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The WHY Code

Unlocking consumer choices

Understand why consumers make particular decisions, from their unconscious values to what drives their conscious choices Draw on a suite of tools for understanding the why, based on tried and tested commercial and academic expertise Differentiate the consumer motivations you can influence from those that are inflexible and adapt communications accordingly Cut through the proliferation of behavioural data to actionable insight into motivations Influence with impact at any stage of the consumer decision process Exploit a range of practical marketing applications, from exploratory research, brand positioning, product design and innovation, to targeting and communications

The WHY Code

The WHY Code from TGI enables an understanding of the motivations that drive consumer decisions. Every day vast quantities of behavioural data are generated, but passive information is of little use without actionable insights. The WHY Code equips you with a suite of tools that have a range of commercial applications. These include building offers that tally with the psychological traits of consumers, to influencing consumers more effectively by appealing to both their latent and conscious motivations.

The WHY Code suite of tools

The WHY Code provides insight into every stage of the consumer decision making journey, from fundamental subconscious values through to the most rational triggers of decisions. Since decision-making is multi-layered, understanding the different drivers in relation to each other is essential to building an overall picture of what motivates a target group. The WHY Code is comprised of the following metrics and segmentations:

Social DNA
unconscious conscious
The roots of unconscious motivations, providing an over-arching context of what makes consumers tick at the most fundamental level. With its origins in accredited academic thinking, a segmentation has been created of the entire TGI universe - drawing upon existing and new measures on TGI - into nine mutually exclusive groups by the mix of economic and cultural capital they possess.

Subconscious stimuli
Understanding the unconscious aspect of consumer motivations. Respondents rate how positively they are disposed towards a series of words which touch upon core aspects of existence (e.g. friendship, power, faith, fashion, elegance etc) and are designed to elicit an instant, revealing response into consumers most fundamental, often consciously unacknowledged, motivations and imagery.

Lifestyle statements
Over 300 lifestyle statements across 20 categories, including a range of new statements developed specifically for The WHY Code. Explore the semi-conscious values that drive category and brand usage and engagement.

Conscious choices
Understanding the specific rational motives for choosing a particular product or service. Over 10 key categories covered, including food, toiletries, motoring, mobile phones, household products. Respondents evaluate the most important criteria from amongst key components of the marketing mix, such as brand, price, product features, promotion etc.
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