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Section-A Explain the following terms in about 40-50 words. 1. Judge 2. Movable Property 3. Public Servant 4. Wrongful Gain Wrongful Loss 5. Document Counterfeit 6. Fraudently 7. Court of Justice 8. Reason to believe 9. Voluntarily 10.Valuable Security 11.Good Faith 12.Illegal, Legal Bound to do 13.Common Intention for crime 14.Common Object for crime 15.Accident 16.Abetment 17.Punishment 18.Culpable Homicide 19.Wagering war 20.Criminal Conspiracy 21.Abettor 22.Kidnapping 23.Sedition 24.Doli-incapax 25.Force 26.Assault 27.Provocation 28.Abduction

29.Theft 30.Rape 31.Unlawful Assembly 32.Rioting 33.Trespass 34.House Breaking 35.Stolen Property 36.Forgery 37.Adultery 38.Defamation 39.Criminal Intimidation 40.Divine Displeasure 41.Personation 42.Unnatural Offences 43.Imprisonment 44.Miscarriage 45.Thug 46.Dowry Death 47.Nuisance 48.Provocation 49.Wrongful Confinement 50.Counterfeit 51.Personation 52.Illegal Act or Omission 53.Offence 54.Crime 55.Mensrea 56.Criminal Breach of Trust 57.Misappropriation 58.Fabricating False Evidence 59.Transportation 60.Solitary Confinement 61.Remission of Punishment

62.Life Imprisonment 63.Undue Influence 64.Imputation 65.Private Defence 66.Concealment of design 67.Abettor 68.Insane 69.Section 70.Affray 71.Harboring 72.House Breaking 73.False Evidence 74.Public Nuisance 75.Negligence 76.Murder 77.Hurt 78.Wrongful Restraint 79.Grievous Hurt 80.Obscene Material 81.Criminal Force 82.Extortion 83.Dacoity 84.Criminal Breach of Trust 85.Extra Territorial Offences 86.Kidnapping for Ransom 87.Voluntarily Hurt 88.Lurking House Trespass 89.Forgery 90.Custody 91.Property 92.Cheating 93.Mischief 94.Enticing or Taking away

95.Adultery 96.Bigamy 97.Criminal Intent 98.Cruelty 99.Attempt to commit an offence 100. Outraging the Modesty


1. Describe Criminal breach of Trust and its punishment provided in Indian Penal Code, 1860? 2. What do you understand by Stolen Property? Can a person habitually dealing in receiving stolen property is liable for that? 3. What are the essentials of the offence of Rape? Can a male is liable for the intercourse with his wife during judicial separation? 4. Explain the meaning of Unnatural Offences and its ingredients provided in Indian Penal Code, 1860? 5. What is the nature and definition of Crime? 6. State the meaning of maxim- Actus non facit reum nisi mens sit rea. Is there any exception for this maxim? 7. How far the mental element is important consideration determining the criminal liability of the offender? 8. Define the meaning of Crime along with definitions given by various jurists. 9. State the difference between Crime and Sin (religious wrong)? 10.Explain the various forms of Mensrea included in the all the offences provided in Indian Penal Code, 1860. 11.What do you mean by Joint Liability and how its applicable in determining criminal liability of joint offender in IPC, 1860? 12.Describe the Principle of Legality along with the maxim nulla poena sine lege. 13.What is the difference between the maxim-nulla poena cine lege and nullam crimin sine lege?

14.What are the protection available the accused from criminal liability? 15.State the principles/provisions provided in IPC, 1860 regarding the operation of Penal Code. 16.How many type of jurisdiction is provided in IPC, 1860 for the operation and application of Penal Code? Can any person exempt from the operation of Code? 17.State how can the code is extended to extra-territorial offences? 18.What do you mean by Public servant? Is Chief Minister is included in the definition of public servant? 19.What is the distinction between fraudulently and dishonestly? 20.State the meaning of Counterfeit? 21.Define the meaning of Document? Is any matter described on a wall about the name of the offender who murdered the deceased is a document or not? 22.Does the term valuable security apply to a document which is the true copy of an original document? 23.What does the term Act, or omission denotes? 24.Describe the principle of Joint Liability provided in Sec.34 IPC, 1860. 25.What is the distinction between Common Intent and Common Object? 26.Explain the expression Common Intention. 27.What are the various mode of punishment provided in IPC, 1860? 28.Explain General Exception deals with general conditions of non- imputablity or general grounds of exception from criminal liability? 29.What is the meaning and objective of the maxim- Ignorantia facti excusat, Ignorantia legis neminum excusat? 30.What is the difference between Mistake of Law and Mistake of Fact? 31.State the meaning of Accident. In which kind of cases this defence is available. 32.Define the doctrine of salvage. 33.What is the concept of the defence of Necessity? 34.What do you mean by Doli-incapax? Can a person of 8 yrs be held liable for criminal conspiracy? 35.Describe the principle laid down in Dayabhai Cgaganbhai Thakkar vs. State of Gujarat (AIR 1964 SC 1563).

36.Describe in detail the exception of Intoxication. 37. What is meant by Criminal Law? 38.What are the Chief Elements of Crime? 39.What are the general conditions of crime? 40.What is meant by the word by Actus Reus? 41.What are certain omissions for which IPC, 1860 specifically provides punishment? 42.What is meant by Mensrea of guilty mind? 43.Write briefly that Mensrea is an essential ingredient of a crime often excluded by a statute? 44.Is Mensrea an essential ingredient of Criminal Offence? 45.What is the difference between an Act and an Event? 46.What are the kinds of Acts? 47.What are other aspects of an Act besides its Cause and Effect? 48.What words are normally used to denote a guilty mind in IPC, 1860 showing a positive applicability of the maxim Actus non facit reum nisi mens sit rea? 49.What is laid down under section 34 of IPC, 1860? 50.Does Same or Similar intention mean common Intention? 51.What are the ingredients of Section 34, IPC, 1860? 52.Will an act done for self defence causing death by one person attract the provisions of Section 34 of IPC, 1860? 53.What are the difference between Sections 34 &35 of IPC, 1860? 54.What are the essential elements of the defence under section j85 of IPC, 1860? 55.What is the difference between Sec. 85 & 86? 56.What does Section 88 contained? 57.What are the differences between Sec. 107 and Sec. 120-A of IPC, 1860? 58.What are the necessary elements necessary to constitute the offence of Culpable Homicide? 59.Write briefly about the term Causing of death , under Sec.299? 60.What is the legal Position if death is caused by the effect of words? 61.What is meant by Intention? 62.What are the essentials under Sec. 304-B are to be fulfilled in the case of bride burning etc.?

63.Is murder an aggravated form of Culpable Homicide? 64.What are the ingredients of grave and sudden provocation? 65.What are the four cardinal conditions must exist to justify killing a person on the plea of self defence? 66.What is the difference between Murder and Culpable Homicide not amounting to murder? 67.What are the differences between theft and criminal misappropriation of property? 68.What is the legal position in regard to dishonest misappropriation of property possessed by a deceased by a deceased person at the time of his death? 69.What is the requirement under Sec.404 of IPC, 1860? 70.What are the ingredients of offence under Sec.403 of IPC, 1860? 71.What is meant by Dacoity? 72.How is assault in the crime of Robbery? 73.Can the offence of Robbery be constituted without the use of force or violence? 74.What are the ingredients of extortion are as laid down under Sec.383 of IPC, 1860? 75.What are the points of difference between Robbery and Dacoity? 76.What factors are essential to constitute Theft? 77.Is removal of a property under a bonafide claim of right theft within the meaning of sec.378 of IPC, 1860? 78.What are the essentials of Robbery? 79.When is the offence of extortion complete? 80.Is stealing of a dead body is a theft? 81.What is meant by Rash and Negligent Act under IPC, 1860? 82.What essentials under Sec.304-B are to be fulfilled in the case of bride burning? 83.What is meant by the word Dishonestly in Sec.405? 84.What are the essential ingredients of the offence of criminal breach of trust? 85.Does the criminal breach of Trust imply a breach of contract? 86.What is the difference between criminal misappropriation of property and criminal breach of Trust?

87.What do mean by private defence according to IPC, 1860? 88.Explain the liability of a person whom believe himself if justified by law and the person believe himself to be bound by law. 89.What is meant by causing miscarriage and also explain the criminal liability for that? 90.What is the difference between Hurt and Grievous hurt?

Section-C 1. What is the meaning of robbery and explain the circumstances when a robbery become theft and extortion become robbery? 2. What are the essentials of the offence of Rape? Can a male is liable for the intercourse with his wife during judicial separation? 3. Explain the Elements of Crime. Is Mensrea is the essential element for the constitution of crime. 4. Discuss the Scope of the right of defence of the body under IPC, 1860.Can an Accused person rely on the plea of such private defence without specifically pleading it? Support your answer with help of decided cases. 5. When does the culpable homicide not amounting to murder? 6. Describe the territorial development of Indian Penal Code, 1860 along with early Hindu & Muslim Law. 7. Describe the Composition of 1st law Commission & also explain specifically role of Load Macaulay in the formation of Indian Penal Code,1860 8. Explain the essentials of affect. Can a person may be liable of a single act & omission towards commission of offence? 9. What are the various stages of offence explain in detail? 10.Whether intention called be the only consideration for determination of criminal liability? 11.Explain the various principles of penal law. 12.Write the meaning and distinguish between the two maxims:a. Nulla poena sine lege , b. Nullam crimen sine lege.

13.Explain the Role against judicial creation of offences & vagueness of criminal statutes. 14.What do you mean by Narrow Construction of criminal law, whether a criminal law may be applied retrospectively? 15.What it the difference between acts done by a person bound law & act done by a Justified by law? 16.What is the extant of the right to private defence of person & property? 17.Explain the commencement & extant of right to private defence. 18.Describe the circumstances under which the Right to private defence extents to causing death of a person. 19.Explain the act against which there is no right to private defence? 20.What do you mean by culpable hornicide & how does culpable homicide is different from murder? 21.Define murder & what are the exceptions provided by law to escape from the liability of murder? 22.Explain the commission of death a person by negligence. 23.What do you mean by attempt to commit an offence? 24. Describe the liability of person in attempt to murder? 25.Define dowry and dowry death? 26.What do you mean by cruelty, its kinds also explain the cruelty against women by husband or relatives? 27. State the provision of outraging modesty of women by a person? 28.How can a person are held liable for insulting the privacy of a person? 29.Rape is one of heinous crime against women. Explain this statement with relevant provisions provided in IPC, 1860. 30.Bigamy is an offence against a spouse tied in a marital tie. Explain this statement by describing the provisions of Indian Penal Code, 1860 in this regard. 31.What do you mean by bigamy? What are the laws under which a person could be held liable for the offence of bigamy under Indian Penal Code, 1860? 32.State the ingredients of adultery. Could a father initiate criminal proceeding against the husband of his daughter?

33.Explain Criminal Intimidation & punishment provided in INDIAN PENAL CODE 1860 34.What do you mean by intimidation? 35.Describe various modes under which criminal misappropriation is committed with regard to property. 36.State the different between house trespass & lurking house trespass. 37. Explain the offence of how breaking & also describe the aggravated form of house-breaking. 38.Who do you meant by forgery? How can the forgery of documents be committed? Give five some examples. 39.Define the meaning of public nuisance. 40.What are the acts likely to spread infected pollution of food & drink? 41.Explain the liability of person who intentionally fooling water. 42.State the meaning of waging was & its punishment. 43.Sedition is gravest of grave offence-Explain this statement along with relevant provisions in Indian Penal Code, 1860. 44.Narrate the liability of person/public servant for the escape of or harboring a state prisoner of war. 45.How much persons can constitute of unlawful assembly? Could two person be held liable for unlawful assembly. 46.Explain the meaning & also distinguish after of rioting & affray. SECTION-D 1. Ajeet and Rejeev, being joint owners of a horse. Ajeet takes the horse out of the possession intending to use it. But he sells the house and appropriates the whole proceeds for the marriage of his daughter. Rajeev after came to know about that fact he initiated criminal proceedings against the Ajeet. Now decide applicability of the relevant law and liability of Ajeet. 2. Peter and Castle agree to murder Zameel by severally and at different times giving Zameel small doses of poison. Peter and Castle administer the poison according to the agreement with intent to murder Zameel. Zameel
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dies from the effect of the several doses of poison so administered to him. Decide the liability of Peter and Castle. Vibhor in grave anger gives 70 strokes with a stick to Shobha. He voluntarily causes hurt to Shobha by the whole beating, and also by each of the blows which make up the whole beating. If Vibhor is liable to punishment for every blow one year then what would be the total duration of the punishment of Vibhor. Sameer sees Abdul inflicting a lathi blow to Deewan which appears to Sameer to be a causing murder of Deewan. Sameer in the exercise, to the best of his judgment exerted in good faith, of the power which the law gives to all persons of apprehending murders in the fact, seizes Abdul, in order to bring Abdul before the proper authorities. As result Deewan inflicted a severe axe blow to Abdul. Now explain the liability of Sameer for the holding Abdul. Dr. Harish a well known doctor at PGIMS, Rohtak, in good faith communicates to the owner of Durga Steels, Mr. Hoshiyar Singh that in his opinion (Dr. Harish), he cannot live more than 2 month. By hearing these words Hoshiyar Singh died in consequence of the shock. What offence dr. Harish had committed though he knew it to be likely that the communication might cause the Hoshiyar Singh. Deepak the security officer sees a great fire in a factory. By applying his mind pulls down others Administrative offices in order to prevent the conflagration from spreading. He does this with the intention in good faith of saving human life or property. After some time fire brigade controlled the fire .The owner of the factory initiate the criminal proceedings against Deepak for the demolition of administrative offices because there were all the important records of factory. Decide the liability of Deepak. Dr. Satya , a surgeon, knowing that the operation of Roshni is likely to cause the death of Roshni, who suffers under a painful-cancer, but not intending to cause Roshnis death and intending in good-faith, Roshnis benefit performs that operation by Roshni consent. As the result she died. The husband of Roshni lodged a FIR against Dr. Satya for causing the murder of his wife. Explain criminal liability of Dr. Satya if any.

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8. Mr. Girish Bhatt, the resident of Shimla Enclave, Hissar encroached upon the govt. property by constructing a small garden in front of his house. The municipality gave him the notice for vacating the govt. property by removing the above mention garden. But he ignored. As a result the municipality team removes the garden .Mr. Girish by seeing this gave severe blows to the head of the municipality team and labors. In the proceeding against Mr. Girish he pleaded the right to protect his property. Can Mr. Girish succeeded in his plea and escaped from the criminal liability along with the relevant law applicable to this situation. 9. A.S.I Sudhir Malik, a police Officer, from Sadar Dehradun Police Station, was authorized by warrant from The Jind Sessions Judge to apprehend Dilbagh, the suspect of committing the murder of Girdhari Lal, asked A wander of snacks Shamsher Singh about Dilbagh. The Wander Shamsher Singh knowing that fact also that Lakhan Prshad is not Dilbagh, willfully represent to A.S.I Sudhir Malik, that Lakhan Prshad is Dilbagh, and thereby intentionally causes A.S.I Sudhir Malik to apprehend Lakhan Prshad .Describe now what offence the wander of snacks Shamsher Singh had committed? 10.Rammehar Singh instigates Leelu Ram, a unsound mind person, to set fire in the field of Udey Singh .Leelu Ram in consequences of the unsoundness of his mind, being incapable of knowing the nature of the act, sets the fire to the field of Udey Singh in consequences of Rammehars instigation. The case ceme before the Sessions court Udham Singh Nagar .State the liability of both Rammehar Singh and Leelu Ram separately along with relevant law applicable in this situation. 11.Two persons Fardeen and Hakim Singh made a plan to plunder a petrol pump situated at Delhi by-pass in Maan Sarowar Park. One Police Officer named Sri Bhagwan heard that communication and immediately arrested both of them. The criminal proceedings started against Fardeen and Hakim Singh. Describe the liability of them. 12.Harpal Singh, a Contractor of Shri Hanuman Constructions. Pvt. Ltd. wanted the contact of construction of Ganga-Sarswati Express Way; he made a call to Governor of Rajasthan to allot him the above mention contract. But the
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governor refused as a result he again made a call and said if he would have to allot him the contract otherwise he would outrage the modesty of his daughter. In fact the admonition was not intended to executed. The Governor made a complaint to the police station Jaipur. Now the case is before the Sessions Court Jaipur, Rajasthan. Decide the liability of The Contractor, Harpal Singh. 13. Saint Shri Shri 1008 Vijay Pal Singh sits at a dhuni, near the house of Sh. Mehtab Singh, the sarpanch of village of Kiloi, Disst. Haridwar, with the intention it to be believed that, by so sitting, he renders blood of dog, an object of divine displeasure unless the Mehtab Singh gave him land for the establishment of New temple in the village, which was reserved for the community centre. Explain whether the Saint Shri Shri 1008 Vijay Pal Singh had committed any offence? 14.Since 20 years, there was a civil proceedings between two brothers Gian Prakash and Surjan Singh for the possession of a showroom situated in the heart of city Bijnor, U.P. Surjan Singh for the purpose of inducing Gian Prakash to desist from prosecuting the suit, threatened to burn the house of Gian Prakash .Gian Prakash registered a criminal case against Surjan Singh Now the case is before Sessions Judge Anurag Singh. State what offence Surjan Singh Committed.? 15.Choudhary Sultan ,the editor of a well known newspaper-The Whistle Blower ,daily news paper, published an article on a book-My Karawass in Hapur Jail, written by, a social worker Karamveer Panday that Karamveers book is rubbish ,Karamveer must be a man of weak ideology. Karamveers book is indecent; Karamveer must be man of impure mind. Karamveer Panday filed a case of defamation against Choudhary Sultan. Explain the liability of Choudhary Sultan if any? 16.Akanshi Sharma, a Student of MBBS final year fell in love with the counselor of the college named Divya Gyan Rastogi, asked him to marry him because otherwise her parents would perform her marriage with Vishal Girotra, from Dhanbad, son of a well known billionaire of India. Infect Divya Gyan was already married with a girl named Himani Singh in his childhood, and he wont like Himani. He already told Himani that He like Akanshi very
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much he cant live without her. He concealed this fact from Akanshi. He solemnizes his marriage Akanshi .When Himani came to known about she filed a case against Divya Gyan Rastogi. Now decide the liability of Divya Gyan. 17.Ajay Srivastva was having a keen desire of being an advocate. But he got 45% in B.Com. Exam. As per the rules of The Badri Vishal University of Law, Bangalore, the requisite qualification for admission was 55% in graduation. Ajay made a zerox copy of B.Com marks-sheet by altering 45% in to 55% marks. He got the admission in LL.B. course. After some time the University administration came to know about this fact. Now suggest the university under which offence she can take an action against Ajay Srivastva. 18.Sardar Gurjinder Singh under the pretence of his death made a will. Which contained the following words-I, Sardar Gurjinder Singh S/o Sh. Avtar Singh Kocher, direct that all my remaining property be equally divided between Gurjeet Singh, Damtaal Singh and Harjinder Kaur? Now Damtaal Singh after the death of their father Sardar Gurjinder Singh, dishonestly scratches out Gurjeets name intending that it may believed that the whole estate was left to Damtaal Singh and Harjinder Kaur, his mother. Now state what offence Mr. Damtaal Singh committed along with the relevant provision of law. 19.Abdul Waseem the, Rickshaw puller was a person of fond of having new branded mobiles. Once he visited to Shri. Sai Mobile Zone, Clock Tower, Sirsa there he selected a new nokia lumia-800 mobile. But he was not having sufficient money to purchase that. He came to the shop at 2:00 AM night and enter through the exhaust-window in the shop and conceal he mobile so that the other person cant purchase that mobile. And then he would purchase after having the sufficient money. But he was caught redhanded by watchmen. Now impose the criminal liability on the poor Rickshaw puller. 20.Lala Deewan Singh was in urgently need of money to go abroad to meet his son-in law. But he was not having sufficient money for that. He had a Toyota Fortuner Car financed by HDFC Bank Ghaziabad Ltd. He sold his car and lodges a false -complaint of theft so that he could got money from
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Insurance Company. He was succeeding in that .After some time the police discovered that car .Now state the liability of Lala Deewan Singh for his conduct.

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