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Single Instrument Brass instruments (trumpets, cornets, trombones, tubas etc.) radiate strong high frequency harmonics directly from the bell, but do not project them from the side. By adjusting the position of the microphone the timbre of the recorded sound can be controlled. For a bright , edgy sound, close mike on-axis with the bell; for a softer more natural tone try miking at least 2 feet away, at an angle, with a flat response cardioid microphone.

With larger instruments like a tuba and French horn mike at a distance around 3 ft . Two or more Instruments It is common to mike two or more brass with a single microphones. Several players can be grouped around an omnidirectional microphone or a cardioid microphone placed below the group aiming up. For a whole group of brass a stereo microphone pair can be used. Refer to stereo microphone techniques.