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System Specification

Prepared for: Michael Abebe Prepared by: Rash, Project Manager Project: - Social Networking Community October 8, 2008 Version: 1.0


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E in- - Social Network System Specification

Project Summary
Objectives - Custom social networking platform that will be designed in Web2.0 standards. This document and any approved signed amendments will govern the scope of this project. This document defines the complete feature set and functionality of the social networking platform. The final deliverable will meet all the functionality described herein.

System Features & Functions

Features and functionality will be listed in 3 categories Administrator, User and System features. Each category will contain a complete list of features. The amendment section will allow you to add any recommendations or suggestions for each feature to ensure that all project requirements are met.

System Specification v1.0 - Social Network System Specification

System Specification

Administrator Features These features will allow the admin to control the website from the backend Settings Manager User Manager Approval Manager Mass email users Email Template Manager Banner Advertising manager Help pages/Faq Manager Social Groups manager Website Reports Content manager Sensor manager Website maintenance Forum Manager Classifieds manager Articles manager

User Features These features will be available for each registered user Profile manager Social & professional profile Private messaging 1 on 1 chat User media Photo gallery My diary Blog Friend manager Friend Meter User calendar with reminder Banner Advertisement statistics User wall My articles

System Features System features define functionality that applies across the whole platform

Community forum

Community media photos & video

Community classifieds

Community articles Login & registration Content flagging Site search engine Network Content & profile rating Auto Spam detection & prevention System notification Automatic photo resizing Automatic Video conversion and resizing Auto database optimization

My documents Icon pack User activity log WYSIWIG editor File upload manager

System Specification v1.0 - Social Network System Specification

Administrator Features
The administration control panel will allow the admin to control every aspect of the site including system and user functions. Below are admin features and description of each function, including the fields.

Settings manager
The settings manager will allow the administrator to set options for the website. Options include Website name and slogan this information will be used in all sections of the website. Email account settings this is the default email address that will be used to send/receive emails. Inactive user time-out session control Admin password update

User manager
This will allow the administrator to manage users. The administrator can change and update everything about the user. User manager features include: Update all personal and business profile details Moderate media admin can flag or delete media. Media include photos, music, videos and documents Admin ability to suspend or delete a users account User profile search by username, email address, active accounts, pending and suspended users Ability to manually create a user profile

User permission manager the admin can select which options a user is allowed to access namely: classifieds, forums, blogs, video and photo gallery.

System Specification v1.0 - Social Network System Specification

Approval manager
This section of the admin control panel will be categorized as articles, blogs, videos, classifieds, music, photos, user profiles, forum posts & comments, wall, and music. Any content/media or user profile that is flagged including entire blogs or blog comments will be displayed in this section. The administrator can mass delete or approve content.

Mass email users

This feature will allow the administrator to send emails to all members. The administrator will be able to search for users by profile type and profile status or other user fields and send an email. This feature will also allow the admin to extract results to a file.

Email template manager

All emails sent by the system can be customized in this section. The administrator can create the template for the following emails: User registration confirmation, friend add request, forgot password, account deleted, account suspended, flagged content and friend update notifications.

Banner advertising manager

Allow the administrator to create and categorize advertising clients. Advertising clients will be registered on the website as users. They will be able to view their advertising statistics within their profile. Statistics will include active banner impressions and clicks. The banner manager will also allow the admin to upload new banners and specify the sections where the video will appear. It will also allow the admin to specify impressions, clicks and expiry period. Expired ads will not be displayed on the website. The administrator can also create ad spaces on the website. These ad spaces will be designed into the website template and automatically display ads assigned this space.

System Specification v1.0 - Social Network System Specification

Help pages/FAQ manager

This will be an extension of the content manager. The administrator will be able to create help categories and questions and answers. These FAQs will be linked and searchable in the help section of the website. It will answer the most common questions that new member might have such as how to upload photos, how to register etc.

Social groups manager

The administrator will be able to create groups. User suggested groups will also be available in this section. The administrator can approve suggested groups, edit, delete and create new groups. The groups manager will allow the administrator to view group member count and activity.

Website reports
This section will allow the administrator to view the following reports: registered members count, active members, new members today, new members in the past 1 week, past 1 month, past 6 months, past year and all previous year counts. There will also media statistics for total videos on the website, total photos & total music.

Content manager
The content manager will be used to administer website content for sections like about us, advertise, contact us, privacy policy, terms and conditions.

Sensor manager
Sensor manager is a section where the administrator can create a set of words to be filtered from content that users submit to the website. This will also be used to filter forums posts, comments, blogs, classifieds and articles.

System Specification v1.0 - Social Network System Specification

Website maintenance
This section will allow the administrator to perform basic maintenance on the site. Maintenance includes: delete accounts inactive, prune forums, clean up expired classifieds and optimize database for better performance.

Forum manager
Complete forum administration. This section will allow the administrator to create forum categories/topics, assign forum permissions to moderators, manage posts, and manage replies.

Classifieds manager
This section will allow the administrator to create/edit classifieds categories and subcategories. The administrator will also be able to view a link to the approval manager for all the flagged classifieds. It will also have a search feature for the admin to search for a classifieds post by user, post id and flag status. The admin can also define the fields for each category/subcategory. For instance if the admin creates cars for sale category, he can define the fields for instance: year, make, model, mileage etc. This functionality will extend the usability and search of the classifieds.

Articles manager
This section will allow the administrator to create/edit articles. Users will also be able to submit content for inclusion into the community article directory. Users can also suggest article categories. Suggested categories can be automatically created when the article is approved or included.

System Specification v1.0 - Social Network System Specification

User Features
Profile manager
The profile manager will consist of v v Basic settings: A user can update: Name, Contact email, address, account password & password hint. Network: Users can choose or change their network. Network will be the city, state and country they reside in. v Notification preferences: Users can choose what kind of notifications to receive. This includes
o o o o o o o New messages received Friend requests Friendship accepted confirmation Resume request Comments & posts on photos, videos, blog, music, events & wall Calendar events & reminders Replies to forum posts

Privacy & Permission settings: Users can choose who can view, comment or post on
o o o o o o o o o o o Profile Personal profile Business profile View friends View or comment on blog, wall, photos, videos and music Address Website Resume Intro video My documents Online status who can see when am online or offline

v v

Friends list Wall 7

System Specification v1.0 - Social Network System Specification

v v v

Calendar Mail My friendship meter An algorithm will calculate how well connected a user is based on the number of friends he has and the total number of friends his/her friends have as well as a factor of the total members registered on the network. My stuff photo gallery, media, blog, music, my documents Notifications: This section will be an extension of the wall. It will display all notifications on the users account for updates, friends added similar to

v v

Social & Professional profile

Each user will have two profile types business and personal. Permission/privacy settings will determine who can view the business and personal profile. Social Profile: Name, DOB, About me essay, sex, home town, interests/hobbies, affiliations, favorite music genre, favorite movies, favorite books, Member of (associations clubs or groups), Founder of, Knight of, I support, Fan of, Places, personal hero. Professional Profile: High school, college, job history, professional affiliations, sponsor for, resume, introduction video.

Private messaging
Users will have an inbox & sent box. Friends can send each other a message. Any member can send a message to another member just like on and a friend add request will be automatically generated. The private messaging system will work like a thread showing replies to that message keeping record of the date and time sent/received. The message editor will have WYSIWIG editor.

1 on 1 chat
User can initiate chat with any other user who is online. The chat log will be saved for security. The chat interface will be a simple application which when initiated will pop up on a friends screen requesting permission to chat. Chat status will include: Online, Busy, Idle, Bored, At work, At home, Sleeping etc. Users will be able to create their own chat status. Each chat status can have an icon related to it. Chat icons can be selected from the icon pack designed for the site. System Specification v1.0 8 - Social Network System Specification

User media
User media section will offer a categorized tabbed view of the users media. Media categories include photo gallery, videos, intro video &, music player.

Photo gallery
This section will have the different albums a user has and a count of how many photos are in each album. Each photo will have comments from friends based on permission/privacy settings. Each photo will also have a rating. Friends can click on a star rating between 1 5 to rate the photo. Photos in a user gallery can be marked public or private. Public allows the photo to be linked to a specific category in the community gallery and private only allows it to be viewed/commented by friends.

My diary
This will be a private section where each user can post private journal records.

A user can create blog categories and add any content they wish. They can import media into the blog from their gallery, videos and music. Uploaded media will be automatically embedded into the post. All blog posts will be filtered through the system sensor to block any **BAD WORDS**. The blog will allow friends (based on permission/privacy settings) to comment on blog posts, rate the blog post, flag the post as inappropriate content. The blog will utilize the WYSIWIG editor.

Add friend request

A user can search the website for friends and request to be friends with other users. Based on the notification settings, both users will receive a friendship request email. New friends will be displayed on a user profile similar to

System Specification v1.0 - Social Network System Specification

Mass invite friends

When a new user registers, they can manually or auto invite friends from Myspace, Yahoo, AOL, Gmail & MSN.

Friend meter
Friend meter will calculate a users visibility and connection on the social network. An algorithm will factor in friends, friends friends and total users registered to determine the universality of a user. It will display the users ratings for photos, videos, blog & music.

User calendar
Users will have a calendar which will allow them to create events and reminders. They can also set notification preferences for the events in the Notification settings under profile settings. The calendar will automatically display today, tomorrow and future events when a user logs into their profile. Calendars permission/privacy settings will determine who can view, join or comment on a users events.

Banner advertising statistics

Users registered as businesses will have a section that will allow them to view reports on the performance of their ads on the network. They will be able to view all active and expired banners, how many impressions & clicks the ads received.

User wall
The wall will work like facebook.coom. Friends can post text on your wall. All posts will be filtered with the sensor system for bad words and spam. Users can also delete posts on their wall

System Specification v1.0

10 - Social Network System Specification

My Articles
Users can create and submit articles for inclusion in the community articles section. A user can edit, update and submit an article for inclusion. A user can select an admin defined category which the article relates to or suggest a category. Articles submitted and approved for inclusion will be disabled for future edits by the admin. This will prevent abuse. All submitted articles will be reviewed by the admin before they are posted in the community articles section.

My documents
A user can define folders to upload documents to. Based on the permission/privacy settings users can choose to make a document public or private. Public documents can be viewed by friends only. Private documents can only be viewed by the user. Documents will have an icon related to the file extension. For instance pdf documents will have a small pdf icon.

User activity log

User activity will be logged and displayed within a users profile. If a user adds a new friend, posts something in the diary, creates a new classified, posts a message in the forum, comments on another users blog etc. Any activity on the site will be logged and used for both tracking and various applications on the network.

System Specification v1.0

11 - Social Network System Specification

System features

Community forum
The forum or message board will allow registered members to participate in any discussions that other users post. Each forum category can be assigned to a user to moderate. WYSIWIG editor and smileys from the icon pack can be used by users post replies to threads. Forum moderators can create additional topics within their category. Other members can suggest topics to the moderator; these suggested topics will also be displayed in the admin area under forum manager. All posts will be filtered by the sensor system and checked for spam. The flagging system will also be displayed to allow other members to flag inappropriate posts.

Community media
Community media will display member photos, videos and music. Media will be displayed as most popular, highest rating and allow users to search for media. Users can add public media to their favorite media. This will allow site members to have a shortcut for media that they find interesting from other users. Media added as favorites can be imported to a users media gallery but it will retain the original users name as the author/owner. This will prevent duplicate content and maintain copyright.

Community classifieds/market place

All members of the site can post ads in the market place for free. The market place categories will be defined by the admin. Each category can have specific fields defined in the classifieds manager in the admin area. Users can rate or flag classifieds. Users must accept terms and conditions to post classifieds. The system will keep a log of how many times a classified ad is viewed.

System Specification v1.0

12 - Social Network System Specification

The articles section of the community will host all the different categories and articles posted by both the admin and users. Users can search for articles, view articles, email themselves the articles, rate or flag articles. Articles will contain rich media including videos, photos and music.

Login & registration

User login will be in several layers of security. A user will be automatically logged out after a certain period of inactivity. New user registrations will employ a captcha system to prevent spam. The users email address will be verified by DNS MX records as well as SMTP checks to ensure only valid emails are registered. Users will login with their email address and password. Any new user who registers will have to verify their registration by clicking a link in a confirmation email. When a user creates an account, they can create a password hint in case they forget the password. The system will also offer secure password reset process utilizing tokens that auto expire in 48hrs.

Content flagging
Users can flag blog posts, blog comments, photos, videos, profiles, classifieds, articles and forum posts for inappropriate content.

Site search engine

This section will allow the administrator to create/edit classifieds categories and subcategories. The administrator will also be able to view a link to the approval manager for all the flagged classifieds. It will also have a search feature for the admin to search for a classifieds post by user and flag status.

Content & profile rating

Users can rate blog posts, photos, videos, music, profiles, classifieds, articles and forum posts.

System Specification v1.0

13 - Social Network System Specification

Auto Spam detection & prevention

User posts and comments will be filtered through a spam check algorithm. It will use a combination of captcha and sensor checks before content is inserted into the website.

System notification
The admin and users will receive various notifications from the system. Users can choose which notifications to receive. The admin will receive notifications for critical system errors or abuse complaints.

Automatic photo resizing

Uploaded photos will be automatically resized and optimized for web delivery. This will help reduce bandwidth consumption, average page load time and enhance user experience.

Automatic video conversion & resizing

Uploaded videos will be automatically converted to flash video format. This allows for more optimized videos, reduced bandwidth consumption and enhanced user experience.

Automatic database optimization

Self cleaning tasks will be automatically performed. For instance dead friends links, unconfirmed users, invalid emails, fake profiles and invalid login sessions will be auto cleaned by the system.

Icon pack
A custom Icon pack will be implemented for use on various sections of the website. Icons will be categorized and used for Private messages, Chat, Articles posting, blog posts, forum posts and classifieds posts.

System Specification v1.0

14 - Social Network System Specification

File upload manager

A custom java or flash application will be developed to allow easy file uploads. It will employ both a HTTP and FTP protocol to upload files on the server.

Design & Layout Specifications

The design and layout will be based on document. If all the features and functionality described on this document meet all your requirements, you must sign below to approve. Only features described on this document will be implemented in the final deliverable. This document may be amended up to 2 times for minor modifications to previously defined system specifications.

Client Approval Print name: Michael Abebe

Signature: ______________________________

Date: ____________________________________ By signing above, you agree that this document meets all your project requirements. You must request a review or amendment of the features listed herein before the design and programming commences. This document cannot be amended or altered after the design and implementation phase.

System Specification v1.0

15 - Social Network System Specification


System Specification v1.0