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Christ The Antidote Regarding Death


Part 48.
Our Now Vision!
''For the vision is yet for an appointed time and it hastens to the end [fulfilment]; it will not deceive or
disappoint. Though it tarry, wait [earnestly] for it, because it will surely come; it will not be behindhand
on its appointed day. Look at the proud; his soul is not straight or right within him, ut the !ust and the
[uncompromisingly] righteous man shall live by his faith and in his faithfulness.'' Hab 2:3-4. Amp.
The promises of God are ea ! amen. "e #an be ass$red that not one of them %i&& fai& to #ome to
pass right on time.

''They shall not hurt or destroy in all "y holy mountain, for the earth shall e full of the knowledge
of the Lord as the waters cover the sea. #nd it shall e in that day that the Root of esse $ Da'id(s father
$ shall stand as a signal for the peoples; of !im shall the nations in"uire and seek knowledge, and %is
dwelling shall be glory [%is rest glorious]&'' )sa **:+-*,. Amp.
This is another prophe# #on#erning the faith seed of the &ine of Da'id %hi#h is referring to the man-
#hi&d of Re' *2:-.

''For ' know the thoughts and plans that ' have for you, says the Lord, thoughts and plans for welfare
and peace and not for evil, to give you hope in your final outcome.'' .er 2+:**. Amp.
/$r fina& o$t#ome is predestined to those %ho are &oo0ing for ! e1pe#ting Him a se#ond time. Ho%
is He #oming2 He is #oming to be re'ea&ed more ! more IN US, His saints. P&ease noti#e Christ %ho is
3pirit %i&& be re'ea&ed apokalupto )4 53 ! A3 53. # #$%& 67896:;7<=ap$ok$al$oop'$to ?rom G-@- and
G2-@2A to take off the cover, that isB disclose( - re'ea&.
''(ho shall change our body of humiliation so that it may e fashioned like %is glorious ody,
according to the working of %is power, even to subdue all things to !imself.'' Phi& 3:2*. CD.E.
F'ent$a&& e'er 0nee sha&& bo% in adoration.

'')ntil his word [to his cruel rothers] came true, until the word of the Lord tried and tested him.''
Psa *,-:*+ Amp.

''*oseph was a slave until what he said had really happened. The L+,-'. message proved that
*oseph was right.'' Psa *,-:*+. FRE.
.oseph had a %onderf$& f$t$re in GodB b$t %hi&e he %as going thro$gh his testing time $ which is a
type / lesson for all of us $ %e %o$&d not ha'e tho$ght soB b$t his 'ision of the %i&& of God bro$ght him
thro$gh to his reG$ired destin. .oseph end$red the position of a s&a'e $ which represents our valley of
death e0perience $ b$t he ne'er %a'eredB he had his mind set on the 'ision that he had been gi'en ! part
of that 'ision %as that his fatherB his mother ! his brothers %o$&d a&so re#ognise his #a&&ing %hi#h %as
Gods p&an ! p$rpose for him. .osephsH &ife is an ana&og of the man-#hi&dB he had the p&a#e of prime
minister $ as it were $ ! the on& one abo'e him %as PharaohB %hi#h are both representati'e of o$r
Hea'en& father ! the #orporate Christ. *Cor *-: 2@-28. "hat %onderf$& en#o$ragements %e are gi'en
in the &i'es of those %ho ha'e gone before $s. "e need to 0eep o$r 'ision before $s as these are the times
Christ The Antidote Regarding Death
of the t%o %itnesses &ing in the streets Re' **:8B %e a&so need to be en#o$raged in that these same
%itnesses stood on their feet after three and a ha&f das $ a period of time $ ''and great fear fell on those
who saw them'' Re' **:**. Again %e are reminded of the simi&e of this e'ent in the &ife of .oseph.
''1ut [the time is coming when] the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord
as the waters cover the sea.'' ['sa. 22(3.] Hab 2:*4. Amp.
''They shall not hurt or destroy in all "y holy mountain, for the earth shall be full of the knowledge
of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.'' )sa **:+ Amp.
)nger, *assion, ealousy!

''' have commanded my sanctified ones, ' have also called my mighty ones for my anger, - or passion -
even them that re!oice in my highness.'' )sa *3:3 "ebster.
"hen #onsidering that %here God is #on#erned the %ord jealousy rea&& means white hot love. )n the
&ight of this ) prefer to $nderstand that in the da of the re'ea&ing of the #orporate Christ which will be
the eito!e o" lo#e that the %ord anger %o$&d ha'e a m$#h $eee% #ompassionate #on#ept than is
$s$a&& a##epted. The %ord anger is from 3trongsB HI3+ aph ! it entai&s assio&' ) am not %ishing to
open a #an of %orms here as ) %e&& $nderstand that the anger of God is mentioned m$#h. J$t is GodHs
anger e'er $sed against His #hi&dren other than for their good2 4FEFRKK His lo#e to $s - %is creation - is
a&%as intrinsi#a&& in#orporated %here'er His anger is #on#erned.
'''f you endure chastening, 4od deals with you as sons; for what son is there whom a father does not
chasten5 1ut if you are without chastening, of which all have ecome partakers, then you are illegitimate
and not sons. Furthermore, we have had human fathers who corrected us, and we paid them respect.
.hall we not much more readily e in su!ection to the Father of spirits and live5 For they indeed for a
few days chastened us as it seemed est to them, ut !e for our profit, that we may be partakers of %is
holiness. 6ow no chastening seems to e !oyful for the present, ut painful; nevertheless, afterward it
yields the peaceable fruit of righteousness to those who have been trained by it. Heb *2:@-**. 4e% D.E.
God ne'er e'er %ipes anone off the e'en those Ange&s who le"t thei% "i%st estate ! are in
ines#apab&e #hains %aiting for His ju$(e!e&t $ krisis or turning point.
''#nd the very angels who failed in their high duties and aandoned their proper sphere have een
deprived y 4od of oth light and lierty until the +udgement $ 0risisB or t$rning point $ of the great day.''
.$de *:I. Phi&&ips. Remembering that GodHs L$dgements for His c%eate$ bei&(s are a&%as e#e&tually
u&to #icto%y.

''# ruised reed shall he not reak, #nd smoking fla0 shall he not 7uench, Till he send forth +udgement
unto victory.'' Cat *2:2,. Ameri#an 3tandard.
''#nd rememer the angels who lost their authority to rule. They left their proper home. .o the Lord
has kept them in darkness, ound with everlasting chains, to be +udged ) 0risis or t$rning point - on the
great day.'' .$d *:I. FRE.

''1esides, messengers who keep not their own sovereignty, ut leave their own haitation, %e has kept
in imperceptible $ not easi& per#ei'ed or $nderstoodA grad$a& ) onds under gloom for the +udging of the
great day.8 .$de *:I. Con#ordant. Deeping in mind that on#e again the %ord ju$(i&( is from the %ord
krisis %hi#h means a tu%&i&( oi&t.
''#nd the angels who did not stay within their own position of authority, ut left their proper dwelling,
Christ The Antidote Regarding Death
he has kept in eternal chains 9 ines#apab&eB imper#eptib&e $ under gloomy darkness until the +udgement 9
0risis $ of the great day'' .$de *:I. Fng&ish 3tandard.
"hen %e #onsider that if God is L$dging a&&B ! it is a ju$(e!e&t u&to #icto%yB %o$&d it not be
reasonab&e to ass$me that the e'er&asting #hains %o$&d be $sed to ho&d them ! tea#h them M in which
would entail a form of punishment $ $nti& that great da of L$dgement u&to #icto%y ta0es p&a#e. 3o to m
mind there is not a #ontradi#tion here. "e m$st more ! more begin to rea&ise that the mind of God is farB
far remo'ed from the per#eptions of o$r present re&igio$s ! #arna& %or&d& $nderstandings.
3o %e #an see that there is m$#h more to this 'erse than %hat is first per#ei'ed %hen reading from the
Ding .ames ! other hard &ine trans&ations. A&so %hen %e #onsider on#e again that in both Co&ossians *:
*I ! 2,B ! Phi&&ipians 2:*,B that a&& thingsB of #reation in the #e&estia& rea&mB on the earth ! $nder the
earth are a&& in#&$ded in the re#on#i&iation of A** THINGS' "hat #an %e sa b$t Ha&&e&$Lah.
)ll ,en )re )re )live -nto !im!

''6ow %e is not the #od of the dead, ut of the living, for to !im all men are alive [whether in the ody
or out of it] and they are alive [not dead] unto %im [in definite relationship to !im].'' N$0 2,:38. Amp.
This tho$ght that a&& men are a&i'e $nto God %ho has &o%ered $s into this Adami# dream or sleep for
the p$rpose of bringing $s into a lace M y us reaching out through a faith which has already een given
to us $ %hi#h is e'en greater than Gen *:2I is s$pported not on& b the ne1t fo&&o%ing 'erse b$t a&so b
Haggai 2:+B %hi#h %e %i&& e1pand on a &itt&e &ater.

''.o that they should seek 4od, in the hope that they might feel after %im and find !im, although %e
is not far from each one of us. For in !im we live and move and have our being; as even some of your
[own] poets have said, .or we are also !is offspring.'' A#ts *@:2@-28. Amp.

?or i& Him %e *I+E , -O+E , HA+E OUR .EINGB ! e'er &ast one of $s are a&so HIS
O//S0RING' The reason that %e are admonished to fee& after Him ! find Him is be#a$se He is o$r tr$e
identit or tr$e se&f %hi#h is fo$nd %ithin $sB in that hidden rea&m %ithin o$r #ons#io$s a%arenessA 1es
e'er man %oman ! #hi&d %ho is in e1isten#e. "h2 ?or i& HimB o$ li#e , !o#e , ha#e you% bei&(.
''1lessed are the pure in heart; for they will love and not demand love in return. There are two selfs;
the higher and the lower self. The higher self is human spirit clothed with soul, made in the form of 4od.
The lower self, the carnal self, the ody of desires, is a reflection of the higher self, distorted y the murky
ethers of the flesh. The lower is an illusion, and will pass away; the higher self is 4od in man, and will
not pass away. The higher self is the emodiment of truth; the lower self is truth reversed, and so is
falsehood manifest. The higher self is !ustice, mercy, love and right; the lower self is what the higher self
is not. The lower self reeds hatred, slander, lewdness, murders, theft and everything that harms; the
higher self is mother of the virtues and the harmonies of life. The lower self is rich in promises, ut poor
in lessedness and peace; it offers pleasure, !oy and satisfying gains; ut gives unrest and misery and
death. 't give men apples that are lovely to the eye and pleasant to the smell; their cores are full of
itterness and gall....... Thrice lessed is the man who has made purity and love his very own; he has een
ransomed from the perils of the lower self and is himself his higher self.'' .ome 'er %ise %ords G$oted
b one %ho &i'ed &ong agoB perhaps &onger than %e might e1pe#t.
/he #lory Of /his Latter !ouse 0s #reater /han /he .ormer!
''#nd the L+,- #ll$:owerful said ''This last Temple will e more beautiful than the first one, and ' will
ring peace to this place.' ,ememer, this is what the L+,- #ll$:owerful said.8 Hag 2:+. FRE.
Christ The Antidote Regarding Death
)n the third da ana&og this 'erse the former spirit$a& Ho$se or Temp&e be#omes o$r first e1perien#e
%hen %e %ere #reated as a tr$e spirit$a& manB most of $s are not et ab&e to re#a&& thisB b$t it is %ritten !
re#orded deep %ithin o$r tr$e se&fB o$r higher se&fB o$r Christ nat$re. /$r NordB a&&-Po%erf$& has
prophesied to $s that o$r &ast Temp&e %i&& be more bea$tif$& than the first one %e e1perien#ed in Gen *:2@B
the &atter sha&& be (%eate% than the former inasm$#h that it %i&& be %hat %e origina&& e1perien#ed in GenB
this sha&& be restored 0*US. This p&$s %i&& be %hat .es$s Christ has inherited from the ?ather ! %e ha'e
inherited from HimB as He e1perien#ed a phsi#a& e1isten#e this %as #hanged into a G&orio$s bodB %hi#h
He no% e1perien#es in at &east t%o rea&msB the #e&estia& ! the earth& at a&& times. This is o$r temp&e of
inheritan#e %hi#h is m$#h more bea$tif$& than o$r first one. J$t 0no% this that this e1perien#e %i&& not
a&%as be in this present $ as we know it $ %or&d. There is #oming ! it is e'en no% as %e are r$&ing !
reigning %ith HimB that o$r ne% hea'en ! o$r ne% earth e%cetio&s , cha&(es are going to effe#t a&&
aro$nd $s. As %e mentioned in Part 43.
HHA##ording to the st$d of astronom there is a %ea&th of di'erse information in e'er beam of &ightB
ea#h beam is different ! has its ow& (lo%y as it were ! those %ho are e1perts in this fie&d #an read into !
g&ean so m$#h information from ea#h beamB it is simp& amaOing. "hether o$ #an be&ie'e it or notB it
#an be pro'en that the $ni'erse is a#t$a&& en&arging ! that there is an a#t$a& e1pansion of the $ni'erse. )
do not do$bt thisK )B as o$ a&so no do$bt doB be&ie'e that ''/he heavens declare the glory of #od'' if the
hea'ens are e1pandingA then as the de#&are the g&or of GodB ) see this as a tpe of the tr$e Ch$r#h ! as
the hea'ens are e1panding so is the Ch$r#h ! if the spa#e in the $ni'erse is e1pandingB ho% m$#h more
the things of the spirit of God. The spirit$a& hea'ens $ celestial spheres $ are no% en&arging ! ma0ing
room for the e1pansion of GodHs Ch$r#hB %hi#h in a#t$a& fa#t a%e a&$ i& GodHs peop&eB His d%e&&ing
p&a#eB His abiding p&a#esB '!is /emple, which you are.' The $nderstandingB the re'e&ationB the rea&isationB
is e'en no% e1panding ! is preparing to ma0e room for a dnami# mo'e into the sphere of a higher !
&arger di'ine $nderstanding ! a#tion. 3P)R)T5AN 3PACF C53T CADF R//C ?/R THF FPPA43)/4
/? G/D ! H)3 J/DQ.HH
) New !eaven )nd ) New 1arth!
/n#e again in o$r e1pansion %e need ne% %ines0in(sB ne% %ine is not eno$gh. )n o$r ne% %ines0in it
%as mentioned b someone in passing re#ent& that 22what we &ee$ is the $eath o" lite%alis!'22 .es$s
a&%as spo0e in parab&esB the hidden Jib&e msteries are &e#e% per#ei'ed b the &itera& %ord. 4o% to
some this ma be o'erstepping the mar0. ) remember reading some%here not too &ong ago thatB N)GHT
RF.FCTFDA JN)4D3K To ma0e it #&earer if %e %eject tr$th ! ho&d to o$r t%a$itio&sB it %i&& #a$se $s to be
b&inded to tr$th. The fo&&o%ing is %hat .es$s had to sa abo$t itK

''For where your treasure is, there will your heart e also. The eye is the lamp of the ody. .o if your
eye is sound, your entire ody will e full of light. 1ut if your eye is unsound, your whole ody will e
full of darkness. 'f then the very light in you [your conscience] is darkened, how dense is that darkness!''
Cat I:2*-23. Amp.
) am a&so reminded of ''To whom much is given much is e0pected.'' "e are spea0ing to those of $s
%ho %ish to mo'e on ! be a part of the fi'e wise #i%(i&s #ompan %hi#h are an a#t$a& gro$p of saints i&
e3iste&ce e'en as %e spea0 ! %hi#h are in fa#t en&arging in their per#eption ! $nderstanding $ within $
e'en as %e are no% %riting. These are #a&&ed the sons of God ! are part of the $ to e manifested $ man-
#hi&d referred to in Re' *2:-.
''For thus saith the L+,- of hosts; ;et once, it is a &itt&e %hi&eB and ) %i&& shake the hea#e&sB and the
ea%thB and the seaB and the $%y la&$A HH Hag 2:I "ebster.
Are o$r %ines0in(s being sha0en2 Then &et $s #on#entrate more on a&&o%ing o$r wi&eski&4s to be
#hanged rather than drin0ing the o&d %ine %hi#h %i&& on& #&$tter $p the Cost Ho& P&a#e or 3e#ret P&a#e
of the Cost High e1perien#e that is %aiting to stepped into %itho$t reser'ation.
"e are addressing the e'ergreen tree gro$pB the rod that b$dded ! is the e'er a&i'e gro$p.
Christ The Antidote Regarding Death
0 (ill 2hake /he !eavens )nd /he 1arth!
) am so g&ad that e'en tho$gh .a#ob %a&0ed in his mista0en identit right $p $nti& the time that he %rest&ed
%ith the ange&B God b&essed ! prospered him in his .a#ob sula&te% mistaken identity e1perien#e !
e'en tho$gh he %as L$dged b Fsa$B NabanB ! his sonsB God prote#ted him for he %as a #hosen 'esse&
$nto Him. "hi&st sti&& in his mista0en identit he had a %onderf$& 'ision of the &adder %ith ange&s
des#ending ! as#ending ! a&so it %as prophesied that the e&der %o$&d ser'e the o$nger. "hi&st he %as
sti&& .a#ob the sula&te% ! not Is%ael he %as mighti& b&essed of God. Pra te&& me %hat bro$ght him to
the p&a#e that he #o$&d %rest&e %ith the ange& - even 4od - ! pre'ai&2 The deep desire of his tr$e identit
Christ %ithin %as rea#hing o$t for pre-eminen#eB e'en in the dissatisfa#tion of %a&0ing in that fa&se
mista0en supplanter identit in his do%n periods ! times of tria&. The misinformedB the de&$dedB ! the
enemies of the Cross of Christ %o$&d #ondemn ! L$dge .a#ob the sula&te%, b$t this e1perien#e %as
%e&& needed in his e1perien#e to bring him to his $esi%e$ ha#e&, as it is %ith a&& of $s. ) am so g&ad that
there is one that %i&& ne'er desert an of $s in the &o%est of o$r .a#ob s$pp&anter e1perien#es ! that He
has his fo&&o%ers %ho do not L$dge b appearan#es b$t b the heartB these are not G$i#0 to L$dge after the
f&esh b$t after the spirit. )n .a#obs ho$r of tria& he had one ! on& /ne he #o$&d t$rn toB e'en as .es$s %as
forsa0en b a&& ! on&B on& /ne that He #o$&d re& on in His ho$r of needA )s not this the %a of God2
?or %e are again ! again admonished not to %a&0 after the f&esh b$t after the 3pirit.
''/hen the men are glad because of the calm, and !e brings them to their desired haven.''
Psa *,@:3,. Amp.

"e #an L$dge those that ha'e gone on be#a$se the ha'e not #ome $p to o$r persona& standardB b$t in a
%a these a&& %ere .a#obs groaning %ithin themse&'es %aiting for the redemption of their bodiesB b$t it
%as not et their time. .$dging these %i&& no do$bt ha'e reper#$ssions to those %ho do so some%here
a&ong the &ine. "hen %e are o$nger ! %e ha'e not et had the effe#ts of age to #ontend %ith it is eas to
ma0e a standard e'en in o$r o$thf$& mista0en identitB b$t 0no% this that God is the /n& tr$e .$dge.
Dare ) L$dge m faithf$& brother %ho has &abo$red in the tr$e Taberna#&e %ord be#a$se he is sho%ing
some signs of phsi#a& %ea0ness in his &atter ears ! ma not be perfe#t or as p&easing to the ee that he
on#e %asB %e m$st be #aref$&K Dare ) L$dge one %ho ma be ha'e &ost the $se of his or her &egs ! e'en be
transporting themse&'es 'ia a %hee&#hairB the o&d adageA ''-o not !udge the 'ndian until you have walked a
mile in his moccasins.'' %o$&d fit perfe#t& here. "e m$st a&& #omp&ete the .a#ob s$pp&anter stage before
%e ha'e a name #hange to an )sraE*, es %e are a&& has-ting ! &oo0ing for%ard to%ard o$r PF4)FN
e1perien#e. "e are not saing that %e %i&& #ome into o$r peniel e1perien#e b being stati# in o$r %a&0B as
%e are admonished b o$r great apost&e Pa$& to press to%ard o$r new name high calling in Christ .es$s.
)n other %ords there needs to be a rea#hing o$t for o$r God& manifestation.
''<hen all the essences of carnal things have een transmuted into soul, and all the essences of soul
have een returned to %oly 1reath, and man is made a perfect 4od, the drama of =reation will conclude.''
Not Of /his (orld!
''*esus answered, "y kingdom >kingship, royal power? elongs not to this world. 'f "y kingdom were of
this world, "y followers would have een fighting to keep "e from eing handed over to the *ews. 1ut as
it is, "y kingdom is not from here >this world?; [it has no such origin or source].'' .ohn *8:3I. Amp.
)t is not an eas thing to erase from o$r minds the o&d Ch$r#h #on#ept of the Dingdom of God ha'ing
to do %ith Ch$r#h b$i&dingsB a Ch$r#h hierar#hB pastorsB tithingB #ontro& b men et#. J$t ) am sorr to
sa it is sti&& among $s. "hen are %e e'er going to &earn that it is a spirit$a& Dingdom ! it has nothing to
do %ith the part-&a% part-gra#e %or&d& $nderstanding2 "hen is the penn e'er going to drop to ha'e $s
rea&ise that if %e are to press into the f$&&ness that is time to stop mi1ing the t%o2 The Dingdom of God is
%ithin $s ! is not seen or 0no%n b the o&d %or&d& #h$r#h pra#ti#es. ) sa to those %ho are %anting to
Christ The Antidote Regarding Death
pro#eed into the f$&& Dingdom of GodB %e %i&& be 0no%n b o$r fr$itsK ) a&so sa to Third Da be&ie'ers
''come out from among them 3 touch not the unclean thing 3 0 will receive you'' in a f$&& third da
manifestation. The on& mediator bet%een God ! man is .es$s ChristB espe#ia&& in this third da
manifestation. The on& one %e are ans%erab&e to or has an #ontro& or &eadership o'er $s is the Christ
%ithin $sB o$r tr$e identitB the o&d %a of doing things is pastB if %e are to manifestB the o&d m$st be
#omp&ete& done a%a %ith. "e ha'e been hearing m$#h #on#erning ne% %ines0in(s. )f %e are sti&&
adhering to the o&d %e are sti&& saing that the ol$ is bette%' The o&d is ne'er better. "e need NE5 wi&e)
"e are not addressing those pre#io$s &eaders ! saints that are L$st finding their feet ! are on the %a
o$t of the mess of Jab&onB b$t to those &eaders %ho ha'e been on the %a for sometime ! %ho are
setting the standard ! %ho sho$&d 0no% better. 3o the tr$e Dingdom of God has nothing %hatsoe'er to
do %ith this %or&ds %a of se#tarian re&igiosit. "hen those that arri'ed to arrest .es$s the penn
#ertain& had not dropped as far as Peter %as #on#ernedB he had %a&0ed side b side %ith .es$s for nigh on
three earsB b$t the first thing he did %hen the #ame to arrest .es$s %as to pi#0 $p the s%ord ! #$t off
another manHs earB thin0 of it after three ears of being a #&ose friend of the person .es$s ChristA he %as
a&so one of the inner san#t$m as it %ere HHPeterB .ames ! .ohnHH ! sti&& the penn had not dropped. J$t
b&ess GodB %hat %as his fina& o$t#ome did he &earn from it2 /f #o$rse o$ 0no% the stor as %e&& as ) do.
"e than0 God for Peter ! %e than0 God for a&& %ho are ta0ing the time to read this arti#&e. The goodness
of God %i&& pre'ai& in the &i'es of those %ho ha'e been predestined ! a&so #on#erning ea#h ! e'er one
of $sB ''0 will never ever leave you or forsake you.'' is He not the e'er&asting tr$e spirit$a& identit of
e'er manB e'en o$r image bearer the Christ.
) am no% G$oting something ) read b Ci#hae& "ood G$ite re#ent&B %hi#h more than enhan#es o$r
tho$ght in his %a of e1pression. ''The realm that we are now leaving are the <ine$skins of duality of in$
part knowledge and in$part revelation, within our =onscious #wareness, @ =or A(2B$2C. %ere is the
elusive key to an inner separation where we gain access to that <onderful, 4lorious :romised land
<ithin, flowing with "ilk / %oney. That hidden ,ealm, within our ,esurrected =onscious #wareness of
the .overeignty of the Lordship of *esus =hrist. That .aath .tate of ,est and +neness, which our
lowered state of conscious awareness, can only hope to look upon from an aspirational,
dualistic distance, ut never actualise it, in fact.'' 5nG$ote.
/he /rue #raves Of /he 4ead!
''Therefore prophesy, and say unto them, Thus saith the Lord *ehovah( 1ehold, 0 will open your graves,
and cause you to come up out of your graves, + my people; and ' will ring you into the land of 0srael.
#nd ye shall know that ' am *ehovah, when 0 have opened your graves, and caused you to come up out of
your graves, + my people. #nd ' will put my .pirit in you, and ye shall live, and ' will place you in your
own land( and ye shall know that ', *ehovah, have spoken it and performed it, saith *ehovah.'' FOe 3@:*2-
*4. A3E.
)t has been %e&& said that 22The%e is &o $eee% $eath tha& i(&o%a&ce a&$ u&belie"'22 These are the
gra'es that the inspirer of o$r %riter e'en Christ is referring to. These are the gra'es that are being ! %i&&
#ontin$e to be openedB the (%a#es o" the slee o% $%ea! o" ou% i(&o%a&ce a&$ u&belie". Than0 God He
is re'ea&ing the tr$e home of His tr$e spirit$a& )srae&B %ho are first the man-#hi&d ! then after%ard to
those that are HisB meaning e'er man %oman ! #hi&d. He has promised $s that %e sha&& &i'e ! that %e
%i&& be p&a#ed in o$r ow& la&$ $ that inner place where we truly live or aide within ourselves $ ! then
He ass$res $s that %e %i&& 0no% ass$red& that He has spo0en it ! performed it. To f$rther add ! so&idif
o$r tho$ght &et $s #onsider these ne1t bea$tif$& 'erses. "e are &oo0ing at .ohn -:2--2+.
''Derily, verily, ' say to you, The hour is coming, and now is, when the dead shall hear the voice of the
.on of 4od( and they that hear shall live.'' .ohn -:2-. Amp. This %ord dead is from the %ord nekros !
%hen ta0en in #onte1t is rea&& is referring to a spirit$a& death of i(&o%a&ce , u&belie", the diag&ott refers
to them as $ea$ o&es' 4o% the good ne%s is that these spirit$a&& dead ones sha&& hear ! &i'eB 0eeping in
Christ The Antidote Regarding Death
mind that ''%e is not the #od of the dead, ut of the living, for to %im all men are alive 3 they are alive
unto him.[in definite relationship to %im.]'' N$0e 2,:38. 3o this pro'es to me that this death has to be a
spirit$a& one of i(&o%a&ce , u&belie". ''1ecause of a lack of knowledge my people are perishing'' in
their spirit$a& $nderstanding ! &ot in their tr$e identit e1isten#e. 4o% %e m$st 0eep in mind this is not
in 0eeping %ith o$r o&d %a of $nderstanding these 'erses. "hat is the message to $s toda2 The that
hear the t%ue third da 'oi#e of the 3on of God sha&& &i'eB o'er#ome death ! inherit ! m$&tip& $pon this
'er earth. This message %as not deri'ed from o$r nat$ra& father ! mother b$t from o$r Fterna& 3pirit$a&
?ather ! Cother e'en o$r F&-shaddai.
''For even as the Father has life in %imself and is self5e6istent, so !e has given to the 2on to have
life in %imself and be self5e6istent.'' .ohn -:2I. Amp.
3o %e %e see that this 3on $ who is =hrist or anointed or .pirit $ has &ife i& Hi!sel". C G$estion to
a&& no% is %here is this se&f-e1istent 3pirit no% abiding2 )n ans%er to this ) %ish to s$ggest that this ne1t
'erse ho&ds the so&$tionB if %e are %i&&ing to sta in the bo$ndaries of third da re'e&ation ! #on#ede that
GodHs great p&an ! p$rpose is - %is 'mage $ CA4 ! that His t%ue Ho& of Ho& d%e&&ing p&a#e is in His
Temp&e %hi#h is CA4 himse&f ! that God is manifesting Himse&f /4CF AGA)4 in f&esh.

''For =hrist has not entered into the %oly of %olies made with hands, - meaning the Taberna#&e of
Coses - which are the figures of the true, ut into !eaven itself, - the hea'en& p&a#es in man His tr$e
Temp&e - now to appear in the presence of 4od for us.'' /r %ithin $s His tr$e Temp&e CA4. Heb +:24.
) as0 againA "here is this se&f-e1istent 3pirit no% abiding2 IN HIS -OST HO*1 0*ACE 5ITHIN
HIS TRUE TE-0*E, -AN66 3o in short this se&f-e1istent 3on %ho has li"e i& Hi!sel" is a#t$a&& o$r
TRUE IDENTIT1, or has been G$oted part of HEA+EN ITSE*/' The tr$e definition of hea'en is
''wherever 4od's %oly presence is aiding.''
4o% ) %ish to sa that %hen %e #onsider the ga&a1ies that are 'isib&e ! then ta0e into a##o$nt the
'things that are invisible' %e are not ta0ing a%a from the fa#t that there is m$#h more to God ! His
#reation that are et to $s $nimaginab&eA b$t ne'erthe&ess #onsidering this %e #annot ignore the fa#t that
tr$e man is fearf$&& ! %onderf$&& made ! is GOD2S D5E**ING 0*ACE.

''#nd %e has given %im $ =hrist $ authority and granted %im power to e6ecute >e0ercise, practice?
+udgement ecause %e is a .on of man [very man].'' .ohn -:2@. Amp.
This %o$&d be f$rther 'erified b Co& *:*IB and %i&& be f$&& $nderstood #omp&ete& %hen man #omes
into the "ull %ealisatio& of his tr$e identit that %e are ! ha'e a&read been made joi&t hei%s %ith Christ.
''"arvel not at this( for the hour is coming, in which )LL that are in the graves $ toms $ shall hear
his voice,'' *ohn E(@C. <ester. )t is interesting to note the the %ord (%a#es is from the %ord mnemeion
G34*+ R a p&a#e of Remembran#e or a Cemoria&.
A remembran#e or a memoria& is to remind $s of something that %as in the pastB or better sti&& in ou%
past ! is no &onger part of o$r e1perien#e toda. 3omething that on#e %as b$t is no% dead. )t is depi#ting
the (%a#e of something that on#e %as ''0 will open your #R)V12 and cause you to come up out of your
graves.....and ye shall live.'' FOe0 3@:*2. This is o$r gra'e of 22i(&o%a&ce , u&belie" , lack o"
k&owle$(e22 ! ) %i&& p&a#e o$ in o$r o%n &and $ where you truly dwell in your true identity within
yourself $ ! o$ sha&& 0no% itB ne'er to ret$rnB for it is on& for a remembran#e. )sn(t that thri&&ing.
P&ease a&so noti#e the %ord A**, a&& that are in the (%a#es M of ignorance, unelief / lack of
knowledge $ shall hea%. )n time e'er 0nee sha&& bo% ! co&"ess R G0 e0omologeo meaning 2to %o!ise
tha&k , %aise'2 Phi&&ipians 2:*,-**. Rom *4:**. This is part of the great promise of the restoration of
all things. A#ts 3:2*. The all sha&& hear His 'oi#eK
Christ The Antidote Regarding Death
'')nd they shall come out$$those who have practiced doing good [will come out] to the resurrection
of [new] life, and those who have done evil will e raised for +udgment $ 0risisB a t$rning point $ [raised
to meet their sentence7.'' .ohn -:2+ Amp.
Their ju$(e!e&t o% se&te&ce are GodHs dea&ings %ith them %hi#h in#&$des as ) ha'e said before ! )
am g&ad to repeatB a ju$(e!e&t u&to #icto%y. ) %o$&d a&so add that this is a&so the tr$e meaning of Dan
*2:2. "hi#h %e %o$&d &i0e to &oo0 at in o$r ne1t arti#&e. )t %o$&d be good to point o$t at this time that the
%ord %esu%%ectio& is from the Gree0 %ord A&astasis G789 from G:;<= The %onderf$& tr$th of this
%ord is that it in#orporatesB 22the %eco#e%y o" si%itual t%uth22 %hi#h is e1a#t& %hat %e are sharing
toda. The other meanings of this %ord %hi#h are >a standing up again, a resurrection from death, ( $
raised to life again, resurrection, rise from the dead, a rising again.? ! %hen &oo0ed at in a tr$e thi%$
$ay #onte1t a&& enhan#e the tho$ght of 22the %eco#e%y o" si%itual t%uth'22 %hi#h o$r Great God is doing
%ith m$#h &o'e ! intensit at this present time.
This %ho&e arti#&e has been %ritten to enhan#e the origina& tho$ght of o$r tit&e %hi#h isA
Our Now Vision!
22.e still, a&$ k&ow that I am Go$> I will be e3alte$ a!o&( the heathe&, I will be e3alte$ i& the
ea%th'22 Psa 4I:*,. D.E.
P&ease noti#e that the am is in ita&i#s meaning it has been inserted ! is not in the origina& te1t. 3o in a
third da $nderstanding %hat is this saing to $s. ''8e still and know that 0 #od.'' or ''8e still and know
that $ the $ 0 $ of your true identity $ is #od....0 will be e6alted in the 9 or your 9 earth.'' Deeping in
mind that %e are re#ei'ing %ithin o$r $nderstanding 4F" HFAEF43 A4D A 4F" FARTH3. To add as a
s$ffi1 %e #an read the first eight %ordsB &ea'e them e1a#t& as the are ! point them to o$r tr$e identit
%ithin ! read. ''8e still 3 know that 0 am #od.''
.e still or ta0e time o$tB meditateB r$minate ! #onsider the 'er depth ! meaning of %hat this 'erse
is saing. The %ord God is this #ase is from H:7< ST:UVWXYZel$o$heem' P&$ra& of H433A gods in the
ordinary sense; ut specifically used / occasionally applied y way of deference to magistrates; and
sometimes as a superlative( $ angels, great, !udges, 4od >gods? mighty& Cight ) a&so in#&$de the sons of
GodB e'en the Can-#hi&d. The 'er %ords of .es$s in .ohn *,:3,-3I bears o$t this 'er tho$ght. ''!e
who has ears to hear let him hear.'' These are 'er %onderf$&B en#o$raging ! $p&ifting thi%$ $ay
per#eptions if %e #an re#ei'e ! $nderstand them. These per#eptions are not ne%B not on& ha'e %e !
others %ritten on them beforeB the ha'e been the tr$th sin#e the time of Gen *: 2@.
Ca o$ indeed re#ei'e ! be in#reased in o$r $nderstanding.
5%itte& by Ralh ?&owles, Octobe% @<A@'
)f %e ha'e been prone to h$man error in this arti#&e it is not p$rpose&B ! ) tr$st that a &itt&e 0indness %o$&d a&&o% for an fa$&tB ! that %e %i&& #onsider !
imbibe the better or spirit$a& part of that %hi#h is presented ! intended. R"D.