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Questions 1 20 Choose the word with correct spelling. Use the picture to help you.

. Pilih perkataan yang mempunyai ejaan yang betul. Gunakan gambar sebagai panduan. 1 Pulau Tioman has the most beautiful ______________ in Pahang. A B C 2 beaacch beeach beach

Have you climbed up the highest _____________ in Malaysia? A B C D mountein mountainn mootain mountain

We use our ____________ to smell. A B C nuse nose nosse

______________ protects the eye from dust and other harmful objects. A B C Eyelid Eyeled Eyeliid

Early in the morning, the __________ wakes up the chickens in the coop. A B C roosteer rooster rousteer


The ___________ likes to be in the muddy dirty water. A B C buffalo bufalo buffaloo

Heliza has cooked _____________ for lunch. A B C cabage cabbgae cabbage

Aunt May wants to bake a ___________ cake for tea. A B C D pumpkeen pumpkin plumpkin puumkiin

Encik Aswad bought a ____________ t shirt yesterday. A B C puuple purple purrple


Nonis favourite colours are yellow and _______________. A B C indigo inndigo indigoo


This ____________ belongs to Nana. A B C ruller rulerr ruler



I would like to buy a _________________ for my sister. A B C dictionary dictionery dictionarry


Kumari works in an oil palm _____________ in Perak A B C esstate estatet estate


There is a beautiful _____________ in front of the school. A B C D fouutain founttain footain fountain


Ah Chen goes to the _____________ with her family. A B C tmeple temple tempel


My grandfather studied in this ______________ when he was young. A B C D university univercity unisersity universiti



The ___________is pruning the hibiscus plants in the garden. A B C gardennerr gardenner gardener


Puan Fatin works in a science laboratory. She is a _______________. A B C scintist scientist scinetist


Chew Ling likes to eat ____________ . A B C cucumeber cucumber cucuber


_______________ contains Vitamin C. A B C Tomato Tometo Tommato

Questions 21- 40 Choose the best answer to complete the sentences. Pilih jawapan yang terbaik untuk melengkapkan ayat ayat berikut. 21 Halim, Harun and Hashim are playing. _______ are enjoying themselves. A B C 22 We He They

Shanti, Nadia and I are good friends. ________ always study together. A B C D They You She We



He was ____________ hour late for the meeting. A B C a an the


This months temperature is _______________ highest. A B C D a an the


Do you want tosai _____________chapati? A B C and but or


We did not go to the party ___________ it was raining very heavily last night. A B C D because and but or


Fatimah spoke ______________ to her sister. A B C gracefully lazily nicely


Ben arrived _____________ for his class because he missed the bus. A B C quickly late fast


You walk home in the rain. You are _________ . A B C wet dry cold



Farahs drawing was ______________ than mine. A B C bad worse worst


Peter _______ for a dinner with Jane last night. A B C D go goes gone went


We ________ along some fruits for the party last week. A B C bring brings brought


My mother ___________ a round chocolate cake for my birthday. A B C am preparing are preparing is preparing


Maimun and I ___________ essays for the school magazine. A B C is writing are writing were writing


Amin and his brother _________ late yesterday. A B C D is are was were


The headmaster __________ here ten minutes ago. A B C D is am was were



Mary is hiding __________ the big rambutan tree.

A on B of C over D behind 38 Gurmit went to Thailand ______________ the holidays. A B C D during over in at

Questions 39 40 Choose the word opposite in meaning to the underlined word. Pilih perkataan yang berlawanan makna dengan perkataan yang bergaris. 39 There was a lot of food at Hakims birthday party. A B 40 much many C D a little plenty

I hate the way she speaks. A B miss dislike C D enjoy love


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