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Kordek’s Korner
Welcome to Kordek’s Korner ! This is a monthly newsletter to share what is available within our library and on the internet to support your curriculum. The resources will also be posted on my blog, Kordek’s Korner, for future reference.
A Monthly Newsletter Issue 10 - Oct 15 2012f

The Ballot Box
By: Emily Arnold McCully Call Number: E MCC Grade: 2-4 When taking care of a horse owned by Elizabeth Cady Stanton, a girl learners about the rights of women to vote. Suggestion: With the presidential election coming up in November, discussing women’s right to vote would be a good supplemental lesson or center. Read aloud or center.

Louise, The Adventures of a Chicken
By: Kate DiCamillo Call Number: E DIC Grade: K-4 Different adventures taken by Louise to a circus, ship, and a bazaar. Suggestion: This is just a fun read aloud about the silly adventures of a chicken. Can be used for sequencing of events or writing prompt about where else could Louise travel? Suggestion: This book would make a good book to start a writing prompt. Students can write about some place they would go, do or see in their dreams. Can create your own Free Fall book.

Free Fall
By: David Wienser Call Number: E Wie Grade: 1-4 A boy falls asleep with a book in his arm and dreams about amazing places and things.

the Discovery Eduction Network (DEN).

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Through out the day their are various presentations. Some times even have multiple options. Some topics being covered are:

Some Keynote presentations: • Finding your Spark, "Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire." • 10 Common Challenges we all face by Free Technology 4 Teachers, Richard Bryne

October 20, 2012 9 am - 4 pm
The DEN VirtCon: Tech or Treat is an excellent opportunity for some FREE technology tools and advice through ONLINE conference. It is hosted by
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• Web 2.0 Tools • Digital Storytelling • Lessons from the Tundra • Social Media • iPads and Apps

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Technology Resources

Website: http:// Curriculum: project application, Gr 2 or higher

Fotopedia: National Parks
Website: http:// online/midnight/ default_flash.html Curriculum: National Parks, Gr 3 Uses: This iPad app allows students to explore a large variety of national parks. Looking at images and facts, ties into Regions. Great center activity Features: - Variety of parks to choose from - Gorgeous pictures! - Each picture includes facts/details about nature and the park. - Can locate images on map - Can search by landforms, wildlife, and state - Links to wikipedia

Fall: Changing Foliage
Website : Curriculum: Science (botany and fall) Uses: Provides multiple resources about changing foliage. Best used in direct instruction. Provides website for list of fall words, good center activity. Features: - Interactive Illustration ! -Shows changes in interior of ! left during seasons - Video, why and how leaves change color (higher language and description) - Glossary of tree terms (good for center activities, 2nd and up)

Uses: An alternative to making posters in class or using Glogster. Students can use same approach but easier to read. Features: - Easy to text add, simple and fancy - Upload pictures - Multiple backgrounds - Add free clipart - Free downloading - Only difficult is printing poster size, can be done using PrintShop - Can be saved and edited

Additional Resources
A Cleaner Internet UnSeen Titanic 2012/04/titanic/titanic-photography Titanic: Then and Now 2012/04/titanic/cameron-gallery This is a browser and apps extension that helps to de-culture YouTube video. It An interactive map that allows you to Shows pictures of what the parts of the removes comments, description, and click different locations. Each location Titanic looked originally with images of it suggested videos. Downloadable. will show what item is laying there from currently at the bottom of the sea. the Titanic. It helps illustrate the distance Titanic sources in honor of it was spread out on the ocean floor.

my 2nd grade students.
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