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Scope & Sequence April 17, 2012

Prathom 4
First Term: 27 hours Introduction [Unit 1] ~ 13 hours Writing Names [2 hours] Body Parts [5 hours] Upper-head, nose, mouth, ear, eye, teeth, hair Middle- shoulder, arm, hand, finger, stomach, neck Lower-leg, knee, foot, toe, butt Quiz [1hour] Clothing [5 hours] shirt, shorts, pants, skirt, dress, hat, belt, socks, shoes, underwear, jacket, scarf, tank top, What is? Is this? Is this a ___ or ____? Test [1 hour]

At School [Unit 2/Unit 7] ~ 14 hours School Supplies [3 hours] pencil, pen, notebook, ruler, scissors, marker, school bag, white out What is? Is this? Is this a ___ or ____? Colors [1 hour] What color? Shapes [1 hour] What shape? Counting [1-25], [26-50] [3 hours] Quiz [1 hour] Hobbies [5 hours] Sports- football, tennis, basketball volleyball Games/Other- to sing, to read, to write, to run, to draw, to paint, to dance Do you like? Test [1 hour]

Scope & Sequence April 17, 2012 At Home [Unit 3] ~ 13 hours Rooms [1 hour] Bedroom, kitchen, living room, bathroom Objects in Rooms [9 hours] Bedroom- bed, wardrobe, blanket, pillow [1 hour] Kitchen- stove, pot, fridge, table, sink [1 hour] Living Room- sofa, phone, bookcase, fan, television, radio, [1 hour] Bathroom- toilet, shower, mirror, toothbrush, [1 hour] What is it? (a) Introduce plurals [4 hours] How many? Family Members [2 hours] Mother, father, brother, sister Physical Attributes- tall/short, thin/fat, beautiful/ugly, fair/tan, old/young Is your ______ tall or short? Test [1 hour]

At the Beach [Unit 4/Unit 9] ~ 6 hours Nature [1 hour] Tree, ocean, sand, sun, shell, cloud, rock, beach, sky Items [1 hour] Bag, sunglasses, sandals, hat, powder, swimsuit, shovel, pale, towel What is it? Weather [3 hours] Sunny, windy, rainy, cloudy, snowy, hot, cold Seasons in Thailand- cold, hot, rainy How is the weather today? Do you like theseason? Test [1 hour]

In my Village [Unit 8] ~ 10 hours Places [3 hours] hospital, train station, bank, market, restaurant, temple, school, post office Where can you_____? Prepositions- near, far, next to, opposite, between [1 hour]

Scope & Sequence April 17, 2012 Where is? Directions- turn, stop, go, left, right, straight [5 hour] Make map/Give directions to go, to walk, to drive, to ride Test [1 hour]

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