, ka o[k pesen: teyemelvto gr \p t|n ptran. 26 Ka pw ` kovn mou tow lgouw totouw ka m| poin a[tow, `moivy}setai ndr mvr!, stiw kodmhsen t|n okan a[to \p t|n mmon: 27 ka katbh = brox| ka lyon o potamo ka pneusan o nemoi, ka proskocan t_ ok \ken+, ka pesen: ka n = ptsiw a[tw meglh. Ka \gneto te sunetlesen ` &Ihsow tow lgouw totouw, \jepl}ssonto o xloi \p t_ didax_ a[to: 29 n gr didskvn a[tow qw \jousan xvn, ka o[x qw o grammatew.

Katabnti d a[t! p to rouw, koloyhsan a[t! xloi pollo: 2 ka do, leprw \lyWn proseknei a[t!, lgvn, Krie, \n yl + w, dnasa me kayarsai. 3 Ka \ktenaw t|n xera, % cato a[to ` &Ihsow, lgvn, Ylv, h kayarsyhti. Ka e[yvw \kayarsyh a[to = lpra. 4 Ka lgei a[t! ` &Ihsow, %Ora mhden ep+w: ll % page, seautn u dejon t! ere, ka prosnegke t dron $ prostajen Mvsw, o ew martrion a[tow.
Eselynti d a[t! ew Kapernaom, proslyen a[t! ^ ekatntarxow parakaln a[tn, 6 ka lgvn, Krie, ` paw mou bblhtai \n t_ ok paralutikw, deinw basanizmenow. 7 Ka lgei a[t! ` &Ihsow, &EgW \lyWn yerapesv a[tn. 8 ^ Ka pokriyew ` ekatntarxow fh, Krie, o[k em kanw na mou p t|n stghn esly+w: ll mnon ep lg~, ka ay}setai ` paw mou. 9 Ka gr \gW nyrvpw emi p \jousan, xvn p' \mautn stratiQtaw: ka lgv tot~, Poreyhti, ka poreetai: ka ll~, *Erxou, ka rxetai: ka t! dol~ mou, Pohson toto, ka poie. 10 &Akosaw d ` &Ihsow \yamasen, ka epen tow kolouyosin, &Am|n lgv mn, o[d \n t! &Isra|l tosathn pstin eron. 11 Lgv d mn, ti pollo p natoln ka dusmn % jousin, ka h nakliy}sontai met &Abram ka &Isak ka &IakWb \n t_

t|n okan a[to a[to t|n okan 7.28 sunetlesen \tlesen 7.29 grammatew grammatew a[tn 8.1 Katabnti d a[t! Katabntow d a[to 8.2 \lyWn proselyWn 8.3 ` &Ihsow 8.4 prosnegke prosnegkon


8.4 8.5

Mvsw Mvsw Eselynti d a[t! Eselyntow d a[to 8.5 Kapernaom Kafarnaom 8.7 ` &Ihsow 8.10 o[d \n t! &Isra|l tosathn pstin par' o[den tosathn pstin \n t! &Isra|l


basile tn o[rann: 12 o d uo tw basileaw \k b l h y} s o n t a i e w t sktow t \jQteron: \ke stai ` klauymw ka ` brugmw tn dntvn. 13 Ka epen ` &Ihsow t! ^ ekatontrx+, %Upage, ka qw \psteusaw genhy}tv soi. Ka % yh ` paw a[to \n t_ vr \ken+. Ka \lyWn ` &Ihsow ew t|n okan Ptrou, eden t|n h penyern a[to beblhmnhn ka purssousan, 15 ka % cato tw xeirw a[tw, ka fken a[t|n ` puretw: ka gryh, ka dihknei a[t!. 16 &O caw d genomnhw pros}negkan a[t! daimonizomnouw pollow: ka \jbalen t pnemata lg~, ka pntaw tow kakw xontaw \yerpeusen: 17 pvw plhrvy_ t ]hyn di &Hsaou to prof}tou, lgontow, A[tw tw syeneaw =mn laben, ka tw nsouw \bstasen. &IdWn d ` &Ihsow pollow xlouw per a[tn, \kleusen pelyen ew t pran. 19 Ka proselyWn e<w grammatew epen a[t!, Didskale, kolouy}sv soi pou \n prx+. 20 Ka lgei a[t! ` &Ihsow, A lQpekew fvleow xousin, ka t petein to o[rano kataskhnQseiw: ` d uw to nyrQpou o[k xei po t|n kefal|n kln+. 21 %Eterow d tn mayhtn a[to epen a[t!, Krie, \ptrecn moi prton pelyen ka ycai tn patra mou. 22 ^O d &Ihsow epen a[t!, &Akoloyei ^ moi, ka few tow nekrow ycai tow eautn nekrow. Ka \mbnti a[t! ew t ploon, koloyhsan a[t! o mayhta a[to. 24 Ka do, seismw mgaw \gneto \n t_ % yalss+, vste t ploon kalptesyai p tn kumtvn: a[tw d \kyeuden. 25 Ka proselyntew o mayhta geiran a[tn, lgontew, Krie, sson =mw, pollmeya. 26 Ka lgei a[tow, T deilo \ste, ligpistoi; Tte \geryew \petmhsen tow nmoiw ka t_ yalss+, ka \gneto gal}nh meglh. 27 O d nyrvpoi \yamasan, lgontew, Potapw \stin otow, ti ka o nemoi ka = ylassa pakoousin a[t!;
23 18 14

8.12 - 8.27

8.13 8.13 8.18 8.21 8.22

ka qw qw a[to a[to pollow xlouw xlon a[to a[to epen lgei

8.25 o mayhta 8.25 =mw 8.27 pakoousin a[t! a[t! pakoousin


8.28 - 9.8

Ka \lynti a[t! ew t pran ew t|n xQ r a n tn Gergeshnn, p}nthsan a[t! do daimonizmenoi \k tn % mnhmevn \jerxmenoi, xalepo lan, vste m| sxein tin 29 parelyen di tw `do \kenhw: ka do, krajan lgontew, T =mn ka so, &Ihso u to yeo; )Hlyew @de pr kairo basansai =mw; 30 )Hn d makrn p' a[tn glh xorvn polln boskomnh. 31 O d damonew parekloun a[tn, lgontew, E \kblleiw =mw, \ptrecon =mn pelyen ew t|n glhn tn xorvn. 32 Ka epen a[tow, ^Upgete. O d \jelyntew plyon ew t|n glhn tn xorvn: ka do, % vrmhsen psa = glh tn xorvn kat to krhmno ew t|n ylassan, ka pyanon \n tow % dasin. 33 O d bskontew u fugon, ka pelyntew ew t|n plin p}ggeilan pnta, ka t tn daimonizomnvn. 34 Ka do, psa = pliw \jlyen ew sunnthsin t! &Ihso: ka dntew a[tn, pareklesan pvw metab_ p tn `rvn a[tn.



Ka \mbw ew t ploon dieprasen ka lyen ew t|n dan plin. 2 Ka do, prosferon a[t! paralutikn \p klnhw beblhmnon: ka dWn ` &Ihsow t|n pstin a[tn e p en t! paralutik!, Yrsei, tknon: fvnta soi a ^ a martai sou. 3 Ka do, tinw tn grammatvn epon \n ^ e autow, O tow blasfhme. 4 Ka dWn ` &Ihsow tw \nyum}seiw a[tn epen, %Ina t mew \nyumesye ponhr \n taw kardaiw mn; 5 T gr \stin e[kopQteron, epen, ^ &Afvnta sou a amartai: ( epen, *Egeirai ka periptei; h 6 %Ina d edte, ti \jousan xei ` uw to nyrQpou \p tw ^ gw finai a martaw tte lgei t! paralutik! &Egeryew rn sou t|n klnhn, ka % page ew tn okn sou. u 7 Ka \geryew plyen ew tn okon a[to. 8 &Idntew d o xloi \yamasan, ka \djasan tn yen, tn dnta \jousan toiathn tow nyrQpoiw.
8.28 \lynti a[t! \lyntow a[to 8.28 Gergeshnn Gadarhnn 8.29 &Ihso 8.31 \ptrecon =mn pelyen psteilon =mw 8.32 t|n glhn tn xorvn tow xorouw 8.32 tn xorvn kat kat 8.34 sunnthsin pnthsin 9.1 9.2 9.3 9.4 9.4 9.5 9.5 9.8 t ^ fvnta soi a amartai sou ^ fenta sou a amartai epon epan %Ina t nat mew &Afvnta &Afenta *Egeirai *Egeire \yamasan \fob}yhsan


Ka pargvn ` &Ihsow \keyen eden nyrvpon kay}menon \p t telQnion, Matyaon legmenon, ka lgei a[t!, &Akoloyei moi. Ka nastw koloyhsen a[t!. Ka \gneto a[to nakeimnou \n t_ ok, ka do, ^ pollo telnai ka a martvlo \lyntew sunankeinto t! &Ihso ka tow mayhtaw a[to. 11 Ka dntew o Farisaoi epon tow mayhtaw a[to, Di t met tn telvnn ka ^ a martvln \syei ` didskalow mn; 12 ^O d &Ihsow kosaw epen a[tow, O[ xrean xousin o sxontew atro, ll' o kakw xontew. 13 Poreuyntew d myete t \stin, *Eleon ylv, ka o[ yusan: o[ gr lyon kalsai dikaouw, ^ ll amartvlow ew metnoian. Tte prosrxontai a[t! o mayhta &Ivnnou, lgontew, Di t =mew ka o Farisaoi nhsteomen poll, o d mayhta sou o[ nhsteousin; 15 Ka epen a[tow ` &Ihsow, M| dnantai o uo to numfnow penyen, \f' son met' a[tn \stin ` numfow; &Elesontai d =mrai tan pary_ p' a[tn ` numfow, ka tte nhstesousin. 16 O [dew d \pibllei \pblhma ]kouw gnfou \p mat~ palai!: arei gr t pl}rvma a[to p to matou, ka xeron sxsma gnetai. 17 O[d bllousin onon non ew skow palaiow: e d m}ge, ]}gnuntai o sko, ka ` onow \kxetai, ka o sko polontai: ll bllousin onon non ew skow kainow, ka mfteroi sunthrontai. Tata a[to lalontow a[tow, do, rxvn e<w \lyWn proseknei a[t!, lgvn ti ^H yugthr mou rti \telethsen: ll \lyWn \pyew t|n xer sou \p' a[t}n, ka z}setai. 19 Ka \geryew ` &Ihsow koloyhsen a[t! ka o mayhta a[to. 20 Ka do, gun| amorroosa dQdeka th, proselyosa pisyen, % cato to kraspdou to matou h 21 ^ a[to. *Elegen gr \n e aut_, &En mnon cvmai to matou a[to, svy}somai. 22 ^O d &Ihsow \pistrafew ka dWn a[t|n epen, Yrsei, ygater: = pstiw sou ssvkn se.
9.9 Matyaon Mayyaon 9.11 epon legon 9.12 &Ihsow 9.12 a[tow 9.13 *Eleon *Eleow 9.13 ew metnoian 9.14 poll poll 9.17 m}ge m} ge 9.17 polontai plluntai 9.22 \pistrafew strafew
18 14 10 9

9.9 - 9.22


9.23 - 9.38

% Ka \sQyh = gun| p tw vraw \kenhw. 23 Ka \lyWn ` &Ihsow ew t|n okan to rxontow, ka dWn tow a[lhtw ka tn xlon yorubomenon, 24 lgei a[tow, &Anaxvrete: o[ gr pyanen t korsion, ll kayedei. Ka kateglvn a[to. 25 %O te d \jebl}yh ` xlow, eselyWn \krthsen tw xeirw a[tw, ka gryh t korsion. 26 Ka \jlyen = f}mh a% th ew u lhn t|n gn \kenhn.


Ka pargonti \keyen t! &Ihso, koloyhsan a[t! do tuflo, krzontew ka lgontew, &Elhson =mw, u Daud. 28 &Elynti d ew t|n okan, proslyon a[t! o tuflo, ka lgei a[tow ` &Ihsow, Pisteete ti dnamai toto poisai; h Lgousin a[t!, Na, krie. 29 Tte % cato tn fyalmn a[tn, lgvn, Kat t|n pstin mn genhy}tv mn. 30 Ka nexyhsan a[tn o fyalmo: ka \nebrim}sato a[tow ` &Ihsow, lgvn, ^Orte mhdew ginvsktv. 31 O d \jelyntew dief}misan a[tn \n l+ t_ g_ \ken+. A[tn d \j er xo m n v n , do, pros}negkan a[t! nyrvpon kvfn daimonizmenon. 33 Ka \kblhyntow to daimonou, \llhsen ` kvfw: ka \yamasan o xloi, lgontew, O[dpote \fnh o% tvw \n t! &Isra}l. 34 O d u Farisaoi legon, &En t! rxonti tn daimonvn \kbllei t daimnia. Ka perigen ` &Ihsow tw pleiw psaw ka tw kQmaw, didskvn \n taw sunagvgaw a[tn, ka khrssvn t e[agglion tw basileaw, ka yerapevn psan nson ka psan malakan \n t! la!. 36 &I d W n d tow xlouw, \s p l a g xn s yh per a[tn, ti san \skulmnoi ka \rrimmnoi qse prbata m| xonta poimna. 37 Tte lgei tow mayhtaw a[to, ^O mn yerismw polw, o d \rgtai lgoi: 38 de}yhte o{n to kurou to yerismo, pvw \kbl+ \rgtaw ew tn yerismn a[to.
35 32


9.24 lgei a[tow legen 9.27 a[t! a[t! 9.27 u uw

9.30 nexyhsan nexyhsan 9.30 \nebrim}sato \nebrim}yh 9.35 \n t! la!



10.1 - 10.16


Ka proskalesmenow tow dQdeka mayhtw a[to, % dvken a[tow \jousan pneumtvn kayrtvn, vste \kbllein a[t, ka yerapeein psan nson ka psan malakan.
Tn d dQdeka postlvn t nmat \stin tata: prtow Smvn ` legmenow Ptrow, ka &Andraw ` delfw a[to: &Ikvbow ` to Zebedaou, ka &Ivnnhw ` delfw a[to: 3 Flippow, ka Baryolomaow: Yvmw, ka Matyaow ` telQnhw: &Ikvbow ` to &Alfaou, ka Lebbaow ` \piklhyew Yaddaow: 4 Smvn ` Kananthw, ka &Iodaw &IskariQthw ` ka paradow a[tn. Totouw tow dQdeka psteilen ` &Ihsow, paraggelaw a[tow, lgvn, Ew `dn \ynn m| plyhte, ka ew plin Samareitn m| eslyhte: 6 poreesye d mllon prw t prbata t polvlta okou &Isra}l. 7 Poreumenoi d khrssete, lgontew ti *Hggiken = basilea tn o[rann. 8 &Asyenontaw yerapeete, leprow kayarzete, daimnia \kbllete: dvren \lbete, dvren dte. 9 M| kt}shsye xrusn, mhd rguron, mhd xalkn ew tw zQnaw mn, 10 m| p}ran ew `dn, mhd do xitnaw, mhd pod}mata, mhd ]bdouw: jiow gr ` \rgthw tw trofw a[to \stin. 11 Ew n d' n plin ( kQmhn eslyhte, \jetsate tw \n a[t_ jiw h \stin: kke menate, vw n \jlyhte. 12 Eserxmenoi d ew t|n okan, spsasye a[t}n. 13 Ka \n mn = oka ja, \lytv = er}nh mn \p' a[t}n: \n d m| ja, = er}nh mn prw mw \pistraf}tv. 14 Ka $ w \n m| djhtai mw o mhd kos+ tow lgouw mn, \jerxmenoi tw okaw ( tw h plevw \kenhw, \ktinjate tn koniortn tn podn mn. 15 &A m | n lgv mn, nektteron stai g_ Sodmvn ka Gomrrvn \n =mr krsevw, ( t_ plei \ken+. h &Ido, \gW postllv mw qw prbata \n ms~ lkvn: gnesye o{n frnimoi qw o feiw, ka kraioi qw a
16 5

10.2 10.3 10.3 10.4 10.4 10.5 10.8

&Ikvbow ka &Ikvbow Matyaow Mayyaow Lebbaow ` \piklhyew Kananthw Kananaow &Iodaw &Iodaw ` Samareitn Samaritn leprow nekrow \gerete

10.10 10.10 10.13 10.14 10.14

leprow ]bdouw ]bdon \stin \lytv \lytv \n n \jerxmenoi \jerxmenoi jv


10.17 - 10.33


peristera. 17 Prosxet e d p tn nyrQpvn: paradQsousin gr mw ew sundria, ka \n taw sunagvgaw a[tn mastigQsousin mw: 18 ka \p =gemnaw d ka basilew xy}sesye neken \mo, ew martrion a[tow ka tow ynesin. 19 %O tan d paradidsin mw, m| merimn}shte % pw ( t lal}shte: doy}setai gr mn \n \ken+ t_ vr t h 20 lal}sete: o[ gr mew \st o lalontew, ll t pnema to patrw mn t lalon \n mn. 21 ParadQsei d delfw delfn ew ynaton, ka pat|r tknon: ka \panast}sontai tkna \p gonew, ka yanatQsousin a[tow. 22 Ka sesye misomenoi p pntvn di t nom mou: ` d pomenaw ew tlow, otow svy}setai. 23 %O tan d diQkvsin mw \n t_ plei tat+, fegete ew t|n llhn: m|n gr lgv mn, o[ m| telshte tw pleiw to &Isra}l, vw n ly+ ` uw to nyrQpou. O[k stin mayht|w pr tn didskalon, o[d dolow pr tn krion a[to. 25 &Arketn t! mayht_ na gnhtai qw ` didskalow a[to, ka ` dolow qw ` kriow a[to. E tn okodespthn Beelzebol \klesan, ps~ mllon tow okeiakow a[to; 26 M| o{n fobhyte a[tow: o[dn gr \stin kekalummnon $ o[k pokalufy}setai: ka kruptn $ o o 27 o[ gnvsy}setai. $O lgv mn \n t_ skot, epate \n t! fvt: ka $ ew t o{w koete, khrjate \p tn dvmtvn. o 28 Ka m| fobesye p tn poktenntvn t sma, t|n d cux|n m| dunamnvn poktenai: fob}yhte d mllon tn dunmenon ka t|n cux|n ka t sma polsai \n genn+. 29 O[x do strouya ssarou pvletai; Ka n \j a[tn o[ pesetai \p t|n gn neu to patrw mn: 30 mn d ka a trxew tw kefalw psai riymhmnai esn. 31 M| o{n fobhyte: polln strouyvn diafrete mew. 32 Pw o{n stiw `molog}sei \n \mo mprosyen tn nyrQpvn, `molog}sv kgW \n a[t! mprosyen to patrw mou to \n o[ranow. 33 %O stiw d' n rn}shta me mprosyen tn
10.19 10.19 10.23 10.25 10.25 paradidsin paradsin lal}sete lal}shte ^ llhn etran \klesan \peklesan okeiakow okiakow 10.28 10.28 10.28 10.31 10.32 poktenntvn poktennntvn fob}yhte fobesye t|n cux|n ka t cux|n ka fobhyte fobesye o[ranow tow o[ranow




nyrQpvn, rn}somai a[tn kgW mprosyen to patrw mou to \n o[ranow. M| nomshte ti lyon balen er}nhn \p t|n gn: o[k lyon balen er}nhn, ll mxairan. 35 )Hlyon gr dixsai nyrvpon kat to patrw a[to, ka yugatra kat tw mhtrw a[tw, ka nmfhn kat tw penyerw a[tw: 36 ka h \xyro to nyrQpou o okeiako a[to. 37 ^O filn patra ( mhtra pr \m o[k stin mou jiow: ka ` filn un ( h 38 $ w o[ lambnei yugatra pr \m, o[k stin mou jiow: ka o tn staurn a[to ka kolouye psv mou, o[k stin mou jiow. 39 ^O erWn t|n cux|n a[to polsei a[t}n: ka ` polsaw t|n cux|n a[to neken \mo er}sei a[t}n. ^O dexmenow mw \m dxetai: ka ` \m dexmenow dxetai tn postelant me. 41 ^O dexmenow prof}thn ew noma prof}tou misyn prof}tou l}cetai: ka ` dexmenow dkaion ew noma dikaou misyn dikaou l}cetai. 42 Ka $ w o \n pots+ na tn mikrn totvn pot}rion cuxro mnon ew noma mayhto, m|n lgv mn, o[ m| pols+ tn misyn a[to.
40 34

10.34 - 11.7


Ka \gneto te \tlesen ` &Ihsow diatssvn tow dQdeka mayhtaw a[to, metbh \keyen to didskein ka khrssein \n taw plesin a[tn.
^O d &Ivnnhw kosaw \n t! desmvthr~ t rga to xristo, pmcaw do tn mayhtn a[to, 3 epen a[t!, S e ` \rxmenow, ( teron prosdokmen; 4 Ka pokriyew ` &Ihsow h epen a[tow, Poreuyntew paggelate &Ivnn+ $ koete ka a 5 blpete: tuflo nablpousin, ka xvlo peripatosin, lepro kayarzontai, ka kvfo koousin, nekro \gerontai, ka ptvxo e[aggelzontai: 6 ka makriw \stin, $ w \n m| skandalisy_ \n \mo. 7 Totvn d poreuomnvn, o rjato ` &Ihsow lgein tow xloiw per &Ivnnou, T \j}lyete e w t|n rhmon ye s a s ya i ; Klamon p nmou

10.33 10.33 10.36 10.41 10.41

a[tn kgW kgW a[tn o[ranow tow o[ranow okeiako okiako l}cetai ka l}mcetai ka dikaou l}cetai dikaou

10.42 11.2 11.5 11.7

l}mcetai \n n do di nekro ka nekro \j}lyete \j}lyate


11.8 - 11.23

saleumenon; 8 &A l l t \j}lyet e den; *Anyrvpon \n malakow matoiw mfiesmnon; &Ido, o t malak forontew \n tow okoiw tn basilevn esn. 9 &All t \j}lyete den; Prof}thn; Na, lgv mn, ka perissteron prof}tou: 10 otow gr \stin per o ggraptai, &Ido, \gW postllv tn ggeln mou pr prosQpou sou, $ w o 11 kataskeusei t|n `dn sou mprosyn sou. &Am|n lgv mn, o[k \g}gertai \n gennhtow gunaikn mezvn &Ivnnou to baptisto. ^O d mikrterow \n t_ basile tn o[rann mezvn a[to \stin. 12 &Ap d tn =mern &Ivnnou to baptisto vw rti = basilea tn o[rann bizetai, ka ^ biasta arpzousin a[t}n. 13 Pntew gr o proftai ka ` nmow vw &Ivnnou proef}teusan: 14 ka e ylete djasyai, a[tw \stin &Hlaw ` mllvn rxesyai. 15 ^O xvn ta koein koutv. 16 Tni d `moiQsv t|n genen tathn; ^Omoa \stn paidoiw \n goraw kayhmnoiw, ka prosfvnosin tow ^ etaroiw a[tn, 17 ka lgousin, H[l}samen mn, ka o[k & vrx}sasye: \yrhn}samen mn, ka o[k \kcasye. 18 )Hlyen gr &Ivnnhw m}te \syvn m}te pnvn, ka lgousin, Daimnion xei. 19 )Hlyen ` uw to nyrQpou \syvn ka pnvn, ka lgousin, &Ido, nyrvpow fgow ka onopthw, telvnn ^ flow ka amartvln. Ka \dikaiQyh = sofa p tn tknvn a[tw. Tte rjato neidzein tw pleiw \n a<w \gnonto a plestai dunmeiw a[to, ti o[ metenhsan. 21 O[a soi, Xorazn, o[a soi, bhysad, ti e \n Tr~ ka Sidni \gnonto a dunmeiw a genmenai \n mn, plai n \n skk~ ka spod! metenhsan. 22 Pl|n lgv mn, Tr~ ka Sidni nektteron stai \n =mr krsevw, ( mn. 23 Ka s, h Kapernaom, = vw to o[rano cvyesa, vw %A dou
11.8 11.8 11.8 11.9 11.10 11.13 11.15 11.16 \j}lyete \j}lyate matoiw basilevn basilvn \j}lyete \j}lyate gr proef}teusan \prof}teusan koein \n goraw kayhmnoiw ka ^ prosfvnosin tow etaroiw a[tn kayhmnoiw \n taw goraw $ prosfvnonta tow a ^ etroiw ka lgousin lgousin \yrhn}samen mn \yrhn}samen tknvn rgvn Kapernaom = Kafarnaom m| to cvyesa cvy}s+


gor ^ etroiw



11.17 11.17 11.19 11.23 11.23 11.23



11.24 - 12.10

katabibasy}s+: ti e \n Sodmoiw \gnonto a dunmeiw a genmenai \n so, meinan n mxri tw s}meron. 24 Pl|n lgv mn, ti g_ Sodmvn nektteron stai \n =mr krsevw, ( h so. &E n \k e n ~ t! kair! pokriye w ` &Ihsow epen, &Ejomologoma soi, pter, krie to o[rano ka tw gw, ti pkrucaw tata p sofn ka sunetn, ka peklucaw a[t nhpoiw. 26 Na, ` pat}r, ti o% tvw \gneto e[doka u 27 mprosyn sou. Pnta moi paredyh p to patrw mou: ka o[dew \piginQskei tn un, e m| ` pat}r: o[d tn patra tiw \piginQskei, e m| ` uw, ka > \n bolhtai ` uw pokalcai. 28 Dete prw me pntew o kopintew ka pefortismnoi, kgW napasv mw. 29 *Arate tn zugn mou \f' mw ka myete p' \mo, ti prw emi ka tapeinw t_ kard: ka er}sete npausin taw cuxaw mn. 30 ^O gr zugw mou xrhstw, ka t forton mou \lafrn \stin.


&En \ken~ t! kair! \poreyh ` &Ihsow tow sbbasin di tn spormvn: o d mayhta a[to \penasan, ka rjanto tllein stxuaw ka \syein. 2 O d Farisaoi dntew epon a[t!, &Ido, o mayhta sou poiosin $ o[k o 3 jestin poien \n sabbt~. ^O d epen a[tow, O[k ngnvte t \pohsen Daud, te \penasen a[tw ka o met' a[to: 4 pw eslyen ew tn okon to yeo, ka tow rtouw tw proysevw fagen, ow o[k \jn n a[t! fagen, o[d tow met' a[to, e m| tow eresin mnoiw; 5 (H o[k ngnvte \n t! nm~, ti tow sbbasin o erew \n t! er! t sbbaton bebhlosin, ka natio esin; 6 Lgv d mn ti to ero mezn \stin @de. 7 E d \gnQkeite t \stin, *Eleon ylv ka o[ yusan, o[k n katediksate tow naitouw. 8 kriow gr \stin to sabbtou ` uw to nyrQpou.

Ka metabw \keyen lyen ew t|n sunagvg|n a[tn. Ka do, nyrvpow n t|n xe r a xv n jhrn: ka
katabibasy}s+ katab}s+ \gnonto \gen}yhsan meinan meinen pkrucaw krucaw \gneto e[doka e[doka \gneto 11.29 12.2 12.3 12.4 12.7 12.10 prw praw epon epan a[tw fagen ow fagon $ o *Eleon *Eleow n t|n

11.23 11.23 11.23 11.25 11.26


12.11 - 12.28


\phrQthsan a[tn, lgontew, E jestin tow sbbasin yerapeein; %Ina kathgor}svsin a[to. 11 ^O d epen a[tow, Tw stai \j mn nyrvpow, $ w jei prbaton n, ka \n o \mps+ toto tow sbbasin ew byunon, o[x krat}sei a[t ka \gere; 12 Ps~ o{n diafrei nyrvpow probtou. %Vste j es t i n tow sbbasin kalw poien. 13 Tte lgei t! nyrQp~, *Ekteinon t|n xe r sou. Ka \jteinen, ka pokatestyh gi|w qw = llh. 14 O d Farisaoi sumbolion labon kat' a[to \jelyntew, pvw a[tn polsvsin. 15 ^O d &Ihsow gnow nexQrhsen \keyen: ka koloyhsan a[t! xloi pollo, ka \yerpeusen a[tow pntaw, 16 ka \petmhsen a[tow, na m| fanern a[tn poi}svsin: 17 pvw plhrvy_ t ]hyn di &Hsaou to prof}tou, lgontow, 18 &I d o , ` paw mou $ n rtisa: ` o gaphtw mou ew $ n e[dkhsen = cux} mou: y}sv t pnem o mou \p' a[tn, ka krsin tow ynesin paggele. 19 O[k \rsei, o[d kraugsei: o[d kosei tiw \n taw plateaiw t|n fvn|n a[to. 20 Klamon suntetrimmnon o[ katejei, ka lnon tufmenon o[ sbsei: vw n \kbl+ ew nkow t|n krsin. 21 Ka t! nmati a[to ynh \lpiosin. Tte proshnxyh a[t! daimonizmenow, tuflw ka % kvfw: ka \yerpeusen a[tn, vste tn tufln ka kvfn 23 ka lalen ka blpein. Ka \jstanto pntew o xloi ka legon, M}ti otw \stin ` uw Daud; 24 O d Farisaoi kosantew epon, Otow o[k \kbllei t daimnia, e m| \n t! Beelzebol rxonti tn daimonvn. 25 EdWw d ` &Ihsow tw \nyum}seiw a[tn epen a[tow, Psa basilea ^ merisyesa kay' eautw \rhmotai: ka psa pliw ( oka h 26 ^ merisyesa kay' eautw o[ stay}setai. Ka e ` Satanw ^ tn Satann \k b l l ei , \f ' e autn \mersyh: pw o{n stay}setai = basilea a[to; 27 Ka e \gW \n Beelzebol \kbllv t daimnia, o uo mn \n tni \kbllousin; Di toto a[to mn sontai krita. 28 E d \n pnemati yeo \gW
12.10 12.13 12.13 12.14 12.14 12.15 yerapeein yerapesai t|n xer sou sou t|n xera pokatestyh pekatestyh O d &Ejelyntew d o \jelyntew xloi xloi 12.17 12.22 12.25 12.27 pvw na tufln ka kvfn ka kvfn ` &Ihsow mn sontai krita krita sontai mn



12.29 - 12.42

\kbllv t daimnia, ra fyasen \f' mw = basilea to yeo. 29 (H pw dnata tiw eselyen ew t|n okan to sxuro ka t skeh a[to diarpsai, \n m| prton d}s+ tn sxurn; Ka tte t|n okan a[to diarpsei. 30 ^O m| n met' \mo, kat' \mo \stin, ka ` m| sungvn met' \mo, ^ sko r p z ei . 31 Di toto lgv mn, Psa a marta ka blasfhma fey}setai tow nyrQpoiw: = d to pnematow blasfhma o[k fey}setai tow nyrQpoiw. 32 Ka $ w \n ep+ o lgon kat to uo to nyrQpou, fey}setai a[t!: $ w d' n o ^ ep+ kat to pnematow to a gou, o[k fey}setai a[t!, ote \n t! nn ani ote \n t! mllonti. 33 (H poi}sate t dndron kaln, ka tn karpn a[to kaln, ( poi}sate t h dndron saprn, ka tn karpn a[to saprn: \k gr to karpo t dndron ginQsketai. 34 Genn}mata \xidnn, pw dnasye gay lalen, ponhro ntew; &Ek gr to perissematow tw kardaw t stma lale. 35 ^O gayw nyrvpow \k to gayo yhsauro \kbllei gay: ka ` ponhrw nyrvpow \k to ponhro yhsauro \kbllei ponhr. 36 Lgv d mn, ti pn ]ma rgn, $ \n lal}svsin o o nyrvpoi, podQsousin per a[to lgon \n =mr krsevw. 37 &Ek gr tn lgvn sou dikaivy}s+, ka \k tn lgvn sou katadikasy}s+. Tte pekryhsn tinew tn grammatvn ka Farisavn, lgontew, Didskale, ylomen p so shmeon den. 39 ^O d pokriyew epen a[tow, Gene ponhr ka moixalw shmeon \pizhte: ka shmeon o[ doy}setai a[t_, e m| t shmeon &Ivn to prof}tou. 40 %Vsper gr n &Ivnw \n t_ koil to k}touw trew =mraw ka trew nktaw, o% tvw stai ` uw to u nyrQpou \n t_ kard tw gw trew =mraw ka trew nktaw. 41 *Andrew Nineutai nast}sontai \n t_ krsei met tw genew tathw ka katakrinosin a[t}n: ti metenhsan ew t k}rugma &Ivn: ka do, pleon &Ivn @de. 42 Baslissa ntou \gery}setai \n t_ krsei met tw genew tathw ka katakrine a[t}n: ti lyen \k tn pertvn tw gw kosai
^ 12.29 diarpsai arpsai 12.31 o[k fey}setai tow nyrQpoiw o[k fey}setai 12.32 t! nn tot~ t! 12.36 \n lal}svsin lal}sousin 12.38 tinew a[t! tinew


12.43 - 13.8

t|n sofan Solomnow: ka do, pleon Solomnow @de. 43 %O tan d t kyarton pnema \jly+ p to nyrQpou, dirxetai di' ndrvn tpvn, zhton npausin, ka o[x erskei. 44 Tte lgei, &Epistrcv ew tn okn mou yen \jlyon: ka \lyn erskei sxolzonta, sesarvmnon, ka kekosmhmnon. 45 Tte poreetai ka paralambnei mey' ^ ^ ^ e aut o e pt tera pnemata ponhrtera e auto, ka eselynta katoike \ke: ka gnetai t sxata to nyrQpou \kenou xerona tn prQtvn. O % tvw stai ka t_ gene tat+ u t_ ponhr. *Eti d a[to lalontow tow xloiw, do, = m}thr ka o delfo a[to est}keisan jv, zhtontew a[t! lalsai. 47 Epen d tiw a[t!, &Ido, = m}thr sou ka o delfo sou jv ^ est}kasin, zhtontw soi lalsai. 48 ^O d pokriyew epen t! epnti a[t!, Tw \stin = m}thr mou; Ka tnew esn o d el f o mou; 49 Ka \ktenaw t|n xe r a a[to \p tow mayhtw a[to epen, &Ido, = m}thr mou ka o delfo mou. 50 %O stiw gr n poi}s+ t ylhma to patrw mou to \n o[ranow, a[tw mou delfw ka delf| ka m}thr \stn.


&En d t_ =mr \ken+ \jelyWn ` &Ihsow p tw okaw \kyhto par t|n ylassan. 2 Ka % sun}xyhsan prw a[tn xloi pollo, vste a[tn ew t ploon \mbnta kaysyai: ka pw ` xlow \p tn agialn est}kei. 3 Ka \llhsen a[tow poll \n parabolaw, lgvn, &Ido, \jlyen ` spervn to sperein. 4 Ka \n t! sperein a[tn, $ mn pesen par t|n `dn: ka lyen t petein ka a katfagen a[t. 5 *Alla d pesen \p t petrQdh, pou o[k exen gn poll}n: ka e[yvw \janteilen, di t m| xein byow gw: 6 =lou d natelantow \kaumatsyh, ka di t m| xein ]zan, \jhrnyh. 7 *Alla d pesen \p tw knyaw, ka nbhsan a kanyai ka ppnijan a[t. 8 *Alla d
12.44 12.44 12.46 12.47 12.47 12.48 &Epistrcv ew Ew yen \pistrcv yen d Epen Epen lalsai lalsai epnti lgonti 13.1 d 13.1 p 13.2 t 13.4 lyen t petein ka \lynta t petein 13.7 ppnijan pnijan



^ pesen \p t|n gn t|n kal}n, ka \ddou karpn, $ mn ekatn, o 9 $ d ej}konta, $ d trikonta. ^O xvn ta koein koutv. o ^ o Ka proselyntew o mayhta epon a[t!, Di t \n parabolaw lalew a[tow; 11 ^O d pokriyew epen a[tow ti ^Umn ddotai gnnai t must}ria tw basileaw tn o[rann, \kenoiw d o[ ddotai. 12 %O stiw gr xei, doy}setai a[t! ka perisseuy}setai: stiw d o[k xei, ka $ xei, o 13 ry}setai p' a[to. Di toto \n parabolaw a[tow lal, ti blpontew o[ blpousin, ka koontew o[k koousin, o[d suniosin. 14 Ka naplhrotai a[tow = profhtea &Hsaou, = lgousa, &Ako_ kosete, ka o[ m| sunte: ka blpontew blcete, ka o[ m| dhte. 15 &Epaxnyh & gr = karda to lao totou, ka tow vsn barvw kousan, ka tow fyalmow a[tn \kmmusan: m}pote dvsin tow & fyalmow, ka tow vsn kosvsin, ka t_ kard sunsin, ka \pistrcvsin, ka somai a[tow. 16 ^Umn d makrioi o fyalmo, ti blpousin: ka t ta mn, ti koei. 17 &A m | n gr lgv mn ti pollo proftai ka dkaioi \peymhsan den $ blpete, ka o[k edon: ka kosai $ a a 18 koete, ka o[k kousan. ^U m e w o{n kosate t|n 19 parabol|n to sperontow. Pantw koontow tn lgon tw ^ basileaw ka m| sunintow, rxetai ` ponhrw, ka arpzei t \sparmnon \n t_ kard a[to: otw \stin ` par t|n `dn sparew. 20 ^O d \p t petrQdh sparew, otw \stin ` tn lgon kovn, ka e[yw met xarw lambnvn a[tn: 21 o[k ^ xei d ]zan \n eaut!, ll prskairw \stin: genomnhw d ylcevw ( divgmo di tn lgon, e[yw skandalzetai. 22 ^O h d ew tw knyaw sparew, otw \stin ` tn lgon kovn, ka = mrimna to anow totou ka = pth to plotou sumpngei tn lgon, ka karpow gnetai. 23 ^O d \p t|n gn t|n kal|n sparew, otw \stin ` tn lgon kovn ka ^ suniQn: $ w d| karpofore, ka poie ` mn e katn, ` d o ^ ej}konta, ` d trikonta.

13.9 - 13.23


13.9 13.10 13.16 13.17

koein epon epan koei koousin edon edan

13.18 13.22 13.23 13.23

sperontow sperantow totou gn t|n kal|n kal|n gn suniQn suniew


13.24 - 13.36



*Allhn parabol|n paryhken a[tow, lgvn, ^VmoiQyh = basilea tn o[rann nyrQp~ speronti kaln sprma \n t! gr! a[to: 25 \n d t! kayedein tow nyrQpouw, lyen a[to ` \xyrw ka speiren ziznia n mson to stou, ka plyen. 26 %O te d \blsthsen ` xrtow ka karpn \pohsen, tte \fnh ka t ziznia. 27 Proselyntew d o doloi to okodesptou epon a[t!, Krie, o[x kaln sprma speiraw \n t! s! gr!; Pyen o{n xei ziznia; 28 ^O d fh a[tow, &Exyrw nyrvpow toto \pohsen. O d doloi epon a[t!, Yleiw o{n pelyntew sulljomen a[t; 29 ^O d fh, O: m}pote, sullgontew t ziznia, \krizQshte ma a[tow tn ston. 30 *Afete sunaujnesyai mftera mxri to yerismo: ka \n kair! to yerismo \r tow yeristaw, Sulljate prton t ziznia, ka d}sate a[t ew dsmaw prw t katakasai a[t: tn d ston sunaggete ew t|n poy}khn mou. *Allhn parabol|n paryhken a[tow, lgvn, ^O moa \stn = basilea tn o[rann kkk~ sinpevw, $ n labWn o 32 $ nyrvpow speiren \n t! gr! a[to: o mikrteron mn \stin pntvn tn spermtvn: tan d a[jhy_, mezon tn % laxnvn \stn, ka gnetai dndron, vste \lyen t petein to o[rano ka kataskhnon \n tow kldoiw a[to.


*Allhn parabol|n \llhsen a[tow, ^Omoa \stn = basilea tn o[rann zm+, n labosa gun| krucen ew lerou sta tra, vw o \zumQyh lon. Tata pnta \llhsen ` &Ihsow \n parabolaw tow xloiw, ka xvrw parabolw o[k \llei a[tow: 35 pvw plhrvy_ t ]hyn di to prof}tou, lgontow, &Anojv \n parabolaw t stma mou, \rejomai kekrummna p katabolw ksmou. Tte few tow xlouw lyen ew t|n okan ` &Ihsow: ka proslyon a[t! o mayhta a[to, lgontew, Frson =mn
13.24 13.25 13.28 13.28 13.29 13.30 speronti speranti speiren \pspeiren epon lgousin sulljomen sulljvmen fh fhsin mxri vw 13.33 13.34 13.35 13.36 13.36 krucen \nkrucen o[k o[dn ksmou ksmou ` &Ihsow Frson Diasfhson
36 34




13.37 - 13.50

t|n parabol|n tn zizanvn to gro. 37 ^O d pokriyew epen a[tow, ^O spervn t kaln sprma \stn ` uw to nyrQpou: 38 ` d grw \stin ` ksmow: t d kaln sprma, oto esin o uo tw basileaw: t d zizni esin o uo to ponhro: 39 ` d \xyrw ` speraw a[t \stin ` dibolow: ` d yerismw suntleia to anw \stin: o d yerista ggelo esin. 40 %Vsper o{n sullgetai t ziznia ka pur kaetai, o% tvw stai \n t_ suntele to anow totou. u 41 &Apostele ` uw to nyrQpou tow gglouw a[to, ka sulljousin \k tw basileaw a[to pnta t skndala ka tow poiontaw t|n noman, 42 ka balosin a[tow ew t|n kminon to purw: \ke stai ` klauymw ka ` brugmw tn dntvn. 43 Tte o dkaioi \klmcousin qw ` % liow \n t_ h basile to patrw a[tn. ^O xvn ta koein koutv. Plin `moa \stn = basilea tn o[rann yhsaur! kekrummn~ \n t! gr!, $ n erWn nyrvpow krucen: ka p o tw xarw a[to pgei, ka pnta sa xei pvle, ka gorzei tn grn \kenon. Plin `moa \stn = basilea tn o[rann nyrQp~ \m p r ~ zhtonti kalow margartaw: 46 $ w erWn na o poltimon margarthn, pelyWn ppraken pnta sa exen, ka grasen a[tn. Plin `moa \stn = basilea tn o[rann sag}n+ blhye s + e w t|n ylassan, ka \k pantw gnouw h sunagagos+: 48 % n, te \plhrQyh, nabibsantew \p tn agialn, ka kaysantew, sunlejan t kal ew ggea, t d sapr jv balon. 49 O % tvw stai \n t_ suntele to u anow: \jelesontai o ggeloi, ka foriosin tow ponhrow \k msou tn dikavn, 50 ka balosin a[tow ew t|n kminon to purw: \ke stai ` klauymw ka ` brugmw tn dntvn.
47 45 44

13.37 13.39 13.40 13.40 13.43

a[tow to kaetai katakaetai totou koein

13.44 Plin 13.44 pnta sa xei pvle pvle pnta sa xei 13.46 $ w erWn erWn d o 13.48 ggea ggh


13.51 - 14.9

Lgei a[tow ` &Ihsow, Sun}kate tata pnta; Lgousin a[t!, Na, krie. 52 ^O d epen a[tow, Di toto pw grammatew mayhteuyew ew t|n basilean tn o[rann moiw \stin nyrQp~ okodespt+, stiw \kbllei \k to yhsauro a[to kain ka palai. Ka \gneto te \tlesen ` &Ihsow tw parabolw tataw, metren \keyen: 54 ka \lyWn ew t|n patrda a[to % \ddasken a[tow \n t_ sunagvg_ a[tn, vste \kpl}ttesyai % th ka a dunmeiw; a[tow ka lgein, Pyen tot~ = sofa au 55 O[x otw \stin ` to tktonow uw; O[x = m}thr a[to lgetai Marim, ka o delfo a[to &Ikvbow ka &Ivsw ka Smvn ka &Iodaw; 56 Ka a delfa a[to o[x psai prw =mw e s n ; Pyen o{n tot~ tata pnta; 57 Ka \skandalzonto \n a[t!. ^O d &Ihsow epen a[tow, O[k stin prof}thw timow, e m| \n t_ patrdi a[to ka \n t_ ok ato. 58 Ka o[k \pohsen \ke dunmeiw pollw, di t|n pistan a[tn.


&En \ken~ t! kair! kousen ^Hrdhw ` tetrrxhw t|n ko|n &Ihso, 2 ka epen tow paisn a[to, Otw \stin &Ivnnhw ` baptist}w: a[tw gryh p tn nekrn, ka di toto a dunmeiw \nergosin \n a[t!. 3 ^O gr ^Hrdhw krat}saw tn &Ivnnhn dhsen a[tn ka yeto \n fulak_, di ^H r ~ d i d a t|n gunaka Filppou to delfo a[to. 4 *Elegen gr a[t! ` &Ivnnhw, O[k jestn soi xein a[t}n. 5 Ka ylvn a[tn poktenai, \fob}yh tn xlon, ti qw prof}thn a[tn exon. 6 Genesvn d gomnvn to ^Hrdou, & vrx}sato = yugthr tw ^Hr~didow \n t! ms~, ka resen o t! ^Hrd+: 7 yen mey' rkou qmolghsen a[t_ donai $ \n 8 at}shtai. ^H d, probibasyesa p tw mhtrw a[tw, Dw moi, fhsn, @de \p pnaki t|n kefal|n &Ivnnou to baptisto. 9 Ka \lup}yh ` basilew, di d tow rkouw ka
Lgei a[tow ` &Ihsow krie ew t|n basilean t_ basile \kpl}ttesyai \kpl}ssesyai O[x O[x &Ivsw &Ivs|f a[to ka ka tetrrxhw tetrarxhw 14.3 a[tn ka yeto \n fulak_ a[tn ka \n fulak_ pyeto 14.4 a[t! ` &Ivnnhw ` &Ivnnhw a[t! 14.6 Genesvn d gomnvn Genesoiw d genomnoiw 14.9 \lup}yh luphyew 14.9 d

13.51 13.51 13.52 13.54 13.55 13.55 13.57 14.1



14.10 - 14.25

tow sunanakeimnouw \kleusen doynai: 10 ka pmcaw pekeflisen tn &Ivnnhn \n t_ fulak_. 11 Ka nxyh = kefal| a[to \p pnaki, ka \dyh t! koras~: ka negken t_ mhtr a[tw. 12 Ka proselyntew o mayhta a[to ran t sma, ka yacan a[t: ka \lyntew p}ggeilan t! &Ihso. Ka kosaw ` &Ihsow nexQrhsen \keyen \n plo~ ew r h m o n tpon kat' dan: ka kosantew o xl o i koloyhsan a[t! pez_ p tn plevn. 14 Ka \jelyWn ` &Ihsow eden poln xlon, ka \splagxnsyh \p' a[tow, ka \yerpeusen tow rrQstouw a[tn. 15 &O caw d genomnhw, proslyon a[t! o mayhta a[to, lgontew, *Erhmw \stin ` % tpow, ka = vra dh parlyen: pluson tow xlouw, na ^ pelyntew ew tw kQmaw gorsvsin eautow brQmata. 16 ^O d &Ihsow epen a[tow, O[ xrean xousin pelyen: dte a[tow mew fagen. 17 O d lgousin a[t!, O[k xomen @de e m| pnte rtouw ka do xyaw. 18 ^O d epen, Fret moi a[tow @de. 19 Ka kelesaw tow xlouw nakliynai \p tow xrtouw, labWn tow pnte rtouw ka tow do xyaw, nablcaw ew tn o[rann, e[lghsen, ka klsaw dvken tow mayhtaw tow rtouw, o d mayhta tow xloiw. 20 Ka fagon pntew, ka \xortsyhsan: ka ran t perisseon tn klasmtvn, dQdeka kofnouw pl}reiw. 21 O d \syontew san ndrew qse pen t a k i s x l i o i , xv r w gunaikn ka paidvn. Ka e[yvw ngkasen ` &Ihsow tow mayhtw \mbnai ew t ploon, ka progein a[tn ew t pran, vw o pols+ tow xlouw. 23 Ka polsaw tow xlouw, nbh ew t row kat' dan prosejasyai: caw d genomnhw, mnow n \ke. 24 T d ploon dh mson tw yalsshw n, basanizmenon p tn kumtvn: n gr \nantow ` nemow. 25 Tetrt+ d fulak_ tw nuktw plyen prw a[tow ` &Ihsow, peripatn
14.10 14.12 14.12 14.13 14.14 14.15 14.16 14.18 tn tn sma ptma a[t a[tn Ka kosaw &Akosaw d ` &Ihsow a[to &Ihsow &Ihsow a[tow @de @de a[tow 14.19 tow xrtouw to xrtou 14.22 ` &Ihsow 14.24 mson tw yalsshw n stadouw pollow p tw gw pexen 14.25 plyen lyen 14.25 ` &Ihsow
22 13


14.26 - 15.5

\p tw yalsshw. 26 Ka dntew a[tn o mayhta \p t|n y l a s s a n peripatonta \tarxyh s a n , lgontew ti Fntasm \stin: ka p to fbou krajan. 27 E[yvw d \llhsen a[tow ` &Ihsow, lgvn, Yarsete: \gQ emi: m| fobesye. 28 &Apokriyew d a[t! ` Ptrow epen, Krie, e s e, kleusn me prw se \lyen \p t % data. 29 ^O d epen, u &Ely. Ka katabw p to ploou ` Ptrow periepthsen \p t % data, \lyen prw tn &Ihson. 30 Blpvn d tn nemon u sxurn \fob}yh: ka rjmenow katapontzesyai krajen, lgvn, Krie, ssn me. 31 E[yvw d ` &Ihsow \ktenaw t|n xera \pelbeto a[to, ka lgei a[t!, &Oligpiste, ew t \dstasaw; 32 Ka \mbntvn a[tn ew t ploon, \kpasen ` nemow: 33 o d \n t! plo~ \lyntew proseknhsan a[t!, lgontew, &Alhyw yeo uw e. Ka diapersantew lyon ew t|n gn Gennhsart. 35 Ka \pignntew a[tn o ndrew to tpou \kenou psteilan ew lhn t|n perxvron \kenhn, ka pros}negkan a[t! pntaw tow kakw xontaw: 36 ka parekloun a[tn, na mnon cvntai to kraspdou to matou a[to: ka soi % canto h diesQyhsan.


Tte prosrxontai t! &Ihso o p ^Ierosolmvn grammatew ka Farisaoi, lgontew, 2 Di t o mayhta sou parabanousin t|n pardosin tn presbutrvn; O[ gr nptontai tw xeraw a[tn, tan rton \syvsin. 3 ^O d pokriyew epen a[tow, Di t ka mew parabanete t|n \ntol|n to yeo di t|n pardosin mn; 4 ^O gr yew \netelato, lgvn, Tma tn patra ka t|n mhtra: ka, ^O kakologn patra ( mhtra yant~ teleuttv: 5 mew d h lgete, $Ow n ep+ t! patr ( t_ mhtr, Dron, $ \n \j \mo h o & vfelhy_w, ka o[ m| tim}s+ tn patra a[to ( t|n mhtra h
\mbntvn nabntvn \lyntew ew t|n gn \p t|n gn ew o grammatew ka Farisaoi Farisaoi ka grammatew 15.2 a[tn a[tn 15.4 \netelato lgvn epen 15.5 ka 15.5 tim}s+ tim}sei 15.5 a[to ( t|n mhtra h 14.32 14.33 14.34 15.1 15.1

14.25 tw yalsshw t|n ylassan 14.26 Ka dntew a[tn o mayhta O d mayhta dntew a[tn 14.26 t|n ylassan tw yalsshw 14.27 E[yvw E[yw 14.27 a[tow ` &Ihsow ` &Ihsow a[tow 14.28 prw se \lyen \lyen prw se 14.29 ` Ptrow ` Ptrow 14.29 \lyen ka lyen 14.30 sxurn sxurn


a[to: 6 ka kurQsate t|n \ntol|n to yeo di t|n pardosin mn: 7 pokrita, kalw proef}teusen per mn &Hsaaw, lgvn, 8 &Eggzei moi ` law otow t! stmati a[tn, ka tow xelesn me tim: = d karda a[tn prrv pxei p' \mo. 9 Mthn d sbonta me, didskontew didaskalaw \ntlmata nyrQpvn. 10 Ka proskalesmenow tn xlon, epen a[tow, &Akoete ka sunete. 11 O[ t eserxmenon ew t stma koino tn nyrvpon: ll t \kporeumenon \k to stmatow, toto koino tn nyrvpon. 12 Tte proselyntew o mayhta a[to e p o n a[t!, Odaw ti o Farisaoi kosantew tn lgon \skandalsyhsan; 13 ^O d pokriyew epen, Psa futea, n o[k \fteusen ` pat}r mou ` o[rniow, \krizvy}setai. 14 *Afete a[tow: `dhgo esin tuflo tufln: tuflw d tufln \n `dhg_, mfteroi ew byunon pesontai. 15 &Apokriyew d ` Ptrow epen a[t!, Frson =mn t|n parabol|n tathn. 16 ^O d &Ihsow epen, &Akm|n ka mew sneto \ste; 17 O pv noete, ti pn t esporeumenon ew t stma ew t|n koilan xvre, ka ew fedrna \kblletai; 18 T d \kporeumena \k to stmatow \k tw kardaw \jrxetai, kkena koino tn nyrvpon. 19 &Ek gr tw kardaw \jrxontai dialogismo ponhro, fnoi, moixeai, porneai, klopa, ceudomarturai, blasfhmai: 20 tat \stin t koinonta tn nyrvpon: t d nptoiw xersn fagen o[ koino tn nyrvpon. Ka \jelyWn \keyen ` &Ihsow nexQrhsen ew t mrh Trou ka Sidnow. 22 Ka do, gun| Xananaa p tn `rvn \kenvn \jelyosa \kragasen a[t!, lgousa, &Elhsn me, krie, u Daud: = yugthr mou kakw daimonzetai. 23 ^O d o[k pekryh a[t_ lgon. Ka proselyntew o mayhta a[to rQtvn a[tn, lgontew, &Apluson a[t}n, ti krzei pisyen =mn. 24 ^O d pokriyew epen, O[k pestlhn e m| ew t prbata t polvlta okou &Isra}l. 25 ^H d \lyosa
15.6 15.7 15.8 15.8 15.12 15.14 t|n \ntol|n tn lgon proef}teusen \prof}teusen &Eggzei moi t! stmati a[tn ka a[to epon lgousin `dhgo esin tuflo tufln tuflo esin `dhgo tufln 15.15 15.16 15.17 15.22 15.22 15.23 tathn tathn &Ihsow Opv O[ \kragasen a[t! krazen u uw rQtvn rQtoun

15.6 - 15.25


15.26 - 15.39


proseknhsen a[t! lgousa, Krie, bo}yei moi. 26 ^O d pokriyew epen, O[k stin kaln laben tn rton tn tknvn, ka balen tow kunaroiw. 27 ^H d epen, Na, krie: ka gr t kunria \syei p tn cixvn tn piptntvn p tw trapzhw tn kurvn a[tn. 28 Tte pokriyew ` &Ihsow epen a[t_, )V gnai, meglh sou = pstiw: genhy}tv soi qw % yleiw. Ka yh = yugthr a[tw p tw vraw \kenhw. Ka metabw \keyen ` &Ihsow lyen par t|n ylassan tw Galilaaw: ka nabw ew t row \kyhto \ke. 30 Ka proslyon a[t! xloi pollo, xontew mey' ^ ^ e autn xvlow, tuflow, kvfow, kullow, ka e trouw pollow, ka rrican a[tow par tow pdaw to &Ihso ka % \yer p eu s en a[tow: 31 v ste tow xlouw yaumsai, blpontaw kvfow lalontaw, kullow giew, xvlow peripatontaw, ka tuflow blpontaw: ka \djasan tn yen &Isra}l. ^O d &Ihsow proskalesmenow tow mayhtw a[to epen, Splagxnzomai \p tn xlon, ti dh =mrai trew prosmnousn moi, ka o[k xousin t fgvsin: ka polsai a[tow n}steiw o[ ylv, m}pote \kluysin \n t_ `d!. 33 Ka lgousin a[t! o mayhta a[to, Pyen =mn \n \rhm rtoi % tosotoi, vste xortsai xlon tosoton; 34 Ka lgei a[tow ` &Ihsow, Psouw rtouw xete; O d epon, ^Ept, ka lga xydia. 35 Ka \kleusen tow xloiw napesen \p t|n gn: 36 ^ ka labWn tow ept rtouw ka tow xyaw, e[xarist}saw klasen, ka dvken tow mayhtaw a[to, o d mayhta t! xl!. 37 Ka fagon pntew ka \xortsyhsan: ka ran t ^ perisseon tn klasmtvn, ept spurdaw pl}reiw. 38 O d \syontew san tetrakisxlioi ndrew, xvrw gunaikn ka paidvn. 39 Ka polsaw tow xlouw \nbh ew t ploon, ka lyen ew t ria Magdal.
15.25 proseknhsen proseknei 15.30 kvfow kullow kullow kvfow 15.30 to &Ihso a[to 15.31 tow xlouw tn xlon 15.31 xvlow ka xvlow 15.33 a[to 15.34 epon epan 15.35 \kleusen tow xloiw paraggelaw t! xl~ 15.36 ka labWn laben 15.36 e[xarist}saw ka e[xarist}saw 15.36 dvken \ddou 15.36 a[to 15.36 t! xl! tow xloiw 15.37 ran t t ^ ^ 15.37 ept ran ept 15.39 Magdal Magadn
32 29




16.1 - 16.17


Ka proselyntew o Farisaoi ka Saddoukaoi peirzontew \phrQthsan a[tn shmeon \k to o[rano \pidejai a[tow. 2 ^O d pokriyew epen a[tow, &O caw genomnhw lgete, E[da: purrzei gr ` o[ranw. 3 Ka prv, S}meron xeimQn: purrzei gr stugnzvn ` o[ranw. ^Upokrita, t mn prsvpon to o[rano ginQskete diakrnein, t d shmea tn kairn o[ dnasye; 4 Gene ponhr ka moixalw shmeon \pizhte: ka shmeon o[ doy}setai a[t_, e m| t shmeon &Ivn to prof}tou. Ka katalipWn a[tow, plyen.
Ka \lyntew o mayhta a[to ew t pran \pelyonto rtouw laben. 6 ^O d &Ihsow epen a[tow, ^Orte ka prosxete p tw zmhw tn Farisavn ka Saddoukavn. 7 ^ O d dielogzonto \n e autow, lgontew ti *Artouw o[k 8 \lbomen. Gnow d ` &Ihsow epen a[tow, T dialogzesye ^ \n e autow, ligpistoi, ti rtouw o[k \lbete; 9 Opv noete, o[d mnhmoneete tow pnte rtouw tn pentakisxilvn, ka psouw kofnouw \lbete; 10 O[d tow ^ e pt rtouw tn tetrakisxilvn, ka psaw spurdaw \l b et e; 11 Pw o[ noete, ti o[ per rtou epon mn prosxein p tw zmhw tn Farisavn ka Saddoukavn; 12 Tte sunkan ti o[k epen prosxein p tw zmhw to rtou, ll p tw didaxw tn Farisavn ka Saddoukavn. &ElyWn d ` &Ihsow ew t mrh Kaisareaw tw Filppou rQta tow mayhtw a[to, lgvn, Tna me lgousin o nyrvpoi enai, tn un to nyrQpou; 14 O d epon, O mn &Ivnnhn tn baptist}n: lloi d &Hlan: teroi d &Iereman, ( na tn profhtn. 15 Lgei a[tow, ^Umew d tna me lgete h enai; 16 &Apokriyew d Smvn Ptrow epen, S e ` xristw, ` uw to yeo to zntow. 17 Ka pokriyew ` &Ihsow epen a[t!, Makriow e, Smvn Barivn, ti srj ka a<ma o[k
16.2 16.3 16.3 16.4 16.5 16.8 16.8 &Ocaw &O caw ^Upokrita dnasye dnasye to prof}tou a[to a[tow \lbete xete 16.11 16.11 16.12 16.13 16.14 16.17 rtou rtvn prosxein prosxete d to rtou tn rtvn me epon epan Ka pokriyew &Apokriyew d
13 5


16.18 - 16.28


peklucn soi, ll' ` pat}r mou ` \n tow o[ranow. 18 KgW d soi lgv, ti s e Pt r o w, ka \p tat+ t_ ptr okodom}sv mou t|n \kklhsan, ka plai %A dou o[ 19 katisxsousi n a[tw. Ka dQsv so tw klew tw basileaw tn o[rann: ka $ \n d}s+w \p tw gw, stai o dedemnon \n tow o[ranow: ka $ \n ls+w \p tw gw, stai o 20 lelumnon \n tow o[ranow. Tte diestelato tow mayhtaw a[to na mhden epvsin ti a[tw \stin &Ihsow ` xristw. &Ap tte rjato ` &Ihsow deiknein tow mayhtaw a[to ti de a[tn pelyen ew ^Ierosluma, ka poll payen p tn presbutrvn ka rxiervn ka grammatvn, ka poktanynai, ka t_ trt+ =mr \gerynai. 22 Ka proslabmenow a[tn ` Ptrow rjato \pitimn a[t! lgvn, %IleQw soi, krie: o[ m| stai soi toto. 23 ^O d strafew epen t! Ptr~, %Upage psv mou, Satan, skndalon mou e: ti o[ fronew t to yeo, ll t tn nyrQpvn. 24 Tte ` &Ihsow epen tow mayhtaw a[to, E tiw ylei psv mou ^ \lyen, parnhssyv eautn, ka rtv tn staurn a[to, ka kolouyetv moi. 25 $O w gr n yl+ t|n cux|n a[to ssai polsei a[t}n: $ w d' n pols+ t|n cux|n a[to o & neken \mo er}sei a[t}n: 26 t gr vfeletai nyrvpow \n tn ksmon lon kerd}s+, t|n d cux|n a[to zhmivy_; (H t dQsei nyrvpow ntllagma tw cuxw a[to; 27 Mllei gr ` uw to nyrQpou rxesyai \n t_ dj+ to patrw a[to ^ met tn gglvn a[to, ka tte podQsei ekst~ kat t|n 28 ^ prjin a[to. &Am|n lgv mn, esn tinew @de e sttew, otinew o[ m| gesvntai yantou, vw n dvsin tn un to nyrQpou \rxmenon \n t_ basile a[to.

16.19 16.19 16.20 16.20 16.21

Ka dQsv DQsv klew kledaw a[to &Ihsow pelyen ew ^Ierosluma ew ^Ierosluma pelyen

16.23 16.25 16.26 16.28 16.28 16.28

mou e e \mo n yl+ \n yl+ & & vfeletai vfelhy}setai esn ti esn @de tn @de ^ ^ esttew estQtvn



17.1 - 17.15


Ka mey' =mr aw j par al amb nei ` &Ihsow tn Ptron ka &Ikvbon ka &Ivnnhn tn delfn a[to, ka nafrei a[tow ew row chln kat' dan. 2 Ka metemorfQyh mprosyen a[tn, ka lamcen t prsvpon a[to qw ` % liow, t d mtia a[to \gnonto leuk qw t h 3 * fw. Ka do, vfyhsan a[tow Mvsw ka &Hlaw, met' a[to sullalontew. 4 &Apokriyew d ` Ptrow epen t! &I h s o , krie, kaln \stin =mw @de enai: e yl ei w, poi}svmen @de trew skhnw, so man, ka Mvs_ man, ka man &Hl. 5 *Eti a[to lalontow, do, neflh fvtein| \peskasen a[tow: ka do, fvn| \k tw neflhw, lgousa, Otw \stin ` uw mou ` gaphtw, \n > e[dkhsa: a[to koete. 6 Ka kosantew o mayhta peson \p prsvpon a[tn, ka \fob}yhsan sfdra. 7 Ka proselyWn ` &Ihsow % cato a[tn ka epen, &Egryhte ka m| fobesye. h 8 &Eprantew d tow fyalmow a[tn, o[dna edon, e m| tn &Ihson mnon.
Ka katabainntvn a[tn \k to rouw, \netelato a[tow ` &Ihsow, lgvn, Mhden ephte t rama, vw o ` uw to nyrQpou \k nekrn nast_. 10 Ka \phrQthsan a[tn o mayhta a[to lgontew, T o{n o grammatew lgousin ti &Hlan de \lyen prton; 11 ^O d &Ihsow pokriyew epen a[tow, &Hlaw mn rxetai prton, ka pokatast}sei pnta: 12 lgv d mn ti &Hlaw dh lyen, ka o[k \pgnvsan a[tn, ll \pohsan \n a[t! sa ylhsan: o% tvw ka ` u 13 uw to nyrQpou mllei psxein p' a[tn. Tte sunkan o mayhta ti per &Ivnnou to baptisto epen a[tow. Ka \lyntvn a[tn prw tn xlon, proslyen a[t! nyrvpow gonupetn a[tn 15 ka lgvn, Krie, \lhsn mou tn un, ti selhnizetai ka kakw psxei: pollkiw gr
14 9


17.2 \gnonto \gneto * * 17.3 vfyhsan vfyh 17.3 Mvsw Mvsw 17.3 met' a[to sullalontew sullalontew met' a[to 17.4 poi}svmen poi}sv 17.4 Mvs_ Mvse 17.4 man &Hl &Hl man 17.5 a[to koete koete a[to 17.6 peson pesan

17.7 17.7 17.8 17.9 17.10 17.11 17.11 17.11 17.14

proselyWn proslyen % cato a[tn ka ka acmenow ^ h a[tn tn a[tn nast_ \gery_ a[to &Ihsow a[tow prton a[tn


17.16 - 17.27


pptei ew t pr, ka pollkiw ew t % dvr. 16 Ka pros}negka u a[tn tow mayhtaw sou, ka o[k dun}yhsan a[tn yerapesai. 17 &Apokriyew d ` &Ihsow epen, )V gene pistow ka diestrammnh, vw pte somai mey' mn; %Evw pte njomai mn; Fret moi a[tn @de. 18 Ka \petmhsen a[t! ` &Ihsow, ka \jlyen p' a[to t daimnion, ka % \yerapeyh ` paw p tw vraw \kenhw. 19 Tte proselyntew o mayhta t! &Ihso kat' dan epon, Di t =mew o[k dun}yhmen \kbalen a[t; 20 ^O d &Ihsow epen a[tow, Di t|n pistan mn. &Am|n gr lgv mn, \n xhte pstin qw kkkon sinpevw, \rete t! rei tot~, Metbhyi nteyen \ke, ka metab}setai: ka o[dn dunat}sei mn. 21 Toto d t gnow o[k \kporeetai e m| \n proseux_ ka nhste. &Anastrefomnvn d a[tn \n t_ Galila, epen a[tow ` &Ihsow, Mllei ` uw to nyrQpou paraddosyai ew xeraw nyrQpvn, 23 ka poktenosin a[tn, ka t_ trt+ =mr \gery}setai. Ka \lup}yhsan sfdra. &Elyntvn d a[tn ew Kapernaom, proslyon o t ddraxma lambnontew t! Ptr~ ka epon, ^O didskalow mn o[ tele t ddraxma; 25 Lgei, Na. Ka te eslyen ew t|n okan, profyasen a[tn ` &Ihsow, lgvn, T soi doke, Smvn; O basilew tw gw p tnvn lambnousin tlh ( h knson; &Ap tn un a[tn, ( p tn llotrvn; 26 Lgei h a[t! ` Ptrow, &Ap tn llotrvn. *Efh a[t! ` &Ihsow, *Ara ge \leyero esin o uo. 27 %Ina d m| skandalsvmen a[tow, poreuyew ew t|n ylassan ble gkistron, ka tn nabanonta prton xyn ron: ka nojaw t stma a[to, er}seiw statra: \kenon labWn dw a[tow nt \mo ka so.
24 22


17.17 somai mey' mn mey' mn somai 17.20 &Ihsow epen lgei 17.20 pistan ligopistan 17.20 Metbhyi nteyen Metba nyen 17.21 17.22 &Anastrefomnvn Sustrefomnvn

17.24 17.24 17.24 17.25 17.26

Kapernaom Kafarnaom epon epan tele t tele t te eslyen \lynta Lgei a[t! ` Ptrow Epntow d 17.27 t|n 17.27 nabanonta nabnta



18.1 - 18.14


% &En \ken+ t_ vr proslyon o mayhta t! &Ihso, lgontew, Tw ra mezvn \stn \n t_ basile tn o[rann; 2 Ka proskalesmenow ` &Ihsow paidon sthsen a[t \n ms~ a[tn, 3 ka epen, &Am|n lgv mn, \n m| strafte ka gnhsye qw t paida, o[ m| eslyhte ew t|n ^ basilean tn o[rann. 4 %O stiw o{n tapeinQsei eautn qw t paidon toto, otw \stin ` mezvn \n t_ basile tn o[rann. 5 Ka $ w \n djhtai paidon toioton n \p t! o nmat mou, \m dxetai: 6 $O w d' n skandals+ na tn mikrn totvn tn pisteuntvn ew \m, sumfrei a[t! na kremasy_ mlow nikw ew tn trxhlon a[to, ka katapontisy_ \n t! pelgei tw yalsshw. 7 O[a t! ksm~ p tn skandlvn: ngkh gr \stin \lyen t skndala: pl|n o[a t! nyrQp~ \ken~, di' o t skndalon rxetai. 8 E d = xer sou ( ` pow sou skandalzei se, kkocon a[t h ka ble p so: kaln soi \stn eselyen ew t|n zv|n xvln ( kulln, ( do xeraw ( do pdaw xonta blhynai ew h h h t pr t aQnion. 9 Ka e ` fyalmw sou skandalzei se, jele a[tn ka ble p so: kaln soi \stn monfyalmon ew t|n zv|n eselyen, ( do fyalmow xonta blhynai ew h ^ t|n gennan to purw. 10 ^O rte m| katafron}shte enw tn mikrn totvn, lgv gr mn ti o ggeloi a[tn \n o[ranow di pantw blpousin t prsvpon to patrw mou to \n o[ranow. 11 )Hlyen gr ` uw to nyrQpou ssai t ^ polvlw. 12 T mn doke; &En gnhta tini nyrQp~ ekatn prbata, ka planhy_ n \j a[tn: o[x few t \nen}konta \nna, \p t rh poreuyew zhte t planQmenon; 13 Ka \n gnhtai eren a[t, m|n lgv mn ti xarei \p' a[t! mllon, ( \p tow \nen}konta \nna tow m| peplanhmnoiw. h 14 % O utvw o[k stin ylhma mprosyen to patrw mn to \n o[ranow, na plhtai e<w tn mikrn totvn.

18.2 ` &Ihsow 18.5 paidon toioton n n paidon toioto 18.6 ew tn per tn 18.7 \stin 18.7 \ken~ 18.8 a[t a[tn

18.8 18.11 18.12 18.12 18.14

xvln ( kulln kulln ( h h xvln few f}sei poreuyew ka poreuyew e<w n


18.15 - 18.30


^ % &E n d a mart}s+ ew s ` delfw sou, u page ka legjon a[tn metaj so ka a[to mnou. &En sou kos+, \krdhsaw tn delfn sou: 16 \n d m| kos+, parlabe met so ti na ( do, na \p stmatow do martrvn ( trin h h stay_ pn ]ma: 17 \ n d parakos+ a[tn, ep t_ \kklhs: \n d ka tw \kklhsaw parakos+, stv soi % vsper ` \ynikw ka ` telQnhw. 18 &Am|n lgv mn, sa \n d}shte \p tw gw, stai dedemna \n t! o[ran!: ka sa \n lshte \p tw gw, stai lelumna \n t! o[ran!. 19 Plin m|n lgv mn, ti \n do mn sumfvn}svsin \p tw gw per pantw prgmatow o \n at}svntai, gen}setai a[tow par to patrw mou to \n o[ranow. 20 O gr esin do ( h trew sunhgmnoi ew t \mn noma, \ke em \n ms~ a[tn. Tte proselyWn a[t! ` Ptrow epen, Krie, poskiw ^ a mart}sei ew \m ` delfw mou, ka f}sv a[t!; %Evw ^ ^ e ptkiw; 22 Lgei a[t! ` &Ihsow, O[ lgv soi vw e ptkiw, 23 ^ ^ ll' vw e bdomhkontkiw e pt. Di toto qmoiQyh = basilea tn o[rann nyrQp~ basile, $ w yl h s en o 24 sunrai lgon met tn dolvn a[to. &Arjamnou d a[to sunarein, proshnxyh a[t! e<w feilthw murvn talntvn. 25 M| xontow d a[to podonai \kleusen a[tn ` kriow a[to praynai, ka t|n gunaka a[to ka t tkna, ka pnta sa exen, ka podoynai. 26 PesWn o{n ` dolow proseknei a[t!, lgvn, Krie, Makroymhson \p' \mo, ka pnta soi podQsv. 27 Splagxnisyew d ` kriow to dolou \kenou plusen a[tn, ka t dneion fken a[t!. 28 &EjelyWn d ` dolow \kenow eren na tn sundolvn ^ a[to, $ w vfeilen a[t! ekatn dhnria, ka krat}saw a[tn o * pnigen, lgvn, &Apdow moi e ti feleiw. 29 PesWn o{n ` sndoulow a[to ew tow pdaw a[to pareklei a[tn, lgvn, Makroymhson \p' \mo, ka podQsv soi. 30 ^O d o[k
18.15 18.15 18.18 18.18 18.19 18.19 ew s ew s ka legjon legjon dedemna \n t! dedemna \n lelumna \n t! lelumna \n m|n m|n mn sumfvn}svsin sumfvn}svsin \j mn 18.21 a[t! ` Ptrow epen ` Ptrow epen a[t! 18.22 18.25 18.25 18.25 18.26 18.26 18.28 18.29 ll' ll a[to praynai praynai a[to ka ka exen xei Krie soi podQsv podQsv soi moi ew tow pdaw a[to


yelen, ll pelyWn balen a[tn ew fulak}n, vw o pod! t feilmenon. 31 &Idntew d o sndouloi a[to t genmena \lup}yhsan sfdra: ka \lyntew diesfhsan t! ^ kur~ eautn pnta t genmena. 32 Tte proskalesmenow a[tn ` kriow a[to lgei a[t!, Dole ponhr, psan t|n feil|n \kenhn fk soi, \pe pareklesw me: 33 o[k dei ka s \lesai tn sndouln sou, qw ka \gQ se lhsa; 34 Ka rgisye w ` kriow a[to pardvken a[tn tow basanistaw, vw o pod! pn t feilmenon a[t!. 35 % O utvw ka ` pat}r mou ` \pourniow poi}sei mn, \n m| fte kastow t! delf! a[to p tn kardin mn t paraptQmata a[tn.

18.31 - 19.9

Ka \gneto te \tlesen ` &Ihsow tow lgouw totouw, metren p tw Galilaaw, ka lyen ew t ria tw &Ioudaaw pran to &Iordnou. 2 Ka koloyhsan a[t! xloi pollo, ka \yerpeusen a[tow \ke. 3 Ka proslyon a[t! o Farisaoi peirzontew a[tn, ka lgontew a[t!, E jestin nyrQp~ polsai t|n gunaka a[to kat psan atan; 4 ^O d pokriyew epen a[tow, O [k ngnvte ti ` poi}saw p' rxw rsen ka ylu \pohsen a[tow, 5 ka epen, %Eneken totou katalecei ka t|n mhtra, ka nyrvpow tn patra proskollhy}setai t_ gunaik a[to, ka sontai o do ew srka man; 6 %Vste o[kti esn do, ll srj ma: $ o{n ` o 7 yew sunzeujen, nyrvpow m| xvriztv. Lgousin a[t!, T o{n Mvsw \netelato donai biblon postasou, ka polsai a[t}n; 8 Lgei a[tow ti Mvsw prw t|n sklhrokardan mn \ptrecen mn polsai tw gunakaw o mn: p' rxw d o[ ggonen o% tvw. 9 Lgv d mn ti $ w n u pols+ t|n gunaka a[to, m| \p porne, ka gam}s+ llhn, moixtai: ka ` polelumnhn gam}saw moixtai.
18.30 18.31 18.33 18.34 18.35 18.35 19.3 19.3 19.4 o d o{n ka \gQ kgW a[t! \pourniow o[rniow t paraptQmata a[tn o a[t! E E a[tow 19.4 poi}saw ktsaw 19.5 %Eneken %Eneka 19.5 proskollhy}setai kollhy}setai 19.7 Mvsw Mvsw 19.7 a[t}n a[t}n 19.8 Mvsw Mvsw 19.9 ka ` polelumnhn gam}saw moixtai


patra a[to kollhy}setai


19.10 - 19.24


Lgousin a[t! o mayhta a[to, E o% tvw \stn = ata to u nyrQpou met tw gunaikw, o[ sumfrei gamsai. 11 ^O d epen a[tow, O[ pntew xvrosin tn lgon toton, ll' o<w ddotai. 12 Esn gr e[noxoi, otinew \k koilaw mhtrw \g en n } y h s a n o % tvw: ka esin e[noxoi, otinew u e[nouxsyhsan p tn nyrQpvn: ka esin e[noxoi, otinew ^ e[noxisan e autow di t|n basilean tn o[rann. ^O dunmenow xvren xvretv. Tte proshnxyh a[t! paida, na tw xeraw \piy_ a[tow, ka prosejhtai: o d mayhta \petmhsan a[tow. 14 ^O d &Ihsow epen, *Afete t paida, ka m| kvlete a[t \l ye n prw me: tn gr toiotvn \stn = basilea tn o[rann. 15 Ka \piyew a[tow tw xeraw, \poreyh \keyen. 16 Ka do, e<w proselyWn epen a[t!, Didskale gay, t gayn poi}sv, na xv zv|n aQnion; 17 ^O d epen a[t!, T me lgeiw gayn; O[dew gayw, e m| e<w, ` yew. E d yleiw eselyen ew t|n zv}n, t}rhson tw \ntolw. 18 Lgei a[t!, Poaw; ^O d &Ihsow epen, T O[ foneseiw: o[ moixeseiw: o[ klceiw: o[ ceudomartur}seiw: 19 tma tn patra ka t|n mhtra: ka, gap}seiw tn plhson sou qw seautn. 20 Lgei a[t! ` neanskow, Pnta tata \fulajmhn \k nethtw mou: t ti ster; 21 *Efh a[t! ` &Ihsow, E yleiw tleiow enai, % page, pQlhsn sou t prxonta ka dw ptvxow, ka jeiw u yhsaurn \n o[ran!: ka dero, koloyei moi. 22 &Akosaw d ` neanskow tn lgon plyen lupomenow: n gr xvn kt}mata poll. ^O d &Ihsow epen tow mayhtaw a[to, &Am|n lgv mn ti dusklvw plosiow eselesetai ew t|n basilean tn o[rann. 24 Plin d lgv mn, e[kopQtern \stin kmhlon di trup}matow ]afdow dielye n , ( plosion ew t|n h
23 13

19.10 19.11 19.13 19.15 19.16 19.16 19.16 19.17 19.17

a[to a[to toton toton proshnxyh proshnxyhsan a[tow tw xeraw tw xeraw a[tow epen a[t! a[t! epen gay xv sx lgeiw gayn \rvtw per to gayo O[dew gayw e m| e<w ` yew

E<w \stin ` gayw 19.17 eselyen ew t|n zv}n ew t|n zv|n eselyen 19.20 \fulajmhn \k nethtw mou \flaja 19.21 ptvxow tow ptvxow 19.21 o[ran! o[ranow 19.23 dusklvw plosiow plosiow dusklvw 19.24 ew eselyen ew


basilean to yeo eselyen. 25 &Akosantew d o mayhta a[to \jepl}ssonto sfdra, lgontew, Tw ra dnatai svynai; 26 &Emblcaw d ` &Ihsow epen a[tow, Par nyrQpoiw toto dnatn \stin, par d ye! pnta dunat. 27 Tte pokriyew ` Ptrow epen a[t!, &Ido, =mew f}kamen pnta ka kolouy}samn soi: t ra stai =mn; 28 ^O d &I h s o w e p en a[tow, &Am|n lgv mn ti mew o kolouy}santw moi, \n t_ paliggenes tan kays+ ` uw to nyrQpou \p yrnou djhw a[to, kaysesye ka mew \p dQdeka yrnouw, krnontew tw dQdeka fulw to &Isra}l. 29 Ka pw w fken okaw, ( delfow, ( delfw, ( patra, h h h ( mhtra, ( gunaka, ( tkna, ( grow, neken to nmatw h h h h ^ katontaplasona l}cetai, ka zv|n aQnion mou, e klhronom}sei. 30 Pollo d sontai prtoi sxatoi, ka sxatoi prtoi.

19.25 - 20.9

dunat \stin


^O moa gr \stin = basilea tn o[rann nyrQp~ okodespt+, stiw \jlyen ma prv misyQsasyai \rgtaw ew tn mpelna a[to. 2 Ka sumfvn}saw met tn \rgatn \k dhnarou t|n =mran, psteilen a[tow ew tn % mpelna a[to. 3 Ka \jelyWn per trthn vran, eden ^ sttaw \n t_ gor rgow: 4 ka \kenoiw epen, llouw e ^Upgete ka mew ew tn mpelna, ka $ \n dkaion o 5 dQsv mn. O d plyon. Plin \jelyWn per kthn ka ^ % \nthn vran, \pohsen qsatvw. 6 Per d t|n e ndekthn % ^ vran \jelyQn, eren llouw e sttaw rgow, ka lgei ^ a[tow, T @de est}kate lhn t|n =mran rgo; 7 Lgousin a[t!, %Oti o[dew =mw \misyQsato. Lgei a[tow, ^Upgete ka mew ew tn mpelna, ka $ \n dkaion l}cesye. o 8 &O caw d genomnhw lgei ` kriow to mpelnow t! \pitrp~ a[to, Kleson tow \rgtaw, ka pdow a[tow tn misyn, rjmenow p tn \sxtvn vw tn prQtvn. 9 Ka ^ % \lyntew o per t|n endekthn vran labon n dhnrion.
eselyen a[to kaysesye kay}sesye w stiw ( gunaka h l}cetai l}mcetai 20.2 20.5 20.6 20.6 20.7 Ka sumfvn}saw Sumfvn}saw d \jelyWn d \jelyWn % vran rgow ka $ \n dkaion l}cesye o

19.24 19.25 19.28 19.29 19.29 19.29


20.10 - 20.24


&Elyntew d o prtoi \nmisan ti pleona l}contai: ka labon ka a[to n dhnrion. 11 Labntew d \ggguzon kat to okodesptou, 12 lgontew ti Otoi o sxatoi man % v ran \pohsan, ka souw =mn a[tow \pohsaw, tow bastsasin t brow tw =mraw ka tn kasvna. 13 ^O d ^ pokriyew epen e n a[tn, ^Etare, o[k dik se: o[x dhnarou sunefQnhsw moi; 14 )Aron t sn ka % page: ylv u 15 d tot~ t! \sxt~ donai qw ka so. (H o[k jestn moi poisai $ ylv \n tow \mow; E ` fyalmw sou ponhrw \stin, o ti \gW gayw emi; 16 O % tvw sontai o sxatoi prtoi, ka o u prtoi sxatoi: pollo gr esin klhto, lgoi d \klekto. 17 Ka nabanvn ` &Ihsow ew ^Ierosluma parlaben tow dQdeka mayhtw kat' dan \n t_ `d!, ka epen a[tow, 18 &I d o , nabanomen ew ^Ierosluma, ka ` uw to nyrQpou paradoy}setai tow rxieresin ka grammatesin: ka katakrinosin a[tn yant~, 19 ka paradQsousin a[tn tow yn es i n e w t \mpajai ka mastigsai ka staursai: ka t_ trt+ =mr nast}setai. Tte proslyen a[t! = m}thr tn un Zebedaou met tn un a[tw, proskunosa ka atos ti par' a[to. 21 ^O d epen a[t_, T yleiw; Lgei a[t!, Ep na kaysvsin otoi o do uo mou, e<w \k dejin sou, ka e<w \j e[vnmvn sou, \n t_ basile sou. 22 &Apokriyew d ` &Ihsow epen, O[k odate t atesye. Dnasye pien t pot}rion $ \gW mllv o pnein, ( t bptisma $ \gW baptzomai baptisynai; h o Lgousin a[t!, Dunmeya . 23 Ka lgei a[tow, T mn pot}rin mou pesye, ka t bptisma $ \gW baptzomai o baptisy}sesye: T d kaysai \k dejin mou ka \j e[vnmvn mou, o[k stin \mn donai, ll' o<w =tomastai p to patrw mou. 24 Ka kosantew o dka gankthsan per tn

20.10 20.10 20.10 20.10 20.12 20.13 20.15 20.15 20.15 20.16

&Elyntew d Ka \lyntew pleona pleon l}contai l}mcontai ka a[to n dhnrion t n dhnrion ka a[to ti ^ ^ epen en a[tn en a[tn epen (H (H poisai $ ylv $ ylv poisai o o E (H pollo gr esin klhto lgoi d \klekto

20.17 20.17 20.19 20.20 20.22 20.23 20.23 20.23 20.23

mayhtw mayhtw \n t_ `d! ka ka \n t_ `d! nast}setai \gery}setai par' p' ( t bptisma $ \gW baptzomai h o baptisynai Ka lgei Lgei ka t bptisma $ \gW o baptzomai baptisy}sesye mou o[k o[k donai toto donai


do delfn. 25 ^O d &Ihsow proskalesmenow a[tow epen, Odate ti o rxontew tn \ynn katakurieousin a[tn, ka u o megloi katejousizousin a[tn. 26 O[x o% tvw d stai \n mn: ll' $ w \n yl+ \n mn mgaw gensyai stai mn o o dikonow: 27 ka $ w \n yl+ \n mn enai prtow stv mn 28 % dolow: v sper ` uw to nyrQpou o[k lyen diakonhynai, ll diakonsai, ka donai t|n cux|n a[to ltron nt polln. Ka \kporeuomnvn a[tn p &IerixQ, koloyhsen a[t! xlow polw. 30 Ka do, do tuflo kay}menoi par t|n `dn, kosantew ti &Ihsow pargei, krajan, lgontew, &Elhson =mw, krie, uw Daud. 31 ^O d xlow \petmhsen a[tow na sivp}svsin. O d mezon krazon, lgontew, &Elhson =mw, krie, uw Daud. 32 Ka stw ` &Ihsow \f Q n h s en a[tow, ka epen, T yl et e poi}sv mn; 33 Lgousin a[t!, Krie, na noixysin =mn o fyalmo. 34 Splagxnisyew d ` &Ihsow % cato tn fyalmn a[tn: ka h e[yvw nblecan a[tn o fyalmo, ka koloyhsan a[t!.

20.25 - 21.6

Ka te ggis an ew ^Ier os l uma, ka lyon ew Bhysfag prw t row tn &Elain, tte ` &Ihsow psteilen do mayhtw, 2 lgvn a[tow, Poreyhte ew t|n kQmhn t|n pnanti mn, ka e[yv w e r } s et e non dedemnhn, ka plon met' a[tw: lsantew gget moi. 3 Ka \n tiw mn ep+ ti, \rete ti ^O kriow a[tn xrean xei: e[yvw d postllei a[tow. 4 Toto d lon ggonen, na plhrvy_ t ]hyn di to prof}tou, lgontow, 5 Epate t_ yugatr SiQn, &Ido, ` basilew sou rxeta soi, praw ka \pibebhkWw \p non ka plon un pozugou. 6 Poreuyntew d o mayhta, ka poi}santew kayWw prostajen a[tow `
20.26 20.27 20.27 20.30 20.31 20.33 d \n n stv stai krie krie krazon krajan noixysin =mn o fyalmo noigsin o fyalmo =mn 20.34 fyalmn mmtvn 20.34 a[tn o fyalmo 21.1 21.1 21.2 21.2 21.3 Bhysfag prw Bhyfag| ew ` Poreyhte Poreesye pnanti katnanti e[yvw d postllei e[yw d postele 21.4 lon 21.5 plon \p plon 21.6 prostajen suntajen




21.7 - 21.21

&Ihsow, 7 gagon t|n non ka tn plon, ka \pyhkan \pnv a[tn t mtia a[tn, ka \pekyisen \pnv a[tn. 8 ^O d ^ plestow xlow strvsan eautn t mtia \n t_ `d!: lloi d kopton kldouw p tn dndrvn, ka \strQnnuon \n t_ `d!. 9 O d xloi o progontew ka o kolouyontew krazon, lgontew, ^Vsann t! u! Daud: E[loghmnow ` \rxmenow \n nmati kurou: ^Vsann \n tow cstoiw. 10 Ka eselyntow a[to ew ^Ierosluma, \sesyh psa = pliw, lgousa, Tw \stin otow; 11 O d xloi legon, Otw \stin &Ihsow ` prof}thw, ` p Nazart tw Galilaaw. Ka eslyen ` &Ihsow ew t ern to yeo , ka \jbalen pntaw tow pvlontaw ka gorzontaw \n t! er!, ka tw trapzaw tn kollubistn katstrecen, ka tw kaydraw tn pvlontvn tw peristerw. 13 Ka lgei a[tow, Ggraptai, ^O okw mou okow proseuxw klhy}setai: mew d a[tn \poi}sate sp}laion l+stn. 14 Ka proslyon a[t! xv l o ka tuflo \n t! er ! : ka \yer p eu s en a[tow. 15 &Idntew d o rxierew ka o grammatew t yaumsia $ a \pohsen, ka tow padaw krzontaw \n t! er!, ka lgontaw, ^Vsann t! u! Daud, gankthsan, 16 ka epon a[t!, &Akoeiw t otoi lgousin; ^O d &Ihsow lgei a[tow, Na: o[dpote ngnvte ti &Ek stmatow nhpvn ka yhlazntvn kathrtsv anon; 17 Ka katalipWn a[tow \jlyen jv tw plevw ew Bhyanan, ka h[lsyh \ke.
18 19 12

Prvaw d \pangvn ew t|n plin, \penasen:

ka dWn sukn man \p tw `do, lyen \p' a[t}n, ka o[dn eren \n a[t_ e m| flla mnon: ka lgei a[t_, Mhkti \k so karpw gnhtai ew tn ana. Ka \jhrnyh paraxrma = suk. 20 Ka dntew o mayhta \yamasan, lgontew, Pw paraxrma \jhrnyh = suk; 21 &Apokriyew d ` &Ihsow epen a[tow, &Am|n lgv mn, \n xhte pstin, ka m| diakriyte, o[ mnon t tw sukw poi}sete, ll kn t!
21.7 21.7 21.9 21.11 \pyhkan \pnv \pyhkan \p' a[tn ka ka ka a[tn ka &Ihsow ` prof}thw ` prof}thw &Ihsow 21.11 Nazart Nazary 21.12 ` 21.12 to yeo 21.13 \poi}sate poiete 21.14 xvlo ka tuflo tuflo ka xvlo 21.15 krzontaw tow krzontaw 21.16 epon epan 21.18 Prvaw Prv



21.22 - 21.34

rei tot~ ephte, *Aryhti ka bl}yhti ew t|n ylassan, gen}setai. 22 Ka pnta sa \n at}shte \n t_ proseux_, pisteontew, l}cesye. Ka \lynti a[t! ew t ern, proslyon a[t! didskonti o rxierew ka o presbteroi to lao, lgontew, &En po \jous tata poiew; Ka tw soi dvken t|n \jousan tathn; 24 &Apokriyew d ` &Ihsow epen a[tow, &Ervt}sv mw kgW lgon na, $ n \n epht moi, kgW mn o \r \n po \jous tata poi. 25 T bptisma &Ivnnou pyen n; &Ej o[rano ( \j nyrQpvn; O d dielogzonto par' h ^ eautow, lgontew, &En epvmen, &Ej o[rano, \re =mn, Di t o{n o[k \pistesate a[t!; 26 &En d epvmen, &Ej nyrQpvn, fobomeya tn xlon: pntew gr xousin tn &Ivnnhn qw prof}thn. 27 Ka pokriyntew t! &Ihso epon, O[k odamen. *Efh a[tow ka a[tw, O[d \gW lgv mn \n po \jous tata poi. 28 T d mn doke; *Anyrvpow exen tkna do, ka proselyWn t! prQt~ epen, Tknon, % page, s}meron u \rgzou \n t! mpeln mou. 29 ^O d pokriyew epen, O[ ylv: % steron d metamelhyew, plyen. 30 Ka proselyWn u t! deutr~ epen qsatvw. ^O d pokriyew epen, &EgQ, krie: ka o[k plyen. 31 Tw \k tn do \pohsen t ylhma to patrw; Lgousin a[t!, ^O prtow. Lgei a[tow ` &Ihsow, &Am|n lgv mn, ti o telnai ka a prnai progousin mw ew t|n basilean to yeo. 32 )Hlyen gr prw mw &Ivnnhw \n `d! dikaiosnhw, ka o[k \pistesate a[t!: o d telnai ka a prnai \psteusan a[t!: mew d dntew o[ metemel}yhte % steron to pistesai a[t!. u *A l l h n parabol|n kosate. *Anyrvpw tiw n okodespthw, stiw \fteusen mpelna, ka fragmn a[t! * periyhken, ka vrujen \n a[t! lhnn, ka kodmhsen prgon, ka \jdoto a[tn gevrgow, ka ped}mhsen. 34 %O te
\n n l}cesye l}mcesye \lynti a[t! \lyntow a[to &Ivnnou t &Ivnnou par' \n xousin tn &Ivnnhn qw prof}thn qw prof}thn xousin tn &Ivnnhn 21.27 epon epan 21.22 21.22 21.23 21.25 21.25 21.26 21.28 mou 21.30 Ka proselyWn t! deutr~ ^ ProselyWn d t! etr~ 21.31 a[t! 21.32 prw mw &Ivnnhw &Ivnnhw prw mw 21.32 o[ o[d 21.33 tiw 21.33 \jdoto \jdeto
33 23

^ etr~


21.35 - 22.5

d ggisen ` kairw tn karpn, psteilen tow dolouw a[to prw tow gevrgow, laben tow karpow a[to: 35 ka labntew o gevrgo tow dolouw a[to, $ n mn deiran, $ n d o o 36 pkteinan, $ n d \liyoblhsan. Plin psteilen llouw o dolouw pleonaw tn prQtvn: ka \pohsan a[tow qsatvw. 37 %Usteron d psteilen prw a[tow tn un a[to, lgvn, &Entrap}sontai tn un mou. 38 O d gevrgo dntew tn un ^ e p o n \n e autow, O tw \stin ` klhronmow: de t e, poktenvmen a[tn, ka katsxvmen t|n klhronoman a[to. 39 Ka labntew a[tn \jbalon jv to mpelnow ka pkteinan. 40 %O tan o{n ly+ ` kriow to mpelnow, t poi}sei tow gevrgow \kenoiw; 41 Lgousin a[t!, Kakow kakw polsei a[tow, ka tn mpelna \kdQsetai lloiw gevrgow, otinew podQsousin a[t! tow karpow \n tow kairow a[tn. 42 Lgei a[tow ` &Ihsow, O[dpote ngnvte \n taw grafaw, Lyon $ n pedokmasan o okodomontew, o otow \gen}yh ew kefal|n gvnaw: par kurou \gneto a% th, u ka stin yaumast| \n fyalmow =mn; 43 Di toto lgv mn ti ry}setai f' mn = basilea to yeo , ka doy}setai ynei poionti tow karpow a[tw. 44 Ka ` pesWn \p tn lyon toton sunylasy}setai: \f' $ n d' n ps+, o 45 Ka kosantew o rxierew ka o likm}sei a[tn. Farisaoi tw parabolw a[to gnvsan ti per a[tn lgei. 46 Ka zhtontew a[tn kratsai, \fob}yhsan tow xlouw, \peid| qw prof}thn a[tn exon.


Ka pok r iyew ` &Ihsow pl in ep en a[t ow \n parabo l a w, lgvn, 2 ^V m o i Q yh = basilea tn o[rann nyrQp~ basile, stiw \pohsen gmouw t! u! a[to: 3 ka psteilen tow dolouw a[to kalsai tow keklhmnouw ew tow gmouw, ka o[k yelon \lyen. 4 Plin psteilen llouw dolouw, lgvn, Epate tow keklhmnoiw. &Ido, t ristn mou =tomasa, o taro mou ka t sitist teyumna, ka pnta toima: dete ew tow gmouw. 5 O d
katsxvmen sxmen Ka Ka a[tn a[tn \peid| qw \pe ew 22.1 22.4 a[tow \n parabolaw \n parabolaw a[tow =tomasa =tomaka

21.38 21.44 21.44 21.46


mel}santew plyon, ` mn ew tn dion grn, ` d ew t|n \mporan a[to: 6 o d loipo krat}santew tow dolouw a[to % brisan ka pkteinan. 7 Ka kosaw ` basilew u & \kenow vrgsyh, ka pmcaw t stratemata a[to pQlesen tow fonew \kenouw, ka t|n plin a[tn \nprhsen. 8 Tte lgei tow doloiw a[to, ^O mn gmow toimw \stin, o d keklhmnoi o[k san jioi. 9 Poreesye o{n \p tw diejdouw tn `dn, ka souw n e% rhte, kalsate ew tow gmouw. u 10 Ka \jelyntew o doloi \kenoi ew tw `dow sun}gagon pntaw souw eron, ponhrow te ka gayow: ka \pl}syh ` gmow nakeimnvn. 11 EselyWn d ` basilew yesasyai tow nakeimnouw eden \ke nyrvpon o[k \ndedumnon nduma gmou: 12 ka lgei a[t!, ^Etare, pw eslyew @de m| xvn nduma gmou; ^O d \fimQyh. 13 Tte epen ` basilew tow diaknoiw, D}santew a[to pdaw ka xeraw, rate a[tn ka \kblete ew t sktow t \jQteron: \ke stai ` klauymw ka ` brugmw tn dntvn. 14 Pollo gr esin klhto, lgoi d \klekto. Tte poreuyntew o Farisaoi sumbolion labon pvw a[tn pagidesvsin \n lg~. 16 Ka postllousin a[t! tow mayhtw a[tn met tn ^Hr~diann, lgontew, Didskale, odamen ti lhy|w e, ka t|n `dn to yeo \n lhye didskeiw, ka o[ mlei soi per o[denw, o[ gr blpeiw ew prsvpon nyrQpvn. 17 Ep o{n =mn, t soi doke; *Ejestin dona i knson Kasari, ( o; 18 Gnow d ` &Ihsow t|n h ponhran a[tn e p en , T me peirzete, pokrita; 19 &Epidejat moi t nmisma to k}nsou. O d pros}negkan u a[t! dhnrion. 20 Ka lgei a[tow, Tnow = ekWn a% th ka = 21 \pigraf}; Lgousin a[t!, Kasarow. Tte lgei a[tow, &Apdote o{n t Kasarow Kasari: ka t to yeo t! ye!. 22 Ka kosantew \yamasan: ka fntew a[tn plyon. &En \ken+ t_ =mr proslyon a[t! Saddoukaoi, o lgontew m| enai nstasin, ka \phrQthsan a[tn,
$ 22.5 ` mn ow mn 22.5 ` d ew $ w d \p o 22.7 Ka kosaw ` basilew \kenow ^O d basilew 22.9 n \n 22.10 souw ow 22.13 epen ` basilew ` basilew epen 22.13 rate a[tn ka \kblete \kblete a[tn 22.22 plyon plyan 22.23 o
23 15

22.6 - 22.23


xeraw ka pdaw


22.24 - 22.44


lgontew, Didskale, Mvsw epen, &En tiw poyn+ m| xvn tkna, \pigambresei ` delfw a[to t|n gunaka a[to, ka nast}sei sprma t! delf! a[to. 25 )Hsan d ^ par' =mn ept delfo: ka ` prtow gam}saw \telethsen: ka m| xvn sprma, fken t|n gunaka a[to t! delf! ^ a[to. 26 ^O movw ka ` deterow, ka ` trtow, vw tn ept. 27 28 %Usteron d pntvn pyanen ka = gun}. &En t_ o{n ^ nastsei, tnow tn e pt stai gun}; Pntew gr sxon a[t}n. 29 &Apokriyew d ` &Ihsow epen a[tow, Plansye, m| edtew tw grafw, mhd t|n dnamin to yeo. 30 &En gr t_ nastsei ote gamosin, ote \kgamzontai, ll' qw ggeloi to yeo \n o[ran! esin. 31 Per d tw nastsevw tn nekrn, o[k ngnvte t ]hyn mn p to yeo, lgontow, 32 &EgQ emi ` yew &Abram, ka ` yew &Isak, ka ` yew &IakQb; O[k stin ` yew yew nekrn, ll zQntvn. 33 Ka kosantew o xloi \jepl}ssonto \p t_ didax_ a[to.

% auth

O d Farisaoi, kosantew ti \fmvsen tow Saddoukaouw, sun}xyhsan \p t a[t. 35 Ka \phrQthsen e<w \j a[tn nomikw, peirzvn a[tn, ka lgvn, 36 Didskale, poa \ntol| meglh \n t! nm~; 37 ` d &Ihsow fh a[t!, &Agap}seiw krion tn yen sou, \n l+ kard sou, ka \n l+ u cux_ sou, ka \n l+ t_ diano sou. 38 A% th \stn prQth ka meglh \ntol}. 39 Deutra d `moa a[t_, &Agap}seiw tn plhson sou qw seautn. 40 &En tataiw taw dusn \ntolaw low ` nmow ka o proftai krmantai. Sunhgmnvn d tn Farisavn, \phrQthsen a[tow ` &Ihsow, 42 lgvn, T mn doke per to xristo; Tnow uw \stin; Lgousin a[t!, To Daud. 43 Lgei a[tow, Pw o{n Daud \n pnemati krion a[tn kale, lgvn, 44 Epen ` kriow t! kur~ mou, Kyou \k dejin mou, vw n y tow
22.24 22.25 22.27 22.28 22.30 22.30 22.32 22.35 22.35 22.37 Mvsw Mvsw gam}saw g}maw ka o{n nastsei nastsei o{n \kgamzontai gamzontai to yeo \n \n t! ` yew yew ` yew nomikw nomikw ka lgvn &Ihsow 22.37 kard t_ kard 22.37 cux_ t_ cux_ 22.38 prQth ka meglh = meglh ka prQth 22.40 ka krmatai ka 22.40 krmantai 22.43 krion a[tn kale kale a[tn krion 22.44 `



22.45 - 23.14

\xyrow sou popdion tn podn sou; 45 E o{n Daud kale a[tn krion, pw uw a[to \stin; 46 Ka o[dew \dnato a[t! pokriynai lgon: o[d \tlmhsn tiw p' \kenhw tw =mraw \pervtsai a[tn o[kti.


Tte ` &Ihsow \llhsen tow xloiw ka tow mayhtaw a[to, 2 lgvn, &Ep tw Mvsvw kaydraw \kyisan o grammatew ka o Farisaoi: 3 pnta o{n sa \n epvsin mn thren, threte ka poiete: kat d t rga a[tn m| poiete, lgousin gr ka o[ poiosin. 4 Desmeousin gr forta bara ka dusbstakta, ka \pitiyasin \p tow * vmouw tn nyrQpvn, t! d daktl~ a[tn o[ ylousin kinsai a[t. 5 Pnta d t rga a[tn poiosin prw t yeaynai tow nyrQpoiw: platnousin d t fulakt}ria a[tn, ka megalnousin t krspeda tn matvn a[tn: 6 filosn te t|n prvtoklisan \n tow depnoiw, ka tw prvtokayedraw \n taw sunagvgaw, 7 ka tow spasmow \n taw goraw, ka kalesyai p tn nyrQpvn, ^Rabb, ^Rabb: 8 mew d m| klhyte ^Rabb: e<w gr \stin mn ` kayhght}w, ` xristw: pntew d mew delfo \ste. 9 Ka patra m| kalshte mn \p tw gw: e<w gr \stin ` pat|r mn, ` \n tow o[ranow. 10 mhd klhyte kayhghta: e<w gr mn \stin ` kayhght}w, ` xristw. 11 ^O d mezvn mn stai ^ mn dikonow. 12 %O stiw d cQsei eautn, tapeinvy}setai: ^ ka stiw tapeinQsei eautn, cvy}setai.
O[a d mn, grammatew ka Farisaoi, pokrita, ti katesyete tw okaw tn xhrn, ka profsei makr proseuxmenoi: di toto l}cesye perissteron krma. 14 O[a mn, grammatew ka Farisaoi, pokrita, ti kleete

22.44 popdion poktv 22.46 a[t! pokriynai pokriynai a[t! 23.2 Mvsvw Mvsvw 23.3 thren threte ka poiete poi}sate ka threte 23.4 gr d 23.4 ka dusbstakta ka dusbstakta 23.4 t! d a[to d t! 23.5 platnousin d platnousin gr 23.5 tn matvn a[tn 23.6 te d

23.7 ^Rabb ^Rabb ^Rabb 23.8 kayhght}w ` xristw didskalow 23.9 ` pat|r mn ` \n tow o[ranow mn ` pat|r ` o[rniow 23.10 e<w gr mn \stin ` kayhght}w ti kayhght|w mn \stin e<w 23.13 katesyete tw okaw tn xhrn, ka profsei makr proseuxmenoi: di toto l}cesye perissteron krma 23.14 O[a mn, grammatew ka Farisaoi, pokrita, ti


23.15 - 23.28


t|n basilean tn o[rann mprosyen tn nyrQpvn: mew gr o[k e s r xes ye, o[d tow eserxomnouw fete eselyen. O[a mn, grammatew ka Farisaoi, pokrita, ti perigete t|n y l a s s a n ka t|n jhrn poisai na pros}luton, ka tan gnhtai, poiete a[tn un gennhw diplteron mn. O[a mn, `dhgo tuflo, o lgontew, $Ow n ms+ \n t! na!, o[dn \stin: $ w d' n ms+ \n t! xrus! to nao, o 17 felei. Mvro ka tuflo: tw gr mezvn \stn, ` xrusw, ( h 18 ^ ` naw ` a gizvn tn xrusn; Ka, $Ow \n ms+ \n t! yusiasthr~, o[dn \stin: $ w d' n ms+ \n t! dQr~ t! o 19 \pnv a[to, felei. Mvro ka tuflo: t gr mezon, t ^ dron, ( t yusiast}rion t a gizon t dron; 20 ^O o{n h msaw \n t! yusiasthr~ mnei \n a[t! ka \n psin tow \pnv a[to: 21 ka ` msaw \n t! na! mnei \n a[t! ka \n t! katoik}santi a[tn: 22 ka ` msaw \n t! o[ran! mnei \n t! yrn~ to yeo ka \n t! kayhmn~ \pnv a[to. O[a mn, grammatew ka Farisaoi, pokrita, ti podekatote t =dosmon ka t nhyon ka t kminon, ka f}kate t bartera to nmou, t|n krsin ka tn leon ka t|n pstin: tata dei poisai, kkena m| finai. 24 ^O dhgo tuflo, o dilzontew tn kQnvpa, t|n d kmhlon katapnontew. O[a mn, grammatew ka Farisaoi, pokrita, ti kayarzete t jvyen to pothrou ka tw parocdow, svyen ^ d gmousin \j a rpagw ka dikaw. 26 Farisae tufl, kayrison prton t \ntw to pothrou ka tw parocdow, na gnhtai ka t \ktw a[tn kayarn. O[a mn, grammatew ka Farisaoi, pokrita, ti paromoizete tfoiw kekoniamnoiw, otinew jvyen mn fanontai qraoi, svyen d gmousin stvn nekrn ka pshw kayarsaw. 28 O % tvw ka mew jvyen mn fanesye u
23.17 23.18 23.19 23.21 23.23 ^ ^ agizvn agisaw \n n Mvro ka katoik}santi katoikonti tn leon t leow 23.23 23.25 23.26 23.26 dei d dei dikaw krasaw ka tw parocdow a[tn a[to
27 25 23 16 15


tow nyrQpoiw dkaioi, svyen d mesto \ste pokrsevw ka nomaw. O[a mn, grammatew ka Farisaoi, pokrita, ti okodomete tow tfouw tn profhtn, ka kosmete t mnhmea tn dikavn, 30 ka lgete, E men \n taw =mraiw tn patrvn =mn, o[k n men koinvno a[tn \n t! amati ^ tn profhtn. 31 %Vste marturete eautow ti uo \ste tn 32 foneusntvn tow prof}taw: ka mew plhrQsate t 33 mtron tn patrvn mn. *O feiw, genn}mata \xidnn, pw fghte p tw krsevw tw gennhw; 34 Di toto, do, \gW postllv prw mw prof}taw ka sofow ka grammatew: ka \j a[tn poktenete ka staurQsete, ka \j a[tn mastigQsete \n taw sunagvgaw mn ka diQjete p plevw e w plin: 35 pvw ly+ \f' mw pn a<ma dkaion \kxunmenon \p tw gw, p to amatow *Abel to dikaou, vw to amatow Zaxarou uo Baraxou, $ n \fonesate o 36 metaj to nao ka to yusiasthrou. &Am|n lgv mn, ti % jei pnta tata \p t|n genen tathn. h ^I er o u s a l } m , ^I er o u s a l } m , = poktnousa tow prof}taw ka liyobolosa tow pestalmnouw prw a[t}n, poskiw ylhsa \pisunagagen t tkna sou, $ n trpon o ^ autw p tw ptrugaw, ka o[k \pisungei rniw t nossa e yel } s a t e . 38 &I d o , fetai mn ` okow mn rhmow. 39 Lgv gr mn, o[ m} me dhte p' rti, vw n ephte, E[loghmnow ` \rxmenow \n nmati kurou.
37 29

23.29 - 24.2

tata pnta poktenousa

Ka \jelyWn ` &Ihsow \poreeto p to ero: ka proslyon o mayhta a[to \pidejai a[t! tw okodomw to ero. 2 ^O d &Ihsow epen a[tow, O[ blpete pnta tata; &Am|n lgv mn, o[ m| fey_ @de lyow \p lyon, $ w o[ kataluy}setai. o
23.28 mesto \ste \ste mesto 23.30 men \n meya \n 23.30 men koinvno a[tn meya a[tn koinvno 23.34 ka \j a[tn poktenete \j a[tn poktenete 23.35 \kxunmenon \kxunnmenon 23.36 ti 23.36 pnta tata tata pnta 23.37 poktnousa poktenousa 23.37 \pisungei rniw rniw \pisungei ^ 23.37 eautw a[tw 24.1 \poreeto p to ero p to ero \poreeto 24.2 &Ihsow pokriyew 24.2 pnta tata tata pnta


tata pnta


24.3 - 24.23

Kayhmnou d a[to \p to rouw tn &Elain, proslyon a[t! o mayhta kat' dan, lgontew, Ep =mn, pte tata stai; Ka t t shmeon tw sw parousaw, ka tw sunteleaw to anow; 4 Ka pokriyew ` &Ihsow epen a[to w, Blpete, m} tiw mw plan}s+. 5 Pollo gr \lesontai \p t! nmat mou, lgontew, &EgQ emi ` xristw: ka pollow plan}sousin. 6 Mell}sete d koein polmouw ka kow polmvn: `rte, m| yroesye: de gr pnta gensyai: ll' opv \stn t tlow. 7 &Egery}setai gr ynow \p ynow, ka basilea \p basilean: ka sontai limo ka loimo ka seismo kat tpouw. 8 Pnta d tata rx| & v dnvn. 9 Tte paradQsousin mw ew ylcin, ka poktenosin mw: ka sesye misomenoi p pntvn tn \ynn di t nom mou. 10 Ka tte skandalisy}sontai pollo, ka ll}louw paradQsousin, ka mis}sousin ll}louw. 11 Ka pollo ceudoproftai \gery}sontai, ka plan}sousin pollow. 12 Ka di t plhyunynai t|n noman, cug}setai = gph tn polln: 13 ` d pomenaw ew tlow, otow svy}setai. 14 Ka khruxy} s et a i toto t e[agglion tw basileaw \n l+ t_ okoumn+ ew martrion psin tow ynesin: ka tte % jei t tlow. h %O tan o{n dhte t bdlugma tw \rhmQsevw, t ]hyn ^ ^ di Dani|l to prof}tou, e stWw \n tp~ a g~ ` 16 naginQskvn noetv tte o \n t_ &Iouda feugtvsan \p t rh: 17 ` \p to dQmatow m| katabaintv rai t \k tw okaw a[to: 18 ka ` \n t! gr! m| \pistrectv psv rai t mtia a[to. 19 O[a d taw \n gastr \xosaiw ka taw yhlazosaiw \n \kenaiw taw =mraiw. 20 Prosexesye d na m| gnhtai = fug| mn xeimnow, mhd sabbt~. 21 *Estai gr tte ylciw meglh, oa o[ ggonen p' rxw ksmou vw to nn, o[d' o[ m| gnhtai. 22 Ka e m| \kolobQyhsan a =mrai \kenai, o[k n \sQyh psa srj: di d tow \klektow kolobvy}sontai a =mrai \kenai. 23 Tte \n tiw mn ep+, &Ido, @de ` xristw, @de, m| pisteshte.
24.3 24.6 24.7 24.15 tw sunteleaw sunteleaw pnta loimo ka ^ ^ estWw estw 24.16 \p ew 24.17 katabaintv katabtv 24.18 t mtia t mtion



24.24 - 24.39

&Egery}sontai gr ceudxristoi ka ceudoproftai, ka % dQsousin shmea megla ka trata, vste plansai, e 25 dunatn, ka tow \klektow. &Ido, proerhka mn. 26 &En o{n epvsin mn, &Ido, \n t_ \r}m~ \stn, m| \jlyhte: &Ido, \n tow tameoiw, m| pisteshte. 27 %Vsper gr = strap| \jrxetai p natoln ka fanetai vw dusmn, o% tvw u 28 stai ka = parousa to uo to nyrQpou. %O pou gr \n t ptma, \ke sunaxy}sontai o eto. E[yvw d met t|n ylcin tn =mern \kenvn, ` % liow h skotisy}setai, ka = sel}nh o[ dQsei t fggow a[tw, ka o strew pesontai p to o[rano, ka a dunmeiw tn o[rann saleuy}sontai. 30 Ka tte fan}setai t shmeon to uo to nyrQpou \n t! o[ran!: ka tte kcontai psai a fula tw gw, ka contai tn un to nyrQpou \rxmenon \p tn nefeln to o[rano met dunmevw ka djhw pollw. 31 Ka postele tow gglouw a[to met slpiggow fvnw meglhw, ka \pisunjousin tow \klektow a[to \k tn tessrvn nmvn, p' krvn o[rann vw krvn a[tn. &Ap d tw sukw myete t|n parabol}n: tan dh ` ^ kldow a[tw gnhtai apalw, ka t flla \kf+, ginQskete 33 % ti \ggw t yrow: outvw ka mew, tan dhte tata pnta, ginQskete ti \ggw \stin \p yraiw. 34 &Am|n lgv mn, o[ m| parly+ = gen e a % th, vw n pnta tata u 35 gnhtai. ^O o[ranw ka = g parelesontai, o d lgoi mou % o[ m| parlyvsin. 36 Per d tw =mraw \kenhw ka vraw o[dew oden, o[d o ggeloi tn o[rann, e m| ` pat}r mou u mnow. 37 %Vsper d a =mrai to Ne, o% tvw stai ka = 38 parousa to uo to nyrQpou. %Vsper gr san \n taw =mraiw taw pr to kataklusmo trQgontew ka pnontew, gamontew ka \kgamzontew, xri w =mraw eslyen Ne ew t|n kibvtn, 39 ka o[k gnvsan, vw lyen ` kataklusmw
24.27 24.28 24.30 24.31 24.31 24.33 24.34 24.35 ka = = gr t! fvnw vw vw tn tata pnta pnta tata o[ ti o[ parelesontai parelesetai 24.36 e m| ` pat}r mou o[d ` uw, e m| ` pat|r 24.37 d gr 24.37 ka 24.38 %Vsper qw 24.38 =mraiw =mraiw \kenaiw 24.38 \kgamzontew gamzontew
32 29

pnta tata


24.40 - 25.6

ka ren pantaw, o% tvw stai ka = parousa to uo to u 40 nyrQpou. Tte do sontai \n t! gr!: ` e<w paralambnetai, ka ` e<w fetai. 41 Do l}yousai \n t! mlvni: ma paralambnetai, ka ma fetai. 42 Grhgorete % o{n, ti o[k odate po vr ` kriow mn rxetai. 43 &Ekeno d ginQskete, ti e dei ` okodespthw po fulak_ ` klpthw rxet a i , \g r h g r h s en n, ka o[k n easen diorugnai t|n okan a[to. 44 Di toto ka mew gnesye % toimoi: ti " vr o[ dokete, ` uw to nyrQpou rxetai. 45 Tw ra \stn ` pistw dolow ka frnimow, $ n katsthsen ` o kriow a[to \p tw yerapeaw a[to, to didnai a[tow t|n trof|n \n kair!; 46 Makriow ` dolow \kenow, $ n \lyWn ` o % tvw. 47 &Am|n lgv mn, ti kriow a[to er}sei poionta ou \p psin tow prxousin a[to katast}sei a[tn. 48 &En d ep+ ` kakw dolow \kenow \n t_ kard a[to, Xronzei ` kriw mou \lyen, 49 ka rjhtai tptein tow sundolouw, \syein d ka pnein met tn meyuntvn, 50 % jei ` kriow to h % dolou \kenou \n =mr " o[ prosdok, ka \n vr " o[ 51 ginQskei, ka dixotom}sei a[tn, ka t mrow a[to met tn pokritn y}sei: \ke stai ` klauymw ka ` brugmw tn dntvn.


Tte `moivy}setai = basilea tn o[rann dka parynoiw, atinew labosai tw lampdaw utn \jlyon ew pnthsin to numfou. 2 Pnte d san \j a[tn frnimoi, ka a pnte mvra. 3 Atinew mvra, labosai tw ^ lampdaw a[tn, o[k labon mey' e autn laion: 4 a d frnimoi labon laion \n tow ggeoiw a[tn met tn lampdvn utn. 5 Xronzontow d to numfou, \nstajan psai ka \kyeudon. 6 Mshw d nuktw kraug| ggonen,
24.49 sundolouw sundolouw a[to 24.49 \syein d ka pnein \sy+ d ka pn+ ^ 25.1 utn eautn 25.1 pnthsin pnthsin 25.2 san \j a[tn \j a[tn san 25.2 frnimoi ka a pnte mvra mvra ka pnte frnimoi 25.3 Atinew A gr 25.4 ggeoiw a[tn ggeoiw 25.4 lampdvn utn lampdvn ^ eautn

24.39 24.40 24.40 24.41 24.42 24.43 24.44 24.45

ka = ka = gr! ` gr! ka ` ka mlvni ml~ % vr =mr diorugnai dioruxynai % % vr o[ dokete o[ dokete vr a[to \p tw yerapeaw a[to to didnai \p tw oketeaw a[to to donai 24.46 poionta o% tvw o% tvw poionta u u 24.48 ` kriw mou mou ` kriow 24.48 \lyen


&Ido, ` numfow rxetai, \jrxesye ew pnthsin a[to. 7 Tte gryhsan psai a parynoi \kenai, ka \ksmhsan tw lampdaw utn. 8 A d mvra taw fronmoiw epon, Dte =mn \k to \laou mn, ti a lampdew =mn sbnnuntai. 9 &Apekryhsan d a frnimoi, lgousai, M}pote o[k rks+ =mn ka mn: poreesye d mllon prw tow pvlontaw ka ^ gorsate e autaw. 10 &Aperxomnvn d a[tn gorsai, lyen ` numfow: ka a toimoi eslyon met' a[to ew tow gmouw, ka \klesyh = yra. 11 %Usteron d rxontai ka a loipa parynoi, lgousai, Krie, krie, noijon =mn. 12 ^O d pokriye w e p en , &A m | n lgv mn, o[k oda mw. 13 % Grhgorete o{n, ti o[k odate t|n =mran o[d t|n vran, \n " ` uw to nyrQpou rxetai. %Vsper gr nyrvpow podhmn \klesen tow douw dolouw, ka pardvken a[tow t prxonta a[to: 15 ka > ^ mn dvken pnte tlanta, > d do, > d n, ekst~ kat t|n 16 dan dnamin: ka ped}mhsen e[yvw. Poreuyew d ` t pnte tlanta labWn ergsato \n a[tow, ka \pohsen lla pnte tlanta. 17 ^Vsatvw ka ` t do \krdhsen ka a[tw * lla do. 18 ^O d t n labWn pelyWn vrujen \n t_ g_, ka pkrucen t rgrion to kurou a[to. 19 Met d xrnon poln rxetai ` kriow tn dolvn \kenvn, ka sunarei met' a[tn lgon. 20 Ka proselyWn ` t pnte tlanta labWn pr o s } n eg k en lla pnte tlanta, lgvn, Krie, pn t e tlant moi pardvkaw: de, lla pnte tlanta \krdhsa \p' a[tow. 21 *Efh d a[t! ` kriow a[to, E{, dole gay ka pist, \p lga w pistw, \p polln se katast}sv: eselye ew t|n xarn to kurou sou. 22 ProselyWn d ka ` t do tlanta labWn epen, Krie, do tlant moi pardvkaw: de, lla do tlanta \krdhsa \p' a[tow.
25.6 25.6 25.7 25.8 25.9 25.9 25.13 rxetai a[to a[to ^ utn eautn epon epan o[k o[ m| d mllon mllon \n " ` uw to nyrQpou rxetai 25.16 d 25.16 ergsato rgsato 25.16 \pohsen lla pnte tlanta \krdhsen lla pnte 25.17 ka ` ` 25.17 ka a[tw 25.18 \n t_ g_ ka pkrucen gn ka krucen 25.19 xrnon poln poln xrnon 25.19 met' a[tn lgon lgon met' a[tn 25.20 \p' a[tow 25.21 d 25.22 d d 25.22 labWn 25.22 \p' a[tow

25.7 - 25.22


25.23 - 25.40


*Efh a[t! ` kriow a[to, E{, dole gay ka pist, \p lga w pistw, \p polln se katast}sv: eselye ew t|n xarn to kurou sou. 24 ProselyWn d ka ` t n tlanton elhfWw epen, Krie, gnvn se ti sklhrw e nyrvpow, yer z v n pou o[k speiraw, ka sungvn yen o[ dieskrpisaw: 25 ka fobhyew, pelyWn kruca t tlantn sou \n t_ g_: de, xeiw t sn. 26 &Apokriyew d ` kriow a[to epen a[t!, Ponhr dole ka knhr, deiw ti yerzv pou o[k speira, ka sungv yen o[ dieskrpisa: 27 dei o{n se balen t rgrin mou tow trapeztaiw, ka \lyWn \gW \komismhn n t \mn sn tk~. 28 *Arate o{n p' a[to t tlanton, ka dte t! xonti t dka tlanta. 29 T! gr xonti pant doy}setai, ka perisseuy}setai: p d to m| xontow, ka $ xei, ry}setai p' a[to. 30 Ka tn xreon o dolon \kblete ew t sktow t \jQteron. &Eke stai ` klauymw ka ` brugmw tn dntvn. %O tan d ly+ ` uw to nyrQpou \n t_ dj+ a[to, ka pntew o gioi ggeloi met' a[to, tte kaysei \p yrnou djhw a[to, 32 ka sunaxy}setai mprosyen a[to pnta t % ynh, ka forie a[tow p' ll}lvn, vsper ` poim|n 33 forzei t prbata p tn \rfvn: ka st}sei t mn prbata \k dejin a[to, t d \rfia \j e[vnmvn. 34 Tte \re ` basilew tow \k dejin a[to, Dete, o e[loghmnoi to patrw mou, klhronom}sate t|n =toimasmnhn mn basilean p katabolw ksmou. 35 &Epenasa gr, ka \dQkat moi fagen: \dchsa, ka \potsat me: jnow mhn, ka sunhgget me: 36 gumnw, ka perieblet me: synhsa, ka \peskcasy me: \n fulak_ mhn, ka lyete prw me. 37 Tte pokriy}sontai a[t! o dkaioi, lgontew, Krie, pte s edomen pei n n t a , ka \yr c a m en ; (H dicnta, ka \potsamen; 38 Pte d se edomen jnon, ka sunhggomen; (H gumnn, ka perieblomen; 39 Pte d se edomen syen, ( \n h 40 fulak_, ka lyomen prw se; Ka pokriyew ` basilew ^ \re a[tow, &Am|n lgv mn, \f' son \poi}sate en totvn

25.27 25.27 25.29 25.31

o{n se se o{n t rgrin t rgri p d to to d gioi

25.32 25.32 25.36 25.39

sunaxy}setai sunaxy}sontai forie forsei lyete lyate syen syenonta



25.41 - 26.13

tn delfn mou tn \laxstvn, \mo \poi}sate. 41 Tte \re ka tow \j e[vnmvn, Poreesye p' \mo, o kathramnoi, ew t pr t aQnion, t =toimasmnon t! diabl~ ka tow ggloiw a[to. 42 &Epenasa gr, ka o[k \dQkat moi fagen: \d c h s a , ka o[k \potsat me: 43 jnow mhn, ka o[ sunhgget me: gumnw, ka o[ perieblet me: syen}w, ka \n fulak_, ka o[k \peskcasy me. 44 Tte pokriy}sontai ka a[to, lgontew, Krie, pte s edomen peinnta, ( dicnta, ( h h jnon, ( gumnn, ( syen, ( \n fulak_, ka o[ dihkon}samn h h h soi; 45 Tte pokriy}setai a[tow, lgvn, &Am|n lgv mn, \f' ^ son o[k \poi}sate e n totvn tn \laxstvn, o[d \mo 46 \poi}sate. Ka pelesontai otoi ew klasin aQnion: o d dkaioi ew zv|n aQnion.

Ka \gneto te \tlesen ` &Ihsow pntaw tow lgouw totouw, epen tow mayhtaw a[to, 2 Odate ti met do =mraw t Psxa gnetai, ka ` uw to nyrQpou paraddotai ew t staurvynai. 3 Tte sun}xyhsan o rxierew ka o grammatew ka o presbteroi to lao ew t|n a[l|n to rxiervw to legomnou Kafa, 4 ka suneboulesanto na tn &Ihson dl~ krat}svsin ka ^ poktenvsin. 5 *Elegon d, M| \n t_ eort_, na m| yrubow 6 gnhtai \n t! la!. To d &Ihso genomnou \n Bhyan \n ok Smvnow to lepro, 7 proslyen a[t! gun| lbastron mrou xousa barutmou, ka katxeen \p t|n kefal|n a[to nakeimnou. 8 &Idntew d o mayhta a[to gankthsan, lgontew, Ew t = pQleia a% th; 9 &Hdnato gr u toto t mron praynai pollo, ka doynai ptvxow. 10 Gnow d ` &Ihsow epen a[tow, T kpouw parxete t_ gunaik; *Ergon gr kaln ergsato ew \m. 11 Pntote gr ^ tow ptvxow xete mey' e autn, \m d o[ pntote xete. 12 Balosa gr a% th t mron toto \p to sQmatw mou, prw u t \ntafisai me \pohsen. 13 &Am|n lgv mn, pou \n khruxy_ t e[agglion toto \n l~ t! ksm~, lalhy}setai
25.41 o o 26.3 grammatew ka o 26.7 lbastron mrou xousa xousa lbastron mrou 26.7 t|n kefal|n tw kefalw 26.8 26.9 26.9 26.10 a[to &Hdnato &Ednato t mron ergsato rgsato


tow ptvxow

Tow ptvxow gr pntote


26.14 - 26.30


ka \gW

ka $ \pohsen a% th, ew mnhmsunon a[tw. 14 Tte poreuyew o u e<w tn dQdeka, ` legmenow &Iodaw &IskariQthw, prw tow rxierew, 15 e p en , T yl et moi donai, kgW mn paradQsv a[tn; O d sthsan a[t! trikonta rgria. 16 Ka p tte \z}tei e[kairan na a[tn parad!. T_ d prQt+ tn zmvn proslyon o mayhta t! ^ &Ihso, lgontew a[t!, Po yleiw etoimsomn soi fagen t 18 Psxa; ^O d epen, ^Upgete ew t|n plin prw tn dena, ka epate a[t!, ^O didskalow lgei, ^O kairw mou \ggw \stin: prw s poi t Psxa met tn mayhtn mou. 19 Ka \pohsan o mayhta qw suntajen a[tow ` &Ihsow, ka =tomasan t Psxa. 20 &O caw d genomnhw nkeito met tn dQdeka. 21 Ka \syintvn a[tn epen, &Am|n lgv mn ti e<w \j mn paradQsei me. 22 Ka lupomenoi sfdra rjanto lgein a[t! kastow a[tn, M}ti \gQ emi, krie; 23 ^O d pokriyew epen, ^O \mbcaw met' \mo \n t! trubl~ t|n xera, otw me paradQsei. 24 ^O mn uw to nyrQpou pgei, kayWw ggraptai per a[to: o[a d t! nyrQp~ \ken~, di' o ` uw to nyrQpou paraddotai: kaln n a[t! e o[k \genn}yh ` nyrvpow \kenow. 25 &Apokriyew d &Iodaw ` paradidow a[tn epen, M}ti \gQ emi, ]abb; Lgei a[t!, S epaw. 26 &Esyintvn d a[tn, labWn ` &Ihsow tn rton, ka e[xarist}saw, klasen ka \ddou tow mayhtaw, ka epen, Lbete, fgete: tot \stin t sm mou. 27 Ka labWn t pot}rion, ka e[xarist}saw, dvken a[tow, lgvn, Pete \j a[to pntew: 28 toto gr \stin t a<m mou, t tw kainw diay}khw, t per polln \kxunmenon ew fesin ^ amartin. 29 Lgv d mn ti o[ m| pv p' rti \k totou to genn}matow tw mplou, vw tw =mraw \kenhw tan a[t pnv mey' mn kainn \n t_ basile to patrw mou.
30 17

^ etoimsvmn

Ka mn}santew \jlyon ew t row tn &Elain.

26.17 26.17 26.22 26.23

a[t! ^ ^ etoimsomn etoimsvmn kastow a[tn e<w kastow \n t! trubl~ t|n xera t|n xera \n t! trubl~ 26.26 tn 26.26 e[xarist}saw e[log}saw

26.26 26.26 26.27 26.28 26.28 26.29 26.29

\ddou dow ka epen epen t t tw kainw tw \kxunmenon \kxunnmenon ti genn}matow gen}matow



26.31 - 26.45

Tte lgei a[tow ` &Ihsow, Pntew mew skandalisy}sesye \n \mo \n t_ nukt tat+: ggraptai gr, Patjv tn poimna, ka diaskorpisy}setai t prbata tw pomnhw. 32 Met d t \geryna me, projv mw ew t|n Galilaan. 33 &Apokriyew d ` Ptrow epen a[t!, E pntew skandalisy}sontai \n so, \gW d o[dpote 34 skandalisy}somai. *Efh a[t! ` &Ihsow, &Am|n lgv soi ti \n tat+ t_ nukt, prn lktora fvnsai, trw parn}s+ me. 35 Lgei a[t! ` Ptrow, Kn d+ me sn so poyanen, o[ m} se parn}svmai. ^Omovw d ka pntew o mayhta epon. Tte rxetai met' a[tn ` &Ihsow ew xvron legmenon Geyshman, ka lgei tow mayhtaw, Kaysate a[to, vw o pelyWn prosejvmai \ke. 37 Ka paralabWn tn Ptron ka tow do uow Zebedaou, rjato lupesyai ka dhmonen. 38 Tte lgei a[tow ` &Ihsow, Perlupw \stin = cux} mou vw ya n t o u : menate @de ka grhgorete met' \mo. 39 Ka proselyWn mikrn, pesen \p prsvpon a[to proseuxmenow ka lgvn, Pter mou, e dunatn \stin, parelytv p' \mo t pot}rion toto: pl|n o[x qw \gW ylv, ll' qw s. 40 Ka rxetai prw tow mayhtw, ka erskei a[tow kayedontaw, % ka lgei t! Pt r ~ , O % tvw o[k sxsate man v ran u 41 grhgorsai met' \mo; Grhgorete ka prosexesye, na m| eslyhte ew peirasmn: t mn pnema pryumon, = d srj syen}w. 42 Plin \k deutrou pelyWn proshjato, lgvn, Pter mou, e o[ dnatai toto t pot}rion parelyen p' \mo, \n m| a[t pv, genhy}tv t ylhm sou. 43 Ka \lyWn erskei a[tow plin kayedontaw, san gr a[tn o fyalmo bebarhmnoi. 44 Ka few a[tow pelyWn plin proshjato \k trtou, tn a[tn lgon epQn. 45 Tte rxetai prw tow mayhtw a[to, ka lgei a[tow, Kayedete t
26.31 diaskorpisy}setai diaskorpisy}sontai 26.33 d o[dpote o[dpote 26.35 parn}svmai parn}somai 26.35 d 26.35 epon epan 26.36 Geyshman Geyshman 26.36 o o 26.36 prosejvmai \ke \ke prosejvmai 26.38 ` &Ihsow 26.39 proselyWn proelyWn 26.39 parelytv parelytv 26.42 t pot}rion parelyen p' \mo parelyen 26.43 erskei a[tow plin plin eren a[tow 26.44 pelyWn plin plin pelyWn 26.44 epQn epWn plin 26.45 a[to 26.45 t t




26.46 - 26.60


% loipn ka napaesye: do, ggiken = vra, ka ` uw to ^ nyrQpou paraddotai ew xeraw amartvln. 46 &Egeresye, gvmen. &Ido, ggiken ` paradidow me. Ka ti a[to lalontow, do, &Iodaw e<w tn dQdeka lyen, ka met' a[to xlow polw met maxairn ka jlvn, p tn rxiervn ka presbutrvn to lao. 48 ^O d paradidow a[tn dvken a[tow shmeon, lgvn, $On n fil}sv, a[tw \stin: krat}sate a[tn. 49 Ka e[yv w proselyWn t! &Ihso epen, Xare, ]abb: ka kateflhsen a[tn. 50 ^O d &Ihsow epen a[t!, ^Etare, \f' > prei; Tte proselyntew \pbalon tw xeraw \p tn &Ihson, ka \krthsan a[tn. 51 Ka do, e<w tn met &Ihso, \ktenaw t|n xera, pspasen t|n mxairan a[to, ka patjaw tn & dolon to rxiervw felen a[to t vton. 52 Tte lgei a[t! ` &Ihsow, &Apstrecn sou t|n mxairan ew tn tpon a[tw: pntew gr o labntew mxairan \n maxar poyanontai. 53 (H dokew ti o[ dnamai rti parakalsai tn patra mou, ka parast}sei moi pleouw ( dQdeka h 54 legenaw gglvn; Pw o{n plhrvysin a grafa, ti % o% tvw de gensyai; 55 &En \ken+ t_ vr epen ` &Ihsow tow u xloiw, ^Vw \p l+st|n \j}lyete met maxairn ka jlvn sullaben me; Kay' =mran prw mw \kayezmhn didskvn \n t! er!, ka o[k \krat}sat me. 56 Toto d lon ggonen, na plhrvysin a grafa tn profhtn. Tte o mayhta pntew fntew a[tn fugon. O d krat}santew tn &Ihson p}gagon prw Kafan tn rxiera, pou o grammatew ka o presbteroi sun}xyhsan. 58 ^O d Ptrow koloyei a[t! p makryen, vw tw a[lw to rxiervw, ka eselyWn sv \kyhto met tn phretn, den t tlow. 59 O d rxierew ka o presbteroi ka t sundrion lon \z}toun ceudomarturan kat to &Ihso, pvw yanatQsvsin a[tn. 60 Ka o[x eron:
o 26.50 > $ 26.52 sou t|n mxairan t|n mxairn sou 26.52 maxar poyanontai maxar+ polontai 26.53 rti 26.53 pleouw ( dQdeka legenaw h rti plev dQdeka leginaw 26.55 \j}lyete \j}lyate 26.55 prw mw \kayezmhn didskvn \n t! er! \n t! er! \kayezmhn didskvn 26.59 o presbteroi ka 26.59 yanatQsvsin a[tn a[tn yanatQsvsin
57 47



26.61 - 26.75

ka polln ceudomartrvn proselyntvn, o[x eron. 61 %Usteron d proselyntew do ceudomrturew epon, Otow fh, Dnamai katalsai tn nan to yeo, ka di trin =mern okodomsai a[tn. 62 Ka nastw ` rxierew epen a[t!, O[dn pokrn+; T oto sou katamarturosin; 63 ^O d &Ihsow \siQpa. Ka pokriyew ` rxierew epen a[t!, &Ejorkzv se kat to yeo to zntow, na =mn ep+w e s e ` xristw, ` uw to yeo. 64 Lgei a[t! ` &Ihsow, S epaw. Pl|n lgv mn, p' rti cesye tn un to nyrQpou kay}menon \k dejin tw dunmevw ka \rxmenon \p tn nefeln to o[rano. 65 Tte ` rxierew dirrhjen t mtia a[to, lgvn ti &Eblasf}mhsen: t t i xr e a n xo m en martrvn; *Ide, nn kosate t|n blasfhman a[to. 66 T mn doke; O d pokriyntew epon, *Enoxow yantou \stn. 67 Tte \nptusan ew t prsvpon a[to ka \kolfisan a[tn: o d \rrpisan, 68 lgontew, Prof}teuson =mn, Xrist, tw \stin ` pasaw se; ^O d Ptrow jv \kyhto \n t_ a[l_: ka proslyen a[t! ma paidskh, lgousa, Ka s sya met &Ihso to Galilaou. 70 ^O d rn}sato mprosyen a[tn pntvn, lgvn, O[k oda t lgeiw. 71 &Ejelynta d a[tn ew tn pulna, eden a[tn llh, ka lgei a[tow \ke, Ka otow n met &Ihso to Nazvraou. 72 Ka plin rn}sato mey' rkou ti O [k oda tn nyrvpon. 73 Met mikrn d ^ proselyntew o esttew epon t! Ptr~, &Alhyw ka s \j a[tn e: ka gr = lali sou dln se poie. 74 Tte rjato katayematzein ka mnein ti O[k oda tn nyrvpon. Ka e[yvw lktvr \fQnhsen. 75 Ka \mn}syh ` Ptrow to ]}matow to &I h s o e r h k t o w a[t! ti Prn lktora fvnsai, trw parn}s+ me. Ka \jelyWn jv klausen pikrw.
26.60 ka polln polln 26.60 ceudomartrvn proselyntvn o[x eron proselyntvn ceudomartrvn 26.61 ceudomrturew 26.61 epon epan 26.61 a[tn 26.63 pokriyew 26.65 ti 26.65 blasfhman a[to 26.66 26.67 26.69 26.70 26.71 26.71 26.72 26.75 blasfhman epon epan \rrpisan \rpisan jv \kyhto \kyhto jv a[tn a[tn ew ew a[tow \ke Ka tow \ke mey' met to &Ihso erhktow a[t! &Ihso erhktow


27.1 - 27.19



Prvaw d genomnhw, sumbolion labon pntew o rxierew ka o presbteroi to lao kat to % &I h s o , v ste yanatsai a[tn: 2 ka d}santew a[tn p}gagon ka pardvkan a[tn Pont~ Pilt~ t! =gemni.
Tte dWn &Iodaw ` paradidow a[tn ti katekryh, metamelhye w pstrecen t trikonta rgria tow rxieresin ka tow presbutroiw, 4 lgvn, %Hmarton paradow a<ma yon. O d epon, T prw =mw; S cei. 5 Ka ]caw t rgria \n t! na!, nexQrhsen: ka pelyWn p}gjato. 6 O d rxierew labntew t rgria epon, O[k jestin balen a[t ew tn korbann, \pe tim| amatw \stin. 7 Sumbolion d labntew grasan \j a[tn tn grn to keramvw, ew taf|n tow jnoiw. 8 Di \kl}yh ` grw \kenow &Agrw Amatow, vw tw s}meron. 9 Tte \plhrQyh t ]hyn di &Ieremou to prof}tou, lgontow, Ka labon t trikonta rgria, t|n tim|n to tetimhmnou, $ n \tim}santo o p un &Isra}l: 10 ka dvkan a[t ew tn grn to keramvw, kay suntajn moi kriow. ^O d &Ihsow sth mprosyen to =gemnow: ka \phrQthsen a[tn ` =gemQn, lgvn, S e ` basilew tn &Ioudavn; ^O d &Ihsow fh a[t!, S lgeiw. 12 Ka \n t! kathgoresyai a[tn p tn rxiervn ka tn presbutrvn, o[dn pekrnato. 13 Tte lgei a[t! ` Piltow, O[k koeiw psa so katamarturosin; 14 Ka o[k pekryh % a[t! prw o[d n ]ma, vste yaumzein tn =gemna lan. 15 ^ Kat d e ort|n eQyei ` =gemWn polein na t! xl~ dsmion, $ n yel o n . 16 Exon d tte dsmion \pshmon, o legmenon Barabbn. 17 Sunhgmnvn o{n a[tn, epen a[tow ` Piltow, Tna ylete polsv mn; Barabbn, ( &Ihson h 18 tn legmenon xristn; *Hdei gr ti di fynon pardvkan a[tn. 19 Kayhmnou d a[to \p to b}matow, psteilen prw a[tn = gun| a[to, lgousa, Mhdn soi ka t! dika~
27.2 a[tn Pont~ 27.3 pstrecen strecen 27.3 tow presbutroiw presbutroiw 27.4 epon epan 27.4 cei c+ 27.5 \n t! na! ew tn nan 27.6 27.11 27.11 27.12 27.16 27.17 epon epan sth \styh a[t! tn presbutrvn presbutrvn Barabbn &Ihson Barabbn Barabbn &Ihson tn Barabbn



27.20 - 27.35

\ken~: poll gr payon s}meron kat' nar di' a[tn. 20 O d rxierew ka o presbteroi peisan tow xlouw na at}svntai tn Barabbn, tn d &Ihson polsvsin. 21 &Apokriyew d ` =gemWn epen a[tow, Tna ylete p tn do polsv mn; O d epon, Barabbn. 22 Lgei a[tow ` Piltow, T o{n poi}sv &Ihson tn legmenon xristn; Lgousin a[t! pntew, Staurvy}tv. 23 ^O d =gemWn fh, T gr kakn \pohsen; O d perissw krazon, lgontew, & Staurvy}tv. 24 &IdWn d ` Piltow ti o[dn vfele, ll mllon yrubow gnetai, labWn % dvr, pencato tw xeraw u pnanti to xlou, lgvn, &Ay!w emi p to amatow to dikaou totou: mew cesye. 25 Ka pokriyew pw ` law epen, T a<ma a[to \f' =mw ka \p t tkna =mn. 26 Tte plusen a[tow tn Barabbn: tn d &Ihson fragellQsaw pardvken na staurvy_. Tte o stratitai to =gemnow, paralabntew tn &Ihson ew t praitQrion, sun}gagon \p' a[tn lhn t|n speran: 28 ka \kdsantew a[tn, periyhkan a[t! xlamda kokknhn. 29 Ka pljantew stfanon \j kanyn, \pyhkan \p t|n kefal|n a[to, ka klamon \p t|n dejin a[to: ka gonupet}santew mprosyen a[to \npaizon a[t!, lgontew, Xare, ` basilew tn &Ioudavn: 30 ka \mptsantew ew a[tn, labon tn klamon, ka tupton ew t|n kefal|n a[to. 31 Ka te \npaijan a[t!, \jdusan a[tn t|n xlamda, ka \ndusan a[tn t mtia a[to, ka p}gagon a[tn ew t staursai. &Ejerxmenoi d eron nyrvpon Kurhnaon, nmati Smvna: toton ggreusan na r+ tn staurn a[to. 33 Ka \lyntew ew tpon legmenon Golgoy, \stin legmenow Kranou Tpow, 34 dvkan a[t! pien jow met xo l w memigmnon: ka geusmenow o[k yel en pien. 35 StaurQsantew d a[tn, diemersanto t mtia a[to,
27.21 27.22 27.23 27.24 27.28 epon epan Tn a[t! =gemWn to dikaou periyhkan a[t! xlamda kokknhn xlamda kokknhn periyhkan a[t! 27.29 t|n kefal|n tw kefalw 27.29 27.29 27.29 27.33 \p t|n dejin \n t_ deji \npaizon \npaijan ` basilew basile legmenow Kranou Tpow Kranou Tpow legmenow 27.34 jow onon 27.34 yelen ylhsen
32 27


27.36 - 27.55


bllontew klron. 36 Ka kay}menoi \t}roun a[tn \ke. 37 Ka \pyhkan \pnv tw kefalw a[to t|n atan a[to gegrammnhn, Otw \stin &Ihsow ` basilew tn &Ioudavn. 38 Tte staurontai sn a[t! do l+sta, e<w \k dejin ka e<w \j e[vnmvn. 39 O d paraporeumenoi \blasf}moun a[tn, kinontew tw kefalw a[tn, 40 ka lgontew, ^O katalvn tn nan ka \n trisn =mraiw okodomn, sson seautn: e uw e to yeo, katbhyi p to stauro. 41 ^O movw d ka o rxierew \mpazontew met tn gra m m a t v n ka presbutrvn ka Farisavn legon, 42 ^ *Allouw svsen, e autn o[ dnatai ssai. E basilew &I s r a } l \s t i n , katabtv nn p to stauro, ka pistesomen \p' a[t!. 43 Ppoiyen \p tn yen: ]ussyv nn a[tn, e ylei a[tn. Epen gr ti yeo emi uw. 44 T d' & a[t ka o l+sta o sustaurvyntew a[t! vnedizon a[tn. % &Ap d kthw vraw sktow \gneto \p psan t|n gn vw 46 % % vraw \nthw: per d t|n \nthn vran nebhsen ` &Ihsow fvn_ megl+, lgvn, &Hl, &Hl, lim sabaxyan; Tot' stin, Ye mou, Ye mou, na t me \gkatlipew; 47 Tinw d tn \ke ^ estQtvn kosantew legon ti &Hlan fvne otow. 48 Ka e[yvw dramWn e<w \j a[tn, ka labWn spggon, pl}saw te jouw, ka periyew kalm~, \ptizen a[tn. 49 O d loipo legon, *Afew, dvmen e rxetai &Hlaw sQsvn a[tn. 50 ^O d &Ihsow plin krjaw fvn_ megl+ fken t pnema. 51 Ka do, t kataptasma to nao \sxsyh ew do p nvyen vw ktv: ka = g \sesyh: ka a ptrai \sxsyhsan: 52 ka t mnhmea nexyh s a n : ka poll sQmata tn ^ kekoim h m n v n a gvn gryh: 53 ka \jelyntew \k tn ^ mnhmevn met t|n gersin a[to eslyon ew t|n a gan 54 ^ plin, ka \nefansyhsan pollow. ^O d ekatntarxow ka o met' a[to throntew tn &Ihson, dntew tn seismn ka t genmena, \fob}yhsan sfdra, lgontew, &Alhyw yeo uw n otow. 55 )Hsan d \ke gunakew polla p makryen
27.40 27.41 27.41 27.42 27.42 27.43 27.44 katbhyi ka katbhyi d ka Farisavn E a[t! a[tn nn a[tn nn a[t! sn a[t! 27.46 27.46 27.47 27.51 lim lema na t nat ^ ^ estQtvn esthktvn ew do p nvyen vw ktv p' nvyen vw ktv ew do 27.52 gryh gryhsan


yev r o s a i , atinew koloyhsan t! &Ihso p tw Galilaaw, diakonosai a[t!: 56 \n a<w n Mara = Magdalhn}, ka Mara = to &IakQbou ka &Ivs m}thr, ka = m}thr tn un Zebedaou. &O caw d genomnhw, lyen nyrvpow plosiow p &Arimayaaw, tonoma &Ivs}f, $ w ka a[tw \may}teusen t! o 58 + &Ihso: otow proselyWn t! Pilt~, & t}sato t sma to &Ihso. Tte ` Piltow \kleusen podoynai t sma. 59 Ka labWn t sma ` &Ivs|f \netlijen a[t sindni kayar, 60 ka yhken a[t \n t! kain! a[to mnhme~, $ \latmhsen o \n t_ pt r : ka proskulsaw lyon mgan t_ yr to mnhmeou, plyen. 61 )Hn d \ke Mara = Magdalhn}, ka = llh Mara, kay}menai pnanti to tfou. % T_ d \parion, h tiw \stn met t|n Paraskeu}n, sun}xyhsan o rxierew ka o Farisaoi prw Pilton, 63 lgontew, Krie, \mn}syhmen ti \kenow ` plnow epen ti zn, Met trew =mraw \geromai. 64 Kleuson o{n sfalisynai tn tfon vw tw trthw =mraw: m}pote \lyntew o mayhta a[to nuktw klcvsin a[tn, ka epvsin t! la!, &Hgryh p tn nekrn: ka stai = \sxth plnh xervn tw prQthw. 65 *Efh d a[tow ` Piltow, *Exete koustvdan: pgete, sfalsasye qw odate. 66 O d poreuyntew sfalsanto tn tfon, sfragsantew tn lyon, met tw koustvdaw.
62 57

27.56 - 28.5


&O c d sabbtvn, t_ \pifvskos + ew man sabbtvn, lyen Mara = Magdalhn}, ka = llh Mara, yevrsai tn tfon. 2 Ka do, seismw \gneto mgaw: ggelow gr kurou katabw \j o[rano, proselyWn peklisen tn lyon p tw yraw, ka \kyhto \pnv a[to. 3 )Hn d = da a[to qw strap}, ka t nduma a[to leukn qse xiQn. 4 &Ap d to fbou a[to \sesyhsan o throntew ka \gnonto qse nekro. 5 &Apokriyew d ` ggelow
27.65 28.1 28.2 28.2 28.3 28.3 28.4 d Mara = Marim = proselyWn ka proselyWn p tw yraw da eda qse qw \gnonto qse \gen}yhsan qw

27.56 &Ivs &Ivs|f 27.57 \may}teusen \mayhteyh 27.58 podoynai t sma podoynai 27.59 sindni \n sindni 27.61 Mara = Marim = 27.64 nuktw


28.6 - 28.20

epen taw gunaijn, M| fobesye mew: oda gr ti &Ihson tn \staurvmnon zhtete. 6 O[k stin @de: gryh gr, kayWw epen. Dete, dete tn tpon pou keito ` kriow. 7 Ka tax poreuyesai epate tow mayhtaw a[to ti &Hgryh p tn nekrn: ka do, progei mw ew t|n Galilaan: \ke a[tn cesye: do, epon mn. 8 Ka \jelyosai tax p to mnhmeou met fbou ka xarw meglhw, dramon paggelai tow mayhtaw a[to. 9 ^Vw d \poreonto paggelai tow mayhtaw a[to, ka do, &Ihsow p}nthsen a[taw, lgvn, Xarete. A d proselyosai \krthsan a[to tow pdaw, ka proseknhsan a[t!. 10 Tte lgei a[taw ` &Ihsow: M| fobesye: pgete, paggelate tow delfow mou na plyvsin ew t|n Galilaan, ka \ke me contai. Poreuomnvn d a[tn, do, tinw tw koustvdaw \lyntew ew t|n plin p}ggeilan tow rxieresin panta t genmena. 12 Ka sunaxyn t ew met tn presbutrvn, sumbol i n te labntew, rgria kan dvkan tow stratiQtaiw, 13 lgontew, Epate ti O mayhta a[to nuktw \l y n t ew k l ec a n a[tn =mn koimvmnvn. 14 Ka \n kousy_ toto \p to =gemnow, =mew pesomen a[tn, ka mw mermnouw poi}somen. 15 O d labntew t rgria \pohsan qw \didxyhsan. Ka diefhmsyh ` lgow otow par &Ioudaoiw mxri tw s}meron. O d ndeka mayhta \poreyhsan ew t|n Galilaan, ew t row o \tjato a[tow ` &Ihsow. 17 Ka dntew a[tn proseknhsan a[t!: o d \dstasan. 18 Ka proselyWn ` &Ihsow \llhsen a[tow, lgvn, &Edyh moi psa \jousa \n o[ran! ka \p gw. 19 Poreuyntew mayhtesate pnta t ynh, baptzontew a[tow ew t noma to Patrw ka to Uo ka to ^Agou Pnematow: 20 didskontew a[tow thren pnta sa \neteilmhn mn: ka do, \gW mey' mn emi psaw tw =mraw vw tw sunteleaw to anow. &Am}n.
28.6 ` kriow 28.8 \jelyosai pelyosai 28.9 ^Vw d \poreonto paggelai tow mayhtaw a[to 28.9 p}nthsen p}nthsen 28.10 ka \ke kke 28.14 28.15 28.17 28.18 28.19 28.20 a[tn a[tn s}meron s}meron =mraw a[t! gw tw gw mayhtesate o{n mayhtesate &Am}n
16 11





rx| to e[aggelou &Ihso xristo, uo to yeo:


^V w ggraptai \n tow prof}taiw, &Ido, \gW postllv tn ggeln mou pr prosQpou sou, $ w o 3 kataskeusei t|n `dn sou mprosyn sou. Fvn| bontow \n t_ \r}m~, ^Etoimsate t|n `dn kurou: e[yeaw poiete tw trbouw a[to. 4 &Egneto &Ivnnhw baptzvn \n t_ \r}m~, ka ^ khrssvn bptisma metanoaw ew fesin amartin. 5 Ka \j ep o r e e t o prw a[tn psa = &Ioudaa xQra, ka o ^Ierosolumtai, ka \baptzonto pntew \n t! &Iordn+ ^ potam! p' a[to, \jomologomenoi tw a martaw a[tn. 6 )Hn d ` &Ivnnhw \ndedumnow trxaw kam}lou, ka zQnhn dermatnhn per t|n sfn a[to, ka \syvn krdaw ka mli grion. 7 Ka \k}russen, lgvn, *Erxetai ` sxurterw mou psv mou, o o[k em kanw kcaw lsai tn mnta tn u podhmtvn a[to. 8 &EgW mn \bptisa mw \n % dati: a[tw ^ d baptsei mw \n pnemati ag~.

Ka \gneto \n \kenaiw taw =mraiw, lyen &Ihsow p Nazart tw Galilaaw, ka \baptsyh p &Ivnnou ew tn u &Iordnhn. 10 Ka e[yvw nabanvn p to % datow, eden sxizomnouw tow o[ranow, ka t pnema qse peristern katabanon \p' a[tn: 11 ka fvn| \gneto \k tn o[rann, S e ` uw mou ` gaphtw, \n > e[dkhsa.


Ka e[yw t pnema a[tn \kbllei ew t|n rhmon. Ka n \ke \n t_ \r}m~ =mraw tessarkonta peirazmenow
uo to yeo uo yeo ^Vw KayWw tow prof}taiw t! &Hsa t! prof}t+ \gW mprosyn sou baptzvn ` baptzvn ka \baptzonto pntew pntew ka \baptzonto \n t! &Iordn+ potam! p' a[to p' a[to \n t! &Iordn+ potam! )Hn d ka n 1.8 1.8 1.9 1.10 1.10 1.10 1.10 1.11 1.13 1.13 mn mw \n % dati mw % dati u u p &Ivnnou ew tn &Iordnhn ew tn &Iordnhn p &Ivnnou e[yvw e[yw p \k qse qw \p' ew > so \ke =mraw tessarkonta tesserkonta =mraw


1.1 1.2 1.2 1.2 1.2 1.4 1.5 1.5 1.6


1.14 - 1.27

p to Satan, ka n met tn yhrvn, ka o ggeloi dihknoun a[t!. Met d t paradoynai tn &Ivnnhn, lyen ` &Ihsow ew t|n Galilaan, khrssvn t e[agglion tw basileaw to yeo, 15 ka lgvn ti Pepl}rvtai ` kairw, ka ggiken = basilea to yeo: metanoete, ka pisteete \n t! e[aggel~. Peripatn d par t|n ylassan tw Galilaaw eden Smvna ka &Andran tn delfn a[to, to Smvnow ^ bllontaw mfblhstron \n t_ yalss+: san gr aliew. 17 Ka epen a[tow ` &Ihsow, Dete psv mou, ka poi}sv ^ mw gensyai a liew nyrQpvn. 18 Ka e[yvw fntew t dktua a[tn, koloyhsan a[t!. 19 Ka probw \keyen lgon, eden &Ikvbon tn to Zebedaou, ka &Ivnnhn tn delfn a[to, ka a[tow \n t! plo~ katartzontaw t dktua. 20 Ka e[yvw \klesen a[tow: ka fntew tn patra a[tn Zebedaon \n t! plo~ met tn misyvtn plyon psv a[to. Ka esporeontai ew Kapernaom: ka e[yvw tow sbbasin eselyWn ew t|n sunagvg}n, \ddasken. 22 Ka \jepl}ssonto \p t_ didax_ a[to: n gr didskvn a[tow qw \jousan xvn, ka o[x qw o grammatew. 23 Ka n \n t_ sunagvg_ a[tn nyrvpow \n pnemati kayrt~, ka nkrajen, 24 lgvn, *Ea, t =mn ka so, &Ihso Nazarhn; )Hlyew polsai =mw; Od se tw e, ` giow to yeo. 25 Ka \petmhsen a[t! ` &Ihsow, lgvn, FimQyhti, ka jelye \j a[to. 26 Ka sparjan a[tn t pnema t kyarton ka krjan fvn_ megl+, \jlyen \j a[to. 27 Ka \yamb}yhsan % ^ pntew, vste suzhten prw eautow, lgontaw, T \stin toto; Tw = didax| = kain| a % th, ti kat' \j o u s a n ka tow u pnemasin tow kayrtoiw \pitssei, ka pakoousin a[t!;
1.14 tw basileaw 1.16 Peripatn d Ka pargvn 1.16 a[to to 1.16 bllontaw mfblhstron mfibllontaw 1.18 e[yvw e[yw 1.18 a[tn 1.19 \keyen 1.20 e[yvw e[yw 1.21 1.23 1.24 1.26 1.27 1.27 Kapernaom ka e[yvw Kafarnaom ka e[yw n e[yw n *Ea krjan fvnsan pntew pantew Tw = didax| = kain| a% th ti u didax| kain|
21 16 14



1.28 - 1.44

&Ejlyen d = ko| a[to e[yw ew lhn t|n perxvron tw Galilaaw. Ka e[yvw \k tw sunagvgw \jelyntew, lyon ew t|n okan Smvnow ka &Androu, met &IakQbou ka &Ivnnou. 30 ^H d penyer Smvnow katkeito purssousa, ka e[yvw lgousin a[t! per a[tw: 31 ka proselyWn geiren a[t}n, krat}saw tw xeirw a[tw: ka fken a[t|n ` puretw e[yvw, ka dihknei a[tow. &O caw d genomnhw, te du ` % liow, feron prw a[tn h pntaw tow kakw xontaw ka tow daimonizomnouw: 33 ka = pliw lh \p i s u n h g m n h n prw t|n yran. 34 Ka \yerpeusen pollow kakw xontaw poiklaiw nsoiw, ka daimnia poll \jbalen, ka o[k fien lalen t daimnia, ti deisan a[tn.
32 29

Ka prv nnuxon lan nastw \jlyen, ka plyen ew rhmon tpon, kke proshxeto. 36 Ka katedvjan a[tn ` Smvn ka o met' a[to: 37 ka erntew a[tn lgousin a[t! ti Pntew se zhtosin. 38 Ka lgei a[tow, *Agvmen ew tw \xomnaw kvmopleiw, na ka \ke khrjv: ew toto gr \jel}luya. 39 Ka n khrssvn \n taw sunagvgaw a[tn ew lhn t|n Galilaan, ka t daimnia \kbllvn. Ka rxetai prw a[tn leprw, parakaln a[tn ka gonupetn a[tn, ka lgvn a[t! ti &En yl+w, dnasa me kayarsai. 41 ^O d &Ihsow splagxnisyew, \ktenaw t|n xera, % cato a[to, ka lgei a[t!, Ylv, kayarsyhti. 42 Ka h epntow a[to e[yvw plyen p' a[to = lpra, ka \kayarsyh. 43 Ka \mbrimhsmenow a[t!, e[yvw \jbalen a[tn, 44 ka lgei a[t!, %Ora, mhden mhdn ep+w: ll'
1.28 &Ejlyen d Ka \jlyen 1.28 ew pantaxo ew 1.29 e[yvw e[yw 1.30 e[yvw e[yw 1.31 a[tw 1.31 e[yvw 1.33 = pliw lh \pisunhgmnh n n lh = pliw \pisunhgmnh 1.35 nnuxon nnuxa 1.36 katedvjan katedvjen 1.36 ` 1.37 erntew a[tn eron a[tn ka 1.37 se zhtosin zhtosn se 1.38 *Agvmen *Agvmen llaxo 1.38 \jel}luya \jlyon 1.39 n lyen 1.39 \n taw sunagvgaw ew tw sunagvgw 1.40 ka gonupetn a[tn ka gonupetn 1.41 ^O d &Ihsow Ka 1.41 % cato a[to a[to % cato h h 1.42 epntow a[to 1.42 e[yvw e[yw 1.43 e[yvw e[yw 1.44 ll' ll


a[tn xristn enai


1.45 - 2.12

% page, seautn dejon t! ere, ka prosnegke per to u kayarismo sou $ prostajen Mvsw, ew martrion a[tow. a 45 ^O d \jelyWn rjato khrssein poll ka diafhmzein tn % lgon, v ste mhkti a[tn dnasyai fanerw ew plin eselyen, ll' jv \n \r}moiw tpoiw n: ka rxonto prw a[tn pantaxyen.


*Egeire krbatton \p tw gw finai geire krbattn

Ka eslyen plin ew Kapernaom di' =mern: ka kosyh ti ew okn \stin. 2 Ka e[yvw sun}xyhsan % pollo, vste mhkti xvren mhd t prw t|n yran: ka \l l ei a[tow tn lgon. 3 Ka rxontai prw a[tn, paralutikn frontew, armenon p tessrvn. 4 Ka m| dunmenoi proseggsai a[t! di tn xlon, pestgasan t|n stghn pou n, ka \jorjantew xalsin tn krbbaton \f' > ` paralutikw katkeito. 5 &IdWn d ` &Ihsow t|n pstin a[tn lgei t! paralutik!, Tknon, fvnta soi a ^ a martai sou. 6 )Hsan d tinew tn grammatvn \ke kay}menoi, ka dialogizmenoi \n taw kardaiw a[tn, 7 T ^ otow o% tvw lale blasfhmaw; Tw dnatai finai amartaw u 8 e m| e<w, ` yew; Ka e[yvw \pignow ` &Ihsow t! pnemati ^ a[to ti o% tvw a[to dialogzontai \n eautow, epen a[tow, u T tata dialogzesye \n taw kardaiw mn; 9 T \stin e[ k o p Q t er o n , e p e n t! paralutik!, &Afvnta sou a ^ amartai, ( epen, *Egeirai, ka rn sou tn krbbaton, h ka periptei; 10 %Ina d edte ti \jousan xei ` uw to ^ nyrQpou finai \p tw gw a martaw lgei t! paralutik! 11 So lgv, geirai ka ron tn krbbatn sou, ka % page ew tn okn sou. 12 Ka gryh e[yvw, ka u
1.44 Mvsw Mvsw 1.45 \n \p' 1.45 pantaxyen pntoyen 2.1 eslyen eselyWn 2.1 Kapernaom Kafarnaom 2.1 ka kosyh kosyh 2.1 ew okn \n ok~ 2.2 e[yvw 2.3 prw a[tn paralutikn frontew frontew prw a[tn paralutikn 2.4 proseggsai prosengkai 2.4 krbbaton \f' > krbatton pou 2.5 &IdWn d Ka dWn ^ 2.5 fvnta soi a amartai sou ^ fenta sou a amartai lale blasfhmaw; lale; Blasfhme. 2.8 e[yvw e[yw 2.8 a[to 2.8 epen lgei 2.9 &Afvnta &Afenta 2.9 *Egeirai *Egeire 2.9 sou tn krbbaton tn krbattn sou ^ ^ 2.10 \p tw gw amartaw amartaw \p tw gw 2.11 geirai ka geire 2.11 krbbatn krbattn 2.12 e[yvw ka ka e[yw 2.7


% raw tn krbbaton, \jlyen \nanton pntvn: vste \jstasyai pntaw, ka dojzein tn yen, lgontaw ti O[dpote o% tvw edomen. u Ka \jlyen plin par t|n ylassan: ka pw ` xlow rxeto prw a[tn, ka \ddasken a[tow. 14 Ka pargvn eden Leu tn to &Alfaou kay}menon \p t telQnion, ka lgei a[t!, &Akoloyei moi. Ka nastw koloyhsen a[t!. 15 Ka \gneto \n t! katakesyai a[tn \n t_ ok a[to, ka ^ pollo telnai ka amartvlo sunankeinto t! &Ihso ka tow mayhtaw a[to: san gr pollo, ka koloyhsan a[t!. 16 Ka o grammatew ka o Farisaoi, dntew a[tn ^ \syonta met tn telvnn ka a martvln, legon tow ^ mayhtaw a[to, T ti met tn telvnn ka a martvln 17 \syei ka pnei; Ka kosaw ` &Ihsow lgei a[tow, O[ xrean xousin o sxontew atro, ll' o kakw xontew. ^ O [k lyon kalsai dikaouw, ll a martvlouw ew metnoian. Ka san o mayhta &Ivnnou ka o tn Farisavn nhsteontew: ka rxontai ka lgousin a[t!, Di t o mayhta &Ivnnou ka o tn Farisavn nhsteousin, o d so mayhta o[ nhsteousin; 19 Ka epen a[tow ` &Ihsow, M| dnantai o uo to numfnow, \n > ` numfow met' a[tn ^ \stin, nhsteein; %Oson xrnon mey' e autn xousin tn 20 numfon, o[ dnantai nhsteein: \lesontai d =mrai tan pary_ p' a[tn ` numfow, ka tte nhstesousin \n \k e n a i w taw =mraiw. 21 Ka o[dew \pblhma ]kouw gnfou \pirrptei \p mat~ palai!: e d m}, arei t pl}rvma a[to t kainn to palaio, ka xeron sxsma
2.12 krbbaton krbatton 2.12 \nanton mprosyen 2.12 O[dpote o% tvw O% tvw u u o[dpote 2.14 Leu Leun 2.15 \gneto \n t! gnetai 2.15 koloyhsan koloyoun 2.16 ka o Farisaoi tn Farisavn 2.16 a[tn \syonta ti \syei ^ 2.16 telvnn ka amartvln legon ^ amartvln ka telvnn legon 2.16 T 2.16 ka pnei 2.17 O[ ti O[ 2.17 ew metnoian 2.18 tn Farisavn nhsteontew Farisaoi nhsteontew 2.18 tn Farisavn nhsteousin mayhta tn Farisavn nhsteousin ^ 2.19 mey' eautn xousin tn numfon xousin tn numfon met' a[tn 2.20 \kenaiw taw =mraiw \ken+ t_ =mr 2.21 Ka o[dew O[dew 2.21 \pirrptei \p mat~ palai! \pirptei \p mtion palain 2.21 a[to p' a[to
18 13

2.13 - 2.21



2.22 - 3.7

gnetai. 22 Ka o[dew bllei onon non ew skow palaiow: e d m}, ]}ssei ` onow ` now tow skow, ka ` onow \kxetai ka o sko polontai: ll onon non ew skow kainow blhton. Ka \gneto paraporeesyai a[tn \n tow sbbasin di tn spormvn, ka rjanto o mayhta a[to `dn poien tllontew tow stxuaw. 24 Ka o Farisaoi legon a[t!, *Ide, t poiosin \n tow sbbasin $ o[k jestin; 25 Ka a[tw o legen a[tow, O[dpote ngnvte t \pohsen Daud, te xrean sxen ka \penasen a[tw ka o met' a[to; 26 Pw eslyen ew tn okon to yeo \p &Abiyar rxiervw, ka tow rtouw tw proysevw fagen, ow o[k jestin fagen e m| tow eresin, ka dvken ka tow sn a[t! o{sin; 27 Ka legen a[tow, T sbbaton di tn nyrvpon \gneto, o[x ` % nyrvpow di t sbbaton: 28 vste kriw \stin ` uw to nyrQpou ka to sabbtou.


Ka esl yen plin ew t|n sunagvg}n, ka n \ke nyrvpow \jhrammnhn xvn t|n xera. 2 Ka paret}roun a[tn e tow sbbasin yerapesei a[tn, na kathgor}svsin a[to. 3 Ka lgei t! nyrQp~ t! \jhrammnhn xonti t|n xera, *Egeirai ew t mson. 4 Ka lgei a[tow, *Ejestin tow sbbasin gayopoisai, ( kakopoisai; Cux|n ssai, ( h h 5 poktenai; O d \siQpvn. Ka periblecmenow a[tow met' rgw, sullupomenow \p t_ pvrQsei tw kardaw a[tn, lgei t! nyrQp~, *Ekteinon t|n xer sou. Ka \jteinen, ka pokatestyh = xe r a[to gi|w qw = llh. 6 Ka \j el y n t ew o Farisaoi e[yv w met tn ^Hr~diann sumbolion \pooun kat' a[to, pvw a[tn polsvsin. 7 Ka ` &Ihsow nexQrhsen met tn mayhtn a[to prw t|n
2.22 2.22 2.22 2.22 2.22 2.23 2.23 2.23 ]}ssei ]}jei ` now \kxetai pllutai polontai blhton paraporeesyai a[tn a[tn di paraporeesyai di rjanto o mayhta a[to o mayhta a[to rjanto 2.24 \n 2.25 a[tw legen lgei 2.26 tow eresin tow erew 2.27 o[x ka o[x 3.3 \jhrammnhn xonti t|n xera *Egeirai t|n jhrn xera xonti geire 3.4 gayopoisai gayn poisai 3.5 sou 3.5 pokatestyh pekatestyh 3.5 gi|w qw = llh 3.6 e[yvw e[yw 3.6 \pooun \ddoun 3.7 nexQrhsen met met 3.7 prw nexQrhsen prw


ylassan: ka pol plyow p tw Galilaaw koloyhsan a[t!, ka p tw &Ioudaaw, 8 ka p ^Ierosolmvn, ka p tw &Idoumaaw, ka pran to &Iordnou, ka o per Tron ka Sidna, plyow pol, kosantew sa \poei, lyon prw a[tn . 9 Ka epen tow mayhtaw a[to na ploirion proskarter_ a[t! di tn xlon, na m| ylbvsin a[tn. 10 % Pollow gr \yerpeusen, vste \pipptein a[t!, na a[to cvntai, soi e xo n mstigaw. 11 Ka t pnemata t kyarta, tan a[tn \yeQ r ei , prospipten a[t!, ka krazen, lgonta ti S e ` uw to yeo. 12 Ka poll \petma a[tow na m| fanern a[tn poi}svsin. Ka nabanei ew t row, ka proskaletai ow yelen a[tw: ka plyon prw a[tn. 14 Ka \pohsen dQdeka, na sin met' a[to, ka na postll+ a[tow khrssein, 15 ka xein \jousan yerapeein tw nsouw, ka \kbllein t daimnia: 16 ka \pyhken t! Smvni noma Ptron: 17 ka &Ikvbon tn to Zebedaou, ka &Ivnnhn tn delfn to &IakQbou: ka \pyhken a[tow nmata Boanergw, \stin, Uo Brontw: 18 ka &Andran, ka Flippon, ka Baryolomaon, ka Matyaon, ka Yvmn, ka &Ikvbon tn to &Alfaou, ka Yaddaon, ka Smvna tn Kananthn, 19 ka &Iodan &IskariQthn, $ w ka pardvken a[tn. o Ka rxontai ew okon: 20 ka sunrxetai plin xlow, % v ste m| dnasyai a[tow m}te rton fagen. 21 Ka kosantew o par' a[to \jlyon kratsai a[tn: legon gr ti &Ejsth. 22 Ka o grammatew o p ^Ierosolmvn katabntew legon ti Beelzebol xei, ka ti &En t! rxonti tn daimonvn \k b l l ei t daimnia. 23 Ka proskalesmenow a[tow, \n parabolaw legen a[tow, Pw dnatai Satanw Satann \kbllein; 24 Ka \n basilea \f'
3.7 3.8 3.8 3.11 3.11 3.12 3.14 3.15 koloyhsan a[t! koloyhsen o kosantew koontew \yeQrei prospipten \yeQroun prospipton krazen lgonta krazon lgontew fanern a[tn a[tn fanern dQdeka dQdeka ow ka & postlouw vnmasen yerapeein tw nsouw ka ka \pyhken t! Smvni noma ka \pohsen tow dQdeka ka \pyhken noma t! Smvni 3.17 nmata Boanergw nmata Boanhrgw 3.18 Matyaon Mayyaon 3.18 Kananthn Kananaon 3.19 &IskariQthn &IskariQy 3.19 rxontai rxetai 3.20 xlow ` xlow 3.20 m}te mhd 3.16

3.8 - 3.24


3.25 - 3.1

^ e aut|n merisy_, o[ dnatai staynai = basilea \kenh. 25 ^ Ka \n oka \f' eaut|n merisy_, o[ dnatai staynai = 26 ^ oka \kenh. Ka e ` Satanw nsth \f' e autn ka memristai, o[ dnatai staynai, ll tlow xei. 27 O[dew dnatai t skeh to sxuro, eselyWn ew t|n okan a[to, diarpsai, \n m| prton tn sxurn d}s+, ka tte t|n okan a[to diarps+. 28 &Am|n lgv mn, ti pnta ^ fey}setai t a mart}mata tow uow tn nyrQpvn, ka blasfhmai saw n blasfhm}svsin: 29 $ w d' n o blasfhm}s+ ew t pnema t gion, o[k xei fesin ew tn ana, ll' noxw \stin avnou krsevw. 30 %O ti legon, Pnema kyarton xei. *Erxontai o{n o delfo ka = m}thr a[to, ka jv ^ e sttew psteilan prw a[tn, fvnontew a[tn. 32 Ka \kyhto xlow per a[tn: epon d a[t!, &Ido, = m}thr sou ka o delfo sou ka a delfa sou jv zhtosn se. 33 Ka pekryh a[tow lgvn, Tw \stin = m}thr mou ( o h delfo mou; 34 Ka periblecmenow kkl~ tow per a[tn kayhmnouw, lgei, *Ide, = m}thr mou ka o delfo mou. 35 $O w gr n poi}s+ t ylhma to yeo, otow delfw mou ka delf} mou ka m}thr \stn.


3.25 3.26 3.26 3.27 3.27 3.27 3.28 3.28 3.28 3.29 3.29 3.31 3.31

Ka plin rjato didskein par t|n ylassan. Ka % sun}xyh prw a[tn xlow polw, vste a[tn \mbnta ew t ploon kaysyai \n t_ yalss+: ka pw ` xlow prw t|n
dnatai staynai = oka \kenh dun}setai = oka \kenh staynai memristai \mersyh staynai stnai O[dew dnatai &All' o[ dnatai o[dew t skeh to sxuro eselyWn ew t|n okan ew t|n okan to sxuro eselyWn t skeh diarps+ diarpsei ^ t amart}mata tow uow tn nyrQpvn tow uow tn ^ nyrQpvn t amart}mata ka ka a saw n sa \n ll' ll ^ krsevw amart}matow *Erxontai o{n Ka rxetai o delfo ka = m}thr a[to = m}thr a[to ka o delf a[to ^ 3.31 esttew st}kontew 3.31 fvnontew kalontew 3.32 xlow per a[tn per a[tn xlow 3.32 epon d ka lgousin 3.32 ka a delfa sou ka a delfa sou 3.33 pekryh a[tow lgvn pokriyew a[tow lgei 3.33 ( o ka o h 3.33 delfo mou delfo mou 3.34 kkl~ tow per a[tn tow per a[tn kkl~ 3.35 gr gr 3.35 delf} mou delf| 4.1 sun}xyh sungetai 4.1 polw plestow 4.1 \mbnta ew t ploon ew ploon \mbnta


y l a s s a n \p tw gw n. 2 Ka \ddasken a[tow \n parabolaw poll, ka legen a[tow \n t_ didax_ a[to, 3 &Akoete: do, \jlyen ` spervn to sperai: 4 ka \gneto \n t! sperein, $ mn pesen par t|n `dn, ka lyen t o petein ka katfagen a[t. 5 *A l l o d pesen \p t petrdew, pou o[k exen gn poll}n: ka e[yvw \janteilen, di t m| xei n byow gw: 6 =lou d natelantow \kaumatsyh, ka di t m| xein ]zan \jhrnyh. 7 Ka llo p es en e w tw knyaw, ka nbhsan a kanyai, ka sunpnijan a[t, ka karpn o[k dvken. 8 Ka llo pesen ew t|n gn t|n kal}n: ka \ddou karpn nabanonta ka ^ a[jnonta, ka feren \n trikonta, ka \n ej}konta, ka \n ^ katn. 9 Ka legen $O xvn ta koein koutv. e %O te d \gneto katamnaw, rQthsan a[tn o per a[tn sn tow dQdeka t|n parabol}n. 11 Ka legen a[tow, ^Umn ddotai gnnai t must}rion tw basileaw to yeo: \kenoiw d tow jv, \n parabolaw t pnta gnetai: 12 na blpontew blpvsin, ka m| dvsin: ka koontew kovsin, ka m| sunisin: m}pote \pistrcvsin, ka fey_ a[tow t ^ amart}mata. 13 Ka lgei a[tow, O[k odate t|n parabol|n tathn; Ka pw psaw tw parabolw gnQsesye; 14 ^O spervn tn lgon sperei. 15 Otoi d esin o par t|n `dn, pou speretai ` lgow, ka tan kosvsin, e[yvw rxetai ` Satanw ka arei tn lgon tn \sparmnon \n taw kardaiw a[tn. 16 Ka oto esin `movw o \p t petrQdh speirmenoi, o, tan kosvsin tn lgon, e[yvw met xarw ^ lambnousin a[tn, 17 ka o[k xousin ]zan \n e autow, ll prskairo esin: eta genomnhw ylcevw ( divgmo di h 18 tn lgon, e[yvw skandalzontai. Ka oto esin o ew
n san to *Allo d ka llo e[yvw e[yw =lou d natelantow ka te nteilen ` % liow h 4.8 llo lla 4.8 a[jnonta a[janmena 4.8 \n...\n...\n n...n...n 4.9 $O xvn $ w xei o 4.10 %Ote d \gneto katamnaw rQthsan Ka te \gneto kat 4.1 4.3 4.5 4.5 4.6 mnaw rQtvn 4.10 t|n parabol}n tw parabolw 4.11 ddotai gnnai t must}rion t must}rion ddotai ^ 4.12 t amart}mata 4.15 e[yvw e[yw 4.15 \n taw kardaiw a[tn ew a[tow 4.16 `movw 4.16 e[yvw e[yw 4.17 e[yvw e[yw 4.18 oto lloi

4.2 - 4.18


4.19 - 4.32

tw knyaw speirmenoi, o tn lgon koontew, 19 ka a mrimnai to anow totou, ka = pth to plotou, ka a per t loip \piyumai esporeumenai sumpngousin tn lgon, ka karpow gnetai. 20 Ka oto esin o \p t|n gn t|n kal|n sparntew, otinew koousin tn lgon, ka paradxontai, ka karpoforosin, \n trikonta, ka \n ^ ^ ej}konta, ka \n ekatn. Ka legen a[tow, M}ti ` lxnow rxetai na p tn mdion tey_ ( p t|n klnhn; O [x na \p t|n luxnan h o \pitey_; 22 O[ gr \stn ti kruptn, $ \n m| fanervy_: o[d \gneto pkrufon, ll' na ew fanern ly+. 23 E tiw xei ta koein koutv. 24 Ka legen a[tow, Blpete t koete. &En > mtr~ metrete metrhy}setai mn, ka prostey} s et a i mn tow koousin. 25 $O w gr n x+ , doy}setai a[t!: ka $ w o[k xei, ka $ xei ry}setai p' o o a[to. % Ka legen, O utvw \stn = basilea to yeo, qw \n nyrvpow bl+ tn spron \p tw gw, 27 ka kayed+ ka \gerhtai nkta ka =mran, ka ` sprow blastn+ ka mhknhtai qw o[k oden a[tw. 28 A[tomth gr = g karpofore, prton xrton, eta stxun, eta pl}rh ston \n t! stxu. 29 %O tan d parad! ` karpw, e[yvw postllei t drpanon, ti parsthken ` yerismw.
26 21


Ka legen, Tni `moiQsvmen t|n basilean to yeo; (H \n po parabol_ parablvmen a[t}n; 31 ^Vw kkkon sinpevw, w, tan spar_ \p tw gw, mikrterow pntvn tn spermtvn \stn tn \p tw gw: 32 ka tan spar_,
4.18 4.18 4.19 4.20 4.20 4.21 4.21 4.22 4.22 4.24 4.25 o tn oto esin o tn koontew kosantew totou oto \keno \n...\n...\n n...n...n ` lxnow rxetai rxetai ` lxnow \pitey_ tey_ ti kruptn $ \n m| kruptn o \n m| na ew fanern ly+ ly+ ew fanern tow koousin n x+ xei \n blastn+ blast gr pl}rh pl}rhw parad! parado e[yvw e[yw Tni `moiQsvmen pw `moiQsvmen 4.30 po parabol_ parablvmen a[t}n tni a[t|n parabol_ ymen 4.31 kkkon kkk~ 4.31 mikrterow mikrteron n 4.31 \stn 4.26 4.27 4.28 4.28 4.29 4.29 4.30



nabanei, ka gnetai pntvn tn laxnvn mezvn, ka poie % kldouw meglouw, vste dnasyai p t|n skin a[to t petein to o[rano kataskhnon. 33 Ka toiataiw parabolaw pollaw \llei a[tow tn lgon, kayWw \dnanto koein: 34 xvrw d parabolw o[k \llei a[tow: kat' dan d tow mayhtaw a[to \pluen pnta. Ka lgei a[tow \n \ken+ t_ =mr, caw genomnhw, Dilyvmen ew t pran. 36 Ka fntew tn xlon, paralambnousin a[tn qw n \n t! plo~. Ka lla d ploiria n met' a[to. 37 Ka gnetai lalac nmou % meglh: t d kmata \pballen ew t ploon, vste a[t 38 dh gem z es ya i . Ka n a[tw \p t_ prmn+ \p t proskeflaion kayedvn: ka diegerousin a[tn, ka lgousin a[t!, Didskale, o[ mlei soi ti pollmeya; 39 Ka diegeryew \petmhsen t! nm~, ka epen t_ yalss+, SiQpa, pefmvso. Ka \kpasen ` nemow, ka \gneto gal}nh meglh. 40 Ka epen a[tow, T deilo \ste o% tvw; Pw o[k u xete pstin; 41 Ka \fob}yhsan fbon mgan, ka legon prw ll}louw, Tw ra otw \stin, ti ka ` nemow ka = ylassa pakoousin a[t!;

4.33 - 5.5


Ka lyon ew t pran tw yalsshw, ew t|n xQran tn Gadarhnn. 2 Ka \jelynti a[t! \k to ploou, e[yvw p}nthsen a[t! \k tn mnhmevn nyrvpow \n pnemati kayrt~, 3 $ w t|n katokhsin exen \n tow mn}masin: ka o ^ ote a lsesin o[dew \dnato a[tn dsai, 4 di t a[tn ^ pollkiw pdaiw ka alsesin dedsyai, ka diespsyai p' ^ a[to tw alseiw, ka tw pdaw suntetrfyai: ka o[dew a[tn sxuen damsai: 5 ka di pantw, nuktw ka =mraw, \n tow resin ka \n tow mn}masin n krzvn ka katakptvn
pntvn tn laxnvn mezvn mezon pntvn tn laxnvn \dnanto dnanto mayhtaw a[to doiw mayhtaw d ploiria ploa nmou meglh meglh nmou t d ka t a[t dh gemzesyai dh gemzesyai t ploon n a[tw \p t_ a[tw n \n t_ diegerousin \gerousin \ste o% tvw; Pw o[k \ste; u Opv 4.41 pakoousin pakoei 5.1 Gadarhnn Gerashnn 5.2 \jelynti a[t! \jelyntow a[to 5.2 e[yvw p}nthsen e[yw p}nthsen ^ ^ 5.3 ote alsesin o[d alsei o[kti 5.4 a[tn sxuen sxuen a[tn 5.5 resin mn}masin 5.5 mn}masin resin

4.32 4.33 4.34 4.36 4.37 4.37 4.37 4.38 4.38 4.40


5.6 - 5.20

^ eautn lyoiw. 6 &IdWn d tn &Ihson p makryen, dramen ka proseknhsen a[t!, 7 ka krjaw fvn_ megl+ epen, T \mo ka so, &Ihso, u to yeo to cstou; ^Orkzv se tn yen, m} me basans+w. 8 *Elegen gr a[t!, *Ejelye, t pnema t kyarton, \k to nyrQpou. 9 Ka \phrQta a[tn, T soi noma; Ka pekryh, lgvn, LegeWn nom moi, ti pollo \smen. 10 Ka pareklei a[tn poll, na m| a[tow postel+ jv tw xQraw. 11 )Hn d \ke prw t! rei glh xorvn meglh boskomnh: 12 ka pareklesan a[tn pntew o damonew, lgontew, Pmcon =mw ew tow xorouw, na ew a[tow eslyvmen. 13 Ka \ptrecen a[tow e[yvw ` &Ihsow. Ka \jelynta t pnemata t kyarta eslyon ew tow % xorouw: ka vrmhsen = glh kat to krhmno ew t|n y l a s s a n : san d qw disxlioi: ka \pngonto \n t_ ya l s s + . 14 O d bskontew tow xorouw fugon, ka n}ggeilan ew t|n plin ka ew tow grow. Ka \jlyon den t \stin t gegonw: 15 ka rxontai prw tn &Ihson, ka yevrosin tn daimonizmenon kay}menon ka matismnon ka svfrononta, tn \sxhkta tn Legena: ka \fob}yhsan. 16 Dihg}santo d a[tow o dntew pw \gneto t! daimonizomn~, ka per tn xorvn. 17 Ka rjanto parakalen a[tn pelyen p tn `rvn a[tn. 18 Ka \m b n t o w a[to ew t ploon, pareklei a[tn ` daimonisyew, na met' a[to. 19 ^O d &Ihsow o[k fken a[tn, ll lgei a[t!, %Upage ew tn okn sou prw tow sow, ka nggeilon a[tow sa soi ` kriow pepohken, ka lhsn se. 20 Ka plyen ka rjato khrssein \n t_ Dekaplei sa \pohsen a[t! ` &Ihsow: ka pntew \yamazon.

5.6 5.7 5.9 5.9 5.9 5.10 5.12 5.13 5.13 5.14 5.14

&IdWn d Ka dWn epen lgei soi noma nom soi pekryh lgvn lgei a[t! LegeWn LegiWn a[tow a[t pntew o damonew e[yvw ` &Ihsow san d O d Ka o tow xorouw a[tow

5.14 n}ggeilan p}ggeilan 5.14 \jlyon lyon 5.15 kay}menon ka matismnon kay}menon matismnon 5.15 Legena Legina 5.16 Dihg}santo d Ka dihg}santo 5.18 \mbntow \mbanontow 5.18 met' a[to met' a[to 5.19 ^O d &Ihsow Ka 5.19 nggeilon pggeilon 5.19 soi ` kriow ` kriw soi


Ka diapersantow to &Ihso \n t! plo~ plin ew t pran, sun}xyh xlow polw \p' a[tn, ka n par t|n ylassan. 22 Ka do, rxetai e<w tn rxisunagQgvn, nmati &Ieirow, ka dWn a[tn, pptei prw tow pdaw a[to, 23 ka pareklei a[tn poll, lgvn ti T yugtrin mou \sxtvw xei: na \lyWn \piy_w a[t_ tw xeraw, pvw svy_ ka z}setai. 24 Ka plyen met' a[to: ka koloyei a[t! xlow polw, ka sunylibon a[tn. Ka gun} tiw o{sa \n ]sei amatow th dQdeka, 26 ka poll payosa p polln atrn, ka dapan}sasa t par' & a[tw pnta, ka mhdn vfelhyesa, ll mllon ew t 27 xeron \lyosa, kosasa per to &Ihso, \lyosa \n t! xl~ pisyen, % cato to matou a[to: 28 legen gr ti Kn h tn matvn a[to cvmai, svy}somai. 29 Ka e[yv w \jhrnyh = phg| to amatow a[tw, ka gnv t! sQmati ti atai p tw mstigow. 30 Ka e[yvw ` &Ihsow \pignow \n ^ eaut! t|n \j a[to dnamin \jelyosan, \pistrafew \n t! xl~, legen, Tw mou % cato tn matvn; 31 Ka legon a[t! h o mayhta a[to, Blpeiw tn xlon sunylbont se, ka lgeiw, Tw mou % cato; 32 Ka perieblpeto den t|n toto h 33 o poi}sasan. ^H d gun| fobhyesa ka trmousa, edua $ ggonen \p' a[t_, lyen ka prospesen a[t!, ka epen a[t! psan t|n l}yeian. 34 ^O d epen a[t_, ygater, = pstiw sou ssvkn se: % page ew er}nhn, ka syi gi|w p tw u mstigw sou. *Eti a[to lalontow, rxontai p to rxisunagQgou, lgontew ti ^H yugthr sou pyanen: t ti sklleiw tn didskalon; 36 ^O d &Ihsow e[yvw kosaw tn lgon lalomenon lgei t! rxisunagQg~, M| fobo, mnon psteue. 37 Ka o[k fken o[dna a[t! sunakolouysai, e m| Ptron ka &Ikvbon ka &Ivnnhn tn delfn &IakQbou.
5.21 \n t! plo~ \n t! plo~ 5.22 do 5.22 &Ieirow &Irow 5.23 pareklei parakale 5.23 a[t_ tw xeraw pvw tw xeraw a[t_ na 5.23 z}setai z}s+ 5.25 tiw 5.25 th dQdeka dQdeka th 5.28 5.28 5.29 5.30 5.33 5.34 5.36 5.37 5.37 Kn &En cvmai kn cvmai e[yvw e[yw e[yvw e[yw \p' ygater yugthr e[yvw kosaw parakosaw a[t! met' a[to Ptron tn Ptron
35 25 21

5.21 - 5.37


5.38 - 6.7

Ka rxetai ew tn okon to rxisunagQgou, ka yevre yrubon, klaontaw ka lalzontaw poll. 39 Ka eselyWn lgei a[tow, T yorubesye ka klaete; T paidon o[k pyanen, ll kayedei. 40 Ka kateglvn a[to. ^O d, \kbalWn pntaw, paralambnei tn patra to paidou ka t|n mhtra ka tow met' a[to, ka esporeetai pou n t paidon nakemenon. 41 Ka krat}saw tw xeirw to paidou, lgei a[t_, Taliy, komi: \stin meyermhneumenon, T korsion, so lgv, geirai. 42 Ka e[yvw nsth t korsion ka perieptei, n gr \tn dQdeka: ka \jsthsan \kstsei megl+. 43 Ka diestelato a[tow poll na mhdew gn! toto: ka epen doynai a[t_ fagen.

Ka \jlyen \keyen, ka lyen ew t|n patrda a[to: ka kolouyosin a[t! o mayhta a[to. 2 Ka genomnou sabbtou, rjato \n t_ sunagvg_ didskein: ka pollo koontew \jepl}ssonto, lgontew, Pyen tot~ tata; Ka tw = sofa = doyesa a[t!, ka dunmeiw toiatai di tn xeirn a[to gnontai; 3 O[x otw \stin ` tktvn, ` uw Maraw, delfw d &IakQbou ka &Ivs ka &Ioda ka Smvnow; Ka o[k esn a delfa a[to @de prw =mw; Ka \skandalzonto \n a[t!. 4 *Elegen d a[tow ` &Ihsow ti O[k stin prof}thw timow, e m| \n t_ patrdi a[to, ka \n tow suggensin ka \n t_ ok a[to. 5 Ka o[k dnato \ke o[deman dnamin poisai, e m| lgoiw rrQstoiw \piyew tw xeraw, \yerpeusen. 6 Ka \yamazen di t|n pistan a[tn.
Ka perigen tw kQmaw kkl~ didskvn. Ka proskaletai tow dQdeka, ka rjato a[tow postllein do do, ka \d d o u a[tow \jousan tn

5.38 5.38 5.40 5.40 5.41 5.41 5.42 5.42 5.43 6.1 6.2

rxetai rxontai klaontaw ka klaontaw ^O A[tw nakemenon komi kom geirai geire e[yvw e[yw \kstsei e[yw \kstsei gn! gno lyen rxetai \n t_ sunagvg_ didskein

6.2 6.2 6.3 6.3 6.3 6.4 6.4 6.5

didskein \n t_ sunagvg_ a[t! ka tot~ ka a gnontai ginmenai Maraw tw Maraw delfw d ka delfw &Ivs &Ivstow *Elegen d ka legen suggensin suggenesin a[to dnato \ke o[deman dnamin poisai \dnato \ke poisai o[deman dnamin


pneumtvn tn kayrtvn. 8 Ka par}ggeilen a[tow na mhdn arvsin ew `dn, e m| ]bdon mnon: m| p}ran, m| rton, m| e w t|n zQnhn xalkn: 9 ll' podedemnouw sandlia: ka m| \ndshsye do xitnaw. 10 Ka legen a[tow, %Opou \n eslyhte ew okan, \ke mnete vw n \jlyhte \keyen. 11 Ka soi n m| djvntai mw, mhd kosvsin mn, \kporeumenoi \keyen, \ktinjate tn xon tn poktv tn podn mn ew martrion a[tow. &Am|n lgv mn, nektteron stai Sodmoiw ( Gomrroiw \n =mr h 12 krsevw, ( t_ plei \ken+. Ka \jelyntew \k}russon na h metano}svsin: 13 ka daimnia poll \jballon, ka leifon \la~ pollow rrQstouw ka \yerpeuon. Ka kousen ` basilew ^Hrdhw, fanern gr \gneto t noma a[to, ka legen ti &Ivnnhw ` baptzvn \k nekrn gryh, ka di toto \nergosin a dunmeiw \n a[t!. 15 *A l l o i l eg o n ti &Hlaw \stn: lloi d legon ti Prof}thw \stn, qw e<w tn profhtn. 16 &Akosaw d ^Hrdhw epen ti $On \gW pekeflisa &Ivnnhn, otw \stin: a[tw gryh \k nek r n . 17 A[tw gr ` ^Hrdhw postelaw \krthsen tn &Ivnnhn, ka dhsen a[tn \n fulak_, di ^Hr~dida t|n gunaka Filppou to delfo a[to, ti a[t|n \gmhsen. 18 *Elegen gr ` &Ivnnhw t! ^Hrd+ ti O[k jestn soi xein t|n gunaka to delfo sou. 19 ^H d ^Hr~diw \nexen a[t!, ka yelen a[tn poktenai: ka o[k dnato: 20 ` gr ^Hrdhw \fobeto tn &Ivnnhn, edWw a[tn ndra dkaion ka gion, ka sunet}rei a[tn: ka kosaw a[to, poll \p o ei , ka =dvw a[to kouen. 21 Ka genomnhw =mraw e[karou, te ^Hrdhw tow genesoiw a[to depnon \poei tow megistsin a[to ka tow xilirxoiw ka tow prQtoiw tw Galilaaw, 22 ka eselyoshw tw yugatrw
p}ran m| rton rton m| p}ran 6.9 ll' ll 6.11 soi n m| djvntai $ w n o tpow m| djhtai 6.11 &Am|n lgv mn nektteron stai Sodmoiw ( Gomrroiw \n h =mr krsevw ( t_ plei \ken+ h 6.12 \k}russon na metano}svsin \k}rujan na metanosin 6.8 6.14 legen legon 6.14 \k nekrn gryh \g}gertai \k nekrn 6.15 *Alloi legon *Alloi d legon 6.15 \stn qw qw 6.16 ^Hrdhw epen ti ` ^Hrdhw legen 6.16 \stin a[tw gryh \k nekrn gryh 6.20 \poei prei 6.21 \poei \pohsen

6.8 - 6.22

` ^Hrdhw


6.23 - 6.35

a[tw tw ^Hr~didow ka rxhsamnhw, ka resshw t! ^H r d + ka tow sunanakeimnoiw, epen ` basilew t! * koras~, Athsn me $ \n yl+w, ka dQsv so: 23 ka vmosen o a[t_ ti $O \n me at}s+w, dQsv so, vw =msouw tw basileaw mou. 24 ^H d \jelyosa epen t_ mhtr a[tw, T at}somai; ^H d epen, T|n kefal|n &Ivnnou to baptisto. 25 Ka eselyosa e[yvw met spoudw prw tn basila, & t}sato, lgousa, Ylv na moi d!w \jautw \p pnaki t|n + kefal|n &Ivnnou to baptisto. 26 Ka perlupow genmenow ` basilew, di tow rkouw ka tow sunanakeimnouw o[k yl h s en a[t|n yet s a i . 27 Ka e[yv w postelaw ` basilew spekoultora \ptajen \nexynai t|n kefal|n a[to. 28 ^O d pelyWn pekeflisen a[tn \n t_ fulak_, ka negken t|n kefal|n a[to \p pnaki, ka dvken a[t|n t! koras~: ka t korsion dvken a[t|n t_ mhtr a[tw. 29 Ka kosantew o mayhta a[to lyon, ka ran t ptma a[to, ka yhkan a[t \n mnhme~. Ka sungontai o pstoloi prw tn &Ihson, ka p}ggeilan a[t! pnta, ka sa \pohsan ka sa \ddajan. 31 Ka epen a[tow, Dete mew a[to kat' dan ew rhmon tpon, ka napaesye lgon. )Hsan gr o \rxmenoi ka o pgontew pollo, ka o[d fagen e[karoun. 32 Ka plyon ew rhmon tpon t! plo~ kat' dan. 33 Ka edon a[tow pgontaw ka \pgnvsan a[tn pollo, ka pez_ p pasn tn plevn sundramon \ke, ka prolyon a[tow, ka sunlyon prw a[tn. 34 Ka \jelyWn eden ` &Ihsow poln xlon, ka \splagxnsyh \p' a[tow, ti san qw prbata m| xonta poimna: ka rjato didskein a[tow poll. 35 Ka % dh vraw pollw genomnhw, proselyntew a[t! o mayhta
6.22 a[tw tw a[to 6.22 ka resshw resen 6.23 ti $O poll %O ti 6.24 ^H d \jelyosa Ka \jelyosa 6.24 at}somai at}svmai 6.24 baptisto baptzontow 6.25 e[yvw e[yw 6.25 moi d!w \jautw \jautw d!w moi 6.26 sunanakeimnouw nakeimnouw 6.26 a[t|n yetsai yetsai a[t}n e[yvw e[yw \nexynai \ngkai ^O d Ka pnta ka pnta epen lgei napaesye napasasye ew rhmon tpon t! plo~ \n t! plo~ ew rhmon tpon 6.33 a[tn pollo pollo 6.33 ka sunlyon prw a[tn 6.34 ` &Ihsow 6.34 a[tow a[tow 6.27 6.27 6.28 6.30 6.31 6.31 6.32


% a[to lgousin ti *Erhmw \stin ` tpow, ka dh vra poll}: 36 pluson a[tow, na pelyntew ew tow kkl~ grow ka ^ kQmaw gorsvsin e autow rtouw. T gr fgvsin o[k 37 xousin. ^O d pokriyew epen a[tow, Dte a[tow mew fagen. Ka lgousin a[t!, &Apelyntew gorsvmen dhnarvn diakosvn rtouw, ka dmen a[tow fagen; 38 ^O d lgei a[tow, Psouw rtouw xete; ^Upgete ka dete. Ka gnntew lgousin, Pnte, ka do xyaw. 39 Ka \ptajen a[tow naklnai pntaw sumpsia sumpsia \p t! xlvr! ^ xrt~. 40 Ka npeson prasia prasia, n ekatn ka n 41 pent}konta. Ka labWn tow pnte rtouw ka tow do xy a w, nablcaw ew tn o[rann, e[lghsen, ka katklasen tow rtouw, ka \ddou tow mayhtaw a[to na paraysin a[tow: ka tow do xyaw \mrisen psin. 42 Ka fagon pntew, ka \xo r t s yh s a n : 43 ka ran klasmtvn dQdeka kofnouw pl}reiw, ka p tn xyvn. 44 Ka san o fagntew tow rtouw pentakisxlioi ndrew. Ka e[yvw ngkasen tow mayhtw a[to \mbnai ew t ploon, ka progein ew t pran prw Bhysadn, vw a[tw pols+ tn xlon. 46 Ka potajmenow a[tow, plyen ew t row prosejasyai. 47 Ka caw genomnhw, n t ploon \n ms~ tw yalsshw, ka a[tw mnow \p tw gw. 48 Ka eden a[tow basanizomnouw \n t! \lanein, n gr ` nemow \nantow a[tow, ka per tetrthn fulak|n tw nuktw rxetai prw a[tow, peripatn \p tw yalsshw: ka yelen parelyen a[tow. 49 O d, dntew a[tn peripatonta \p tw yalsshw, dojan fntasma enai, ka nkrajan: 50 pntew gr a[tn edon, ka \tarxyhsan. Ka e[yvw \llhsen met' a[tn, ka lgei a[tow, Yarsete: \gQ emi, m| fobesye. 51 Ka nbh prw a[tow ew t ploon, ka
6.35 lgousin legon 6.36 rtouw T gr fgvsin o[k xousin t fgvsin 6.37 dmen dQsomen 6.38 ka dete dete 6.40 npeson npesan ^ 6.40 n ekatn ka n kat ^ ekatn ka kat 6.41 a[to a[to 6.41 paraysin paratiysin 6.43 klasmtvn dQdeka kofnouw pl}reiw klsmata dQdeka kofnvn plhrQmata tow rtouw tow rtouw e[yvw e[yw pols+ polei eden dWn ka per per peripatonta \p tw yalsshw \p tw yalsshw peripatonta 6.49 fntasma enai ti Fntasm \stin 6.50 Ka e[yvw ^O d e[yw 6.44 6.45 6.45 6.48 6.48 6.49

6.36 - 6.51


6.52 - 7.7

^ \kpasen ` nemow: ka lan \kperisso \n eautow \jstanto, 52 ka \yamazon. O[ gr sunkan \p tow rtoiw: n gr a[tn = karda pepvrvmnh. Ka diapersantew lyon \p t|n gn Gennhsart, ka prosvrmsyhsan. 54 Ka \jelyntvn a[tn \k to ploou, e[ yv w \p i g n n t ew a[tn, 55 peridramntew lhn t|n perxvron \kenhn, rjanto \p tow krabbtoiw tow kakw xontaw perifrein, pou kouon ti \ke \stin. 56 Ka pou n eseporeeto ew kQmaw ( pleiw ( grow, \n taw goraw h h \tyoun tow syenontaw, ka parekloun a[tn na kn to kraspdou to matou a[to cvntai: ka soi n % ptonto h a[to \sQzonto.

Ka sungontai prw a[tn o Farisaoi, ka tinew tn grammatvn, \lyntew p ^Ierosolmvn: 2 ka dntew tinw tn mayhtn a[to koinaw xersn, tot' stin nptoiw, \syontaw rtouw \mmcanto. 3 O gr Farisaoi ka pntew o &Ioudaoi, \n m| pugm_ ncvntai tw xeraw, o[k \syousin, kratontew t|n pardosin tn presbutrvn: 4 ka p gorw, \n m| baptsvntai, o[k \syousin: ka lla poll \stin $ parlabon kraten, baptismow pothrvn ka jestn a ka xalkvn ka klinn. 5 *Epeita \pervtsin a[tn o Farisaoi ka o grammatew, Di t o mayhta sou o[ peripatosin kat t|n pardosin tn presbutrvn, ll nptoiw xersn \syousin tn rton; 6 ^O d pokriyew epen a[tow ti Kalw proef}teusen &Hsaaw per mn tn pokritn, qw ggraptai, Otow ` law tow xelesn me tim, = d karda a[tn prrv pxei p' \mo. 7 Mthn d sbonta me, didskontew didaskalaw \ntlmata nyrQpvn.
7.2 7.2 7.4 7.4 7.5 7.5 7.5 7.6 7.6 7.6 7.6 koinaw ti koinaw \syontaw rtouw \mmcanto \syousin tow rtouw p p' ka klinn ka klinn *Epeita Ka o mayhta sou o[ peripatosin o[ peripatosin o mayhta sou nptoiw koinaw pokriyew ti proef}teusen \prof}teusen Otow ti Otow

6.51 \kperisso \k perisso 6.51 ka \yamazon 6.52 n gr ll' n 6.53 lyon \p t|n gn \p t|n gn lyon ew 6.54 e[yvw e[yw 6.55 peridramntew peridramon 6.55 perxvron xQran 6.55 rjanto ka rjanto 6.55 krabbtoiw krabttoiw 6.55 \ke 6.56 pleiw ( ew pleiw ( ew h h 6.56 \tyoun \tyesan 6.56 % ptonto % canto h h



7.8 - 7.23

&Afntew gr t|n \ntol|n to yeo, kratete t|n pardosin tn nyrQpvn, baptismow jestn ka pothrvn: ka lla parmoia toiata poll poiete. 9 Ka legen a[tow, Kalw yetete t|n \ntol|n to yeo, na t|n pardosin mn thr}shte. 10 Mvsw gr epen, Tma tn patra sou ka t|n mhtra sou: ka, ^O kakologn patra ( mhtra yant~ h 11 teleuttv: mew d lgete, &En ep+ nyrvpow t! patr ( h & t_ mhtr, Korbn, \stin, dron, $ \n \j \mo vfelhy_w: o 12 ka o[kti fete a[tn o[dn poisai t! patr a[to ( t_ h mhtr a[to, 13 kurontew tn lgon to yeo t_ paradsei mn " paredQkate: ka parmoia toiata poll poiete. 14 Ka proskalesmenow pnta tn xlon, legen a[tow, &Akoet mou pntew, ka sunete. 15 O[dn \stin jvyen to nyrQpou esporeumenon ew a[tn, $ dnatai a[tn o koinsai: ll t \kporeumena p' a[to, \ken \stin t koinonta tn nyrvpon. 16 E tiw xei ta koein koutv. 17 Ka te eslyen ew okon p to xlou, \phrQtvn a[tn o mayhta a[to per tw parabolw. 18 Ka lgei a[tow, O % tvw ka mew sneto \ste; O[ noete ti pn t jvyen u esporeumenon ew tn nyrvpon o[ dnatai a[tn koinsai, 19 ti o[k esporeetai a[to ew t|n kardan, ll' ew t|n koilan: ka ew tn fedrna \kporeetai, kayarzon pnta t brQmata. 20 *E l eg en d ti T \k to nyrQpou \kporeumenon, \keno koino tn nyrvpon. 21 *Esvyen gr, \k tw kardaw tn nyrQpvn o dialogismo o kako \k p o r e o n t a i , moixe a i , porneai, fnoi, 22 klopa, pleonejai, ponhrai, dlow, slgeia, fyalmw ponhrw, blasfhma, perhfana, frosnh: 23 pnta tata t ponhr svyen \kporeetai, ka koino tn nyrvpon.
gr baptismow jestn ka pothrvn ka lla parmoia toiata poll poiete thr}shte st}shte Mvsw Mvsw ka a[to ( ( h h mhtr a[to mhtr pnta plin &Akoet &Akosat sunete snete 7.15 7.15 7.16 7.17 7.19 7.21 7.22 a[tn koinsai koinsai a[tn \kporeumena p' a[to \ken \k to nyrQpou \kporeumen per tw parabolw t|n parabol}n kayarzon kayarzvn moixeai porneai porneai klopa klopa moixeai

7.8 7.8 7.9 7.10 7.12 7.12 7.12 7.14 7.14 7.14


7.24 - 7.37

Ka \keyen nastw plyen ew t meyria Trou ka Sidnow. Ka eselyWn ew okan, o[dna yelen gnnai, ka o[k dun}yh layen. 25 &Akosasa gr gun| per a[to, w e xen t yugtrion a[tw pnema kyarton, \lyosa prospesen prw tow pdaw a[to: 26 n d = gun| ^Ellhnw, Surafonikissa t! gnei: ka rQta a[tn na t daimnion \kbl+ \k tw yugatrw a[tw. 27 ^O d &Ihsow epen a[t_, *Afew prton xortasynai t tkna: o[ gr kaln \stin laben tn rton tn tknvn ka balen tow kunaroiw. 28 ^H d pekryh ka lgei a[t!, Na, krie: ka gr t kunria poktv tw trapzhw \syei p tn cixvn tn paidvn. 29 Ka epen a[t_, Di toton tn lgon % page: \jel}luyen t u 30 daimnion \k tw yugatrw sou. Ka pelyosa ew tn okon a[tw, eren t daimnion \jelhluyw, ka t|n yugatra beblhmnhn \p tw klnhw. Ka plin \jelyWn \k tn `rvn Trou ka Sidnow, lyen prw t|n ylassan tw Galilaaw, n mson tn `rvn Dekaplevw. 32 Ka frousin a[t! kvfn moggillon, ka parakalosin a[tn na \piy_ a[t! t|n xera. 33 Ka polabmenow a[tn p to xlou kat' dan, balen tow daktlouw a[to ew t ta a[to, ka ptsaw % cato tw h 34 glQsshw a[to, ka nablcaw ew tn o[rann, \stnajen, ka lgei a[t!, &Effay, \stin, Dianoxyhti. 35 Ka e[yvw dihnoxyh s a n a[to a koa: ka \lyh ` des m w tw glQsshw a[to, ka \llei ryw. 36 Ka diestelato a[tow na mhden epvsin: son d a[tw a[tow diestlleto, mllon perissteron \k}russon. 37 Ka perperissw \jepl}ssonto,
7.24 Ka \keyen &Ekeyen d 7.24 meyria Trou ka Sidnow ria Trou 7.25 &Akosasa gr ll' e[yw kosasa 7.26 n d = gun| ^Ellhnw Surafonikissa = d gun| n ^Ellhnw Surofoinkissa 7.27 ^O d &Ihsow epen ka legen 7.27 kaln \stin \stin kaln 7.27 balen tow kunaroiw tow kunaroiw balen 7.28 Na krie ka gr krie ka 7.28 \syei \syousin 7.29 t daimnion \k tw yugatrw sou
\k tw yugatrw sou t



daimnion daimnion \jelhluyw ka t|n yugatra beblhmnhn \p tw klnhw paidon beblhmnon \p t|n klnhn ka t daimnion \jelhluyw 7.31 ka Sidnow lyen prw lyen di Sidnow ew 7.32 moggillon ka mogillon 7.35 e[yvw dihnoxyhsan e[yvw noghsan 7.36 epvsin lgvsin 7.36 a[tw a[tow diestlleto a[tow diestlleto a[to 7.30


lgontew, Kalw pnta pepohken: ka tow kvfow poie koein, ka tow llouw lalen.

8.1 - 8.15

&En \kenaiw taw =mraiw, pampllou xlou ntow, ka m| \xntvn t fgvsin, proskalesmenow ` &Ihsow tow mayhtw a[to lgei a[tow, 2 Splagxnzomai \p tn xlon: ti dh =mrai trew prosmnousn moi, ka o[k xousin t fgvsin: 3 ka \n polsv a[tow n}steiw ew okon a[tn, \kluy}sontai \n t_ `d!: tinw gr a[tn makryen % kousin. h 4 Ka pekryhsan a[t! o mayhta a[to, Pyen totouw dun}seta tiw @de xortsai rtvn \p' \rhmaw; 5 Ka \phrQta a[tow, Psouw xet e rtouw; O d epon, ^Ept. 6 Ka par}ggeilen t! xl~ napesen \p tw gw: ka labWn tow ^ ept rtouw, e[xarist}saw klasen ka \ddou tow mayhtaw a[to, na paraysin: ka paryhkan t! xl~. 7 Ka exon xydia lga: ka e[log}saw epen parayenai ka a[t. 8 *Efagon d, ka \xortsyhsan: ka ran perissemata ^ klasmtvn e pt spurdaw. 9 )Hsan d o fagntew qw tetrakisxlioi: ka plusen a[tow. 10 Ka e[yvw \mbw ew t ploon met tn mayhtn a[to, lyen ew t mr h Dalmanouy.
Ka \jlyon o Farisaoi, ka rjanto suzhten a[t!, zhtontew par' a[to shmeon p to o[rano, peirzontew a[tn. 12 Ka nastenjaw t! pnemati a[to lgei, T = gene a% th shmeon \pizhte; &Am|n lgv mn, e doy}setai t_ u gene tat+ shmeon. 13 Ka few a[tow, \mbw plin ew ploon, plyen ew t pran. Ka \pelyonto laben rtouw, ka e m| na rton o[k ^ exon mey' e autn \n t! plo~. 15 Ka diestlleto a[tow, lgvn, ^Orte, blpete p tw zmhw tn Farisavn ka tw
7.37 tow llouw tow llouw 8.1 pampllou plin pollo 8.1 ` &Ihsow 8.1 a[to 8.3 tinw gr ka tinew 8.3 makryen % kousin p h makryen % kasin h 8.4 Pyen ti Pyen 8.5 \phrQta rQta 8.5 epon epan 8.6 par}ggeilen paraggllei 8.6 8.7 paraysin paratiysin epen parayenai ka a[t a[t epen ka tata paratiynai 8.8 *Efagon d Ka fagon 8.9 o fagntew 8.10 e[yvw e[yw 8.12 shmeon \pizhte zhte shmeon 8.13 \mbw plin ew ploon plin \mbw
14 11



ew t


8.16 - 8.30

zmhw ^Hrdou. 16 Ka dielogzonto prw ll}louw, lgontew ti *Artouw o[k xomen. 17 Ka gnow ` &Ihsow lgei a[tow, T dialogzesye ti rtouw o[k xete; Opv noete, o[d sunete; *Eti pepvrvmnhn xete t|n kardan mn; 18 &O fyalmow xontew o[ blpete; Ka ta xontew o[k koete; Ka o[ mnhmoneete; 19 %O te tow pnte rtouw klasa ew tow pentakisxilouw, psouw kofnouw pl}reiw klasmtvn rate; ^ Lgousin a[t!, DQdeka. 20 %O te d tow e pt ew tow tetrakisxilouw, psvn spurdvn plhrQmata klasmtvn rate; O d epon, ^Ept. 21 Ka legen a[tow, Pw o[ sunete; Ka rxetai ew Bhysadn. Ka frousin a[t! tufln, ka parakalosin a[tn na a[to chtai. 23 Ka \pilabmenow tw xeirw to tuflo, \j}gagen a[tn jv tw kQmhw: ka ptsaw ew t mmata a[to, \piyew tw xeraw a[t!, \phrQta a[tn e ti blpei. 24 Ka nablcaw legen, Blpv tow nyrQpouw ti qw dndra `r peripatontaw. 25 Eta plin \pyhken tw xeraw \p tow fyalmow a[to, ka \pohsen a[tn nablcai. Ka pokatestyh, ka \nblecen thlaugw pantaw. 26 Ka psteilen a[tn ew tn okon a[to, lgvn, Mhd ew t|n kQmhn esly+w, mhd ep+w tin \n t_ kQm+. Ka \jlyen ` &Ihsow ka o mayhta a[to ew tw kQmaw Kaisareaw tw Filppou: ka \n t_ `d! \phrQta tow mayhtw a[to, lgvn a[tow, Tna me lgousin o nyrvpoi enai; 28 O d pekryhsan, &Ivnnhn tn baptist}n: ka lloi &Hlan, lloi d na tn profhtn. 29 Ka a[tw lgei a[tow, ^Umew d tna me lgete enai; &Apokriyew d ` Ptrow lgei a[t!, S e ` xristw. 30 Ka \petmhsen a[tow, na
8.16 8.16 8.17 8.17 8.19 8.20 8.20 8.21 8.22 8.23 8.23 lgontew xomen xousin ` &Ihsow *Eti pl}reiw klasmtvn klasmtvn pl}reiw d tow tow O d epon Ka lgousin a[t! Pw o[ opv rxetai rxontai \j}gagen \j}negken e ti blpei. E ti blpeiw; 8.25 8.25 8.25 8.25 8.26 8.26 8.28 8.28 8.29 8.29 \pohsen a[tn nablcai diblecen pokatestyh pekatsth \nblecen \nblepen pantaw panta tn mhd ep+w tin \n t_ kQm+ pekryhsan epan a[t! lgontew ti na ti e<w lgei a[tow \phrQta a[tow d ` `
27 22



mhden lgvsin per a[to. 31 Ka rjato didskein a[tow, ti de tn un to nyrQpou poll paye n , ka podokimasynai p tn presbutrvn ka tn rxiervn ka tn grammatvn, ka poktanynai, ka met trew =mraw nastnai: 32 ka parrhs tn lgon \llei. Ka proslabmenow a[tn ` Ptrow rjato \pitimn a[t!. 33 ^O d \pistrafew, ka dWn tow mayhtw a[to, \petmhsen t! Ptr~, lgvn, %Upage psv mou, Satan: ti o[ fronew t to yeo, ll t tn nyrQpvn. 34 Ka proskalesmenow tn xlon sn tow mayhtaw a[to, epen a[tow, %Ostiw ylei ^ psv mou kolouyen, parnhssyv eautn, ka rtv tn 35 staurn a[to, ka kolouyetv moi. $O w gr n yl+ t|n cux|n a[to ssai, polsei a[t}n: $ w d' n pols+ t|n o ^ eauto cux|n neken \mo ka to e[aggelou, otow sQsei & a[t}n. 36 T gr vfel}sei nyrvpon, \n kerd}s+ tn ksmon lon, ka zhmivy_ t|n cux|n a[to; 37 (H t dQsei nyrvpow ntllagma tw cuxw a[to; 38 $O w gr \n \paisxuny_ me ka tow \mow lgouw \n t_ gene tat+ t_ moixaldi ka ^ amartvl!, ka ` uw to nyrQpou \paisxuny}setai a[tn, tan ly+ \n t_ dj+ to patrw a[to met tn gglvn tn ^ agvn.

8.31 - 9.4

Ka legen a[tow, &Am|n lgv mn, ti esn tinew tn ^ @de esthktvn, otinew o[ m| gesvntai yantou, vw n dvsin t|n basilean to yeo \lhluyuan \n dunmei.
2 tn &Ivnnhn

Ka mey' =mraw j paralambnei ` &Ihsow tn Ptron ka tn &Ikvbon ka &Ivnnhn, ka nafrei a[tow ew row chln kat' dan mnouw: ka metemorfQyh mprosyen a[tn: 3 ka t mtia a[to \gnonto stlbonta, leuk lan qw xiQn, o<a gnafew \p tw gw o[ dnatai leuknai. 4 * Ka v fyh a[tow &Hlaw sn Mvs_, ka san
8.31 p p 8.32 a[tn ` Ptrow ` Ptrow a[tn 8.33 t! Ptr~ lgvn Ptr~ ka lgei 8.34 %Ostiw E tiw 8.35 n yl+ \n yl+ 8.35 pols+ polsei ^ 8.35 eauto cux|n cux|n a[to 8.35 otow & & 8.36 vfel}sei vfele 8.36 8.36 8.37 9.1 9.2 9.2 9.3 9.3 9.3 9.4 \n kerd}s+ kerdsai zhmivy_ zhmivynai (H t dQsei t gr do tn @de @de tn mey' met &Ivnnhn tn &Ivnnhn \gnonto \gneto qw xiQn leuknai o% tvw leuknai u Mvs_ Mvse




9.5 - 9.19

sullalontew t! &Ihso. 5 Ka pokriyew ` Ptrow lgei t! &Ihso, ^Rabb, kaln \stin =mw @de enai: ka poi}svmen skhnw trew, so man, ka Mvs_ man, ka &Hl man. 6 O[ gr dei t lal}sei: san gr kfoboi. 7 Ka \gneto neflh \piskizousa a[tow: ka lyen fvn| \k tw neflhw, Otw \stin ` uw mou ` gaphtw: a[to koete. 8 Ka \jpina periblecmenoi, o[kti o[dna edon, ll tn &Ihson mnon ^ mey' eautn. Katabainntvn d a[tn p to rouw, diestelato a[tow na mhden dihg}svntai $ edon, e m| tan ` uw to a 10 nyrQpou \k nekrn nast_. Ka tn lgon \krthsan prw ^ eautow, suzhtontew t \stin t \k nekrn nastnai. 11 Ka \phrQtvn a[tn, lgontew ti Lgousin o grammatew ti &Hlan de \lyen prton; 12 ^O d pokriyew, epen a[tow, &H l a w mn \lyWn prton, pokayist pnta: ka pw ggraptai \p tn un to nyrQpou, na poll py+ ka \joudenvy_. 13 &All lgv mn ti ka &Hlaw \l}luyen, ka \pohsan a[t! sa ylhsan, kayWw ggraptai \p' a[tn. Ka \lyWn prw tow mayhtw, eden xlon poln per a[tow, ka grammatew suzhtontaw a[tow. 15 Ka e[yvw pw ` xlow dWn a[tn \jeyamb}yh, ka prostrxontew spzonto a[tn. 16 Ka \phrQthsen tow grammatew, T suzhtete prw a[tow; 17 Ka pokriyew e<w \k to xlou epen, Didskale, negka tn un mou prw se, xonta pnema lalon. 18 Ka pou n a[tn katalb+, ]}ssei a[tn: ka frzei, ka trzei tow dntaw a[to, ka jhranetai: ka epon tow mayhtaw sou na a[t \kblvsin, ka o[k sxusan. 19 ^O d pokriyew a[t! lgei, )V gene pistow, vw pte prw mw somai; %Evw pte njomai mn; Frete a[tn prw me.
9.5 9.5 9.6 9.7 9.7 9.9 9.9 9.12 9.12 9.12 9.13 skhnw trew trew skhnw Mvs_ Mvse lal}sei san gr kfoboi pokriy_ kfoboi gr \gnonto lyen \gneto a[to koete koete a[to Katabainntvn d a[tn p Ka katabainntvn a[tn \k dihg}svntai $ edon $ edon a a dihg}svntai pokriyew epen fh pokayist pokayistnei \joudenvy_ \joudenhy_ ylhsan yelon 9.14 \lyWn \lyntew 9.14 eden edon 9.14 a[tow prw a[tow 9.15 e[yvw e[yw 9.15 dWn a[tn \jeyamb}yh dntew a[tn \jeyamb}yhsan 9.16 tow grammatew a[tow 9.17 pokriyew pekryh a[t! 9.17 epen 9.18 n \n 9.18 a[to 9.18 epon epa 9.19 a[t! a[tow
14 9




9.20 - 9.33

Ka negkan a[tn prw a[tn: ka dWn a[tn, e[yvw t pnema \sprajen a[tn: ka pesWn \p tw gw, \kuleto frzvn. 21 Ka \phrQthsen tn patra a[to, Psow xrnow \stn, qw toto ggonen a[t!; ^O d epen, Paidiyen. 22 Ka pollkiw a[tn ka ew t pr balen ka ew % data, na u pols+ a[tn: ll' e ti dnasai, bo}yhson =mn, splagxnisyew \f' =mw. 23 ^O d &Ihsow epen a[t!, T e dnasai pistesai, pnta dunat t! pisteonti. 24 Ka e[yvw krjaw ` pat|r to paidou, met dakrvn legen, Pistev, krie, bo}yei mou t_ pist. 25 &IdWn d ` &Ihsow ti \pisuntrxei xlow, \petmhsen t! pnemati t! kayrt~, lgvn a[t!, T pnema t lalon ka kvfn, \gQ soi \pitssv, jelye \j a[to, ka mhkti esly+w ew a[tn. 26 Ka krjan, ka poll sparjan a[tn, \jlyen: ka % \gneto qse nekrw, vste pollow lgein ti pyanen. 27 ^O d &Ihsow krat}saw a[tn tw xeirw, geiren a[tn: ka nsth. 28 Ka eselynta a[tn ew okon, o mayhta a[to \p h r Q t v n a[tn kat' dan ti ^Hmew o[k dun}yhmen \kbalen a[t; 29 Ka epen a[tow, Toto t gnow \n o[den dnatai \jelyen, e m| \n proseux_ ka nhste. Ka \keyen \jel y n t ew pareporeonto di tw Galilaaw: Ka o[k yelen na tiw gn!. 31 &Eddasken gr tow mayhtw a[to, ka legen a[tow ti ^O uw to nyrQpou paraddotai ew xeraw nyrQpvn, ka poktenosin a[tn: ka poktanye w, t_ trt+ =mr nast}setai. 32 O d gnoun t ]ma, ka \fobonto a[tn \pervtsai. Ka lyen ew Kapernaom: ka \n t_ ok genmenow ^ \phrQta a[tow, T \n t_ `d! prw e autow dielogzesye;
33 30

9.20 9.21 9.22 9.22 9.23 9.24 9.24 9.24 9.25 9.25 9.26 9.26

e[yvw t pnema \sprajen t pnema e[yw sunesprajen Paidiyen &Ek paidiyen a[tn ka ew t pr ka ew pr a[tn dnasai dn+ dnasai pistesai dn+ Ka e[yvw E[yw met dakrvn krie pnema t lalon ka kvfn lalon ka kvfn pnema soi \pitssv \pitssv soi krjan krjaw sparjan a[tn sparjaw

9.26 pollow tow pollow 9.27 a[tn tw xeirw tw xeirw a[to 9.28 eselynta a[tn eselyntow a[to 9.28 \phrQtvn a[tn kat' dan kat' dan \phrQtvn a[tn 9.29 ka nhste 9.30 Ka \keyen Kkeyen 9.30 gn! gno 9.31 t_ trt+ =mr met trew =mraw 9.33 lyen ew Kapernaom lyon ew Kafarnaom ^ 9.33 prw eautow


9.34 - 9.47

O d \siQpvn: prw ll}louw gr dielxyhsan \n t_ `d!, tw mezvn. 35 Ka kaysaw \fQnhsen tow dQdeka, ka lgei a[tow, E tiw ylei prtow enai, stai pntvn sxatow, ka pntvn dikonow. 36 Ka labWn paidon, sthsen a[t \n ms~ a[tn: ka \nagkalismenow a[t, epen a[tow: 37 $O w \n n tn toiotvn paidvn djhtai \p t! nmat mou, \m dxetai: ka $ w \n \m djhtai, o[k \m dxet a i , ll tn o postelant me.

` &Ivnnhw


&Apekryh d a[t! &Ivnnhw, lgvn, Didskale, edomn tina t! nmat sou \kbllonta daimnia, $ w o[k kolouye o =mn: ka \kvlsamen a[tn, ti o[k kolouye =mn. 39 ^O d &Ihsow epen, M| kvlete a[tn: o[dew gr \stin $ w poi}sei o dnamin \p t! nmat mou, ka dun}setai tax kakologsa me. 40 $O w gr o[k stin kay' mn, pr mn \stin. 41 $O w gr n pots+ mw pot}rion % datow \n nmat mou, ti xristo u \st, m|n lgv mn, o[ m| pols+ tn misyn a[to. 42 Ka $ w \n skandals+ na tn mikrn tn pisteuntvn ew \m, o kaln \stin a[t! mllon e perkeitai lyow mulikw per tn trxhlon a[to, ka bblhtai ew t|n ylassan. 43 Ka \n skandalz+ se = xer sou, pkocon a[t}n: kaln soi \stn kulln ew t|n zv|n eselyen, ( tw do xeraw xonta h pelyen ew t|n gennan, ew t pr t sbeston, 44 pou ` skQlhj a[tn o[ teleut, ka t pr o[ sbnnutai. 45 Ka \n ` pow sou skandalz+ se, pkocon a[tn: kaln \stn soi e s el ye n e w t|n zv|n xvln, ( tow do pdaw xo n t a h blhynai ew t|n gennan, ew t pr t sbeston, 46 pou ` skQlhj a[tn o[ teleut, ka t pr o[ sbnnutai. 47 Ka \n ` fyalmw sou skandalz+ se, kbale a[tn: kaln soi ( \stn monfyalmon eselyen ew t|n basilean to yeo, h
9.37 \n n n n 9.37 \n \m djhtai n \m dxhtai 9.38 &Apekryh d a[t! &Ivnnhw lgvn *Efh a[t! ` &Ivnnhw 9.38 t! \n t! 9.38 $ w o[k kolouye =mn ka o \kvlsamen ka \kvlomen 9.38 kolouye koloyei 9.40 mn pr mn =mn pr =mn 9.41 mou 9.41 o[ ti o[ 9.42 9.42 9.42 9.43 9.43 9.44 9.45 9.45 9.46 9.47 \n n tn pisteuntvn ew \m totvn tn pisteuntvn ew \m lyow mulikw mlow nikw soi \stn \stn se ew t|n zv|n eselyen eselyen ew t|n zv|n soi se ew t pr t sbeston soi s



do fyalmow xonta blhynai ew t|n gennan to purw, 48 pou ` skQlhj a[tn o[ teleut, ka t pr o[ sbnnutai. 49 ^ ^ Pw gr pur a lisy}setai, ka psa yusa a l 50 ^ a lisy}setai. Kaln t law: \n d t law nalon ^ gnhtai, \n tni a[t rtsete; *Exete \n eautow law, ka erhneete \n ll}loiw.

9.48 - 10.14

Kkeyen nastw rxetai ew t ria tw &Ioudaaw di to pran to &Iordnou: Ka sumporeontai plin xloi prw a[tn: ka, qw eQyei, plin \ddasken a[tow. 2 Ka proselyntew Farisaoi \phrQthsan a[tn, E jestin ndr gunaka polsai, peirzontew a[tn. 3 ^O d pokriyew epen a[tow, T mn \netelato Mvsw; 4 O d epon, Mvsw \ptrecen biblon postasou grcai, ka polsai. 5 Ka pokriyew ` &Ihsow epen a[tow, Prw t|n sklhrokardan mn gracen mn t|n \ntol|n tathn: 6 p d rxw ktsevw, rsen ka ylu \pohsen a[tow ` yew. 7 %Eneken totou katalecei nyrvpow tn patra a[to ka t|n mhtra: ka proskollhy}setai prw t|n gunaka a[to, 8 ka sontai o do ew srka man. %Vste o[kti esn do, ll ma srj. 9 $O o{n ` yew sunzeujen, nyrvpow m| xvriztv. 10 Ka \n t_ ok plin o mayhta a[to per to a[to \phrQthsan a[tn. 11 Ka lgei a[tow, $O w \n pols+ t|n gunaka a[to ka gam}s+ llhn, moixtai \p' a[t}n: 12 ka \n gun| pols+ tn ndra a[tw ka gamhy_ ll~, moixtai.
Ka prosferon a[t! paida na chtai a[tn: o d mayhta \petmvn tow prosfrousin. 14 &IdWn d ` &Ihsow gankthsen, ka epen a[tow, *Afete t paida rxesyai
9.47 to purw ^ ^ 9.49 ka psa yusa al alisy}setai 9.50 law ka la ka 10.1 Kkeyen Ka \keyen 10.1 di to ka 10.2 \phrQthsan \phrQtvn 10.3 Mvsw Mvsw 10.4 epon Mvsw \ptrecen epan &Eptrecen Mvsw 10.5 Ka pokriyew ` ` d 10.6 ` yew 10.7 ka proskollhy}setai prw t|n gunaka a[to ka proskollhy}setai prw t|n gunaka a[to \n t_ ok ew t|n okan a[to per to a[to \phrQthsan per totou \phrQtvn \n n gun| pols+ a[t| polsasa ka gamhy_ ll~ gam}s+ llon chtai a[tn a[tn chtai \petmvn tow prosfrousin \petmhsan a[tow


o Farisaoi

10.10 10.10 10.11 10.12 10.12 10.13 10.13


10.15 - 10.28


prw me: m| kvlete a[t: tn gr toiotvn \stn = basilea to yeo. 15 &Am|n lgv mn, $ w \n m| djhtai t|n basilean o to yeo qw paidon, o[ m| esly+ ew a[t}n. 16 Ka \nagkalismenow a[t, tiyew tw xeraw \p' a[t, e[lgei a[t. Ka \kporeuomnou a[to ew `dn, prosdramWn e<w ka gonupet}saw a[tn \phrQta a[tn, Didskale gay, t poi}sv na zv|n aQnion klhronom}sv; 18 ^O d &Ihsow epen a[t!, T me lgeiw gayn; O[dew gayw, e m| e<w, ` yew. 19 Tw \ntolw odaw, M| moixes+w, m| fones+w, m| klc+w, m| ceudomartur}s+w, m| poster}s+w, tma tn patra sou ka t|n mhtra. 20 ^O d pokriyew epen a[t!, Didskale, tata pnta \fulajmhn \k nethtw mou. 21 ^O d &Ihsow \mblcaw a[t! gphsen a[tn, ka epen a[t!, %En soi stere: % page, sa xeiw pQlhson, ka dw ptvxow, ka jeiw u yhsaurn \n o[ran!: ka dero, koloyei moi, raw tn staurn. 22 ^O d stugnsaw \p t! lg~ plyen lupomenow: n gr xvn kt}mata poll. Ka periblecmenow ` &Ihsow lgei tow mayhtaw a[to, Pw dusklvw o t xr}mata xontew ew t|n basilean to yeo eselesontai. 24 O d mayhta \yambonto \p tow lgoiw a[to. ^O d &Ihsow plin pokriyew lgei a[tow, Tkna, pw dskoln \stin tow pepoiytaw \p xr}masin ew t|n basilean to yeo eselyen. 25 E[kopQtern \stin kmhlon di tw trumaliw tw ]afdow eselyen, ( plosion h 26 ew t|n basilean to yeo eselyen. O d perissw ^ \jepl}ssonto, lgontew prw e autow, Ka tw dnatai 27 &Emblcaw d a[tow ` &Ihsow lgei, Par svynai; nyrQpoiw dnaton, ll' o[ par ye!: pnta gr dunat \stin par t! ye!. 28 *Hrjato ` Ptrow lgein a[t!, &Ido, =mew f}kamen pnta, ka kolouy}samn soi.
10.15 10.16 10.16 10.19 10.20 10.21 10.21 10.21 10.24 \n n tiyew kateulgei tiyew e[lgei a[t moixes+w m| fones+w fones+w M| moixes+w pokriyew epen fh soi se ptvxow tow ptvxow raw tn staurn tow pepoiytaw \p xr}masin 10.25 tw trumaliw tw ]afdow eselyen tw trumaliw tw ]afdow dielyen 10.27 d 10.27 \stin 10.28 ` Ptrow lgein lgein ` Ptrow 10.28 kolouy}samn kolouy}kamn
23 17



10.29 - 10.40
&Apokriyew d

&Apokriyew ` &Ihsow epen, &Am|n lgv mn, o[dew \stin $ w fken okan, ( delfow, ( delfw, ( patra, ( mhtra, o h h h h ( gunaka, ( tkna, ( grow, neken \mo ka neken to h h h 30 ^ e[aggelou, \n m| lb+ e katontaplasona nn \n t! kair! tot~, okaw ka delfow ka delfw ka mhtraw ka tkna ka grow, met divgmn, ka \n t! ani t! \rxomn~ zv|n aQnion. 31 Pollo d sontai prtoi sxatoi, ka sxatoi prtoi. )Hsan d \n t_ `d! nabanontew ew ^Ierosluma: ka n progvn a[tow ` &Ihsow, ka \ya m b o n t o , ka kolouyontew \fobonto. Ka paralabWn plin tow dQdeka, rjato a[tow lgein t mllonta a[t! sumbanein: 33 ti &Ido, nabanomen ew ^Ierosluma, ka ` uw to nyrQpou paradoy}setai tow rxieresin ka grammatesin, ka katakrinosin a[tn yant~, ka paradQsousin a[tn tow ynesin, 34 ka \mpajousin a[t!, ka mastigQsousin a[tn, ka \mptsousin a[t!, ka poktenosin a[tn: ka t_ trt+ =mr nast}setai. Ka prosporeontai a[t! &Ikvbow ka &Ivnnhw o uo Zebedaou, lgontew, Didskale, yl o m en na $ \n o 36 at}svmen, poi}s+w =mn. ^O d epen a[tow, T ylete poisa me mn; 37 O d epon a[t!, Dw =mn, na e<w \k dejin sou ka e<w \j e[vnmvn sou kaysvmen \n t_ dj+ sou. 38 ^O d &Ihsow epen a[tow, O[k odate t atesye. Dnasye pien t pot}rion $ \gW pnv, ka t bptisma $ \gW o o 39 baptzomai baptisynai; O d epon a[t!, Dunmeya. ^O d &Ihsow epen a[tow, T mn pot}rion $ \gW pnv pesye: ka t o bptisma $ \gW baptzomai baptisy}sesye: 40 t d kaysai o \k dejin mou ka \j e[vnmvn o[k stin \mn donai, ll'
10.29 &Apokriyew ` &Ihsow epen fh ` &Ihsow 10.29 patra ( mhtra ( gunaka h h mhtra ( patra h 10.31 ka sxatoi ka o sxatoi 10.32 ka kolouyontew o d kolouyontew 10.33 grammatesin tow grammatesin 10.34 mastigQsousin a[tn ka \mptsousin a[t! \mptsousin a[t! ka mastigQsousin a[tn 10.34 a[tn ka t_ trt+ =mr ka met trew =mraw 10.35 lgontew lgontew a[t! 10.35 at}svmen at}svmen se 10.36 poisa me me poi}sv 10.37 epon epan 10.37 \k dejin sou sou \k dejin 10.37 e[vnmvn sou ristern 10.38 ka ( h 10.39 epon epan 10.39 mn 10.40 ka ( h
35 32


ka o sxatoi


10.41 - 11.2

o<w =tomastai. 41 Ka kosantew o dk a rjanto ganakten per &IakQbou ka &Ivnnou. 42 ^O d &Ihsow proskal es m en o w a[tow lgei a[tow, Odate ti o dokontew rxein tn \ynn katakurieousin a[tn: ka o u megloi a[tn katejousizousin a[tn. 43 O[x o% tvw d stai \n mn: ll' $ w \n yl+ gensyai mgaw \n mn, stai o 44 mn: dikonow: ka $ w \n yl+ mn gensyai prtow, o 45 stai pntvn dolow. Ka gr ` uw to nyrQpou o[k lyen diakonhynai, ll diakonsai, ka donai t|n cux|n a[to ltron nt polln. Ka rxontai ew &IerixQ: ka \kporeuomnou a[to p &IerixQ, ka tn mayhtn a[to, ka xlou kano, uw Timaou Bartmaiow ` tuflw \kyhto par t|n `dn prosaitn. 47 Ka kosaw ti &Ihsow ` Nazvraw \stin, rjato krzein ka lgein, ^O iw Daud, &Ihso, \lhsn me. 48 Ka \petmvn a[t! pollo, na sivp}s+: ` d poll! mllon krazen, U Daud, \lhsn me. 49 Ka stw ` &Ihsow epen a[tn fvnhynai: ka fvnosin tn tufln, lgontew a[t!, Yrsei: geirai, fvne se. 50 ^O d pobalWn t mtion a[to nastw lyen prw tn &Ihson. 51 Ka pokriyew lgei a[t! ` &Ihsow, T yleiw poi}sv so; ^O d tuflw epen a[t!, ^R a b b o u n , na nablcv. 52 ^O d &Ihsow epen a[t!, %Upage: = pstiw sou ssvkn se. Ka e[yvw nblecen, ka koloyei t! &Ihso \n t_ `d!.


Ka te \ggzousin ew ^Ierousal}m, ew Bhysfag| ka Bhyanan, prw t row tn &Elain, postllei do tn mayhtn a[to, 2 ka lgei a[tow, ^Upgete ew t|n kQmhn t|n katnanti mn: ka e[yvw esporeumenoi ew
10.42 ^O d &Ihsow proskalesmenow a[tow Ka proskalesmenow a[tow ` &Ihsow 10.43 stai \n \stin \n 10.43 \n yl+ gensyai mgaw n yl+ mgaw gensyai 10.44 \n yl+ mn gensyai n yl+ \n mn enai 10.46 uw ` uw 10.46 ` tuflw tuflw prosathw 10.46 prosaitn 10.47 Nazvraw Nazarhnw 10.47 ^O iw U 10.49 a[tn fvnhynai Fvn}sate a[tn 10.49 geirai geire 10.50 nastw naphd}saw 10.51 lgei a[t! ` &Ihsow a[t! ` &Ihsow epen 10.51 yleiw poi}sv so soi yleiw poi}sv 10.52 ^O d ka ` 10.52 e[yvw e[yw 10.52 t! &Ihso a[t! 11.1 ^Ierousal}m ew Bhysfag| ^Ierosluma ew Bhyfag| 11.2 e[yvw e[yw



$ a[t|n er}sete plon dedemnon, \f' on o[dew nyrQpvn 3 kekyiken: lsantew a[tn ggete. Ka \n tiw mn ep+, T poiete toto; Epate, ti ^O kriow a[to xrean xei: ka e[yvw a[tn postelle @de. 4 &Aplyon d ka eron plon dedemnon prw t|n yran jv \p to mfdou, ka lousin ^ a[tn. 5 Ka tinew tn \ke esthktvn legon a[tow, T poiete 6 lontew tn plon; O d epon a[tow kayWw \netelato ` &Ihsow: ka fkan a[tow. 7 Ka gagon tn plon prw tn &Ihson, ka \pbalon a[t! t mtia a[tn, ka \kyisen \p' a[t!. 8 Pollo d t mtia a[tn strvsan ew t|n `dn: lloi d stoibdaw kopton \k tn dndrvn, ka \strQnnuon e w t|n `dn. 9 Ka o progontew ka o kolouyontew krazon, lgontew, ^Vsann: e[loghmnow ` \rxmenow \n nmati kurou: 10 E[loghmnh = \rxomnh basilea \n nmati kurou to patrw =mn Daud: ^Vsann \n tow cstoiw. Ka eslyen ew ^Ierosluma ` &Ihsow, ka ew t ern: % ka periblecmenow pnta, caw dh oshw tw vraw, \jlyen ew Bhyanan met tn dQdeka. Ka t_ \parion \jelyntvn a[tn p Bhyanaw, \penasen. 13 Ka dWn sukn makryen, xousan flla, lyen e ra er}sei ti \n a[t_: ka \lyWn \p' a[t}n, o[dn eren e m| flla: o[ gr n kairw skvn. 14 Ka pokriyew ` &Ihsow epen a[t_, Mhkti \k so ew tn ana mhdew karpn fgoi. Ka kouon o mayhta a[to. Ka rxontai ew ^Ierosluma: ka eselyWn ` &Ihsow ew t ern rjato \kbllein tow pvlontaw ka gorzontaw
11.2 nyrQpvn kekyiken lsantew a[tn ggete opv nyrQpvn \kyisen lsate a[tn ka frete ti e[yvw e[yw @de plin @de &Aplyon d Ka plyon t|n epon epan \netelato epen gagon frousin \pbalon \pibllousin \p' a[t! \p' a[tn Pollo d t Ka pollo t stoibdaw kopton stibdaw 11.8 11.9 11.10 11.11 11.13 11.13 11.13 11.14 11.14 11.15 11.15 kcantew dndrvn ka \strQnnuon ew t|n `dn grn lgontew \n nmati kurou ` &Ihsow ka makryen p makryen er}sei ti ti er}sei o[ gr n kairw ` gr kairw o[k n ` &Ihsow \k so ew tn ana ew tn ana \k so ` &Ihsow gorzontaw tow gorzontaw
15 12 11

11.3 - 11.15

tn plon

11.3 11.3 11.3 11.4 11.4 11.6 11.6 11.7 11.7 11.7 11.8 11.8


11.16 - 11.29


\n t! er!: ka tw trapzaw tn kollubistn, ka tw kaydraw tn pvlontvn tw peristerw katstrecen: 16 ka o[k fien na tiw diengk+ skeow di to ero. 17 Ka \ddasken, lgvn a[tow, O[ ggraptai ti ^O okw mou okow proseuxw klhy}setai psin tow yn es i n ; ^U m e w d \p o i } s a t e a[tn sp}laion l+stn. 18 Ka kousan o grammate w ka o rxierew, ka \z}toun pw a[tn polsvsin: \fobonto gr a[tn, ti pw ` xlow \jepl}sseto \p t_ didax_ a[to.
19 20

Ka te c \gneto, \jeporeeto jv tw plevw.


Ka prv paraporeumenoi, edon t|n sukn \jhrammnhn \k ]izn. 21 Ka namnhsyew ` Ptrow lgei a[t!, ^Rabb, de, = suk n kathrsv \j}rantai. 22 Ka pokriyew ` &Ihsow lgei a[tow, *Exete pstin yeo. 23 &Am|n gr lgv mn ti $ w n ep+ t! rei tot~, *Aryhti, ka o bl}yhti ew t|n ylassan, ka m| diakriy_ \n t_ kard a[to, ll pistes+ ti $ lgei gnetai: stai a[t! $ \n a o ep+. 24 Di toto lgv mn, Pnta sa n proseuxmenoi atsye, pisteete ti lambnete, ka stai mn. 25 Ka tan st}khte proseuxmenoi, fete e ti xete kat tinow: na ka ` pat|r mn ` \n tow o[ranow f_ mn t paraptQmata mn. 26 E d mew o{k fete, o[d ` pat|r mn ` \n tow o[ranow f}sei t paraptQmata mn. Ka rxontai plin ew ^Ierosluma: ka \n t! er! peripatontow a[to, rxontai prw a[tn o rxierew ka o grammatew ka o presbteroi, 28 ka lgousin a[t!, &En po \jous tata poiew; Ka tw soi t|n \jousan tathn dvken na tata poi_w; 29 ^O d &Ihsow pokriyew epen a[tow, &Epervt}sv mw ka \gW na lgon, ka pokryht moi, ka
11.17 lgvn ka legen 11.17 \poi}sate pepoi}kate 11.18 grammatew ka o rxierew rxierew ka o grammatew 11.18 ti pw pw gr 11.19 te tan 11.19 \jeporeeto \jeporeonto 11.20 prv paraporeumenoi paraporeumenoi prv 11.23 gr 11.23 pistes+ piste+ 11.23 $ lgei $ lale a o 11.23 $ \n ep+ o 11.24 n proseuxmenoi atsye prosexesye ka atesye 11.24 lambnete \lbete 11.25 st}khte st}kete 11.26 11.28 lgousin legon 11.28 Ka tw (H tw 11.28 t|n \jousan tathn dvken dvken t|n \jousan tathn 11.29 pokriyew 11.29 ka \gW


\r mn \n po \jous tata poi. 30 T bptisma &Ivnnou \j o[rano n, ( \j nyrQpvn; &Apokryht moi. 31 Ka h ^ \l o g z o n t o prw e autow, lg o n t ew, &E n e p v m en , &E j o[rano, \re, Di t o{n o[k \pistesate a[t!; 32 &All' epvmen, &Ej nyrQpvn, \fobonto tn lan: pantew gr e xo n tn &Ivnnhn, ti ntvw prof}thw n. 33 Ka pokriyntew lgousin t! &Ihso, O[k odamen. Ka ` &Ihsow pokriyew lgei a[tow, O[d \gW lgv mn \n po \jous tata poi.

11.30 - 12.9


Ka rjato a[tow \n parabolaw lgein, &Ampelna \fteusen nyrvpow, ka periyhken fragmn, ka * vrujen pol}nion, ka kodmhsen prgon, ka \jdoto a[tn gevrgow, ka ped}mhsen. 2 Ka psteilen prw tow gevrgow t! kair! dolon, na par tn gevrgn lb+ p to karpo to mpelnow. 3 O d labntew a[tn deiran, ka psteilan kenn. 4 Ka plin psteilen prw a[tow llon dolon: kkenon liyobol}santew \kefalavsan, ka psteilan timvmnon. 5 Ka plin llon psteilen: kkenon pkteinan: ka pollow llouw, tow mn drontew, tow d poktnontew. 6 *Eti o{n na un xvn gaphtn a[to, psteilen ka a[tn prw a[tow sxaton, lgvn ti &Entrap}sontai tn un mou. 7 &Ekenoi d o gevrgo epon ^ prw e autow ti O tw \stin ` klhronmow: de t e, poktenvmen a[tn, ka =mn stai = klhronoma. 8 Ka labntew a[tn pkteinan, ka \jbalon jv to mpelnow. 9 T o{n poi}sei ` kriow to mpelnow; &Elesetai ka
&Ivnnou t &Ivnnou \logzonto dielogzonto o{n o{n &All' ll lan xlon ti ntvw ntvw ti lgousin t! &Ihso t! &Ihso lgousin pokriyew lgein lalen \fteusen nyrvpow nyrvpow \fteusen \jdoto \jdeto to karpo tn karpn O d Ka liyobol}santew \kefalavsan \kefalvsan psteilan timvmnon tmasan 12.5 plin 12.5 tow mn drontew tow d poktnontew ow mn drontew ow d poktnnontew 12.6 o{n 12.6 un xvn exen un 12.6 a[to 12.6 ka 12.6 prw a[tow sxaton sxaton prw a[tow ^ 12.7 epon prw eautow prw ^ eautow epan 12.8 a[tn pkteinan pkteinan a[tn 12.8 \jbalon \jbalon a[tn 12.9 o{n o{n

11.30 11.31 11.31 11.32 11.32 11.32 11.33 11.33 12.1 12.1 12.1 12.2 12.3 12.4 12.4 12.4


12.10 - 12.23


polsei tow gevrgow, ka dQsei tn mpelna lloiw. 10 O[d t|n graf|n tathn ngnvte, Lyon $ n pedokmasan o o okodomontew, otow \gen}yh ew kefal|n gvnaw: 11 par kurou \gneto a% th, ka stin yaumast| \n fyalmow =mn; u 12 Ka \z}toun a[tn kratsai, ka \fob}yhsan tn xlon: gnvsan gr ti prw a[tow t|n parabol|n epen: ka fntew a[tn plyon. Ka postllousin prw a[tn tinaw tn Farisavn ka tn ^Hr~diann, na a[tn gresvsin lg~. 14 O d \lyntew lgousin a[t!, Didskale, odamen ti lhy|w e, ka o[ mlei soi per o[denw: o[ gr blpeiw ew prsvpon nyrQpvn, ll' \p' lhyeaw t|n `dn to yeo didskeiw: h jestin knson Kasari donai ( o; 15 Dmen, ( m| dmen; ^O h d edWw a[tn t|n pkrisin epen a[tow, T me peirzete; Fret moi dhnrion, na dv. 16 O d negkan. Ka lgei a[tow, Tnow = ekWn a% th ka = \pigraf}; O d epon a[t!, u 17 Kasarow. Ka pokriyew ` &Ihsow epen a[tow, &Apdote t Kasarow Kasari, ka t to yeo t! ye!. Ka \yamasan \p' a[t!. Ka rxontai Saddoukaoi prw a[tn, otinew lgousin ns t a s i n m| enai: ka \phrQthsan a[tn, lgontew, 19 Didskale, Mvsw gracen =mn, ti \n tinow delfw poyn+, ka katalp+ gunaka, ka tkna m| f_, na lb+ ` delfw a[to t|n gunaka a[to, ka \janast}s+ sprma t! ^ delf! a[to: 20 ept delfo san: ka ` prtow laben guna k a , ka poynskvn o[k fken sprma: 21 ka ` deterow laben a[t}n, ka pyanen, ka o[d a[tw fken ^ sprma: ka ` trtow qsatvw. 22 Ka labon a[t|n o ept, ka o[k fkan sprma. &Esxth pntvn pyanen ka = gun}. 23 &En t_ nastsei, tan nastsin, tnow a[tn stai gun};
12.14 O d \lyntew ka \lyntew 12.14 knson Kasari donai donai knson Kasari 12.16 epon epan 12.17 Ka pokriyew ` ^O d 12.17 &Apdote t Kasarow T Kasarow pdote 12.17 \yamasan \jeyamazon 12.18 \phrQthsan \phrQtvn 12.19 Mvsw Mvsw 12.19 tkna m| f_ m| f_ tknon 12.19 a[to ka ka 12.21 ka o[d a[tw fken m| katalipWn 12.22 labon a[t|n 12.22 ka o[k o[k 12.22 &Esxth *Esxaton 12.22 pyanen ka = gun} ka = gun| pyanen 12.23 tan nastsin tan nastsin
18 13



12.24 - 12.35

^ O gr ept sxon a[t|n gunaka. 24 Ka pokriyew ` &Ihsow epen a[tow, O[ di toto plansye, m| edtew tw grafw, mhd t|n dnamin to yeo ; 25 %O tan gr \k nek r n nastsin, ote gamosin, ote gamskontai, ll' esn qw ggeloi o \n tow o[ranow. 26 Per d tn nekrn, ti \gerontai, o[k ngnvte \n t_ bbl~ Mvsvw, \p to btou, qw epen a[t! ` yew, lgvn, &EgW ` yew &Abram, ka ` yew &Isak, ka ` yew &IakQb; 27 O[k stin ` yew nekrn, ll yew zQntvn: mew o{n pol plansye. Ka proselyWn e<w tn grammatvn, kosaw a[tn suzhtontvn, edWw ti kalw a[tow pekryh, \phrQthsen a[tn, Poa \stn prQth pntvn \ntol}; 29 ^O d &Ihsow pekryh a[t! ti PrQth pntvn tn \ntoln, *Akoue, &I s r a } l : kriow ` ye w =mn, kriow e<w \stn: 30 ka gap}seiw krion tn yen sou \j lhw tw kardaw sou, ka \j lhw tw cuxw sou, ka \j lhw tw dianoaw sou, ka \j lhw tw sxow sou. A% th prQth \ntol}. 31 Ka deutra `moa u a% th, &Agap}seiw tn plhson sou qw seautn. Mezvn totvn u llh \ntol| o[k stin. 32 Ka epen a[t! ` grammatew, Kalw, didskale, \p' lhyeaw epaw ti e<w \stin, ka o[k stin llow pl|n a[to: 33 ka t gapn a[tn \j lhw tw kardaw, ka \j lhw tw sunsevw, ka \j lhw tw cuxw, ka ^ \j lhw tw sxow, ka t gapn tn plhson qw e autn, plen \stin pntvn tn `lokautvmtvn ka yusin. 34 Ka ` &Ihsow dWn a[tn ti nounexw pekryh, epen a[t!, O[ makrn e p tw basileaw to yeo. Ka o[dew o[kti \tlma a[tn \pervtsai. Ka pokriyew ` &Ihsow legen, didskvn \n t! er!, Pw lgousin o grammatew ti ` xristw uw \stin Daud;
12.24 Ka pokriyew ` &Ihsow epen a[tow fh a[tow ` &Ihsow 12.25 gamskontai gamzontai 12.25 o 12.26 Mvsvw Mvsvw 12.26 qw pw 12.26 ` yew &Isak ` yew &Isak 12.26 ` yew &IakQb ` yew &IakQb 12.27 ` 12.27 yew zQntvn zQntvn 12.27 mew o{n 12.28 edWw dWn 12.28 a[tow pekryh pekryh a[tow 12.28 prQth pntvn \ntol} \ntol| prQth pntvn 12.29 ^O d &Ihsow pekryh a[t! &Apekryh ` &Ihsow 12.29 pntvn tn \ntoln \stn 12.30 A% th prQth \ntol} u 12.31 Ka deutra `moa Deutra 12.32 epaw epew 12.33 cuxw ka \j lhw tw 12.33 plen perisstern 12.34 a[tn ti a[tn ti 12.35 \stin Daud Daud \stin
35 28



12.36 - 13.5

^ A[tw gr Daud epen \n pnemati ag~, Lgei ` kriow t! kur~ mou, Kyou \k dejin mou, vw n y tow \xyrow sou popdion tn podn sou. 37 A[tw o{n Daud lgei a[tn krion: ka pyen uw a[to \stin; Ka ` polw xlow kouen a[to =dvw. Ka legen a[tow \n t_ didax_ a[to, Blpete p tn grammatvn, tn yel n t v n \n stolaw peripaten, ka spasmow \n taw goraw, 39 ka prvtokayedraw \n taw sunagvgaw, ka prvtoklisaw \n tow depnoiw: 40 o katesyontew tw okaw tn xhrn, ka profsei makr proseuxmenoi: otoi l}contai perissteron krma. Ka kaysaw ` &Ihsow katnanti to gazofulakou \yeQrei pw ` xlow bllei xalkn ew t gazofulkion: ka pollo plosioi ballon poll. 42 Ka \lyosa ma x}ra ptvx| balen lep t do, \stin kodrnthw. 43 Ka proskalesmenow tow mayhtw a[to, lgei a[tow, &Am|n lgv mn ti = x}ra a% th = ptvx| pleon pntvn bblhken u tn ballntvn ew t gazofulkion: 44 pntew gr \k to perisseontow a[tow balon: a% th d \k tw ster}sevw u a[tw pnta sa exen balen, lon tn bon a[tw.
41 38



Ka \kporeuomnou a[to \k to ero, lgei a[t! e<w tn mayhtn a[to, Didskale, de, potapo lyoi ka potapa okodoma. 2 Ka ` &Ihsow pokriyew epen a[t!, Blpeiw tataw tw meglaw okodomw; O[ m| fey_ lyow \p ly!, $ w o[ m| kataluy_. o
Ka kayhmnou a[to ew t row tn \lain katnanti to ero, \phrQtvn a[tn kat' dan Ptrow ka &Ikvbow ka &Ivnnhw ka &Andraw, 4 Ep =mn, pte tata stai; Ka t t shmeon tan mll+ pnta tata suntelesyai; 5 ^O d

12.36 gr ^ 12.36 pnemati ag~ t! pnemati t! ^ ag~ 12.36 Lgei ` Epen 12.36 popdion poktv 12.37 o{n 12.37 uw a[to \stin a[to \stin uw 12.37 ` ` 12.38 legen a[tow \n t_ didax_ a[to \n t_ didax_ a[to legen

l}contai l}mcontai ` &Ihsow lgei epen bblhken balen pokriyew lyow \p ly! @de lyow \p lyon 13.3 \phrQtvn \phrQta 13.4 Ep Epn 13.4 pnta tata suntelesyai tata suntelesyai pnta

12.40 12.41 12.43 12.43 13.2 13.2


&Ihsow pokriyew a[tow rjato lgein, Blpete m} tiw mw plan}s+. 6 Pollo gr \lesontai \p t! nmat mou, lgontew ti &EgQ emi: ka pollow plan}sousin. 7 %O tan d koshte polmouw ka kow polmvn, m| yroesye: de gr gensyai: ll' opv t tlow. 8 &Egery}setai gr ynow \p ynow, ka basilea \p basilean: ka sontai seismo kat & tpouw, ka sontai limo ka taraxa: rxa vdnvn tata. ^ Blpete d mew eautow: paradQsousin gr mw ew sundria, ka ew sunagvgw dar}sesye, ka \p =gemnvn ka basilvn stay}sesye neken \mo, ew martrion a[tow. 10 Ka ew pnta t ynh de prton khruxynai t e[agglion. 11 %O tan d ggvsin mw paradidntew, m| promerimnte t lal}shte, mhd melette: ll' $ \n doy_ mn \n \ken+ t_ o % vr, toto lalete: o[ gr \ste mew o lalontew, ll t pnema t gion. 12 ParadQsei d delfw delfn ew ynaton, ka pat|r tknon: ka \panast}sontai tkna \p gonew, ka yanatQsousin a[tow: 13 ka sesye misomenoi p pntvn di t nom mou: ` d pomenaw ew tlow, otow svy}setai. %O tan d dhte t bdlugma tw \rhmQsevw, t ]hyn p ^ Dani|l to prof}tou, estWw pou o[ de ` naginQskvn noetv tte o \n t_ &Iouda feugtvsan ew t rh: 15 ` d \p to dQmatow m| katabtv ew t|n okan, mhd eselytv ra ti \k tw okaw a[to: 16 ka ` ew tn grn n m| \pistrectv ew t psv, rai t mtion a[to. 17 O[a d taw \n gastr \xosaiw ka taw yhlazosaiw \n \kenaiw taw =mraiw. 18 Prosexesye d na m| gnhtai = fug| mn xeimnow. 19 *Esontai gr a =mrai \kenai ylciw, oa o[ ggonen toiath p' rxw ktsevw w ktisen ` yew vw to
13.5 13.6 13.7 13.8 13.8 13.8 13.9 13.10 13.11 pokriyew a[tow rjato lgein rjato lgein a[tow gr gr \p ynow \p' ynow ka sontai seismo sontai seismo ka sontai limo ka taraxa rxa sontai limo rx| gr de prton prton de %Otan d ggvsin ka tan gvsin 13.11 mhd melette 13.12 ParadQsei d ka paradQsei 13.14 t ]hyn p Dani|l to prof}tou ^ ^ 13.14 estWw esthkta 13.15 d d 13.15 ew t|n okan 13.15 eselytv eselytv 13.16 n 13.18 = fug| mn 13.19 w n
14 9

13.6 - 13.19


13.20 - 13.35


Ka tte

nn, ka o[ m| gnhtai. 20 Ka e m| kriow \kolbvsen tw =mraw, o[k n \sQyh psa srj: ll di tow \klektow, ow \jeljato, \kolbvsen tw =mraw. 21 Tte \n tiw mn e p + , &I d o , @de ` xristw, ( &Ido, \ke, m| pisteete. h 22 &Egery}sontai gr ceudxristoi ka ceudoproftai, ka dQsousin shmea ka trata, prw t poplann, e dunatn, ka tow \klektow. 23 ^Umew d blpete: do, proerhka mn pnta. &All' \n \kenaiw taw =mraiw, met t|n ylcin \kenhn, ` % liow skotisy}setai, ka = sel}nh o[ dQsei t fggow a[tw, h 25 ka o strew to o[rano sontai \kpptontew, ka a dunmeiw a \n tow o[ranow saleuy}sontai. 26 Ka tte contai tn un to nyrQpou \rxmenon \n neflaiw met dunmevw pollw ka djhw. 27 Ka tte postele tow gglouw a[to, ka \pisunjei tow \klektow a[to \k tn tessrvn nmvn, p' krou gw vw krou o[rano. &Ap d tw sukw myete t|n parabol}n: tan a[tw ^ dh ` kldow apalw gnhtai ka \kf+ t flla, ginQskete u ti \ggw t yrow \stn: 29 o% tvw ka mew, tan tata dhte ginmena, ginQskete ti \ggw \stin \p yraiw. 30 &Am|n lgv mn ti o[ m| parly+ = gene a% th, mxri o pnta tata u 31 gnhtai. ^O o[ranw ka = g parelesetai: o d lgoi mou o[ m| parlyvsin. 32 Per d tw =mraw \kenhw ( vraw o[dew h% oden, o[d o ggeloi o \n o[ran!, o[d ` uw, e m| ` pat}r. 33 Blpete, grupnete ka prosexesye: o[k odate gr pte ` kairw \stin. 34 ^Vw nyrvpow pdhmow few t|n okan ^ a[to, ka dow tow doloiw a[to t|n \jousan, ka ekst~ t rgon a[to, ka t! yurvr! \netelato na grhgor_. 35 Grhgorete o{n: o[k odate gr pte ` kriow tw okaw
13.20 kriow \kolbvsen \kolbvsen kriow 13.21 Tte Ka tte 13.21 &Ido @de *Ide @de 13.21 ( &Ido *Ide h 13.22 ka tow tow 13.23 do 13.24 &All' &All 13.25 to o[rano sontai sontai \k to o[rano 13.25 \kpptontew pptontew 13.27 a[to ka ka 13.27 a[to \k a[to \k 13.28 a[tw dh ` kldow dh ` kldow a[tw 13.29 tata dhte dhte tata 13.30 mxri mxriw 13.30 pnta tata tata pnta 13.31 parelesetai parelesontai 13.31 parlyvsin parelesontai % % 13.32 vraw tw vraw 13.32 o \n \n 13.33 ka prosexesye ^ ^ 13.34 ka ekst~ ekst~
28 24




13.36 - 14.13

rxetai, c, ( mesonuktou, ( lektorofvnaw, ( prv: 36 m| h h h 37 \lyWn \jafnhw e% r+ mw kayedontaw. $A d mn lgv u psin lgv, Grhgorete.


)Hn d t Psxa ka t zuma met do =mraw: ka \z}toun o rxierew ka o grammatew pw a[tn \n ^ dl~ krat}santew poktenvsin: 2 legon d, M| \n t_ eort_, m}pote yrubow stai to lao.

Ka ntow a[to \n Bhyan, \n t_ ok Smvnow to lepro, katakeimnou a[to, lyen gun| xousa lbastron mrou nrdou pistikw polutelow: ka suntrcasa t lbastron, katxeen a[to kat tw kefalw. 4 )Hsan d ^ tinew ganaktontew prw e autow, ka lgontew, Ew t = pQleia a% th to mrou ggonen; 5 &Hdnato gr toto u praynai \pnv triakosvn dhnarvn, ka doynai tow ptvxow. Ka \nebrimnto a[t_. 6 ^O d &Ihsow epen, *Afete a[t}n: t a[t_ kpouw parxete; Kaln rgon ergsato \n ^ \mo. 7 Pntote gr tow ptvxow xete mey' eautn, ka tan ylhte dnasye a[tow e{ poisai: \m d o[ pntote xete. 8 $O sxen a% th \pohsen: prolaben mursai mou t sma ew u tn \ntafiasmn. 9 &Am|n lgv mn, pou \n khruxy_ t e[agglion toto ew lon tn ksmon, ka $ \pohsen a% th o u lalhy}setai ew mnhmsunon a[tw. Ka ` &Iodaw ` &IskariQthw, e<w tn dQdeka, plyen prw tow rxierew, na parad! a[tn a[tow. 11 O d kosantew \xrhsan, ka \phggelanto a[t! rgrion donai: ka \z}tei pw e[karvw a[tn parad!. Ka t_ prQt+ =mr tn zmvn, te t Psxa yuon, lgousin a[t! o mayhta a[to, Po yleiw pelyntew ^ etoimsvmen na fg+w t Psxa; 13 Ka postllei do tn
13.35 c ( mesonuktou ( c ( h h h mesonktion 13.37 $A $O 14.2 d gr 14.2 yrubow stai stai yrubow 14.3 ka suntrcasa t suntrcasa t|n 14.3 kat 14.4 ka lgontew 14.5 toto toto t mron 14.5 triakosvn dhnarvn dhnarvn triakosvn ergsato rgsato a[tow a[tow a% th u mou t sma t sm mou lgv d lgv toto ` &Iodaw ` &IskariQthw &Iodaw &IskariWy ` 14.10 parad! a[tn a[tn parado 14.11 e[karvw a[tn parad! a[tn e[karvw parado 14.6 14.7 14.8 14.8 14.9 14.9 14.10
12 10


d legv

^ etoimsomen


14.14 - 14.27



mayhtn a[to, ka lgei a[tow, ^Upgete ew t|n plin, ka pant}sei mn nyrvpow kermion % datow bastzvn: u 14 kolouy}sate a[t!, ka pou \n esly+, epate t! okodespt+ ti ^O didskalow lgei, Po \stin t katluma, pou t Psxa met tn mayhtn mou fgv; 15 Ka a[tw mn ^ dejei nQgeon mga \strvmnon toimon: \ke etoimsate 16 =mn. Ka \jlyon o mayhta a[to, ka lyon ew t|n plin, ka eron kayWw epen a[tow, ka =tomasan t Psxa. Ka caw genomnhw rxetai met tn dQdeka. 18 Ka nakeimnvn a[tn ka \syintvn, epen ` &Ihsow, &Am|n lgv mn, ti e<w \j mn paradQsei me, ` \syvn met' \mo. 19 O d rjanto lupesyai, ka lgein a[t! e<w kay' e<w, M}ti \gQ; Ka llow, M}ti \gQ; 20 ^O d pokriyew epen a[tow, E<w \k tn dQdeka, ` \mbaptmenow met' \mo ew t trublon. 21 ^O mn uw to nyrQpou pgei, kayWw ggraptai per a[to: o[a d t! nyrQp~ \ken~ di' o ` uw to nyrQpou paraddotai: kaln n a[t! e o[k \genn}yh ` nyrvpow \kenow. Ka \syintvn a[tn, labWn ` &Ihsow rton e[log}saw klasen, ka dvken a[tow, ka epen, Lbete, fgete: tot \stin t sm mou. 23 Ka labWn t pot}rion e[xarist}saw dvken a[tow: ka pion \j a[to pntew. 24 Ka epen a[tow, Tot \stin t a<m mou, t tw kainw diay}khw, t per polln \kxunmenon. 25 &Am|n lgv mn ti o[kti o[ m| pv \k to gen}matow tw mplou, vw tw =mraw \kenhw tan a[t pnv kainn \n t_ basile to yeo.
26 27 22 17

Ka mn}santew \jlyon ew t row tn &Elain.

Ka lgei a[tow ` &Ihsow ti Pntew skandalisy}sesye \n \mo \n t_ nukt tat+: ti ggraptai, Patjv tn poimna, ka diaskorpisy}setai t prbata.
14.14 14.15 14.15 14.16 14.18 14.19 14.19 14.19 14.20 14.20 14.21 katluma katlum mou nQgeon ngaion \ke ka \ke a[to epen ` &Ihsow ` &Ihsow epen O d kay' kat M}ti \gQ Ka llow pokriyew \k ^O mn %O ti ` mn 14.21 14.22 14.22 14.23 14.24 14.24 n ` &Ihsow fgete t t tw kainw tw per polln \kxunmenon \kxunnmenon pr polln 14.27 \n \mo \n t_ nukt tat+ 14.27 diaskorpisy}setai t prbata t prbata diaskorpisy}sontai



14.28 - 14.42

&All met t \geryna me, projv mw ew t|n Galilaan. ^O d Ptrow fh a[t!, Ka e pntew skandalisy}sontai, ll' o[k \gQ. 30 Ka lgei a[t! ` &Ihsow, &Am|n lgv soi, ti s s}meron \n t_ nukt tat+, prn ( dw lktora fvnsai, h trw parn}s+ me. 31 ^O d \kperisso legen mllon, &En me d+ sunapoyanen soi, o[ m} se parn}svmai. ^Vsatvw d ka pntew legon.

Ka rxontai ew xvron o t noma Geyshman: ka lgei tow mayhtaw a[to, Kaysate @de, vw prosejvmai. 33 Ka paralambnei tn Ptron ka &Ikvbon ka &Ivnnhn ^ mey' eauto, ka rjato \kyambesyai ka dhmonen. 34 Ka lgei a[tow, Perlupw \stin = cux} mou vw yantou: menate @de ka grhgorete. 35 Ka proselyWn mikrn, pesen \p tw gw, ka proshxeto na, e dunatn \stin, parly+ p' % a[to = vra. 36 Ka legen, &Abb, ` pat}r, pnta dunat soi. Parnegke t pot}rion p' \mo toto: ll' o[ t \gW ylv, ll t s. 37 Ka rxetai ka erskei a[tow kayedontaw, % ka lgei t! Ptr~, Smvn, kayedeiw; O[k sxusaw man vran 38 grhgorsai; Grhgorete ka prosexesye, na m| eslyhte ew peirasmn. T mn pnema pryumon, = d srj syen}w. 39 Ka plin pelyWn proshjato, tn a[tn lgon epQn. 40 Ka postrcaw eren a[tow plin kayedontaw: san gr o fyalmo a[tn bebarhmnoi, ka o[k deisan t a[t! pokriysin. 41 Ka rxetai t trton, ka lgei a[tow, % Kayedete loipn ka napaesye. &Apxei: lyen = vra: do, paraddotai ` uw to nyrQpou ew tw xeraw tn ^ a martvln. 42 &Egeresye, gvmen: do, ` paradidow me ggiken.


14.29 Ka e E ka 14.30 \n t_ nukt tat+ tat+ t_ nukt 14.30 parn}s+ me me parn}s+ 14.31 \kperisso legen mllon \kperissw \llei 14.31 me d+ d+ me 14.31 parn}svmai parn}somai 14.32 Geyshman Geyshman 14.33 &Ikvbon tn &Ikvbon 14.33 &Ivnnhn tn &Ivnnhn ^ 14.33 mey' eauto met' a[to

14.35 14.35 14.36 14.38 14.40 14.40 14.40 14.40 14.41

proselyWn proelyWn pesen pipten p' \mo toto toto p' \mo eslyhte lyhte postrcaw eren a[tow plin plin \lyWn eren a[tow o fyalmo a[tn a[tn o fyalmo bebarhmnoi katabarunmenoi a[t! pokriysin pokriysin a[t! loipn t loipn


14.43 - 14.58


Ka e[yvw, ti a[to lalontow, paragnetai &Iodaw, e<w n tn dQdeka, ka met' a[to xlow polw met maxairn ka jlvn, par tn rxiervn ka tn grammatvn ka tn presbutrvn. 44 DedQkei d ` paradidow a[tn ssshmon a[tow, lgvn, $O n n fil}sv, a[tw \stin: krat}sate a[tn, ka paggete sfalw. 45 Ka \lyQn, e[yvw proselyWn a[t! lgei a[t!, ^Rabb, ]abb: ka kateflhsen a[tn. 46 O d \pbalon \p' a[tn tw xeraw a[tn, ka \krthsan a[ t n . 47 E<w d tiw tn paresthktvn spasmenow t|n mxairan paisen tn dolon to rxiervw, ka felen & a[to t vton. 48 Ka pokriyew ` &Ihsow epen a[tow, ^Vw \p l+st|n \j}lyete met maxairn ka jlvn sullaben me; 49 Kay' =mran mhn prw mw \n t! er! didskvn, ka o[k \krat}sat me: ll' na plhrvysin a grafa. 50 Ka fntew a[tn pntew fugon. Ka e<w tiw neanskow koloyhsen a[t!, peribeblhmnow sindna \p gumno. Ka kratosin a[tn o neanskoi: 52 ` d katalipWn t|n sindna gumnw fugen p' a[tn. Ka p}gagon tn &Ihson prw tn rxiera: ka sunrxontai a[t! pntew o rxierew ka o presbteroi ka o grammatew. 54 Ka ` Ptrow p makryen koloyhsen a[t! vw sv ew t|n a[l|n to rxiervw: ka n sugkay}menow met tn phretn, ka yermainmenow prw t fw. 55 O d rxierew ka lon t sundrion \z}toun kat to &Ihso marturan, ew t yanatsai a[tn: ka o[x e% riskon. 56 Pollo gr \ceudomartroun kat' a[to, ka u sai a marturai o[k san. 57 Ka tinew nastntew \c eu d o m a r t r o u n kat' a[to, lgontew 58 ti ^Hmew kosamen a[to lgontow ti &EgW katalsv tn nan toton tn xei r o p o h t o n , ka di trin =mern llon
14.43 14.43 14.43 14.44 14.45 14.45 14.46 14.46 14.47 e[yvw e[yw n polw paggete pgete e[yvw e[yw a[t! ^Rabb \p' a[tn a[tn a[t! tiw tiw 14.47 14.48 14.50 14.51 14.51 14.52 14.53 14.55 & & vton vtrion \j}lyete \j}lyate pntew fugon fugon pntew e<w tiw neanskow koloyhsen neanskow tiw sunhkoloyei o neanskoi p' a[tn a[t! u e% riskon h% riskon u
53 51



14.59 - 14.72

% xei r o p o h t o n okodom}sv. 59 Ka o[d o u tvw sh n = 60 martu r a a[tn. Ka nastw ` rxierew ew mson \phrQthsen tn &Ihson, lgvn, O[k pokrn+ o[dn; T oto sou katamarturosin; 61 ^O d \siQpa, ka o[dn pekrnato. Plin ` rxierew \phrQta a[tn, ka lgei a[t!, S e ` xristw, ` uw to e[loghto; 62 ^O d &Ihsow epen, &EgQ emi. Ka cesye tn un to nyrQpou \k dejin kay}menon tw dunmevw, ka \rxmenon met tn nefeln to o[rano. 63 ^O d rxierew diarr}jaw tow xitnaw a[to lgei, T ti xrean xomen martrvn; 64 &Hkosate tw blasfhmaw: t mn fanetai; O d pntew katkrinan a[tn enai noxon ya n t o u . 65 Ka rjant tinew \mptein a[t!, ka perikalptein t prsvpon a[to, ka kolafzein a[tn, ka lgein a[t!, Prof}teuson: ka o phrtai ]apsmasin a[tn ballon. Ka ntow to Ptrou \n t_ a[l_ ktv, rxetai ma tn paidiskn to rxiervw, 67 ka dosa tn Ptron yermainmenon, \mblcasa a[t! lgei, Ka s met to Nazarhno &Ihso sya. 68 ^O d rn}sato, lgvn, O[k oda, o[d \pstamai t s lgeiw. Ka \jlyen jv ew t proalion: ka lktvr \fQnhsen. 69 Ka = paidskh dosa a[tn plin rjato lgein tow paresthksin ti Otow \j a[tn \stn. 70 ^O d plin rneto. Ka met mikrn plin o paresttew legon t! Ptr~, &Alhyw \j a[tn e: ka gr Galilaow e, ka = lali sou `moizei. 71 ^O d rjato nayematzein ka mnnai ti O[k oda tn nyrvpon toton $ n lgete. 72 Ka \k deu t r o u lktvr \fQnhsen. Ka o nemn}syh ` Ptrow t ]ma $ epen a[t! ` &Ihsow ti Prn o lktora fvnsai dw, parn}s+ me trw. Ka \pibalWn klaien.
14.61 o[dn pekrnato o[k pekrnato o[dn 14.64 enai noxon noxon enai 14.65 t prsvpon a[to a[to t prsvpon 14.65 ballon labon 14.66 \n t_ a[l_ ktv ktv \n t_ a[l_ 14.67 &Ihso sya sya to &Ihso 14.68 O[k Ote 14.68 o[d ote 14.68 t s s t 14.68 ka lktvr \fQnhsen ka lktvr \fQnhsen 14.69 plin rjato rjato plin 14.69 paresthksin parestsin 14.70 ka = lali sou `moizei 14.72 \k e[yw \k 14.72 $ epen qw epen o 14.72 parn}s+ me trw trw me parn}s+




15.1 - 15.17



Ka e[yvw \p t prv sumbolion poi}santew o rxierew met tn presbutrvn ka grammatvn, ka lon t sundrion, d}santew tn &Ihson p}negkan ka pardvkan t! Pilt~. 2 Ka \phrQthsen a[tn ` Piltow, S e ` basilew tn &Ioudavn; ^O d pokriyew epen a[t!, S lgeiw. 3 Ka kathgroun a[to o rxierew poll: 4 ` d Piltow plin \phrQthsen a[tn, lgvn, O[k pokrn+ o[dn; *Ide, psa sou katamarturosin. 5 ^O d &Ihsow % o[kti o[dn pekryh, vste yaumzein tn Pilton.
^ Kat d e ort|n pluen a[tow na dsmion, nper 7 & tonto. )Hn d ` legmenow Barabbw met tn + sustasiastn dedemnow, otinew \n t_ stsei fnon pepoi}keisan. 8 Ka nabo}saw ` xlow rjato atesyai kayWw e \poei a[tow. 9 ^O d Piltow pekryh a[tow, lgvn, Ylete polsv mn tn basila tn &Ioudavn; 10 &Egnvsken gr ti di fynon paradedQkeisan a[tn o rxierew. 11 O d rxierew nseisan tn xlon, na mllon tn Barabbn pols+ a[tow. 12 ^O d Piltow pokriyew plin epen a[tow, T o{n ylete poi}sv $ n lgete basila o 13 tn &Ioudavn; O d plin krajan, Starvson a[tn. 14 ^O d Piltow legen a[tow, T gr kakn \pohsen; O d perissotrvw krajan, Starvson a[tn. 15 ^O d Piltow boulmenow t! xl~ t kann poisai, plusen a[tow tn Barabbn: ka pardvken tn &Ihson, fragellQsaw, na staurvy_. O d stratitai p}gagon a[tn sv tw a[lw, \stin praitQrion, ka sugkalosin lhn t|n speran. 17 Ka \ndousin a[tn porfran, ka peritiyasin a[t! pljantew
16 6

15.1 15.1 15.2 15.4 15.4

e[yvw \p t e[yw t! epen a[t! a[t! lgei \phrQthsen \phrQta katamarturosin kathgorosin 15.6 nper & tonto $ n par+tonto + o 15.7 sustasiastn stasiastn 15.8 nabo}saw nabw

15.8 e 15.12 pokriyew plin epen plin pokriyew legen 15.12 ylete poi}sv $ n lgete o ylete poi}sv $ n lgete tn o 15.14 kakn \pohsen \pohsen kakn 15.14 perissotrvw perissw 15.17 \ndousin \ndidskousin



15.18 - 15.34

knyinon stfanon, 18 ka rjanto spzesyai a[tn, Xare, ` basilew tn &Ioudavn: 19 ka tupton a[to t|n kefal|n kalm~, ka \nptuon a[t!, ka tiyntew t gnata proseknoun a[t!. 20 Ka te \npaijan a[t!, \jdusan a[tn t|n porfran, ka \ndusan a[tn t mtia t dia. Ka \jgousin a[tn na staurQsvsin a[tn. 21 Ka ggareousin pargont tina Smvna Kurhnaon, \rxmenon p' gro, tn patra &Alejndrou ka ^Rofou, na r+ tn staurn a[to. 22 Ka frousin a[tn \p Golgoy tpon, \stin meyermhneumenon, Kranou Tpow. 23 Ka \ddoun a[t! pien \smurnismnon onon: ` d o[k laben. 24 Ka staurQsantew a[tn, diamerzontai t mtia a[to, % bllontew klron \p' a[t, tw t r+. 25 )Hn d vra trth, ka 26 \starvsan a[tn. Ka n = \pigraf| tw ataw a[to \pigegrammnh, ^O basilew tn &Ioudavn. 27 Ka sn a[t! staurosin do l+stw, na \k dejin ka na \j e[vnmvn a[to. 28 Ka \plhrQyh = graf| = lgousa, Ka met nmvn \logsyh. 29 Ka o paraporeumenoi \blasf}moun a[tn, kinontew tw kefalw a[tn, ka lgontew, O[, ` katalvn tn nan, ka \n trisn =mraiw okodomn, 30 sson seautn, ka katba p to stauro. 31 ^O movw ka o rxierew \mpazontew prw ll}louw met tn grammatvn legon, ^ *Allouw svsen, e autn o[ dnatai ssai. 32 ^O xristw ` basilew to &Isra|l katabtv nn p to stauro, na dvmen ka pistesvmen a[t!. Ka o sunestaurvmnoi & a[t! vnedizon a[tn. % Genomnhw d vraw kthw, sktow \gneto \f' lhn t|n % % gn vw vraw \nthw. 34 Ka t_ vr t_ \nt+ \bhsen ` &Ihsow



15.18 15.20 15.22 15.23 15.23 15.24

` basilew basile t dia a[to Golgoy tn Golgoyn pien ` $w o staurQsantew a[tn staurosin a[tn ka 15.28 15.29 \n trisn =mraiw okodomn

okodomn \n trisn =mraiw 15.30 ka katba katabw 15.32 to &Isra|l &Isra|l 15.32 pistesvmen a[t! pistesvmen 15.32 sunestaurvmnoi sunestaurvmnoi sn 15.33 Genomnhw d Ka genomnhw % % 15.34 vr t_ \nt+ \nt+ vr


15.35 - 15.47


fvn_ megl+, lgvn, &Elv, &Elv, lim sabaxyani; %O \stin meyer m h n eu m en o n , ^O yew mou, ` ye w mou, ew t me \gkatlipew; 35 Ka tinew tn paresthktvn kosantew legon, &Ido, &Hlan fvne. 36 DramWn d e<w, ka gemsaw spggon jouw, periyew te kalm~, \ptizen a[tn, lgvn, *Afete, dvmen e rxetai &Hlaw kayelen a[tn. 37 ^O d &I h s o w few fvn|n meglhn \jpneusen. 38 Ka t kataptasma to nao \sxsyh ew do p nvyen vw ktv. 39 &IdWn d ` kenturvn ` paresthkWw \j \nantaw a[to ti o% tvw krjaw \jpneusen, epen, &Alhyw ` nyrvpow otow u uw n yeo . 40 )Hsan d ka gunakew p makryen yevrosai, \n a<w n ka Mara = Magdalhn}, ka Mara = to &IakQbou to mikro ka &Ivs m}thr, ka SalQmh, 41 a$ i ka, te n \n t_ Galila, koloyoun a[t!, ka dihknoun a[t!, ka llai polla a sunanabsai a[t! ew ^Ierosluma.
prw sbbaton

Ka dh caw genomnhw, \pe n Paraskeu}, \stin prosbbaton, 43 lyen &Ivs|f ` p &Arimayaaw, e[sx}mvn bouleut}w, $ w ka a[tw n prosdexmenow t|n basilean to o yeo: tolm}saw eslyen prw Pilton, ka & t}sato t sma + 44 to &Ihso. ^O d Piltow \yamasen e dh tynhken: ka proskalesmenow tn kenturvna, \phrQthsen a[tn e plai pya n en . 45 Ka gnow p to kenturvnow, \dvr}sato t sma t! &Ivs}f. 46 Ka gorsaw sindna, ka kayelWn a[tn, \nelhsen t_ sindni, ka katyhken a[tn \n mnhme~, $ n lelatomhmnon \k ptraw: ka proseklisen o lyon \p t|n yran to mnhmeou. 47 ^H d Mara = Magdalhn| ka Mara &Ivs \yeQroun po tyetai.


15.34 15.34 15.34 15.35 15.36 15.36 15.38 15.39 15.39

lgvn lim lema me \gkatlipew \gkatlipw me &Ido *Ide e<w ka tiw ka te p p' krjaw ` nyrvpow otow otow ` nyrvpow 15.39 n yeo yeo n 15.40 n

15.40 15.40 15.41 15.43 15.43 15.45 15.46 15.46 15.47 15.47

to &IakQbou &IakQbou &Ivs &Ivstow i a$ ka a$ i lyen &Ivs|f ` \lyWn &Ivs|f ` Pilton tn Pilton sma ptma ka kayelWn kayelWn katyhken yhken &Ivs = &Ivstow tyetai tyeitai



16.1 - 16.17


Ka diagenomnou to sabbtou, Mara = Magdalhn| ka Mara &I a k Q b o u ka SalQmh grasan rQmata, na \lyosai lecvsin a[tn. 2 Ka lan prv tw miw sabbtvn rxontai \p t mnhmeon, natelantow to ^ =lou. 3 Ka legon prw e autw, Tw pokulsei =mn tn lyon \k tw yraw to mnhmeou; 4 Ka nablcasai yevrosin ti pokeklistai ` lyow: n gr mgaw sfdra. 5 Ka eselyosai ew t mnhmeon, edon neanskon kay}menon \n tow dejiow, per i b eb l h m n o n stol|n leuk}n: ka \jeyamb}yhsan. 6 ^O d lgei a[taw, M| \kyambesye: &Ihson zhtete tn Nazarhnn tn \staurvmnon: gryh, o[k stin @de: de, ` tpow pou yh k a n a[tn. 7 &A l l ' pgete, epate tow mayhtaw a[to ka t! Ptr~ ti Progei mw ew t|n Galilaan: \ke a[tn cesye, kayWw epen mn. 8 Ka \jelyosai fugon p to mnhmeou: exen d a[tw trmow ka kstasiw: ka o[den o[dn epon, \fobonto gr.
&Anastw d prv prQt+ sabbtou \fnh prton Mar ^ t_ Magdalhn_, f' w \kbebl}kei ept daimnia. 10 &Ekenh poreuyesa p}ggeilen tow met' a[to genomnoiw, penyosin ka klaousin. 11 Kkenoi kosantew ti z_ ka \yeyh p' a[tw psthsan. Met d tata dusn \j a[tn peripatosin \fanerQyh ^ \n e tr morf_, poreuomnoiw ew grn. 13 Kkenoi pelyntew p}ggeilan tow loipow: o[d \kenoiw \psteusan. %Usteron nakeimnoiw a[tow tow ndeka \fanerQyh, & ka vnedisen t|n pistan a[tn ka sklhrokardan, ti tow yeasamnoiw a[tn \ghgermnon o[k \psteusan. 15 Ka epen a[tow, Poreuyntew ew tn ksmon panta, khrjate t e[agglion ps+ t_ ktsei. 16 ^O pistesaw ka baptisyew svy}setai: ` d pist}saw katakriy}setai. 17 Shmea d tow
14 12 9

= to &IakQbou

16.1 16.2 16.7 16.8 16.8

&IakQbou = to &IakQbou tw miw t_ mi tn &All' &All d gr epon epan

16.8 16.9 16.9 16.14

gr gr + shorter ending &Anastw &Anastw f' par' nakeimnoiw d nakeimnoiw


16.18 - 16.20


pistesasin tata parakolouy}sei: \n t! nmat mou daimnia \kbalosin: glQssaiw lal}sousin kainaw: 18 feiw rosin: kn yansimn ti pvsin, o[ m| a[tow blc+: \p rrQstouw xe r a w \p i y} s o u s i n , ka kalw jousin. ^O mn o{n kriow, met t lalsai a[tow, nel}fyh ew tn o[rann, ka \kyisen \k dejin to yeo. 20 &Ekenoi d \jelyntew \k}rujan pantaxo, to kurou sunergontow, ka tn lgon bebaiontow di tn \pakolouyontvn shmevn. &Am}n.

16.18 feiw ka \n taw xersn feiw 16.19 kriow kriow &Ihsow

16.19 nel}fyh nel}mfyh 16.20 shmevn. &Am}n shmevn.




peid}per pollo \pexerhsan natjasyai di}ghsin per tn peplhroforhmnvn \n =mn pragmtvn, 2 kayWw pardosan =mn o p' rxw a[tptai ka phrtai genmenoi to lgou, 3 dojen kmo, parhkolouyhkti nvyen psin kribw, kayejw soi grcai, krtiste Yefile, 4 na \pign!w per @n kathx}yhw lgvn t|n sfleian.
&Egneto \n taw =mraiw ^Hrdou to basilvw tw &Ioudaaw erew tiw nmati Zaxaraw, \j \fhmeraw &Abi: ka = gun| a[to \k tn yugatrvn &AarQn, ka t noma a[tw &Elisbet. 6 )Hsan d dkaioi mfteroi \nQpion to yeo, poreumenoi \n psaiw taw \ntolaw ka dikaiQmasin to kurou memptoi. 7 Ka o[k n a[tow tknon, kayti = &Elisbet n stera, ka mfteroi probebhktew \n taw =mraiw a[tn san.

&E g n et o d \n t! er a t e ei n a[tn \n t_ tjei tw \fhmeraw a[to nanti to yeo, 9 kat t yow tw erateaw, laxen to yumisai eselyWn ew tn nan to kurou. 10 Ka % pn t plyow n to lao proseuxmenon jv t_ vr to 11 ^ yumimatow. *Vfyh d a[t! ggelow kurou, e stWw \k 12 dejin to yusiasthrou to yumimatow. Ka \tarxyh Zaxaraw dQn, ka fbow \ppesen \p' a[tn. 13 Epen d prw a[tn ` ggelow, M| fobo, Zaxara: diti eshkosyh = dhsw sou, ka = gun} sou &Elisbet genn}sei un soi, ka kalseiw t noma a[to &Ivnnhn. 14 Ka stai xar soi ka gallasiw, ka pollo \p t_ genn}sei a[to xar}sontai. 15 *Estai gr mgaw \nQpion to kurou, ka onon ka skera ^ o[ m| p+, ka pnematow agou plhsy}setai ti \k koilaw 16 mhtrw a[to. Ka pollow tn un &Isra|l \pistrcei \p krion tn yen a[tn: 17 ka a[tw proelesetai \nQpion a[to \n pnemati ka dunmei &Hlou, \pistrcai kardaw patrvn \p tkna, ka peiye w \n fron}sei dikavn,
1.5 1.5 1.6 to = gun| a[to gun| a[t! \nQpion \nanton 1.7 = &Elisbet n n = &Elisbet 1.14 genn}sei gensei 1.15 to to


1.18 - 1.33

^ e toimsai kur~ lan kateskeuasmnon. 18 Ka epen Zaxaraw prw tn ggelon, Kat t gnQsomai toto; &EgW gr emi presbthw, ka = gun} mou probebhkua \n taw =mraiw a[tw. 19 Ka pokriyew ` ggelow epen a[t!, &EgQ emi Gabri|l ` paresthkWw \nQpion to yeo: ka pestlhn lalsai prw se, ka e[aggelsasya soi tata. 20 Ka do, s+ sivpn ka m| dunmenow lalsai, xri w =mraw gnhtai tata, ny' @n o[k \psteusaw tow lgoiw mou, otinew plhrvy}sontai ew tn kairn a[tn. 21 Ka n ` law prosdokn tn Zaxaran: ka \yamazon \n t! xronzein a[tn \n t! na!. 22 &EjelyWn d o[k dnato lalsai a[tow: ^ ka \pgnvsan ti ptasan eQraken \n t! na!: ka a[tw n dianevn a[tow, ka dimenen kvfw. 23 Ka \gneto, qw \pl}syhsan a =mrai tw leitourgaw a[to, plyen ew tn okon a[to. Met d tataw tw =mraw sunlaben &Elisbet = gun| ^ a[to, ka perikruben eaut|n mnaw pnte, lgousa 25 ti O % tvw moi pepohken ` kriow \n =mraiw a<w \peden felen u t neidw mou \n nyrQpoiw. &En d t! mhn t! kt~ pestlh ` ggelow Gabri|l p to yeo ew plin tw Galilaaw, " noma Nazart, 27 prw parynon memnhsteumnhn ndr, > noma &Ivs}f, \j okou Daud: ka t noma tw parynou Marim. 28 Ka eselyWn ` ggelow prw a[t|n epen, Xare, kexaritvmnh: ` kriow met so, e[loghmnh s \n gunaijn. 29 ^H d dosa dietarxyh \p t! lg~ a[to, ka dielogzeto potapw eh ` spasmw otow. 30 Ka epen ` ggelow a[t_, M| fobo, Marim: erew gr xrin par t! ye!. 31 Ka do, sull}c+ \n gastr, ka tj+ un, ka kalseiw t noma a[to &Ihson. 32 Otow stai mgaw, ka uw cstou klhy}setai: ka dQsei a[t! kriow ` yew tn yrnon Daud to patrw a[to, 33 ka basilesei \p tn okon &IakWb ew tow anaw, ka tw
1.21 1.22 1.25 1.25 1.26 1.26 1.27 a[tn \n t! na! \n t! na! a[tn dnato \dnato ` t p p Nazart Nazary memnhsteumnhn \mnhsteumnhn 1.28 ` ggelow 1.28 e[loghmnh s \n gunaijn 1.29 dosa 1.29 dietarxyh \p t! lg~ a[to \p t! lg~ dietarxyh 1.31 sull}c+ sull}mc+
26 24


basileaw a[to o[k stai tlow. 34 Epen d Marim prw tn ggelon, Pw stai toto, \pe ndra o[ ginQskv; 35 Ka pokriyew ` ggelow epen a[t_, Pnema gion \pelesetai \p s, ka dnamiw cstou \piskisei soi: di ka t gennQmenon gion klhy}setai uw yeo . 36 Ka do, &Elisbet = suggen}w sou, ka a[t| sunelhfua un \n g}rei a[tw: ka otow m|n ktow \stn a[t_ t_ kaloumn+ ster. 37 %O ti o[k dunat}sei par t! ye! pn ]ma. 38 Epen d Marim, &Ido, = dolh kurou: gnoit moi kat t ]m sou. Ka plyen p' a[tw ` ggelow. &Anastsa d Marim \n taw =mraiw tataiw \poreyh ew t|n rein|n met spoudw, ew plin &Ioda, 40 ka eslyen ew tn okon Zaxarou, ka spsato t|n &Elisbet. 41 Ka \gneto qw kousen = &Elisbet tn spasmn tw Maraw, \s k r t h s e n t brfow \n t_ koil a[tw: ka \pl}syh ^ pnematow a gou = &Elisbet, 42 ka nefQnhsen fvn_ megl+, ka e p en , E[loghmnh s \n gunaijn, ka e[loghmnow ` karpw tw koilaw sou. 43 Ka pyen moi toto, na ly+ = m}thr to kurou mou prw m; 44 &Ido gr, qw \gneto = fvn| to spasmo sou ew t t mou, \skrthsen t brfow \n gallisei \n t_ koil mou. 45 Ka makara = pistesasa, ti stai televsiw tow lelalhmnoiw a[t_ par kurou. 46 Ka epen Marim, Megalnei = cux} mou tn krion, 47 ka gallasen t pnem mou \p t! ye! t! svtr mou. 48 %O ti \pblecen \p t|n tapenvsin tw dolhw a[to. &Ido gr, p to nn makariosn me psai a genea. 49 %O ti \pohsn moi megalea ` dunatw, ka gion t noma a[to. 50 ka t leow a[to ew genew genen tow foboumnoiw a[tn. 51 &Epohsen krtow \n braxoni a[to: dieskrpisen perhfnouw diano kardaw a[tn. 52 Kayelen dunstaw p yrnvn, ka % cvsen tapeinow. u 53 Peinntaw \nplhsen gayn, ka ploutontaw \japsteilen kenow. 54 &Antelbeto &Isra|l paidw a[to,
1.36 suggen}w suggenw 1.36 sunelhfua sunelhfen 1.37 t! ye! to yeo 1.41 = &Elisbet tn spasmn tw Maraw tn spasmn tw Maraw = &Elisbet 1.42 fvn_ kraug_ 1.43 m \m 1.44 t brfow \n gallisei \n gallisei t brfow 1.49 megalea megla 1.50 genen ka genew

1.34 - 1.54


1.55 - 1.75

mnhsynai \louw, 55 kayWw \llhsen prw tow patraw =mn, t! &Abram ka t! sprmati a[to ew tn ana. *Emeinen d Marim sn a[t_ qse mnaw trew, ka pstrecen ew tn okon a[tw. T_ d &Elisbet \pl}syh ` xrnow to teken a[t}n, ka \gnnhsen un. 58 Ka kousan o peroikoi ka o suggenew a[tw ti \meglunen kriow t leow a[to met' a[tw, ka sunxairon a[t_. 59 Ka \gneto \n t_ gd+ =mr, lyon peritemen t paidon: ka \kloun a[t \p t! nmati to patrw a[to Zaxaran. 60 Ka pokriyesa = m}thr a[to epen, O[x, ll klhy}setai &Ivnnhw. 61 Ka epon prw a[t|n ti O[dew \stin \n t_ suggene sou $ w kaletai t! o 62 nmati tot~. &Enneuon d t! patr a[to, t t n yloi kalesyai a[tn. 63 Ka at}saw pinakdion gracen, lgvn, &Ivnnhw \stn t noma a[to: ka \yamasan pntew. 64 &Anexyh d t stma a[to paraxrma ka = glssa a[to, ka \llei e[logn tn yen. 65 Ka \gneto \p pntaw fbow tow perioikontaw a[tow: ka \n l+ t_ rein_ tw &Ioudaaw dielaleto pnta t ]}mata tata. 66 Ka yento pntew o kosantew \n t_ kard a[tn, lgontew, T ra t paidon toto stai; Ka xer kurou n met' a[to. ^ Ka Zaxaraw ` pat|r a[to \pl}syh pnematow agou, 68 ka proef}teusen, lgvn, E[loghtw kriow ` yew to &Isra}l, ti \peskcato ka \pohsen ltrvsin t! la! a[to, 69 ka geiren kraw svthraw =mn \n t! ok~ Daud to paidw a[to 70 kayWw \llhsen di stmatow tn ^ a gvn tn p' anow profhtn a[to 71 svthran \j \xyrn =mn, ka \k xeirw pntvn tn misontvn =mw: 72 poisai leow met tn patrvn =mn, ka mnhsynai ^ diay}khw agaw a[to, 73 rkon $ n vmosen prw &Abram tn o * patra =mn, to donai =mn, 74 fbvw, \k xeirw tn \xyrn =mn ]usyntaw, latreein a[t! 75 \n `sithti ka
1.56 qse qw 1.59 gd+ =mr =mr t_ gd+ 1.61 epon epan 1.61 \n t_ suggene \k tw suggeneaw 1.62 a[tn a[t 1.63 1.66 1.67 1.69 1.70 1.74 t xer gr xer proef}teusen \prof}teusen t! ok~ Daud to ok~ Daud tn p' p' tn \xyrn =mn \xyrn
67 57 56


dikaiosn+ \nQpion a[to psaw tw =mraw t|w zvw =mn. 76 Ka s, paidon, prof}thw cstou klhy}s+: propores+ ^ gr pr prosQpou kurou e toimsai `dow a[to: 77 to ^ donai gnsin svthraw t! la! a[to \n fsei amartin a[tn, 78 di splgxna \louw yeo =mn, \n o<w \peskcato =mw natol| \j % couw, 79 \pifnai tow \n sktei ka ski u yantou kayhmnoiw, to kateuynai tow pdaw =mn ew `dn er}nhw. T d paidon hjanen ka \krataioto pnemati, ka n \n taw \r}moiw vw =mraw nadejevw a[to prw tn &Isra}l.

1.76 - 2.12

&Egneto d \n taw =mraiw \kenaiw, \jlyen dgma par Kasarow A[gostou, pogrfesyai psan t|n okoumnhn. 2 A% th = pograf| prQth \gneto =gemoneontow u tw Suraw Kurhnou. 3 Ka \poreonto pntew pogrfesyai, kastow ew t|n dan plin. 4 &Anbh d ka &Ivs|f p tw Galilaaw, \k plevw Nazart, ew t|n &Ioudaan, ew plin Daud, % tiw kaletai Bhylem, di t enai a[tn \j okou ka h patriw Daud, 5 pogrcasyai sn Marim t_ memnhsteumn+ a[t! gunaik, os+ \gk~. 6 &Egneto d \n t! enai a[tow \ke, \pl}syhsan a =mrai to teken a[t}n. 7 Ka teken tn un a[tw tn prvttokon, ka \spargnvsen a[tn, ka nklinen a[tn \n t_ ftn+, diti o[k n a[tow tpow \n t! katalmati.
Ka poimnew san \n t_ xQr t_ a[t_ graulontew ka fulssontew fulakw tw nuktw \p t|n pomnhn a[tn. 9 Ka do, ggelow kurou \psth a[tow, ka dja kurou perilamcen a[tow: ka \fob}yhsan fbon mgan. 10 Ka epen a[tow ` ggelow, M| fobesye: do gr, e[aggelzomai mn xarn meglhn, % tiw stai pant t! la!: 11 ti \txyh h mn s}meron svt}r, w \stin xristw kriow, \n plei Daud. 12 Ka toto mn t shmeon: er}sete brfow


psaw tw =mraw t|w zvw psaiw taw =mraiw 1.76 s s d 1.76 pr prosQpou \nQpion 1.78 \peskcato \piskcetai 2.2 =

2.3 2.4 2.5 2.7 2.9

^ dan eauto Nazart Nazary memnhsteumn+ a[t! gunaik \mnhsteumn+ a[t! t_ do


2.13 - 2.27

\sparganvmnon, kemenon \n ftn+. 13 Ka \jafnhw \gneto sn t! ggl~ plyow stratiw o[ranou, anontvn tn yen, ka legntvn, 14 Dja \n cstoiw ye!, ka \p gw er}nh: \n nyrQpoiw e[doka. Ka \gneto, qw plyon p' a[tn ew tn o[rann o ggeloi, ka o nyrvpoi o poimnew epon prw ll}louw, Dilyvmen d| vw Bhylem, ka dvmen t ]ma toto t gegonw, $ ` kriow \gnQrisen =mn. 16 Ka lyon spesantew, o ka neron t}n te Marim ka tn &Ivs}f, ka t brfow kemenon \n t_ ftn+. 17 &Idntew d diegnQrisan per to ]}matow to lalhyntow a[tow per to paidou totou. 18 Ka pntew o kosantew \yamasan per tn lalhyntvn p tn poimnvn prw a[tow. 19 ^H d Marim pnta sunet}rei t ]}mata tata, sumbllousa \n t_ kard a[tw. 20 Ka pstrecan o poimnew, dojzontew ka anontew tn yen \p psin o<w kousan ka edon, kayWw \lal}yh prw a[tow. Ka te \pl}syhsan =mrai ktW to peritemen a[tn, ka \kl}yh t noma a[to &Ihsow, t klhyn p to gglou pr to sullhfynai a[tn \n t_ koil. Ka te \pl}syhsan a =mrai to kayarismo a[tn kat tn nmon Mvsvw, n}gagon a[tn ew ^Ierosluma, parastsai t! kur~ 23 kayWw ggraptai \n nm~ kurou ti Pn rsen dianogon m}tran gion t! kur~ klhy}setai 24 ka to donai yusan kat t erhmnon \n nm~ kurou, Zegow trugnvn ( do neossow peristern. 25 Ka do, n h nyrvpow \n ^Ierousal}m, > noma SumeQn, ka ` nyrvpow otow dkaiow ka e[lab}w, prosdexmenow parklhsin to &Isr a} l , ka pnema n gion \p' a[tn. 26 Ka n a[t! ^ kexrhmatismnon p to pnematow to a gou, m| den ( d+ tn xristn kurou. 27 Ka lyen \n t! ynaton prn h pnemati ew t ern: ka \n t! esagagen tow gonew t
2.12 2.14 2.15 2.15 2.16 2.16 2.17 kemenon ka kemenon e[doka e[dokaw ka o nyrvpoi epon \lloun lyon lyan neron neran diegnQrisan \gnQrisan 2.21 2.22 2.24 2.24 2.25 2.26 sullhfynai sullhmfynai Mvsvw Mvsvw nm~ t! nm~ neossow nossow n nyrvpow nyrvpow n ( ( n h h
22 21 15


paidon &Ihson, to poisai a[tow kat t eyismnon to nmou per a[to, 28 ka a[tw \djato a[t ew tw gklaw a[to, ka e[lghsen tn yen, ka epen, 29 Nn poleiw tn doln sou, dspota, kat t ]m sou, \n er}n+: 30 ti edon o fyalmo mou t svt}rin sou, 31 $ =tomasaw kat o 32 prsvpon pntvn tn lan: fw ew poklucin \ynn, ka djan lao sou &Isra}l. 33 Ka n &Ivs|f ka = m}thr a[to yaumzontew \p tow laloumnoiw per a[to. 34 Ka e[lghsen a[tow SumeQn, ka epen prw Marim t|n mhtra a[to, &Ido, otow ketai ew ptsin ka nstasin polln \n t! &Isra}l, ka ew shmeon ntilegmenon: 35 ka so d a[tw t|n cux|n dielesetai ]omfaa: pvw n pokalufysin \k polln kardin dialogismo. 36 Ka n %Anna proftiw, yugthr Fanou}l, \k fulw &As}r a% th u probebhkua \n =mraiw pollaw, z}sasa th met ndrw ^ e pt p tw paryenaw a[tw, 37 ka a% th x}ra qw \tn u gdo}konta tessrvn o[k fstato p to ero, nhsteaiw ka de}sesin latreousa nkta ka =mran. 38 Ka % a% th a[t_ t_ vr \pistsa nyvmologeto t! kur~, ka u \llei per a[to psin tow prosdexomnoiw ltrvsin \n ^Ierousal}m. 39 Ka qw \tlesan panta t kat tn nmon ^ kurou, pstrecan ew t|n Galilaan, ew t|n plin eautn Nazart. T d paidon hjanen, ka \krataioto pnemati, plhromenon sofaw: ka xriw yeo n \p' a[t. Ka \poreonto o gonew a[to kat' tow ew ^ ^Ierousal|m t_ e ort_ to Psxa. 42 Ka te \gneto \tn dQdeka, nabntvn a[tn ew ^Ierosluma kat t yow tw ^ eortw, 43 ka teleivsntvn tw =mraw, \n t! postrfein a[tow, pmeinen &Ihsow ` paw \n ^Ierousal}m: ka o[k
a[to &Ivs|f ka = m}thr a[to ` pat|r a[to ka = m}thr 2.35 d d 2.36 th met ndrw met ndrw th 2.37 qw vw 2.37 p 2.38 a% th a[t_ a[t_ u 2.38 kur~ ye! 2.28 2.33 2.38 2.39 2.39 2.39 2.39 2.40 2.40 2.42 2.42 \n panta pnta pstrecan \pstrecan t|n plin plin Nazart Nazary pnemati sofaw sof nabntvn nabainntvn ew ^Ierosluma
41 40

2.28 - 2.43


2.44 - 3.5

gnv &Ivs|f ka = m}thr a[to: 44 nomsantew d a[tn \n t_ sunod enai, lyon =mraw `dn, ka nez}toun a[tn \n tow suggensin ka \n tow gnvstow: 45 ka m| erntew a[tn, pstrecan ew ^Ierousal}m, zhtontew a[tn. 46 Ka \gneto, mey' =mraw trew eron a[tn \n t! er!, kayezmenon \n ms~ tn didasklvn, ka koonta a[tn, ka \pervtnta a[tow. 47 &Ejstanto d pntew o koontew a[to \p t_ sunsei ka taw pokrsesin a[to. 48 Ka dntew a[tn \jeplghsan: ka prw a[tn = m}thr a[to epen, Tknon, t \pohsaw =mn o% tvw; &Ido, ` pat}r sou kgW dunQmenoi u 49 \zhtomn se. Ka epen prw a[tow, T ti \zhtet me; O[k deite ti \n tow to patrw mou de ena me; 50 Ka a[to o[ sunkan t ]ma $ \llhsen a[tow. 51 Ka katbh met' o a[tn, ka lyen ew Nazart: ka n potassmenow a[tow. Ka = m}thr a[to diet}rei pnta t ]}mata tata \n t_ kard a[tw. Ka &Ihsow prokopten sof ka =lik, ka xriti par ye! ka nyrQpoiw.

&En tei d pentekaidekt~ tw =gemonaw Tiberou Kasarow, =gemoneontow Pontou Piltou tw &Ioudaaw, ka tetrarxontow tw Galilaaw ^Hrdou, Filppou d to delfo a[to tetrarxontow tw &Itouraaw ka Traxvntidow xQraw, ka Lusanou tw &Abilhnw tetrarxontow, 2 \p rxiervw *Anna ka Kafa, \gneto ]ma yeo \p &Ivnnhn tn Zaxarou un \n t_ \r}m~. 3 Ka lyen ew psan t|n perxvron to &Iordnou, khrssvn ^ bptisma metanoaw ew fesin amartin: 4 qw ggraptai \n bbl~ lgvn &Hsaou to prof}tou, lgontow, Fvn| bontow \n t_ \r}m~, ^Etoimsate t|n `dn kurou: e[yeaw poiete tw trbouw a[to. 5 Psa fragj plhrvy}setai, ka pn row
gnv &Ivs|f ka = m}thr gnvsan o gonew \n t_ sunod enai enai \n t_ sunod suggensin ka \n suggenesin ka a[tn pstrecan pstrecan zhtontew nazhtontew mey' met prw epen prw epen 2.51 Nazart Nazary 2.51 tata 2.52 sof \n t_ sof 3.1 ka tetrarxontow ka tetraarxontow 3.1 a[to tetrarxontow a[to tetraarxontow 3.1 &Abilhnw tetrarxontow &Abilhnw tetraarxontow 3.3 t|n t|n 3.4 lgontow

2.43 2.44 2.44 2.45 2.45 2.46 2.48 2.48


ka bounw tapeinvy}setai: ka stai t skoli ew e[yean, ka a traxeai ew `dow leaw: 6 ka cetai psa srj t svt}rion to yeo. *Elegen o{n tow \kporeuomnoiw xloiw baptisynai p' a[to, Genn}mata \xidnn, tw pdeijen mn fugen p tw melloshw rgw; 8 Poi}sate o{n karpow jouw tw ^ metanoaw: ka m| rjhsye lgein \n eautow, Patra xomen tn &Abram: lgv gr mn ti dnatai ` yew \k tn lyvn totvn \gerai tkna t! &Abram. 9 *Hdh d ka = jnh prw t|n ]zan tn dndrvn ketai: pn o{n dndron m| poion karpn kaln \k k p t et a i ka ew pr blletai. 10 Ka \p h r Q t v n a[tn o xloi lgontew, T o{n poi}somen; 11 &Apokriyew d lgei a[tow, ^O xvn do xitnaw metadtv t! m| xonti: ka ` xvn brQmata `movw poietv. 12 )Hlyon d ka telnai baptisynai, ka epon prw a[tn, Didskale, t poi}somen; 13 ^O d epen prw a[tow, Mhdn plon par t diatetagmnon mn prssete. 14 &EphrQtvn d a[tn ka strateumenoi, lgontew, Ka =mew t poi}somen; Ka epen prw a[tow, Mhdna diaseshte, mhd sukofant}shte: ka rkesye tow cvnoiw mn. Prosdokntow d to lao, ka dialogizomnvn pntvn \n taw kardaiw a[tn per to &Ivnnou, m}pote a[tw eh ` xristw, 16 pekrnato ` &Ivnnhw, pasin lgvn, &EgW mn % dati baptzv mw: rxetai d ` sxurterw mou, o o[k em u kanw lsai tn mnta tn podhmtvn a[to: a[tw mw ^ baptsei \n pnemati ag~ ka pur: 17 o t pton \n t_ xeir a[to, ka diakayarie t|n lvna a[to, ka sunaje tn ston ew t|n poy}khn a[to, t d xuron katakasei pur sbst~. Poll mn o{n ka tera parakaln e[hggelzeto tn lan: 19 ` d ^Hrdhw ` tetrrxhw, \legxmenow p' a[to per ^Hr~didow tw gunaikw to delfo a[to, ka per pntvn
3.10 3.11 3.12 3.12 3.14 poi}somen poi}svmen lgei legen epon epan poi}somen poi}svmen Ka =mew t poi}somen T poi}svmen ka =mew 3.14 prw a[tow a[tow 3.16 ` &Ivnnhw pasin lgvn lgvn psin ` &Ivnnhw 3.17 ka diakayarie diakayrai 3.17 sunaje sunagagen 3.19 tetrrxhw tetrarxhw
18 15 7

3.6 - 3.19


3.20 - 3.38

@n \pohsen ponhrn ` ^Hrdhw, 20 prosyhken ka toto \p psin, ka katkleisen tn &Ivnnhn \n t_ fulak_. &Egneto d \n t! baptisynai panta tn lan, ka &Ihso baptisyntow ka proseuxomnou, ne~xynai tn o[rann, 22 ka katabnai t pnema t gion svmatik! edei qse peristern \p' a[tn, ka fvn|n \j o[rano gensyai, lgousan, S e ` uw mou ` gaphtw, \n so e[dkhsa. Ka a[tw n ` &Ihsow qse \tn trikonta rxmenow, n qw \nomzeto uw &Ivs}f, to ^Hl, 24 to Matyt, to Leu, to Melx, to &Iann, to &Ivs}f, 25 to Mattayou, to &AmQw, to Naom, to &Esl, to Nagga, 26 to May, to Mattayou, to Seme, to &I v s } f , to &Ioda, 27 to &Ivann, to ^Rhs, to Zorobbel, to Salayi}l, to Nhr, 28 to Melx, to &Add, to Kvsm, to &Elmvdm, to *Hr, 29 to &Ivs}, to &Elizer, to &Ivrem, to Matyt, to Leu, 30 to SumeQn, to &Ioda, to &Ivs}f, to &Ivnn, to &Eliakem, 31 to Mele, to Mann, to Mattay, to Nayn, to Daud, 32 to &Iessa, to &Vb}d, to Boz, to SalmQn, to NaassQn, 33 to &Aminadb, to &Arm, to ^EsrQm, to Frew, to &Ioda, 34 to &IakQb, to &Isak, to &Abram, to Yra, to NaxQr, 35 to Serox, to ^Raga, to Fleg, to ^E b r , to Sal, 36 to Kann, to &Arfajd, to S}m, to Ne, to Lmex, 37 to Mayousla, to &EnQx, to &Iard, to Malele}l, to Kann, 38 to &EnQw, to S}y, to &Adm, to yeo.
23 21

Semee &Ivann

&Arm, to &Ivrm,

Yrra Falk

3.20 3.20 3.22 3.22 3.23 3.23 3.23 3.24 3.24 3.26 3.28

ka katkleisen ka katkleisen t_ qse qw lgousan ` &Ihsow &Ihsow qse \tn trikonta rxmenow rxmenow qse \tn trikonta qw \nomzeto uw uw qw \nomzeto Matyt Mayyt &Iann &Ianna Seme to &Ivs}f to &Ioda Semen to &Ivs|x to &Ivd &Elmvdm &Elmadm

3.29 3.29 3.30 3.31 3.31 3.32 3.33 3.35 3.36 3.37 3.37

&Ivs} &Ihso &Ivrem to Matyt &Ivrm to Mayyt &Ivnn to &Eliakem &Ivnm to &Eliakm Mann Menn Nayn Naym &Vb}d to Boz to SalmQn &Ivb|d to Bow to Sal &Arm &Admn to &Arn Fleg Flek Kann Kanm &Iard &Iret Kann Kanm


KATA LOUKAN ^ &Ihsow d pnematow agou pl}rhw pstrecen p to &Iordnou, ka geto \n t! pnemati ew t}n \r}mon, 2 =mraw tessarkonta peirazmenow p to diablou. Ka o[k fagen o[dn \n taw =mraiw \kenaiw: ka suntelesyeisn a[tn, % steron \penasen. 3 Ka epen a[t! ` u dibolow, E uw e to yeo, ep t! ly~ tot~ na gnhtai rtow. 4 Ka pekryh &Ihsow prw a[tn, lgvn, Ggraptai ti O[k \p' rt~ mn~ z}setai nyrvpow, ll' \p pant ]}mati yeo. 5 Ka nagagWn a[tn ` dibolow ew row chln deijen a[t! psaw tw basileaw tw okoumnhw \n stigm_ xrnou. 6 Ka epen a[t! ` dibolow, So dQsv t|n \jousan tathn pasan ka t|n djan a[tn: ti \mo paraddotai, ka > \n ylv ddvmi a[t}n. 7 S o{n \n proskun}s+w \nQpion \mo, stai so psa. 8 Ka pokriyew a[t! epen ` &Ihsow, %Upage psv mou, Satan: ggraptai, Proskun}seiw krion tn ye n sou, ka a[t! mn~ latreseiw. 9 Ka gagen a[tn ew ^Ierousal}m, ka sthsen a[tn \p t ptergion to ero, ka epen a[t!, E uw e to yeo, ble seautn \nteyen ktv: 10 ggraptai gr ti Tow ggloiw a[to \nteletai per so, to diafuljai se: 11 ka, &Ep xeirn rosn se, m}pote proskc+w prw lyon tn pda sou. 12 Ka pokriyew epen a[t! ` &Ihsow ti Erhtai, O [k \kpeirseiw krion tn ye n sou. 13 Ka suntelsaw pnta peirasmn ` dibolow psth p' a[to xri kairo.
Ka pstrecen ` &Ihsow \n t_ dunmei to pnematow ew t|n Galilaan: ka f}mh \jlyen kay' lhw tw perixQrou per a[to. 15 Ka a[tw \ddasken \n taw sunagvgaw a[tn, dojazmenow p pntvn.

4.1 - 4.15

` nyrvpow

4.1 4.1 4.2 4.2 4.3 4.4 4.4 4.4 4.4

^ pnematow agou pl}rhw ^ pl}rhw pnematow agou ew t}n \r}mon \n t_ \r}m~ tessarkonta tesserkonta % steron u Ka epen Epen d &Ihsow prw a[tn prw a[tn ` &Ihsow lgvn nyrvpow ` nyrvpow ll' \p pant ]}mati yeo

4.5 4.8 4.8 4.8 4.9 4.9 4.11

` dibolow ew row chln a[t! epen ` &Ihsow ` &Ihsow epen a[t! %Upage psv mou Satan Proskun}seiw krion tn yen sou Krion tn yen sou proskun}seiw Ka gagen *Hgagen d a[tn \p \p &Ep ti &Ep


4.16 - 4.30

Ka lyen ew t|n Nazart, o n teyrammnow: ka eslyen, kat t evyw a[t!, \n t_ =mr tn sabbtvn ew t|n sunagvg}n, ka nsth nagnnai. 17 Ka \pedyh a[t! biblon &Hsaou to prof}tou. Ka naptjaw t biblon, eren tn tpon o n gegrammnon, 18 Pnema kurou \p' \m, o eneken xrisn me e[aggelsasyai ptvxow: pstalkn me sasyai tow suntetrimmnouw t|n kardan: khrjai axmalQtoiw fesin, ka tuflow nblecin, postelai teyrausmnouw \n fsei, 19 khrjai \niautn kurou dektn. 20 Ka ptjaw t biblon, podow t! phrt+, \kyisen: ka pntvn \n t_ sunagvg_ o fyalmo san tenzontew a[t!. 21 *Hrjato d lgein prw a[tow ti S}meron pepl}rvtai = & graf| a% th \n tow vsn mn. 22 Ka pntew \martroun u a[t!, ka \ya m a z o n \p tow lgoiw tw xritow tow \kporeuomnoiw \k to stmatow a[to, ka legon, O[x otow \stin ` uw &Ivs}f; 23 Ka epen prw a[tow, Pntvw \ret moi t|n parabol|n tathn, &Iatr, yerpeuson seautn: sa kosamen genmena \n t_ Kapernaom, pohson ka @de \n t_ patrdi sou. 24 Epen d, &Am|n lgv mn ti o[dew prof}thw dektw \stin \n t_ patrdi a[to. 25 &Ep' lhyeaw d lgv mn, polla xrai san \n taw =mraiw &Hlou \n t! &Isra}l, te \klesyh ` o[ranw \p th tra ka mnaw j, qw \gneto limw mgaw \p psan t|n gn: 26 ka prw o[deman a[tn \pmfyh &Hlaw, e m| ew Srepta tw Sidnow prw gunaka x}ran. 27 Ka pollo lepro san \p &Elissaou to prof}tou \n t! &Isra}l: ka o[dew a[tn \kayarsyh, e m| Neem n ` Srow. 28 Ka \pl}syhsan pntew yumo \n t_ sunagvg_, koontew tata, 29 ka nastntew \jbalon a[tn jv tw plevw, ka gagon a[tn vw frow to rouw \f' o = pliw a[tn kodmhto, ew t katakrhmnsai a[tn. 30 A[tw d dielyWn di msou a[tn \poreeto.
4.16 t|n Nazart Nazar 4.17 &Hsaou to prof}tou to prof}tou &Hsaou 4.18 sasyai tow suntetrimmnouw t|n kardan 4.20 \n t_ sunagvg_ o fyalmo o fyalmo \n t_ sunagvg_ 4.22 O[x otow \stin ` uw &Ivs}f O[x uw \stin &Ivs|f otow \n t_ Kapernaom ew t|n Kafarnaom 4.26 Sidnow Sidvnaw 4.27 \p &Elissaou to prof}tou \n t! &Isra}l \n t! &Isra|l \p &Elisaou to prof}tou 4.27 Neemn Naimn 4.29 a[tn kodmhto ew t % kodmhto a[tn vste 4.23


Ka katlyen ew Kapernaom plin tw Galilaaw: ka n didskvn a[tow \n tow sbbasin. 32 Ka \jepl}ssonto \p t_ didax_ a[to, ti \n \jous n ` lgow a[to. 33 Ka \n t_ sunagvg_ n nyrvpow xvn pnema daimonou kayrtou, ka nkrajen fvn_ megl+, 34 lgvn, *Ea, t =mn ka so, &Ihso Nazarhn; )Hlyew polsai =mw; Od se tw e, ` giow to yeo. 35 Ka \petmhsen a[t! ` &Ihsow, lgvn, FimQyhti, ka jelye \j a[to. Ka ]can a[tn t daimnion ew mson \jlyen p' a[to, mhdn blcan a[tn. 36 Ka \gneto ymbow \p pntaw, ka sunelloun prw ll}louw, lgontew, Tw ` lgow otow, ti \n \jous ka dunmei \pitssei tow kayrtoiw pnemasin, ka \jrxontai; 37 Ka \jeporeeto xow per a[to ew pnta tpon tw perixQrou. &Anastw d \k tw sunagvgw, eslyen ew t|n okan Smvnow: penyer d to Smvnow n sunexomnh puret! megl~: ka rQthsan a[tn per a[tw. 39 Ka \pistw \pnv a[tw, \petmhsen t! puret!, ka fken a[t}n: paraxrma d nastsa dihknei a[tow. Dnontow d to =lou, pntew soi exon syenontaw ^ ^ nsoiw poiklaiw gagon a[tow prw a[tn: ` d en ekst~ 41 a[tn tw xeraw \piyew \yerpeusen a[tow. &Ej}rxeto d ka daimnia p polln, krzonta ka lgonta ti S e ` xristw ` uw to yeo. Ka \pitimn o[k ea a[t lalen, ti deisan tn xristn a[tn enai. Genomnhw d =mraw, \jelyWn \poreyh ew rhmon tpon, ka o xloi \pez}toun a[tn, ka lyon vw a[to, ka katexon a[tn to m| poreesyai p' a[tn. 43 ^O d epen ^ prw a[tow ti Ka taw etraiw plesin e[aggelsasya me de t|n basilean to yeo: ti ew toto pestlmai.
44 42 40 38 31

4.31 - 4.44


Ka n khrssvn \n taw sunagvgaw tw Galilaaw.

4.41 krzonta kraugzonta 4.41 ` xristw 4.43 ew toto pestlmai \p toto pestlhn 4.44 \n taw sunagvgaw tw Galilaaw ew tw sunagvgw tw &Ioudaaw

4.31 4.34 4.35 4.35 4.38 4.40 4.40

Kapernaom Kafarnaom lgvn \j p' mson t mson \k p pntew pantew \piyew \yerpeusen \pitiyew \yerpeuen


5.1 - 5.14


&Egneto d \n t! tn xlon \pikesyai a[t! to koein ^ tn lgon to yeo, ka a[tw n estWw par t|n lmnhn 2 ^ Gennhsart: ka eden do ploa estta par t|n lmnhn: o ^ d a liew pobntew p' a[tn pplunan t dktua. 3 &Embw d ew n tn plovn, $ n to Smvnow, rQthsen o a[tn p tw gw \panagagen lgon. Ka kaysaw \ddasken \k to ploou tow xlouw. 4 ^Vw d \pasato laln, epen prw tn Smvna, &Epangage ew t byow, ka xalsate t dktua mn ew gran. 5 Ka pokriyew ` Smvn epen a[t!, &Epistta, di' lhw tw nuktw kopisantew o[dn \lbomen: \p d t! ]}mat sou xalsv t dktuon. 6 Ka toto poi}santew, sunkleisan plyow xyvn pol: dierr}gnuto d t dktuon a[tn: 7 ka katneusan tow metxoiw tow \n t! ^ etr~ plo~, to \lyntaw sullabsyai a[tow: ka lyon % ka plhsan mftera t ploa, vste buyzesyai a[t. 8 &IdWn d Smvn Ptrow prospesen tow gnasin &Ihso, ^ lgvn, *Ejelye p' \mo, ti n|r a martvlw emi, krie. 9 Ymbow gr perisxen a[tn ka pntaw tow sn a[t!, \p t_ gr tn xyvn " sunlabon: 10 `movw d ka &Ikvbon ka &Ivnnhn, uow Zebedaou, o$ san koinvno t! Smvni. i Ka epen prw tn Smvna ` &Ihsow, M| fobo: p to nn nyrQpouw s+ zvgrn. 11 Ka katagagntew t ploa \p t|n gn, fntew panta, koloyhsan a[t!.
Ka \gneto, \n t! enai a[tn \n mi tn plevn, ka do, n|r pl}rhw lpraw: ka dWn tn &Ihson, pesWn \p prsvpon, \de}yh a[to, lgvn, Krie, \n yl+w, dnasa me h kayarsai. 13 Ka \ktenaw t|n xera % cato a[to, epQn, Ylv, kayarsyhti. Ka e[yvw = lpra plyen p' a[to. 14 Ka a[tw par}ggeilen a[t! mhden epen: ll pelyWn dejon seautn t! ere, ka prosnegke per to kayarismo sou, kayWw prostajen Mvsw, ew martrion a[tow.

5.1 5.2 5.3 5.3 5.5 5.5

to koein ka koein pobntew p' a[tn pplunan p' a[tn pobntew plunon to Smvnow Smvnow Ka kaysaw \ddasken \k to ploou Kaysaw d \k to ploou \ddasken ` Smvn epen a[t! Smvn epen tw

t dktuon t dktua dierr}gnuto d t dktuon dierr}sseto d t dktua 5.7 tow \n \n 5.9 " @n 5.11 panta pnta 5.12 ka dWn dWn d 5.13 epQn lgvn 5.14 Mvsw Mvsw

5.5 5.6



5.15 - 5.29

Di}rxeto d mllon ` lgow per a[to: ka sun}rxonto xloi pollo koein, ka yerapeesyai p' a[to p tn syenein a[tn. 16 A[tw d n poxvrn \n taw \r}moiw ka proseuxmenow. Ka \gneto \n mi tn =mern, ka a[tw n didskvn: ka san kay}menoi Farisaoi ka nomodidskaloi, o$ san i \lhluytew \k pshw kQmhw tw Galilaaw ka &Ioudaaw ka ^Ierousal}m: ka dnamiw kurou n ew t syai a[tow. 18 Ka do, ndrew frontew \p klnhw nyrvpon $ w n o paralelumnow, ka \z}toun a[tn esenegken ka yenai \nQpion a[to: 19 ka m| erntew poaw esengkvsin a[tn di tn xlon, nabntew \p t dma, di tn kermvn kaykan a[tn sn t! klinid~ ew t mson mprosyen to &Ihso. 20 Ka dWn t|n pstin a[tn, epen a[t!, *Anyrvpe, ^ fvnta soi a amartai sou. 21 Ka rjanto dialogzesyai o grammatew ka o Farisaoi, lgontew, Tw \stin otow $ w o ^ lale blasfhmaw; Tw dnatai finai amartaw, e m| mnow ` yew; 22 &Epignow d ` &Ihsow tow dialogismow a[tn pokriye w e p en prw a[tow, T dialogzesye \n taw kardaiw mn; 23 T \stin e[kopQteron, epen, &Afvnta soi ^ a amartai sou, ( epen, *Egeirai ka periptei; 24 %Ina d h edte ti \jousan xei ` uw to nyrQpou \p tw gw ^ finai a martaw epen t! paralelumn~ So lgv, geirai, ka raw t klindin sou, poreou ew tn okn sou. 25 Ka paraxrma nastw \nQpion a[tn, raw \f' $ o katkeito, plyen ew tn okon a[to, dojzvn tn yen. 26 Ka kstasiw laben pantaw, ka \djazon tn yen, ka \pl}syhsan fbou, lgontew ti Edomen pardoja s}meron. Ka met tata \jlyen, ka \yesato telQnhn, nmati Leun, kay}menon \p t telQnion, ka epen a[t!, &Akoloyei moi. 28 Ka katalipWn panta, nastw koloyhsen a[t!. 29 Ka \pohsen dox|n meglhn Leuw a[t! \n t_ ok a[to:
27 17

5.15 5.17 5.18 5.20 5.21

p' a[to a[tow a[tn \nQpion a[tn \nQpion a[t! ^ ^ finai amartaw amartaw fenai 5.23 *Egeirai *Egeire

5.24 5.24 5.28 5.28

\jousan xei ` uw to nyrQpou ` uw to nyrQpou \jousan xei geirai geire panta pnta koloyhsen koloyei


5.30 - 6.3

ka n xlow telvnn polw, ka llvn o$ san met' a[tn i 30 katakemenoi. Ka \ggguzon o grammatew a[tn ka o Farisaoi prw tow mayhtw a[to, lgontew, Di t met ^ tn telvnn ka a martvln \syete ka pnete; 31 Ka pokriyew ` &Ihsow epen prw a[tow, O[ xrean xousin o gianontew atro, ll' o kakw xontew. 32 O[k \l}luya ^ kalsai dikaouw, ll amartvlow ew metnoian. 33 O d epon prw a[tn, Di t o mayhta &Ivnnou nhsteousin pukn, ka de}seiw poiontai, `movw ka o tn Farisavn: o d so \syousin ka pnousin; 34 ^O d epen prw a[tow, M| dnasye tow uow to numfnow, \n > ` numfow met' a[tn \stin, poisai nhsteein; 35 &Elesontai d =mrai, ka tan pary_ p' a[tn ` numfow, tte nhstesousin \n \kenaiw taw =mraiw. 36 *Elegen d ka parabol|n prw a[tow ti O[dew \pblhma matou kaino \pibllei \p mtion palain: e d m}ge, ka t kainn sxzei, ka t! palai! o[ sumfvne t p to kaino. 37 Ka o[dew bllei onon non ew skow palaiow: e d m}ge, ]}jei ` now onow tow skow, ka a[tw \kxuy}setai, ka o sko polontai. 38 &All onon non ew skow kainow blhton, ka mfteroi sunthrontai. 39 Ka o[dew piWn palain e[yvw ylei non: lgei gr, ^O palaiw xrhstterw \stin.

&Egneto d \n sabbt~ deuteroprQt~ diaporeesyai a[tn di tn spormvn: ka tillon o mayhta a[to tow stxuaw, ka syion, cQxontew taw xersn. 2 Tinw d tn Farisavn epon a[tow, T poiete $ o[k jestin poien \n tow o 3 sbbasin; Ka pokriyew prw a[tow epen ` &Ihsow, O[d toto ngnvte, $ \pohsen Daud, `pte \penasen a[tw ka o
5.37 5.37 5.38 5.39 5.39 5.39 6.1 6.1 6.1 6.2 6.2 6.3 \pblhma m}ge m} ge ` now onow ` onow ` now ka mfteroi sunthrontai Ka ka e[yvw xrhstterw xrhstw deuteroprQt~ tn tow stxuaw ka syion ka syion tow stxuaw epon a[tow epan poien \n `pte te

5.29 telvnn polw polw telvnn 5.30 grammatew a[tn ka o Farisaoi Farisaoi ka o grammatew a[tn 5.31 ll' ll 5.33 epon epan 5.33 Di t o O 5.34 epen &Ihsow epen 5.34 nhsteein nhstesai 5.36 matou kaino p matou kaino sxsaw 5.36 m}ge m} ge 5.36 sxzei sxsei 5.36 sumfvne sumfvn}sei t


o met' a[to ntew; 4 ^Vw eslyen ew tn okon to yeo, ka tow rtouw tw proysevw laben, ka fagen, ka dvken ka tow met' a[to, ow o[k jestin fagen e m| mnouw tow erew; 5 Ka legen a[tow ti Kriw \stin ` uw to nyrQpou ka to sabbtou. ^ &Egneto d ka \n etr~ sabbt~ eselyen a[tn ew t|n sunagvg|n ka didskein: ka n \ke nyrvpow, ka = xer a[to = deji n jhr. 7 Paret}roun d o grammatew ka o Farisaoi, e \n t! sabbt~ yer a p e s ei : na e % rvsin u kathgoran a[to. 8 A[tw d dei tow dialogismow a[tn, ka epen t! nyrQp~ t! jhrn xonti t|n xera, *Egeirai, ka styi ew t mson. ^O d nastw sth. 9 Epen o{n ` &Ihsow prw a[tow, &Epervt}sv mw t, *Ejestin tow sbbasin, gayopoisai ( kakopoisai; cux|n ssai ( poktenai; h h 10 Ka periblecmenow pntaw a[tow, epen a[t!, *Ekteinon t|n xer sou. ^O d \pohsen ka pokatestyh = xer a[to gi|w qw = llh. 11 A[to d \pl}syhsan noaw: ka dielloun prw ll}louw, t n poi}seian t! &Ihso. &Egneto d \n taw =mraiw tataiw \jhlyen ew t row prosejasyai: ka n dianukterevn \n t_ proseux_ to yeo. 13 Ka te \gneto =mra, prosefQnhsen tow mayhtw a[to: ka \k l ej m en o w p' a[tn dQdeka, ow ka & & o postlouw vnmasen, 14 Smvna $ n ka vnmasen Ptron, ka &Andran tn delfn a[to, &Ikvbon ka &Ivnnhn, Flippon ka Baryolomaon, 15 Matyaon ka Yvmn, &Ikvbon tn to ^Alfaou, ka Smvna tn kalomenon
6.3 6.4 6.4 6.4 6.5 6.5 6.6 6.6 6.7 6.7 6.7 6.8 ntew ntew ^Vw ^Vw laben ka labWn ka tow tow ti ` uw to nyrQpou ka to sabbtou to sabbtou ` uw to nyrQpou ka \n \n \ke nyrvpow nyrvpow \ke Paret}roun d Parethronto d a[tn yerapesei yerapeei kathgoran kathgoren ka epen t! nyrQp~ epen d t! ndr 6.8 6.8 6.9 6.9 6.9 6.9 6.9 6.10 6.10 6.11 6.12 6.14 6.14 6.15 6.15 *Egeirai *Egeire ^O d Ka o{n d &Epervt}sv &Epervt t e tow sbbasin t! sabbt~ poktenai polsai pokatestyh pekatestyh gi|w qw = llh poi}seian poi}saien \jhlyen \jelyen a[tn &Ikvbon ka &Ikvbon Flippon ka Flippon Matyaon ka Mayyaon &Ikvbon tn to ka &Ikvbon
12 6

6.4 - 6.15


6.16 - 6.28

$ Zhlvt}n, 16 &Iodan &IakQbou, ka &Iodan &IskariQthn, ow 17 ka \gneto prodthw, Ka katabw met' a[tn, sth \p tpou pedino, ka xlow mayhtn a[to, ka plyow pol to lao p pshw tw &Ioudaaw ka ^Ierousal}m, ka tw paralou Trou ka Sidnow, o lyon kosa a[to, ka aynai p tn nsvn a[tn: 18 ka o xlomenoi p pneumtvn kayrtvn, ka \yerapeonto. 19 Ka pw ` xlow \z}tei ptesyai a[to: ti dnamiw par' a[to \j}rxeto ka to pntaw. Ka a[tw \praw tow fyalmow a[to e w tow mayhtw a[to legen, Makrioi o ptvxo, ti metra \stn = basilea to yeo.
21 20

Makrioi o peinntew nn, ti xortasy}sesye.

Makrioi o klaontew nn, ti gelsete. Makrio \ste, tan mis}svsin mw o nyrvpoi, ka tan forsvsin mw, ka neidsvsin, ka \kblvsin t noma mn qw ponhrn, neka to uo to nyrQpou. 23 Xrhte \n \ken+ t_ =mr ka skirt}sate: do gr, ` misyw mn polw \n t! o[ran!: kat tata gr \pooun tow prof}taiw o patrew a[tn. Pl|n o[a mn tow plousoiw, ti pxet e t|n parklhsin mn.
25 24 22

O[a mn, o \mpeplhsmnoi, ti peinsete.

O[a mn, o gelntew nn, ti peny}sete ka klasete.

epvsin pntew

O[a tan kalw mw epvsin o nyrvpoi: kat tata gr \pooun tow ceudoprof}taiw o patrew a[tn. &All' mn lgv tow koousin, &Agapte tow \xyrow mn, kalw poiete tow misosin mw, 28 e[logete tow
6.16 6.16 6.16 6.17 6.18 6.18 6.18 &Iodan &IakQbou ka &Iodan &IakQbou &IskariQthn &IskariQy $ w ka $ w o o mayhtn polw mayhtn xlomenoi \noxlomenoi p p ka \yerapeonto \yerapeonto 6.19 6.23 6.25 \z}tei \z}toun tata t a[t \mpeplhsmnoi \mpeplhsmnoi nn 6.25 mn o gelntew o gelntew 6.26 kalw mw epvsin mw kalw epvsin pntew 6.26 tata t a[t 6.27 &All' &All




katarvmnouw mn, prosexesye pr tn \phreazntvn mw. 29 T! tptont se \p t|n siagna, prexe ka t|n llhn: ka p to arontw sou t mtion, ka tn xitna m| kvls+w. 30 Pant d t! atont se ddou: ka p to arontow t s m| patei. 31 Ka kayWw ylete na poisin mn o nyrvpoi, ka mew poiete a[tow `movw. 32 Ka e gapte tow gapntaw mw, poa mn xriw \stn; Ka gr ^ o amartvlo tow gapntaw a[tow gapsin. 33 Ka \n gayopoite tow gayopoiontaw mw, poa mn xriw ^ \stn; Ka gr o a martvlo t a[t poiosin. 34 Ka \n danezhte par' @n \lpzete polaben, poa mn xriw \stn; ^ ^ Ka gr amartvlo amartvlow danezousin, na polbvsin 35 t sa. Pl|n gapte tow \xyrow mn, ka gayopoiete, ka danezete, mhdn pelpzontew: ka stai ` misyw mn polw, ka sesye uo cstou: ti a[tw xrhstw \stin \p tow xarstouw ka ponhrow. 36 Gnesye o{n oktrmonew, kayWw ka ` pat|r mn oktrmvn \stn. 37 Ka m| krnete, ka o[ m| kriyte. M| katadikzete, ka o[ m| katadikasyte: polete, ka poluy}sesye: 38 ddote, ka doy}setai mn: mtron kaln, pepiesmnon ka sesaleumnon ka perekxunmenon dQsousin ew tn klpon mn. T> gr a[t! mtr~ > metrete ntimetrhy}setai mn. Epen d parabol|n a[tow, M}ti dnatai tuflw tufln `dhgen; O[x mfteroi ew byunon pesontai; 40 O [k stin mayht|w pr tn didskalon a[to: kathrtismnow d pw stai qw ` didskalow a[to. 41 T d blpeiw t krfow t \n t! fyalm! to delfo sou, t|n d do k n t|n \n t! d~ fyalm! o[ katanoew; 42 *H pw dnasai lgein t! delf! sou, &Adelf, few \kblv t
6.28 6.28 6.30 6.31 6.33 6.33 6.34 6.34 6.34 6.34 6.34 6.35 6.36 mn mw pr per d t! ka mew \n gr \n gr danezhte danshte polaben laben \stn \stn gr danezousin danzousin danezete danzete o{n 6.36 ka ka 6.37 kriyte kriyte. Ka 6.38 ka sesaleumnon sesaleumnon 6.38 ka perekxunmenon perekxunnmenon 6.38 T> gr a[t! mtr~ > > gr mtr~ 6.39 d d ka 6.39 pesontai \mpesontai 6.40 a[to kathrtismnow kathrtismnow 6.42 *H

6.29 - 6.42


6.43 - 7.4

krfow t \n t! fyalm! sou, a[tw t|n \n t! fyalm! so dokn o[ blpvn; ^Upokrit, kbale prton t|n dokn \k to fyalmo so, ka tte diablceiw \kbalen t krfow t \n t! fyalm! to delfo sou. 43 O[ gr \stin dndron kaln poion karpn saprn: o[d dndron saprn poion karpn kaln. 44 %E k a s t o n gr dndron \k to dou karpo ginQsketai. O[ gr \j kanyn sullgousin ska, o[d \k btou trugsin staful}n. 45 ^O gayw nyrvpow \k to gayo yhsauro tw kardaw a[to profrei t gayn, ka ` ponhrw nyrvpow \k to ponhro yhsauro tw kardaw ato profrei t ponhrn: \k gr to perissematow tw kardaw lale t stma ato.

T d me kalete, Krie, krie, ka o[ poiete $ lgv; a Pw ` \rxmenow prw me ka kovn mou tn lgvn ka poin a[tow, podejv mn tni \stn moiow: 48 moiw \stin nyrQp~ okodomonti okan, $ w skacen ka \byunen, ka o yhken yemlion \p t|n ptran: plhmmraw d genomnhw, prosrrhjen ` potamw t_ ok \ken+, ka o[k sxusen salesai a[t}n: teyemelvto gr \p t|n ptran. 49 ^O d kosaw ka m| poi}saw moiw \stin nyrQp~ okodom}santi okan \p t|n gn xvrw yemelou: " prosrrhjen ` potamw, ka e[yvw pesen, ka \gneto t ]gma tw okaw \kenhw mga.



&Epei d \pl}rvsen pnta t ]}mata a[to ew tw kow to lao, eslyen ew Kapernaom.

^Ekatontrxou d tinow dolow kakw xvn mellen teleutn, $ w n a[t! ntimow. 3 &Akosaw d per to &Ihso, o psteilen prw a[tn presbutrouw tn &Ioudavn, \rvtn a[tn, pvw \l yW n diasQs+ tn dolon a[to. 4 O d,
6.42 \kbalen t t 6.42 delfo sou delfo sou \kbalen 6.43 o[d o[d plin 6.44 trugsin staful}n staful|n trugsin 6.45 a[to profrei t gayn profrei t gayn 6.45 ponhrw nyrvpow ponhrw 6.45 ponhro yhsauro tw kardaw ato ponhro 6.45 to perissematow tw 6.48 6.48 6.48 6.49 6.49 7.1 7.1 7.2 perissematow plhmmraw plhmmrhw prosrrhjen prosrhjen teyemelvto gr \p t|n ptran di t kalw okodomsyai a[t}n prosrrhjen prosrhjen e[yvw pesen e[yw sunpesen &Epei d &Epeid| Kapernaom Kafarnaom mellen mellen


paragenmenoi prw tn &Ihson, parekloun a[tn spou d a v w, lgontew ti *Ajiw \stin > parjei toto: 5 gap gr t yn o w =mn, ka t|n sunagvg|n a[tw kodmhsen =mn. 6 ^O d &Ihsow \poreeto sn a[tow. *Hdh d a[to o[ makrn pxontow p tw okaw, pemcen prw ^ a[tn ` e katntarxow flouw, lg v n a[t!, Krie, m| skllou: o[ gr emi kanw na p t|n stghn mou esly+w: 7 di o[d \mautn jvsa prw s \lyen: ll' ep lg~, ka ay}setai ` paw mou. 8 Ka gr \gW nyrvpw emi p \jousan tassmenow, xvn p' \mautn stratiQtaw, ka lgv tot~, Poreyhti, ka poreetai: ka ll~, *Erxou, ka r xet a i : ka t! dol~ mou, Pohson toto, ka poie. 9 &Akosaw d tata ` &Ihsow \yamasen a[tn, ka strafew t! kolouyonti a[t! xl~ epen, Lgv mn, ote \n t! &Isra|l tosathn pstin eron. 10 Ka postrcantew o pemfyntew ew tn okon eron tn syenonta dolon gianonta. ^ Ka \gneto \n t! ejw, \poreeto ew plin kaloumnhn Nan: ka suneporeonto a[t! o mayhta a[to kano, ka xlow polw. 12 ^Vw d ggisen t_ pl+ tw plevw, ka do, \jekomzeto teynhkQw, uw monogen|w t_ mhtr a[to, ka a[t| x}ra: ka xlow tw plevw kanw sn a[t_. 13 Ka dWn a[t|n ` kriow \splagxnsyh \p' a[t_, ka epen a[t_, M| klae. 14 Ka proselyWn % cato tw soro: o d h bastzontew sthsan. Ka epen, Nea n s k e, so lgv, \gryhti. 15 Ka nekyisen ` nekrw, ka rjato lalen. Ka dvken a[tn t_ mhtr a[to. 16 *Elaben d fbow pntaw, ka \djazon tn yen, lgontew ti Prof}thw mgaw \g}gertai \n =mn, ka ti &Epeskcato ` yew tn lan a[to. 17 Ka \jlyen ` lgow otow \n l+ t_ &Iouda per a[to, ka \n ps+ t_ perixQr~.
parjei parj+ ^ prw a[tn ` ekatntarxow ^ flouw flouw ` ekatontrxhw 7.6 emi kanw kanw emi 7.7 ll' ll 7.7 ay}setai ay}tv 7.9 ote o[d 7.10 o pemfyntew ew tn okon ew tn okon o pemfyntew 7.4 7.6 7.10 7.11 7.11 7.12 7.12 7.12 7.16 7.17 syenonta \poreeto \poreyh kano uw monogen|w monogen|w uw x}ra n x}ra sn n sn \g}gertai gryh \n ps+ ps+

7.5 - 7.17

mou p t|n stghn



n x}ra


7.18 - 7.32

Ka p}ggeilan &Ivnn+ o mayhta a[to per pntvn totvn. 19 Ka proskalesmenow do tinw tn mayhtn a[to ` &Ivnnhw pemcen prw tn &Ihson, lgvn, S e ` \rxmenow, ( llon prosdokmen; 20 Paragenmenoi d prw h a[tn o ndrew epon, &Ivnnhw ` baptist|w pstalken =mw prw se, lgvn, S e ` \rxmenow, ( llon prosdokmen; h 21 % &En a[t_ d t_ vr \yerpeusen pollow p nsvn ka mastgvn ka pneumtvn ponhrn, ka tuflow pollow \xarsato t blpein. 22 Ka pokriyew ` &Ihsow epen a[tow, Poreuyn t ew paggelate &Ivnn+ $ edete ka a kosate: ti tuflo nablpousin, xvlo peripatosin, lepro kayarzontai, kvfo koousin, nekro \gerontai, ptvxo e[aggelzontai: 23 ka makriw \stin, $ w \n m| o skandalisy_ \n \mo. &Apelyntvn d tn gglvn &Ivnnou, rjato lgein tow xloiw per &Ivnnou, T \jelhlyate ew t|n rhmon yesasyai; Klamon p nmou saleumenon; 25 &All t \j el h l ya t e den; *Anyrvpon \n malakow matoiw mfiesmnon; &Ido, o \n matism! \ndj~ ka truf_ prxontew \n tow basileoiw esn. 26 &All t \jelhlyate den; Prof}thn; Na, lgv mn, ka perissteron prof}tou. 27 Otw \stin per o ggraptai, &Ido, \gQ postllv tn ggeln mou pr prosQpou sou, $ w kataskeusei t|n `dn o 28 sou mprosyn sou. Lgv gr mn, mezvn \n gennhtow gunaikn prof}thw &Ivnnou to baptisto o[dew \stin: ` d mikrterow \n t_ basile to yeo mezvn a[to \stin. 29 Ka pw ` law kosaw ka o telnai \dikavsan tn yen, baptisyntew t bptisma &Ivnnou: 30 o d Farisaoi ^ ka o nomiko t|n boul|n to yeo ythsan ew eautow, m| 31 baptisyntew p' a[to. Tni o{n `moiQsv tow nyrQpouw tw genew tathw, ka tni esn moioi; 32 %O moio esin paidoiw tow \n gor kayhmnoiw, ka prosfvnosin
7.19 7.20 7.20 7.21 7.21 7.22 7.22 7.22 &Ihson krion epon epan pstalken psteilen a[t_ d \ken+ t ` &Ihsow ti kvfo ka kvfo 7.24 7.24 7.25 7.26 7.27 7.28 7.28 tow xloiw prw tow xlouw \jelhlyate \j}lyate \jelhlyate \j}lyate \jelhlyate \j}lyate \gQ gr prof}thw &Ivnnou to baptisto &Ivnnou


ll } l o i w, ka lgousin, H[l}samen mn, ka o[k & v rx}sasye: \yrhn}samen mn, ka o[k \k l a s a t e. 33 &El}luyen gr &Ivnnhw ` baptist|w m}te rton \syvn m|t onon pnvn, ka lgete, Daimnion xei: 34 \l}luyen ` uw to nyrQpou \syvn ka pnvn, ka lgete, &Ido, nyrvpow fgow ka onopthw, flow telvnn ka ^ amartvln. 35 Ka \dikaiQyh = sofa p tn tknvn a[tw pntvn. &HrQta d tiw a[tn tn Farisavn na fg+ met' a[to: ka eselyWn ew t|n okan to Farisaou neklyh. 37 Ka ^ do, gun| \n t_ plei, % tiw n a martvlw, \pignosa ti h nkeitai \n t_ ok to Farisaou, komsasa lbastron mrou, 38 ka stsa par tow pdaw a[to psv klaousa, rjato brxein tow pdaw a[to tow dkrusin, ka taw yrijn tw kefalw a[tw \jmassen, ka kateflei tow pdaw a[to, ka leifen t! mr~. 39 &IdWn d ` Farisaow ` ^ kalsaw a[tn epen \n eaut! lgvn, Otow, e n prof}thw, \gnvsken n tw ka potap| = gun| % tiw ptetai a[to, ti h 40 ^ a martvlw \stin. Ka pokriyew ` &Ihsow epen prw a[tn, Smvn, xv so ti epen. ^O d fhsin, Didskale, ep. 41 * Do xrevfeiltai san daneist_ tin: ` e<w v feilen 42 dhnria pentaksia, ` d terow pent}konta. M| \xntvn d a[tn podonai, mfotroiw \xarsato. Tw o{n a[tn, ep, pleon a[tn gap}sei; 43 &Apokriyew d ` Smvn epen, ^Upolambnv ti > t pleon \xarsato. ^O d epen a[t!, &O ryw krinaw. 44 Ka strafew prw t|n gunaka, t! Smvni fh, Blpeiw tathn t|n gunaka; Eslyn sou ew t|n okan, % dvr \p tow pdaw mou o[k dvkaw: auth d tow dkrusin % u
7.32 ka lgousin $ lgei a 7.32 \yrhn}samen mn \yrhn}samen 7.33 m}te rton \syvn m| \syvn rton 7.33 onon pnvn pnvn onon 7.35 tn tknvn a[tw pntvn pntvn tn tknvn a[tw 7.36 t|n okan tn okon 7.36 neklyh kateklyh 7.37 \n t_ plei % tiw n % tiw n \n t_ h h plei 7.37 \pignosa ka \pignosa 7.37 nkeitai katkeitai 7.38 par psv par 7.38 psv klaousa klaousa tow dkrusin 7.38 tow dkrusin 7.40 fhsin Didskale ep Didskale ep fhsn 7.41 xrevfeiltai san daneist_ xreofeiltai san danist_ 7.42 d 7.42 ep pleon a[tn gap}sei pleon gap}sei a[tn 7.43 d ` 7.44 \p tow pdaw mou moi \p pdaw

7.33 - 7.44

ka \pignosa


7.45 - 8.11

brejn mou tow pdaw, ka taw yrijn t|w kefalw a[tw \j m a j en . 45 Flhm moi o[k dvkaw: a % th d, f' w u eslyon, o[ dilipen katafilos mou tow pdaw. 46 &Ela~ t|n kefal}n mou o[k leicaw: a% th d mr~ leicen mou u ^ tow pdaw. 47 O xrin, lgv soi, fvntai a a martai a[tw a polla, ti gphsen pol: > d lgon fetai, ^ lgon gap. 48 Epen d a[t_, &Afvnta sou a amartai. 49 ^ Ka rjanto o sunanakemenoi lgein \n eautow, Tw otw ^ \stin $ w ka amartaw fhsin; 50 Epen d prw t|n gunaka, o ^H pstiw sou ssvkn se: poreou ew er}nhn.

tow pdaw mou


Ka \gneto \n t! kayejw, ka a[tw diQdeuen kat plin ka kQmhn, khrssvn ka e[aggelizmenow t|n basilean to yeo: ka o dQdeka sn a[t!, 2 ka gunakw tinew a$ i san teyerapeumnai p pneumtvn ponhrn ka syenein, ^ Mara = kaloumnh Magdalhn}, f' w daimnia e pt 3 \jelhlyei, ka &Ivnna gun| Xouz \pitrpou ^Hrdou, ka Sousnna, ka terai polla, atinew dihknoun a[tow p tn parxntvn a[taw.
Sunintow d xlou pollo, ka tn kat plin \piporeuomnvn prw a[tn, epen di parabolw, 5 &Ejlyen ` spervn to sperai tn spron a[to: ka \n t! sperein a[tn, $ mn pesen par t|n `dn, ka katepat}yh, ka t o petein to o[rano katfagen a[t. 6 Ka teron pesen \p t|n ptran, ka fun \jhrnyh, di t m| xein kmda. 7 Ka teron pesen \n ms~ tn kanyn, ka sumfuesai a kanyai ppnijan a[t. 8 Ka teron pesen ew t|n gn t|n ^ gay}n, ka fun \pohsen karpn ekatontaplasona. Tata lgvn \fQnei, ^O xvn ta koein koutv. &EphrQtvn d a[tn o mayhta a[to, lgontew, Tw eh = parabol| a% th; 10 ^O d epen, ^Umn ddotai gnnai t u must}ria tw basileaw to yeo : tow d loipow \n parabolaw, na blpontew m| blpvsin, ka koontew m| u sunisin. 11 *Estin d a% th = parabol}: ^O sprow \stn `
7.44 t|w kefalw 7.46 mou tow pdaw tow pdaw mou 8.3 p \k 8.6 pesen katpesen 8.9 8.9 lgontew u eh = parabol| a% th a% th eh = u parabol}
9 4


lgow to yeo. 12 O d par t|n `dn esin o koontew, eta rxetai ` dibolow ka arei tn lgon p tw kardaw a[tn, na m| pistesantew svysin. 13 O d \p tw ptraw o, tan kosvsin, met xarw dxontai tn lgon, ka otoi ]zan o[k xousin, o$ prw kairn pisteousin, ka \n kair! i peirasmo fstantai. 14 T d ew tw knyaw pesn, oto esin o kosantew, ka p merimnn ka plotou ka =donn to bou poreumenoi sumpngontai, ka o[ telesforosin. 15 T d \n t_ kal_ g_, oto esin otinew \n kard kal_ ka gay_, kosantew tn lgon katxousin, ka karpoforosin \n pomon_. ( O [dew d lxnon caw kalptei a[tn skeei, h poktv klnhw tyhsin, ll' \p luxnaw \pityhsin, na o esporeumenoi blpvsin t fw. 17 O[ gr \stin kruptn, $ o o[ fanern gen}setai: o[d pkrufon, $ o[ gnvsy}setai ka o 18 ew fanern ly+. Blpete o{n pw koete: $ w gr \n x+, o doy}setai a[t!: ka $ w \n m| x+ , ka $ doke xei n o o ry}setai p' a[to. Paregnonto d prw a[tn = m}thr ka o delfo a[to, ka o[k dnanto suntuxen a[t! di tn xlon. 20 Ka phgglh a[t!, lgontvn, ^H m}thr sou ka o delfo ^ sou e st}kasin jv, den se ylontw. 21 ^O d pokriyew epen prw a[tow, M}thr mou ka delfo mou oto esin, o tn lgon to yeo koontew ka poiontew a[tn. Ka \gneto \n mi tn =mern, ka a[tw \nbh ew ploon ka o mayhta a[to, ka epen prw a[tow, Dilyvmen ew t pran tw lmnhw: Ka n}xyh s a n . 23 Plentvn d a[tn fpnvsen: ka katbh lalac nmou e w t|n lmnhn, ka suneplhronto, ka \k i n d n eu o n . 24 Proselyntew d di}geiran a[tn, lgontew, &Epistta, \pistta, pollmeya. ^O d \geryew \petmhsen t! nm~ ka t! kldvni to % datow: ka \pasanto, ka \gneto u
8.12 8.16 8.17 8.18 8.18 8.19 koontew kosantew \pityhsin tyhsin gnvsy}setai m| gnvsy_ gr \n n gr \n m| n m| Paregnonto Paregneto 8.20 Ka phgglh a[t! lgontvn &Aphgglh d a[t! 8.20 se ylontw ylontw se 8.21 a[tn 8.22 Ka \gneto &Egneto d 8.24 \geryew diegeryew
22 19 16

8.12 - 8.24


8.25 - 8.37

gal}nh. 25 Epen d a[tow, Po \stin = pstiw mn; Fobhyntew d \yamasan, lgontew prw ll}louw, Tw ra otw \stin, ti ka tow nmoiw \pitssei ka t! % dati, ka u pakoousin a[t!; % Ka katpleusan ew t|n xQran tn Gadarhnn, htiw 27 \stn ntipran tw Galilaaw. &Ejelynti d a[t! \p t|n gn, p}nthsen a[t! n}r tiw \k tw plevw, w exen daimnia \k xrnvn kann, ka mtion o[k \nedidsketo, ka \n ok o[k menen, ll' \n tow mn}masin. 28 &IdWn d tn &Ihson, ka nakrjaw, prospesen a[t!, ka fvn_ megl+ epen, T \mo ka so, &Ihso, u to yeo to cstou; Doma sou, m} me basans+w. 29 Par}ggeilen gr t! pnemati t! kayrt~ \jelyen p to nyrQpou: pollow gr xrnoiw sunhrpkei ^ a[tn, ka \desmeto alsesin ka pdaiw fulassmenow, ka diarr}ssvn t desm laneto p to damonow ew tw \r}mouw. 30 &EphrQthsen d a[tn ` &Ihsow, lgvn, T soi \stin noma; ^O d epen, LegeQn: ti daimnia poll eslyen ew a[tn. 31 Ka pareklei a[tn na m| \pitj+ a[tow ew t|n busson pelyen. 32 )Hn d \ke glh xorvn kann boskomnvn \n t! rei: ka parekloun a[tn na \pitrc+ a[tow ew \kenouw eselye n . Ka \ptrecen a[tow. 33 &Ejelynta d t daimnia p to nyrQpou eslyon ew % tow xorouw: ka vrmhsen = glh kat to krhmno ew t|n lmnhn, ka pepngh. 34 &I d n t ew d o bskontew t gegenhmnon fugon, ka p}ggeilan ew t|n plin ka ew tow grow. 35 &Ejlyon d den t gegonw: ka lyon prw tn &I h s o n , ka eron kay}menon tn nyrvpon f' o t daimnia \jelhlyei, matismnon ka svfrononta, par tow pdaw to &Ihso: ka \fob}yhsan. 36 &Ap}ggeilan d a[tow ka o dntew pw \sQyh ` daimonisye w. 37 Ka
\stin = = Gadarhnn Gerashnn ntipran ntipra a[t! n}r n}r w exen xvn \k xrnvn kann ka ka xrn~ kan! 8.27 mtion o[k \nedidsketo o[k \nedsato mtion 8.28 ka nakrjaw nakrjaw 8.29 \desmeto \desmeeto 8.29 damonow daimonou 8.25 8.26 8.26 8.27 8.27 8.27 8.30 lgvn 8.30 \stin noma nom \stin 8.30 LegeQn LegiQn 8.30 daimnia poll eslyen eslyen daimnia poll 8.31 pareklei parekloun 8.32 boskomnvn boskomnh 8.32 parekloun pareklesan 8.34 gegenhmnon gegonw 8.35 \jelhlyei \jlyen 8.36 ka


rQthsan a[tn pan t plyow tw perixQrou tn Gadarhnn pelyen p' a[tn, ti fb~ megl~ sunexonto: a[tw d \mbw ew t ploon pstrecen. 38 &Edeto d a[to ` n| r f' o \jelhlyei t daimnia enai sn a[t!. &Aplusen d a[tn ` &Ihsow lgvn, 39 ^Upstrefe ew tn okn sou, ka dihgo sa \pohsen soi ` yew. Ka plyen, kay' lhn t|n plin khrssvn sa \pohsen a[t! ` &Ihsow. &Egneto d \n t! postrcai tn &Ihson, pedjato a[tn ` xlow: san gr pntew prosdokntew a[tn. 41 Ka do, lyen n|r > noma &Ieirow, ka a[tw rxvn tw sunagvgw prxen, ka pesWn par tow pdaw to &Ihso pareklei a[tn eselyen ew tn okon a[to: 42 ti yugthr % monogen|w n a[t! qw \tn dQdeka, ka auth pyn+sken. &En d t! pgein a[tn o xloi sunpnigon a[tn. Ka gun| o{sa \n ]sei amatow p \tn dQdeka, % tiw h atrow prosanalQsasa lon tn bon o[k sxusen p' o[denw yerapeuynai, 44 proselyosa pisyen, % cato to h kraspdou to matou a[to: ka paraxrma sth = ]siw ^ to amatow a[tw. 45 Ka epen ` &Ihsow, Tw ` acmenw mou; &Arnoumnvn d pntvn, epen ` Ptrow ka o met' a[to, &Epistta, o xloi sunxousn se ka poylbousin, ka ^ lgeiw, Tw ` acmenw mou; 46 ^O d &Ihsow epen, %Hcat mo tiw: \gW gr gnvn dnamin \jelyosan p' \mo. 47 &Idosa d = gun| ti o[k layen, trmousa lyen, ka prospesosa a[t!, di' n atan % cato a[to p}ggeilen a[t! \nQpion h pantw to lao, ka qw yh paraxrma. 48 ^O d epen a[t_, Yrsei, ygater, = pstiw sou ssvkn se: poreou ew er}nhn.
43 40

8.38 - 8.48


8.37 8.37 8.37 8.38 8.38 8.39 8.40

rQthsan rQthsen Gadarhnn Gerashnn t ploon ploon &Edeto &Edeto ` &Ihsow \pohsen soi soi \pohsen &Egneto d \n t! postrcai &En d t! postrfein 8.41 &Ieirow ka a[tw &Irow ka otow 8.41 to to

8.42 a% th a[t| u 8.43 atrow prosanalQsasa lon tn bon atrow prosanalQsasa lon tn bon 8.43 p' p' 8.45 ka o met' a[to ^ 8.45 ka lgeiw Tw ` acmenw mou 8.46 \jelyosan \jelhluyuan 8.47 a[t! \nQpion \nQpion 8.48 Yrsei ygater Yugthr


8.49 - 9.9

*E t i a[to lalontow, rxet a tiw par to rxisunagQgou, lgvn a[t! ti Tynhken = yugthr sou: m| sklle tn didskalon. 50 ^O d &Ihsow kosaw pekryh a[t!, lgvn, M| fobo. Mnon psteue, ka svy}setai. 51 &ElyWn d ew t|n okan, o[k fken eselyen o[dna, e m| Ptron ka &Ivnnhn ka &Ikvbon, ka tn patra tw paidw ka t|n mhtra. 52 *Eklaion d pntew, ka \kptonto a[t}n. ^O d epen, M| klaete: o[k pyanen, ll kayedei. 53 Ka kateglvn a[to, edtew ti pyanen. 54 A[tw d \kbalWn jv pntaw, ka krat}saw tw xeirw a[tw, \fQnhsen lgvn, ^H paw geirou. 55 Ka \pstrecen t pnema a[tw, ka nsth paraxrma: ka ditajen a[t_ doynai fagen. 56 Ka \jsthsan o gonew a[tw: ` d par}ggeilen a[tow mhden epen t gegonw.

Sugkalesmenow d tow dQdeka, dvken a[tow dnamin ka \jousan \p pnta t daimnia, ka nsouw yer a p e ei n . 2 Ka psteilen a[tow khrssein t|n basilean to yeo, ka syai tow syenontaw. 3 Ka epen prw a[tow, Mhdn arete ew t|n `dn: m}te ]bdouw, m}te p}ran, m}te rton, m}te rgrion, m}te n do xitnaw xein. 4 Ka ew n n okan eslyhte, \ke mnete, ka \keyen \jrxesye. 5 Ka soi \n m| djvntai mw, \jerxmenoi p tw plevw \kenhw ka tn koniortn p tn podn mn potinjate ew martrion \p' a[tow. 6 &Ejerxmenoi d di}rxonto kat tw kQmaw, e[aggelizmenoi ka yerapeontew pantaxo.
*Hkousen d ^Hrdhw ` tetrrxhw t ginmena p' a[to pnta: ka dihprei, di t lgesyai p tinvn ti &Ivnnhw \g}gertai \k nekrn: 8 p tinvn d ti &Hlaw \fnh: llvn d ti Prof}thw e<w tn rxavn nsth. 9 Ka epen ^Hrdhw,

8.49 8.49 8.50 8.50 8.51 8.52 8.54 8.54 9.2 9.3

a[t! m| mhkti lgvn psteue psteuson o[dna tina sn a[t! o[k o[ gr \kbalWn jv pntaw ka geirou geire tow syenontaw tow syenew ]bdouw ]bdon

9.3 9.5 9.5 9.5 9.7 9.7 9.7 9.8 9.9

n n \n m| djvntai n m| dxvntai ka tn tn potinjate potinssete tetrrxhw tetrarxhw p' a[to \g}gertai gryh e<w tiw Ka epen ^Hrdhw Epen d ^Hrdhw


&Ivnnhn \gW pekeflisa: tw d \stin otow, per o \gW kov toiata; Ka \z}tei den a[tn. Ka postrcantew o pstoloi dihg}santo a[t! sa \pohsan. Ka paralabWn a[tow, pexQrhsen kat' dan ew tpon rhmon plevw kaloumnhw Bhysadn. 11 O d xloi gnntew koloyhsan a[t!: ka dejmenow a[tow, \llei a[tow per tw basileaw to yeo, ka tow xrean xontaw yerapeaw to. 12 ^H d =mra rjato klnein: proselyntew d o dQdeka epon a[t!, &Apluson tn xlon, na pelyntew ew tw kkl~ kQmaw ka tow grow katalsvsin, ka e% rvsin \pisitismn: ti @de \n \r}m~ tp~ \smn. 13 Epen d u prw a[tow, Dte a[tow mew fagen. O d epon, O[k esn =mn pleon ( pnte rtoi ka xyew do, e m}ti poreuyntew h =mew gorsvmen ew pnta tn lan toton brQmata. 14 )Hsan gr qse ndrew pentakisxlioi. Epen d prw tow mayhtw a[to, Kataklnate a[tow klisaw n pent}konta. 15 Ka \pohsan o% tvw, ka nklinan pantaw. 16 LabWn d u tow pnte rtouw ka tow do xyaw, nablcaw ew tn o[rann, e[lghsen a[tow, ka katklasen, ka \ddou tow mayhtaw paratiyn a i t! xl~. 17 Ka fagon ka \xortsyhsan pntew: ka ryh t perissesan a[tow klasmtvn, kfinoi dQdeka. Ka \gneto \n t! enai a[tn proseuxmenon katamnaw, sunsan a[t! o mayhta: ka \phrQthsen a[tow, lgvn, Tna me lgousin o xloi enai; 19 O d pokriyntew epon, &Ivnnhn tn baptist}n: lloi d &Hlan: lloi d, ti Prof}thw tiw tn rxavn nsth. 20 Epen d a[tow, ^Umew d tna me lgete enai; &Apokriyew d ` Ptrow e p en , Tn xristn to yeo . 21 ^O d \pitim}saw a[tow par}ggeilen mhden epen toto, 22 epWn ti De tn un to nyrQpou poll payen, ka podokimasynai p tn
9.9 \gW kov kov 9.10 tpon rhmon 9.10 plevw kaloumnhw Bhysadn plin kaloumnhn Bhysad 9.11 dejmenow podejmenow 9.12 epon epan 9.12 pelyntew poreuyntew 9.12 tow 9.13 epon epan 9.13 9.14 9.15 9.16 9.18 9.19 9.20 9.21 pnte rtoi rtoi pnte n qse n nklinan katklinan paratiynai parayenai katamnaw kat mnaw epon epan &Apokriyew d ` Ptrow Ptrow d pokriyew epen lgein
18 10

9.10 - 9.22


9.23 - 9.36

pr es b u t r v n ka rxiervn ka grammatvn, ka poktanynai, ka t_ trt+ =mr nastnai. 23 *Elegen d prw pntaw, E tiw ylei psv mou \lyen, parnhssyv ^ eautn, ka rtv tn staurn a[to, ka kolouyetv moi. 24 $O w gr \n yl+ t|n cux|n a[to ssai, polsei a[t}n: $ w d' n pols+ t|n cux|n a[to neken \mo, otow sQsei o & a[t}n. 25 T gr vfeletai nyrvpow, kerd}saw tn ksmon ^ lon, e autn d polsaw ( zhmivye w; 26 $O w gr n h \paisxuny_ me ka tow \mow lgouw, toton ` uw to nyrQpou \paisxuny}setai, tan ly+ \n t_ dj+ a[to ka ^ to patrw ka tn agvn gglvn. 27 Lgv d mn lhyw, ^ esn tinew tn @de estQtvn, o$ o[ m| gesvntai yantou, vw i n dvsin t|n basilean to yeo. &Egneto d met tow lgouw totouw qse =mrai ktQ, ka paralabWn Ptron ka &Ivnnhn ka &Ikvbon, nbh ew t row prosejasyai. 29 Ka \gneto, \n t! prosexesyai a[tn, t edow to prosQpou a[to teron, ka ` matismw a[to leukw \jastrptvn. 30 Ka do, ndrew do sunelloun a[t!, otinew san Mvsw ka &Hlaw, 31 o$ i fyntew \n dj+ legon t|n jodon a[to n mellen plhron \n ^Ierousal}m. 32 ^O d Pt r o w ka o sn a[t! san bebarhmnoi % pn~: diagrhgor}santew d edon t|n djan u a[to, ka tow do ndraw tow sunesttaw a[t!. 33 Ka \gneto, \n t! diaxvrzesyai a[tow p' a[to, epen Ptrow prw tn &Ihson, &Epistta, kaln \stin =mw @de enai: ka poi}svmen skhnw trew, man so, ka man Mvs_, ka man &Hl: m| edWw $ lgei. 34 Tata d a[to lgontow, \gneto o neflh ka \peskasen a[tow: \fob}yhsan d \n t! \kenouw eselyen ew t|n neflhn. 35 Ka fvn| \gneto \k tw neflhw, lgousa, Otw \stin ` uw mou ` gaphtw: a[to koete. 36 Ka \n t! gensyai t|n fvn}n, eryh ` &Ihsow mnow. Ka
9.22 9.23 9.23 9.24 9.27 9.28 9.30 nastnai \gerynai \lyen parnhssyv rxesyai rnhssyv a[to a[to kay' =mran \n n ^ ^ @de estQtvn a[to esthktvn ka paralabWn ka paralabWn Mvsw Mvsw 9.31 9.33 9.33 9.34 9.34 mellen mellen Ptrow ` Ptrow Mvs_ Mvse \peskasen \peskazen \kenouw eselyen eselyen a[tow 9.35 gaphtw \klelegmnow 9.36 `




a[to \sghsan, ka o[den p}ggeilan \n \kenaiw taw ^ =mraiw o[dn @n eQrakasin. ^ &Egneto d \n t_ ejw =mr, katelyntvn a[tn p to rouw, sun}nthsen a[t! xlow polw. 38 Ka do, n|r p to xlou nebhsen, lgvn, Didskale, doma sou, \piblcai \p tn un mou, ti monogen}w \stn moi: 39 ka do, pnema lambnei a[tn, ka \jafnhw krzei, ka sparssei a[tn met fro, ka mgiw poxvre p' a[to, suntrbon a[tn. 40 Ka \de}yhn tn mayhtn sou na \kblvsin a[t, ka o[k dun}yhsan. 41 &Apokriyew d ` &Ihsow epen, )V gene pistow ka diestrammnh, vw pte somai prw mw, ka njomai mn; Prosgage tn un sou @de. 42 *Eti d proserxomnou a[to, rrhjen a[tn t daimnion ka sunesprajen: \petmhsen d ` &Ihsow t! pnemati t! kayrt~, ka sato tn pada, ka pdvken a[tn t! patr a[to. 43 &Ejepl}ssonto d pntew \p t_ megaleithti to yeo. Pntvn d yaumazntvn \p psin o<w \pohsen ` &Ihsow, epen prw tow mayhtw a[to, 44 Ysye mew ew t ta mn tow lgouw totouw: ` gr uw to nyrQpou mllei paraddosyai ew xeraw nyrQpvn. 45 O d gnoun t ]ma toto, ka n parakekalummnon p' a[tn, na m| asyvntai a[t: ka \fobonto \rvtsai a[tn per to ]}matow totou. Eslyen d dialogismw \n a[tow, t tw n eh mezvn a[tn. 47 ^O d &Ihsow dWn tn dialogismn tw kardaw ^ a[tn, \pilabmenow paidou, sthsen a[t par' e aut!, 48 ka epen a[tow, $Ow \n djhtai toto t paidon \p t! nmat mou \m dxetai: ka $ w \n \m djhtai dxetai tn o postelant me: ` gr mikrterow \n psin mn prxvn otow stai mgaw. &Apokriyew d ` &Ivnnhw epen, &Epistta, edomn tina \p t! nmat sou \kbllonta daimnia: ka \kvlsamen
9.36 9.37 9.38 9.38 9.41 ^ ^ eQrakasin eQrakan \n nebhsen \bhsen \stn moi mo \stin tn un sou @de @de tn un sou 9.43 \pohsen ` &Ihsow \poei 9.47 9.47 9.48 9.48 9.49 9.49 9.49 dWn edWw paidou paidon \n \m n \m stai \stin ` \p \n \kvlsamen \kvlomen
49 46 37

9.37 - 9.49



9.50 - 9.62

a[tn, ti o[k kolouye mey' =mn. 50 Ka epen prw a[tn ` &Ihsow, M| kvlete: $ w gr o[k stin kay' =mn pr =mn o \stin. &E g n et o d \n t! sumplhrosyai tw =mraw tw nal}cevw a[to, ka a[tw t prsvpon a[to \st}rijen to poreesyai ew ^Ierousal}m, 52 ka psteilen gglouw pr prosQpou a[to: ka poreuyntew eslyon ew kQmhn ^ Samareitn, qste etoimsai a[t!. 53 Ka o[k \djanto a[tn, ti t prsvpon a[to n poreumenon ew ^Ierousal}m. 54 &Idntew d o mayhta a[to &Ikvbow ka &Ivnnhw epon, Krie, yleiw epvmen pr katabnai p to o[rano, ka nalsai a[tow, qw ka &Hlaw \pohsen; 55 Strafew d \petmhsen a[tow, ka epen, O[k odate oou pnematw \ste mew: 56 ` gr iw to nyrQpou o[k lyen cuxw nyrQpvn polsai, ll ssai. Ka \poreyhsan ew ^ etran kQmhn.


&Egneto d poreuomnvn a[tn \n t_ `d!, epn tiw prw a[tn, &Akolouy}sv soi pou n prx+, krie. 58 Ka epen a[t! ` &Ihsow, A lQpekew fvleow xousin, ka t petein to o[rano kataskhnQseiw: ` d uw to nyrQpou o[k xei po t|n kefal|n kln+. 59 Epen d prw teron, &Akoloyei moi. ^O d epen, Krie, \ptrecn moi pelynti prton ycai tn patra mou. 60 Epen d a[t! ` &Ihsow, *Afew tow nekrow ^ ycai tow e autn nekrow: s d pelyWn diggelle t|n basilean to yeo. 61 Epen d ka terow, &Akolouy}sv soi, krie: prton d \ptrecn moi potjasyai tow ew tn okn mou. 62 Epen d ` &Ihsow prw a[tn, O[dew, \pibalWn t|n xera a[to \p' rotron, ka blpvn ew t psv, eyetw \stin ew t|n basilean to yeo.
9.50 Ka epen Epen d 9.50 =mn pr =mn mn pr mn 9.51 nal}cevw nal}mcevw 9.51 a[to \st}rijen \st}risen 9.52 Samareitn qste Samaritn qw 9.54 a[to 9.54 epon epan 9.54 qw ka &Hlaw \pohsen 9.55 ka epen O[k odate oou pnematw \ste mew 9.56 9.57 9.57 9.57 9.59 9.60 9.62 9.62 9.62 ` gr iw to nyrQpou o[k lyen cuxw nyrQpvn polsai ll ssai &Egneto d Ka n \n krie Krie Krie ` &Ihsow ` &Ihsow prw a[tn prw a[tn ` &Ihsow a[to ew t|n basilean t_ basile




10.1 - 10.16


^ Met d tat a nd eijen ` kr iow ka e trouw ^ e bdom}konta, ka psteilen a[tow n do pr prosQpou a[to ew psan plin ka tpon o mellen a[tw rxesyai. 2 *Elegen o{n prw a[tow, ^O mn yerismw polw, o d \rgtai lgoi. De}yhte o{n to kurou to yerismo, pvw \kbl+ \rgtaw ew tn yerismn a[to. 3 ^Upgete: do, \gW postllv mw qw rnaw \n ms~ lkvn. 4 M| bastzete balntion, m| p}ran, mhd pod}mata: ka mhdna kat t|n `dn spshsye. 5 Ew n d' n okan esrxhsye, prton lgete, Er}nh t! ok~ tot~. 6 Ka \n \ke uw er}nhw, \panapasetai \p' a[tn = er}nh mn: e d m}ge, \f' mw nakmcei. 7 &En a[t_ d t_ ok mnete, \syontew ka pnontew t par' a[tn: jiow gr ` \rgthw to misyo a[to \stn. M| metabanete \j okaw ew okan. 8 Ka ew n n plin esrxhsye, ka dxv n t a i mw, \syete t paratiymena mn, 9 ka yerapeete tow \n a[t_ syenew, ka lgete a[tow, *Hggiken \f' mw = basilea to yeo. 10 Ew n d' n plin esrxhsye, ka m| dxv n t a i mw, \jelyntew ew tw plateaw a[tw epate, 11 Ka tn koniortn tn kollhynta =mn \k tw plevw mn pomassmeya mn: pl|n toto ginQskete, ti ggiken \f' mw = basilea to yeo . 12 Lgv mn, ti Sodmoiw \n t_ =mr \ken+ nektteron stai, ( t_ plei \ken+. 13 O[a soi, Xorazn, h o[a soi, Bhysad: ti e \n Tr~ ka Sidni \gnonto a dunmeiw a genmenai \n mn, plai n \n skk~ ka spod! kay}menai metenhsan. 14 Pl|n Tr~ ka Sidni nektteron stai \n t_ krsei, ( mn. 15 Ka s, Kapernaom, = vw to h o[rano cvyesa, vw dou katabibasy}s+. 16 ^O kovn
^ ^ ka etrouw ebdom}konta ^ ^ etrouw ebdom}konta do n do n do do mellen mellen o{n prw d prw \kbl+ \rgtaw \rgtaw \kbl+ \gW balntion ballntion mhd m| okan esrxhsye eslyhte okan \ke \ke \panapasetai \panapa}setai 10.6 10.7 10.10 10.11 10.11 10.13 10.13 10.15 10.15 10.15 m}ge m} ge \stn esrxhsye eslyhte pomassmeya ew tow pdaw pomassmeya \f' mw \gnonto \gen}yhsan kay}menai kay}menoi Kapernaom = Kafarnaom m| to o[rano cvyesa o[rano cvy}s+ dou katabibasy}s+ to %Adou katab}s+

10.1 10.1 10.1 10.2 10.2 10.3 10.4 10.4 10.5 10.6 10.6


10.17 - 10.29


mn \mo koei: ka ` yetn mw \m yete: ` d \m yetn yete tn postelant me. ^ ^Upstrecan d o ebdom}konta met xarw, lgontew, Krie, ka t daimnia potssetai =mn \n t! nmat sou. 18 Epen d a[tow, &EyeQroun tn Satann qw strap|n \k to o[rano pesnta. 19 &Ido, ddvmi mn t|n \jousan to paten \pnv fevn ka skorpvn, ka \p psan t|n dnamin to \xyro: ka o[dn mw o[ m| dik}s+. 20 Pl|n \n tot~ m| xarete ti t pnemata mn potssetai: xarete d ti t nmata mn \grfh \n tow o[ranow. % &En a[t_ t_ vr gallisato t! pnemati ` &Ihsow, ka epen, &Ejomologoma soi, pter, krie to o[rano ka tw gw, ti pkrucaw tata p sofn ka sunetn, ka peklucaw a[t nhpoiw: na, ` pat}r, ti o% tvw \gneto u 22 e[doka mprosyn sou. Ka strafew prw tow mayhtw epen pnta moi paredyh p to patrw mou: ka o[dew ginQskei tw \stin ` uw, e m| ` pat}r, ka tw \stin ` pat}r, e m| ` uw, ka > \n bolhtai ` uw pokalcai. 23 Ka strafew prw tow mayhtw kat' dan epen, Makrioi o fyalmo o blpontew $ blpete. 24 Lgv gr mn, ti pollo a proftai ka basilew ylhsan den $ mew blpete, ka a $ koete, ka o[k kousan. o[k edon: ka kosai a Ka do, nomikw tiw nsth, \kpeirzvn a[tn, ka lgvn, Didskale, t poi}saw zv|n aQnion klhronom}sv; 26 ^O d epen prw a[tn, &En t! nm~ t ggraptai; Pw naginQskeiw; 27 ^O d pokriyew epen, &Agap}seiw krion tn yen sou, \j lhw tw kardaw sou, ka \j lhw tw cuxw sou, ka \j lhw tw sxow sou, ka \j lhw tw dianoaw sou: ka tn plhson sou qw seautn. 28 Epen d a[t!, &Oryw pekryhw: toto poei, ka z}s+. 29 ^O d ylvn dikaion
^ ^ 10.17 ebdom}konta ebdom}konta do 10.19 ddvmi ddvka 10.20 \grfh \gggraptai 10.21 t! pnemati \n t! pnemati ^ t! ag~ 10.21 ` &Ihsow 10.21 \gneto e[doka e[doka \gneto 10.22 Ka strafew prw tow mayhtw 10.24 10.25 10.27 10.27 epen edon edan ka lgvn lgvn tw kardaw tw kardaw \j lhw tw cuxw sou ka \j lhw tw sxow sou ka \j lhw tw dianoaw \n l+ t_ cux_ sou ka \n l+ t_ sx sou ka \n l+ t_ diano 10.29 dikaion dikaisai
25 21 17



10.30 - 10.42

^ e autn epen prw tn &Ihson, Ka tw \stn mou plhson; 30 ^UpolabWn d ` &Ihsow epen, *Anyrvpw tiw katbainen p ^Ierousal|m ew &IerixQ, ka l+staw peripesen, o$ ka i \kdsantew a[tn ka plhgw \piyntew plyon, fntew =miya n tugxnonta. 31 Kat sugkuran d erew tiw katbainen \n t_ `d! \ken+: ka dWn a[tn ntiparlyen. 32 ^O movw d ka Leuthw genmenow kat tn tpon \lyWn ka dWn ntiparlyen. 33 Samarethw d tiw `devn lyen kat' a[tn, ka dWn a[tn \splagxnsyh, 34 ka proselyWn katdhsen t tramata a[to, \pixvn laion ka onon: \pibibsaw d a[tn \p t dion ktnow, gagen a[tn ew pandoxeon, ka \pemel}yh a[to. 35 Ka \p t|n arion \jelyQn, \kbalWn do dhnria dvken t! pandoxe, ka epen a[t!, &Epimel}yhti a[to: ka ti n prosdapan}s+w, \gW \n t! \panrxesya me podQsv soi. 36 Tw o{n totvn tn trin plhson doke soi gegonnai to \mpesntow ew tow l+stw; 37 ^O d epen, ^O poi}saw t leow met' a[to. Epen o{n a[t! ` &Ihsow, Poreou, ka s poei `movw. &Egneto d \n t! poreesyai a[tow, ka a[tw eslyen ew kQmhn tin: gun| d tiw nmati Mrya pedjato a[tn ew tn okon atw. 39 Ka t_de n delf| kaloumnh Mara, ka parakaysasa par tow pdaw to &Ihso kouen tn lgon a[to. 40 ^H d Mrya per i es p t o per poll|n diakonan: \pistsa d epen, Krie, o[ mlei soi ti = delf} mou mnhn me katleipen diakonen; Ep o{n a[t_ na moi sunantilbhtai. 41 &Apokriyew d epen a[t_ ` &Ihsow, ^ Mrya, Mrya, merimnw ka turbz+ per poll: 42 enw d \stin xrea: Mara d t|n gay|n merda \jeljato, % tiw o[k h fairey}setai p' a[tw.
10.30 10.30 10.32 10.33 10.33 10.35 10.35 10.35 10.36 10.37 d tugxnonta genmenow genmenow Samarethw Samarthw a[tn \splagxnsyh \splagxnsyh \jelyQn do dhnria dvken dvken do dhnria a[t! o{n o{n d 10.38 10.38 10.38 10.39 10.39 10.39 10.40 10.41 10.41 10.42 10.42 &Egneto d \n &En d ka ew tn okon atw Mara Marim parakaysasa par parakayesyesa prw &Ihso kurou katleipen katlipen &Ihsow kriow turbz+ yorubz+ Mara d Marim gr p'


11.1 - 11.14

KATA LOUKAN Ka \gneto \n t! enai a[tn \n tp ~ tin proseuxmenon, qw \pasato, epn tiw tn mayhtn a[to prw a[tn, Krie, ddajon =mw prosexesyai, kayWw ka &Ivnnhw \ddajen tow mayhtw a[to. 2 Epen d a[tow, %O tan prosexhsye, lgete, Pter =mn ` \n tow o[ranoiw, ^ agiasy}tv t nom sou. &Elytv = basilea sou. Genhy}tv t ylhm sou, qw \n o[ran~, ka \p tw gw. 3 Tn rton =mn tn \piosion ddou =mn t kay' =mran. 4 Ka few ^ =m n tw a martaw =mn, ka gr a[to femen pant felonti =mn. Ka m| esengk+w =mw ew peirasmn, ll ]sai =mw p to ponhro.
Ka epen prw a[tow, Tw \j mn jei flon, ka poresetai prw a[tn mesonuktou, ka ep+ a[t!, Fle, xrsn moi trew rtouw, 6 \peid| flow paregneto \j `do prw me, ka o[k xv $ paray}sv a[t!: 7 kkenow svyen o pokriye w e p + , M} moi kpouw prexe: dh = yra kkleistai, ka t paida mou met' \mo ew t|n kothn esn: o[ dnamai nastw dona soi. 8 Lgv mn, e ka o[ dQsei a[t! nastw, di t enai a[to flon, di ge t|n nadeian a[to \geryew dQsei a[t! son xrzei. 9 KgW mn lgv, atete, ka doy}setai mn: zhtete, ka er}sete: kroete, ka noig}setai mn. 10 Pw gr ` atn lambnei: ka ` zhtn erskei: ka t! kroonti noig}setai. 11 Tna d mn tn patra at}sei ` uw rton, m| lyon \pidQsei a[t!; *H ka xyn, m| nt xyow fin \pidQsei a[t!; 12 (H ka \n at}s+ n, m| \pidQsei a[t! skorpon; 13 E o{n mew ponhro prxontew odate dmata gay didnai tow tknoiw mn, ps~ mllon ` pat|r ` \j o[rano dQsei pnema gion tow atosin a[tn; Ka n \kbllvn daimnion, ka a[t n kvfn. &Egneto d, to daimonou \jelyntow, \llhsen ` kvfw: ka
11.2 11.2 11.4 11.4 11.6 11.8 11.8 =mn ` \n tow o[ranoiw Genhy}tv t ylhm sou qw \n o[ran~ ka \p tw gw femen fomen ll ]sai =mw p to ponhro flow flow mou a[to flon flon a[to son svn 11.10 noig}setai noig}setai 11.11 mn \j mn 11.11 rton m| lyon \pidQsei a[t! 11.11 *H ka xyn m| xyn ka 11.11 \pidQsei a[t! a[t! \pidQsei 11.12 \n at}s+ n m| at}sei n 11.13 ` \j ` \j 11.14 ka a[t n ka a[t n
14 5




11.15 - 11.29

\ya m a s a n o xloi. 15 Tinw d \j a[tn epon, &En Beelzebol rxonti tn daimonvn \kbllei t daimnia. 16 %Eteroi d peirzontew shmeon par' a[to \z}toun \j o[rano. 17 A[tw d edWw a[tn t diano}mata epen a[tow, ^ Psa basilea \f' e aut|n diamerisyesa \rhmotai: ka ^ okow \p okon, pptei. 18 E d ka ` Satanw \f' e autn diemersyh, pw stay}setai = basilea a[to; %Oti lgete, \n Beel z eb o l \k b l l ei n me t daimnia. 19 E d \gW \n Beel z eb o l \k b l l v t daimnia, o uo mn \n tni \kbllousin; Di toto krita mn a[to sontai. 20 E d \n daktl~ yeo \kbllv t daimnia, ra fyasen \f' mw = basilea to yeo . 21 %O tan ` sxurw kayvplismnow ^ fulss+ t|n e auto a[l}n, \n er}n+ \stn t prxonta 22 a[to: \pn d ` sxurterow a[to \pelyWn nik}s+ a[tn, t|n panoplan a[to arei \f' " \pepoyei, ka t skla a[to diaddvsin. 23 ^O m| n met' \mo kat' \mo \stin: ka ` m| sungvn met' \mo skorpzei. 24 %O tan t kyarton pnema \jly+ p to nyrQpou, dirxetai di' ndrvn tpvn, zhton npausin: ka m| erskon lgei, ^Upostrcv e w tn okn mou yen \jlyon. 25 Ka \lyn erskei sesarvmnon ka kekosmhmnon. 26 Tte poreetai ka ^ ^ paralambnei ept tera pnemata ponhrtera eauto, ka \lynta katoike \ke: ka gnetai t sxata to nyrQpou \kenou xerona tn prQtvn. &Egneto d \n t! lgein a[tn tata, \pras tiw gun| fvn|n \k to xlou epen a[t!, Makara = koila = bastsas se, ka masto ow \y}lasaw. 28 A[tw d epen, Menonge makrioi o koontew tn lgon to yeo ka fulssontew a[tn. Tn d xlvn \payroizomnvn rjato lgein, ^H gene % th ponhr \stin: shmeon \pizhte, ka shmeon o[ au
11.15 rxonti t! rxonti 11.16 par' a[to \z}toun \j o[rano \j o[rano \z}toun par' a[to 11.19 krita mn a[to a[to mn krita 11.20 \kbllv \gW \kbllv 11.22 ` 11.24 lgei tte lgei ^ 11.26 ept tera tera ^ 11.26 ka \lynta ept ka eselynta 11.27 gun| fvn|n fvn|n gun| 11.28 Menonge Menon 11.28 a[tn 11.29 ponhr gene ponhr 11.29 \pizhte zhte
29 27


11.30 - 11.43



doy}setai a[t_, e m| t shmeon &Ivn to prof}tou. 30 KayWw gr \gneto &Ivnw shmeon tow Nineutaiw, o% tvw u 31 stai ka ` uw to nyrQpou t_ gene tat+. Baslissa ntou \gery}setai \n t_ krsei met tn ndrn tw genew tathw, ka katakrine a[tow: ti lyen \k tn pertvn tw gw kosai t|n sofan Solomnow, ka do, pleon Solomnow @de. 32 *Andrew Nineu nast}sontai \n t_ krsei met tw genew tathw, ka katakrinosin a[t}n: ti metenhsan ew t k}rugma &Ivn, ka do, pleon &Ivn @de. O[dew d lxnon caw ew krpthn tyhsin, o[d p tn mdion, ll' \p t|n luxnan, na o esporeumenoi t fggow blpvsin. 34 ^O lxnow to sQmatw \stin ` fyalmw: tan ^ o{n ` fyalmw sou aplow , ka lon t sm sou fvteinn \s t i n : \p n d ponhrw , ka t sm sou skoteinn. 35 Skpei o{n m| t fw t \n so sktow \stn. 36 E o{n t sm sou lon fvteinn, m| xon ti mrow skoteinn, stai fvteinn lon, qw tan ` lxnow t_ strap_ fvtz+ se. &En d t! lalsai, rvt a[tn Farisaw tiw pvw rist}s+ par' a[t!: eselyWn d npesen. 38 ^O d Farisaow dWn \yamasen ti o[ prton \baptsyh pr to rstou. 39 Epen d ` kriow prw a[tn, Nn mew o Farisaoi t j v yen to pothrou ka to pnakow ^ kayarzete, t d svyen mn gmei arpagw ka ponhraw. 40 *Afronew, o[x ` poi}saw t jvyen ka t svyen \pohsen; 41 Pl|n t \nnta dte \lehmosnhn: ka do, pnta kayar mn \stin. &All' o[a mn tow Farisaoiw, ti podekatote t =dosmon ka t p}ganon ka pn lxanon, ka parrxesye t|n krsin ka t|n gphn to yeo: tata dei poisai, kkena m| finai. 43 O[a mn tow Farisaoiw, ti gapte t|n prvtokayedran \n taw sunagvgaw, ka tow spasmow
11.29 to prof}tou 11.30 shmeon tow Nineutaiw tow Nineutaiw shmeon 11.32 Nineu Nineutai 11.33 d 11.33 o[d p tn mdion o[d p tn mdion 11.33 fggow fw 11.34 \stin ` fyalmw \stin ` fyalmw sou 11.34 o{n 11.36 ti mrow mrow ti 11.37 rvt a[tn Farisaw tiw \rvt a[tn Farisaow 11.42 &All' &All 11.42 dei d dei 11.42 finai parenai
42 37 33


\n taw goraw. 44 O[a mn, grammatew ka Farisaoi, pokrita, ti \st qw t mnhmea t dhla, ka o nyrvpoi peripatontew \pnv o[k odasin. &Apokriyew d tiw tn nomikn lgei a[t!, Didskale, tata lgvn ka =mw brzeiw. 46 ^O d epen, Ka mn tow nomikow o[a, ti fortzete tow nyrQpouw forta ^ dusbstakta, ka a[to e n tn daktlvn mn o[ 47 proscaete tow fortoiw. O[a mn, ti okodomete t mnhmea tn profhtn, o d patrew mn pkteinan a[tow. 48 *Ara mrturete ka suneudokete tow rgoiw tn patrvn mn: ti a[to mn pkteinan a[tow, mew d okodomete a[tn t mnhmea. 49 Di toto ka = sofa to yeo epen, &Apostel ew a[tow prof}taw ka postlouw, ka \j a[tn poktenosin ka \kdiQjousin: 50 na \kzhthy_ t a<ma pntvn tn profhtn t \kxunmenon p katabolw ksmou p tw genew tathw, 51 p to amatow *Abel vw to amatow Zaxarou to polomnou metaj to yusiasthrou ka to okou: na, lgv mn, \kzhthy}setai p tw genew tathw. 52 O[a mn tow nomikow, ti rate t|n kleda tw gnQsevw: a[to o[k es}lyete, ka tow eserxomnouw \kvlsate. Lgontow d a[to tata prw a[tow, rjanto o gram m a t e w ka o Farisaoi deinw \nxei n , ka postomatzein a[tn per pleinvn, 54 \nedreontew a[tn, zhtontew yhresa ti \k to stmatow a[to, na kathgor}svsin a[to.
53 45

11.44 - 12.2


% &En o<w \pisunaxyeisn tn muridvn to xlou, vste katapaten ll}louw, rjato lgein prw tow ^ mayhtw a[to prton, Prosxete eautow p tw zmhw tn % tiw \stn pkrisiw. 2 O [dn d Farisavn, h
11.52 es}lyete es}lyate 11.53 Lgontow d a[to tata prw a[tow Kkeyen \jelyntow a[to 11.54 zhtontew 11.54 na kathgor}svsin a[to 12.1 tn Farisavn % tiw \stn h pkrisiw % tiw \stn pkrisiw h tn Farisavn

11.44 grammatew ka Farisaoi pokrita 11.44 peripatontew o peripatontew 11.48 mrturete mrturw \ste 11.48 a[tn t mnhmea 11.49 \kdiQjousin diQjousin 11.50 \kxunmenon \kkexumnon 11.51 p to p 11.51 vw to vw


12.3 - 12.18

su g k ek a l u m m n o n \s t n , $ o[k pokalufy}setai, ka o 3 kruptn, $ o[ gnvsy}setai. &Any' @n sa \n t_ skot epate, o \n t! fvt kousy}setai: ka $ prw t o{w \lal}sate \n tow o tameoiw, khruxy}setai \p tn dvmtvn. 4 Lgv d mn tow floiw mou, M| fobhyte p tn poktenntvn t sma, ka met tata m| \xntvn perisstern ti poisai. 5 ^Upodejv d mn tna fobhyte: fob}yhte tn met t poktenai \jousan xonta \mbalen ew t|n gennan: na, lgv mn, toton fob}yhte. 6 O[x pnte strouya pvletai ssarvn do; Ka n \j a[tn o[k stin \pilelhsmnon \nQpion to yeo . 7 &A l l ka a trxew tw kefalw mn psai rymhntai. M| o{n fobesye: polln strouyvn diafrete. 8 Lgv d mn, Pw $ w n `molog}s+ \n \mo mprosyen tn o nyrQpvn, ka ` uw to nyrQpou `molog}sei \n a[t! mprosyen tn gglvn to yeo: 9 ` d rnhsmenw me \nQpion tn nyrQpvn parnhy}setai \nQpion tn gglvn to yeo. 10 Ka pw $ w \re lgon ew tn un to nyrQpou, o fey}setai a[t!: t! d ew t gion pnema blasfhm}santi o[k fey} s et a i . 11 %O tan d prosfrvsin mw \p tw sunagvgw ka tw rxw ka tw \jousaw, m| merimnte pw ( t polog}shsye, ( t ephte: 12 t gr gion pnema didjei h h % r, $ de epen. mw \n a[t_ t_ v a Epen d tiw a[t! \k to xlou, Didskale, ep t! delf! mou mersasyai met' \mo t|n klhronoman. 14 ^O d epen a[t!, *Anyrvpe, tw me katsthsen dikast|n ( merist|n h 15 \f' mw; Epen d prw a[tow, ^Orte ka fulssesye p tw pleonejaw: ti o[k \n t! perisseein tin = zv| a[t! \stin \k tn parxntvn a[to. 16 Epen d parabol|n prw a[tow, lgvn, &AnyrQpou tinw plousou e[frhsen = xQra: 17 ^ ka dielogzeto \n eaut! lgvn, T poi}sv, ti o[k xv po sunjv tow karpow mou; 18 Ka epen, Toto poi}sv: kayel mou tw poy}kaw, ka mezonaw okodom}sv, ka
12.4 poktenntvn pokteinntvn 12.5 \jousan xonta xonta \jousan 12.6 pvletai pvlontai 12.7 o{n 12.11 prosfrvsin esfrvsin 12.11 merimnte merimn}shte 12.13 a[t! \k to xlou \k to xlou a[t! 12.14 dikast|n krit|n 12.15 tw pshw 12.15 a[t! a[to 12.15 a[to a[t!



12.19 - 12.34

sunjv \ke pnta t gen}mat mou ka t gay mou. 19 Ka \r t_ cux_ mou, Cux}, xeiw poll gay kemena ew th poll: napaou, fge, pe, e[franou. 20 Epen d a[t! ` yew, *Afron, tat+ t_ nukt t|n cux}n sou paitosin p u so: $ d =tomasaw, tni stai; 21 O % tvw ` yhsaurzvn a ^ eaut!, ka m| ew yen ploutn. Epen d prw tow mayhtw a[to, Di toto mn lgv, m| merimnte t_ cux_ mn, t fghte: mhd t! sQmati, t \ndshsye. 23 ^H cux| plen \stin tw trofw, ka t sma to \ndmatow. 24 Katano}sate tow krakaw, ti o[ sperousin, o[d yerzousin, o<w o[k stin tameon o[d poy}kh, ka ` ye w trfei a[tow: ps~ mllon mew diafrete tn peteinn; 25 Tw d \j mn merimnn dnatai prosyenai \p t|n =likan a[to pxun na; 26 E o{n o[t \l xi s t o n dnasye, t per tn loipn merimnte; 27 Katano}sate t krna pw a[jnei: o[ kopi, o[d n}yei: lgv d mn, o[d SolomWn \n ps+ t_ dj+ a[to periebleto qw n totvn. 28 E d tn xrton \n t! gr! s}meron nta, ka arion ew klbanon ballmenon, ` yew o% tvw mfinnusin, ps~ mllon mw, ligpistoi; 29 Ka u mew m| zhtete t fghte, ( t phte: ka m| metevrzesye. h 30 Tata gr pnta t ynh to ksmou \pizhte: mn d ` pat| r oden ti xrzete totvn. 31 Pl|n zhtete t|n basilean to yeo, ka tata pnta prostey}setai mn. 32 M| fobo, t mikrn pomnion: ti e[dkhsen ` pat|r mn donai mn t|n basilean. 33 Pvl}sate t prxonta mn ^ ka dte \l eh m o s n h n . Poi}sate e autow balntia m| palaiomena, yhsaurn nkleipton \n tow o[ranow, pou klpthw o[k \ggzei, o[d s|w diafyerei: 34 pou gr \stin ` yhsaurw mn, \ke ka = karda mn stai.

12.18 12.20 12.22 12.22 12.22 12.23 12.25 12.25 12.26

t gen}mat mou tn ston *Afron *Afrvn a[to a[to mn lgv lgv mn mn cux| gr cux| prosyenai \p \p pxun na prosyenai pxun o[t o[d

12.28 tn xrton \n t! gr! s}meron nta \n gr! tn xrton nta s}meron 12.28 mfinnusin mfizei 12.29 ( ka h 12.30 \pizhte \pizhtosin 12.31 to yeo ka tata pnta a[to ka tata 12.33 balntia ballntia


12.35 - 12.48


*Estvsan mn a sfew periezvsmnai, ka o lxnoi kaimenoi: 36 ka mew moioi nyrQpoiw prosdexomnoiw tn ^ krion eautn, pte nals+ \k tn gmvn, na, \lyntow ka krosantow, e[yvw nojvsin a[t!. 37 Makrioi o doloi \kenoi, ow \lyWn ` kriow er}sei grhgorontaw: m|n lgv mn ti perizQsetai ka nakline a[tow, ka parelyWn diakon}sei a[tow. 38 Ka \n ly+ \n t_ deutr fulak_, ka \n t_ trt+ fulak_ ly+, ka e% r+ o% tvw, makrio esin o u u doloi \kenoi. 39 Toto d ginQskete, ti e dei ` % okodespthw po vr ` klpthw rxetai, \grhgrhsen n, ka o[k n fken diorugnai tn okon a[to. 40 Ka mew % o{n gnesye toimoi: ti " vr o[ dokete ` uw to nyrQpou rxetai. Epen d a[t! ` Ptrow, Krie, prw =mw t|n parabol|n tathn lgeiw, ( ka prw pntaw; 42 Epen d ` kriow, Tw ra h \stn ` pistw okonmow ka frnimow, $ n katast}sei ` kriow o \p tw yerapeaw a[to, to didnai \n kair! t sitomtrion; 43 Makriow ` dolow \kenow, $ n \lyWn ` kriow a[to o 44 er}sei poionta o% tvw. &Alhyw lgv mn ti \p psin u tow prxousin a[to katast}sei a[tn. 45 &En d ep+ ` dolow \kenow \n t_ kard a[to, Xronzei ` kriw mou rxesyai, ka rjhtai tptein tow padaw ka tw paidskaw, h \syein te ka pnein ka meyskesyai: 46 % jei ` kriow to % dolou \kenou \n =mr " o[ prosdok, ka \n vr " o[ ginQskei: ka dixotom}sei a[tn, ka t mrow a[to met tn pstvn y}sei. 47 &Ekenow d ` dolow ` gnow t ylhma to ^ ^ kurou eauto, ka m| etoimsaw mhd poi}saw prw t ylhma a[to, dar}setai pollw: 48 ` d m| gnow, poi}saw d jia plhgn, dar}setai lgaw. Pant d > \dyh pol, pol zhthy}setai par' a[to: ka > paryento pol, perissteron at}sousin a[tn.

12.38 Ka \n ly+ \n t_ deutr fulak_ ka kn \n t_ deutr kn 12.38 o doloi 12.39 \grhgrhsen n ka 12.39 diorugnai dioruxynai 12.40 o{n

12.41 12.42 12.42 12.42 12.47 12.47

a[t! Epen d Ka epen ka frnimow ` frnimow t t ^ eauto a[to mhd ( h


Pr lyon balen ew t|n gn, ka t ylv e dh n}fyh; Bptisma d xv baptisynai, ka pw sunxomai vw o telesy_. 51 Dokete ti er}nhn paregenmhn donai \n t_ g_; O[x, lgv mn, ll' ( diamerismn. 52 *Esontai gr p to h ^ nn pnte \n ok~ en diamemerismnoi, trew \p dusn, ka do \p trisn. 53 Diamerisy}setai pat|r \p u!, ka uw \p patr: m}thr \p yugatr, ka yugthr \p mhtr: penyer \p t|n nmfhn a[tw, ka nmfh \p t|n penyer n a[tw. 54 *E l eg en d ka tow xloiw, %O tan dhte t|n neflhn natllousan p dusmn, e[yvw lgete *Ombrow rxetai: ka gnetai o% tvw. 55 Ka tan nton pnonta, lgete ti u Kasvn stai: ka gnetai. 56 ^Upokrita, t prsvpon tw gw ka to o[rano odate dokimzein: tn d kairn toton pw ^ o[ dokimzete; 57 T d ka f' eautn o[ krnete t dkaion; 58 ^Vw gr pgeiw met to ntidkou sou \p' rxonta, \n t_ `d! dw \rgasan phllxyai p' a[to: m}pote katasr+ se prw tn krit}n, ka ` krit}w se parad! t! prktori, ka ` prktvr se bl+ ew fulak}n. 59 Lgv soi, o[ m| \jly+w \keyen, vw o ka tn sxaton leptn pod!w.

12.49 - 13.5



Parsan d tinew \n a[t! t! kair! paggllontew a[t! per tn Galilavn, @n t a<ma Piltow mijen met tn yusin a[tn. 2 Ka pokriyew ` &Ihsow epen ^ a[tow, Dokete ti o Galilaoi otoi amartvlo par pntaw tow Galilaouw \gnonto, ti toiata pepnyasin; 3 O[x, lgv mn: ll' \n m| metanote, pntew qsatvw polesye. 4 (H \kenoi o deka ka ktQ, \f' ow pesen ` prgow \n t! Silvm ka pkteinen a[tow, dokete ti otoi feiltai \gnonto par pntaw nyrQpouw tow katoikontaw \n ^Ierousal}m; 5 O[x, lgv mn: ll' \n m|
ew \p o tou ^ ^ ok~ en en ok~ Diamerisy}setai Diamerisy}sontai yugatr t|n yugatra mhtr t|n mhtra penyern a[tw penyern t|n t|n p \p *Ombrow ti *Ombrow d kairn kairn d 12.56 o[ dokimzete o[k odate dokimzein 12.58 parad! paradQsei 12.58 bl+ bale 12.59 o ka tn ka t 13.2 ` &Ihsow 13.2 toiata tata 13.3 qsatvw `movw 13.4 deka ka ktQ dekaoktW 13.4 otoi a[to 13.4 nyrQpouw tow nyrQpouw 13.4 katoikontaw \n katoikontaw

12.49 12.50 12.52 12.53 12.53 12.53 12.53 12.54 12.54 12.54 12.56


13.6 - 13.19

metanote, pntew `movw polesye. 6 *Elegen d tathn t|n parabol}n: Sukn e xn tiw \n t! mpelni a[to pefuteumnhn: ka lyen zhtn karpn \n a[t_, ka o[x eren. 7 Epen d prw tn mpelourgn, &Ido, tra th rxomai zhtn karpn \n t_ suk_ tat+, ka o[x erskv: kkocon a[t}n: na t ka t|n gn katarge; 8 ^O d pokriyew lgei a[t!, Krie, few a[t|n ka toto t tow, vw tou skcv per a[t}n, ka blv kpria: 9 kn mn poi}s+ karpn: e d m}ge, ew t mllon \kkceiw a[t}n. )Hn d didskvn \n mi tn sunagvgn \n tow sbbasin: 11 ka do, gun| n pnema xousa syeneaw th dka ka ktQ, ka n sugkptousa, ka m| dunamnh nakcai ew t pantelw. 12 &I d W n d a[t|n ` &Ihsow prosefQnhsen, ka e p en a[t_, Gnai, pollusai tw syen e a w sou. 13 Ka \pyh k en a[t_ tw xe r a w: ka paraxrma nvryQyh, ka \djazen tn yen. 14 &Apokriyew d ` rxisungvgow, ganaktn ti t! sabbt~ \yerpeusen ` &Ihsow, legen t! xl ~ , $E j =mrai esn \n a<w de \rgzesyai: \n tataiw o{n \rxmenoi yerapeesye, ka m| t_ =mr to sabbtou. 15 &Apekryh o{n a[t! ` kriow, ka epen, ^Upokrita, kastow mn t! sabbt~ o[ lei tn bon a[to ( tn non p tw ftnhw, ka pagagWn potzei; h 16 Tathn d, yugatra &Abram o{san, n dhsen ` Satanw, do, dka ka ktW th, o[k dei luynai p to desmo totou t_ =mr to sabbtou; 17 Ka tata lgontow a[to, kat+sxnonto pntew o ntikemenoi a[t!: ka pw ` xlow xairen \p psin tow \ndjoiw tow ginomnoiw p' a[to. *Elegen d, Tni `moa \stn = basilea to yeo; Ka tni `moiQsv a[t}n; 19 ^O moa \stn kkk~ sinpevw, $ n o ^ labWn nyrvpow balen ew kpon eauto: ka hjhsen, ka \g n et o e w dndron mga, ka t petein to o[rano
13.5 13.6 13.6 13.7 13.7 13.7 13.9 `movw qsatvw \n t! pefuteumnhn \n t! pefuteumnhn rxomai f' o rxomai a[t}n o{n a[t}n na t nat e d m}ge ew t mllon ew t mllon e d m} ge 13.11 13.11 13.14 13.14 13.15 13.18 13.19 n pnema pnema dka ka ktQ dekaoktQ $Ej ti $Ej tataiw a[taw o{n d d o{n mga
18 10



13.20 - 13.35

katesk}nvsen \n tow kldoiw a[to. 20 Plin epen, Tni `moiQsv t|n basilean to yeo; 21 ^O moa \stn zm+, n labosa gun| \nkrucen ew lerou sta tra, vw o \zumQyh lon. 22 Ka dieporeeto kat pleiw ka kQmaw didskvn, ka porean poiomenow ew ^Ierousal}m. 23 Epen d tiw a[t!, Krie, e lgoi o s~zmenoi; ^O d epen prw a[tow, 24 &Agvnzesye eselyen di tw stenw plhw: ti pollo, lgv mn, zht}sousin eselyen, ka o[k sxsousin. 25 &Af' o n \gery_ ` okodespthw ka pokles+ t|n yran, ^ ka rjhsye jv e stnai ka kroein t|n yran, lgontew, Krie, krie, noijon =mn: ka pokriyew \re mn, O[k oda mw, pyen \st: 26 tte rjesye lgein, &Efgomen \nQpin sou ka \pomen, ka \n taw plateaiw =mn \ddajaw. 27 Ka \re, Lgv mn, o[k oda mw pyen \st: psthte p' \mo pntew o \rgtai tw dikaw. 28 &Eke stai ` klauymw ka ` brugmw tn dntvn, tan chsye &Abram ka &Isak ka &IakWb ka pntaw tow prof}taw \n t_ basile to yeo, mw d \kballomnouw jv. 29 Ka % jousin p natoln ka h dusmn, ka borr ka ntou, ka nakliy}sontai \n t_ i basile to yeo. 30 Ka do, esn sxatoi o$ sontai prtoi, ka esn prtoi o$ sontai sxatoi. i &En a[t_ t_ =mra proslyn tinew Farisaoi, lgontew a[t!, *Ejelye ka poreou \nteyen, ti ^Hrdhw ylei se poktenai. 32 Ka epen a[tow, Poreuyntew epate t_ lQpeki tat+, &Ido, \kbllv daimnia ka seiw \pitel s}meron ka arion, ka t_ trt+ teleiomai. 33 Pl|n de me s}meron ka arion ka t_ \xomn+ poreesyai: ti o[k \n d xet a i prof}thn polsyai jv ^Ierousal}m. 34 ^Ierousal}m, ^Ierousal}m, = poktnousa tow prof}taw, ka liyobolosa tow pestalmnouw prw a[t}n, poskiw ^ ylhsa \pisunjai t tkna sou, $ n trpon rniw t|n eautw o 35 &Ido, nossin p tw ptrugaw, ka o[k yel}sate.
13.20 13.21 13.22 13.24 13.25 13.27 13.27 Plin Ka plin \nkrucen \nkrucen ^Ierousal}m ^Ierosluma plhw yraw Krie krie Krie Lgv lgvn mw mw 13.27 o \rgtai tw \rgtai 13.29 borr p borr % 13.31 =mra proslyn vr proslyn 13.32 \pitel potel 13.34 poktnousa poktenousa



14.1 - 14.13

fetai mn ` okow mn rhmow: lgv d mn ti o[ m} me dhte vw n % jei, te ephte, E[loghmnow ` \rxmenow \n h nmati kurou.


Ka \gneto \n t! \lyen a[tn ew okn tinow tn rxntvn tn Farisavn sabbt~ fagen rton, ka a[to san parathromenoi a[tn. 2 Ka do, nyrvpw tiw n drvpikw mprosyen a[to. 3 Ka pokriyew ` &Ihsow epen prw tow nomikow ka Farisaouw, lgvn, E jestin t! sabbt~ yerapeein; 4 O d =sxasan. Ka \pilabmenow sato a[tn, ka plusen. 5 Ka pokriyew prw a[tow epen, Tnow mn uw ( bow ew frar \mpesetai, ka o[k h e[yvw naspsei a[tn \n t| =mr to sabbtou; 6 Ka o[k sxusan ntapokriynai a[t! prw tata.
*Elegen d prw tow keklhmnouw parabol}n, \pxvn pw tw prvtoklisaw \jelgonto, lgvn prw a[tow, 8 %O tan klhy_w p tinow ew gmouw, m| katakliy_w ew t|n prvtoklisan: m}pote \ntimterw sou keklhmnow p' a[to, 9 ka \lyWn ` s ka a[tn kalsaw \re soi, Dw tot~ tpon: ka tte rj+ met' asxnhw tn sxaton tpon katxein. 10 &All' tan klhy_w, poreuyew npese ew tn sxaton tpon: na, tan ly+ ` keklhkQw se, ep+ soi, Fle, prosanbhyi nQteron: tte stai soi dja \nQpion tn ^ sunanakeimnvn soi. 11 %O ti pw ` cn e autn ^ tapeinvy}setai, ka ` tapeinn eautn cvy}setai. *Elegen d ka t! keklhkti a[tn, %Otan poi_w riston ( depnon, m| fQnei tow flouw sou, mhd tow delfow sou, h mhd tow suggenew sou, mhd getonaw plousouw: m}pote ka a[to se ntikalsvsin, ka gnhta soi ntapdoma. 13 &All' tan poi_w dox}n, klei ptvxow, nap}rouw, xvlow,
12 7

rhmow d d ti me dhte dht me h n % jei te % jei te h tn Farisavn tn Farisavn 14.3 E 14.3 yerapeein yerapesai ( o h 14.5 pokriyew 14.5 \mpesetai pesetai

13.35 13.35 13.35 13.35 13.35 14.1

t| a[t! met' met ep+ \re tn pntvn tn se ntikalsvsin ntikalsvsn se 14.12 soi ntapdoma ntapdom soi 14.13 poi_w dox}n dox|n poi_w 14.13 nap}rouw naperouw

14.5 14.6 14.9 14.10 14.10 14.12



14.14 - 14.27

tuflow: 14 ka makriow s+, ti o[k xousin ntapodona soi: ntapodoy}setai gr soi \n t_ nastsei tn dikavn. &Akosaw d tiw tn sunanakeimnvn tata epen a[t!, Makriow, $ w fgetai riston \n t_ basile to yeo. 16 ^O o d epen a[t!, *Anyrvpw tiw \pohsen depnon mga, ka \klesen pollow: 17 ka psteilen tn dolon a[to t_ % vr to depnou epen tow keklhmnoiw, *Erxesye, ti dh toim \stin pnta. 18 Ka rjanto p miw paraitesyai pntew. ^O prtow epen a[t!, &Agrn grasa, ka xv ngkhn \jelye n ka den a[tn: \rvt se, xe me par+thmnon. 19 Ka terow epen, Zegh bon grasa pnte, ka poreomai dokimsai a[t: \rvt se, xe me par+thmnon. 20 Ka terow epen, Gunaka ghma, ka di toto o[ dnamai \lyen. 21 Ka paragenmenow ` dolow \kenow p}ggeilen t! kur~ a[to tata. Tte rgisyew ` okodespthw epen t! dol~ a[to, *Ejelye taxvw ew tw plateaw ka ]maw tw plevw, ka tow ptvxow ka nap}rouw ka xvlow ka tuflow esgage @de. 22 Ka epen ` dolow, Krie, ggonen qw \ptajaw, ka ti tpow \stn. 23 Ka epen ` kriow prw tn dolon, *Ejelye ew tw `dow ka fragmow, ka ngkason eselyen, na gemisy_ ` okow mou. 24 Lgv gr mn ti o[dew tn ndrn \kenvn tn keklhmnvn geseta mou to depnou. Pollo gr esin klhto, lgoi d \klekto. Suneporeonto d a[t! xloi pollo: ka strafew epen prw a[tow, 26 E tiw rxetai prw me, ka o[ mise tn patra a[to, ka t|n mhtra, ka t|n gunaka, ka t tkna, ka tow ^ delfow, ka tw delfw, ti d ka t|n eauto cux}n, o[ 27 dnata mou mayht|w enai. Ka stiw o[ bastzei tn staurn ato ka rxetai psv mou, o[ dnatai ena mou
14.15 $ w fgetai riston stiw o fgetai rton 14.16 \pohsen \poei 14.17 pnta 14.18 paraitesyai pntew pntew paraitesyai 14.18 \jelyen ka \jelyWn 14.21 \kenow 14.21 nap}rouw naperouw 14.21 xvlow ka tuflow tuflow ka xvlow 14.22 qw $ o 14.23 ` okow mou mou ` okow 14.24 Pollo gr esin klhto lgoi d \klekto ^ 14.26 a[to ka eauto ka 14.26 d te ^ ^ 14.26 eauto cux}n cux|n eauto 14.26 mou mayht|w enai ena mou mayht}w 14.27 Ka stiw %O stiw ^ 14.27 ato eauto
25 15


14.28 - 15.7

mayht}w. 28 Tw gr \j mn, ` ylvn prgon okodomsai, o[x prton kaysaw chfzei t|n dapnhn, e xei t ew partismn; 29 %Ina m}pote, yntow a[to yemlion ka m| sxon t o w \k t el s a i , pntew o yev r o n t ew rjvntai \mpazein a[t!, 30 lgontew, ti Otow ` nyrvpow rjato okodomen, ka o[k sxusen \ktelsai. 31 (H tw basilew ^ poreumenow sumbalen e tr~ basile ew plemon o[x kaysaw prton bouleetai e dunatw \stin \n dka xilisin pantsai t! met ekosi xilidvn \rxomn~ \p' a[tn; 32 E d m}ge, ti prrv a[to ntow, presbean postelaw \rvt t prw er}nhn. 33 O % tvw o{n pw \j mn $ w o[k potssetai u o ^ psin tow eauto prxousin, o[ dnata mou enai mayht}w. 34 Kaln t law: \n d t law mvrany_, \n tni rtuy}setai; 35 Ote ew gn ote ew kopran eyetn \stin: jv bllousin a[t. ^O xvn ta koein koutv.



)Hsan d \ggzontew a[t! pntew o telnai ka o ^ a martvlo, koein a[to. 2 Ka dieggguzon o ^ Farisaoi ka o grammatew lgontew ti Otow amartvlow prosdxetai, ka sunesyei a[tow.
Epen d prw a[tow t|n parabol|n tathn, lgvn, 4 Tw ^ nyrvpow \j mn xvn ekatn prbata, ka polsaw n \j a[tn, o[ katalepei t \nen}konta \nna \n t_ \r}m~, ka poreetai \p t polvlw, vw e% r+ a[t; 5 Ka erWn u * ^ \pityhsin \p tow vmouw eauto xarvn. 6 ka \lyWn ew tn okon, sugkale tow flouw ka tow getonaw, lgvn a[tow, Sugxrht moi, ti eron t prbatn mou t polvlw. 7 ^ Lgv mn ti o % tvw xar stai \n t! o[ran! \p e n u ^ a martvl! metanoonti, ( \p \nen}konta \nna dikaoiw, h otinew o[ xrean xousin metanoaw.

14.28 14.28 14.29 14.31 14.31 14.31 14.32 14.32 14.33

` t \mpazein a[t! a[t! \mpazein ^ ^ sumbalen etr~ basile etr~ basile sumbalen bouleetai boulesetai pantsai pantsai m}ge m} ge prrv a[to a[to prrv mou enai ena mou

14.34 Kaln Kaln o{n 14.34 d d ka 15.1 \ggzontew a[t! a[t! \ggzontew 15.2 Farisaoi te Farisaoi 15.4 n \j a[tn \j a[tn n ^ 15.5 eauto a[to 15.7 stai \n t! o[ran! \n t! o[ran! stai


(H tw gun| draxmw xousa dka, \n pols+ draxm|n man, o[x ptei lxnon, ka saro t|n okan, ka zhte \pimelw vw tou e% r+; 9 Ka erosa sugkaletai tw flaw u ka tw getonaw, lgousa, Sugxrht moi, ti eron t|n u draxm|n n pQlesa. 10 O % tvw, lgv mn, xar gnetai ^ ^ \nQpion tn gglvn to yeo \p en amartvl! metanoonti. Epen d, *Anyrvpw tiw exen do uow: 12 ka epen ` neQterow a[tn t! patr, Pter, dw moi t \pibllon mrow tw o[saw. Ka dielen a[tow tn bon. 13 Ka met' o[ pollw =mraw sunagagWn panta ` neQterow uw ped}mhsen ew xQran makrn, ka \ke dieskrpisen t|n o[san a[to, zn sQtvw. 14 Dapan}santow d a[to pnta, \gneto limw sxurw kat t|n xQran \kenhn, ka a[tw rjato ^ steresyai. 15 Ka poreuyew \koll}yh en tn politn tw xQraw \kenhw: ka pemcen a[tn ew tow grow a[to bskein xorouw. 16 Ka \peymei gemsai t|n koilan ato p tn keratvn @n syion o xoroi: ka o[dew \ddou a[t!. 17 ^ Ew eautn d \lyWn epen, Psoi msyioi to patrw mou perisseousin rtvn, \gW d lim! pllumai: 18 nastw poresomai prw tn patra mou, ka \r a[t!, Pter, % marton ew tn o[rann ka \nQpin sou: 19 ka o[kti em h jiow klhynai uw sou: pohsn me qw na tn misyvn sou. 20 Ka nastw lyen prw tn patra a[to. *Eti d a[to makrn pxo n t o w, e d en a[tn ` pat|r a[to, ka \splagxnsyh, ka dramWn \ppesen \p tn trxhlon a[to, ka kateflhsen a[tn. 21 Epen d a[t! ` uw, Pter, % marton ew tn o[rann ka \nQpin sou, ka o[kti em h jiow klhynai uw sou. 22 Epen d ` pat|r prw tow dolouw a[to, &Ejengkate t|n stol|n t|n prQthn ka \ndsate a[tn, ka dte daktlion ew t|n xera a[to, ka pod}mata ew tow pdaw: 23 ka \ngkantew tn msxon tn
15.8 15.9 15.9 15.10 15.12 15.13 15.14 15.16 tou o sugkaletai sugkale tw getonaw getonaw xar gnetai gnetai xar Ka dielen ^O d dielen panta pnta sxurw sxur gemsai t|n koilan ato p xortasynai \k 15.17 epen fh 15.17 15.17 15.19 15.20 15.21 15.21 15.22 perisseousin perisseontai pllumai @de pllumai ka ^ patra a[to patra eauto a[t! ` uw ` uw a[t! ka o[kti o[kti &Ejengkate t|n Tax \jengkate 15.23 \ngkantew frete
11 8

15.8 - 15.23

^ patra eauto


15.24 - 16.7

siteutn ysate, ka fagntew e[franymen: 24 ti otow ` uw mou nekrw n, ka nzhsen: ka polvlWw n, ka eryh. Ka rjanto e[franesyai. 25 )Hn d ` uw a[to ` presbterow \n gr!: ka qw \rxmenow ggisen t_ ok, kousen sumfvnaw ka xorn. 26 Ka proskalesmenow na tn padvn, \punyneto t eh tata. 27 ^O d epen a[t! ti ^O delfw sou % kei: ka yusen ` pat}r sou tn msxon tn h siteutn, ti gianonta a[tn plaben. 28 &Vrgsyh d, ka o[k yelen eselyen: ` o{n pat|r a[to \jelyWn pareklei a[tn. 29 ^O d pokriyew epen t! patr, &Ido, tosata th doulev soi, ka o[dpote \ntol}n sou parlyon, ka \mo o[dpote dvkaw rifon, na met tn flvn mou e[frany. 30 %O te d ` uw sou otow ` katafagQn sou tn bon met pornn lyen, yusaw a[t! tn msxon tn siteutn. 31 ^O d epen a[t!, Tknon, s pntote met' \mo e, ka pnta t \m s \stin. 32 E[franynai d ka xarnai dei: ti ` delfw sou otow nekrw n, ka nzhsen: ka polvlWw n, ka eryh.


*Elegen d ka prw tow mayhtw a[to, *Anyrvpw tiw n plosiow, $ w exen okonmon: ka otow o diebl}yh a[t! qw diaskorpzvn t prxonta a[to. 2 Ka fvn}saw a[tn epen a[t!, T toto kov per so; &Apdow tn lgon tw okonomaw sou: o[ gr dn}s+ ti okonomen. 3 ^ Epen d \n eaut! ` okonmow, T poi}sv, ti ` kriw mou fairetai t|n okonoman p' \mo; Skptein o[k sxv, \paiten asxnomai. 4 *Egnvn t poi}sv, na, tan metastay tw okonomaw, djvnta me ew tow okouw a[tn. 5 Ka proskalesmenow na kaston tn xrevfeiletn to kurou ^ eauto, legen t! prQt~, Pson feleiw t! kur~ mou; 6 ^O d epen, ^Ekatn btouw \laou. Ka epen a[t!, Djai sou t grmma, ka kaysaw taxvw grcon pent}konta. 7 *Epeita ^ etr~ epen, S d pson feleiw; ^O d epen, ^Ekatn krouw
16.1 16.2 16.4 16.5 16.6 16.6 zhsen ka polvlWw mayhtw a[to mayhtw dn}s+ dn+ tw \k tw xrevfeiletn xreofeiletn Ka epen ^O d epen t grmma t grmmata

15.24 15.26 15.28 15.29 15.30

ka polvlWw n n polvlWw eh n eh o{n d patr patr a[to msxon tn siteutn siteutn msxon 15.32 nzhsen ka polvlWw n


stou. Ka lgei a[t!, Djai sou t grmma, ka grcon gdo}konta. 8 Ka \pnesen ` kriow tn okonmon tw dikaw ti fronmvw \pohsen: ti o uo to anow totou fronimQteroi pr tow uow to fvtw ew t|n genen t|n ^ ^ eautn esin. 9 KgW mn lgv, Poi}sate eautow flouw \k to mamvn tw dikaw, na, tan \klphte, djvntai mw ew tw avnouw skhnw. 10 ^O pistw \n \laxst~ ka \n poll! pistw \stin, ka ` \n \laxst~ dikow ka \n poll! dikw \stin. 11 E o{n \n t! dk~ mamvn pisto o[k \gnesye, t lhyinn tw mn pistesei; 12 Ka e \n t! llotr~ pisto o[k \gnesye, t mteron tw mn dQsei; 13 O[dew okthw dnatai dusn kuroiw douleein: ( gr tn na mis}sei, ka h ( e nw nyj et a i , ka to e trou ^ ^ tn teron gap}sei: h katafron}sei. O[ dnasye ye! douleein ka mamvn. *Hkouon d tata pnta ka o Farisaoi filrguroi prxontew, ka \jemukt}rizon a[tn. 15 Ka epen a[tow, ^ ^Umew \ste o dikaiontew eautow \nQpion tn nyrQpvn, ` d yew ginQskei tw kardaw mn: ti t \n nyrQpoiw chln bdlugma \nQpion to yeo . 16 ^O nmow ka o proftai vw &Ivnnou: p tte = basilea to yeo e[aggelzetai, ka pw ew a[t|n bizetai. 17 E[kopQteron d \stin tn o[rann ka t|n gn parelyen, ( to nmou man h keraan pesen. 18 Pw ` polvn t|n gunaka a[to ka ^ gamn etran moixeei: ka pw ` polelumnhn p ndrw gamn moixeei. *A n y r v p o w d tiw n plosiow, ka \nedidsketo porfran ka bsson, e[frainmenow kay' =mran lamprw. 20 Ptvxw d tiw n nmati Lzarow, $ w \bblhto prw tn o 21 pulna a[to =lkvmnow ka \piyumn xortasynai p tn cixvn tn piptntvn p tw trapzhw to plousou: ll ka o knew \rxmenoi pleixon t lkh a[to. 22 &Egneto d poyanen tn ptvxn, ka penexynai a[tn
16.7 Ka lgei Lgei 16.7 t grmma t grmmata 16.9 KgW Ka \gW ^ 16.9 Poi}sate eautow ^Eautow poi}sate 16.9 \klphte \klp+ 16.14 ka o o 16.16 vw mxri 16.18 ka pw ka 16.20 n nmati Lzarow $ w nmati o Lzarow 16.20 =lkvmnow elkvmnow 16.21 tn cixvn 16.21 pleixon \pleixon
19 14

16.8 - 16.22


16.23 - 17.4

p tn gglvn ew tn klpon &Abram: pyanen d ka ` plosiow, ka \tfh. 23 Ka \n t! %A d+ \praw tow fyalmow a[to, prxvn \n basnoiw, `r tn &Abram p makryen, ka Lzaron \n tow klpoiw a[to. 24 Ka a[tw fvn}saw epen, Pter &Abram, \lhsn me, ka pmcon Lzaron, na bc+ t kron to daktlou a[to % datow, ka u katacj+ t|n glssn mou: ti dunmai \n t_ flog tat+. 25 Epen d &Abram, Tknon, mn}syhti ti plabew s t gay sou \n t_ zv_ sou, ka Lzarow `movw t kak: nn d @de parakaletai, s d dunsai. 26 Ka \p psin totoiw, meta j =mn ka mn xsma mga \st}riktai, pvw o ylontew diabnai nyen prw mw m| dnvntai, mhd o \keyen prw =mw diapersin. 27 Epen d, &Ervt o{n se, pter, na pmc+w a[tn ew tn okon to patrw mou, 28 xv gr pnte delfow, pvw diamartrhtai a[tow, na m| ka a[to lyvsin ew tn tpon toton tw basnou. 29 Lgei a[t! &Abram, *Exousin Mvsa ka tow prof}taw: koustvsan a[tn. 30 ^O d epen, O[x, pter &Abram: ll' \n tiw p nekrn poreuy_ prw a[tow, metano}sousin. 31 Epen d a[t!, E Mvsvw ka tn profhtn o[k koousin, o[d, \n tiw \k nekrn nast_, peisy}sontai.


Epen d prw tow mayhtw, &Anndektn \stin to m| \l ye n t skndala: o[a d di' o rxet a i . 2 Lusitele a[t! e mlow nikw perkeitai per tn trxhlon a[to, ka rriptai ew t|n ylassan, ( na skandals+ na h ^ ^ tn mikrn totvn. 3 Prosxete eautow. &En d amrt+ ew s ` delfw sou, \pitmhson a[t!: ka \n metano}s+, few ^ ^ ^ a[t!. 4 Ka \n eptkiw tw =mraw amrt+ ew s, ka eptkiw tw =mraw \pistrc+, lgvn, Metano, f}seiw a[t!,

16.23 16.25 16.26 16.26 16.27 16.29 16.29 16.31 16.31 17.1

tn s t t \p \n o \keyen \keyen o{n se se o{n Lgei a[t! Lgei d Mvsa Mvsa Mvsvw Mvsvw o[d o[d' mayhtw mayhtw a[to

17.1 17.1 17.2 17.2 17.3 17.4 17.4

m| \lyen t skndala t skndala m| \lyen o[a d pl|n o[a mlow nikw lyow mulikw na tn mikrn totvn tn mikrn totvn na ^ ^ d amrt+ ew s amrt+ ^ ^ amrt+ amart}s+ tw =mraw \pistrc+ \pistrc+ prw s


Ka epon o pstoloi t! kur~, Prsyew =mn pstin. Epen d ` kriow, E xete pstin qw kkkon sinpevw, \lgete n t_ sukamn~ tat+, &EkrizQyhti, ka futeyhti \n t_ yalss+: ka p}kousen n mn. 7 Tw d \j mn dolon xvn rotrinta ( poimanonta, $ w eselynti \k to gro h o \re e[yvw, ParelyWn npese: 8 ll' o[x \re a[t!, ^Etomason t deipn}sv, ka perizvsmenow diaknei moi, vw fgv ka pv: ka met tata fgesai ka pesai s; 9 M| xrin xei t! dol~ \ken~ ti \pohsen t diataxynta; o[ dok. 10 O % tvw ka mew, tan poi}shte pnta t diataxynta u $ mn, lgete ti Doloi xreo \smen: ti o felomen poisai pepoi}kamen.
6 5

17.5 - 17.21

& vfelomen

Ka \gneto \n t! poreesyai a[tn ew ^Ierousal}m, ka a[tw di}rxeto di msou Samareaw ka Galilaaw. 12 Ka eserxomnou a[to ew tina kQmhn, p}nthsan a[t! dka lepro ndrew, o$ sthsan prrvyen: 13 ka a[to ran i fvn}n, lgontew, &Ihso, \pistta, \lhson =mw. 14 Ka dWn ^ epen a[tow, Poreuyntew \pidejate eautow tow eresin. Ka \gneto \n t! pgein a[tow, \kayarsyhsan. 15 E<w d \j a[tn, dWn ti yh, pstrecen, met fvnw meglhw dojzvn tn yen: 16 ka pesen \p prsvpon par tow pdaw a[to, e[xaristn a[t!: ka a[tw n Samarethw. 17 &Apokriyew d ` &Ihsow epen, O[x o dka \kayarsyhsan; O d \nna po; 18 O[x eryhsan postrcantew donai djan t! ye!, e m| ` llogen|w otow, 19 ka epen a[t!, &Anastw poreou: = pstiw sou ssvkn se. &Epervthyew d p tn Farisavn, pte rxetai = basilea to yeo, pekryh a[tow ka epen, O[k rxetai = basilea to yeo met parathr}sevw: 21 o[d \rosin, &Ido @de, , &Ido \ke. &Ido gr, = basilea to yeo \ntw mn \stn.


17.5 17.6 17.7 17.9 17.9 17.9

epon epan tat+ tat+ \re \re a[t! xrin xei xei xrin \ken~ o[ dok

17.10 17.11 17.11 17.12 17.16 17.21

ti $ felomen $ vfelomen o o& a[tn msou mson a[t! a[t! Samarethw Samarthw &Ido \ke &Eke


17.22 - 17.37


Epen d prw tow mayhtw, &Elesontai =mrai te \piyum}sete man tn =mern to uo to nyrQpou den, ka o[k cesye. 23 Ka \rosin mn, &Ido @de, , &Ido \ke: m| plyhte, mhd diQjhte. 24 %V s p er gr = strap| = strptousa \k tw p' o[rann ew t|n p' o[rann lmpei, o % tv w s t a i ` uw to nyrQpou \n t_ =mr a[to. u 25 Prton d de a[tn poll payen ka podokimasynai p tw genew tathw. 26 Ka kayWw \gneto \n taw =mraiw Ne, o% tvw stai ka \n taw =mraiw to uo to nyrQpou. u 27 *Hsyion, pinon, \gmoun, \jegamzonto, xri w =mraw eslyen Ne ew t|n kibvtn, ka lyen ` kataklusmw, ka pQlesen pantaw. 28 ^O movw ka qw \gneto \n taw =mraiw LQt: syion, pinon, grazon, \pQloun, \fteuon, kodmoun: 29 " d =mr \jlyen LWt p Sodmvn, brejen pr ka yeon p' o[rano, ka pQlesen pantaw: 30 kat tata stai " =mr ` uw to nyrQpou pokalptetai. 31 &En \ken+ t_ =mr, $ w stai \p to dQmatow, ka t skeh o a[to \n t_ ok, m| katabtv rai a[t: ka ` \n t! gr! `movw m| \pistrectv ew t psv. 32 Mnhmoneete tw gunaikw LQt. 33 $O w \n zht}s+ t|n cux|n a[to ssai polsei a[t}n: ka $ w \n pols+ a[t|n z~ogon}sei a[t}n. o 34 Lgv mn, tat+ t_ nukt sontai do \p klnhw miw: e<w paralhfy}setai, ka ` terow fey}setai. 35 Do sontai ^ l}yousai \p t a[t: ma paralhfy}setai, ka = e tra 36 37 Ka pokriyntew lgousin a[t!, Po, fey}setai. krie; ^O d epen a[tow, %Opou t sma, \ke sunaxy}sontai o eto.

17.23 @de &Ido \ke \ke &Ido @de 17.24 = strptousa strptousa 17.24 p' o[rann ew p tn o[rann ew 17.24 \n t_ =mr a[to \n t_ =mr a[to 17.27 \jegamzonto \gamzonto 17.27 pantaw pntaw 17.28 ka qw kayWw 17.29 pantaw pntaw 17.30 tata t a[t

t! ssai peripoi}sasyai ka $ w \n $ w d' n o o pols+ a[t|n pols+ e<w paralhfy}setai ` e<w paralhmfy}setai 17.35 Do sontai *Esontai do 17.35 ma paralhfy}setai ka = = ma paralhmfy}setai = d 17.37 sunaxy}sontai o eto ka o eto \pisunaxy}sontai

17.31 17.33 17.33 17.33 17.34



18.1 - 18.16


*Elegen d ka parabol|n a[tow prw t den pntote prosexesyai, ka m| \kkaken, 2 lgvn, Krit}w tiw n n tini plei, tn yen m| fobomenow, ka nyrvpon m| \ntrepmenow: 3 x}ra d n \n t_ plei \ken+, ka rxeto prw a[tn, lgousa, &Ekdkhsn me p to ntidkou mou. 4 Ka ^ o[k ylhsen \p xrnon: met d tata epen \n eaut!, E ka tn yen o[ fobomai, ka nyrvpon o[k \ntrpomai: 5 di ge t parxein moi kpon t|n x}ran tathn, \kdik}sv a[t}n, na m| ew tlow \rxomnh popiz+ me. 6 Epen d ` kriow, &Akosate t ` krit|w tw dikaw lgei. 7 ^O d yew o[ m| poi}s+ t|n \kdkhsin tn \klektn a[to tn boQntvn prw a[tn =mraw ka nuktw, ka makroyumn \p' a[tow; 8 Lgv mn ti poi}sei t|n \kdkhsin a[tn \n txei. Pl|n ` uw to nyrQpou \lyWn ra er}sei t|n pstin \p tw gw;
^ Epen d prw tinaw tow pepoiytaw \f' eautow ti esn dkaioi, ka \jouyenontaw tow loipow, t|n parabol|n tathn: 10 *A n y r v p o i do nbhsan ew t ern prosejasyai: ` e<w Farisaow, ka ` terow telQnhw. 11 ^O ^ Farisaow stayew prw eautn tata proshxeto, ^O yew, % e[xarist soi ti o[k em vsper o loipo tn nyrQpvn, rpagew, dikoi, moixo, ( ka qw otow ` telQnhw. 12 Nhstev h dw to sabbtou, podekat pnta sa ktmai. 13 Ka ` ^ telQnhw makryen estWw o[k yelen o[d tow fyalmow ew tn o[rann \prai, ll' tupten ew t styow a[to, lgvn, ^ ^O yew, lsyht moi t! a martvl!. 14 Lgv mn, katbh otow dedikaivmnow ew tn okon a[to ( gr \kenow: ti pw h ^ ^ ` cn e autn tapeinvy}setai, ` d tapeinn e autn cvy}setai. Prosferon d a[t! ka t brfh, na a[tn pthtai: dntew d o mayhta \petmhsan a[tow. 16 ^O d &Ihsow proskalesmenow a[t epen, *Afete t paida rxesyai prw
15 9


18.1 ka parabol|n parabol|n 18.1 prosexesyai prosexesyai a[tow 18.1 \kkaken \gkaken 18.4 ylhsen yelen 18.4 ka nyrvpon o[k o[d nyrvpon 18.5 popiz+ pvpiz+ 18.7 prw a[tn a[t! 18.7 makroyumn makroyume

18.9 prw ka prw 18.13 Ka ` ` d 18.13 ew tn o[rann \prai \prai ew tn o[rann 18.13 tupten ew tupten 18.14 ( gr \kenow par' \kenon h 18.15 \petmhsan \petmvn 18.16 proskalesmenow a[t epen prosekalsato a[t lgvn


18.17 - 18.32


me, ka m| kvlete a[t: tn gr toiotvn \stn = basilea to yeo. 17 &Am|n lgv mn, $ w \n m| djhtai t|n basilean o to yeo qw paidon, o[ m| esly+ ew a[t}n. Ka \phrQthsn tiw a[tn rxvn, lgvn, Didskale gay, t poi}saw zv|n aQnion klhronom}sv; 19 Epen d a[t! ` &Ihsow, T me lgeiw gayn; O[dew gayw, e m| e<w, ` yew. 20 Tw \ntolw odaw, M| moixes+w, m| fones+w, m| klc+w, m| ceudomartur}s+w, tma tn patra sou ka t|n mhtra sou. 21 ^O d epen, Tata pnta \fulajmhn \k nethtw mou. 22 &Akosaw d tata ` &Ihsow epen a[t!, *Eti n soi lepei: pnta sa xeiw pQlhson, ka didow ptvxow, ka jeiw yhsaurn \n o[ran!: ka dero, koloyei moi. 23 ^O d kosaw tata perlupow \gneto: n gr plosiow sfdra. 24 &IdWn d a[tn ` &Ihsow perlupon genmenon epen, Pw dusklvw o t xr}mata xontew eselesontai ew t|n basilean to yeo. 25 E[kopQteron gr \stin kmhlon di trumaliw ]afdow eselye n , ( plosion ew t|n h basilean to yeo eselyen. 26 Epon d o kosantew, Ka tw dnatai svynai; 27 ^O d epen, T dnata par nyrQpoiw dunat \stin par t! ye!. 28 Epen d Ptrow, &Ido, =mew f}kamen pnta, ka kolouy}samn soi. 29 ^O d epen a[tow, &Am|n lgv mn ti o[dew \stin $ w fken o okan, ( gonew, ( delfow, ( gunaka, ( tkna, neken tw h h h h basileaw to yeo, 30 $ w o[ m| polb+ pollaplasona \n o t! kair! tot~, ka \n t! ani t! \rxomn~ zv|n aQnion. ParalabWn d tow dQdeka, epen prw a[tow, &Ido, nabanomen ew ^Ierosluma, ka telesy}setai pnta t gegrammna di tn profhtn t! u! to nyrQpou. 32 Paradoy}setai gr tow ynesin, ka \mpaixy}setai, ka
18.17 18.20 18.21 18.21 18.22 18.22 18.23 18.24 \n n mhtra sou mhtra \fulajmhn \flaja mou tata o[ran! tow o[ranow \gneto \gen}yh perlupon genmenon perlupon genmenon 18.24 eselesontai 18.24 yeo yeo esporeontai 18.25 trumaliw ]afdow tr}matow belnhw 18.26 Epon Epan 18.27 \stin par t! ye! par t! ye! \stin 18.28 Ptrow ` Ptrow 18.28 f}kamen pnta ka fntew t dia 18.29 gonew gunaka 18.29 gunaka gonew 18.30 o[ m| polb+ o[x m| polb+ 18.31 ^Ierosluma &Ierousal}m
31 18


brisy}setai, ka \mptusy}setai, 33 ka mastigQsantew poktenosin a[tn: ka t_ =mr t_ trt+ nast}setai. 34 Ka a[to o[dn totvn sunkan, ka n t ]ma toto kekrummnon p' a[tn, ka o[k \gnvskon t legmena. &Egneto d \n t! \ggzein a[tn ew &IerixQ, tuflw tiw \kyhto par t|n `dn prosaitn: 36 kosaw d xlou diaporeuomnou, \punyneto t eh toto. 37 &Ap}ggeilan d a[t! ti &Ihsow ` Nazvraow parrxetai. 38 Ka \bhsen, lgvn, &Ihso, u Daud, \lhsn me. 39 Ka o progontew \petmvn a[t! na sivp}s+: a[tw d poll! mllon krazen, U Daud, \lhsn me. 40 Stayew d ` &Ihsow \kleusen a[tn xynai prw a[tn: \ggsantow d a[to \phrQthsen a[tn, 41 lgvn, T soi yleiw poi}sv; ^O d epen, Krie, na nablcv. 42 Ka ` &Ihsow epen a[t!, &Anblecon: = pstiw sou ssvkn se. 43 Ka paraxrma nblecen, ka koloyei a[t!, dojzvn tn yen: ka pw ` law dWn dvken anon t! ye!.

18.33 - 19.9

Ka eselyWn di}rxeto t|n &IerixQ. 2 Ka do, n|r nmati kalomenow Zakxaow, ka a[tw n rxitelQnhw, ka otow n plosiow. 3 Ka \z}tei den tn &Ihson tw \stin, ka o[k dnato p to xlou, ti t_ =lik mikrw n. 4 Ka prodramWn mprosyen nbh \p sukomvraan na d+ a[tn: ti \kenhw mellen dirxesyai. 5 Ka qw lyen \p tn tpon, nablcaw ` &Ihsow eden a[tn, ka epen prw a[tn, Zakxae, spesaw katbhyi: s}meron gr \n t! ok~ sou de me menai. 6 Ka spesaw katbh, ka pedjato a[tn xarvn. 7 Ka dntew pntew ^ dieggguzon, lgontew ti Par amartvl! ndr eslyen 8 katalsai. Stayew d Zakxaow epen prw tn krion, &Ido, t =msh tn parxntvn mou, krie, ddvmi tow ptvxow: ka e tinw ti \sukofnthsa, poddvmi tetraplon. 9 Epen d prw a[tn ` &Ihsow ti S}meron svthra t! ok~


di' \kenhw

18.35 18.39 18.41 19.2 19.4 19.4

prosaitn \paitn sivp}s+ sig}s+ lgvn otow n a[tw mprosyen ew t mprosyen sukomvraan sukomoran

19.4 mellen mellen 19.5 eden a[tn ka 19.8 =msh =msi mou 19.8 mou krie krie 19.8 ddvmi tow ptvxow tow ptvxow ddvmi


19.10 - 19.26


tot~ \gneto, kayti ka a[tw uw &Abram \stin. 10 )Hlyen gr ` uw to nyrQpou zhtsai ka ssai t polvlw. &Akountvn d a[tn tata, prosyew epen parabol}n, di t \ggw a[tn enai ^Ierousal}m, ka doken a[tow ti paraxrma mllei = basilea to yeo nafanesyai. 12 Epen o{n, *Anyrvpw tiw e[gen|w \poreyh ew xQran ^ makrn , laben e aut! basilean, ka postrcai. 13 ^ Kalsaw d dka dolouw eauto, dvken a[tow dka mnw, ka epen prw a[tow, Pragmatesasye vw rxomai. 14 O d poltai a[to \msoun a[tn, ka psteilan presbean psv a[to, lgontew, O[ ylomen toton basilesai \f' =mw. 15 Ka \gneto \n t! \panelyen a[tn labnta t|n basilean, ka epen fvnhynai a[t! tow dolouw totouw, o<w dvken t rgrion, na gn! tw t diepragmatesato. 16 Paregneto d ` prtow, lg v n , Krie, = mn sou proseirgsato dka mnw. 17 Ka epen a[t!, E{, gay dole: ti \n \laxst~ pistw \gnou, syi \jousan xvn \pnv dka plevn. 18 Ka lyen ` deterow, lgvn, Krie, = mn sou \pohsen pnte mnw. 19 Epen d ka tot~, Ka s gnou \pnv pnte plevn. 20 Ka terow lyen, lgvn, Krie, do, = mn sou, n exon pokeimnhn \n soudar~: 21 \fobomhn gr se, ti nyrvpow a[sthrw e: areiw $ o[k yh k a w, ka o yerzeiw $ o[k speiraw. 22 Lgei d a[t!, &Ek to stmatw o so u krin se, ponhr dole. *H dei w ti \gW nyrvpow a[sthrw emi, arvn $ o[k yhka, ka yerzvn $ o[k speira: o o 23 ka di t o[k dvkw t rgrin mou \p trpezan, ka \gW \lyWn sn tk~ n praja a[t; 24 Ka tow parestsin epen, *Arate p' a[to t|n mnn, ka dte t! tw dka mnw xonti. 25 Ka epon a[t!, Krie, xei dka mnw. 26 Lgv gr mn, ti pant t! xonti doy}setai: p d to m| xontow, ka $ xei o
19.11 a[tn enai ^Ierousal}m enai &Ierousal|m a[tn 19.13 vw \n > 19.15 dvken dedQkei 19.15 gn! tw t diepragmatesato gno t diepragmatesanto 19.16 proseirgsato dka dka proshrgsato 19.17 E{ E{ge 19.18 Krie = mn sou ^H mn sou 19.19 19.20 19.22 19.23 19.23 19.23 19.25 19.26 krie gnou \pnv \pnv gnou terow ` terow d t rgrin mou mou t rgrion ka \gW kgW praja a[t a[t praja epon epan gr




19.27 - 19.42

ry}setai p' a[to. 27 Pl|n tow \xyrow mou \kenouw, tow m| yel}santw me basilesai \p' a[tow, ggete @de, ka katasfjate mprosyn mou. Ka epWn tata, \poreeto mprosyen, nabanvn ew ^Ierosluma. Ka \gneto qw ggisen ew Bhysfag| ka Bhyanan prw t row t kalomenon &Elain, psteilen do tn mayhtn a[to, 30 epQn, ^Upgete ew t|n katnanti kQmhn: \n " esporeumenoi er}sete plon dedemnon, \f' $ n o[dew o pQpote nyrQpvn \kyisen: lsantew a[tn ggete. 31 Ka \n tiw mw \rvt, Di t lete; O % tvw \rete a[t! ti ^O u 32 kriow a[to xrean xei. &Apelyntew d o pestalmnoi eron kayWw epen a[tow. 33 Luntvn d a[tn tn plon, epon o krioi a[to prw a[tow, T lete tn plon; 34 O d epon, ^O kriow a[to xrean xei. 35 Ka gagon a[tn prw ^ tn &Ihson: ka \pirrcantew eautn t mtia \p tn plon, \p eb b a s a n tn &Ihson. 36 Poreuomnou d a[to, pestrQnnuon t mtia a[tn \n t_ `d!. 37 &Eggzontow d a[to dh prw t_ katabsei to rouw tn &Elain, rjanto pan t plyow tn mayhtn xarontew anen tn yen fvn_ megl+ per pasn @n edon dunmevn, 38 lgontew, E[loghmnow ` \rxmenow basilew \n nmati kurou: er}nh \n o[ran!, ka dja \n cstoiw. Ka tinew tn Farisavn p to xlou epon prw a[tn, Didskale, \pitmhson tow mayhtaw sou. 40 Ka pokriyew epen a[tow, Lgv mn ti, \n otoi sivp}svsin, o lyoi kekrjontai.
42 39 29 Bhyfag| 28

Ka qw ggisen, dWn t|n plin, klausen \p' a[t_, lgvn ti E gnvw ka s, ka ge \n t_ =mr sou tat+, t
p' a[to \kenouw totouw mprosyn a[tow mprosyn Bhysfag| ka Bhyanan Bhyfag| ka Bhyanan a[to epQn lgvn lsantew ka lsantew a[t! epon epan epon epan ti ^ \pirrcantew eautn \pircantew a[tn 19.38 basilew ` basilew 19.38 er}nh \n o[ran! \n o[ran! er}nh 19.39 epon epan 19.40 a[tow 19.40 ti 19.40 sivp}svsin sivp}sousin 19.40 kekrjontai krjousin 19.41 a[t_ a[t}n 19.42 ka s ka ge 19.42 sou tat+ tat+ ka s


19.26 19.27 19.27 19.29 19.29 19.30 19.30 19.31 19.33 19.34 19.35


19.43 - 20.10


prw er}nhn sou: nn d \krbh p fyalmn sou. 43 %O ti % jousin =mrai \p s, ka peribalosin o \xyr o sou h xrak soi, ka perikuklQsousn se, ka sunjousn se pntoyen, 44 ka \dafiosn se ka t tkna sou \n so, ka o[k f}sousin \n so lyon \p ly~: ny' @n o[k gnvw tn kairn tw \piskopw sou. Ka eselyWn ew t ern, rjato \kbllein tow pvlontaw \n a[t! ka gorzontaw, 46 lgvn a[tow, Ggraptai, ^O okw mou okow proseuxw \stn: mew d a[tn \poi}sate sp}laion l+stn. 47 Ka n didskvn t kay' =mran \n t! er!: o d rxierew ka o grammatew \z}toun u a[tn polsai, ka o prtoi to lao: 48 ka o[x e% riskon t t poi}svsin, ` law gr paw \jekrmato a[to kovn.


Ka \gneto \n mi tn =mern \kenvn, didskontow a[to tn lan \n t! er! ka e[aggelizomnou, \psthsan o erew ka o grammatew sn tow presbutroiw, 2 ka epn prw a[tn, lgontew, Ep =mn, \n po \jous tata poiew, ( tw \stin ` dow soi t|n \jousan tathn; h 3 &Apokriyew d epen prw a[tow, &Ervt}sv mw kgW na lgon, ka epat moi: 4 T bptisma &Ivnnou \j o[rano n, ^ ( \j nyrQpvn; 5 O d sunelogsanto prw eautow, lgontew h ti &En epvmen, &Ej o[rano, \re, Di t o[k \pistesate a[t!; 6 &E n d epvmen, &Ej nyrQpvn, pw ` law kataliysei =mw: pepeismnow gr \stin &Ivnnhn prof}thn enai. 7 Ka pekryhsan m| ednai pyen. 8 Ka ` &Ihsow epen a[tow, O[d \gW lgv mn \n po \jous tata poi.
*Hrjato d prw tn lan lgein t|n parabol|n tathn: *Anyrvpow \fteusen mpelna, ka \jdoto a[tn gevrgow, ka ped}mhsen xrnouw kanow: 10 ka \n kair! psteilen prw tow gevrgow dolon, na p to karpo to

19.42 er}nhn sou er}nhn 19.43 peribalosin parembalosin 19.44 \n so lyon \p ly~ lyon \p lyon \n so 19.45 \n a[t! ka gorzontaw 19.46 ^O Ka stai ` 19.46 \stn 20.1 \kenvn

erew rxierew epn prw a[tn lgontew Ep epan lgontew prw a[tn Epn 20.3 na 20.6 pw ` law ` law paw 20.9 \fteusen tiw \fteusen 20.9 \jdoto \jdeto 20.10 \n

20.1 20.2



20.11 - 20.25

mpelnow dsin a[t!: o d gevrgo derantew a[tn \japsteilan kenn. 11 Ka prosyeto pmcai teron dolon: o d kkenon derantew ka timsantew, \japsteilan kenn. 12 Ka prosyeto pmcai trton: o d ka toton traumatsantew \jbalon. 13 Epen d ` kriow to mpelnow, T poi}sv; Pmcv tn un mou tn gaphtn: svw toton dntew \ntrap}sontai. 14 &Idntew d a[tn o ^ gevrgo dielogzonto prw eautow, lgontew, Otw \stin ` klhronmow: dete, poktenvmen a[tn, na =mn gnhtai = klhronoma. 15 Ka \kbalntew a[tn jv to mpelnow, pkteinan. T o{n poi}sei a[tow ` kriow to mpelnow; 16 &Elesetai ka polsei tow gevrgow totouw, ka dQsei tn mpelna lloiw. &Akosantew d epon, M| gnoito. 17 ^O d \mblcaw a[tow epen, T o{n \stin t gegrammnon toto, Lyon $ n pedokmasan o okodomontew, otow \gen}yh ew o kefal|n gvnaw; 18 Pw ` pesWn \p' \kenon tn lyon, sunylasy}setai: \f' $ n d' n ps+, likm}sei a[tn. o Ka \z}thsan o rxierew ka o grammatew \pibalen % \p ' a[tn tw xe r a w \n a[t_ t_ v r, ka \fob}yhsan: gnvsan gr ti prw a[tow t|n parabol|n tathn epen. 20 Ka parathr}santew psteilan \gkayt o u w, ^ autow dikaouw enai, na \pilbvntai pokrinomnouw e a[to lgou, ew t paradonai a[tn t_ rx_ ka t_ \jous to =gemnow. 21 Ka \phrQthsan a[tn, lgontew, Didskale, odamen ti ryw lgeiw ka didskeiw, ka o[ lambneiw prsvpon, ll' \p' lhyeaw t|n `dn to yeo didskeiw. 22 *Ejestin =mn Kasari fron donai, ( o; 23 Katano}saw h d a[tn t|n panourgan, epen prw a[tow, T me peirzete; 24 &Epidejat moi dhnrion: tnow xei ekna ka \pigraf}n; &Apokriyntew d epon, Kasarow. 25 ^O d epen a[tow,
20.10 dsin dQsousin 20.10 derantew a[tn \japsteilan \japsteilan a[tn derantew 20.11 pmcai teron teron pmcai 20.12 pmcai trton trton pmcai 20.13 dntew ^ 20.14 eautow ll}louw 20.14 dete 20.16 epon epan 20.19 rxierew ka o grammatew grammatew ka o rxierew 20.19 \fob}yhsan \fob}yhsan tn lan 20.19 t|n parabol|n tathn epen epen t|n parabol|n tathn % 20.20 ew t vste 20.22 =mn =mw 20.23 T me peirzete 20.24 &Epidejat Dejat 20.24 &Apokriyntew d epon O d epan 20.25 a[tow prw a[tow


20.26 - 20.42


&Apdote tonun t Kasarow Kasari, ka t to yeo t! ye!. 26 Ka o[k sxusan \pilabsyai a[to ]}matow \nanton to lao: ka yaumsantew \p t_ pokrsei a[to, \sghsan. Proselyntew d tinew tn Saddoukavn, o nt i l g o n t ew nstasin m| enai, \phrQthsan a[tn, 28 lgontew, Didskale, Mvsw gracen =mn, \n tinow delfw poyn+ xvn gunaka, ka otow teknow poyn+, na lb+ ` delfw a[to t|n gunaka, ka \janast}s+ sprma t! delf! a[to. 29 ^Ept o{n delfo san: ka ` prtow labWn gunaka, pyanen teknow: 30 ka laben ` deterow t|n gunaka, ka otw pyanen teknow. 31 Ka ` ^ trtow laben a[t|n qsatvw. ^Vsatvw d ka o ept: o[ 32 katlipon tkna, ka pyanon. %Usteron d pntvn pyanen ka = gun}. 33 &En t_ o{n nastsei, tnow a[tn ^ g n et a i gun}; O gr e pt sxon a[t|n gunaka. 34 Ka pokriyew epen a[tow ` &Ihsow, O uo to anow totou gamosin ka \kgamskontai: 35 o d katajivyntew to anow \kenou tuxen ka tw nastsevw tw \k nekrn ote gamosin ote \kgamzontai: 36 ote gr poyanen ti dnantai: sggeloi gr esin, ka uo esin to yeo, tw nastsevw uo ntew. 37 %O ti d \gerontai o nekro, ka Mvsw \m}nusen \p tw btou, qw lgei, Krion tn yen &Abram ka tn yen &Isak ka tn yen &IakQb. 38 yew d o[k stin nekrn, ll zQntvn: pntew gr a[t! zsin. 39 &Apokriyntew d tinew tn grammatvn epon, Didskale, kalw epaw. 40 O[kti d \tlmvn \pervtn a[tn o[dn. Epen d prw a[tow, Pw lgousin tn xristn un Daud enai; 42 Ka a[tw Daud lgei \n bbl~ calmn, Epen
20.25 20.27 20.28 20.28 20.30 20.30 20.31 20.32 20.32 20.33 20.34 20.34 &Apdote tonun Tonun pdote ntilgontew ntilgontew Mvsw Mvsw poyn+ na na laben t|n gunaka ka otw pyanen teknow a[t|n qsatvw a[t}n d pntvn pyanen ka = gun} ka = gun| pyanen &En t_ o{n ^H gun| o{n \n t_ pokriyew \kgamskontai gamskontai 20.35 20.36 20.36 20.37 20.37 20.37 20.39 20.40 20.41 20.42 \kgamzontai gamzontai ote o[d to Mvsw Mvsw ka tn yen &Isak ka yen &Isak ka tn yen &IakQb ka yen &IakQb epon epan d gr un Daud enai enai Daud un Ka a[tw A[tw gr
41 27




20.43 - 21.11

` kriow t! kur~ mou, Kyou \k dejin mou, 43 vw n y tow \xyrow sou popdion tn podn sou. 44 Daud o{n krion a[tn kale, ka pw uw a[to \stin; &Akoontow d pantw to lao, epen tow mayhtaw a[to, 46 Prosxete p tn grammatvn tn yelntvn peripaten \n stolaw, ka filontvn spasmow \n taw goraw, ka prvtokayed r a w \n taw sunagvgaw, ka prvtoklisaw \n tow depnoiw: 47 o$ katesyousin tw okaw i tn xhrn, ka profsei makr prosexontai. O toi l}contai perissteron krma.


&Anablcaw d eden tow bllontaw t dra a[tn ew t gazofulkion plousouw: 2 eden d tina ka x}ran penixrn bllousan \ke do lept, 3 ka epen, &Alhyw lgv mn, ti = x}ra = ptvx| a% th pleon pntvn u 4 balen: pantew gr otoi \k to perisseontow a[tow balon ew t dra to yeo, a% th d \k to ster}matow u a[tw panta tn bon $ n exen balen. o
Ka tinvn legntvn per to ero, ti lyoiw kalow ka nay}masin keksmhtai, epen, 6 Tata $ yev r e t e, a \lesontai =mrai \n a<w o[k fey}setai lyow \p ly~, $ w o[ o 7 kataluy}setai. &E p h r Q t h s a n d a[tn, lgontew, Didskale, pte o{n tata stai; Ka t t shmeon, tan mll+ tata gnesyai; 8 ^O d epen, Blpete m| planhyte: pollo gr \lesontai \p t! nmat mou, lgontew $ ti &EgQ o emi: ka, ^O kairw ggiken, m| o{n poreuyte psv a[tn. 9 %O tan d koshte polmouw ka katastasaw, m| ptohyte: de gr tata gensyai prton, ll' o[k e[yvw t tlow. Tte legen a[tow, &Egery}setai ynow \p ynow, ka basilea \p basilean: 11 seismo te megloi kat tpouw

` uw a[to a[to uw a[to a[to l}contai l}mcontai t dra a[tn ew t gazofulkion ew t gazofulkion t dra a[tn 21.2 ka 21.2 do lept lept do

20.42 20.44 20.45 20.47 21.1

21.3 21.4 21.4 21.4 21.8 21.8 21.10 21.11

= ptvx| a% th a% th = ptvx| u u pantew pntew to yeo panta pnta $ ti o o{n \p ynow \p' ynow kat tpouw ka ka kat tpouw


21.12 - 21.28


ka limo ka loimo sontai, fbhtr te ka shmea p' o[rano megla stai. 12 Pr d totvn pntvn \pibalosin \f' mw tw xeraw a[tn, ka diQjousin, paradidntew ew sunagvgw ka fulakw, gomnouw \p basilew ka =gemnaw, neken to nmatw mou. 13 &Apob}setai d mn ew martrion. 14 Ysye o{n ew tw kardaw mn m| promeletn pologhynai: 15 \gW gr dQsv mn stma ka sofan, " o[ dun}sontai nteipen o[d ntistnai pntew o ntikemenoi mn. 16 Paradoy}sesye d ka p gonvn ka suggenn ka flvn ka delfn, ka yanatQsousin \j mn. 17 Ka sesye misomenoi p pntvn di t nom mou. 18 Ka yrj \k tw kefalw mn o[ m| plhtai. 19 &E n t_ pomon_ mn kt}sasye tw cuxw mn. %O tan d dhte kukloumnhn p stratopdvn t|n ^Ierousal}m, tte gnte ti ggiken = \r}mvsiw a[tw. 21 Tte o \n t_ &Iouda feugtvsan ew t rh: ka o \n ms~ a[tw \kxvretvsan: ka o \n taw xQraiw m| eserxsyvsan ew a[t}n. 22 %O ti =mrai \kdik}sevw ata esin, to plhsynai pnta t gegrammna. 23 O[a d taw \n gastr \xosaiw ka taw yhlazosaiw \n \kenaiw taw =mraiw: stai gr ngkh meglh \p tw gw, ka rg| \n t! la! tot~. 24 Ka pesontai stmati maxaraw, ka axmalvtisy}sontai ew pnta t ynh: ka ^Ierousal|m stai patoumnh p \ynn, xri plhrvysin kairo \ynn. 25 Ka stai shmea \n =l~ ka sel}n+ ka stroiw, ka \p tw gw sunox| \ynn \n por, xoshw yalsshw ka slou, 26 pocuxntvn nyrQpvn p fbou ka prosdokaw tn \perxomnvn t_ okoumn+: a gr dunmeiw tn o[rann saleuy}sontai. 27 Ka tte contai tn un to nyrQpou \rxmenon \n nefl+ met dunmevw ka djhw pollw. 28 &Arxomnvn d
21.11 shmea p' o[rano p' o[rano shmea 21.12 sunagvgw tw sunagvgw 21.12 gomnouw pagomnouw 21.13 d 21.14 Ysye o{n ew tw kardaw Yte o{n \n taw kardaiw 21.15 nteipen o[d ntistnai pntew ntistnai ( nteipen h pantew 21.16 suggenn ka flvn ka delfn
delfn ka suggenn ka



21.20 21.23 21.23 21.24 21.24 21.24 21.25 21.25

flvn t|n d \n t! t! maxaraw maxarhw pnta t ynh t ynh pnta xri xri o stai sontai xoshw xouw


totvn gnesyai, nakcate ka \prate tw kefalw mn: diti \ggzei = poltrvsiw mn. Ka epen parabol|n a[tow, *Idete t|n sukn ka pnta ^ t dndra: 30 tan problvsin dh, blpontew f' eautn 31 % ginQskete ti dh \ggw t yrow \stn. O utvw ka mew, tan dhte tata ginmena, ginQskete ti \ggw \stin = basilea to yeo. 32 &Am|n lgv mn ti o[ m| parly+ = gene a% th, vw n pnta gnhtai. 33 ^O o[ranw ka = g u parelesontai, o d lgoi mou o[ m| parlyvsin. ^ Prosxet e d e autow, m}pote barhysin mn a kardai \n kraipl+ ka my+ ka mermnaiw bivtikaw, ka afndiow \f' mw \pist_ = =mra \kenh: 35 qw pagw gr \pelesetai \p pntaw tow kayhmnouw \p prsvpon pshw tw gw. 36 &Agrupnete o{n \n pant kair! demenoi, na katajivyte \kfugen pnta t mllonta gnesyai, ka staynai mprosyen to uo to nyrQpou. )Hn d tw =mraw \n t! er! didskvn: tw d nktaw \jerxmenow h[lzeto ew t row t kalomenon &Elain. 38 * Ka pw ` law vryrizen prw a[tn \n t! er! koein a[to.
37 34 29

21.29 - 22.8


^ *Hggizen d = eort| tn zmvn, = legomnh Psxa. 2 Ka \z}toun o rxierew ka o grammatew t pw nlvsin a[tn: \fobonto gr tn lan.
Eslyen d Satanw ew &Iodan tn \pikalomenon &IskariQthn, nta \k to riymo tn dQdeka. 4 Ka pelyWn sunellhsen tow rxieresin ka strathgow t pw a[tn parad! a[tow. 5 Ka \xrhsan, ka sunyento a[t! rgrion donai. 6 Ka \jvmolghsen, ka \z}tei e[kairan to paradonai a[tn a[tow ter xlou. )Hlyen d = =mra tn zmvn, \n " dei yesyai t Psxa. 8 Ka psteilen Pt r o n ka &Ivnnhn, epQn,

21.33 parlyvsin parelesontai 21.34 afndiow \f' mw \pist_ \pist_ \f' mw afndiow 21.35 gr \pelesetai \peiselesetai gr 21.36 o{n d 21.36 katajivyte katisxshte

21.36 pnta tata pnta 22.3 \pikalomenon kalomenon 22.4 a[tn parad! a[tow a[tow parad! a[tn 22.6 a[tow ter xlou ter xlou a[tow 22.7 \n \n


22.9 - 22.25

^ Poreuyntew etoimsate =mn t Psxa, na fgvmen. 9 O d ^ epon a[t!, Po yleiw etoimsomen; 10 ^O d epen a[tow, &Ido, eselyntvn mn ew t|n plin, sunant}sei mn nyrvpow kermion % datow bastzvn: kolouy}sate a[t! u ew t|n okan o esporeetai. 11 Ka \rete t! okodespt+ tw okaw, Lgei soi ` didskalow, Po \stin t katluma, pou t Psxa met tn mayhtn mou fgv; 12 Kkenow mn ^ dejei nQgeon mga \strvmnon: \ke e toimsate. 13 &Apelyntew d eron kayWw erhken a[tow: ka =tomasan t Psxa. % Ka te \g n et o = v ra, npesen, ka o dQdeka 15 pstoloi sn a[t!. Ka epen prw a[tow, &Epiyum \peymhsa toto t Psxa fagen mey' mn pr to me payen: 16 lgv gr mn ti o[kti o[ m| fgv \j a[to, vw tou plhrvy_ \n t_ basile to yeo. 17 Ka dejmenow pot}rion, e[xarist}saw epen, Lbete toto, ka diamersate ^ eautow: 18 lgv gr mn ti o[ m| pv p to gen}matow tw mplou, vw tou = basilea to yeo ly+. 19 Ka labWn rton, e[xarist}saw klasen, ka dvken a[tow, lgvn, Tot \stin t sm mou, t pr mn didmenon: toto poiete ew t|n \m|n nmnhsin. 20 ^Vsatvw ka t pot}rion met t deipnsai, lgvn, Toto t pot}rion = kain| diay}kh \n t! amat mou, t pr mn \kxunmenon. 21 Pl|n do, = xer to paradidntow me met' \mo \p tw trapzhw. 22 Ka ` mn uw to nyrQpou poreetai kat t qrismnon: pl|n o[a t! nyrQp~ \ken~ di' o paraddotai. 23 Ka a[to ^ rjanto suzhten prw e autow t tw ra eh \j a[tn ` toto mllvn prssein. &Egneto d ka filoneika \n a[tow t tw a[tn doke enai mezvn. 25 ^O d epen a[tow, O basilew tn \ynn kurieousin a[tn, ka o \jousizontew a[tn e[ergtai
22.9 22.9 22.10 22.12 22.13 22.14 22.16 22.16 22.17 epon epan ^ ^ etoimsomen etoimsvmen o ew n nQgeon ngaion erhken er}kei dQdeka o[kti \j a[to a[t ^ ^ eautow ew eautow ti ti p p to nn po tou o ^Vsatvw ka t pot}rion Ka t pot}rion qsatvw 22.20 \kxunmenon \kxunnmenon 22.22 Ka ` mn uw %O ti ` uw mn 22.22 poreetai kat t qrismnon kat t qrismnon poreetai 22.18 22.18 22.18 22.20
24 14

^ etoimsvmen



22.26 - 22.42

% kalontai. 26 ^Umew d o[x outvw: ll' ` mezvn \n mn gensyv qw ` neQterow: ka ` =gomenow qw ` diakonn. 27 Tw gr mezvn, ` nakemenow ( ` diakonn; O[x ` nakemenow; h &EgW d emi \n ms~ mn qw ` diakonn. 28 ^Umew d \ste o diamemenhktew met' \mo \n tow peirasmow mou: 29 kgW diatyemai mn, kayWw diyet moi ` pat}r mou, basilean, 30 na \syhte ka pnhte \p tw trapzhw mou ka kaysesye \p yrnvn, krnontew tw dQdeka fulw to &Isra}l. 31 Epen d ` kriow, Smvn, Smvn, do, ` Satanw \j+t}sato mw, to sinisai qw tn ston: 32 \gW d \de}yhn per so, na m| \klp+ = pstiw sou: ka s pote \pistrcaw st}rijon tow delfow sou. 33 ^O d epen a[t!, Krie, met so toimw emi ka ew fulak|n ka ew ynaton poreesyai. 34 ^O d epen, Lgv soi, Ptre, o[ m} fvn}s+ s}meron lktvr, prn ( h trw parn}s+ m} ednai me. Ka epen a[tow, %Ote psteila mw ter balantou ka p}raw ka podhmtvn, m} tinow ster}sate; O d epon, O[yenw. 36 Epen o{n a[tow, &All nn ` xvn balntion rtv, `movw ka p}ran: ka ` m| xvn, pvl}sei t mtion a[to, ka gorsei mxairan. 37 Lgv gr mn ti ti toto t gegrammnon de telesynai \n \mo, t Ka met nmvn \logsyh: ka gr t per \mo tlow xei. 38 O d epon, Krie, do, mxairai @de do. ^O d epen a[tow, ^Ikann \stin. Ka \jelyWn \poreyh kat t yow ew t row tn &E l a i n : koloyhsan d a[t! ka o mayhta a[to. 40 Genmenow d \p to tpou, epen a[tow, Prosexesye m| eselyen ew peirasmn. 41 Ka a[tw pespsyh p' a[tn qse lyou bol}n, ka yew t gnata proshxeto, 42 lgvn,
22.26 gensyv ginsyv 22.27 emi \n ms~ mn \n ms~ mn emi 22.30 \syhte syhte 22.30 mou mou \n t_ basile mou 22.30 kaysesye kay}sesye 22.30 krnontew tw dQdeka fulw tw dQdeka fulw krnontew 22.31 Epen d ` kriow 22.32 st}rijon st}rison 22.34 o[ m} fvn}s+ o[ fvn}sei 22.34 prn ( vw h 22.34 parn}s+ m} ednai me me parn}s+ ednai 22.35 balantou ballantou 22.35 epon epan 22.36 o{n d 22.36 balntion ballntion 22.36 pvl}sei pvlhstv 22.36 gorsei gorastv 22.37 ti 22.37 t t 22.38 epon epan 22.39 a[to
39 35

mou \n t_ basile mou



22.43 - 22.57



Pter, e bolei, parenegken t pot}rion toto p' \mo: pl|n m| t ylhm mou, ll t sn gensyv. 43 *Vfyh d a[t! ggelow p' o[rano \nisxvn a[tn. 44 Ka genmenow \n gvn, \ktensteron proshxeto. &Egneto d ` drWw a[to qse yrmboi amatow katabanontew \p t|n gn. 45 Ka nastw p tw proseuxw, \lyWn prw tow mayhtw eren a[tow koimvmnouw p tw lphw, 46 ka epen a[tow, T kayedete; &Anastntew prosexesye, na m| eslyhte ew peirasmn. *Eti d a[to lalontow, do, xlow, ka ` legmenow &Iodaw, e<w tn dQdeka, pro}rxeto a[tow, ka ggisen t! &Ihso filsai a[tn. 48 ^O d &Ihsow epen a[t!, &Ioda, fil}mati tn un to nyrQpou paraddvw; 49 &Idntew d o per a[tn t \smenon epon a[t!, Krie, e patjomen \n maxar; 50 Ka \ptajen e<w tiw \j a[tn tn dolon to rxiervw, ka felen a[to t o{w t dejin. 51 &Apokriyew ^ & d ` &Ihsow epen, &Ete vw totou. Ka acmenow to vtou a[to, sato a[tn. 52 Epen d ` &Ihsow prw tow paragenomnouw \p' a[tn rxierew ka strathgow to ero ka presbutrouw, ^Vw \p l+st|n \jelhlyate met maxairn ka jlvn; 53 Kay' =mran ntow mou mey' mn \n t! er!, o[k \jetenate tw xeraw \p' \m. &All' a% th mn u % \stn = vra, ka = \jousa to sktouw. Sullabntew d a[tn gagon, ka es}gagon a[tn ew tn okon to rxiervw. ^O d Ptrow koloyei makryen. 55 ^Acntvn d pr \n ms~ tw a[lw, ka sugkayisntvn a[tn, \kyhto ` Ptrow \n ms~ a[tn. 56 &Idosa d a[tn paidskh tiw kay}menon prw t fw, ka tensasa a[t!, epen, Ka otow sn a[t! n. 57 ^O d rn}sato a[tn, lgvn,
22.42 parenegken t pot}rion toto parnegke toto t pot}rion 22.42 gensyv ginsyv 22.43 *Vfyh *Vfyh 22.44 &Egneto d ka \gneto 22.44 gn gn 22.45 a[tow koimvmnouw koimvmnouw a[tow 22.47 d 22.48 ^O d &Ihsow &Ihsow d 22.49 epon a[t! epan 22.49 maxar maxar+ 22.50 tn dolon to rxiervw to 22.50 22.51 22.52 22.52 22.53 22.54 22.55 22.55 22.55 22.57 rxiervw tn dolon a[to t o{w t o{w a[to a[to ` \jelhlyate \j}lyate mn \stn \stn mn a[tn ew tn okon ew t|n okan ^Acntvn Periacntvn a[tn \kyhto \kyhto \n ms~ a[tn msow a[tn rn}sato a[tn rn}sato
54 47


Gnai, o[k oda a[tn. 58 Ka met brax terow dWn a[tn fh, Ka s \j a[tn e. ^O d Ptrow epen, *Anyrvpe, o[k % em. 59 Ka diastshw qse vraw miw, llow tiw disxurzeto, lgvn, &Ep' lhye a w ka otow met' a[to n: ka gr o Galilaw \stin. 60 Epen d ` Ptrow, *Anyrvpe, o[k oda $ lgeiw. Ka paraxrma, ti lalontow a[to, \fQnhsen lktvr. 61 Ka strafew ` kriow \nblecen t! Ptr~. Ka pemn}syh ` Ptrow to lgou to kurou, qw epen a[t! ti Prn lktora fvnsai, parn}s+ me trw. 62 Ka \jelyWn jv ` Ptrow klausen pikrw. Ka o ndrew o sunxontew tn &Ihson \npaizon a[t!, drontew. 64 Ka perikalcantew a[tn, tupton a[to t prsvpon, ka \phrQtvn a[tn, lgontew, Prof}teuson: tw \stin ` pasaw se; 65 Ka tera poll blasfhmontew legon ew a[tn. Ka qw \gneto =mra, sun}xyh t presbutrion to lao, rxierew ka grammatew, ka n}gagon a[tn ew t sundrion a[tn, lgontew, 67 E s e ` xristw, ep =mn. Epen d a[tow, &En mn epv, o[ m| pisteshte: 68 \n d ka \rvt}sv, o[ m| pokriyt moi, ( polshte. 69 &Ap to h nn stai ` uw to nyrQpou kay}menow \k dejin tw dunmevw to yeo. 70 Epon d pntew, S o{n e ` uw to yeo; ^O d prw a[tow fh, ^Umew lgete ti \gQ emi. 71 O d epon, T ti xrean xomen marturaw; A[to gr kosamen p to stmatow a[to.
66 63

22.58 - 23.2


Ka nastn pan t plyow a[tn, gagon a[tn \p tn Pilton. 2 *H r j a n t o d kathgoren a[to, lgo n t ew, Toton e % romen diastrfonta t yn o w, ka u ^ kvlonta Kasari frouw didnai, lgonta eautn xristn
22.68 22.68 22.69 22.70 22.71 22.71 ka moi ( polshte h stai d stai Epon Epan epon epan xrean xomen marturaw xomen marturaw xrean 23.2 e% romen e% ramen u u 23.2 ynow ynow =mn 23.2 Kasari frouw frouw Kasari 23.2 lgonta ka lgonta

22.57 Gnai o[k oda a[tn O[k oda a[tn gnai 22.58 epen fh 22.61 lgou ]}matow 22.61 parn}s+ s}meron parn}s+ 22.62 ` Ptrow 22.63 tn &Ihson a[tn 22.64 tupton a[to t prsvpon ka \phrQtvn a[tn \phrQtvn 22.66 rxierew rxierew te 22.66 n}gagon p}gagon 22.67 ep epn


23.3 - 23.19

basila enai. 3 ^O d Piltow \phrQthsen a[tn, lgvn, S e ` basilew tn &Ioudavn; ^O d pokriyew a[t! fh, S lgeiw. 4 ^O d Piltow epen prw tow rxierew ka tow xlouw, O[dn erskv ation \n t! nyrQp~ tot~. 5 O d \psxuon, lgontew ti &Anaseei tn lan, didskvn kay' lhw tw &Ioudaaw, rjmenow p tw Galilaaw vw @de. 6 Piltow d kosaw Galilaan \phrQthsen e ` nyrvpow Galilaw \stin. 7 Ka \pignow ti \k tw \jousaw ^Hrdou \stn, npemcen a[tn prw ^Hrdhn, nta ka a[tn \n ^Ierosolmoiw \n tataiw taw =mraiw. ^O d ^Hrdhw dWn tn &Ihson \xrh lan: n gr ylvn \j kano den a[tn, di t koein poll per a[to: ka lpizn ti shmeon den p' a[to ginmenon. 9 &EphrQta d a[tn \n lgoiw kanow: a[tw d o[dn pekrnato a[t!. 10 Est}keisan d o rxierew ka o grammatew, e[tnvw kathgorontew a[to. 11 &Ejouyen}saw d a[tn ` ^Hrdhw sn tow stratemasin a[to, ka \mpajaw, peribalWn a[tn \syta lamprn, npemcen a[tn t! Pilt~. 12 &Egnonto d floi te Piltow ka ` ^Hrdhw \n a[t_ t_ =mr met' ^ ll}lvn: proprxon gr \n xyr ntew prw eautow. Piltow d sugkalesmenow tow rxierew ka tow rxontaw ka tn lan, 14 epen prw a[tow, Proshngkat moi tn nyrvpon toton, qw postrfonta tn lan: ka do, \gW \nQpion mn nakrnaw o[dn eron \n t! nyrQp~ tot~ ation @n kathgorete kat' a[to: 15 ll' o[d ^Hrdhw: npemca gr mw prw a[tn, ka do, o[dn jion yantou \stn pepragmnon a[t!. 16 Paidesaw o{n a[tn polsv. 17 &Angkhn d exen polein a[tow kat ^ e ort|n na. 18 &Ankrajan d pamplhye, lgontew, Are toton, pluson d =mn Barabbn: 19 stiw n di stsin tin genomnhn \n t_ plei ka fnon beblhmnow ew fulak}n.
23.3 \phrQthsen rQthsen 23.5 rjmenow ka rjmenow 23.6 Galilaan 23.8 ylvn \j kano \j kann xrnvn ylvn 23.8 poll 23.11 ` ka ` 23.11 a[tn \syta \syta 23.12 Piltow ka ` ^Hrdhw ^Hrdhw ka ` Piltow ^ 23.12 eautow a[tow 23.14 o[dn o[yn 23.15 npemca gr mw prw a[tn npemcen gr a[tn prw =mw 23.17 23.18 &Ankrajan &Ankragon 23.18 Barabbn tn Barabbn 23.19 beblhmnow ew fulak}n blhyew \n t_ fulak_
13 8



23.20 - 23.35

Plin o{n ` Piltow prosefQnhsen, ylvn polsai tn &Ihson. 21 O d \pefQnoun, lgontew, Starvson, starvson a[t n . 22 ^O d trton epen prw a[tow, T gr kakn \p o h s en otow; O [dn ation yantou eron \n a[t!: paidesaw o{n a[tn polsv. 23 O d \pkeinto fvnaw meglaiw, atomenoi a[tn staurvynai: ka katsxuon a fvna a[tn ka tn rxiervn. 24 ^O d Piltow \pkrinen gensyai t athma a[tn. 25 &Aplusen d tn di stsin ka fnon beblhmnon ew t|n fulak}n, $ n & tonto: tn d &Ihson o + pardvken t! yel}mati a[tn. Ka qw p}gagon a[tn, \pilabmenoi Smvnw tinow Kurhnaou \rxomnou p' gro, \pyhkan a[t! tn staurn, frein pisyen to &Ihso. &Hkoloyei d a[t! pol plyow to lao, ka gunaikn a$ ka \kptonto ka \yr}noun a[tn. 28 Strafew d prw i a[tw ` &Ihsow epen, Yugatrew ^Ierousal}m, m| klaete \p' ^ \m, pl|n \f' eautw klaete ka \p t tkna mn. 29 %O ti do, rxontai =mrai \n a<w \rosin, Makriai a sterai, ka koilai a$ o[k \gnnhsan, ka masto o$ o[k \y}lasan. i i 30 Tte rjontai lgein tow resin, Psete \f' =mw: ka tow bounow, Kalcate =mw. 31 %O ti e \n t! gr! jl~ tata poiosin, \n t! jhr! t gnhtai; *H g o n t o d ka teroi do kakorgoi sn a[t! naireynai. Ka te plyon \p tn tpon tn kalomenon Kranon, \ke \starvsan a[tn, ka tow kakorgouw, $ n mn \k o dejin, $ n d \j ristern. 34 ^O d &Ihsow legen, Pter, o few a[tow: o[ gr odasin t poiosin. Diamerizmenoi d t mtia a[to, balon klron. 35 Ka est}kei ` law yevrn. &Ejemukt}rizon d ka o rxontew sn a[tow, lgontew,
33 32 27 26

23.20 o{n d 23.20 prosefQnhsen prosefQnhsen a[tow 23.21 Starvson starvson Starou starou 23.23 ka tn rxiervn 23.24 ^O d Ka 23.25 t|n 23.26 Smvnw tinow Kurhnaou \rxomnou Smvn tina Kurhnaon \rxmenon

23.27 23.28 23.29 23.29 23.32 23.33 23.34 23.34 23.34 23.35

ka \kptonto \kptonto ` ` koilai a$ o[k a koilai a$ o[k i i \y}lasan yrecan do kakorgoi kakorgoi do plyon lyon ^O ^O poiosin poiosin klron kl}rouw sn a[tow


23.36 - 23.49


^ *Allouw svsen, svstv eautn, e otw \stin ` xristw, ` 36 to yeo \klektw. &Enpaizon d a[t! ka o stratitai, proserxmenoi ka jow prosfrontew a[t!, 37 ka lgontew, E s e ` basilew tn &Ioudavn, sson seautn. 38 )Hn d ka \pigraf| gegrammnh \p' a[t! grmmasin ^Ellhnikow ka ^Rvmakow ka ^Ebrakow, Otw \stin ` basilew tn &Ioudavn. E<w d tn kremasyntvn kakorgvn \blasf}mei a[tn, lgvn, E s e ` xristw, sson seautn ka =mw. 40 &Apokriyew d ` terow \petma a[t!, lgvn, O[d fob_ s tn yen, ti \n t! a[t! krmati e; 41 Ka =mew mn dikavw, jia gr @n \prjamen polambnomen: otow d o[dn topon prajen. 42 Ka legen t &Ihso, Mn}syht mou, krie, tan ly+w \n t+ basile sou. 43 Ka epen a[t! ` &Ihsow, &Am|n lgv soi, s}meron met' \mo s+ \n t! parades~. % )Hn d qse vra kth, ka sktow \gneto \f' lhn t|n % gn vw vraw \nthw. 45 Ka \skotsyh ` % liow, ka \sxsyh t h kataptasma to nao mson. 46 Ka fvn}saw fvn_ megl+ ` &Ihsow epen, Pter, ew xerw sou paray}somai t pnem ^ mou: ka tata epWn \jpneusen. 47 &IdWn d ` ekatntarxow t genmenon, \djasen tn yen, lgvn, *Ontvw ` nyrvpow otow dkaiow n. 48 Ka pntew o sumparagenmenoi xloi \p t|n yevran tathn, yevrontew t genmena, tptontew ^ e autn t st}yh pstrefon. 49 Est}keisan d pntew o gnvsto a[to makryen, ka gunakew a sunakolouy}sasai a[t! p tw Galilaaw, `rsai tata.
44 39

23.35 23.36 23.36 23.38 23.38 23.38 23.39 23.40 23.42 23.42 23.42

` to yeo to yeo ` &Enpaizon &Enpaijan ka jow jow gegrammnh grmmasin ^Ellhnikow ka ^Rvmakow ka ^Ebrakow Otw \stin &Ioudavn &Ioudavn otow E s O[x s \petma a[t! lgvn \pitimn a[t! fh t &Ihso Mn}syht &Ihso mn}syht krie \n t+ basile ew t|n basilean

23.43 23.43 23.44 23.45 23.45 23.46 23.46 23.47 23.47 23.48 23.48 23.49 23.49

` &Ihsow lgv soi soi lgv )Hn d Ka n dh Ka \skotsyh ` % liow To h =lou \klipntow ka \sxsyh \sxsyh d paray}somai paratyemai ka tata toto d ^ ^ ekatntarxow ekatontrxhw \djasen \djazen yevrontew yevr}santew ^ eautn a[to a[t! p sunakolouy}sasai sunakolouyosai



23.50 - 24.10

Ka do, n|r nmati &Ivs}f, bouleut|w prxvn, n | r g a y w k a d k a i o w 51 o t o w o [ k n sugkatateyeimnow t_ boul_ ka t_ prjei a[tn p &Arimayaaw plevw tn &Ioudavn, $ w ka prosedxeto ka o a[tw t|n basilean to yeo: 52 otow proselyWn t! Pilt~ & t}sato t sma to &Ihso. 53 Ka kayelWn a[t \netlijen + a[t sindni, ka yhken a[t \n mn}mati lajeut!, o o[k n o[d p v o[dew kemenow. 54 Ka =mra n Paraskeu}, sbbaton \pfvsken. 55 Katakolouy}sasai d gunakew, atinew san sunelhluyuai a[t! \k tw Galilaaw, \ye s a n t o t mnhmeon, ka qw \tyh t sma a[to. 56 ^Upostrcasai d =tomasan rQmata ka mra. Ka t mn sbbaton =sxasan kat t|n \ntol}n.

T_ d mi tn sabbtvn, ryrou bayow, lyon \p t mnma, frousai $ =tomasan rQmata, ka tinew a 2 sn a[taw. eron d tn lyon pokekulismnon p to mnhmeou. 3 Ka eselyosai o[x eron t sma to kurou &Ihso. 4 Ka \gneto \n t! diaporesyai a[tw per totou, ka do, ndrew do \psthsan a[taw \n \sy}sesin straptosaiw: 5 &E m f b v n d genomnvn a[tn, ka klinousn t prsvpon ew t|n gn, epon prw a[tw, T zhtete tn znta met tn nekrn; 6 O[k stin @de, ll' gryh: mn}syhte qw \llhsen mn, ti n \n t_ Galila, 7 lgvn ti de tn un to nyrQpou paradoynai ew xeraw ^ nyrQpvn amartvln, ka staurvynai, ka t_ trt+ =mr nastnai. 8 Ka \mn}syhsan tn ]hmtvn a[to, 9 ka postrcasai p to mnhmeou, p}ggeilan tata pnta tow ndeka ka psin tow loipow. 10 )Hsan d = Magdalhn| Mara ka &Ivnna ka Mara &IakQbou, ka a loipa sn
23.50 prxvn prxvn ka 23.51 ka prosedxeto ka a[tw prosedxeto 23.53 kayelWn a[t kayelWn 23.53 a[t \n a[tn \n 23.53 o[dpv o[dew o[dew opv 23.54 Paraskeu} Paraskeuw ka 23.55 gunakew a gunakew 23.55 a[t! \k tw Galilaaw \k tw Galilaaw a[t! 24.1 bayow lyon \p t mnma bayvw \p t mnma lyon 24.1 ka tinew sn a[taw 24.3 Ka eselyosai Eselyosai d 24.4 diaporesyai poresyai 24.4 \sy}sesin straptosaiw \syti straptos+ 24.5 t prsvpon t prsvpa 24.5 epon epan 24.6 ll' ll 24.7 ti de tn un to nyrQpou tn un to nyrQpou ti de 24.10 &IakQbou = &IakQbou



= &IakQbou


24.11 - 24.26


a[taw, a$ legon prw tow postlouw tata. 11 Ka i \fnhsan \nQpion a[tn qse lrow t ]}mata a[tn, ka pstoun a[taw. 12 ^O d Ptrow nastw dramen \p t mnhmeon, ka parakcaw blpei t ynia kemena mna: ka ^ plyen prw eautn yaumzvn t gegonw. Ka do, do \j a[tn san poreumenoi \n a[t_ t_ ^ =mr ew kQmhn pxo u s a n stadouw e j}konta p 14 ^Ierousal}m, " noma &Emmaow. Ka a[to qmloun prw ll}louw per pntvn tn sumbebhktvn totvn. 15 Ka \gneto \n t! `milen a[tow ka suzhten, ka a[tw ` &Ihsow \g g s a w suneporeeto a[tow. 16 O d fyalmo a[tn \kratonto to m| \pignnai a[tn. 17 Epen d prw a[tow, Tnew o lgoi otoi ow ntibllete prw ll}louw peripatontew, ka \ste skuyrvpo; 18 &Apokriyew d ` e<w, > noma Kleopw, epen prw a[tn, S mnow paroikew ^Ierousal}m, ka o[k gnvw t genmena \n a[t_ \n taw =mraiw tataiw; 19 Ka epen a[tow, Poa; O d epon a[t!, T per &Ihso to Nazvraou, $ w \gneto n|r prof}thw o dunatw \n rg~ ka lg~ \nanton to yeo ka pantw to lao: 20 pvw te pardvkan a[tn o rxierew ka o rxontew =mn ew krma yantou, ka \starvsan a[tn. 21 ^Hmew d lpzomen ti a[tw \stin ` mllvn lutrosyai tn &Isra}l. &All ge sn psin totoiw trthn tathn =mran gei s}meron f' o tata \gneto. 22 &All ka gunakw tinew \j =mn \jsthsan =mw, genmenai ryriai \p t mnhmeon: 23 ka m| erosai t sma a[to, lyon lgousai ka ^ ptasan gglvn evraknai, o$ lgousin a[tn z_n. 24 Ka i plyn tinew tn sn =mn \p t mnhmeon, ka eron o% tvw u 25 kayWw ka a gunakew epon: a[tn d o[k edon. Ka a[tw epen prw a[tow, )V nhtoi ka bradew t_ kard to pisteein \p psin o<w \llhsan o proftai: 26 o[x tata dei payen tn xristn, ka eselyen ew t|n djan a[to;
24.10 24.11 24.12 24.13 a$ legon legon i a[tn ka tata ka kemena san poreumenoi \n a[t_ t_ =mr \n a[t_ t_ =mr san poreumenoi 24.15 ` 24.17 24.18 24.19 24.19 24.21 24.21 24.22 \ste \styhsan ` e<w > noma e<w nmati epon epan Nazvraou Nazarhno sn ka sn s}meron ryriai ryrina



24.27 - 24.44

Ka rjmenow p Mvsvw ka p pntvn tn profhtn, ^ dihrm}neuen a[tow \n psaiw taw grafaw t per eauto. 28 Ka ggisan e w t|n kQmhn o \poreonto: ka a[tw prosepoieto porrvtrv poreesyai. 29 Ka parebisanto ^ a[tn, lgontew, Menon mey' =mn, ti prw espran \stn, ka kkliken = =mra. Ka eslyen to menai sn a[tow. 30 Ka \gneto \n t! katakliynai a[tn met' a[tn, labWn tn rton e[lghsen, ka klsaw \peddou a[tow. 31 A[tn d dihnoxyhsan o fyalmo, ka \pgnvsan a[tn: ka a[tw fantow \gneto p' a[tn. 32 Ka epon prw ll}louw, O[x = karda =mn kaiomnh n \n =mn, qw \llei =mn \n t_ `d!, ka qw di}noigen =mn tw grafw; 33 Ka nastntew a[t_ t_ % vr pstrecan ew ^Ierousal}m, ka eron sunhyroismnouw tow ndeka ka tow sn a[tow, 34 lgontaw ti &Hgryh ` * kriow ntvw, ka vfyh Smvni. 35 Ka a[to \jhgonto t \n t_ `d!, ka qw \gnQsyh a[tow \n t_ klsei to rtou. Tata d a[tn lalontvn, a[tw ` &Ihsow sth \n ms~ a[tn, ka lgei a[tow, Er}nh mn. 37 Ptohyntew d ka mfoboi genmenoi \dkoun pnema yevren. 38 Ka epen a[tow, T tet a r a g m n o i \s t , ka di t dialogismo nabanousin \n taw kardaiw mn; 39 *Idete tw xerw mou ka tow pdaw mou, ti a[tw \gQ emi: chlaf}sat me ka dete, ti pnema srka ka sta o[k xei , kayWw \m yevrete xonta. 40 Ka toto epWn \pdeijen a[tow tw xeraw ka tow pdaw. 41 *Eti d pistontvn a[tn p tw xarw ka yaumazntvn, epen a[tow, *Exet ti brQsimon \nyde; 42 O d \pdvkan a[t! xyow pto mrow, ka p melissou khrou. 43 Ka labWn \nQpion a[tn fagen. Epen d a[tow, Otoi o lgoi, ow \llhsa prw mw ti n sn mn, ti de plhrvynai pnta t gegrammna \n
44 36

24.27 Mvsvw Mvsvw 24.27 dihrm}neuen dierm}neusen 24.28 prosepoieto porrvtrv prosepoi}sato porrQteron 24.29 = dh = 24.32 epon epan 24.32 \n =mn \n =mn 24.32 ka qw qw 24.33 sunhyroismnouw yroismnouw

24.34 &Hgryh ` kriow ntvw ntvw gryh ` kriow 24.36 ` &Ihsow 24.38 taw kardaiw t_ kard 24.39 a[tw \gQ emi \gQ emi a[tw 24.40 \pdeijen deijen 24.42 ka p melissou khrou 24.44 a[tow prw a[tow 24.44 lgoi lgoi mou


24.45 - 24.53


t! nm~ Mvsvw ka prof}taiw ka calmow per \mo. 45 Tte di}noijen a[tn tn non, to suninai tw grafw: 46 ka epen a[tow ti O % tvw ggraptai, ka o% tvw dei payen u u tn xristn, ka nastnai \k nekrn t_ trt+ =mr, 47 ka khruxynai \p t! nmati a[to metnoian ka fesin ^ a martin ew pnta t ynh, rjmenon p ^Ierousal}m. 48 ^Umew d \ste mrturew totvn. 49 Ka do, \gW postllv t|n \paggelan to patrw mou \f' mw: mew d kaysate \n t_ plei ^Ierousal}m, vw o \ndshsye dnamin \j % couw. u &Ej}gagen d a[tow jv vw ew Bhyanan: ka \praw tw xeraw a[to e[lghsen a[tow. 51 Ka \gneto \n t! e[logen a[tn a[tow, disth p' a[tn, ka nefreto ew tn o[rann. 52 Ka a[to proskun}santew a[tn, pstrecan ew ^Ierousal|m met xarw meglhw: 53 ka san di pantw \n t! er!, anontew ka e[logontew tn yen. &Am}n.

24.44 24.46 24.47 24.47 24.48 24.49

Mvsvw ka Mvsvw ka tow ka o% tvw dei u ka fesin ew fesin rjmenon rjmenoi d \ste do do

24.49 ^Ierousal}m 24.49 dnamin \j % couw \j % couw u u dnamin 24.50 jv vw ew jv vw prw 24.53 anontew ka 24.53 &Am}n




n rx_ n ` lgow, ka ` lgow n prw tn yen, ka yew n ` lgow. 2 Otow n \n rx_ prw tn yen. 3 Pnta di' a[to \gneto, ka xvrw a[to \gneto o[d n $ ggonen. o 4 &En a[t! zv| n, ka = zv| n t fw tn nyrQpvn, 5 ka t fw \n t_ skot fanei, ka = skota a[t o[ katlaben. 6 &Egneto nyrvpow pestalmnow par yeo, noma a[t! &Ivnnhw. 7 Otow lyen ew marturan, na martur}s+ per to fvtw, na pntew pistesvsin di' a[to. 8 O[k n \kenow t fw, ll' na martur}s+ per to fvtw. 9 )Hn t fw t lhyinn, $ fvtzei pnta nyrvpon \rxmenon ew tn o 10 ksmon. &En t! ksm~ n, ka ` ksmow di' a[to \gneto, ka ` ksmow a[tn o[k gnv. 11 Ew t dia lyen, ka o dioi a[tn o[ parlabon. 12 %O soi d labon a[tn, dvken a[tow \jousan tkna yeo gensyai, tow pisteousin ew t noma a[to: 13 o$ o[k \j amtvn, o[d \k yel}matow sarkw, o[d i \k yel}matow ndrw, ll' \k yeo \genn}yhsan. 14 Ka ` lgow srj \gneto, ka \sk}nvsen \n =mn ka \yeasmeya t|n djan a[to, djan qw monogenow par patrw pl}rhw xritow ka lhyeaw. 15 &Ivnnhw marture per a[to, ka kkragen lgvn, Otow n $ n epon, ^O psv mou \rxmenow o mprosyn mou ggonen: ti prtw mou n. 16 Ka \k to plhrQmatow a[to =mew pntew \lbomen, ka xrin nt xritow. 17 %O ti ` nmow di Mvsvw \dyh, = xriw ka = ^ l}yeia di &Ihso xristo \gneto. 18 Yen o[dew eQraken pQpote: ` monogen|w uw, ` n ew tn klpon to patrw, \kenow \jhg}sato.
Ka a% th \stn = martura to &Ivnnou, te psteilan u o &Ioudaoi \j ^Ierosolmvn erew ka Leutaw na \rvt}svsin a[tn, S tw e; 20 Ka qmolghsen, ka o[k rn}sato: ka qmolghsen ti O[k em \gW ` xristw. 21 Ka rQthsan a[tn, T o{n; &Hlaw e s; Ka lgei, O[k em. ^O

1.16 Ka \k %O ti \k 1.17 Mvsvw Mvsvw 1.18 ` monogen|w uw monogen|w yew

1.19 o prw a[tn o 1.20 O[k em \gW &EgW o[k em 1.21 &Hlaw e s S &Hlaw e


1.22 - 1.39

prof}thw e s; Ka pekryh, O. 22 Epon o{n a[t!, Tw e; %Ina pkrisin dmen tow pmcasin =mw. T lgeiw per seauto; 23 *Efh, &EgW fvn| bontow \n t_ \r}m~, E[ynate t|n `dn kurou, kayWw epen &Hsaaw ` prof}thw. 24 Ka o pestalmnoi san \k tn Farisavn. 25 Ka rQthsan a[tn, ka epon a[t!, T o{n baptzeiw, e s o[k e ` xristw, ote &Hlaw, ote ` prof}thw; 26 &Apekryh a[tow ` &Ivnnhw lgvn, &EgW baptzv \n % dati: msow d mn sthken $ n mew u o o[k odate. 27 A[tw \stin ` psv mou \rxmenow, $ w o mprosyn mou ggonen: o \gW o[k em jiow na lsv a[to tn mnta to pod}matow. 28 Tata \n Bhyan \gneto pran to &Iordnou, pou n &Ivnnhw baptzvn.

blpei ` &Ivnnhw


T_ \parion blpei tn &Ihson \rxmenon prw a[tn, ^ ka lgei, *Ide ` mnw to yeo, ` arvn t|n a martan to 30 ksmou. Otw \stin per o \gW epon, &Opsv mou rxetai n|r $ w mprosyn mou ggonen, ti prtw mou n. 31 KgW o o[k dein a[tn: ll' na fanervy_ t! &Isra}l, di toto lyon \gW \n t! % dati baptzvn. 32 Ka \martrhsen &Ivnnhw u lgvn ti Teyamai t pnema katabanon qse peristern \j o[rano, ka meinen \p' a[tn. 33 KgW o[k dein a[tn: ll' ` pmcaw me baptzein \n % dati, \kenw moi epen, &Ef' $ n u o n d+w t pnema katabanon ka mnon \p' a[tn, otw ^ ^ \stin ` baptzvn \n pnemati a g~. 34 KgW e Qraka, ka memartrhka ti otw \stin ` uw to yeo. T_ \parion plin est}kei ` &Ivnnhw, ka \k tn mayhtn a[to do: 36 ka \mblcaw t! &Ihso peripatonti, lgei, *Ide ` mnw to yeo. 37 Ka kousan a[to o do mayhta lalontow, ka koloyhsan t! &Ihso. 38 Strafew d ` &Ihsow ka yeasmenow a[tow kolouyontaw, lgei a[tow, T zhtete; O d epon a[t!, ^Rabb $ lgetai o ^ rmhneumenon, Didskale po mneiw; 39 Lgei a[tow, e
1.22 Epon Epan 1.24 o 1.25 epon epan 1.25 ote &Hlaw ote o[d &Hlaw o[d 1.26 d 1.27 A[tw \stin 1.27 $ w mprosyn mou ggonen o 1.27 \gW o[k em o[k em \gW &Ivnnhw ` &Ivnnhw per pr t! % dati % dati u u qse qw a[to o do mayhta o do mayhta a[to 1.38 epon epan ^ 1.38 ermhneumenon meyermhneumenon 1.28 1.30 1.31 1.32 1.37



*Erxesye ka dete. )Hlyon ka edon po mnei: ka par' a[t! % m ei n a n t|n =mran \kenhn: v ra n qw dekth. 40 )Hn &A n d r a w ` delfw Smvnow Ptrou e<w \k tn do tn kousntvn par &Ivnnou ka kolouyhsntvn a[t!. 41 Erskei otow prtow tn delfn tn dion Smvna, ka lgei a[t!, Er}kamen tn Mesan \stin meyermhneumenon, Xristw. 42 Ka gagen a[tn prw tn &Ihson. &Emblcaw a[t! ` &Ihsow epen, S e Smvn ` uw &Ivn: s klhy}s+ Khfw $ ermhneetai Ptrow. o^ T_ \parion ylhsen \jelyen ew t|n Galilaan, ka erskei Flippon, ka lgei a[t! ` &Ihsow, &Akoloyei moi. 44 )Hn d ` Flippow p Bhysad, \k tw plevw &Androu ka Ptrou. 45 Erskei Flippow tn Nayana}l, ka lgei a[t!, $O n gracen Mvsw \n t! nm~ ka o proftai er}kamen, &Ihson tn un to &Ivs|f tn p Nazart. 46 Ka epen a[t! Nayana}l, &Ek Nazart dnata ti gayn enai; Lgei a[t! Flippow, *Erxou ka de. 47 Eden ` &Ihsow tn Nayana|l \rxmenon prw a[tn, ka lgei per a[to, *Ide lhyw &Israhlthw, \n > dlow o[k stin. 48 Lgei a[t! Nayana}l, Pyen me ginQskeiw; &Apekryh &Ihsow ka epen a[t!, Pr to se Flippon fvnsai, nta p t|n sukn, edn se. 49 &Apekryh Nayana}l ka lgei a[t!, ^Rabb, s e ` uw to yeo, s e ` basilew to &Isra}l. 50 &Apekryh &Ihsow ka epen a[t!, %Oti epn soi, edn se poktv tw sukw, pisteeiw; Mezv totvn cei. 51 Ka lgei a[t!, &Am|n m|n lgv mn, p' rti cesye tn o[rann ne~gta, ka tow gglouw to yeo nabanontaw ka katabanontaw \p tn un to nyrQpou.

1.40 - 1.51

&Emblcaw d

1.39 1.39 1.41 1.41 1.42 1.42 1.45

dete cesye )Hlyon ka edon )Hlyan o{n ka edan prtow prton Mesan Messan Ka &Ivn &Ivnnou Mvsw Mvsw

1.45 tn un un 1.46 Flippow ` Flippow 1.49 Nayana}l ka lgei a[t! a[t! Nayana}l 1.49 e ` basilew basilew e 1.50 edn ti edn 1.50 cei c+ 1.51 p' rti


2.1 - 2.17


Ka t_ =mr t_ trt+ gmow \gneto \n Kan tw Galilaaw, ka n = m}thr to &Ihso \ke: 2 \kl}yh d ka ` &Ihsow ka o mayhta a[to ew tn gmon. 3 Ka ster}santow onou, lgei = m}thr to &Ihso prw a[tn, Onon o[k xousin. 4 Lgei a[t_ ` &Ihsow, T \mo ka so, % gnai; Opv % kei = vra mou. 5 Lgei = m}thr a[to tow h diaknoiw, %O ti n lg+ mn, poi}sate. 6 )Hsan d \ke drai lyinai j kemenai kat tn kayarismn tn &Ioudavn, xvrosai n metrhtw do ( trew. 7 Lgei a[tow ` &Ihsow, h Gemsate tw draw % datow. Ka \gmisan a[tw vw nv. u 8 Ka lg ei a[tow, &Antl}sate nn, ka frete t! rxitrikln~. Ka negkan. 9 ^Vw d \gesato ` rxitrklinow t % dvr onon gegenhmnon, ka o[k dei pyen \stn o d u dikonoi deisan o ntlhktew t % dvr fvne tn numfon u 10 ` rxitrklinow, ka lgei a[t!, Pw nyrvpow prton tn kaln onon tyhsin, ka tan meyusysin, tte tn \lssv: s tet}rhkaw tn kaln onon vw rti. 11 Tathn \pohsen t|n rx|n tn shmevn ` &Ihsow \n Kan tw Galilaaw, ka \fanrvsen t|n djan a[to: ka \psteusan ew a[tn o mayhta a[to.
Met toto katbh ew Kapernaom, a[tw ka = m}thr a[to, ka o delfo a[to, ka o mayhta a[to: ka \ke meinan o[ pollw =mraw. Ka \ggw n t Psxa tn &Ioudavn, ka nbh ew ^I er o s l u m a ` &Ihsow. 14 Ka eren \n t! er ! tow pvlontaw baw ka prbata ka peristerw, ka tow kermatistw kayhmnouw. 15 Ka poi}saw fragllion \k sxoinvn pntaw \jbalen \k to ero, t te prbata ka tow baw: ka tn kollubistn \jxeen t krma, ka tw trapzaw nstrecen: 16 ka tow tw peristerw pvlosin epen, *Arate tata \nteyen: m| poiete tn okon to patrw mou okon \mporou. 17 &Emn}syhsan d o mayhta a[to ti gegrammnon \stn, ^O zlow to okou sou katafgeta me.
13 12

2.4 2.6

Lgei Ka lgei drai lyinai j kemenai kat lyinai drai j kat 2.6 xvrosai kemenai xvrosai 2.8 Ka negkan o d negkan 2.10 tte

2.11 t|n rx|n rx|n 2.12 Kapernaom Kafarnaom 2.12 delfo a[to delfo a[to 2.15 nstrecen ntrecen 2.17 d



2.18 - 3.9

&Apekryhsan o{n o &Ioudaoi ka epon a[t!, T shmeon deikneiw =mn, ti tata poiew; 19 &Apekryh &Ihsow ka epen a[tow, Lsate tn nan toton, ka \n trisn =mraiw \ger a[tn. 20 Epon o{n o &Ioudaoi, Tessarkonta ka j tesin kodom}yh ` naw otow, ka s \n trisn =mraiw \gerew a[tn; 21 &Ekenow d legen per to nao to sQmatow a[to. 22 %O te o{n gryh \k nekrn, \mn}syhsan o mayhta a[to ti toto legen: ka \psteusan t_ graf_, ka t! lg~ > epen ` &Ihsow. ^ ^Vw d n \n tow ^Ierosolmoiw \n t! Psxa, \n t_ eort_, pollo \psteusan ew t noma a[to, yevrontew a[to t ^ shmea $ \poei. 24 A[tw d ` &Ihsow o[k \psteuen eautn a 25 a[tow, di t a[tn ginQskein pntaw, ka ti o[ xrean e x e n na tiw martur}s+ per to nyrQpou: a[tw gr \gnvsken t n \n t! nyrQp~.

)Hn d nyrvpow \k tn Farisavn, Nikdhmow noma a[t!, rxvn tn &Ioudavn: 2 otow lyen prw a[tn nuktw, ka epen a[t!, ^Rabb, odamen ti p yeo \l}luyaw didskalow: o[dew gr tata t shmea dnatai poien $ s poiew, \n m| ` yew met' a[to. 3 &Apekryh ` a &Ihsow ka epen a[t!, &Am|n m|n lgv soi, \n m} tiw gennhy_ nvyen, o[ dnatai den t|n basilean to yeo. 4 Lgei prw a[tn ` Nikdhmow, Pw dnatai nyrvpow * gennhynai grvn vn; M| dnatai ew t|n koilan tw mhtrw a[to deteron eselye n ka gennhynai; 5 &A p e k r y h &Ihsow, &Am|n m|n lgv soi, \n m} tiw gennhy_ \j % datow ka u pnematow, o[ dnatai eselyen ew t|n basilean to yeo. 6 T gegennhmnon \k tw sarkw srj \stin: ka t gegennhmnon \k to pnematow pnem \stin. 7 M| yaums+w ti epn soi, De mw gennhynai nvyen. 8 T pnema pou ylei pne, ka t|n fvn|n a[to koeiw, ll' o[k odaw pyen rxetai ka po pgei: o% tvw \stn pw ` gegennhmnow \k to u 9 pnematow. &Apekryh Nikdhmow ka epen a[t!, Pw
2.18 2.20 2.20 2.20 2.22 2.24 epon epan Epon Epan Tessarkonta Tesserkonta kodom}yh okodom}yh > $n o ` ^ 2.24 eautn a[tn 3.2 tata t shmea dnatai dnatai tata t shmea 3.3 ` 3.4 ` `

tn &Ihson


3.10 - 3.26

dnatai tata gensyai; 10 &Apekryh &Ihsow ka epen a[t!, S e ` didskalow to &Isra}l, ka tata o[ ginQskeiw; 11 &A m | n m|n lgv soi ti $ odamen lalomen, ka $ o o ^ e vrkamen marturomen: ka t|n marturan =mn o[ lambnete. 12 E t \pgeia epon mn ka o[ pisteete, pw, \ n e p v mn t \pournia, pistesete; 13 Ka o[dew nabbhken ew tn o[rann, e m| ` \k to o[rano katabw, ` uw to nyrQpou ` n \n t! o[ran!. 14 Ka kayWw Mvsw % cvsen tn fin \n t_ \r}m~, o% tvw cvynai de tn un to u u nyrQpou: 15 na pw ` pistevn ew a[tn m| plhtai, ll' x+ zv|n aQnion. % O % tvw gr gphsen ` yew tn ksmon, vste tn un u a[to tn monogen dvken, na pw ` pistevn ew a[tn m| plhtai, ll' x+ zv|n aQnion. 17 O[ gr psteilen ` yew tn un a[to ew tn ksmon na krn+ tn ksmon, ll' na svy_ ` ksmow di' a[to. 18 ^O pistevn ew a[tn o[ krnetai: ` d m| pistevn dh kkritai, ti m| pepsteuken ew t noma to monogenow uo to yeo. 19 A% th d \stin = krsiw, ti t u fw \l}luyen ew tn ksmon, ka gphsan o nyrvpoi mllon t sktow ( t fw: n gr ponhr a[tn t rga. h 20 Pw gr ` fala prssvn mise t fw, ka o[k rxetai prw t fw, na m| \legxy_ t rga a[to. 21 ^O d poin t|n l}yeian rxetai prw t fw, na fanervy_ a[to t rga, ti \n ye! \stin ergasmna. Met tata lyen ` &Ihsow ka o mayhta a[to ew t|n &Ioudaan gn: ka \ke ditriben met' a[tn ka \bptizen. 23 )Hn d ka &Ivnnhw baptzvn \n AnWn \ggw to Sal}m, ti % data poll n \ke: ka paregnonto ka \baptzonto. u 24 Opv gr n beblhmnow ew t|n fulak|n ` &Ivnnhw. 25 &E g n et o o{n z}thsiw \k tn mayhtn &Ivnnou met &Ioudaou per kayarismo. 26 Ka lyon prw tn &Ivnnhn ka epon a[t!, ^Rabb, $ w n met so pran to &Iordnou, > o s memartrhkaw, de otow baptzei, ka pntew rxontai
3.13 3.14 3.15 3.15 3.16 ` n \n t! o[ran! Mvsw Mvsw ew a[tn \n a[t! m| plhtai ll' a[to 3.17 3.19 3.23 3.23 3.26 a[to ew ew ponhr a[tn a[tn ponhr &Ivnnhw ` &Ivnnhw Sal}m Salem epon epan
22 16



prw a[tn. 27 &Apekryh &Ivnnhw ka epen, O[ dnatai nyrvpow lambnein o[dn, \n m| dedomnon a[t! \k to o[rano. 28 A[to mew marturete ti epon, O[k em \gW ` xristw, ll' ti &Apestalmnow em mprosyen \kenou. 29 ^O xvn t|n nmfhn, numfow \stn: ` d flow to numfou, ` ^ esthkWw ka kovn a[to, xar xarei di t|n fvn|n to numfou: a% th o{n = xar = \m| pepl}rvtai. 30 &Ekenon de u a[jnein, \m d \lattosyai. ^O nvyen \rxmenow \pnv pntvn \stn. ^O n \k tw gw, \k tw gw \stin, ka \k tw gw lale: ` \k to o[rano \rxmenow \pnv pntvn \stn. 32 Ka $ eQraken ka kousen, o^ toto marture: ka t|n marturan a[to o[dew lambnei. 33 ^O labWn a[to t|n marturan \sfrgisen ti ` yew lhy}w \stin. 34 $O n gr psteilen ` yew, t ]}mata to yeo lale: o[ gr \k mtrou ddvsin ` yew t pnema. 35 ^O pat|r gap tn un, ka pnta ddvken \n t_ xeir a[to. 36 ^O pistevn ew tn un xei zv|n aQnion: ` d peiyn t! u!, o[k cetai zv}n, ll' = rg| to yeo mnei \p' a[tn.

3.27 - 4.9

t|n zv}n

^Vw o{n gnv ` kriow ti kousan o Farisaoi ti &Ihsow pleonaw mayhtw poie ka baptzei ( &Ivnnhw h 2 katoige &Ihsow a[tw o[k \bptizen, ll' o mayhta a[to 3 fken t|n &Ioudaan, ka plyen ew t|n Galilaan. 4 *Edei d a[tn dirxesyai di tw Samareaw. 5 *Erxetai o{n ew plin tw Samareaw legomnhn Suxr, plhson to xvrou $ dvken &IakWb &Ivs|f t! u! a[to: o 6 n d \ke phg| to &IakQb. ^O o{n &Ihsow kekopiakWw \k tw `doiporaw \kayzeto o% tvw \p t_ phg_. %Vra n qse kth. u 7 *Erxetai gun| \k tw Samareaw ntlsai % dvr: lgei a[t_ ` u 8 &Ihsow, Dw moi pien. O gr mayhta a[to pelhlyeisan ew t|n plin, na trofw gorsvsin. 9 Lgei o{n a[t! = gun| = Samaretiw, Pw s &Ioudaow n par' \mo pien atew,
4.1 4.3 4.5 4.6 4.7 4.9 4.9 kriow &Ihsow ew plin ew &Ivs|f t! &Ivs|f qse qw pien pen Samaretiw Samartiw pien pen

3.27 o[dn o[d n 3.28 marturete moi marturete 3.28 O[k ti O[k 3.31 o[rano \rxmenow \pnv pntvn \stn o[rano \rxmenow \pnv pntvn \stn 3.32 Ka $ $O o 3.34 ` yew t t


4.10 - 4.25

oshw gunaikw Samaretidow; O [ gr sugxrntai &Ioudaoi Samaretaiw. 10 &Apekryh &Ihsow ka epen a[t_, E deiw t|n dvren to yeo, ka tw \stin ` lgvn soi, Dw moi pien, s n thsaw a[tn, ka dvken n soi % dvr zn. u 11 Lgei a[t! = gun}, Krie, ote ntlhma xeiw, ka t frar \stn bay: pyen o{n xeiw t % dvr t zn; 12 M| s mezvn e u to patrw =mn &IakQb, $ w dvken =mn t frar, ka a[tw \j o a[to pien, ka o uo a[to, ka t yrmmata a[to; 13 &Apekryh &Ihsow ka epen a[t_, Pw ` pnvn \k to % datow u totou, dic}sei plin: 14 $ w d' n p+ \k to % datow o \gW o u dQsv a[t!, o[ m| dic}s+ ew tn ana: ll t % dvr $ dQsv u o ^ a[t! gen}setai \n a[t! phg| % datow a llomnou ew zv|n u 15 aQnion. Lgei prw a[tn = gun}, Krie, dw moi toto t % dvr, na m| dic, mhd rxomai \nyde ntlen. 16 Lgei a[t_ u ` &Ihsow, %Upage, fQnhson tn ndra so, ka \ly \nyde. 17 &Apekryh = gun| ka epen, O[k xv ndra. Lgei a[t_ ` &Ihsow, Kalw epaw ti *Andra o[k xv: 18 pnte gr ndraw sxew, ka nn $ n xeiw o[k stin sou n}r: toto lhyw o 19 erhkaw. Lgei a[t! = gun}, Krie, yevr ti prof}thw e s. 20 O patrew =mn \n t! rei tot~ proseknhsan: ka mew lgete ti \n ^Ierosolmoiw \stn ` tpow pou de proskunen. 21 Lgei a[t_ ` &Ihsow, Gnai, psteusn moi, ti % rxetai vra, te ote \n t! rei tot~ ote \n ^Ierosolmoiw o proskun}sete t! patr. 22 ^Umew proskunete $ o[k odate: =mew proskunomen $ odamen: ti = svthra \k tn o 23 % &Ioudavn \stn. &All' rxetai vra ka nn \stin, te o lhyino proskunhta proskun}sousin t! patr \n pnemati ka lhye : ka gr ` pat|r toiotouw zhte tow proskunontaw a[tn. 24 pnema ` ye w: ka tow pro s k u n o n t a w a[tn, \n pnemati ka lhye de proskunen. 25 Lgei a[t! = gun}, Oda ti Mesaw rxetai

oshw gunaikw Samaretidow gunaikw Samartidow oshw 4.9 Samaretaiw Samartaiw 4.10 pien pen 4.11 = gun} = gun} 4.14 dic}s+ dic}sei 4.15 rxomai dirxvmai


4.16 ` &Ihsow 4.17 epen epen a[t! 4.20 de proskunen proskunen de 4.21 Gnai psteusn moi Psteu moi gnai 4.23 &All' ll 4.25 Mesaw Messaw


` legmenow xristw: tan ly+ \kenow, naggele =mn pnta. 26 Lgei a[t_ ` &Ihsow, &EgQ emi, ` laln soi. Ka \p tot~ lyon o mayhta a[to, ka \yamasan ti met gunaikw \llei: o[dew mntoi epen, T zhtew; , T lalew met' a[tw; 28 &Afken o{n t|n dran a[tw = gun}, ka plyen ew t|n plin, ka lgei tow nyrQpoiw, 29 Dete, dete nyrvpon, $ w epn moi pnta sa \pohsa: m}ti otw o 30 \stin ` xristw; &Ejlyon \k tw plevw, ka rxonto prw a[tn. 31 &En d t! metaj rQtvn a[tn o mayhta, lgontew, ^Rabb, fge. 32 ^O d epen a[tow, &EgW brsin xv fagen n mew o[k odate. 33 *Elegon o{n o mayhta prw ll}louw, M} tiw negken a[t! fagen; 34 Lgei a[tow ` &Ihsow, &Emn brm \stin, na poi t ylhma to pmcantw me, ka teleiQsv a[to t rgon. 35 O [x mew lgete ti *Eti tetrmhnw \stin, ka ` yerismw rxetai; &Ido, lgv mn, \prate tow fyalmow mn, ka yesasye tw xQraw, ti leuka esin prw yerismn dh. 36 Ka ` yerzvn misyn lambnei, ka sungei karpn ew zv|n aQnion: na ka ` spervn `mo xar+ ka ` yerzvn. 37 &En gr tot~ ` lgow \stn ` lhyinw, ti *Allow \stn ` spervn, ka llow ` yer z v n . 38 &E g W psteila mw yer z ei n $ o[x mew o kekopikate: lloi kekopikasin, ka mew ew tn kpon a[tn eselhlyate. &Ek d tw plevw \kenhw pollo \psteusan ew a[tn tn Samareitn di tn lgon tw gunaikw marturoshw ti Epn moi pnta sa \pohsa. 40 ^Vw o{n lyon prw a[tn o Samaretai, rQtvn a[tn menai par' a[tow: ka meinen \ke do =mraw. 41 Ka poll! pleouw \psteusan di tn lgon a[to, 42 t_ te gunaik legon ti O[kti di t|n s|n lalin pisteomen: a[to gr khkamen, ka odamen ti otw \stin lhyw ` svt|r to ksmou, ` xristw.
39 27

4.26 - 4.42

4.25 4.27 4.27 4.31 4.34 4.36

pnta panta lyon lyan \yamasan \yamazon d poi poi}sv Ka ` yerzvn misyn ^O yerzvn misyn

4.36 4.37 4.39 4.39 4.40 4.42

na ka na ` lhyinw lhyinw Samareitn Samaritn sa $ a Samaretai Samartai ` xristw


4.43 - 5.3

Met d tw do =mraw \jlyen \keyen, ka plyen ew t|n Galilaan. 44 A[tw gr ` &Ihsow \martrhsen ti prof}thw \n t_ d patrdi tim|n o[k xei. 45 %O te o{n lyen ew t|n Galilaan, \djanto a[tn o Galilaoi, pnta ^ ^ evraktew $ \pohsen \n ^Ierosolmoiw \n t_ eort_: ka a[to a ^ gr lyon ew t|n eort}n. )Hlyen o{n plin ` &Ihsow ew t|n Kan tw Galilaaw, pou \pohsen t % dvr onon. Ka n tiw basilikw, o ` uw u h synei \n Kapernaom. 47 Otow kosaw ti &Ihsow % kei \k tw &Ioudaaw ew t|n Galilaan, plyen prw a[tn, ka rQta a[tn na katab_ ka shtai a[to tn un: mellen gr poynskein. 48 Epen o{n ` &Ihsow prw a[tn, &En m| shmea ka trata dhte, o[ m| pisteshte. 49 Lgei prw a[tn ` basilikw, Krie, katbhyi prn poyanen t paidon mou. 50 Lgei a[t! ` &Ihsow, Poreou: ` uw sou z_. Ka \psteusen ` nyrvpow t! lg~ > epen a[t! ` &Ihsow, ka \poreeto. 51 *Hdh d a[to katabanontow, o doloi a[to p}nthsan a[t!, ka p}ggeilan lgontew ti ^O paw % sou z_. 52 &Epyeto o{n par' a[tn t|n vran \n " komcteron % ^ sxen. Ka epon a[t! ti Xyw vran ebdmhn fken a[tn ` 53 % puretw. *Egnv o{n ` pat|r ti \n \ken+ t_ vr, \n " epen a[t! ` &Ihsow ti ^O uw sou z_: ka \psteusen a[tw ka = oka a[to lh. 54 Toto plin deteron shmeon \pohsen ` &Ihsow, \lyWn \k tw &Ioudaaw ew t|n Galilaan.



^ Met tata n = e ort| tn &Ioudavn, ka nbh ` &Ihsow ew ^Ierosluma.

*E s t i n d \n tow ^Ierosolmoiw \p t_ probatik_ kolumb}yra, = \pilegomnh ^Ebrast Bhyesd, pnte stow xo u s a . 3 &E n tataiw katkeito plyow pol tn
4.43 4.44 4.45 4.46 4.46 4.47 4.47 4.50 4.50 4.51 ka plyen ` $ sa a ` &Ihsow Kapernaom Kafarnaom a[tn na na mellen mellen Ka \psteusen &Epsteusen > $n o p}nthsan a[t! ka p}ggeilan p}nthsan a[t! 4.51 sou a[to 4.52 4.52 4.52 4.53 4.53 4.54 5.1 5.1 5.2 5.3 % % par' a[tn t|n vran t|n vran par' a[tn Ka epon epan o{n Xyw &Exyw \n \ken+ \n \ken+ ti ^O ^O plin d plin = ` Bhyesd Bhyzay pol


syenontvn, tufln, xvln, jhrn, \kdexomnvn t|n to % datow knhsin. 4 *Aggelow gr kat kairn katbainen \n t_ u kolumb}yr, ka \trassen t % dvr: ` o{n prtow \mbw met u t|n tarax|n to % datow, gi|w \gneto, > d}pote katexeto u nos}mati. 5 )Hn d tiw nyrvpow \ke trikonta ktW th xvn \n t_ syene. 6 Toton dWn ` &Ihsow katakemenon, ka gnow ti poln dh xrnon xei, lgei a[t!, Yleiw gi|w gensyai; 7 &Apekryh a[t! ` syenn, Krie, nyrvpon o[k xv na, tan taraxy_ t % dvr, bl+ me ew t|n kolumb}yran: u \n > d rxomai \gQ, llow pr \mo katabanei. 8 Lgei a[t! ` &Ihsow, *Egeirai, ron tn krbbatn sou, ka periptei. 9 Ka e[yv w \g n et o gi|w ` nyrvpow, ka ren tn krbbaton a[to ka perieptei. )Hn d sbbaton \n \ken+ t_ =mr. *Elegon o{n o &Ioudaoi t! teyerapeumn~, Sbbatn \stin: o[k jestn soi rai tn krbbaton. 11 &Apekryh a[tow, ^O poi}saw me gi, \kenw moi epen, )Aron tn krbbatn sou ka periptei. 12 &HrQthsan o{n a[tn, Tw \stin ` nyrvpow ` epQn soi, )Aron tn krbbatn sou ka periptei; 13 ^O d ayew o[k dei tw \stin: ` gr &Ihsow \jneusen, xlou ntow \n t! tp~. 14 Met tata erskei a[tn ` &Ihsow \n t! er!, ka epen a[t!, *Ide gi|w ggonaw: ^ mhkti amrtane, na m| xern t soi gnhtai. 15 &Aplyen ` nyrvpow, ka n}ggeilen tow &Ioudaoiw ti &Ihsow \stin ` poi}saw a[tn gi. 16 Ka di toto \dvkon tn &Ihson o &Ioudaoi, ka \z}toun a[tn poktenai, ti tata \poei \n sabbt~. 17 ^O d &Ihsow pekrnato a[tow, ^O pat}r mou vw rti \rgzetai, kgW \rgzomai. 18 Di toto o{n mllon \z}toun a[tn o &Ioudaoi poktenai, ti o[ mnon luen t ^ sbbaton, ll ka patra dion legen tn yen, son eautn poin t! ye!.
\kdexomnvn t|n to % datow u knhsin 5.4 5.5 ktW ka ktW 5.5 syene syene a[to 5.8 *Egeirai *Egeire 5.8 krbbatn krbattn 5.9 krbbaton krbatton 5.10 o[k ka o[k 5.10 krbbaton krbattn sou 5.3 5.11 5.11 5.12 5.12 5.14 5.16 &Apekryh ^O d pekryh krbbatn krbattn o{n tn krbbatn sou t soi so ti tn &Ihson o &Ioudaoi o &Ioudaoi tn &Ihson 5.16 ka \z}toun a[tn poktenai 5.17 &Ihsow &Ihsow

5.4 - 5.18

ka ktW

soi t


5.19 - 5.36

&Apekrnato o{n ` &Ihsow ka epen a[tow, &Am|n m|n ^ lgv mn, o[ dnatai ` uw poien f' eauto o[dn, \n m} ti blp+ tn patra poionta: $ gr n \kenow poi_, tata a 20 ka ` uw `movw poie. ^O gr pat|r file tn un, ka pnta deknusin a[t! $ a[tw poie: ka mezona totvn a dejei a[t! rga, na mew yaumzhte. 21 %Vsper gr ` pat|r \gerei tow nekrow ka zvopoie, o% tvw ka ` uw ow ylei u 22 zvopoie. O[d gr ` pat|r krnei o[dna, ll t|n krsin psan ddvken t! u!: 23 na pntew timsin tn un, kayWw timsin tn patra. ^O m| timn tn un, o[ tim tn patra tn pmcanta a[tn. 24 &Am|n m|n lgv mn ti ` tn lgon mou kovn, ka pistevn t! pmcant me, xei zv|n aQnion: ka ew krsin o[k rxetai, ll metabbhken \k to yantou % ew t|n zv}n. 25 &Am|n m|n lgv mn ti rxetai vra ka nn \stin, te o nekro kosontai tw fvnw to uo to yeo, ka o kosantew z}sontai. 26 %Vsper gr ` pat|r xei zv|n ^ ^ \n eaut!, o% tvw dvken ka t! u! zv|n xein \n eaut!: 27 ka u \jousan dvken a[t! ka krsin poien, ti uw nyrQpou % \stn. 28 M| yaumzete toto: ti rxetai vra, \n " pntew o \n tow mnhmeoiw kosontai tw fvnw a[to, 29 ka \kporesontai, o t gay poi}santew, ew nstasin zvw: o d t fala prjantew, ew nstasin krsevw. O[ dnamai \gW poien p' \mauto o[dn: kayWw kov, krnv: ka = krsiw = \m| dikaa \stn: ti o[ zht t ylhma t \mn, ll t ylhma to pmcantw me patrw. 31 &En \gW martur per \mauto, = martura mou o[k stin lhy}w. 32 *Allow \stn ` marturn per \mo, ka oda ti lhy}w \s t i n = martura n marture per \m o . 33 ^U m e w pestlkate prw &Ivnnhn, ka memartrhken t_ lhye. 34 &EgW d o[ par nyrQpou t|n marturan lambnv, ll tata lgv na mew svyte. 35 &E k e n o w n ` lxnow ` kaimenow ka fanvn, mew d yel}sate galliaynai prw % vran \n t! fvt a[to. 36 &EgW d xv t|n marturan mezv to &Ivnnou: t gr rga $ dvkn moi ` pat|r na teleiQsv a
5.19 epen legen 5.25 kosontai kosousin 5.25 z}sontai z}sousin 5.26 dvken ka t! u! ka t! u! dvken 5.27 ka krsin krsin 5.28 kosontai kosousin 5.30 patrw 5.36 dvkn ddvkn


a[t, a[t t rga $ \gW poi, marture per \mo ti ` pat}r a me pstalken. 37 Ka ` pmcaw me pat}r, a[tw memartrhken per \mo. Ote fvn|n a[to khkate pQpote, ^ ote edow a[to evrkate. 38 Ka tn lgon a[to o[k xete mnonta \n mn, ti $ n psteilen \kenow, tot~ mew o[ o 39 pisteete. &Ereunte tw grafw, ti mew dokete \n a[taw zv|n aQnion xein, ka \kena esin a marturosai per \mo: 40 ka o[ ylete \lyen prw me, na zv|n xhte. 41 Djan par nyrQpvn o[ lambnv: 42 ll' gnvka mw, ^ ti t|n gphn to yeo o[k xete \n eautow. 43 &EgW \l}luya \n t! nmati to patrw mou, ka o[ lambnet me: \n llow ly+ \n t! nmati t! d~, \kenon l}cesye. 44 Pw dnasye mew pistesai, djan par ll}lvn lambnontew, ka t|n djan t|n par to mnou yeo o[ zhtete; 45 M| dokete ti \gW kathgor}sv mn prw tn patra: stin ` kathgorn mn, Mvsw, ew $ n mew lpkate. 46 E gr \pisteete o Mvs_, \pisteete n \mo: per gr \mo \kenow gracen. 47 E d tow \kenou grmmasin o[ pisteete, pw tow \mow ]}masin pistesete;

5.37 - 6.7


Met tata plyen ` &Ihsow pran tw yalsshw tw Galilaaw, tw Tiberidow. 2 Ka koloyei a[t! xlow ^ polw, ti e Qrvn a[to t shmea $ \poei \p tn a 3 syenontvn. &Anlyen d ew t row ` &Ihsow, ka \ke \kyhto met tn mayhtn a[to. 4 )Hn d \ggw t Psxa, = ^ eort| tn &Ioudavn. 5 &Epraw o{n ` &Ihsow tow fyalmow, ka yeasmenow ti polw xlow rxetai prw a[tn, lgei prw tn Flippon, Pyen gorsomen rtouw, na fgvsin otoi; 6 Toto d legen peirzvn a[tn: a[tw gr dei t mellen poien. 7 &Apekryh a[t! Flippow, Diakosvn dhnarvn rtoi o[k rkosin a[tow, na kastow a[tn
5.46 Mvs_ Mvse 6.2 Ka koloyei &Hkoloyei d ^ 6.2 eQrvn a[to \yeQroun 6.3 ` 6.5 ` &Ihsow tow fyalmow tow fyalmow ` &Ihsow 6.5 tn 6.5 gorsomen gorsvmen 6.7 Flippow ` Flippow 6.7 a[tn brax ti brax ti

5.36 \gW poi poi 5.37 a[tw \kenow 5.37 khkate pQpote pQpote khkate 5.38 mnonta \n mn \n mn mnonta 5.39 &Ereunte &Eraunte 5.42 ll' ll 5.43 l}cesye l}mcesye 5.45 Mvsw Mvsw


6.8 - 6.22

brax ti lb+. 8 Lgei a[t! e<w \k tn mayhtn a[to, &Andraw ` delfw Smvnow Ptrou, 9 *Estin paidrion n @de, $ xei pnte rtouw kriynouw ka do cria: ll o tata t \stin ew tosotouw; 10 Epen d ` &Ihsow, Poi}sate tow nyrQpouw napesen. )Hn d xrtow polw \n t! tp~. &Anpeson o{n o ndrew tn riymn qse pentakisxlioi. 11 *E l a b en d tow rtouw ` &I h s o w, ka e[xarist}saw didvken tow mayhtaw, o d mayhta tow nakeimnoiw: `movw ka \k tn carvn son yel o n . 12 ^V w d \nepl}syhsan, lgei tow mayhtaw a[to, Sunaggete t perissesanta klsmata, na m} ti plhtai. 13 Sun}gagon o{n, ka \gmisan dQdeka kofnouw klasmtvn \k tn pnte rtvn tn kriynvn, $ \persseusen tow bebrvksin. 14 O a o{n nyrvpoi dntew $ \pohsen shmeon ` &Ihsow, legon ti o Otw \stin lhyw ` prof}thw ` \rxmenow ew tn ksmon. 15 ^ &Ihsow o{n gnow ti mllousin rxesyai ka a rpzein a[tn, na poi}svsin a[tn basila, nexQrhsen ew t row a[tw mnow. ^Vw d ca \gneto, katbhsan o mayhta a[to \p t|n ylassan, 17 ka \mbntew ew t ploon, rxonto pran tw yalsshw ew Kapernaom. Ka skota dh \gegnei, ka o[k \lhlyei prw a[tow ` &Ihsow. 18 %H te ylassa nmou meglou pnontow dihgereto. 19 &Elhlaktew o{n qw stadouw e k o s i pnte ( trikonta, yev r o s i n tn &Ihson h peripatonta \p tw yalsshw, ka \ggw to ploou ginmenon: ka \fob}yhsan. 20 ^O d lgei a[tow, &EgQ emi: m| fobesye. 21 *Hyelon o{n laben a[tn ew t ploon: ka e[yvw t ploon \gneto \p tw gw ew n pgon. ^ T_ \parion ` xlow ` e sthkWw pran tw yalsshw, dWn ti ploirion llo o[k n \ke e m| n \keno ew $ o \nbhsan o mayhta a[to, ka ti o[ suneislyen tow
6.9 6.10 6.10 6.10 6.11 6.11 6.13 6.14 6.15 6.15 n @de $ @de $ w o o d ` ` &Anpeson &Anpesan qse qw d tow o{n tow tow mayhtaw o d mayhta \persseusen \persseusan ` &Ihsow poi}svsin a[tn poi}svsin nexQrhsen nexQrhsen plin t Kapernaom Kafarnaom o[k opv dihgereto diegereto t ploon \gneto \gneto t ploon 6.22 dWn edon 6.22 \keno ew $ \nbhsan o mayhta o a[to 6.17 6.17 6.17 6.18 6.21
22 16



mayhtaw a[to ` &Ihsow ew t ploirion, ll mnoi o mayhta a[to plyon 23 lla d lyen ploiria \k Tiberidow \ggw to tpou pou f a g o n tn rton, e[xarist}santow to kurou 24 te o{n eden ` xlow ti &Ihsow o[k stin \ke o[d o mayhta a[to, \nbhsan a[to e w t ploa, ka lyon ew Kapernaom, zhtontew tn &Ihson. 25 Ka erntew a[tn pran tw yalsshw, epon a[t!, ^Rabb, pte @de ggonaw; 26 &Apekryh a[tow ` &Ihsow ka epen, &Am|n m|n lgv mn, zhtet me, o[x ti edete shmea, ll' ti \fgete \k tn rtvn ka \xortsyhte. 27 &Ergzesye m| t|n brsin t|n pollumnhn, ll t|n brsin t|n mnousan ew zv|n aQnion, n ` uw to nyrQpou mn dQsei: toton gr ` pat|r \sfrgisen, ` yew. 28 Epon o{n prw a[tn, T poimen, na \rgazQmeya t rga to yeo; 29 &Apekryh &Ihsow ka epen a[tow, Tot \stin t rgon to yeo, na pisteshte ew $ n psteilen \kenow. o 30 Epon o{n a[t!, T o{n poiew s shmeon, na dvmen ka pistesvmn soi; T \rgz+; 31 O patrew =mn t mnna fagon \n t_ \r}m~, kayQw \stin gegrammnon, *Arton \k to o[rano dvken a[tow fagen. 32 Epen o{n a[tow ` &Ihsow, &Am|n m|n lgv mn, o[ Mvsw ddvken mn tn rton \k to o[rano: ll' ` pat}r mou ddvsin mn tn rton \k to o[rano tn lhyinn. 33 ^O gr rtow to yeo \stin ` katabanvn \k to o[rano ka zv|n didow t! ksm~. 34 Epon o{n prw a[tn, Krie, pntote dw =mn tn rton toton. 35 Epen d a[tow ` &Ihsow, &EgQ emi ` rtow tw zvw: ` \rxmenow prw me o[ m| peins+: ka ` pistevn ew ^ \m o[ m| dic}s+ pQpote. 36 &All' epon mn ti ka evrkat 37 o me, ka o[ pisteete. Pn $ ddvsn moi ` pat|r prw \m % jei: ka tn \rxmenon prw me o[ m| \kblv jv. 38 %O ti h katabbhka \k to o[rano, o[x na poi t ylhma t \mn, ll t ylhma to pmcantw me. 39 Toto d \stin t ylhma
6.22 ploirion ll ploon ll 6.23 d 6.23 ploiria ploiria 6.24 ploa ploiria 6.24 Kapernaom Kafarnaom 6.29 &Ihsow ` &Ihsow 6.29 pisteshte pistehte 6.32 6.35 6.35 6.35 6.36 6.37 6.38 Mvsw Mvsw d prw me prw \m dic}s+ dic}sei me me me \m \k p

6.23 - 6.39


6.40 - 6.54

to pmcantw me patrw, na pn $ ddvkn moi, m| polsv o \j a[to, ll nast}sv a[t t_ \sxt+ =mr. 40 Toto d \stin t ylhma to pmcantw me, na pw ` yevrn tn un ka pistevn ew a[tn, x+ zv|n aQnion, ka nast}sv a[tn \gW t_ \sxt+ =mr. &Eggguzon o{n o &Ioudaoi per a[to, ti epen, &EgQ emi ` rtow ` katabw \k to o[rano. 42 Ka legon, O[x otw \stin &Ihsow ` uw &Ivs}f, o =mew odamen tn patra ka t|n mhtra; Pw o{n lgei otow ti &Ek to o[rano katabbhka; 43 &Apekryh o{n ` &Ihsow ka epen a[tow, M| goggzete met' ll}lvn. 44 O[dew dnatai \lyen prw me, \n ^ m| ` pat|r ` pmcaw me e lks+ a[tn, ka \gW nast}sv a[tn \n t_ \sxt+ =mr. 45 *Estin gegrammnon \n tow prof}taiw, Ka sontai pntew didakto yeo. Pw o{n ` kovn par to patrw ka mayQn, rxetai prw me. 46 O[x ^ ti tn patra tiw eQraken, e m| ` n par to yeo, otow ^ eQraken tn patra. 47 &Am|n m|n lgv mn, ` pistevn ew \m, xei zv|n aQnion. 48 &EgQ emi ` rtow tw zvw. 49 O patrew mn fagon t mnna \n t_ \r}m~, ka pyanon. 50 Otw \stin ` rtow ` \k to o[rano katabanvn, na tiw \j a[to fg+ ka m| poyn+. 51 &EgQ emi ` rtow ` zn, ` \k to o[rano katabw: \n tiw fg+ \k totou to rtou, z}setai ew tn ana. Ka ` rtow d $ n \gW dQsv, = srj mou o \stn, n \gW dQsv pr tw to ksmou zvw. &Emxonto o{n prw ll}louw o &Ioudaoi lgontew, Pw dnatai otow =mn donai t|n srka fagen; 53 Epen o{n a[tow ` &Ihsow, &Am|n m|n lgv mn, \n m| fghte t|n srka to uo to nyrQpou ka phte a[to t a<ma, o[k ^ xete zv|n \n eautow. 54 ^O trQgvn mou t|n srka ka pnvn mou t a<ma, xei zv|n aQnion, ka \gW nast}sv a[tn t_
6.39 6.39 6.40 6.40 6.40 6.42 6.43 6.44 6.45 patrw t_ \n t_ d gr pmcantw me patrw mou t_ \n t_ o{n lgei otow nn lgei o{n ` ka \gW kgW o{n ` kovn ` kosaw 6.45 me \m ^ ^ 6.46 tiw eQraken eQrakn tiw 6.47 ew \m 6.49 t mnna \n t_ \r}m~ \n t_ \r}m~ t mnna 6.51 z}setai z}sei 6.51 n \gW dQsv 6.52 srka srka a[to 6.54 ka \gW kgW
52 41


\n t_

\n t_


\sxt+ =mr. 55 ^H gr srj mou lhyw \stin brsiw, ka t a<m mou lhyw \stin psiw. 56 ^O trQgvn mou t|n srka ka pnvn mou t a<ma, \n \mo mnei, kgW \n a[t!. 57 KayWw psteiln me ` zn pat}r, kgW z di tn patra: ka ` trQgvn me, kkenow z}setai di' \m. 58 Otw \stin ` rtow ` \k to o[rano katabw: o[ kayWw fagon o patrew mn t mnna, ka pyanon: ` trQgvn toton tn rton, z}setai ew tn ana. 59 Tata epen \n sunagvg_ didskvn \n Kapernaom. Pollo o{n kosantew \k tn mayhtn a[to epon, Sklhrw \stin otow ` lgow: tw dnatai a[to koein; 61 ^ EdWw d ` &Ihsow \n eaut! ti goggzousin per totou o mayhta a[to, epen a[tow, Toto mw skandalzei; 62 &En o{n yevrte tn un to nyrQpou nabanonta pou n t prteron; 63 T pnem \stin t zvopoion, = srj o[k & vfele o[dn: t ]}mata $ \gW lal mn, pnem \stin ka a 64 i zv} \stin. &All' esn \j mn tinew o$ o[ pisteousin. *Hdei gr \j rxw ` &Ihsow, tnew esn o m| pisteontew, ka tw \stin ` paradQsvn a[tn. 65 Ka legen, Di toto erhka mn, ti o[dew dnatai \lyen prw me, \n m| dedomnon a[t! \k to patrw mou. &Ek totou pollo plyon tn mayhtn a[to ew t psv, ka o[kti met' a[to perieptoun. 67 Epen o{n ` &I h s o w tow dQdeka, M| ka mew yl et e pgein; 68 &A p e k r y h o{n a[t! Smvn Ptrow, Krie, prw tna peleusmeya; ^R}mata zvw avnou xeiw. 69 Ka =mew pepistekamen ka \gnQkamen ti s e ` xristw ` uw to yeo to zntow. 70 &Apekryh a[tow ` &Ihsow, O[k \gW mw tow dQdeka \jelejmhn, ka \j mn e<w dibolw \stin;
66 60

6.55 - 6.70


6.55 6.55 6.57 6.58 6.58 6.58 6.59

lhyw \stin brsiw lhy}w \stin brsiw lhyw \stin psiw lhy}w \stin psiw z}setai z}sei \k to \j mn t mnna z}setai z}sei Kapernaom Kafarnaom

6.60 6.60 6.63 6.65 6.66

epon epan otow ` lgow ` lgow otow lal lellhka mou plyon tn mayhtn a[to \k tn mayhtn a[to plyon 6.68 o{n 6.69 xristw ` uw to yeo to zntow giow to yeo


6.71 - 7.17

*Elegen d tn &Iodan Smvnow &IskariQthn: otow gr mellen a[tn paradidnai, e<w n \k tn dQdeka.

Ka perieptei ` &Ihsow met tata \n t_ Galila: o[ gr yelen \n t_ &Iouda peripaten, ti \z}toun a[tn ^ o &Ioudaoi poktenai. 2 )Hn d \ggw = eort| tn &Ioudavn = 3 Skhnophga. Epon o{n prw a[tn o delfo a[to, Metbhyi \nteyen, ka % page ew t|n &Ioudaan, na ka o u mayhta sou yevr}svsin t rga sou $ poiew. 4 O[dew gr \n a krupt! ti poie, ka zhte a[tw \n parrhs enai. E tata poiew, fanrvson seautn t! ksm~. 5 O[d gr o delfo a[to \psteuon ew a[tn. 6 Lgei o{n a[tow ` &Ihsow, ^O kairw ` \mw opv prestin, ` d kairw ` mterow pntot \stin toimow. 7 O[ dnatai ` ksmow misen mw: \m d mise, ti \gW martur per a[to, ti t rga a[to ponhr \stin. 8 ^ ^Umew nbhte ew t|n eort|n tathn: \gW opv nabanv ^ ew t|n eort|n tathn, ti ` kairw ` \mw opv pepl}rvtai. 9 Tata d epWn a[tow, meinen \n t_ Galila.
^Vw d nbhsan o delfo a[to, tte ka a[tw nbh ^ ew t|n e ort}n, o[ fanerw, ll' qw \n krupt!. 11 O o{n ^ &Ioudaoi \z}toun a[tn \n t_ eort_, ka legon, Po \stin 12 \kenow; Ka goggusmw polw per a[to n \n tow xloiw: o mn legon ti &Agayw \stin: lloi legon, O, ll plan tn xlon. 13 O[dew mntoi parrhs \llei per a[to di tn fbon tn &Ioudavn. ^ *Hdh d tw e ortw mesoshw, nbh ` &Ihsow ew t ern, ka \ddasken. 15 Ka \yamazon o &Ioudaoi lgontew, Pw otow grmmata oden, m| memayhkQw; 16 &Apekryh o{n a[tow ` &Ihsow ka epen, ^H \m| didax| o[k stin \m}, ll to pmcantw me. 17 &En tiw yl+ t ylhma a[to poien,
14 10

6.71 &IskariQthn &IskariQtou 6.71 a[tn paradidnai paradidnai a[tn 6.71 n 7.1 perieptei ` &Ihsow met tata met tata perieptei ` &Ihsow 7.3 yevr}svsin t rga sou yevr}sousin so t rga 7.4 \n krupt! ti ti \n krupt! 7.8 tathn \gW opv \gW o[k 7.8 kairw ` \mw \mw kairw

7.9 7.10 7.10 7.12 7.12 7.14 7.15 7.16

a[tow a[tw tte ka a[tw nbh ew t|n ^ ^ eort}n ew t|n eort}n tte ka a[tw nbh ll' qw ll qw polw per a[to n per a[to n polw lloi lloi d ` Ka \yamazon &Eyamazon o{n ` `


( gnQsetai per tw didaxw, pteron \k to yeo \stin, h \gW 18 ^ p' \mauto lal. ^O f' e auto laln, t|n djan t|n dan zhte: ` d zhtn t|n djan to pmcantow a[tn, otow lhy}w \stin, ka dika \n a[t! o[k stin. 19 O[ Mvsw ddvken mn tn nmon, ka o[dew \j mn poie tn nmon; T me zhtete poktenai; 20 &A p e k r y h ` xl o w ka epen, Daimnion xeiw: tw se zhte poktenai; 21 &Apekryh &Ihsow ka epen a[tow, $En rgon \pohsa, ka pntew yaumzete. 22 Di toto Mvsw ddvken mn t|n peritom}n o[x ti \k to Mvsvw \stn, ll' \k tn patrvn ka \n sabbt~ peritmnete nyrvpon. 23 E peritom|n lambnei nyrvpow \n sabbt~, na m| luy_ ` nmow Mvsvw, \mo xolte ti lon nyrvpon gi \pohsa \n sabbt~; 24 M| krnete kat' cin, ll t|n dikaan krsin krnate. *Elegon o{n tinew \k tn ^Ierosolumitn, O[x otw \stin $ n zhtosin poktenai; 26 Ka de parrhs lale, ka o o[dn a[t! lgousin. M}pote lhyw gnvsan o rxontew ti otw \stin lhyw ` xristw; 27 &All toton odamen pyen \stn: ` d xristw tan rxhtai, o[dew ginQskei pyen \stn. 28 *Ekrajen o{n \n t! er! didskvn ` &Ihsow ka lgvn, Km odate, ka odate pyen em: ka p' \mauto o[k \l}luya, ll' stin lhyinw ` pmcaw me, $ n mew o[k o odate. 29 &EgW oda a[tn, ti par' a[to emi, kkenw me psteilen. 30 &E z } t o u n o{n a[tn pisai. Ka o[dew % \pbalen \p' a[tn t|n xera, ti opv \lhlyei = vra a[to. 31 Pollo d \k to xlou \psteusan ew a[tn, ka legon ti ^O xristw tan ly+, m}ti pleona shmea totvn poi}sei @n otow \pohsen; 32 *H k o u s a n o Farisaoi to xlou goggzontow per a[to tata: ka psteilan phrtaw o Farisaoi ka o rxierew na pisvsin a[tn. 33 Epen o{n ` &Ihsow, *Eti mikrn xrnon mey' mn emi, ka pgv prw
7.19 7.20 7.22 7.22 7.23 7.24 7.26 7.31 Mvsw Mvsw ka epen Mvsw Mvsw Mvsvw Mvsvw Mvsvw Mvsvw krnate krnete lhyw ` ` Pollo d \k to xlou &Ek to xlou d pollo 7.31 ti 7.31 m}ti m| 7.31 totvn 7.32 phrtaw o Farisaoi ka o rxierew o rxierew ka o Farisaoi phrtaw 7.33 mikrn xrnon xrnon mikrn

7.18 - 7.33


7.34 - 7.51

tn pmcant me. 34 Zht}set me, ka o[x er}sete: ka pou em \gQ, mew o[ dnasye \lyen. 35 Epon o{n o &Ioudaoi ^ prw e autow, Po otow mllei poreesyai ti =mew o[x er}somen a[tn; M| ew t|n diasporn tn ^Ell}nvn mllei poreesyai, ka didskein tow %Ellhnaw; 36 Tw \stin otow ` lgow $ n epen, Zht}set me, ka o[x er}sete: ka pou em o \gQ, mew o[ dnasye \lyen; ^ &En d t_ \sxt+ =mr t_ megl+ tw eortw est}kei ` &Ihsow ka krajen, lgvn, &En tiw dic, \rxsyv prw me ka pintv. 38 ^O pistevn ew \m, kayWw epen = graf}, potamo \k tw koilaw a[to ]esousin % datow zntow. u 39 Toto d epen per to pnematow o mellon lambnein o pisteontew ew a[tn: opv gr n pnema gion, ti &I h s o w o[dpv \dojsyh. 40 Pollo o{n \k to xlou kosantew tn lgon legon, Otw \stin lhyw ` prof}thw. 41 *Alloi legon, Otw \stin ` xristw. *Alloi legon, M| gr \k tw Galilaaw ` xristw rxetai; 42 O[x = graf| epen ti \k to sprmatow Daud, ka p Bhylem, tw kQmhw pou n Daud, ` xristw rxetai; 43 Sxsma o{n \n t! xl~ \gneto di' a[tn. 44 Tinw d yelon \j a[tn pisai a[tn, ll' o[dew \pbalen \p' a[tn tw xeraw. )Hlyon o{n o phrtai prw tow rxierew ka Farisaouw: ka epon a[tow \kenoi, Di t o[k ggete u a[tn; 46 &A p e k r y h s a n o phrtai, O [dpote o % tvw 47 \llhsen nyrvpow, qw otow ` nyrvpow. &Apekryhsan o{n a[tow o Farisaoi, M| ka mew peplnhsye; 48 M} tiw \k tn rxntvn \psteusen ew a[tn, ( \k tn Farisavn; h 49 &All' ` xlow otow ` m| ginQskvn tn nmon \pikatrato esin. 50 Lgei Nikdhmow prw a[tow ` \lyWn nuktw prw a[tn, e<w n \j a[tn 51 M| ` nmow =mn krnei tn
er}sete er}set me otow ` lgow ` lgow otow er}sete er}set me o $ o pisteontew pistesantew gion Pollo o{n \k to xlou &Ek to xlou o{n 7.40 tn lgon tn lgvn totvn 7.41 xristw *Alloi xristw O d 7.42 O[x o[x 7.34 7.36 7.36 7.39 7.39 7.39 7.40 7.42 7.43 7.46 7.46 7.49 7.49 7.50 ` xristw rxetai rxetai ` xristw \n t! xl~ \gneto \gneto \n t! xl~ o% tvw \llhsen \llhsen u o% tvw u qw otow ` nyrvpow &All' ll \pikatrato \prato nuktw prw a[tn prw a[tn t prteron
45 37

$ o


nyrvpon, \n m| kos+ par' a[to prteron ka gn! t poie; 52 &Apekryhsan ka epon a[t!, M| ka s \k tw Ga l i l a a w e ; &E r e n h s o n ka de ti prof}thw \k tw Galilaaw o[k \g h g r t a i . 53 Ka \poreyh kastow ew tn okon a[to: 1 &Ihsow d \poreyh ew t row tn &Elain.

7.52 - 8.7

*O ryrou d plin paregneto ew t ern, ka pw ` law rxeto: ka kaysaw \ddasken a[tow. 3 *Agousin d o grammatew ka o Farisaoi prw a[tn gunaka \n moixe katal}fyeisan: ka st}santew a[t|n \n ms~, 4 lgousin a[t!, peirzontew, Didskale, a% th = gun| katel}fyh \p' u 5 a[tofr~ moixeuomnh. &En d t! nm~ Mvsw =mn \netelato tw toiataw liyobolesyai: s o{n t lgeiw; 6 Toto d legon peirzontew a[tn, na xvsin kathgoren a[to. ^O d &Ihsow ktv kcaw, t! daktl~ grafen ew t|n gn, m| prospoiomenow. 7 ^Vw d \pmenon \rvtntew a[tn, nakcaw epen prw a[tow, ^O namrthtow mn, prton \p' a[t|n tn lyon baltv.
Ka plyen kastow ew tn okon a[to: 1 ka ` &Ihsow \poreyh ew t row tn &Elain. 2 *O ryrou d plin bayow lyen ` &Ihsow ew t ern, ka pw ` law rxeto prw a[tn, ka kaysaw \ddasken a[tow. 3 *Agousin d o grammatew ka o Farisaoi prw a[tn gunaka \p moixe kateilhmmnhn, ka st}santew a[t|n \n t! ms~, 4 epon a[t!, Didskale, tathn e% romen \p' a[tofQr~ moixeuomnhn. 5 &En d t! nm~ =mn u Mvsw \netelato tw toiataw liyzein: s o{n t lgeiw per a[t w ; 6 Toto d legon peirzontew a[tn, na xvsin kathgoran kat' a[to. ^O d &Ihsow ktv kcaw, t! daktl~ grafen ew t|n gn. 7 ^Vw d \pmenon \pervtntew a[tn, nablcaw epen a[tow, ^O namrthtow mn, prtow lyon baltv \p' a[t}n.
7.51 7.52 7.52 7.52 7.52 7.53 7.53 8.2 8.3 8.3 par' a[to prteron prton par' a[to epon epan &Erenhson \ranhson prof}thw \k tw Galilaaw \k tw Galilaaw prof}thw \ghgrtai \geretai Ka Ka \poreyh \poreyhsan rxeto rxeto prw a[tn prw a[tn \n moixe \p moixe 8.3 8.4 8.4 8.4 8.5 8.5 8.6 8.6 8.7 8.7 8.7 katal}fyeisan kateilhmmnhn peirzontew katel}fyh katelhptai a[tofr~ a[tofQr~ Mvsw =mn =mn Mvsw liyobolesyai liyzein grafen katgrafen m| prospoiomenow nakcaw epen prw a[tow nkucen ka epen a[tow prton prtow tn lyon baltv baltv lyon

a[tofQr~ Mvsw


prtow balltv


a[tofr~ Mvsw


8.8 - 8.19


Ka plin ktv kcaw grafen ew t|n gn. 9 O d, kosantew, ka p tw suneid}sevw \legxmenoi, \j}rxonto e<w kay' e<w, rjmenoi p tn presbutrvn: ka katelefyh mnow ` &Ihsow, ka = gun| \n ms~ o{sa. 10 &Anakcaw d ` &Ihsow, ka mhdna yeasmenow pl|n t|w gunaikw, epen a[t_, Po esin \kenoi o kat}goro sou; O [dew se katkrinen; 11 ^H d epen, O[dew, krie. Epen d ` &Ihsow, ^ O[d \gQ se krnv: poreou ka mhkti amrtane. Plin o{n a[tow ` &Ihsow \llhsen lgvn, &EgQ emi t fw to ksmou: ` kolouyn \mo o[ m| peripat}s+ \n t_ skot, ll' j ei t fw tw zvw. 13 Epon o{n a[t! o Farisaoi, S per seauto marturew: = martura sou o[k stin lhy}w. 14 &Apekryh &Ihsow ka epen a[tow, Kn \gW martur per \mauto, lhy}w \stin = martura mou: ti oda pyen lyon, ka po pgv: mew d o[k odate pyen rxomai, ka po pgv. 15 ^Umew kat t|n srka krnete: \gW o[ krnv o[dna. 16 Ka \n krnv d \gQ, = krsiw = \m| lhy}w \stin: ti mnow o[k em, ll' \gW ka ` pmcaw me pat}r. 17 Ka \n t! nm~ d t! metr~ ggraptai ti do nyrQpvn = martura lhy}w \stin. 18 &EgQ emi ` marturn per \mauto, ka marture per \mo ` pmcaw me pat}r. 19 *E l eg o n o{n a[t!, Po \stin ` pat}r sou; &Apekryh &Ihsow, Ote \m odate, ote tn patra mou: e \m deite, ka tn patra mou deite n.

ka p tw suneid}sevw 8 Ka plin ktv kcaw grafen ew t|n gn. 9 O d, kosantew, \legxmenoi \j}rxonto \j}rxonto e<w kay' e<w, rjmenoi p tn presbutrvn vw tn ` &Ihsow mnow \sxtvn: ka katelefyh mnow ` &Ihsow, ka = gun| \n ms~ o{sa. 10 &Anakcaw d ` &Ihsow, eden a[t|n ka epen, Gnai, po esin o 11 ^H d epen, O[dew, krie. Epen d kat}goro sou esin; O[dew se katkrinen; p to nn ka a[t_ ` &Ihsow, O[d \gQ se katakrnv: poreou ka p to nn

^ mhkti amrtane.
ktv kcaw katakcaw ka p tw suneid}sevw \legxmenoi 8.9 ` &Ihsow 8.10 ka mhdna yeasmenow pl|n t|w gunaikw 8.10 a[t_ a[t_ Gnai 8.10 \kenoi o kat}goro sou 8.8 8.9 8.11 krnv katakrnv 8.11 ka ka p to nn ^ ^ 8.11 amrtane amrtane 8.12 ` &Ihsow \llhsen \llhsen ` &Ihsow 8.14 rxomai ka rxomai ( h 8.16 lhy}w lhyin} 8.19 deite n n deite



8.20 - 8.37

Tata t ]}mata \llhsen ` &Ihsow \n t! gazofulak~, didskvn \n t! er!: ka o[dew \pasen a[tn, ti opv % \lhlyei = vra a[to. Epen o{n plin a[tow ` &Ihsow, &EgW pgv, ka ^ zht}set me, ka \n t_ amart mn poyanesye: pou \gW pgv, mew o[ dnasye \lyen. 22 *Elegon o{n o &Ioudaoi, ^ M}ti poktene eautn, ti lgei, %Opou \gW pgv, mew o[ dnasye \lyen; 23 Ka epen a[tow, ^Umew \k tn ktv \st, \gW \k tn nv em: mew \k to ksmou totou \st, \gW o[k em \k to ksmou totou. 24 Epon o{n mn ti poyanesye ^ \n taw amartaiw mn: \n gr m| pisteshte ti \gQ emi, ^ poyanesye \n taw amartaiw mn. 25 *Elegon o{n a[t!, S tw e; Ka epen a[tow ` &Ihsow, T|n rx|n ti ka lal mn. 26 Poll xv per mn lalen ka krnein: ll' ` pmcaw me lhy}w \stin, kgW $ kousa par' a[to, tata a 27 lgv ew tn ksmon. O[k gnvsan ti tn patra a[tow legen. 28 Epen o{n a[tow ` &Ihsow, %Otan cQshte tn un to nyrQpou, tte gnQsesye ti \gQ emi, ka p' \mauto poi o[dn, ll kayWw \ddajn me ` pat}r mou, tata lal: 29 ka ` pmcaw me met' \mo \stin: o[k fkn me mnon ` pat}r, ti \gW t rest a[t! poi pntote. 30 Tata a[to lalontow pollo \psteusan ew a[tn. *Elegen o{n ` &Ihsow prw tow pepisteuktaw a[t! &Ioudaouw, &En mew menhte \n t! lg~ t! \m!, lhyw ma yh t a mou \st: 32 ka gnQsesye t|n l}yei a n , ka = l}yeia \leuyerQsei mw. 33 &Apekryhsan a[t!, Sprma &Abram \smen, ka o[den dedoulekamen pQpote: pw s lgeiw ti &E l e yer o i gen}sesye; 34 &A p e k r y h a[tow ` ^ &Ihsow, &Am|n m|n lgv mn, ti pw ` poin t|n amartan 35 ^ dolw \stin tw amartaw. ^O d dolow o[ mnei \n t_ ok ew tn ana: ` uw mnei ew tn ana. 36 &En o{n ` uw mw \leuyerQs+, ntvw \leyeroi sesye. 37 Oda ti sprma &Abram \ste: ll zhtet me poktenai, ti ` lgow ` \mw
31 21

8.20 ` &Ihsow 8.21 ` &Ihsow 8.23 epen legen 8.23 to ksmou totou \st totou to ksmou \st 8.25 Ka epen Epen

8.26 8.28 8.28 8.29 8.33

lgv lal a[tow a[tow mou ` pat}r a[t! prw a[tn


8.38 - 8.53

o[ xvre \n mn. 38 &EgW $ eQraka par t! patr mou, lal: o^ ka mew o{n $ e vrkate par t! patr mn, poiete. o ^ 39 &Apekryhsan ka epon a[t!, ^O pat|r =mn &Abram \stin. Lgei a[tow ` &Ihsow, E tkna to &Abram te, t rga to &Abram \poiete. 40 Nn d zhtet me poktenai, nyrvpon $ w t|n l}yeian mn lellhka, n kousa par to yeo: o toto &Abram o[k \pohsen. 41 ^Umew poiete t rga to patrw mn. Epon o{n a[t!, ^Hmew \k porneaw o[ gegenn}meya: na patra xomen, tn yen. 42 Epen o{n a[tow ` &Ihsow, E ` yew pat|r mn n, gapte n \m: \gW gr \k to yeo \jlyon ka % kv: o[d gr p' \mauto \l}luya, h ll' \kenw me psteilen. 43 Di t t|n lalin t|n \m|n o[ ginQskete; %O ti o[ dnasye koein tn lgon tn \mn. 44 ^Umew \k to patrw to diablou \st, ka tw \piyumaw to patrw mn ylete poien. &Ekenow nyrvpoktnow n p' rxw, ka \n t_ lhye o[x sthken, ti o[k stin l}yeia \n a[t!. %Otan lal_ t cedow, \k tn dvn lale: ti cesthw \stn ka ` pat|r a[to. 45 &E g W d ti t|n l}yeian lgv, o[ pisteet moi. 46 Tw \j mn \lgxei me per ^ amartaw; E d l}yeian lgv, di t mew o[ pisteet moi; 47 ^O n \k to yeo t ]}mata to yeo koei: di toto mew o[k koete, ti \k to yeo o[k \st. 48 &Apekryhsan o{n o &Ioudaoi ka epon a[t!, O[ kalw lgomen =mew ti Samarethw e s, ka daimnion xeiw; 49 &Apekryh &Ihsow, &EgW daimnion o[k xv, ll tim tn patra mou, ka mew timzet me. 50 &EgW d o[ zht t|n djan mou: stin ` zhtn ka krnvn. 51 &Am|n m|n lgv mn, \n tiw tn lgon tn \mn thr}s+, ynaton o[ m| yevr}s+ ew tn ana. 52 Epon o{n a[t! o &Ioudaoi, Nn \gnQkamen ti daimnion xeiw. &Abram pyanen ka o proftai, ka s lgeiw, &En tiw tn lgon mou thr}s+, o[ m| geshtai yantou ew tn ana. 53 M| s mezvn e to patrw =mn &Abram, stiw pyanen;
8.38 &EgW $ $A \gW o 8.38 mou 8.38 $ evrkate par t! patr mn o^ $ kosate par to patrw a 8.39 epon epan 8.39 te \ste 8.41 Epon o{n epan o{n 8.42 o{n 8.44 8.46 8.48 8.48 8.48 8.51 8.52 o[x sthken o[k sthken d o{n epon epan Samarethw Samarthw lgon tn \mn \mn lgon o{n o{n

\poiete n


Ka o proftai pya n o n : tna seautn s poiew; 54 &Apekryh &Ihsow, &En \gW dojzv \mautn, = dja mou o[dn \stin: stin ` pat}r mou ` dojzvn me, $ n mew lgete o 55 ti yew =mn \stin, ka o[k \gnQkate a[tn: \gW d oda a[tn, ka \n epv ti o[k oda a[tn, somai moiow mn, cesthw: ll' oda a[tn, ka tn lgon a[to thr. 56 &Abram ` pat|r mn gallisato na d+ t|n =mran t|n \m}n, ka eden ka \xrh. 57 Epon o{n o &Ioudaoi prw ^ a[tn, Pent}konta th opv xeiw, ka &Abram e Qrakaw; 58 Epen a[tow ` &Ihsow, &Am|n m|n lgv mn, prn &Abram gensyai, \gW emi. 59 )Hran o{n lyouw na blvsin \p' a[tn: &Ihsow d \krbh, ka \jlyen \k to ero, dielyWn di msou a[tn: ka pargen o% tvw. u

8.54 - 9.11

Ka pargvn eden nyrvpon tufln \k genetw. 2 Ka rQthsan a[tn o mayhta a[to lgontew, ^Rabb, tw % marten, otow ( o gonew a[to, na tuflw gennhy_; h h 3 &Apekryh &Ihsow, Ote otow % marten ote o gonew a[to: h ll' na fanervy_ t rga to yeo \n a[t!. 4 &Em de \r g z es ya i t rga to pmcantw me vw =mra \stn: rxetai nj, te o[dew dnatai \rgzesyai. 5 %O tan \n t! ksm~ , fw emi to ksmou. 6 Tata epQn, ptusen xama, ka \pohsen phln \k to ptsmatow, ka \pxrisen tn phln \p tow fyalmow to tuflo, 7 ka epen a[t!, %Upage ncai ew t|n kolumb}yran to Silvm $ e rmhneetai, o ^ &Apestalmnow. &Aplyen o{n ka \ncato, ka lyen blpvn. 8 O o{n getonew ka o yevrontew a[tn t prteron ti tufl w n, legon, O [x otw \stin ` kay}menow ka prosaitn; 9 *Alloi legon ti Otw \stin: lloi d ti %O moiow a[t! \stin. &Ekenow legen ti &EgQ emi. 10 *Elegon o{n a[t!, Pw nexyhsn sou o fyalmo; 11 &Apekryh \k e n o w ka epen, *Anyrvpow legmenow &Ihsow phln


8.53 8.54 8.55 8.55 8.55 8.58 8.59

s poiew poiew dojzv dojsv ka \n kn mn mn ll' ll ` dielyWn di msou a[tn ka pargen o% tvw u

9.4 9.6 9.6 9.8 9.9 9.10 9.11

&Em ^Hmw tn a[to tn to tuflo tuflw prosathw d ti legon O[x ll nexyhsn o{n nexyhsn ka epen *Anyrvpow ^O nyrvpow `


9.12 - 9.24

\pohsen, ka \pxrisn mou tow fyalmow, ka epn moi, %Upage ew t|n kolumb}yran to Silvm, ka ncai. &ApelyWn d ka nicmenow, nbleca. 12 Epon o{n a[t!, Po \stin \kenow; Lgei, O[k oda.

*Agousin a[tn prw tow Farisaouw, tn pote tufln. )Hn d sbbaton te tn phln \pohsen ` &Ihsow, ka n~jen a[to tow fyalmow. 15 Plin o{n rQtvn a[tn ka o Farisaoi, pw nblecen. ^O d epen a[tow, Phln \pyhkn mou \p tow fyalmow, ka \nicmhn, ka blpv. 16 *Elegon o{n \k tn Farisavn tinw, Otow ` nyrvpow o[k stin par to yeo, ti t sbbaton o[ thre. *Alloi legon, ^ Pw dnatai nyrvpow a martvlw toiata shmea poien; Ka sxsma n \n a[tow. 17 Lgousin t! tufl! plin, S t lgeiw per a[to, ti noijen sou tow fyalmow; ^O d epen ti Prof}thw \stn. 18 O[k \psteusan o{n o &Ioudaoi per a[to, ti tuflw n ka nblecen, vw tou \fQnhsan tow gonew a[to to nablcantow, 19 ka rQthsan a[tow lgontew, Otw \stin ` uw mn, $ n mew lgete ti tuflw o 20 \genn}yh; Pw o{n rti blpei; &Apekryhsan d a[tow o gonew a[to ka epon, Odamen ti otw \stin ` uw =mn, h ka ti tuflw \genn}yh: 21 pw d nn blpei, o[k odamen: ( tw noijen a[to tow fyalmow, =mew o[k odamen: a[tw ^ =likan xei: a[tn \rvt}sate, a[tw per eauto lal}sei. 22 Tata epon o gonew a[to, ti \fobonto tow &Ioudaouw: dh gr sunetyei n t o o &Ioudaoi, na \n tiw a[tn `molog}s+ xristn, posungvgow gnhtai. 23 Di toto o gonew a[to epon ti ^Hlikan xei, a[tn \rvt}sate. 24 &EfQnhsan o{n \k deutrou tn nyrvpon $ w n tuflw, ka o epon a[t!, Dw djan t! ye!: =mew odamen ti ` nyrvpow
moi moi ti t|n kolumb}yran to tn d o{n Epon o{n ka epan te \n " =mr Otow ` nyrvpow o[k stin par to yeo O[k stin otow par yeo ` nyrvpow *Alloi lloi d t! o{n t! S t T s noijen n~jn tuflw n n tuflw rti blpei blpei rti 9.20 d a[tow o{n 9.20 epon epan 9.21 a[tw =likan xei a[tn \rvt}sate a[tn \rvt}sate =likan xei 9.22 epon epan 9.23 epon epan 9.23 \rvt}sate \pervt}sate 9.24 \k deutrou tn nyrvpon tn nyrvpon \k deutrou 9.24 epon epan 9.24 ` nyrvpow otow otow ` nyrvpow


9.11 9.11 9.11 9.12 9.14 9.16 9.16 9.17 9.17 9.17 9.18 9.19


^ otow amartvlw \stin. 25 &Apekryh o{n \kenow ka epen, E ^ * a martvlw \stin, o[k oda: n oda, ti tuflw vn, rti 26 blpv. Epon d a[t! plin, T \pohsn soi; Pw noijn sou tow fyalmow; 27 &Apekryh a[tow, Epon mn dh, ka o[k kosate. T plin ylete koein; M| ka mew ylete a[to mayhta gensyai; 28 &Eloidrhsan a[tn, ka epon, S e mayht|w \kenou: =mew d to Mvsvw \smn mayhta. 29 ^Hmew odamen ti Mvs+ lellhken ` yew: toton d o[k odamen pyen \stn. 30 &Apekryh ` nyrvpow ka epen a[tow, &En gr tot~ yaumastn \stin, ti mew o[k odate pyen \stn, ka n~jn mou tow fyalmow. 31 Odamen d ti ^ amartvln ` yew o[k koei: ll' \n tiw yeoseb|w , ka t ylhma a[to poi_, totou koei. 32 &Ek to anow o[k kosyh ti noijn tiw fyalmow tuflo gegennhmnou. 33 E m| n otow par yeo , o[k dnato poien o[dn. 34 ^ &Apekryhsan ka epon a[t!, &En amartaiw s \genn}yhw low, ka s didskeiw =mw; Ka \jbalon a[tn jv. *Hkousen ` &Ihsow ti \jbalon a[tn jv: ka erWn a[tn, epen a[t!, S pisteeiw ew tn un to yeo ; 36 &Apekryh \kenow ka epen, Ka tw \stin, krie, na ^ pistesv ew a[tn; 37 Epen d a[t! ` &Ihsow, Ka eQrakaw 38 a[tn, ka ` laln met so \kenw \stin. ^O d fh, Pistev, krie: ka proseknhsen a[t!. 39 Ka epen ` &Ihsow, Ew krma \gW ew tn ksmon toton lyon, na o m| blpontew blpvsin, ka o blpontew tuflo gnvntai. 40 Ka kousan \k tn Farisavn tata o ntew met' a[to, ka epon a[t!, M| ka =mew tuflo \smen; 41 Epen a[tow ` ^ &Ihsow, E tuflo te, o[k n exete amartan: nn d lgete ^ ti Blpomen: = o{n amarta mn mnei.

9.25 - 9.41

9.25 ka epen 9.26 d a[t! plin o{n a[t! 9.28 &Eloidrhsan Ka \loidrhsan 9.28 e mayht|w mayht|w e 9.28 Mvsvw Mvsvw 9.29 Mvs+ Mvse 9.30 gr tot~ tot~ gr t 9.30 n~jn noijn 9.31 d

9.32 9.34 9.35 9.35 9.35 9.37 9.40 9.40

noijn n~jn epon epan ` a[t! yeo nyrQpou d Ka kousan *Hkousan ntew met' a[to met' a[to ntew 9.41 o{n


10.1 - 10.17



&Am|n m|n lgv mn, ` m| eserxmenow di tw yraw ew t|n a[l|n tn probtvn, ll nabanvn llaxyen , \k e n o w klpthw \stn ka l+st}w. 2 ^O d eserxmenow di tw yraw poim}n \stin tn probtvn. 3 Tot~ ` yurvrw nogei, ka t prbata tw fvnw a[to koei, ka t dia prbata kale kat' noma, ka \jgei a[t. 4 Ka tan t dia prbata \kbl+, mprosyen a[tn poreetai: ka t prbata a[t! kolouye, ti odasin t|n fvn|n a[to. 5 &Allotr~ d o[ m| kolouy}svsin, ll fejontai p' a[to: ti o[k odasin tn llotrvn t|n fvn}n. 6 Tathn t|n paroiman epen a[tow ` &Ihsow: \kenoi d o[k gnvsan tna n $ \llei a[tow. a
Epen o{n plin a[tow ` &Ihsow, &Am|n m|n lgv mn ti \gQ emi = yra tn probtvn. 8 Pntew soi lyon klptai esn ka l+sta: ll' o[k kousan a[tn t prbata. 9 &E g Q e m i = yra: di' \mo \n tiw esly+, svy}setai, ka eselesetai ka \jelesetai, ka nom|n er}sei. 10 ^O klpthw o[k rxetai e m| na klc+ ka ys+ ka pols+: \gW lyon na zv|n xvsin, ka perissn xvsin. 11 &EgQ emi ` poim|n ` kalw: ` poim|n ` kalw t|n cux|n a[to tyhsin pr tn probtvn. 12 ^O misyvtw d, ka o[k n poim}n, o o[k esin t prbata dia, yevre tn lkon \rxmenon, ka fhsin t prbata, ka fegei: ka ` ^ lkow a rpzei a[t, ka skorpzei t prbata. 13 ^O d misyvtw fegei, ti misyvtw \stin, ka o[ mlei a[t! per tn probtvn. 14 &EgQ emi ` poim|n ` kalw, ka ginQskv t \m, ka ginQskomai p tn \mn. 15 KayWw ginQskei me ` pat}r, kgW ginQskv tn patra: ka t|n cux}n mou tyhmi a pr tn probtvn. 16 Ka lla prbata xv, $ o[k stin \k tw a[lw tathw: kken me de gagen, ka tw fvnw mou kosousin: ka gen}setai ma pomnh, e<w poim}n. 17 Di

10.3 kale fvne 10.4 Ka tan %O tan 10.4 prbata \kbl+ pnta \kbl+ 10.5 kolouy}svsin kolouy}sousin 10.7 a[tow 10.8 lyon lyon pr \mo 10.12 d

10.12 esin stin 10.12 skorpzei t prbata skorpzei 10.13 ^O d misyvtw fegei 10.14 ginQskomai p tn \mn ginQskousn me t \m 10.16 me de de me 10.16 gen}setai gen}sontai



10.18 - 10.34

toto ` pat}r me gap, ti \gW tyhmi t|n cux}n mou, na plin lbv a[t}n. 18 O[dew arei a[t|n p' \mo, ll' \gW tyhmi a[t|n p' \mauto. &Ejousan xv yenai a[t}n, ka \jousan xv plin laben a[t}n. Tathn t|n \ntol|n labon par to patrw mou. Sxsma o{n plin \gneto \n tow &Ioudaoiw di tow lgouw totouw. 20 *Elegon d pollo \j a[tn, Daimnion xei ka manetai: t a[to koete; 21 *Alloi legon, Tata t ]}mata o[k stin daimonizomnou: m| daimnion dnatai tufln fyalmow nogein; &Egneto d t &Egkania \n ^Ierosolmoiw, ka xeimWn ka perieptei ` &Ihsow \n t! er ! \n t_ sto n : Solomnow. 24 &Ekklvsan o{n a[tn o &Ioudaoi, ka legon a[t!, %Evw pte t|n cux|n =mn areiw; E s e ` xristw, ep =mn parrhs. 25 &Apekryh a[tow ` &Ihsow, Epon mn, ka o[ pisteete: t rga $ \gW poi \n t! nmati to patrw a mou, tata marture per \mo: 26 ll' mew o[ pisteete: o[ gr \ste \k tn probtvn tn \mn, kayWw epon mn. 27 T prbata t \m tw fvnw mou koei, kgW ginQskv a[t, ka kolouyosn moi: 28 kgW zv|n aQnion ddvmi a[tow: ^ ka o[ m| plvntai ew tn ana, ka o[x arpsei tiw a[t 29 $ w ddvkn moi, mezvn \k tw xeirw mou. ^O pat}r mou o ^ pntvn \stn: ka o[dew dnatai arpzein \k tw xeirw to 30 patrw mou. &EgW ka ` pat|r n \smen. 31 &Ebstasan o{n plin lyouw o &Ioudaoi na liysvsin a[tn. 32 &Apekryh a[tow ` &Ihsow, Poll kal rga deija mn \k to patrw mou: di poon a[tn rgon liyzet me; 33 &Apekryhsan a[t! o &Ioudaoi lgontew, Per kalo rgou o[ liyzomn se, ll per blasfhmaw, ka ti s nyrvpow n poiew seautn yen. 34 &Apekryh a[tow ` &Ihsow, O[k stin
23 22 19

10.17 10.19 10.21 10.22 10.22 10.23 10.26 10.26 10.26 10.27

` pat}r me me ` pat|r o{n nogein nojai d tte ^Ierosolmoiw ka tow ^Ierosolmoiw Solomnow to Solomnow ll' ll o[ gr ti o[k kayWw epon mn koei koousin

10.28 zv|n aQnion ddvmi a[tow ddvmi a[tow zv|n aQnion o 10.29 $ w ddvkn moi mezvn pntvn $ o ddvkn moi pntvn mezn 10.29 patrw mou patrw 10.31 o{n 10.32 kal rga rga kal 10.32 mou 10.32 liyzet me \m liyzete 10.33 lgontew 10.34 ` `


10.35 - 11.11


gegrammnon \n t! nm~ mn, &EgW epa, Yeo \ste; 35 E \kenouw epen yeow, prw ow ` lgow to yeo \gneto ka o[ dnatai luynai = graf} 36 $ n ` pat|r =gasen ka o psteilen ew tn ksmon, mew lgete ti Blasfhmew, ti epon, Uw to yeo emi; 37 E o[ poi t rga to patrw mou, m| pisteet moi: 38 e d poi, kn \mo m| pistehte, tow rgoiw pistesate: na gnte ka pisteshte ti \n \mo ` pat}r, kgW \n a[t!. 39 &Ez}toun o{n plin a[tn pisai: ka \jlyen \k tw xeirw a[tn. Ka plyen plin pran to &Iordnou ew tn tpon pou n &Ivnnhw t prton baptzvn: ka meinen \ke. 41 Ka pollo lyon prw a[tn, ka legon ti &Ivnnhw mn shmeon \pohsen o[dn: pnta d sa epen &Ivnnhw per totou, lhy n. 42 Ka \psteusan pollo \ke ew a[tn.


)Hn d tiw syenn Lzarow p Bhyanaw, \k tw kQmhw Maraw ka Mryaw tw delfw a[tw. 2 )Hn d Mara = lecasa tn krion mr~, ka \kmjasa tow pdaw a[to taw yrijn a[tw, w ` delfw Lzarow synei. 3 &Apsteilan o{n a delfa prw a[tn lgousai, Krie, de $ n filew syene. 4 &Akosaw d ` &Ihsow epen, A% th = u o syneia o[k stin prw ynaton, ll' pr tw djhw to yeo, na dojasy_ ` uw to yeo di' a[tw. 5 &Hgpa d ` &Ihsow t|n Mryan ka t|n delf|n a[tw ka tn Lzaron. 6 ^Vw o{n kousen ti syene, tte mn meinen \n > n tp~ do =mraw. 7 *Epeita met toto lgei tow mayhtaw, *Agvmen ew t|n &Ioudaan plin. 8 Lgousin a[t! o mayhta, ^Rabb, nn \z}toun se liysai o &Ioudaoi, ka plin pgeiw \ke; 9 &Apekryh &Ihsow, O[x dQdek esin @rai tw =mraw; &En tiw peripat_ \n t_ =mr, o[ proskptei, ti t fw to ksmou totou blpei. 10 &En d tiw peripat_ \n t_ nukt, proskptei, ti t fw o[k stin \n a[t!. 11 Tata epen, ka met toto lgei a[tow, Lzarow ` flow =mn kekomhtai: ll
&EgW ti &EgW pistesate pisteete pisteshte ginQskhte a[t! t! patr o{n plin a[tn o{n a[tn plin 10.42 \psteusan pollo \ke ew a[tn pollo \psteusan ew a[tn \ke 11.2 Mara Marim 11.9 esin @rai @ra esin

10.34 10.38 10.38 10.38 10.39



11.12 - 11.31

poreomai na \jupnsv a[tn. 12 Epon o{n o mayhta a[to, Krie, e kekomhtai, svy}setai. 13 Er}kei d ` &Ihsow per to yantou a[to: \kenoi d dojan ti per tw koim}sevw to % pnou lgei. 14 Tte o{n epen a[tow ` &Ihsow parrhs, u Lzarow pyanen. 15 Ka xarv di' mw, na pisteshte, ti o[k mhn \ke: ll gvmen prw a[tn. 16 Epen o{n Yvmw, ` legmenow Ddumow, tow summayhtaw, *Agvmen ka =mew, na poynvmen met' a[to. &ElyWn o{n ` &Ihsow eren a[tn tssaraw =mraw dh xo n t a \n t! mnhme~. 18 )Hn d = Bhyana \ggw tn ^Ierosolmvn, qw p stadvn dekapnte: 19 ka pollo \k tn &Ioudavn \lhlyei s a n prw tw per Mryan ka Maran, na paramuy}svntai a[tw per to delfo a[tn. 20 ^H o{n Mrya, qw kousen ti &Ihsow rxetai, p}nthsen a[t!: Mara d \n t! ok~ \kayzeto. 21 Epen o{n Mrya prw tn &Ihson, Krie, e w @de, ` delfw mou o[k n \teyn}kei. 22 &All ka nn oda ti sa n at}s+ tn yen, dQsei soi ` yew. 23 Lgei a[t_ ` &Ihsow, &Anast}setai ` delfw sou. 24 Lgei a[t! Mrya, Oda ti nast}setai \n t_ nastsei \n t_ \sxt+ =mr. 25 Epen a[t_ ` &Ihsow, &EgQ emi = nstasiw ka = zv}: ` pistevn ew \m, kn poyn+, z}setai: 26 ka pw ` zn ka pistevn ew \m, o[ m| poyn+ ew tn ana. Pisteeiw toto; 27 Lgei a[t!, Na, krie: \gW pepsteuka, ti s e ` xristw, ` uw to yeo, ` ew tn ksmon \rxmenow. 28 Ka tata eposa plyen, ka \fQnhsen Maran t|n delf|n a[tw lyra, eposa, ^O didskalow prestin ka fvne se. 29 &Ekenh qw kousen, \geretai tax ka rxetai prw a[tn. 30 Opv d \lhlyei ` &Ihsow ew t|n kQmhn, ll' n \n t! tp~ pou p}nthsen a[t! = Mrya. 31 O o{n &Ioudaoi o ntew met' a[tw \n t_ ok ka paramuyomenoi a[t}n, dntew t|n Maran ti
11.12 11.12 11.17 11.19 11.19 11.19 11.20 11.21 11.21 Epon Epan a[to a[t! =mraw dh dh =mraw ka pollo pollo d tw per Mryan ka Maran t|n Mryan ka Marim a[tn Mara Marim Mrya = Mrya ` delfw mou o[k n \teyn}kei 11.22 11.24 11.28 11.28 11.29 11.29 11.29 11.30 11.31 o[k n pyanen ` delfw mou &All &All Mrya = Mrya tata toto Maran Marim qw d qw \geretai gryh rxetai rxeto \n ti \n Maran Marim


11.32 - 11.47


taxvw nsth ka \jlyen, koloyhsan a[t_, lgontew ti pgei ew t mnhmeon, na klas+ \ke. 32 ^H o{n Mara, qw lyen pou n ` &Ihsow, dosa a[tn, pesen a[to ew tow pdaw lgousa a[t!, Krie, e w @de, o[k n pyann mou ` delfw. 33 &Ihsow o{n qw eden a[t|n klaousan, ka tow sunelyntaw a[t_ &Ioudaouw klaontaw, \nebrim}sato t! ^ pnemati, ka \trajen eautn, 34 ka epen, Po teyekate a[tn; Lgousin a[t!, Krie, rxou ka de. 35 &Edkrusen ` &Ihsow. 36 *Elegon o{n o &Ioudaoi, *Ide pw \flei a[tn. 37 Tinw d \j a[tn epon, O[k dnato otow, ` nojaw tow fyalmow to tuflo, poisai na ka otow m| poyn+; 38 ^ &Ihsow o{n plin \mbrimQmenow \n e aut! rxetai ew t mnhmeon. )Hn d sp}laion, ka lyow \pkeito \p' a[t!. 39 Lgei ` &Ihsow, *Arate tn lyon. Lgei a[t! = delf| to teynhktow Mrya, Krie, dh zei: tetartaow gr \stin. 40 Lgei a[t_ ` &Ihsow, O[k epn soi, ti \n pistes+w, cei t|n djan to yeo; 41 )Hran o{n tn lyon, o n ` teynhkWw keimnow. ^O d &Ihsow ren tow fyalmow nv, ka epen, Pter, e[xarist soi ti kousw mou. 42 &EgW d dein ti pntot mou koeiw: ll di tn xlon tn periestta epon, na pistesvsin ti s me psteilaw. 43 Ka tata epQn, fvn_ megl+ \kragasen, Lzare, dero jv. 44 Ka \jlyen ` teynhkQw, dedemnow tow pdaw ka tw xeraw keiraiw, ka = ciw a[to soudar~ perieddeto. Lgei a[tow ` &Ihsow, Lsate a[tn, ka fete pgein. Pollo o{n \k tn &Ioudavn, o \lyntew prw t|n Maran ka yeasmenoi $ \pohsen ` &Ihsow, \psteusan ew a 46 a[tn. Tinw d \j a[tn plyon prw tow Farisaouw, ka epon a[tow $ \pohsen ` &Ihsow. a Sun}gagon o{n o rxierew ka o Farisaoi sundrion, ka legon, T poiomen; %Oti otow ` nyrvpow poll shmea
lgontew djantew Mara Marim ` &Ihsow &Ihsow ew prw pyann mou mou pyanen epon O[k dnato epan O[k \dnato 11.39 teynhktow teteleuthktow 11.40 cei c+ 11.31 11.32 11.32 11.32 11.32 11.37 11.41 11.44 11.44 11.45 11.45 11.46 11.46 11.47 o n ` teynhkWw keimnow Ka \jlyen &Ejlyen pgein a[tn pgein Maran Marim ` &Ihsow epon epan ` shmea poie poie shmea
47 45


% poie. 48 &En fmen a[tn outvw, pntew pistesousin ew a[tn: ka \lesontai o ^Rvmaoi ka rosin =mn ka tn tpon ka t ynow. 49 E<w d tiw \j a[tn Kafaw, rxierew n to \niauto \kenou, epen a[tow, ^Umew o[k odate o[dn, 50 o[d dialogzesye ti sumfrei =mn na e<w nyrvpow poyn+ pr to lao, ka m| lon t ynow ^ plhtai. 51 Toto d f' eauto o[k epen, ll rxierew n to \niauto \kenou, proef}teusen ti mellen &Ihsow poynskein pr to ynouw, 52 ka o[x pr to ynouw mnon, ll' na ka t tkna to yeo t dieskorpismna sunagg+ ew n. 53 &A p ' \k e n h w o{n tw =mraw suneboulesanto na poktenvsin a[tn. &I h s o w o{n o[kti parrhs perieptei \n tow &Ioudaoiw, ll plyen \keyen ew t|n xQran \ggw tw \r}mou, ew &Efram legomnhn plin, kke ditriben met tn mayhtn a[to. 55 )Hn d \ggw t Psxa tn &Ioudavn: ka nbhsan pollo ew ^Ierosluma \k tw xQraw pr to ^ ^ Psxa, na agnsvsin eautow. 56 &Ez}toun o{n tn &Ihson, ^ ka legon met' ll}lvn \n t! er! esthktew, T doke mn; 57 ^ %O ti o[ m| ly+ ew t|n e ort}n; DedQkeisan d ka o rxierew ka o Farisaoi \ntol}n, na \n tiw gn! po \stin, mhns+, pvw pisvsin a[tn.

11.48 - 12.4


^O o{n &Ihsow pr j =mern to Psxa lyen ew Bhyanan, pou n Lzarow ` teynhkQw, $ n geiren \k o 2 nekrn. &Epohsan o{n a[t! depnon \ke, ka = Mrya dihknei: ` d Lzarow e<w n tn nakeimnvn sn a[t!. 3 ^H o{n Mara labosa ltran mrou nrdou pistikw polutmou, leicen tow pdaw to &Ihso, ka \jmajen taw yrijn a[tw tow pdaw a[to: = d oka \plhrQyh \k tw smw to mrou. 4 Lgei o{n e<w \k tn mayhtn a[to, &Iodaw Smvnow &IskariQthw, ` mllvn a[tn paradidnai,
dialogzesye logzesye =mn mn proef}teusen \prof}teusen suneboulesanto \boulesanto &Ihsow o{n ^O o{n &Ihsow ditriben meinen a[to ka o rxierew o rxierew 11.57 12.1 12.1 12.2 12.3 12.4 \ntol}n \ntolw ` teynhkQw nekrn nekrn &Ihsow tn \k tn Mara Marim o{n e<w \k tn mayhtn a[to &Iodaw Smvnow &IskariQthw d &Iodaw ` &IskariQthw e<w \k tn mayhtn a[to

11.50 11.50 11.51 11.53 11.54 11.54 11.54 11.57


12.5 - 12.21

Di t toto t mron o[k \pryh triakosvn dhnarvn, ka \dyh ptvxow; 6 Epen d toto, o[x ti per tn ptvxn melen a[t!, ll' ti klpthw n, ka t glvsskomon exen, ka t ballmena \bstazen. 7 Epen o{n ` &Ihsow, *Afew a[t}n: ew t|n =mran to \ntafiasmo mou tet}rhken a[t. 8 ^ Tow ptvxow gr pntote xete mey' e autn, \m d o[ pntote xete. *Egnv o{n xlow polw \k tn &Ioudavn ti \ke \stin: ka lyon o[ di tn &Ihson mnon, ll' na ka tn Lzaron dvsin, $ n geiren \k nek r n . 10 &E b o u l e s a n t o d o o rxierew na ka tn Lzaron poktenvsin: 11 ti pollo di' a[tn pgon tn &Ioudavn, ka \psteuon ew tn &Ihson. ^ T_ \parion xlow polw ` \lyWn ew t|n e ort}n, 13 kosantew ti rxetai &Ihsow ew ^Ierosluma, labon t baa tn foinkvn, ka \jlyon ew pnthsin a[t!, ka krazon, ^Vsann: e[loghmnow ` \rxmenow \n nmati kurou, basilew to &Isra}l. 14 ErWn d ` &Ihsow nrion, \kyisen \p' a[t, kayQw \stin gegrammnon, 15 M| fobo, ygater SiQn: do, ` basilew sou rxetai, kay}menow \p plon nou. 16 Tata d o[k gnvsan o mayhta a[to t prton: ll' te \dojsyh &Ihsow, tte \mn}syhsan ti tata n \p' a[t! gegrammna, ka tata \pohsan a[t!. 17 &Emartrei o{n ` xlow ` n met' a[to te tn Lzaron \fQnhsen \k to mnhmeou, ka geiren a[tn \k nekrn. 18 Di toto ka p}nthsen a[t! ` xlow, ti kousen toto a[tn pepoihknai t shmeon. 19 O o{n Farisaoi epon prw ^ & eautow, Yevrete ti o[k vfelete o[dn: de ` ksmow psv a[to plyen. )Hsan d tinew %Ellhnew \k tn nabainntvn na ^ proskun}svsin \n t_ eort_: 21 otoi o{n proslyon Filpp~ t! p Bhysad tw Galilaaw, ka rQtvn a[tn lgontew,
12.6 12.7 12.7 12.9 12.12 12.12 12.13 12.13 exen ka xvn ew na ew tet}rhken thr}s+ xlow ` xlow xlow ` xlow &Ihsow ` &Ihsow krazon \kragazon basilew ka ` basilew 12.15 ygater yugthr 12.16 d 12.16 o mayhta a[to a[to o mayhta 12.18 ka ka 12.18 kousen kousan 12.19 epon epan 12.20 tinew %Ellhnew %Ellhnw tinew
20 12 9

` &Ihsow



12.22 - 12.38

Krie, ylomen tn &Ihson den. 22 *Erxetai Flippow ka lgei t! &Andr: ka plin &Andraw ka Flippow lgousin t! &Ihso. 23 ^O d &Ihsow pekrnato a[tow lgvn, % &El}luyen = vra na dojasy_ ` uw to nyrQpou. 24 &Am|n m|n lgv mn, \n m| ` kkkow to stou pesWn ew t|n gn poyn+, a[tw mnow mnei: \n d poyn+, poln karpn frei. 25 ^O filn t|n cux|n a[to polsei a[t}n: ka ` misn t|n cux|n a[to \n t! ksm~ tot~ ew zv|n aQnion fuljei a[t}n. 26 &En \mo diakon_ tiw, \mo kolouyetv: ka pou em \gQ, \ke ka ` dikonow ` \mw stai: ka \n tiw \mo diakon_, tim}sei a[tn ` pat}r. 27 Nn = cux} mou % tetraktai: ka t epv; Pter, ssn me \k tw vraw tathw. % ran tathn. 28 Pter, djasn &All di toto lyon ew t|n v sou t noma. )Hlyen o{n fvn| \k to o[rano, Ka \djasa, ^ ka plin dojsv. 29 ^O o{n xlow ` estWw ka kosaw legen bront|n gegonnai: lloi legon, *Aggelow a[t! lellhken. 30 &Apekryh &Ihsow ka epen, O[ di' \m a% th = fvn| u ggonen, ll di' mw. 31 Nn krsiw \stn to ksmou totou: nn ` rxvn to ksmou totou \kblhy}setai jv. 32 ^ KgW \n cvy \k tw gw, pntaw elksv prw \mautn. 33 Toto d l eg en , shmanvn po~ yant~ mellen poynskein. 34 &Apekryh a[t! ` xlow, ^Hmew kosamen \k to nmou ti ` xristw mnei ew tn ana: ka pw s lgeiw, De cvynai tn un to nyrQpou; Tw \stin otow ` uw to nyrQpou; 35 Epen o{n a[tow ` &Ihsow, *Eti mikrn xrnon t fw mey' mn \stin. Peripatete vw t fw xete, na m| skota mw katalb+: ka ` peripatn \n t_ skot o[k oden po pgei. 36 %Evw t fw xete, pisteete ew t fw, na uo fvtw gnhsye.

` &Ihsow

Tata \llhsen ` &Ihsow, ka pelyWn \krbh p' a[tn. Tosata d a[to shmea pepoihktow mprosyen a[tn, o[k \psteuon ew a[tn: 38 na ` lgow &Hsaou to prof}tou
*Erxetai *Erxetai ` ka plin rxetai lgousin ka lgousin pekrnato pokrnetai polsei pollei diakon_ tiw tiw diakon_ ka \n \n a% th = fvn| = fvn| a% th u u 12.33 12.34 12.34 12.35 12.35 12.36 12.36 mellen mellen a[t! o{n a[t! s lgeiw lgeiw s ti mey' mn \n mn vw qw %Evw ^Vw `

12.22 12.22 12.22 12.23 12.25 12.26 12.26 12.30


12.39 - 13.3

plhrvy_, $ n epen, Krie, tw \psteusen t_ ko_ =mn; Ka ` o braxvn kurou tni pekalfyh; 39 Di toto o[k dnanto pisteein, ti plin epen &Hsaaw, 40 Tetflvken a[tn tow fyalmow, ka pepQrvken a[tn t|n kardan: na m| dvsin tow fyalmow, ka no}svsin t_ kard, ka \pistrafsin, ka svmai a[tow. 41 Tata epen &Hsaaw, te eden t|n djan a[to, ka \llhsen per a[to. 42 %O mvw mntoi ka \k tn rxntvn pollo \psteusan ew a[tn: ll di tow Farisaouw o[x qmolgoun, na m| posungvgoi gnvntai. 43 &Hgphsan gr t|n djan tn nyrQpvn mllon per t|n djan to yeo. &Ihsow d krajen ka epen, ^O pistevn ew \m, o[ pisteei ew \m, ll' ew tn pmcant me: 45 ka ` yevrn \m, yevre tn pmcant me. 46 &EgW fw ew tn ksmon \l}luya, na pw ` pistevn ew \m, \n t_ skot m| men+. 47 Ka \n tw mou kos+ tn ]hmtvn ka m| pistes+, \gW o[ krnv a[tn: o[ gr lyon na krnv tn ksmon, ll' na sQsv tn ksmon. 48 ^O yetn \m ka m| lambnvn t ]}mat mou, xei tn krnonta a[tn: ` lgow $ n \llhsa, o 49 \kenow krine a[tn \n t_ \sxt+ =mr. %O ti \gW \j \mauto o[k \llhsa: ll' ` pmcaw me pat}r, a[tw moi \ntol|n dvken, t epv ka t lal}sv. 50 Ka oda ti = \ntol| a[to zv| aQniw \stin: $ o{n lal \gQ, kayWw a erhkn moi ` pat}r, o% tvw lal. u



^ Pr d tw e ortw to Psxa, edWw ` &Ihsow ti % \l}luyen a[to = vra na metab_ \k to ksmou totou prw tn patra, gap}saw tow douw tow \n t! ksm~, ew tlow gphsen a[tow. 2 Ka depnou genomnou, to diablou dh beblhktow ew t|n kardan &Ioda Smvnow &IskariQtou na a[tn parad!, 3 edWw ` &Ihsow ti pnta ddvken a[t! ` pat|r ew tw xeraw, ka ti p yeo \jlyen
13.1 \l}luyen lyen 13.2 genomnou ginomnou 13.2 &Ioda Smvnow &IskariQtou na a[tn parad! na parado a[tn &Iodaw Smvnow &IskariQtou 13.3 ` &Ihsow 13.3 ddvken dvken

12.40 pepQrvken \pQrvsen 12.40 \pistrafsin ka svmai strafsin ka somai 12.41 te ti 12.44 ll' ll 12.47 pistes+ fulj+ 12.49 dvken ddvken 12.50 lal \gQ \gW lal


ka prw tn yen pgei, 4 \geretai \k to depnou, ka ^ tyhsin t mtia, ka labWn lntion dizvsen eautn. 5 Eta bllei % dvr ew tn niptra, ka rjato nptein tow pdaw u tn mayhtn, ka \kmssein t! lent~ > n diezvsmnow. 6 *Erxetai o{n prw Smvna Ptron: ka lgei a[t! \kenow, Krie, s mou npteiw tow pdaw; 7 &Apekryh &Ihsow ka epen a[t!, $O \gW poi, s o[k odaw rti, gnQs+ d met tata. 8 Lgei a[t! Ptrow, O[ m| nc+w tow pdaw mou ew tn ana. &Apekryh a[t! ` &Ihsow, &En m| ncv se, o[k xeiw mrow met' \mo. 9 Lgei a[t! Smvn Ptrow, Krie, m| tow pdaw mou mnon, ll ka tw xeraw ka t|n kefal}n. 10 Lgei a[t! ` &Ihsow, ^O leloumnow o[ xrean xei ( tow h pdaw ncasyai, ll' stin kayarw low: ka mew kayaro \ste, ll' o[x pntew. 11 *Hdei gr tn paradidnta a[tn: di toto epen, O[x pntew kayaro \ste. %O te o{n nicen tow pdaw a[tn, ka laben t mtia a[to, napesWn plin, epen a[tow, GinQskete t pepohka mn; 13 ^Umew fvnet me, ^O didskalow, ka ^O kriow: ka kalw lgete, em gr. 14 E o{n \gW nica mn tow pdaw, ` kriow ka ` didskalow, ka mew felete ll}lvn nptein tow pdaw. 15 ^Updeigma gr dvka mn, na kayWw \gW \pohsa mn, ka mew poite. 16 &Am|n m|n lgv mn, O[k stin dolow mezvn to kurou a[to, o[d pstolow mezvn to pmcantow a[tn. 17 E tata odate, makrio \ste \n poite a[t. 18 O[ per pntvn mn lgv: \gW oda ow \jelejmhn: ll' na = graf| plhrvy_, ^O trQgvn met' \mo tn rton \pren \p' \m t|n ptrnan a[to. 19 &Ap' rti lgv mn pr to gensyai, na, tan gnhtai, pisteshte ti \gQ emi. 20 &Am|n m|n lgv mn, ^O lambnvn \n tina pmcv, \m lambnei: ` d \m lambnvn, lambnei tn pmcant me.

13.4 - 13.20

ka lgei a[t! \kenow lgei a[t! 13.8 tow pdaw mou mou tow pdaw 13.8 a[t! ` &Ihsow &Ihsow a[t! 13.10 o[ xrean xei ( o[k xei xrean h e m| 13.11 O[x ti O[x


13.12 13.12 13.18 13.18 13.19

ka laben ka laben napesWn ka npesen ow tnaw met' \mo mou tan gnhtai pisteshte pisteshte tan gnhtai 13.20 \n n


13.21 - 13.37


Tata epWn ` &Ihsow \tarxyh t! pnemati, ka \martrhsen ka epen, &Am|n m|n lgv mn ti e<w \j mn paradQsei me. 22 *Eblepon o{n ew ll}louw o mayhta, poromenoi per tnow lgei. 23 )Hn d nakemenow e<w tn mayhtn a[to \n t! klp~ to &Ihso, $ n gpa ` &Ihsow: o 24 neei o{n tot~ Smvn Ptrow puysyai tw n eh per o lgei. 25 &EpipesWn d \kenow o% tvw \p t styow to &Ihso, u lgei a[t!, Krie, tw \stin; 26 &A p o k r n e t a i ` &Ihsow, &Ekenw \stin > \gW bcaw t cvmon \pidQsv. Ka \mbcaw t cvmon, ddvsin &Iod Smvnow &IskariQt+. 27 Ka met t cvmon, tte eslyen ew \kenon ` Satanw. Lgei o{n a[t! ` &Ihsow, $O poiew, pohson txion. 28 Toto d o[dew gnv tn nakeimnvn prw t epen a[t!. 29 Tinw gr \dkoun, \pe t glvss k o m o n e xen ` &Iodaw, ti lgei a[t! ` &Ihsow, ^ &Agrason @n xrean xomen ew t|n eort}n: ( tow ptvxow na h 30 ti d!. LabWn o{n t cvmon \kenow, e[yvw \jlyen: n d nj. %O te \jlyen, lgei ` &Ihsow, Nn \dojsyh ` uw to nyrQpou, ka ` yew \dojsyh \n a[t!. 32 E ` yew \dojsyh ^ \n a[t!, ka ` yew dojsei a[tn \n eaut!, ka e[yw dojsei 33 a[tn. Tekna, ti mikrn mey' mn emi. Zht}set me, ka kayWw epon tow &Ioudaoiw ti %Opou pgv \gQ, mew o[ dnasye \lyen, ka mn lgv rti. 34 &Entol|n kain|n ddvmi mn, na gapte ll}louw: kayWw gphsa mw, na ka mew gapte ll}louw. 35 &En tot~ gnQsontai pntew ti \mo mayhta \ste, \n gphn xhte \n ll}loiw. Lgei a[t! Smvn Ptrow, Krie, po pgeiw; &Apekryh a[t! ` &Ihsow, %O pou pgv, o[ dnasa moi nn kolouysai, % steron d kolouy}seiw moi. 37 Lgei a[t! u
13.21 13.22 13.23 13.23 13.25 13.26 13.26 13.26 13.26 13.26 ` ` o{n d e<w e<w \k &EpipesWn d &AnapesWn o{n ` ` bcaw bcv \pidQsv ka dQsv a[t! Ka \mbcaw Bcaw o{n ddvsin lambnei ka ddvsin 13.26 &IskariQt+ &IskariQtou 13.28 d d 13.29 13.29 13.30 13.31 13.31 13.32 13.32 13.33 13.36 13.36 ` &Iodaw &Iodaw ` &Ihsow ` &Ihsow e[yvw \jlyen \jlyen e[yw %Ote %O te o{n lgei ` lgei E ` yew \dojsyh \n a[t! E ` yew \dojsyh \n a[t! ^ eaut! a[t! pgv \gQ \gW pgv a[t! ` a[t! % steron d kolouy}seiw moi u kolouy}seiw d % steron u
36 31



13.38 - 14.15

Ptrow, Krie, di t o[ dnama soi kolouysai rti; T|n cux}n mou pr so y}sv. 38 &Apekryh a[t! ` &Ihsow, T|n cux}n sou pr \mo y}seiw; &Am|n m|n lgv soi, o[ m| lktvr fvn}s+ vw o parn}s+ me trw.

M| tarasssyv mn = karda: pisteete ew tn yen, ka ew \m pisteete. 2 &En t_ ok to patrw mou mona polla esin: e d m}, epon n mn: Poreomai ^ ^ e toimsai tpon mn. 3 Ka \n poreuy e toimsv mn tpon, plin rxomai ka paral}comai mw prw \mautn: na pou em \gQ, ka mew te. 4 Ka pou \gW pgv odate, ka t|n `dn odate. 5 Lgei a[t! Yvmw, Krie, o[k odamen po pgeiw: ka pw dunmeya t|n `dn ednai; 6 Lgei a[t! ` &Ihsow, &EgQ emi = `dw ka = l}yeia ka = zv}: o[dew rxetai prw tn patra, e m| di' \mo. 7 E \gnQkeit me, ka tn patra mou \gnQkeite n: ka p' rti ginQskete a[tn, ^ ka e vrkate a[tn. 8 Lgei a[t! Flippow, Krie, dejon =mn tn patra, ka rke =mn. 9 Lgei a[t! ` &Ihsow, Tosoton xrnon mey' mn emi, ka o[k gnvkw me, Flippe; ^ ^ ^O e vrakWw \m, e Qraken tn patra: ka pw s lgeiw, Dejon =mn tn patra; 10 O[ pisteeiw ti \gW \n t! patr, ka ` pat|r \n \mo \stin; T ]}mata $ \gW lal mn, p' a \mauto o[ lal: ` d pat|r ` \n \mo mnvn, a[tw poie t rga. 11 Pisteet moi ti \gW \n t! patr, ka ` pat|r \n \mo: e d m}, di t rga a[t pisteet moi. 12 &Am|n m|n lgv mn, ` pistevn ew \m, t rga $ \gW poi kkenow poi}sei, a ka mezona totvn poi}sei: ti \gW prw tn patra mou poreomai. 13 Ka ti n at}shte \n t! nmat mou, toto poi}sv, na dojasy_ ` pat|r \n t! u!. 14 &En ti at}sht me \n t! nmat mou, \gW poi}sv. 15 &E n gapt me, tw
13.37 13.38 13.38 14.2 14.3 14.3 14.3 14.4 14.4 14.5 14.6 14.7 Ptrow ` Ptrow &Apekryh a[t! ` &Apokrnetai parn}s+ rn}s+ Poreomai ti poreomai ^ ^ etoimsv ka etoimsv mn tpon tpon mn paral}comai paral}mcomai \gW \gW ka t|n `dn odate t|n `dn ka ` ` \gnQkeit me \gnQkat me 14.7 \gnQkeite n gnQsesye 14.9 Tosoton xrnon Tosot~ xrn~ 14.9 ka pw pw 14.10 lal mn lgv mn 14.10 ` \n \n 14.10 a[tw 14.10 rga rga a[to 14.11 a[t pisteet moi a[t pisteete 14.12 mou


^ ka etoimsv = ^ etoimsai


14.16 - 14.31


\ntolw tw \mw thr}sate. 16 Ka \gW \rvt}sv tn patra, ka llon parklhton dQsei mn, na mn+ mey' mn ew tn o ana, 17 t pnema tw lhyeaw, $ ` ksmow o[ dnatai laben, ti o[ yevre a[t, o[d ginQskei a[t. ^Umew d ginQskete a[t, ti par' mn mnei, ka \n mn stai. 18 O[k f}sv mw rfanow: rxomai prw mw. 19 *Eti mikrn ka ` ksmow me o[kti yevre, mew d yevret me: ti \gW z, ka mew z}sesye. 20 &En \ken+ t_ =mr gnQsesye mew ti \gW \n t! patr mou, ka mew \n \mo, ka \gW \n mn. 21 ^O xvn tw \ntolw mou ka thrn a[tw, \kenw \stin ` gapn me: ` d gapn me, gaphy}setai p to patrw mou: ka \gW gap}sv a[tn, ka \mfansv a[t! \mautn. 22 Lgei a[t! &Iodaw, o[x ` &IskariQthw, Krie, ka t ggonen ti =mn mlleiw \mfanzein seautn, ka o[x t! ksm~; 23 &Apekryh &Ihsow ka epen a[t!, &En tiw gap me, tn lgon mou thr}sei, ka ` pat}r mou gap}sei a[tn, ka prw a[tn \leusmeya, ka mon|n par' a[t! poi}somen. 24 ^O m| gapn me, tow lgouw mou o[ thre: ka ` lgow $ n koete o[k stin o \mw, ll to pmcantw me patrw. Tata lellhka mn par' mn mnvn. 26 ^O d parklhtow, t pnema t gion, $ pmcei ` pat|r \n t! o nmat mou, \kenow mw didjei pnta, ka pomn}sei mw pnta $ epon mn. 27 Er}nhn fhmi mn, er}nhn t|n \m|n a ddvmi mn: o[ kayWw ` ksmow ddvsin, \gW ddvmi mn. M| tarasssyv mn = karda, mhd deilitv. 28 &Hkosate ti \gW epon mn, ^Upgv ka rxomai prw mw. E gapt me, \xrhte n ti epon, Poreomai prw tn patra: ti ` pat}r mou mezvn mo \stin. 29 Ka nn erhka mn prn gensyai: na, tan gnhtai, pisteshte. 30 O[kti poll lal}sv mey' mn: rxetai gr ` to ksmou rxvn, ka \n \mo o[k xei o[dn: 31 ll' na gn! ` ksmow ti gap tn patra, ka
14.15 14.16 14.16 14.16 14.17 14.17 14.19 thr}sate thr}sete Ka \gW KgW mn+ ana ana ginQskei a[t ginQskei d z}sesye z}sete 14.20 14.21 14.22 14.23 14.26 14.28 14.28 ka \gW kgW ka \gW kgW ka t ka t poi}somen poihsmeya mn mn \gQ epon Poreomai poreomai mou mezvn mezvn


kayWw \netelat moi ` pat}r, o% tvw poi. &Egeresye, gvmen u \nteyen.

15.1 - 15.18

&EgQ emi = mpelow = lhyin}, ka ` pat}r mou ` gevrgw \stin. 2 Pn klma \n \mo m| fron karpn, arei a[t: ka pn t karpn fron, kayarei a[t, na pleona karpn fr+. 3 *Hdh mew kayaro \ste di tn lgon $ n lellhka mn. 4 Menate \n \mo, kgW \n mn. KayWw t o ^ klma o[ dnatai karpn frein f' eauto, \n m| men+ \n t_ mpl~, o% tvw o[d mew, \n m| \n \mo menhte. 5 &EgQ u emi = mpelow, mew t kl}mata. ^O mnvn \n \mo, kgW \n a[t!, otow frei karpn poln: ti xvrw \mo o[ dnasye poien o[dn. 6 &En m} tiw men+ \n \mo, \bl}yh jv qw t klma, ka \jhrnyh, ka sungousin a[t ka ew t pr bllousin, ka kaetai. 7 &En menhte \n \mo, ka t ]}mat mou \n mn men+, $ \n ylhte at}sesye, ka gen}setai mn. o 8 &En tot~ \dojsyh ` pat}r mou, na karpn poln frhte: ka gen}sesye \mo mayhta. 9 KayWw gphsn me ` pat}r, kgW gphsa mw: menate \n t_ gp+ t_ \m_. 10 &En tw \ntolw mou thr}shte, menete \n t_ gp+ mou: kayWw \gW tw \ntolw to patrw mou tet}rhka, ka mnv a[to \n t_ gp+. 11 Tata lellhka mn, na = xar = \m| \n mn u men+, ka xar mn plhrvy_. 12 A% th \stn = \ntol| = \m}, na gapte ll}louw, kayWw gphsa mw. 13 Mezona tathw gphn o[dew xei, na tiw t|n cux|n a[to y_ pr tn flvn a[to. 14 ^Umew floi mou \st, \n poite sa \gW \ntllomai mn. 15 O[kti mw lgv dolouw, ti ` dolow o[k oden t poie a[to ` kriow: mw d erhka flouw, ti pnta $ kousa par to patrw mou \gnQrisa mn. 16 O[x a mew me \jeljasye, ll' \gW \jelejmhn mw, ka yhka mw, na mew pghte ka karpn frhte, ka ` karpw mn mn+: na ti n at}shte tn patra \n t! nmat mou, d! mn. 17 Tata \ntllomai mn, na gapte ll}louw. 18 E ` ksmow mw mise, ginQskete ti \m prton mn memshken.
15.2 pleona karpn karpn pleona 15.4 men+ mn+ 15.4 menhte mnhte 15.6 men+ mn+ 15.7 at}sesye at}sasye 15.8 15.9 15.11 15.14 15.15 gen}sesye gnhsye gphsa mw mw gphsa men+ sa $ a mw lgv lgv mw




15.19 - 16.10


E \k to ksmou te, ` ksmow n t dion \flei: ti d \k to ksmou o[k \st, ll' \gW \jelejmhn mw \k to ksmou, di toto mise mw ` ksmow. 20 Mnhmoneete to lgou o \gW epon mn, O[k stin dolow mezvn to kurou a[to. E \m \dvjan, ka mw diQjousin: e tn lgon mou \t}rhsan, ka tn mteron thr}sousin. 21 &All tata pnta poi} s o u s i n mn di t nom mou, ti o[k odasin tn ^ pmcant me. 22 E m| lyon ka \llhsa a[tow, amartan ^ o[k exon: nn d prfasin o[k xousin per tw a martaw 23 24 a[tn. ^O \m misn, ka tn patra mou mise. E t rga ^ m| \pohsa \n a[tow $ o[dew llow pepohken, amartan o[k a ^ exon: nn d ka evrkasin ka memis}kasin ka \m ka tn 25 patra mou. &All' na plhrvy_ ` lgow ` gegrammnow \n t! nm~ a[tn ti &Emshsn me dvren. $ %O tan d ly+ ` parklhtow, on \gW pmcv mn par to patrw, t pnema tw lhyeaw, $ par to patrw o \kporeetai, \kenow martur}sei per \mo: 27 ka mew d marturete, ti p' rxw met' \mo \ste.


Tat a lellhka mn, na m| skand al is yt e. 2 &AposunagQgouw poi}sousin mw: ll' rxetai % ra, na pw ` poktenaw mw dj+ latrean prosfrein t! v ye!. 3 Ka tata poi}sousin, ti o[k gnvsan tn patra o[d % \m. 4 &All tata lellhka mn, na tan ly+ = vra, mnhmonehte a[tn, ti \gW epon mn. Tata d mn \j rxw o[k epon, ti mey' mn mhn. 5 Nn d pgv prw tn pmcant me, ka o[dew \j mn \rvt me, Po pgeiw; 6 &All' ti tata lellhka mn, = lph pepl}rvken mn t|n kardan. 7 &All' \gW t|n l}yeian lgv mn: sumfrei mn na \gW plyv: \n gr \gW m| plyv, ` parklhtow o[k \lesetai prw mw: \n d poreuy, pmcv a[tn prw mw. 8 ^ Ka \lyWn \kenow \lgjei tn ksmon per amartaw ka per 9 ^ dikaiosnhw ka per krsevw: per a martaw mn, ti o[ 10 pisteousin ew \m: per dikaiosnhw d, ti prw tn
mn ew mw exon exosan pepohken \pohsen exon exosan gegrammnow \n \n 15.25 15.26 16.4 16.7 ti gegrammnow ti d % % vra vra a[tn \gW m| m|

15.21 15.22 15.24 15.24 15.25



16.11 - 16.25

patra mou pgv, ka o[kti yevret me: 11 per d krsevw, ti ` rxvn to ksmou totou kkritai. 12 *Eti poll xv lgein mn, ll' o[ dnasye bastzein rti. 13 %O tan d ly+ \kenow, t pnema tw lhyeaw, `dhg}sei mw ew psan t|n ^ l}yeian: o[ gr lal}sei f' eauto, ll' sa n kos+ lal}sei, ka t \rxmena naggele mn. 14 &Ekenow \m dojsei, ti \k to \mo l}cetai, ka naggele mn. 15 Pnta sa xei ` pat|r \m \stin: di toto epon, ti \k to \mo lambnei, ka naggele mn. 16 Mikrn ka o[ yevret me, ka plin mikrn ka cesy me, ti pgv prw tn patra. 17 Epon o{n \k tn mayhtn a[to prw ll}louw, T \stin toto $ lgei =mn, Mikrn ka o[ yevret o me, ka plin mikrn ka cesy me; ka ti &EgW pgv prw tn patra; 18 *Elegon o{n, Toto t \stin $ lgei, t mikrn; o 19 O[k odamen t lale. *Egnv o{n ` &Ihsow ti yelon a[tn \rvtn, ka epen a[tow, Per totou zhtete met' ll}lvn, ti epon, Mikrn ka o[ yevret me, ka plin mikrn ka cesy me; 20 &A m | n m|n lgv mn ti klasete ka yr h n } s e t e mew, ` d ksmow xar}setai: mew d luphy}sesye, ll' = lph mn ew xarn gen}setai. 21 ^H % gun| tan tkt+ lphn xei, ti lyen = vra a[tw: tan d genn}s+ t paidon, o[kti mnhmoneei tw ylcevw, di t|n xarn ti \genn}yh nyrvpow ew tn ksmon. 22 Ka mew o{n lphn mn nn xete: plin d comai mw, ka xar}setai mn = karda, ka t|n xarn mn o[dew arei f' mn. 23 Ka \n \ken+ t_ =mr \m o[k \rvt}sete o[dn. &Am|n m|n lgv mn ti sa n at}shte tn patra \n t! nmat mou, dQsei mn. 24 %Evw rti o[k & t}sate o[dn \n t! nmat mou: + atete, ka l}cesye, na = xar mn peplhrvmnh. % Tata \n paroimaiw lellhka mn: ll' rxetai vra te o[kti \n paroimaiw lal}sv mn, ll parrhs per
16.10 mou 16.12 lgein mn mn lgein 16.13 ew psan t|n l}yeian \n t_ lhye ps+ 16.13 n kos+ kosei 16.14 l}cetai l}mcetai 16.16 o[ o[kti 16.16 ti pgv prw tn patra 16.17 Epon epan 16.17 &EgW 16.18 Toto t \stin $ lgei T \stin o toto $ lgei o 16.19 o{n ` ` 16.20 d luphy}sesye luphy}sesye 16.22 lphn mn nn nn mn lphn 16.23 ti sa n n ti 16.24 l}cesye l}mcesye 16.25 ll'


16.26 - 17.9

to patrw naggel mn. 26 &E n \k e n + t_ =mr \n t! nmat mou at}sesye: ka o[ lgv mn ti \gW \rvt}sv tn patra per mn: 27 a[tw gr ` pat|r file mw, ti mew \m pefil}kate, ka pepistekate ti \gW par to yeo \jlyon. 28 &Ejlyon par to patrw, ka \l}luya ew tn ksmon: plin fhmi tn ksmon, ka poreomai prw tn patra. 29 Lgousin a[t! o mayhta a[to, *Ide, nn parrhs lalew, ka paroiman o[deman lgeiw. 30 Nn odamen ti odaw pnta, ka o[ xrean xeiw na tw se \rvt: \n tot~ pisteomen ti p yeo \jlyew. 31 &Apekryh a[tow % ` &Ihsow, *Arti pisteete; 32 &Ido, rxetai vra ka nn \l}luyen, na skorpisyte kastow ew t dia, ka \m mnon fte: ka o[k em mnow, ti ` pat|r met' \mo \stin. 33 Tata lellhka mn, na \n \mo er}nhn xhte. &En t! ksm~ ylcin xete: ll yarsete, \gW nenkhka tn ksmon.


Tat a \l l hs en ` &Ihsow, ka \pr en tow fyalmow a[to ew tn o[rann, ka epen, Pter, % \l}luyen = vra: djasn sou tn un, na ka ` uw sou 2 dojs+ se: kayWw dvkaw a[t! \jousan pshw sarkw, na pn $ ddvkaw a[t!, dQsei a[tow zv|n aQnion. 3 A% th d o u \stin = aQniow zv}, na ginQskvsn se tn mnon lhyinn yen, ka $ n psteilaw &Ihson xristn. 4 &EgQ se \djasa o \p tw gw: t rgon \televsa $ ddvkw moi na poi}sv. o 5 Ka nn djasn me s, pter, par seaut! t_ dj+ " exon pr to tn ksmon enai par so. 6 &Efanrvs sou t noma tow nyrQpoiw ow ddvkw moi \k to ksmou: so san, ka \m o a[tow ddvkaw: ka tn lgon sou tethr}kasin. 7 Nn gnvkan ti pnta sa ddvkw moi, par so \stin: 8 ti t ]}mata $ ddvkw moi, ddvka a[tow: ka a a[to labon, ka gnvsan lhyw ti par so \jlyon, ka \psteusan ti s me psteilaw. 9 &EgW per a[tn \rvt: o[
17.1 17.2 17.4 17.6 17.6 17.6 17.6 17.7 17.8 ka ` uw sou ` uw dQsei dQs+ \televsa teleiQsaw ddvkw moi dvkw moi ka \mo kmo ddvkaw ka dvkaw ka tethr}kasin tet}rhkan \stin esin ddvkw dvkw

16.25 16.27 16.29 16.29 16.31 16.32 16.32 17.1

naggel paggel to to a[t! parrhs \n parrhs ` nn ka \m km ` &Ihsow ka \pren &Ihsow ka \praw 17.1 ka epen epen



17.10 - 17.26

per to ksmou \rvt, ll per @n ddvkw moi, ti so e s i n : 10 ka t \m pnta s \stin, ka t s \m : ka dedjasmai \n a[tow. 11 Ka o[kti em \n t! ksm~, ka otoi \n t! ksm~ esn, ka \gW prw se rxomai. Pter gie, t}rhson a[tow \n t! nmat sou, > ddvkw moi, na sin n, kayWw =mew. 12 %O te mhn met' a[tn \n t! ksm~, \gW \t}roun a[tow \n t! nmat sou: ow ddvkw moi, \flaja, ka o[dew \j a[tn pQleto, e m| ` uw tw pvleaw, na = graf| plhrvy_. 13 Nn d prw se rxomai, ka tata lal \n t! ksm~, na xvsin t|n xarn t|n \m|n peplhrvmnhn \n a[tow. 14 &EgW ddvka a[tow tn lgon sou, ka ` ksmow \mshsen a[tow, ti o[k esn \k to ksmou, kayWw \gW o[k em \k to ksmou. 15 O[k \rvt na r+w a[tow \k to ksmou, ll' na thr}s+w a[tow \k to ponhro. 16 &Ek to ksmou o[k e s n , kayWw \gW \k to ksmou o[k em. 17 ^Agason a[tow \n t_ lhye sou: ` lgow ` sw l}yei \s t i n . 18 KayWw \m psteilaw ew tn ksmon, kgW psteila a[tow ew tn ksmon. 19 Ka pr a[tn \gW ^ agizv \mautn, na ka a[to sin =giasmnoi \n lhye. 20 O [ per totvn d \rvt mnon, ll ka per tn pisteuntvn di to lgou a[tn ew \m: 21 na pntew n sin: kayWw s, pter, \n \mo, kgW \n so, na ka a[to \n =mn n sin: na ` ksmow pistes+ ti s me psteilaw. 22 Ka \gW t|n djan n ddvkw moi, ddvka a[tow, na sin n, kayWw =mew n \smen. 23 &EgW \n a[tow, ka s \n \mo, na sin teteleivmnoi ew n, ka na ginQsk+ ` ksmow ti s me psteilaw, ka gphsaw a[tow, kayWw \m gphsaw. 24 Pter, o% w ddvkw moi, ylv na pou em \gQ, kkenoi u sin met' \mo: na yevrsin t|n djan t|n \m}n, n dvkw moi, ti gphsw me pr katabolw ksmou. 25 Pter dkaie, ka ` ksmow se o[k gnv, \gW d se gnvn, ka otoi gnvsan ti s me psteilaw: 26 ka \gnQrisa a[tow t nom sou,
17.11 17.11 17.12 17.12 17.12 17.13 17.16 otoi a[to ka \gW kgW \n t! ksm~ ow > moi moi ka ^ a[tow eautow \k to ksmou o[k em o[k em \k to ksmou 17.17 sou 17.19 17.21 17.21 17.22 17.22 17.23 17.24 17.24 ka a[to sin sin ka a[to =mn n =mn pistes+ piste+ Ka \gW kgW \smen ka na na o% w $ u o dvkw ddvkw



18.1 - 18.14

ka gnvrsv: na = gph, n gphsw me, \n a[tow , kgW \n a[tow.

sun}xyh ka

Tata epWn ` &Ihsow \jlyen sn tow mayhtaw a[to pran to xeimrrou tn Kdrvn, pou n kpow, ew $ n eslyen a[tw ka o mayhta a[to. 2 *Hdei d o ka &Iodaw, ` paradidow a[tn, tn tpon: ti pollkiw sun}xyh ` &Ihsow \ke met tn mayhtn a[to. 3 ^O o{n &I o d a w , labWn t|n speran, ka \k tn rxiervn ka Farisavn phrtaw, rxetai \ke met fann ka lampdvn ka plvn. 4 &Ihsow o{n, edWw pnta t \rxmena \p' a[tn, \jelyWn epen a[tow, Tna zhtete; 5 &Apekryhsan a[t!, &Ihson tn Nazvraon. Lgei a[tow ` &Ihsow, &EgQ emi. Est}kei d ka &Iodaw ` paradidow a[tn met' a[tn. 6 ^Vw o{n epen a[tow ti &EgQ emi, plyon ew t psv, ka peson xama. 7 Plin o{n a[tow \phrQthsen, Tna zhtete; O d epon, &Ihson tn Nazvraon. 8 &Apekryh &Ihsow, Epon mn ti \gQ emi: e o{n \m zhtete, fete totouw pgein: 9 na plhrvy_ ` lgow $ n epen ti Ow ddvkw moi, o o[k pQlesa \j a[tn o[dna. 10 Smvn o{n Ptrow xvn mxairan elkusen a[t}n, ka paisen tn to rxiervw & dolon, ka pkocen a[to t vton t dejin. )Hn d noma 11 t! dol~ Mlxow. Epen o{n ` &Ihsow t! Ptr~, Ble t|n mxairn sou ew t|n y}khn: t pot}rion $ ddvkn moi ` o pat}r, o[ m| pv a[t;
^H o{n spera ka ` xilarxow ka o phrtai tn &Ioudavn sunlabon tn &Ihson, ka dhsan a[tn, 13 ka p}gagon a[tn prw %Annan prton: n gr penyerw to Kafa, $ w n rxierew to \niauto \kenou. 14 )Hn d o Kafaw ` sumboulesaw tow &Ioudaoiw, ti sumfrei na nyrvpon polsyai pr to lao.


18.1 18.1 18.2 18.3 18.4

` tn to ` &Ihsow &Ihsow Farisavn \k tn Farisavn \jelyWn epen \jlyen ka lgei 18.5 ` &Ihsow 18.6 ti

18.6 18.7 18.7 18.10 18.11 18.13 18.14

peson pesan a[tow \phrQthsen \phrQthsen a[tow epon epan & & vton vtrion sou p}gagon a[tn gagon polsyai poyanen



18.15 - 18.28

&Hkoloyei d t! &Ihso Smvn Ptrow, ka ` llow mayht}w. ^O d mayht|w \kenow n gnvstw t! rxiere, ka suneislyen t! &Ihso ew t|n a[l|n to rxiervw: 16 ` d Ptrow est}kei prw t_ yr jv. &Ejlyen o{n ` mayht|w ` llow w n gnvstw t! rxiere, ka epen t_ yurvr!, ka es}gagen tn Ptron. 17 Lgei o{n = paidskh = yurvrw t! Ptr~, M| ka s \k tn mayhtn e to nyrQpou totou; Lgei \kenow, O[k em. 18 Est}keisan d o doloi ka o phrtai nyrakin pepoihktew, ti cxow n, ka ^ \y e r m a n o n t o : n d met' a[tn ` Ptrow e stWw ka yermainmenow. ^O o{n rxierew rQthsen tn &Ihson per tn mayhtn a[to, ka per tw didaxw a[to. 20 &Apekryh a[t! ` &Ihsow, &EgW parrhs \llhsa t! ksm~: \gW pntote \ddaja \n sunagvg_ ka \n t! er!, pou pntote o &Ioudaoi sunrxontai, ka \n krupt! \llhsa o[dn. 21 T me \pervtw; &EperQthson tow khkotaw, t \llhsa a[tow: de, otoi odasin $ epon \gQ. 22 Tata d a[to epntow, e<w tn a phretn paresthkWw dvken ]pisma t! &Ihso, epQn, O % tvw pokrn+ t! rxiere; 23 &Apekryh a[t! ` &Ihsow, E u kakw \llhsa, martrhson per to kako: e d kalw, t me dreiw; 24 &Apsteilen a[tn ` *Annaw dedemnon prw Kafan tn rxiera. ^ )Hn d Smvn Ptrow estWw ka yermainmenow: epon o{n a[t!, M| ka s \k tn mayhtn a[to e; &Hrn}sato o{n \kenow, ka epen, O[k em. 26 Lgei e<w \k tn dolvn to & rxiervw, suggen|w n o pkocen Ptrow t vton, O[k \gQ 27 se edon \n t! k}p~ met' a[to; Plin o{n rn}sato ` Ptrow, ka e[yvw lktvr \fQnhsen. *A g o u s i n o{n tn &Ihson p to Kafa ew t praitQrion: n d prv, ka a[to o[k eslyon ew t
18.15 ` llow llow 18.16 w n gnvstw t! rxiere ` gnvstw to rxiervw 18.17 = paidskh = yurvrw t! Ptr~ t! Ptr~ = paidskh = yurvrw 18.18 met' a[tn ` Ptrow ka ` Ptrow met' a[tn 18.20 ` 18.20 \llhsa t! lellhka t! 18.20 pntote o pntew o 18.21 \pervtw &EperQthson \rvtw &ErQthson 18.22 tn phretn paresthkWw paresthkWw tn phretn 18.23 ` 18.24 a[tn o{n a[tn 18.25 o{n \kenow \kenow 18.27 `
28 prva 25 19


18.29 - 18.40


praitQrion, na m| mianysin, ll' na fgvsin t Psxa. 29 &E j l yen o{n ` Piltow prw a[tow, ka epen, Tna kathgo r a n frete kat to nyrQpou totou; 30 &Apekryhsan ka epon a[t!, E m| n otow kakopoiw, o[k n soi paredQkamen a[tn. 31 Epen o{n a[tow ` Piltow, Lbete a[tn mew, ka kat tn nmon mn krnate a[tn. Epon o{n a[t! o &Ioudaoi, ^Hmn o[k jestin poktenai o[dna: 32 na ` lgow to &Ihso plhrvy_, $ n epen, shmanvn o po~ yant~ mellen poynskein. Eslyen o{n ew t praitQrion plin ` Piltow, ka \fQnhsen tn &Ihson, ka epen a[t!, S e ` basilew tn ^ &Ioudavn; 34 &Apekryh a[t! ` &Ihsow, &Af' eauto s toto ( lloi soi epon per \mo; 35 &Apekryh ` Piltow, lgeiw, h M}ti \gW &Ioudaw emi; T ynow t sn ka o rxierew pardvkn se \mo: t \pohsaw; 36 &Apekryh &Ihsow, ^H basilea = \m| o[k stin \k to ksmou totou: e \k to ksmou totou n = basilea = \m}, o phrtai n o \mo gvnzonto, na m| paradoy tow &Ioudaoiw: nn d = basilea = \m | o[k stin \nteyen . 37 Epen o{n a[t! ` Piltow, O[kon basilew e s; &Apekryh &Ihsow, S lgeiw, ti basilew emi \gQ. &EgW ew toto gegnnhmai, ka ew toto \l}luya ew tn ksmon, na martur}sv t_ lhye. Pw ` n \k tw lhyeaw koei mou tw fvnw. 38 Lgei a[t! ` Piltow, T \stin l}yeia; Ka toto epQn, plin \jlyen prw tow &Ioudaouw, ka lgei a[tow, &EgW o[deman atan erskv \n a[t!. 39 *Estin d sun}yei a mn, na na mn polsv \n t! Psxa: bolesye o{n mn polsv tn basila tn &Ioudavn; 40 &Ekragasan o{n plin pntew, lgontew, M| toton, ll tn Barabbn: n d ` Barabbw l+st}w.
ll' na ll prw jv prw epen fhsn kat kat epon epan kakopoiw kakn poin o{n a[t! a[t! ew t praitQrion plin plin ew t praitQrion 18.34 a[t! ` ^ 18.34 &Af' eauto &Ap seauto 18.34 soi epon epn soi 18.28 18.29 18.29 18.29 18.30 18.30 18.31 18.33 n na n na &Ihsow ` &Ihsow emi \gQ emi atan erskv \n a[t! erskv \n a[t! atan 18.39 mn polsv \n polsv mn \n 18.39 mn polsv tn polsv mn tn 18.40 pntew 18.36 18.36 18.37 18.37 18.38

` &Ihsow



19.1 - 19.14


Tt e o{n lab en ` Pil t ow tn &Ihson, ka \mastgvsen. 2 Ka o stratitai pljantew stfanon \j kanyn \pyh k a n a[to t_ kefal_, ka mtion porfuron peribalon a[tn, 3 ka legon, Xare, ` basilew tn &Ioudavn: ka \ddoun a[t! ]apsmata. 4 &Ejlyen o{n plin jv ` Piltow, ka lgei a[tow, *Ide, gv mn a[tn j v , na gnte ti \n a[t! o[deman atan erskv. 5 &Ejlyen o{n ` &Ihsow jv, forn tn knyinon stfanon ka t porfuron mtion. Ka lgei a[tow, *Ide, ` nyrvpow. 6 %O te o{n edon a[tn o rxierew ka o phrtai, \kragasan lgontew, Starvson, starvson a[tn. Lgei a[tow ` Piltow, Lbete a[tn mew ka staurQsate: \gW gr o[x erskv \n a[t! atan. 7 &Apekryhsan a[t! o &Ioudaoi, ^Hmew nmon xomen, ka kat tn nmon =mn ^ felei poyanen, ti eautn un yeo \pohsen. 8 %O te o{n kousen ` Piltow toton tn lgon, mllon \fob}yh, 9 ka eslyen ew t praitQrion plin, ka lgei t! &Ihso, Pyen e s; ^O d &Ihsow pkrisin o[k dvken a[t!. 10 Lgei o{n a[t! ` Piltow, &Emo o[ lalew; O[k odaw ti \jousan xv staursa se, ka \jousan xv polsa se; 11 &Apekryh &Ihsow, O[k exew \jousan o[deman kat' \mo, e m| n soi dedomnon nvyen: di toto ` paradidow m soi mezona ^ a martan xei. 12 &Ek totou \z}tei ` Piltow polsai a[tn. O d &Ioudaoi krazon lgontew, &En toton ^ pols+w, o[k e flow to Kasarow: pw ` basila eautn poin, ntilgei t! Kasari. 13 ^O o{n Piltow kosaw toton tn lgon gagen jv tn &Ihson, ka \kyisen \p to b}matow, ew tpon legmenon Liystrvton, ^Ebrast d % Gabbay: 14 n d Paraskeu| to Psxa, vra d qse kth:
legon rxonto prw a[tn ka legon \ddoun \ddosan &Ejlyen o{n Ka \jlyen \n a[t! o[deman atan erskv o[deman atan erskv \n a[t! *Ide &Ido a[tn Lgei Lgei =mn ^ eautn un yeo un yeo ^ eautn staursa polsa 19.10 polsa staursa 19.11 &Ihsow a[t! &Ihsow 19.11 o[deman kat' \mo kat' \mo o[deman 19.11 soi dedomnon dedomnon soi 19.11 paradidow paradow 19.12 \z}tei ` Piltow ` Piltow \z}tei 19.12 krazon \kragasan 19.13 toton tn lgon tn lgvn totvn 19.13 to 19.14 d qse n qw


19.3 19.3 19.4 19.4 19.5 19.6 19.7 19.7 19.10


19.15 - 19.27


ka lgei tow &Ioudaoiw, *Ide, ` basilew mn. 15 O d \kragasan, )Aron, ron, starvson a[tn. Lgei a[tow ` Piltow, Tn basila mn staurQsv; &Apekryhsan o rxierew, O[k xomen basila e m| Kasara. 16 Tte o{n pardvken a[tn a[tow, na staurvy_. Parlabon d tn &Ihson ka gagon: 17 ka bastzvn tn staurn a[to \jlyen ew tpon legmenon Kranou Tpon, w lgetai ^Ebrast Golgoy: 18 pou a[tn \starvsan, ka met' a[to llouw do, \nteyen ka \nteyen, mson d tn &Ihson. 19 *Egracen d ka ttlon ` Piltow, ka yhken \p to stauro: n d gegrammnon, &Ihsow ` Nazvraow ` basilew tn &Ioudavn. 20 Toton o{n tn ttlon pollo ngnvsan tn &Ioudavn, ti \ggw n ` tpow tw plevw pou \staurQyh ` &Ihsow: ka n gegrammnon ^Ebrast, ^Ellhnist, ^Rvmast. 21 *Elegon o{n t! Pilt~ o rxierew tn &Ioudavn, M| grfe, ^O basilew tn &Ioudavn: ll' ti &Ekenow epen, Basilew emi tn &Ioudavn. 22 &Apekryh ` Piltow, $O ggrafa, ggrafa. O o{n stratitai, te \starvsan tn &Ihson, labon ^ t mtia a[to, ka \pohsan tssara mrh, e kst~ stratiQt+ mrow, ka tn xitna. )Hn d ` xitWn rafow, \k tn nvyen fantw di' lou. 24 Epon o{n prw ll}louw, M| sxsvmen a[tn, ll lxvmen per a[to, tnow stai: na = graf| plhrvy_ = lgousa, Diemersanto t mti mou ^ eautow, ka \p tn matismn mou balon klron. O mn o{n stratitai tata \pohsan. 25 Est}keisan d par t! staur! to &Ihso = m}thr a[to, ka = delf| tw mhtrw a[to, Mara = to Klvp, ka Mara = Magdalhn}. 26 &Ihsow o{n dWn t|n mhtra, ka tn mayht|n parestta $ n o 27 gpa, lgei t_ mhtr a[to, Gnai, do ` uw sou. Eta % lgei t! mayht_, &Ido = m}thr sou. Ka p' \kenhw tw vraw laben ` mayht|w a[t|n ew t dia.
19.15 O d \kragasan &Ekragasan o{n \kenoi 19.16 d tn &Ihson ka gagon o{n tn &Ihson ^ 19.17 tn staurn a[to eaut! tn staurn 19.17 ew tpon ew tn 19.17 w $ o 19.20 ^Ellhnist ^Rvmast ^Rvmast ^Ellhnist 19.24 Epon Epan 19.24 = lgousa = lgousa 19.26 a[to 19.26 do de 19.27 &Ido *Ide




19.28 - 19.40

Met toto dWn ` &Ihsow ti pnta dh tetlestai, na teleivy_ = graf}, lgei, Dic. 29 Skeow o{n keito jouw mestn: o d, pl}santew spggon jouw, ka ssQp~ periyntew, pros}negkan a[to t! stmati. 30 %O te o{n laben t jow ` &Ihsow, epen, Tetlestai: ka klnaw t|n kefal}n, pardvken t pnema. O o{n &I o u d a o i , na m| men+ \p to stauro t sQmata \n t! sabbt~ \pe Paraskeu| n n gr meglh = =mra \kenou to sabbtou rQthsan tn Pilton na kateagsin a[tn t sklh, ka rysin. 32 )Hlyon o{n o stratitai, ka to mn prQtou katajan t sklh ka to llou to sustaurvyn t o w a[t!: 33 \p d tn &I h s o n \lyntew, qw edon a[tn dh teynhkta, o[ katajan a[to t sklh: 34 ll' e<w tn strativtn lgx+ a[to t|n pleurn nujen, ka e[yvw \jlyen a<ma ka % dvr. 35 Ka ` u ^ e vrakWw memartrhken, ka lhyin| \stin a[to = mart u r a , kkenow oden ti lhy lg ei , na mew pisteshte. 36 &Egneto gr tata na = graf| plhrvy_, ^ &O ston o[ suntrib}setai p' a[to. 37 Ka plin e tra graf| lgei, *Ocontai ew $ n \jeknthsan. o Met tata rQthsen tn Pilton &Ivs|f ` p &Arimayaaw, n mayht|w to &Ihso, kekrummnow d di tn fbon tn &Ioudavn, na r+ t sma to &Ihso: ka \ptrecen ` Piltow. )Hlyen o{n ka ren t sma to &Ihso. 39 )Hlyen d ka Nikdhmow, ` \lyWn prw tn &Ihson nuktw ^ t prton, frvn mgma smrnhw ka lhw qw ltraw ekatn. 40 *E l a b o n o{n t sma to &Ihso, ka dhsan a[t \n yonoiw met tn rvmtvn, kayWw yow \stn tow &Ioudaoiw
38 31

a[to \stin

` &Ivs|f


19.28 19.28 19.29 19.29 19.29 19.29 19.30 19.31

dWn edWw pnta dh dh pnta o{n o d pl}santew spggon spggon o{n jouw ka mestn to jouw ` ` na m| \pe Paraskeu| n na m| 19.31 \pe Paraskeu| n 19.33 a[tn dh dh a[tn 19.34 e[yvw \jlyen \jlyen e[yw

19.35 \stin a[to a[to \stin 19.35 kkenow ka \kenow 19.35 mew pisteshte ka mew pisteshte 19.36 p' 19.38 tata d tata 19.38 ` p ` p 19.38 ren t sma to &Ihso ren t sma a[to 19.39 tn &Ihson a[tn 19.40 \n


19.41 - 20.15


\ntafizein. 41 )Hn d \n t! tp~ pou \staurQyh kpow, ka \n t! k}p~ mnhmeon kainn, \n > o[dpv o[dew \tyh . 42 &Eke o{n di t|n Paraskeu|n tn &Ioudavn, ti \ggw n t mnhmeon, yhkan tn &Ihson.


T_ d mi tn sabbtvn Mara = Magdalhn| rxetai prv, skotaw ti oshw, ew t mnhmeon, ka blpei tn lyon rmnon \k to mnhmeou. 2 Trxei o{n ka rxetai prw Smvna Ptron ka prw tn llon mayht|n $ n \flei ` o &Ihsow, ka lgei a[tow, )Hran tn krion \k to mnhmeou, ka o[k odamen po yhkan a[tn. 3 &Ejlyen o{n ` Ptrow ka ` llow mayht}w, ka rxonto ew t mnhmeon. 4 *Etrexon d o do `mo: ka ` llow mayht|w prodramen txion to Ptrou, ka lyen prtow ew t mnhmeon, 5 ka parakcaw blpei kemena t ynia, o[ mntoi eslyen. 6 *Erxetai o{n Smvn Ptrow kolouyn a[t!, ka eslyen ew t mnhmeon, ka yevre t ynia kemena, 7 ka t soudrion $ n \p tw o kefalw a[to, o[ met tn yonvn kemenon, ll xvrw \ntetuligmnon ew na tpon. 8 Tte o{n eslyen ka ` llow mayht|w ` \l yW n prtow ew t mnhmeon, ka eden, ka \psteusen: 9 o[dpv gr deisan t|n graf}n, ti de a[tn ^ \k nekrn nastnai. 10 &Aplyon o{n plin prw eautow o mayhta.

prw t! mnhme~

Mara d est}kei prw t mnhmeon klaousa jv: qw o{n klaien, parkucen ew t mnhmeon, 12 ka yevre do gglouw \n leukow kayezomnouw, na prw t_ kefal_, ka na prw tow posn, pou keito t sma to &Ihso. 13 Ka lgousin a[t_ \kenoi, Gnai, t klaeiw; Lgei a[tow, ti )Hran tn krin mou, ka o[k oda po yhkan a[tn. 14 Ka tata eposa \strfh ew t psv, ka yevre tn &Ihson ^ estta, ka o[k dei ti &Ihsow \stin. 15 Lgei a[t_ ` &Ihsow, Gnai, t klaeiw; Tna zhtew; &Ekenh, dokosa ti ` khpourw \stin, lgei a[t!, Krie, e s \bstasaw a[tn,
19.41 20.6 20.10 20.11 \tyh n teyeimnow Smvn ka Smvn ^ eautow a[tow prw t mnhmeon prw t! mnhme~ 20.11 klaousa jv jv klaousa 20.14 Ka tata Tata 20.15 ` &Ihsow &Ihsow



20.16 - 20.28

ep moi po yhkaw a[tn, kgW a[tn r. 16 Lgei a[t_ ` &Ihsow, Mara. Strafesa \kenh lgei a[t!, ^Rabboun $ o 17 lgetai, Didskale. Lgei a[t_ ` &Ihsow, M} mou ptou, opv gr nabbhka prw tn patra mou: poreou d prw tow delfow mou, ka ep a[tow, &Anabanv prw tn patra mou ka patra mn, ka yen mou ka yen mn. 18 *Erxetai Mara = Magdalhn| paggllousa tow mayhtaw ^ ti eQraken tn krion, ka tata epen a[t_. Oshw o{n caw, t_ =mr \ken+ t_ mi tn sabbtvn, ka tn yu r n kekleismnvn pou san o mayhta sunhgmnoi, di tn fbon tn &Ioudavn, lyen ` &Ihsow ka sth ew t mson, ka lgei a[tow, Er}nh mn. 20 Ka toto epWn deijen a[tow tw xeraw ka t|n pleurn a[to. &Exrhsan o{n o mayhta dntew tn krion. 21 Epen o{n a[tow ` &Ihsow plin, Er}nh mn: kayWw pstalkn me ` pat}r, kgW pmpv mw. 22 Ka toto epWn \nefshsen ka lgei a[tow, Lbete pnema gion. 23 *An tinvn fte tw ^ amartaw, fintai a[tow: n tinvn kratte, kekrthntai. Yvmw d, e<w \k tn dQdeka, ` legmenow Ddumow, o[k n met' a[tn te lyen ` &Ihsow. 25 *Elegon o{n a[t! o lloi mayhta, ^Evrkamen tn krion. ^O d epen a[tow, &En m| dv \n taw xersn a[to tn tpon tn % lvn, ka h blv tn dktuln mou ew tn tpon tn % lvn, ka blv t|n h xer mou ew t|n pleurn a[to, o[ m| pistesv. Ka mey' =mraw ktW plin san sv o mayhta a[to, ka Yvmw met' a[tn. *Erxet a i ` &Ihsow, tn yurn kekleismnvn, ka sth ew t mson ka epen, Er}nh mn. 27 Eta lgei t! Yvm, Fre tn dktuln sou @de, ka de tw xerw mou: ka fre t|n xer sou, ka ble ew t|n pleurn mou: ka m| gnou pistow, ll pistw. 28 Ka pekryh
20.16 ` &Ihsow Mara &Ihsow Marim 20.16 ^Rabboun ^Ebrast Rabbouni 20.17 ` 20.17 mou poreou poreou 20.18 Mara Marim 20.18 paggllousa ggllousa ^ 20.18 eQraken ^EQraka 20.19 tn sabbtvn sabbtvn 20.19 20.20 20.20 20.21 20.23 20.24 20.25 20.28 sunhgmnoi a[tow tw tw a[to a[tow ` &Ihsow ` &Ihsow fintai fvntai ` &Ihsow &Ihsow t|n xer mou mou t|n xera Ka pekryh &Apekryh
26 24 19


20.29 - 21.11


Yvmw, ka epen a[t!, ^O kriw mou ka ` yew mou. 29 Lgei ^ a[t! ` &Ihsow, %O ti eQrakw me, pepsteukaw; Makrioi o m| dntew, ka pistesantew. Poll mn o{n ka lla shmea \pohsen ` &Ihsow \nQpion tn mayhtn a[to, $ o[k stin gegrammna \n t! a 31 bibl~ tot~. Tata d ggraptai, na pisteshte ti &Ihsow \stin ` xristw ` uw to yeo, ka na pisteontew zv|n xhte \n t! nmati a[to.

mayhtaw a[to

^ Met tata \fanrvsen eautn plin ` &Ihsow tow mayhtaw \p tw yalsshw tw Tiberidow: \fanrvsen d o% tvw. 2 )Hsan `mo Smvn Ptrow, ka Yvmw u ` leg m en o w Ddumow, ka Nayana|l ` p Kan tw Galilaaw, ka o to Zebedaou, ka lloi \k tn mayhtn ^ a[to do. 3 Lgei a[tow Smvn Ptrow, ^Upgv a lieein. Lgousin a[t!, &Erxmeya ka =mew sn so. &Ejlyon ka \nbhsan ew t ploon e[yw, ka \n \ken+ t_ nukt \pasan o[dn. 4 Prvaw d dh genomnhw sth ` &Ihsow ew tn agialn: o[ mntoi deisan o mayhta ti &Ihsow \stin. 5 Lgei o{n a[tow ` &Ihsow, Paida, m} ti prosfgion xete; &Apekryhsan a[t!, O. 6 ^O d epen a[tow, Blete ew t deji mrh to ploou t dktuon, ka er}sete. *Ebalon o{n, ^ ka o[kti a[t e lksai sxusan p to pl}youw tn 7 xyvn. Lgei o{n ` mayht|w \kenow $ n gpa ` &Ihsow t! o Ptr~, ^O kriw \stin. Smvn o{n Ptrow, kosaw ti ` kriw \stin, tn \pendthn diezQsato n gr gumnw ^ ka balen eautn ew t|n ylassan. 8 O d lloi mayhta t! ploiar~ lyon o[ gr san makrn p tw gw, ll' qw p phxn diakosvn srontew t dktuon tn xyvn. 9 ^V w o{n pbhsan ew t|n gn, blpousin nyrakin keimnhn ka crion \pikemenon, ka rton. 10 Lgei a[tow ` &I h s o w, &E n g k a t e p tn carvn @n \pisate nn. 11 &Anbh Smvn Ptrow, ka elkusen t dktuon \p tw gw,
20.30 20.31 21.3 21.4 21.5 a[to a[to pisteshte pisteshte e[yw ` ` ` 21.6 21.8 21.11 21.11 sxusan sxuon ll' ll Smvn o{n Smvn \p tw gw ew t|n gn




21.12 - 21.23

^ mestn xy v n meglvn e katn pent}konta trin: ka tosotvn ntvn, o[k \sxsyh t dktuon. 12 Lgei a[tow ` &Ihsow, Dete rist}sate. O[dew d \tlma tn mayhtn \j et s a i a[tn, S tw e; edtew ti ` kriw \stin. 13 *Erxetai o{n ` &Ihsow, ka lambnei tn rton, ka ddvsin a[tow, ka t crion `movw. 14 Toto dh trton \fanerQyh ` &Ihsow tow mayhtaw a[to, \geryew \k nekrn. %O te o{n rsthsan, lgei t! Smvni Ptr~ ` &Ihsow, Smvn &Ivn, gapw me pleon totvn; Lgei a[t!, Na krie: s odaw ti fil se. Lgei a[t!, Bske t rna mou. 16 Lgei a[t! plin deteron, Smvn &Ivn, gapw me; Lgei a[t!, Na krie: s odaw ti fil se. Lgei a[t!, Pomaine t prbat mou. 17 Lgei a[t! t trton, Smvn &Ivn, filew me; &Elup}yh ` Ptrow ti epen a[t! t trton, Filew me; Ka epen a[t!, Krie, s pnta odaw: s ginQskeiw ti fil se. Lgei a[t! ` &Ihsow, Bske t prbat mou. 18 &Am|n m|n lgv soi, te w neQterow, \zQnnuew seautn, ka periepteiw pou yelew: tan d ghrs+w, \ktenew tw xerw sou, ka llow se zQsei, ka osei pou o[ yleiw. 19 Toto d epen, shmanvn po~ ya n t ~ dojsei tn ye n . Ka toto epWn lgei a[t!, &A k o l o y e i moi. 20 &E p i s t r a f e w d ` Ptrow blpei tn mayht|n $ n gpa ` &Ihsow kolouyonta, $ w ka npesen \n o o t! depn~ \p t styow a[to ka epen, Krie, tw \stin ` paradidow se; 21 Toton dWn ` Ptrow lgei t! &Ihso, krie, otow d t; 22 Lgei a[t! ` &Ihsow, &En a[tn ylv mnein vw rxomai, t prw se; S koloyei moi. 23 &Ejlyen o{n ` lgow otow ew tow delfow, ti ` mayht|w \kenow o[k poyn s k ei : ka o[k epen a[t! ` &Ihsow, ti o[k poynskei: ll', &En a[tn ylv mnein vw rxomai, t prw se;

21.13 21.14 21.14 21.15 21.15 21.16 21.17 21.17

o{n ` ` a[to &Ivn &Ivnnou pleon plon &Ivn &Ivnnou &Ivn &Ivnnou Ka epen Ka lgei

21.17 21.17 21.20 21.21 21.22 21.23 21.23 21.23

s pnta pnta s ` &Ihsow ` &Ihsow d dWn o{n dWn koloyei moi moi koloyei ` lgow otow otow ` lgow ka o[k epen o[k epen d t prw se t prw s


21.24 - 21.25


Otw \stin ` mayht|w ` marturn per totvn, ka grcaw tata: ka odamen ti lhy}w \stin = martura a[to. *Estin d ka lla poll sa \pohsen ` &Ihsow, tina \n grfhtai kay' n, o[d a[tn omai tn ksmon xvrsai t grafmena bibla. &Am}n.

21.24 grcaw ` grcaw 21.24 \stin = martura a[to a[to = martura \stn

21.25 sa $ a 21.25 o[d o[d' 21.25 &Am}n



n mn prton lgon \poihsmhn per pntvn, Yefile, @n rjato ` &Ihsow poien te ka didskein, 2 xri w ^ =mraw, \nteilmenow tow postloiw di pnematow agou 3 ^ autn znta ow \jeljato, nel}fyh: o<w ka parsthsen e met t payen a[tn \n pollow tekmhroiw, di' =mern tessarkonta ptanmenow a[tow, ka lgvn t per tw basileaw to yeo. 4 Ka sunalizmenow par}ggeilen a[tow p ^Ierosolmvn m| xvrzesyai, ll perimnein t|n \paggelan to patrw, $Hn kosat mou: 5 ti &Ivnnhw mn ^ \bptisen % dati, mew d baptisy}sesye \n pnemati ag~ o[ u met pollw tataw =mraw.
O mn o{n sunelyntew \phrQtvn a[tn lgontew, Krie, e \n t! xrn~ tot~ pokayistneiw t|n basilean t! &Isra}l; 7 Epen d prw a[tow, O[x mn \stin gnnai xrnouw ( kairow ow ` pat|r yeto \n t_ d \jous. h 8 ^ &All l}cesye dnamin, \pelyntow to agou pnematow \f' mw: ka sesy moi mrturew n te ^Ierousal}m, ka \n ps+ t_ &Iouda ka Samare, ka vw \sxtou tw gw. 9 Ka tata epQn, blepntvn a[tn \p}ryh, ka neflh plaben a[tn p tn fyalmn a[tn. 10 Ka qw tenzontew san ew tn o[rann, poreuomnou a[to, ka do ndrew do i pareist}keisan a[tow \n \syti leuk_, 11 o$ ka epon, ^ *Andrew Galilaoi, t est}kate \mblpontew ew tn o[rann; Otow ` &Ihsow, ` nalhfyew f' mn ew tn o[rann, o% tvw \lesetai $ n trpon \yesasye a[tn poreumenon ew u o tn o[rann. Tte pstrecan ew ^Ierousal|m p rouw to kaloumnou &Elainow, \stin \ggw ^Ierousal}m, sabbtou
12 6

1.2 1.3 1.5 1.6 1.8 1.8

nel}fyh nel}mfyh tessarkonta tesserkonta baptisy}sesye \n pnemati \n pnemati baptisy}sesye \phrQtvn rQtvn l}cesye l}mcesye moi mou

1.8 \n ps+ \n ps+ 1.10 \syti leuk_ \sy}sesin leukaw 1.11 epon epan 1.11 \mblpontew \mblpontew 1.11 nalhfyew nalhmfyew


1.13 - 1.25


xon `dn. 13 Ka te eslyon, nbhsan ew t per!on o san katamnontew, te Ptrow ka &Ikvbow ka &Ivnnhw ka &Andraw, Flippow ka Yvmw, Baryolomaow ka Matyaow, &I k v b o w &A l f a o u ka Smvn ` Zhlvt}w, ka &Iodaw &I a k Q b o u . 14 O toi pntew san proskarterontew `moyumadn t_ proseux_ ka t_ de}sei, sn gunaijn ka Mar t_ mhtr to &Ihso, ka sn tow delfow a[to. Ka \n taw =mraiw tataiw nastw Ptrow \n ms~ tn ^ mayhtn epen n te xlow nomtvn \p t a[t qw ekatn 16 ekosi *Andrew delfo, dei plhrvynai t|n graf|n tathn, n proepen t pnema t gion di stmatow Daud per &Ioda, to genomnou `dhgo tow sullabosin tn &Ihson. 17 %O ti kathriymhmnow n sn =mn, ka laxen tn klron tw diakonaw tathw 18 Otow mn o{n \kt}sato xvron \k misyo tw dikaw, ka prhn|w genmenow \lkhsen msow, ka \jexyh pnta t splgxna a[to. 19 Ka gnvstn % \gneto psin tow katoikosin ^Ierousal}m, vste klhynai t xvron \keno t_ d dialkt~ a[tn &Akeldam, tot stin, xvron amatow 20 Ggraptai gr \n bbl~ Calmn, Genhy}tv = pauliw a[to rhmow, ka m| stv ` katoikn \n a[t_: ka, T|n \piskop|n a[to lboi terow. 21 De o{n tn sunelyntvn =mn ndrn \n pant xrn~ \n > eslyen ka \jlyen \f' =mw ` kriow &Ihsow, 22 rjmenow p to baptsmatow &Ivnnou, vw tw =mraw w nel}fyh f' =mn, mrtura tw nastsevw a[to gensyai sn =mn na totvn. 23 Ka sthsan do, &Ivs|f tn kalomenon Barsabn, $ w \pekl}yh &Iostow, ka Matyan. 24 Ka o proseujmeno i e p o n , S krie kardiognsta pntvn, ndeijon $ n \jeljv, \k totvn tn do na 25 laben tn o klron tw diakonaw tathw ka postolw, \j w parbh
1.13 1.13 1.13 1.14 1.14 1.14 1.15 1.15 1.16 1.16 nbhsan ew t per!on ew t per!on nbhsan &Ikvbow ka &Ivnnhw &Ivnnhw ka &Ikvbow Matyaow Mayyaow ka t_ de}sei Mar Marim ka sn ka mayhtn delfn qw qse tathn tn 1.17 1.19 1.20 1.21 1.22 1.22 1.23 1.23 1.24 1.25 1.25 sn \n &Akeldam ^Akeldamx lboi labtv \n > > nel}fyh nel}mfyh gensyai sn =mn sn =mn gensyai Barsabn Barsabbn Matyan Mayyan epon epan klron tpon \j f'



&Iodaw, poreuynai ew tn tpon tn dion. 26 Ka dvkan kl}rouw a[tn, ka pesen ` klrow \p Matyan, ka sugkatechfsyh met tn ndeka postlvn.

1.26 - 2.14

Ka \n t! sumplhrosyai t|n =mran tw Penthkostw, san pantew `moyumadn \p t a[t. 2 Ka \gneto % fnv \k to o[rano xow vsper feromnhw pnow biaaw, ka * \pl}rvsen lon tn okon o san kay}menoi. 3 Ka vfyhsan a[tow diamerizmenai glssai qse purw, \kyisn te \f' na kaston a[tn. 4 Ka \pl}syhsan pantew pnematow ^ ^ agou, ka rjanto lalen etraiw glQssaiw, kayWw t pnema \ddou a[tow pofyggesyai.
)Hsan d \n ^Ierousal|m katoikontew &Ioudaoi, ndrew e[ l a b e w, p pantw yn o u w tn p tn o[rann. 6 Genomnhw d tw fvnw tathw, sunlyen t plyow ka sunexyh, ti kouon e<w kastow t_ d dialkt~ lalontvn a[tn. 7 &Ejstanto d pntew ka \yamazon, lgontew prw ll}louw, O [k do pntew oto esin o lalontew Galilaoi; 8 Ka pw =mew koomen kastow t_ d dialkt~ =mn \n " \genn}yhmen; 9 Pryoi ka Mdoi ka &Elamtai, ka o katoikontew t|n Mesopotaman, &Ioudaan te ka Kappadokan, Pnton ka t|n &Asan, 10 Frugan te ka Pamfulan, Agupton ka t mrh tw Libhw tw kat Kur}nhn, ka o \pidhmontew ^Rvmaoi, &Ioudao te ka pros}lutoi, 11 Krtew ka *Arabew, koomen lalontvn a[tn taw =metraiw glQssaiw t megalea to yeo . 12 &Ejstanto d pntew ka dihproun, llow prw llon lgontew, T n yloi toto enai; 13 %Eteroi d xleuzontew legon ti Glekouw memestvmnoi esn. Stayew d Ptrow sn tow ndeka, \pren t|n fvn|n a[to, ka pefygjato a[tow, *Andrew &Ioudaoi, ka o katoikontew ^Ierousal|m pantew, toto mn gnvstn stv,
14 5

1.26 1.26 2.1 2.3 2.4 2.4 2.5

a[tn a[tow Matyan Mayyan pantew `moyumadn pntew `mo \kyisn te ka \kyisen pantew pntew a[tow pofyggesyai pofyggesyai a[tow \n ew

2.7 2.7 2.7 2.7 2.12 2.13 2.14 2.14

pntew ka ka prw ll}louw O[k O[x do pntew do pantew n yloi ylei xleuzontew diaxleuzontew Ptrow ` Ptrow pantew pntew


2.15 - 2.30


ka \nvtsasye t ]}mat mou. 15 O [ gr, qw mew % polambnete, otoi meyousin: stin gr vra trth tw 16 =mraw: ll tot \stin t erhmnon di to prof}tou &Iv}l, 17 Ka stai \n taw \sxtaiw =mraiw, lgei ` yew, \k xe p to pnematw mou \p psan srka: ka profhtesousin o uo mn ka a yugatrew mn, ka o neanskoi mn `rseiw contai, ka o presbteroi mn \npnia \nupniasy}sontai: 18 ka ge \p tow dolouw mou ka \p tw dolaw mou \n taw =mraiw \kenaiw \kxe p to pnematw mou, ka profhtesousin. 19 Ka dQsv trata \n t! o[ran! nv, ka shmea \p tw gw ktv, a<ma ka pr ka tmda kapno: 20 ` % liow metastraf}setai ew sktow, ka = h sel}nh ew a<ma, prn ( \lyen t|n =mran kurou t|n meglhn h ka \pifan: 21 ka stai, pw $ w n \pikalshtai t noma o 22 kurou svy}setai. *Andrew &Israhltai, kosate tow lgouw totouw: &Ihson tn Nazvraon, ndra p to yeo podedeigmnon ew mw dunmesin ka trasin ka shmeoiw, o<w \pohsen di' a[to ` yew \n ms~ mn, kayWw ka a[to odate, 23 toton t_ qrismn+ boul_ ka prognQsei to yeo kdoton labntew, di xeirn nmvn prosp}jantew nelete: 24 $ & on ` yew nsthsen, lsaw tw vdnaw to yantou, kayti o[k n dunatn kratesyai a[tn p' a[to. 25 Daud gr lgei ew a[tn, ProvrQmhn tn krion \nQpin mou di pantw: ti \k dejin mou \stn, na m| saleuy: 26 di toto e[frnyh = karda mou, ka gallisato = glss mou: ti d ka = srj mou kataskhnQsei \p' \lpdi: 27 ti o[k \gkataleceiw t|n cux}n mou ew %Adou, o[d dQseiw tn sin 28 sou den diafyorn. &E g n Q r i s w moi `dow zvw: plhrQseiw me e[frosnhw met to prosQpou sou. 29 *Andrew delfo, \jn epen met parrhsaw prw mw per to patrirxou Daud, ti ka \telethsen ka \tfh, ka t mnma a[to \stin \n =mn xri tw =mraw tathw. 30 * Prof}thw o{n prxvn, ka edWw ti rk~ vmosen a[t! `
2.17 2.20 2.22 \npnia \nupnoiw ( \lyen t|n \lyen h p to yeo podedeigmnon podedeigmnon p to yeo 2.22 ka a[to a[to 2.23 labntew 2.23 2.23 2.25 2.26 2.27 xeirn xeirw nelete nelate ProvrQmhn ProorQmhn e[frnyh h[frnyh %Adou %Adhn



yew, \k karpo tw sfow a[to t kat srka nast}sein tn xristn, kaysai \p to yrnou a[to, 31 prodWn \llhsen per tw nastsevw to xristo, ti o[ katelefyh = cux| a[to ew %Adou, o[d = srj a[to eden diafyorn. 32 Toton tn &Ihson nsthsen ` yew, o pntew =mew \smen mrturew. 33 T_ deji o{n to yeo cvyew, t}n te \paggelan ^ to agou pnematow labWn par to patrw, \jxeen toto $ o 34 nn mew blpete ka koete. O[ gr Daud nbh ew tow o[ranow, lgei d a[tw, Epen ` kriow t! kur~ mou, Kyou \k dejin mou, 35 vw n y tow \xyrow sou popdion tn podn sou. 36 &Asfalw o{n ginvsktv pw okow &Isra}l, ti ka krion ka xristn a[tn ` yew \pohsen, toton tn &Ihson $ n mew \staurQsate. o &Akosantew d katenghsan t_ kard, epn te prw tn Ptron ka tow loipow postlouw, T poi}somen, ndrew delfo; 38 Ptrow d fh prw a[tow, Metano}sate, ka baptisy}tv kastow mn \p t! nmati &Ihso xristo ^ ^ ew fesin a martin, ka l}cesye t|n dvren to a gou 39 pnematow. ^Umn gr \stin = \paggela, ka tow tknoiw mn, ka psin tow ew makrn, souw n proskalshtai kriow ` ye w =mn. 40 ^E t r o i w te lgoiw pleosin diemartreto ka pareklei lgvn, SQyhte p tw genew tw skoliw tathw. 41 O mn o{n smnvw podejmenoi tn lgon a[to \baptsyhsan: ka prosetyhsan t_ =mr \ken+ cuxa qse trisxliai. 42 )Hsan d proskarterontew t_ didax_ tn postlvn ka t_ koinvn, ka t_ klsei to rtou ka taw proseuxaw.

2.31 - 2.42


2.30 2.30 2.31 2.31 2.31 2.33 2.33 2.34 2.36

t kat srka nast}sein tn xristn to yrnou tn yrnon o[ katelefyh ote \gkatelefyh = cux| a[to %Adou o[d %Adhn ote ^ agou pnematow pnematow to ^ agou nn mew mew ka ` ` ka xristn a[tn ` yew \pohsen a[tn ka xristn \pohsen ` yew

2.37 t_ kard t|n kardan 2.37 poi}somen poi}svmen 2.38 fh 2.38 Metano}sate Metano}sate fhsn ^ ^ 2.38 amartin tn amartin mn 2.38 l}cesye l}mcesye 2.40 diemartreto ka pareklei diemartrato ka pareklei a[tow 2.41 smnvw 2.41 t_ \n t_ 2.42 koinvn ka koinvn


2.43 - 3.10


&Egneto d ps+ cux_ fbow, poll te trata ka shmea di tn postlvn \gneto. 44 Pntew d o pisteontew san \p t a[t, ka exon panta koin, 45 ka t kt}mata ka tw prjeiw \ppraskon, ka diemrizon a[t psin, kayti n tiw xrean exen . 46 Kay' =mran te proskarterontew `moyumadn \n t! er!, klntw te kat' okon rton, metelmbanon trofw \n gallisei ka felthti kardaw, 47 anontew tn yen, ka xontew xrin prw lon tn lan. ^O d kriow prosetyei tow svzomnouw kay' =mran t_ \kklhsa.


&Ep t a[t d Ptrow ka &Ivnnhw nbainon ew t % ern \p t|n vran tw proseuxw t|n \nthn. 2 Ka tiw n|r xvlw \k koilaw mhtrw a[to prxvn \bastzeto: $ n o \tyoun kay' =mran prw t|n yran to ero t|n legomnhn ^Vraan, to aten \lehmosnhn par tn esporeuomnvn ew t ern. 3 $O w dWn Ptron ka &Ivnnhn mllontaw esinai ew t ern, rQta \lehmosnhn. 4 &Atensaw d Ptrow ew a[tn sn t! &Ivnn+, epen, Blcon ew =mw. 5 ^O d \pexen a[tow, prosdokn ti par' a[tn laben. 6 Epen d Ptrow, &Argrion ka xruson o[x prxei moi: $ d xv, o tot soi ddvmi. &En t! nmati &Ihso xristo to Nazvraou, geirai ka periptei. 7 Ka pisaw a[tn tw dejiw xeirw geiren: paraxrma d \stereQyhsan a[to a bseiw ka t sfur. 8 Ka \jallmenow sth ka perieptei, ka eslyen sn a[tow ew t ern, peripatn ka ^ allmenow ka ann tn yen. 9 Ka eden a[tn pw ` law peripatonta ka anonta tn yen: 10 \pegnvskn te a[tn ti otow n ` prw t|n \lehmosnhn kay}menow \p t_ ^Vra pl+ to ero: ka \pl}syhsan ymbouw ka \kstsevw \p t! sumbebhkti a[t!.

2.43 &Egneto &Egneto 2.47 t_ \kklhsa \p t a[t 3.1 &Ep t a[t d Ptrow Ptrow d 3.3 \lehmosnhn \lehmosnhn laben 3.6 geirai ka geire ka 3.7 paraxrma a[tn paraxrma

a[to a bseiw a bseiw a[to 3.7 sfur sfudr 3.9 a[tn pw ` law pw ` law a[tn 3.10 te d 3.10 otow a[tw 3.7



Kratontow d to ayntow xvlo tn Ptron ka &Ivnnhn, sundramen prw a[tow pw ` law \p t_ sto t_ kaloumn+ Solomntow, kyamboi. 12 &I d W n d Ptrow pekrnato prw tn lan, *Andrew &Israhltai, t yaumzete \p tot~, ( =mn t tenzete, qw d dunmei ( e[sebe h h 13 pepoihksin to peripaten a[tn; ^O yew &Abram ka &Isak ka &IakQb, ` yew tn patrvn =mn, \djasen tn pada a[to &I h s o n : $ n mew mn paredQkate, ka o rn}sasye a[tn kat prsvpon Piltou, krnantow \kenou polein. 14 ^Umew d tn gion ka dkaion rn}sasye, ka & t}sasye ndra fona xarisynai mn, 15 tn d rxhgn tw + zvw pektenate: $ n ` yew geiren \k nekrn, o =mew o 16 mrturw \smen. Ka \p t_ pstei to nmatow a[to, toton $ n yevrete ka odate \stervsen t noma a[to: ka o = pstiw = di' a[to dvken a[t! t|n `loklhran tathn pnanti pntvn mn. 17 Ka nn, delfo, oda ti kat % gnoian \prjate, vsper ka o rxontew mn. 18 ^O d yew $ a prokat}ggeilen di stmatow pntvn tn profhtn a[to, payen tn xristn, \pl}rvsen o% tvw. 19 Metano}sate o{n ka u ^ \pistrcate, ew t \jaleifynai mn tw amartaw, pvw n lyvsin kairo nacjevw p prosQpou to kurou, 20 ka postel+ tn prokexeirismnon mn xristn &Ihson: 21 $ n o de o[rann mn djasyai xri xrnvn pokatastsevw ^ pntvn, @n \llhsen ` yew di stmatow pntvn tn agvn 22 a[to profhtn p' anow. Mvsw mn gr prw tow patraw epen ti Prof}thn mn nast}sei kriow ` yew =mn \k tn delfn mn qw \m: a[to kosesye kat pnta sa n lal}s+ prw mw. 23 *Estai d, psa cux}, % htiw \n m| kos+ to prof}tou \kenou, \joloyreuy}setai \k to lao. 24 Ka pntew d o proftai p Samou|l ka
3.11 3.11 3.11 3.12 3.13 3.13 3.18 3.19 to ayntow xvlo a[to &Ivnnhn tn &Ivnnhn prw a[tow pw ` law pw ` law prw a[tow Ptrow ` Ptrow &Isak ka ` yew &Isak ka ` yew a[tn a[to payen tn xristn payen tn xristn a[to pvw n lyvsin kairo nacjevw p prosQpou to kurou 3.20 3.21 3.21 3.22 3.22 3.22 3.23 ka pvw n lyvsin kairo nacjevw p prosQpou to kurou ka ^ pntvn tn agvn a[to tn ^ agvn profhtn p' anow p' anow a[to profhtn Mvsw Mvsw gr prw tow patraw =mn mn \joloyreuy}setai \joleyreuy}setai

3.11 - 3.24


3.25 - 4.12


tn kayejw, soi \llhsan, ka kat}ggeilan tw =mraw tataw. 25 ^Umew \ste uo tn profhtn, ka tw diay}khw w diyeto ` yew prw tow patraw =mn, lgvn prw &Abram, Ka \n t! sprmat sou \neuloghy}sontai psai a patria tw gw. 26 ^Umn prton ` yew, nast}saw tn pada a[to &I h s o n , psteilen a[tn e[logonta mw, \n t! postrfein kaston p tn ponhrin mn.

Lalontvn d a[tn prw tn lan, \psthsan a[tow o erew ka ` strathgw to ero ka o Saddoukaoi, 2 diaponomenoi di t didskein a[tow tn lan, ka kataggllein \n t! &Ihso t|n nstasin tn nekrn. 3 Ka \pbalon a[tow tw xeraw, ka yento ew t}rhsin ew t|n ^ arion: n gr espra dh. 4 Pollo d tn kousntvn tn lgon \psteusan: ka \gen}yh ` riymw tn ndrn qse xilidew pnte.
&E g n et o d \p t|n arion sunaxy n a i a[tn tow rxontaw ka presbutrouw ka grammatew ew ^Ierousal}m, 6 ka *Annan tn rxiera, ka Kafan, ka &Ivnnhn, ka &Aljandron, ka soi san \k gnouw rxieratiko. 7 Ka st}santew a[tow \n ms~ \punynonto, &En po dunmei ( \n h 8 po~ nmati \poi}sate toto mew; Tte Ptrow plhsyew ^ pnematow agou epen prw a[tow, *Arxontew to lao ka presbteroi to &Isra}l, 9 e =mew s}meron nakrinmeya \p e[erges nyrQpou syenow, \n tni otow ssvstai: 10 gnvstn stv psin mn ka pant t! la! &Isra}l, ti \n t! nmati &Ihso xristo to Nazvraou, $ n mew o \staurQsate, $ n ` yew geiren \k nekrn, \n tot~ otow o parsthken \nQpion mn gi}w. 11 Otw \stin ` lyow ` \jouyenhyew f' mn tn okodomontvn, ` genmenow ew kefal|n gvnaw. 12 Ka o[k stin \n ll~ o[den = svthra:

3.25 uo o uo 3.25 =mn mn 3.25 \neuloghy}sontai \neuloghy}sontai 3.26 ` yew nast}saw nast}saw ` yew 3.26 &Ihson 4.2 tn t|n \k 4.4 ` ` 4.4 qse qw 4.5 presbutrouw ka grammatew ew


4.7 4.8 4.9 4.11

grammatew \n *Annan tn rxiera ka Kafan ka &Ivnnhn ka &Aljandron %Annaw ` rxierew ka Kafaw ka &Ivnnhw ka &Aljandrow ms~ t! ms~ to &Isra}l ssvstai ssvtai okodomontvn okodmvn

tow presbutrouw ka tow



ote gr nom \stin teron t dedomnon \n nyrQpoiw, \n > de svynai =mw. Yevrontew d t|n to Ptrou parrhsan ka &Ivnnou, ka katalabmenoi ti nyrvpoi grmmato esin ka ditai, \yamazon, \pegnvskn te a[tow ti sn t! &Ihso ^ san. 14 Tn d nyrvpon blpontew sn a[tow estta tn 15 teyerapeumnon, o[dn exon nteipen. Kelesantew d a[tow jv to sunedrou pelye n , sunballon prw ll}louw, 16 lgontew, T poi}somen tow nyrQpoiw totoiw; %O ti mn gr gnvstn shmeon ggonen di' a[tn, psin tow katoikosin ^Ierousal|m fanern, ka o[ dunmeya rn}sasyai. 17 &All' na m| \p pleon dianemhy_ ew tn lan, peil_ peilhsmeya a[tow mhkti lalen \p t! nmati tot~ mhden nyrQpvn. 18 Ka kalsantew a[tow, par}ggeilan a[tow t kaylou m| fyggesyai mhd didskein \p t! nmati to &Ihso. 19 ^O d Ptrow ka &Ivnnhw pokriyntew prw a[tow epon, E dkain \stin \nQpion to yeo mn koein mllon ( to yeo , krnate. 20 O [ h dunmeya gr =mew, $ edomen ka kosamen, m| lalen. a 21 O d prosapeilhsmenoi plusan a[tow, mhdn erskontew t pw kolsontai a[tow, di tn lan, ti pntew \djazon tn yen \p t! gegonti. 22 &Etn gr n pleinvn tessarkonta ` nyrvpow \f' $ n \gegnei t o shmeon toto tw sevw. &Apoluyntew d lyon prw tow douw, ka p}ggeilan sa prw a[tow o rxierew ka o presbteroi epon. 24 O d kosantew `moyumadn ran fvn|n prw tn yen, ka epon, Dspota, s ` yew ` poi}saw tn o[rann ka t|n gn ka t|n ylassan ka pnta t \n a[tow: 25 ` di stmatow Daud paidw sou epQn, %Ina t \frajan ynh, ka lao
4.12 ote o[d 4.12 t p tn o[rann t 4.14 d te 4.16 poi}somen poi}svmen 4.16 rn}sasyai rnesyai 4.17 peil_ peilhsmeya peilhsQmeya 4.18 a[tow 4.19 prw a[tow epon epon prw a[tow 4.20 4.21 4.22 4.22 4.23 4.24 4.24 4.25 4.25 edomen edamen kolsontai kolsvntai tessarkonta tesserkonta \gegnei gegnei epon epan epon epan yew ` di to patrw =mn di ^ pnematow agou %Ina t ^Inat
23 13

4.13 - 4.25
teron p tn o[rann




4.26 - 5.3


\melthsan ken; 26 Parsthsan o basilew tw gw, ka o rxontew sun}xyhsan \p t a[t kat to kurou, ka kat to xristo a[to: 27 sun}xyhsan gr \p' lhyeaw \p tn gion pad sou &Ihson, $ n xrisaw, ^Hrdhw te ka pntiow o Piltow, sn ynesin ka laow &Isra}l, 28 poisai sa = xer sou ka = boul} sou proQrisen gensyai. 29 Ka t nn, krie, pide \p tw peilw a[tn, ka dw tow doloiw sou met parrhsaw pshw lalen tn lgon sou, 30 \n t! t|n xer sou \ktenein se ew asin, ka shmea ka trata gnesyai di to ^ nmatow to a gou paidw sou &Ihso. 31 Ka dehyntvn a[tn \saleyh ` tpow \n > san sunhgmnoi, ka ^ \pl}syhsan pantew pnematow agou, ka \lloun tn lgon to yeo met parrhsaw.


To d pl}youw tn pisteusntvn n = karda ka = cux| ma: ka o[d e<w ti tn parxntvn a[tn legen dion enai, ll' n a[tow panta koin. 33 Ka megl+ dunmei peddoun t martrion o pstoloi tw nastsevw to kurou &Ihso, xriw te meglh n \p pntaw a[tow. 34 O[d gr \nde}w tiw p_rxen \n a[tow: soi gr kt}torew xvrvn ( h okin prxon, pvlontew feron tw timw tn pipraskomnv n , 35 ka \tyoun par tow pdaw tn ^ postlvn: dieddoto d ekst~ kayti n tiw xrean exen. &Ivsw d, ` \piklhyew Barnbaw p tn postlvn \stin, meyermhneumenon, uw parakl}sevw Leuthw, Kpriow t! gnei, 37 prxontow a[t! gro, pvl}saw negken t xrma, ka yhken par tow pdaw tn postlvn.


&An|r d tiw &Ananaw nmati, sn Sapfer+ t_ gunaik a[to, \pQlhsen ktma, 2 ka \nosfsato p tw timw, suneiduaw ka tw gunaikw a[to, ka \ngkaw mrow ti par tow pdaw tn postlvn yhken. 3 Epen d Ptrow, &Anana,
4.34 4.35 4.36 4.37 5.1 5.2 5.2 5.3 megl+ p_rxen n dieddoto dieddeto &Ivsw &Ivs|f par prw Sapfer+ Sapfr+ suneiduaw suneiduhw a[to Ptrow ` Ptrow

4.27 \p \n t_ plei tat+ \p 4.28 boul} sou boul} sou 4.30 xer sou xer sou ^ ^ 4.31 pnematow agou to agou pnematow 4.32 = karda karda 4.32 = cux| cux| 4.32 a[tn a[t! 4.33 megl+ dunmei dunmei



di t \pl}rvsen ` Satanw t|n kardan sou, cesasya se t pnema t gion, ka nosfsasya se p tw timw to xvrou; 4 O[x mnon so menen, ka prayn \n t_ s_ \jous prxen; T ti you \n t_ kard sou t prgma toto; O[k \cesv nyrQpoiw, ll t! ye!. 5 &Akovn d ` &Ananaw tow lgouw totouw, pesWn \jcujen: ka \gneto fbow mgaw \p pntaw tow koontaw tata. 6 &Anastntew d o neQteroi sunsteilan a[tn, ka \jengkantew yacan. &Egneto d qw qrn trin disthma, ka = gun| a[to m| edua t gegonw eslyen. 8 &Apekryh d a[t_ ` Ptrow, Ep moi, e tosotou t xvron pdosye. ^H d epen, Na, tosotou. 9 ^O d Ptrow epen prw a[t}n, T ti sunefvn}yh mn peirsai t pnema kurou; &Ido, o pdew tn yacntvn tn ndra sou \p t_ yr, ka \josousn se. 10 *Epesen d paraxrma par tow pdaw a[to, ka \j c u j en : e s el y n t ew d o neanskoi eron a[t|n nekrn, ka \jengkantew yacan prw tn ndra a[tw. 11 Ka \gneto fbow mgaw \f' lhn t|n \kklhsan, ka \p pntaw tow koontaw tata. Di d tn xeirn tn postlvn \gneto shmea ka trata \n t! la! poll: ka san `moyumadn pantew \n t_ sto Solomntow. 13 Tn d loipn o[dew \tlma kollsyai a[tow, ll' \meglunen a[tow ` law: 14 mllon d prosetyento pisteontew t! kur~, pl}yh ndrn te ka % gunaikn: 15 vste kat tw plateaw \kfrein tow syenew, ka tiynai \p klinn ka krabbtvn, na \rxomnou Ptrou kn = ski \piskis+ tin a[tn. 16 Sun}rxeto d ka t plyow tn prij plevn ew ^Ierousal}m, frontew syenew ka xloumnouw p pneumtvn kayrtvn, otinew \yerapeonto pantew. &Anastw d ` rxierew ka pntew o sn a[t! = o{sa aresiw tn Saddoukavn \pl}syhsan z}lou, 18 ka
5.3 5.5 5.8 5.9 5.10 5.12 se p p tata a[t_ ` prw a[t|n epen par prw \n t! la! poll poll \n t! 5.15 5.15 5.16 la! kat tw ka ew tw klinn ka krabbtvn klinarvn ka krabttvn ew
17 12 7

5.4 - 5.18



5.19 - 5.32


\pbalon tw xeraw a[tn \p tow postlouw, ka yento a[tow \n thr}sei dhmos. 19 *Aggelow d kurou di tw nuktw noijen tw yraw tw fulakw, \jagagQn te a[tow epen, 20 Poreesye, ka stayntew lalete \n t! er! t! la! pnta t ]}mata tw zvw tathw. 21 &Akosantew d eslyon p tn ryron ew t ern, ka \ddaskon. Paragenmenow d ` rxierew ka o sn a[t!, suneklesan t sundrion ka psan t|n gerousan tn un &Isra}l, ka psteilan ew t desmvt}rion, xy n a i a[tow. 22 O d phrtai paragenmenoi o[x e r o n a[tow \n t_ fulak_: nastrcantew d p}ggeilan, 23 lgontew ti T mn desmvt}rion e% romen kekleismnon \n ps+ sfale, ka u ^ tow flakaw e sttaw pr tn yurn: nojantew d, sv o[dna e% romen. 24 ^Vw d kousan tow lgouw totouw te u erew ka ` strathgw to ero ka o rxierew, dihproun per a[tn, t n gnoito toto. 25 Paragenmenow d tiw p}ggeilen a[tow ti &Ido, o ndrew ow yes ye \n t_ ^ fulak_ esn \n t! er! esttew ka didskontew tn lan. 26 Tte pelyWn ` strathgw sn tow phrtaiw gagen a[tow, o[ met baw, \fobonto gr tn lan, na m| liyasysin. 27 &Agagntew d a[tow sthsan \n t! sunedr~. Ka \phrQthsen a[tow ` rxierew, 28 lgvn, O[ paraggel parhggelamen mn m| didskein \p t! nmati tot~; Ka do peplhrQkate t|n ^Ierousal|m tw didaxw mn, ka bolesye \pagagen \f' =mw t a<ma to nyrQpou totou. 29 &Apokriyew d Ptrow ka o pstoloi epon, Peiyarxen de ye! mllon ( nyrQpoiw. 30 ^O yew tn patrvn =mn h geiren &Ihson, $ n mew diexeirsasye, kremsantew \p o 31 u jlou. Toton ` yew rxhgn ka svtra % cvsen t_ deji ^ a[to, donai metnoian t! &Isra|l ka fesin amartin. 32 Ka =mew \smen a[to mrturew tn ]hmtvn totvn, ka t pnema d t gion, $ dvken ` yew tow peiyarxosin a[t!. o
5.18 a[tn 5.19 tw nuktw noijen nuktw nojaw 5.22 phrtai paragenmenoi paragenmenoi phrtai 5.23 mn 5.23 pr \p 5.24 erew ka ` 5.26 5.26 5.28 5.29 5.31 5.32 5.32 gagen gen na O[ O [ epon epan donai to donai a[to d



O d koontew diepronto, ka \bouleonto nelen a[tow. 34 &Anastw d tiw \n t! sunedr~ Farisaow, nmati Gamali}l, nomodidskalow, tmiow pant t! la!, \kleusen jv brax ti tow postlouw poisai. 35 Epn te prw ^ a[tow, *Andrew &Israhltai, prosxete e autow \p tow 36 nyrQpoiw totoiw, t mllete prssein. Pr gr totvn ^ tn =mern nsth Yeudw, lgvn ena tina e autn, > prosekl}yh riymw ndrn qse tetrakosvn: $ w n+ryh, o ka pntew soi \peyonto a[t! dielyhsan ka \gnonto ew o[dn. 37 Met toton nsth &Iodaw ` Galilaow \n taw =mraiw tw pografw, ka psthsen lan kann psv a[to: kkenow pQleto, ka pntew soi \peyonto a[t! dieskorpsyhsan. 38 Ka t nn lgv mn, psthte p tn nyrQpvn totvn, ka \sate a[tow: ti \n \j nyrQpvn = boul| ( t rgon toto, kataluy}setai: 39 e d \k yeo h \stin, o[ dnasye katalsai a[t, m}pote ka yeomxoi ereyte. 40 &Epesyhsan d a[t!: ka proskalesmenoi tow postlouw, derantew par}ggeilan m| lalen \p t! nmati to &Ihso, ka plusan a[tow. 41 O mn o{n \poreonto xarontew p prosQpou to sunedrou, ti pr to nmatow to &Ihso kathjiQyhsan timasynai. 42 Psn te =mran, \n t! er! ka kat' okon, o[k \paonto didskontew ka e[aggelizmenoi &Ihson tn xristn.

5.33 - 6.3


&En d taw =mraiw tataiw, plhyunntvn tn mayhtn, \gneto goggusmw tn ^Ellhnistn prw tow ^Ebraouw, ti pareyevronto \n t_ diakon t_ kayhmerin_ a xrai a[tn. 2 Proskalesmenoi d o dQdeka t plyow tn mayhtn, epon, O[k restn \stin =mw, katalecantaw tn lgon to yeo, diakonen trapzaiw. 3 &Episkcasye o{n, ^ delfo, ndraw \j mn marturoumnouw e pt, pl}reiw
5.39 dnasye dun}sesye 5.39 a[t a[tow 5.40 a[tow 5.41 pr to nmatow to &Ihso kathjiQyhsan kathjiQyhsan pr to nmatow 5.42 &Ihson tn xristn tn xristn &Ihson 6.2 epon epan 6.3 o{n d

5.33 koontew kosantew 5.33 \bouleonto \bolonto 5.34 ti tow postlouw tow nyrQpouw 5.36 prosekl}yh riymw ndrn qse proseklyh ndrn riymw qw 5.37 kann 5.38 \sate fete 5.38 boul| boul| a% th u


6.4 - 7.3


^ pnematow a gou ka sofaw, ow katast}svmen \p tw xreaw tathw. 4 ^Hmew d t_ proseux_ ka t_ diakon to lgou proskarter}somen. 5 Ka resen ` lgow \nQpion pantw to pl}youw: ka \jeljanto Stfanon, ndra pl}rhw ^ pstevw ka pnematow agou, ka Flippon, ka Prxoron, ka Niknora, ka Tmvna, ka Parmenn, ka Niklaon pros}luton &Antioxa, 6 ow sthsan \nQpion tn postlvn: ka proseujmenoi \pyhkan a[tow tw xeraw. Ka ` lgow to yeo hjanen, ka \plhyneto ` riymw tn mayhtn \n ^Ierousal|m sfdra, polw te xlow tn ervn p}kouon t_ pstei. Stfanow d pl}rhw pstevw ka dunmevw \poei trata ka shmea megla \n t! la!. 9 &Ansthsan d tinew tn \k tw sunagvgw tw legomnhw Libertnvn, ka Kurhnavn, ka &Alejandrvn, ka tn p Kilikaw ka &Asaw, suzhtontew t! Stefn~. 10 Ka o[k sxuon ntistnai t_ sof ka t! pnemati > \llei. 11 Tte pbalon ndraw lgontaw ti &Akhkamen a[to lalontow ]}mata blsfhma ew Mvsn ka tn ye n . 12 Suneknhsn te tn lan ka tow presbutrouw ka tow grammatew, ka \pistntew sun}rpasan a[tn, ka gagon ew t sundrion, 13 sthsn te mrturaw ceudew lgontaw, ^O nyrvpow otow o[ paetai ^ ]}mata blsfhma laln kat to tpou to agou ka to 14 nmou: khkamen gr a[to lgontow ti &Ihsow ` Nazvraow otow katalsei tn tpon toton, ka lljei t yh $ pardvken =mn Mvsw. 15 Ka tensantew ew a[tn a pantew o kayezmenoi \n t! sunedr~, edon t prsvpon a[to qse prsvpon gglou.
8 7


*Andrew delfo ka patrew, kosate. ^O yew tw * djhw vfyh t! patr =mn &Abram nti \n t_ Mesopotam, prn ( katoiksai a[tn \n Xarrn, 3 ka epen prw a[tn, h
^ 6.3 agou 6.3 katast}svmen katast}somen 6.8 pstevw xritow 6.11 Mvsn Mvsn 6.13 ]}mata blsfhma laln 6.13 6.14 6.15 7.1 laln ]}mata ka totou ka Mvsw Mvsw pantew pntew ra

Epen d ` rxierew, E ra tata o% tvw xei; 2 ^O d fh, u



*Ejelye \k tw gw sou ka \k tw suggeneaw sou, ka dero ew gn n n soi dejv. 4 Tte \jelyWn \k gw Xaldavn katkhsen \n Xarrn: kkeyen, met t poyanen tn patra a[to, metkisen a[tn ew t|n gn tathn ew n mew nn katoikete: 5 ka o[k dvken a[t! klhronoman \n a[t_, o[d bma podw: ka \phggelato donai a[t! ew katsxesin a[t}n, ka t! sprmati a[to met' a[tn, o[k ntow a[t! tknou. 6 &Ellhsen d o% tvw ` yew, ti stai t u sprma a[to proikon \n g_ llotr, ka doulQsousin a[t ka kakQsousin, th tetraksia. 7 Ka t ynow, > \n doulesvsin, krin \g Q , e p en ` ye w: ka met tata \jelesontai, ka latresousn moi \n t! tp~ tot~. 8 Ka dvken a[t! diay}khn peritomw: ka o% tvw \gnnhsen tn u &Isak, ka peritemen a[tn t_ =mr t_ gd+: ka ` &Isak tn &IakQb, ka ` &IakWb tow dQdeka patrirxaw. 9 Ka o patrirxai zhlQsantew tn &Ivs|f pdonto ew Agupton: ka n ` yew met' a[to, 10 ka \jeleto a[tn \k pasn tn ylcevn a[to, ka dvken a[t! xrin ka sofan \nanton FaraW basilvw Agptou, ka katsthsen a[tn =gomenon \p' Agupton ka lon tn okon a[to. 11 )Hlyen d limw \f' lhn t|n gn Agptou ka Xanan, ka ylciw meglh: ka o[x e% riskon xortsmata o patrew =mn. 12 &Akosaw d u &IakWb nta sta \n Agpt~, \japsteilen tow patraw =mn prton. 13 Ka \n t! deu t r ~ negnvrsyh &Ivs|f tow delfow a[to, ka fanern \gneto t! FaraW t gnow to &Ivs}f. 14 &Apostelaw d &Ivs|f metekalsato tn patra a[to &IakQb, ka psan t|n suggneian, \n cuxaw ^ e bdom}konta pnte. 15 Katbh d &IakWb ew Agupton, ka \telethsen a[tw ka o patrew =mn: 16 ka metetyhsan ew Suxm, ka \tyhsan \n t! mn}mati $ vn}sato &Abram timw o & rgurou par tn un &Emmr to Suxm. 17 KayWw d
7.3 7.3 7.7 7.7 7.8 7.8 7.10 7.10 7.11 ka \k ka \k gn t|n gn doulesvsin doulesousin epen ` yew ` yew epen ` &Isak &Isak ` &IakWb &IakWb \jeleto \jelato lon \f' lon gn Agptou Agupton 7.11 e% riskon h% riskon u u 7.12 sta \n Agpt~ sita ew Agupton 7.13 to to 7.14 tn patra a[to &IakQb &IakWb tn patra a[to 7.15 Katbh d Ka katbh 7.16 $ > o 7.16 &Emmr to &EmmWr \n

7.4 - 7.17

a[t! donai

suggneian a[to


7.18 - 7.32


* ggizen ` xrnow tw \paggelaw w vmosen ` yew t! &Abram, hjhsen ` law ka \plhynyh \n Agpt~, 18 xri o nsth basilew terow, $ w o[k dei tn &Ivs}f. 19 O tow o katasofismenow t gnow =mn, \kkvsen tow patraw =mn, to poien kyet a t brfh a[tn, ew t m| zvogonesyai. 20 &En > kair! \genn}yh Mvsw, ka n steow t! ye!: $ w netrfh mnaw trew \n t! ok~ to patrw. o 21 &Ekteynta d a[tn, neleto = yugthr FaraQ, ka ^ neyrcato a[tn eaut_ ew un. 22 Ka \paideyh Mvsw ps+ sof Aguptvn: n d dunatw \n lgoiw ka rgoiw. 23 ^Vw d \plhroto a[t! tessarakontaet|w xrnow, nbh \p t|n kardan a[to \piskcasyai tow delfow a[to tow uow &Isra}l. 24 Ka dQn tina dikomenon, mnato ka \p o h s en \k d k h s i n t! kataponoumn~, patjaw tn Agption: 25 \nmizen d suninai tow delfow a[to ti ` yew di xeirw a[to ddvsin a[tow svthran: o d o[ * sunkan. 26 T_ te \pios+ =mr vfyh a[tow maxomnoiw, ka sun}lasen a[tow ew er}nhn, epQn, *Andrew, delfo \ste mew: na t dikete ll}louw; 27 ^O d dikn tn plhson pQsato a[tn, e p Q n , Tw se katsthsen rxonta ka o dikast|n \f' =mw; 28 M| nelen me s yleiw, $ n trpon 29 nelew xyw tn Agption; *Efugen d Mvsw \n t! lg~ tot~, ka \gneto proikow \n g_ Madim, o \gnnhsen uow * do. 30 Ka plhrvyntvn \tn tessarkonta, vfyh a[t! \n t_ \r}m~ to rouw Sin ggelow kurou \n flog purw btou. 31 ^O d Mvsw dWn \yamazen t rama: proserxomnou d a[to katanosai, \gneto fvn| kurou prw a[tn, 32 &EgW ` yew tn patrvn sou, ` yew &Abram ka ` yew &Isak ka `
* 7.17 vmosen qmolghsen 7.18 $ w \p' Agupton $ w o o 7.19 patraw =mn patraw =mn 7.19 kyeta t brfh t brfh kyeta 7.20 Mvsw Mvsw 7.21 &Ekteynta d a[tn neleto \kteyntow d a[to nelato a[tn 7.22 Mvsw Mvsw \n 7.22 rgoiw rgoiw a[to 7.23 tessarakontaet|w tesserakontaet|w 7.25 a[to ti a[to ti 7.25 7.26 7.26 7.26 7.27 7.28 7.29 7.30 7.30 7.31 7.31 7.32 a[tow svthran svthran a[tow sun}lasen sun}llassen mew na t nat =mw =mn xyw \xyw Mvsw Mvsw tessarkonta tesserkonta kurou Mvsw Mvsw prw a[tn ` yew &Isak ka ` yew &Isak ka





yew &IakQb. *Entromow d genmenow Mvsw o[k \tlma katanosai. 33 Epen d a[t! ` kriow, Lson t pdhma tn ^ podn sou: ` gr tpow \n > sthkaw g aga \stn. 34 &IdWn edon t|n kkvsin to lao mou to \n Agpt~, ka to stenagmo a[tn kousa: ka katbhn \jelsyai a[tow: ka nn dero, postel se ew Agupton. 35 Toton tn Mvsn $ n o rn}santo epntew, Tw se katsthsen rxonta ka dikast}n; Toton ` yew rxonta ka lutrvt|n psteilen \n xeir gglou to fyntow a[t! \n t_ bt~. 36 Otow \j}gagen a[tow, poi}saw trata ka shmea \n g_ Agpt~ ka \n &E r u yr ya l s s + , ka \n t_ \r}m~ th tessarkonta. 37 Otw \stin ` Mvsw ` epWn tow uow &Isra}l, Prof}thn mn nast}sei kriow ` yew =mn \k tn delfn mn qw \m. 38 Otw \stin ` genmenow \n t_ \kklhs \n t_ \r}m~ met to gglou to lalontow a[t! \n t! rei Sin ka tn patrvn =mn: $ w \djato lgon znta donai =mn: 39 > o[k o ylhsan p}kooi gensyai o patrew =mn, ll' pQsanto, ka \strfhsan t_ kard a[tn ew Agupton, 40 epntew t! &AarQn, Pohson =mn yeow o$ proporesontai =mn: ` gr i Mvsw otow, $ w \j}gagen =mw \k gw Agptou, o[k odamen o t ggonen a[t!. 41 Ka \mosxopohsan \n taw =mraiw \kenaiw, ka n}gagon yusan t! edQl~, ka e[franonto \n tow rgoiw tn xeirn a[tn. 42 *Estrecen d ` yew, ka pardvken a[tow latreein t_ strati to o[rano: kayWw ggraptai \n bbl~ tn profhtn, M| sfgia ka yusaw proshngkat moi th tessarkonta \n t_ \r}m~, okow &Isra}l; 43 Ka nelbete t|n skhn|n to Molx, ka t stron to yeo mn ^Remfn, tow tpouw ow \poi}sate proskunen a[tow: ka metoiki mw \pkeina Babulnow. 44 ^H skhn| to marturou n tow patrsin =mn \n t_ \r}m~, kayWw dietjato ` laln t! Mvs_, poisai a[t|n kat tn tpon $ n e vrkei. 45 $Hn ka es}gagon diadejmenoi o o ^
7.32 7.33 7.34 7.35 7.35 7.35 7.36 7.37 7.37 Mvsw Mvsw \n \f' postel postelv Mvsn Mvsn yew yew ka psteilen \n pstalken sn tessarkonta tesserkonta Mvsw ` epWn Mvsw ` epaw kriow ` yew =mn ` yew 7.38 7.39 7.39 7.40 7.40 7.42 7.43 7.44 lgon lgia ll' ll t_ kard \n taw kardaiw Mvsw Mvsw ggonen \gneto tessarkonta tesserkonta mn ^Remfn mn ^Raifn Mvs_ Mvs_

7.33 - 7.45




7.46 - 7.60


patrew =mn met &Ihso \n t_ katasxsei tn \ynn, @n \jsen ` yew p prosQpou tn patrvn =mn, vw tn =mern Daud: 46 $ w eren xrin \nQpion to yeo , ka o & t}sato eren sk}nvma t! ye! &IakQb. 47 Solomn d + kodmhsen a[t! okon. 48 &A l l ' o[x ` % cistow \n u xeiropoi}toiw naow katoike, kayWw ` prof}thw lgei, 49 ^O o[ranw moi yrnow, = d g popdion tn podn mou: poon okon okodom}set moi; lgei kriow: ( tw tpow tw h katapaseQw mou; 50 O[x = xer mou \pohsen tata pnta; Sklhrotrxhloi ka pertmhtoi t_ kard ka tow & ^ vsn, mew e t! pnemati t! ag~ ntipptete: qw o patrew 52 mn, ka mew. Tna tn profhtn o[k \dvjan o patrew mn; Ka pkteinan tow prokataggelantaw per tw \lesevw to dikaou, o nn mew prodtai ka fonew gegnhsye: 53 otinew \lbete tn nmon ew diatagw gglvn, ka o[k \fuljate. &Akoontew d tata, diepronto taw kardaiw a[tn, ka bruxon tow dntaw \p' a[tn. 55 ^Uprxvn d pl}rhw ^ pnematow agou, tensaw ew tn o[rann, eden djan yeo, ^ ka &Ihson e stta \k dejin to yeo, 56 ka epen, &Ido, yev r tow o[ranow ne~gmnouw, ka tn un to ^ nyrQpou \k dejin estta to yeo. 57 Krjantew d fvn_ % megl+, sunsxon t ta a[tn, ka vrmhsan `moyumadn \p' 58 a[tn: ka \kbalntew jv tw plevw, \liyobloun: ka o mrturew pyen t o t mtia par tow pdaw neanou kaloumnou Salou. 59 Ka \liyobloun tn Stfanon, \pikalomenon ka lgonta, Krie &Ihso, djai t pnem mou. 60 Yew d t gnata, krajen fvn_ megl+, Krie, m| ^ st}s+w a[tow t|n a martan tathn. Ka toto epWn \koim}yh.
54 51

7.46 7.47 7.48 7.51 7.52

ye! ok~ kodmhsen okodmhsen naow t_ kard kardaiw gegnhsye \gnesye

7.56 ne~gmnouw dihnoigmnouw 7.58 par a[tn par ^ 7.60 t|n amartan tathn tathn ^ t|n amartan



8.1 - 8.15

Salow d n suneudokn t_ nairsei a[to. &Egneto d \n \ken+ t_ =mr divgmw mgaw \p t|n \kklhsan t|n \n ^Ierosolmoiw: pntew d diesprhsan kat tw xQraw tw &Ioudaaw ka Samareaw, pl|n tn postlvn. 2 Sunekmis a n d tn Stfanon ndrew e[labew, ka \poi}santo kopetn mgan \p' a[t!. 3 Salow d \lumaneto t|n \kklhsan, kat tow okouw esporeumenow, srvn te ndraw ka gunakaw pareddou ew fulak}n.
O mn o{n diasparntew dilyon, e[aggelizmenoi tn lgon. 5 Flippow d katelyWn ew plin tw Samareaw, \k}russen a[tow tn xristn. 6 Prosexn te o xloi tow legomnoiw p to Filppou `moyumadn, \n t! koein a[tow ka blpein t shmea $ \poei. 7 Polln gr tn a \xntvn pnemata kyarta, bonta fvn_ megl+ \j}rxeto: pollo d paralelumnoi ka xvlo \yerapeyhsan. 8 Ka \gneto xar meglh \n t_ plei \ken+. &A n | r d tiw nmati Smvn proprxen \n t_ plei magevn ka \jistn t ynow tw Samareaw, lgvn ena tina ^ e autn mgan: 10 > prosexon p mikro vw meglou, lgontew, O tw \stin = dnamiw to yeo = meg l h . 11 Prosexon d a[t!, di t kan! xrn~ taw mageaiw \jestaknai a[tow. 12 %O te d \psteusan t! Filpp~ e[aggelizomn~ t per tw basileaw to yeo ka to nmatow &Ihso xristo, \baptzonto ndrew te ka gunakew. 13 ^O d Smvn ka a[tw \psteusen, ka baptisye w n proskartern t! Filpp~: yevrn te dunmeiw ka shmea ginmena, \jstato. &Akosantew d o \n ^Ierosolmoiw pstoloi ti ddektai = Samreia tn lgon to yeo, psteilan prw a[tow tn Ptron ka &Ivnnhn: 15 otinew katabntew proshjant o per a[tn, pvw lbvsin pnema gion:
14 9 4

8.2 8.5 8.6 8.7 8.7 8.8 8.9

\poi}santo \pohsan plin t|n plin te d Polln Pollo \j}rxeto \j}rxonto Ka \gneto xar meglh &Egneto d poll| xar \jistn \jistnvn

8.10 p pntew p 8.10 meglh kaloumnh meglh 8.12 t 8.13 dunmeiw ka shmea ginmena shmea ka dunmeiw meglaw ginomnaw 8.14 tn Ptron Ptron


8.16 - 8.31


opv gr n \p' o[den a[tn \pipeptvkw, mnon d bebaptismnoi prxon ew t noma to xristo &Ihso. 17 Tte \petyoun tw xeraw \p' a[tow, ka \lmbanon pnema gion. 18 Yeasmenow d ` Smvn ti di tw \piysevw tn xei r n tn postlvn ddotai t pnema t gion, pros } n eg k en a[tow xr}mata, 19 lgvn, Dte kmo t|n \jousan tathn, na > \n \piy tw xeraw, lambn+ pnema gion. 20 Ptrow d epen prw a[tn, T rgrin sou sn so eh ew pQleian, ti t|n dvren to yeo \nmisaw di xrhmtvn ktsyai. 21 O[k stin soi merw o[d klrow \n t! lg~ tot~. ^H gr karda sou o[k stin e[yea \nQpion to yeo. 22 Metanhson o{n p tw kakaw sou tathw, ka de}yhti to yeo, e ra fey}seta soi = \pnoia tw kardaw sou. 23 Ew gr xol|n pikraw ka sndesmon dikaw `r se nta. 24 &Apokriyew d ` Smvn epen, De}yhte mew pr \mo prw tn krion, pvw mhdn \ply+ \p' \m @n er}kate. O mn o{n diamarturmenoi ka lal}santew tn lgon to kurou, pstrecan ew ^Ierousal}m, pollw te kQmaw tn Samareitn e[hggelsanto. *Aggelow d kurou \llhsen prw Flippon, lgvn, &Ansthyi ka poreou kat meshmbran \p t|n `dn t|n katabanousan p ^Ierousal|m ew Gzan: a% th \stn u rhmow. 27 Ka nastw \poreyh: ka do, n|r Ayoc e[noxow dunsthw Kandkhw tw basilsshw Ayipvn, $ w n o \p pshw tw gzhw a[tw, $ w \lhlyei proskun}svn ew o 28 ^Ierousal}m, n te postrfvn ka kay}menow \p to rmatow a[to, ka negnvsken tn prof}thn &Hsaan. 29 Epen d t pnema t! Filpp~, Prselye ka koll}yhti t! rmati tot~. 30 ProsdramWn d ` Flippow kousen a[to naginQskontow tn prof}thn &Hsaan, ka epen, )Ar ge ginQsk ei w $ naginQskeiw; 31 ^O d epen, Pw gr n a dunamhn, \n m} tiw `dhg}s+ me; Pareklesn te tn
8.16 8.16 8.17 8.18 8.18 8.21 8.22 8.25 opv o[dpv xristo kurou \petyoun \petyesan Yeasmenow &IdWn t gion \nQpion nanti yeo kurou pstrecan ew ^Ierousal}m pstrefon ew ^Ierosluma Samareitn e[hggelsanto Samaritn e[hggelzonto 8.27 tw basilsshw basilsshw 8.30 tn prof}thn &Hsaan &Hsaan tn prof}thn 8.31 `dhg}s+ `dhg}sei 8.25
26 25



Flippon nabnta kaysai sn a[t!. 32 ^H d periox| tw grafw n negnvsken n a% th, ^Vw prbaton \p sfag|n u xyh, ka qw mnw \nanton to kerontow a[tn fvnow, o% tvw o[k nogei t stma a[to. 33 &En t_ tapeinQsei a[to u = krsiw a[to ryh, t|n d genen a[to tw dihg}setai; %Oti aretai p tw gw = zv| a[to. 34 &Apokriyew d ` e[noxow t! Filpp~ epen, Doma sou, per tnow ` prof}thw lgei ^ ^ toto; Per e auto, ( per e trou tinw; 35 &Anojaw d ` h Flippow t stma a[to, ka rjmenow p tw grafw tathw, e[hggelsato a[t! tn &Ihson. 36 ^Vw d \poreonto kat t|n `dn, lyon \p ti % dvr: ka fhsin ` e[noxow, &Ido, u % dvr: t kvlei me baptisynai; 37 38 Ka \kleusen stnai u t rma: ka katbhsan mfteroi ew t % dvr, te Flippow u ka ` e[noxow: ka \bptisen a[tn. 39 %O te d nbhsan \k to % datow, pnema kurou % rpasen tn Flippon: ka o[k u h eden a[tn o[kti ` e[noxow, \poreeto gr t|n `dn a[to xarvn. 40 Flippow d eryh ew *Azvton: ka dierxmenow e[hggelzeto tw pleiw psaw, vw to \lyen a[tn ew Kaisreian.

8.32 - 9.8

^O d Salow ti \mpnvn peilw ka fnou ew tow mayhtw to kurou, proselyWn t! rxiere, 2 & t}sato + par' a[to \pistolw ew Damaskn prw tw sunagvgw, pvw \ n tinaw e % r+ tw `do ntaw ndraw te ka gunakaw, u dedemnouw gg+ ew ^Ierousal}m. 3 &En d t! poreesyai, \g n et o a[tn \ggzein t_ Damask!: ka \jafnhw peri}stracen a[tn fw p to o[rano: 4 ka pesWn \p t|n gn, kousen fvn|n lgousan a[t!, Saol, Saol, t me diQkeiw; 5 Epen d, Tw e, krie; ^O d kriow epen, &EgQ emi &Ihsow $ n s diQkeiw: 6 ll nsthyi ka eselye ew t|n o plin, ka lalhy}seta soi t se de poien. 7 O d ndrew o sunodeontew a[t! est}keisan \neo, koontew mn tw fvnw, mhdna d yevrontew. 8 &Hgryh d ` Salow p tw gw: ne~gmnvn te tn fyalmn a[to, o[dna blepen,
8.32 kerontow kerantow 8.33 a[to = a[to = 8.33 d 9.3 ka \jafnhw peri}stracen a[tn fw p \jafnhw te a[tn peri}stracen fw \k 9.5 9.6 9.8 9.8 9.8 kriow epen t t ` te d o[dna o[dn



9.9 - 9.22


xeiragvgontew d a[tn es}gagon ew Damaskn. 9 Ka n =mraw trew m| blpvn, ka o[k fagen o[d pien. )Hn d tiw mayht|w \n Damask! nmati &Ananaw, ka epen prw a[tn ` kriow \n `rmati, &Anana. ^O d epen, &I d o \g Q , krie. 11 ^O d kriow prw a[tn, &Anastw poreyhti \p t|n ]mhn t|n kaloumnhn E[ye a n , ka z}thson \n ok &Ioda Salon nmati, Tarsa: do gr prosexetai, 12 ka eden \n `rmati ndra nmati &Ananan e s el y n t a ka \piyn t a a[t! xe r a , pvw nablc+. 13 &Apekryh d &Ananaw, Krie, k}koa p polln per to ^ ndrw totou, sa kak \pohsen tow a goiw sou \n 14 ^Ierousal}m: ka @de xei \jousan par tn rxiervn, dsai pntaw tow \pikaloumnouw t nom sou. 15 Epen d prw a[tn ` kriow, Poreou, ti skeow \klogw moi \stn otow, to bastsai t nom mou \nQpion \yn n ka basilvn, un te &Isra}l: 16 \gW gr podejv a[t! sa de a[tn pr to nmatw mou payen. 17 &Aplyen d &Ananaw ka eslyen ew t|n okan, ka \piyew \p' a[tn tw xeraw epen, Saol delf, ` kriow pstalkn me, ` fyew soi \n t_ `d! " rxou, pvw nablc+w ka plhsy_w pnematow ^ agou. 18 Ka e[yvw ppeson p tn fyalmn a[to qse lepdew, nblecn te ka nastw \baptsyh, 19 ka labWn trof|n \nsxusen. &E g n et o d ` Salow met tn \n Damask! mayhtn =mraw tinw. 20 Ka e[yvw \n taw sunagvgaw \k}russen tn xristn, ti otw \stin ` uw to yeo. 21 &Ejstanto d pntew o koontew ka legon, O[x otw \stin ` pory}saw \n ^Ierousal|m tow \pikaloumnouw t noma toto, ka @de ew toto \l}luyen na dedemnouw a[tow gg+ \p tow rxierew; 22 Salow d mllon \nedunamoto, ka sunxunen
9.10 9.12 9.12 9.13 9.13 9.15 9.15 ` kriow \n `rmati \n `rmati ` kriow \n `rmati ndra nmati &Ananan ndra \n `rmati ^Ananan nmati xera tw xeraw k}koa kousa ^ \pohsen tow agoiw sou tow ^ agoiw sou \pohsen moi \stn \stn moi ka te ka 9.17 9.18 9.19 9.20 9.21 9.21 9.22 me me &Ihsow ppeson p tn fyalmn a[to qse ppesan a[to p tn fyalmn qw ` Salow xristn &Ihson \n ^Ierousal|m ew &Ierousal|m \l}luyen \lhlyei sunxunen tow sunxunnen tow

te paraxrma, ka



tow &Ioudaouw tow katoikontaw \n Damask!, sumbibzvn ti otw \stin ` xristw. ^Vw d \plhronto =mrai kana, suneboulesanto o &Ioudaoi nelen a[tn: 24 \gnQsyh d t! Sal~ = \piboul| a[tn. Paret}roun te tw plaw =mraw te ka nuktw, pvw a[tn nlvsin: 25 labntew d a[tn o mayhta nuktw, kaykan di to texouw, xalsantew \n spurdi. Paragenmenow d ` Salow \n ^Ierousal}m, \peirto kollsyai tow mayhtaw: ka pntew \fobonto a[tn, m| pisteontew ti \stn mayht}w. 27 Barnbaw d \pilabmenow a[tn gagen prw tow postlouw, ka dihg}sato a[tow pw \n t_ `d! eden tn krion, ka ti \llhsen a[t!, ka pw \n Damask! \parrhsisato \n t! nmati to &Ihso. 28 Ka n met' a[tn e s p o r eu m en o w e w ^I er o u s a l } m , ka parrhsiazmenow \n t! nmati to kurou &Ihso, 29 \llei te ka sunez}tei prw tow ^Ellhnistw: o d \pexeroun a[tn nelen. 30 &Epignntew d o delfo kat}gagon a[tn ew Kaisreian, ka \japsteilan a[tn ew Tarsn. 31 A mn o{n \kklhsai kay' lhw tw &Ioudaaw ka Galilaaw ka Samareaw exon er}nhn okodomomenai, ka poreumenai t! ^ fb~ to kurou ka t_ parakl}sei to a gou pnematow \plhynonto. &Egneto d Ptron dierxmenon di pntvn katelyen ^ ka prw tow agouw tow katoikontaw Lddan. 33 Eren d \k e nyrvpn tina Anan nmati, \j \tn ktW o katakemenon \p krabbt~, $ w n paralelumnow. 34 Ka epen a[t! ` Ptrow, Ana, ta se &Ihsow ` xristw: nsthyi ka strson seaut!. Ka e[yvw nsth. 35 Ka
9.24 9.25 9.25 9.26 9.28 9.28 Paret}roun te Parethronto d ka a[tn o mayhta o mayhta a[to kaykan di to texouw di to texouw kaykan a[tn ` Salow \n ^Ierousal}m \peirto ew &Ierousal|m \perazen ew ka \kporeumenow ew ka parrhsiazmenow parrhsiazmenow 9.28 &Ihso 9.29 a[tn nelen nelen a[tn 9.31 A mn o{n \kklhsai ^H mn o{n \kklhsa 9.31 exon er}nhn okodomomenai ka poreumenai exen er}nhn okodomoumnh ka poreuomnh 9.31 \plhynonto \plhyneto 9.32 Lddan Ldda 9.33 Anan nmati nmati Anan 9.33 krabbt~ krabttou 9.34 ` xristw xristw
32 26 23

9.23 - 9.35

esporeumenow ka \kporeumenow \n



9.36 - 10.4


e d o n a[tn pntew o katoikontew Lddan ka tn &Assrvna, otinew \pstrecan \p tn krion. &E n &I p p + d tiw n may}tria nmati Tabhy, diermhneuomnh lgetai Dorkw: a% th n pl}rhw gayn u rgvn ka \lehmosunn @n \poei. 37 &Egneto d \n taw =mraiw \kenaiw syen}sasan a[t|n poyanen: losantew d a[t|n yhkan \n per~. 38 &Eggw d oshw Lddhw t_ &Ipp+, o mayhta kosantew ti Ptrow \stn \n a[t_, psteilan prw a[tn, parakalontew m| knsai dielyen v w a[tn. 39 &A n a s t w d Ptrow sunlyen a[tow: $ n o paragenmenon n}gagon ew t per!on, ka parsthsan a[t! psai a xrai klaousai ka \pideiknmenai xitnaw ka mtia sa \poei met' a[tn o{sa = Dorkw. 40 &EkbalWn d jv pntaw ` Ptrow yew t gnata proshjato: ka \pistrcaw prw t sma, epen, Tabhy, nsthyi. ^H d noijen tow fyalmow a[tw: ka dosa tn Ptron, nekyisen. 41 Dow d a[t_ xe r a , nsthsen a[t}n: ^ fvn}saw d tow a gouw ka tw x}raw, parsthsen a[t|n 42 zsan. Gnvstn d \gneto kay' lhw tw &Ipphw, ka pollo \psteusan \p tn krion. 43 &Egneto d =mraw kanw menai a[tn \n &Ipp+ par tini Smvni burse.


&An|r d tiw n \n Kaisare nmati Korn}liow, ^ ekatontrxhw \k sperhw tw kaloumnhw &Italikw, 2 e[seb|w ka fobomenow tn yen sn pant t! ok~ a[to, poin te \lehmosnaw pollw t! la!, ka demenow to yeo % di pantw. 3 Eden \n `rmati fanerw, qse vran \nthn tw =mraw, ggelon to yeo eselynta prw a[tn, ka epnta a[t!, Korn}lie. 4 ^O d tensaw a[t! ka mfobow genmenow epen, T \stin, krie; Epen d a[t!, A proseuxa sou ka a \lehmosnai sou nbhsan ew mnhmsunon
9.35 edon edan 9.35 Lddan ka tn &Assrvna Ldda ka tn Sarna 9.36 Tabhy Tabiy 9.36 gayn rgvn rgvn gayn 9.37 a[t|n yhkan yhkan a[t|n 9.38 Lddhw Lddaw 9.38 prw do ndraw prw 9.38 knsai kn}s+w 9.38 a[tn =mn 9.40 yew ka yew 9.40 Tabhy Tabiy 9.42 pollo \psteusan \psteusan pollo 9.43 a[tn 10.1 n 10.2 te % % 10.3 vran per vran




\nQpion to yeo. 5 Ka nn pmcon ew &Ipphn ndraw, ka metpemcai Smvna tn \pikalomenon Ptron: 6 otow jenzetai par tini Smvni burse, > \stin oka par ylassan: 7 qw d plyen ` ggelow ` laln t! Kornhl~, fvn}saw do tn oketn a[to, ka stratiQthn e[seb tn proskarterontvn a[t!, 8 ka \jhghsmenow a[tow panta, psteilen a[tow ew t|n &Ipphn. T_ d \parion, `doiporontvn \kenvn ka t_ plei \ggizntvn, nbh Ptrow \p t dma prosejasyai, per % vran kthn: 10 \gneto d prspeinow, ka yelen gesasyai: paraskeuazntvn d \kenvn, \ppesen \p' a[tn kstasiw, 11 ka yevre tn o[rann ne~gmnon, ka katabanon \p' a[tn skew ti qw ynhn meglhn, tssarsin rxaw dedemnon, ka kayimenon \p tw gw: 12 \n > prxen pnta ^ t tetrpoda tw gw ka t yhra ka t e rpet ka t 13 petein to o[rano. Ka \gneto fvn| prw a[tn, &Anastw, Ptre, yson ka fge. 14 ^O d Ptrow epen, Mhdamw, krie: ti o[dpote fagon pn koinn ( h 15 kyarton. Ka fvn| plin \k deutrou prw a[tn, $A ` yew \kayrisen, s m| konou. 16 Toto d \gneto \p trw: ka plin nel}fyh t skeow ew tn o[rann. ^ ^Vw d \n eaut! dihprei ` Ptrow t n eh t rama $ o eden, ka do, o ndrew o pestalmnoi p to Kornhlou, diervt}santew t|n okan Smvnow, \psthsan \p tn pulna, 18 ka fvn}santew \punynonto e Smvn, ` \pikalomenow Ptrow, \nyde jenzetai. 19 To d Ptrou dienyumoumnou per to `rmatow, epen a[t! t pnema, &Ido, ndrew zhtosn se. 20 &All nastw katbhyi, ka poreou sn a[tow, mhdn diakrinmenow: diti \gW
10.4 10.5 10.5 10.7 10.7 10.8 10.10 10.11 10.11 \nQpion mprosyen ew &Ipphn ndraw ndraw ew &Ipphn tn \pikalomenon Ptron tina $ w \pikaletai Ptrow o t! Kornhl~ a[t! a[to a[tow panta panta a[tow \kenvn \ppesen a[tn \gneto \p' a[tn dedemnon ka 10.12 tw gw ka t yhra ka t ^ ^ erpet ka t ka erpet tw gw ka 10.14 ( ka h 10.16 plin nel}fyh e[yw nel}mfyh 10.17 ka 10.17 p p 10.17 Smvnow to Smvnow 10.19 a[t! a[t! 10.19 zhtosn trew zhtontw 10.20 diti ti
17 9

10.5 - 10.20

$ w \pikaletai o Ptrow


10.21 - 10.33


pstalka a[tow. 21 Katabw d Ptrow prw tow ndraw epen, &Ido, \gQ emi $ n zhtete: tw = ata di' n preste; o 22 ^ O d epon, Korn}liow e katontrxhw, n|r dkaiow ka fobomenow tn yen, marturomenw te p lou to ynouw ^ tn &Ioudavn, \xr h m a t s yh p gglou a gou metapmcasya se ew tn okon a[to, ka kosai ]}mata par so. 23 Eskalesmenow o{n a[tow \jnisen. T_ d \parion ` Ptrow \jlyen sn a[tow, ka tinew tn delfn tn p &Ipphw sunlyon a[t!. 24 Ka t_ \parion eslyon ew t|n Kaisreian. ^O d Korn}liow n prosdokn a[tow, sugkalesmenow tow suggenew a[to ka tow nagkaouw flouw. 25 ^V w d \gneto to eselye n tn Ptron, sunant}saw a[t! ` Korn}liow, pesWn \p tow pdaw, proseknhsen. 26 ^O d Pt r o w a[tn geiren lg v n , &Ansthyi: kgW a[tw nyrvpw emi. 27 Ka sunomiln a[t! eslyen, ka erskei sunelhluytaw pollow, 28 fh te prw a[tow, ^Umew \pstasye qw ymitn \stin ndr &Iouda~ kollsyai ( prosrxesyai llofl~: ka \mo ` yew deijen h mhdna koinn ( kyarton lgein nyrvpon: 29 di ka h nantirr}tvw lyon metapemfyew. Punynomai o{n, tni lg~ metepmcasy me. 30 Ka ` Korn}liow fh, &Ap tetrthw % =mraw mxri tathw tw vraw mhn nhstevn, ka t|n \nthn % vran proseuxmenow \n t! ok~ mou: ka do, n|r sth \n Q p i n mou \n \syti lampr, 31 ka fhsin, Korn}lie, e s h k o s yh sou = proseux}, ka a \lehmosnai sou \mn}syhsan \nQpion to yeo. 32 Pmcon o{n ew &Ipphn, ka metaklesai Smvna $ w \pikaletai Ptrow: otow jenzetai o \n ok Smvnow bursvw par ylassan: $ w paragenmenow o 33 lal}sei soi. &Ejautw o{n pemca prw se: s te kalw \pohsaw paragenmenow. Nn o{n pntew =mew \nQpion to yeo presmen kosai pnta t prostetagmna soi p to yeo. 34 &Anojaw d Ptrow t stma epen,
10.22 epon epan 10.23 ` Ptrow nastw 10.24 Ka t_ \parion eslyon T_ d \parion eslyen 10.26 a[tn geiren geiren a[tn 10.26 kgW ka \gW 10.28 10.30 10.30 10.32 ka \mo kmo nhstevn ka % vran $ w paragenmenow lal}sei soi o 10.33 p to yeo p to kurou



10.35 - 10.47

&E p ' lhye a w katalambnomai ti o[k stin prosvpol}pthw ` yew: 35 ll' \n pant ynei ` fobomenow a[tn ka \rgazmenow dikaiosnhn, dektw a[t! \stin. 36 Tn lgon $ n psteilen tow uow &Isra}l, o e[aggelizmenow er}nhn di &Ihso xristo otw \stin pntvn kriow 37 mew odate, t genmenon ]ma kay' lhw tw &Ioudaaw, rjmenon p tw Galilaaw, met t bptisma $ \k}rujen &Ivnnhw: 38 &Ihson tn p Nazart, o ^ qw xrisen a[tn ` yew pnemati ag~ ka dunmei, $ w dilyen o e[ergetn ka Qmenow pntaw tow katadunasteuomnouw p to diablou, ti ` yew n met' a[to. 39 Ka =mew \smen mrturew pntvn @n \pohsen n te t_ xQr tn &Ioudavn ka \n ^Ierousal}m: $ n ka nelon kremsantew \p jlou. o 40 Toton ` yew geiren t_ trt+ =mr, ka dvken a[tn \mfan gensyai, 41 o[ pant t! la!, ll mrtusin tow prokexeirotonhmnoiw p to yeo, =mn, otinew sunefgomen ka sunepomen a[t! met t nastnai a[tn \k nekrn. 42 Ka par}ggeilen =mn khrjai t! la!, ka diamartrasyai ti a[tw \stin ` qrismnow p to yeo krit|w zQntvn ka nekrn. 43 Tot~ pntew o proftai marturosin, fesin ^ a martin laben di to nmatow a[to pnta tn pisteonta ew a[tn. *Eti lalontow to Ptrou t ]}mata tata, \ppesen t pnema t gion \p pntaw tow koontaw tn lgon. 45 Ka \jsthsan o \k peritomw pisto, soi sunlyon t! ^ Ptr~, ti ka \p t ynh = dvre to a gou pnematow \kkxutai. 46 *Hkouon gr a[tn lalontvn glQssaiw, ka megalunntvn tn yen. Tte pekryh ` Ptrow, 47 M}ti t % dvr kvlsai dnata tiw, to m| baptisynai totouw, u otinew t pnema t gion labon kayWw ka =mew;

10.34 prosvpol}pthw prosvpol}mpthw 10.36 $ n $ n o o 10.37 rjmenon rjmenow 10.38 Nazart Nazary 10.39 \smen 10.39 \n ^Ierousal}m \n &Ierousal}m

10.39 10.40 10.42 10.45 10.46 10.47

nelon nelan t_ \n t_ a[tw otw sunlyon sunlyan ` kvlsai dnata dnatai kvlsa 10.47 kayWw qw


10.48 - 11.16


Prostajn te a[tow baptisynai \n t! nmati to kurou. Tte rQthsan a[tn \pimenai =mraw tinw.


*Hkousan d o pstoloi ka o delfo o ntew kat t|n &Ioudaan ti ka t ynh \djanto tn lgon to yeo. 2 Ka te nbh Ptrow ew ^Ierosluma, diekrnonto prw a[tn o \k peritomw, 3 lgontew ti Prw ndraw krobustan xo n t a w e s l yew, ka sunfagew a[tow. 4 &Arjmenow d ` Ptrow \jetyeto a[tow kayejw lgvn, 5 &EgW mhn \n plei &Ipp+ proseuxmenow, ka edon \n \kstsei rama, katabanon skew ti, qw ynhn meglhn tssarsin rxaw kayiemnhn \k to o[rano, ka lyen xri \mo: 6 ew n tensaw katenoun, ka edon t tetrpoda tw ^ gw ka t yhra ka t erpet ka t petein to o[rano. 7 *Hkousa d fvnw legoshw moi, &Anastw, Ptre, yson ka fge. 8 Epon d, Mhdamw, krie: ti pn koinn ( kyarton h 9 o[dpote eslyen ew t stma mou. &Apekryh d moi fvn| \k deutrou \k to o[rano, $A ` yew \kayrisen, s m| konou. 10 Toto d \gneto \p trw, ka plin nespsyh panta ew tn o[rann. 11 Ka do, \jautw trew ndrew \p s t h s a n \p t|n okan \n " mhn, pestalmnoi p Kaisareaw prw me. 12 Epen d moi t pnema sunelyen a[tow, mhdn diakrinmenon. )Hlyon d sn \mo ka o j delfo otoi, ka es}lyomen ew tn okon to ndrw: 13 p}ggeiln te =mn pw eden tn ggelon \n t! ok~ a[to staynta, ka epnta a[t!, &Apsteilon ew &Ipphn ndraw, ka metpemcai Smvna, tn \pikalomenon Ptron, 14 $ w o lal}sei ]}mata prw se, \n o<w svy}s+ s ka pw ` okw sou. 15 &En d t! rjasya me lalen, \ppesen t pnema t % gion \p' a[tow, vsper ka \f' =mw \n rx_. 16 &Emn}syhn d % to ]}matow kurou, qw legen, &Ivnnhw mn \bptisen udati,
11.9 moi 11.10 plin nespsyh nespsyh plin 11.11 mhn men 11.12 moi t pnema t pnem moi 11.12 diakrinmenon diakrnanta 11.13 te d 11.13 tn ggelon tn ggelon 11.13 a[t! 11.13 ndraw 11.16 kurou to kurou

10.48 te d 10.48 baptisynai \n t! nmati to kurou \n t! nmati &Ihso xristo baptisynai 11.2 Ka te te d 11.2 ^Ierosluma &Ierousal}m 11.3 Prw Eslyew prw 11.3 eslyew 11.4 ` 11.7 fvnw ka fvnw 11.8 pn



11.17 - 11.29

^ mew d baptisy}sesye \n pnemati ag~. 17 E o{n t|n shn dvren dvken a[tow ` yew qw ka =mn, pistesasin \p tn krion &Ihson xristn, \gW d tw mhn dunatw kvlsai tn yen; 18 &Akosantew d tata =sxasan, ka \djazon tn yen, lgontew, *Ara ge ka tow ynesin ` yew t|n metnoian dvken ew zv}n. O mn o{n diasparntew p tw ylcevw tw genomnhw \p Stefn~ dilyon vw Foinkhw ka Kprou ka &A n t i o x e a w , mhden lalontew tn lgon e m| mnon &Ioudaoiw. 20 )Hsan d tinew \j a[tn ndrew Kprioi ka Kurhnaoi, otinew eselyntew ew &Antixeian, \lloun prw tow ^Ellhnistw, e[aggelizmenoi tn krion &Ihson. 21 Ka n xer kurou met' a[tn: polw te riymw pistesaw \pstrecen \p tn krion. 22 &Hkosyh d ` lgow ew t ta tw \kklhsaw tw \n ^Ierosolmoiw per a[tn: ka \japsteilan Barnban dielyen vw &Antioxeaw: 23 $ w o paragenmenow ka dWn t|n xrin to yeo \x r h , ka pareklei pntaw t_ proysei tw kardaw prosmnein t! ^ kur~: 24 ti n n|r gayw ka pl}rhw pnematow agou ka 25 pstevw: ka prosetyh xlow kanw t! kur~. &Ejlyen d ew Tarsn ` Barnbaw nazhtsai Salon, 26 ka erWn gagen a[tn ew &Antixeian. &Egneto d a[tow \niautn lon sunaxynai t_ \kklhs ka didjai xlon kann, xr h m a t s a i te prQton \n &Antioxe tow mayhtw Xristianow. &En tataiw d taw =mraiw katlyon p ^Ierosolmvn proftai ew &Antixeian. 28 &Anastw d e<w \j a[tn nmati *Agabow, \s}manen di to pnematow limn mgan mllein sesyai \f' lhn t|n okoumnhn: stiw ka \gneto \p Klaudou Kasarow. 29 Tn d mayhtn kayWw e[poret tiw,
11.17 11.18 11.18 11.18 11.20 11.20 11.21 11.22 d \djazon \djasan *Ara ge *Ara dvken ew zv}n ew zv|n dvken eselyntew \lyntew prw ka prw pistesaw ` pistesaw \n ^Ierosolmoiw oshw \n &Ierousal|m 11.22 11.23 11.25 11.26 11.26 11.26 11.26 11.28 11.28 11.28 dielyen dielyen to t|n to ` Barnbaw a[tn a[tow a[tow ka t_ \n t_ prQton prQtvw mgan meglhn stiw ka % tiw h Kasarow
27 19


11.30 - 12.12


% vrisan kastow a[tn ew diakonan pmcai tow katoikosin \n t_ &Iouda delfow: 30 $ ka \pohsan, postelantew o prw tow presbutrouw di xeirw Barnba ka Salou.


Kat ' \k enon d tn kair n \p b al en ^Hr d hw ` basilew tw xe r a w kaksa tinaw tn p tw \kklhsaw. 2 &Anelen d &Ikvbon tn delfn &Ivnnou maxar. 3 Ka dWn ti restn \stin tow &Ioudaoiw, prosyeto sullaben ka Ptron san d a =mrai tn zmvn 4 $ n ka pisaw yeto ew fulak}n, paradow o tssarsin tetradoiw strativtn fulssein a[tn, boulmenow met t Psxa nagagen a[tn t! la!. 5 ^O mn o{n Ptrow \threto \n t_ fulak_: proseux| d n \kten|w ginomnh p tw \kklhsaw prw tn yen pr a[to. 6 %O te d mellen a[tn progein ` ^Hrdhw, t_ nukt \ken+ n ` Ptrow koimQmenow metaj do strativtn, dedemnow ^ a lsesin dusn: flakw te pr tw yraw \t}roun t|n fulak}n. 7 Ka do, ggelow kurou \psth, ka fw lamcen \n t! ok}mati: patjaw d t|n pleurn to Ptrou, geiren ^ a[tn lgvn, &Ansta \n txei. Ka \jpeson a[to a alseiw 8 \k tn xeirn. Epn te ` ggelow prw a[tn, Perzvsai ka pdhsai t sandli sou. &Epohsen d o% tvw. Ka lgei u a[t!, Peribalo t mtin sou, ka koloyei moi. 9 Ka \jelyWn koloyei a[t!: ka o[k dei ti lhyw \stin t ginmenon di to gglou, \dkei d rama blpein. 10 Dielyntew d prQthn fulak|n ka deutran, lyon \p t|n plhn t|n sidhrn, t|n frousan ew t|n plin, % tiw a[tomth h noxyh a[tow: ka \jelyntew prolyon ]mhn man, ka e[yvw psth ` ggelow p' a[to. 11 Ka ` Ptrow, genmenow ^ \n eaut!, epen, Nn oda lhyw ti \japsteilen kriow tn ggelon a[to, ka \jelet me \k xeirw ^Hrdou ka pshw tw prosdokaw to lao tn &Ioudavn. 12 SunidQn te lyen
maxar maxar+ Ka dWn &IdWn d a a \kten|w \ktenw pr per mellen mellen a[tn progein proagagen a[tn \jpeson \jpesan te d Perzvsai Zsai a[t! lyon lyan noxyh nogh ^ ^ genmenow \n eaut! \n eaut! genmenow 12.11 kriow ` kriow 12.11 \jelet \jelat 12.8 12.8 12.9 12.10 12.10 12.11

12.2 12.3 12.3 12.5 12.5 12.6 12.6 12.7



12.13 - 12.25

\p t|n okan Maraw tw mhtrw &Ivnnou to \pikaloumnou Mrkou, o san kano sunhyroismnoi ka proseuxmenoi. 13 Krosantow d to Ptrou t|n yran to pulnow, proslyen paidskh pakosai, nmati ^Rdh. 14 Ka \pignosa t|n fvn|n to Ptrou, p tw xarw o[k ^ noijen tn pulna, esdramosa d p}ggeilen estnai tn 15 Ptron pr to pulnow. O d prw a[t|n epon, Man+. ^H d disxurzeto o% tvw xein. O d legon, ^O ggelow a[to u \stin. 16 ^O d Ptrow \pmenen krovn: nojantew d edon a[tn, ka \jsthsan. 17 Katasesaw d a[tow t_ xeir sign, dihg}sato a[tow pw ` kriow a[tn \j}gagen \k tw fulakw. Epen d, &Apaggelate &IakQb~ ka tow delfow tata. Ka \jelyWn \poreyh ew teron tpon. 18 Genomnhw d =mraw, n traxow o[k lgow \n tow stratiQtaiw, t ra ` Ptrow \gneto. 19 ^Hrdhw d \pizht}saw a[tn ka m| erQn, nakrnaw tow flakaw, \kleusen paxy n a i . Ka katelyWn p tw &Ioudaaw ew t|n Kaisreian ditriben. )Hn d ` ^Hrdhw yumomaxn Turoiw ka Sidvnoiw: `moyumadn d parsan prw a[tn, ka pesantew Blston tn \p to koitnow to basilvw, & tonto er}nhn, di t + trfesyai a[tn t|n xQran p tw basilikw. 21 Takt_ d =mr ` ^Hrdhw \ndusmenow \syta basilik}n, ka kaysaw \p to b}matow, \dhmhgrei prw a[tow. 22 ^O d dmow \pefQnei, Fvn| yeo ka o[k nyrQpou. 23 Paraxrma d \ptajen a[tn ggelow kurou, ny' @n o[k dvken djan t! ye!: ka genmenow skvlhkbrvtow, \jcujen.
24 25 20

Yeo fvn|

^O d lgow to yeo hjanen ka \plhyneto.


Barnbaw d ka Salow pstrecan ew ^Ierousal}m, plhrQsantew t|n diakonan, sumparalabntew ka &Ivnnhn tn \piklhynta Mrkon.

12.12 12.13 12.15 12.15 12.16 12.17 12.17

Maraw tw Maraw to Ptrou a[to epon epan a[to \stin \stin a[to edon edan a[tow pw a[tow pw Epen d Epen te

12.19 12.20 12.21 12.22 12.23 12.25

t|n ` ^Hrdhw ka ka Fvn| yeo Yeo fvn| djan t|n djan ka &Ivnnhn &Ivnnhn


13.1 - 13.13



)Hsan d tinew \n &Ant ioxe kat t|n o{s an \kklhsan proftai ka didskaloi, te Barnbaw ka SumeWn ` kalomenow Nger, ka Lokiow ` Kurhnaow, Mana}n te ^Hrdou to tetrrxou sntrofow, ka Salow. 2 Leitourgontvn d a[tn t! kur~ ka nhsteuntvn, epen t pnema t gion, &Aforsate d} moi tn Barnban ka tn Salon ew t rgon $ proskklhmai a[tow. 3 Tte o nhstesantew ka proseujmenoi ka \piyntew tw xeraw a[tow, plusan.



^ Otoi mn o{n, \kpemfyntew p to pnematow to agou, katlyon ew t|n Selekeian: \keyen d ppleusan ew t|n Kpron. 5 Ka genmenoi \n Salamni, kat}ggellon tn lgon to yeo \n taw sunagvgaw tn &Ioudavn: exon d ka &Ivnnhn phrthn. 6 Dielyntew d t|n nson xri Pfou, e r n tina mgon ceudoprof}thn &Ioudaon, > noma Barhsow, 7 $ w n sn t! nyupt~ Serg~ Pal~, ndr o sunet!. Otow proskalesmenow Barnban ka Salon \pez}thsen kosai tn lgon to yeo. 8 &Anystato d a[tow &Elmaw, ` mgow o% tvw gr meyermhneetai t u noma a[to zhtn diastrcai tn nypaton p tw pstevw. 9 Salow d, ` ka Palow, plhsyew pnematow ^ a gou, ka tensaw ew a[tn 10 epen, )V pl}rhw pantw dlou ka pshw ]diourgaw, u diablou, \xyr pshw dikaiosnhw, o[ pas+ diastrfvn tw `dow kurou tw e[yeaw; 11 Ka nn do, xer kurou \p s, ka s+ tuflw, m| blpvn tn % lion xri kairo. Paraxrma d \ppesen \p' h a[tn xlw ka sktow, ka perigvn \z}tei xeiragvgow. 12 Tte dWn ` nypatow t gegonw \psteusen, \kplhssmenow \p t_ didax_ to kurou. &Anaxyntew d p tw Pfou o per tn Palon lyon ew Prghn tw Pamfulaw. &Ivnnhw d poxvr}saw p'
tinew tetrrxou tetrarxou tn Salon Salon Otoi A[to ^ ^ pnematow to agou agou pnematow 13.4 t|n Selekeian Selekeian 13.4 d te 13.1 13.1 13.2 13.4 13.4 13.4 13.6 13.6 13.6 13.9 13.10 13.11 13.13 t|n Kpron Kpron t|n lhn t|n tina ndra tin Barhsow Barihso ka tensaw tensaw kurou to kurou d \ppesen te pesen tn



13.14 - 13.27

a[tn pstrecen ew ^Ierosluma. 14 A[to d dielyntew p tw Prghw, paregnonto ew &Antixeian tw Pisidaw, ka eselyntew ew t|n sunagvg|n t_ =mr tn sabbtvn, \k yi s a n . 15 Met d t|n ngnvsin to nmou ka tn profhtn, psteilan o rxisungvgoi prw a[tow, lgontew, *Andrew delfo, e stin lgow \n mn parakl}sevw prw tn lan, lgete. 16 &Anastw d Palow, ka katasesaw t_ xeir, epen, *A n d r e w &I s r a h l t a i , ka o fobomenoi tn ye n , kosate. 17 ^O yew to lao totou \jeljato tow patraw =mn, ka tn lan % cvsen \n t_ paroik \n g_ Agpt~, ka u met braxonow chlo \j}gagen a[tow \j a[tw. 18 Ka qw tessarakontaet xrnon \tropofrhsen a[tow \n t_ \r}m~. 19 ^ Ka kayelWn ynh ept \n g_ Xanan, kateklhronmhsen a[tow t|n gn a[tn. 20 Ka met tata, qw tesin tetrakosoiw ka pent}konta, dvken kritw vw Samou|l to prof}tou. 21 Kkeyen & t}santo basila, ka dvken a[tow ` + ye w tn Saol un Kw, ndra \k fulw Beniamn, th tessarkonta. 22 Ka metast}saw a[tn, geiren a[tow tn Daud ew basila, > ka epen martur}saw, Eron Daud tn to &Iessa, ndra kat t|n kardan mou, $ w poi}sei pnta t o 23 yel}mat mou. Totou ` yew p to sprmatow kat' \paggelan gagen t! &Isra|l svthran, 24 prokhrjantow &I v n n o u pr prosQpou tw esdou a[to bptisma metanoaw t! &Isra}l. 25 ^Vw d \pl}rou ` &Ivnnhw tn drmon, legen, Tna me ponoete enai; O[k em \gQ. &All' do, rxetai met' \m, o o[k em jiow t pdhma tn podn lsai. 26 *Andrew delfo, uo gnouw &Abram, ka o \n mn fobomenoi tn yen, mn ` lgow tw svthraw tathw pestlh. 27 O gr katoikontew \n ^Ierousal|m ka o
13.14 tw Pisidaw t|n Pisidan 13.14 eselyntew eselyntew 13.15 stin lgow \n mn tw \stin \n mn lgow 13.17 \jeljato &Isra|l \jeljato 13.17 Agpt~ Agptou 13.18 tessarakontaet tesserakontaet 13.19 a[tow 13.20 Ka met tata 13.20 pent}konta pent}konta Ka met tata 13.20 to to 13.21 tessarkonta tesserkonta 13.22 a[tow tn Daud tn Daud a[tow 13.23 svthran svtra &Ihson 13.24 t! pant t! la! 13.25 ` 13.25 Tna me T \m 13.26 mn ` =mn ` 13.26 pestlh \japestlh


13.28 - 13.43



rxontew a[tn, toton gno}santew, ka tw fvnw tn profhtn tw kat pn sbbaton naginvskomnaw, krnantew \pl}rvsan. 28 Ka mhdeman atan yantou erntew, & t}santo Pilton naireynai a[tn. 29 ^Vw d + \tlesan pnta t per a[to gegrammna, kayelntew p to jlou, yhkan ew mnhmeon. 30 ^O d yew geiren a[tn \k nekrn: 31 $ w vfyh \p =mraw pleouw tow sunanabsin a[t! o * p tw Galilaaw ew ^Ierousal}m, otinw esin mrturew a[to prw tn lan. 32 Ka =mew mw e[aggelizmeya t|n prw tow patraw \paggelan genomnhn, ti tathn ` yew \kpepl}rvken tow tknoiw a[tn =mn, nast}saw &Ihson: 33 qw ka \n t! calm! t! deutr~ ggraptai, Uw mou e s, \gW s}meron gegnnhk se. 34 %O ti d nsthsen a[tn \k nekrn, mhkti mllonta postrfein ew diafyorn, o% tvw u 35 erhken ti DQsv mn t sia Daud t pist. Di ka \n ^ e tr~ lgei, O[ dQseiw tn sin sou den diafyorn: 36 Daud mn gr d gene phret}saw t_ to yeo boul_ \koim}yh, ka prosetyh prw tow patraw a[to, ka eden diafyorn: 37 $ n d ` yew geiren, o[k eden diafyorn. o 38 Gnvstn o{n stv mn, ndrew delfo, ti di totou mn ^ fesiw amartin katagglletai: 39 ka p pntvn @n o[k dun}yhte \n t! nm~ Mvsvw dikaivynai, \n tot~ pw ` pistevn dikaiotai. 40 Blpete o{n m| \ply+ \f' mw t erhmnon \n tow prof}taiw, 41 *Idete, o katafronhta, ka yaumsate, ka fansyhte: ti rgon \gW \rgzomai \n taw =mraiw mn, $ o[ m| pisteshte, \n tiw \kdihgtai mn. o &E j i n t v n d \k tw sunagvgw tn &Ioudavn, parekloun t ynh ew t metaj sbbaton lalhynai a[tow t ]}mata. 43 Luye s h w d tw sunagvgw, koloyhsan pollo tn &Ioudavn ka tn sebomnvn proshltvn t! Pal~ ka t! Barnb: otinew proslalontew, peiyon a[tow \pimnein t_ xriti to yeo.
13.31 esin nn esin 13.32 a[tn a[tn 13.33 t! deutr~ ggraptai ggraptai t! deutr~ 13.35 Di Diti 13.39 ka ka 13.39 t! 13.40 \f' mw 13.41 \gW \rgzomai \rgzomai \gW 13.41 $ rgon $ o o 13.42 \k tw sunagvgw tn &Ioudavn a[tn 13.42 t ynh 13.42 ]}mata ]}mata tata 13.43 peiyon a[tow peiyon 13.43 \pimnein prosmnein

d a[tn

]}mata tata



T! te \rxomn~ sabbt~ sxedn psa = pliw sun}xyh kosai tn lgon to yeo. 45 &Idntew d o &Ioudaoi tow xlou w \p l } s yh s a n z}lou, ka ntlegon tow p to Palou legomnoiw, ntilgontew ka blasfhmontew. 46 Parrhsiasmenoi d ` Palow ka ` Barnbaw epon, ^Umn n nagkaon prton lalhynai tn lgon to yeo. &Epeid| ^ d pvyesye a[tn, ka o[k jouw krnete e autow tw 47 % avnou zvw, do strefmeya ew t ynh. O utvw gr \nttaltai =mn ` kriow, Tyeik se ew fw \ynn, to ena se ew svthran vw \sxtou tw gw. 48 &Akoonta d t ynh xairen, ka \djazon tn lgon to kurou, ka \psteusan soi san tetagmnoi ew zv|n aQnion. 49 Diefreto d ` lgow to kurou di' lhw tw xQraw. 50 O d &Ioudaoi parQtrunan tw sebomnaw gunakaw ka tw e[sx}monaw ka tow prQtouw tw plevw, ka \p}geiran divgmn \p tn Palon ka tn Barnban, ka \jbalon a[tow p tn `rvn a[tn. 51 O d \ktinajmenoi tn koniortn tn podn a[tn \p' a[tow, lyon ew &Iknion. 52 O d mayhta \plhronto xarw ka ^ pnematow agou.

13.44 - 14.5



&Egneto d \n &Ikon~, kat t a[t eselyen a[tow ew t|n sunagvg|n tn &Ioudavn, ka lalsai o% tvw u % vste pistesai &Ioudavn te ka ^Ell}nvn pol plyow. 2 O d peiyontew &Ioudaoi \p}geiran ka \kkvsan tw cuxw tn \yn n kat tn delfn. 3 ^I k a n n mn o{n xrnon ditrican parrhsiazmenoi \p t! kur~ t! marturonti t! lg~ tw xritow a[to, didnti shmea ka trata gnesyai di tn xeirn a[tn. 4 &Esxsyh d t plyow tw plevw: ka o mn san sn tow &Ioudaoiw, o d sn tow postloiw. 5 ^Vw d \gneto `rm| tn \ynn te ka &Ioudavn sn tow rxousin a[tn, brsai ka liyobolsai a[tow,

13.44 13.44 13.45 13.45 13.45 13.46 13.46 13.46

te d yeo kurou to legomnoiw laloumnoiw ntilgontew ka d ` te ` epon epan d pvyesye pvyesye

13.48 13.50 13.50 13.51 13.52 14.2 14.3

xairen xairon ka tw tw tn Barnban Barnabn a[tn d te peiyontew peiy}santew marturonti marturonti \p


14.6 - 14.20


sunidntew katfugon ew tw pleiw tw Lukaonaw, Lstran ka Drbhn, ka t|n perxvron: 7 kke san e[aggelizmenoi.



Ka tiw n|r \n Lstroiw dnatow tow posn \kyhto, xv l w \k koilaw mhtrw a[to prxvn, $ w o[dpote o o peripepat}kei. 9 Otow kousen to Palou lalontow: $ w 10 tensaw a[t!, ka dWn ti pstin xei to svynai, epen megl+ t_ fvn_, &Ansthyi \p tow pdaw sou ryw. Ka % lleto ka perieptei. 11 O d xloi, dntew $ \pohsen ` o h Palow, \pran t|n fvn|n a[tn Lukaonist lgontew, O yeo `moivyn t ew nyrQpoiw katbhsan prw =mw. 12 &Ekloun te tn mn Barnban, Da: tn d Palon, ^Ermn, \peid| a[tw n ` =gomenow to lgou. 13 ^O d erew to Diw to ntow pr tw plevw a[tn, tarouw ka stmmata \p tow pulnaw \n g k a w, sn tow xloiw yel en y ei n . 14 &A k o s a n t e w d o pstoloi Barnbaw ka Palow, diarr}jantew t mtia a[tn, esep}dhsan ew tn xlon, krzontew 15 ka lgontew, *Andrew, t tata poiete; Ka =mew `moiopayew \smen mn nyrvpoi, e[aggelizmenoi mw p totvn tn matavn \pistrfein \p tn yen tn znta, $ w o \pohsen tn o[rann ka t|n gn ka t|n ylassan ka pnta t \n a[tow: 16 $ w \n taw par~xhmnaiw geneaw easen o pnta t ynh poreesyai taw `dow a[tn. 17 Katoige o[k ^ mrturon e autn fken gayopoin, o[ranyen [mn etow didow ka kairow karpofrouw, \mpipln trofw ka e[frosnhw tw kardaw =mn. 18 Ka tata lgontew, mliw katpausan tow xlouw to m| yein a[tow. &Eplyon d p &Antioxeaw ka &Ikonou &Ioudaoi, ka pesantew tow xlouw, ka liysantew tn Palon, suron jv tw plevw, nomsantew a[tn teynnai. 20 Kuklvsntvn
14.7 14.8 14.8 14.8 14.9 14.10 14.10 14.10 14.11 14.11 san e[aggelizmenoi e[aggelizmenoi san \n Lstroiw dnatow dnatow \n Lstroiw prxvn peripepat}kei periepthsen pstin xei xei pstin t_ ryw ryw % lleto % lato h h d te ` Palow Palow 14.12 14.13 14.13 14.14 14.15 14.17 14.17 14.17 14.17 14.19 14.19 mn d te a[tn esep}dhsan \jep}dhsan tn yen tn yen Katoige Katoi ^ eautn a[tn gayopoin gayourgn =mn mn &Eplyon &Eplyan nomsantew a[tn teynnai nomzontew a[tn teynhknai



d a[tn tn mayhtn, nastw eslyen ew t|n plin: ka t_ \p a r i o n \j l yen sn t! Barnb ew Drbhn. 21 E[aggelismeno te t|n plin \kenhn, ka mayhtesantew kanow, pstrecan ew t|n Lstran ka &Iknion ka &Antixeian, 22 \pisthrzontew tw cuxw tn mayhtn, parakalontew \mmnein t_ pstei, ka ti di polln ylcevn de =mw eselyen ew t|n basilean to yeo. 23 Xeiroton}santew d a[tow presbutrouw kat' \kklhsan, proseujmenoi met nhstein, paryento a[tow t! kur~ ew $ n pepistekeisan. 24 Ka dielyntew t|n Pisidan lyon ew o Pamfulan. 25 Ka lal}santew \n Pr g + tn lgon, katbhsan ew &Attleian: 26 kkeyen ppleusan ew &Antixeian, yen san paradedomnoi t_ xriti to yeo ew t rgon $ \pl}rvsan. 27 Paragenmenoi d ka sunagagntew o t|n \kklhsan, n}ggeilan sa \pohsen ` yew met' a[tn, ka ti noijen tow ynesin yran pstevw. 28 Ditribon d \ke xrnon o[k lgon sn tow mayhtaw.

14.21 - 15.5


Ka tinew katelyntew p tw &Ioudaaw, \ddaskon tow delfow ti &En m| peritmnhsye t! yei Mvsvw, o[ dnasye svynai. 2 Genomnhw o{n stsevw ka zht}sevw o[k lghw t! Pal~ ka t! Barnb prw a[tow, tajan nabanein Palon ka Barnban ka tinaw llouw \j a[tn prw tow postlouw ka presbutrouw ew ^I er o u s a l | m per to zht}matow totou. 3 O mn o{n, propemfyntew p tw \kklhsaw, di}rxonto t|n Foinkhn ka Samreian, \kdihgomenoi t|n \pistrof|n tn \ynn: ka \pooun xarn meglhn psin tow delfow. 4 Paragenmenoi d ew ^Ierousal}m, pedxyhsan p tw \kklhsaw ka tn postlvn ka tn presbutrvn, n}ggeiln te sa ` yew \pohsen met' a[tn. 5 &Ejansthsan d tinew tn p tw arsevw tn Farisavn pepisteuktew, lgontew ti De
14.28 \ke 15.1 peritmnhsye t! yei peritmhyte t! yei t! 15.2 o{n d 15.3 Foinkhn te Foinkhn 15.4 pedxyhsan p paredxyhsan p

14.20 a[tn tn mayhtn tn mayhtn a[tn 14.21 &Iknion ew &Iknion 14.21 &Antixeian ew &Antixeian 14.23 presbutrouw kat' \kklhsan kat' \kklhsan presbutrouw 14.24 Pamfulan t|n Pamfulan 14.27 n}ggeilan n}ggellon


15.6 - 15.20


peritmnein a[tow, paraggllein te thren tn nmon Mvsvw. Sun}xyhsan d o pstoloi ka o presbteroi den per to lgou totou. 7 Pollw d suzht}sevw genomnhw, nastw Ptrow epen prw a[tow, *Andrew delfo, mew \pstasye ti f' =mern rxavn ` yew \n =mn \jeljato, di to stmatw mou kosai t yn h tn lgon to e[aggelou, ka pistesai. 8 Ka ` kardiognQsthw yew \martrhsen a[tow, dow a[tow t pnema t gion, kayWw ka =mn: 9 ka o[dn dikrinen metaj =mn te ka a[tn, t_ pstei kayarsaw tw kardaw a[tn. 10 Nn o{n t peirzete tn yen, \piyenai zugn \p tn trxhlon tn mayhtn, $ n ote o patrew =mn ote =mew o sxsamen bastsai; 11 &All di tw xritow to kurou &Ihso pisteomen svynai, kay' $ n trpon kkenoi. o &Esghsen d pn t plyow, ka kouon Barnba ka Palou \jhgoumnvn sa \pohsen ` yew shmea ka trata \n tow ynesin di' a[tn. 13 Met d t sigsai a[tow, pekryh &Ikvbow lgvn, *Andrew delfo, kosat mou: 14 SumeWn \jhg}sato kayWw prton ` yew \peskcato laben \j \ynn lan \p t! nmati a[to. 15 Ka tot~ sumfvnosin o lgoi tn profhtn, kayWw ggraptai, 16 Met tata nastrcv, ka noikodom}sv t|n skhn|n Daud t|n peptvkuan: ka t kateskammna a[tw noikodom}sv, ka noryQsv a[t}n: 17 pvw n \kzht}svsin o katloipoi tn nyrQpvn tn krion, ka pnta t ynh, \f' ow \pikklhtai t nom mou \p' a[tow, lgei kriow ` poin tata pnta. 18 Gnvst p' anw \stin t! ye! pnta t rga a[to. 19 Di \gW krnv m| parenoxlen tow p tn \ynn \pistrfousin \p tn yen: 20 ll \pistelai a[tow to pxes ya i p tn lisghmtvn tn edQlvn ka tw porneaw ka to pnikto
15.6 d te 15.7 suzht}sevw zht}sevw 15.7 ` yew \n =mn \jeljato \n mn \jeljato ` yew 15.8 a[tow t t 15.9 o[dn o[yn 15.14 \p 15.17 ` poin tata pnta poin tata 15.18 \stin t! ye! pnta t rga a[to 15.20 p
12 6



15.21 - 15.35

ka to amatow. 21 Mvsw gr \k genen rxavn kat plin tow khrssontaw a[tn xei, \n taw sunagvgaw kat pn sbbaton naginvskmenow. Tte dojen tow postloiw ka tow presbutroiw sn l+ t_ \kklhs, \klejamnouw ndraw \j a[tn pmcai ew &A n t i x e i a n sn Pal~ ka Barnb, &Iodan tn \pikalomenon Barsabbn, ka Slan, ndraw =goumnouw \n tow delfow, 23 grcantew di xeirw a[tn tde, O pstoloi ka o presbteroi ka o delfo tow kat t|n &Antixeian ka Suran ka Kilikan delfow tow \j \ynn, xarein: 24 \peid| kosamen ti tinw \j =mn \jelyntew \trajan mw lgoiw, naskeuzontew tw cuxw mn, lgontew per i t m n es ya i ka thren tn nmon, o<w o[ diesteilmeya: 25 dojen =mn genomnoiw `moyumadn, \klejamnouw ndraw pmcai prw mw, sn tow gaphtow =mn Barnb ka Pal~, 26 nyrQpoiw paradedvksin tw cuxw a[tn pr to nmatow to kurou =mn &Ihso xristo. 27 &Apestlkamen o{n &Iodan ka Slan, ka a[tow ^ di lgou paggllontaw t a[t. 28 *Edojen gr t! a g~ pnemati, ka =mn, mhdn plon \pityesyai mn brow, pl|n tn \pnagkew totvn, 29 pxesyai edvloytvn ka amatow ^ ka pnikto ka porneaw: \j @n diathrontew e autow, e{ prjete. *Errvsye. O mn o{n poluyntew lyon ew &Antixeian: ka sunagagntew t plyow, \pdvkan t|n \pistol}n. 31 &Anagnntew d, \xrhsan \p t_ parakl}sei. 32 &Iodaw te ka Slaw, ka a[to proftai ntew, di lgou pollo pareklesan tow delfow, ka \pest}rijan. 33 Poi}santew d xrnon, pelyhsan met' er}nhw p tn delfn prw tow postlouw. 34 35 Palow d ka Barnbaw ditribon \n
^ 15.28 ag~ pnemati pnemati t! ^ ag~ 15.28 tn \pnagkew totvn totvn tn \pnagkew 15.29 pnikto pniktn 15.30 lyon katlyon 15.33 postlouw postelantaw a[tow
30 22


15.22 15.22 15.23 15.23 15.24 15.24

Pal~ t! Pal~ \pikalomenon kalomenon tde ka o delfo delfo \jelyntew \jelyntew lgontew peritmnesyai ka thren tn nmon 15.25 \klejamnouw \klejamnoiw


15.36 - 16.7


^ &Antioxe, didskontew ka e[aggelizmenoi, met ka etrvn polln, tn lgon to kurou. Met d tinaw =mraw epen Palow prw Barnban, &Epistrcantew d| \piskecQmeya tow delfow =mn kat psan plin, \n a<w kathggelamen tn lgon to kurou, pw xousin. 37 Barnbaw d \boulesato sumparalaben tn &Ivnnhn, tn kalomenon Mrkon. 38 Palow d jou, tn postnta p' a[tn p Pamfulaw, ka m| sunelynta a[tow ew t rgon, m| sumparalaben toton. 39 &Egneto o{n % parojusmw, vste poxvrisynai a[tow p' ll}lvn, tn te Barnban paralabnta tn Mrkon \kplesai ew Kpron: 40 Palow d \pilejmenow Slan \jlyen, paradoyew t_ xriti to yeo p tn delfn. 41 Di}rxeto d t|n Suran ka Kilikan, \pisthrzvn tw \kklhsaw.


Kat}nthsen d ew Drbhn ka Lstran: ka do, mayht}w tiw n \ke, nmati Timyeow, uw gunaikw tinow &Ioudaaw pistw, patrw d %Ellhnow: 2 $ w \martureto o p tn \n Lstroiw ka &Ikon~ delfn. 3 Toton ylhsen ` Palow sn a[t! \jelyen, ka labWn peritemen a[tn, di tow &Ioudaouw tow ntaw \n tow tpoiw \kenoiw: deisan gr pantew tn patra a[to, ti %Ellhn prxen. 4 ^Vw d dieporeonto tw pleiw, pareddoun a[tow fulssein t dgmata t kekrimna p tn postlvn ka tn presbutrvn tn \n ^Ierousal}m. 5 A mn o{n \kklhsai \stereonto t_ pstei, ka \persseuon t! riym! kay' =mran.
Dielyntew d t|n Frugan ka t|n Galatik|n xQran, ^ kvluyntew p to agou pnematow lalsai tn lgon \n t_ 7 &As, \lyntew kat t|n Musan \perazon kat t|n

15.36 Palow prw Barnban prw Barnabn Palow 15.36 =mn 15.36 psan plin plin psan 15.37 \boulesato sumparalaben \boleto sumparalaben ka 15.38 sumparalaben sumparalambnein 15.39 o{n d 15.40 yeo kurou 15.41 Kilikan t|n Kilikan 16.1 ew ka ew

16.1 Lstran ew Lstran 16.1 tinow 16.3 tn patra a[to ti %Ellhn ti %Ellhn ` pat|r a[to 16.4 pareddoun pareddosan 16.4 ka tn ka 16.4 ^Ierousal}m ^Ierosolmoiw 16.6 Dielyntew Dilyon 16.6 t|n Galatik|n Galatik|n 16.7 \lyntew \lyntew d 16.7 kat t|n Biyunan poreesyai ew t|n Biyunan poreuynai



Biyunan poreesyai: ka o[k easen a[tow t pnema: 8 parelyntew d t|n Musan katbhsan ew Tr~da. 9 Ka * rama di tw nuktw vfyh t! Pal~: n}r tiw n MakedWn ^ estQw, parakaln a[tn ka lgvn, Diabw ew Makedonan, bo}yhson =mn. 10 ^Vw d t rama eden, e[yvw \zht}samen \j el ye n e w t|n Makedonan, sumbibzontew ti proskklhtai =mw ` kriow e[aggelsasyai a[tow. &Anaxyntew o{n p tw Tr~dow, e[yudrom}samen ew Samoyrkhn, t_ te \pios+ ew Nepolin, 12 \keyn te ew Filppouw, % tiw \stn prQth tw merdow tw Makedonaw h pliw, kolvnea: men d \n a[t_ t_ plei diatrbontew =mraw tinw. 13 T_ te =mr tn sabbtvn \j}lyomen jv tw plevw par potamn, o \nomzeto proseux| enai, ka kaysantew \lalomen taw sunelyosaiw gunaijn. 14 Ka tiw gun| nmati Luda, porfurpvliw plevw Yuatervn, sebomnh tn yen, kouen: w ` kriow di}noijen t|n kardan, prosxei n tow laloumnoiw p to Palou. 15 ^V w d \baptsyh, ka ` okow a[tw, pareklesen lgousa, E kekrkat me pist|n t! kur~ enai, eselyntew ew tn okn mou, menate. Ka parebisato =mw. &Egneto d poreuomnvn =mn ew proseux}n, paidskhn tin xousan pnema Pyvnow pantsai =mn, % tiw \rgasan h u poll|n parexen tow kuroiw a[tw, manteuomnh. 17 A% th katakolouy}sasa t! Pal~ ka =mn, krazen lgousa, Otoi o nyrvpoi doloi to yeo to cstou esn, otinew kataggllousin =mn `dn svthraw. 18 Toto d \poei \p pollw =mraw. Diaponhyew d ` Palow, ka \pistrcaw, t!
16 11

16.8 - 16.18

ka t! Sl

16.7 pnema pnema &Ihso 16.9 tw tw * 16.9 vfyh t! Pal~ t! Pal~ * vfyh 16.9 tiw n MakedWn MakedQn tiw n ^ ^ 16.9 estQw estWw ka 16.10 t|n 16.10 kriow yew 16.11 o{n p tw d p 16.11 te d 16.11 Nepolin Nan Plin 16.12 \keyn te kkeyen 16.12 prQth tw prQthw

16.12 16.12 16.13 16.13 16.15 16.16 16.16 16.17 16.17 16.18

kolvnea kolvna a[t_ tat+ plevw plhw \nomzeto proseux| \nomzomen proseux|n menate mnete proseux}n t|n proseux|n Pyvnow pantsai Pyvna pantsai katakolouy}sasa katakolouyosa =mn `dn mn `dn `


16.19 - 16.33


pnemati epen, Paraggllv soi \n t! nmati &Ihso % xristo, \jelyen p' a[tw. Ka \jlyen a[t_ t_ vr. &Idntew d o krioi a[tw ti \jlyen = \lpw tw \rgasaw a[tn, \pilabmenoi tn Palon ka tn Slan, e l k u s a n e w t|n gorn \p tow rxontaw, 20 ka prosagagntew a[tow tow strathgow epon, Otoi o nyrvpoi \ktarssousin =mn t|n plin, &Ioudaoi prxontew, 21 ka kataggllousin yh $ o[k jestin =mn a paradxesyai o[d poien, ^Rvmaoiw o{sin. 22 Ka sunepsth ` xlow kat' a[tn, ka o strathgo perirr}jantew a[tn t mtia \kleuon ]abdzein. 23 Pollw te \piyntew a[tow plhgw balon ew fulak}n, paraggelantew t! desmoflaki sfalw thren a[tow: 24 w, paraggelan toiathn elhfQw, balen a[tow ew t|n \svtran fulak}n, ka tow pdaw a[tn sfalsato ew t jlon. 25 Kat d t mesonktion Palow ka Slaw proseuxmenoi % mnoun tn ye n , u 26 \phkronto d a[tn o dsmioi: fnv d seismw \gneto % mgaw, v ste saleuynai t yem l i a to desmvthrou: nexyhsn te paraxrma a yrai psai, ka pntvn t desm nyh. 27 *Ejupnow d genmenow ` desmoflaj, ka dWn ne~gmnaw tw yraw tw fulakw, spasmenow ^ mxairan, mellen eautn nairen, nomzvn \kpefeugnai 28 tow desmouw. &EfQnhsen d fvn_ megl+ ` Palow lgvn, Mhdn prj+w seaut! kakn: pantew gr \smen \nyde. 29 At}saw d fta esep}dhsen, ka ntromow genmenow prospesen t! Pal~ ka t! Sl, 30 ka proagagWn a[tow jv fh, Krioi, t me de poien na svy; 31 O d epon, Psteuson \p tn krion &Ihson xristn, ka svy}s+ s ka ` okw sou. 32 Ka \llhsan a[t! tn lgon to kurou, ka psin tow \n t_ ok a[to. 33 Ka paralabWn a[tow \n % \k e n + t_ v r tw nuktw lousen p tn plhgn, ka \b a p t s y h a[tw ka o a[to pntew paraxrma.
16.18 16.20 16.22 16.24 16.24 t! nmati nmati epon epan perirr}jantew perir}jantew elhfQw labWn a[tn sfalsato sfalsato a[tn 16.26 nexyhsn te nexyhsan d 16.27 mxairan mellen t|n mxairan mellen 16.28 fvn_ megl+ ` megl+ fvn_ ` 16.29 t! Sl t! Sil 16.31 epon epan 16.31 xristn 16.32 ka psin sn psin




16.34 - 17.5

&A n a g a g Q n te a[tow ew tn okon a[to paryh k en trpezan, ka gallato panoik pepisteukWw t! ye!. ^Hmraw d genomnhw, psteilan o strathgo tow ]abdoxouw lgontew, &Apluson tow nyrQpouw \kenouw. 36 &Ap}ggeilen d ` desmoflaj tow lgouw totouw prw tn Palon ti &Apestlkasin o strathgo, na poluyte: nn o{n \jelyntew poreesye \n er}n+. 37 ^O d Palow fh prw a[tow, Derantew =mw dhmos, katakrtouw, nyrQpouw ^Rvmaouw prxontaw, balon ew fulak}n, ka nn lyra =mw \kbllousin; O [ gr: ll \l y n t ew a[to \jagagtvsan. 38 &An}ggeilan d tow strathgow o ]abdoxoi t ]}mata tata: ka \fob}yhsan kosantew ti ^Rvmao esin, 39 ka \lyntew pareklesan a[tow, ka \jagagntew rQtvn \jelyen tw plevw. 40 &Ejelyntew d \k tw fulakw e s l yo n prw t|n Ludan: ka dntew tow delfow, pareklesan a[tow, ka \jlyon.


Diodesantew d t|n &Amfpolin ka &Apollvnan, lyon ew Yessalonkhn, pou n = sunagvg| tn &Ioudavn: 2 kat d t evyw t! Pal~ eslyen prw a[tow, ka \p sbbata tra dieljato a[tow p tn grafn, 3 dianogvn ka paratiymenow, ti Tn xristn dei payen ka nastnai \k nekrn, ka ti Otw \stin ` xristw &I h s o w, $ n \gW kataggllv mn. 4 Ka tinew \j a[tn o \pesyhsan, ka proseklhrQyhsan t! Pal~ ka t! Sl, tn te sebomnvn ^Ell}nvn pol plyow, gunaikn te tn prQtvn o[k lgai. 5 Proslabmenoi d o &Ioudaoi o peiyontew, tn goravn tinw ndraw ponhrow, ka xlopoi}santew, \yorboun t|n plin: \pistntew te t_ ok
16.40 tow delfow pareklesan a[tow pareklesan tow delfow 16.40 \jlyon \jlyan 17.1 &Apollvnan t|n &Apollvnan 17.1 = 17.3 &Ihsow ` &Ihsow 17.4 pol plyow plyow pol 17.5 Proslabmenoi ZhlQsantew 17.5 o peiyontew ka proslabmenoi 17.5 tinw ndraw ndraw tinw 17.5 \pistntew te ka \pistntew

16.34 a[to 16.34 gallato panoik gallisato panoike 16.36 totouw totouw 16.36 &Apestlkasin &Apstalkan 16.37 balon balan 16.37 \jagagtvsan =mw \jagagtvsan 16.38 &An}ggeilan &Ap}ggeilan 16.38 ka \fob}yhsan \fob}yhsan d 16.39 \jelyen pelyen p 16.40 \k p


17.6 - 17.18


&Isonow, \z}toun a[tow gagen ew tn dmon. 6 M| erntew d a[tow, suron tn &Isona ka tinaw delfow \p tow politrxaw, bontew ti O t|n okoumnhn nastatQsantew, otoi ka \nyde preisin, 7 ow poddektai &Isvn: ka otoi pntew pnanti tn dogmtvn Kasarow prssousin, basila lgontew teron enai, &Ihson. 8 &Etrajan d tn xlon ka tow politrxaw koontaw tata. 9 Ka labntew t kann par to &Isonow ka tn loipn, plusan a[tow. O d delfo e[yvw di tw nuktw \jpemcan tn te Palon ka tn Slan ew Broian: otinew paragenmenoi ew t|n sunagvg|n pesan tn &Ioudavn. 11 Otoi d san e[gensteroi tn \n Yessalonk+, otinew \djanto tn lgon met pshw proyumaw, t kay' =mran nakrnontew tw grafw, e xoi tata o% tvw. 12 Pollo mn o{n \j a[tn u \psteusan, ka tn ^Ellhndvn gunaikn tn e[sxhmnvn ka ndrn o[k lgoi. 13 ^V w d gnvsan o p tw Yessalonkhw &Ioudaoi ti ka \n t_ Bero kathgglh p to Palou ` lgow to yeo, lyon kke saleontew tow xlouw. 14 E[yv w d tte tn Palon \japsteilan o delfo poreesyai qw \p t|n ylassan: pmenon d te Slaw ka ` Timyeow \ke. 15 O d kayistntew tn Palon, gagon a[tn vw &Ayhnn: ka labntew \ntol|n prw tn Slan ka Timyeon, na qw txista lyvsin prw a[tn, \jesan. &En d taw &Ay}naiw \kdexomnou a[tow to Palou, parvjneto t pnema a[to \n a[t!, yevronti katedvlon o{san t|n plin. 17 Dielgeto mn o{n \n t_ sunagvg_ tow &Ioudaoiw ka tow sebomnoiw, ka \n t_ gor kat psan =mran prw tow paratugxnontaw. 18 Tinw d ka tn &Epikourevn ka tn Stokn filosfvn sunballon a[t!.
17.5 gagen proagagen 17.6 tn 17.7 lgontew teron teron lgontew 17.10 tw 17.10 pesan tn &Ioudavn tn &Ioudavn pesan 17.11 t 17.13 17.14 17.14 17.15 17.15 17.15 17.16 17.18 tow ka tarssontew tow qw vw pmenon d pmeinn te kayistntew kayistnontew a[tn vw vw Timyeon tn Timyeon yevronti yevrontow tn Stokn Stokn
16 10




17.19 - 17.31

Ka tinew legon, T n yloi ` spermolgow otow lgein; O d, Jnvn daimonvn doke kataggelew enai: ti tn &Ihson ka t|n nstasin e[hggelzeto. 19 &Epilabmeno te a[to, \p tn *Areion pgon gagon lgontew, Dunmeya gnnai, tw = kain| a% th = p so laloumnh didax}; 20 Jenzonta gr u tina esfreiw ew tw kow =mn: boulmeya o{n gnnai, t n yl o i tata enai 21 &A y h n a o i d pntew ka o \pidhmontew jnoi ew o[dn teron e[karoun, ( lgein ti ka h koein kainteron. Stayew d ` Palow \n ms~ to &Areou pgou fh, *Andrew &Ayhnaoi, kat pnta qw deisidaimonestrouw mw yevr. 23 Dierxmenow gr ka nayevrn t sebsmata mn, eron ka bvmn \n > \peggrapto, &AgnQst~ ye!. $O n o{n gnoontew e[sebete, toton \gW kataggllv mn. 24 ^O yew ` poi}saw tn ksmon ka pnta t \n a[t!, otow, o[rano ka gw kriow prxvn, o[k \n xeiropoi}toiw naow katoike, 25 o[d p xei r n nyrQpvn yer a p e et a i , prosdemenw tinow, a[tw didow psin zv|n ka pno|n kat ^ pnta: 26 \pohsn te \j enw amatow pn ynow nyrQpvn, katoiken \p pn t prsvpon tw gw, `rsaw prostetagmnouw kairow ka tw `royesaw tw katoikaw a[tn: 27 zhten tn krion, e ra ge chlaf}seian a[tn ka ^ ^ e% roien, ka ge o[ makrn p enw ekstou =mn prxonta. u 28 &En a[t! gr zmen ka kinomeya ka \smen: qw ka tinew tn kay' mw poihtn er}kasin, To gr ka gnow \smn. 29 Gnow o{n prxontew to yeo, o[k felomen nomzein xrus! ( rgr~ ( ly~, xargmati txnhw ka \nyum}sevw h h nyrQpou, t yeon enai moion. 30 Tow mn o{n xrnouw tw gnoaw peridWn ` yew, t nn paraggllei tow nyrQpoiw psin pantaxo metanoen: 31 diti sthsen =mran, \n "

17.20 17.21 17.21 17.22 17.23 17.23 17.24

t n yloi tna ylei e[karoun h[karoun ka koein ( koein ti h ` ` $On $O toton toto kriow prxvn prxvn kriow 17.25 nyrQpvn nyrvpnvn

17.25 kat ka t 17.26 amatow 17.26 pn t prsvpon pantw prosQpou 17.27 krion yen 17.27 ra ge rage 17.30 psin pntaw 17.31 diti kayti


17.32 - 18.10


mllei krnein t|n okoumnhn \n dikaiosn+, \n ndr > % vrisen, pstin parasxWn psin, nast}saw a[tn \k nekrn. &Akosantew d nstasin nekrn, o mn \xleazon: o u d epon, &Akousmey sou plin per totou. 33 Ka o% tvw ` Palow \jlyen \k ms o u a[tn. 34 Tinw d ndrew kollhyn t ew a[t!, \psteusan: \n o<w ka Dionsiow ` &Areopagthw, ka gun| nmati Dmariw, ka teroi sn a[tow.


t_ txn+

Met d tata xvrisyew ` Palow \k tn &Ayhnn lyen ew Krinyon. 2 Ka erQn tina &Ioudaon nmati &Aklan, Pontikn t! gnei, prosftvw \lhluyta p tw &Italaw, ka Prskillan gunaka a[to, di t tetaxnai Kladion xvrzesyai pntaw tow &Ioudaouw \k tw ^RQmhw, proslyen a[tow: 3 ka di t `mtexnon enai, menen par' a[tow ka ergzeto: san gr skhnopoio t|n txnhn. 4 Dielgeto d \n t_ sunagvg_ kat pn sbbaton, peiyn te &Ioudaouw ka %Ellhnaw.
^Vw d katlyon p tw Makedonaw te Slaw ka ` Timyeow, sunexeto t! pnemati ` Palow, diamarturmenow tow &Ioudaoiw tn xristn &Ihson. 6 &Antitassomnvn d a[tn ka blasfhmontvn, \ktinajmenow t mtia, epen prw a[tow, T a<ma mn \p t|n kefal|n mn: kayarw \gQ: p to nn ew t ynh poresomai. 7 Ka metabw \keyen lyen ew okan tinw nmati &Iostou, sebomnou tn yen, o = oka n sunomorosa t_ sunagvg_. 8 Krspow d ` rxisungvgow \psteusen t! kur~ sn l~ t! ok~ a[to: ka pollo tn Korinyvn koontew \psteuon ka \baptzonto. 9 Epen d ` kriow di' `rmatow \n nukt t! Pal~, M| fobo, ll llei ka m| sivp}s+w: 10 diti \gQ emi met so, ka o[dew \piy}seta soi to kaksa se: diti
17.32 epon epan 17.32 plin per totou per totou ka plin 17.33 Ka 18.1 d 18.1 ` Palow 18.2 tetaxnai diatetaxnai 18.2 \k p 18.3 18.3 18.5 18.5 18.7 18.7 18.9 ergzeto rgzeto t|n txnhn t_ txn+ pnemati lg~ tn enai tn lyen eslyen &Iostou Titou &Iostou di' `rmatow \n nukt \n nukt di' `rmatow




18.11 - 18.23

law \stn moi polw \n t_ plei tat+. 11 &E k yi s n te \niautn ka mnaw j, didskvn \n a[tow tn lgon to yeo. Gallvnow d nyupateontow tw &Axaaw, katepsthsan `moyumadn o &Ioudaoi t! Pal~, ka gagon a[tn \p t bma, 13 lgontew ti Par tn nmon otow napeyei tow nyrQpouw sbesyai tn yen. 14 Mllontow d to Palou nogein t stma, epen ` Gallvn prw tow &Ioudaouw, E mn o{n n dkhm ti ( ]diorghma ponhrn, h &Ioudaoi, kat lgon n nesxmhn mn: 15 e d z}thm \stin per lgou ka nomtvn ka nmou to kay' mw, cesye a[to: krit|w gr \gW totvn o[ bolomai enai. 16 Ka p}lasen a[tow p to b}matow. 17 &Epilabmenoi d pntew o %Ellhnew Svsynhn tn rxisungvgon tupton mprosyen to b}matow. Ka o[dn totvn t! Gallvni mellen. ^O d Palow ti prosmenaw =mraw kanw, tow delfow potajmenow, \jplei ew t|n Suran, ka sn a[t! Prskilla ka &Aklaw, kei r m en o w t|n kefal|n \n Kegxreaw: exen gr e[x}n. 19 Kat}nthsen d ew *Efeson, ka \kenouw katlipen a[to: a[tw d eselyWn ew t|n sunagvg|n dielxyh tow &Ioudaoiw. 20 &ErvtQntvn d a[tn \p pleona xrnon menai par' a[tow, o[k \pneusen: 21 ll' ^ petjato a[tow epQn, De me pntvw t|n e ort|n t|n \rxomnhn poisai ew ^Ierosluma: plin d nakmcv prw mw, to yeo ylontow. &An}xyh p tw &Efsou, 22 ka katelyWn ew Kaisreian, nabw ka spasmenow t|n \kklhsan, katbh ew &Antixeian. 23 Ka poi}saw xrnon tin \jlyen, dierxmenow kayejw t|n Galatik|n xQran ka Frugan, \pisthrzvn pntaw tow mayhtw.
18.11 te d 18.12 nyupateontow nyuptou ntow 18.13 otow napeyei napeyei otow 18.14 o{n 18.14 nesxmhn nesxmhn 18.15 z}thm zht}mat 18.15 gr 18.17 o %Ellhnew 18.17 mellen melen 18.18 t|n kefal|n \n Kegxreaw \n 18.19 18.19 18.19 18.20 18.21 18.21 Kegxreaw t|n kefal}n Kat}nthsen Kat}nthsan ka \kenouw kkenouw dielxyh dieljato par' a[tow ll' ll petjato a[tow potajmenow ka ^ 18.21 De me pntvw t|n eort|n t|n \rxomnhn poisai ew ^Ierosluma 18.21 d
18 12



18.24 - 19.9


&Ioudaow d tiw &ApollWw nmati, &Alejandrew t! gnei, n|r lgiow, kat}nthsen ew *Efeson, dunatw n \n taw grafaw. 25 Otow n kathxhmnow t|n `dn to kurou, ka zvn t! pnemati \llei ka \ddasken kribw t per to kurou, \p i s t m en o w mnon t bptisma &Ivnnou: 26 otw te rjato parrhsizesyai \n t_ sunagvg_. &Akosantew d a[to &Aklaw ka Prskilla, proselbonto a[tn, ka kribsteron a[t! \jyento t|n to yeo `dn. 27 Bou l o m n o u d a[to dielye n e w t|n &Axaan, protrecmen o i o delfo gracan tow mayhtaw podjasyai a[tn: $ w paragenmenow sunebleto pol tow o pepisteuksin di tw xritow: 28 e[tnvw gr tow &Ioudaoiw diakathlgxeto dhmos, \pideiknw di tn grafn enai tn xristn &Ihson.

&Egneto d, \n t! tn &ApollW enai \n Korny~, Palon dielynta t nvterik mrh \lyen ew *Efeson: ka erQn tinaw mayhtw 2 epen prw a[tow, E pnema gion \lbete pistesantew; O d epon prw a[tn, &All' o[d e pnema gin \stin, kosamen. 3 Epn te prw a[tow, Ew t o{n \baptsyhte; O d epon, Ew t &Ivnnou bptism a . 4 Epen d Palow, &Ivnnhw mn \bptisen bptisma metanoaw, t! la! lgvn ew tn \rxmenon met' a[tn na pistesvsin, tot' stin, ew tn xristn &Ihson. 5 &Akosantew d \baptsyhsan ew t noma to kurou &Ihso. 6 Ka \piyntow a[tow to Palou tw xeraw, lyen t pnema t gion \p' a[tow, \lloun te glQssaiw ka proef}teuon. 7 )Hsan d o pntew ndrew qse dekado.
EselyWn d ew t|n sunagvg|n \parrhsizeto, \p mnaw trew dialegmenow ka peyvn t per tw basileaw to yeo. 9 ^Vw d tinew \sklhrnonto ka peyoun, kakologontew t|n `dn \nQpion to pl}youw, postw p' a[tn fQrisen tow
18.25 kurou \pistmenow &Ihso \pistmenow 18.26 &Aklaw ka Prskilla Prskilla ka &Aklaw 18.26 to yeo `dn `dn to yeo 19.1 \lyen katelyen 19.1 erQn eren 19.2 epen epn te 19.2 epon 19.2 19.3 19.3 19.4 19.4 19.6 19.6 19.7 19.8 o[d o[d' prw a[tow epon epan mn xristn tw tw proef}teuon \prof}teuon dekado dQdeka t t




19.10 - 19.21

mayhtw, kay' =mran dialegmenow \n t_ sxol_ Turnnou % tinw. 10 Toto d \gneto \p th do, vste pntaw tow katoikontaw t|n &Asan kosai tn lgon to kurou &Ihso, &Ioudaouw te ka %Ellhnaw. 11 Dunmeiw te o[ tw % tuxosaw \poei ` yew di tn xeirn Palou, 12 vste ka \p tow syen o n t a w \p i f r es ya i p to xrvtw a[to soudria ( simiknyia, ka pallssesyai p' a[tn tw h nsouw, t te pnemata t ponhr \jrxesyai p' a[tn. 13 &Epexerhsan d tinew p tn perierxomnvn &Ioudavn \jorkistn nomzein \p tow xontaw t pnemata t ponhr t noma to kurou &Ihso, lgontew, ^Orkzomen mw tn &Ihson $ n ` Palow khrssei. 14 )Hsan d tinew uo o ^ Skeu &Ioudaou rxiervw e pt o toto poiontew. 15 &Apokriyn d t pnema t ponhrn epen, Tn &Ihson ginQskv, ka tn Palon \pstamai: mew d tnew \st; 16 Ka \fallmenow \p' a[tow ` nyrvpow \n > n t pnema t ponhrn, ka katakuriesan a[tn, sxusen kat' a[tn, % vste gumnow ka tetraumatismnouw \kfugen \k to okou \kenou. 17 Toto d \gneto gnvstn psin &Ioudaoiw te ka %Ellhsin tow katoikosin t|n *Efeson, ka \ppesen fbow \p pntaw a[tow, ka \megalneto t noma to kurou &I h s o . 18 Pollo te tn pepisteuktvn rxonto, \jomologomenoi, ka naggllontew tw prjeiw a[tn. 19 ^Ikano d tn t pererga prajntvn sunengkantew tw bblouw katkaion \nQpion pntvn: ka sunec}fisan tw u timw a[tn, ka eron rgurou muridaw pnte. 20 O % tvw kat krtow ` lgow to kurou hjanen ka sxuen. ^Vw d \plhrQyh tata, yeto ` Palow \n t! pnemati, dielyWn t|n Makedonan ka &Axaan, poreesyai ew ^Ierousal}m, epWn ti Met t gensyai me \ke, de me ka
19.9 19.10 19.11 19.12 19.12 19.13 19.13 19.13 19.14 19.14 tinw &Ihso \poei ` yew ` yew \poei \pifresyai pofresyai \jrxesyai p' a[tn \kporeesyai p ka ^Orkzomen ^O rkzv ` tinew uo Skeu tinow Skeu o uo 19.15 epen epen a[tow 19.15 &Ihson mn &Ihson 19.16 \fallmenow \p' a[tow ` nyrvpow \falmenow ` nyrvpow \p' a[tow 19.16 ka katakuriesan a[tn katakuriesaw mfotrvn 19.20 ` lgow to kurou to kurou ` lgow 19.21 ^Ierousal}m ^Ierosluma


19.22 - 19.35


^RQmhn den. 22 &Apostelaw d ew t|n Makedonan do tn diakonontvn a[t!, Timyeon ka *Eraston, a[tw \psxen xrnon ew t|n &Asan. &Egneto d kat tn kairn \kenon traxow o[k lgow per tw `do. 24 Dhm}triow gr tiw nmati, rgurokpow, poin naow rgurow &Artmidow, parexeto tow texntaiw \rgasan o[k lghn: 25 ow sunayrosaw, ka tow per t toiata \rgtaw, epen, *Andrew, \pstasye ti \k tathw tw \rgasaw = e[pora =mn \stin. 26 Ka yevrete ka koete ti o[ mnon &Efsou, ll sxedn pshw tw &Asaw, ` Palow otow pesaw metsthsen kann xlon, lgvn ti o[k esn yeo o di xeirn ginmenoi. 27 O[ mnon d toto kinduneei =mn t mrow ew pelegmn \lyen, ll ka t tw meglhw yew ern &Artmidow ew o[yn logisynai, mllein d ka kayairesyai t|n megaleithta a[tw, n lh = &A s a ka = okoumnh sbetai. 28 &A k o s a n t e w d ka genmenoi pl}reiw yumo, krazon lgontew, Meg l h = *Artemiw &Efesvn. 29 Ka \pl}syh = pliw lh tw sugxsevw: % vrmhsn te `moyumadn ew t yatron, sunarpsantew Gon ka &Arstarxon Makednaw, sunekd}mouw Palou. 30 To d Palou boulomnou eselyen ew tn dmon, o[k evn a[tn o mayhta. 31 Tinw d ka tn &Asiarxn, ntew a[t! floi, ^ pmcantew prw a[tn, parekloun m| donai eautn ew t 32 *A l l o i mn o{n llo ti krazon: n gr = ya t r o n . \kklhsa sugkexumnh, ka o pleouw o[k deisan tnow neken sunelhlyeisan. 33 &Ek d to xlou proebbasan &Aljandron, probalntvn a[tn tn &Ioudavn. ^O d &Aljandrow, katasesaw t|n xera, yelen pologesyai t! d}m~. 34 &Epignntew d ti &Ioudaw \stin, fvn| \gneto ma % \k pntvn qw \p vraw do krazntvn, Meglh = *Artemiw 35 &Efesvn. Katastelaw d ` grammatew tn xlon fhsn, *Andrew &Efsioi, tw gr \stin nyrvpow $ w o[ ginQskei t|n o
19.24 \rgasan o[k lghn o[k lghn \rgasan 19.25 =mn =mn 19.27 ern &Artmidow &Artmidow ern 19.27 d ka te ka 19.27 t|n megaleithta tw 19.29 19.30 19.32 19.33 19.35 megaleithtow lh To d Palou Palou d neken neka proebbasan sunebbasan nyrvpow nyrQpvn

&Artmidow ern



&Efesvn plin nevkron o{san tw meglhw yew &Artmidow ka to Diopetow; 36 &Anantirr}tvn o{n ntvn totvn, don \stn mw katestalmnouw prxein, ka mhdn propetw prssein. 37 &H g g et e gr tow ndraw totouw, ote eroslouw ote blasfhmontaw t|n yen mn. 38 E mn o{n Dhm}triow ka o sn a[t! texntai xousin prw tina lgon, goraoi gontai, ka nypato esin: \gkaletvsan ^ ll}loiw. 39 E d ti per e trvn \pizhtete, \n t_ \nnm~ \kklhs \piluy}setai. 40 Ka gr kinduneomen \gkalesyai stsevw per tw s}meron, mhdenw atou prxontow per o o[ dunhsmeya donai lgon tw sustrofw tathw. 41 Ka tata epQn, plusen t|n \kklhsan.

19.36 - 20.8



Met d t pasasyai tn yrubon, proskalesmenow ` Palow tow mayhtw, ka spasmenow, \jlyen poreuynai ew t|n Makedonan. 2 DielyWn d t mrh \kena, ka parakalsaw a[tow lg~ poll!, lyen ew t|n ^Ellda. 3 Poi}saw te mnaw trew, genomnhw a[t! \piboulw p tn &Ioudavn mllonti ngesyai ew t|n Suran, \gneto gnQmh to postrfein di Makedonaw. 4 Sunepeto d a[t! xri tw &Asaw SQpatrow Beroiaow: Yes s a l o n i k v n d, &Arstarxow ka Sekondow, ka Gow Derbaow, ka Timyeow: &Asiano d, Tuxikw ka Trfimow. 5 Otoi proselyntew menon =mw \n Tr~di. 6 ^Hmew d \jeplesamen met tw =mraw tn zmvn p Filppvn, ka lyomen prw a[tow ew t|n Tr~da xri =mern pnte, o dietrcamen =mraw ^ ept.
&En d t_ mi tn sabbtvn, sunhgmnvn tn mayhtn klsai rton, ` Palow dielgeto a[tow, mllvn \jinai t_ \parion, parteinn te tn lgon mxri mesonuktou. 8 )Hsan d lampdew kana \n t! per~ o men sunhgmnoi.

19.35 19.37 19.39 19.40 19.40 19.40 20.1

yew mn =mn ^ per etrvn peraitrv o o[ o o[ donai podonai lgon lgon per proskalesmenow metapemcmenow 20.1 spasmenow parakalsaw spasmenow

20.1 poreuynai poreesyai 20.1 t|n 20.3 a[t! \piboulw \piboulw a[t! 20.3 gnQmh gnQmhw 20.4 xri tw &Asaw SQpatrow SQpatrow Prrou 20.5 proselyntew d proelyntew 20.6 o pou 20.7 tn mayhtn =mn


20.9 - 20.21


Kay}menow d tiw neanaw nmati Etuxow \p tw yurdow, katafermenow % pn~ baye, dialegomnou to Palou \p u pleon, katenexyew p to % pnou pesen p to tristgou u 10 ktv, ka ryh nekrw. Katabw d ` Palow \ppesen a[t!, ka sumperilabWn epen, M| yorubesye: = gr cux| a[to \n a[t! \stin. 11 &Anabw d ka klsaw rton ka geusmenow, \f' kann te `mil}saw xri a[gw, o% tvw u 12 \jlyen. *Hgagon d tn pada znta, ka parekl}yhsan o[ metrvw. ^Hmew d, proselyntew \p t ploon, n}xyhmen ew t|n *Asson, \keyen mllontew nalambnein tn Palon: o% tvw u 14 ^Vw d gr n diatetagmnow, mllvn a[tw pezeein. sunbalen =mn ew t|n *Asson, nalabntew a[tn lyomen ew Mitul}nhn. 15 Kkeyen poplesantew, t_ \pios+ ^ kathnt}samen ntikr Xou: t_ d e tr pareblomen ew Smon: ka menantew \n Trvgull~, t_ \xomn+ lyomen ew Mlhton. 16 *E k r i n en gr ` Palow paraplesai t|n *Efeson, pvw m| gnhtai a[t! xronotribsai \n t_ &As: s p eu d en gr, e dunatn n a[t!, t|n =mran tw Penthkostw gensyai ew ^Ierosluma. &Ap d tw Mil}tou pmcaw ew *Efeson metekalsato tow presbutrouw tw \kklhsaw. 18 ^Vw d paregnonto prw a[tn, epen a[tow, ^Umew \pstasye, p prQthw =mraw f' w \pbhn ew t|n &A s a n , pw mey' mn tn pnta xrnon \genmhn, 19 doulevn t! kur~ met pshw tapeinofrosnhw ka polln dakrvn ka peirasmn tn sumbntvn moi \n taw \piboulaw tn &Ioudavn: 20 qw o[dn pesteilmhn tn sumferntvn, to m| naggelai mn ka didjai mw dhmos ka kat' okouw, 21 diamarturmenow &Ioudaoiw te ka %Ellhsin t|n ew tn yen metnoian, ka pstin t|n ew tn
20.9 20.11 20.13 20.13 20.13 Kay}menow Kayezmenow rton tn rton proselyntew proelyntew ew t|n \p t|n n diatetagmnow diatetagmnow n 20.14 sunbalen sunballen 20.15 ntikr ntikruw 20.15 20.15 20.16 20.16 20.19 20.21 20.21 ka menantew \n Trvgull~ \xomn+ d \xomn+ *Ekrinen Kekrkei n eh polln tn yen yen pstin t|n pstin
17 13



20.22 - 20.35

krion =mn &Ihson. 22 Ka nn do, \gW dedemnow t! pnemati poreomai ew ^Ierousal}m, t \n a[t_ sunant}sont moi m| edQw, 23 pl|n ti t pnema t gion kat plin diamartretai lgon ti desm me ka ylceiw mnousin. 24 &All' o[denw lgon poiomai, o[d xv t|n cux}n mou timan \maut!, qw teleisai tn drmon mou met xarw, ka t|n diakonan n labon par to kurou &Ihso, diamartrasyai t e[agglion tw xritow to yeo. 25 Ka nn do, \gW oda ti o[kti cesye t prsvpn mou mew pntew, \n o<w dilyon khrssvn t|n basilean to yeo. 26 Diti martromai mn \n t_ s}meron =mr, ti kayarw \gW p to amatow pntvn. 27 O[ gr pesteilmhn to m| naggelai mn psan t|n boul|n to yeo. 28 Prosxete o{n ^ eautow ka pant t! poimn~, \n > mw t pnema t gion yeto \piskpouw, poimanein t|n \kklhsan to kurou ka yeo, n periepoi}sato di to dou amatow. 29 &EgW gr oda toto, ti eselesontai met t|n fijn mou lkoi barew ew mw, m| feidmenoi to poimnou: 30 ka \j mn a[tn nast}sontai ndrew lalontew diestrammna, to pospn tow mayhtw psv a[tn. 31 Di grhgorete, mnhmoneontew ti trietan nkta ka =mran o[k \pausmhn met dakrvn nouyetn na kaston. 32 Ka t nn paratyemai mw, delfo, t! ye! ka t! lg~ tw xritow a[to, t! dunamn~ \p o i k o d o m s a i , ka donai mn klhronoman \n tow h h =giasmnoiw psin. 33 &Argurou ( xrusou ( matismo 34 o[denw \peymhsa. A[to ginQskete ti taw xreaiw mou ka tow o{sin met' \mo phrthsan a xerew atai. 35 Pnta pdeija mn, ti o% tvw kopintaw de ntilambnesyai tn u syenontvn, mnhmoneein te tn lgvn to kurou &Ihso, ti a[tw epen, Makrin \stin mllon didnai ( lambnein. h


20.22 20.23 20.23 20.24 20.24 20.24 20.24 20.25 20.26 20.27

\gW dedemnow dedemnow \gW lgon moi lgon me ka ylceiw ka ylceiw me lgon lgou o[d xv cux}n mou cux|n met xarw to yeo \gW emi mn

20.27 20.28 20.28 20.28 20.29 20.32 20.32 20.32

yeo yeo mn o{n kurou ka dou amatow amatow to dou gr oda toto oda delfo \poikodomsai okodomsai mn t|n


20.36 - 21.11


Ka tata epQn, yew t gnata a[to, sn psin a[tow proshjato. 37 ^Ikanw d \gneto klauymw pntvn: ka \pipesntew \p tn trxhlon to Palou katefloun a[tn, 38 dunQmenoi mlista \p t! lg~ > er}kei, ti o[kti mllousin t prsvpon a[to yevren. Propempon d a[tn ew t ploon.


^Vw d \gneto naxynai =mw pospasyntaw p' a[tn, e[yudrom}santew lyomen ew t|n Kn, t_ d ^ e jw ew t|n ^Rdon, kkeyen ew Ptara: 2 ka erntew plo o n diapern ew Foinkhn, \pibntew n}xyh m en . 3 &Anafnentew d t|n Kpron, ka katalipntew a[t|n e[Qnumon, \plomen ew Suran, ka kat}xyhmen ew Tron: \kese gr n t ploon pofortizmenon tn gmon. 4 Ka ^ neurntew mayhtw, \pemenamen a[to =mraw ept: otinew t! Pal~ legon di to pnematow, m| nabanein ew ^Ierousal}m. 5 %O te d \gneto =mw \jartsai tw =mraw, \jelyntew \poreumeya, propempntvn =mw pntvn sn gunaijn ka tknoiw vw jv tw plevw: ka yntew t gnata \p tn agialn proshujmeya . 6 Ka spasmenoi ll}louw, \pbhmen ew t ploon, \kenoi d pstrecan ew t dia.


^H m e w d, tn plon diansantew p Trou, kathnt}samen ew Ptolemada, ka spasmenoi tow delfow \menamen =mran man par' a[tow. 8 T_ d \p a r i o n \j el y n t ew o per tn Palon lyon ew Kaisreian: ka eselyntew ew tn okon Filppou to ^ e[aggelisto, ntow \k tn e pt, \menamen par' a[t!. 9 Tot~ d san yugatrew parynoi tssarew profhteousai. 10 &Epimenntvn d =mn =mraw pleouw, katlyn tiw p tw &Ioudaaw prof}thw nmati *Agabow. 11 Ka \lyWn prw =mw,
20.37 \gneto klauymw klauymw \gneto 21.1 Kn K 21.3 &Anafnentew &Anafnantew 21.3 kat}xyhmen kat}lyomen 21.3 n t ploon t ploon n 21.4 Ka neurntew &Aneurntew d tow 21.4 nabanein ew ^Ierousal}m \pibanein ew ^Ierosluma proshujmeya proseujmenoi Ka spasmenoi ll}louw \pbhmen &Aphspasmeya ll}louw ka nbhmen 21.8 o per tn Palon lyon lyomen 21.9 parynoi tssarew tssarew parynoi 21.10 =mn 21.5 21.6



21.12 - 21.25

ka raw t|n zQnhn to Palou, d}saw te a[to tow pdaw ka tw xeraw epen, Tde lgei t pnema t gion, Tn ndra o \stin = zQnh a% th, o% tvw d}sousin \n ^Ierousal|m o u u &Ioudaoi, ka paradQsousin ew xeraw \ynn. 12 ^Vw d kosamen tata, parekalomen =mew te ka o \ntpioi, to m| nabanein a[tn ew ^Ierousal}m. 13 &Apekryh te ` Palow, T poiete klaontew ka sunyrptontw mou t|n kardan; &EgW gr o[ mnon deynai, ll ka poyanen ew ^ ^Ierousal|m e tomvw xv pr to nmatow to kurou 14 &Ihso. M| peiyomnou d a[to, =suxsamen epntew, T ylhma to kurou gensyv. Met d tw =mraw tataw \piskeuasmenoi nebanomen ew ^Ierousal}m. 16 Sunlyon d ka tn mayhtn p Kaisareaw sn =mn, gontew par' > jenisymen, Mnsvn tini Kupr~, rxa~ mayht_. Genomnvn d =mn ew ^Ierosluma, smnvw \djanto =mw o delfo. 18 T_ d \pios+ esei ` Palow sn =mn prw &Ikvbon, pntew te paregnonto o presbteroi. 19 Ka spasmenow a[tow, \jhgeto kay' n kaston @n \pohsen ` ye w \n tow yn es i n di tw diakonaw a[to. 20 O d kosantew \djazon tn krion: epntew a[t!, Yevrew, delf, psai muridew esn &Ioudavn tn pepisteuktvn: ka pntew zhlvta to nmou prxousin: 21 kathx}yhsan d per so, ti postasan didskeiw p Mvsvw tow kat t ynh pntaw &Ioudaouw, lgvn m| peritmnein a[tow t tkna, mhd tow yesin peripaten. 22 T o{n \stin; Pntvw de plyow sunelyen: kosontai gr ti \l}luyaw. 23 Toto o{n pohson soi lgomen: esn =mn ndrew tssarew e[x|n ^ ^ xontew \f' e autn: 24 totouw paralabWn a gnsyhti sn a[tow, ka dapnhson \p' a[tow, na jur}svntai t|n kefal}n, ka gnsin pntew ti @n kat}xhntai per so o[dn \stin, ll stoixew ka a[tw tn nmon fulssvn. 25 Per
^ 21.11 te a[to eauto 21.13 &Apekryh te Tte pekryh 21.14 T ylhma to kurou gensyv To kurou t ylhma ginsyv 21.15 ^Ierousal}m ^Ierosluma 21.17 \djanto pedjanto 21.20 krion epntew yen epn te 21.20 21.22 21.22 21.24 21.24 21.24 &Ioudavn \n tow &Ioudaoiw de plyow sunelyen gr jur}svntai jur}sontai gnsin gnQsontai tn nmon fulssvn fulssvn tn nmon
17 15



21.26 - 21.36


d tn pepisteuktvn \ynn =mew \pestelamen, krnantew mhdn toioton thren a[tow, e m| fulssesyai a[tow t te edvlyuton ka t a<ma ka pniktn ka pornean. 26 Tte ` Palow paralabWn tow ndraw, t_ \xomn+ =mr sn ^ a[tow a gnisye w e s ei e w t ern, diaggllvn t|n ^ \kpl}rvsin tn =mern to a gnismo, vw o proshnxyh ^ ^ pr enw ekstou a[tn = prosfor. ^ ^Vw d mellon a ept =mrai suntelesyai, o p tw &Asaw &Ioudaoi, yeasmenoi a[tn \n t! er!, sunxeon pnta tn xlon, ka \pbalon tw xe r a w \p ' a[tn, 28 krzontew, *Andrew &Israhltai, bohyete. Otw \stin ` nyrvpow ` kat to lao ka to nmou ka to tpou totou pntaw pantaxo didskvn: ti te ka %Ellhnaw es}gagen ew t ern, ka kekonvken tn gion tpon toton. 29 )Hsan gr ^ evraktew Trfimon tn &Efsion \n t_ plei sn a[t!, $ n o 30 \nmizon ti ew t ern es}gagen ` Palow. &Ekin}yh te = pliw lh, ka \gneto sundrom| to lao: ka \pilabmenoi to Palou e< l k o n a[tn jv to ero: ka e[yv w \klesyhsan a yrai. 31 Zhtontvn d a[tn poktenai, nbh fsiw t! xilirx~ tw sperhw, ti lh sugkxutai ^Ierousal}m: 32 $ w \jautw paralabWn stratiQtaw ka o ^ katontrxouw, katdramen \p' a[tow: o d, dntew tn e xilarxon ka tow stratiQtaw, \pasanto tptontew tn Palon. 33 &Eggsaw d ` xilarxow \pelbeto a[to, ka ^ \kleusen deynai alsesin dusn: ka \punyneto tw n eh, ka t \stin pepoihkQw. 34 *Alloi d llo ti \bvn \n t! xl~: m| dunmenow d gnnai t sfalw di tn yrubon, \kleusen gesyai a[tn ew t|n parembol}n. 35 %O te d \gneto \p tow nabaymow, sunbh bastzesyai a[tn p tn strativtn di t|n ban to xlou. 36 &Hkoloyei gr t plyow to lao krzon, Are a[tn.
21.25 mhdn toioton thren a[tow e m| 21.25 ka t ka 21.27 tw xeraw \p' a[tn \p' a[tn tw xeraw 21.28 pantaxo pantax_ ^ 21.29 evraktew proevraktew 21.31 d te sugkxutai sugxnnetai ^ ^ ekatontrxouw ekatontrxaw &Eggsaw d Tte \ggsaw n \bvn \pefQnoun dunmenow d dunamnou d a[to 21.36 krzon krzontew 21.31 21.32 21.33 21.33 21.34 21.34




21.37 - 22.10

Mllvn te esgesyai ew t|n parembol|n ` Palow lgei t! xilirx~, E jestn moi epen prw se; ^O d fh, ^Ellhnist ginQskeiw; 38 O[k ra s e ` Agptiow ` pr totvn tn =mern nastatQsaw ka \jagagWn ew t|n rhmon tow tetrakisxilouw ndraw tn sikarvn; 39 Epen d ` Palow, &EgW nyrvpow mn emi &Ioudaow, Tarsew tw Kilikaw, o[k s}mou plevw polthw: do m a i d sou, \ptrecn moi lalsai prw tn lan. 40 &Epitrcantow d ^ a[to, ` Palow e stWw \p tn nabaymn katseisen t_ xeir t! la!: pollw d sigw genomnhw, prosefQnei t_ ^Ebradi dialkt~ lgvn,

2 3

*Andrew delfo ka patrew, kosat mou tw prw mw nun pologaw.

&Akosantew d ti t_ ^Ebradi dialkt~ prosefQnei a[tow, mllon parsxon =suxan. Ka fhsin, &EgW mn emi n|r &Ioudaow, gegennhmnow \n Tars! tw Kilikaw, nateyrammnow d \n t_ plei tat+ par tow pdaw Gamali}l, pepaideumnow kat krbeian to patrou nmou, zhlvt|w prxvn to yeo, kayWw pntew mew \ste s}meron: 4 $ w tathn t|n `dn \dvja xri yantou, o desmevn ka paradidow ew fulakw ndraw te ka gunakaw. 5 ^Vw ka ` rxierew marture moi, ka pn t presbutrion: par' @n ka \pistolw dejmenow prw tow delfow, ew Damaskn \poreumhn, jvn ka tow \kese ntaw dedemnouw ew ^Ierousal}m, na timvrhysin. 6 &Egneto d moi poreuomn~ ka \ggzonti t_ Damask!, per meshmbran, \jafnhw \k to o[rano periastrcai fw kann per \m. 7 *Epes te ew t dafow, ka kousa fvnw legoshw moi, Saol, Saol, t me diQkeiw; 8 &EgW d pekryhn, Tw e, krie; Epn te prw me, &EgQ emi &Ihsow ` Nazvraow $ n s diQkeiw. 9 O d sn \mo ntew t mn fw o \yesanto, ka mfoboi \gnonto: t|n d fvn|n o[k kousan to lalontw moi. 10 Epon d, T poi}sv, krie; ^O d kriow epen prw me, &Anastw poreou ew Damaskn: kke soi
21.37 prw ti prw 21.40 prosefQnei prosefQnhsen 22.3 mn 22.9 ka mfoboi \gnonto



22.11 - 22.26


ka fulssvn

lalhy}setai per pntvn @n ttakta soi poisai. 11 ^Vw d o[k \nblepon p tw djhw to fvtw \kenou, xeiragvgomenow p tn sunntvn moi, lyon ew Damaskn. 12 &A n a n a w d tiw, n|r e[seb|w kat tn nmon, marturomenow p pntvn tn katoikontvn &Ioudavn, 13 \l yW n prw me ka \pistw epn moi, Saol delf, % nblecon. KgW a[t_ t_ vr nbleca ew a[tn. 14 ^O d epen, ^O yew tn patrvn =mn proexeirsat se gnnai t ylhma a[to, ka den tn dkaion, ka kosai fvn|n \k to stmatow a[to. 15 %O ti s+ mrtuw a[t! prw pntaw ^ nyrQpouw @n eQrakaw ka kousaw. 16 Ka nn t mlleiw; ^ &A n a s t w bptisai ka plousai tw a martaw sou, 17 \pikalesmenow t noma to kurou. &Egneto d moi postrcanti ew ^Ierousal}m, ka proseuxomnou mou \n t! er!, gensyai me \n \kstsei, 18 ka den a[tn lgont moi, Speson ka j el ye \n txei \j ^Ier o u s a l } m : diti o[ paradjonta sou t|n marturan per \mo. 19 KgW epon, Krie, a[to \pstantai ti \gW mhn fulakzvn ka drvn kat tw sunagvgw tow pisteontaw \p s: 20 ka te \jexeto t a<ma Stefnou to mrturw sou, ka a[tw mhn \festWw ka suneudokn t_ nairsei a[to, fulssvn t mtia tn nairontvn a[tn. 21 Ka epen prw me, Poreou, ti \gW ew ynh makrn \japostel se. *Hkouon d a[to xri totou to lgou, ka \pran t|n fvn|n a[tn lgontew, Are p tw gw tn toioton: o[ gr kayken a[tn z_n. 23 Krazntvn d a[tn, ka ]iptontvn t mtia, ka koniortn ballntvn ew tn ra, 24 \kleusen a[tn ` xilarxow gesyai ew t|n parembol}n, epWn mstijin netzesyai a[tn, na \pign! di' n atan o% tvw \pefQnoun a[t!. 25 ^Vw d proteinen a[tn tow u ^ ^ msin, epen prw tn e stta e katntarxon ` Palow, E nyrvpon ^Rvmaon ka katkriton jestin mn mastzein; 26 ^ &Akosaw d ` e katntarxow, proselyWn p}ggeilen t!
22.12 22.16 22.18 22.20 22.20 22.23 22.24 e[seb|w e[lab|w to kurou a[to t|n \jexeto \jexnneto t_ nairsei a[to ka Krazntvn d kraugazntvn te a[tn ` xilarxow gesyai ` 22.24 22.25 22.26 22.26 xilarxow esgesyai a[tn epWn epaw proteinen proteinan ^ ^ ekatntarxow ekatontrxhw p}ggeilen t! xilirx~ t! xilirx~ p}ggeilen





xilirx~ lgvn, %Ora t mlleiw poien: ` gr nyrvpow otow ^Rvmaw \stin. 27 ProselyWn d ` xilarxow epen a[t!, Lge moi, e s ^Rvmaow e; ^O d fh, Na. 28 &A p e k r y h te ` xilarxow, &EgW pollo kefalaou t|n politean tathn \k t h s m h n . ^O d Palow fh, &EgW d ka gegnnhmai. 29 E[yvw o{n psthsan p' a[to o mllontew a[tn netzein. Ka ` xilarxow d \fob}yh, \pignow ti ^Rvmaw \stin, ka ti n a[tn dedekQw. T_ d \parion boulmenow gnnai t sfalw, t t kathgoretai par tn &Ioudavn, lusen a[tn p tn desmn, ka \kleusen \lyen tow rxierew ka lon t sundrion a[tn, ka katagagWn tn Palon sthsen ew a[tow.

22.27 - 23.9

&Atensaw d ` Palow t! sunedr~ epen, *Andrew delfo, \gW ps+ suneid}sei gay_ pepolteumai t! ye! xri tathw tw =mraw. 2 ^O d rxierew &Ananaw \ptajen tow parestsin a[t! tptein a[to t stma. 3 Tte ` Palow prw a[tn epen, Tptein se mllei ` yew, toxe kekoniamne: ka s ky+ krnvn me kat tn nmon, ka paranomn keleeiw me tptesyai; 4 O d paresttew epon, Tn rxiera to yeo loidorew; 5 *Efh te ` Palow, O[k dein, delfo, ti \stn rxierew: ggraptai gr, *Arxonta to lao sou o[k \rew kakw. 6 Gnow d ` Palow ti t n mrow \stn Saddoukavn, t d teron Farisavn, krajen \n t! sunedr~, *Andrew delfo, \gW Farisaw emi, uw Farisaou: per \lpdow ka nastsevw nekrn \gW krnomai. 7 Toto d a[to lal}santow, \gneto stsiw tn Farisavn, ka \sxsyh t plyow. 8 Saddoukaoi mn gr lgousin m| enai nstasin, mhd ggelon, m}te pnema: Farisaoi d `mologosin t mftera. 9 &Egneto d kraug|
22.26 22.27 22.28 22.29 22.30 22.30 22.30 22.30 22.30 %Ora e s s te d n a[tn a[tn n par p p tn desmn \lyen sunelyen lon pn a[tn 23.4 23.5 23.6 23.6 23.6 23.7 23.7 epon epan *Arxonta ti *Arxonta krajen krazen Farisaou Farisavn \gW krnomai \gW krnomai lal}santow epntow Farisavn Farisavn ka Saddoukavn 23.8 mhd m}te


Farisavn ka tn Saddoukavn


23.10 - 23.20


meglh: ka nastntew o grammatew to mrouw tn Farisavn diemxonto lgontew, O[dn kakn erskomen \n t! nyrQp~ tot~: e d pnema \llhsen a[t! ( ggelow, m| h 10 yeomaxmen. Pollw d genomnhw stsevw, e[labhyew ` xilarxow m| diaspasy_ ` Palow p' a[tn, \kleusen t ^ strteuma katabnai ka a rpsai a[tn \k msou a[tn, gein te ew t|n parembol}n. T_ d \pios+ nukt \pistw a[t! ` kriow epen, Yrsei Pale: qw gr diemartrv t per \mo ew ^Ierousal}m, o% tvw se de ka ew ^RQmhn martursai. u Genomnhw d =mraw, poi}santw tinew tn &Ioudavn ^ sustrof}n, neyemtisan eautow, lgontew m}te fagen m}te pien vw o poktenvsin tn Palon. 13 )Hsan d pleouw tessarkonta o tathn t|n sunvmosan pepoihktew: 14 otinew proselyntew tow rxieresin ka tow ^ presbutroiw epon, &Anaymati neyematsamen e autow, mhdenw gesasyai vw o poktenvmen tn Palon. 15 Nn o{n mew \mfansate t! xilirx~ sn t! sunedr~, pvw arion a[tn katagg+ prw mw, qw ml l o n t a w diaginQskein kribsteron t per a[to: =mew d, pr to \ggsai a[tn, toimo \smen to nelen a[tn. 16 &Akosaw d ` uw tw delfw Palou t nedron, paragenmenow ka e s el yW n e w t|n parembol}n, p}ggeilen t! Pal~. 17 ^ Proskalesmenow d ` Palow na tn ekatontrxvn fh, Tn neanan toton pgage prw tn xilarxon: xei gr ti paggelai a[t!. 18 ^O mn o{n paralabWn a[tn gagen prw t n xi l a r xo n , ka fhsin, ^O ds m i o w Palow proskalesmenw me rQthsen toton tn neanan gagen prw se, xont ti lalsa soi. 19 &Epilabmenow d tw xeirw a[to ` xilarxow, ka naxvr}saw kat' dan \punyneto, T \stin $ xeiw paggela moi; 20 Epen d ti O &Ioudaoi o
23.9 23.9 23.10 23.10 23.10 23.11 23.12 o grammatew tinw tn grammatvn m| yeomaxmen genomnhw ginomnhw e[labhyew fobhyew katabnai ka katabn Pale tinew tn &Ioudavn sustrof}n sustrof|n o &Ioudaoi 23.13 23.13 23.14 23.15 tessarkonta tesserkonta pepoihktew poihsmenoi epon epan arion a[tn katagg+ prw katagg+ a[tn ew 23.16 t nedron t|n \ndran 23.17 ti paggelai paggela ti 23.18 neanan neanskon
12 11

katagg+ a[tn



23.21 - 23.32

sunyento to \rvtsa se, pvw arion ew t sundrion katagg+w tn Palon, qw mllont ti kribsteron punynesyai per a[to. 21 S o{n m| peisy_w a[tow: \n e d r e o u s i n gr a[tn \j a[tn ndrew pleouw ^ tessarkonta, otinew neyemtisan e autow m}te fagen m}te pien vw o nlvsin a[tn: ka nn toimo esin prosdex m en o i t|n p so \paggelan. 22 ^O mn o{n xi l a r xo w plusen tn neanan, paraggelaw Mhden \k l a l s a i ti tata \nefnisaw prw me. 23 Ka ^ proskalesmen o w do tinw tn e katontrxvn epen, ^Etoimsate stratiQtaw diakosouw pvw poreuysin vw ^ Kaisareaw, ka ppew e bdom}konta, ka dejiolbouw % diakosouw, p trthw v raw tw nuktw: 24 kt}nh te parastsai, na \pibibsantew tn Palon diasQsvsin prw F}lika tn =gemna: 25 grcaw \pistol|n perixousan tn tpon toton:


Kladiow Lusaw t! kratst~ =gemni F}liki xarein. Tn ndra toton sullhfynta p tn &Ioudavn, ka mllonta nairesyai p' a[tn, \pistw sn t! stratemati \jeilmhn a[tn, mayWn ti ^Rvmaw \stin. 28 Boulmenow d gnnai t|n atan di' n \nekloun a[t!, kat}gagon a[tn ew t sundrion a[tn: 29 $ n eron \gkalomenon per o zhthmtvn to nmou a[tn, mhdn jion yantou ( desmn h 30 gklhma xonta. Mhnuyeshw d moi \piboulw ew tn ndra mllein sesyai p tn &Ioudavn, \jautw pemca prw se, paraggelaw ka tow kathgroiw lgein t prw a[tn \p so. *Errvso. O mn o{n stratitai, kat t diatetagmnon a[tow, nalabntew tn Palon, gagon di tw nuktw ew t|n &A n t i p a t r d a . 32 T_ d \parion \santew tow ppew


23.20 ew t sundrion katagg+w tn Palon tn Palon katagg+w ew t sundrion 23.20 mllont mllon 23.21 tessarkonta tesserkonta 23.21 toimo esin esin toimoi 23.22 neanan neanskon 23.23 tinw tinw 23.25 perixousan xousan 23.27 sullhfynta sullhmfynta 23.27 \jeilmhn a[tn \jeilmhn

23.28 23.28 23.29 23.29 23.30 23.30 23.30 23.31

d gnnai te \pignnai a[tn jion d jion gklhma xonta xonta gklhma mllein sesyai p tn &Ioudavn sesyai t t *Errvso tw


23.33 - 24.12


poreesyai sn a[t!, pstrecan ew t|n parembol}n: 33 otinew eselyntew ew t|n Kaisreian, ka nadntew t|n \pistol|n t! =gemni, parsthsan ka tn Palon a[t!. 34 &Anagnow d ` =gemQn, ka \pervt}saw \k poaw \parxaw \stn, ka puymenow ti p Kilikaw, 35 Diakosoma sou, fh, tan ka o kat}goro sou paragnvntai. &Ekleusn te a[tn \n t! praitvr~ ^Hrdou fulssesyai.


Met d pnte =mraw katbh ` rxierew &Ananaw met tn presbutrvn ka ]}torow Tertllou tinw, otinew \nefnisan t! =gemni kat to Palou. 2 Klhyntow d a[to, rjato kathgoren ` Trtullow lgvn,
Pollw er}nhw tugxnontew di so, ka katoryvmtvn ginomnvn t! ynei tot~ di tw sw pronoaw, 3 pnt+ te ka panta xo podex m eya , krtiste Flij, met pshw e[xaristaw. 4 %Ina d m| \p plen se \gkptv, parakal kosa se =mn suntmvw t_ s_ \pieike. 5 Erntew gr tn ndra toton loimn, ka kinonta stsin psin tow &Ioudaoiw tow kat t|n okoumnhn, prvtostthn te tw tn Nazvravn arsevw: 6 $ w ka t ern \perasen bebhlsai: o 7 8 $ n ka \krat}samen: par' o dun}s+, a[tw nakrnaw, o per pntvn totvn \pignnai @n =mew kathgoromen a[to. 9 Sunepyento d ka o &Ioudaoi, fskontew tata o% tvw u xein. &Apekryh d ` Palow, nesantow a[t! to =gemnow lgein,


$ ow ka t ern \perasen bebhlsai: on ka \krat}samen: ka kat tn =mteron nmon yel}samen krnai. 7 ParelyWn d Lusaw ` xilarxow met pollw baw \k tn xeirn =mn p}gagen, 8 kelesaw tow kathgrouw a[to rxesyai \p so: par' o dun}s+, a[tw nakrnaw, per pntvn totvn \pignnai @n =mew kathgoromen a[to.
23.32 23.34 23.34 23.35 23.35 poreesyai prxesyai ` =gemQn \parxaw \parxeaw &Ekleusn te a[tn Kelesaw ^Hrdou fulssesyai to ^Hrdou fulssesyai a[tn 24.1 tn presbutrvn presbutrvn tinn 24.2 katoryvmtvn dioryvmtvn 24.5 stsin stseiw 24.10 d te




24.11 - 24.23

&E k polln \tn nta se krit|n t! yn ei tot~ \pistmenow, e[yumteron t per \mauto pologomai, 11 dunamnou sou gnnai ti o[ pleouw esn moi =mrai dekado, f' w nbhn proskun}svn \n ^Ierousal}m: 12 ka ote \n t! er ! e r n me prw tina dialegmenon ( h \pisstasin poionta xlou, ote \n taw sunagvgaw, ote kat t|n plin. 13 Ote parastsa me dnantai per @n nn kathgorosn mou. 14 ^O molog d tot soi, ti kat t|n `dn n lgousin aresin, o% tvw latrev t! patr~ ye!, pistevn u psin tow kat tn nmon ka tow prof}taiw gegrammnoiw: 15 \lpda xvn ew tn yen, n ka a[to otoi prosdxontai, nstasin mllein sesyai nekrn, dikavn te ka dkvn. 16 &En tot~ d a[tw sk, prskopon sunedhsin xvn prw tn ye n ka tow nyrQpouw di pantw. 17 Di' \tn d pleinvn paregenmhn \lehmosnaw poi}svn ew t ynow mou ka prosforw: 18 \n o<w ern me =gnismnon \n t! er!, o[ met xlou o[d met yorbou, tinw p tw &Asaw &Ioudaoi: 19 ow de \p so parenai ka kathgoren e ti xoien prw me. 20 (H a[to otoi eptvsan, t eron \n \mo dkhma, stntow mou \p to sunedrou, 21 ( per miw tathw fvnw, w h ^ kraja e stWw \n a[tow, ti Per nastsevw nekrn \gW krnomai s}meron f' mn. &A k o s a w d tata ` Flij nebleto a[tow, kribsteron edWw t per tw `do, epQn, %Otan Lusaw ` xi l a r xo w katab_, diagnQsomai t kay' mw: 23 ^ diatajmenw te t! e katontrx+ thresyai tn Palon, xei n te nesin, ka mhdna kvlein tn dvn a[to phreten ( prosrxesyai a[t!. h
24.10 24.11 24.11 24.11 24.12 24.13 24.13 24.13 24.14 24.15 24.16 24.16 24.17 24.17 24.18 e[yumteron e[ymvw gnnai \pignnai dekado dQdeka \n ew \pisstasin \pstasin Ote O[d me dnantai dnanta soi nn nun prof}taiw \n tow prof}taiw nekrn d ka xvn xein paregenmhn ka paregenmhn ka o<w a<w 24.18 24.19 24.19 24.20 24.21 24.21 24.22 24.22 24.23 24.23 24.23 p d p de dei me \m \n \mo ^ kraja estWw \n a[tow ^ \kkraja \n a[tow estWw f' \f' &Akosaw d tata ` Flij nebleto a[tow &Anebleto d a[tow ` Flij epQn epaw te t! t! tn Palon a[tn ( prosrxesyai h


24.24 - 25.9


Met d =mraw tinw, paragenmenow ` Flij sn Drousll+ t_ gunaik os+ &Iouda, metepmcato tn Palon, ka kousen a[to per tw ew xristn pstevw. 25 Dialegomnou d a[to per dikaiosnhw ka \gkrateaw ka to krmatow to mllontow sesyai, mfobow genmenow ` Flij pekryh, T nn xon poreou: kairn d metalabWn metakalsoma se: 26 ma ka \lpzvn ti xr}mata doy}setai a[t! p to Palou, pvw ls+ a[tn: di ka puknteron a[tn metapempmenow qmlei a[t!. 27 Dietaw d plhrvyeshw, laben didoxon ` Flij Prkion Fston: yl v n te xritaw katays ya i tow &Ioudaoiw ` Flij katlipen tn Palon dedemnon.


Fstow o{n \pibw t_ \parx, met trew =mraw nbh ew ^Ierosluma p Kaisareaw. 2 &E n ef n i s a n d a[t! ` rxierew ka o prtoi tn &I o u d a v n kat to Palou, ka parekloun a[tn, 3 atomenoi xrin kat' a[to, pvw metapmchtai a[tn ew ^Ierousal}m, \ndran poiontew nelen a[tn kat t|n `dn. 4 ^O mn o{n Fstow pekryh, thresyai tn Palon \n ^ Kaisare, eautn d mllein \n txei \kporeesyai. 5 O o{n dunato \n mn, fhsn, sugkatabntew, e ti \stn \n t! ndr totv, kathgoretvsan a[to.


Diatrcaw d \n a[tow =mraw pleouw ( dka, katabw h e w Kaisreian, t_ \parion kaysaw \p to b}matow \kleusen tn Palon xynai. 7 Paragenomnou d a[to, peristhsan o p ^Ierosolmvn katabebhktew &Ioudaoi, poll ka bara atiQmata frontew kat to Palou, $ a 8 o[k sxuon podejai, pologoumnou a[to ti Ote ew tn nmon tn &Ioudavn, ote ew t ern, ote ew Kasar ti % marton. 9 ^O Fstow d tow &Ioudaoiw yl v n x r i n h
gunaik d gunaik pstevw &Ihson pstevw sesyai pvw ls+ a[tn xritaw xrita \parx \parxe d a[t! ` rxierew te a[t! o rxierew 25.4 \n Kaisare ew Kaisreian 25.5 dunato \n mn fhsn \n mn 24.24 24.24 24.25 24.26 24.27 25.1 25.2 fhsn dunato 25.5 totv topon 25.6 pleouw o[ pleouw ktW 25.7 o a[tn o 25.7 frontew kat to Palou katafrontew 25.8 pologoumnou a[to to Palou pologoumnou 25.9 tow &Ioudaoiw ylvn ylvn tow &Ioudaoiw



25.10 - 25.22

katays y a i , pokriye w t! Pal~ epen, Yleiw ew ^Ierosluma nabw, \ke per totvn krnesyai \p' \mo; 10 ^ Epen d ` Palow, &Ep to b}matow Kasarow estQw emi, o me de krnesyai: &Ioudaouw o[dn dkhsa, qw ka s kllion \piginQskeiw. 11 E mn gr dik ka jion yantou pprax ti, o[ paraitomai t poyanen: e d o[dn \stin @n ot o i kathgorosn mou, o[dew me dnatai a[tow xa r s a s ya i . Kasara \pikalomai. 12 Tte ` Fstow sull a l } s a w met to sumboulou pekryh, Kasara \pikklhsai; &Ep Kasara pores+. ^Hmern d diagenomnvn tinn, &Agrppaw ` basilew ka Bernkh kat}nthsan ew Kaisreian, spasmenoi tn Fston. 14 ^Vw d pleouw =mraw ditriben \ke, ` Fstow t! basile nyeto t kat tn Palon, lgvn, &An}r tw \stin kataleleimmnow p F}likow dsmiow, 15 per o, genomnou mou ew ^Ierosluma, \nefnisan o rxierew ka o presbteroi tn &Ioudavn, atomenoi kat' a[to dkhn. 16 Prw ow pekryhn, ti o[k stin yo w ^R v m a o i w xa r z es ya tina nyrvpon ew pQleian, prn ( ` h kathgoromenow kat prsvpon xoi tow kathgrouw, tpon te pologaw lboi per to \gkl}matow. 17 Sunelyntvn o{n ^ a[tn \nyde, nabol|n mhdeman poihsmenow, t_ e jw kaysaw \p to b}matow, \kleusa xynai tn ndra: 18 per o stayntew o kat}goroi o[deman atan \pferon @n penoun \gQ, 19 zht}mata d tina per tw daw deisidaimonaw exon prw a[tn, ka per tinow &Ihso teynhktow, $ n fasken ` Palow z_n. 20 &Aporomenow d \gW o t|n per totou z}thsin, legon, e boloito poreesyai ew ^Ierousal}m, kke krnesyai per totvn. 21 To d Palou \pikalesamnou thrhynai a[tn ew t|n to Sebasto dignvsin, \kleusa thresyai a[tn, vw o pmcv a[tn prw Kasara. 22 &A g r p p a w d prw tn Fston f h ,
25.9 25.11 25.14 25.15 25.16 25.17 25.18 krnesyai kriynai gr o{n ditriben ditribon dkhn katadkhn ew pQleian a[tn a[tn \pferon feron 25.18 penoun \gQ \gW penoun ponhrn 25.20 totou totvn 25.20 ^Ierousal}m ^Ierosluma 25.21 pmcv napmcv 25.22 fh
13 spasmenoi ditribon


25.23 - 26.6


&Eboulmhn ka a[tw to nyrQpou kosai. ^O d, Arion, fhsn, kos+ a[to. T_ o{n \parion, \lyntow to &Agrppa ka tw Bernkhw met pollw fantasaw, ka eselyntvn ew t kroat}rion, sn te tow xilirxoiw ka ndrsin tow kat' \jox|n o{sin tw plevw, ka kelesantow to F}stou, xyh ` Palow. 24 Ka fhsin ` Fstow, &Agrppa basile, ka pntew o sumparntew =mn ndrew, yevrete toton per o pn t plyow tn &Ioudavn \ntuxn moi n te ^Ierosolmoiw ka \nyde, \p i b o n t ew m| den z_n a[tn mhkti. 25 &E g W d katalabmenow mhdn jion yantou a[tn pepraxnai, ka a[to d totou \pikalesamnou tn Sebastn, krina pmpein a[tn. 26 Per o sfalw ti grcai t! kur~ o[k xv. Di pro}gagon a[tn \f' mn, ka mlista \p so, basile &Agrppa, pvw tw nakrsevw genomnhw sx ti grcai. 27 *Alogon gr moi doke, pmponta dsmion, m| ka tw kat' a[to ataw shmnai.

2 \yn

&Agrppaw d prw tn Palon fh, &Epitrpeta soi pr seauto lgein. Tte ` Palow pelogeto, \ktenaw t|n xera,

Per pntvn @n \gkalomai p &Ioudavn, basile &A g r p p a , % ghmai \mautn makrion \p so mllvn h pologesyai s}meron: 3 mlista gnQsthn nta s pntvn tn kat &Ioudaouw yn te ka zhthmtvn: di doma sou, makroymvw kosa mou. 4 T|n mn o{n bvsn mou t|n \k nethtow, t|n p' rxw genomnhn \n t! yn ei mou \n ^Ierosolmoiw, sasin pntew o &Ioudaoi, 5 proginQskontw me nvyen, \n ylvsin marturen, ti kat t|n kribestthn aresin tw =metraw yrhskeaw zhsa Farisaow. 6 Ka nn
25.22 25.23 25.23 25.24 25.24 25.24 25.25 25.25 25.25 25.25 25.26 ^O d tow xilirxoiw xilirxoiw o{sin pn pan \pibontew bontew z_n a[tn a[tn zn katalabmenow katelabmhn yantou a[tn a[tn yantou ka pmpein a[tn pmpein sx ti grcai sx t grcv 26.1 26.1 26.2 26.3 26.3 26.4 26.4 26.4 pr per pelogeto \ktenaw t|n xera \ktenaw t|n xera pelogeto pologesyai s}meron s}meron pologesyai yn \yn sou t|n \k t|n \k ^Ierosolmoiw te ^Ierosolmoiw o o



\p' \lpdi tw prw tow patraw \paggelaw genomnhw p to yeo sthka krinmenow, 7 ew n t dvdekfulon =mn \n \ktene nkta ka =mran latreon \lpzei katantsai: per w \lpdow \gkalomai, basile &Agrppa, p &Ioudavn. 8 T piston krnetai par' mn, e ` yew nekrow \gerei; 9 &E g W mn o{n doja \maut! prw t noma &Ihso to Nazvraou den poll \nanta prjai: 10 $ ka \pohsa \n o ^ ^I er o s o l m o i w, ka pollow tn a gvn \gW fulakaw katkleisa, t|n par tn rxiervn \jousan labQn, nairoumnvn te a[tn kat}negka cfon. 11 Ka kat psaw tw sunagvgw pollkiw timvrn a[tow, ngkazon blasfhmen: perissw te \mmainmenow a[tow, \dvkon vw ka ew tw jv pleiw. 12 &En o<w ka poreumenow ew t|n Damaskn met' \jousaw ka \pitropw tw par tn rxiervn, 13 =mraw mshw, kat t|n `dn edon, basile, o[ranyen pr t|n lamprthta to =lou, perilmcan me fw ka tow sn \mo poreuomnouw. 14 Pntvn d katapesntvn =mn ew t|n gn, kousa fvn|n lalosan prw me ka lgousan t_ ^Ebradi dialkt~, Saol, Saol, t me diQkeiw; Sklhrn soi prw kntra laktzein. 15 &EgW d epon, Tw e, krie; ^O d epen, &EgQ emi &Ihsow $ n s o 16 diQkeiw. &All nsthyi, ka styi \p tow pdaw sou: ew * toto gr v fyhn soi, proxei r s a s ya se phrthn ka mrtura @n te edew @n te fy}soma soi, 17 \jairomenw se \k to lao ka tn \yn n , e w ow \gW se postllv, 18 nojai fyalmow a[tn, to postrcai p sktouw ew fw ka tw \jousaw to Satan \p tn yen, to laben ^ a[tow fesin a martin, ka klron \n tow =giasmnoiw pstei t_ ew \m. 19 %O yen, basile &Agrppa, o[k \genmhn peiy|w t_ o[ran~ ptas: 20 ll tow \n Damask! prton ka ^Ierosolmoiw, ew psn te t|n xQran tw &Ioudaaw, ka
26.6 prw ew 26.6 patraw patraw =mn 26.7 basile &Agrppa p &Ioudavn p &Ioudavn basile 26.10 pollow pollow te 26.10 fulakaw \n fulakaw 26.12 ka poreumenow poreumenow 26.12 par 26.14 d te 26.14 lalosan prw me ka lgousan 26.15 26.15 26.16 26.17 26.17 26.18 26.20
lgousan prw me epon epa epen kriow epen edew edw me tn \k tn se postllv postllv se postrcai \pistrcai ka ^Ierosolmoiw ew te ka

26.7 - 26.20




26.21 - 26.32


me o &Ioudaoi

tow ynesin, paggllvn metanoen, ka \pistrfein \p tn yen, jia tw metanoaw rga prssontaw. 21 %Eneka totvn o &Ioudaoi me sullabmenoi \n t! er ! \p ei r n t o diaxeirsasyai. 22 &Epikouraw o{n tuxWn tw par to yeo, xri tw =mraw tathw sthka marturmenow mikr! te ka megl~, o[dn \ktw lgvn @n te o proftai \llhsan mellntvn gnesyai ka Mvsw, 23 e payhtw ` xristw, e prtow \j nastsevw nekrn fw mllei kataggllein t! la! ka tow ynesin. Tata d a[to pologoumnou, ` Fstow megl+ t_ fvn_ fh, Man+, Pale: t poll se grmmata ew manan peritrpei. 25 ^O d, O[ manomai, fhsn, krtiste Fste, ll lhyeaw ka svfrosnhw ]}mata pofyggomai. 26 &E p s t a t a i gr per totvn ` basilew, prw $ n ka o parrhsiazmenow lal: lanynein gr a[tn ti totvn o[ peyomai o[dn: o[ gr \n gvn pepragmnon toto. 27 Pisteeiw, basile &Agrppa, tow prof}taiw; Oda ti pisteeiw. 28 ^O d &Agrppaw prw tn Palon fh, &En lg~ me peyei w Xristiann gensyai. 29 ^O d Palow epen, E[jamhn n t! ye!, ka \n lg~ ka \n poll! o[ mnon se, ll ka pntaw tow koontw mou s}meron, gensyai toiotouw `poow kgQ emi, parektw tn desmn totvn. Ka tata epntow a[to, nsth ` basilew ka ` =gemQn, % te Bernkh, ka o sugkay}menoi a[tow: 31 ka h naxvr}santew \lloun prw ll}louw, lgontew ti O[dn ya n t o u jion ( des m n prssei ` nyrvpow otow. h 32 &A g r p p a w d t! F}st~ fh, &Apolelsyai \dnato ` nyrvpow otow, e m| \pekklhto Kasara.
30 24

26.20 26.21 26.21 26.22 26.23 26.24 26.25 26.26 26.26

paggllvn p}ggellon o &Ioudaoi me me &Ioudaoi \n nta \n par p la! te la! fh fhsin O[ Palow, O[ ti ti o[dn o[ gr o[yn o[ gr \stin

26.28 26.28 26.29 26.29 26.29 26.30

fh gensyai poisai epen poll! megl~ kgQ ka \gQ Ka tata epntow a[to nsth &Ansth te 26.31 jion ( desmn ( desmn jin h h ti



27.1 - 27.15


^Vw d \kryh to poplen =mw ew t|n &Italan, ^ pareddoun tn te Palon ka tinaw etrouw desmQtaw ^ e katontrx+, nmati &Ioul~, sperhw Sebastw. 2 &Epibntew d plo~ &Adramutthn!, mllontew plen tow kat t|n &Asan tpouw, n}xyh m en , ntow sn =mn ^ &Aristrxou Makednow Yessalonikvw. 3 T_ te e tr kat}xyhmen ew Sidna: filanyrQpvw te ` &Ioliow t! Pal~ xr h s m en o w \p t r ec en prw tow flouw poreuyn t a \pimeleaw tuxen. 4 Kkeyen naxyntew peplesamen t|n Kpron, di t tow nmouw enai \nantouw. 5 T te plagow t kat t|n Kilikan ka Pamfulan diaplesantew, kat } l yo m en e w Mra tw Lukaw. 6 Kke erWn ` ^ ekatntarxow ploon &Alejandrnon plon ew t|n &Italan, \n eb b a s en =mw ew a[t. 7 &E n kanaw d =mraiw braduploontew, ka mliw genmenoi kat t|n Kndon, m| prosentow =mw to nmou, peplesamen t|n Kr}thn kat SalmQnhn: 8 mliw te paralegmenoi a[t|n lyomen ew tpon tin kalomenon Kalow Limnaw, > \ggw n pliw Lasaa.

^I k a n o d xrnou diagenomnou, ka ntow dh \p i s f a l o w to plow, di t ka t|n nhstean dh parelhluynai, parnei ` Palow 10 lgvn a[tow, *Andrew, yevr ti met % brevw ka pollw zhmaw, o[ mnon to u fortou ka to ploou ll ka tn cuxn =mn, mllein ^ sesyai tn plon. 11 ^O d ekatontrxhw t! kubern}t+ ka t! naukl}r~ \p e yet o mllon ( tow p to Palou h 12 legomnoiw. &Aneuytou d to limnow prxontow prw paraxei m a s a n , o pleouw yen t o boul|n naxy n a i kkeyen , e pvw dnainto katant}santew ew Fonika paraxeimsai, limna tw Kr}thw blponta kat lba ka kat xron. 13 ^U p o p n e s a n t o w d ntou, djantew tw proysevw kekrathknai, rantew sson parelgonto t|n Kr}thn. 14 Met' o[ pol d balen kat' a[tw nemow tufvnikw, ` kalomenow E[rokldvn: 15 sunarpasyntow d
mllontew plen mllonti plen ew 27.3 poreuynta poreuynti ^ ^ 27.6 ekatntarxow ekatontrxhw 27.8 n pliw pliw n 27.11 \peyeto mllon mllon 27.2 27.11 27.12 27.12 27.12 27.14 \peyeto to pleouw pleonew kkeyen \keyen e pvw epvw E[rokldvn E[raklvn

^ ekatntarxow


27.16 - 27.31


to ploou, ka m| dunamnou ntofyalmen t! nm~, \p i d n t ew \f er m eya . 16 Nhson d ti podramntew kalomenon Kladhn mliw sxsamen perikratew gensyai tw skfhw: 17 n rantew, bohyeaiw \xrnto, pozvnnntew t ploon: fobomeno te m| ew t|n Srthn \kpsvsin, xa l s a n t ew t skeow, o % tvw \fronto. 18 Sfodrw d u ^ xeimazomnvn =mn, t_ e jw \kbol|n \poionto: 19 ka t_ trt+ a[txeirew t|n skeu|n to ploou \rrcamen. 20 M}te d =lou m}te strvn \pifainntvn \p pleonaw =mraw, xeimnw te o[k lgou \pikeimnou, loipn peri+reto psa \lpw to sQzesyai =mw. 21 Pollw d sitaw parxoshw, tte stayew ` Palow \n ms~ a[tn epen, *Edei mn, ndrew, peiyarx}santw moi m| ngesyai p tw Kr}thw, kerdsa te t|n % brin tathn ka t|n zhman. 22 Ka t nn u parain mw e[yumen: pobol| gr cuxw o[dema stai \j mn, pl|n to ploou. 23 Parsth gr moi tat+ t_ nukt ggelow to yeo, o emi, > ka latrev, 24 lgvn, M| fobo, Pale: Kasar se de parastnai: ka do, kexrista soi ` ye w pntaw tow plontaw met so. 25 Di e[yumete ndrew: pistev gr t! ye! ti o% tvw stai kay' $ n trpon u o 26 lellhta moi. Ew nson d tina de =mw \kpesen. ^Vw d tessareskaidekth nj \gneto, diaferomnvn =mn \n t! &Adr, kat mson tw nuktw penoun o natai prosgein tin a[tow xQran: 28 ka bolsantew eron rguiw ekosi: brax d diast}santew, ka plin bolsantew, eron rguiw dekapnte: 29 fobomeno te m}pvw ew traxew tpouw \kpsvmen, \k prmnhw ]cantew gkraw tssaraw, hxonto =mran gensyai. 30 Tn d nautn zhtontvn fugen \k to ploou, ka xalasntvn t|n skfhn ew t|n ylassan, profsei qw \k prQraw mellntvn gkraw ^ \k t e n ei n , 31 e p en ` Palow t! e katontrx+ ka tow stratiQtaiw, &En m| otoi menvsin \n t! plo~, mew
27.16 Kladhn mliw sxsamen Kada sxsamen mliw 27.17 Srthn Srtin 27.19 \rrcamen rrican 27.20 psa \lpw \lpw psa 27.21 d te 27.23 27.23 27.23 27.29 27.30 ggelow > \gW > latrev latrev ggelow m}pvw ew m} pou kat prQraw mellntvn gkraw prrhw gkraw mellntvn



27.32 - 27.44

svynai o[ dnasye. 32 Tte o stratitai pkocan t sxoina tw skfhw, ka easan a[t|n \kpesen. 33 *Axri d o mellen =mra gnesyai, pareklei ` Palow pantaw metalaben trofw, lgvn, Tessareskaidekthn s}meron =mran prosdokntew sitoi diatelete, mhdn proslabmenoi. 34 Di parakal mw proslaben trofw: toto gr prw tw metraw svthraw prxei: o[denw gr mn yrj \k tw kefalw pesetai. 35 EpWn d tata, ka labWn rton, e[xarsthsen t! ye! \nQpion pntvn: ka klsaw rjato \syein. 36 Eyumoi d genmenoi pntew ka a[to proselbonto trofw. 37 )Hmen d \n t! plo~ a psai ^ cuxa, diaksiai e bdom}konta j. 38 Koresyntew d tw trofw \kofizon t ploon, \kballmenoi tn ston ew t|n ylassan. 39 %O te d =mra \gneto, t|n gn o[k \pegnvskon: klpon d tina katenoun xo n t a agialn, ew $ n o 40 \boulesanto, e dunatn, \jsai t ploon. Ka tw gkraw perielntew evn ew t|n ylassan, ma nntew tw zeukthraw tn phdalvn: ka \prantew tn rtmona t_ pneos+ katexon ew tn agialn. 41 Peripesntew d ew tpon diylasson \pQkeilan t|n nan: ka = mn prQra \resasa meinen sleutow, = d prmna \leto p tw baw tn kumtvn. 42 Tn d strativtn boul| \gneto na tow desmQtaw poktenvsin, m} tiw \kkolumb}saw diafg+. 43 ^O ^ d e katntarxow, boulmenow diassai tn Palon, \k Q l u s en a[tow to boul}matow, \kleusn te tow dunamnouw kolumbn porrcantaw prQtouw \p t|n gn \jinai: 44 ka tow loipow, ow mn \p sansin, ow d \p tinvn tn p to ploou. Ka o % tvw \gneto pntaw u diasvynai \p t|n gn.


27.32 o stratitai pkocan pkocan o stratitai 27.33 mellen =mra =mra mellen 27.33 mhdn mhyn 27.34 proslaben metalaben 27.34 \k p 27.34 pesetai poletai 27.35 EpWn Epaw 27.37 )Hmen *Hmeya 27.37 \n t! plo~ a psai cuxa a

psai cuxa \n t! plo~ 27.38 tw 27.39 \boulesanto e dunatn \bouleonto e dnainto 27.40 rtmona rtmvna 27.41 \pQkeilan \pkeilan 27.41 tn kumtvn tn kumtvn ^ ^ 27.43 ekatntarxow ekatontrxhw 27.43 porrcantaw porcantaw


28.1 - 28.14

PRAJEIS APO STO LVN Ka diasvyntew, tte \pgnvsan ti Melth = nsow kaletai. 2 O d brbaroi parexon o[ t|n tuxosan filanyrvpan =mn: ncantew gr purn, proselbonto pntaw =mw, di tn etn tn \festta, ka di t cxow. 3 Sustrca n t o w d to Palou frugnvn plyow, ka \piyntow \p t|n purn, xidna \k tw yrmhw diejelyosa kaycen tw xei r w a[to. 4 ^V w d edon o brbaroi kremmenon t yhron \k tw xei r w a[to, legon prw ll}louw, Pntvw fonew \stin ` nyrvpow otow, $ n o 5 diasvynta \k tw yalsshw = Dkh z_n o[k easen. ^O mn o{n, potinjaw t yhron ew t pr, payen o[dn kakn. 6 O d prosedkvn a[tn mllein pmprasyai ( katapptein h fnv nekrn: \p pol d a[tn prosdokQntvn, ka yev r o n t v n mhdn topon ew a[tn ginmenon, metaballmenoi legon yen a[tn enai.
&En d tow per tn tpon \kenon prxen xvra t! prQt~ tw n}sou, nmati Popl~, $ w nadejmenow =mw o trew =mraw filofrnvw \jnisen. 8 &Egneto d tn patra to Poplou puretow ka dusenter sunex m en o n katakesyai: prw $ n ` Palow eselyQn, ka proseujmenow, o \p i ye w tw xe r a w a[t!, sato a[tn. 9 Totou o{n genomnou, ka o loipo o xontew syeneaw \n t_ n}s~ i pros}rxonto ka \yerapeonto: 10 o$ ka pollaw timaw \tmhsan =mw, ka nagomnoiw \pyento t prw t|n xrean.




Met d trew mnaw xyh m en \n plo~ parakexeimakti \n t_ n}s~, &Alejandrn~, paras}m~ Dioskoroiw. 12 Ka kataxyntew ew Surakosaw \pemenamen =mraw trew: 13 yen perielyntew kathnt}samen ew ^R}gion, ka met man =mran \pigenomnou ntou, deuteraoi lyomen ew Potilouw: 14 o erntew delfow, parekl}yhmen \p'
28.1 28.2 28.2 28.3 28.3 28.3 28.4 \pgnvsan \pgnvmen d te ncantew cantew plyow ti plyow \k p diejelyosa \jelyosa legon prw ll}louw prw ll}louw legon 28.6 metaballmenoi metabalmenoi 28.6 28.8 28.9 28.9 28.10 28.11 28.13 28.14 yen a[tn enai a[tn enai yen dusenter dusenter~ o{n d xontew syeneaw \n t_ n}s~ \n t_ n}s~ xontew syeneaw t|n xrean tw xreaw xyhmen n}xyhmen perielyntew perielntew \p' par'




28.15 - 28.25

^ a[tow \pimenai =mraw e pt: ka o% tvw ew t|n ^RQmhn u 15 lyomen. Kkeyen o delfo kosantew t per =mn, \jlyon ew pnthsin =mn xri &Appou Frou ka Trin Tabernn: ow dWn ` Palow, e[xarist}saw t! ye!, laben yrsow. ^ %O te d lyomen ew ^RQmhn, ` ekatntarxow pardvken tow desmouw t! stratopedrx+: t! d Pal~ \petrph ^ mnein kay' eautn, sn t! fulssonti a[tn stratiQt+. &Egneto d met =mraw trew sugkalsasyai tn Palon tow ntaw tn &Ioudavn prQtouw: sunelyntvn d a[tn, legen prw a[tow, *Andrew delfo, \gW o[dn \nanton poi}saw t! la! ( tow yesin tow patroiw, dsmiow h \j ^Ierosolmvn paredyhn ew tw xeraw tn ^Rvmavn: 18 otinew nakrnantw me \bolonto polsai, di t mhdeman atan yantou prxein \n \mo. 19 &Antilegntvn d tn &Ioudavn, nagksyhn \pikalsasyai Kasara, o[x qw to ynouw mou xvn ti kathgorsai. 20 Di tathn o{n t|n atan pareklesa mw den ka proslalsai: neken gr tw \lpdow to &Isra|l t|n lusin tathn perkeimai. 21 O d prw a[tn epon, ^Hmew ote grmmata per so \dejmeya p tw &Ioudaaw, ote paragenmenw tiw tn delfn p}ggeilen ( \llhsn ti per so ponhrn. h 22 &Ajiomen d par so kosai $ fronew: per mn gr tw a arsevw tathw gnvstn \s t i n =mn ti pantaxo ntilgetai. Tajmenoi d a[t! =mran, kon prw a[tn ew t|n jenan pleonew: o<w \jetyet o diamarturmenow t|n basilean to yeo, peyvn te a[tow t per to &Ihso, p te to nmou Mvsvw ka tn profhtn, p prv vw ^ e spraw. 24 Ka o mn \peyonto tow legomnoiw, o d pstoun. 25 &Asmfvnoi d ntew prw ll}louw pelonto, epntow to Palou ]ma n, ti Kalw t pnema t gion
28.14 28.15 28.16 28.16 lyomen lyamen \jlyon lyan lyomen es}lyomen ^ ` ekatntarxow pardvken tow desmouw t! stratopedrx+ 28.16 t! d Pal~ \petrph \petrph t! Pal~ 28.17 tn Palon a[tn 28.17 *Andrew delfo \gW &EgQ ndrew delfo 28.19 kathgorsai kathgoren 28.21 epon epan 28.22 \stin =mn =mn \stin 28.23 kon lyon 28.23 t
23 17 16 stratopedrx~


28.26 - 28.31



\llhsen di &Hsaou to prof}tou prw tow patraw =mn, 26 lgon, Poreyhti prw tn lan toton ka epn, &Ako_ kosete, ka o[ m| sunte: ka blpontew blcete, ka o[ m| dhte: 27 \paxnyh gr = karda to lao totou, ka tow & vsn barvw kousan, ka tow fyalmow a[tn \kmmusan: & m}pote dvsin tow fyalmow, ka tow vsn kosvsin, ka t_ kard sunsin, ka \pistrcvsin, ka somai a[tow. 28 Gnvstn o{n stv mn, ti tow yn es i n pestlh t svt}rion to yeo, a[to ka kosontai. 29 Ka tata a[to ^ epntow, plyon o &Ioudaoi, poll|n xontew \n e autow suz}thsin. *Emeinen d ` Palow dietan lhn \n d~ misyQmati, ka pedxeto pntaw tow esporeuomnouw prw a[tn, 31 khrssvn t|n basilean to yeo, ka didskvn t per to kurou &Ihso xristo, met pshw parrhsaw, kvltvw.

28.25 =mn mn 28.26 lgon lgvn 28.28 t toto t

28.29 28.30 *Emeinen &Enmeinen 28.30 ` Palow



2 5

kvbow, yeo ka kurou &Ihso xristo dolow, taw dQdeka fulaw taw \n t_ diaspor, xarein.

Psan xarn =g}sasye, delfo mou, tan peirasmow peripshte poikloiw, 3 ginQskontew ti t dokmion mn tw pstevw katergzetai pomon}n: 4 = d pomon| rgon tleion \xtv, na te tleioi ka `lklhroi, \n mhden leipmenoi. E d tiw mn lepetai sofaw, atetv par to didntow ^ yeo psin aplw, ka o[k neidzontow, ka doy}setai a[t!. 6 Atetv d \n pstei, mhdn diakrinmenow: ` gr diakrinmenow oiken kldvni yalsshw nemizomn~ ka ]ipizomn~. 7 M| gr osyv ` nyrvpow \kenow ti l}ceta ti par to kurou. 8 &An|r dcuxow, katstatow \n psaiw taw `dow a[to. Kauxsyv d ` delfw ` tapeinw \n t! % cei a[to: 10 ` u d plosiow \n t_ tapeinQsei a[to: ti qw nyow xrtou parelesetai. 11 &Anteilen gr ` % liow sn t! kasvni, ka h \j}ranen tn xrton, ka t nyow a[to \jpesen, ka = e[ p r p ei a to prosQpou a[to pQleto: o % tvw ka ` u plosiow \n taw poreaiw a[to marany}setai. $ Makriow n|r ow pomnei peirasmn: ti dkimow genmenow l}cetai tn stfanon tw zvw, $ n \phggelato ` o 13 kriow tow gapsin a[tn. Mhdew peirazmenow legtv ti &Ap yeo peirzomai: ` gr yew perastw \stin kakn, peirzei d a[tw o[dna: 14 kastow d peirzetai, p tw daw \piyumaw \jelkmenow ka deleazmenow. 15 Eta = ^ ^ \p i yu m a sullabosa tktei a martan: = d a marta 16 potelesyesa pokei ynaton. M| plansye, delfo mou gaphto. 17 Psa dsiw gay| ka pn dQrhma tleion nvyn \stin, katabanon p to patrw tn fQtvn, par' > o[k ni parallag}, ( tropw poskasma. 18 Boulhyew h
1.5 1.7 o[k m| l}ceta l}mceta 1.12 l}cetai l}mcetai 1.12 ` kriow
12 9


1.19 - 2.6

pekhsen =mw lg~ lhyeaw, ew t enai =mw parx}n tina tn a[to ktismtvn. %Vste, delfo mou gaphto, stv pw nyrvpow taxw ew t kosai, bradw ew t lalsai, bradw ew rg}n: 20 rg| gr ndrw dikaiosnhn yeo o[ katergzetai. 21 Di poymenoi psan ]uparan ka perissean kakaw, \n prthti djasye tn mfuton lgon, tn dunmenon ssai tw cuxw mn. 22 Gnesye d poihta lgou, ka m| mnon ^ kroata, paralogizmenoi eautow. 23 %O ti e tiw kroat|w lgou \stn ka o[ poiht}w, otow oiken ndr katanoonti t prsvpon tw gensevw a[to \n \sptr~: 24 katenhsen gr ^ eautn ka pel}luyen, ka e[yvw \pelyeto `poow n. 25 ^O d parakcaw ew nmon tleion tn tw \leuyeraw ka paramenaw, otow o[k kroat|w \pilhsmonw genmenow ll poiht|w rgou, otow makriow \n t_ poi}sei a[to stai. 26 E tiw doke yrskow enai \n mn, m| xalinagvgn glssan a[to, ll patn kardan a[to, totou mtaiow = yrhskea. 27 Yrhskea kayar ka mantow par ye! ka patr a% th \stn, \piskptesyai rfanow ka x}raw \n t_ u ^ ylcei a[tn, spilon eautn thren p to ksmou.

&Adelfo mou, m| \n prosvpolhcaiw xete t|n pstin to kurou =mn &Ihso xristo tw djhw. 2 &En gr esly+ ew t|n sunagvg|n mn n|r xrusodaktliow \n \syti lampr, esly+ d ka ptvxw \n ]upar \syti, 3 ka \piblchte \p tn foronta t|n \syta t|n lamprn, ka ephte a[t!, S kyou @de kalw, ka t! ptvx! ephte, S styi \ke, ( kyou @de p t popdin mou: 4 ka o[ h ^ diekryhte \n e autow, ka \gnesye krita dialogismn 5 ponhrn; &Akosate, delfo mou gaphto. O[x ` yew \jeljato tow ptvxow to ksmou plousouw \n pstei, ka klhronmouw tw basileaw w \phggelato tow gapsin a[tn; 6 ^Umew d timsate tn ptvxn. O[x o plosioi
%Vste *Iste pw d pw o[ katergzetai o[k \rgzetai otow o[k o[k \n mn ye! t! ye! prosvpolhcaiw 2.2 2.3 2.3 2.3 2.4 2.5 prosvpolhmcaiw t|n ka \piblchte \piblchte d a[t! @de p p ka o[ o[ to ksmou t! ksm~

1.19 1.19 1.20 1.25 1.26 1.27 2.1


katadunasteousin mn, ka a[to lkousin mw ew krit}ria; 7 O[k a[to blasfhmosin t kaln noma t \piklhyn \f' mw; 8 E mntoi nmon telete basilikn, kat t|n graf}n, &Agap}seiw tn plhson sou qw seautn, kalw ^ poiete: 9 e d prosvpolhptete, a martan \rgzesye, \legxmenoi p to nmou qw parabtai. 10 %O stiw gr lon ^ tn nmon thr}sei, ptasei d \n en, ggonen pntvn noxow. 11 ^O gr epQn, M| moixeseiw, epen ka, M| foneseiw: e d o[ moixeseiw, foneseiw d, ggonaw parabthw nmou. 12 % O utvw lalete ka o% tvw poiete, qw di nmou \leuyeraw u mllontew krnesyai. 13 ^H gr krsiw nleow t! m| poi}santi leow: katakauxtai leon krsevw. T t felow, delfo mou, \n pstin lg+ tiw xein, rga d m| x+ ; M| dnatai = pstiw ssai a[tn; 15 &E n d delfw ( delf| gumno prxvsin ka leipmenoi sin tw h \fhmrou trofw, 16 ep+ d tiw a[tow \j mn, ^Upgete \n er}n+, yermanesye ka xortzesye, m| dte d a[tow t \pit}deia to sQmatow, t t felow; 17 O % tvw ka = pstiw, \n u ^ m| rga x+, nekr \stin kay' e aut}n. 18 &All' \re tiw, S pstin xeiw, kgW rga xv: dejn moi t|n pstin sou \k tn rgvn sou, kgQ dejv soi \k tn rgvn mou t|n pstin mou. 19 S pisteeiw ti ` yew e<w \stin: kalw poiew: ka t daimnia pisteousin, ka frssousin. 20 Yleiw d gnnai, nyrvpe ken, ti = pstiw xvrw tn rgvn nekr \stin; 21 &Abram ` pat|r =mn o[k \j rgvn \dikaiQyh, nengkaw &Isak tn un a[to \p t yusiast}rion; 22 Blpeiw ti = pstiw sun}rgei tow rgoiw a[to, ka \k tn rgvn = pstiw \teleiQyh; 23 Ka \plhrQyh = graf| = lgousa, &Epsteusen d &Abram t! ye!, ka \logsyh a[t! ew dikaiosnhn, ka flow yeo \kl}yh. 24 ^O rte tonun ti \j rgvn dikaiotai nyrvpow, ka o[k \k pstevw mnon. 25 ^O movw d ka ^Rab =
2.9 2.10 2.11 2.11 2.11 2.13 2.15 prosvpolhptete prosvpolhmptete thr}sei ptasei thr}s+ ptas+ M| moixeseiw M| moixes+w M| foneseiw M| fones+w moixeseiw foneseiw moixeeiw foneeiw leon leow d 2.15 sin 2.17 rga x+ x+ rga 2.18 \k tn rgvn sou kgQ dejv soi xvrw tn rgvn kgQ soi dejv 2.18 pstin mou pstin 2.19 ` yew e<w \stin e<w \stin ` yew 2.20 nekr rg} 2.24 tonun

2.7 - 2.25


2.26 - 3.14

prnh o[k \j rgvn \dikaiQyh, podejamnh tow gglouw, ^ ka e tr `d! \kbalosa; 26 %Vsper gr t sma xvrw pnematow nekrn \stin, o% tvw ka = pstiw xvrw tn rgvn u nekr \stin.

M| pollo didskaloi gnesye, delfo mou, edtew ti mezon krma lhcmeya. 2 Poll gr ptaomen pantew. E tiw \n lg~ o[ ptaei, otow tleiow n}r, dunatw xalinagvgsai ka lon t sma. 3 *Ide, tn ppvn tow xalinow ew t stmata bllomen prw t peyesyai a[tow =mn, ka lon t sma a[tn metgomen. 4 &Ido, ka t ploa, thlikata nta, ka p sklhrn nmvn \launmena, metgetai p \laxstou phdalou, pou n = `rm| to e[ynontow bolhtai. 5 O % tvw ka = glssa mikrn mlow u \stn, ka megalauxe. &Ido, lgon pr =lkhn % lhn nptei. u 6 Ka = glssa pr, ` ksmow tw dikaw: o% tvw = glssa u kaystatai \n tow mlesin =mn, = spilosa lon t sma, ka flogzousa tn troxn tw gensevw, ka flogizomnh p tw gen n h w. 7 Psa gr fsiw yhrvn te ka peteinn, ^ erpetn te ka \nalvn, damzetai ka dedmastai t_ fsei t_ nyrvpn+: 8 t|n d glssan o[dew dnatai nyrQpvn damsai: katsxeton kakn, mest| o yanathfrou. 9 &En a[t_ e[logomen tn ye n ka patra, ka \n a[t_ katarQmeya tow nyrQpouw tow kay' `movsin yeo gegontaw: 10 \k to a[to stmatow \jrxetai e[loga ka katra. O[ xr}, delfo mou, tata o% tvw gnesyai. 11 M}ti = u phg| \k tw a[tw pw brei t gluk ka t pikrn; 12 M| dnatai, delfo mou, suk \laaw poisai, ( mpelow ska; h ^ O % tvw o[demia phg| alukn ka gluk poisai % dvr. u u
Tw sofw ka \pist}mvn \n mn; Deijtv \k tw kalw nastrofw t rga a[to \n prathti sofaw. 14 E d zlon pikrn xet e ka \riye a n \n t_ kard mn, m|

2.26 3.1 3.3 3.3 3.4 3.4 3.4 3.5

tn lhcmeya lhmcmeya *Ide E d prw ew sklhrn nmvn nmvn sklhrn n bolhtai boletai megalauxe megla a[xe

3.5 3.6 3.8 3.8 3.9 3.12

lgon =lkon o% tvw u dnatai nyrQpvn damsai damsai dnatai nyrQpvn katsxeton katstaton yen krion ^ O% tvw o[demia phg| alukn ka u ^ Ote alukn


katakauxsye ka cedesye kat tw lhyeaw. 15 O[k stin a% th = sofa nvyen katerxomnh, ll' \pgeiow, cuxik}, u daimo n i Q d h w. 16 %O pou gr zlow ka \riye a , \k e katastasa ka pn falon prgma. 17 ^H d nvyen sofa ^ prton mn agn} \stin, peita erhnik}, \pieik}w, e[peiy}w, mest | \l o u w ka karpn gayn, dikritow ka nupkritow. 18 Karpw d tw dikaiosnhw \n er}n+ speretai tow poiosin er}nhn.

3.15 - 4.12

Pyen plemoi ka mxai \n mn; O[k \nteyen, \k tn =donn mn tn strateuomnvn \n tow mlesin mn; 2 &Epiyumete, ka o[k xete: foneete ka zhlote, ka o[ dnasye \pituxen: mxesye ka polemete, o[k xete di t m| atesyai mw: 3 atete, ka o[ lambnete, diti kakw atesye, na \n taw =donaw mn dapan}shte. 4 Moixo ka moixaldew, o[k odate ti = fila to ksmou xyra to yeo \stin; $O w n o{n boulhy_ flow enai to ksmou, \xyrw to yeo kaystatai. 5 (H dokete ti kenw = graf| lgei; Prw fynon \pipoye t pnema $ katkhsen \n =mn. 6 Mezona d o ddvsin xrin: di lgei, ^O yew perhfnoiw ntitssetai, tapeinow d ddvsin xrin. 7 ^U p o t g h t e o{n t! ye! : ntsthte d t! diabl~, ka fejetai f' mn. 8 &Eggsate t! ye!, ka \ggie mn: kayarsate xeraw, ^ ^ amartvlo, ka agnsate kardaw, dcuxoi. 9 Talaipvr}sate ka peny}sate ka klasate: ` gl v w mn ew pnyow metastraf}tv, ka = xar ew kat}feian. 10 TapeinQyhte \nQpion to kurou, ka cQsei mw.
M| katalalete ll}lvn, delfo. ^O katalaln delfo, ka krnvn tn delfn a[to, katalale nmou, ka krnei nmon: e d nmon krneiw, o[k e poiht|w nmou, ll krit}w. 12 E<w \stin ` nomoythw, ` dunmenow ssai ka polsai: s d tw e $ w krneiw tn teron; o
3.15 3.17 3.18 4.1 4.4 4.4 4.5 ll' ll ka nupkritow nupkritow tw mxai pyen mxai Moixo ka n \n katkhsen katkisen 4.9 metastraf}tv metatrap}tv 4.10 to 4.11 ka krnvn ( krnvn h 4.12 ` nomoythw ` nomoythw ka krit}w 4.12 $ w krneiw tn teron ` krnvn o tn plhson


4.13 - 5.10

*Age nn o lgontew, S}meron ka arion poreusQmeya ew t}nde t|n plin, ka poi}svmen \ke \niautn na, ka \mporeusQmeya, ka kerd}svmen: 14 otinew o[k \pstasye t tw arion. Poa gr = zv| mn; &Atmw gr stai = prw lgon fainomnh, peita d ka fanizomnh. 15 &Ant to lg ei n mw, &En ` kriow yel } s + , ka z}svmen, ka poi}svmen toto ( \keno. 16 Nn d kauxsye \n taw h lazoneaiw mn: psa kaxhsiw toiath ponhr \stin. 17 ^ Edti o{n kaln poien ka m| poionti, a marta a[t! \stin.


*Age nn o plosioi, klasate lolzontew \p taw talaipvraiw mn taw \perxomnaiw. 2 ^O plotow mn sshpen, ka t mtia mn shtbrvta ggonen: 3 ` xrusw mn ka ` rgurow katvtai, ka ` w a[tn ew martrion mn stai, ka fgetai tw srkaw mn qw pr. &Eyhsaursate \n \sxtaiw =mraiw. 4 &Ido, ` misyw tn \rgatn tn mhsntvn tw xQraw mn, ` pesterhmnow f' mn, krzei: ka a boa tn yerisntvn ew t ta kurou SabaW y e s el h l ya s i n . 5 &E t r u f } s a t e \p tw gw ka \spatal}sate: \yrcate tw kardaw mn qw \n =mr sfagw. 6 Katediksate, \fonesate tn dkaion: o[k ntitssetai mn.
Makroyum}sate o{n, delfo, vw tw parousaw to kurou. &Ido, ` gevrgw \kdxetai tn tmion karpn tw gw, makroyumn \p' a[tn, vw lb+ etn prQmon ka cimon. 8 Makroyum}sate ka mew, sthrjate tw kardaw mn, ti = parousa to kurou ggiken. 9 M| stenzete kat' ll}lvn, delfo, na m| kriyte: do, ` krit|w pr tn yurn sthken. 10 ^Updeigma lbete, delfo mou, tw kakopayeaw, ka tw makroyumaw, tow prof}taw o$ \llhsan t! nmati i

4.13 4.13 4.13 4.13 4.13 4.14 4.14 4.14

h ka arion poreusQmeya ( arion poreusmeya poi}svmen poi}somen \niautn na \niautn \mporeusQmeya \mporeusmeya kerd}svmen kerd}somen gr = = stai \ste d


z}svmen ka poi}svmen z}somen ka poi}somen 5.5 qw 5.7 a[tn a[t! 5.7 etn prQmon prmon 5.9 kat' ll}lvn delfo delfo kat' ll}lvn 5.10 mou tw kakopayeaw tw kakopayaw 5.10 t! \n t!


kurou. 11 &I d o , makarzomen tow pomnontaw: t|n pomon|n &IWb kosate, ka t tlow kurou dete, ti polsplagxnw \stin ka oktrmvn. Pr pntvn d, delfo mou, m| mnete, m}te tn o[rann, m}te t|n gn, m}te llon tin rkon: tv d mn t na, na, ka t o, o: na m| ew pkrsin pshte. Kakopaye tiw \n mn; Proseuxsyv. E[yume tiw; Calltv. 14 &Asyene tiw \n mn; Proskalessyv tow presbutrouw tw \kklhsaw, ka proseujsyvsan \p' a[tn, lecantew a[tn \la~ \n t! nmati to kurou: 15 ka = e[x| tw pstevw sQsei tn kmnonta, ka \gere a[tn ` ^ kriow: kn a martaw pepoihkQw, fey} s et a i a[t!. 16 &Ejomologesye ll}loiw t paraptQmata, ka exesye pr ll}lvn, pvw ayte. Pol sxei dhsiw dikaou \nergoumnh. 17 &Hlaw nyrvpow n `moiopay|w =mn, ka proseux_ proshjato to m| brjai: ka o[k brejen \p tw gw \niautow trew ka mnaw j. 18 Ka plin proshjato, ka ` o[ranw etn dvken, ka = g \blsthsen tn karpn a[tw. &Adelfo, \n tiw \n mn planhy_ p tw lhyeaw, ka \p i s t r c + tiw a[tn, 20 ginvsktv ti ` \pistrcaw ^ amartvln \k plnhw `do a[to sQsei cux|n \k yantou, ^ ka kalcei plyow amartin.
19 13 12

5.11 - 5.20


5.11 5.11 5.11 5.12 5.14

pomnontaw pomenantaw dete edete \stin \stin ` kriow ew pkrsin p krsin a[tn \la~ a[tn \la~

5.16 ll}loiw o{n ll}loiw ^ 5.16 t paraptQmata tw amartaw 5.19 &Adelfo &Adelfo mou 5.20 cux|n cux|n a[to




trow, pstolow &Ihso xristo, \klektow parepid}moiw diasporw Pntou, Galataw, Kappadokaw, &Asaw, ka ^ Biyunaw, 2 kat prgnvsin yeo patrw, \n a giasm! pnematow, ew pako|n ka ]antismn amatow &Ihso xristo: xriw mn ka er}nh plhyunyeh.
E[loghtw ` yew ka pat|r to kurou =mn &Ihso xristo, ` kat t pol a[to leow nagenn}saw =mw ew \lpda zsan di' nastsevw &Ihso xristo \k nekrn, 4 ew klhronoman fyarton ka manton ka mranton, tethrhmnhn \n o[ranow ew mw, 5 tow \n dunmei yeo ^ frouroumno u w di pstevw ew svthran e tomhn 6 pokalufynai \n kair! \sxt~. &En > gallisye, lgon rti, e don \stn, luphyntew \n poikloiw peirasmow, 7 na t dokmion mn tw pstevw pol timiQteron xrusou to pollumnou, di purw d dokimazomnou, erey_ ew p a i n o n ka tim|n ka ew djan \n pokalcei &Ihso xristo: 8 $ n o[k edtew gapte, ew $ n rti m| `rntew, o o pisteontew d, gallisye xar neklal}t~ ka dedojasmn+, 9 komizmenoi t tlow tw pstevw mn, svthran cuxn. 10 Per w svthraw \jez}thsan ka \j h r e n h s a n proftai o per tw ew mw xritow h profhtesantew: 11 \reunntew ew tna ( poon kairn \d}lou t \n a[tow pnema xristo, promarturmenon t ew xristn pay}mata, ka tw met tata djaw. 12 O<w pekalfyh ti ^ o[x eautow, mn d dihknoun a[t, $ nn nhgglh mn di a ^ tn e[aggelisamnvn mw \n pnemati ag~ postalnti p' o[rano, ew $ \piyumosin ggeloi parakcai. a Di nazvsmenoi tw sfaw tw dianoaw mn, n}fontew, televw \lpsate \p t|n feromnhn mn xrin \n pokalcei &Ihso xristo: 14 qw tkna pakow, m|

1.6 1.7 1.7 1.8

\stn \stn pol timiQteron polutimteron tim|n ka ew djan djan ka tim|n edtew dntew

1.9 mn mn 1.10 \jhrenhsan \jhranhsan 1.11 \reunntew \raunntew 1.12 \n \n


susxhmat i z m en o i taw prteron \n t_ gno mn \piyumaiw, 15 ll kat tn kalsanta mw gion ka a[to gioi \n ps+ nastrof_ gen}yhte: 16 diti ggraptai, %Agioi gnesye, ti \gW giw emi. 17 Ka e patra \pikalesye tn ^ prosvpol}ptvw krnonta kat t ekstou rgon, \n fb~ tn tw paroikaw mn xrnon nastrfhte: 18 edtew ti o[ fyartow, rgur~ ( xrus~, \lutrQyhte \k tw mataaw mn h nastrofw patroparadtou, 19 ll tim~ amati qw mno mQmou ka splou xristo, 20 proegnvsmnou mn pr katabolw ksmou, fanervyntow d \p' \sxtvn tn xrnvn di' mw, 21 tow di' a[to pisteontaw ew yen, tn \geranta % a[tn \k nekrn, ka djan a[t! dnta, vste t|n pstin mn 22 ka \lpda enai ew yen. Tw cuxw mn =gniktew \n t_ pako_ tw lhye a w di pnematow ew filadelfan nupkriton, \k kayarw kardaw ll}louw gap}sate \ktenw: 23 nagegennhmnoi o[k \k sporw fyartw, ll fyrtou, di lgou zntow yeo ka mnontow ew tn ana. 24 Diti, Psa srj qw xrtow, ka psa dja nyrQpou qw nyow xrtou. &Ejhrnyh ` xrtow, ka t nyow a[to \jpesen: 25 t d ]ma kurou mnei ew tn ana. Toto d \stin t ]ma t e[aggelisyn ew mw.

1.15 - 2.6

&Apoymenoi o{n psan kakan ka pnta dlon ka pokrseiw ka fynouw ka psaw katalaliw, 2 qw rtignnhta brfh, t logikn dolon gla \pipoy}sate, na \n a[t! a[jhyte, 3 eper \gesasye ti xrhstw ` kriow: 4 prw $ n proserxmenoi, lyon znta, p nyrQpvn mn o podedokimasmnon, par d ye! \klektn, ntimon, 5 ka a[to qw lyoi zntew okodomesye okow pneumatikw, erteuma gion, nengkai pneumatikw yusaw e[prosdktouw t! ye! di &Ihso xristo. 6 Diti perixei \n t_ graf_, &Ido, tyhmi \n SiWn lyon krogvniaon, \klektn,
%Agioi gnesye ti %Agioi sesye emi emi prosvpol}ptvw prosvpol}mptvw \sxtvn \sxtou pisteontaw pistow di pnematow kayarw kayarw 1.23 ew tn ana 1.24 nyrQpou a[tw 1.24 a[to 2.2 a[jhyte a[jhyte ew svthran 2.3 eper e 2.5 erteuma ew erteuma 2.5 t! t! 2.6 t_

1.16 1.16 1.17 1.20 1.21 1.22 1.22


2.7 - 2.21

ntimon: ka ` pistevn \p' a[t! o[ m| kataisxuny_. 7 ^Umn o{n = tim| tow pisteousin: peiyosin d, Lyon $ n o pedokmasan o okodomontew, otow \gen}yh ew kefal|n i gvnaw, 8 ka, Lyow proskmmatow ka ptra skandlou: o$ proskptousin t! lg~ peiyontew: ew $ ka \tyhsan. o 9 ^Umew d gnow \klektn, basleion erteuma, ynow gion, law ew peripohsin, pvw tw retw \jaggelhte to \k sktouw mw kalsantow ew t yaumastn a[to fw: 10 o pot o[ law, nn d law yeo: o o[k lehmnoi, nn d \lehyntew. &Agaphto, parakal qw parokouw ka parepid}mouw, pxesyai tn sarkikn \piyumin, atinew strateontai kat tw cuxw: 12 t|n nastrof|n mn xontew kal}n \n tow ynesin, na, \n > katalalosin mn qw kakopoin, \k tn kaln rgvn, \poptesantew, dojsvsin tn yen \n =mr \piskopw. ^Upotghte o{n ps+ nyrvpn+ ktsei di tn krion: ete basile, qw perxonti: 14 ete =gemsin, qw di' a[to pempomnoiw ew \kdkhsin kakopoin, painon d gayopoin. 15 %O ti o% tvw \stn t ylhma to yeo, gayopoiontaw u fimon t|n tn frnvn nyrQpvn gnvsan: 16 qw \leyeroi, ka m| qw \piklumma xontew tw kakaw t|n \leuyeran, ll' qw doloi yeo. 17 Pntaw tim}sate. T|n delfthta gap}sate. Tn yen fobesye. Tn basila timte. O oktai, potassmenoi \n pant fb~ tow desptaiw, o[ mnon tow gayow ka \pieiksin, ll ka tow skoliow. 19 Toto gr xriw, e di sunedhsin yeo pofrei tiw lpaw, ^ psxvn dkvw. 20 Poon gr klow, e a martnontew ka kolafizmenoi pomenete; &All' e gayopoiontew ka psxontew pomenete, toto xriw par ye!. 21 Ew toto gr \k l } yh t e, ti ka xristw payen pr =mn, mn polimpnvn pogrammn, na \pakolouy}shte tow xnesin
2.7 peiyosin d Lyon pistosin d Lyow 2.12 xontew kal}n \n tow ynesin \n tow ynesin xontew kal}n 2.12 \poptesantew \popteontew 2.13 o{n 2.16 doloi yeo yeo doloi 2.17 gap}sate gapte 2.21 =mn mn
18 13 11


a[to: 22 $ w amartan o[k \pohsen, o[d eryh dlow \n t! o ^ stmati a[to: 23 $ w loidoromenow o[k nteloidrei, psxvn o o o[k pelei, pareddou d t! krnonti dikavw: 24 $ w tw ^ amartaw =mn a[tw n}negken \n t! sQmati a[to \p t ^ jlon, na, taw a martaiw pogenmenoi, t_ dikaiosn+ z}svmen: o t! mQlvpi a[to yhte. 25 )Hte gr qw prbata planQmena: ll' \p es t r f h t e nn \p tn poimna ka \pskopon tn cuxn mn.

2.22 - 3.12

^O movw, a gunakew, pot as s menai tow doiw ndrsin, na, ka e tinew peiyosin t! lg~, di tw tn gunaikn nastrofw neu lgou kerdhy}sontai, 2 ^ \poptesantew t|n \n fb~ agn|n nastrof|n mn. 3 #Vn stv o[x ` jvyen \mplokw trixn, ka periysevw xrusvn, ( \ndsevw matvn ksmow: 4 ll' ` kruptw tw kardaw h nyrvpow, \n t! fyrt~ to prow ka =suxou pnematow, \stin \nQpion to yeo polutelw. 5 O % tvw gr pote ka a u ^ giai gunakew a \lpzousai \p yen \ksmoun e autw, 6 potassmenai tow doiw ndrsin: qw Srra p}kousen t! &Abram, krion a[tn kalosa, w \gen}yhte tkna, gayopoiosai ka m| fobomenai mhdeman pthsin.
O ndrew `movw, sunoikontew kat gnsin, qw syenestr~ skeei t! gunaike~ ponmontew tim}n, qw ka sugklhronmoi xritow zvw, ew t m| \gkptesyai tw proseuxw mn. T d tlow, pntew `mfronew, sumpayew, fildelfoi, esplagxnoi, filfronew: 9 m| podidntew kakn nt kako, ( loidoran nt loidoraw: to[nanton d e[logontew, h edtew ti ew toto \kl}yhte, na e[logan klhronom}shte. 10 ^O gr yl v n zv|n gapn, ka den =mraw gayw, paustv t|n glssan a[to p kako, ka xelh a[to to m| lalsai dlon: 11 \kklintv p kako, ka poihstv gayn: zhthstv er}nhn, ka divjtv a[t}n. 12 %O ti
8 7

2.24 a[to yhte yhte 2.25 planQmena ll' planQmenoi ll 3.1 a a 3.4 prow pravw 3.5 \p ew 3.7 sugklhronmoi

3.8 3.9 3.10 3.10 3.11

sugklhronmoiw filfronew tapeinfronew edtew glssan a[to glssan xelh a[to xelh p d p


3.13 - 4.4

fyalmo kurou \p dikaouw, ka ta a[to ew dhsin a[tn: prsvpon d kurou \p poiontaw kak. Ka tw ` kakQsvn mw, \n to gayo mimhta gnhsye; 14 &All' e ka psxoite di dikaiosnhn, makrioi: tn d fbon a[tn m| fobhyte, mhd taraxyte: 15 krion ^ d tn yen agisate \n taw kardaiw mn: toimoi d e prw pologan pant t! atonti mw lgon per tw \n mn \lpdow, met prthtow ka fbou: 16 sunedhsin xontew gay}n, na, \n > katalalosin mn qw kakopoivn, kataisxunysin o \phrezontew mn t|n gay|n \n xrist! nastrof}n. 17 Kretton gr gayopoiontaw, e yloi t ylhma to yeo, psxein, ( kakopoiontaw. 18 %O ti ka h ^ martin payen, dkaiow pr dkvn, na xristw paj per a mw prosagg+ t! ye!, yanatvyew mn sark, zvopoihyew d pnemati, 19 \n > ka tow \n fulak_ pnemasin poreuyew \k}rujen, 20 peiy}sasn pote, te pejedxeto = to yeo makroyuma \n =mraiw Ne, kataskeuazomnhw kibvto, ew n lgai, tot' stin ktW cuxa, diesQyhsan di' % datow: u 21 $ o nttupon nn ka =mw sQzei bptisma, o[ sarkw pyesiw ]pou, ll suneid}sevw gayw \perQthma ew yen, di' nastsevw &Ihso xristo, 22 w \stin \n deji to yeo, poreuyew ew o[rann, potagntvn a[t! gglvn ka \jousin ka dunmevn.



Xristo o{n payntow pr =mn sark, ka mew t|n a[t|n nnoian `plsasye: ti ` payWn \n sark, ppautai ^ a martaw: 2 e w t mhkti nyrQpvn \piyumaiw, ll yel } m a t i yeo tn \ploipon \n sark bisai xrnon. 3 &Arketw gr =mn ` parelhluyWw xrnow to bou t yl h m a tn \yn n katergsasyai, peporeumnouw \n selgeaiw, \piyumaiw, onoflugaiw, kQmoiw, ptoiw, ka yem t o i w e d v l o l a t r e a i w: 4 \n > jen z o n t a i , m|
3.13 3.15 3.15 3.15 3.16 mimhta zhlvta yen xristn d e e met ll met katalalosin mn qw kakopoivn katalalesye 3.20 lgai lgoi 3.21 nttupon nn ka =mw ka mw nttupon nn 3.22 4.1 4.1 4.3 4.3 4.3 4.3 to to pr =mn \n =mn to bou t ylhma t bolhma katergsasyai kateirgsyai edvlolatreaiw edvlolatraiw


suntrexntvn mn ew t|n a[t|n tw svtaw nxusin, ^ blasfhmontew: 5 o$ podQsousin lgon t! etomvw xonti i 6 krnai zntaw ka nekrow. Ew toto gr ka nekrow e[hggelsyh, na kriysin mn kat nyrQpouw sark, zsin d kat yen pnemati. Pntvn d t tlow ggiken: svfron}sate o{n ka ^ n}cate ew tw proseuxw: 8 pr pntvn d t|n ew eautow ^ gphn \kten xontew, ti gph kalcei plyow amartin: 9 10 filjenoi ew ll}louw neu goggusmn: kastow kayWw ^ laben xrisma, ew e autow a[t diakonontew, qw kalo okonmoi poiklhw xritow yeo: 11 e tiw lale, qw lgia yeo: e tiw diakone, qw \j sxow qw xorhge ` yew: na \n psin dojzhtai ` yew di &Ihso xristo, > \stn = dja ka t krtow ew tow anaw tn aQnvn. &Am}n. &A g a p h t o , m| jenzesye t_ \n mn purQsei prw peirasmn mn ginomn+, qw jnou mn sumbanontow: 13 ll kay koinvnete tow to xristo pay}masin, xarete, na ka \n t_ pokalcei tw djhw a[to xa r t e gal l i Q m en o i . 14 E neidzesye \n nmati xristo, makrioi: ti t tw djhw ka t to yeo pnema \f' mw napaetai: kat mn a[tow blasfhmetai, kat d mw dojzetai. 15 M| gr tiw mn pasxtv qw fonew, ( klpthw, h ( kakopoiw, ( qw llotrioepskopow: 16 e d qw Xristianw, h h m| asxunsyv, dojaztv d tn yen \n t! mrei tot~. 17 %O ti ` kairw to rjasyai t krma p to okou to yeo: e d prton f' =mn, t t tlow tn peiyontvn t! to yeo e[aggel~; 18 Ka e ` dkaiow mliw szetai, ` ^ seb|w ka a martvlw po fanetai; 19 %V s t e ka o psxontew kat t yl h m a to yeo , qw pist! ktst+ paratiysyvsan tw cuxw a[tn \n gayopoi.
12 7

4.5 - 4.19

4.7 4.8 4.8 4.9 4.11 4.14

tw d kalcei kalptei goggusmn goggusmo qw xorhge w xorhge kat mn a[tow blasfhmetai

4.15 4.16 4.17 4.19

kat d mw dojzetai llotrioepskopow llotriepskopow mrei nmati ` ` qw


5.1 - 5.14


Presbutrouw tow \n mn parakal ` sumpresbterow ka mrtuw tn to xristo payhmtvn, ` ka tw melloshw pokalptesyai djhw koinvnw: 2 poimnate t \n mn pomnion to yeo, \piskopontew m| nagkastw, ^ ll' ekousvw: mhd asxrokerdw, ll proymvw: 3 mhd qw katakurieontew tn kl}rvn, ll tpoi ginmenoi to poimnou. 4 Ka fanervyntow to rxipomenow, komiesye tn marntinon tw djhw stfanon. 5 ^O movw, neQ t er o i , potghte presbutroiw: pntew d ll}loiw potassmenoi, t|n tapeinofrosnhn \gkombQsasye: ti ` yew perhfnoiw ntitssetai, tapeinow d ddvsin xrin. 6 TapeinQyhte o{n p t|n kratain xera to yeo, na mw cQs+ \n kair!, 7 psan t|n mrimnan mn \pirrcantew \p' a[tn, ti a[t! mlei per mn. 8 N}cate, grhgor}sate: ` ntdikow mn & dibolow, qw lvn vrumenow, peripate zhtn tna katap+: 9 > ntsthte stereo t_ pstei, edtew t a[t tn payhmtvn t_ \n ksm~ mn delfthti \pitelesyai. 10 ^O d yew pshw xritow, ` kalsaw mw ew t|n aQnion a[to djan \n xrist! &Ihso, lgon payntaw a[tw katartsai mw, sthrjei, syenQsei, yemeliQsei. 11 A[t! = dja ka t krtow ew tow anaw tn aQnvn. &Am}n.
Di Silouano mn to pisto delfo, qw logzomai, di' lgvn graca, parakaln ka \pimarturn tathn enai ^ lhy xrin to yeo ew n est}kate. 13 &Aspzetai mw = \n Babulni suneklekt}, ka Mrkow ` uw mou. 14 &Aspsasye ll}louw \n fil}mati gphw. Er}nh mn psin tow \n xrist! &Ihso. &Am}n.

5.1 5.2 5.2 5.2 5.3 5.5 5.5 5.7

tow o{n \piskopontew \piskopontew ll' ll ^ ^ ekousvw ekousvw kat yen mhd mhd' potassmenoi ` ` \pirrcantew \pircantew

5.8 5.9 5.10 5.10 5.11 5.11 5.12 5.14

tna katap+ tina katapien ksm~ t! ksm~ &Ihso &Ihso katartsai mw katartsei = dja ka tn aQnvn ^ est}kate stte &Ihso. &Am}n.



umeWn Ptrow, dolow ka pstolow &Ihso xristo, tow stimon =mn laxosin pstin \n dikaiosn+ to yeo =mn ka svtrow &Ihso xristo: 2 xriw mn ka er}nh plhyunyeh \n \pignQsei to yeo, ka &Ihso to kurou =mn: 3 ^Vw pnta =mn tw yeaw dunmevw a[to t prw zv|n ka e[sbeian dedvrhmnhw, di tw \pignQsevw to kalsantow =mw di djhw ka retw: 4 di' @n t tmia =mn ka mgista \pagglmata dedQrhtai, na di totvn gnhsye yeaw koinvno fsevw, pofugntew tw \n ksm~ \n \piyum fyorw. 5 Ka a[t toto d, spoud|n psan pareisengkantew, \pixorhg}sate \n t_ pstei mn t|n ret}n, \n d t_ ret_ t|n gnsin, 6 \n d t_ gnQsei t|n \gkrteian, \n d t_ \gkrate t|n pomon}n, \n d t_ pomon_ t|n e[sbeian, 7 \n d t_ e[sebe t|n filadelfan, \n d t_ filadelf t|n gphn. 8 Tata gr mn prxonta ka pleonzonta, o[k rgow o[d krpouw kaysthsin ew t|n to kurou =mn &Ihso xristo \pgnvsin. 9 #V gr m| prestin tata, tuflw \stin, muvpzvn, l}yhn labWn to ^ kayarismo tn plai a[to a martin. 10 Di mllon, delfo, spoudsate bebaan mn t|n klsin ka \klog|n u poiesyai: tata gr poiontew o[ m| ptasht pote: 11 o% tvw gr plousvw \pixorhghy}setai mn = esodow ew t|n aQnion basilean to kurou =mn ka svtrow &Ihso xristo.
Di o[k mel}sv e mw pomimnskein per totvn, kaper edtaw, ka \sthrigmnouw \n t_ paros+ lhye. 13 Dkaion d =gomai, \f' son em \n tot~ t! skhnQmati, diegerein mw \n pomn}sei: 14 edWw ti taxin} \stin = pyesiw to skhnQmatw mou, kayWw ka ` kriow =mn ^ &Ihsow xristw \d}lvsn moi. 15 Spoudsv d ka ekstote xein mw met t|n \m|n jodon t|n totvn mn}mhn poiesyai.

1.3 1.4

di djhw ka retw d dj+ ka ret_ =mn ka mgista ka mgista

=mn 1.4 ksm~ t! ksm~ 1.12 o[k mel}sv mell}sv


1.16 - 2.9

O [ gr sesofismnoiw myoiw \jakolouy}santew \g n v r s a m e n mn t|n to kurou =mn &Ihso xristo dnamin ka parousan, ll' \pptai genhyntew tw \kenou megaleithtow. 17 LabWn gr par yeo patrw tim|n ka djan, fvnw \nexyeshw a[t! toisde p tw megaloprepow djhw, O tw \stin ` uw mou ` gaphtw, ew $ n \gW o 18 e[dkhsa: ka tathn t|n fvn|n =mew kosamen \j ^ o[rano \nexyesan, sn a[t! ntew \n t! rei t! a g~. 19 Ka xomen bebaiteron tn profhtikn lgon, > kalw poiete prosxontew, qw lxn~ fanonti \n a[xmhr! tp~, vw o =mra diaugs+, ka fvsfrow natel+ \n taw kardaiw mn: 20 toto prton ginQskontew, ti psa profhtea grafw daw \p i l s ev w o[ gnetai. 21 O[ gr yel } m a t i ^ nyrQpou nxyh pot profhtea, ll' p pnematow agou fermenoi \llhsan gioi yeo nyrvpoi.


&Egnonto d ka ceudoproftai \n t! la!, qw ka \n mn s o n t a i ceudodidskaloi, otinew pareisjousin arseiw pvleaw, ka tn gorsanta a[tow despthn ^ rnomenoi, \pgontew e autow taxin|n pQleian. 2 Ka pollo \jakolouy}sousin a[tn taw selgeaiw, di' ow = `dw tw lhyeaw blasfhmhy}setai. 3 Ka \n pleonej plastow lgoiw mw \mporesontai: o<w t krma kpalai o[k rge, ka = pQleia a[tn o[ nustjei. 4 E gr ` yew ^ gglvn amarthsntvn o[k \fesato, ll seiraw zfou tartar Q s a w pardvken ew krsin throumnouw: 5 ka rxaou ksmou o[k \fesato, ll gdoon Ne dikaiosnhw k}ruka \flajen, kataklusmn ksm~ sebn \p j a w : 6 ka pleiw Sodmvn ka Gomrraw tefrQsaw katastrof_ katkrinen, pdeigma mellntvn seben teyeikQw: 7 ka dkaion LQt, kataponomenon p tw tn ysmvn \n selge nastrofw, \rrsato: 8 blmmati gr ka ko_ ` dkaiow, \gkatoikn \n a[tow, =mran \j =mraw cux|n dikaan nmoiw rgoiw \basnizen: 9 oden kriow
1.17 Otw \stin ` uw ^O uw 1.17 gaphtw gaphtw mou otw \stin ^ ^ 1.18 rei t! ag~ ag~ rei 1.21 pot profhtea ll' profhtea 1.21 2.3 2.6 2.6 pot ll gioi p nustjei nustzei katastrof_ katastrof_ seben sebsin


e[ s eb e w \k pei r a s m o ]esyai, dkouw d ew =mran krsevw kolazomnouw thren: 10 mlista d tow psv sarkw \n \piyum miasmo poreuomnouw, ka kurithtow katafronontaw. Tolmhta, a[ydeiw, djaw o[ trmousin blasfhmontew: 11 pou ggeloi, sx ka dunmei mezonew ntew, o[ frousin kat' a[tn par kur~ blsfhmon krsin. 12 Otoi d, qw loga z!a fusik gegenhmna ew lvsin ka fyorn, \n o<w gnoosin blasfhmontew, \n t_ fyor a[tn katafyar}sontai, 13 komiomenoi misyn dikaw, =don|n =gomenoi t|n \n =mr truf}n, sploi ka mmoi, \ntrufntew \n taw ptaiw a[tn suneuvxomenoi mn, 14 fyalmow xontew mestow moixaldow ka katapastouw ^ martaw, del e z o n t ew cuxw sthrktouw, kardan a gegumnasmnhn pleonejaw xo n t ew, katraw tkna: 15 katalipntew e[ye a n `dn \plan}yhsan, \jakolouy}santew t_ `d! to Balam to Bosr, $ w misyn o 16 dikaw gphsen, legjin d sxen daw paranomaw: pozgion fvnon, \n nyrQpou fvn_ fyegjmenon, \kQlusen t|n to prof}tou parafronan. 17 Oto esin phga nudroi, neflai p lalapow \launmenai, o<w ` zfow to sktouw e w ana tet}rhtai. 18 ^U p r o g k a gr mataithtow fyeggmenoi, delezousin \n \piyumaiw sarkw, selgeaiw, tow ntvw pofugntaw tow \n pln+ nastrefomnouw, 19 \l eu yer a n a[tow \paggellmenoi, a[to doloi prxontew tw fyorw: > gr tiw % tthtai, tot~ ka h 20 dedolvtai. E gr pofugntew t mismata to ksmou \n \pignQsei to kurou ka svtrow &Ihso xristo, totoiw d plin \mplakntew =ttntai, ggonen a[tow t sxata xe r o n a tn prQtvn. 21 Kretton gr n a[tow m| \p eg n v k n a i t|n `dn tw dikaiosnhw, ( \pignosin h ^ gaw \ntolw. \pistrcai \k tw paradoyeshw a[tow a 22 Sumbbhken d a[tow t tw lhyow paroimaw, Kvn
kur~ kurou fusik gegenhmna gegennhmna fusik 2.12 katafyar}sontai ka fyar}sontai 2.13 komiomenoi dikomenoi 2.15 katalipntew katalepontew 2.17 neflai ka `mxlai 2.11 2.12 2.17 ew ana 2.18 ntvw pofugntaw lgvw pofegontaw 2.19 ka 2.20 kurou kurou =mn 2.21 \pistrcai postrcai 2.22 d

2.10 - 2.22


3.1 - 3.13

\p i s t r c a w \p t dion \jrama, ka w lousamnh ew klisma borbrou.

Tathn dh, gaphto, deutran mn grfv \pistol}n, \n a<w diegerv mn \n pomn}sei t|n elikrin dinoian, 2 mnhsynai tn proeirhmnvn ]hmtvn p tn ^ a gvn profhtn, ka tw tn postlvn mn \ntolw to kurou ka svtrow: 3 toto prton ginQskontew, ti \lesontai \p' \sxtou tn =mern \mpaktai, kat tw daw \piyumaw a[tn poreumenoi, 4 ka lgontew, Po \stn = \paggela tw parousaw a[to; &Af' w gr o patrew \koim}yhsan, pnta o% tvw diamnei p' rxw ktsevw. u 5 Lanynei gr a[tow toto ylontaw, ti o[rano san kpalai, ka g \j % datow ka di' % datow sunestsa, t! to u u 6 yeo lg~, di' @n ` tte ksmow % dati kataklusye w u 7 pQleto: o d nn o[rano ka = g t! a[to lg~ teyhsaurismnoi esn, pur thromenoi ew =mran krsevw ka pvleaw tn sebn nyrQpvn.
$En d toto m| lanyantv mw, gaphto, ti ma =mra par kur~ qw xlia th, ka xlia th qw =mra ma. 9 O[ % bradnei ` kriow tw \paggelaw, v w tinew bradutta =gontai: ll makroyume ew =mw, m| boulmenw tinaw polsyai, ll pntaw ew metnoian xvrsai. 10 %Hjei d = =mra kurou qw klpthw \n nukt, \n " o o[rano ]oizhdn parelesontai, stoixea d kausomena luy}sontai, ka g ka t \n a[t_ rga kataka}setai. 11 Totvn o{n pntvn ^ luomnvn, potapow de prxein mw \n agaiw nastrofaw 12 ka e[sebeaiw, prosdokntaw ka spedontaw t|n parousan tw to yeo =mraw, di' n o[rano puromenoi luy}sontai, ka stoixea kausomena t}ketai; 13 Kainow d o[ra n o w ka gn kain|n kat t \pggelma a[to prosdokmen, \n o<w dikaiosnh katoike.

2.22 klisma kulismn 3.3 \sxtou \sxtvn 3.3 =mern =mern \n \mpaigmon_ 3.7 a[to a[t! 3.9 ` 3.9 =mw mw

3.10 3.10 3.10 3.10 3.11 3.11

= =mra =mra \n nukt luy}sontai luy}setai kataka}setai erey}setai o{n o% tvw u mw mw


Di, gaphto, tata prosdokntew, spoudsate spiloi ka mQmhtoi a[t! ereynai \n er}n+. 15 Ka t|n to kurou =mn makroyuman svthran =gesye, kayWw ka ` gaphtw =mn delfw Palow kat t|n a[t! doyesan sofan gracen mn: 16 qw ka \n psaiw taw \pistolaw, laln \n a[taw per totvn: \n o<w \stin dusnht tina, $ o a mayew ka st}riktoi streblosin, qw ka tw loipw grafw, prw t|n dan a[tn pQleian. 17 ^U m e w o{n, gaphto, proginQskontew fulssesye, na m}, t_ tn ys m v n pln+ sunapaxyn t ew, \k p s h t e to dou sthrigmo. 18 A[jnete d \n xriti ka gnQsei to kurou =mn ka svtrow &Ihso xristo. A[t! = dja ka nn ka ew =mran anow. &Am}n.

3.14 - 3.18

3.15 a[t! doyesan doyesan a[t! 3.16 taw

3.16 o<w a<w 3.18 &Am}n m}n





$ n p' rxw, o khkamen, $ e vr k amen tow o ^ fyalmow =mn, $ \yeasmeya, ka a xerew =mn o \chlfhsan per to lgou tw zvw. 2 Ka = zv| \fanerQyh, ^ ka evrkamen, ka marturomen, ka paggllomen mn t|n zv|n t|n aQnion, % tiw n prw tn patra, ka \fanerQyh h 3 ^ =mn. $O evrkamen ka khkamen, paggllomen mn, na ka mew koinvnan xhte mey' =mn: ka = koinvna d = =metra met to patrw ka met to uo a[to &Ihso xristo: 4 ka tata grfomen mn, na = xar =mn peplhrvmnh.
% Ka stin auth = ggela n khkamen p' a[to ka naggllomen mn, ti ` yew fw \stn, ka skota \n a[t! o[k stin o[dema. 6 &En epvmen ti koinvnan xomen met' a[to, ka \n t! sktei peripatmen, ceudmeya, ka o[ poiomen t|n l}yeian: 7 \n d \n t! fvt peripatmen, qw a[tw \stin \n t! fvt, koinvnan xomen met' ll}lvn, ka t a<ma &Ihso xristo to uo a[to kayarzei =mw p ^ ^ pshw a martaw. 8 &En epvmen ti a martan o[k xomen, ^ eautow planmen, ka = l}yeia o[k stin \n =mn. 9 &En ^ `mologmen tw amartaw =mn, pistw \stin ka dkaiow na ^ f_ =mn tw a martaw, ka kayars+ =mw p pshw dikaw. 10 &En epvmen ti o[x =mart}kamen, cesthn poiomen a[tn, ka ` lgow a[to o[k stin \n =mn.

^ Tekna mou, tata grfv mn, na m| amrthte. Ka \n ^ mrt+, parklhton xomen prw tn patra, &Ihson tiw a ^ xristn dkaion: 2 ka a[tw lasmw \stin per tn amartin =mn: o[ per tn =metrvn d mnon, ll ka per lou to ksmou. 3 Ka \n tot~ ginQskomen ti \gnQkamen a[tn, \n tw \ntolw a[to thrmen. 4 ^O lgvn, *Egnvka a[tn, ka tw \ntolw a[to m| thrn, cesthw \stn, ka \n tot~ = l}yeia o[k stin: 5 $ w d' n thr_ a[to tn lgon, lhyw \n o
mn ka mn mn =mew 1.7 2.4 xristo *Egnvka ti *Egnvka

1.3 1.4


tot~ = gph to yeo tetelevtai. &En tot~ ginQskomen ti \n a[t! \smn: 6 ` lgvn \n a[t! mnein felei, kayWw \kenow periepthsen, ka a[tw o% tvw peripaten. u &Adelfo, o[k \ntol|n kain|n grfv mn, ll' \ntol|n palain, n exete p' rxw: = \ntol| = palai \stin ` lgow $ n kosate p' rxw. 8 Plin \ntol|n kain|n grfv mn, o \stin lhyw \n a[t! ka \n mn: ti = skota pargetai, ka t fw t lhyinn dh fanei. 9 ^O lgvn \n t! fvt enai ka tn delfn a[to misn, \n t_ skot \stn vw rti. 10 ^O gapn tn delfn a[to \n t! fvt mnei, ka skndalon \n a[t! o[k stin. 11 ^O d misn tn delfn a[to \n t_ skot \stn, ka \n t_ skot peripate, ka o[k oden po pgei, ti = skota \tflvsen tow fyalmow a[to. ^ Grfv mn, tekna, ti fvntai mn a amartai di 13 t noma a[to. Grfv mn, patrew, ti \gnQkate tn p' rxw. Grfv mn, neanskoi, ti nenik}kate tn ponhrn. Grfv mn, paida, ti \gnQkate tn patra. 14 *Egraca mn, patrew, ti \gnQkate tn p' rxw. *Egraca mn, neanskoi, ti sxuro \ste, ka ` lgow to yeo \n mn mnei, ka nenik}kate tn ponhrn. 15 M| gapte tn ksmon, mhd t \n t! ksm~. &En tiw gap tn ksmon, o[k stin = gph to patrw \n a[t!. 16 %O ti pn t \n t! ksm~, = \piyuma tw sarkw, ka = \piyuma tn fyalmn, ka = lazonea to bou, o[k stin \k to patrw, ll' \k to ksmou \stn. 17 Ka ` ksmow pargetai, ka = \piyuma a[to: ` d poin t ylhma to yeo mnei ew tn ana. % Paida, \sxth vra \stn: ka kayWw kosate ti ` ntxristow rxetai, ka nn ntxristoi pollo gegnasin: % yen ginQskomen ti \sxth vra \stn. 19 &Ej =mn \jlyon, ll' o[k san \j =mn: e gr san \j =mn, memen}keisan n mey' =mn: ll' na fanervysin ti o[k esn pntew \j ^ =mn. 20 Ka mew xrsma xete p to a gou, ka odate 21 pnta. O[k graca mn, ti o[k odate t|n l}yeian, ll'
2.6 o% tvw o% tvw u u 2.7 &Adelfo &Agaphto 2.7 kosate p' rxw kosate 2.13 Grfv mn paida graca mn paida 2.18 ` 2.19 \jlyon \jlyan 2.19 gr san \j =mn gr \j =mn san 2.20 pnta pntew
18 12 7

2.6 - 2.21


2.22 - 3.8

ti odate a[t}n, ka ti pn cedow \k tw lhyeaw o[k stin. 22 Tw \stin ` cesthw, e m| ` rnomenow ti &Ihsow o[k stin ` xristw; Otw \stin ` ntxristow, ` rnomenow tn patra ka tn un. 23 Pw ` rnomenow tn un o[d tn patra xei. 24 ^Umew o[n $ kosate p' rxw, \n mn o mentv. &En \n mn men+ $ p' rxw kosate, ka mew \n o t! u! ka \n t! patr menete. 25 Ka a% th \stn = \paggela u n a[tw \phggelato =mn, t|n zv|n t|n aQnion. 26 Tata g r aca mn per tn planQntvn mw. 27 Ka mew, t xrsma $ \lbete p' a[to \n mn mnei, ka o[ xrean xete o na tiw didsk+ mw: ll' qw t a[t xrsma didskei mw per pntvn, ka lhyw \stin, ka o[k stin cedow, ka kayWw \ddajen mw, menete \n a[t!. 28 Ka nn, tekna, mnete \n a[t!: na tan fanervy_, xmen parrhsan, ka m| asxunymen p' a[to \n t_ parous a[to. 29 &En edte ti dkaiw \stin, ginQskete ti pw ` poin t|n dikaiosnhn \j a[to gegnnhtai.

*Idete potap|n gphn ddvken =mn ` pat}r, na tkna yeo klhymen. Di toto ` ksmow o[ ginQskei mw, ti o[k gnv a[tn. 2 &Agaphto, nn tkna yeo \smn, ka opv \fanerQyh t \smeya: odamen d ti \n fanervy_, moioi a[t! \smeya, ti cmeya a[tn kayQw \stin. 3 Ka pw ` ^ ^ xvn t|n \lpda tathn \p' a[t! a gnzei e autn, kayWw 4 ^ ^ \kenow a gnw \stin. Pw ` poin t|n a martan, ka t|n ^ noman poie: ka = amarta \stn = noma. 5 Ka odate ti ^ ^ \kenow \fanerQyh, na tw amartaw =mn r+: ka amarta 6 ^ \n a[t! o[k stin. Pw ` \n a[t! mnvn o[x amartnei: pw ^ ^ ` a martnvn o[x e Qraken a[tn, o[d gnvken a[tn. 7 Tekna, mhdew plantv mw: ` poin t|n dikaiosnhn dkaiw \stin, kayWw \kenow dkaiw \stin: 8 ` poin t|n ^ a martan \k to diablou \stn, ti p' rxw ` dibolow ^ amartnei. Ew toto \fanerQyh ` uw to yeo, na ls+ t
xei xei ` `mologn tn un ka tn patra xei o[n \n mn mnei mnei \n mn a[t a[to menete mnete tan fanervy_ xmen \n 2.29 3.1 3.1 3.2 3.5 fanervy_ sxmen pw ka pw klhymen. klhymen: ka \smn. mw =mw d =mn

2.23 2.24 2.27 2.27 2.27 2.28


^ rga to diablou. 9 Pw ` gegennhmnow \k to yeo amartan o[ poie, ti sprma a[to \n a[t! mnei: ka o[ dnatai ^ amartnein, ti \k to yeo gegnnhtai. 10 &En tot~ faner \stin t tkna to yeo ka t tkna to diablou: pw ` m| poin dikaiosnhn o[k stin \k to yeo, ka ` m| gapn tn delfn a[to. 11 %O ti a% th \stn = ggela n kosate p' u rxw, na gapmen ll}louw: 12 o[ kayWw Kn \k to ponhro n, ka sfajen tn delfn a[to. Ka xrin tnow sfajen a[tn; %Oti t rga a[to ponhr n, t d to delfo a[to dkaia.

3.9 - 3.24

M| yaumzete, delfo mou, e mise mw ` ksmow: =mew odamen ti metabeb}kamen \k to yantou ew t|n zv}n, ti gapmen tow delfow. ^O m| gapn tn delfn, mnei \n t! yant~. 15 Pw ` misn tn delfn a[to nyrvpoktnow \stn: ka odate ti pw ^ nyrvpoktnow o[k xei zv|n aQnion \n e aut! mnousan. 16 &En tot~ \gnQkamen t|n gphn, ti \kenow pr =mn t|n cux|n a[to yhken: ka =mew felomen pr tn delfn tw cuxw tiynai. 17 $O w d' n x+ tn bon to ksmou, ka yevr_ tn delfn a[to xrean xonta, ka kles+ t splgxna a[to p' a[to, pw = gph to yeo mnei \n a[t!; 18 Tekna mou, m| gapmen lg~ mhd t_ glQss+, ll' \n rg~ ka lhye. 19 Ka \n tot~ ginQskomen ti \k tw lhyeaw \smn, ka mprosyen a[to pesomen tw kardaw =mn, 20 ti \n kataginQsk+ =mn = karda, ti mezvn \stn ` yew tw kardaw =mn, ka ginQskei pnta. 21 &Agaphto, \n = karda =mn m| kataginQsk+ =mn, parrhsan xomen prw o tn yen, 22 ka $ \n atmen, lambnomen par' a[to, ti tw \n t o l w a[to thromen, ka t rest \nQpion a[to poiomen. 23 Ka a% th \stn = \ntol| a[to, na pistesvmen u t! nmati to uo a[to &Ihso xristo, ka gapmen ll}louw, kayWw dvken \ntol}n. 24 Ka ` thrn tw \ntolw
M| Ka m| mou tn delfn ^ eaut! a[t! tiynai yenai mou ll' ll Ka \n tot~ ginQskomen Ka \n tot~ gnvsmeya 3.19 tw kardaw t|n kardan 3.21 =mn m| kataginQsk+ =mn =mn m| kataginQsk+ 3.22 par' p' 3.23 \ntol}n \ntol|n =mn 3.19


3.13 3.13 3.14 3.15 3.16 3.18 3.18


4.1 - 4.15

a[ t o \n a[t! mnei, ka a[tw \n a[t!. Ka \n tot~ ginQskomen ti mnei \n =mn, \k to pnematow o =mn dvken.

&Agaphto, m| pant pnemati pisteete, ll dokimzete t pnemata, e \k to yeo \s t i n : ti pollo ceudoproftai \jelhlyasin ew tn ksmon. 2 &En tot~ ginQsketai t pnema to yeo : pn pnema $ `mologe o &Ihson xristn \n sark \lhluyta \k to yeo \stn: 3 ka pn pnema $ m| `mologe &Ihson xristn \n sark o \lhluyta, \k to yeo o[k stin: ka tot \stin t to ntixrstou, $ khkate ti rxetai, ka nn \n t! ksm~ o 4 \stn dh. ^Umew \k to yeo \st, tekna, ka nenik}kate a[tow: ti mezvn \stn ` \n mn ( ` \n t! ksm~. 5 A[to \k h to ksmou esn: di toto \k to ksmou lalosin, ka ` ksmow a[tn koei. 6 ^Hmew \k to yeo \smen: ` ginQskvn tn yen, koei =mn: $ w o[k stin \k to yeo, o[k koei o =mn. &Ek totou ginQskomen t pnema tw lhyeaw ka t pnema tw plnhw.
&Agaphto, gapmen ll}louw: ti = gph \k to yeo \stin, ka pw ` gapn \k to yeo gegnnhtai, ka ginQskei tn yen. 8 ^O m| gapn o[k gnv tn yen: ti ` yew gph \stn. 9 &En tot~ \fanerQyh = gph to yeo \n =mn, ti tn un a[to tn monogen pstalken ` yew ew tn ksmon, na z}svmen di' a[to. 10 &En tot~ \stn = gph, o[x ti =mew gap}samen tn yen, ll' ti a[tw gphsen =mw, ^ ka psteilen tn un a[to lasmn per tn amartin 11 =mn. &Agaphto, e o% tvw ` yew gphsen =mw, ka =mew u felomen ll}louw gapn. 12 yen o[dew pQpote teyatai: \n gapmen ll}louw, ` yew \n =mn mnei, ka = gph a[to teteleivmnh \stin \n =mn. 13 &En tot~ ginQskomen ti \n a[t! mnomen ka a[tw \n =mn, ti \k to pnematow a[to ddvken =mn. 14 Ka =mew teyemeya ka marturomen ti ` pat|r pstalken tn un svtra to ksmou. 15 $O w n `molog}s+ ti &Ihsow \stin ` uw to yeo, ` yew \n a[t!

4.2 4.3

ginQsketai ginQskete &Ihson xristn \n sark \lhluyta tn &Ihson 4.10 gap}samen gap}kamen

4.12 4.15

teteleivmnh \stin \n =mn \n =mn teteleivmnh \stin n \n


mnei, ka a[tw \n t! ye! . 16 Ka =mew \gnQkamen ka pepistekamen t|n gphn n xei ` yew \n =mn. ^O yew gph \stn, ka ` mnvn \n t_ gp+, \n t! ye! mnei, ka ` yew \n a[t! mnei. 17 &En tot~ tetelevtai = gph mey' =mn, na parrhsan xvmen \n t_ =mr tw krsevw, ti kayWw \kenw \stin, ka =mew \smen \n t! ksm~ tot~. 18 Fbow o[k stin \n t_ gp+, ll' = telea gph jv bllei tn fbon, ti ` fbow klasin xei: ` d fobomenow o[ tetelevtai \n t_ gp+. 19 ^Hmew gapmen a[tn, ti a[tw prtow gphsen =mw. 20 &En tiw ep+ ti &Agap tn yen, ka tn delfn a[to mis_, cesthw \stn: ` gr m| gapn tn delfn a[to $ n e Qraken, tn yen $ n o[x o ^ o ^ Qraken pw dnatai gapn; 21 Ka tathn t|n \ntol|n e xomen p' a[to, na ` gapn tn yen, gap ka tn delfn a[to.

4.16 - 5.10


Pw ` pistevn ti &Ihsow \stin ` xristw, \k to yeo gegnnhtai: ka pw ` gapn tn genn}santa gap ka tn gegennhmnon \j a[to. 2 &E n tot~ ginQskomen ti gapmen t tkna to yeo, tan tn yen gapmen, ka tw \ntolw a[to thrmen. 3 A% th gr \stin = gph to yeo, u na tw \ntolw a[to thrmen: ka a \ntola a[to bareai o[k esn. 4 %O ti pn t gegennhmnon \k to yeo nik tn ksmon: ka a% th \stn = nkh = nik}sasa tn ksmon, = pstiw u 5 =mn. Tw \stin ` nikn tn ksmon, e m| ` pistevn ti &Ihsow \stin ` uw to yeo; 6 Otw \stin ` \lyWn di' % datow u ka amatow, &Ihsow xristw: o[k \n t! % dati mnon, ll' \n u t! % dati ka t! amati. Ka t pnem \stin t marturon, ti u t pnem \stin = l}yeia. 7 %O ti trew esin o marturontew, 8 t pnema, ka t % dvr, ka t a<ma: ka o trew ew t n u 9 esin. E t|n marturan tn nyrQpvn lambnomen, = martura to yeo mezvn \stn: ti a% th \stn = martura u to yeo, % n memartrhken per to uo a[to. 10 ^O pistevn h e w tn un to yeo xei t|n marturan \n a[t!: ` m| pistevn t! ye! cesthn pepohken a[tn, ti o[ pepsteuken
4.19 4.20 5.1 5.2 a[tn pw o[ ka tn ka tn thrmen poimen 5.5 Tw tw d 5.6 ka t! ka \n t! % n ti 5.9 h ^ 5.10 a[t! eaut!



5.11 - 5.21

ew t|n marturan, n memartrhken ` yew per to uo a[to. 11 Ka a% th \stn = martura, ti zv|n aQnion dvken u =mn ` yew, ka a% th = zv| \n t! u! a[to \stin. 12 ^O xvn u tn un xei t|n zv}n: ` m| xvn tn un to yeo t|n zv|n o[k xei. Tata graca mn tow pisteousin ew t noma to uo to yeo, na edte ti zv|n aQnion, xete ka na u pistehte ew t noma to io to yeo. 14 Ka a% th \stn = parrhsa n xomen prw a[tn, ti \n ti atQmeya kat t ylhma a[to, koei =mn: 15 ka \n odamen ti koei =mn, $ \n atQmeya, odamen ti xomen t at}mata $ o a 16 & t}kamen par' a[to. &En tiw d+ tn delfn a[to + ^ ^ amartnonta amartan m| prw ynaton, at}sei, ka dQsei ^ a[t! zv}n tow a martnousin m| prw ynaton. *Estin ^ a marta prw ynaton: o[ per \kenhw lgv na \rvt}s+. 17 ^ ^ Psa dika a marta \stn: ka stin a marta o[ prw ynaton. Odamen ti pw ` gegennhmnow \k to yeo o[x ^ amartnei: ll' ` gennhyew \k to yeo thre \autn, ka ` ponhrw o[x ptetai a[to. 19 Odamen ti \k to yeo \smen, ka ` ksmow low \n t! ponhr! ketai. 20 Odamen d ti ` uw to yeo % kei, ka ddvken =mn dinoian na ginQskvmen tn h lhyinn: ka \smn \n t! lhyin!, \n t! u! a[to &Ihso xrist!. Otw \stin ` lhyinw yew, ka zv| aQniow. 21 ^ Tekna, fuljate eaut p tn edQlvn. &Am}n.
18 13

= zv| = aQniow ^ eautow

mn tow pisteousin ew t noma to uo to yeo mn 5.13 aQnion xete xete aQnion 5.13 ka na pistehte tow


5.15 5.18 5.21

pisteousin par' p' \autn a[tn &Am}n




presbterow \klekt_ kur ka tow tknoiw a[tw, ow \gW gap \n lhye, ka o[k \gW mnow, ll ka pntew o \gnvktew t|n l}yeian, 2 di t|n l}yeian t|n mnousan \n =mn, ka mey' =mn stai ew tn ana: 3 stai mey' =mn xriw, leow, er}nh par yeo patrw, ka par kurou &Ihso xristo to uo to patrw, \n lhye ka gp+.
% &E x r h n lan ti e u rhka \k tn tknvn sou peripatontaw \n lhye, kayWw \ntol|n \lbomen par to patrw. 5 Ka nn \rvt se, kura, o[x qw \ntol|n grfvn soi kain}n, ll n exomen p' rxw, na gapmen ll}louw. 6 Ka a% th \stn = gph, na peripatmen kat tw \ntolw u a[to. A% th \stin = \ntol}, kayWw kosate p' rxw, na \n u a[t_ peripatte. 7 %O ti pollo plnoi eslyn ew tn ksmon, o m| `mologontew &Ihson xristn \rxmenon \n sark. Otw \stin ` plnow ka ` ntxristow. 8 Blpete ^ e autow, na m| polsvmen $ ergasmeya, ll misyn a pl}rh polbvmen. 9 Pw ` parabanvn ka m| mnvn \n t_ didax_ to xristo, yen o[k xei: ` mnvn \n t_ didax_ to xristo, otow ka tn patra ka tn un xei. 10 E tiw rxetai prw mw, ka tathn t|n didax|n o[ frei, m| lambnete a[tn ew okan, ka xarein a[t! m| lgete: 11 ` gr lgvn a[t! xarein koinvne tow rgoiw a[to tow ponhrow. Poll xvn mn grfein, o[k \boul}yhn di xrtou ka mlanow: ll \lpzv \lyen prw mw, ka stma prw stma lalsai, na = xar =mn peplhrvmnh. 13 &Aspzeta se t tkna tw delfw sou tw \klektw. &Am}n.

1.3 1.5 1.6 1.7 1.8 1.8

kurou grfvn soi kain}n kain|n grfvn soi \stin = \ntol} = \ntol} \stin eslyn \jlyon polsvmen polshte polbvmen polbhte

1.9 1.9 1.11 1.12 1.12 1.13

parabanvn progvn to xristo otow otow gr lgvn lgvn gr \lyen gensyai peplhrvmnh peplhrvmnh &Am}n




presbterow Ga~ t! gap ht !, $ n \gW gap \n o lhye.

&A g a p h t , per pntvn exoma se e[odosyai ka gianein, kayWw e[odota sou = cux}. 3 &Exrhn gr lan, \rxomnvn delfn ka marturontvn sou t_ lhye, kayWw s \n lhye peripatew. 4 Meizotran totvn o[k xv xarn, na kov t \m tkna \n lhye peripatonta. &Agapht, pistn poiew $ \n \rgs+ ew tow delfow o ka ew tow jnouw, 6 o$ \martrhsn sou t_ gp+ \nQpion i \kklhsaw: ow kalw poi}seiw propmcaw jvw to yeo. 7 ^Upr gr to nmatow \jlyon mhdn lambnontew p tn \ynn. 8 ^Hmew o{n felomen polambnein tow toiotouw, na sunergo ginQmeya t_ lhye. *Egrac t_ \kklhs: ll' ` filoprvtevn a[tn Diotref|w o[k \pidxet a i =mw. 10 Di toto, \n lyv, pomn}sv a[to t rga $ poie, lgoiw ponhrow fluarn a =mw: ka m| rkomenow \p totoiw, ote a[tw \pidxetai tow delfow, ka tow boulomnouw kvlei, ka \k tw \kklhsaw \kbllei. 11 &Agapht, m| mimo t kakn, ll t gayn. ^O gayopoin \k to yeo \stn: ` kakopoin o[x ^ eQraken tn yen. 12 Dhmhtr~ memartrhtai p pntvn, ka p' a[tw tw lhyeaw: ka =mew d marturomen, ka odate ti = martura =mn lhy}w \stin. Poll exon grfein, ll' o[ ylv di mlanow ka kalmou soi grcai: 14 \lpzv d e[yvw den se, ka stma prw stma lal}somen. Er}nh soi. &Aspzonta se o floi. &Aspzou tow flouw kat' noma.
13 9 5

1.4 1.5 1.7 1.8 1.9

lhye t_ lhye ew tow jnouw toto jnouw \ynn \ynikn polambnein polambnein t_ ti t_

1.12 1.12 1.13 1.13 1.14

p' p odate odaw grfein grcai soi grcai grfein den se se den




odaw &Ihso xristo dolow, delfw d &IakQbou, tow \n ye! patr gasmnoiw, ka &Ihso xrist! tethrhmnoiw, klhtow: 2 leow mn ka er}nh ka gph plhyunyeh.
&Agaphto, psan spoud|n poiomenow grfein mn per tw koinw svthraw, ngkhn sxon grcai mn, parakaln ^ \pagvnzesyai t_ paj paradoyes+ tow a goiw pstei. 4 Pareisdusan gr tinew nyrvpoi, o plai progegrammnoi e w toto t krma, sebew, t|n to yeo =mn xrin metatiyntew ew slgeian, ka tn mnon despthn yen ka krion =mn &Ihson xristn rnomenoi.

^Upomnsai d mw bolomai, edtaw mw paj toto, ti ` kriow, lan \k gw Agptou sQsaw, t deteron tow m| pistesantaw pQlesen. 6 &Agglouw te tow m| thr}santaw ^ t|n eautn rx}n, ll polipntaw t dion okht}rion, ew krsin meglhw =mraw desmow doiw p zfon tet}rhken. 7 ^Vw Sdoma ka Gmorra, ka a per a[tw pleiw, tn moion totoiw trpon \kpornesasai, ka pelyosai psv ^ sarkw e traw, prkeintai degma, purw avnou dkhn pxousai. 8 ^O movw mntoi ka otoi \nupniazmenoi srka mn mianousin, kurithta d yet o s i n , djaw d blasfhmosin. 9 ^O d Mixa|l ` rxggelow, te t! diabl~ diakrinmenow dielgeto per to Mvsvw sQmatow, o[k \t l m h s en krsin \penegken blasfhmaw, ll' epen, &Epitim}sai soi kriow. 10 Otoi d sa mn o[k odasin blasfhmosin: sa d fusikw, qw t loga z!a, \pstantai, \n totoiw fyerontai. 11 O[a a[tow: ti t_ `d! to Kn \poreyhsan, ka t_ pln+ to Balam misyo \jexyhsan, ka t_ ntilog to Kre pQlonto. 12 Oto esin \n taw ^ gpaiw mn spildew, suneuvxomenoi, fbvw eautow
1.1 1.3 1.4 1.4 1.5 gasmnoiw gaphmnoiw svthraw =mn svthraw xrin xrita yen mw paj toto ti ` kriow 1.7 1.9 1.12 mw pnta ti ` kriow paj totoiw trpon trpon totoiw ll' ll \n o \n



1.13 - 1.25

poimanontew: neflai nudroi, p nmvn parafermenai: dndra fyinopvrin, karpa, dw poyannta, \krizvynta: 13 ^ kmata gria ya l s s h w, \p a f r z o n t a tw e autn asxnaw: strew plantai, o<w ` zfow to sktouw ew ana tet}rhtai. 14 Proef}teusen d ka totoiw bdomow p ^ &Adm ^EnQx, lgvn, &Ido, lyen kriow \n agaiw murisin 15 a[to, poisai krsin kat pntvn, ka \lgjai pntaw tow sebew a[tn per pntvn tn rgvn sebeaw a[tn @n sbhsan, ka per pntvn tn sklhrn @n \llhsan kat' ^ a[to a martvlo sebew. 16 O to esin goggusta, memcmoiroi, kat tw \piyumaw a[tn poreumenoi, ka t stma a[tn lale progka, yaumzontew prsvpa & vfeleaw xrin. ^U m e w d, gaphto, mn}syhte tn ]hmtvn tn proeirhmnvn p tn postlvn to kurou =mn &Ihso xristo: 18 ti legon mn, ti \n \sxt~ xrn~ sontai ^ \mpaktai, kat tw e autn \piyumaw poreumenoi tn sebein. 19 Oto esin o podiorzontew, cuxiko, pnema ^ m| xontew. 20 ^Umew d, gaphto, t_ agivtt+ mn pstei ^ ^ \poikodomontew eautow, \n pnemati ag~ proseuxmenoi, 21 ^ eautow \n gp+ yeo thr}sate, prosdexmenoi t leow to kurou =mn &Ihso xristo ew zv|n aQnion. 22 Ka ow mn \leete diakrinomnoi: 23 ow d \n fb~ szete, \k purw ^ arpzontew, misontew ka tn p tw sarkw \spilvmnon xitna. T! d dunamn~ fuljai a[tow ptastouw, ka stsai katenQpion tw djhw a[to mQmouw \n gallisei, 25 mn~ sof! ye! svtri =mn, dja ka megalvsnh, krtow ka \jousa, ka nn ka ew pntaw tow anaw. &Am}n.
pntaw tow sebew a[tn psan cux|n 1.16 \piyumaw a[tn \piyumaw ^ eautn 1.18 ti \n \sxt~ xrn~ ti \p' \sxtou to xrnou ^ 1.20 t_ agivtt+ mn pstei ^ \poikodomontew eautow ^ \poikodomontew eautow t_ ^ agivtt+ mn pstei 1.22 \leete diakrinomnoi \lete diakrinomnouw 1.15 1.23 \n fb~ szete \k purw ^ arpzontew szete \k purw ^ arpzontew ow d \lete \n fb~ a[tow mw sof! dja ka megalvsnh di &Ihso xristo to kurou =mn dja megalvsnh \jousa \jousa pr pantw to anow
24 17

^ eautn

1.24 1.25 1.25 1.25



al ow, dol ow &I hs o xr is t o, klhtw pstolow, fvrismnow ew e[agglion yeo, 2 $ proephggelato o ^ di tn profhtn a[to \n grafaw agaiw, 3 per to uo a[to, to genomnou \k sprmatow Daud kat srka, 4 to ^ `risyntow uo yeo \n dunmei, kat pnema agivsnhw, \j nastsevw nekrn, &Ihso xristo to kurou =mn, 5 di' o \lbomen xrin ka postol|n ew pako|n pstevw \n psin tow ynesin, pr to nmatow a[to, 6 \n o<w \st ka mew, klhto &Ihso xristo: 7 psin tow o{sin \n ^RQm+ gaphtow ^ yeo, klhtow agoiw: xriw mn ka er}nh p yeo patrw =mn ka kurou &Ihso xristo.
Prton mn e[xarist t! ye! mou di &Ihso xristo pr pntvn mn, ti = pstiw mn katagglletai \n l~ t! ksm~. 9 Mrtuw gr mo \stin ` ye w, > latrev \n t! pnemat mou \n t! e[aggel~ to uo a[to, qw dialeptvw mnean mn poiomai, 10 pntote \p tn proseuxn mou demenow, e pvw dh pot e[odvy}somai \n t! yel}mati to yeo \lyen prw mw. 11 &Epipoy gr den mw, na ti metad xrisma mn pneumatikn, ew t sthrixynai mw, 12 toto d \s t i n , sumparaklhynai \n mn di tw \n ll}loiw pstevw mn te ka \mo. 13 O[ ylv d mw gnoen, delfo, ti pollkiw proeymhn \lyen prw mw ka \kvlyhn xri to dero na tin karpn sx ka \n mn, kayWw ka \n tow loipow ynesin. 14 %Ellhsn te ka barbroiw, sofow te ka no}toiw feilthw em: 15 o% tvw t u kat' \m pryumon ka mn tow \n ^RQm+ e[aggelsasyai. 16 O[ gr \paisxnomai t e[agglion to xristo: dnamiw gr yeo \stin ew svthran pant t! pisteonti, &Iouda~ te prton ka %E l l h n i . 17 Dikaiosnh gr yeo \n a[t! pokalptetai \k pstevw ew pstin, kayWw ggraptai, ^O d dkaiow \k pstevw z}setai.

1.1 1.8

&Ihso xristo xristo &Ihso pr per


to xristo


1.18 - 1.32

&Apokalptetai gr rg| yeo p' o[rano \p psan sbeian ka dikan nyrQpvn tn t|n l}yeian \n dik katexntvn: 19 diti t gnvstn to yeo fanern \stin \n a[tow: ` gr yew a[tow \fanrvsen. 20 T gr rata a[to p ktsevw ksmou tow poi}masin noomena kayortai, % te diow a[to dnamiw ka yeithw, ew t enai h a[tow napolog}touw: 21 diti gnntew tn yen, o[x qw yen \d j a s a n ( e[xarsthsan, ll' \mataiQyhsan \n tow h dialogismow a[tn, ka \skotsyh = snetow a[tn karda. 22 Fskontew enai sofo \mvrnyhsan, 23 ka llajan t|n djan to fyrtou yeo \n `moiQmati eknow fyarto ^ nyrQpou ka peteinn ka tetrapdvn ka erpetn. Di ka pardvken a[tow ` yew \n taw \piyumaiw tn kardin a[tn ew kayarsan, to timzesyai t sQmata ^ a[tn \n e autow: 25 otinew met}llajan t|n l}yeian to yeo \n t! cedei, ka \sebsyhsan ka \ltreusan t_ ktsei par tn ktsanta, w \stin e[loghtw ew tow anaw. &Am}n. Di toto pardvken a[tow ` yew ew pyh timaw: a te gr y}leiai a[tn met}llajan t|n fusik|n xrsin ew t|n par fsin: 27 `movw te ka o rrenew, fntew t|n fusik|n xrsin tw yhleaw, \jekayhsan \n t_ rjei a[tn ew ll}louw, rsenew \n rsesin t|n sxhmosnhn katergazmenoi, ka t|n ntimisyan n dei tw plnhw ^ a[tn \n eautow polambnontew. Ka kayWw o[k \dokmasan tn yen xein \n \pignQsei, pardvken a[tow ` yew ew dkimon non, poien t m| kay}konta, 29 peplhrvmnouw ps+ dik, porne, ponhr, pleonej kak: mestow fynou, fnou, ridow, dlou, kakohye a w: ciyuristw, 30 katallouw, yeo s t u g e w, b r i s t w, perhfnouw, laznaw, \feuretw kakn, gonesin peiyew, 31 suntouw, sunytouw, strgouw, spndouw, nele}monaw: 32 otinew t dikavma to yeo \pignntew, ti o t toiata prssontew jioi yantou esn,
1.19 gr yew yew gr 1.21 e[xarsthsan h[xarsthsan 1.24 ka ^ 1.24 eautow a[tow 1.27 rrenew rsenew 1.29 porne 1.31 spndouw
28 26 24


o[ mnon a[t poiosin, ll ka suneudokosin tow prssousin.

2.1 - 2.16

Di napolghtow e, nyrvpe pw ` krnvn: \n > gr krneiw tn teron, seautn katakrneiw, t gr a[t prsseiw ` krnvn. 2 Odamen d ti t krma to yeo \stin kat l}yeian \p tow t toiata prssontaw. 3 Logz+ d toto, nyrvpe ` krnvn tow t toiata prssontaw ka poin a[t, ti s \kfej+ t krma to yeo ; 4 (H to plot o u tw xrhstthtow a[to ka tw noxw ka tw makroyumaw katafronew, gnon ti t xrhstn to yeo ew metnoin se gei; 5 Kat d t|n sklhrtht sou ka metanhton kardan yhsaurzeiw seaut! rg|n \n =mr rgw ka pokalcevw ka dikaiokrisaw to yeo, 6 $ w o 7 ^ podQsei e kst~ kat t rga a[to: tow mn kay' pomon|n rgou gayo djan ka tim|n ka fyarsan zhtosin, zv|n aQnion: 8 tow d \j \riyeaw, ka peiyosin mn t_ lhye peiyomnoiw d t_ dik, yumw ka rg}, 9 ylciw ka stenoxvra, \p psan cux|n nyrQpou to katergazomnou t kakn, &Ioudaou te prton ka %Ellhnow: 10 dja d ka tim| ka er}nh pant t! \rgazomn~ t gayn, &I o u d a ~ te prton ka %Ellhni: 11 o[ gr \stin h prosvpolhca par t! ye!. 12 %O soi gr nmvw % marton, nmvw ka polontai: ka soi \n nm~ % marton, di nmou h 13 kriy}sontai: o[ gr o kroata to nmou dkaioi par t! ye!, ll' o poihta to nmou dikaivy}sontai. 14 %O tan gr ynh t m| nmon xonta fsei t to nmou poi_, otoi, nmon ^ m| xontew, e autow esin nmow: 15 otinew \ndeknuntai t r g o n to nmou graptn \n taw kardaiw a[tn, summarturoshw a[tn tw suneid}sevw, ka metaj ll}lvn tn logismn kathgorontvn ( ka pologoumnvn, h 16 \n =mr te krine ` yew t krupt tn nyrQpvn, kat t e[agglin mou, di &Ihso xristo.
ka dikaiokrisaw dikaiokrisaw mn yumw ka rg} rg| ka yumw prosvpolhca prosvpolhmca 2.13 kroata to kroata 2.13 t! t! 2.13 poihta to poihta 2.14 poi_ poisin 2.16 &Ihso xristo xristo &Ihso

2.5 2.8 2.8 2.11


2.17 - 3.8

*Ide s &Ioudaow \ponomz+, ka \panapa+ t! nm~, ka kauxsai \n ye! , 18 ka ginQskeiw t yl h m a , ka dokimzeiw t diafronta, kathxomenow \k to nmou, 19 ppoiyw te seautn `dhgn enai tufln, fw tn \n sktei, 20 paideut|n frnvn, didskalon nhpvn, xonta t|n mrfvsin tw gnQsevw ka tw lhyeaw \n t! nm~: 21 ` o{n didskvn teron, seautn o[ didskeiw; ^O khrssvn m| klptein, klpteiw; 22 ^O lgvn m| moixeein, moixeeiw; ^O bdelussmenow t e d v l a , erosulew; 23 $O w \n nm~ kauxsai, di tw parabsevw to nmou tn yen timzeiw; 24 T gr noma to yeo di' mw blasfhmetai \n tow & ynesin, kayWw ggraptai. 25 Peritom| mn gr vfele, \n nmon prss+w: \n d parabthw nmou w, = peritom} sou krobusta ggonen. 26 &En o{n = krobusta t dikaiQmata to nmou fulss+, o[x = krobusta a[to ew peritom|n logisy}setai; 27 Ka krine = \k fsevw krobusta, tn nmon telosa, s tn di grmmatow ka peritomw parabthn nmou; 28 O[ gr ` \n t! faner! &Ioudaw \stin, o[d = \n t! faner! \n sark peritom}: 29 ll' ` \n t! krupt! &Ioudaow, ka peritom| kardaw \n pnemati, o[ grmmati: o ` painow o[k \j nyrQpvn, ll' \k to yeo.


( & T o{n t perissn to &Ioudaou, h tw = vfleia tw 2 peritomw; Pol kat pnta trpon: prton mn gr ti \pisteyhsan t lgia to yeo. 3 T gr e psthsn tinew; M| = pista a[tn t|n pstin to yeo katarg}sei; 4 M| gnoito: ginsyv d ` yew lhy}w, pw d nyrvpow cesthw, kayWw ggraptai, %O pvw n dikaivy_w \n tow lgoiw sou, ka nik}s+w \n t! krnesya se. 5 E d = dika =mn yeo dikaiosnhn sunsthsin, t \romen; M| dikow ` yew ` \pifrvn t|n rg}n; kat nyrvpon lgv 6 M| gnoito: \pe pw krine ` yew tn ksmon; 7 E gr = l}yeia to yeo \n t! \m! cesmati \persseusen ew t|n djan a[to, t ti ^ kgW qw a martvlw krnomai; 8 Ka m} kayWw blasfhmomeya, ka kayQw fasn tinew =mw lgein ti
2.17 2.17 2.26 *Ide E d t! o[x o[x 3.2 3.4 3.7 gr gr nik}s+w nik}seiw gr d


Poi}svmen t kak na ly+ t gay; #Vn t krma ndikn \stin. T o{n; Proexmeya; O[ pntvw: pro+tiasmeya gr ^ &Ioudaouw te ka %Ellhnaw pntaw f' a martan enai, 10 kayWw ggraptai ti O[k stin dkaiow o[d e<w: 11 o[k stin ` sunin, o[k stin ` \kzhtn tn yen: 12 pntew \jklinan, ma xreiQyhsan: o[k stin poin xrhstthta, ^ o[k stin vw enw: 13 tfow ne~gmnow ` lrugj a[tn, taw glQssaiw a[tn \doliosan: w spdvn p t xelh a[tn: 14 @n t stma rw ka pikraw gmei: 15 jew o pdew a[tn \kxai a<ma: 16 sntrimma ka talaipvra \n taw `dow a[tn, 17 ka `dn er}nhw o[k gnvsan: 18 o[k stin fbow yeo pnanti tn fyalmn a[tn. Odamen d ti sa ` nmow lgei, tow \n t! nm~ lale, na pn stma frag_, ka pdikow gnhtai pw ` ksmow t! ye!: 20 diti \j rgvn nmou o[ dikaivy}setai psa srj ^ \nQpion a[to: di gr nmou \pgnvsiw amartaw. 21 Nun d xvrw nmou dikaiosnh yeo pefanrvtai, marturoumnh p to nmou ka tn profhtn: 22 dikaiosnh d yeo di pstevw &Ihso xristo ew pntaw ka \p pntaw tow h pisteontaw: o[ gr \stin diastol}: 23 pntew gr % marton 24 ka sterontai tw djhw to yeo, dikaiomenoi dvren t_ a[to xriti di tw polutrQsevw tw \n xrist! &Ihso: 25 $ on proyeto ` yew last}rion, di tw pstevw, \n t! a[to amati, ew ndeijin tw dikaiosnhw a[to, di t|n presin ^ tn progegontvn amarthmtvn, 26 \n t_ nox_ to yeo: prw ndeijin tw dikaiosnhw a[to \n t! nn kair!, ew t enai a[tn dkaion ka dikaionta tn \k pstevw &Ihso. 27 Po o{n = kaxhsiw; &Ejeklesyh. Di poou nmou; Tn rgvn; O[x, ll di nmou pstevw. 28 Logizmeya o{n pstei dikaiosyai nyrvpon, xvrw rgvn nmou. 29 (H &Ioudavn ` yew mnon; O[x d ka \ynn; Na ka \ynn: 30 \peper e<w ` yew, $ w dikaiQsei peritom|n \k pstevw, ka krobustan di o
3.12 xreiQyhsan xreQyhsan 3.12 poin ` poin 3.12 o[k stin vw o[k stin vw 3.22 ka \p pntaw 3.25 tw pstevw tw pstevw 3.26 ndeijin t|n ndeijin 3.28 o{n pstei dikaiosyai gr dikaiosyai pstei 3.29 d 3.30 \peper eper
19 9

3.9 - 3.30


3.31 - 4.16

tw pstevw. 31 Nmon o{n katargomen di tw pstevw; M| gnoito: ll nmon stmen.

T o{n \romen &Abram tn patra =mn erhknai kat srka; 2 E gr &Abram \j rgvn \dikaiQyh, xei kaxhma, ll' o[ prw tn yen. 3 T gr = graf| lgei; &E p s t eu s en d &Abram t! ye! , ka \logsyh a[t! ew dikaiosnhn. 4 T! d \rgazomn~ ` misyw o[ logzetai kat x r i n , ll kat felhma. 5 T! d m| \rgazomn~, pisteonti d \p tn dikaionta tn seb, logzetai = pstiw a[to ew dikaiosnhn. 6 Kayper ka Daud lgei tn makarismn to nyrQpou, > ` yew logzetai dikaiosnhn xvrw rgvn, 7 Makrioi @n fyhsan a nomai, ka @n ^ \p ek a l f yh s a n a a martai. 8 Makriow n|r > o[ m| ^ logshtai kriow amartan. 9 ^O makarismw o{n otow \p t|n peritom}n, ( ka \p t|n krobustan; Lgomen gr ti h &Elogsyh t! &Abram = pstiw ew dikaiosnhn. 10 Pw o{n \l o g s yh ; &E n peritom_ nti, ( \n krobust; O [k \n h peritom_, ll' \n krobust: 11 ka shmeon laben peritomw, sfragda tw dikaiosnhw tw pstevw tw \n t_ krob u s t : e w t enai a[tn patra pntvn tn pisteuntvn di' krobustaw, ew t logisynai ka a[tow t|n dikaiosnhn: 12 ka patra peritomw tow o[k \k peritomw mnon, ll ka tow stoixosin tow xnesin tw pstevw tw \n t_ krobust to patrw =mn &Abram. 13 O[ gr di nmou = \paggela t! &Abram ( t! sprmati a[to, h t klhronmon a[tn enai to ksmou, ll di dikaiosnhw pstevw. 14 E gr o \k nmou klhronmoi, keknvtai = pstiw, ka kat}rghtai = \paggela: 15 ` gr nmow rg|n katergzetai: o gr o[k stin nmow, o[d parbasiw. 16 Di toto \k pstevw, na kat xrin, ew t enai bebaan t|n \paggelan pant t! sprmati, o[ t! \k to nmou mnon, ll ka t! \k pstevw &Abram, w \stin pat|r pntvn =mn
stmen stnomen &Abram tn patra =mn erhknai erhknai &Abram tn proptora =mn tn > o ti ka a[tow t|n ka a[tow t|n 4.12 pstevw tw \n t_ krobust \n krobust pstevw 4.13 to 4.15 gr o[k d o[k 4.11

3.31 4.1 4.2 4.8 4.9


kayWw ggraptai ti Patra polln \ynn tyeik se katn a n t i o \psteusen yeo , to zvopoiontow tow nekrow, ka kalontow t m| nta qw nta. 18 $O w par' \lpda \p' \lpdi \psteusen, ew t gensyai a[tn patra polln \ynn, kat t erhmnon, O % tvw stai t sprma sou. 19 Ka u ^ m| syen}saw t_ pstei, o[ katenhsen t eauto sma dh ^ nenekrvmnon e katontathw pou prxvn ka t|n nkrvsin tw m}traw Srraw: 20 ew d t|n \paggelan to yeo o[ diekryh t_ pist, ll' \nedunamQyh t_ pstei, dow djan t! ye!, 21 ka plhroforhyew ti $ \p}ggeltai, o 22 dunatw \stin ka poisai. Di ka \logsyh a[t! ew dikaiosnhn. 23 O[k \grfh d di' a[tn mnon, ti \logsyh a[t!: 24 ll ka di' =mw, o<w mllei logzesyai, tow pisteousin \p tn \geranta &Ihson tn krion =mn \k nekrn, 25 $ w paredyh di t paraptQmata =mn, ka gryh o di t|n dikavsin =mn.

4.17 - 5.11

Dikaivyntew o{n \k pstevw, er}nhn xomen prw tn yen di to kurou =mn &Ihso xristo, 2 di' o ka t|n prosagvg|n \sx}kamen t_ pstei ew t|n xrin tathn \n " ^ est}kamen, ka kauxQmeya \p' \lpdi tw djhw to yeo. 3 O[ mnon d, ll ka kauxQmeya \n taw ylcesin, edtew ti = ylciw pomon|n katergzetai, 4 = d pomon| dokim}n, = d dokim| \lpda: 5 = d \lpw o[ kataisxnei, ti = gph to ^ yeo \kkxutai \n taw kardaiw =mn di pnematow agou to 6 doyntow =mn. *Eti gr xristw, ntvn =mn syenn, kat kairn pr sebn pyanen. 7 Mliw gr pr dikaou tiw poyanetai: pr gr to gayo txa tiw ka tolm ^ poyanen. 8 Sunsthsin d t|n eauto gphn ew =mw ` yew, ^ ti ti amartvln ntvn =mn xristw pr =mn pyanen. 9 Poll! o{n mllon, dikaivyntew nn \n t! amati a[to, svyhsmeya di' a[to p tw rgw. 10 E gr \xyro ntew kathllghmen t! ye! di to yantou to uo a[to, poll! mllon katallagntew svyhsmeya \n t_ zv_ a[to: 11 o[ mnon d, ll ka kauxQmenoi \n t! ye! di to kurou =mn &Ihso xristo, di' o nn t|n katallag|n \lbomen.
4.19 4.19 4.22 o[ dh dh ka ka 5.2 5.6 t_ pstei t_ pstei kat ti kat



5.12 - 6.5

% ^ ^ Di toto, vsper di' enw nyrQpou = amarta ew tn ^ ksmon eslyen, ka di tw amartaw ` ynatow, ka o% tvw u e w pntaw nyrQpouw ` ynatow dilyen , \f ' > pntew ^ ^ % marton 13 xri gr nmou amarta n \n ksm~: amarta h 14 d o[k \llogetai, m| ntow nmou. &All' \basleusen ` y n a t o w p &Adm mxr i Mvsvw ka \p tow m| ^ amart}santaw \p t! `moiQmati tw parabsevw &Adm, w \stin tpow to mllontow. 15 &All' o[x qw t parptvma, ^ o% tvw ka t xrisma. E gr t! to e nw paraptQmati o u pollo pyanon, poll! mllon = xriw to yeo ka = dvre ^ \n xriti t_ to e nw nyrQpou &Ihso xristo ew tow ^ ^ pollow \persseusen. 16 Ka o[x qw di' enw amart}santow, ^ nw ew katkrima, t d t dQrhma: t mn gr krma \j e xrisma \k polln paraptvmtvn ew dikavma. 17 E gr t! ^ ^ to enw paraptQmati ` ynatow \basleusen di to enw, poll! mllon o t|n perissean tw xritow ka tw dvrew tw dikaiosnhw lambnontew \n zv_ basilesousin di to ^ ^ enw &Ihso xristo. 18 *Ara o{n qw di' enw paraptQmatow ew ^ pntaw nyrQpouw ew katkrima, o % tvw ka di' e nw u dikaiQmatow ew pntaw nyrQpouw ew dikavsin zvw. 19 ^ ^ %Vsper gr di tw parakow to enw nyrQpou amartvlo % tvw ka di tw pakow to enw ^ katestyhsan o pollo, ou 20 dkaioi katastay}sontai o pollo. Nmow d pareislyen, ^ na pleons+ t parptvma: o d \plenasen = a marta, 21 % na vsper \basleusen = perepersseusen = xriw: ^ a marta \n t! yant~, o% tvw ka = xriw basiles+ di u dikaiosnhw ew zv|n aQnion, di &Ihso xristo to kurou =mn.


&Epimnvmen = &Epimenomen

^ T o{n \romen; &Epimnomen t_ a mart, na = xriw 2 ^ pleons+; M| gnoito. Otinew peynomen t_ amart, 3 pw ti z}somen \n a[t_; (H gnoete ti soi \baptsyhmen ew xristn &Ihson, ew tn ynaton a[to \baptsyhmen; 4 Sunetfhmen o{n a[t! di to baptsmatow ew tn ynaton: % na vsper gryh xristw \k nekrn di tw djhw to patrw, o% tvw ka =mew \n kainthti zvw peripat}svmen. 5 E gr u
5.14 &All' &All 6.1 &Epimnomen \pimnvmen


smfutoi gegnamen t! `moiQmati to yantou a[to, ll ka tw nastsevw \smeya: 6 toto ginQskontew, ti ` palaiw =mn nyrvpow sunestaurQyh, na katarghy_ t ^ ^ sma tw amartaw, to mhkti douleein =mw t_ amart: 7 ^ ` gr poyanWn dedikavtai p tw a martaw. 8 E d peynomen sn xrist!, pisteomen ti ka suz}somen a[t!: 9 edtew ti xristw \geryew \k nekrn o[kti poynskei: y n a t o w a[to o[kti kurieei. 10 $O gr pya n en , t_ ^ amart pyanen \fpaj: $ d z_, z_ t! ye!. 11 O % tvw ka o u ^ ^ mew logzesye eautow nekrow mn enai t_ amart, zntaw d t! ye! \n xrist! &Ihso t! kur~ =mn. ^ M| o{n basileutv = amarta \n t! ynht! mn sQmati, ew t pakoein a[t_ \n taw \piyumaiw a[to: 13 mhd ^ paristnete t mlh mn pla dikaw t_ amart: ll ^ parast}sate e autow t! ye! qw \k nekrn zntaw, ka t mlh mn pla dikaiosnhw t! ye!. 14 ^Amarta gr mn o[ kuriesei: o[ gr \ste p nmon, ll' p xrin. T o{n; ^Amart}somen, ti o[k \smn p nmon, ll' p ^ xrin; M| gnoito. 16 O[k odate ti > paristnete eautow ^ dolouw ew pako}n, dolo \ste > pakoete, toi amartaw 17 ew ynaton, ( pakow ew dikaiosnhn; Xriw d t! ye!, h ^ ti te doloi tw amartaw, phkosate d \k kardaw ew $ n o paredyhte tpon didaxw: 18 \leuyervyntew d p tw ^ amartaw, \doulQyhte t_ dikaiosn+. 19 &AnyrQpinon lgv di % t|n syneian tw sarkw mn: vsper gr parest}sate t mlh mn dola t_ kayars ka t_ nom ew t|n noman, o% tvw nn parast}sate t mlh mn dola t_ u ^ ^ dikaiosn+ ew agiasmn. 20 %O te gr doloi te tw amartaw, 21 \leyeroi te t_ dikaiosn+. Tna o{n karpn exete tte \f' o<w nn \paisxnesye; T gr tlow \kenvn ynatow. 22 ^ Nun d \leuyervyntew p tw amartaw, doulvyntew d ^ t! ye!, xete tn karpn mn ew agiasmn, t d tlow zv|n 23 ^ aQnion. T gr cQnia tw a martaw ynatow, t d
nekrow mn enai enai nekrow mn 6.11 t! kur~ =mn 6.12 a[t_ \n 6.11 6.13 qw qse 6.14 ll' ll ^ 6.15 ^Amart}somen amart}svmen 6.15 ll' ll
15 12

6.6 - 6.23


7.1 - 7.17

xrisma to yeo zv| aQniow \n xrist! &Ihso t! kur~ =mn.

(H gnoete, delfo ginQskousin gr nmon lal ti ` nmow kurieei to nyrQpou \f' son xrnon z_; 2 ^H gr % pandrow gun| t! znti ndr ddetai nm~: \n d u poyn+ ` n}r, kat}rghtai p to nmou to ndrw. 3 *Ara o{n zntow to ndrw moixalw xrhmatsei, \n ^ gnhtai ndr etr~: \n d poyn+ ` n}r, \leuyra \stn p to nmou, to m| enai a[t|n moixalda, genomnhn ndr ^ etr~. 4 %Vste, delfo mou, ka mew \yanatQyhte t! nm~ ^ di to sQmatow to xristo, ew t gensyai mw etr~, t! \k nekrn \gerynti, na karpofor}svmen t! ye!. 5 %O te gr ^ men \n t_ sark, t pay}mata tn amartin t di to nmou \nhrgeto \n tow mlesin =mn ew t karpoforsai t! yant~. 6 Nun d kathrg}yhmen p to nmou, poyanntew % \n > kateixmeya , v ste douleein =mw \n kainthti pnematow, ka o[ palaithti grmmatow.
^ T o{n \romen; ^O nmow amarta; M| gnoito: ll t|n ^ amartan o[k gnvn, e m| di nmou: t}n te gr \piyuman o[k dein, e m| ` nmow legen, O[k \piyum}seiw: 8 form|n d ^ labosa = a marta di tw \ntolw kateirgsato \n \mo ^ psan \piyuman: xvrw gr nmou amarta nekr. 9 &EgW d ^ zvn xvrw nmou pot: \lyoshw d tw \ntolw, = amarta 10 nzhsen, \gW d pyanon: ka eryh moi = \ntol| = ew ^ zv}n, a% th ew ynaton: 11 = gr amarta form|n labosa u di tw \ntolw \jhpthsn me, ka di' a[tw pkteinen. 12 ^ %Vste ` mn nmow giow, ka = \ntol| aga ka dikaa ka 13 gay}. T o{n gayn \mo ggonen ynatow; M| gnoito. ^ ^ &All = a marta, na fan_ a marta, di to gayo moi katergazomnh ynaton na gnhtai kay' perbol|n ^ ^ amartvlw = amarta di tw \ntolw. 14 Odamen gr ti ` nmow pneumatikw \stin: \gW d sarkikw emi, pepramnow ^ p t|n amartan. 15 $O gr katergzomai, o[ ginQskv: o[ o gr $ ylv, toto prssv: ll' $ mis, toto poi. 16 E d $ o o o[ ylv, toto poi, smfhmi t! nm~ ti kalw. 17 Nun d


ggonen \gneto


sarkikw srkinw


o[kti \gW katergzomai a[t, ll' = okosa \n \mo ^ amarta. 18 Oda gr ti o[k oke \n \mo, tot' stin \n t_ sark mou, gayn: t gr yl ei n parkeita moi, t d o katergzesyai t kaln o[x erskv. 19 O[ gr $ ylv, poi gayn: ll' $ o[ ylv kakn, toto prssv. 20 E d $ o[ o o ylv \gQ, toto poi, o[kti \gW katergzomai a[t, ll' = ^ okosa \n \mo a marta. 21 Erskv ra tn nmon t! ylonti \mo poien t kaln, ti \mo t kakn parkeitai. 22 Sun}domai gr t! nm~ to yeo kat tn sv nyrvpon: 23 blpv d teron nmon \n tow mlesn mou nt i s t r a t eu m en o n t! nm~ to now mou, ka ^ axmalvtzont me t! nm~ tw a martaw t! nti \n tow 24 mlesn mou. Talapvrow \gW nyrvpow: tw me ]setai \k to sQmatow to yantou totou; 25 E[xarist t! ye! di &Ihso xristo to kurou =mn. *Ara o{n a[tw \gW t! mn ^ no doulev nm~ yeo, t_ d sark nm~ amartaw.

7.18 - 8.10

me \n t!

O[dn ra nn katkrima tow \n xrist! &Ihso, m| kat srka peripatosin, ll kat pnema. 2 ^O gr nmow to pnematow tw zvw \n xrist! &Ihso leuyrvsn me p ^ to nmou tw amartaw ka to yantou. 3 T gr dnaton ^ to nmou, \n > synei di tw sarkw, ` yew tn eauto un ^ ^ pmcaw \n `moiQmati sarkw a martaw ka per a martaw 4 ^ katkrinen t|n amartan \n t_ sark: na t dikavma to nmou plhrvy_ \n =mn, tow m| kat srka peripatosin, ll kat pnema. 5 O gr kat srka ntew t tw sarkw fronosin: o d kat pnema t to pnematow. 6 T gr frnhma tw sarkw ynatow: t d frnhma to pnematow zv| ka er}nh: 7 diti t frnhma tw sarkw xyra ew yen, t! gr nm~ to yeo o[x potssetai, o[d gr dnatai: 8 o d \n sark ntew ye! rsai o[ dnantai. 9 ^Umew d o[k \st \n sark, ll' \n pnemati, eper pnema yeo oke \n mn. E d tiw pnema xristo o[k xei, otow o[k stin a[to. 10 E d ^ xristw \n mn, t mn sma nekrn di a martan, t d
ll' ll o[x erskv o ll' ll \gQ toto \gW toto ll' ll me t! me \n t! 7.25 E[xarist Xriw d 8.1 m| kat srka peripatosin ll kat pnema 8.2 me se 8.9 ll' ll

7.17 7.18 7.19 7.20 7.20 7.23


8.11 - 8.27

pnema zv| di dikaiosnhn. 11 E d t pnema to \gerantow &Ihson \k nekrn oke \n mn, ` \geraw tn xristn \k nekrn zvopoi}sei ka t ynht sQmata mn, di t \noikon a[to pnema \n mn. *Ara o{n, delfo, feiltai \smn, o[ t_ sark, to kat srka z_n: 13 e gr kat srka zte, ml l et e po yn s k ei n : e d pnemati tw prjeiw to sQmatow yanatote, z}sesye. 14 %O soi gr pnemati yeo gontai, oto esin uo yeo. 15 O[ gr \lbete pnema douleaw plin ew fbon, ll' \lbete pnema uoyes a w, \n > krzomen, &Abba, ` pat}r. 16 A[t t pnema summarture t! pnemati =mn, ti \smn tkna yeo: 17 e d tkna, ka klhronmoi: klhronmoi mn yeo, sugklhronmoi d xristo: eper sumpsxomen, na ka sundojasymen. Logzomai gr ti o[k jia t pay}mata to nn kairo prw t|n mllousan djan pokalufynai ew =mw. 19 ^H gr pokaradoka tw ktsevw t|n poklucin tn un to yeo pekdxetai. 20 T_ gr mataithti = ktsiw petgh, o[x ^ ^ ekosa, ll di tn potjanta, \p' elpdi: 21 ti ka a[t| = ktsiw \leuyervy}setai p tw douleaw tw fyorw ew t|n \leuyeran tw djhw tn tknvn to yeo. 22 Odamen gr ti psa = ktsiw sustenzei ka sunvdnei xri to nn. 23 O[ mnon d, ll ka a[to t|n parx|n to pnematow xontew, ^ ka =mew a[to \n e autow stenzomen, uoyes a n pekdexmenoi, t|n poltrvsin to sQmatow =mn. 24 T_ gr \lpdi \sQyhmen: \lpw d blepomnh o[k stin \lpw: $ gr o blpei tiw, t ka \lpzei; 25 E d $ o[ blpomen \lpzomen, di' o pomonw pekdexmeya. ^Vsatvw d ka t pnema sunantilambnetai taw syeneaiw =mn: t gr t proseujmeya kay de, o[k odamen, ll' a[t t pnema perentugxnei pr =mn stenagmow lal}toiw: 27 ` d \reunn tw kardaw oden t t
8.11 &Ihson tn &Ihson 8.11 tn 8.11 t \noikon a[to pnema to \noikontow a[to pnematow 8.14 esin uo yeo uo yeo esin 8.15 ll' ll 8.20 \p' \f' 8.23 8.24 8.26 8.26 8.26 8.26 8.27 ka =mew =mew ka t ka taw syeneaiw t_ syene proseujmeya proseujQmeya ll' ll pr =mn \reunn \raunn
26 18 12


^ frnhma to pnematow, ti kat yen \ntugxnei pr agvn. 28 Odamen d ti tow gapsin tn yen pnta sunerge ew gayn, tow kat pryes i n klhtow o{sin. 29 %O ti ow prognv, ka proQrisen summrfouw tw eknow to uo a[to, ew t enai a[tn prvttokon \n pollow delfow: 30 ow d proQrisen, totouw ka \klesen: ka ow \klesen, totouw ka \dikavsen: ow d \dikavsen, totouw ka \djasen. T o{n \romen prw tata; E ` yew pr =mn, tw kay' =mn; 32 %O w ge to dou uo o[k \fesato, ll' pr =mn pntvn pardvken a[tn, pw o[x ka sn a[t! t pnta =mn xarsetai; 33 Tw \gkalsei kat \klektn yeo; Yew ` dikain: 34 tw ` katakrnvn; Xristw ` poyanQn, mllon d ka \geryew, $ w ka stin \n deji to yeo, $ w ka \ntugxnei o o 35 pr =mn. Tw =mw xvrsei p tw gphw to xristo; Ylciw, ( stenoxvra, ( divgmw, ( limw, ( gumnthw, ( h h h h h 36 kndunow, ( mxaira; KayWw ggraptai ti %Enekn sou h yanatomeya lhn t|n =mran: \logsyhmen qw prbata sfagw. 37 &A l l ' \n totoiw psin pernikmen di to gap}santow =mw. 38 Ppeismai gr ti ote ynatow ote zv| ote ggeloi ote rxa ote dunmeiw ote \nestta ^ u ote mllonta 39 ote % cvma ote byow ote tiw ktsiw etra dun}setai =mw xvrsai p tw gphw to yeo tw \n xrist! &Ihso t! kur~ =mn.

8.28 - 9.6

&Al}yeian lgv \n xrist!, o[ cedomai, summarturoshw ^ moi tw suneid}seQw mou \n pnemati ag~, 2 ti lph moi \s t n meglh, ka dileiptow dnh t_ kard mou. 3 E[xmhn gr a[tw \gW nyema enai p to xristo pr tn delfn mou, tn suggenn mou kat srka: 4 otinw esin &Israhltai, @n = uoyesa ka = dja ka a diaykai ka = nomoyesa ka = latrea ka a \paggelai, 5 @n o patrew, ka \j @n ` xristw t kat srka, ` n \p pntvn, yew e[loghtw ew tow anaw. &Am}n. 6 O[x o<on d ti
ll' ll katakrnvn katakrinn Xristw Xristw &Ihsow ka \geryew \geryew dunmeiw ote \nestta ote mllonta \nestta ote mllonta ote dunmeiw E[xmhn gr a[tw \gW nyema enai H[xmhn gr nyema enai a[tw \gW

8.32 8.34 8.34 8.34 8.38



9.7 - 9.26

\kpptvken ` lgow to yeo. O[ gr pntew o \j &Isra}l, otoi &Isra}l: 7 o[d' ti esn sprma &Abram, pntew tkna: ll' &En &Isak klhy}seta soi sprma. 8 Tot' stin, o[ t tkna tw sarkw, tata tkna to yeo: ll t tkna tw \paggelaw logzetai ew sprma. 9 &Epaggelaw gr ` lgow otow, Kat tn kairn toton \lesomai, ka stai t_ Srr ^ uw. 10 O[ mnon d, ll ka ^Rebkka \j enw kothn xousa, 11 &Isak to patrw =mn m}pv gr gennhyntvn, mhd prajntvn ti gayn ( kakn, na = kat' \klog|n pryesiw h to yeo mn+, o[k \j rgvn, ll' \k to kalontow, 12 \rr}yh a[t_ ti ^O me z v n doulesei t! \lssoni. 13 KayWw ggraptai, Tn &IakWb gphsa, tn d &Hsa \mshsa.


T o{n \romen; M| dika par t! ye!; M| gnoito. T! gr Mvs_ lgei, &Ele}sv $ n n \le, ka okteir}sv o 16 $ n n okterv. *A r a o{n o[ to yl o n t o w, o[d to o trxontow, ll to \leontow yeo. 17 Lgei gr = graf| t! FaraW ti Ew a[t toto \j}geir se, pvw \ndejvmai \n so t|n dnamn mou, ka pvw diaggel_ t nom mou \n ps+ t_ g_. 18 *Ara o{n $ n ylei \lee: $ n d ylei sklhrnei. o o


&Erew o{n moi, T ti mmfetai; T! gr boul}mati a[to tw nys t h k en ; 20 Menonge, nyrvpe, s tw e ` ntapokrinmenow t! ye!; M| \re t plsma t! plsanti, T me \pohsaw o% tvw; 21 (H o[k xei \jousan ` keramew to u phlo, \k to a[to furmatow poisai $ mn ew tim|n o 22 skeow, $ d ew timan; E d ylvn ` yew \ndejasyai t|n o rg}n, ka gnvrsai t dunatn a[to, negken \n poll_ makroyum skeh rgw kathrtismna ew pQleian: 23 ka na gnvrs+ tn ploton tw djhw a[to \p skeh \louw, $ a 24 prohtomasen ew djan, ow ka \klesen =mw o[ mnon \j &Ioudavn, ll ka \j \ynn; 25 ^Vw ka \n t! ^Vsh lgei, Kalsv tn o[ lan mou lan mou: ka t|n o[k gaphmnhn gaphmnhn. 26 Ka stai, \n t! tp~ o \rr}yh a[tow, O[ law mou mew, \ke klhy}sontai uo yeo zntow.
9.11 9.12 9.15 9.15 9.15 kakn falon \rr}yh \rryh gr Mvs_ Mvse gr okteir}sv oktir}sv okterv oktrv 9.16 9.19 9.20 9.26 \leontow \lentow o{n moi T moi o{n T o{n Menonge nyrvpe )V nyrvpe menonge \rr}yh \rryh




9.27 - 10.10

&Hsaaw d krzei pr to &Isra}l, &En ` riymw tn un &Isra|l qw = mmow tw yalsshw, t katleimma svy}setai: 28 lgon gr sunteln ka suntmnvn \n dikaiosn+: ti lgon suntetmhmnon poi}sei kriow \p tw gw. 29 Ka kayWw proerhken &Hsaaw, E m| kriow SabaWy \gkatlipen =mn sprma, qw Sdoma n \gen}yhmen, ka qw Gmorra n qmoiQyhmen. T o{n \romen; %Oti ynh t m| diQkonta dikaiosnhn, katlaben dikaiosnhn, dikaiosnhn d t|n \k pstevw: 31 &I s r a | l d, diQkvn nmon dikaiosnhw, ew nmon dikaiosnhw o[k fyasen. 32 Di t; %Oti o[k \k pstevw, ll' qw \j rgvn nmou: proskocan gr t! ly~ to proskmmatow, 33 kayWw ggraptai, &Ido tyhmi \n SiWn lyon proskmmatow ka ptran skandlou: ka pw ` pistevn \p' a[t! o[ kataisxuny}setai.


&Adelfo, = mn e[doka tw \mw kardaw ka = dhsiw = prw tn yen pr to &Isra}l \stin ew svthran. 2 Martur gr a[tow ti zlon yeo xousin, ll' o[ kat' \pgnvsin. 3 &Agnoontew gr t|n to yeo dikaiosnhn, ka t|n dan dikaiosnhn zhtontew stsai, t_ dikaiosn+ to yeo o[x petghsan. 4 Tlow gr nmou xristw ew dikaiosnhn pant t! pisteonti. 5 Mvsw gr grfei t|n dikaiosnhn t|n \k to nmou, ti ` poi}saw a[t nyrvpow u z}setai \n a[tow. 6 ^H d \k pstevw dikaiosnh o% tvw lgei, M| ep+w \n t_ kard sou, Tw nab}setai ew tn o[rann; tot' stin xristn katagagen 7 , Tw katab}setai ew t|n busson; tot' stin xristn \k nekrn nagagen. 8 &All t lgei; &Eggw sou t ]m \stin, \n t! stmat sou ka \n t_ kard sou: tot' stin t ]ma tw pstevw $ o 9 khrssomen: ti \n `molog}s+w \n t! stmat sou krion &Ihson, ka pistes+w \n t_ kard sou ti ` yew a[tn geiren \k nekrn, svy}s+: 10 kard gr pisteetai ew
9.33 pw 10.1 = prw prw 10.1 to &Isra}l \stin a[tn 10.3 dikaiosnhn zhtontew dikaiosnhn zhtontew 10.5 to to

katleimma pleimma \n dikaiosn+ ti lgon suntetmhmnon 9.31 dikaiosnhw o[k o[k 9.32 nmou proskocan gr proskocan

9.27 9.28


10.11 - 11.5

dikaiosnhn, stmati d `mologetai ew svthran. 11 Lgei gr = graf}, Pw ` pistevn \p' a[t! o[ kataisxuny}setai. 12 O[ gr \stin diastol| &Ioudaou te ka %Ellhnow: ` gr a[tw kriow pntvn, ploutn ew pntaw tow o \pikaloumnouw a[tn. 13 Pw gr $ w n \pikalshtai t 14 noma kurou svy}setai. Pw o{n \pikalsontai ew $ n o[k o \psteusan; Pw d pistesousin o o[k kousan; Pw d kosousin xvrw khrssontow; 15 Pw d khrjousin \n m| postalsin; KayWw ggraptai, ^Vw qraoi o pdew tn e[aggelizomnvn er}nhn, tn e[aggelizomnvn t gay. &All' o[ pntew p}kousan t! e[aggel~. &Hsaaw gr lgei, Krie, tw \psteusen t_ ko_ =mn; 17 *Ara = pstiw \j kow, = d ko| di ]}matow yeo. 18 &All lgv, m| o[k kousan; Menonge: Ew psan t|n gn \jlyen ` fyggow a[tn, ka ew t prata tw okoumnhw t ]}mata a[tn. 19 &All lgv, m| o[k gnv &Isra}l; Prtow Mvsw lgei, &EgW parazhlQsv mw \p' o[k ynei, \p ynei sunt~ parorgi mw. 20 &Hsaaw d potolm ka lgei, Eryhn tow \m m| zhtosin, \mfan|w \genmhn tow \m m| \pervtsin. 21 Prw d tn &Isra|l lgei, %Olhn t|n =mran \j ep t a s a tw xe r w mou prw lan peiyonta ka ntilgonta.


Lgv o{n, m| pQsato ` yew tn lan a[to; M| gnoito. Ka gr \gW &Israhlthw em, \k sprmatow &Abram, fulw Benamn. 2 O[k pQsato ` yew tn lan a[to $ n prognv. (H o[k odate \n &Hl t lgei = graf}; ^Vw o \ntugxnei t! ye! kat to &Isra}l, lgvn, 3 Krie, tow prof}taw sou pkteinan, ka t yusiast}ri sou katskacan: kgW pelefyhn mnow, ka zhtosin t|n cux}n mou. 4 &All t lgei a[t! ` xrhmatismw; Katlipon \maut! ^ eptakisxilouw ndraw, otinew o[k kamcan gnu t_ Bal. 5 % O utvw o{n ka \n t! nn kair! lemma kat' \klog|n xritow
10.17 yeo xristo 10.19 o[k gnv &Isra}l &Isra|l o[k gnv 10.19 \p \p' 10.20 Eryhn Eryhn \n 11.2 lgvn 11.3 ka t t

10.14 10.14 10.14 10.15 10.15

\pikalsontai \pikalsvntai pistesousin pistesvsin kosousin kosvsin khrjousin khrjvsin tn e[aggelizomnvn er}nhn 10.15 t t


ggonen. 6 E d xriti, o[kti \j rgvn: \pe = xriw o[kti gnetai xriw. E d \j rgvn, o[kti \stn xriw: \pe t rgon o[kti \stn rgon. 7 T o{n; $O \pizhte &Isra}l, toto o[k \ptuxen, = d \klog| \ptuxen, o d loipo \pvrQyhsan: 8 kayWw ggraptai, *Edvken a[tow ` yew pnema katanjevw, fyalmow to m| blpein, ka ta to m| koein, vw tw s}meron =mraw. 9 Ka Daud lgei, Genhy}tv = trpeza a[tn ew pagda ka ew y}ran, ka ew skndalon, ka ew ntapdoma a[tow: 10 skotisy}tvsan o fyalmo a[tn to m| blpein, ka tn nton a[tn di pantw sgkamcon. 11 Lgv o{n, m| ptaisan na psvsin; M| gnoito: ll t! a[tn paraptQmati = svthra tow yn es i n , e w t parazhlsai a[tow. 12 E d t parptvma a[tn plotow ksmou, ka t % tthma a[tn plotow \ynn, ps~ mllon t h pl}rvma a[tn; ^Umn gr lgv tow ynesin. &Ef' son mn emi \gW \ynn pstolow, t|n diakonan mou dojzv: 14 e pvw parazhlQsv mou t|n srka, ka sQsv tinw \j a[tn. 15 E gr = pobol| a[tn katallag| ksmou, tw = prslhciw, e m| zv| \k ^ nekrn; 16 E d = parx| aga, ka t frama: ka e = ]za 17 ^ aga, ka o kldoi. E d tinew tn kldvn \jeklsyhsan, s d grilaiow n \nekentrsyhw \n a[tow, ka sugkoinvnw tw ]zhw ka tw pithtow tw \laaw \gnou, 18 m| katakaux tn kldvn: e d katakauxsai, o[ s t|n ]zan bastzeiw, ll' = ]za s. 19 &Erew o{n, &Ejeklsyhsan kldoi, na \gW \gkentrisy. 20 Kalw: t_ pist \jeklsyhsan, s d t_ pstei sthkaw. M| chlofrnei, ll fobo: 21 e gr ` yew tn kat fsin kldvn o[k \fesato, m}pvw o[d sou fesetai. 22 *Ide o{n xrhstthta ka potoman yeo: \p mn tow pesntaw, potoman: \p d se, xrhstthta, \n \pimen+w t_ xrhstthti: \pe ka s \kkop}s+. 23 Ka \kenoi d, \n m| \pimenvsin t_ pist, \gkentrisy}sontai:
11.6 11.13 11.13 11.15 11.17 11.18 E d \j rgvn o[kti \stn xriw \pe t rgon o[kti \stn rgon gr d mn mn o{n prslhciw prslhmciw ka tw tw ll' ll 11.20 11.21 11.22 11.22 chlofrnei chl frnei m}pvw m} pvw potoman \p potoma \p xrhstthta \n \pimen+w xrhstthw yeo \n \pimn+w 11.23 Ka \kenoi Kkenoi 11.23 \pimenvsin \pimnvsin

11.6 - 11.23


11.24 - 12.3

dunatw gr ` yew \stin plin \gkentrsai a[tow. 24 E gr s \k tw kat fsin \jekphw grielaou, ka par fsin \nekentrsyhw ew kallilaion, ps~ mllon otoi, o kat fsin, \gkentrisy}sontai t_ d \la; O[ gr ylv mw gnoen, delfo, t must}rion toto, ^ na m| te par' eautow frnimoi, ti pQrvsiw p mrouw t! &Isra|l ggonen, xri o t pl}rvma tn \ynn esly+: 26 ka o% tvw pw &Isra|l svy}setai: kayWw ggraptai, %Hjei u \k SiWn ` ]umenow, ka postrcei sebeaw p &IakQb: 27 ka a% th a[tow = par' \mo diay}kh, tan flvmai tw u ^ amartaw a[tn. 28 Kat mn t e[agglion, \xyro di' mw: kat d t|n \klog}n, gaphto di tow patraw. 29 &Ametamlhta gr t xarsmata ka = klsiw to yeo. 30 %V s p er gr ka mew pot peiy}sate t! ye! , nn d le}yhte t_ totvn peiye : 31 o % tvw ka otoi nn u peyhsan, t! metr~ \lei na ka a[to \lehysin: 32 sunkleisen gr ` yew tow pntaw ew peyeian, na tow pntaw \le}s+. )V byow plotou ka sofaw ka gnQsevw yeo. ^Vw nejerenhta t krmata a[to, ka nejixnastoi a `do a[to. 34 Tw gr gnv non kurou; (H tw smboulow a[to \gneto; 35 (H tw prodvken a[t!, ka ntapodoy}setai a[t!; 36 %O ti \j a[to ka di' a[to ka ew a[tn t pnta: a[t! = dja ew tow anaw. &Am}n.
33 25

susxhmatzesye metamorfosye

Parakal o{n mw, delfo, di tn oktirmn to yeo, parastsai t sQmata mn yusan zsan, ^ agan, e[reston t! ye!, t|n logik|n latrean mn. 2 Ka m| susxhmatzesyai t! ani tot~, ll metamorfosyai t_ nakainQsei to now mn, ew t dokimzein mw t t ylhma to yeo t gayn ka e[reston ka tleion.
Lgv gr, di tw xritow tw doyeshw moi, pant t! nti \n mn, m| perfronen par' $ de fronen, ll fronen ew o
11.23 11.25 11.26 11.30 11.31 11.33 ` yew \stin \stin ` yew par' par' ka postrcei postrcei ka \lehysin nn \lehysin nejerenhta nejeranhta 12.2 12.2 12.2 susxhmatzesyai susxhmatzesye metamorfosyai metamorfosye mn



^ t svfronen, e kst~ qw ` yew \mrisen mtron pstevw. 4 ^ Kayper gr \n en sQmati mlh poll xomen, t d mlh u pnta o[ t|n a[t|n xei prjin: 5 o% tvw o pollo n sm \smen \n xrist!, ` d kay' e<w ll}lvn mlh. 6 *Exontew d xarsmata kat t|n xrin t|n doyesan =mn difora, ete profhtean, kat t|n nalogan tw pstevw: 7 e t e diakonan, \n t_ diakon: ete ` didskvn, \n t_ didaskal: 8 ete ` parakaln, \n t_ parakl}sei: ` metadidow, \n ^ aplthti: ` prostmenow, \n spoud_: ` \len, \n larthti. 9 ^H gph nupkritow. &Apostugontew t ponhrn, kollQmenoi t! gay!. 10 T_ filadelf ew ll}louw filstorgoi: t_ tim_ ll}louw prohgomenoi: 11 t_ spoud_ m| knhro: t! pnemati zontew: t! kur~ douleontew: 12 t_ \l p d i xa r o n t ew: t_ ylcei pomnontew: t_ proseux_ ^ proskarterontew: 13 taw xreaiw tn agvn koinvnontew: 14 t|n filojenan diQkontew. E[logete tow diQkontaw mw: e[logete, ka m| katarsye. 15 Xarein met xairntvn, ka klaein met klaintvn. 16 T a[t ew ll}louw fronontew. M| t chl fronontew, ll tow tapeinow ^ sunapagmenoi. M| gnesye frnimoi par' eautow. 17 Mhden kakn nt kako podidntew. Pronoomenoi kal \nQpion pntvn nyrQpvn. 18 E dunatn, t \j mn, met pntvn ^ nyrQpvn erhneontew. 19 M| e autow \kdikontew, gaphto, ll dte tpon t_ rg_: ggraptai gr, &Emo \kdkhsiw, \gW ntapodQsv, lgei kriow. 20 &En o{n pein ` \xyrw sou, cQmize a[tn: \n dic, ptize a[tn: toto gr poin, nyrakaw purw svreseiw \p t|n kefal|n a[to. 21 M| nik p to kako, ll nka \n t! gay! t kakn.

12.4 - 13.3

12.4 12.5 12.14 12.15

Psa cux| \jousaiw perexosaiw potasssyv: o[ gr \stin \jousa e m| p yeo, a d o{sai \jousai p to yeo tetagmnai esn. 2 %Vste ` ntitassmenow t_ \jous, t_ to yeo diatag_ nysthken: o d nyesthktew ^ eautow krma l}contai. 3 O gr rxontew o[k esn fbow
mlh poll poll mlh ` t mw mw ka 12.20 &En o{n &All \n 13.1 \jousai p to p 13.2 l}contai l}mcontai


13.4 - 14.4

tn gayn rgvn, ll tn kakn. Yleiw d m| fobesyai t|n \jousan; T gayn poei, ka jeiw painon \j a[tw: 4 yeo gr dikonw \stn soi ew t gayn. &En d t kakn poi_w, fobo: o[ gr ek t|n mxairan fore: yeo gr dikonw \stin, kdikow ew rg|n t! t kakn prssonti. 5 Di ngkh potssesyai, o[ mnon di t|n rg}n, ll ka di t|n sunedhsin. 6 Di toto gr ka frouw telete: leitourgo gr yeo esin, ew a[t toto proskarterontew. 7 &Apdote o{n psin tw feilw: t! tn fron tn fron: t! t tlow t tlow: t! tn fbon tn fbon: t! t|n tim|n t|n tim}n. Mhden mhdn felete, e m| t gapn ll}louw: ` gr gapn tn t er o n , nmon pepl}rvken. 9 T gr, O [ moixeseiw, o[ foneseiw, o[ klceiw, o[k \piyum}seiw, ka e ^ tiw etra \ntol}, \n tot~ t! lg~ nakefalaiotai, \n t!, &Agap}seiw tn plhson sou qw seautn. 10 ^H gph t! plhson kakn o[k \rgzetai: pl}rvma o{n nmou = gph. % Ka toto, edtew tn kairn, ti vra =mw dh \j % pnou u \g er y n a i : nn gr \ggteron =mn = svthra ( te h 12 \pistesamen. ^H nj prokocen, = d =mra ggiken: poyQmeya o{n t rga to sktouw, ka \ndusQmeya t pla to fvtw. 13 ^Vw \n =mr, e[sxhmnvw peripat}svmen, m| kQmoiw ka myaiw, m| kotaiw ka selgeaiw, m| ridi ka z}l~. 14 &All' \ndsasye tn krion &Ihson xristn, ka tw sarkw prnoian m| poiesye, ew \piyumaw.
11 8

klceiw, o[ ceudomartur}seiw


Tn d syenonta t_ pstei proslambnesye, m| ew diakrseiw dialogismn. 2 $O w mn pisteei fagen pnta, ` d syen n lxana \syei. 3 ^O \sy v n tn m| \syonta m| \jouyenetv, ka ` m| \syvn tn \syonta m| krintv: ` yew gr a[tn proselbeto. 4 S tw e ` krnvn lltrion okthn; T! d~ kur~ st}kei ( pptei. Stay}setai h
13.9 \n t! \n t! 13.11 =mw dh dh mw 13.12 ka \ndusQmeya \ndusQmeya d 13.14 &All' ll 14.3 ka ` ` d

tn gayn rgvn ll tn kakn t! gay! rg~ ll t! kak! 13.7 o{n 13.8 gapn ll}louw ll}louw gapn 13.9 tot~ t! lg~ t! lg~ tot~


d: dunatw gr \stin ` yew stsai a[tn. 5 $O w mn krnei =mran par' =mran, $ w d krnei psan =mran. %Ekastow \n o t! d~ no plhroforesyv. 6 ^O fronn t|n =mran, kur~ frone: ka ` m| fronn t|n =mran, kur~ o[ frone. Ka ` \syvn kur~ \syei, e[xariste gr t! ye!: ka ` m| \syvn kur~ o[k \syei, ka e[xariste t! ye!. 7 O[dew gr =mn ^ ^ eaut! z_, ka o[dew eaut! poynskei. 8 &En te gr zmen, t! kur~ zmen: \n te poynskvmen, t! kur~ poynskomen: \n te o{n zmen, \n te poynskvmen, to kurou \smn. 9 Ew toto gr xristw ka pyanen ka nsth ka zhsen, na ka nekrn ka zQntvn kuries+. 10 S d t krneiw tn delfn sou; (H ka s t \jouyenew tn delfn sou; Pntew gr parasthsmeya t! b}mati to xristo. 11 Ggraptai gr, Z \gQ, lgei kriow: ti \mo kmcei pn gnu, ka psa glssa \jomolog}setai t! ye!. 12 ^ *Ara o{n kastow =mn per eauto lgon dQsei t! ye!. Mhkti o{n ll}louw krnvmen: ll toto krnate mllon, t m| tiynai prskomma t! delf! ( skndalon. h 14 Oda ka ppeismai \n kur~ &Ihso, ti o[dn koinn di' a[to: e m| t! logizomn~ ti koinn enai, \ken~ koinn. 15 E d di brma ` delfw sou lupetai, o[kti kat gphn peripatew. M| t! brQmat sou \kenon pllue, pr o xristw pyanen. 16 M| blasfhmesyv o{n mn t gayn: 17 o[ gr \stin = basilea to yeo brsiw ka psiw, ^ ll dikaiosnh ka er}nh ka xar \n pnemati ag~. 18 ^O gr \n totoiw doulevn t! xrist! e[restow t! ye!, ka dkimow tow nyrQpoiw. 19 *Ara o{n t tw er}nhw diQkvmen, ka t tw okodomw tw ew ll}louw. 20 M| neken brQmatow katlue t rgon to yeo. Pnta mn kayar, ll kakn t! nyrQp~ t! di proskmmatow \syonti. 21 Kaln t m| fagen kra, mhd pien onon, mhd \n > ` delfw sou proskptei ( skandalzetai ( syene. 22 S pstin xeiw; h h
14.4 dunatw gr \stin ` yew dunate gr ` kriow 14.5 mn mn gr 14.6 ka ` m| fronn t|n =mran kur~ o[ frone 14.9 ka pyanen ka nsth pyanen 14.10 xristo yeo 14.12 14.12 14.14 14.15 14.18 14.21 14.22 o{n o{n t! ye! t! ye! ^ a[to eauto d gr totoiw tot~ ( skandalzetai ( syene h h xeiw n xeiw

14.5 - 14.22


14.23 - 15.13


kat seautn xe \nQpion to yeo. Makriow ` m| krnvn ^ e autn \n > dokimzei. 23 ^O d diakrinmenow, \n fg+, katakkritai, ti o[k \k pstevw: pn d $ o[k \k pstevw, o ^ amarta \stn. T! d dunamn~ mw sthrjai kat t e[agglin mou ka t k}rugma &Ihso xristo, kat poklucin musthrou xrnoiw avnoiw sesighmnou, 25 fanervyntow d nn, di te grafn profhtikn, kat' \pitag|n to avnou yeo, ew pako|n pstevw ew pnta t ynh gnvrisyntow, 26 mn~ sof! ye!, di &Ihso xristo, > = dja ew tow anaw. &Am}n.


&O felomen d =mew o dunato t syen}mata tn ^ duntvn bastzein, ka m| e autow rskein. 2 %Ekastow =mn t! plhson resktv ew t gayn prw ^ okodom}n. 3 Ka gr ` xristw o[x e aut! resen, ll, kayWw ggraptai, O neidismo tn neidizntvn se \ppeson \p' \m. 4 %O sa gr proegrfh, ew t|n =metran didaskalan proegrfh, na di tw pomonw ka di tw parakl}sevw tn grafn t|n \lpda xvmen. 5 ^O d yew tw pomonw ka tw parakl}sevw dh mn t a[t fronen \n ll}loiw kat ^ xristn &Ihson: 6 na `moyumadn \n en stmati dojzhte tn yen ka patra to kurou =mn &Ihso xristo. 7 Di proslambnesye ll}louw, kayWw ka ` xristw proselbeto mw, ew djan yeo. 8 Lgv d, xristn &Ihson dikonon gegensyai peritomw pr lhyeaw yeo, ew t bebaisai tw \paggelaw tn patrvn: 9 t d ynh pr \louw dojsai tn yen, kayWw ggraptai, Di toto \jomolog}soma soi \n yn es i n , ka t! nmat sou cal. 10 Ka plin lgei, E[frnyhte, ynh, met to lao a[to. 11 Ka plin, Anete tn krion pnta t ynh, ka \painsate a[tn pntew o lao. 12 Ka plin &Hsaaw lgei, *Estai = ]za to &Iessa, ka ` nistmenow rxein \ynn: \p' a[t! ynh \lpiosin. 13 ^O d yew tw \lpdow plhrQsai mw pshw xarw ka
14.24 14.25 14.26 15.3 15.4 \ppeson \ppesan proegrfh na \grfh na 15.7 yeo to yeo 15.8 d xristn &Ihson gr xristn 15.11 tn krion pnta t ynh pnta t ynh tn krion 15.11 \painsate \painestvsan




15.14 - 15.28

er}nhw \n t! pisteein, ew t perisseein mw \n t_ \lpdi, ^ \n dunmei pnematow agou. Ppeismai d, delfo mou, ka a[tw \gW per mn, ti ka a[to mesto \ste gayvsnhw, peplhrvmnoi pshw gnQsevw, dunmenoi ka llouw nouyeten. 15 Tolmhrteron d graca mn, delfo, p mrouw, qw \panamimn}skvn mw, di t|n xrin t|n doyesn moi p to yeo, 16 ew t ena me leitourgn &Ihso xristo ew t ynh, erourgonta t e[agglion to yeo, na gnhtai = prosfor tn \ynn ^ e[prsdektow, =giasmnh \n pnemati a g~. 17 *Exv o{n kaxhsin \n xrist! &Ihso t prw tn ye n . 18 O [ gr tolm}sv lalen ti @n o[ kateirgsato xristw di' \mo, ew pako|n \ynn, lg~ ka rg~, 19 \n dunmei shmevn ka % tertvn, \n dunmei pnematow yeo : v ste me p ^Ierousal|m ka kkl~ mxri to &Illuriko peplhrvknai t e[ a g g l i o n to xristo: 20 o % tvw d filotimomenon u & e[aggelzesyai, o[x pou vnomsyh xristw, na m| \p' lltrion yemlion okodom: 21 ll, kayWw ggraptai, O<w o[k nhgglh per a[to, contai: ka o$ o[k khkasin i sun}sousin.
23 14

Di ka \nekoptmhn t poll to \lyen prw mw: nun d mhkti tpon xv n \n tow klmasin totoiw, \pipoyan d xvn to \lyen prw mw p polln \tn, 24 qw \n porevmai ew t|n Spanan, \lesomai prw mw: \lpzv gr diaporeumenow yesasyai mw, ka f' mn propemfynai \ke, \n mn prton p mrouw \mplhsy. 25 ^ Nun d poreomai ew ^Ierousal}m, diakonn tow agoiw. 26 E[dkhsan gr Makedona ka &Axaa koinvnan tin ^ poi}sasyai ew tow ptvxow tn agvn tn \n ^Ierousal}m. 27 E[dkhsan gr, ka feiltai a[tn esin. E gr tow pneumatikow a[tn \koinQnhsan t ynh, felousin ka \n tow sarkikow leitourgsai a[tow. 28 Toto o{n \pitelsaw, ka sfragismenow a[tow tn karpn toton, pelesomai
gnQsevw tw gnQsevw llouw ll}louw delfo &Ihso xristo xristo &Ihso kaxhsin t|n kaxhsin 15.18 15.19 15.24 15.24 15.27 lalen ti ti lalen yeo yeo \n porevmai n porevmai \lesomai prw mw a[tn esin esn a[tn


15.14 15.14 15.15 15.16 15.17


15.29 - 16.12


di' mn ew t|n Spanan. 29 Oda d ti \rxmenow prw mw \n plhrQmati e[logaw to e[aggelou to xristo \lesomai. Parakal d mw, delfo, di to kurou =mn &Ihso xristo, ka di tw gphw to pnematow, sunagvnsasya moi \n taw proseuxaw pr \mo prw tn yen: 31 na ]usy p tn peiyontvn \n t_ &Iouda, ka na = diakona mou = ^ ew ^Ierousal|m e[prsdektow gnhtai tow agoiw: 32 na \n xa r l yv prw mw di yel } m a t o w yeo , ka sunanapasvmai mn. 33 ^O d yew tw er}nhw met pntvn mn. &Am}n.

Prskillan 3

Sunsthmi d mn Fobhn t|n delf|n =mn, o{san dikonon tw \kklhsaw tw \n Kegxreaw: 2 na a[t|n ^ prosdjhsye \n kur~ jvw tn agvn, ka parastte a[t_ \n > n mn xrz+ prgmati: ka gr a[t| prosttiw polln \gen}yh, ka a[to \mo.

&Aspsasye Prskan ka &Aklan tow sunergow mou ^ \n xrist! &Ihso, 4 otinew pr tw cuxw mou tn e autn trxhlon pyhkan, o<w o[k \gW mnow e[xarist, ll ka psai a \kklhsai tn \ynn: 5 ka t|n kat' okon a[tn \kklhsan. &Aspsasye &Epaneton tn gaphtn mou, w \stin parx| tw &Axaaw ew xristn. 6 &Aspsasye Marim, % tiw poll \kopasen ew =mw. 7 &Aspsasye &Andrnikon ka h &Iounan tow suggenew mou ka sunaixmalQtouw mou, otinw esin \pshmoi \n tow postloiw, o$ ka pr \mo gegnasin i \n xrist!. 8 &Aspsasye &Amplan tn gaphtn mou \n kur~. 9 &Aspsasye O[rbann tn sunergn =mn \n xrist!, ka Stxun tn gaphtn mou. 10 &A s p s a s y e &A p e l l n tn dkimon \n xrist!. &Aspsasye tow \k tn &Aristobolou. 11 &Aspsasye ^Hr~dvna tn suggen mou. &Aspsasye tow \k tn Narkssou, tow ntaw \n kur~. 12 &A s p s a s y e
15.28 15.29 15.30 15.31 15.31 t|n to e[aggelou to delfo delfo na = = ^ ^ gnhtai tow agoiw tow agoiw gnhtai 15.32 lyv \lyWn 15.32 ka 16.1 16.2 16.5 16.6 16.6 16.7 16.8 dikonon ka dikonon a[to \mo \mo a[to &Axaaw &Asaw Marim Maran =mw mw gegnasin ggonan &Amplan &Ampliton



16.13 - 16.24

Trfainan ka Trufsan tw kopiQsaw \n kur~. &Aspsasye Persda t|n gapht}n, % tiw poll \kopasen \n h 13 kur~. &Aspsasye ^Rofon tn \klektn \n kur~, ka t|n mhtra a[to ka \mo. 14 &Aspsasye &Asgkriton, Flgonta, ^Ermn, Patrban, ^Ermn, ka tow sn a[tow delfow. 15 &A s p s a s y e Fillogon ka &Ioulan, Nhra ka t|n delf|n a[to, ka &Olumpn, ka tow sn a[tow pntaw ^ ^ a gouw. 16 &A s p s a s y e ll}louw \n fil}mati a g~. &Aspzontai mw a \kklhsai to xristo. Parakal d mw, delfo, skopen tow tw dixostasaw ka t skndala, par t|n didax|n n mew \myete, poiontaw: ka \kklnate p' a[tn. 18 O gr toiotoi t! kur~ =mn &Ihso xrist! o[ douleousin, ll ^ t_ e autn koil: ka di tw xrhstologaw ka e[logaw \japatsin tw kardaw tn kkvn. 19 ^H gr mn pako| ew pntaw fketo. Xarv o{n t \f' mn: ylv d mw sofow mn enai ew t gayn, keraouw d ew t kakn. 20 ^O d yew tw er}nhw suntrcei tn Satann p tow pdaw mn \n txei. ^H xriw to kurou =mn &Ihso xristo mey' mn. &Aspzontai mw Timyeow ` sunergw mou, ka Lokiow ka &Isvn ka Svspatrow o suggenew mou. 22 &Aspzomai mw \gW Trtiow, ` grcaw t|n \pistol}n, \n kur~. 23 &Aspzetai mw Gow ` jnow mou ka tw \kklhsaw lhw. &Aspzetai mw *Erastow ` okonmow tw plevw, ka Koartow ` delfw. 24 ^H xriw to kurou =mn &Ihso xristo met pntvn mn. &Am}n.
21 17

16.14 ^Ermn Patrban ^Ermn ^Ermn Patrobn ^Ermn 16.16 to psai to 16.17 \kklnate \kklnete 16.18 &Ihso 16.19 Xarv o{n t \f' mn ylv \f' mn o{n xarv ylv

mn xristo &Aspzontai &Aspzetai tw \kklhsaw lhw lhw tw \kklhsaw 16.23 delfw delfw + 14.24-26 16.24

16.19 16.20 16.21 16.23




alow klhtw pstolow &Ihso xristo di yel}matow yeo, ka Svsynhw ` delfw, 2 t_ \kklhs to yeo t_ os+ \n Korny~, =giasmnoiw \n xrist! &Ihso, klhtow ^ agoiw, sn psin tow \pikaloumnoiw t noma to kurou =mn &Ihso xristo \n pant tp~, a[tn te ka =mn: 3 xriw mn ka er}nh p yeo patrw =mn ka kurou &Ihso xristo.
E[xarist t! ye! mou pntote per mn, \p t_ xriti to yeo t_ doyes+ mn \n xrist! &Ihso: 5 ti \n pant \p l o u t s y h t e \n a[t!, \n pant lg~ ka ps+ gnQsei, 6 % kayWw t martrion to xristo \bebaiQyh \n mn: 7 vste mw m| steresyai \n mhden xarsmati, pekdexomnouw t|n poklucin to kurou =mn &Ihso xristo, 8 $ w ka o bebaiQsei mw vw tlouw, negkl}touw \n t_ =mr to kurou =mn &Ihso xristo. 9 Pistw ` yew, di' o \kl}yhte ew koinvnan to uo a[to &Ihso xristo to kurou =mn. Parakal d mw, delfo, di to nmatow to kurou =mn &Ihso xristo, na t a[t lghte pntew, ka m| \n mn sxsmata, te d kathrtismnoi \n t! a[t! no ka \n t_ a[t_ gnQm+. 11 &EdhlQyh gr moi per mn, delfo mou, p tn Xlhw, ti ridew \n mn esin. 12 Lgv d toto, ti kastow mn lgei, &EgW mn emi Palou, &EgW d &ApollQ, &EgW d Khf, &EgW d xristo. 13 Memristai ` xristw; M| Palow \staurQyh pr mn, ( ew t noma h 14 Palou \baptsyhte; E[xarist t! ye! ti o[dna mn \bptisa, e m| Krspon ka Gon: 15 na m} tiw ep+ ti ew t \mn noma \bptisa. 16 &Ebptisa d ka tn Stefan okon: loipn o[k oda e tina llon \bptisa. 17 O[ gr psteiln me xristw baptzein, ll' e[aggelzesyai: o[k \n sof lgou, na m| kenvy_ ` staurw to xristo.

1.1 1.2 1.8

&Ihso xristo xristo &Ihso te xristo xristo

1.14 t! ye! t! ye! 1.15 \bptisa \baptsyhte 1.17 ll' ll


^O lgow gr ` to stauro tow mn pollumnoiw mvra \s t n , tow d s~zomnoiw =mn dnamiw yeo \s t i n . 19 Ggraptai gr, &Apol t|n sofan tn sofn, ka t|n snesin tn sunetn yet } s v . 20 Po sofw; Po grammatew; Po suzhtht|w to anow totou; O [x \mWranen ` yew t|n sofan to ksmou totou; 21 &Epeid| gr \n t_ sof to yeo o[k gnv ` ksmow di tw sofaw tn yen, e[dkhsen ` yew di tw mvraw to khrgmatow ssai tow pisteontaw. 22 &Epeid| ka &Ioudaoi shmeon atosin, ka %Ellhnew sofan zhtosin: 23 =mew d khrssomen xristn \staurvmnon, &Ioudaoiw mn skndalon, %Ellhsin d mvran: 24 a[tow d tow klhtow, &Ioudaoiw te ka %Ellhsin, xristn yeo dnamin ka yeo sofan. 25 %O ti t mvrn to yeo sofQteron tn nyrQpvn \stn, ka t syenw to yeo sxurteron tn nyrQpvn \stn. Blpete gr t|n klsin mn, delfo, ti o[ pollo sofo kat srka, o[ pollo dunato, o[ pollo e[genew: 27 ll t mvr to ksmou \jeljato ` yew, na tow sofow kataisxn+: ka t syen to ksmou \jeljato ` yew, na kataisxn+ t sxur: 28 ka t gen to ksmou ka t \jouyenhmna \jeljato ` yew, ka t m| nta, na t nta katarg}s+: 29 pvw m| kaux}shtai psa srj \nQpion to o yeo. 30 &Ej a[to d mew \ste \n xrist! &Ihso, $ w \gen}yh ^ =mn sofa p yeo , dikaiosnh te ka a giasmw, ka 31 poltrvsiw: na, kayWw ggraptai, ^O kauxQmenow, \n kur~ kauxsyv.
26 18

1.18 - 2.4

KgW \lyWn prw mw, delfo, lyon o[ kay' perox|n lgou ( sofaw kataggllvn mn t martrion to yeo. h 2 O[ gr krina to ednai ti \n mn, e m| &Ihson xristn, ka toton \staurvmnon. 3 Ka \gW \n syene ka \n fb~ ka \n trm~ poll! \genmhn prw mw. 4 Ka ` lgow mou ka t k}rugm mou o[k \n peiyow nyrvpnhw sofaw lgoiw, ll'
1.28 ka t m| t m| 1.30 =mn sofa sofa =mn 2.1 martrion must}rion 2.2 to ednai ti ti ednai 2.3 Ka \gW kgW 2.4 peiyow nyrvpnhw sofaw lgoiw peiyow sofaw lgoiw

1.20 ksmou totou ksmou 1.22 shmeon shmea 1.23 %Ellhsin ynesin 1.25 sxurteron tn nyrQpvn \stn sxurteron tn nyrQpvn 1.27 tow sofow kataisxn+ kataisxn+ tow sofow


2.5 - 3.4

\n podejei pnematow ka dunmevw: 5 na = pstiw mn m| \n sof nyrQpvn, ll' \n dunmei yeo. Sofan d lalomen \n tow teleoiw: sofan d o[ to anow totou, o[d tn rxntvn to anow totou, tn katargoumnvn: 7 ll lalomen sofan yeo \n musthr~, t|n pokekrummnhn, n proQrisen ` yew pr tn aQnvn ew djan =mn: 8 n o[dew tn rxntvn to anow totou g n v k en : e gr gnvsan, o[k n tn krion tw djhw \starvsan: 9 ll kayWw ggraptai, $A fyalmw o[k eden, ka o{w o[k kousen, ka \p kardan nyrQpou o[k nbh, $ a 10 =tomasen ` yew tow gapsin a[tn. ^Hmn d ` yew peklucen di to pnematow a[to: t gr pnema pnta \reun, ka t byh to yeo. 11 Tw gr oden nyrQpvn t to nyrQpou, e m| t pnema to nyrQpou t \n a[t!; O % tvw ka t to yeo o[dew oden, e m| t pnema to yeo. u 12 ^Hmew d o[ t pnema to ksmou \lbomen, ll t pnema t \k to yeo , na edmen t p to yeo xa r i s y n t a =mn. 13 $A ka lalomen, o[k \n didaktow nyrvpnhw sofaw lgoiw, ll' \n didaktow pnematow ^ agou, pneumatikow pneumatik sugkrnontew. 14 Cuxikw d nyrvpow o[ dxetai t to pnematow to yeo: mvra gr a[t! \stin, ka o[ dnatai gnnai, ti pneumatikw nakrnetai. 15 ^O d pneumatikw nakrnei mn pnta, a[tw d p' o[denw nakrnetai. 16 Tw gr gnv non kurou, $ w o sumbibsei a[tn; ^Hmew d non xristo xomen.

Ka \gQ, d el f o, o[k dun}yhn mn lal s ai qw pneumatikow, ll' qw sarkikow, qw nhpoiw \n xrist!. 2 Gla mw \ptisa, ka o[ brma: opv gr \dnasye, ll' o{te ti nn dnasye: 3 ti gr sarkiko \ste: pou gr \n mn zlow ka riw ka dixostasai, o[x sarkiko \ste, ka kat nyrvpon peripatete; 4 %O tan gr lg+ tiw, &EgW mn emi Palou, terow d, &EgW &ApollQ, o[x sarkiko \ste;
sofan yeo yeo sofan ` yew peklucen peklucen ` yew a[to \reun \raun oden e gnvken e ^ agou mn t 3.1 3.1 3.1 3.2 3.2 3.3 3.4 Ka \gQ KgQ mn lalsai lalsai mn sarkikow sarknoiw ka o{te o[d ka dixostasai o[x sarkiko o[k nyrvpo

2.7 2.10 2.10 2.10 2.11 2.13 2.15



3.5 - 3.23

Tw o{n \stin Palow, tw d &ApollQw, ll' ( dikonoi di' @n h ^ \pistesate, ka ekst~ qw ` kriow dvken; 6 &EgW \fteusa, &ApollWw \ptisen, ll' ` yew hjanen. 7 %Vste ote ` futevn \stn ti, ote ` potzvn, ll' ` a[jnvn yew. 8 ^O futevn d ka ` potzvn n esin: kastow d tn dion misyn l}cetai kat tn dion kpon. 9 yeo gr \smen sunergo: yeo geQrgion, yeo okodom} \ste. Kat t|n xrin to yeo t|n doyesn moi, qw sofw rxitktvn yemlion tyeika, llow d \poikodome. %Ekastow d bleptv pw \poikodome. 11 Yemlion gr llon o[dew dnatai yenai par tn kemenon, w \stin &Ihsow xristw. 12 E d tiw \poikodome \p tn yemlion toton xrusn, ^ rguron, lyouw timouw, jla, xrton, kalmhn, 13 ekstou t rgon fanern gen}setai: = gr =mra dhlQsei, ti \n pur ^ pokalptetai: ka e kstou t rgon `pon \stin t pr 14 dokimsei. E tinow t rgon mnei $ \poikodmhsen, misyn o 15 l}cetai. E tinow t rgon kataka}setai, zhmivy}setai: a[tw d svy}setai, o% tvw d qw di purw. u O[k odate ti naw yeo \ste, ka t pnema to yeo oke \n mn; 17 E tiw tn nan to yeo fyerei, fyere toton ` yew: ` gr naw to yeo giw \stin, otinw \ste mew. ^ Mhdew eautn \japattv: e tiw doke sofw enai \n mn \n t! ani tot~, mvrw gensyv, na gnhtai sofw. 19 ^H gr sofa to ksmou totou mvra par t! ye! \stin. Ggraptai gr, ^O drassmenow tow sofow \n t_ panourg a[tn. 20 Ka plin, Kriow ginQskei tow dialogismow tn sofn, ti e s n mtaioi. 21 %V s t e mhdew kauxsyv \n nyrQpoiw: pnta gr mn \stin, 22 e t e Palow, ete &ApollQw, ete Khfw, ete ksmow, ete zv}, ete ynatow, ete \nestta, ete mllonta: pnta mn \stin, 23 mew d xristo, xristw d yeo.
18 16 10

3.5 3.6 3.8

Tw o{n \stin Palow, tw d &ApollQw, ll' ( t o{n \stin h &Apollw t d \stin Palow ll' ll l}cetai l}mcetai

3.10 tyeika yhka 3.12 toton 3.13 dokimsei a[t dokimsei 3.14 l}cetai l}mcetai 3.22 \stin


4.1 - 4.17


O % tvw =mw logizsyv nyrvpow, qw phrtaw xristo u ka okonmouw musthrvn yeo. 2 $O d loipn, zhtetai \n tow okonmoiw, na pistw tiw erey_ . 3 &E m o d ew \lxistn \stin na f' mn nakriy, ( p nyrvpnhw h =mraw: ll' o[d \mautn nakrnv. 4 O[dn gr \maut! snoida, ll' o[k \n tot~ dedikavmai: ` d nakrnvn me kriw \stin. 5 %Vste m| pr kairo ti krnete, vw n ly+ ` kriow, $ w ka fvtsei t krupt to sktouw, ka fanerQsei o ^ tw boulw tn kardin: ka tte ` painow gen}setai ekst~ p to yeo.
Tata d, delfo, metesxhmtisa ew \mautn ka &ApollW di' mw, na \n =mn myhte t m| pr $ ggraptai o ^ nw fusiosye kat to etrou. ^ fronen, na m| e<w pr to e 7 Tw gr se diakrnei; T d xeiw $ o[k labew; E d ka o 8 labew, t kauxsai qw m| labQn; *Hdh kekoresmnoi \st, dh \plout}sate, xvrw =mn \basilesate: ka feln ge \basilesate, na ka =mew mn sumbasilesvmen. 9 Dok gr ti ` yew =mw tow postlouw \sxtouw pdeijen qw \piyanatouw: ti yatron \gen}yhmen t! ksm~, ka ggloiw, ka nyrQpoiw. 10 ^Hmew mvro di xristn, mew d frnimoi \n xrist!: =mew syenew, mew d sxuro: mew ndojoi, % =mew d timoi. 11 *Axri tw rti vraw ka peinmen, ka dicmen, ka gumnhteomen, ka kolafizmeya , ka statomen, 12 ka kopimen \rgazmenoi taw daiw xersn: loidoromenoi e[logomen: divkmenoi nex m eya : 13 blasfhmomenoi parakalomen: qw perikayrmata to ksmou \gen}yhmen, pntvn perchma vw rti. O[k \ntrpvn mw grfv tata, ll' qw tkna mou gapht nouyet. 15 &En gr murouw paidagvgow xhte \n xrist!, ll' o[ pollow patraw: \n gr xrist! &Ihso di to e[aggelou \gW mw \gnnhsa. 16 Parakal o{n mw, mimhta mou gnesye. 17 Di toto pemca mn Timyeon, w $ \stin tknon mou gaphtn ka pistn \n kur~, ow mw
14 6

4.2 4.6 4.6 4.9

$O d #Vde &ApollW &Apolln $ ggraptai fronen $ a o ggraptai ti ` `

4.11 gumnhteomen gumniteomen 4.13 blasfhmomenoi dusfhmomenoi 4.14 nouyet nouyetn 4.17 tknon mou mou tknon


namn}sei tw `dow mou tw \n xrist!, kayWw pantaxo \n ps+ \kklhs didskv. 18 ^Vw m| \rxomnou d mou prw mw \fusiQyhsn tinew. 19 &Elesomai d taxvw prw mw, \ n ` kriow yel } s + , ka gnQsomai o[ tn lgon tn pefusivmnvn, ll t|n dnamin. 20 O [ gr \n lg~ = basilea to yeo, ll' \n dunmei. 21 T ylete; &En ]bd~ lyv prw mw, ( \n gp+ pnemat te prthtow; h

4.18 - 5.12

%O lvw koetai \n mn pornea, ka toiath pornea, % tiw o[d \n tow ynesin nomzetai, vste gunak tina % h 2 to patrw xein. Ka mew pefusivmnoi \st, ka o[x mllon \peny}sate, na \jary_ \k msou mn ` t rgon toto poi}saw. 3 &EgW mn gr qw pWn t! sQmati parWn d t! pnemati, dh kkrika qw parQn, tn o % tvw toto u 4 katergasmenon, \n t! nmati to kurou =mn &Ihso xristo, sunaxyntvn mn ka to \mo pnematow, sn t_ dunmei to kurou =mn &Ihso xristo, 5 paradonai tn toioton t! Satan ew leyron tw sarkw, na t pnema svy_ \n t_ =mr to kurou &Ihso. 6 O[ kaln t kaxhma mn. O[k odate ti mikr zmh lon t frama zumo; 7 &Ekkayrate t|n palain zmhn, na te non frama, kayQw \ste zumoi. Ka gr t Psxa =mn pr =mn \tyh % ^ xristw: 8 vste eortzvmen, m| \n zm+ palai, mhd \n zm+ kakaw ka ponhraw, ll' \n zmoiw elikrineaw ka lhyeaw.
*E g r a c a mn \n t_ \pistol_ m| sunanamgnusyai prnoiw: 10 ka o[ pntvw tow prnoiw to ksmou totou ( h tow pleonktaiw, ( rpajin, ( edvloltraiw: \pe felete h h ra \k to ksmou \jelye n . 11 Nn d graca mn m| sunanamgnusyai, \n tiw delfw nomazmenow prnow, ( h ( edvloltrhw, ( lodorow, ( myusow, ( rpaj: pleonkthw, h h h h t! toiot~ mhd sunesyein. 12 T gr moi ka tow jv krnein;

4.17 xrist! xrist! &Ihso 4.21 prthtow prathtow 5.1 nomzetai 5.2 \jary_ ry_ 5.2 poi}saw prjaw 5.3 qw pWn pWn 5.4 =mn &Ihso xristo sunaxyntvn =mn &Ihso sunaxyntvn

dunmei to kurou =mn &Ihso xristo dunmei to kurou =mn &Ihso 5.5 &Ihso 5.7 pr =mn 5.10 ka o[ o[ 5.10 ( rpajin ka rpajin h & 5.10 felete vfelete 5.12 ka



5.13 - 6.17

O[x tow sv mew krnete; 13 Tow d jv ` yew krine. Ka \jarete tn ponhrn \j mn a[tn.

Tolm tiw mn, prgma xvn prw tn teron, krnesyai ^ \p tn dkvn, ka o[x \p tn agvn; 2 O[k odate ti o gioi tn ksmon krinosin; Ka e \n mn krnetai ` ksmow, njio \ste krithrvn \laxstvn; 3 O[k odate ti gglouw krinomen; M}ti ge bivtik; 4 Bivtik mn o{n krit}ria \n xhte, tow \jouyenhmnouw \n t_ \kklhs, totouw kayzete. 5 Prw \ntrop|n mn lgv. O % tvw o[k ni \n mn sofw o[d u e<w, $ w dun}setai diakrnai n mson to delfo a[to, o 6 ll delfw met delfo krnetai, ka toto \p pstvn; 7 *Hdh mn o{n lvw % tthma mn \stin, ti krmata xete mey' h ^ e autn. Di t o[x mllon dikesye; Di t o[x mllon posteresye; 8 &All mew dikete ka posterete, ka tata delfow. 9 (H o[k odate ti dikoi basilean yeo o[ klhronom}sousi n ; M| plansye: ote prnoi, ote edvloltrai, ote moixo, ote malako, ote rsenokotai, 10 ote pleonktai, ote klptai, ote myusoi, o[ lodoroi, o[x rpagew, basilean yeo o[ klhronom}sousin. 11 Ka tat tinew te: ll pelosasye, ll =gisyhte, ll' \dikaiQyhte \n t! nmati to kurou &Ihso, ka \n t! pnemati to yeo =mn.

(H o[k

Pnta moi jestin, ll' o[ pnta sumfrei: pnta moi jestin, ll' o[k \gW \jousiasy}somai p tinow. 13 T brQmata t_ koil, ka = koila tow brQmasin: ` d yew ka tathn ka tata katarg}sei. T d sma o[ t_ porne, ll t! kur~, ka ` kriow t! sQmati: 14 ` d yew ka tn krion geiren ka =mw \jegere di tw dunmevw a[to. 15 O[k odate ti t sQmata mn mlh xristo \stin; *Araw o{n t mlh to xristo poi}sv prnhw mlh; M| gnoito. 16 O[k odate ti ` kollQmenow t_ prn+ n sm \stin; *Esontai gr, fhsn, o do ew srka man. 17 ^O d kollQmenow t!
5.13 6.2 6.5 6.7 6.8 6.9 6.10 Ka \jarete &Ejrate O[k (H o[k sofw o[d e<w o[dew sofw o{n o{n tata toto basilean yeo yeo basilean pleonktai ote klptai ote 6.10 6.11 6.11 6.16 klptai ote pleonktai o[ o[ klhronom}sousin klhronom}sousin ll' ll &Ihso &Ihso Xristo O[k (H o[k


kur~ n pnem \stin. 18 Fegete t|n pornean. Pn ^ amrthma $ \n poi}s+ nyrvpow \ktw to sQmatw \stin: ` o ^ d pornevn ew t dion sma amartnei. 19 (H o[k odate ti ^ t sma mn naw to \n mn a gou pnematw \stin, o ^ xete p yeo; Ka o[k \st eautn, 20 gorsyhte gr timw: dojsate d| tn yen \n t! sQmati mn, ka \n t! pnemati mn, tin \stin to yeo.

6.18 - 7.13

Per d @n \grcat moi, kaln nyrQp~ gunaikw m| ^ ptesyai. 2 Di d tw porneaw kastow t|n e auto 3 ^ gunaka \xtv, ka eksth tn dion ndra \xtv. T_ gunaik ` n|r t|n feilomnhn enoian podidtv: `movw d ka = gun| t! ndr. 4 ^H gun| to dou sQmatow o[k \jousizei, ll' ` n}r: `movw d ka ` n|r to dou sQmatow o[k \jousizei, ll' = gun}. 5 M| posterete ll}louw, e m} ti n \k sumfQnou prw kairn, na sxolzhte t_ nhste ka t_ proseux_, ka plin \p t a[t sunrxhsye, na m| peirz+ mw ` Satanw di t|n krasan mn. 6 Toto d lgv kat suggnQmhn, o[ kat' \pitag}n. 7 Ylv gr pntaw nyrQpouw enai qw ka \mautn: ll' kastow dion xrisma xei \k yeo, $ w mn o% tvw, $ w d o% tvw. o u o u
Lgv d tow gmoiw ka taw x}raiw, kaln a[tow \stin \ n menvsin qw kgQ. 9 E d o[k \gkrateontai, gamhstvsan: kresson gr \stin gamsai ( purosyai. h 10 Tow d gegamhksin paraggllv, o[k \gQ, ll' ` kriow, gunaka p ndrw m| xvrisynai: 11 \n d ka xvrisy_, mentv gamow, ( t! ndr katallag}tv ka ndra h gunaka m| finai. 12 Tow d loipow \gW lgv, o[x ` kriow: e tiw delfw gunaka xei piston, ka a[t| suneudoke h oken met' a[to, m| fitv a[t}n. 13 Ka gun| % tiw xei ndra piston, ka atw suneudoke oken met' a[tw, m|
6.20 7.1 7.3 7.4 7.4 7.5 7.5 7.5 7.5 ka \n t! pnemati mn tin \stin to yeo moi feilomnhn enoian feil|n ll' ` ll ` ll' = ll = m} ti m}ti sxolzhte sxolshte t_ nhste ka sunrxhsye te 7.7 7.7 7.7 7.7 7.8 7.9 7.10 7.12 7.13 7.13 gr d ll' ll xrisma xei xei xrisma $ w mn o% tvw, $ w ` mn o% tvw ` o u o u \stin kresson kretton ll' ll \gW lgv lgv \gW % tiw e tiw h atw otow


7.14 - 7.33

fitv a[tn. 14 ^Hgastai gr ` n|r ` pistow \n t_ gunaik, ka =gastai = gun| = pistow \n t! ndr: \pe ra t tkna mn kyart \stin, nn d gi \stin. 15 E d ` pistow xvrzetai, xvrizsyv. O[ dedolvtai ` delfw ( = delf| h \n tow toiotoiw: \n d er}n+ kklhken =mw ` yew. 16 T gr odaw, gnai, e tn ndra sQseiw; (H t odaw, ner, e t|n ^ gunaka sQseiw; 17 E m| ekst~ qw \mrisen ` yew, kaston qw kklhken ` kriow, o% tvw peripatetv. Ka o% tvw \n taw u u \kklhsaiw psaiw diatssomai. 18 Peritetmhmnow tiw \kl}yh; M| \pispsyv. &En krobust tiw \kl}yh; M| peritemnsyv. 19 ^H peritom| o[dn \stin, ka = krobusta o[dn \stin, ll t}rhsiw \ntoln yeo. 20 %Ekastow \n t_ kl}sei " \kl}yh, \n tat+ mentv. 21 Dolow \kl}yhw; M} soi meltv: ll' e ka dnasai \leyerow gensyai, mllon xrsai. 22 ^O gr \n kur~ klhyew dolow, peleyerow kurou \stn: `movw ka ` \leyerow klhyew, dolw \stin xristo. 23 Timw gorsyhte: m| gnesye doloi nyrQpvn. 24 %Ekastow \n > \kl}yh, delfo, \n tot~ mentv par ye!. Per d tn parynvn \pitag|n kurou o[k xv: gnQmhn d ddvmi qw lehmnow p kurou pistw enai. 26 Nomzv o{n toto kaln prxein di t|n \nestsan ngkhn, ti kaln nyrQp~ t o% tvw enai. 27 Ddesai gunaik; M| z}tei u lsin. Llusai p gunaikw; M| z}tei gunaka. 28 &En d ka g}m+w, o[x % martew: ka \n g}m+ = paryn o w, o[x h % marten. Ylcin d t_ sark jousin o toiotoi: \gW d mn h fedomai. 29 Toto d fhmi, delfo, ` kairw sunestalmnow: t loipn \stin na ka o xontew gunakaw qw m| xontew sin: 30 ka o klaontew, qw m| klaontew: ka o xarontew, qw m| xarontew: ka o gorzontew, qw m| katxontew: 31 ka o xrQmenoi t! ksm~ tot~, qw m| kataxrQmenoi: pargei gr t sxma to ksmou totou. 32 Ylv d mw mermnouw enai. ^O gamow merimn t to kurou, pw rsei t! kur~: 33 ` d gam}saw merimn t to ksmou, pw rsei t_ gunaik.
7.13 7.14 7.15 7.17 7.17 7.18 a[tn tn ndra ndr delf! =mw mw yew kriow kriow yew krobust tiw \kl}yh krobust kklhta tiw 7.22 7.28 7.29 7.31 7.32 7.33 ka g}m+w gam}s+w t loipn \stin \stn: t loipn t! ksm~ tot~ tn ksmon rsei rs+ rsei rs+



7.34 - 8.7

Memristai ka = gun| ka = parynow. ^H gamow merimn ^ t to kurou, na a ga ka sQmati ka pnemati: = d gam}sasa merimn t to ksmou, pw rsei t! ndr. 35 Toto d prw t mn a[tn sumfron lgv: o[x na brxon mn \p i b l v , ll prw t esxhmon ka e[prsedron t! kur~ perispstvw. 36 E d tiw sxhmonen \p t|n parynon a[to nomzei, \n prakmow, ka o% tvw u ^ felei gnesyai, $ ylei poietv: o[x amartnei: gametvsan. o 37 ^ draow \n t_ kard, m| xvn ngkhn, $O w d sthken e \jousan d xei per to dou yel}matow, ka toto kkriken ^ \n t_ kard a[to, to thren t|n eauto parynon, kalw 38 % ^ poie. vste ka ` \kgamzvn kalw poie: ` d m| ekgamzvn 39 kresson poie. Gun| ddetai nm~ \f' son xrnon z_ ` n|r a[tw: \n d ka koimhy_ ` n}r, \leuyra \stn > ylei gamhynai, mnon \n kur~. 40 Makarivtra d \stin \n o% tvw men+, kat t|n \m|n gnQmhn: dok d kgW pnema u yeo xein.

Per d tn edvloytvn, odamen ti pntew gnsin xomen. ^H gnsiw fusio, = d gph okodome. 2 E d tiw doke ednai ti, o[dpv o[dn gnvken kayWw de gnnai: 3 e d tiw gap tn yen, otow gnvstai p' a[to. 4 Per tw brQsevw o{n tn edvloytvn, odamen ti o[dn edvlon \n ksm~, ka ti o[dew yew terow e m| e<w. 5 Ka gr eper % esn legmenoi yeo, ete \n o[ran! ete \p gw: vsper esn 6 yeo pollo, ka krioi pollo: ll' =mn e<w yew ` pat}r, \j o t pnta, ka =mew ew a[tn: ka e<w kriow &Ihsow xristw, di' o t pnta, ka =mew di' a[to. 7 &All' o[k \n psin = gnsiw: tinw d t_ suneid}sei to edQlou vw rti qw edvlyuton \syousin, ka = sunedhsiw a[tn syen|w
7.34 Memristai Ka memristai 7.34 ka = parynow. ^H gamow = gamow ka = parynow 7.34 sQmati ka t! sQmati ka t! 7.34 rsei rs+ 7.35 sumfron smforon 7.35 e[prsedron e[predron ^ 7.37 edraow \n t_ kard \n t_ ^ kard a[to edraow 7.37 kard a[to to d kard 7.37 poie poi}sei 7.38 ` \kgamzvn ` gamzvn t|n ^ eauto parynon 7.38 ` d ka ` ^ 7.38 m| ekgamzvn m| gamzvn 7.38 kresson poie kresson poi}sei 7.39 nm~ 7.39 ka 8.2 d 8.2 ednai \gnvknai 8.2 o[dpv o[dn gnvken opv gnv 8.4 terow 8.7 suneid}sei to edQlou vw rti sunhye vw rti to edQlou

tw gw


8.8 - 9.11

o{sa molnetai. 8 Brma d =mw o[ parsthsin t! ye!: ote gr \n fgvmen per i s s e o m en , ote \n m| fgvmen u steromeya . 9 Blpete d m}pvw = \jousa mn a % th 10 prskomma gnhtai tow syenosin. &En gr tiw d+ se tn xonta gnsin \n edvle~ katakemenon, o[x = sunedhsiw a[to syenow ntow okodomhy}setai ew t t edvlyuta \syein; 11 Ka poletai ` syenn delfw \p t_ s_ gnQsei, ^ di' $ n xristw pyanen; 12 O % tvw d amartnontew ew tow o u delfow, ka tptontew a[tn t|n sunedhsin syenosan, ^ ew xristn amartnete. 13 Diper e brma skandalzei tn delfn mou, o[ m| fgv kra ew tn ana, na m| tn delfn mou skandalsv.


O[k em pstolow; O[k em \leyerow; O[x &Ihson ^ xristn tn krion =mn eQraka; O[ t rgon mou mew 2 \ste \n kur~; E lloiw o[k em pstolow, ll ge mn emi: = gr sfragw tw \mw postolw mew \ste \n kur~. 3 ^H \m| pologa tow \m nakrnousin a% th \stn. 4 M| o[k u xomen \jousan fagen ka pien; 5 M| o[k xomen \jousan delf|n gunaka perigein, qw ka o loipo pstoloi, ka o delfo to kurou, ka Khfw; 6 (H mnow \gW ka Barnbaw o[k xomen \jousan to m| \rgzesyai; 7 Tw strateetai doiw cvnoiw pot; Tw futeei mpelna, ka \k to karpo a[to o[k \syei; (H tw poimanei pomnhn, ka \k to glaktow tw pomnhw o[k \syei; 8 M| kat nyrvpon tata lal; (H o[x ka ` nmow tata lgei; 9 &En gr t! Mvsvw nm~ ggraptai, O[ fimQseiw bon lonta. M| tn bon mlei t! ye! ; 10 (H di' =mw pntvw lgei; Di' =mw gr \grfh, ti \p' \lpdi felei ` rotrin rotrin, ka ` lon tw \lpdow a[to metxein \p' \lpdi. 11 E =mew mn
parsthsin parast}sei gr \n fgvmen perisseomen ote \n m| fgvmen steromeya \n m| fgvmen steromeya ote \n fgvmen perisseomen 8.9 m}pvw m} pvw 8.9 syenosin syensin 8.11 Ka poletai &Apllutai gr 8.11 delfw \p \n 8.11 gnQsei gnQsei ` delfw 9.1 pstolow; O[k em \leyerow; \leyerow; O[k em pstolow; 9.1 xristn 8.8 8.8 ^ ^ 9.1 eQraka eraka 9.2 tw \mw mou tw 9.3 a% th \stn \stin a% th u u 9.4 pien pen 9.6 to 9.7 \k to karpo tn karpn 9.8 o[x 9.8 lgei o[ lgei 9.9 fimQseiw khmQseiw 9.10 \p' \lpdi felei felei \p' \lpdi 9.10 tw \lpdow a[to metxein \p' \lpdi \p' \lpdi to metxein


t pneumatik \speramen, mga e =mew mn t sarkik yersomen; 12 E lloi tw \jousaw mn metxousin, o[ mllon =mew; &All' o[k \xrhsmeya t_ \jous tat+, ll pnta stgomen, na m| \gkop}n tina dmen t! e[aggel~ to xristo. 13 O[k odate ti o t er \rgazmenoi \k to ero \s y o u s i n , o t! yusiasthr~ prosedreontew t! yusiasthr~ summerzontai; 14 O % tvw ka ` kriow ditajen u tow t e[agglion kataggllousin \k to e[aggelou z_n. 15 &EgW d o[den \xrhsmhn totvn: o[k graca d tata na o% tvw gnhtai \n \mo: kaln gr moi mllon poyanen, ( t u h 16 kaxhm mou na tiw kenQs+. &En gr e[aggelzvmai, o[k stin moi kaxhma: ngkh gr moi \pkeitai: o[a d moi ^ \stn, \n m| e[aggelzvmai. 17 E gr ekWn toto prssv, misyn xv: e d kvn, okonoman pepsteumai. 18 Tw o{n mo \stin ` misyw; %Ina e[aggelizmenow dpanon y}sv t e[agglion to xristo, ew t m| kataxr}sasyai t_ \jous mou \n t! e[aggel~. 19 &Eleyerow gr n \k pntvn, psin \m a u t n \d o l v s a , na tow pleonaw kerd}sv. 20 Ka \g en m h n tow &Ioudaoiw qw &Ioudaow, na &Ioudaouw kerd}sv: tow p nmon qw p nmon, na tow p nmon kerd}sv: 21 tow nmoiw qw nomow, m| n nomow ye! ll' nnomow xrist!, na kerd}sv nmouw. 22 &Egenmhn tow syensin qw syen}w, na tow syenew kerd}sv. Tow psin ggona t pnta, na pntvw tinw sQsv. 23 Toto d poi di t e[agglion, na sugkoinvnw a[to gnvmai. 24 O[k odate ti o \n stad~ trxo n t ew pntew mn trxo u s i n , e< w d lambnei t brabeon; O % tvw trxete, na katalbhte. 25 Pw u d ` gvnizmenow pnta \gkrateetai: \kenoi mn o{n na fyartn stfanon lbvsin, =mew d fyarton. 26 &EgW tonun o% tvw trxv qw o[k d}lvw: o% tvw puktev, qw o[k ra u u
9.12 \jousaw mn mn \jousaw 9.12 \gkop}n tina tina \gkop|n 9.13 \k t \k 9.13 prosedreontew paredreontew 9.15 o[den \xrhsmhn o[ kxrhmai o[den 9.15 na tiw kenQs+ o[dew kenQsei 9.16 d gr 9.16 m| e[aggelzvmai m| e[aggelsvmai 9.18 mo mo 9.18 to xristo 9.20 qw p nmon qw p nmon m| n a[tw p nmon 9.21 ye! yeo 9.21 xrist! xristo 9.21 kerd}sv kerdnv tow 9.22 qw 9.22 t 9.23 Toto pnta

9.12 - 9.26


9.27 - 10.17

drvn: 27 ll' pvpizv mou t sma ka doulagvg, m}pvw, lloiw khrjaw, a[tw dkimow gnvmai.


O[ ylv d mw gnoen, delfo, ti o patrew =mn pntew p t|n neflhn san, ka pntew di tw yalsshw dilyon, 2 ka pntew ew tn Mvsn \baptsanto \n t_ nefl+ ka \n t_ yalss+, 3 ka pntew t a[t brma pneumatikn fagon, 4 ka pntew t a[t pma pneumatikn pion: pinon gr \k pneumatikw kolouyoshw ptraw: = d ptra n ` xristw. 5 &A l l ' o[k \n tow pleosin a[tn e[dkhsen ` yew: katestrQyhsan gr \n t_ \r}m~. 6 Tata d tpoi =mn \gen}yhsan, ew t m| enai =mw \piyumhtw kakn, kayWw kkenoi \peymhsan. 7 Mhd edvloltrai % gnesye, kayQw tinew a[tn: vsper ggraptai, &Ekyisen ` law fagen ka pien, ka nsthsan pazein. 8 Mhd pornevmen, kayQw tinew a[tn \prneusan, ka peson \n mi =mr ekosi trew xilidew. 9 Mhd \kpeirzvmen tn xristn, kayWw ka tinew a[tn \perasan, ka p tn fevn pQlonto. 10 Mhd goggzete, kayWw ka tinew a[tn \gggusan, ka pQlonto p to loyreuto. 11 Tata d pnta tpoi sunbainon \kenoiw: \grfh d prw nouyesan =mn, ew ow t tlh tn aQnvn kat}nthsen. 12 %Vste ` ^ dokn e stnai, bleptv m| ps+. 13 Peirasmw mw o[k elhfen e m| nyrQpinow: pistw d ` yew, $ w o[k \sei mw o peirasynai pr $ dnasye, ll poi}sei sn t! peirasm! o ka t|n kbasin, to dnasyai mw penegken.

Diper, gaphto mou, fegete p tw edvlolatreaw. ^Vw fronmoiw lgv, krnate mew fhmi. 16 T pot}rion tw e[logaw $ e[logomen, o[x koinvna to amatow to xristo o \stn; Tn rton $ n klmen, o[x koinvna to sQmatow to o 17 xristo \stn; %O ti e<w rtow, n sma, o pollo \smen: o
10.9 10.9 10.10 10.11 10.11 10.13 10.14 10.16 ka tinew tinew pQlonto pQllunto kayWw ka kayper pnta tpoi sunbainon tupikw sunbainen kat}nthsen kat}nthken mw penegken penegken edvlolatreaw edvlolatraw to amatow to xristo \stn \stn to amatow to xristo


9.27 ll' ll 9.27 m}pvw m} pvw 10.1 d gr 10.2 \baptsanto \baptsyhsan 10.3 brma pneumatikn pneumatikn brma 10.4 pma pneumatikn pion pneumatikn pion pma 10.4 d ptra ptra d 10.7 pien pen 10.8 peson \n pesan



10.18 - 10.33

^ gr pntew \k to e nw rtou metxo m en . 18 Blpete tn &Isra|l kat srka: o[x o \syontew tw yusaw koinvno to yusiasthrou esn; 19 T o{n fhmi; %Oti edvln t \stin; a (H ti edvlyutn t \stin; 20 &All' ti $ yei t ynh, daimonoiw yei, ka o[ ye!: o[ ylv d mw koinvnow tn daimonvn gnesyai. 21 O[ dnasye pot}rion kurou pnein ka pot}rion daimonvn: o[ dnasye trapzhw kurou metxein ka trapzhw daimonvn. 22 (H parazhlomen tn krion; M| sxurteroi a[to \smn; Pnta moi jestin, ll' o[ pnta sumfrei. Pnta moi ^ j es t i n , ll' o[ pnta okodome. 24 Mhdew t e auto 25 ^ zhtetv, ll t to etrou kastow. Pn t \n makll~ pvlomenon \syete, mhdn nakrnontew di t|n sunedhsin: 26 To gr kurou = g ka t pl}rvma a[tw. 27 E d tiw kale mw tn pstvn, ka yl et e poreesyai, pn t paratiymenon mn \syete, mhdn nakrnontew di t|n sunedhsin. 28 &En d tiw mn ep+, Toto edvlyutn \stin, m| \syete di' \kenon tn mhnsanta ka t|n sunedhsin: To gr kurou = g ka t pl}rvma a[tw. 29 Sunedhsin d lgv, ^ ^ o[x t|n eauto, ll t|n to etrou: na t gr = \leuyera mou krnetai p llhw suneid}sevw; 30 E \gW xriti metxv, t blasfhmomai pr o \gW e[xarist; 31 Ete o{n \syete, ete pnete, ete ti poiete, pnta ew djan yeo poiete. 32 &Aprskopoi gnesye ka &Ioudaoiw ka %Ellhsin ka t_ \kklhs to yeo: 33 kayWw kgW pnta psin rskv, m| zhtn t \mauto sumfron, ll t tn polln, na svysin.

10.18 10.19 10.19 10.20

o[x o[x edvln edvlyutn edvlyutn edvln yei t ynh daimonoiw yei yousin daimonoiw 10.20 ye! ye! yousin 10.23 Pnta moi jestin ll' o[ pnta sumfrei Pnta moi jestin Pnta jestin ll' o[ pnta sumfrei Pnta jestin

10.24 10.26 10.27 10.28 10.28

kastow gr kurou kurou gr d edvlyutn eryutn To gr kurou = g ka t pl}rvma a[tw 10.29 na t nat 10.32 gnesye ka &Ioudaoiw ka &Ioudaoiw gnesye 10.33 sumfron smforon


11.1 - 11.20



Mimhta mou gnesye, kayWw kgW xristo.


&Epain d mw, delfo, ti pnta mou mmnhsye, ka kayWw pardvka mn tw paradseiw katxete. 3 Ylv d mw ednai, ti pantw ndrw = kefal| ` xristw \stin: kefal| d gunaikw, ` n}r: kefal| d xristo, ` yew. 4 Pw n|r proseuxmenow ( profhtevn, kat kefalw xvn, h kata i s x n ei t|n kefal|n a[to. 5 Psa d gun| proseuxomnh ( profhteousa katakalpt~ t_ kefal_, h ^ kataisxnei t|n kefal|n eautw: n gr \stin ka t a[t t_ 6 \jurhmn+. E gr o[ katakalptetai gun}, ka keirsyv: e d asxrn gunaik t kerasyai ( jursyai, h 7 &A n | r mn gr o[k felei katakaluptsyv. katakalptesyai t|n kefal}n, ekWn ka dja yeo prxvn: gun| d dja ndrw \stin. 8 O[ gr \stin n|r \k gunaikw, ll gun| \j ndrw: 9 ka gr o[k \ktsyh n|r di t|n gunaka, ll gun| di tn ndra: 10 di toto felei = gun| \jousan xein \p tw kefalw di tow gglouw. 11 Pl|n ote n|r xvrw gunaikw, ote gun| xvrw ndrw, \n kur~. 12 %Vsper gr = gun| \k to ndrw, o% tvw u 13 ka ` n|r di tw gunaikw, t d pnta \k to yeo. &En mn a[tow krnate: prpon \stn gunaka kataklupton t! ye! prosexesyai; 14 (H o[d a[t| = fsiw didskei mw, ti n|r mn \n kom, tima a[t! \stn; 15 Gun| d \n kom, dja a[t_ \stn. %O ti = kmh nt peribolaou ddotai. 16 E d tiw doke filneikow enai, =mew toiathn sun}yeian o[k xomen, o[d a \kklhsai to yeo. Toto d paraggllvn o[k \pain, ti o[k ew t kretton ll' ew t tton sunrxesye. 18 Prton mn gr sunerxomnvn mn \n \kklhs, kov sxsmata \n mn prxein, ka mrow ti pistev. 19 De gr ka arseiw \n mn e n a i , na o dkimoi fanero gnvntai \n mn. 20 Sunerxomnvn o{n mn \p t a[t, o[k stin kuriakn

11.2 11.3 11.5 11.7 11.11

delfo xristo to xristo ^ eautw a[tw gun| = gun| n|r xvrw gunaikw ote gun| xvrw ndrw gun| xvrw ndrw ote n|r xvrw gunaikw

11.14 (H o[d a[t| = fsiw o[d = fsiw a[t| 11.15 ddotai ddotai a[t_ 11.17 kretton ll' ew t tton kresson ll ew t sson 11.19 o ka o


depnon fagen. 21 %Ekastow gr t dion depnon prolambnei \n t! fagen, ka $ w mn pein, $ w d meyei. 22 M| gr okaw o o o[k xete ew t \syein ka pnein; (H tw \kklhsaw to yeo katafronete, ka kataisxnete tow m| xontaw; T mn epv; &Epainsv mw \n tot~; O[k \pain. 23 &EgW gr parlabon p to kurou, $ ka pardvka mn, ti ` kriow o &I h s o w \n t_ nukt " pareddoto laben rton, 24 ka e[xarist}saw klasen, ka epen, Lbete, fgete, Tot mo \stin t sma t pr mn klQmenon: toto poiete ew t|n \m | n nmnhsin. 25 ^V s a t v w ka t pot}rion, met t deipnsai, lgvn, Toto t pot}rion = kain| diay}kh \stn \n t! \m! amati: toto poiete, `skiw n pnhte, ew t|n \m|n nmnhsin. 26 ^O skiw gr n \syhte tn rton toton, ka t pot}rion toto pnhte, tn ynaton to kurou kataggllete xri o n ly+. 27 %Vste $ w n \sy+ tn rton toton ( pn+ o h t pot}rion to kurou najvw to kurou, noxow stai to sQmatow ka to amatow to kurou. 28 Dokimaztv d ^ nyrvpow eautn, ka o% tvw \k to rtou \syitv, ka \k to u 29 pothrou pintv. ^O gr \syvn ka pnvn najvw, krma ^ e aut! \syei ka pnei, m| diakrnvn t sma to kurou. 30 Di toto \n mn pollo syen e w ka rrvstoi, ka ^ koimntai kano. 31 E gr e autow diekrnomen, o[k n 32 \krinmeya. Krinmenoi d, p kurou paideumeya, na m| sn t! ksm~ katakriymen. 33 %V s t e, delfo mou, sunerxmenoi ew t fagen, ll}louw \kdxesye. 34 E d tiw pein, \n ok~ \syitv: na m| ew krma sunrxhsye. T d loip, qw n lyv, diatjomai.

11.21 - 12.2

11.22 11.23 11.24 11.24 11.25 11.26 11.26 11.26

Per d tn pneumatikn, delfo, o[ ylv mw gnoen. 2 Odate ti te ynh te prw t edvla t

mn epv epv mn pareddoto pareddeto Lbete fgete klQmenon n \n n \syhte \n \syhte toto n ly+ ly+

11.27 11.27 11.29 11.29 11.31 11.32 11.34

toton najvw to kurou najvw najvw to kurou gr d kurou to kurou d tiw tiw


12.3 - 12.23

fvna, qw n gesye, pagmenoi. 3 Di gnvrzv mn, ti o[dew \n pnemati yeo laln lgei &Anyema &Ihson: ka ^ o[dew dnatai epen, Krion &Ihson, e m| \n pnemati ag~. Diairseiw d xarismtvn esn, t d a[t pnema. 5 Ka diairseiw diakonin esn, ka ` a[tw kriow. 6 Ka diairseiw \nerghmtvn esn, ` d a[tw \stin yew, ` \nergn t pnta \n psin. 7 ^Ekst~ d ddotai = fanrvsiw to pnematow prw t sumfron. 8 #V mn gr di to pnematow ddotai lgow sofaw, ll~ d lgow gnQsevw, kat t a[t ^ pnema: 9 e tr~ d pstiw, \n t! a[t! pnemati: ll~ d xa r s m a t a amtvn \n t! a[t! pnemati: 10 ll~ d \n er g } m a t a dunmevn, ll~ d profhtea, ll~ d ^ diakrseiw pneumtvn, e tr~ d gnh glvssn, ll~ d 11 ^ e rmhnea glvssn: pnta d tata \nerge t n ka t ^ a[t pnema, diairon d ekst~ kayWw boletai. Kayper gr t sma n \stin, ka mlh xei poll, ^ pnta d t mlh to sQmatow to enw, poll nta, n \stin ^ sma: o% tvw ka ` xristw. 13 Ka gr \n en pnemati =mew u pntew ew n sma \baptsyhmen, ete &Ioudaoi ete %Ellhnew, ete doloi ete \leyeroi: ka pntew ew n pnema \potsyhmen. 14 Ka gr t sma o[k stin n mlow ll poll. 15 &En ep+ ` pow, %Oti o[k em xer, o[k em \k to sQmatow: o[ par toto o[k stin \k to sQmatow; 16 Ka \n ep+ t o{w, %Oti o[k em fyalmw, o[k em \k to sQmatow: o[ par toto o[k stin \k to sQmatow; 17 E lon t sma fyalmw, po = ko}; E lon ko}, po = sfrhsiw; 18 Nun d ` yew yeto t mlh n kaston a[tn \n t! sQmati, kayWw ylhsen. 19 E d n t pnta n mlow, po t sma; 20 Nn d poll mn mlh, n d sma. 21 O[ dnatai d ` fyalmw epen t_ xeir, Xrean sou o[k xv: ( plin = kefal| tow h 22 posn, Xrean mn o[k xv. &All poll! mllon t dokonta mlh to sQmatow syenstera prxein, nagka a \stin: 23 ka $ dokomen timtera enai to sQmatow, totoiw
12.3 12.3 12.6 12.9 12.9 &Ihson ka &Ihsow ka Krion &Ihson Kriow &Ihsow \stin d pstiw pstiw amtvn \n t! a[t! amtvn \n ^ t! en 12.10 d profhtea ll~ d d profhtea ll~ d 12.10 d gnh gnh 12.12 xei poll poll xei ^ 12.12 to enw 12.13 ew n pnema n pnema
12 4



12.24 - 13.10

tim|n perissotran perityemen: ka t sx}mona =mn e[sxhmosnhn perissotran xei: 24 t d e[sx}mona =mn o[ xrean xei: ll' ` yew sunekrasen t sma, t! steronti perissotran dow tim}n, 25 na m| sxsmata \n t! sQmati, ll t a[t pr ll}lvn merimnsin t mlh. 26 Ka ete psxei n mlow, sumpsxei pnta t mlh: ete dojzetai n mlow, sugxarei pnta t mlh. 27 ^Umew d \ste sma xristo, ka mlh \k mrouw. 28 Ka ow mn yeto ` yew \n t_ \kklhs prton postlouw, deteron prof}taw, trton didasklouw, peita dunmeiw, eta xarsmata amtvn, ntil}ceiw, kubern}seiw, gn h glvssn. 29 M| pntew pstoloi; M| pntew proftai; M| pntew didskaloi; M| pntew dunmeiw; 30 M| pntew xarsmata xousin amtvn; M| pntew glQssaiw lalosin; M| pntew diermhneousin; 31 Zhlote d t xa r s m a t a t krettona. Ka ti kay' perbol|n `dn mn deknumi.

&En taw glQssaiw tn nyrQpvn lal ka tn gglvn, gphn d m| xv, ggona xalkw xn ( h 2 kmbalon lalzon. Ka \n xv profhtean, ka ed t must}ria pnta ka psan t|n gnsin, ka \n xv psan t|n % pstin, vste rh meyistnein, gphn d m| xv, o[yn emi. 3 Ka \n cvmsv pnta t prxont mou, ka \n parad t sm mou na kauy}svmai, gphn d m| xv , o[dn & vfelomai. 4 ^H gph makroyume, xrhsteetai: = gph o[ zhlo: = gph o[ perpereetai, o[ fusiotai, 5 o[k ^ sxhmone, o[ zhte t eautw, o[ parojnetai, o[ logzetai 6 t kakn, o[ xarei \p t_ dik, sugxarei d t_ lhye, 7 pnta stgei, pnta pisteei, pnta \lpzei, pnta pomnei. 8 ^H gph o[dpote \kpptei: ete d profhteai, katarghy}sontai: ete glssai, pasontai: ete gnsiw, katarghy}setai. 9 &Ek mrouw d ginQskomen, ka \k mrouw profhteomen: 10 tan d ly+ t tleion, tte t \k mrouw
12.24 12.24 12.25 12.26 12.28 12.28 12.31 ll' ll steronti steroumn~ sxsmata sxsma dojzetai n dojzetai n eta peita ntil}ceiw ntil}mceiw krettona mezona 13.2 13.3 13.3 13.4 13.8 13.9 13.10 meyistnein meyistnai Ka \n cvmsv kn cvmsv kauy}svmai kaux}svmai zhlo = gph zhlo = gph \kpptei pptei d gr tte




13.11 - 14.14


katarghy}setai. 11 %O te mhn n}piow, qw n}piow \lloun, qw n}piow \frnoun, qw n}piow \logizmhn: te d ggona n}r, kat}rghka t to nhpou. 12 Blpomen gr rti di' \sptrou \n angmati, tte d prsvpon prw prsvpon: rti ginQskv \k mrouw, tte d \pignQsomai kayWw ka \pegnQsyhn. 13 Nun d mnei pstiw, \lpw, gph, t tra tata: mezvn d totvn = gph.


DiQk et e t|n gp hn: zhl ot e d t pneumat ik , mllon d na profhtehte. 2 ^O gr laln glQss+ o[k nyrQpoiw lale, ll t! ye! : o[dew gr koei, pnemati d lale must}ria. 3 ^O d profhtevn nyrQpoiw lale okodom|n ka parklhsin ka paramuyan. 4 ^O laln ^ glQss+ e autn okodome, ` d profhtevn \kklhsan okodome. 5 Ylv d pntaw mw lalen glQssaiw, mllon d na profhtehte: mezvn gr ` profhtevn ( ` laln h glQssaiw, \ktw e m| diermhneei, na = \kklhsa okodom|n lb+. 6 Nun d, delfo, \n lyv prw mw glQssaiw & laln, t mw v fel}sv, \n m| mn lal}sv ( \n h 7 pokalcei, ( \n gnQsei, ( \n profhte ( \n didax_; %O mvw h h h t cuxa fvn|n didnta, ete a[lw, ete kiyra, \n di a s t o l | n tow fyggoiw m| did, pw gnvsy}setai t a[lomenon ( t kiyarizmenon; 8 Ka gr \n dhlon fvn|n h slpigj d!, tw paraskeusetai ew plemon; 9 O % tvw ka u mew di tw glQsshw \n m| eshmon lgon dte, pw gnvsy}setai t lalomenon; *Esesye gr ew ra lalontew. 10 Tosata, e txoi, gnh fvnn \stn \n ksm~ ka o[dn a[tn fvnon. 11 &En o{n m| ed t|n dnamin tw fvnw, somai t! lalonti brbarow, ka ` laln \n \mo brbarow. 12 % O utvw ka mew, \pe zhlvta \ste pneumtvn, prw t|n okodom|n tw \kklhsaw zhtete na perissehte. 13 Diper ` laln glQss+ proseuxsyv na diermhne+. 14 &En gr
14.5 14.6 14.6 14.7 14.8 14.10 14.10 14.13 14.14 diermhneei diermhne+ Nun Nn \n didax_ \n didax_ did d! fvn|n slpigj slpigj fvn|n \stn esin a[tn Diper Di gr gr

13.11 qw n}piow \lloun \lloun qw n}piow 13.11 qw n}piow \frnoun \frnoun qw n}piow 13.11 qw n}piow \logizmhn \logizmhn qw n}piow 13.11 d 14.2 t! 14.5 gr d



14.15 - 14.31

prosexvmai glQss+, t pnem mou prosexetai, ` d now mou karpw \stin. 15 T o{n \stn; Prosejomai t! pnemati, prosejomai d ka t! no: cal t! pnemati, cal d ka t! no. 16 &Epe \n e[log}s+w t! pnemati, ` naplhrn tn tpon to diQtou pw \re t &Am|n \p t_ s_ e[xarist, \peid| t lgeiw o[k oden; 17 S mn gr kalw e[xaristew, ll' ` terow o[k okodometai. 18 E[xarist t! ye! mou, pntvn mn mllon glQssaiw laln: 19 ll' \n \kklhs ylv pnte lgouw di to now mou lalsai, na ka llouw kathx}sv, ( murouw lgouw \n glQss+. h &Adelfo, m| paida gnesye taw fresn: ll t_ kak nhpizete, taw d fresn tleioi gnesye. 21 &En t! nm~ ^ ^ ggraptai ti &En e teroglQssoiw ka \n xelesin e troiw lal}sv t! la! tot~, ka o[d' o% tvw esakosonta mou, u 22 lgei kriow. %Vste a glssai ew shmen esin, o[ tow pisteousin, ll tow pstoiw: = d profhtea, o[ tow pstoiw, ll tow pisteousin. 23 &En o{n sunly+ = \kklhsa lh \p t a[t, ka pntew glQssaiw lalsin, eslyvsin d ditai ( pistoi, o[k \rosin ti manesye; h 24 &En d pntew profhtevsin, esly+ d tiw pistow ( h diQthw, \lgxetai p pntvn, nakrnetai p pntvn, 25 ka o% tvw t krupt tw kardaw a[to faner gnetai: ka u o% tvw pesWn \p prsvpon proskun}sei t! ye! paggllvn u ti ^O yew ntvw \n mn \stin. T o{n \stn, delfo; %Otan sunrxhsye, kastow mn calmn xei, didax|n xei, glssan xei, poklucin xei, ^ e rmhnean xei. Pnta prw okodom|n ginsyv. 27 Ete glQss+ tiw lale, kat do ( t pleston trew, ka n mrow, h 28 ka e<w diermhneutv: \n d m| diermhneut}w, sigtv \n ^ \kklhs: eaut! d laletv ka t! ye!. 29 Proftai d do ( h 30 trew laletvsan, ka o lloi diakrintvsan. &En d ll~ pokalufy_ kayhmn~, ` prtow sigtv. 31 Dnasye
14.16 14.18 14.18 14.19 14.19 14.21 14.23 e[log}s+w t! e[log_w \n mou laln lal ll' ll di to now t! no ^ ^ etroiw etrvn glQssaiw lalsin lalsin 14.25 14.25 14.26 14.26 glQssaiw ka o% tvw t t u ^O yew ntvw *O ntvw ` yew mn glssan xei poklucin poklucin xei glssan
26 20


14.32 - 15.10


gr kay' na pntew profhteein, na pntew manynvsin, ka pntew parakalntai: 32 ka pnemata profhtn prof}taiw potssetai. 33 O[ gr \stin katastasaw ` yew, ll ^ er}nhw, qw \n psaiw taw \kklhsaiw tn agvn. A gunakew mn \n taw \kklhsaiw sigtvsan: o[ gr \pittraptai a[taw lalen, ll' potssesyai, kayWw ka ` nmow lgei. 35 E d ti mayen ylousin, \n ok~ tow douw ndraw \pervttvsan: asxrn gr \stin gunaijn \n \kklhs lalen. 36 (H f' mn ` lgow to yeo \jlyen; (H ew mw mnouw kat}nthsen; E tiw doke prof}thw enai ( pneumatikw, \piginvsktv h $ grfv mn, ti kurou esn \ntola. 38 E d tiw gnoe, a gnoitv. %Vste, delfo, zhlote t profhteein, ka t lalen glQssaiw m| kvlete: 40 pnta e[sxhmnvw ka kat tjin ginsyv.
39 37 34


Gnvr z v d mn, del f o, t e[aggl ion $ o e[ hg g e lis m hn mn, $ ka parelbete, \n > ka o ^ est}kate, 2 di' o ka szesye: tni lg~ e[hggelismhn mn, e katxete, \ktw e m| ek_ \pistesate. 3 Pardvka gr mn \n prQtoiw, $ ka parlabon, ti xristw pyanen pr o ^ tn amartin =mn kat tw grafw: 4 ka ti \tfh: ka ti * \g}gertai t_ trt+ =mr kat tw grafw: 5 ka ti vfyh 6 * Khf, eta tow dQdeka: peita vfyh \pnv pentakosoiw delfow \fpaj, \j @n o pleouw mnousin vw rti, tinw d * ka \koim}yhsan: 7 p ei t a v fyh &IakQb~, eta tow 8 postloiw psin: s xa t o n d pntvn, qspere t! * \ktrQmati, vfyh kmo. 9 &EgW gr emi ` \lxistow tn postlvn, $ w o[k em kanw kalesyai pstolow, diti o \dvja t|n \kklhsan to yeo. 10 Xriti d yeo emi emi, ka = x r i w a[to = ew \m o[ ken| \gen}yh, ll
14.38 gnoitv gnoetai 14.39 delfo delfo mou 14.39 glQssaiw m| kvlete m| kvlete glQssaiw 14.40 pnta pnta d 15.4 trt+ =mr =mr t_ trt+ 15.6 pleouw pleonew 15.6 ka

14.34 14.34 14.34 14.34

mn \pittraptai \pitrpetai ll' ll potssesyai potasssyvsan 14.35 gunaijn \n \kklhs lalen gunaik lalen \n \kklhs 14.37 esn \ntola \stn \ntol}



15.11 - 15.29

perissteron a[tn pntvn \kopasa, o[k \gW d, ll' = xriw to yeo = sn \mo. 11 Ete o{n \gQ, ete \kenoi, o% tvw u khrssomen ka o% tvw \pistesate. u E d xristw khrssetai ti \k nekrn \g}gertai, pw lgousn tinew \n mn ti nstasiw nekrn o[k stin; 13 E d nstasiw nekrn o[k stin, o[d xristw \g}gertai: 14 e d xristw o[k \g}gertai, kenn ra t k}rugma =mn, ken| d ka = pstiw mn. 15 Eriskmeya d ka ceudomrturew to yeo, ti \martur}samen kat to yeo ti geiren tn xristn, $ n o[k geiren, eper ra nekro o[k \gerontai. 16 E o gr nekro o[k \gerontai, o[d xristw \g}gertai: 17 e d xristw o[k \g}gertai, mataa = pstiw mn: ti \st \n taw ^ a martaiw mn. 18 *A r a ka o koimhyn t ew \n xrist! pQlonto. 19 E \n t_ zv_ tat+ lpiktew \smn \n xrist! mnon, \leeinteroi pntvn nyrQpvn \smn. Nun d xr i s t w \g } g er t a i \k nek r n , parx| tn kekoimhmnvn \gneto. 21 &Epeid| gr di' nyrQpou ` ynatow, ka di' nyrQpou nstasiw nekrn. 22 %Vsper gr \n t! &Adm pntew poynskousin, o% tvw ka \n t! xrist! pntew u 23 z~opoihy}sontai. %Ekastow d \n t! d~ tgmati: parx| xristw, peita o to xristo \n t_ parous a[to. 24 Eta t tlow, tan parad! t|n basilean t! ye! ka patr, tan katarg}s+ psan rx|n ka psan \jousan ka dnamin. 25 De gr a[tn basileein, xri o n y_ pntaw tow \xyr o w p tow pdaw a[to. 26 *E s xa t o w \xyr w katargetai ` ynatow. 27 Pnta gr ptajen p tow pdaw a[to. %O tan d ep+ ti Pnta pottaktai, dlon ti \ktw to potjantow a[t! t pnta. 28 %O tan d potag_ a[t! t pnta, tte ka a[tw ` uw potag}setai t! potjanti a[t! t pnta, na ` yew t pnta \n psin. &Epe t poi}sousin o baptizmenoi pr tn nekrn; E lvw nekro o[k \gerontai, t ka baptzontai pr tn
15.10 15.10 15.12 15.14 15.14 15.19 ll' ll = sn = sn tinew \n mn \n mn tinew t ka t d ka ka lpiktew \smn \n xrist! \n Xrist! lpiktew \smn 15.20 \gneto 15.21 15.24 15.25 15.28 15.28 15.29 ` parad! paradid! n ka ka yew t yew t baptzontai pr tn nekrn baptzontai pr a[tn
29 20 12


15.30 - 15.49


% nekrn; 30 T ka =mew kinduneomen psan vran; 31 Kay' =mran poynskv, n| t|n metran kaxhsin, n xv \n xr i s t ! &I h s o t! kur~ =mn. 32 E kat nyrvpon \yhriomxhsa \n &Efs~, t moi t felow, e nekro o[k \gerontai, Fgvmen ka pvmen, arion gr poynskomen. 33 M| plansye: Fyerousin yh xrhst `milai kaka. 34 ^ &Ekn}cate dikavw ka m| amartnete: gnvsan gr yeo tinw xousin: prw \ntrop|n mn lgv. &All' \re tiw, Pw \gerontai o nekro; Po~ d sQmati rxontai; 36 *Afron, s $ spereiw, o[ z~opoietai \n m| o 37 ka $ spereiw, o[ t sma t genhsmenon o poyn+: spereiw, ll gumnn kkkon, e txoi, stou tinow tn loipn: 38 ` d yew a[t! ddvsin sma kayWw ylhsen, ka ^ ekst~ tn spermtvn t dion sma. 39 O[ psa srj = a[t| srj: ll llh mn nyrQpvn, llh d srj kthnn, llh d xyvn, llh d pthnn. 40 Ka sQmata \pournia, ka ^ ^ sQmata \pgeia: ll' etra mn = tn \pouranvn dja, etra d = tn \pigevn. 41 *A l l h dja =lou, ka llh dja sel}nhw, ka llh dja strvn: st|r gr strow diafrei \n dj+. 42 O % tvw ka = nstasiw tn nekrn. u Speretai \n fyor, \geretai \n fyars: 43 speretai \n tim, \geretai \n dj+: speretai \n syene, \geretai \n dunmei: 44 speretai sma cuxikn, \geretai sma pneumatikn. *Estin sma cuxikn, ka s t i n sma pneumatikn. 45 O % tvw ka ggraptai, &Egneto ` prtow u nyrvpow &Adm ew cux|n zsan. ^O sxatow &Adm ew pnema z~opoion. 46 &All' o[ prton t pneumatikn, ll t cuxikn, peita t pneumatikn. 47 ^O prtow nyrvpow \k gw, xokw: ` deterow nyrvpow ` kriow \j o[rano. 48 O<ow ` xokw, toiotoi ka o xoko, ka o<ow ` \pourniow, toiotoi ka o \pournioi: 49 ka kayWw \forsamen t|n ekna to xoko, forsvmen ka t|n ekna to \pouranou.
15.31 15.34 15.35 15.36 15.38 15.38 15.39 n delfo n lgv lal &All' &All *Afron *Afrvn a[t! ddvsin ddvsin a[t! t xyvn srj pthnn 15.39 pthnn xyvn 15.40 ll' ll 15.44 *Estin sma cuxikn E stin sma cuxikn 15.44 ka stin sma stin ka 15.47 ` kriow 15.49 forsvmen forsomen


Toto d fhmi, delfo, ti srj ka a<ma basilean yeo klhronomsai o[ dnantai, o[d = fyor t|n fyarsan klhronome. 51 &Ido, must}rion mn lgv: pntew mn o[ koimhyhsmeya, pntew d llaghsmeya, 52 \n tm~, \n ]ip_ fyalmo, \n t_ \sxt+ slpiggi: salpsei gr, ka o nekro \gery}sontai fyartoi, ka =mew llaghsmeya. 53 De gr t fyartn toto \ndsasyai fyarsan, ka t ynhtn toto \n d s a s ya i yanasan. 54 %O tan d t fyartn toto \n d s h t a i fyarsan, ka t ynhtn toto \ndshtai yanasan, tte gen}setai ` lgow ` gegrammnow, Katepyh ` ynatow ew nkow. 55 Po sou, Ynate, t kntron; Po sou, ^ %Adh, t nkow; 56 T d kntron to yantou = amarta: = d ^ martaw ` nmow: 57 t! d ye! xriw t! didnti dnamiw tw a =mn t nkow di to kurou =mn &Ihso xristo. 58 %Vste, ^ delfo mou gaphto, e draoi gnesye, metaknhtoi, perisseontew \n t! rg~ to kurou pntote, edtew ti ` kpow mn o[k stin kenw \n kur~.

15.50 - 16.9

^ % Per d tw logaw tw ew tow agouw, vsper ditaja taw \kklhsaiw tw Galataw, o % tvw ka mew u 2 ^ poi}sate. Kat man sabbtvn kastow mn par' eaut! tiytv, yhsaurzvn ti n e[odtai, na m}, tan lyv, tte logai gnvntai. 3 %O tan d paragnvmai, ow \n dokimshte di' \pistoln, totouw pmcv penegken t|n xrin mn ew ^Ierousal}m: 4 \n d jion to km poreesyai, sn \mo poresontai. 5 &Elesomai d prw mw, tan Makedonan dilyv: Makedonan gr dirxomai: 6 prw mw d tuxn paramen, ( ka paraxeimsv, na mew me propmchte o h \n porevmai. 7 O[ ylv gr mw rti \n pard~ den: \lpzv d xrnon tin \pimenai prw mw, \n ` kriow \pitrp+. 8 &Epimen d \n &Efs~ vw tw Penthkostw: 9 yra gr moi n~gen meglh ka \nerg}w, ka ntikemenoi pollo.


15.50 dnantai dnatai 15.51 mn 15.55 kntron Po sou %Adh t nkow nkow Po sou Ynate t kntron 16.1 logaw logeaw 16.2 sabbtvn sabbtou

16.2 16.2 16.4 16.7 16.7

n \n logai logeai jion jion d gr \pitrp+ \pitrc+


16.10 - 16.24


&En d ly+ Timyeow, blpete na fbvw gnhtai prw mw: t gr rgon kurou \rgzetai qw ka \gQ. 11 M} tiw o{n a[tn \jouyen}s+: propmcate d a[tn \n er}n+, na ly+ prw me: \kdxomai gr a[tn met tn delfn. 12 Per d &ApollW to delfo, poll pareklesa a[tn na ly+ prw mw met tn delfn: ka pntvw o[k n ylhma na nn ly+, \lesetai d tan e[kair}s+. Grhgorete, st}kete \n t_ pstei, ndrzesye, krataiosye. 14 Pnta mn \n gp+ ginsyv. Parakal d mw, delfo odate t|n okan Stefan, ti \stn parx| tw &Axaaw, ka ew diakonan tow ^ ^ agoiw tajan eautow 16 na ka mew potsshsye tow toiotoiw, ka pant t! sunergonti ka kopinti. 17 Xarv d \p t_ parous Stefan ka Fourtountou ka &Axako, ti t mn strhma otoi nepl}rvsan. 18 &Anpausan gr t \mn pnema ka t mn: \piginQskete o{n tow toiotouw. &Aspzontai mw a \kklhsai tw &Asaw: spzontai mw \n kur~ poll &Aklaw ka Prskilla, sn t_ kat' okon a[tn \kklhs. 20 &Aspzontai mw o delfo ^ pntew. &Aspsasye ll}louw \n fil}mati ag~. ^O spasmw t_ \m_ xeir Palou. 22 E tiw o[ file tn krion &Ihson xristn, tv nyema. Marn y. 23 ^H xriw to kurou &Ihso xristo mey' mn. 24 ^H gph mou met pntvn mn \n xrist! &Ihso. &Am}n.
21 19 15 13

16.10 16.17 16.17 16.19

ka \gQ kgQ Fourtountou Fortountou mn mteron &Asaw spzontai &Asaw spzetai

16.19 16.22 16.22 16.23 16.24

Prskilla Prska &Ihson xristn Marn y Marana ya xristo &Am}n



alow pstolow &Ihso xristo di yel}matow yeo, ka Timyeow ` delfw, t_ \kklhs to yeo t_ os+ \n ^ Korny~, sn tow agoiw psin tow o{sin \n l+ t_ &Axa: 2 xriw mn ka er}nh p yeo patrw =mn ka kurou &Ihso xristo. 3 E[loghtw ` yew ka pat|r to kurou =mn &I h s o xr i s t o , ` pat|r tn oktirmn ka ye w pshw parakl}sevw, 4 ` parakaln =mw \p ps+ t_ ylcei =mn, ew t dnasyai =mw parakalen tow \n ps+ ylcei, di tw parakl}sevw w parakalomeya a[to p to yeo. 5 ti kayWw perisseei t pay}mata to xristo ew =mw, o% tvw u 6 di to xristo perisseei ka = parklhsiw =mn. Ete d ylibmeya, pr tw mn parakl}sevw ka svthraw, tw \nergoumnhw \n pomon_ tn a[tn payhmtvn @n ka =mew psxomen: ka = \lpw =mn bebaa pr mn: ete parakalomeya, pr tw mn parakl}sevw ka svthraw: 7 % edtew ti vsper koinvno \ste tn payhmtvn, o% tvw ka u 8 tw parakl}sevw. O[ gr ylomen mw gnoen, delfo, pr tw ylcevw =mn tw genomnhw =mn \n t_ &As, ti % kay' perbol|n \bar}yhmen pr dnamin, v ste 9 ^ \japorhynai =mw ka to z_n. &All a[to \n eautow t pkrima to yantou \sx}kamen, na m| pepoiytew men \f' ^ e autow ll' \p t! ye! t! \geronti tow nekrow: 10 $ w \k o thlikotou yantou \rrsato =mw ka ]etai, ew $ n o 11 lpkamen ti ka ti ]setai, sunupourgontvn ka mn pr =mn t_ de}sei, na \k polln prosQpvn t ew =mw xrisma di polln e[xaristhy_ pr mn.
% ^H gr kaxhsiw =mn auth \stn, t martrion tw ^ suneid}sevw =mn, ti \n aplthti ka elikrine yeo, o[k

1.1 1.6


&Ihso xristo xristo &Ihso tw \nergoumnhw \n pomon_ tn a[tn ete parakalomeya pr tw mn parakl}sevw tw \nergoumnhw \n pomon_ tn a[tn ete parakalomeya pr tw mn parakl}sevw ka svthraw

% vsper qw =mn \bar}yhmen pr dnamin pr dnamin \bar}yhmen 1.10 ]etai ]setai 1.10 ti ti 1.11 pr mn pr =mn 1.12 yeo o[k to yeo ka o[k 1.7 1.8 1.8


1.13 - 2.4

\n sof sarkik_ ll' \n xriti yeo, nestrfhmen \n t! ksm~, perissotrvw d prw mw. 13 O[ gr lla grfomen mn, ll' ( $ naginQskete ( ka \piginQskete, \lpzv d ti ha h ka vw tlouw \pignQsesye: 14 kayWw ka \pgnvte =mw p mrouw, ti kaxhma mn \smn, kayper ka mew =mn, \n t_ =mr to kurou &Ihso. Ka tat+ t_ pepoiy}sei \boulmhn \lyen prw mw t prteron, na deutran xrin xte: 16 ka di' mn dielyen ew Makedonan, ka plin p Makedonaw \lyen prw mw, ka f' mn propemfynai ew t|n &Ioudaan. 17 Toto o{n bouleumenow, m} ti ra t_ \lafr \xr h s m h n ; (H $ a bouleomai, kat srka bouleomai, na par' \mo t Na, na ka t O, o; 18 Pistw d ` yew, ti ` lgow =mn ` prw mw o[k \gneto Na ka o. 19 ^O gr to yeo uw &Ihsow xristw ` \n mn di' =mn khruxyew, di' \mo ka Silouano ka Timoyou, o[k \gneto Na ka O, ll Na \n a[t! ggonen. 20 %O sai gr \paggelai yeo, \n a[t! t Na, ka \n a[t! t &Am}n, t! ye! prw djan di' =mn. 21 ^O d bebain =mw sn mn ew xristn, ka xrsaw =mw, yew, 22 ` ka sfragismenow =mw, ka dow tn rrabna to pnematow \n taw kardaiw =mn. &EgW d mrtura tn yen \pikalomai \p t|n \m|n cux}n, ti feidmenow mn o[kti lyon ew Krinyon. 24 O[x ti kurieomen mn tw pstevw, ll sunergo \smen tw ^ xarw mn: t_ gr pstei est}kate.
23 15

*Ekrina d \maut! toto, t m| plin \n lp+ prw mw \lyen. 2 E gr \gW lup mw, ka tw \stin ` e[franvn me, e m| ` lupomenow \j \mo; 3 Ka graca mn toto a[t, na m| \lyWn lphn xv f' @n dei me xarein, pepoiyWw \p pntaw mw, ti = \m| xar pntvn mn \stn. 4 &Ek gr pollw ylcevw ka sunoxw kardaw graca mn di polln
1.18 1.19 1.20 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.3 \gneto stin gr to yeo to yeo gr ka \n a[t! di ka di' a[to d gr \stin mn xv sx

1.13 ka vw vw 1.14 &Ihso =mn &Ihso 1.15 \lyen prw mw t prteron prteron prw mw \lyen 1.15 xte sxte 1.17 bouleumenow m} ti boulmenow m}ti


dakrvn, o[x na luphyte, ll t|n gphn na gnte n xv perissotrvw ew mw. E d tiw lelphken, o[k \m lelphken, ll p mrouw: na m| \pibar pntaw mw. 6 ^Ikann t! toiot~ = % \pitima a% th = p tn pleinvn: 7 vste to[nanton mllon u mw xarsasyai ka parakalsai, m}pvw t_ perissotr lp+ katapoy_ ` toiotow. 8 Di parakal mw kursai ew a[tn gphn. 9 Ew toto gr ka graca, na gn t|n dokim|n mn, e ew pnta p}koo \ste. 10 #V d ti xarzesye, ka \gQ: ka gr \gW e ti kexrismai, > kexrismai, di' mw \n prosQp~ xristo, 11 na m| pleonekthymen p to Satan: o[ gr a[to t no}mata gnoomen. &ElyWn d ew t|n Tr~da ew t e[agglion to xristo, ka yraw moi ne~gmnhw \n kur~, 13 o[k sxhka nesin t! pnemat mou, t! m| eren me Tton tn delfn mou: ll potajmenow a[tow \jlyon ew Makedonan. 14 T! d ye! xriw t! pntote yriambeonti =mw \n t! xrist!, ka t|n sm|n tw gnQsevw a[to faneronti di' =mn \n pant tp~. 15 %O ti xristo e[vda \smn t! ye! \n tow s~zomnoiw ka \n tow pollumnoiw: 16 o<w mn sm| yantou ew ynaton, o<w d sm| zvw ew zv}n. Ka prw tata tw kanw; 17 O[ gr \smen qw o loipo, kaphleontew tn lgon to yeo: ll' qw \j elikrineaw, ll' qw \k yeo, katenQpion to yeo, \n xrist! lalomen.
12 5

2.5 - 3.4


^ % &Arxmeya plin eautow sunistnein; E m| xrzomen, vw tinew, sustatikn \pistoln prw mw, ( \j mn h sustatikn; 2 ^H \pistol| =mn mew \st, \ggegrammnh \n taw kardaiw =mn, ginvskomnh ka naginvskomnh p pntvn nyrQpvn: 3 faneromenoi ti \st \pistol| xristo diakonhyesa f' =mn, \ggegrammnh o[ mlani, ll pnemati yeo zntow, o[k \n plajn liynaiw, ll' \n plajn kardaiw sarknaiw. 4 Pepoyhsin d toiathn xomen di to
2.16 zvw \k zvw 2.17 loipo pollo 2.17 katenQpion to katnanti 3.1 E (H 3.1 mn sustatikn mn

2.7 m}pvw m} pvw 2.10 ka \gQ kgQ 2.10 e ti $ o 2.10 > kexrismai e ti kexrismai 2.16 yantou \k yantou


3.5 - 3.18

^ xristo prw tn yen: 5 o[x ti kano \smen f' e autn ^ logsasya ti qw \j e autn, ll' = kanthw =mn \k to 6$ yeo: ow ka knvsen =mw diaknouw kainw diay}khw, o[ grmmatow, ll pnematow: t gr grmma poktnei, t d pnema z~opoie. 7 E d = diakona to yantou \n % grmmasin, \ntetupvmnh \n lyoiw, \gen}yh \n dj+, vste m| dnasyai tensai tow uow &Isra|l ew t prsvpon Mvsvw di t|n djan to prosQpou a[to, t|n katargoumnhn, 8 pw o[x mllon = diakona to pnematow stai \n dj+; 9 E gr = diakona tw katakrsevw dja, poll! mllon perisseei = diakona tw dikaiosnhw \n dj+. 10 Ka gr o[ dedjastai t dedojasmnon \n tot~ t! mrei, neken tw perballoshw djhw. 11 E gr t katargomenon, di djhw, poll! mllon t mnon, \n dj+. *E xo n t e w o{n toiathn \lpda, poll_ parrhs xrQmeya: 13 ka o[ kayper Mvsw \tyei klumma \p t ^ prsvpon eauto, prw t m| tensai tow uow &Isra|l ew t tlow to katargoumnou: 14 ll' \pvrQyh t no}mata a[tn: xri gr tw s}meron t a[t klumma \p t_ nagnQsei tw palaiw diay}khw mnei m| nakaluptmenon, ti \n xrist! katargetai. 15 &All' vw s}meron, =nka naginQsketai Mvsw, klumma \p t|n kardan a[tn ketai. 16 ^Hnka d' n \pistrc+ prw krion, periairetai t klumma. 17 ^O d kriow t pnem \stin: o d t pnema kurou, \ke \leuyera. 18 ^Hmew d pntew, nakekalummn~ prosQp~ t|n djan kurou katoptrizmenoi, t|n a[t|n ekna metamorfomeya p djhw ew djan, kayper p kurou pnematow.

^ kano \smen f' eautn f' ^ eautn kano \smen 3.6 poktnei poktnnei 3.7 \n lyoiw lyoiw 3.9 gr = diakona gr t_ diakon 3.9 \n 3.10 neken eneken ^ 3.13 eauto a[to 3.5

3.14 ll' ll 3.14 t =mraw t 3.14 ti ti 3.15 naginQsketai n naginQskhtai 3.16 d' n d \n 3.17 \ke



4.1 - 4.15

Di tot o xont ew t|n diak onan tat hn, kayWw le}yhmen, o[k \kkakomen: 2 ll peipmeya t krupt tw asxnhw, m| peripatontew \n panourg mhd dolontew tn lgon to yeo , ll t_ fanerQsei tw ^ lhyeaw sunistntew e autow prw psan sunedhsin nyrQpvn \nQpion to yeo. 3 E d ka stin kekalummnon t e[agglion =mn, \n tow pollumnoiw \stn kekalummnon: 4 \n o<w ` yew to anow totou \tflvsen t no}mata tn pstvn, ew t m| a[gsai a[tow tn fvtismn to e[aggelou tw djhw to xristo, w \stin ekWn to yeo. 5 ^ O[ gr eautow khrssomen, ll xristn &Ihson krion: ^ eautow d dolouw mn di &Ihson. 6 %O ti ` yew ` epWn \k sktouw fw lmcai, $ w lamcen \n taw kardaiw =mn prw o fvtismn tw gnQsevw tw djhw to yeo \n prosQp~ &Ihso xristo.
*E xo m en d tn yhsaurn toton \n straknoiw skeesin, na = perbol| tw dunmevw to yeo, ka m| \j =mn: 8 \n pant ylibmenoi, ll' o[ stenoxvromenoi: poromenoi, ll' o[k \japoromenoi: 9 divkmenoi, ll' o[k \gkataleipmenoi: kataballmenoi, ll' o[k pollmenoi: 10 pntote t|n nkrvsin to kurou &Ihso \n t! sQmati perifrontew, na ka = zv| to &Ihso \n t! sQmati =mn fanervy_. 11 &A e gr =mew o zntew ew ynaton paradidmeya di &Ihson, na ka = zv| to &Ihso fanervy_ \n t_ ynht_ sark =mn. 12 %Vste ` mn ynatow \n =mn \nergetai, = d zv| \n mn. 13 *Exontew d t a[t pnema tw pstevw, kat t gegrammnon, &Epsteusa, di \llhsa, ka =mew pisteomen, di ka lalomen: 14 edtew ti ` \geraw tn krion &Ihson ka =mw di &Ihso \gere, ka parast}sei sn mn. 15 T gr pnta di' mw, na = x r i w pleonsasa di tn pleinvn t|n e[xaristan perisses+ ew t|n djan to yeo.

4.1 4.2 4.4 4.5

\kkakomen \gkakomen sunistntew sunistnontew a[tow xristn &Ihson &Ihson xristn

4.6 lmcai lmcei 4.6 &Ihso &Ihso 4.10 kurou 4.12 mn 4.14 di sn


4.16 - 5.15

Di o[k \kkakomen, ll' e ka ` jv =mn nyrvpow diafyeretai, ll' ` svyen nakainotai =mr ka =mr. 17 T gr parautka \lafrn tw ylcevw =mn kay' perbol|n ew perbol|n aQnion brow djhw katergzetai =mn, 18 m| skopontvn =mn t blepmena, ll t m| blepmena: t gr blepmena prskaira: t d m| blepmena aQnia.

Odamen gr ti \n = \pgeiow =mn oka to sk}nouw kataluy_, okodom|n \k yeo xo m en , okan xeiropohton, aQnion \n tow o[ranow. 2 Ka gr \n tot~ stenzomen, t okht}rion =mn t \j o[rano \pendsasyai \pipoyontew: 3 ege ka \ndusmenoi o[ gumno ereyhsmeya. 4 Ka gr o ntew \n t! sk}nei stenzomen baromenoi: \f' > o[ ylomen \kdsasyai, ll' \pendsasyai, na katapoy_ t ynhtn p tw zvw. 5 ^O d katergasmenow =mw ew a[t toto yew, ` ka dow =mn tn rrabna to pnematow. 6 Yarrontew o{n pntote, ka edtew ti \ndhmontew \n t! sQmati \kdhmomen p to kurou 7 di pstevw gr peripatom en , o[ di edouw 8 ya r r o m en d, ka e[ d o k o m en mllon \kdhmsai \k to sQmatow, ka \ndhmsai prw tn krion. 9 Di ka filotimomeya, ete \ndhmontew, ete \kdhmontew, e[restoi a[t! enai. 10 Tow gr pntaw =mw fanervynai de mprosyen to b}matow to xristo, na komshtai kastow t di to sQmatow, prw $ a prajen, ete gayn, ete kakn.

Edtew o{n tn fbon to kurou nyrQpouw peyomen, ye! d pefanerQmeya: \lpzv d ka \n taw suneid}sesin ^ mn pefanersyai. 12 O[ gr plin eautow sunistnomen mn, ll form|n didntew mn kaux}matow pr =mn, na xhte prw tow \n prosQp~ kauxvmnouw ka o[ kard. 13 Ete gr \jsthmen, ye!: ete svfronomen, mn. 14 ^H gr gph to xristo sunxei =mw, krnantaw toto, ti e e<w pr pntvn pyanen, ra o pntew pyanon: 15 ka pr
4.16 4.16 5.3 5.5 \kkakomen \gkakomen svyen sv =mn ege ka \ndusmenoi e ge ka \kdusmenoi ka 5.10 kakn falon 5.12 gr 5.12 o[ kard m| \n kard 5.14 e


^ pntvn pyanen na o zntew mhkti eautow zsin, ll t! pr a[tn poyannti ka \gerynti. 16 %Vste =mew p to nn o[dna odamen kat srka: e d ka \gnQkamen kat srka xristn, ll nn o[kti ginQskomen. 17 %Vste e tiw \n xrist!, kain| ktsiw: t rxaa parlyen, do, ggonen kain t pnta. 18 T d pnta \k to yeo , to ^ katalljantow =mw eaut! di &Ihso xristo, ka dntow =mn t|n diakonan tw katallagw: 19 qw ti yew n \n ^ xrist! ksmon katallssvn eaut!, m| logizmenow a[tow t paraptQmata a[tn, ka ymenow \n =mn tn lgon tw katallagw. ^U p r xr i s t o o{n presbeomen, qw to yeo parakalontow di' =mn: demeya pr xristo, katallghte ^ ^ t! ye!. 21 Tn gr m| gnnta amartan, pr =mn amartan \pohsen, na =mew genQmeya dikaiosnh yeo \n a[t!.

5.16 - 6.10

t pnta kain

Sunergontew d ka parakalomen m| ew kenn t|n xrin to yeo djasyai mw 2 lgei gr, Kair! dekt! \p}kous sou, ka \n =mr svthraw \bo}yhs soi: do, nn kairw e[prsdektow, do, nn =mra svthraw 3 mhdeman \n mhden didntew proskop}n, na m| mvmhy_ = ^ diakona: 4 ll' \n pant sunistntew e autow qw yeo dikonoi, \n pomon_ poll_, \n ylcesin, \n ngkaiw, \n stenoxvraiw, 5 \n plhgaw, \n fulakaw, \n katastasaiw, \n ^ kpoiw, \n grupnaiw, \n nhsteaiw, 6 \n agnthti, \n gnQsei, ^ \n makroyum, \n xrhstthti, \n pnemati a g~, \n gp+ nupokrt~, 7 \n lg~ lhyeaw, \n dunmei yeo, di tn plvn tw dikaiosnhw tn dejin ka ristern, 8 di djhw ka timaw, di dusfhmaw ka e[fhmaw: qw plnoi ka lhye w: 9 qw gnoomenoi, ka \piginvskmenoi: qw poynskontew, ka do, zmen: qw paideumenoi, ka m| yanatomenoi: 10 qw lupomenoi, e d xarontew: qw ptvxo, pollow d ploutzontew: qw mhdn xo n t ew, ka pnta katxontew.

5.16 d 5.17 t pnta 5.18 &Ihso

5.21 6.4

gr sunistntew sunistntew


6.11 - 7.8

T stma =mn n~gen prw mw, Kornyioi, = karda =mn pepltuntai. 12 O [ stenoxvresye \n =mn, stenoxvresye d \n tow splgxnoiw mn. 13 T|n d a[t|n ntimisyan qw tknoiw lgv platnyhte ka mew. ^ M| gnesye e terozugontew pstoiw: tw gr metox| dikaiosn+ ka nom; Tw d koinvna fvt prw sktow; 15 Tw d sumfQnhsiw xrist! prw Belar; (H tw merw pist! met pstou; 16 Tw d sugkatyesiw na! yeo met edQlvn; ^Umew gr naw yeo \ste zntow, kayWw epen ` yew ti &Enoik}sv \n a[tow, ka \mperipat}sv: ka somai a[tn yew, ka a[to sonta moi law. 17 Di, &Ejlyete \k msou a[tn ka forsyhte, lgei kriow, ka kayrtou m| ptesye: kgW esdjomai mw, 18 ka somai mn ew patra, ka mew sesy moi ew uow ka yugatraw, lgei kriow pantokrtvr.

Tat aw o{n xontew tw \paggel aw, gap ht o, ^ kayarsvmen eautow p pantw molusmo sarkw ka ^ pnematow, \pitelontew agivsnhn \n fb~ yeo.
Xvr}sate =mw: o[dna dik}samen, o[dna \fyeramen, o[dna \pleonekt}samen. 3 O [ prw katkrisin lgv: proerhka gr, ti \n taw kardaiw =mn \st ew t sunapoyanen ka suz_n. 4 Poll} moi parrhsa prw mw, poll} moi kaxhsiw pr mn: pepl}rvmai t_ parakl}sei, perperisseomai t_ xar \p ps+ t_ ylcei =mn. Ka gr \lyntvn =mn ew Makedonan o[deman sxhken nesin = srj =mn, ll' \n pant ylibmenoi: jvyen mxai, svyen fboi. 6 &All' ` parakaln tow tapeinow pareklesen =mw, ` yew, \n t_ parous Ttou: 7 o[ mnon d \n t_ parous a[to, ll ka \n t_ parakl}sei " parekl}yh \f' mn, naggllvn =mn t|n mn \pipyhsin, tn mn durmn, tn mn zlon pr \mo, % vste me mllon xarnai. 8 %O ti e ka \lphsa mw \n t_ \pistol_, o[ metamlomai, e ka metemelmhn: blpv gr ti
5 2

( 6.14 Tw d h tw 6.15 xrist! xristo 6.16 ^Umew ^Hmew 6.16 \ste \smen 6.16 moi mou

6.17 7.3 7.8

&Ejlyete &Ejlyate O[ prw katkrisin Prw katkrisin o[ gr gr


% = \pistol| \kenh, e ka prw vran, \lphsen mw. 9 Nn xarv, o[x ti \lup}yhte, ll' ti \lup}yhte ew metnoian: \lup}yhte gr kat yen, na \n mhden zhmivyte \j =mn. 10 ^H gr kat ye n lph metnoian ew svthran metamlhton katergzetai: = d to ksmou lph ynaton katergzetai. 11 &I d o gr, a[t toto, t kat ye n luphynai mw, pshn kateirgsato mn spoud}n, ll pologan, ll gankthsin, ll fbon, ll \pipyhsin, ^ ll zlon, ll \kdkhsin. &En pant sunest}sate eautow 12 ^ agnow enai \n t! prgmati. *Ara e ka graca mn, o[x eneken to dik}santow, o[d eneken to dikhyntow, ll' eneken to fanervynai t|n spoud|n mn t|n pr =mn prw mw \nQpion to yeo . 13 Di toto parakekl}meya. &Ep d t_ parakl}sei mn perissotrvw mllon \xrhmen \p t_ xar Ttou, ti nappautai t pnema a[to p pntvn mn. 14 %O ti e ti a[t! pr mn kekaxhmai, o[ kat+sxnyhn: ll' qw pnta \n lhye \lal}samen mn, o% tvw ka = kaxhsiw =mn = \p Ttou l}yeia \gen}yh. u 15 Ka t splgxna a[to perissotrvw ew mw \stn, namimnhskomnou t|n pntvn mn pako}n, qw met fbou ka trmou \djasye a[tn. 16 Xarv ti \n pant yarr \n mn.

7.9 - 8.6

neken neken


\p t_ mn: perissotrvw d

Gnvrzomen d mn, delfo, t|n xrin to yeo t|n dedomnhn \n taw \kklhsaiw tw Makedonaw: 2 ti \n poll_ dokim_ ylcevw = perissea tw xarw a[tn ka = kat byouw ptvxea a[tn \persseusen ew tn ploton tw ^ a plthtow a[tn. 3 %O ti kat dnamin, martur, ka pr dnamin a[yaretoi, 4 met pollw parakl}sevw demenoi =mn, t|n xrin ka t|n koinvnan tw diakonaw tw ew tow ^ ^ a gouw: 5 ka o[ kayWw lpsamen, ll' e autow dvkan prton t! kur~, ka =mn di yel } m a t o w yeo . 6 Ew t
7.12 ll' eneken ll' neken 7.13 mn perissotrvw =mn perissotrvw 8.2 tn ploton t plotow 8.3 pr par 8.5 ll' ll


metamlhton katergzetai metamlhton \rgzetai 7.11 mw 7.11 \n t! t! 7.12 o[x eneken o[x neken 7.12 o[d eneken o[d neken


8.7 - 8.23

parakalsai =mw Tton, na kayWw proen}rjato, o% tvw ka u 7 % \pitels+ ew mw ka t|n xrin tathn. &All' vsper \n pant perisseete, pstei, ka lg~, ka gnQsei, ka ps+ spoud_, ka t_ \j mn \n =mn gp+, na ka \n tat+ t_ xriti perissehte. 8 O[ kat' \pitag|n lgv, ll di tw ^ e trvn spoudw ka t tw metraw gphw gn}sion dokimzvn. 9 GinQskete gr t|n xrin to kurou =mn &Ihso * xristo, ti di' mw \ptQxeusen, plosiow vn, na mew t_ \kenou ptvxe plout}shte. 10 Ka gnQmhn \n tot~ ddvmi: toto gr mn sumfrei, otinew o[ mnon t poisai ll ka t ylein proen}rjasye p prusi. 11 nun d ka t poisai \pitelsate, pvw, kayper = proyuma to ylein, o% tvw ka u 12 t \pitelsai \k to xein. E gr = proyuma prkeitai, kay \n x+ tiw, e[prsdektow, o[ kay o[k xei. 13 O[ gr na lloiw nesiw, mn d ylciw: ll' \j sthtow, \n t! nn kair! t mn persseuma ew t \kenvn strhma, 14 na ka t \kenvn persseuma gnhtai ew t mn strhma: pvw gnhtai sthw, 15 kayWw ggraptai, ^O t pol, o[k \plenasen: ka ` t lgon, o[k lattnhsen. Xriw d t! ye! t! didnti t|n a[t|n spoud|n pr mn \n t_ kard Ttou. 17 %O ti t|n mn parklhsin \djato, spoudaiterow d prxvn, a[yaretow \jlyen prw mw. 18 Sunepmcamen d met' a[to tn delfn, o ` painow \n t! e[aggel~ di pasn tn \kklhsin: 19 o[ mnon d, ll ka xeirotonhyew p tn \kklhsin sunkdhmow =mn sn t_ xriti tat+ t_ diakonoumn+ f' =mn prw t|n a[to to kurou djan ka proyuman =mn: 20 stellmenoi toto, m} ^ tiw =mw mvm}shtai \n t_ adrthti tat+ t_ diakonoumn+ f' 21 =mn: pronoomenoi kal o[ mnon \nQpion kurou ll ka \nQpion nyrQpvn. 22 Sunepmcamen d a[tow tn delf n =mn, $ n \dokimsamen \n pollow pollkiw o spoudaon nta, nun d pol spoudaiteron, pepoiy}sei poll_ t_ ew mw. 23 Ete pr Ttou, koinvnw \mw ka ew mw sunergw: ete delfo =mn, pstoloi \kklhsin,
8.7 8.12 8.13 mn \n =mn =mn \n mn tiw d 8.16 didnti dnti 8.19 a[to a[to 8.21 pronoomenoi pronoomen gr


dja xristo. 24 T|n o{n ndeijin tw gphw mn, ka =mn kaux}sevw pr mn, ew a[tow \ndejasye ew prsvpon tn \kklhsin.

8.24 - 9.13

^ Per mn gr tw diakonaw tw ew tow agouw perissn 2 mo \stin t grfein mn: oda gr t|n proyuman mn, n pr mn kauxmai Makedsin, ti &Axaa pareskeastai p prusi: ka ` \j mn zlow ryisen tow pleonaw. 3 *E p em c a d tow delfow, na m| t kaxhma =mn t pr mn kenvy_ \n t! mrei tot~: na, kayWw legon, pareskeuasmnoi te: 4 m}pvw, \n lyvsin sn \mo Makednew ka e% rvsin mw paraskeustouw, u kataisxunymen =mew na m| lgvmen mew \n t_ postsei tat+ tw kaux}sevw. 5 &Anagkaon o{n =ghsmhn parakalsai tow delfow, na prolyvsin ew mw, ka prokatartsvsin t|n prokathggelmnhn e[logan mn, ^ tathn e tomhn enai, o % tvw qw e[logan ka m| qw u pleonejan.
Toto d, ` spervn feidomnvw, feidomnvw ka yersei: ka ` spervn \p' e[logaiw, \p' e[logaiw ka yer s ei . 7 %Ekastow kayWw proairetai t_ kard: m| \k lphw ( \j h 8 ngkhw: larn gr dthn gap ` yew. Dunatw d ` yew psan xrin perissesai ew mw, na \n pant pntote psan a[trkeian xontew perissehte ew pn rgon gayn: 9 kayWw ggraptai, &Eskrpisen, dvken tow pnhsin: = dikaiosnh a[to mnei ew tn ana. 10 ^O d \pixorhgn sprma t! speronti, ka rton ew brsin xorhg}sai, ka plhynai tn spron mn, ka a[j}sai t gen}mata tw dikaiosnhw mn: 11 \n pant ploutizmenoi ew psan ^ aplthta, % tiw katergzetai di' =mn e[xaristan t! ye!. h 12 %O ti = diakona tw leitourgaw tathw o[ mnon \stn ^ prosanaplhrosa t ster}mata tn a gvn, ll ka perisseousa di polln e[xaristin t! ye!: 13 di tw

8.24 9.2 9.4 9.4 9.4 9.5

\ndejasye \ndeiknmenoi ` \j t m}pvw m} pvw lgvmen lgv tw kaux}sevw prokathggelmnhn proephggelmnhn

9.7 proairetai prorhtai 9.8 Dunatw Dunate 9.10 sprma spron 9.10 xorhg}sai ka plhynai xorhg}sei ka plhyune 9.10 a[j}sai a[j}sei


9.14 - 10.13

dokimw tw diakonaw tathw dojzontew tn yen \p t_ potag_ tw `mologaw mn ew t e[agglion to xristo, ^ ka aplthti tw koinvnaw ew a[tow ka ew pntaw: 14 ka a[tn de}sei pr mn \pipoyontvn mw di t|n perbllousan xrin to yeo \f' mn. 15 Xriw d t! ye! \p t_ nekdihg}t~ a[to dvre.


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9.15 10.1 10.7 10.7 10.8



10.14 - 11.13

\fiksyai xri ka mn. 14 O[ gr qw m| \fiknomenoi ew ^ mw perektenomen eautow: xri gr ka mn \fysamen \n t! e[aggel~ to xristo: 15 o[k ew t metra kauxQmenoi, \n llotroiw kpoiw, \lpda d xontew, a[janomnhw tw pstevw mn, \n mn megalunynai kat tn kanna =mn ew perissean, 16 ew t perkeina mn e[aggelsasyai, o[k \n llotr~ kanni ew t toima kaux}sasyai.