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Human Impact on Damodar River and it

s Ecology

Source: Internet the project is about Impact of pollutants on ecology in damodar river ,in broder prospects it was a survey on human impact on river and it's system .My stretch was 6 km upstream from Durgapur barrage area. damodar river is flowing by the side of Durgapur-Asansol industrial b elt as a herart line.It has been an everlasting boon on the socio economic structure of the city. So pressure on the river is enormous. damodar is an intermittent stream,there are few dams are made to use the river to the fullest,DVC is one of the famous irrigation project in India. there are several industries like DSP,DPL, ASP ,Cockeoven,c oal mines and other manufacturing and sponge iron industries are increasi ng by the side of Damodar river .So human impact on the river and i t's ecology is pounding . The sewage system of industries and dam s existence are two big reason o f river 's ecological and economical disturbance ,the pollutants and wee dification in river can be seen by naked eyes, The overall picture is changed comparatively that what was 10 years ago. My project was based on observational and analytical survey in the season of winter and monsoon. Pollutants such as sodium, potassium, arsenic, cadmium, chromium, mercury, ma nganese, lead, zinc, cobalt, copper, iron nickel, phosphorus, sulphur are a dan ger to the environment . Although many heavy metals are the result of industry, have begun contributing through runoff .when metals get into the environment, aquatic life tend to be more vulnerable because they have settled along the wa terbed and into the stream. these industries can cause water pollution that damaging the ecosystems. Dam is making a crucial landscape change through weedifiaction and s edimentation. There are several small island s are set from 2-10 km u pstream of river damodar. So all those human activities have cusead a change.............. through observation we find Azolla,hyacinth,Isoetes,(submerged),,Salvana,Spi rodilla as flora,and Few shrimps,snail,water bug,water wasp, pond skater ,liches in the river hardly trouts so the existence of fauna is not in grat shape,There is a cruel scene of thousand dead snails are fo und by the banks due to contamination with lead, mercury. Human impact 1. lesser number of river organism in around the part of our survey area except few that we have recorded. 2. fishes are hit badly in this part.As the day progresses the pressu re of sedementation with the pollutants are making it tough further. 3.In Summer and winter season Pollutants make the rate of eutrophicat ion at highest level. 4. impact of tourist in december and january increse the rate of so lid waste dumping . Consequences: 1.It has a long lasting impact on bio diversity of the river.Numbers

of cranes and king fishers are lesser than that of 5-8 years ago, S o we can get the picture. has a major impact on fisherman of this area. 3.Drinking Water supply is based on this river,last 4-5 years the qual ity of water is becoming worse and rate of diseases are increasing i n local areas such as stomach infection. We have to think out of box to protect our River and it's importa nt ecology in order to protect ourselves. Aquatic environmental safety programme should be initiated to restore vanished fishes and other species of Damodar river. 1. Ground water depletion must be checked in mining areas by sealing or recharging. 2. Damodar river and reservoir water are chief sources of drinking and agricultu re. These must be protected from pollution load. 3. All the industries like coal washeries located at the bank of river (Sumadih, Dugdah, Patherdih, Jamadoba) must be provided with settling tanks and other treatment facilities. 4. Some of the thermal power plants, which are discharging raw water into the ri ver, must have effluent treatment facilities. 5. should have sewage treatment facilities. 6. Damodar Action Plan may be executed to cleanse the river immediately. 7. Distillation of the Damodar river should also be taken into consideration in the upper stretch to remove coal particles, fly ash and oil and grease, settled at the bot tom of the river bed. 8. Independent pollution control mechanisms for coal washery rejects and coke ov ens is desirable. these are plans which really need to be placed quickly.