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Module Code Module Title OUGD301 DESIGN PRACTICE 3




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Mike Mooney New Media Typography


Dissertation Title

Dissertation Lorraine McKee Tutor Rationale (200 words) Throughout this module I will be aiming to create a solid portfolio of work that takes into account both my own interests as a person and also as a professional. The briefs I have selected take this into consideration two of the briefs are largely editorial and typographically based, which allow me to engage with my own personal interests within the subject, whilst two of the others are more identity/branding focussed, which will demonstrate a level of professionalism in my design practice. The other brief I am taking on is an ISTD competition brief involving a more significant level of research, which conveniently relates heavily to my dissertation topic. I am hoping this brief will enable me to build effective research techniques which in turn will benefit all future projects. Statement of Intent (SOI) - (400 words) Week 1; beginning research and content development for 'Proper Bait' collaboration, also some logo ideas for the magazine to keep us ticking over in terms of actually designing, getting in contact with various other collaborators/contributors/clients for other briefs. Finalising briefs and various other bits and pieces. Week 2; Start collecting material for ISTD brief, i.e. reading material, URL links etc. for reading towards the end of the week and over the weekend. Use this to make some initial mind-maps and think about possible directions. Research and collect content for both Proper Bait and Exhibit A publications; potentially begin some work on one of the two branding briefs. Week 3; Continue design work on Exhibit A magazine and investigate possible print processes, taking into account a small budget; look into promotion and distribution. Spend a couple of days completing one of the branding briefs, and similarly investigate print processes. Continue working on ISTD brief, and finalise content for Proper Bait magazine. Week 4; Begin design work for Proper Bait magazine, and begin to reach an end point with Exhibit A; contact Scott (Ex. A) to discuss sales/distribution etc, and begin to consider presenting the finished work. Begin to work on some solid visual ideas for the ISTD brief, depending on time constraints this may have to be pushed to the weekend. Week 5; Presentation boards for Exhibit A magazine plus potentially begin a print run of a couple of hundred copies to begin distributing. Continue with Proper Bait and ISTD briefs tie in this research

to dissertation research, begin crossing the two over if possible in aim to create a product that is in some ways linked to my dissertation, unofficially as such. Week 6; Investigate print processes/distribution for Proper Bait magazine, as design work should be reaching its destination at this point, i.e. we should be looking to get some final feedback and advice on the situation. Aim to begin selling Exhibit A to transform the brief into a live one, and also begin developing various prototypes for the ISTD brief BUT still continue research on the subject in order to keep expanding a body on research work. Week 7; Spend this week fully finalising Proper Bait magazine, print and finish so that it is possible to create presentation boards by the end of the week. At some point around this time, either the weekend before, this week or at the weekend, complete the second branding brief and begin to think about presenting these. Week 8; Use this week to complete the ISTD brief, and produce the final products and present them. Fully complete second branding brief. Towards the end of the week begin to tie up any loose ends with regards to any briefs, and prepare for getting everything finished and ready next week. Week 9; Along with the end of last week, tie up any further loose ends, address any issues that have been raised and work on final presentations of all products/ranges. Spend a bit of time thinking about ways various briefs could be continued in the future, for example future issues of Exhibit A, or expanding Proper Bait to be a fully functioning blog/website perhaps.

Brief 1 (Title)

'Exhibit A' Magazine A research and content-driven investigation into publication design with a focus on photography and layout skills. A collaboration with a friend of mine from my home town, looking into local art/graffiti scenes; currently he runs a tumblr named 'Exhibit A' which he uses as a platform for his photographs. After numerous discussions in the summer we decided it would be a good idea to push this forward into some kind of physical publication, documenting various happenings and hopefully making this available to sell at some point in the near future. This type of publication quite often comes at quite a price, so by reducing printing costs we should be able to produce an affordable, well-designed magazine. Products: - Proposal for a range of magazines - Cover designs + visual aesthetics (logos etc.) - Layout prototypes - Investigations into affordable and sustainable print processes. Distribution: - Various specialised art shops (C&B, Artofficial, The Bench 504 for example) - Related blogs and websites, social media groups etc.


Brief 2 (Title)

'Proper Bait' Fishing magazine A content-driven investigation into publication design with a focus on print process and layout skills. A collaboration with Eddie, aiming to develop a fresh, alternative aesthetic for a fishing magazine. This will allow us to spend a significant amount of time improving our type and layout skills, building on various workshops last year. It will also allow us to make some investigations into print processes to create a magazine with some kind of additional value, contrasting to existing fishing magzines which all retain a fairly similar, basic aesthetic style. Products: - Magazine samples making use of a range of print processes - Layout designs + specifications - Logo design + visual aesthetics - Packaging ideas - Potential designs for digital material (basic ideas) Distribution: - Local Magazine distributors - Fishing Community Events - Online Promotional


Brief 3 (Title)

'Books Still?' (ISTD) A research-driven investigation into typography with a focus on publications and new media. A solo brief which hopefully should allow me to investigate heavily into an area of great interest to me, which involves the changes happening to typography in this century, and how this affects the ways in which we read, process information, understand concepts and of course how we design in this day and age. The end-product will be defined by the course in which the research takes me, but will most likely be some kind of editorial work somehow crossing over between print and screen depending on the possibilities of this.

Products: - Editorial work both print and screen - Experimental pieces of design work - A body of research that either becomes the product itself or an accompanying product. Distribution: - Online design communities - Book fairs and other events


Brief 4 (Title)

Branding projects A typographically-driven investigation into branding/identity with a focus on developing a range of effective products. Another solo brief which aims to demonstrate my professionalism as a designer whilst not being my preferred area of interest, to have a couple of effective pieces of identity work would show my versatility as a designer. They also have the potential to become live pieces of work, depending on the client's budget; the two businesses involve building and gardening, so this time of the year may not be ideal to begin investing in quality design work. Nevertheless, it is useful to spend some time focussing on a different area of graphic design and should allow me to investigate some different processes and ideas.

Products: - Print-based work logo, identity, colour systems etc. - Business cards and stationery identify a range - Other potential products to apply identity to, for example mugs, vans, building materials etc. Distribution: - On-site - Wholesalers, shops etc, Jewsons, Wickes, Grant & Stone etc.


York various nights I very often get requests to do some posters/flyers for a few different events in York , so these will act as afternoon briefs that are live and paid; at some point I aim to collate all these into some kind of documentation to assess my progress over time. I now have a few clients who return all the time for new bits and pieces of work, which serve as a small break from the larger briefs that I am undertaking. Sign Painting a small side collaboration with Mitchell; which we hope to develop into a proper brief at some point. There may not be enough time throughout this module to fully kick this off, but it is a mutual interest that we would like to progress with on the weekends, for example.

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