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PRESS RELEASE Seymourpowell hires Chris Sherwin as Head of Sustainability

London, UK, 11 January 2012 leading global design and innovation company Seymourpowell is pleased to announce the appointment of Chris Sherwin as Head of Sustainability. As a new member of the team at Seymourpowell, Sherwin will be responsible for developing and delivering specific sustainable innovation offers, to help clients explore the opportunities from sustainability. In addition, Sherwin will work to embed sustainability into all Seymourpowells existing innovation, branding and design work. On Sherwins appointment, Seymourpowell co-founder and design director Dick Powell commented, Many of our clients find themselves at a sustainability tipping point moving from acknowledging the importance of sustainability and securing easy wins for the business, to driving the development of innovative products which go further than simply meeting greener regulations, because they reposition their brands and experiences to better meet consumers' emerging needs. Chris will lead our sustainable innovation activities and he will be working with all of Seymourpowell's teams to help our clients better navigate their products and brands towards a more sustainable future. A trained designer with a PHD in sustainable design, Chris has been working in the field for 15 years, holding previous positions in Electrolux, Philips, Forum for the Future (a not for profit sustainability advisory group), and most recently Dragon Rouge where he held the position of Sustainability Consultant for the last four years. Sherwin specialises in sustainability innovation, design, brand marketing and strategy, with previous experience working on sustainability projects with Unilever, P&G, Mars, Akzo Nobel, ebay, BASF, PepsiCo, O2, Tata Beverage Group, Sony Ericsson, SCA, Design Council, Boots, Technology Strategy Board, and many others. Commenting on his appointment at Seymourpowell, Sherwin said, In my 15 years in the field, sustainable business has changed beyond recognition - moving from a risk to an opportunity; and from compliance to a leadership issue. The old way of doing things of reporting and


monitoring, through supply chains, communication and PR - simply wont work any more. Increasingly sustainability will be about creativity, entrepreneurship and growth, placing it squarely in the hands of innovators and designers. Im excited to join Seymourpowell to help position us at the forefront of driving sustainability through innovation and design by delivering real, tangible results into the market. ***ENDS** For further information contact: Tim Duncan or Hettie Rous PR, Seymourpowell Email: Tel: +44 (0) 20 7386 2369 Email: Tel: +44 (0) 20 7386 2339 About Seymourpowell the shape of things to come Seymourpowell is one of the worlds leading design and innovation companies. Founded in 1984 by Richard Seymour and Dick Powell, the London-based group of award-winning designers has produced some of the milestone products of the last two decades. The company is part of the Loewy Group. Seymourpowell is currently 85 people, combining a design studio, research centre, materials library and prototyping workshop. Seymourpowell has a unique holistic approach to design and innovation, which combines in depth experience and up to date intelligence about people, markets and businesses. The company has the ability to forecast and interpret the vital implications of behaviors and work out future scenarios to give its clients the confidence and reassurance they are making the right decision. Seymourpowell is skilled in exploiting ideas that create real value and always look to move


clients forward creatively. Seymourpowell is not just a company of visionary thinkers, but future doers. Ultimately, Seymourpowell is about making things better: better for people, better for business and better for the world. Specialisms include design innovation, transportation design, ethnographic user research, strategy and new product development (NPD), trends and forecasting, product design and development, 3D structural design and 2D graphic design.